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'Taking The Bad with Good'? - 7/16/18

2018-07-16 | 🔗
Hour 1  Crimes and chainsaws...Separating from ones family (literally)? ...Mexico Cartel-linked drug dealers, murder a 13 year old boy in Alabama?...special needs child beheaded ...Elon Musk and the cave dwellers hero? ...Prince Charles and Son snub President Trump...Remember, the British loved President Obama, yet he hated them...Winston Churchill dust up(s) ...Imagine a world without butter?...colonialism vs. butter? ...'Trump Got From NATO Everything Obama Ever Asked For'?   Hour 2 'He's a Stone Cold Killer'?...let the media 'slap fights' begin? ...Author, Brad Todd joins to discuss his new book "The Great Revolt: Inside The Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics"...different enough to make a difference...Breaking down who voted for who in 2016? ...And the media wonder's why we don't trust them?   Hour 3  Vladimir Putin's  Public Enemy #1, Bill Browder joins Glenn to discuss his Time Magazine Article?....Bill's been Putin's number one foreign enemy for a decade...here's what Trump should know about handling him?..."Putin is Russia's Pablo Escobar"?..."there is no upside" to this weeks summit ...She's No Expert...Ocasio-Cortez claims Israel Is 'Occupying,' Palestine ...Scarlett Johansson and the LGBT backlash?

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The blaze radio network on demand, where was not just a twitter mobs, the leftist extremists and the flagrant fourth wave feminist, who want ice abolished, as we have seen, there is now a growing number of politicians who want to see it abolished as well do our hand. Row Alvarez be two years in his thirty. Two years alive, he has managed to cuddled cultivate his brand as a serial immigration violator he had has been deported the eleven times and now, is facing deportation again. Time because he quote slashed his wife with a chainsaw end quote his wife. Is now in the hospital and she is expected to survive round
three p m. Last Wednesday police arrived at our hand, rose house when they arrive. They found his wife suffering for Traumatic physical injuries believed to have been inflicted. By it chainsaw the cup Three children were huddled in fear inside the home is ice, daddy, or are they possibly afraid of where's ice? Daddy's got a chainsaw. Our hundreds wife, was rushed to a nearby trauma centre for emergency surgery. He at the scene of the crime, but eventually hauled in by police and booked under. Suspicion of attempted murder child danger meant. It didn't run and grand theft, auto that's it now. Sounds kind of me, like the kind of guy that, EL island would lead in right eye
spokesperson, Laura A Hayley noted at immigration officers. I'm quoting have lodged to detain her against Alvarez request. Sting that lower authorities notify immigration and customs enforcement. For his release were way what Let me read it again: immigration officers have lodged a detain her against Alvarez Rico. Sting that local authorities, notify immigration in customs enforcement beforehand, release to allow tell them to take him into custody. This is the new reality. America, the images Should an agency has to ask for permission file requests to her,
legal immigrants who are guilty of crimes with a chainsaw. So they can deal with it. Luckily for well out the american people or really his wife or family. But lucky for him He lives in LOS Angeles, a sanction very city so he'll probably get another passing be out on our streets clipping the hedges or people. No time. Monday July sixteenth year, listening the Glen Back Programme and always right where the world all american welcome to the programme, say hello, good friend, Mr Pat Gray, ILO, Pat Colonial and filling in for us do, I was sure we can good. You were filling in four stool unease weekend. Yes, ok, good.
Yes all I was. If you get anything out of his house, he's been gone, We are so some of the more value, more valuable things, good young, so that there are a hundred things that doesn't bother you does it not at all year I don't want to see him separated from his family have separated from his family. His in an aim, He may have wanted to separate his wife from her head right. You me of you know or her arm right. You know, but you can't separate him from now. His children not an hour on this one. This zone bother you In Alabama Thirteen year old was found dead in a wooded area last month after he was beheaded. She was beheaded has. Apparently, she saw two men stab her grandmother to death. The grid the details of Maria Lopez and her?
slaying came out during a preliminary hearing of young he Martinez, Aguilar Agri? on twenty six and Israel Gonzalez Paul Amino our third he's thirty four are each charge with two counts of capital: murder in the deaths of Lopez, Forty year old, forty nine year, old, grandmother and legal guardian is also. One of them is also charge with possession of method, and members of the Middle school family wept. An investigator testified about the death of the mother and the child. A pair lane Aguilar told detectives that Mendoza was involved with a cartel thee said, cynical sent a do you know anything about them? What about them was, I think, the second biggest cartel in Mexico City policy, around
One of one of them is one of the most powerful aren't trafficking. Second, anyway? They am they. Up here from Mexico, and they went to Georgia, where they picked up a quarter kilo of math for the call cartel Long, the way something went wrong, and palomino became suspicious that Mendoza and Garcia also tied to the cartel might be setting him up. So the they were they ended up at grandma's house. They found a tent saint during the drug run in Georgia, which ass an unknown woman to pick up her grandmother who were, Paula, Minos, wife, because she feared that DE in her grandmother were in danger on June, for The men woke Mendoza at their Huntsville home and told her that they were.
King, her and Lopez who special needs someplace safe. Well, but someplace safe was heaven. They stabbed the grandmother multiple times, leasing, leaving her for dead. Lopez who witnessed her grandmother slaying was taken to a wooded area two and a half miles from the cemetery, where one of the guys said the other guy forced me to killer he. Apparently took a knife to this child of special needs and saw her head off. It apparently took some time. Good, decent, hardworking family people, you know.
Now, I don't know- maybe maybe the thirteen year old and grandmother were not here legally either, but I dont let them in the cat same category as I do the people who were sir heads off now, maybe grandma was involved in the drug deal as well, which looks like so do we care less about this story, How can somebody baby headed in this country, How can someone eighth Thirteen year old girl of special needs have her head, sawed off, and that doesn't make the news. How is it possible. You have to have a pretty firm agenda, not report on that.
Look at the things report on I mean if this it's their agenda, they're all over it at its everywhere, but this doesn't fit the agenda, so they'll just I'll. Just talk about ripping babies out of the arms of their mothers instead, yeah, which Hilary did again this week in she found it out. Rageous Outrageous that this administration is ripping children out of the arms of their parents ITALY because you didn't find it outrageous under Obama? invited outrageous at all when they had double the numbers of children ripped out of the arms race and now Did you see the latest that there, with their outraged by their outright and put them put put all the kids back together with their parents. Yet yeah did you the parents and put them but put all the kids back together with their parents yet yeah
did you see why the administration Azure elicited summaries and yeah they eyes? I've got a guy, Ed start. With your ridiculous reasonably? Well, Some of them were child abusers, wish they at release them back to child abusers. Parents, rights, someone Its rights rights can separate value in separate families, some of them were already had left the country and so were no longer around some of them had felony charges pending against them. There's on and on and on so the fifty that they were able to find the parents for, and there was no issue they did returned to the parents home, but there were there was another fifty or so that they they couldn't, I M, or they were child abusers. Yes, suddenly, suddenly.
Suddenly. Suddenly, the left doesn't care about Lee HOMES, situation, the the pie Yes, no matter who they are no matter. What you ve done. I thought it, who could community? I thought it took. I thought it took a whole village. We supposed to all be someone else's parent. Here's here's, a ministries, administration that has children separated from their parents. We don't even know if they were being used in child trafficking. We can't I and the parents Bela me ask you this path. Your child's missing your choice. It has been taken by the? U S, government you're here illegally, but you were good family, for you are just a good family person. You know you just coming here for the Uno, the
the access to Orange Julius, because you heard that we had more of them because they ve all got out of business in Mexico. And you are jewel. Your name is Julius in your like, I made the best Orange Julius and I'm gonna be able to be the case. Of the orange Julius? You know Mecca here in Amerika, you been lied to, but you're a good person. When you hear that. Or child by law to be, turning to you. Are you hard to find know how. Well. I I mean I'd, probably get my I'll be back, and then we would just disappear into the country.
Nobody knows, as so often happens, but I mean, if you were, I mean if, if your child was laws, could the United States of America fine? How could they find me yeah? I mean you call them now message. Could they rightly may orange Julius? Well, if they knew about the Orange Julius thing, maybe they don't know about they don't know about. I would you make yourself hard to be found by the government or you'll, be calling ice from work However, it is. I don't like child you'd, want your child, bad, yes, I'd be calling I'd, be calling ridiculous. It is redeem. Less to assume that that If you are separated from your child and the union, the state's government can't find you you know if uncle
strange is needed is a little strange that the EU would be considered apparent worthy going back to, but you can't bring that up because that's painful. I guess. I know I know I know it's it's like you know these. Dicky s story: all somebody's gotta come across the border. You know and cut somebody's head off. I want to thank our sponsor this half hour. How dare you sleep last night, a great night sleep I had one of those knights: were you wake up and would you just wake up naturally, and your like wait? What time is it and your fully?
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every night for a hundred nights. Casper Calm use a promo code back, that's casper, dot com Homo code back I'm back so the slaying of this of this thirteen year old girl, who is handicap that came out Jew Fourteenth two days ago. Now this happen, month in two days ago, You know why you're Germany's is attacking why you always have to knit PIG June July. It's the same thing too. Days ago. This happen and now you're trying to make it into a big deal that nobody is reported on this. You know in two days time. You news dozen travel that fast ears Thirteen year old, git kid whose that was sawed off in Alabama sawed off in a cemetery.
Where's the news on this now you know, I know what you're thinking. What here's to businessmen, who are you trying to make ends meet. Who just trying to protect another small, independent business man. And his cartel these mid size, Carta amid size, it's not even- and I don't want to make it exists- is amid a size cartel and this girl sheep. I mean she army. She was handicapped, she didn't have any real quality of life? Did she. Didn't have any quality of life if we could have just if we can I've just had free universal abortions, and even you know
The ability to judge a child. You know you're born with handicap me no problems. The real We should eliminate you, then, to cause you gonna have no quality of life, so What we're really saying here is because it taken a month in two days before I've even seen this story. Are we as a society saying that she let her life Didn't matter because, It seems like a thirteen year old girl can have her head sawed off. By a drug cartel in Burma and we don't. We don't hear about that. Does her life have no value.
Did her life have any meaning. Her name, Maria Lopez. I think her life had meaning, if we remember her. I use which topics: what is it the Elon Musk and the the Thai cave dweller hero Where is it ill advised to it? maybe Mehevi, but is deeper than that. There's like these liking what's going on with this. They, you didn't know he tweeted this week in that one, the quote. Heroes was quote most likely a try.
Old molester? Will you said he was a pattern, We had a guy, a patio guy, okay, so use a basically he's a pedophile pedophile, that's what he was implying. Yeah there is no doubt and when he was called on it, he said about to a dollar with my signature on it that its true gay because this guy The question is submarine that he brought over their Annie and I said that it was just day a publicity stunt on the part of Eu Law Mosque and that had no chance of ever working out. I think that pissed off, You learn a little bit here and so on.
No penalty. I now want to jump right to might not find new media or child molesters. You may not want to jump right to that. Ilan might be hazardous to your bank, account just slightly back and just a second. The Glen back over what to do the work programme were glad you're here but there's a couple of things that I. When a point out, apparently Prince Charles and Prince William, refused, to attend a reception held by Queen Elizabeth for Donald Trump, refused, This is a highly unusual occurrence. People who watch these kinds of things while they need a life, but the people watch these guns thanks. I can't remember the last time that the queen, when something like this unaccompanied
She was left alone with the trumps and God only knows what could have happened. Up. Currently the price engagements Prince Charles had a police event, William took part in a polo match our will. Obviously, then you can't mean he kept interrupt your polo match for the President of the United States, founder of the free world. No the other big lefties. You know they hate him. Oh lashing. Well, I mean that you know between the Duke of Edinburgh, who is absolute, believes literally, that people are akin to a virus I mean you know: they're they're, big time, lefties big time left, it's amazing to me how Britain is treated the president when they fell,
All over Barocco, but they loved Barack Obama Obama, aided them hated. The british Kenya was a british colony and his family up to an end. Putting his dad infected him with any credible deeps. He did hatred or colonialism and for the british Empire he hated the british one of his first acts was to send back the asked of Winston Churchill in of incredible slap in the face. I mean the press, making such a big deal out of My gosh look at what Donald Trump said about Teresa may and and breaks it yeah yeah, the euro, member, that Donald Trump Guy, the Prime Minister, the bust, act and said here take this with you you're? for that I mean that's living, couldn't their couldn't be a bigger land than that
This is on global policy. That was on. I hate you and your customs and your people yeah, your history, and yet they fell all over him all over. They ve just invited the Obama's to the royal wetting. The Harry and Marco think she's the agonizing, whereas you know Trump, I mean he's He's probably a fan is I'm sure he's a ban is yes he's indelicate he there. There may be some things you shouldn't have said to the british press as he's coming into the country to spend time with Teresa me, but I think it is right that he's a friend to the to the Brits I mean and he's got gold in his house. They have golden they're out. They have a lot in common a lot in common. They all have those really uncomfortable more chairs. You look, it Donald think it Donald Trump House and think
there are a chair in that house that you're, like a man, I give us in a way in that chair and one nope. Now one think a buck and palace same thing same thing. Same thing, there's not a chair and either there how they have a lot in common. Where Obama. What did he have. And the even really have that or did you get that MS dad dad the hatred. Became? I think it was one of the dreams from his father. The the the British. His father fought hard against the the bridge Where are you can kind of understand he plan? My father fought hard for the use of real butter. And then I, I have very similar to that from my dad rhinos love for butter for
driver you down by from my daddy, was like no margarine not in this house, not in our bakery. We use real ingredients. Now is a long way to go to any people thought we took a stand. He took a step. The power that- and it was no Europe I know you better, but some people might think your mocking, but I know you understand the reasons for it is due. Imagine a world without colonialism. I can imagine that ok. We're in imagine a world without butter. No, that's inconceivable now who's add whose death was more right. Yours, yours was I mean they, colonialism is just gonna go out, just The fashion butter, They have tried to shove it out, they won't and it is made. A really strong come back. It really has. Even though its well really good for you. We now
I acknowledge its at least better for you than the other thing they came up with this measure, the it's like it's like. If you have think of bread, good, fresh bread right out of the oven right, good delicious do. You did if there's no butter in the house- and I do not- I do not go get, but I figured by me back to the house the night, but bread is nothing more than a butter deliveries of them all. It is oh yes, yes, so someone JAM as well. Is it their and jam delivery system, if you wanna, get fancy vanity fancy. So I think write. Another you're dead, your dad was smarter than Morocco The ad Anne and more relevant. Frankly, I think so I think so you know it's gonna get remember. What are you pass on your kids get of colonialism or a love of butter.
Which is more important. I say more ever hate every time. Every time love overhang, love over. Did you see that there really upset about Donald Trump sitting in Winston Churchill's chair? Yes, he did look arrogant in that chair, but he looked like Donald Trump. I know That's how you look you show me a fig tree hid. Is you know, resting nasty face yet he has Russ resting, arrogant face, you always looks arrogant. Does. Did you see him sitting and I share our get? No, I looked at I'm like no, it looked like doll drama and a headline was: how dare you When do you people care about Winston Churchill, you aid atm, you ate it before the war you hated him kind. During an you really aid in a mandatory already, you toss them out twice twice you toss them out of parliament, because Oh I don't know he had a
against the Nazis and you didn't want to hear it there. During the war. Oh, please save us Winston! Please save us, the meaning I mean almost to the minute. The minute the war was over. They voted in Algeria, they're all indignant, because from sat in his chair shut up shut up. Make come over their dogs lab. You again gives we'll do it will do it? to give you something to cry about. We'll give is able to give us agree about are you concerned are here concerned at all. That I am that we're both mad at England today, but anxious to see what happens with the latter beer, pollutant livelihood. Sir Neil could be a good sir, and our like that everybody in America, while half the country after country,
is by the way. Did you see, speaking of half of the country, the new times, did you see but the New York Times said about down trumps meeting with NATO. No, ah ethic is it I have it here, someplace I after, have to. I have to It too, you exact, you know what let me take a break I'll come back. I have to read: exactly as written our times who is Donalds Thou, hast Donald trumps trip with NATO about work out. How do you think the New York Times, wrote that's the way you're setting it up now. Thinking May in a positive light. It ok we'll go to that here. It is a good first. Let me James Let me tell you about something is happening on Thursday. If you don't want to be like Pat, You should join us on Thursday night, while that kind of hurts wealth
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To show dotcom register now, so here is the editorial from the New York Times Editorial board. This is there at a ready trump got from NATO. Everything Obama ever asked for wow. Let me call the New York Times now this has cleared from the NATO summit meeting them, tangible result is apparent, president Advanced President Barack Obama's initiative to keep the allies on track to shoulder a more equitable share of NATO's costs. Mister We even signed on to a tough statement directed at Russia for once he saw I'd. I with his predecessor, fir woods for but he's I'd we but his predecessor couldn't get it done goody.
That's amazing almost impossible to believe. Are you sure that's not some satirical website claiming to be the nigger it? I know it's your Chinese. Tremendous progress has been made. Everyone agreed to substantially up their commitment they're going to up it s, Levels they ve never seen before Trump said gaming its were made. The commitment was at two percent. Ultimately, that will be going up quite a bit higher than that. They didn't exactly Greta for right, which is what he was asking. He was out of four percent right. And I think, they're gonna buy three year there. Two percent is the deal here now. I personally just think: we'll be at two percent. Just why are we doing eight? Why are we doing five, where we do in three and a half? It's too, They ve never paid too. We ve never paid less than three and a half the contract. There's two: we should pay too. We do the same thing with the: U N, we thought that
Oh, do what it that one I don't, but I know what we get from NATO, the When I read just don't know what we get legally worthless. There was also an interview with Donald Trump, and you know last week last a key said, some good things manned. I was I thought. Maybe you know he was. We applauded him for what he said about Putin. You got to take the good with the bad and are you going to take the bad with the good and there's there's been some good, last week there was some real good. Today This is come out. Listen this the Russians who or indicted. Would you ask prudent to to send them here well, I might add and thought of that, but I certainly I'll be asking about it. You know volunteer that either I hadn't thought and I am not going far enough- you're Justice Department on Friday. They just didn't, died at these people on a did. You know that strange
that's really strain. Let's keep that in our insight that I hadn't thought of their indictment. Who's been lied. What is what when I didn't really. This was during the Obama administration. They were doing whatever it was during the Obama administration. This, is confusing to me this the Obama administration has happened during the Obama we yes and found out about it during your administration, those like they were doing it then not now, yet another still doing it, there's still doing it and I heard that they were trying or legal we're trying to hack into the orange due to the Republic of National Committee, but we had much better defences. I've been told that by an unbroken We had deserted he's been told by another wiggle who get over. There was the barrister who told him that seven eleven clerk setting like where I love
we just heard I heard. Mr President, nobody, access to more information. Will you didn't give you can get all information? I and all I heard from CNBC I heard from the guy open my card or the other day that you know revision. President? Do you get a briefing Do you guys know you give one? I know you get one and, unlike your predecessor, you with ten them Are you listening again, you take the bad with the other. There are some good last Monday Bennett offences. Are they couldn't I think the Dnc should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be hacked. They had been defences and they were Would it be hacked what I heard they were trying to pack the Republicans to, but This may be wrong, but they had much stronger wave fences weight. And it may be right, maybe wrong hope they were, but is I've been thinking,
You have the nth essay and the CIA and and you ve got acts that you could call them I can't you can't and I've heard- and it might be wrong All drivers competitor the biggest foe globally right now. I think we have a lot of I hope the European Union is also well known to us in trade. No, no, no, you wouldn't think of the European Union, but there are foe honor he came Russia, a competitor, European Union. No! No! No! No again, you deal with the good, let's see what have, today these with Putin today and might be going. Maybe we'll get out Assyria today, It would now be nicer knows back in a minute. Back. Ninety two percent of the world's nuclear weapons are in two countries. Ninety two percent, the: U S and Russia, and as
speaking, right now, the leaders of both countries are sitting down at the table and trying to figure out how to co exist with one another. Sounds like it's kind of an important thing to do from time to time the media. Will you know slap fight and slap fight each other to death today an attempt to turn the trunk pollutants? partisan but what's have, being in Helsinki today is probably the least partisan thing happening anywhere right now, like any. Where, like as in the entire planet, theirs thing more important that may be happening. If there was every time to not be partisan. This is it do he Democrat Republican, any independent me, extreme media end. Body whose looking to turn this into a gotcha political narrative apparel, is wrong. With you seriously What is wrong with you.
We know who Russia is? We know what Vladimir Putin is he's a stone, cold killer. Now the president may be going into this naively he may not be. Maybe going in with I dont know what is intent is I will tell you I've and of all what things and I found a lot of all things- I've ever thought of Donald Trump. I've never thought he. Didn't like America. He rooting for us to win the last time, the U S and the Russians sat down for a summit was two thousand and ten. Eight years ago, and here's a small run down of how cold our relationship has been. Since then, Russia still has troops in Georgia after invasion during Obama's fur term keep in mind Georgia was a country considering joining NATO not anymore.
That invasion was Russia's coming out party. It was a warning to the world that things were. To change and they were just getting started. They then wanted to annex steel, invade Crimea from Ukraine. They so invade destabilize and wage war in used Eastern Ukraine that war, still going on but rarely does the media talk about it any more and then there's the backdrop to that invasion and size went war. The accusations from the Russians that the United States deliberately encouraged the fall of the ukrainian president and government? Meanwhile, Russia continues supplying troops and equipment to their side and when providing military training and anti tank missiles to our side Ukraine is just one of the proxy war is currently being fought between the two nuclear powers SIRI
is the other. First, you don't fight, then you argue. Then things get nasty, then you start to fight proxy wars. We're in two of them the next step urgently to you back away and stop the proxy war or you go two out and out war where your slapping each other, not through other parties. The April we admitted to killing nearly two hundred Russians in that conflict. So where do we oh here. Where do we go? the past four years over seven hundred russian citizens and companies have been sanction. Thirty, I've diplomats have been declared persona non Grata to Russia Diplomats compounds have been closed, one consulate and to diplomatic annexes. Oh and Russia, as a jet, checked it over seven hundred. U S,
diplomatic staff. I the media didn't have a problem with Russia. I thought, media, was always for any a thing and you saying Russia wants to do, let's just not get into a war with them now not today between the cyber attacks and indictments on Russia. Intelligence personnel tensions have never been higher rush. The currently maintains an arsenal of six thousand six hundred new Your weapons we have thousand. Four hundred and fifty the next closest new colder friend, with three hundred China the two eighty, not even close, between washing in Moscow there over thirteen thousand nuclear weapons and their pointed at each other. So today, could we today stop with a partisan politics.
The two toughest kids on the block just set bound for sit down. You know, I'm SAM, we'll sit down maybe perhaps the Most of us in the neighborhood should all praying or some sort of success. Its mandate lie sixteenth year. Listening to the Glen Back programme. A couple weeks ago we had Selina Zito on and Brad Todd. They authored the book, the great revolt inside the populace coalition, reshaping american politics and I learned so much about the bliss supporters of Donald Trump that you just oh here anywhere anywhere, for instance, a number of Trump supporters or what used to be called Reagan. Democrats. These are Trump Democrats. These are the people that vote.
Democrats voted for Barack Obama, had enough, I have left their party to come over and vote for Donald Trump and they very vocal supporters? How can we don't hear about that? Why Is it just the evil? Republicans, the Jew here of a lot of trouble supports, coming not from Republicans but from the people who have never voted. Having voted since Ross, Barreaux How can we didn't hear that. Brad Todd joins us now, he's the guy who did all the research yellow Brad? How are you I'm great blended morning, thanks for having yet so I just wanted to drill down a little bit more into some of the research and what you found. So you can kind of how a sound and set the record straight on on who is the coalition sure. Well, we know we ve been at dinner, our research both qualitatively
qualitatively we did a survey of two thousand tat voters in the five midwestern states that flipped geographically stratified reflect the actual distribution of transport, and then we traveled Selina, as you know, is famous work taken back roads and living on the road and in small an American Industrial America, in interviewed hundreds of people end up with the profiles of about twenty four people who we say represents seven archives them the tramp of the trunk coalition other not ever person in the Trump coalition represented in the in one of those seven arc tested. Most of them are in. Some of them are people like you say who who came off the sidelines. We call him the shock troops of american democracy, those only get interested wants in the blue Moon, but when they do, they radically change the composition of the electorate. In that happen, for, in France, K spoken, the republican nominating right there in the general election,
until Baino, which are the clothes primary, have to change your registration to participate in either said the other side's primary. He had very thousand voters change their registration to go partook from Democratic Republic into go both republican prime, well don't pumping up. Only one in pencil, mainly by seventy something thousand voters at a general o, presumably most of that very seldom group of voters who were coming in to help the primary stuck with him in the general these things make real real differences. Numerically, you also finding the book Wikipedia but regret the greater volume and people who are one woman who didn't registered a vote until she was seventy trumpet. The first can appropriate that she's ever motives. That means you didn't care about national affairs. It's just! You didn't think that anyone with different enough to make a difference in politics and that that element is often law- this boat that Trump brought in who embody those voters are among the least ideological approach coalition, at least
he served and then at least the most secular trumps coalition that there are people who saw in hand something that was different from most people in politics in the Red Media Council, which I am glad that a tour of his they always need more people to vote with higher participation election. Well you're, doin somethin. You got what percentage of from voters is that I think about six, It don't look at the data five somewhere in the fire to omit geared up, so you can be quite that precise, but somewhere in the farm, the seven percent range, but that's pretty at the pretty large large portion of electric election words were Donald Trump away when you know those day, the midwife by just a handful about you, know, Michigan floods in the south of Europe, with ten thousand. Both Pennsylvania was sending out about self, though five percent, the credit crunch by December, sensible,
big numbers. You said that this, this new populism, if you will, is actually a movement against bigness. What does that mean? Yes? Well you lower the time american politics, populism admit, you are against Wall Street and big economic? our lead. The way we ve understood populism. Both the eighteen and again and again in the twenty that's different now, because government now is just as large a threat to people's everyday lives as big economic powers are, in fact, big tech detect index at the has so many so much of our information that that sells. It then tell us how it selling it then telepath monetizing what it knows about the tech industries They also occur at the media, which has become so homogenous at the main.
My boy knew you can't find it newsroom that ideologically diverse in America anymore, and so there therefore, today than proper understanding of populism in today's culture is not just the scepticism of big corporation and bodily trumps. Voters were sceptical. Big corporations, three four, seven states that big corporations. Don't care about their what happens the little guy and they make their decisions, I'll get for the free market party, but you also have been populism. Ultimately, popular must incorporate purposes. A big government, big tat, begin attainment media and that's why the coalition's have shifted when populism was only it get to sit on the board corporations it fit well within the democratic coalition, especially when that coalition, with better came to economic equality
since the boy, the politics of brake on road about her term authority in the new deal fair deal, Democratic Party worked very focused on economic and buried books on the working class. Today, democratic parties not folkestone economic equality at all. It's all about cultural, moping, multicultural milk. And so that leaves little room for populism basis, which is the look out for the little guy get the big guy, but has also now incompatible with the democratic sort. Homage to the government did media big time a big tat. Those are all democratic constituency, so you can't quite the opposite, listen sit there. I I just wrote a new book. That's coming out in September called addicted outrage. In it I talk about multi. Culturalism that every he's being called a racist today and not racism. It's me Hi Culturalism, we don't have.
Problem with different races. As much as we do, I mean I can't say that yet You don't know that there's no one in America, its racist, of course that's not true, but that not the overwhelming problem. The the real problem is this multiculturalism, where we are dividing in dividing and dividing into into all of these little groups and a lot of them by Fighting us like this means we're losing the american culture, and once you say that, then Her called a racist again. Wouldn't you found often does know some something to that. It also goes to the thought police notion. The notion that led the Democrats now believe that free speech M M freedom of religion are counter to their agenda. Not do nothing not do we lose it all over the Brok report.
Well, that was weird. Oh my gosh, it's a I it's taken over we thought we were talkin to bread, Todd we're not. We were talking to somebody in big tack and a I in big tech. That's clearly what happened either that or there was some heard- a glitch ivy, as in combat we'll take a break if he doesn't call back its mark Zuckerberg behind the whole thing. So there you go They will look back with Brad here in just a second What are Americans thinking today and I'd love to see We did any research at all on how America these relate to Vladimir Putin has President trumpets with Putin. At this hour. We talk about simply safe. Simply safe is a detail. Oriented company I mean this is an alarm system that really really I mean it really is just.
Off the shelf, so much better, then all of the other alarm systems that you can get with with any kind of added gadget. For instance, here's an added gadget, I I want a glass breaks, sense or meaning of somebody breaks a window. The alarm goes off now. This is a sound thing. This isn't opening the window. This is making a window where the problem with everybody's glass break since uses they get fool the false positive because you drop, play. You drop a glass in the kitchen, a you know, a baby crying fools most of them simply If didn't settle for the typical what they did. They constructed a glass break test facility that ran over ten thousand live glass breaks simulations that refined detection technology into it was absolutely accurate and it could distinguish between. You know somebody dropping a glass in the kitchen and break a window. This is the
kind of level, but takes them too, and just just to the highest possible quality and your not going to believe the price. I want you to check it out for yourself, you own this system and then, the monitoring is only fifteen bucks a month and there's no contract. There's no strings, there's no wires, it simply safe back dotcom. Go there now get ten percent off the system at please safe back dot com. Taught me Brad Todd. He is the co author of the book, the great revolt, the populist coalition reshaping american politics. He says rising living beings. Sarcastic there that we lose The Trump coalition is not who the Mainstream media wants you to believe they are. Back to the programme. Brad bread, I went my perception of what's Goin on the last two years, is that
Republicans and Democrats have just switched places Republicans, who were always leary and nervous about poor. And Russia are now completely fine because It seems that their perception is Trop is fine with them. Whereas democrats, who continually said now is not a threat that Old School, the he's, called a wants or policy back there there now out of them. Afraid of movement, and they think we should have is an accurate portrayal of. What's happened is just the r the d that matter and no principles anymore. Now you know what I think it is. I think it's different perceptions, tromp and for a flop. It is true that there are a lot of republican to take that throughout this such certain America force during the process to almost all our alliances and therefore they give him many of rope too. In fact, on the world stage and sort of what they would pay
they ve been negotiating for movement, move our past your approach. This is getting something better. I think that meanwhile Democrats wooden transcript, jumping rickety acquire sandwich, and so therefore, much less negotiate with the world leader has. I think it's really not really changed. Perceptions of Russia, most republican, most conservative, most populous, have talked, who still believe it it would be folly of crime that not much interested arcs Egmont awoken borders will cheer hardline policies on Russia, but I think that they also will give twenty trump and implement a rope two to maneuver how much Brad, how much of a explain this on Friday as the way the J, Simpson trial went down. Me as a white man. I didn't understand the frustration of of fair
trials, or this stem just so corrupt. I didn't stand. That, and so, when I saw you know four. Can American celebrating his release. I couldn't understand it at all, now Oh they're saying you know african Americans, you pull them now. They're, like oh yeah, algae Simpson, absolutely guilty, but they They were not rooting for him. They were brooding. For anybody to beat the system is that does that play a role in to the Trump voter now There is no question about it now, as you mentioned earlier, lotta crumpled, goaded or half rising Obama. Our serve any trouble voters and five crossbelt states in the great revolt, twenty one percent of the Trump voters in those Ross Belts, five Respell States voted for Obama. Nine percent voted one wife. While this end what he couldn't win without it, you go look at bra. Burma's margins in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin in Michigan.
There are more than half a voters, therefore, in order to win win with ease, but she couldn t the Obama coalition to ghetto. Are they? Are those people concerned about the Democrats taking such a hard laughed or they did they just like Donald Trump? Well, there's a little both things there may made. They pick that they did the part they liked about now trumpeted. He wasn't much republican, These are voters have long resisted republicans, even though that republicans agree with them on religiosity on issues of life, on the issues of guns that they have Serve agreed with republic and on the lot of hot button issues for years, but they resisted becoming republican, throughout our interviews in the book, you listen to people that they all repugnant or the country. One party there, the people for the rich, very insiders young, wasn't the insight the name of the book is the great revolt, bread Todd thanks.
From the having an poster twitter account. A tape might exist again. This is the Huffington Post. A tape might exist of Trump doing something In an elevator, though exactly where that somewhere is, and what that something might be, No one in the media can say could you have been just pressing cyber. But now I'm I'm doing breaking news here. Let's not mocha. Where that somewhere is and what that something might be. No one in the media can say that's because no one in the media seems to have seen this tape or even is confident that it exists. End quote.
What a powerful report that is that it it takes up. Let's I mean nevertheless I fit is: let's who trump? Yes, the what elevator the where were elevator again Lee. Why? Because he's trump there? How does its trump? yeah hello, that's all you heeded it. Who but why? When and how they're all taken care of their they're, all generally journalism brilliant. Can you look listened to that when we read that again, a tape this is a journalism, a tape, are exist of tromp doing something in an elevator, though actually, where that somewhere is and what that something might be, no one media can say because no one in the media seems to have seen the tape or is
confident it exists, but reporting on it anyway? That's while wooded isn't that a rumor worse than a rumour resident, look rumour up moroccan Is this? Google rumour see whether help me out on what a rumor is that to be lower than a rumor. We all we know in here is that somebody said something about tromp in an elevator. We know, but not only there. We could probably verify that. There's probably for the graphic evidence of Trump in an elevator or going into an elevator. So it's not complete rumour, we know he's been inner in an elevator before rumour ache.
Currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth. Yet that's a rumour, that's despicable. Now, let me let me just let me just play, can compare and contrast here for, Do you remember the media, and what they did with the sure of President Obama and Louis Farrakhan what they did. Yet you remember that I dont really don't now. Do you remember the picture that membership in the same room or somethin yeah. They were, they were talking to each other. You remember that picture they. Don't you doubt I dont you really. Don't I dont think. Ok, that's because they hit it until he left the the oval off. Oh, that's you remember that it came out that it came ass, They hear the it they knew about it.
And they hid it soon thing? What about the Ellie time story on what Obama said about? Yes, who was yet another terrorist? Yes, the Estonia in the Organization guy S at a speech and they had the tape and they would not and will dos day have not released yep there's two things the media knew about an id. Let me let me now: let me go here. We were cut the conspiracy theorist, because We told you about what we what Sir Paling called death panels weak, led by name the complete lives system. We were old conspiracy theories for reporting on some that had come from the White House and we had documented through five that was conspiracy by
the Huffington Post saying: there's a tape somewhere maybe of trump doing something in an elevator- perhaps we don't know where it, but it's its price. Ugly, pretty juicy, but that could be total nonsense, because no one has ever seen it. No one even verify that it exists. Oh, my gosh. And they wonder now Wonder why we dont trust them. Remember very member when we spoke the facts, but you're not. I'm going to be able to keep your doktor under Obamacare yeah? Oh, that was conspiracy, conspiracy. There of fact be like a doktor Cabot kid. To view plan you can keep it no you're not going to be able to that's a fact. And we all know that in fact they called it. The biggest lie of the Obama administration.
As a verifiable lie, just As the complete lice a live system, is it's a vera viable lie and they cover that. I mean I'm just foolish for even talking about it, but it's hard not to sorry not to show, and we ve got. We ve been frustrated with us before because of the the standard that exists and we need to go there all the time. But how can you not height but away? I We did this story last night. I love for you to read tweet it no one region. Because I iced I I added Brian Spelter too it CNN, the house, you he just came figure out why the media's so I've been You follow me on Twitter
please, if you see at Brian Spelter, make sure make sure that your retweet that, Because I really like him too, be released. Recognize from time to time. Just recognise You can answer that. One brain use- hey, you don't understand what the media is doing and yet do it every day. You in your cohorts, cohorts, do it every day and claim it doesn't happen. So I'm just chronicling. Oh here it is here, it is there's still her last week, the brought out the conspiracy guy no with somebody else kids here that was says that was MSNBC better that was recently receives the robot again but again, there's aliens there's no outcry on that and then and then Chris Haze, that what was that story hang out. What was s story cause?
was that was the New Yorker. Now the New York magazine saying this: probably didn't happen, but what? If? What? If Donald Trump was asleep or sell. That is spin activated by Russia. Well, that's a good question I mean we would add right that when we would add that it would be just It is bad as if say. Somebody was a handler four per Iraq. Obama and Barack Obama had been surrounded by marxist, is all life and suddenly he gets all kinds of A special opportunities that regional may not have been afforded to other people, but you couldn't ever find any record of it because all of- files for accidental and everywhere else, just mysteriously were either did appeared or were sealed.
You can see how that conspiracy theory started Canada but Thou? the conspiracy theory. We all know that was ridiculous, but here the New York magazine saying we need this probably isn't true, but what if it were credible Let me therefore that's the euros that kind of thinking that gets to spend even more money. Is a country yes, we're twenty trillion dollars in debt, but why? We worked But we are. I love this. What's your name can ever remember named the the The new, oh socialist force, now: you're, Alexandria, Abkhazia, cordelia. Ok are so socially a tweeted see tweeted last night she said
I call congressional candidate progressive it's because they it all of these standards. One! No. Corporate welfare to medical care for all, that's a unit. Healthcare to wish in debt free college. And trade school crewman, Justice reform, green new deal. What does that mean that green new deal? That is while a new deal just on based on the environment environment? common sense. I'm seeing the proposals in that blood. That's gotta be a stout in India. I read it a couple of weeks ago far this outline of it. It's pretty intense comments, gun reform, equal rights, for all of federal. Jobs guarantee programme- and expand: federal states loan forgiveness on one Abolish ice,
Let's just go through the ones that costs money. Expand federal loan student loan forgiveness, a federal. Job guarantee, which means anyone who wants a job can get a job guaranteed with the government green new deal. Two wishing and debt free college and trade school free. Universal health care with Medicare for all, what does that cost us. Now, if you or somebody who says you know, why are we just where the richest country in the world. Now we're not no we're not, just country in the world. We are the biggest dead. Her in the history of the world? That's what we are. We are won T trillion dollars in debt that we have already spent too a trillion dollars gone
having unfunded liabilities, another hundred and fifty or two hundred trillion dollars. They were just hoping we're going to figure out how we're gonna pay for that when it comes time to pay for that. So we are twenty trillion already said and and gone and we are about two hundred trillion yet to come. May I ask how do you hey for all of these things because math and reason have to be employed. So, if you're going to say well, I want these things, but we don't want and we're going to reduce the military oak then just say that. Show me the numbers. You were and all of these things that's cool, show me the numbers, how that work out now
Why is that a hostile question that is in This question is We can show me how We're going to pay for all of these things like to hear it. I really would A lot of Americans would- and you know Why- Some Americans will be for that some merit. Art for it right now. Some will say: well, I didn't That's a reasonable plan. I think we can get that done. If that Your plan, express it tell us How are you going to afford it. But that's probably races to even ask that the media wont to answer that question now if
a candidate says I want to cut taxes. The media is going to tell you exactly how much that tax caught is going to cause. America, no, it doesn't cost you any you just don't collect the money, which means you have to spend less so We'll tell you relentlessly how much that will cost you, but they won't talk about people or who are democratic, socialist. Who are saying I want to spend this. And continue to tell people? That's unreasonable? That's unreasonable no money here were ready twenty trillion dollars and debt. They won't do that. Well, there's, probably a good reason, though I mean there's only so much space on the internet. You know it's like money, there's only a certain amount of money and beyond that, there's no more money. It's like
with the internet? There's just no more space and when you're running stories like you know him, Things like there's that, possibly maybe probably not a tape of Donald doing something we don't know what in an elevator somewhere, we don't know where an like to run it, but we don't have it, nor do any other journalists have it. In fact, nobody can even verify that tape exist. You You know you when you want and stuff like that, you know it things like deficit and debt control A fall away to the wayside bill. Broader he's, the guy. You know the magnanimity act. That is the that's the adoption thing that imposed on Vladimir Putin. That was started because bill, brow partner in Bill, Brower the guy who actually got that act place because it
partner, magnin Ski, had been killed by Vladimir Putin. You want to know who Vladimir Putin is. We have Bill Browed IRAN with us at the top of the hour. I let me take about cyber security here? Is people improve the cyber security on their computers? Thieves are turning back to stealing from mailboxes. Recent reports river reveal a rise in male fishing, where thieves use things like Ino, sticky, rat traps, Titus things to pull envelopes out of government mailboxes thieves had been staggering gift cards and documents with personal information like so security numbers, there's nothing, sacred any more. There are so many threats. You cannot keep up with all of them. That's why the new life lock, identity, theft protection, adds the power of Norton Security to protect you and all of your information you need he's go to lifelike dot com now use the promo code back lifelong dot, Promo Code Becker call one eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelike save ten percent or lifelike
calm, promo code Back you want to know who Vladimir Putin is the guy whose business partner was assassinated by Vladimir Putin, who knows who he is next back its Monday July sixteenth year, listening the Glen Back programme right now The president is meeting on the other side of the planet. We Vladimir Putin people. Think they know who Vladimir Putin is. There's one guy who actually knows who he is. He's been the number one enemy of Lattimer Putin for the last ten years. In fact,. It's because of him
Russia Putin's people were meeting in the Trump Tower, with Donald Trump before the election. It's because of him there is such a thing called the Magnin Ski ACT. His knee is bill broader and he wrote a letter to the president- and it is the Cover- of the New York Times right now, but on the phone with this to kind of go over some advice for the President bill. How are you, sir. I'm doing really well hurry you. What is it to be the number one enemy of Arguably the most dangerous man on the planet. Well, I declare their point better things to be the mad, but it wasn't me I chose the other. This was something we're dead it happened because of what pudding didn't them putting but these are not an enemy of Lattimer pull him is that
He and his cronies killed one of my colleagues and friend a young man. In thirty amendments he was a lawyer working for me in Russia adversary. And covered a massive government. Corruption even thought as a patriot. He would expose it instead Putin's henchmen arrested him. Shoot him for three hundred fifty eight days and killed him years ago, and I've been on a mission to get justice for Sergei, which led to have you meant, the magnets Gatt, which imposes ass it freezes and visa sanctions. And put and his cronies for a variety of crimes, including killing Sergei and because Sweden is a kleptocratic. He, the guy, steals money from his p, in large quantities, Keep that money in the west of Ethiopia completely exposed by this piece of legislation and in in response any haven't, figured out a way of killing me and doing in a way they can get away with it. So
the trunk tower and also trying to I'm destroy me and all the people around me and the most recently tried to use interpol terrain. Me in Madrid. I was arrested for a brief period of time on a russian interpol arrest warrant about a month ago. To display for keeps the cold blooded killer. You, the dangers, man and Andrzej? I'm worried about any of these attempts to somehow placate anymore, accuse him that are taking place with what president right now and thinking. One more personal question, then I wanna go to Helsinki. Why he's still alive. Well, Putin is a killer. He kills home the broad he doesn't like to do- is faith consequences for his crimes. Haven't figured out a way of killing me and doing in a way they can get away with it, so what they have tried to do instead of
me abroad is having the arrested taken bachelor. And killing me in Russia, where he has full ability to get away with that, and so the mountain They are there now and there abusive attempt to use Interpol have me arrested I live in London. They had tried to try a dozen times in various ways to widen the british police from mutual legal system. Their suing me all over the world are trying to do everything they can to get me back to Russia? This credit me I'd. Have me extradited to impoverish me to do all they can to destroy me to the baker. Destroy me and await its plausibly, reliable and doesn't put them in further sanctions or other political com bill, you wrote a year wrote an open letter to the president, and you said there you things, you need to know about Putin and I'd like to just go over them with you. First who'd and has a weak hand and is always bluffing Jaso. So let's talk about that. So what do we have here?
What is Russia? Russia is a country with an economy. Besides the state of New York, Russian, a country with a military budget which, ninety percent less than the. U S military budget unnecessary, that whatever is in their military budget even being stolen about it, that eighty percent of the military budgets being stolen? Russia is a country with which is just a minnow in the world is not a serious. You're in any any way, shape or form and took to put two trips. Also for us to be meeting with Putin on an equal level is just absurd. It doesn't make any sense. This is either pipsqueak in comparison with the with the United States, and so he's bluffing like hell he's got this pair of tools and in those days with a full house, and four for anyone to put them on an equal stage gives him an enormous amount of credibility which he doesn't deserve
Putin, is a face liar so Sylvia S approval, as we ve seen in, and this without me making this assessment. This is This is the illegal lies or legendary. Remember when he invaded Crimea? If it now, what would our troops? There were little green men. When he shot down image, seventeen now was an hour before it was the Ukrainians missiles when he cheated in the Olympics, with with doping. No no nobody cheated, even though there is like absolute documentary evidence of it every day, he said, we're gonna get rid of chemical weapons in Syria did not done anything about chemical weapon. Syria, lies lies, man lies more than anything says alive. You said in your opinion, in in time is open, President Trump saying: please, you have to keep in mind a few things
You said something that really connected with May present. George W Bush famously looked into Putin in the I saw his soul. Last year I had lunch with President Bush and asked him about it. In short, he said each of their dozen following meetings and conversations were disastrous. Two thousand I am. President Obama tried to clean up the situation by offering Russia reset there. Embolden Putin even further now is meeting with president drop. You say his views, compromise Putin's views compromise, in an engagement as a weakness, so what you have to put any and every time you get a? U S, president, a bit there. I'll think well on on the leader of the free world and how great I am, I can go and tame Vladimir Putin and supporting goes. It goes on. For these people and give them some sense that he can be tamed.
They feel like, while I'm so good, none so powerful one, I'm in a team, this man and then come back with these experiences like what would happen with George W Bush, what happened with Barack Obama and care The same thing can happen with tromp if he thinks that year, if he has any capacity the team she hadn t come to any kind of terms, but why report- and he sorely mistaken- we'll take whatever he's given in a negotiation and I'll be the starting point for the next negotiation. And these relationships never enough well and one why they our, which gets because of what afford to be friends with United States Paul, you with the russian people has to say look at all these. Even though we have trouble in our own country even on the economy stinks, even though there's nothing good happening here, we ve got all and together to fight against these foreign enemies in America is our biggest foreign. He has. Hey that otherwise people gonna turn their attention to him, and so, whatever prudent says,
I say in your life course in that meeting here, though he has no, the intention of honouring whatever he might have agreed to, and that's been his pattern for food for eighteen years and for people to ignore that anybody tonight I fought for permanent trying to ignore that he's doing it in parallel. Putin has said this morning that the cold war is a thing of the past, but he has also said it was the biggest mistake the twentieth century. The you the way it ended with the collapse of the former Soviet Union. What is it that do you think that Donald Trump gets any of what you have just said and and understands he called him a competitor. Last Week, which I kind of light, because I dont want to call people enemies, even though I believe he is an enemy? no reason to use at language until you know Well, I was insane tell us official, but I guess it is official is there it is there to do you think they d Ultra,
gets this at all on who he is the whole policy. Russian be Trump Russia policies confusing on one hand, Trump makes these ridiculous statement saying that goodness nodded I want to get along with him, he's nice, guy and underhand trump. Has and full of toll We clear eyed people write letters Russia better than anybody and pale. The Secretary of State, Jim Mattis, the Secretary defence, daily the? U S, Ambassador United Nations, John Bolton, miserable people Exactly who put news and our top as hell, I am an annex, in with my own eyes, I'm very conscious of this- that they ve taken steps to get more tough one, Russia than anything I've seen them alone.
On time, in particular when they went after Putin's oligarchs in April, any sanctions, seventeen of the richest oligarchy, Russia and elsewhere, but just anxious Putin, I mean I want a sanction. The oligarchy irritation Putin himself because he took his money. What can so? What do you think Trump is doing. Well either he Elsa some strange negotiating strategy which doesn't make any sense to be or or it's it's all a big disc and populated method. In terms of his rough howdy I oh, no, he doesn't make. Any sense is very schizophrenia. On one hand, I applaud it, which is the actual implementation, on the other hand, I pour it when he says it. Couldn't is not a killer. I know for a fact that put never killer answer, you actually compare him to Pablo Escobar Yazzi that Asia is an organised criminal on massive proportions. The only difference between Putin and Escobar is that Putin has got. Nuclear weapons
he's, a gangster, a mafia gangster with nuclear weapons So what are you? What are you hope? Concur out of this. What are you with me? Is there anything that the d they could happen today that you would say: ok pull. Ok come on. Let's talk on. Do you know you should withdraw from Ukraine? You should. You should know how many women and children in Syria, but you will be in if you get involved in any kind of political meddling in the United States or acquire allied countries, if you can new to assassinate people using chemical weapons in our allied countries. Come down on you like a ton of bricks. We don't say that and then all the stuff is just completely empowering couldn t do. How should I know
I don't see any of that happening. I think maybe Syria. I think he would like to wrap up Syria, but I dont think he errors about Ukraine. Unfortunately is just over in England Bud. We'll dicey, I can't imagine him saying that NATO is gonna, get tough on him if you He doesn't stop killing people in in NATO countries, but Do you I mean? Do you see What what what I see as their debt them effectively no outside did have some. It shouldn't happened? Is only downside awaiting bated breath to see what the any public announcements are sea to see. How much damage is done and what other damage can be mitigated spits June with blood like dealing with the mafia gangster and that's not that the tone that this summit have been approached too far by doesnt drop.
How does how does Russia's but Putin's Russia, and do you think. Who's. Gonna stay in place, forlornity candidate there's do not ready, is gonna retired. In presidential library in these earth beaches than I thought happen what he asked to stay in place, because, this money will be taken away, you're probably go to jail and could even have worse. Things happen it is no longer in power, and so you can empower until it very bitter, ended I say they would leave the best comparable is what While the scenario Mugabe was president of Zimbabwe for for thirty years and he D done at state and statements data, Created more more nationalism and more and more of us until lately, and so he became more and more obvious in the end and that's good. That's good news, he only play here and that's what he's going to do and the worst the economy gets.
The more angry and nationalistic it gets more trouble, he's gonna cost around the world and is an absolute villainous character that needs to be contained and everybody knows him, including some very, very good people in the trumpet ministration totally agree with me on this. Bill. I I wish you the best and I pray for you in Europe and you. Emily that you stay safe, I don't know how, I don't know how or why you would travel over to her up and leave the safety of the United States butter We wish you all the best and thanks for being on the programming and thank you for being brave enough to stand up. I mean Was it was her? Are you married bill. I am not my talk about my family. No right, I don't know I just I just wanted to know. Did you their every time that you and your wife, or that you just thought man, I don't, if I can do this, I mean that you put up.
The stakes are really high and people don't do what you have done. Well, then, what with Putin and his cronies due to thirty Magnifica, my lawyer, they killed him as my proxy. He basically would be alive today. If he had been working for me and they killed him as my proxy in its you stood up for me, it is my duty to stand up for him and I couldn't do it myself. I do that I will. I will contain if I put an end to the bitter end pen dumb and continue to call for justice for the murder of Sergei maggots, give any other People are not going back down. You are a very rare man and it is a privilege to talk to you bill. Thank you. So much God bless you. Well, keep him and his family and prayer holy cow. Would you do that that you'd have the guts? I don't know. I mean that
You never know until you they'll tell you there, but I dont know terrifying he's I e is gal. Painted can have a bleak picture of what can come. The summit yeah pretty much believes nothing were nothing good. Well, let's Let's want yet will and keep our fingers crossed. Ok, let me tell you about Thursday day night, Thursday night, it's gonna be a game changing night for Pat Gray, pad, said to me earlier this morning we were off the Ernie said. I to be I'm gonna, be here for the further for the conference. There's a there's. A teller conference going on or of the video its appeal ram. It's show, I dont know what even call them it's on. It's on the internet, it is like a seminar yet Beck Crypto show dot com. We have ticket to worry. Who is really good adviser you'd be a hedge, Guy he's probably may poor people millionaires on crypto currents than anybody else in the world, and he
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of his money out of the Tec bubble at the time and go well for him, because he panicked and he said I learned my lesson you believe in the technology stay in and the Smart Crypto course dot com, It will will help you all the way through that that Smart Crypto course dot com. That's how you can watch the course that put together, the show is Thursday and you don't want to miss it. Please register right now at back, Crypto show dot com. That's back! crypto show dot com. Why there's his man there's an amazing thing going on can? Can you have a decent converse with people anymore. Can you just ask honest questions? No, I Try to and I try to frame them as honest questions when I, When I write anything online, I really try frame it as an honest question so
Alexandria, Occasional Cortez said, You have to meet all of these standards to be called a progressive in my world, no corporate, allowed Medicare for all to wish in debt free college plus tree in school, A green new deal? real jobs, guarantee, which means, if you want a job, the guarantee that the government will guarantee one and expand federal student loan forgiveness, so I Road noses sound, a hostile. Plus stood low forgiveness, guarantee government jobs for all a Casio twenty eighteen. You say that the U S is rich Are you rich if you're, just living on maxed out credit cards, how you pay for this and not further enslave future generations. No gotcha, just one. Here? The plan, oh, my No, you can't know you can't ask that question. No,
her supporters made it. Very clear on who I was and accused me of all kinds of things which how that that if you use a bologna detection kid that smells like Bologna, like you, don't actually have a plan. Can someone share it? I'd like to hear it Glenn back. So Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, who I Actually have been the port of of not of any of our policies, but we know that Ass was tearing her I'm sorry, though, the right was tearing her apart, and I said it Lee she saying what she believes at coming out in saying that she's, a socialist, I much prefer that then the people you know Ok, oh! No! No! No! No! How dare you you're using Socialist, that's races to call me a socialist. No, it's not
political ideology. I do like that. You admitted I do too bill, agonizing post, I like the judge very agonizing, but I would love to have a conversation Bernie Sanders. I would have a very respectful, conversationally Bernie Sanders, maybe until the Clinton thinks I think he sold out his principles there, the end butter, I would like to have a conversation with her. She seems intelligent. She seems smart It seems like she, you know, is one with the p. Oh great I'd, love to hear it now tweeted there we need, nor could know corporate welfare. I agree with me care for all no tuition. Free college and trade school while no A green new deal, absolutely not a federal judge ups guarantee. If you want a job. The guarantee is coming from the government that they will give you one so Lulli not expand.
Real student alone forgiveness, no location all of these things. This is real unions of dollars, and so I wrote meet. You know you say that the? U dot s is rich cuz. This is her her deal. You know this is where the richest country in the world we're not we're. Actually not no we're not having on MAC style credit cards. Now we didn't have debt or we had a healthy amount of debt. But we don't have a healthy amount of debt worked, we're adding a trillion dollars a year, social security and twenty twenty two. This last All guys, twenty two, Here too, we are out of money for social Security, when that happens, it's two trillion dollars of debt added each year. That's just a few yards away that alot yet is. I set out. So how are you going to pay for this and not further enslave future generations? No gouges! I just want to
the plan, so that was like that was my evil question: hey Glenn. Why don't you worry about making your website payroll, how's your jet doing, actually doing fine this one. Hey Glenn He should sell the military, though that idea. Why do you ask the same question about endless war? Yes, I've actually been. I've been very clear on this one since our or else and George Bush was in office. It is fascinating, not one of them can say what about. We pay for whether to a massive tax increase. You gotta pay for Blair's north here's one reunite the immigrant families
and take the billions paid monthly to ice private. Companies age age ass for their care, court, transportation and IRAN it all for a casual, ok, we're, ok, so that doesn't pay for were already paying that amount and we're indefinite, and if you just let them go and in the country than we're still gonna be paying for their job or their to wish in or something which would be more expensive. As I know we, don't we don't we don't give a billion dollars a month anyway, raise your taxes, this a first Onest one race. Taxes on the rich, very raise taxes to the level where income concentration will reverse and we is in middle class. Incomes will rise, raise the corporate tax back to fifty percent Tom. I raise the estate tax to sixty five right he's telling my car you
Well there you go, I mean that's illegal gonna, that's the EU, still don't pay for everything, but that's the only Well, you can even begin to try to pay for everything and that's two tax. Everybody into the dark ages again? sixty five percent tax on what people have already paid taxes on their entire life and then what He die, they gotta give you sixty, percent of everything the crude there I'm not a moral. Why don't you ask oral? Why don't you ask Donald Rump, nor is it they left off Blue Blue one point: seven trillion on a deficit for a tax break. Now, I'm I'm with you on this one? The tax break helps the economy. It's suicide in the long run, unless you include spending cuts, you ve got to come. The spending is well so
No, why you're so hostile on that one? stop giving away money to corporations and churches villages were giving away giving money to churches. I didn't know the tabloid well, by giving away I'll bet you they're talking about the tax. The exemption for churches? That's not! giving them money. That's letting them keep the money they they get. You giving them anything. How about raising taxes on those who can afford it, especially the one who makes millions bleeding on the radio telling poor people that poor people are screwing them. You know, who is that Peter Peter I paid more tax. Then you will make in your entire life, I'm guessing Oh yeah, I think I've paid my fair share and then some
when you are in a situation to where you grew up I grew up class family, dad was, you know, struggle just to make ends meet. We lost the bank of the yacht bakery in the end, because my add couldn't make go of it after twenty five years and nobody ever went to college we couldn't afford to go to college. If I was gonna go to college, I had to pay for it myself. And we would have been looking for handouts and I certainly didn't wine about it. If you are in that situation, and you find yourself in a situation where you can make it in America ICE Certainly I'm not gonna, be on the other side telling people to take your money away. I I certainly do- think that you should pay your fair share, but I don't believe in. Progressive income tax. I think we all need skin in the game and whether that
Oh God asks for ten percent. That's God! What's What's the government maybe we all pay five percent. May we all pay ten percent I dont know under. Certain income give you a break! There's! No! You don't you don't have to have skin in the game. You're gonna get on you get you on your feet: Once you hit a certain level, everyone should have skin in the game, my folks. They sent me to private school. It was a catholic school and what we say private school in the west. It's not like private school in the east and its certainly not like a private school, even even in the west. Today it was Little teeny catholic private school, my mom- worked in the kitchen They did fund razors my dad provided food from the bakery for fund razors. My
Oaks paid for some of the tuition and worked the rest of it off. We didn't get a handout we couldn't afford it. But somehow or another we all made it work. To me. That's fair to me what's fair, is not looking at somebody's bank account, but looking at what they ve done. Their bank account is irrelevant to me. I got Who gave me the right to take money from you I dont have a right if I can to your house and said you know what I want: ten per cent. I want. You know what I want fifty percent of your income. You know what I want sixty five percent of what you made. If I do that you would you
probably get me on racketeering, You probably I would be a mob boss to be able to do that. That's what you incur others to do to me every day. Every day, anybody who is paying taxes is told by somebody, usually not paying taxes. We should take more of what you have in in. In in in what universe is that right? In what universe is it? right and legal. For a mob to get together and say we took a vote, and we get half of what you have it. Will beside you know the island of lost boys, will we
that happen and is right. We could all get together and say we all If we're going to live here are going to pay This amount we're gonna pay this percentage all of us. That would be fair. But to have a small number of citizens Decide my amount is You're than your amount, doesn't seem based in that word you keep using fair. Perhaps it does not mean what you think it means Now it's time to sell your house even think about it. Buying a new house. Maybe
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aid agents. I trust dot com so there's been a lot of controversies concerning Scarlet Johannsen decision to play a transgendered character. The algae Bt Q community is very upset and social justice types have been raging, about Johannsen. Now she was It was going to play a crime. King pin born a woman but identified as a male in the film robe Rob and tugged in interview within PR. Naturally, Trans activists had this to say about it, so explain more wise? It deeply offensive to you when assist actors chosen to play a Trans character, so casting male actors to play trends, women and female actors to play trends. Men, really reinforces the idea that trends
and are really women who are pretending to be men and tricking people thinking there men as opposed to the truth which the transgender men are living authentically as themselves and we look like men and we feel like men and we are perceived as men and there's no reason like women's. Be playing us man, a lot to say their Emmanuel caught comes to mind. There are many things that I believe that I shall never say, but I shall never see the things that they do not leave So in response to the backlash scar, a johannsen release the statement or critics and she said tell them it can be directed to Jeffrey Tame, bore or Jared Leto or Felicity Hoffman. These are all Sis actors who prayed played Trans characters. Why
isn't there a this amount of outcry when Jeffrey TAT Bore but chose to play Maura in transparent, I live sounds good and then she buckled and then she buckled. So what's the source of all of this outrage. It's a small, vocal mob! Hu, the mainstream media has for some reason given a platform and whose voices louder than the rest of ours in their able to bully until they get what they want. But Its garlic Johannsen had refused to refuse the role to begin with on the ground. Then she wouldn't play a transgendered character. Again, Aren t you that the same ground wouldn't say good. They of said how dare her and would have probably try do four spur to play. That role. Can we just live next to it, Can we just leave each other alone? You gonna be
you want to dress, is a woman and you want to be a woman and claim you're a woman, I'm gonna have a scientist argued the x and Y chromosome thing with you, but I That's me. If you push me and push me and push me, I mean, I'm fine live anywhere. You want, I dont error. I love Hollywood eaten their own, though that's John Tasty, I love using their own. I love the fact that. You cannot get a base this person to play? trans person. Not in Hollywood thing, I pretend they can't act. What are you? What are you crazy? did anybody have a problem with the play Hamilton. I don't think so. Those were black people playing the part. The white,
Oh no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! That's! Not going on that's not going on! I haven't seen amals there's black people playing the founder light people like that, crazy toy eight. Ah, there was no, our real out age. There's no outward, when he cared about us, there is no outrage here. Even right. It's Hollywood! Exactly who powder dear you play John F Kennedy: only John F Kennedy should play John F Kennedy. What it's a put that there ya to play people that they aren't Ah, Postmodernism hurts it really earth we'll see tonight at five o clock only on the place to be Glenn back
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