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The American Spirit Doesn’t Fear COVID-19 | Guest: Salena Zito | 10/6/20

2020-10-06 | 🔗

President Trump is knocking down the media’s house of fear. The media went nuts when Trump took off his mask on the White House balcony and told Americans not to let the coronavirus dominate their lives. But Glenn shows that Trump is not the first leader to echo the words of FDR: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is threatening to close synagogues that don’t comply with his COVID-19 restrictions. All eyes may soon be on the Temple Mount thanks to the Israel/UAE deal. Washington Examiner reporter Salena Zito discusses if Joe Biden really is dominating in the polls. Secret Trump voters do exist, and people are switching to Trump from 2016. Movie theaters are closing yet again.

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begins in five seconds. What you're alive? here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightened men ran back programme. today is gonna be fun. Today is going to be fine You mean the human wrecking ball, but Donald Trump is his swinging towards the media's house of fear covered and they know it and they are going out of their mind it.
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We state agents, I trust, dotcom tomorrow night. Nobody cares about the VP debate. Raising wrong did twenty twenty. The bp debate has never been more high stakes. I always have a blind her bread, these protests as necessary because will hear from the woman who really run the White House if Joe Biden whence I know that there are still happening. Everyone should take note that they are not going to let us and they should not radical commonly Harrison. Who says my pants tomorrow, nine pm Eastern follow my analysis and break down from Glenn attempt. Thirty on plays tv. like us. So the president, the present and took his mask off. after going this quote after going to a federal office, building,
although it is known as the White House for the first time ever to called a federal office building, there are hundreds of federal workers in that office building and he went in and took off his mask He was up on the paddle guinea of the private residence he was about. few hundred feet away from another living soul outside any took his mask off, but you have to you, have here the commentary on CNN. Listen, I'm just saying I don't know under this is a few moments ago. The other side of the helicopter, everyone you saw land, the cameras or on the other side. This is him getting off as he walks up those stare or so Sunday key, Going this is where he has the mask on right, as he goes to the two passes, the press. And take questions and it's gonna head up those stairs coming from. Little Martin right, so he heads
the stairs and then when he gets to the top of the stairs when he takes his mask often know enough he's gonna go inside the residents. Maybe that's where knowing isolate, I don't know, but at TAT Point Cavan was raising this issue at that point. but he comes in contact with him, an indication of criminal if he was in the hospital where the doctors, when bride to go see so he's going up the stairs and operators development. So there's no one on those damn very brave and picture. No one on the balcony programme, like this doctors. Look at this They say well, what's going on inside of him. What's what's my almost all, that's what they look like an information, but it has grown a viral. What's going over the bed infection that background of mostly very contain generated cans lightly boy, you don't take great pansy, protect value on the balcony has announced that it has no matter how bono implicit takes. It are incorrect, why I'm here he's getting ready. First pictures: I saw him
with my own eyes, right, hey, I have here when we assess the moment. This is one of the reasons why they let him out without showing that mass to its very eyes, saw a high pig, multiple federal mandate of zoning masks to people's faces. I say we close down Walter Reed ha you why you do. Let me say that I managed to his. Let me tell you some right close it down. You are a loan, actually write it downloaded and not because they were killing our veterans during the Obama administration, no, no, no, but because they they healed. The president
That's why I was all for keeping parkland hospital open after the president died and Parkland hospital right. You know I was like hey more federal funds to that hospital, but this was his one cured the president and my gosh, how irresponsible of them unbelievers do we happen to have letting you know what? Let me just let me give the commentary. Do we have a longer version of this limit? Let me just take the commentary short. Please. it's not economic area, very different tax, it off incorrectness, I you see I'm here, I'm takes it off and he's getting ready. First, his pictures, the flags blank him. frightened when this is what he did. This is the moment. This is what would you do or he wants the image to be I'm song, Viruses, nothing is tweet. Today,
don't you have a united twenty years ago, dont be afraid of covert? Don't let it dominate your life. My worry only your loyalty, Amity watchdog, led dominate your life now trump action. Step two microphone, here's what he said don't be afraid of covert. Listen! thing. That's for certain, don't let it domino you don't be afraid of help. No,
listen you gonna beat it. We are best, know: you're, not gonna, go equipment, we have the best medicine fear all developed. Recently. None about fear, fear fear of beaded. I went, I don't feel so good. He didn't beat it and two days ago I could have left two days ago. Two days ago, I felt great, like better than I have been a long and was usually won't. You are better than twenty years ago, you're gonna be six or us. Your allotted dominate dont. Let a stadium arrives, no, don't let that happen in the greatest country in the world know we're not going back back to work would have not been able to do that now. This danger to it, but I had to do. Oh, my gosh, I stood out front. Oh, I led holy cow. Nobody, that's a leader wooden do what I did well we can tell you that right now. I think you know what I'm saying: that's what you want. Isn't it needs to be that's what he wants the image to be. You know I have to tell you something Gary is San, don't fear it dull fear it I mean what
kind of president says that cut one you want to ban the level fact that ever got another fine, very pale, but have been right. Thank you. Familiar down the cholera bad ratings are, the withered leaves industrial enterprises are finally time. No market, but our party, all markets for many in families are great Nathan will endure what well as it has in the wait a minute what and where a prob by all. We won't. Let me My firm belief that, beyond we have to
no told listen to that. Its withered leaves no stop with no, but red brick, we're Stop it stop it we're in a depression. It's not gonna, get better! You! are you ve lost your income? You ve lost your family savings, fear here: make sure you fear we're not gonna conquer this and its that kind of leadership that got us through World WAR, one our world war to wear we just spoke of the withered leaves on the trees and the structure to all of our institutions. Do you remember when the World Trade Center came down right fear. Fear veer, fear get up.
Oh no, we weren't! You know what are the family of nations with inadequate good people that we really dwell on that you gotta dwell on that and No! No! No! They won't know they won't. We can defeat it, we don't. We don't even know who they are and they're good,
they're, probably surrounding us. It's a really bad thing right, a bad well, almost as bad as when hearts space shuttle blew up the crew or this shuttle challenger honoured us with a man, which they live their lives. never forget them, nor them This time we saw them this morning as for their journey and waved goodbye, and slipped surly, bonds of earth, the touch the face of guy I know it's hard to understand for things like this happen. Not all part of the process and exploration undiscovered. No, we have to stop. It's all part of taking a chance and expanding man's her own take a chance stay home? The future doesn't belong to. The faint hearted, yet at us belongs to the brave who will protect your challenge. Your crew was pulling us into the future, no, they weren't and will continue their world alone up. No, they won't. We won't follow them. We can't follow them this. This is,
too great for us to be able to overcome Please don't! Listen to these words, I mean to remember what happened when the when the English sent all of their boats their entire navy. Over Or to France, they were wiped out. They were wiped out, they were the they couldn't send any body over there. They didn't have any more ships and if they ship they sent them over there, they we're gonna be bombed by. the Germans. They were over. Don't you remember Churchill Monsieur Ross to fight on the seas and oceans. We should fight confidence and growing straight in the air. to defend our island, whatever they may be. No regional fight on the beech trees
I should like on the landing wrong. We should fight the fields and other streaks Rachel. I didn't know you were shooting surrender beneath the ground Do not for a moment believe me a large part of it. Actually I didn't starving. empire beyond the trees and God he's gotta, believe shriek. Jerry armed struggle, Jill in yards, good guy, the new world. might stepped to the rescue, and deliberation the old, Well, it is a good thing that the new world because we are suffering from a depression who withered leaves our industry was over,
there was no way to make kid. How are we possibly going to step up and defend the free world? It can't- the dawn, I want you to know Donald is wrong. How dear him say that we going to conquer this autumn, gosh. How dare him say, don't fear this virus. You need a panic. Let me tell you something: America. Our choice has never been more clear. Is not a battle but lean Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It's not a battle between left and right. It is about between light and dark hope, and fear, life and death they act.
They say. The GEO p is a death because of the virus and what Donald Trump is doing. Taking his mask off, it's a death cult. Really, you're, ok with kids, a child stir their born. Letting them just. shiver. Let him just starve to death. Let him go their last breath, all alone and we're the death cult, naught what we are we're Americans far too many Americans have forgotten what it means to be an American what it means to be an American as to a european or anything else, American. Go into the wilderness, American go to the great unknown amiss
Dickens cross the mountains when they only have a hand, cart, they bury, their children in the middle of the nowhere in the snowy ground and they dig those graves with their hands until their bloody, they bury them and they move over the mountains. Why? Because we don't give up and you know what it's sad that that's an american idea- it's really truly sad that we're the only people that act. We believe in those things We as individuals, can stand up and conquer it. It's sad because that's life itself. Why will this cove virus be with us forever, because its life and life has a way of finding its way to who live and to it
spanned and they I'm telling you right now. Don't expand fear let us expand, let us expand our power and our domination and our lives and our deceit fullness and our death called. You you're nothing, you can do it. Let me tell you: an echo the words of the past. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. and I am not afraid, I know what the future holds. I know the proving grounds that are in front of us. but I know who I serve and I know how it ends and I know Amerika. I know the promises, that our founders made and we are to keep.
I know the power of the individual you, who have the ultimate power of the universe with in you accept it. square your shoulders and stop in told, but you can grieve with your family together because of some invisible virus yeah we need to take precautions? Yes, we should wear masks when we're in groups Yes, we shouldn't go in the thousands to protest and then riot. But I am not going to cower and I am not going to listen to a group of people there Tell me that Our president, saying don't fear this will beat. This is somehow or another wrong. I don't. We
to follow anyone who doesn't believe in a brighter future, because that is, Amerika promises that tomorrow, If we each do what we are supposed to do, not what we are told to do will build aim much brighter future for all mankind. Follows in the air, and there is no better reason to finally update your window treatments than blinds dotcom, their annual friends and family sale. Now, with forty percent off site wide blinds, Tom makes it easy to get custom window treatments that will give your windows the high end. Look without the high end price, whether you like to do it yourself need design hell. Or prefer measure and install services. They make it simple. We easy online ordering and free shipping. You need some ideas check out. The inspiration gallery at blinds. Dotcom see real photos from real customers. The results for themselves for to hunt
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we afraid of covert dont want a dominant. Your life almost, Two hundred ten thousand Americans are dead speaking. Rageous. So this outrageous tweet online, Nicole, when I saw the trunk I mean I literally- was overwhelmed. We see this tweet, which is hard It is crucial. Jake this is this is so disrespect, I'm not even sure I can. I can speak about this its incredibly incredibly disrespect with what does that mean? Don't be afraid of it. Let me first of all its it's a contagious disease that kills people. There is nowhere to even begin its clubs. Such a distressing moment is just so horrible site so destructive to say I feel better than I haven't twenty years. That he's saying this is so disrespectful than the present refers. It's no big deal I mean a range of factors:
shall I go up this phase? God in Spain is the Glen Back programme. Millions of Americans have had the quality of their lives directly and dramatically changed by pain, and you know what people are going to live in pain forever and you're, never going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is no hope for you now. Let me disrespectful and say that's bull crap for most of Us K Debbie attaining pain. Sometimes it does go on, but how about a chance to get out of pain? Seventy percent of the people who try this go on to order more because it works. That is disrespectful for the thirty percent that it does not thing for my gosh, I should concentrate on them. Your power bubbly, one of them or not. What
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and you're gonna beat it. I went, I didn't feel so good. And two days ago I could have left two days ago. Two days ago, I felt great like better than I have been a long time. I said just recently better twenty years ago, doubt dominate, don't let it take over your lives. Don't let that happen. greatest country in the world were gone back with back to work. Would it be out front as your leader. I had to do that. I knew this danger to it, but I had to do it. I stood out front. I led Nobody, that's a leader. Would now do what I did that prompter, either that just him saying that it doesn't feel like that's Donald Trump, prompter speech, and they are there going crazy crazy because as he is saying this, and that the though, the latest is that somehow or another, he God medical treatment that that he
and have gotten limited give you just give you some quotes. The very care in the world, that's not avail. Able to most Americans present. trouble have a home experience, unlike any other American, with access to twenty four seven care that medical swedish residents. He also flies with a surgery centre. whose is it is a new thing. Most Americans don't. I do not know why I don't think so in a full kitchen in a butler staff and the average American doesn't get that you know what else. If my car submerged in water for three days, you wanna be dead. His cars car can be reasons for three days. Three days, underwater and he'll still live most America's don't have now they don't know they don't they need a full report questioning the level of the president's medical treatment. This is Lester Hold, saying many doctor say, president trumps treatments are raising questions in their minds, because some of the drugs are meant for the sick. Patients.
are we taking those hours or somebody gone? No, I need that. Those now know we do, this is the lie of marxism. Joy because one has, it doesn't mean they take it from someone else tonight. even the president's own. Doctors can see that they have taken a fast track approach and treating the president involving some higher risk medications. Oh no, they even target the prescription of the experimental anti body cocktail made by regeneration. Yet you know My complaint is on this. The government is in the way from stopping people from trying this themselves you're right why does the President get to use some of these experimental treatments that others don't? You know why? Because progressives? Don't want you to be able to try them. They want to pay
tat, you from anything your dying. I believe you should have the right to try it. It all some shows that Maybe we are closer to treatments and and vaccines and cures than the media wants. You to believe is involved weird. so they went on. Let me just give you some the quotes We are now seeing the results wolf of five years of the president's candidacy throughout his time in the White House, of all of his falsehoods and lies coming back to bite him in the sense that it's very hard to believe word for word everything that the White House says about the president's condition. You know what I hope they were lying to you. I hope they were not to the american people, because the american people don't listen. To you any more, we dont trust, damn word you say and quite frank: I thought it was hysterical, his stare
called the way you who were all what? What do you mean? Did he have an oxygen? Did he have an oxygen hose at any time put into his nose Of course, he did Of course he did It doesn't mean he needed oxygen. It didn't mean that all of us, we'll get oxygen. If we go to an emergency room and put our little our finger in that little black clip and it should who's that we're not taking in enough oxygen, our lungs are working in the way their supposed do. If we're down Five percentage points we'll get ox. In two dummies? and his health says she's good morning, America, the press The diagnosis is a crushing blow to his effort to convince Americans. Worse of the pandemic is behind them. Oh it's weird His quick, speedy recovery seems to be doing the exact opposite, which is a path.
Yes, it's it's weird This is a good morning, America. He has been out there arguing the country's round the corner as he says, on this endemic and that he can tackle this crisis. Well, the fact now is that he has a positive result, complete under cutting his message on the virus? Now now, by the way, I've heard I heard that his positive result. the most positive of any Covin result ever given to any one. It was. And tat stick they tested it again, just to make it you're beautiful world. It was the most positive positive they ve ever religion, they never positive than most Americans. Can you ever seen a positive result as positive as as that one?
the president now learning in the worst possible way. You can't argue your way out of a pandemic. You know they said yesterday the New York Times was saying: does the president actually believe that Positive thinking will help him get better, there's no study on that one pairs, nothing that goes with his You know when you, if you want to understand the president, you have to understand this huh grew up going to church. Yes, he did go to church going too search his pastor was Norman Vincent Peel, the power or of positive thinking. That's who he grew up on. He was spoon fad that so when he says yeah, I gotta be a positive guy. Yes, you can beat it yes, want some good news here. Tell me the Good NEWS He feeds on that he fee. aids on that and he's he's
just doing what I don't know that that sold. You know it's only been out sold by the Bible, the pie. Or a positive thinking. Here Just using that, but there's no evidence that No positive thinking helps people. That's why they immediately tell cancer patients you know, you're, not gonna, make it your job. I'm not gonna, make no matter what we're gonna, try some things, but probably not gonna work and in are you tells you you know, hey keep your chin, keep go and have a positive attitude there just lying to you, just incredible incredible and the last thing that was said, Huffington Post The white a correspondent we and take it seriously, largely because the President of the United States didn't take it seriously. That's the moon,
on american thing. I've ever heard not that it's not patriotic. It's just not american. Since when do we need a president to model our behaviour to Oh, well he's not wearing a mass, so I'm not going to wear one he's wearing a mass, so I'm going to wear one make up your own mind. Do your own homework figure it out for yourself read what the press? won't tell you is you're smart enough to figure it out quite frankly, are, as you know, what. V. The wise will seem foolish. and the simple people will confound the wise, the he They won't understand they won't understand because they of all this. All this edge
you shouldn't they know better than you were there something to be said. For common sense, there is some thing to be said for listening after You ve done your homework, listening and asking. Is that true? Is that what should be doing you know in England. Do you think he think you have a bad You're too grieving sons in England tried to move their chairs next to their grieving mother. During a funeral last Friday for them Dad. the funeral home stopped them And made them sit six feet away from each other. One of the sons wasn't real happy. He said quote I can sit in a restaurant, I can sit. A pub.
can live with my mother at her house. I can. travel to the crematorium in a limousine with six people I want. To give my mother hug at my father's funeral and this expletive, comes flying out aggressively in fronting of in front of all shouting, stop at the service and makes us split apart dont you split apart. That's what big government does that's what That's what that is the very definition of the lack of common sense. That's we ran away from in Europe when Joe Biden said last night, he's fine by me jam guide for of I'm for a mandatory mask. Is that even popular out People were on MSNBC. Is that popular
Do you want the rule government being able to say you must wear a mask at these times? You must do these things, or do you have enough faith in yourself and your fellow man, that the majority is going to do the right thing, because their good people, Or are we going to be told what to do, because the bottom of the class. The dumb ones, the arrogant ones. We have to be told. Our freedom has to go away because a few people need that extra encouragement. No thank you. I dont want to live in a society that is dealt for. The lower common denominator? I'm not me, you're, not putting it Hap on me or my freedom
because of the lowest common denominator, ones it believe in natural selection, you're, the ones that pull Heath somehow or another that monkey tail is gonna fall off because it's no longer needed there would tell me that the bottom of a barrel, those people who were DOM enough. You should celebrate you Darwin S, you celebrate that they get sick and there monkey tail will fall off I love people who say can't wait for twenty twenty to be over as a crazy here who thinks it's. Gonna, magically ethics has twenty twenty one. Twenty Jody watchings fine tuning, twenty, what's gonna be words earlier this morning, our eyes! Thank you pat thank you.
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this is the Olympic programme. This is the Glenn Beck programme. Yesterday I tweeted I tweeted something I said: look I didn't vote for Donald Trump and twenty sixteen, but it can't be alone face today, seeing what he has done in his record. I'm gonna vote for Donald Trump. I can't be alone if you feel that way Let me know: oh my gosh there were there, wasn't anybody else, holy cow because I was by ideals of what I thought was the more tolerant side I did vote for Donald Trump Iced. I still don't agree with my super conservative friends out there. However, the true ugliness of the left has shown itself and I can't stomach get anymore this I'd feel more like me and more like home Trump, twenty, twenty that that's! That's it
using that with a hundred and one thousand likes in the last twelve hours. While on that and thousands of comments I'm gonna go through some of them coming up in the little while new rules and misinformation. This was the this was the headline on MSNBC a few minutes ago. New rules and misinformation in Pennsylvania create confusion, rules. I wonder who is pushing for those new right or the left? Is the left is that's right. I want you to know that one of their plans is to make sure that they win not the electoral college, but the popular vote if you live in New York or California or Texas, or any place where you say all my votes, not not really can cause, it's gonna go out, invoked the popular
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is the fusion of entertainment and enlightened men ran back programme, one paragraphs for certain: don't let it when'd. You know, no, don't be afraid of know how he would turn provided. We have the best snow. We can medical equipment, we have the best medicine sweet old, develop recently how Dearie I'm certain media. I wept. I didn't feel so good. No and your two days ago, you probably two days ago, I felt great, like better than I had originally been better than twenty years ago- leaded nominate. Don't let him take all realise all. Please let me live unfair world. Well back now we re not gonna, be out our lot, don't gotta word or I had a view that always this danger to doing he's busy, certainly out front. I left
nobody, that's a leader who would not do what I need a girl and the main street media weeps acclaim hey, I'd like to hear about floaters. Does anyone care about the first lady? How is she doing? How is she doing our we all do things that we come to regret later down the world? You know I have you have some those mistakes. You know really aided me and my journey to alcoholism, but even that when even those horrible mistakes I didn't buy a timeshare.
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it's an interesting copy, half yeah! Oh I just got this is in the kitchen I just I don't even look at it. It is something even look at all. This is the Nancy Policy I'd like to be able to a guy. I wish I could say what it says on the cup. My boy. I did not mean oh Jesus, Dick was the camera on me. What will the wireless avatar hair blown out? We ought to give these away. If even issue subscribed to the blaze. We should give you one of these mugs, because I think that is at hand mug with the really is now not necessarily one for your parents, know I mean, unless I'm your parent,
get that for me and I wouldn't really enjoy anyway. Let me take you to to very uncomfortable transition here and talk about faith and religion here is here is Andrew Cuomo yesterday in a press conference listeners, we know religious institution have been yes a problem. They ve been a problem. We know. Mass gatherings are the super spread. Over like long riots. Now those Been mass gatherings riots going on in concert, be a lamb where its religious it always religious. These communities accounts for weeks for weeks for weak, for we
I don't mean little violation. No, you ve all seen pictures like this more weeks weeks. looks people gathered in the stringency right. There think we're going to happen. What would the right a riot? Keep sorry I keep forgetting that their special, super super plastic protection over people who are rioting or arching for black lives matter gadget good cause. Yet it's a good cause. It's a good cause religion on the other. Will now that's ridiculous. What do you think's gonna happen? So We know that religion and religious institutions are a problem too. Andrew Cuomo. So here's what he says he's gonna do you're dealing with government saying too legends you, you shouldn't have more
ex people in your church or your moss or your tenth or your temple, that's an politically uncomfortable situation and unconstitutional you know. I have to say to the orthodoxy, unity tomorrow, yeah, if you're not willing with these rules. Then I'm going to close this doesn't want you just have to he's gonna have to those damn Jews. We wouldn't have a problem with the Jews there weren't, so many Jews. We wouldn't have a problem with co, evading the synagogues, there were no synagogues. It's a simple solution. and tomorrow I gotta tell him not to getting the other. I gotta uncomfortable format signs vertical shuttle, but I'm gonna do we want to do now is- and this is already been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in New York- telling the religions that they couldn't meet, it's already been deemed, but that doesn't matter
does it matter. We know it has to be done we know it as the other problem right. There are probably religion in a religious Adele resolutions, yeah yeah yeah. What the hell is wrong with people. I these people are telling you for the first- it's not like it used to be. Where was like their marxist bats you're a race for calling me a might remember the simple good old days, two thousand ten times good times are not how it back. I think we actually did a bid on this pat around too and ten that we would say Remember when we're just called races for calling people socialist, I don't do that and I think we did and now or actually pining for those days. You will pain for these days soon you Pine. For these days
legions are going to come under attack. Now. Let me give you a story. From the Jerusalem Post All eyes might be on the Temple Mount, after the? U n e Israel deal why you might ask when dedicated. When he dedicated the temple he built on Mount Maria King Solomon prayed that gods house would be a centre. A prayer for all peoples of the world now, in the wake of the recent Abraham accords, the normalization agreement entered into by Israel, the United Arab Emirates, in Bahrain, the possibility exists, Solomons aspiration could be re created, part
If the avowed rationale for the accords was to create enhanced access for all Muslims to worship at the outcome Alex a mosque, this was lofty with humanitarian intent and real politic gesture designed to discredit both the reflex accusation that Jews were somehow attacking the mosque and Judy eyes. Judy Judah icing Jerusalem. So how Might this solemn Monica vision occur Lee by having various meares and a moms from the Gulf countries, come to the Temple, mount and pray well, a bit more than that. It goes on to say that what is being done right now. Imagine I am quoting now if those same leaders were to stand on the open spaces of the Temple Mount alongside with jewish leaders, political and religious and pray in their own way
Putting aside the exact choreography and logistics, the thought in the image are nothing short of breathtaking, talk beating swords into plough, shares the reality of Muslims. Praying alongside Jews on the Temple Mount sends an unmistakable max message of reconciliation and harmony that should thrill every person who is interested in peace. May I just made I just say that I find this more and just intriguing life. I find that This is something that is coming. and with at coming? You have to understand that also the day
he's of being a comfortable religious person, a comfortable christian somebody that doesn't have to worry about anything because oh, it will always be like this those days, are quickly coming to an end the world is changing and Our faithfulness is and to be called fanaticism. faithfulness is going to be called foolish. And the middle ground options of just drifting in the stream or not making a choice, those are going away to choose is to choose. to remain silent in the face of evil is evil itself. You need to take
the next few weeks and months and learn how to choose. If you are saying I don't know who, I'm gonna go for I'm just not going to vote. That's Not going to be an option in your life, you, are going to have to vote. You are going to have to make your choice. proving grounds. Far ahead. But so are miracles that people have waited thousands of years for. We are headed for those days and it's good If I may echo the president, don't fear it don't fear it. We were built
for these days are gold line election few weeks away, investors are growing increasingly concerned about the possibility of a contested election. I can guarantee that's happening. I just saw headline on MSNBC that said new rules. And misinformation, crew, eight confusion in Pennsylvania, Really it's almost like it was it planned to do that you'll be asked is just worn, its entire client group that they should be buying gold, as we had into the election Goldman Sachs is saying the same thing old or silver is really important. Insanity plus volatility Eagles Armageddon o out that you know it, that comes right after people or preying on the two anyway, the true hedge against insanity is gold. Go line now has two separate specials running at the same time, they ve never offered something like this before, but with the
section looming. They want to give you the choice you deserve Collins. now about em right now, eight x gold line one eight six, six gold lying you about four weeks to care for all held on break loose, go call and get prepared right now. Eight, six, six gold fine gold line, dot com. Ten second station, I D Ah, I welcome to the Glen Back programme. If we have Selina now, let's take her, I'm sorry it was missing, I thought it was at the bottom of the hour we have a Selina Zito. She is the national political rapporteur for the Washington examiner she's, a columnist for the New York Post, the co off.
of the great revolt and she's the one who really has her finger on the pulse she's, a she his reporter that actually and drive the highways she doesn't fly. to city to city. She drives through all of the back roads and she listens to people. She quit twitter, and this is no longer listening to that crowd, which is extremely unusual for a rapporteur to do Selina. you on the phone now Selina welcome. Am I'm sorry, I'm sorry to make you wait out. I thought you were coming on and about ten minutes. listen to some great stuff. So Selina tell me what you're learning, because I see these poles like everybody else, and I just don't believe them I ate. I mean maybe I'm reading America Wrong, but I just
I can't believe that is its. This close. What are you hearing and feeling so my sense of, the polling is. This is the one that made the most news just in the past twenty four hours cleaning, national Paul, by NBC registered voters, while both of those things need to be taken into account. our understanding or what are we looking at a window to both Are our elections? Art is decided. Nationally. Ah there decided electoral thoroughly so, national coal? Really? Does it be much because you don't know where those voters are coming from they could you know there? Could be a concentration of people?
from Chicago New York and California. At that would throw the entire thing off. It could even be his granular and studies and not enough oil boaters. So that's why I professional Paul. You know I am sceptical of those it's also ever registered. Voters Ah, that's! U need to really get down to someone who has didn't know not last war, elections to see likely to turn our right. Don't even that's your problem. Glad because those were. There were a lot of voters best in twenty six pain, because in our book the great rowboat, there were these voters. We called the perilous does the sort of like a bit when aimed at the grass grow, because they only there who is carpet. They only come out every one hundred years re her arm and those people aren't pick it up by posters because it
Poster is trying to do a really good pole and find a low likely voter and they get them on the planet. Say: hey you bout it the last two elections there like no their jobs, and so up there is there is, then they made up six percent, from winning coalition in Pennsylvania, Ohio Bishop was constant in Iowa. So there you know, I'm I'm always sorted o of them not being part of the universe and fine away between nationally about one and a half per cent of trump voters or shy trump voters? in other words, they don't tell upholsterer that there are. There is supporting him, surprised that I am surprised that low well that's nationally
in Pennsylvania, Ohio again and was content in our book, there's a pull on the back, a survey of just Trump voters, and they said thirty. Four percent of them did not tell a family member of or a poster that they were going to vote for him. Holy cow enabling movie compared to today, oh yeah, oh yeah, so when you're going through Pennsylvania in your hearing and and and Ohio in in Wisconsin in Michigan and you you're listening to people. Are you hearing people? Let's say I didn't vote for him before, but I am now absolutely way. I had I had a piece out of Cambria County a couple weeks ago. Glass can check that check out all my work explain the data darken laid from Cambria Camp. Pennsylvania. Scammer kill me if you think of
minors and steel mill, but this was this- is that candidates in the county that Jack I'm Bertha was prompt. Jonestown, pencil, and there were a line of people, a line of people there the change in her voter registration or from Democratic Republic. And I interviewed several people there in the story who did not vote for Donald Trump and twenty six Who are going to vote for him now, and these, he's your voters are largely undetected. What we don't know Glenn is, is how much they make up. of a workshop day. Voting when I could I put that water really stressed, though, is culture always gives us a hint I, where the election is going, we often ignore them so Pennsylvania, specifically ah two hundred and forty six thousand an owner since March. Forty percent of them are women
Ah a hundred and seventy eight thousand new register. Registered republican voters in the subject show there are hints and look culturally as well. Look at things like Bob Vienna Bell. I look at what I mean. I think when this year play the Monday night game your ship without thanking percentage point well how to use a hold on the Celine. If you can just hold for a few minutes, I just have to take a couple of minutes of network commercial break and then will we'll come back. I I want to talk to you more about the voters that everyone is missing, annex want to talked about the confusion inside of these swing states the critical states where the Democrats to change the rules and even MSNBC as reporting today that its causing confusion
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taking relief factor? It didn't come in the form that I thought it would come. It came as a a natural remedy developed by doctors, I believe that it worked, but it did. I take it three times a day every day still to this day, and if I stop. I get my pain back. It's really factor dot com, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four relief factor, dotcom chica- showed TAT Grand leashed every week day. Seventy nine, a m eastern or anywhere any time you get your but guess, This is the Glenville Programme and we have Celine with us. You can find her at Selina, Zito, DOT, com, She is the national political rapporteur for the Washington examiner. You can reader column everywhere. She is really fantastic Selina.
Me about what is happening in not only Pennsylvania, but do you have any look at the kind of confusion that we are at? spending on the new rules that Democrats have put forth on on voting well and get it Obviously I live in Pennsylvania. We ve never had barely go with equal force in the state. Until Dunes primary, we had absentee balloting, but it was like so restrictive and punishing to do it that only four percent of people. Did it on my own, on an average basis now that our primary June, it was almost fifty percent of the people and while the process we get was not that bad in terms of getting your meeting ballot and they'll get in the problem.
became a one. The different county of officers had your ballot. There are completely unprepared I dont know why? Because Certainly there were you know our are. Our primary was several months ago, the preparations should have been there, none the worse, with the exception of Guinea County in Pittsburgh, almost oil every county. What day? Is it not weeks before the final vote? came in and you know that Albania could be the decider, I think it's between, and the way in which caused to be honest and so a crime, you don't. We went awake weeks for December, for we know that's a big problem People have a level of expectation that they do your job and go through all the hoops loops two boats? Why cleared the governmental took so their
same obligation. I will tell you Celine. I have to tell you, I think, what the Democrats have done and what the media is currently doing. Saying that not only is expecting a result on election night? wrong, but it is dangerous and trying to tell us that this is a tight, tried and true tradition of Amerika there, going to understand it. This is Everyone knows this is the most critical election in our lifetime. Whether your voting for Donald Trump, Joe Biden, that's the way you feel for the the the election process to be changed If there is a hint of fraud- and their already is I mean they stole all of the thumb drives somebody. Oak in all of the thumb drives from the machines in Philadelphia. Just gone,
I mean we with you're not going to have a patient society. a united and I think the thing that will first of all, I think my profession is going way, overtopping scaring people to pieces- ah, second boy, that that's not our job, our jobs This passionately report the news Even other problem we have Glenn is everyone tends to sing. Or a right that you know only conservatives are only Republicans. Don't trust and large institutions such as governments and counties to count bodes well the gun have. There are plenty of voters out there that are good at pull the Weber, Joe Biden did have an equal amount of its trot. Yes, as at the end there and under their sort of only claiming one side, but it's not just gonna be
One side is going to be absurd. If this project is gonna, be done, it's gonna be uniformly made. People are just gonna, be uniformly aggravated, frustrated, disappointed and angry that they could do their job, we're voters. So look. I did what you told me to do a deal that the poem Orange showed up in person. I've waited why I did everything that was approaching, Why can't you Selina? Let me ask you two questions and the related thee. The media has really become unbelievable. I mean what they say about tromp in and getting better now and saying: hey, have no fear of covert you'll beat this. We can beat this. is insanity. That's like saying that you know. After I shouldn't have said. No, we have nothing to fear but fear itself and its.
It's become so blue. So blatantly clear that they are just an anti trump machine, have they and the Democrats over please, this hand, assuming that everybody is gonna, be fine, with b a Lamb and marxism and the riots in the streets and the hatred of Donald Trump I think they really underestimate, the average about, or even at their building provide people that all I hate that politics is it there obsession they buried. There shall be here now smart enough, whether they went to college or not to see the incorrect on back with God. S breath like heavy handed, attacks on the president when they are warranted. Twenty. Sixteen, I said dot
Candidate Donald Trump boaters take you seriously, but they go everything you say we're short way whereby profession takes everything you say literally and those who take you all that seriously. I dont think much has changed from that. The bureau beginning in western council banker, and you are listening to the speech. The president gave yesterday you like it or not, whether you like here or not it wasn't. Aspirational speech was very much very much in the way that make a barrack agree. Was it aspirational slogan but the press twisted it into being nationalistic when it was more about ass patient, but it was also about localism something they pray that you buy something at whole food, but if you hold Elizabeth as as something as part of your ideal of a sudden, you are a nationalist. If you come from certain parts of the country,
The last thing I want to know about his. Am I I put out a tweet yesterday was heaving and pulled up hero, quick I said as someone who did not vote for the real Donald Trump and twenty sixteen, but will in twenty twenty. Is there anyone like me? I can't be alone. I couldn't vote for either last time I just didn't: try that he would do what he promised found that he may be the first politician, my lifetime. The did keep his word. What was it for you, hundred and four thousand likes and twenty. Twenty five thousand retweet and thousands of responses in like sixteen hours, and people are saying a lot of people are saying I didn't vote for him. I couldn't vote form
and now are is, is this an echo chamber or do you think that is real I do think good twitter can to be an echo chamber, but not when it comes to conservatives. Ah, when I watch twitter interactions between journalists, ah, that drives the news. I very sceptical of that reflecting the real world, but having experienced it in every state that I cover. Pennsylvania Ohio was caused, an Michigan that same arm switch that you talk about. It It is a very real phenomena and people, I think, are less, great. You come out. Tell someone there doing that depending
on their geographical area, in particular, if you're in an upper middle class to wealthy neighborhood, because you want to still be invited to the block party re half an hour are people to people on my staff said I The point to wear in I just I'm just like that child, whose just whining and crying and at some point you just fine and they said I find myself just throwing my hands up and go and find whatever. I just want this to stop gap there absolutely a lot a lot of that, and I think that people have to carry out a lot to national news causes that, but you know but here's a breaking news school separate here this better than that
trees on isn't gonna end Joe Biden went by and even the worst case scenario for conservatives is it that advocates the scenario at all? If Joe Biden would happen to squeak out when I do that, the Republicans will more likely hold on to the Senate, and I bet they were and at least eight to ten, how seeks? So? What does that mean Joe Biden Wine, but here literally no power because Miss Connell has the Senate and then suppose you will not have a topical majority in the house to up backed big changes. well, that would be a that would be of a good thing if that, if that was our worst case scenario, but I She wouldn't tell my chickens before they hatched on on this election day, he's so much Selina appreciated. You can find her. It's silly!
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not calm, Slash scan twenty five percent off promo code back tomorrow night. Nobody cares about the VP debate, raising wrong it's when you twenty. The bp debate has never been more high stakes. I always brings our bread, these protests as necessary, because we will hear from the woman who really run the White House if Joe Biden whence I know that there are still happening everywhere, should take note of that. They are not going to let us and they should not radical commonly Harrison. This is my pants tomorrow, nine pm eastern full of my analysis of breakdown from Glinda temporary plays tv. joy, lessening Glenn back, hi to the Glen Back Programme or glad you here So weird stir talking offer. About how
The movies did that spawn movie it's gonna be like fourteen years old. By the time we see it, they were just about to release it and then they decided nope that'll die, annulled, diet of fast death, if we release it now so they're gonna do next year there were, there they're, doing all their pushing everything away and these movie theatres, they can't. I really have to go to the movie. I would go to the misery if you had movies. I would do so. I'm not go to sea Greece too. Now I'm not gonna. Do it so your ear sitting here and it's the you know chicken in the egg don't have good movies to see and I'm sorry tenant was okay, but it was good enough to. Let me go tell my friends all you gotta go back to the movie mean. Are you gotta go back to the movies it was ok, was ok, complicated way we complicate. Couldn't you could not on stand if you slept through about
thirty seconds, sixteen minutes even thirty seconds, but I slept through probably in our power, and so you liked it. So I woke up I like Why everybody's going backwards? I have no idea tat went on it's probably true about almost any movie, though in the alley through an hour applies. Probably true, you probably Dar not going to get here.
John wake? Maybe maybe you're gonna get. It certainly is killing more p. I get asked what is as seven thousand eight hundred yeah. I don't I die guy, don't I haven't seen the entire body count, but I get it, but I shot them. Yeah most have meant ahead, but several times of ok, I got a good shot. A probably did he provided some things that you ve never seen before, with people shooting yeah yeah, that's cool Lauer! I I get it. I'm gonna go to sleep now. You know it's funny cause. I I've seen all the John Wicks and you see one you really have seen them all you're kidding net so could conceivably see John with three without having seen the set up of one and two. I think you should see John Wick Three, watch it backwards,
and understand was still understood. Nothing, but many Austria. You go. You re like wow, catching the bullets, not work bearing the wetlands wow. That's amazing, incredible! I'm really bombed because its autonomy- and I are they. Movie fans, we go to the movies and on eight on every Friday we go to the movie and we love it. We love it and there's no. It's not the same, watching it at home- it's not you know, it's gotta, be kind of cool that we get movies at home, but I mean, not to be able to have the option to go in at the theater is going to suck its really in really send regal. The second largest theater chain closing down again cuz. He just got nothing to show they're, closing Clare closing. Well, I think, there's a chance. They opened they reopen eventually, but it doesn't look good and AMC see
to be out of money completely in six months, they're going be bankrupt, So those are the two largest movie chains in America hello, America welcome the Tuesday, the Glen Back Programme. Donald Trump is out of the hospital says he feels better than he felt in twenty years. He looked great and the media went insane when he said: don't fear corona virus Eddie setting without a mask. Listen tromp wrote on Twitter? Don't be a fool. Cause. I don't want to dominate your life almost too Hundred ten thousand Americans are dead speaking about Rageous, so this outrageous tweet online. Nicole. When I saw the trunk I mean I literally was overwhelmed. We see this tweet, which is hard it is suffer less cruel
this is so disrespect, I'm not even sure I can. I can speak about diagnosing regrettably, in China, this respect. Does that mean don't shut out of it? It's you didn't have it is you didn't know we can say. Is that begin its grubs such a distressing moment, is just so horrible site so destructive to say better that I haven't why ears? I didn't say- and this is so disrespectful says it's no big deal outrageous it is insulting Vieira Reload Donald Trump erecting ball is about to swing toward it. Thank God and we're clear this up of what he did yesterday and put it into perspective coming up in just a second first surpassing robbery breaking and entering all these crimes were familiar with, but in cyberspace. No I could hear you scream its
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he can prevent all cyber crime, but man this is the powerful ally to have at your side. It's fifty four and off your first year with an annual subscription at Norton DOT, slash back, go there now Norton Dotcom, slash back for fifty percent off Oh my gosh. I mean it was so disrespectful. Two hundred thousand people have died. It is so disrespectful now more, people died of the flu bud still disrespectful every time I go into a CBS and they have a that they have the gall just to put a sign up that says, get your flew shot there. Now recognizing all the people that the flu his killed it so disrespectful. People are mourning the loss of their loved ones. Every year with the flu
every time I pass a car dealership and they are not standing and mourning and reminding you how many people are killed in car crashes every day I think to myself GM. You should be ashamed of yourself? Ford Motor company. It might as well be Ford chilling machines it so disrespectful and outrageous, it is outrageous. Sank. You pat you're, welcome outrageous disrespectful, disrespectful and outrageous has to be said. Thank you for saying Somebody has to I sure, seems every one in the media is saying it, but then just I mean thing, of the size of the media compared to the rest of America. China,
of the three hundred and fifty million Americans. It's really only the media that saying that. So thank goods. Thank goodness someone is saying it. You know the other thing they had a problem with words, said he was Asking you not to be afraid, he he was well. I I I don't even want to repeated it was so out ages and just Space respectful that I don't even want to say it myself, here's what he said: listen thing, that's for certain, don't let it dominate you don't be afraid of it. how dare you gonna beat it. We have the best medical equipment. We have best medicines all developed recently, gonna beat it. I went, I didn't feel so good and today, I could have left two days ago. Two days ago, I felt great like better than I have been a long time. I said just recently better. twenty years ago doubt
Dominate dont? Let us take over you alive. No, let that happen now. Richest country in the world stop and I care about the Green Humphrey World like it so it started. They all my gosh implied xenophobia with just that. One line is enough to be shocking and hope. a fine and disrespectful to all. Please be afraid of this, please point, six seven of us will die you get it point. Six seven of us will die it's not a small. Well, it is it's sick boy. Six seven percent will die. tell rageous you and disrespectful. Yes, I We want you to know, I want you to know that we won't make it I want
you do know that you should be afraid you should cowering fear. Thank you. Wolf use. You should ha read in your closet. In fact, if you suicidal in your thinking about it well, you might want to think a little ardor because Colvin it's gonna get J. In the end Do you wanna go that way? Horrible excruciating, deaf, four point: six! seven percent of us why? want you to know we're, never gonna get past it. We don't have good medical treatment he's faking it, I think, he's an audio animatronic. Died here daddy. Seventy five Eads Mcdonald's he's out of shape. I mean he asked to be dead. He's a robot and what is robot doing telling you that you should be. Positive. Well, Let me just show you what F are said in her
first inaugural address when a man echo was facing. russian listen value of the brunt. The global fact of resin the government of fine theory, a third pale- might have been the means of paying got broken in the current pray. The withered laid out in the real and upright lie on everything I gotta find no market without prodigal farmers it and failing that many in thousands of families. I bought all data listed in this. Listen to that the EU. Would you just said with leaves of the industry. Farmers have no market for their goods bag. Are closed. I've lost their houses, that the kind of leadership that we need today,
was what he was so disrespectful, so disrespectful for the pain of those farmers. He ignored the pain of those who have lost their house. When he went on to say, find no market without radio and the savings of many years, and thank you, families I bought a great nation will endure, as it has in the oh, my gosh, whereby and will probably saw outrageous and disrespect my belief but the only thing we have to Oh, my gosh outrageously, disrespectful. Ah, unconscionable that he would say something like that concentrate on the withered leaves America, concentrate on that because
when you do you stop becoming an american use, growing as a person You cower in fear, and you do nothing. You look, for a boot, to lick and that's who we are as Americans. Isn't it. I mean: aren't we boot liquors, Winston Churchill law almost every single ship and end and naval officer the beaches of France. before or merit it was in before the war, Germany had them pinned on the beach. And he got on the radio and he said we're done we're done.
We can't send any of our ships, and I know you have the ability to you know you have ships, but we can ask you to do that because it might be dangerous for you, so why, we could ask you because it Or country, it's your freedom, it's your life! It's your sons and daughters who are trapped on the beach. No, we don't want you to get into your private boats and go pick those guys up because It's too dangerous so they all died. And then he had the gall. to get on and say these words measures I rose to trade. the seas and oceans. We should fight confidence and growing straight in the air
you defend our island, whatever they may be regional fight on the bee trees. I should like on the landing wrongs and we should fight in the fields and illustrates we have to fight illegal fishing surrender and if we do not- for a moment. Believe me, a large part of it when subjects didn't starving empire beyond. The thieves and God he's gotta, believe freak Jerry armed struggle until in yards good guy, The new world order Might stepped to the rescue and deliberation the old. that is who we are we are the new world that steps forward and per next, the old. We don't cowering fear.
We do these things, not because they're they're easy, but because their hard, we are the people that put foot prints on the moon when no one? No one in that generation had ever dreamed of that growing up. no one thought even a rocket was possible. Let alone a moon walk. We, the people that were told eight four years ago four years ago, that this is the best the economy will ever get you can't get any more juice or any more blood atta this stone. We can't go any further. This is the best our economy will be. This is the best we can do with unemployment and Donald Trump is lying to. You look what happened.
We had the lowest unemployment in fifty years strongest economy in the history of Amerika. Now. Why didn't that happened before, because put a cap on themselves and on you, Stop believing in them star believing in you, that is the difference of America. We see things and we do them! We don't do because we're told to, in fact, when we are told to amend Dickens Rebuff that tell me what to do in that spirit as they have tried. A break that spirit in you for wow, twelve solid years. They have tried to break your spirit. Twelve years. For
yet who you are give up think for yourself. You'll never beat the system, you don't matter. Your voice, doesn't matter you're, a bad person, you're a racist, I'm telling you we will fight them on the beaches. We will fight them in the fields. We will fight them in the cities. We will fight because Americans don't believe that. And I am sorry it is. It is fused in my dna. while my family came here from overseas, my family came here, but or the civil war, and I family stood up to fight against slavery because they believed, in the words of the declaration of independence, and I take my strength from the
are they shed and the, Courage and the steel in their spine. don't you listen to anybody you listen to anybody, tells you be afraid. have no fear the the king, you serve. Is God and he never. pushes fear american financing Annabel US one. Eight do three: three, four W W W that animal less consumer access not or by the way you want to feel like that, some more we have Virtual event happening on October, twenty fourth and you'll be able to find out all of the details, but that's the message of that. It's just you and me, and David Martin and a few others
on em, one next chapter: dot: COM M one: Mercury, one m one: next chapter dot com, it's time America goes back to work and we're gonna be announcing some new initiatives, including a brand new education centre for you and your family. You do Want to miss that night, M one. Next chapter dot com, Eric and financing. If you have the goal to be out of debt, you're gonna need some help to do it. You need, Make sure that if, if you can. You are paying the law, the lowest amount. You can possibly pay in interest for your mortgage If you have a mortgage, that is four percent or above even I'm three percent. You can get his doric rates. That will
Maybe you hundreds, if not a thousand plus every single month, especially if you take your high interest credit cards and roll it in without risk. setting the term of your loan Reckon financing make sure your financial houses in order right now eight hundred and nine six hundred and twenty four forty eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty or americanfinancing dot net second stationary, I really I would really encourage you to look at things differently. I know that time These are tough,
and they may get worse before, they get better, but I want you to try to and the next four weeks and look at the Problems in your life and see if you can't turn them around to a blessing and here's, what I mean. Covered, it's been horrible horrible I am so sick and tired of it We have spent a year in the planning and the getting ready to redo a forty year old movie studio and bring it into the age I've spent I dont know how many, how much I just know what the paint on the outside of the building costs me. It took three months to pay
this building with full time painters, halfway through once we gutted it. That's when covert hit That's when everybody decided, oh, I don't need to go to work in a big building anymore, That's when everything changed and I'm still sitting with a half empty studio and all this? Might gotta put it back together. I was bad was really bad. For me, however, cove has turned out to be one of the greatest blessings of my life because I'm Closer to my family I have perspective on. What's true in. What's not, I I am not going be surprised. when authoritarianism try to take our country by the throat. It's not a surprise there telling us I know because of the
information that I have researched and presented to you, I know what their planning in the next four weeks. I know I thought I would get that this is in a curse for me in many ways a blessing a blessing, but it is felt like curse many times, knowing What was coming and trying to tell people about it being name's being dismissed having nobody pay attention to it, it has been in absolute curse for them ass twelve years. It is also a great blessing to be able to be allowed to participate and allow to see that and warn people. I never thought we would get a for weak notice. After a bit corona virus problem, that was saying, hey, you should shore up and make sure you can survive if things change and then a forward
the period beforehand where we know what's coming to prepare, This is a blessing. Don't we A minute of it, this is the Glen Back Programme. I have the smartest best grill out there. It is a wreck tech and I urge you to look at erected if you're thinking about buying a new grill. This has the best smart grill technology. I can cook just about anything rhetoric and it is perfect, perfect and I We have to stand there to do it these. Are you Peter you any good at cooking like stakes, On a girl, you are you man, I burnham everyone there, either raw or a Burnham, every time wrecked tech. I don't even have to be around it. It tells me exactly when it's ready I've made ribs of it are just fall off the bone there. So good rectangle is.
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no America and was the Glinda program if you're new Lister, we are growing by leaps and bounds every day, and we are grateful for that. Thank you for listening to us. you know I used to say in its. It still remains true. You're, absolutely hate me for four to six weeks and then he kind of good dead inside and then all of a sudden mew, like I don't know how it works, but give it six weeks and annual. Data really enjoy the shell. Thank you so much for listening to us. I am I urge you to open your eyes to something different. Some happy warriors and some things where we don't have to force people to do things There's a new study out shows democratic run states, particularly those in the North EAST and MID West. Had large.
you're, contractions and gross domestic domestic product than republican Run states in the plains and then the south. According to the latest GDP data from the states. It too, many states, with the smallest decrease in state GDP, were thirteen thirteen were run by republican governors, while the boy I'm twenty five states with the highest decrease in state GDP, were democratically run states. The bridge unemployment rate across republican States is six point five in August. Compare to the average of nine percent in democratic states, rob Looking controlled Utah had the second lowest unemployment rate in the country in August. At four point, one and the same, can Lois GDP drop at just over eighteen percent in the second quarter, Nevada run by Democrats had the highest unemployment rate at thirteen point. To call
We followed by Rhode Island, twelve point: eight New York, twelve point: five million We also had a GDP loss of thirty percent. Put, it forty? Fourth in the nation, Oh, why is tat? Well, there's a couple of reasons to be fair, there's a few reasons: New York was hit the hardest, but why was New York hit the hardest? Do we need to play the audio of the governor and the mayor and all of the New York City Council, saying: hey, come to China, town Donald Trump Xenophobe for saying that it's coming from China and closing down travel there, there's nothing to worry about. It's insane. insanity what happened, but and you also have to understand that they also took control and that something that they tried to get Donald Trump to do. Take control of these companies. That is the worst thing. You can do government screws everything up. Why would you want them to get involved in companies too?
imagine how ugly our cars would be if the government designers were designing it. If we had all the regulations that would be required if the gun and were in charge totally in charge. Can you imagine how ugly can you imagine how ridiculous Your house would be if the guy we're were the only ones building the house's Maginnis Small, it would be imagined how they would all look exactly the same. This is what happens when big government gets involved. There's another study that New York Times came out. They caused all kinds of anger about. They came out. with the New York Times. Opinion turns out, according to a study that- happiest of all wives in America are. Religious conservatives, followed by their religious progressive counterparts?
So it seems that really Egypt, my to play a role, will New York Times they may be. They got an earful. Here's some things at people said this is her Larry S, they all ass their spouses. If it was ok to answer in the survey in the first place, when they made the dinner table conversation, they made sure they answered the questions correctly. I know evangelicals women, don't have separate lives self reporting on. This is not a reflection of reality. Conservative women are taught that being anything other than happy is a spiritual and moral failure who you know absolutely about the rub: repression of religious conservative women ha. I would have written did that I was so happy. While I went back and forth planning my suicide. This is irresponsible reporting. I used to like myself about how happy I was too. I wasn't, but I was
two fine joy in suffering, a b, used women will say whatever it is their supposed to say. First off ignorance is bliss, that's a saying for a reason. Second, I'm an atheist I'd, be its static with literally everything, if I wasn't being pissed off by religious people trying to control me all the time. may I invite you to look at faith and people of faith differently, There are those people that sock. There are Those people in in religions that have really nothing to do with their religion has everything to do with how they interpret their religion. Where I believe that its their way or the highway they believe their way is the only way and if you're not part of it, you're a problem there lots of those people, but there will always be lots of those people. There are lots of those people who are atheist, I believe, the same thing,
then there's people like Pendule at whose an atheist and me who's a Mormon and we're good friends, and we talk about religion. And we talk about God that it's not a problem because I don't force him or want to force him to accept my ways, and he doesn't want to force me to accept his ways that is what the declaration of independence is all about and That is what we're losing we're losing the idea that All men are created, equal and Adele, by a creator was certainly unalienable right life liberty. the pursuit of happiness. The person of happiness. That means I to find my own way and you get to feel mind your own way. as long as we're not hurting each other and how do we she heard each other by trying to steal something
I earned trying to tee my work trying to, my staff- largely share my stuff and not everybody does but aren't Glad you live in a world where everybody isn't forced to do something because it might be nice. If everybody's forced to do what you want for you, but Imagine if I said we're gonna force everybody to do what I want them to do. Would you like that. thank God. We live in a country where you have the right to pursue your happiness and when- We understand that principle we understand that there's gonna be bumps in the road but those boys. These are good for us really people- we don't take joy, Why, in suffering, that's ridiculous, that its debts,
but that's the mind of twisted individual it, whether their religious or not. we just understand. That suffering is part of life. Were all gonna see it now How do we get through it together and how do we get through it as an individual, because the individual suffering,. teaches us something. I am so I am so happy. for all, suffering that I've had not usually when I go through it. Never when I'm going through it am I happy about it, but it puts me in a place with the right mindset of where I'm supposed to be for the night thing we think you're going through right now, you're, going through to prepare you
the proving ground that's on the way stumble and fall. Now it up. Brush yourself off, get back on your feet, learn You're supposed to learn and move to yourself you're strong enough, you're gonna make it. There are mountains ahead of us, but we're a climate and we're gonna get to the summit and then we're going to the other side and, unlike those pioneers that crossed They cross those mountains and it was beautiful planes and beautiful. Streams and valleys, and then they can ass, those mountains and they got to the beautiful summit. Then they let all the way down and it was broken desert. Unlike those people, when we it to the other side. Its green valleys.
It's amazing how we are all being taught lies, but it is comforting to me I know that I am. I am not alone in seeing through those lies. We just are afraid to talk to each other, something that Americans have never been were afraid to talk to each other, as there is a price now in America should never be afraid to say what you believe. The minute you are we violated. intent of America. We have gone backward in America, we should be able to say ha. I don't think I I agree with you, but good conversation thanks,
And move on and pursue our happiness, and let them pursue theirs. I write a MAC If you are a member of a r p, would you thinkin seriously dude what you thinkin come on man? They are p in many cases. Working against. They're very members. It's not! The ass choice. If you want the great representative of you, it's a MAC. I may see it stands for the association immature american citizens. It's not just a better. choice than a r p. It's the best choice, When you have a MAC, you're gonna get the discounts on the car insurance in the hotels in the roadside assistance to the dental plans, even cell phone service options that you might not otherwise have and there
make your life easier and less expensive. They got all that, but they are So are a force for good. They for your values. They stand up for your God, given freedoms just lie Last Friday. It did happen. It happened with MIKE pants, but who spoke ABBA with the President and as in the first time that a MAC members have had access to the president, he did a live phone call on a day with the member of a MAC where you could interact with him. That is the kind of acts ass that you don't really get from, a r p. You, you might get somebody who is telling you bud the thing I like about a MAC is they actually listen to you. They want to. Hear from you that Want to reflect you and they stand up for things like freedom of speech and the right to bear arms and your
I've given right to go to church stand with AIM act as they fight the good fight can become a member to day the more members the more powerful we all become. The benefits are good. The cause is even greater. Join a MAC dont. U S, slash back right! Now! That's a m! A sea dont! You ass, a slash back aims better for you better for America near lessening TAT Glenn back This is the Glen by Programme were glad you here and don't forget that M one, the next chapter we I'm really excited about this we're gonna be talking about the work rolling up our sleeves and go back to work. Quite honestly, we have lot of work to do, we have been, we ve been Working on this announced was forced to come this summer, but because a covert it didn't,
and we are going to show you and bring you in to our new education sent her here in Dallas, where, Families and students from anywhere in the world can come and learn from original documents and also learn an online and will tell you All about it and we need your help to spread. The word third and to continue our mission, justify now more information about it, go to M one next chapter dot com and that event is gonna happen virtually October twenty fourth, and I invite you to join Us- will give you more details on that Got a loophole here that just came out a CNN pull conducted by S r s fifth, seven percent say their good of a vote for button forty one for trouble. They say that after the debate is up to sixteen points in favour. A button
I dont, believe that I don't know I don't I don't. I can't either I mean come on meat and bone meal guy. I know I know people who watch did who were voting for by and switch the other way. Really. I do. Somebody said never while never will. I am for Trump yet another watched and when this doesn't seem right, that's not true. That's not right! That's true, and yet, if you listen to the media, it was about two to one in favour of Abiden. That's what they that's, what they say and now it's affected. The poles to the point worries doubled his lead, anxious, really hard He was not good, I mean, I don't think the president. rectangular than that either Cassandra interrupted too much in it. Do it just cause Ya see us are tired of chaos and it in and he looked like he was, bringing young was bringing cut, K and advising was an better. He was not at her by
If you listened to what Biden said now, maybe it and listen to a binding said but if you listen to what he said Most of it was just not true or out of step with the can people right O Island have mask a mask mandate? That's not in step with the american people. You know, Just I just don't. I just don't buy it. I know I hate to say this, as you know, stews our guy who's, always on the poles and he's in these poles. Are these? Poles are right. These pulls right, Sir days who files this programme on blaze, radio he's bees just as strong in the polls he's a former campaign adviser, and he said I throw all of these pulls out he's like they're they're, all flawed any makes a good case and why they are. Did you see the turnout for Bernie Sanders campaigning for button my gosh, those words, person there and they were waving a trump flag,
Bessie Pittance also means an awesome video. I only mutilated videos we sign up. I am I. The only thing I saw was where Bernie Sanders said. If he gets his way in providing gets in it's going to be like those of the most progressive. Ever oh, my God, there is men had somebody comes over and tries to pull down the flag and she can't do it. So there's act two or maybe three people there and then a couple of I didn't campaign in April, looks like an aunt if a person dressed all black trident gives out that's hysterical, there's no enthusiasm for his glance, proudly
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