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Thank You, President Trump | Guest: Alan Dershowitz | 1/20/21

2021-01-20 | 🔗

This Inauguration Day, Glenn does what no one else in the media will and lists President Trump’s many accomplishments as president. Glenn hears from listeners what they’d thank Trump most for. QAnon is still pushing out ridiculous theories about the inauguration. Attorney Alan Dershowitz joins to discuss whether it’s constitutional for the Senate to try Trump and bar him from running again after he has already left office and Trump’s legal responsibility regarding the Capitol riot. Glenn compares the 2017 inauguration coverage to this year’s, and the difference is astounding. Glenn pleads with his listeners to stand strong and not to treat Biden like the Left treated Trump. Glenn and Stu watch the inauguration live with commentary.

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Hello, America welcome to the Glenn Beck program boy, what a day it is in America, we're gonna start with the things that Trump did right as he is flying now across the country in the airplane, still called air Force one until noon today. I think he should hear a grateful nation. He should hear the voices of being people. That said, thank you, Mr President, and I want to go through the list of things that he did. You want to add something to it. Please do eight eight eight seven, two seven as we find ourselves on the day we inaugurate Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. We begin in sixty seconds Glenn Beck program,
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holy cow, do we have a lot to share with you today? The left is calling for an army of citizen detectives to spy on trumped supporters and report anything. The Democrats have pledged to fight the Trump rule. It ensures that banks will allow service to Republicans fight that one. And it's an exciting day, it's an exciting day because, finally, finally Donald Trump Draw is gone. I'm saying, and We now have a god replacing him. I don't know if you I don't know if you saw any other reports last night, but see an end with the lights on reflecting pool end MSNBC. Talking about how just I mean
If I may quote Psalms Bindings God, I was kind of what these let's take, will give. To you, but first I want to start with Donald, it is really sad that in farewell address last night. He had to actually list is accomplishments, because nobody in the media has so we want to play it because we think Americans should remember that he d a lot of good for this country. Now more than ever, we must unify around our shared values and rise. Above the partisan, rancor and forger common destiny. Years ago, I came to Washington, as the only true outsider ever too The presidency I had not spent my career a politician, but a builder looking at open, skylines and imagining infinite possibilities? I read for peace.
Because I knew there were towering new summits for America just way needing to be scaled. I knew that, Ten for our nation was boundless as long as we put America first. So I left behind my former life and stepped into a very difficult arena. But an arena. Nevertheless, with all sorts of potential, if properly done America, me so much, and I wanted to give something back together with millions of hard work in pay, its across this land, we built the greatest political movement in the history of our country. We also built the greatest economy, the history of the world. It was about America first, because we all want to do make Amerika great again. We restore the principle that a nation exists to serve our citizens, our Gender was not about right or left. It wasn't about republican or Democrat.
About the good of a nation and that being the whole nation with the support and pray. Of the american people we achieve than anyone thought possible. Nobody thought we could even come close. We as the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in american history. We slept more job, killing regulations and any administration had ever done before. We fix a broken trading withdrew from the horrible transpacific partnership and the impossible Paris climate cord. Renegotiate. The one sided South Korea Deal and we repeat, the NAFTA with the groundbreaking us. M Cia, that's Mexico and Canada a deal. That's what out very, very well also and very importantly, we impose, historic and monumental tariff. So in China made a great news with China, but before it,
It was even dry we in the whole world got hit with a China virus our trade relationship was rapidly changing billions and billions of dollars were pouring into the U S, but the virus forced us to go in aid front direction. The whole world suffered, but get out performed other countries economically because of incredible economy and the economy that we built without the foundations and footings. It wouldn't have worked out this way We wouldn't have some of the best numbers we ve ever had. We also unlocked our energy resources. Became the world's number one producer of oil and natural gas by far powered by these policies we build, the greatest economy, the history of the world. We re,
ignited America's job creation and achieve record low unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, agent, Americans, women, most everyone, income, sort wages, boomed the amount Again, dream was restored and many were lifted from poverty and just a few short years. It was a miracle stock markets, one record after another, with a hunt Forty eight stock market highs during the short period of time and boosted retirements and pensions of hard working citizens or cross our nation for one case are at a level they ve never been out before we ve never seen numbers like we ve seen and that's before the pandemic and after the pandemic we rebuilt the American Manufacturing base, opened up thousands of new jobs,
trees and brought back. The beautiful phrase made the USA to make life better for working families. We double the child tax at it inside the largest ever expansion of funding for child care and development. We joined with the private sector to secure commitments to try. In more than sixteen million american workers for the jobs of tomorrow. When our nation was hit with the terrible pandemic, we produce not one, but two vaccines with record breaking speed and more will quickly follow. They said it couldn't be done but we did it. They called it a medical miracle and that's what they're calling it right now, a medical miracle, another administration would have taken three four five, maybe even up to ten years to develop a vaccine
Did it in nine months we grieve for every life lost and we pledge in their memory to wipe out this horrible pandemic once and for all The virus took its brutal toll on the world's economy. We launch, the fact is economic recovery. Our country has ever seen we pass. Nearly four trillion dollars and economically saved supported over fifty million jobs and slow. The unemployment rate and a half these numbers that our country has never seen before we created jobs, and transparency and healthcare stood up too big for in so many ways, but especially in our effort to get favoured nations clauses added which will give has the lowest prescription, drugs prices. Anywhere in the world. We pay Va Choice, VA accountability, right to try and landmark criminal justice reform
We confirm three new justices of the United States Supreme Court. We appointed new the three hundred federal judges to interpret our constitution as written For years the american people pleaded with Washington to finally secure the nations borders. I please say we answer that play and achieved the most, your border in. U S, history! We have good our brave border agents and heroic ice officers, the two because they need to do their jobs better than they have ever done before and you force our laws and keep America's safe. We proudly, the next administration, with the strongest and most robust border security measures ever put into place includes historic agreement with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, along with more than four hundred and fifty miles of powerful new wall.
We restored american strength at home and american leadership abroad the world respects us again. Please don't lose that respect. We reply our sovereignty by standing up for America at the United Nations and withdrawing from The one sided global deals that never served our interests and NATO countries are now paying hundreds millions of dollars more than when I arrived just a few years ago. It was very unfair. We were paying the cost for the, world now the world is helping us and perhaps most importantly of all, with nearly three trillion dollars. We fully rebuilt the amount
taken military all made. In the USA, we launched the first new branch of the United States, armed forces and seventy five years, the space force. At last spring, I stood at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and watched as american astronauts returned to space one american rockets for the first time in many many years, We revitalize our alliances and rally the nations of the world to stand up to China like never before we have later the ICES Caliphate and ended the wretched life of it. Foundering later I'll bag daddy. We stood up to Oppressive iranian regime and killed the world. Top terrorist iranian Bush. Your Cassim Solemn Annie. We re recognize Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and recognize israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights as a result of our boat, diplomacy and principal realism we achieve
if a series of historic peace deals in the Middle EAST, nobody believed it could happen. The Abraham accords open the doors to a future of peace and harmony, not violence and bloodshed. It is the dough of a new Middle EAST, and we bring. In our soldiers home. I am especially proud to be the first president. In decades who has started. No new wars. Above all, we have reasserted the sacred idea that in America government answers to the people It is it's an amazing list of accomplishments that most people, I would dare say, have not heard- is a less that most people would listen to if you're on the left and say True, those things didn't happen. Those things are true: they they know things like the border. Security is true and
think it's interesting that he brought that up as we have honduras and hondurans thousands of them on the way to the border ready who claim their amnesty, which Joe Biden says he will give eleven million people amnesty in his first week. We'll talk about that coming up in just a second first, Twenty of my weight loss regime- dear Diary, most the day working hair gel into a mob. Try to make it look like my own hair. Fashioned a kind of mannequin by stuffing pillows into my own clothing and hair will put on the finishing touches at midnight. Replace my own body with my stunt double scale the wall outside my window using tied together bedsheets, even though I only live on the first floor. Finally, to be free and disappear into the night to seek out pile a fast food. My fate
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Percent off at built, barred dotcom. Ten second station. I we have a lot to cover. Alan Dershowitz is coming up in about thirty five. Forty minutes from now we're going to talk to him about constitutionality of impeaching your president and removing him after he's already removed himself. By the way, did you see the National Guard went in to take him out man they he was hanging onto the doors of the oval office. He said I'm not letting go. No. You can't get me out of here Swat team. Had to go down and see any of this really seems like he got on the plane. And love and just left not pretty Are they grappled down early having idiom get em? They leave disease, never gonna leave. You know I wanted to your phone call Nate in New Hampshire,
and talk to you today about the positive. Of Donald Trump. As you know, I was somebody who didn't support Donald Trump at the beginning, grew to really respect him. As somebody who would follow through on what he said, he would do Nate New Hampshire best Party Donald Trump thank you for doing my car back? I love your programme. Thank you just want to say that I think the best part of dawn trumpets out. He was very, very optimistic, very optimist present. I just love that and I could say one more thing: real, quick. He didn't talk down to us, which I feel that a lot of damage people on the left tended talk. Talk talk to. People and I have to go because I'm driving, but thank you thank you. I will tell you this that, but the road
that pact in New Hampshire this morning, like twelve people that live in New Hampshire, I'm kidding New Hampshire, I know, there's fifteen TA, the end in Kentucky. I think he made a really good point, though he didn't talk down to people and anybody who didn't ie that when he was when he was speaking, giving speeches that about fifty in front of big crowds about fifty percent of what he said was a joke You really missed out on a good time, You're really missed out on a good time, Todd in Kentucky hello, Todd good morning, Lemme velocity Thank you be talking to you. Thank you. The protocol will be ready. We really hit the nail on the head and in a way out of place, Finally, there was an apology, he wasn't polished, but he spoke his mind. He spoke. What we thought here in middle
there again my dad, I didn't serve a military myself, but my dad served in Vietnam wasting wag and one thing my father taught me excuse me: I will choke up but those are being a patriot honouring our country, Donald Trump. Will we be there? the media, a lot a politician to try to persuade him as someone who did not, but you know I hope history will tell that tale, and I just want to thank you and the president for standing up for us and for America and what you say to you for many years, and I disagreed with you when you didn't agree with President Trump at the beginning, but that's what we should be able to has come together, even whenever we don't agree and that's what America is about is coming together, but I figure where we're headed with this. Illustration.
You know and and how our voices are going to be tried to be silenced. But I appreciate Are you all statement and for what the? What brilliant job was done? His boy you're, so thank you and thank you to the president. Thank you taught I shit that I will tell you that I hope to be able to share a story that I received yesterday. From. The ceo of my company mercury and also of the play, something that happened yesterday. That is absolutely stunning to me, stunning, and it is. It's a story of things to come. We know It touches said you know, and I thank you for standing up for us. For my own family to we're not do
Anything you know, because, where your protector we're standing up for our own front, we're in this together and we need each other, and I can't thank you enough for standing by me and this show all these years and the president says the best is yet to come. It is The best is yet to come by It's going to be a slog to get there. It's going to be a difficult difficult a time period and it will get better, but it's going to get a little worse first. I think this is the Glenda program. Alright, how would you like to every night live? beneath the same kind of sheets that royalty of sir. Under throughout the centuries, egyptian cotton always the gold standard in the betting world, and I'm here Are you from personal experience that gives a dream sheets from Michael Index company? My pillow are gonna, give you the best knights.
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peaceful transition of power- and I'm not talking about I want to talk about the peaceful part I want to talk. The transition of power from one administration? To the other? I think this whole thing is misunderstood, because Our cannot be transferred in the United States from administration to another, because the power doesn't reside in the government. It's in the people. And it's still no matter what anybody tells you about the vote or anything else. It is still the power, it is with you the power, in you, it's in you, your friends, your family, your neighbors, your state, the government, It's only power is the already that we give them What is that power we are supposed to give them? Why
our governments instituted among men according to our declaration of independence. Why are they instituted among men to just sleep? protect the rights that give us that power in the first place. Governments are instituted among men to protect our rights. This day should be peaceful. In fact, I think we should celebrate this day, celebrate on Inauguration Day, the principles that are espoused in the in the declaration of independence. Power residing in an coming from the people. It's what gives each of us our power, the Rights given to us by God, God They give any rights to the government, none, but God created people
all with certain inalienable or unchangeable rights, and they in turn create governments and the government. Function is to secure and safeguard those rights, governments, and government leaders are not endowed by God. We, are endowed. I give you a quote from a guy. Find very, very wise. Deriving, it's just powers from the governed government Primarily a mechanism for defense against bodily harm against theft again involuntary servitude. It cannot. The power to redistribute money or property nor to force were locked in citizens to perform acts of charity against their will government, is created by the people, know enough Joe possesses the power to take another Wealth or to force others to do good. No such government has the right,
to do such things, the creature, cannot exceed the creator. Unless we create a monster. The only transfer that is happening today is not of power going from trumped abiden it. That we together as a nation, requiring of our public servants that they protect our rights. The swamp wants you to believe that the power right resides with them with the media with the organizations that are supporting this administration, but they can only Take your power. If you let them The first thing to stop them is to us stand your own power when it Ricans
and we share this with other Americans. When they finally understand the true form of power and government in our nation, the president, be Donald Trump or Joe Biden will become less and less important in our lives. No press event should ever have the power to frighten people? his own citizens, people, half the country, he was terrified of Barack Obama, the other half loved him half the country, was terrified by Donald Trump, the others I loved him This president, not terrify half of the country. Now, demonize half of the country, not divide us. By race, by creed, by wealth. He says this is a day of uniting While this will be the first day of his presidency and
much as I don't like it. He is our president, I'll say what I have said every day. Of my life. Every inauguration day of my life, he is all of our president and the most important thing is if he fails, we all fail Does it mean I want? Is policies to succeed? I the fight against this policy's anything, as I said when Donald came into office. I will support, anything that is constitutional and right eye. Not support, anything that is unconstitutional or damaging to our country. I'm not going to give up my right to speak out to petition the government.
Oh, let disappointment today or despair. Allow you to abandon your power to forget your power anger is not power, its weakness fear. Is not power? Eight is not power. Hope and faith is power. Engagement is Our perseverance is power. We are stronger than the left. Not only be Do I think there are more of us we are stronger than the left because we have been pushed up against the wall and the next Few years we are going to be pushed up against the Wall and we will question ourselves our, the seas are principles and will either destroy us because we will decide not to live up to what we believe and those principles.
Or we will question those principles and have a deeper belief in those prince. Was because we will understand them more. God has sent each of us to the earth at this time. Not just to the earth, but to Amerika at time for a reason- I Personally believe that God has saved For the final leanings, some His strongest children that might be it might be. Your children may be grandchildren. This is where we come in. This is where our children, our posterity, the come in. Never before have the forces of evil. Forces of good Ben so well organised And so well defined, I read that whose today- and I can't believe americans- believe this stuff. I can't believe
that they can't see the difference that they, Dismiss the twenty seven police officers that were injured? last night and the eleven that were killed in new. City on Martin Luther King Day and The New York Times dismisses this most. Lee Peaceful Newton but capital I believe what happened at the capital was wrong. I believe some of those people, a handful of those people were seditious. They were too giving power and the government into their own hands. They were going to decide what was right. It seems as though they were going to hold some sort of a trial after they capture in handcuffed leaders, that's wrong. Throng plain enough.
Bull, clear, wrong. A showdown is fast, approaching. I don't wanna be anywhere near the ok corral. We have to choose to be on the side of light and good. An healing and comfort Otherwise to not do Kate yourself to the light, and to the good Will mean. That you will eventually find yourself on the side of darkness and evil. Choice is a choice. Not to stand is to stand. Where will you stand in this fight? How tall will we stand at the end
of this will we have conducted ourselves with honour and integrity, the kind of honour and integrity that our founders did. The kind of honour and integrity that George Washington. Gave him such power. Because he was fair and honest and consistent and he lived those principles and in the end He was the most respected man in world. How are we going to use the rights and the power that we have been endowed with. How will you celebrate that power today? We train wreck tech. Time to kick off the week by throwing something on the ground, and I fear I said week by week, and the middle of the week, one of the great things about take it doesn't matter. When you decide to cook on it, it can be day or night rain or shine cold or warm,
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tonight on Glenn Tv Glenn reacts live to Joe Biden inoculation with special guess: Megan Kelly Dave Reuben, an alibi stuck with America at a crossroads where the conservatives go from here planted his guests answer. The big questions facing our nation watch beyond widens inauguration we save America tonight nine pm eastern only ablaze tv dot com, slash gladly so I want to just tell you, if you're, if you believe this Cuban on stuff- please don't it's! It's just Not true exactly what you said, you would say right now: well he's busy king weapons for James Bond so earlier. This is what their this, what there's expecting today, according to queue and on
the inauguration will go ahead is planned on Wednesday. It just dick this thing down the road to the inn, incitements will be unsealed on Wednesday morning and arrest warrants will be issued, Everyone's in place for the inauguration, the National Guard will be used to secure the perimeter of the capital grounds. Nobody in nobody out Marines regarding the tunnels underneath the capital building to stop any one from escaping biting comes out onto the stage. The secret service will detain and issue and are of the arrest warrant on approximately fifty to one hundred members of the audience, including Biden, Pelosi, Schumer Obama, Clinton and me of the by indictments will include treason, though, albeit transported to an underground military base by Marines. Will we tried for their crimes by military tribunal online, television, all television
will automatically tune into this trial, no matter what s station you set it to all. Evidence of their crimes will be made public when this does happen today. Please stop stop. If Please it's amazing! You just keep kicking it down the road leading to learn something from the global warming people. You need to say it's like ten years out right. You need always say it's ten years in the future and what has happened and the end at ten years. You're like well there's been some things that slow this down. So it's maybe coming in the future, may be probably ten years from now, literally since the election. These guys, have been saying that Donald Trump was gonna. Be president, the entire time I mean don't troubles on television, saying he's not gonna, be president and These theories continue, I really believe, joins two two years into his presidency, going to be saying, Donald Trump- is
he's out a satellite satellites orbiting earth and we use ruling air and they just jarred. This is a sham and it's never had end. You just keep replacing the old predictions with new predictions stuff. It really is amazing how to use dialogue style? Stop it's because there is a lot, the things that are unexplained and no one is being held accountable for shown when you don't have trust in anything, and you don't have a media that you can trust me I've got to go over later on in the programme today. The list of things that not the big things, not things? You know the the things that the media has said that work absent. Absolutely not true and proven later, but they stood hard on them. I'll come true because they were lying they were lying or they just for us to their own sources, and they did everything that they say you do, and that is they just
leave what they want to believe. Well, really that seems like a human condition, then, because there's people on both sides. The problem is you are controlling the the media, your controlling what everybody here's, an your deciding. What true and not I'm sorry I'm not going to have people in the media, decide what I can say or what I cannot say they're wrong a lot of times. You have no authority over me, no authority over me. By the way there c c already there talking about the New FCC commissioner, that is going in today. They'll, be looking at the fairness, doctrine and enforcement of that and the left is calling for an army of citizen detectives to monitor, try supporters. Oh, oh and Democrats Ledge to fight the rule,
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What you we're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, which this is the Glen Back program Chuck Schumer has said that they are moving forward with a trial in the Senate of Donald Trump. They want to make sure that he can never ever run again. Is that even constitutional? Can that be done
and also is the president responsible for the legally responsible for the capital protest and the capital riots. That happened and also one last question. If he s time, I want to talk to about the suppression of voices who defends those voices in America. We begin with Alan Dershowitz in sixty seconds. Let me tell you yeah. He lives in Texas, writes about his dogs. Experience with rough greens. He wrote enemies and my dog is a very picky eater. Oh, I know a retreat on that one. He said or was most time he wouldn't eat for a whole day. Now now he's eaten every single meal. Since I started using rough greens, his energy levels are much higher. It's a great product, it actually works. Thank you came.
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the host of the dirt show Professor Emeritus Harvard LAW School, probably the most famous attorney of our generation. It's Alan Dershowitz welcome to the program Alan. How are you well thanks I love doing the dirt show all it's missing from my name is witch, and the witch are provided by my callers and my viewers who asked me the hardest question, so it it's like a loss go seminar. Yesterday we dealt with the issue of impeachment. What we're dealing with today on your show, and by the president was responsible for all the issues of the day we discuss you can get it on any of the platforms rumble you too anything else. So please subscribe great. So Alan, go over what you went over yesterday on the dirt Cheryl? It is this constitutional to go after a president after he's been removed. Of course, not
ever happen in our history. When Richard Nixon was removed. He resigned and the pressure it would have been impeach, but as soon as he resigned they let alone they didn't go after him. The constitution says the purpose of Mps is to remove somebody is out of office. There's nothing left to do it doesn't say you can impeachment disqualify him for that it says. If you remove him, you can then add disqualification. Sure, but you can't just and teach someone to disqualify him. If they could, they couldn't You and me is: we can run over thirty five about you can run for president right and if it is evil publicans would come up with a strong candidate for the next action. All they do. Is they up? What's a teacher, let's find something in teaching the Senate TAT try ordinary sitting. So once you an ordinary citizen, you get tried only in the course
not in the Senate, so it's clearly unconstitutional. So it's never been done even with non presidents in the past, one case. Back in eighteen, seventy six they had a divided, both who is the former secretary of war who resigned on the eve of his impeachment and they had a close vote. They said, yes, they did have jurisdiction. Then they voted to quit him on the ground, but they didn't have jurisdiction. So it's not really a precedent either way. But even if there were a precedent, it would just be wrong. The constitution doesn't permit it president is switching topics to the capital break in does the president have any legal responsibility for this Let me tell you why not so there were, Thousands and thousands of people listen to a speech from group Only a relatively small number went to the capital. They all went legally, initially protests in front of capitals perfectly legitimate.
From the group that was illegally and even small group when inside it made it a crime among those people. Even smaller group destroy property and an even smaller group engaged in violence against people, so to say that the president directly cause what went on inside just ignores the fact ignore fact, I have been started awarding when Donald mean sorry when George W Bush was in office be very, careful about domestic terror in the end, the Patriot ACT and how it can be used by one side or another. To claim its enemies are domestic terrorist, it's right hand Now Alan is anything going to stop this madness let me tell you, I got a call from a friend of mine in Israel who was so insulted at people use the word terrorism
describe what happened in the capital, my friend, as we know what terrorism terrorism is it's going to school in Milo and murdering thirty children, in cold blood, boiling up an airplane, its blowing up by its design, just to kill civilians that what's terrorism is? This was not terrorism through that nation? This is not a resolution. This was not insurrection. This was riot and the people who did it should be punished, but let's not elevated above what it actually, it was a terrible, terrible thing. The department of not an insurrection or a revolution, the guy who was testifying yesterday to be confirmed by the Senate for Department of Homeland Security, said number one issue is going to be to root out domestic terrorism and he's not talking about ISIS he's talking about, of course, right. Well, there's some left too. I mean I think, Antifa is the terrorist creation
to would like allow basically never allow anybody else to speak and they protest. When I speak and they threaten violence and They're disorganized but they're, anarchists, so there's dream on both sides, but terrorism has a particular meaning. It's designed to civilians to target civilians in order to bring about change in government policies, and this just was not that nobody set out to kill civilians. Tragically, they died along with police officers, but tat. It was not an act of the domestic terrorism. There may have been among the group some domestic terrorist, some people who are part of a terrorist organization that will find out through investigation but remember the president used to words peacefully patriotic, like
That was his message. Do it peacefully and patriotically when he says that he obviously was appalled when the committed the crimes they committed. They ought to be punished. One one nice thing Alex. I know you have to run, but I am very concerned, the Democrats have now pledged to fight the roof. Ensuring that banks will continue to serve conservatives that is so disturbing and they're. Talking now about the fairness doctrine to get rid of people me who they say are inciting violence and domestic terrorism couldn't be further from the truth We are already seeing companies and everything else, starting to back away, saying I it's just too dangerous of a situation be by by your side. It's just like Mccarthyism. That's what happened in Mccarthyism B
people in power said to private citizens. Don't have any the issue. Will anybody who read pink we who we accuse and think is not the core american and they did it day. Established television Our restrictions movie restrictions, black lists and we repeat, we're seeing it now on university campuses, where they're trying to resend the degrees of students who they don't like, because they were associated with the Trump Administration they're, trying to resend my emeritus professor, which I earned for fifty years of teaching, because I defended the president before the Senate, which was a great privilege. For me. To do as a constitutional lawyer, and they there's. No. Stopping them unless we stop them now, because there are few leaders. So how do we hear us from now Do that Do not use the word. I use the word. Fight back. People will say well
must be asserting violence hike back as a metaphor, it just means that we to resist and we have to answer in the marketplace ideas. I fight back my writing articles and by shows like this and expressing my points of view, but we can't just take it sitting down. We can't just accept a new card is a new form of censorship that would be for America walked with a person, I'm wrong for a constitution and We have an obligation to to do. Better than they are is it is. Is this What if America felt like in the the fifties and Sixtys do even remember that. Well, I do of course, I'm eighty two years old, I was a student body president at broken college during my car Although I was fervent, anti communist I defended the right of teachers and speakers to speak out and I was attacked for it. People said oh you're,
hello travel. No. I wasn't. I just believed in the first amendment, so it is very much like the fifty s. Not the sixty six were different, but the middle. Fifty S was very. Like this. One Mccarthy was still The power of control that he had Alan Dershowitz. Thank you very much appreciated it. You can follow him and watch his podcast. The dirt show his website is Alan Hash here dot com or follow, on Twitter at Alan Dersch, I'm surprised they haven't against him. Yet I mean that great thing about Alan Dershowitz is when somebody pisses you off. Occasionally or half the time you know There are at least telling the truth as they understand it, somebody you agree with all the time and now pisses you off, probably not your best voice to listen to People like that uninteresting that just
never say anything you'd I agree with just I will say the same thing with a leftist that that never say anything. I agree with like we about a bill Mara little, but lately lately about twice a year bill Marser something you're like hell. Yeah he's right on that and it keeps even, though, he's wrong. Almost all the time you don't he's still an interesting person, because he will at least occasionally surprise you correct. So often we don't have that anymore. I think you have that with Alan Dershowitz, like sometimes he says stuff that I don't agree with, but he's, obviously really smart and and and it tells me look into what he says yeah I want- and I agree with him, I'm like ok, why do I disagree with him he's he's where thought out. So I am really wanna. Looking into this. You know it's amazing to me that you know he was just talking about the Democrats The era and how you know it's like the nineteen fifties when, when Mccarthy
it had the power who really has had power? Now I mean it. It's not led by one guy so late. By one figure in Congress. This is led by the Bob. This is this is the government saying: hey, don't have anything to do with these people. I mean it may turn into that, but it is is the mob. This is This is self imposed self imposed. By pay extra constitutional people so evident. Not like the nineteen fifties, its It's it's more insidious than that the the way have you seen what they ve done to the capital cause you're, not supposed go to the capital today they have what is it twenty, two thousand National guard troops. We are cut all of it, and if you're watching us now you'll be able to see where in what forty? Five
minutes we're gonna be going to the cover and providing commentary and working to try really hard, not to be sarcastic, and we will try to do our best when our promising and adding another guy you Glenn on this front is Glenn Greenwood. Yes, look at. I disagree with the strong often he occasionally like points, I think, you're sick. While it really makes makes a lot of sense and he's an interesting person. Listen to this observation yesterday, as you mentioned, all the troops, New York Times. Editors lost there In the summer, because they published an op ed by a US senator advocating a measure roughly percent of Americans supported, deploy troops to quell unrest, now Washington DC is fully militarized with troops, and everyone seems to be perfectly happy about it. I know I'm. It is remarkable that that was such a crime easy opinion to bring in troops just to make sure people are burning buildings down that was so crazy, just a few months ago to everyone on the left. There
fire, the people who approved the op ed by a U S, Senator and now again I would agree that it's it's important to make sure this is a secure event. I have no problem with what the put the wood DC looks like for a few days here, but the did at the left is now cheering this on because of such a damage threat of the right because it's the right, it's ok, to bring the troops and to protect the people because its impact people in DC, it's ok to use force to protect them as opposed to some business owner in Minneapolis. It really is pathetic. Our last time we had another regulation in twenty seventeen with Donald Trump. There were five thousand National Guard, true Did you know that no five thousand and I wanted I want to just take it- Back, I'm gonna take a one minute break and I won't take it back to twenty seventeen and listen. To the news reports for
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of the Assad sheet. But can we start with just some of the coverage, from twenty. Seventeen listen burning cars and smashed windows, a small group of protesters dressed in black, their faces covered armed with cameras and bricks facing off with thousands of officers on sites, many in riot gear, confronting them with Flashbang, grenades and pepper spray. All of the Sun police officer started to straight pepper spray, and they got our audio technician. They can maybe running because they're going to no more black, so that's covering this Lots of arrests, lots of violent police officers were hurt, but they cover
and you'll notice. Let me go, I think, maybe ABC's coverage. Listen to this one, not everyone gathered here in Washington today came to celebrate President Trump's inauguration protesters line part of the parade route and in some parts of the capital, never confrontations with police Oh here in Washington, a women's March and demonstrations planned across this country, ABC David Curly, witness the protests first, the anger reaching a boiling point in the nation and capital after President Trump is the oath of office police in riot you're facing off against the protesters, just six blocks from the inaugural free unleashing pepper spray to cushion grenades all to disperse the crowds. They've been using pepper spray out of Canada. So you have the bulk of the protestors right here and here's the police line right at thirteen trash cans and burning american flags set on fire. Two vehicles have been ignited,
the fire folks, it just moved in many the protesters plugged in black with their faces cover. The protesters had filled. The street with several trash cans and now police and fire trying to move them out of the way so that The peaceful, duration. Donald Trump I'd be shocked if that kind of stuff, happening from both from the right today and if it does, I disavow it. In advance- I just don't think it's going to happen it happened last time and remember whose because they were angry, because that was their president, and so they did, though, things and they set cars on fire. I I the headline that I read today from twenty seventeen that Sir limo she is fire like more catches fire. What just howls?
spontaneously just starts burning. No, the windows were thrown out on Molotov cocktails was thrown in and they burn did down there, police cars, this limousine, but I the fact that it was limo choose fire doing. There wasn't a large magnifying glass above the limo and in time you know, we also dont, know cause. Maybe bill gates was using that that big spy thing that he's gonna do to Vienna reduce the the sunlight on earth. Our global warming right, maybe he's tried it with a magnifying glass and and they never cover it. They never never never gates giant magnifying glasses in space. They don't they don't, and I I resent them all right. We are coverage of inauguration day and your phone calls. What are you grateful for for the last four years? Next, the sins programme
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the nation shared their grief or what First, what a beautiful steps and I'm gonna in on reminded of the psalmist you know, Here's the broken hearted and lines of their wounds, maybe the death will speak to us now, They can rest now wow So I think he's I think, he's comparing Biden, oh god, I'm pretty sure. The comparison as much as just saying that he he is God that's kind of more just and outright endorsement of times the Saviour right, which is why it is that is the overwhelming attitude of the media today. Do we haven't I have the seal on CNN audio. Of the lights on the reflecting pool like an extension of Joe Biden, arms bracing, America. You know it
Let's go to the phones. Instead, let me go to Luke Luke. How are you not too bad Glen? How are you doing big fan? Love your show. Thank you. Thank you. I just want to say that I think, the biggest thing you thought it or showed that we got hope. I hope that's the common man to make it to the position that he did and actually make some change. We we'll talk, but unity, but, No one ever brings up the hope that the good things anymore, I think we need to start. Selecting more on what do it about the whole four. News that we had reached the table had been for the next two years and bring in America a little bit closer together, but I hope that it gives that we can is under the present like he is like me- are more open
get in one of my local possess, like maybe local counted board the trail board good for you. We need. We need that. We need to start thinking more along the lines of that then get on it, a fancy. Always be it on. I come legally completely agree with your look. That's a great positive attitude to take. When you look at Donald, tromp in what he gave us over the last four years. He gave a lotta people, hope I'm one that I never believed that you could actually get to become president. After I only got this after I worked at CNN and Fox NEWS never thought. The average person could actually become president, because there were gatekeepers Donald Trump Bro down. Those gatekeepers and- and it is truly a great moment- any also gave us at least me more
strength to fight that guy never sat down, no matter what go on. He never stopped fighting no matter what they threw at him. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, we're just watching the capital as their starting to stream in now for the swearing in we have. The inauguration ceremony begins in. I think about. Twenty five minutes will cover it. While we're on the air. Let me go to day. In Maryland, hello, Dave good morning, when this one it doing good, I am one of the same you, ask politicians all the time how their soul is and imagine any of those guys going through the four years of investigations that President Trump did. I'm thankful that he went to DC and he never lost his soul. I will
are you there It is remarkable all of the investigations that they did they spent four years and how many forty million dollars on investigations and they would have taken anything anything. And nothing comes up. I mean that, me is remarkable Kazanovitch Trump is not the guy four years ago that I said oh yeah you could investigate him all day, long and you're not going to find nothing. No, and for that to happen and I think that's why he could walk was of such confidence or way through and take those slings and arrows because he knew there find anything and- and that's the way you can. You can walk when you know You don't have anything on me. Let me go to Vanessa and Texas Donald Trump
as these flying over the country to go home and no longer be the president in just a little while about an hour or two from now Vanessa. What did you take away from the Trump administration good morning taught use mining. Thank you. One of them thing? I I'm so grateful for that he did. Was he opened? my eye to every I've been going on in our country prior to whom taking office? for a year. I truthfully could care less about what was going on in our country, but he motivated me, and he made me stand firm and what I believe- and he actually made me- discover what I truly believe in, and I think he equipped us he equipped us all with the knowledge and content that we are. The Americans need to proceed, especially we now at the neck for you coming up, and I don't like,
I feel more. You no confidence what I believe in- and I think Trump for that Thank you Vanessa. I think this goes to what I was saying last hour that we are stronger because of Donald Trump and were also stronger cause now of Biden, we will be even stronger at the end of June, bindings term, as people country I dont know, but as people we are going to be, pushed up, and we will see the days of testing are coming. And I've told you this before. If you don't stand up now, you're not stand up review if you, if you power free the fear of possible, separation from society or possibly being fired or possibly Being disliked by somebody
You are never going to stand up because now is the time it's not gonna get easier. It's gonna get harder and if you choose well, I don't want to say anything at this point, It's only getting worse. If you don't stand up if we all stand up and stand together- and I mean all of stand up, we have got to find the good Democrats. This is why we cannot act in anger because there's a bigger principle: it's not about Joe Biden, it's not even about socialism. It's about the right speak your mind. It's the right petition, your government, it's the right too. Vote for somebody and not have the other party, call you a domestic terrorist, and so we to be well reasoned, really well thought out. We have to educate ourselves, because we need
to stand together with dynamic. That's who will say: ok, ok, this is the Mccarthy stuff we do want to go on that road again! if we are unreasonable or weak make an articulate case. If we get into into discussions and they turn into an argument and Well! Well, you people, Well, I don't remember, I just know that's what's true we're done we're done. We have to educate ourselves, continue to do that and we're gonna be forced to we're. Gonna be forced to last night David. Barton- and I were talking about the beef first class, which I think is happening in February. We already have a third and people on the waiting list to get in there's going to be, I think, about four hundred people that are coming to the first one and a thousand people on the waiting list, but I would go
mercury. One dot org right now in sign up for the american Journey classes its you're, gonna be on line, but but we are good do our best to educate you, and it is the first one is a three day marathon. It's free, it can be free online, but it's a three day marathon, and I'm telling you you will be able to find original resources you're going to be able to articulate what you really believe? You'll know what you believe in after those three days and you'll be on the track to be able to really set yourself up to really learn and teach yourself I think, that's important right. You have to run Sometimes when you have your guy in office quota quote, you feel like you, don't need to do a lot of these things. You know we saw that with like preparation where people would like when Trump got in was like. Oh okay, everything's, okay, I don't have to prepare framing bad anymore.
Nineteen enough an ado, Donald Trump, didn't go to a war on market and eat a bat crises like sincerely hedges. That matters will probably do you know that's what extremists due to expect that the beyond MSNBC later in yet another but, like you know, thee Preparing yourself and come up with foundation, I remember when you took heat at the end of the Obama administration before saying from the right for saying that at the end of the day, Barack Obama made you a better man what you meant by that was not that he made the country great or that he's policies were good in challenge due in spite of himself and in spite of everything that he did, he challenged. And so I was a better man at the end, because I learned I was forced to learn look, nothing worth while comes easy and America It's been easy for decades relic.
Easy for her to world history. World, certainly certainly oh yeah, and it's just now really starting to get hard. Well, that's it will always you're tougher stay, scold. Think back, to when you may know, we were really struggling hard? Maybe you don't have to think of yesterday. When you were really struggling and you couldn't make ends meet and breathing was falling apart and you just didn't know. Really who you were, how you are going to survive if youve pay. Those days most likely and you're gonna five years Passed at least most likely. You will look back on those times as some of them Times of your life, no you didn't enjoy them. You dont want them coming back, you changed as a person. And you knew what you were capable of and it
hush drew up against the wall and, yes, revived your stronger that The period were going into now and we're gonna need to be stronger because We have to fight our own party as well. As as the extremists in the Democratic Party, We have to know our argument. It's gonna be a very tough for years but it is going to be better for all of us in the end whether the republic weathers it. Really is going to have a lot. To do with how we handle ourselves beginning today. I prayed for brow Obama every day of his presidency, I prayed. That the people surrounding him and his
policies that were destructive to freedom would fail, but I rate for his safety, and I aid for him to have a change of heart and I wait for me to have a change of heart. If I were wrong about something and I could see the better side of him, that's. We need to start doing today because that's what Americans are supposed to do? what sets us, apart from the rest, he's our guy, And I don't have to support his policies, but let's not treat him the way they have treated Donald Trump. I refuse to become everything I despise
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Well, all of the past presidents that are alive. I will, I don't think Jimmy Carter is there. Gosh darn it. What proof would love to see him every four years he is there all their except for Donald Trump AIR Force. One is just touch down in Florida. And Bush Is there Burma is there, so there's a lot of social distancing going on between these past presidents, yeah they are wearing mass and they are outdoors which, I would say is probably already as those digesting they there is this: distance the audience and the seating, but there is going up and shaking each other's hands and talking to inches away from me and it works. It is weird there is no one there. There is no public there. It's just officials Like anything, I've ever seen. We'd have to go back and look at world work. One
they say it's, it's the smallest audience in the history of the country, for an operation plough we're populations increased quite a bit from the old days you a little history of the day, coming up
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