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Taliban Seizure Is On Biden | Guests: Eric Schmitt & Rudy Atallah | 8/16/21

2021-08-16 | 🔗

Jason Buttrill, an Afghanistan war veteran, former intelligence analyst for the DOD, and head writer for Glenn Beck, joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the horrific Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan's capital Kabul, thousands are trying to flee Afghanistan, Sharia law is coming, but where is President Biden? Glenn takes calls from listeners who served in Afghanistan, who are devastated by what's currently happening. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt joins to discuss his success in challenging the Biden administration's immigration policy. Rudy Atallah, chief operating officer of the Nazarene Fund, joins to discuss the struggles the fund will now face in the wake of the Afghanistan/Taliban takeover.

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or to Afghanistan. Next not to mention the Klondiker
We need to change our language, we need it stop saying history its itself can start saying. History is really itself in to every aspect of our life history. is repeating itself. Why because apparently, were not smart enough to know history or the people we ve put into office? Ignore history, we began with Taliban and I got in sixty seconds glum programme our aid, our spotlight sponsor this half hour. Let me look here
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This is what happened. Then. Other partner, lined up around by God, would meet with back of the life of the country, would be their last barrack until pushed or about by the bull, their babies Along with the rapporteur that I got up and left behind I got bored at all. Hours are able to find a way out for anyone to tell us where to go. I thought about airport paratroopers turned up his back at one point.
loaded other Saigon war upon Wherewith to pay american helicopter surplus of today s debate is trying to escape, or at the stake No one wanted to be laughed at this crowd that at times with great fire, but it always was on the verge of panic. We guided by the United States. Everything at once. There we surrounded by people. Looking away our helicopter for landing on the roof and inside the cop out, as we were to go back with the other. We had our way through a crowd of several hundred Vietnamese trying to scale, but only to be backed by you have to worry about what the Americans, I would say about it together with legal back about everybody who bad it without the rest with easy. Just about are awaiting your turn for how it got there to take you to one of the ships onstage
the now back in July of this year here? Is a press conference with Joe Biden on the edge. The end of the war, in Afghanistan? Was his attali bond? Take over of Afghanistan now inevitable? No, it is known because you have the afghan troops have three hundred thousand well equipped. I was kept? Is any army in the world and an air force get something like seventy five thousand tolerable, It is not enough to intelligence community. Has it says that the afghan government walk? They collapse is no true is. Can you please clarify what Would you about whether that will happen or not? It is not true. the NICE stadium did not really second closure. What is
the level of confidence that they have good? It will not collapse. The government illusion push to come together. They clearly have the capacity to sustain the government in place. The question is will they generate the kind of cohesion to do it. this weekend, we saw the most humiliating. vacuum nation? Of the American, the billion dollar, a mess, an embassy. We have been treated to the picture and the video of that hello, Bonn coming in now supported, I? U S, drones, why because apparently arms
military left them behind. Along with a gigantic, cachet of weapons, we feel it was necessary to take him back. We have. Put ourselves back into the exact situation. We were in on cept we're tenth. two thousand and one. What's worse,. Imagine if we would have gone into Germany and beat the German but we knew that now It sees were in hiding and they were everywhere. and we decided to leave, the Nazis took power again. Do you think they would fear the United States? Do you think. Anyone on earth
fear the United States or they say. There is no but tight for war, All you have to do is wait them out We ve already sent that message in Vietnam Punch Biden has sent that message, unlike any other time in May. In history or allies have called old, emergency meetings with out us. our allies, England, France? They are all now scrambling saying We cannot allow this to stand. But they now no they're in a leadership role because we're gone we left them with. military weapons.
And drones. I wanted to bring in Jason but railways our head researcher. and when I saw him this morning,. I noticed that his eyes were all puffy either Of sleep allergies or a very restful weekend. He was in Afghanistan, one of the four Marines to go in to Ghana, stand and fight their Jason. How are you I'm pissed off, I think, is the more accurate, safe way to describe. I feel today I was one of the lucky ones was one of the ones that I had a mission when we went there. You know we saw First bombs dropped, we fired the first shots and our mission was clear, kill the town
then kill Al Qaeda, knock them out of government. That was my mission and I'm glad that was the only mission, because the follow on mission I saw in the faces of the people that relieved us the occupation force. Maiden really know what the hell they're mission was an I can tell you that that continued for twenty years, that continue for twenty years, the people The ground would tell anyone what the situation was and that was. We cannot trust this military. Now, there's I'm good afghan fighters and I took my had to them and I think a lot of us the thought there could probably name them by name some very brave men, the afghan people are, but the whole. The afghan army could not be trusted. We get the news reports for years. You know U S. Soldiers shot in the back, Where did those news reports go? I I've seen them because apparently you a soldier's, became a statistic not worthy of anything. More and that proceeded for another twenty eighteen, twenty years now, what you
look back and say what was your plan as many of us we're getting shot back by these people, because apparently someone in the by the administration was telling them that they were fine. They were good to go. They were good to go. You play clip a month ago. They were good to go now, Who was telling the president that, the president line when he said the intelligence community was telling you they're not ready, I dont know but as I saw this morning, there were leaks, we're starting to come effectively alien tells commuting nano. We were telling him that situation was not tenable This was going to happen and it did happen so was the military personnel I wanted. It gives you the context. The military personnel in the ground when ISIS swept through Syria em in Iraq, the head in commerce, General, Lloyd, Austin. He was ahead. The commanding general, when they said hey you know. What's going on right now, I'd seems all fishy. Why are the news why the intelligence reports coming out saying that are everything's rosy when the situation was not rosy. Well, this
and came out and intelligence reports are being doctored just to make the administration look good to make president Obama look good job, Lloyd US and for some reason it go down for that? He is now the sectarian defence, so was as any surprise at all that these people are now in command, it's not a surprise to me at all. It's we'll tacitly simultaneous throat and got punch today from England. the the fact that the the Pentagon. has been focused on woke politics. Any comment on their focus. Yet Millie where's, your resignation, that's what I'd like to know
you're so focused on that for standing down the military, for what was it a week to a month can remember what it was to agenda address. Extremism in the military is that what you are focused on and not listening to your battle commanders on the ground is that possibly what was happening. I wouldn't love to hear from General Millyard Lover and a call in this morning. Just so, we could ask him out you plan on resigning. I would love to know we're reaching out to General Milly asking him to join us today. and also asking just for a statement on the question are you resigning, but It's not just him. It's the, Entire government is focused on that, and we pointed that out. department of Homeland Security. The intelligence community all made a hard pivot towards wilderness, and the extremism in the military, but they never
did this. When you know we found out that there were terrorists in the military back during the Fort Hood shooting in Texas, they never stood the Miller. Down then they never did. they are doing now. Why? Well I mean it, I'm sure they were doing their investigations, but it's probably not a good thing to reorient the entire thinking of the military and intelligence community during times of crisis that's it we're in right now, and it's amazing to me is all the excuses Glenn all excuses first, now we're not hearing anything from the administration. Now, apparently we dont rate explanation from this administration. I mean they're, stone, vacation, move by disembarkation, sock he's gone on vacation which is weird but apparently that we don't get. We don't want rate any other kind of explanation. We got that one ridiculous statement that Nancy policy was praising yesterday, but that one the statement where the president was like will, apparently you know inherited this from the Trump Administration get out. You
cannot have it both ways. You cannot go in day, one of your administration, with this big spectacle of signing executive orders erasing everything the president did you. In all of its personnel from your cabinet, really getting rid of all the bureaucrats are they had Trump put in and now say in this one instance, it was his fault we won't even know what trumps plan was ours: the gun Friday. When I came on itself, we should have in getting out there in the summer months period, which I think that was part of trumps we should have waited till the winner, but I dont know what the rest of his plan was. You can't say, everything else. There was bad what he planned play in Afghanistan. We stuck to also that was One thing that was the one thing you stuck to now: it's his fault, and we also saw from General Lloyd Austin. He was very clearly is like well. You know it's really crazy other afghan army at seeing. Oh, it's all on them. Now again, you can't put it on the economic Canada, both ways you,
and say a month ago, all science point to their already there capable they can defend so that and because of that, that's what we're getting out, but today the day the Afghans, ball. I guess it's falling in the day after you're saying: oh, it's all on them. You cannot have both ways on this. I wanted ass resignations on this massive resignations for this, and if Congress doesn't have the balls to hold them to it, then one a Daniel, the ask whistleblowers. Somewhere within the entire community, which I think it's going to happen if they're not going down for this until his creed, not going down for this. You saw them weapon eyes against Trump. They will weapon eyes against President Biden almost guarantee it, but we need someone to leak. Who is to blame, but who was speeding false information? What did they have the game?. Do you believe they were feeding false information, or do you believe that they just didn't care. The White House didn't care absent, We believe there are four feet: fondling, false information.
Willie, I meant you saw it in with this- is how it works. You saw it in ISIS, it becomes political dead souls. Becomes statistics, they really do and that does not look. for administration, and I think this goes for twenty years, but I absolutely think Bore involve a saying, look, there's a very rose picture we got it all under control. I think it's time we get those people out of the establishment, a sap back in just a second first, let me say about american financing american firms. In writing Nl Us one. Eight do through three four W W w dot animal, less consumer access dot. Org mortgage rates are still hovering in historic gloves in you could probably just to go, but just about anywhere to save money with mortgage right refinancing or debt consolidation lungs but that doesn't mean you should the reason that this is the only mortgage lending that I have ever recommended. America in financing. The reason is, I believe in them. I I put them to the test in
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go to american financing at eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty eight hundred, nine zero, six, twenty four forty a mess in financing dot net ten, second station, I D. Nancy Pelosi said that Joe by is to be quote commended for the action he has taken in Afghanistan. She said: the Taliban must know that the world is watching its actions. We are dead. really concerned about the reports regarding the Talibans brutal treatment of all Afghans, especially women and girls, the you as the international community and the afghan government must do everything we can do to protect women and girls from inhumane treatment by the Taliban. Any
Political settlement to the Afghans pursue to avert bloodshed must include. Having women at the table, the fur it of women and girls in Afghanistan is crucial to the future of Afghanistan and we strive to assist women. We must recognize at their voices are important. All must listen to them for solutions respectful of their culture, their there is I partisan support to assist the women and girls of Afghanistan. Jason I think the Taliban were gonna in you put Korea in place, but when they saw that tweet they promise it. Ok, fine, you know what the western style democracy. Now now we get it yeah it is its remark bull to me how we, left so many people behind have ev anyway, I seen the v of grass.
Videos. Can we roll this please of just walking on the street. These are people dead bodies in the street. This is just the people As the Taliban was coming through, they pulled out of houses, they pulled out of their cars a shot them, and- I see them on the streets, nobody's willing to come and get them because the Taliban would like them to remain in the streets as a reminder that they are back. told you last Friday that they were already going door to door taking girl. Rules as young as twelve for their brides. When we come back, I am going to share with you. How the New York Times is spinning this It is the ready all over again
It is the apologists for Stalin all over again, It's coming up in just a second stand by Monday. Maybe you know, you know what we can't stand. Is working days a week out on the high seas, Swearin and murder, interacting in an ungentlemanly fashion, with a female workers at the local tavern.
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wave tv com, slash Gladys place to go to get your sufficient ablaze tv use the promo code, glad to say ten bucks. Pay the Taliban. Had a press conference yesterday the presidential palace, and they did this cut five, they were singing the Koran, which is beautiful, lovely, and I love this particular. You know he didn't have a press conference. The White House, you know, didn't wasn't seen in public Joe Biden, we there's Joe Biden. Why is he not speaking out where? Was he. As the masses try to flee from Kabul.
Prisoners have been released, Me five thousand prisoners were released. Madman. Imagine this is the video of it in the audio at us five thousand prisoners, Male Qaeda's, some of them Taliban and they or just released probably because of covered. I think the Taliban is concerned with this of covered in the prisons and wanted to find a you know some way to deal with it and they looked to build the plaza and gave Gavin Newsome, and they D just to open up the prisons because of coal I'm sure nothing will love go wrong there meanwhile. The worst is happening. I wonder, I want to give you a story from
The New York Times now listen to how this story you ve seen the pictures you know. What's going on since this. It was his first day as the Taliban appointed mayor of Conduce is MS goal, Mohammad Elias. He was on a charm offensive, last Sunday. The insurgents sees control of the city in northern Afghanistan, which is in shambles after weeks of fighting power lines were down water supply powered by generators. Didn't each most residents, trash rubble, littered the streets, civil servants who could fix these problems were hiding at home terrified of Talibans return, so the surgeon commander, turned mayor, summoned some to his new office and persuaded them to return to work. He said quote our Jihad is not with you in the minimum municipality. Our genes it is against the occupiers and those
who defend the occupiers, mister lies, told the New York Times by telephone but day by day as municipal offices stayed mostly empty. Mr Elias grew more frustrated and his residence. His rhetoric grew a little harsher Taliban fight began, going door to door, searching for absentee civil workers hundred of armed men set up checkpoints across the city. At the end, and to the regional hospital. A new notice appeared on the wall employees must return to work or face punishment from the love on just a week. through the fall of the city, the first in a series of cities that the Taliban seized with breathtaking speed, the insurgents are now and effective control of all of Afghanistan, and they now must function is administrators that can provide basic services. Two hundred thousands of people and the Ex millions of those in conduce offer.
a glimpse of how the Taliban may govern and what may be in store for the rest of the country in stays the insurgents frustrated with their failed efforts to cajole civilian civil servants back into work began instilling little terror according to the residents reach by telephone, I'm afraid aid, because I dont know what will happen next or what they will do said. One who ass not to be identified for fear of retaliation by the Taliban, three days after the Taliban took control of conduce the civil society civil servant received a call from an insurgent fighter, telling to go to his office. The mayor, Conduce wanted to speak with him. The mayor invited, Mr O, o Mark Hill. who had been staying home since the retreat of the government forces as insurgents flooded into the streets and a sense of unease grip, the battered city he
experienced a similar moment twice before when the two upon briefly and twenty fifteen and twenty six team. Sixteen sees the city both times the insurgents were pushed back with the help of american airstrikes. But this time days. The Taliban to control the entire afghan army core charge reclaiming the city surrendered to the insurgents they hand over all their weapons in vehicles in Aceh. sign that they would. Be rescued when he arrived at the municipal office to speak to the new mayor, the sprawl in compound, looked eerily untouched by war, but the New York Times rights inside the building He joined eight municipal employees and stir Elias. You know the new mayor. he introduced himself as the new mayor A young man with a long beard, Mr Ally's assured them they would not be targeted by the Taliban and instructed
to return to work, to improve, improve people's lives and morale. Sharing his mobile number? He told them call if you have any trouble with the Taliban fighters. We ve come should the city and now we can assure the people that we will provide the basic services The mayor was quoted in another phone interview, way through the meaning, a shopkeeper pleaded with the Taliban bodyguard to see the mare. Like hundreds of, others his key asset, but mostly destroyed by fire during the Talibans final push. He said she, keepers fearing for what remained of their stores that they would be looted. One at that the bonds promise that they could return to the market to collect their thing safely. The mayor, complied even provided reimbursement for the taxi and bus fare that they spent on moving their goods for the rest of the day? The mayor met with other municipal leaders trying to it services restored at
state owned water and sewage corporation. He demanded that the water supply be turned back on when a man You told him. The power lines would first have to be repaired. He told the director of the Elect couple electricity department to pal. His employees to return at the local health parliament. The new Taliban director of Health delivered the same message to the hospital staff and insert in fighters, gave water to the health workers and offered free. five hundred Afghanis around six dollars to each of the hospital guards to pay for a dinner that died. There was some good progress rights, the New York Times oh my gosh, I bet at a Nobel Prize for this method. I bet they there's gotta be a purely her. Don't you think cheated
leave and a little more right that article nine amazing. Isn't that amazing, I will say that the times did rights pretty devastating. About this as well. I, along with a lot of other mainstream media. I mean a lot of these headlines of the Atlantic. This headline is bindings. Betrayal of Afghans will live in infamy There's a lot. I think, just how quickly and how terribly this has turned has even shaken sob of the mainstream media people. Now, of course, though, probably come back of it really here, but I was surprised to see the even mainstream coverage being largely critical, with the exception, of course, a notably of what you read which was pathetic. Thee feckless this. This one is written by the bulwarks comma like this, when the Feckless news is not limited to Biden himself is wider. Administration is complicit state.
and spokesman. Ned price has conceded. The Taliban is already committing more times, but he warned them that if they continue their, be internationally isolated wool not into really internationally isolated. Oh boy, they're gonna be cancelled. Culpability for the disaster rest on one other place. They write The american people, why, officials have privately reassured themselves by noting that polls show an overwhelming majority of american support withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan court to the hill, so the Biden, teams, fine, reinsurer reassurance and the fact that most Americans don't care about the risk of another nine eleven ethnic. cleansing or the discredit destruction of a future for afghan women Really They are blaming the american people for that a vote,
what leadership is all about, and b, I don't about you. But I you care about the women and children and the future of the women and children in Afghanistan. I do, are about the risk of another nine eleven I do care about ethnic cleansing age. I don't want to be there forever with no mission, it doesn't mean. Oh, I don't care just pull out, let the whole thing collapse and let evil just win and sweep a nation. What parents. Do you have that you care about women in the Middle EAST being tortured? I mean only rainfall fry, that's it just, but even this is ever. There are a lot of people who want to get in there. Everyone wants to get some level. The idea was to get out. There was some level of competence, it wasn't
like let the entire thing go to flames that have the Taliban inside the presidential palace in two days one supported that The way we guess there was that there is an idea that people didn't wanna be engaged in this area for ever, but that was to go along with. That was the idea that it wouldn't turn into exactly what it turned into in two days two days. I mean you are talking about this Jason. We we mentioned this off the air. You are here you're my show on a few months ago, you said by either it's gotta be back and Taliban control. Six months you came on are there today is a day. I think it might be twelve September eleventh, we didn't good till Monday That, though, is a sure we did on Friday and they were in taking cheers and doing press conferences in singing inside the presidential palace two days later. The this is the view The most catastrophic handling of any situation of any proof, it in my lifetime, I've
ever seen anything like this. I am continually blown away all weekend and how pathetic this is never seen anything like it. Have you ever seen anything like this one, but I am older than you I saw a ran with Jimmy Carter and I saw with again like they ran, which we have control of IRAN right, like this so the envisaged. We were well an embassy in inside of another country. This, yes, understand that we need- and we are also an embassy- knows that country in Afghanistan, but that was under our control in our direction for twenty years. I was also to say I'm old enough to remember, and I think it was Ford when pulled out of Vietnam. Saigon is that one thing people go back tend everyone knew. everyone knew the argument was we pull out the com, next will come in and slaughter all. These people and its
to be a very bad thing. No no they're gonna be prepared, it's gonna be fine, we can leave it, a blood bath over there and we shouldn't be involved in blah blah blah blah blah and they were climbing over the fences of our embassy, and when I love this when blinking said you know, this is Definitely not not I've gone. You are not going to see helicopters land on the roof, of our embassy now you know why? Because our billion dollar embassy had a helicopter landing pad down the ground not on the roof like we do inside. That dimension is not even our embassy anymore. No, it's not. a billion dollars into the thing is just handed over to them immediately. Though, in Saigon we're gonna tell me, am I street here, but we knew this was coming in in second area we did and we evacuated
a lot of the Americans and we left a specific number once it was fifteen hundred or a camera, exactly how many it was, which was our twelve fifty. That was our belief that we can get. We kicked evacuate those people before album- or in this case the Vietnamese got their northern bit work. So, the situation was like. We then started evacuating the It means that we wanted to get out and we have this planet. Ok once they hit this point when we have start taking the Americans out and that's why it was such a close call, but we know it was coming from up right and we were a vacuum waiting. Those who helped us we didn't live. We aren't evacuating the people who helped us. That was our complaint two weeks ago, now gotta be lucky to get the Americans out. We just send troops in to evacuate our own people, given only five thousand bush. It continues to escalate.
who could have a hundred thousand troops are the airport by next week. Cutting the than the newest figures are six thousand to secure that airport and winning It was more than double what we had when we said we're gonna get them out. We had around thirty five hundred something like that. Credible. Ok, I'm just a minute. Let me tell you about Bill bar You know when you when I'm not here, you know me enough to know. I am usually just working out, I'm on the treadmill, lift and waits. You know Dan Stance Revolution, I'm swept into the oldies. Usually I mean it's, that's you. You're right, it is, and I work out so much. I barely have any time to eat meat. get me I'm wasting away anyway, good there's always time for a delicious stack, and I mean several times a day for me. There it's time for a delicious snack and that's it is built bar for early
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Peaceful transition of power at gunpoint, men, he cut a video with his daughters, saying please don't the whole of the union. Since we have great, let's get a pic of stands to go to a rumour, as you want either Tajikistan or use Pakistan. He didn't stay in Afghanistan that much we definitely, as accusation continues we continue to bring coverage from all sides. You know that our same coming up welcome to the programme. Let me tell you about american financing can financing right now will make sure that you are set for your financial future. They can roll up their sleeves and go to work for a plan designed for you and with you. They work for you. They dont work for the banks, so
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Not entertainment conduct how America, let's say that we wanted to destroy America, ok and we all got together, and we said: okay, we only have a couple of days to come up with a plan. Do you think We set out with the intent to destroy America. We,
could come up with a better plan than this administration is executing right. Now I don't think so. I think we could say we ve got ten years to figure out how to destroy America, and we still couldn't come up with a better plan than the one that is being executed right now by this White House. I'll go over some of the high lights here. Fill you in on Afghanistan as well. 52nd Glenn Beck programme yes, our sponsor this half hours blinds dot com, so your guest walks into your house and the moment here. She steps in the first compliment is about the window. Treatments How really everything in the house is just come together is I can experience you would like, I know I would so here's this go to blinds dot com. I have my wife,
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I have no idea how woman did it just from our description and some pictures, but it was perfect, That's the kind of service you get from blinds dotcom blinds, Calm save up to thirty five percent off everything. Now rules and restrictions may apply its blinds dot com May I just quote Robert Gates: now Robert Gates was Barack Obama's defence secretary quote: Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy, a national security issue over the past four decades, not a joke, not a joke. I'm not fooling around folks who actually said that,
he's been wrong or nearly every foreign major policy, a national security issue. Over the past four decades, Biden oppose was the Persian Gulf WAR. He lay reverse the decision, Saint George Age, be a bush should have gone all the way to Baghdad. So first like we shouldn't be fighting and then, when we go to Baghdad he's like? Why should I how all back he's? Where did the Iraq war before opposing the Iraq war, and then he also wanted to partition a rack into three countries. I remember that those part of his two thousand eight campaign that was his big foreign policy plank. He was gonna divided into three cut here s. What was he to build a wall? I do yeah. So obviously, as vice president, he pose to the re that lead, killed, Osama Bin Laden.
Remember it was the hardest decision, president, as president is made in two hundred and fifty years five hundred years. Five hundred yes! Well, you know what we have only had a president for about what too hundred and forty some I pointing out better president five hundred years, but it was the time. This decision, and he his decision was: don't kill, Osama Bin Laden dont do it, which just now to Afghan Stan It was about a month ago, cut one When Bitin said this the Taliban. Take over of Afghanistan now inevitable. It is known because you have. The afghan troops have three hundred thousand, oh well equipped. I was kept, his any army in the world and an air force.
Again, something like seventy five thousand Taliban. it is not an enemy drowned intelligence community has it says that the afghan government walk? they collapse is no true is, can you play clarify what they have told you about, whether that will happen or not new to you stadium did not reach a conclusion. What is Instead they have that it will not collapse in government illusion. Has to come together. they clearly have the capacity to have it, to stay with the government? They let him do it question is: will they will they generate little kind of cohesion to do it? The cape of they're gonna? Do it because there well equipped they can do it they're gonna! Do it I'm telling you right now: it's gonna be fine, a very difficult decision, the probably the The hardest decision
in the last seven hundred and fifty years that any president has had to make but they have the ability to do it. The question is Will they now this week, course: he hasn't had a press conference he's nowhere to be found, which is weird, I think finding himself you know. Do I have a president Brenda Is there one around too? We have one he's. I owe him bad at this. I don't know that I wonder around here nothing more boys, finding himself he's lying around right now gone. Who am I we're Emma Roma? There's someone in the building. That's a mirror, sir. Around without just gonna get my shot gun and just fire a couple around through the door anyway, he is. He was saying that they, the question, is: will they do it? well, we don't.
Blame the Afghanis so mood The Secretary of state blinkin black aim for what's happening now in Afghanistan? Cut nine does Present abide, not bear the blame for this disastrous exiled from Afghanistan. Dare you Jake wishing to things First, we ve known all along we set along, including the president that the Taliban was at its greatest position of strength, the time since two thousand and one when it was last in charge of the country. That is the Taliban, that we heritage, and so we saw inheriting much capable of going on the offensive and beginning to take back the country, but at the same time we had invested over four administrations billions of dollars, along with the international community in the afghan security and defence forces.
building, a modern military with the most sophisticated equipment, three hundred thousand forces strong with an air force. The Taliban didn't have Fact of the matter is we ve seen that that force has been unable to defend the country, and that has happened more quickly than we anticipate so they inherited this problem, they inherited it would is weird because in July cut to join Biden said this. I made a commitment That when I made a mistake, I'd tell you made mistakes. I think I've got it right, I'll, say takers, possibilities. I do take responsibility somehow or another. I do I think, he's going to take responsibility of this now so. You know some people might be thinking they just let the prisons wide open. The two
Nobody has a problem with America. Al Qaeda is bad. To the labs kids. They re least all of these bad guys, and there coming after Us September, eleven September eleventh, the twentieth anniversary of September. Eleventh is right around the corner, but don't worry kids De age, ass is on the case, cut nineteen department of Homeland Security A new terror alert has been issued by homeland security tonight. Pete Williams is here PETE. What do we know about this? Medea. Just as this new terrorism advisory is not based on any actual threats or plots, but it says there's a rise in anti government rhetoric. Some of us is opposition to call that public health rules, like masking vaccine measures, some as for violent action are based on claims of election fraud or a belief that Donald Trump can be reinstated in the
just as the coming twentieth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks and religious holidays later this year could be cut As for violence, but last terror advise reputation in May. By has a so. I want to be sure I have. This right People who are angry about masks and covets are a terror threat. This last one expired over the weekend. The last terror threat. You know a January six. We worry about those guys that one just expired, but they replaced stood immediately with a new one that people are angry about masks and explanations and the domestic terror threat. We don't have any information on anything but we think that could happen at the court's election fraud buglers upset about that. Can you believe those crazy people there just bad people, their killing, your grandmother? You know that just saw hot, such horrible people. We have to silence them some way or another, but there,
for some unknown reason. Angry and they might do something and, of course, the twentieth anniversary of nine eleven ends upcoming religious holidays, o religious holidays, oh maybe he's talking about Christmas, is eaten. at the religious holiday, were worried about Christmas, religious holidays, So don't worry because our government indeed, chess is on it by the way. West point is now teaching Marxism. West Point is now teaching marxism and c r t so if you want your kids to you, know, be able to be in the strongest army. Ever you sent him to West point because they'll learn about social inequality on
classes on military leadership leading includes teams and the public- six of race, gender, sexuality and diversity. Now, hi who would our who are making stupid moves like they're, making it Afghanistan? I can't imagine, but let's focus on the successes right how consumer sentiment plunged to its lowest level since two thousand and eleven fears that the delta variant will add to the negative economic effects of covert nineteen. The University of Michigan Index of consumer sentiment plummeted. Seventeen point two and early August from its level of eighty one point: two in July according to an update that has just been released. The drop represent
the thirteen and a half percent decline and was way off from consensus expectations from experts, in fact, even during the height of the pandemic in spring of twenty twenty consumer confidence was not this low, but don't worry We ve got everything under control: yeah there's a little inflation mean energy is only up forty one percent year over a year, but that's this transitory, don't worry about it. You know, So is your money! You know as so. I got to be around forever By the way, an update in Joe Biden, America, today, inmate freed undercover release has now been charged with committing murder after being led out. Not sure if that counts as a covert death,
but I'm guessing. It probably will good news the american people buying Administration has prompted the largest permanent increase in food stamps. Has that's right because we care about people. The Bide ministration has revise the nutrition standards of the food stamp programme and is profit now the largest permanent increased benefits in the programmes. History. Let me say it again, the largest permanent increase permanent increase to benefits in the programmes history. Now they did this because I looked at those nutrition standards and said you know don't think, there's enough nutrition going into these food stamp programmes we! This is not enough to be able to have the right. nutrition and so they just change the standards, they didn't mean to raise the prices and give people more money. They didn't want to do it. They
Vodka is that I'm sure, but now, oh it's, a permanent increase, the largest permanent increase course, Cuba. Pay, no attention to those people that are still struggling for there. freedom your bindings prostitution? Video? Don't worry! You intelligence is in doing anything but there, but that's because concentrating on the upcoming religious holidays. You never know what holiday those might be, but it could happen. So please be careful. People who don't want to wear masks blow us all up very soon. I don't know about you but day. Sorry, just courting Joe Biden, I M so glad he
the President of the United States, anybody regret their decision to vote for him. I would love to open up the votes today to anyone who voted for Joe Biden, are you willing to admit it today, Yeah, that's right, I'm wrong more in rejoice about Rick Tech, bird. I check in my rec room Myra grow my bird dog wreck poker and girl learner. monopoly wife Jill. She came in July, their borders, Maugre a group of age, lovely White Jew, I want to make our usual merge
as always may on an errand, geriatric sex and then Suddenly I realise, as la my lovely wife Jill, that is my Milo Blue of Jewels sister. and I realize no, oh, my God is the dog. No, were I were a gag rule. Are you see. Tea. M m o B. God you're driving is the period. And then you have to spell out Go Well, our guard. calm. Lets you m. Let Help me out on that. That's already see tee Q dotcom already see tee you no more, nor no more Roma dotcom ten seconds,
can I be do I have are a chief researcher, Jason, but drill in with us and honestly I have I work Jason, how long we work together, eight years a ten day ten years, I've, never seen you like this, I've seen you upset about thing. I've seen you uncover things and you come into my office like you are not going to believe it, but I've never seen you this personally affected by something in the news- and I thought about you and the two hunter- believe it's two hundred four hundred two thousand four hundred and forty six people that died and twenty thousand six hundred and sixty six that were injured enough,
Stan and how they must be feeling today, those those numbers, have pissed me off for a long time in Afghanistan and will my hope was- is that they would never just become numbers and statistics. It would been for something and overnight literally Why? Yes was two days that was about it forty eight hours and it was reduced to nothing. I've, never felt that big of a gut punch. I think of my life really all of that. It's it's. most, like this party, the Party of chaos- it really we're seeing home were seen ride these sectoral blinking that you played earlier. Where are you like we inherited? This really did you inherited for the eight years you were in power still pursuing similar things We saw it in Iraq, they but Obama in sector, but he was a part of that apparatus. Pull troops out to her with no real plans skirt. They want, to put it, payment. Whatever ices is born, runs rampant across country. The cat
we're seeing it now you're seeing the beginning of another caliphate, Sharia LAW is coming to Afghanistan, know its correct said: they're, not gonna, do that we act provide goods and services like those goods and services are sure someone still some bread from your shop will be there to service that guy's hand right off. We tried, we tried, we tried everything we could in the only thing that worked was cutting people's hands off we tried. We didn't want to go more, no more normal that that mayor, that you are talking about that was seen, know that seem like New York Times was just propping up in such a great guy. Well, the New York Times did find the best soft spots of Stalin in the day to so you can understand that's true in other govern official. So exactly what's gonna happen. Afghanistan present, he knew exactly what was and took off, because one week before September, eleventh the leader opposition insight in Afghanistan at the time was assassinated. That was seven days about right before nine eleven years
all opposition will be crushed under Sharia LAW is coming is far beyond question. Now is how big the caliphate will get to have you or to any of your friends. I'd love to open up the phones. Again, why it open for anybody who voted for Joe Biden, don't work too a million people was then right now don't worry about it. Don't worry and we find one that will admit voting for Joe Biden today. Format is wide open, aided seventy seven be easy K. But I'd also like to hear from from former soldiers that were in afghanistan- what does it all of this mean to you today, eight. Seventy seven be easy. K call us now This is the blunder programme,
Many wavy me weighty, a pirate, so that makes me the perfect fellow to talk about. You know your stuff starlight. Yet all I'm saying what I take your booty painting. The body I'm not taking good anyway. I do it right up in your face at gunpoint. I am I should just just because I want to shoot. You know what I'm saying as I'm are pirate. I'm only doing that because if you happen to be watching the blaze tv, because I've had some cancer surgery. I have the most attractive got on my face. I think it is beautiful. I think it's beautiful and I think that's what I'm going to be known for now: night, just love it anyway,
tell you about being robbed not at gunpoint, not like a pirate. You don't know who these people are its cyber criminals and their counting on you doing nothing. That's why I highly recommend you go to lifelong dot. Com right now use the problem. Back and save twenty five percent. Protect yourself, one aid! midlife lock one eight hundred lifelong promo code back but to play his gb dot com, Slash Glenn! I mean you get to see the scar motivated gotta site. I've never better is getting here, This is the Glen Back Programme Denise in New Jersey, welcome to the show Hi Glenn, I I I So I'm an airport better and I served in Kandahar AIR Base during the Rocco Obama years, and I agree with Jason a hundred per cent. What we do.
there are the first of all. We are working our failed off the hook, trying to rebuild and the Taliban would come in and destroy everything that we try to build and the abandonment strange had a complete disregard, just a complete disregard for everything that we do do they now that your wide ministration is doing the same thing. It's just unbelievable! It heartbreaking! I cry! for our men and women over there. I saw the coffins draped in our flags coming home. It was something that I will never forget, and I'm just I'm just torn up about this as a as a veteran as a person who served in Afghanistan I'm I'm sorry I too to hear that. Do you think it would have been the same their blaming it on inheritance or is Joe Biden? This is missing.
Apparently the administration- and you know what Donald Trump tried to do was the right thing. He give me that we need to be there, and even though I am a fan of Beer Crenshaw, I don't agree without having to stay over there. I don't agree with that. We're just wasting resources were wasting human life there. It's been how on now and they still have not figure it out. We gotta basic training for six weeks, eight weeks, twelve weeks whatever it is, we have a branch and we get it. We figure it out. You know we become soldiers would become airmen, we become sailors, and yet they with all the training and all the equipment and all the resources that we provided, and they still can't figure it out. They dont know how to stand up for themselves into the fight against what they are trying to try to to fight against the witches which is which is a cheer tyrannical type administration. You know at the exposure limits.
I am well aware that you felt themselves so broken up about that too. Thank you for your service. Thank you for everything you did in Afghanistan and gosh. sorry that it has ended this way. go to Mickey and South Carolina hello. Maybe I can take you ve taken my car, yes I want to admit that I made a mistake pool voting for by a long way What was your thought at the time my thought at the time was aiming animal. while wife advocate and I was upset weird why some of it we think that will be made by the administration regarding the protection of our land and,
was my thought at the time I thought, but that we would get ready from there and get the decision is out of the new administration and then what his turn jus to say: holy Cow, all the schools. everything that I've been hearing regarding. What's being implemented in our education system, it is heartbreaking. My baby gestures a school teacher retired one damn it it's just. I dont have words horde its unconscionable How do you feel about Afghanistan today that one the lad. That's that's! That's my breaking point. That's what prompted the call really so of so maybe last week or the week before, you wouldn't have called and said you regretted your vote. I would love. However, I was here
They thinking about it on a daily basis and then that when I heard that when I heard this, I just couldn't I yeah I've. I regret I minimal take. Well, we all make mistakes and may have that's that's great Mickey. I'll make mistakes. Thank you we're being brave enough to recognise it and you're welcome. Thank you. Thank you for your com. Eighty eight, seventy seven Bc Kay. is the is the phone number. suck. It's quite amazing what is happening in in America right now in it, it sure is gland. Yes, I'd look, I I understand how people look. I we ve been: we call on the air of of of Troy handling of the situation as well, but it is nothing compared to we're talking about here when the only trump that drug trump would,
they would not have happened. There's no way what gave her a woman no way, there's no way. Donald Trump would have allowed this to happen just foot because it would have placed him off to my child. My guess the fact that if it started to go this way as we were withdrawing, he would have changed. genes and made sure it did not go? I might have said I want everybody to grab a parachute. Your geyser parachuting out, because I need not, refuel, I'm a load in these. This guy, I'm gonna low bomb is ended. splay, I mean it would have been wrap. It wouldn't have happened it wouldn't it would not have have honestly, let's be honest about it. There No way they would have even tried this. If he was president, they were You have done it now in six months. In a year in two years maps I think there's an excellent chance. It happened eventually and honestly that was part of the calculus going in looking at it negotiated, a deal with the Taliban,
We all know how this is going to turn out, and I think people knew eventually they are gonna, be I can control of this country theirs. Wait! What happened this way, though they would have been terrified of wood. Donald Trump would have done he may have. lately reversing gone back in with a hundred thousand troops. Frankly, there's no way that the one thing you can always say about. Donald Trump is a old humiliate him, don't you don T know what all humiliate him don't humiliate the United States of America? If if you are making him had the administration and America look bad he's correct that problem, This is a problem to that. Like the new about already listeners. This listen to this up at a group of religious. rears riding on captured american village military vehicles? Vanquish a? U S, trained military which relinquishes much of his power without a fight sound familiar! that's what happened in Iraq as a? U S, would withdrawal of troops from the country
end of two thousand eleven within three years, took three years by the way and are we have ISIS fighters was only a few miles away from the gates of Baghdad, blah blah blah. It was George VI, its president, Joe Biden, who had negotiated the Obama administration draw down from Iraq. The head. The a headline is biting deserves blame for the debacle and Afghanistan, place I'm reading this from is CNN dot. Com CNN Dot, com. This is so historically catastrophic that in places like CNN, Oregon, managing how bad it was. This is it a guy who went through this himself, not that it can remember last week, but just a few years ago, when do this exact processes and saw the same damage, unlike think about this Glenn like we have. We through the necessary fun was born
your your idea. Basically on charity that was going to help rescue people from the results of this. guys last catastrophic foray into international affairs and here we are again now he's the president's. Somehow we got elected on that record, and is in office doing the same thing except worse in a place where- we're for even longer put a call in this morning to there of operations for the Nazareth Fun just ask cause. He knows the Middle EAST. He lived in the Middle EAST forever rays in the Middle EAST and just ask him What can we do anything to help the women and children there? Can we help the women the little girls that are now being taken by the Taliban? can we help them? What are we do about it, because I mean
people that we have left behind with really Now all you had to do was weight until the winter. Just don't pull the troops out until January. Lease would give some time it would give them that six months to get their feet solid but we did nothing. We did nothing did nothing think about Glenn back when Donald Trump Us President names Brett Cabinet to be Supreme Court, Justice, YO and women all over the country show up protest in their red cloaks year of the Handmaids tail, where They did at what is happening in Afghanistan. Right now is literally the plot of the head midst him. A theocratic regime comes in and takes women who were doctors and put them in sexual servitude. That is the point made stale job
It is overseeing it happening in a country that we could have done something about it in and you too, and they don't care now, don't get higher anybody out in their cloaks today they don't care that Is this is the this? Is the thing that all Americans now to understand when they about global warming view don't mean it later I mean it you might, they don't It's a money making scheme, that's it it's a power grab, that's it if you trust these people to actually care about the environment, then let me ask you: why is Joe Biden, Sun and him in bed with China. their building coal plants every week, their opening new coal plants? Would you say
great care, then, why aren't they consistent on the biggest the polluter on the planet, shy think they care about women than why weren't they all up in arms on Cuomo. You think that press actually cares. Why aren't they all up in arms about Cuomo? Why They all up in arms about one of the worst users and dirt bags. a guy who's getting money from China, Hunter Biden? Why don't they care magic. If that would have been a Trump kid that they had one law, Sk laptop he's got two Lost laptops they don't care.
All of this is to keep us fighting with each other. Off of this is to divide us there not running to the rescue. I don't see any one any one on after ringing, their hands going good God. What we done. What are you going to do to help these women and children in Afghanistan. Oh well,. meanwhile, our side, because I know I'm not alone shall first thing this morning and said what we going to do with the Nazareth Fun, how are we going to help because we can just abandon these women and children they care about revolutions au fait but Google we, we really need to help and wipe out little people be heard,
in the Middle EAST. Yeah yeah they coordinated the arab spring, but as soon as the Cuba's spring happened there shut it all down. All I can't do anything we are so helpless in power for a powerless. We at Google we Have the resources to help them get the internet. Gosh doc I wish we could hey bird, I mean it. Is crazy, the lies and the deceit that the left If ever used youth and they care about the. we can american community. Then why heard they doing more outreach, because the african american community is the least likely to be vaccinated. You see because they don't care about vaccinations all they care about. As demonizing the Republicans
and white Republicans, so they can continue to have us fight one another. Instead of saying look: ok We have a problem over here the four? Can american community doesn't trust the government Let's get into that community and all of us help. Because they don't care they're lying to you, and I just don't know what it's going to take you know, maybe someday they'll reveal themselves as just an evil union that doesn't actually care the education of your children I don't know what they could do to convince you that I mean they'd have to I don't know, Peer school closed because they wanted to force your children into vaccines and aware masks, but that not, even when you give em that that's not enough. You know,
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let me go line, you know, I know I'm I'm not gonna start a conversation with somebody and then have to cut them short piling up open up the phone lines to you? We have a lot of calling up with a lot of different points of view of governor I want you to think about the policies of this administration and I want I want you to think about them, not in the way of how bad they are. I want you to set out and look at it like this. for instance, on immigration? If your goal was to unleash, covin, as rapidly as you can need be in. What would you change anything of the Obama but the Biden policy on the border of letting Maxie
and which Mexico has horrible covert problem? would you change that policy? If goal was to harm the american worker, just change his open border policy at all? If you goal. Was to overwhelm the system you change the policy at all I wouldn't I and I thought well yeah you could pay them to come in, but then I thought of the Ngos that they are dismissing that are paying for all of their bus strips coming right into our border and We are paying them because we're now offering free health care. What This is a success if you're too, to destroy America.
Luckily, we got some good news on Friday and I want to introduce you to the man who led the charge on this in sixty seconds programme. So Angela wrote in about her dogs experience with rough green. She said I ordered rough greens a few weeks ago, while listening to Glenn back on the blaze if his door. loved. It we sure mine, would too harsh. He has a four year old miniature docks, adoption, docks and holy cow things are picky. beheld, In my four year old Dachshund, Parker Low did right away. I put it in his ball. Any lap did much to my surprise Quinn. A fourteen year old Shepherd boxer mix was a bit more reluctant and seem enthusiastic at first, but I get
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So there were some good news on the border and I am going to let the man who actually lead the way on this tell you. About what it all means. Eric Schmidt. He is the Missouri attorney general. in some time with him yesterday at a meeting of internal generals and invited him on the programme today to meet you again. We ve had a man before Eric welcome to the programme greatly with you, so far first of all king, Regulations tell the american people what happened? on Friday, it's a big win when for border security for national security to stop the flow of the limit, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, human trafficking, with judges, order that he issued a little after five o clock Judge issued will, after five o clock on Friday, so
to give it some context on day, one Joe Biden reversed the trumps, very successful, remained in Mexico, I was here otherwise known as the migrant protection protocols, which is to say that as you we're coming here. If your seat, your asylum which, by the way, it was found that nine out of ten asylum claims were bogus. The binding folks did we acknowledge, or even Rapid said, the judge, I doubt that even do the due diligence but as you are coming here, seeking asylum that Mexico as we waiting room, because what we so is that if you let those folks into United States given the court date on the honor system in the release them in theory states you don't ever see him again and that's exactly what has been happening. The one point: one million people since January culturally problem in enough. It is created the perverse incentive, and the judge cited. That said, if you have people who get paid
to get people here illegally. If they know all they have to do is say we're sitting asylum and they are in the United States, its very lucrative, please we bad guys. You take advantage by the people on the way to its big business, and so the trunk policies said Mexico is a waiting room, significantly cut down on this illegal activity. We said by administration can do what they do, which is to reverse that policy in a judge agreed with us. So the Good NEWS. is that we're gonna get back to president trumps made in Mexico policy. Let a great example of federalism at work Thankfully, the solar cell hang out before we get into this. I just I don't wanna know a couple of things judge said that they had to reverse it. Why? What was in your case, that show that they didn't have the right to drop. This
particular thing that Trump had in in place. Great question so all day one, and we can talk about some other executive action that President Biden took them really got day, one in basically two sentences, just what we are seeing an opens up. borders the guy the reality, is under very technical, scaly up the the administrative procedure at you have to go through a process of taking it noticing comment hearing from you: don't you want away and imbalances all of those things before you make it administrative changed. I would argue that we have allowed too many administrative departments in the barn to make law and we are allowed to get back to article one branch, but be that as it may. They didn't even do that. Then we file the lawsuit. Then they came back. Hazard way to try to cover the tracking the owner? We dig actually did consider this inject image. I said: no, you didn't you didn't. In the first place, you didn't
later you been taught red handed. This is an illegal act is an illegal executive action. Therefore, we are back now to the policy that was lovely. by the prompt chop. Administration remain in Mexico policy, so this is again an example of you have to push back. We're not gonna shut the sort of law most of the Bite administration and done this on social cost agree F gases they done this on the keystone. Actual pipeline is a number of lawsuits in the pipeline. There. The challenges petition by far away, I think the most significant against the bite administration. Please turn to actions. I am speaking to the attorney general of Missouri Eric Schmidt who the who lead the way on this Tao era, you say this is a very good thing because they been org do it well. They been Org, to do other things and they're, not obeying the court's their dismissing the court's, also
this was happening in a district court. If I'm not mistaken here in Texas, what makes you think that this will be supported, gig as the government is going to appeal. Why make you value. This will actually win at the highest level. was a very well reasoned opinion and I think the judge who was an Amarillo and by the way the department justice tried very hard to move it out of that, because particular do. Your J was trying to get a too then Obama to judge by the reality, is that the rule of law they held here in that's all you really want from the judiciary. As far as I'm concerned to interpret the laws, it's really not how they want it to be that not the less view of of what they want it is to be there much more in favour due to lack of isn't, but the judge gave him seven days to appeal, so they would appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals which,
is a strong conservative in I mean that in the sense of Babe Ruth, based on the wall. So we are confident that the court of Appeals will reject the appeal, but this the big deal because, if you think of what's happening, war is a total disaster. We ve not theirs. twenty one year. High in illegal crossings You had emissaries interest in this by the way I'm not a border stages we ve taken on human trafficking. We spent a lot of resources are state, is made it a priority to take on dark underworld of human trafficking in these. what the hell's very very engage in human trafficking, including trafficking drugs across the board, in its very profitable, proven right now, because people you know being released into the Interior, the United States, Ricky we spend time together yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited up to the republican
Ernie generals meeting think you have what once a year and kill and I was I was impressed with how many of you guys exactly what you are up against and that you are the last line of defence. I mean After you guys down to our local sheriff you are the last line of defence to be able to stand for the the bill of rights. was the look: go ahead: noise, The same in Europe discussion. I think that this really is a fight to save them Erika I don't I don't know You mean that rhetorically in some grandiose speech I knew very practically. I think the republic is truly on the line, and I think that for Us- and this is what I believe- and I think
a lot of American, certainly listeners do I know you do the merit. It is the most noble, important experiment, history of the world with a founder said, was everybody but for us who seventeen seventy six headed exactly backwards. We don't eat All right, don't come from a key, clean or some dusted. All right come from God. The government is government is. Is a project to protect those rights to protect those in it will write that were given by God. Secure Billy did speak your mind. Your ability to find yourself are born with those thanks. America. Is there unique in the history of what is an exception. That's what american exception was a move. We are exceptional in the sense that most places around the world still to this day, don't believe that if we were this fight to save America, there's no going back, we are the last. That's hope for me kind. We gotta get right. So when you talk about these things, There are happening in Washington, Dc Shutter
eyes in elections and undermining election security just to obtain power by using what they were doing the pandemic to loosen those integrity, measures just to gain power to teach our kids, despite America as opposed to teaching them? What America really is about the bill of rights, which is very important, but mostly, I think it starts with declaration than the tenets, which is our mission statement. It says who or what we believe, what we stand, Or the constitution in sad sport that framework to protect those rights state, together to create a federal government of limited powers and the people brain the pre, not from sovereign authority who claims that they got their power from God and we have to ask permission: that's very weak Talk about that is much anymore, but I certainly view my mission, hasn't it regional and now running for the United States Senate as protecting that,
individual right. I somebody asked me an approach. We, we announced the cold case arrest last week in Saint Louis It is part of my job as a trader was the chief law enforcement officers. Legal offers arouse asked the question: how do you feel about fear being used right now to get people to wear masks, and I said this job Dictators. Not anyone saw that's what every dictator in every I have said at the beginning of the world. They used, it fear to act. eight and accumulate power, I do not want to live in some futuristic. Does Turkey in biomedical security state and I'm gonna, do everything I can the powers that I swore to protect the constitution protect individual rights, and I think we ought to be asked it will be committed to that. If we are, if we ban, together on that we're gonna win. This thing in our kids back our green kids look back and be very, very proud of each of you don't have to be the attorney general to stand up. For that. I see people going school board. These. I think people going
City Council meetings were standing up, good, don't wanna take, Furthermore, they believe in America what we aren't who we are and what we can be. So that's a very important role her. They were talking to Eric Schmidt, the misery attorney general and he is going to be running for rum Senate in the state I am had to leave right after I I spoke to all of you. Last night, and I am wondering how many of the people I exciting get a chance to ass the whole room the twenties too that were there how many of them are on the same page with you now that you're saying what you're saying this morning, I think it's a very committed group is very committee. to these principles. We have a unique role in our system in that, as we talked about Governments are project to protect those rights and our job. That's our job to protect the rights my job is to,
give cover the sum or tyrian regime? Because of the government's that's, not my job. My job is to make sure that people can see their p. Under the first amendment, but under the second and then people can protect themselves, and so on that so you see a lot of the work that we do we're, leaving a brief on making sure that this restrictive regime in New York, where you have to tell the government or some beer rather you're, really in danger to be able to conceal, carry that's not with them others ever intended, were fighting that fight, whether it abortion? Is you go in the United States Supreme Court were fighting that fight, whether its protect people, men and rights or Youtube no doubt take the issue. Now pushing back against the federal government and by the way, also pushing back against local governments that want to treat people as subjects in knots. This means we are committed to that fight. I believe it. I told you I'm telling you weren't you You know it from your listeners. There is something happening right now:
city, council rooms in the school board rooms and these fury rooms. don't wanna Wooes America, they don't, because it is this. shining city on a hill, and we ve always been people that want to know what's on the other side of the mountain and what people say right now at the cliff, and we have a choice. What is our role gonna be in the future of this republic? It has been Franklin said, you know we walked out of the convention It's you ve got a republic man. If you can keep, it is hard work because human, turn. The founders knew this. Human nature is seal across the world? It happened before to accumulate power dole out favours to your cronies the founders knew that spreading. Power among the branches were startled the making sure that no one person or branch was too powerful. All of that is its federal. The words horizontally vertically was meant to do one thing per day.
individual liberty, Eric not our tat, for I can't thank you enough for everything you do and were watching you guys carefully. I am I buy. You know yesterday offered support on anything that we can do to help you guys out, because I do leave. You are the fire line. Thank you so much and my best everybody else that are having meetings this week with you all the attorney general's. Thank you so much it simply by the way I want to thank you for all your doing it too, to talk about these issues to your lesters. Thanks for having you bad. Thank you are I let me too, a little bit about gold. Mine gold line has a new one out silver bar available to new and existing clients for free with any quality lying order this week. You're thinking called old line today or that's it. No, I am asking you to call old line today and just get
information you're smart enough to figure this out but you're smart enough to figure out and look at what we're printing look at. What were spending and ask? Is this? sustainable Maybe it's not what's gonna happen. To the dollar, and if the dollar falls What do we turn to? gold line now one eight six, six gold line, one eight six, six gold line or gold lying dot com. ten seconds station Eddie Like him yeah it's about time, people start to embrace. Federalism in the very foundation of principles. I had the opportunity to speak to them last night and I spoke to them about the missions.
statement of the United States, the declaration of independence and the bill of rights and an eye honestly, ask them on or behalf too stand up united together as one to be seen as the people, who they really are the last defender of the rights guaranteed in our constitution, its we don't believe in the federal government, anymore I believe the Justice Department is actually dispensing job justice and did you each of them with a parrot on your shoulder and an eyepatch. I not girls at any point. Does his brothers, you got the scar make a fine. Everybody believes is a real sky, but it is a real risk ourselves No, I did not now allow no, I didn't
if everybody was a little uncomfortable. I could see everybody looking at my cigar and nobody said aunt em like good God, and, as you have gotten a fight with a socialist Vienna, somebody did ass yesterday it I said you know he looks frail, but George Soros, quite a while. I was in a night fight and you should see him. You should see him, but thank you for the little pirate music appreciate. Well, I just feel like its appropriate for anyone, especially watching up. We are tv, you That's going away, I do know is that I knew you had a big scar. It's not as bad as I thought he was going to be. Is actually lives better than I thought the enormous and I think it looks pretty bad. man. You ve had a rough couple, gear river sees its good bad, but it's the good kind cancer. Well, this one's not but the rest of the morrow, the good kind of cancer.
Good. This is how this is how you should get. You start talking more about your doctors. Appoint now it's good its Stalin's fine. It's fine right by buying omitted programme, Hey if your phone service is through one of the big mobile carriers, why why? What if you could get that service, meaning the service on the same towers, same coverage for a whole lot cheaper? Why haven't I the cost? Well, Why What did you get half the cost and better customer service? Well, I don't. Why lie but if you get that cheaper cost for the same service, have better customer service and that, instead of a portion of your bill going to leftist causes like plan parenthood, which is something that Verizon can do good to in dribs.
Why would you do that when you have also on top of all the other benefits a poor. Of everything this company makes going to support american causes like the first and second amendment. Why haven't you switch to Patriot, Mobile Patriot, mobile dot com, Beck Code, nine hundred and seventy two patriot, nine hundred and seventy two patriot get free activation with the offer code. Beck special discounts page Mobile dot com. Slash back. Why? Why aren't you a member ablaze, CV right? Why pleasing to see my scar and everything it was an exceptionally hot summer morning on thirteenth of July rights, the guardian when
people in the malice stand district of southern afghan province woke up to find that the conflict that its world around them for weeks had finally reach their small town and tallow. fighters were closing in by noon of that day. Twenty two year old, Fatima, seven months pregnant, was seeking shelter from bullets raining down on her home in her village, which was in the vicious crossfire between Taliban militants and government forces survive. The battle was not the only thing on our mind, however, her family, were terrified that the Taliban gain control of their village. They would begin taking we. men, like Fatima as they had taken other young women in parts of the country falling under their control we had, of cases where the Taliban would kill young men in sexually abused girls and young women of the family. The fears of famine or family were justified when the tallow and finally came to our village. They wanted to
a young girl with them? but she ran to the roof of her house and did her life ah. Nazareth fund was started Because when our troops were pulled out of firm of a rack. something called ISIS came in and they were kids being an raping and killing families, but mainly women and children were bringing amended sex slavery. We started the Nazareth funding now our chief operating officer C o is Rudy taller. and I wanted to get him on the phone right away to day to see what he knows about the situation in Afghanistan and if he sees away for us eventually to help Rudy? How are you, sir,
to hear your voice gland good. To talk to you tell me tell me what you know about what's happening in Afghanistan and how bad it is for the people it. We ve left behind. It's extremely bad. I mean I'm getting I'm getting calls right now from both states from from the region from Lebanon from all over the place If you watch the news media in the Middle EAST on their showing you know, repeats of of people falling off to seventeen on take off people dying people? Scrambling? Look looking for ways to escape Afghanistan. We actually evacuated without leaving them single choice or protecting any them and now all my military friends that sir over there I had, in fact I have a former navies
she'll here with me, staying at my house- and we were talking about it- he did the combat tours in Afghanistan. he's at all. Our folks are allies that dead hope this on the ground now our stock, in which really good, happen, is eventually Al Qaeda. Is gonna, get its foothold Terrorism is gonna, go back on the rise and the people, the people that you know or not, old that we ve trains or event She gonna flip because they want to survive in error and maintain themselves in so so these train individuals are now gonna be working again, This. Not only that, but now Al Qaeda and Taliban have access to yours, U S, weapons, yours, drones, knowledge, drones, thrones, yet drones, absolutely sky. and eagles, we use a scan eagle eye when we did the mask Alabama hostage Rescue, so so? Yes,
China's in their recognize them already is gonna recognise the Afghans. The russian recognise the Afghans. You can on Al Qaeda three point: all coming back with a gusto sooner or later, will start seeing all these terrorist attacks around the world. And what in my heart. really frustrates me more than anything everything that we worked twenty years who to to achieve is down the drain. Now we got a star from from ground zero again because of this very poor decision by the White House. Rudy. Are we going to be able to be in a situation where we can help these women and children? At some point? as the Nazareth Fund, I'm looking I'm looking at different ways to do that. It's locked
The easy we have? We no longer have any allies in the region. I mean it's just down of Pakistan: there is under constant persecution. Now Afghanistan, avi cease fallen. There's nobody in the region that we have we work, we lacked we're. Gonna have to work very. Quietly and you know, I need you need to figure out the best ways to support these people, whether its in place or slowly. Get them out of the country. I mean it's, it's as you said in your opening remarks, which were still dealing with the problems in Syria from poor decision. during the Obama, administration and we're still rescuing kidnapped women and children. There are still thousands missing and that's it, ongoing situation, so Afghanistan's gonna be in the same and the same, a job, but you know right now it's extremely dangerous, but I'm hoping that we're gonna the way to do something
Thank you very much, our prayers or with you in and everybody that part of our military. This it's gotta, be a just a brutal brutal weekend for you and me are ours is not much. He asked. Thank you so much God, bless that said, Lieutenant colonel taller. He is the chief operating officer of the Nazareth Fund, something that you founded help women and children and all slaves, and largest minorities that are trapped. behind enemy lines we try to get them out. Find out more or make a donation. the Nazareth fun dot org. Now how many millions of dollars or raised nazarene fund. You know your head. I know the initial amount was twenty six million. It's incredible! Yeah credible, and unfortunately, now the job is going
As he said, I mean I've Rudy Always I mean here: with the National Security Council. I mean he is Ben presidential adviser this guy it. He knows it and he knows the Middle EAST. and he's always like no worry he's a big God guy, William Boom we got to have him just say: I've never heard him go Now it's too. I asked him for the first time this morning, so here and that time, but. I've never heard him discouraged or say I hey, don't know it's gonna, be tough yeah You know it's interesting looking at this in that regard, were saying, well I carefully. We train spent all his money training these this army and they just folded like this, and it doesn't make sense right. The actual thing that occur, It is probably worse which
A lot of people we trained holding a lot of the weapons we gave them armor. Of course more closely aligned with the Taliban than we expected our order trained and have those weapons and will be fighting with them right. Do you remember the current situation under George W Bush, when we just let the Kurds diskin slaughtered because, We wouldn't supply air support. That's real! The problem they were not prepared to fight without air support, they got their own air force. Do they. What does that air force really look like and how? How train were they to provide the kind of air cover that the United States government? As you know, they didn't have that sort of capability and in December the criticism is that we were so good with the air support yeah, that couldn't do anything on their own. Bright essentially became dependent on our support. Correct which may vary.
be true, however, it's not going to solve this situation now. We can all talk about this. You know that this is what happens when you essentially put Oh sees twitter feed into policy. That's what this is. Let me take a couple of phone calls here. First from Michel, she's, a veteran did a couple of tours in Iraq. How are you feeling today, miserable just miserable I stared Thursday, talking and Afghans in our neighbour, the friend of our neighbours, the awful edge just you can. I explain the birth rate. Despair of the afghan. That's right now, I'm here for good and I just it's mine bogglingly, because it was all so predictable
that? I will do a cheer to general Mark Nellie, who I you know mostly this. Why can I meet like ninety eight percent dislike? mother generals prepared plans for this. This is not a new thing: the withdrawal from Afghanistan and He said: hey we need this system is to happen. We need get our allies out. you know, I've been reports floating around for a decade and over. How to withdraw safely, get our troops out of their ergot, our allies and equipment. Are there and by doing so I'm gonna, do it. Ok, But here I planned. This is what needs to happen before we can withdraw binding, like cool things grow and did his own thing.
Yeah she didn't. I read the same reporting about million that at least at the last though Just a few months was arguing for a some sort. Improved withdrawal now he's also really famous for leaking of favourable stories about himself to the press. Yes, I'm not sure how to take that, but I do know that same reporting, Michel, please pass on our condolences and and our heartfelt gratitude, all of you that stood up and and fought. It was It was not wasted on the hearts of the american people. Thank you so much Michelle We go to John in new Hello, John. I'm sorry This is John in Pennsylvania. Sorry go ahead power. You, Mr Back, very good. First, I'm all time. Thank you, but you know private conversation with Irish,
the office. I do not respect the man, I feel as though one thing was lacking. this plan and its a word gold strategy strategies defined the plan of action to try to achieve a major overall aid he had, strategy, but it wasn't military strategy. How do I scored a boy? still one another election should I make it. Therefore, my help I'm trying to remain composed here, because there are things I want to say that I cannot say I'm a combat were wounded. Combat my life has been a rubber. We changed from this start. Like my resolve a lot, I still stand with the american people. I will do anything for the american people and, if I was asked to go back I'll go back tomorrow bless you John. Thank you so much Adam, last call your on the global programme. hey go ahead, Adam how area as well
I gotta say you know what thinking but the real action that job was done. A good job, but hated by everybody. I mean I everybody hobby. The area, but I mean just all- stop going, I'm a charm Biden coming, the moderate, so you see guy. Maybe I go with the moderate guy here and Everything worked out better account you get along better and every this. Man is, don't you got an orbit. Is warm anyway, we did you did you vote for Biden your eye I heard what thou art I knew my vote in matter anyway, I'm in New York, but I'm late. I guess why do you want? I just wanted you, I'm gonna get the like. Moreover, rightly so anyway, this guy's an all everything he does is wrong. He's dysfunctional and
my feeling is that are actually the guy but you're. I think that you're, the best for America permits things that make it less horrible, its Trump pigs congressional sea floor are you crazy about? I agree with you. Thing is one now if you re com, and yet he runs in twenty twenty two and becomes a congressmen, they taken all of the house- and he becomes speaker of the house- is even need The accomplishment of the speaker of the House rent and no use only what you, but if you know John Quincy Adams was president and then ran for a congressional seat and he made a huge difference in the country because of that congressional seat. It me the president's wouldn't do it, because they would look look down on it, but be able to replace Nancy policy. Oh my
would that be delicious I'm pretty vocal about the products that I believe in that goes double when the product in question has had a huge impact on my life. Like really factor as I had terrible pain all the time. In fact, I flew twice this weekend and even flying was extraordinarily painful for me and I I thought this is what my life is gonna be like. I was sceptical People were telling me about really factor, but I was like area whatever Let's get that inflammation doubt let's get some ibuprofen eight hundred and never thought it would work really didn't my wife. insisted that Try it for three weeks just try it or- not listening to. You complain
and I was like a you gotta, listen to me- complain that's what I do best, and so I took really factor not expecting it to work, and it worked for me please try it. Seventy percent of the people who try for three weeks go on order more if it's not worth in three weeks it's not gonna work for you aid. Five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor, not calm. Seventy seven seek to plunge back programme This is this? Is the Glinda programme this morning when we came in the video of our? what other sea seventeenth taking off from Afghanistan There was one that we watched where they said that people were falling from the sky and we the video early this morning and couldn't see it in the video is v
A clear now appears to be real tallies. Newski knew such sources are the carrying it. People are holding on to these aeroplanes with the wheels yeah and are just falling from the sky. That's how desperate things are right now pray for the people of Afghanistan, pray for the people that helped us pray for the women and children of Afghanistan programme
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