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The American Life Cycle 1/13/17

2017-01-25 | 🔗
-Author and entrepreneur Kamal Ravikant joins Glenn to discuss everything from Life in the Army, Silicon Valley, His trek across Spain and the American ideal -The American Life Cycle-How Silicon Valley types communicate covertly-How to stay safe on Friday the 13th-Author Brad Meltzer discusses the dramatic story of finding the missing 9/11 flag -Brad's new children's book about Jim Henson -How the election spiked children's book sales -When Brad Meltzer dressed up as Lucille Ball -The man who can stop a car AKA: Jeffy meets his match-Pat discusses his mother in law's fight against cancer -The difficulties of losing a loved one -When parent becomes child and child becomes parent -Should Vidangel be Legal?-The end is now of Obamacare? -Paul Anka, Flo Rida and Donald Trump's inauguration

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