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Sunshine, Unicorns and Lollipops? | Guests: Mark Joseph & Daniel Woods | 2/25/19

2019-02-25 | 🔗
Hour 1  There's a Crisis in Venezuela?...Perhaps, Bernie Sanders can give Mauduro some pointers? ...Big day for Ben Sasse and Life itself?...Abortion will kill our society, rapidly...Life, AI, and Socialism, we have to decide right on those 3 things? ...The Making of a Millenial UK Socialist?...Coming for ya with a hammer and sickle? ...The Pat Gray way?...In what states are Liberals leading the way?...the Gallop Poll results should shock you?    Hour 2 A Movie, Must See?...'Unplanned'...gets a R-Rating, but why?...Producer, Mark Joseph joins to explain the MPAA? ...This movie has no business being Rated-R?...There is no consistent standard, it's all driven by politics? ...Terrence Howard Defends 'Empire' Co-Star Jussie Smollett?...A nutty, violent man who can't do math? ..."Please, Pray for Life"   Hour 3 Another, movie (Documentary) must see?...'Emmy award winning Director,  Danny Woods joins the show to explain?...What does Mr. Phuc do? He runs an orphanage that cares for a little over 20 children along with caring for 8 women at risk who are also pregnant?...An amazing story that had to be told...The Joy from watching someone serve others is very 'Christ' like? ...AOC says, young people are not having children, because of climate change? ...Have we killed MLK's Dream?....Time to crack open the old dusty Bible?

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