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Thawed, Defrosted, Brought Back To Life? | Guests: Dr. Wilfred Reilly & Philip Klein | 3/28/19

2019-03-28 | 🔗
Hour 1 Jussie Smollett is "weighing options' for suing Chicago PD? ...Marissa's Movie Review of the New 'Dumbo'? Thawed, Defrosted and brought back to life? ...'People are Dying' to have it 'both ways' on Helium Thursday? ...Americans have become 'creeped' out by the Democrat Party? ...It's critical that All Believers in Christ Come Together? Hour 2 Is Hate Hoax crime on the rise? Professor of Political Science Dr. Wilfred Reilly examines the high rate of hoaxing? Why was the decision made to drop all charges on Jussie Smollett? Are stories like Smollett's 'common'? '... Is getting rid of Obamacare really a reality or just hype? 'Overcoming Obamacare' with author Phillip Klein tells us? Will the GOP be the New Party of Health Care?  Hour 3 How to pay for a New Firehouse (mansion)? Glenn lives in a town with the "Nicest' Firehouse? A 15 million dollar firehouse for 900 people? The Pat Gray dividend is in full effect? "Pat paid for that"? Our government buildings are becoming Taj Mahal's?  

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