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The American Spirit Lives Through You | Guests: Peter Schweizer & Scott Karns | 1/26/22

2022-01-26 | 🔗

Glenn lays out all the ways the government is attempting to take full control over every aspect of our lives. Glenn gives a monologue about the spirit of America and the lengths to which that spirit can take you. Author Peter Schweizer joins Glenn to discuss his book, “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win." Glenn shares a story of a beloved TV host and how he turned his tough childhood into a successful adulthood. Glenn explains how the government forcing ESG scores will be the end of capitalism. CEO and president of Karns Foods Scott Karns joins Glenn to discuss how grocers are having to manage both inflation and supply chain issues. Glenn discusses the importance of local banking.

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When you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and Enlightenment Ikebana back program?
I am now I'm I'm sick and by what we, as America and Americans are allowing to happen, and the and the reason it is happening is because the press is just gone missing in action would be a wonderful piece of news. Instead, there misinforming and using this information when it comes to things like inflation. The Wall Street Journal is just come out with an article on to counter inflation. You're gonna need to do more than switch brands, and it's a happy spin on inflation. Oh really, inflation gonna make us better people we're gonna start like our grandparents, great grandparents. It went through the great depression that a lot of them felt free. A lot of them felt. No, they didn't know they didn't she's for the love of peat and what is Washington doing wait until I tell you what Joe Biden is doing today, which will only make it worse. You got to stand up, and sixty seconds will tell you
alright, limited about lifelong. Every time you hear what about the one of those massive data breaches the comes in the news. a lot people like you, please it's not me. How do you know? How do you know when they hacked into Facebook have your information, everything is under threat right now, and there is only so much you can do and worry about honestly some of these things and give to people who have been doing this and protecting people for decades. Now, its life lock by Norton You don't even have to understand. How will you know cyber thieves are steal it. You don't have to do any that. You just have to understand that it is really critical that you protect you. right, identity and all of your digits, no matter whether they want it wherever they are pieces can be taken in the data and then reassembled
and then they have you You need somebody standing guard, that's life locked! I can't stop everything, but the best in the business join now save up to twenty five percent off your first year, Promo code back one eight hundred lifelike one, eight hundred lifelike or lifelike dotcom, promo code back twenty five percent of one, good, lifelike or lifelong dot com. oh my ok, Joe Biden is yesterday: he had ice cream, they, say what he had on schedule, but we now know what he had on schedule. He had to stop at an ice cream parlour. And he got an ice cream cone. I dont know what flavour I dont know who asked him, but Today he's got big day in front of him. He's gonna meet in person with sea egos. ten major corporations to discuss the potential benefits to business of his build back better act.
Now. This is how its being described, the Social safety net bill that pass how last year but stalled in the Senate, that's not what this is. This is a social safety net bill. The build back better bill is the great reset that the slogan for the great reset, According to the White House official who requested anonymity on Tuesday, probably because they don't want anybody to another associated with the White House. At this point two preview, the event they were two preview, it is still being finalize. The executives will all be there in person. No one attending virtually that's a chain, from past ceo events, that he is hosted, and here are the people that are expected to be with him today, Ribera Cheese, the chair and chief executive officer General Motors. Work better off chair coaches.
executive offer, officer and founder of sales force, He is one of these also on the w e F a board of directors. He is but the chief salesman It comes to when it comes the great reset. Thus the brown Docket president chief officer of tee, I a gym Farley deep executive officer afford Barbara Hump President. She, ceo of Siemens Tom Line, Barker he's the CEO of Commons in Uk Laura's the executive officer of HP, Jost Silverman, the Chief I officer of Etsy Brad Smith, what a surprise this president. Vice chairman of Microsoft Windows, Weeks chairman and CEO of Corning, these are all people that are in and fully supportive of the bill back better ACT and the great reset
so he is having a p are meeting today, bringing in all the people that are all deeply on board for the great reset and he's going to have a little meeting with them and then they're all going to go out to the media and say this is going to help our economy is going to help. Know it's going to help our economy So what is the big thing? That's gonna help our economy. Well, a reset of capitalism. That's what's gonna help and thing called. Yes, g scores environment. all social justice and governance. Scores and governance scores are going to help people navigate the. Very tricky financial waters that were going into because of climate change, Let me give you this regulators fed regulators today. A new story from politico are like depress depressed banks to prepare for the fall out
from a warming planet. So the Planet is getting so warm right now that federal Regulators are saying you better as banks, you better prepare for them, and one of the things you need to do is stop financing. fossil fuels. If you think gas prices high today give it a year. you must stand. in your state? You have to call you, Greece, men in your senator you Cannot let the the build back better bill or anything like it to pass you ve got to get. To regulation because it's everywhere it's in everybody's company, if you work for a big company, it's in your company, the way stop it is through the financial sector you gotta get to the banks, and to the credit card companies because they're the ones that are pushed
in all of this and they're the ones that are going to affect every all way down your auto alone, so the job of the regulators is to ensure safety and soundness of financial institutions and promote financial stability. Now this actual make sense. That's Andy BAR he's league G, o p representative from Kentucky he says, their job is not to pick winners and losers in credit markets and politicize the allocation of capital or to solve climate change now by has just tapped. Sarah bloom Rask in she is a warrior against fossil fuels? She spend saying fossil fuels that is a horrible horrible investment. She now going to be she's, been picked for the top job, for them regulations at Federal Reserve Martin
room Burg he's taking over the F B. I see and the trumps person They forced her to resign. And now you ve got the The climate warrior at the top of Fdi see you also have the controller of the currency. now being led on an acting basis by Michael Shoe, who but climate issues front and centre, you security in exchange committees, a chair, Gary Gentler. He is but he is enacting sweeping rules that will work our banks and other public companies to disclose their contributions to climate change and environmental risks. It a huge massive shift faster than any one could imagine, is coming now may give you what's happening overseas with our own treasury secretary, so
JANET Yellin met for the W e F Davos agenda. Annual meeting just ended and it was a conversation with JANET Yellin Secretary of the Treasury, with clay Schwab. Actually, hosting and after telling Schwab that the old supply side model for lower taxes and reduced regulations just doesn't work and binding new build back. Better, is just so much more promising. She's Importantly, the abide ministration. economic strategy embraces rather than rejects something kind of important here. She is, listen. Importantly, the Biden Administrations economic strategy embraces rather than rejects operation with the private sector we're combination of improved market based centres and directs
thing based on empirically proof and strategies gave so what she saying here, the binding restoration through the Treasury and through the Federal Reserve? Our Owing to now partner with businesses, do you want your government partnering with all of the big, businesses exactly what's happening in the White House today? Do you want that? Because that is fascism? I just want you to know. That is the technical definition of fascism. Do you want the United States government two through what did she's just say through market these incentives and direct spending so in other words, The government will put direct spending your tax dollars to these companies proven strategies and they will have market based incentives. Another in other words, e g scores, get out of that business, and
you can. You can have your business, otherwise you'll be destroyed. That is fascism. There is now the free market. Now. She goes on to say: we have a different focus. Listen to this. Essentially, we are interest focused on achieving a high top line. Growth number did is unsustainable. Words did the aiming for growth that is inclusive and green tea none moment is well suited to accommodate such a modern supply side expansion so be. We are not focus, on high top line economic growth. That's pretty obvious. A year ago our growth was thirty percent. With everything shut down, our gdp was thirty percent. Are GDP. Today is what three three and a half per cent there are clearly not in
instead in any kind of top line economic growth there only interested in growth that is sustainable, green and Inclusive II, ass g. So they want to make sure that we spread the wealth around the best way to do. That is to pick winners and losers. Van Klaus Schwab had something to say he is the head of the World economic forum. He is the guy who is really spearheading the great reset. Here's. What he's just set remember! This conference ended two days ago. Here's what he said. It was fascinating, suddenly for all participants to hear from you how's the different aspects of future economic support, John C administration by an administration approach. Integrated into
an overall concept of sea model supply side economics, and I think I just natural sets The Bali surpass way We have to choose in context of today and to create the modern economy which is not just successful in creating prosperity but create. inclusive, express bus, prosperity, also sustainable and also very silly and prosperity, Yes, says JANET Yellin, so not looking for you know we have to choose our arena. Are we gonna have of a system that create prosperity or inclusive prosperity and sister? Annabelle, a green prosperity. That's what have to choose their, not choosing their
going to continue to ITALY eat their caviar and ski this risky slopes. You, you are going to feel the impact, but don't worry the elites are here the elites. I have a plan for you. I will the budget ABC last. I just gave it to you. It's fantastic and you're gonna feel so much better. We do, then sixty seconds when it comes to stacking, I've tried almost everything. Really I a sweet tooth gets to me every night. It drives me not I wish I could get rid of it. I can't I've. I grew up in a bakery felucca beat at night. I knew something sweet okay. So what do I do built bar is a great a choice, something my wife is like he'd, really like em and Jews, in what you say in their protein bars. I don't want a protein bar. She saw to me all wrong. She knows better than that. I don't understand
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ok. So we have been talking about the World Economic Forum and I am in such a frustrating place right now, because areas like what a great problems have not snot. like a is to get the word out. And we publish this book. It is bigger much money is the fastest selling book. I have ever put out the because the supply chain shortage, we literally cannot keep the printing press is going shortages of paper shortages of space, on printing, presses, etc, etc were working on it. We're getting. locals to start printing as soon as we can. I hope tat more on that today, but please get it on kindle now. I know you want a hard copy, but get it on Kindle the fur first version of it that came out for like three hours was all screwed up. It's perfect now there's nothing wrong with it get it,
on Kindle you you're going to want a paper copy version of it, but I don't know when you're gonna get your hands on one and things are moving too rapidly. We have been talking. The great reset and the public private partnerships that they are doing their doing it right now, and They don't have a plan for inflation. They don't a plan for all of this. What they have is a cage and entirely new system. and we're all going to be robbed blind. Of not only our rights and our freedoms, but also of our money and might on Blaze TV I'm gonna, give you an example of one of the oldest public private partnerships in the United States from one thirteen, it's called the Federal Reserve We I said couple of days ago: there was something that I wanted to foil. We found out that somebody else head forward and it just been released. Nobody is really even seen this yet is
thing that I said back in two thousand and ten no. What's really going on, they made it all top secret. couldn't be released for ten years. It has everything to do with tarp youth. Thank you think you know what happened on TARP youth, think you know what the banks were doing in the Federal Reserve and our Treasury, you no idea. I My eyes melted the aid You you We cannot allow these people to continue to do to this cause treat, they are destroying it there. Drawing it and it's all coming from our banks and Federal Reserve and our government. This administration tonight. the real numbers, the real numbers of what they ve done These are the same people who are
I'm telling you what they're doing right now at nine p M Eastern, the inflation nation? Why America, Is hurtling towards economic collapse and I'll get you some stuff. You can do coming up in just a second, but. I am. I am so sick of hearing these experts that there is no inflation. you're a scare monger. If you're saying inflation is coming back. Inflation is here, but its transitory ok are ok, so it's not transitory, but it's going to recede. Ok, all right! be a few years before it receives, but it's not gonna get too bad. Okay, it my get really really bad, but don't worry, how about it cause your life is gonna, be better still listening to these people. Stop listening to these people they
have been wrong and or lied to us forever. Stop? Listening to them and start listening to yourself time you go into the grocery store. You know. What's going on every and you go to the gas station. You know what's going on and you know gas station thing. She. Why? was that caused by the United States government Reagan set at once and Hopefully, America's ready to hear it again governed It is not the answer government is the problem more in a minute the line
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they had some tips for your here's. Abc wave. capital partners has expert tips for consumers to keep. The cost of necessity is low, as inflation continues by in bulk. There is no, the panic and clear out shells of toilet paper like in March of twenty twenty, but buying in bulk when you can is cost efficient I non perishable or frozen purchasing food is canned or frozen? Will structure dollar, as well as your meals, shy around price, We, too lightens might vary from place to place, especially when coupons or available. Maybe it meet at one store and produce said another and when it comes, the gas pump use apps to find deals, and if it is an option for you work from as much as you can to save on transportation costs low cash. Thank you ABC. I appreciate I didn't know I'd have you thought about buying in bulk. Before I didn't,
You could even do that parent Lee. You can and frozen, or here the foods don't know what that is, but will have to look for it, Ok, maybe you have some shop around ok large, were given a whirl or coupons. Ok, all right, all right! Ok, if, if you can't just work from home, if you can just isolate yourself, can't just change everything about your life. If you can and you're. Just you know what you're gonna more time for your poetry sessions because you real there's about living in all of us and Europe gonna you're gonna have all that free time to do your poetry. Look I'm in artist day. I'm pay in it is the passion is. The only thing keeps me sane right now. It is my passion, spend all my time painting who actually work. I want a job
I want to earn money to be able to put food on my family's table and, unlike our cut, not destroyed what you say, but do you I mean it's just meet course I hadn't thought about. Just maybe even selling my car's, because its Sustainable anyway, I mean you. solve you want to solve Russia here? It is here it is make the United States, energy independence, and, in fact, go back to exactly the way it was a year ago where we were selling bulk energy overseas. you know what your y Y! You know. Why? Because Putin he's here economy collapses. A collapse is when gasoline and oil is cheap, it's not sustainable till we get the west to stop. Do
any kind of drilling any kind of pipelines or anything else, and then will will well, come China and Russia to build. new pipelines will help Do it don't do first of all do not do not, settle, do not settle. Do Listen to these clowns that telling you you know what you're gonna, there's theirs. think you're gonna to enjoy. You know we're. a b. We gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna, buy less, and that makes people happier now Buying less makes people happier when they choose to buy less when they realize you can't buy happiness, but if you still think you can buy happiness and you don't have the money to buy that happiness, you're just they are stored.
especially when you see the people who are telling you you're gonna, be happier by a new yachts guy really doing with less. I thought when is enough enough. President Obama mean how many houses do you have, have a problem with people having multiple houses? Bless America, but you do And you are saying that we're all gonna be wiped out in some sort of fiery flood, we'll gosh would that fly hit yours on an island first, they happen piracy is not going to let their arrogance, their arrogance. it's gonna, be the undoing. because they really truly do not know who we are and their counting on us, forgetting. The counting on us.
There was a kid that was born in eighteen. Fifty six. he was born in Croatia. He was born during a thunder storm. The midwife said this is a curse on his life. This case cursed his mouth said not to know this and from God, he's blast well, his youth was not good. He had a life threatening illness, he had trouble, but he still it Still didn't stop him from doing when he was young. His Uncle was over. This is in Croatia and he showed his uncle a picture of Niagara falls and said: I'm gonna harness that one day. Well, guess what. that little kid came to America with like two dollars in his pocket. Complete, broke had no connections, and he the guy who harnessed and built the power station at Niagara falls
his name was Nikola Tesla. We know about Wilbur right. Right. I said I yell flying won't know out somewhere in Central America shut up. He was forced to go to Yale. Now Couldn't you seriously injured in a hockey game, so he said I can't go, he thought he wasn't. Gonna be able to be a functioning person. He became very, very depressed, Then his mom got tuberculosis. He stayed home even longer to help her. She died. And there is brother was with them like. What do you say we give this flying thing? A whirl. as a professional race car driver, he had eight a discipline.
a real disabling illness for his job. He had already one LA bonds, doctor as you have to retire. You know his story. He didn't want to stop England heads, production of their ac ace model The engines were no longer available, and those things were rocket ships. So he got an idea. He took a few word engine a two. Sixty any power it into the body of an easy ace, any designed a race car so fast it the racing world by storm? That's Carol, Shelby, a guy who built the car because of all the problems he had of these, people had some thing down in their lives each of these? People had a reason to quit, but each
Of these people either by birth, or by choice, we're Americans and there's something different inside of us? We don't give up and that's what the elites are trying to make you do, you feel alone, make you feel beat up like there's nothing. You can do that All of the odds are stacked against. You will Americans, when you come up again The problem, the rest, to the world. Quits Americans, don't. Are we still those Americans that don't quit. Instead, we innovate. are we still the people that, when the odds are against us, we Happy into something this endless reservoir, we call the american Spirit. we have conquered the big. Foes
small smallpox fascism, communism to poverty. We have been erased. All disease, all poverty, but two World is a different place because we knew who we were quite honestly, we knew who we served. The spirit that brought us here, the Spirit of God and the spy. that harnessed Niagara. No, Niagara falls revolutionized race, cars, but literally made men fly that spirit right now: is taking people to space as tourists, and we don't even really talk about it. Do you know when Elon Musk and his brother launch their first company zip to Eli, I was living in living in his office anyway, showering at the! Why I m. Did you know that
But he's in America. He's got more american spirit in him than most People I see every day he's now he's gone from showering at the way am seeking to now mapping out a trip to Mars and he'll. Do it why why because he has that American Spirit in him. I'm telling you. People say the american Spirit is run out and they are doing everything they can to make. You believe that, but they're wrong, the Eric Spirit lives as long as it lives. Inside of one of us. It lives on as soon as we rise to the occasion It lives on as soon as we say. I didn't come this far to listen to you, sir king to tell me exactly what I can and cannot do I'm sorry, oh you,
Can't save the people in it Ghana Stan, ok, we will be can spirit lives on every time. Someone beats the odds and the Eric and Spirit is alive and waiting for you to tap into it and we need Because we are facing now if challenges in gonna need the Spirit, every way you can mean that word. We are going to need the american Spirit and we are going to need the Spirit of God. But then they go hand in hand. Let me tell you about Patriot mobile, here's group of people that thought you big mobile. They prove the service, and then they take all their money and they destroy America. Why? we putting up with it. These were a group of a veterans and they
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so I saw this headline, I'm not going to go into the story. It's from Australia and it's about the out back and the headline is world's most inbred. Family includes for generations of incest- and I thought I honestly thought is- is this reveal the royal family really that yeah I think that is the world's most inbred family. I do believe that hey, you know: she's you're, she's, your cousin, but she's speaks Chairman Mary and gather hacker. This I do feel I do. People in the world it's been, there's been a long history I feel like we could have done better than for generation. I think the peak that's a pizza, Lorentz asset is like we should allow the only ones that we are actually looking. So we know that today, as today watch this as for more details- and I wanna play something from kid rock this is I mean if it
They have no idea. The elites have no idea where people actually live, and what their feeling this new song from kid rock. We are at it along like a more than more than a lot
with this grave. Where you ask your wasted latterly comment: we got down prices going quarrelled, waiting time. The disputed he's just yelling beg you, gotta love the Spirit, but get their way. Facebook way. What is it? But if you listen to the lyrics it- and it's not easy but of Elizabeth Lyrics
It is all about big tech, big government, big, arm is suited all of all of the people that you sense something's, not right it. sensing is the great reset and they re we don't think that people are onto them and we are. We are you may not know. Your friends may not know what it's called, but they ve heard big Bilbil back better They don't know what that is. I don't know what that is, but sent something is wrong or something right. And that's why you really need to inform them on the great Risa, because otherwise they're just gonna Screamin microphones and do that, but good news is, that is more and more the feeling of Amerika and they missed. The first time with Donald Trump pellets? I feel it's kind of a Donald try mean obviously kid rock and ultra light and get long right like he lay so ordered them in and you you could see that being
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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and in the light
ikebana back program. Peter Switzer is a dear friend. He is the president of the Government Accountability institute. He is also a former William Jkc fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University number, one New York Times bestselling author, whose books have been translated into eleven different languages. He is a guy who the press used to really love. I mean he takes on both sides and he's doing it again. Why is why does it feel like no one will take China on? Why is why is it that all of these elites are
Tor PETE owing us, in favour of China guys out. While our human rights rights are human rights, our human rights record yeah, I guess- and five thousand his five thousand year history of China there's no human rights abuses in that long, sorted tail. Why Peter has the answer? It's called caught red handed his new book red Handed outlines the answer to these disturbing questions. He's joining us in sixty seconds Well, it is time that comfort in style can be joined, hand in hand. That's when you think I gotta have me some of that mean Style is really
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What code back eight hundred nine hundred and sixty six three thousand one hundred and seventeen mypillow dot com. We have miss miss Peters wiser. phone with us, hello Peter. How are you great to be your arm. Would you thanks for whom I have been waiting to have this interview, and I know what you're doing a longer in depth interview next week in Chalk Board and everything else to show up all of that? actions to China and it is it's disgusting we are committing suicide. Aren't we you will all elites are committing suicide right. It's it's a begin. The book talkin about of Lattimer Lenin's prediction about you know the capitalist will solve the rope by which will hang them. talked about how the elite, sir we're gonna be deaf, dumb and blind, and all the light of what the Soviets we're doing. Courses omits couldn't afford do it. They don't have any money to buy off people in the west. China does
And what Lenin predicted is absolutely happening? european elites. Large numbers of them are selling out the country for personal profit and because they have this kind of stuff in for the dictatorial model that that Beijing follow. So that is something that people done understand. I'm gonna get into some of the meat of this and we start with Joe Biden but first. I think you need to explain because people I will say why would these capitalist want to be in bed with these guys? What why? would they want this to spread even over here, What's a question I mean, if you look at China, China is not really a marxist country, but there are leninist country, and what I mean by that is, you know they have a companies they. Corporations are, and they have a very powerful elite that governs things.
the elite not only is rich, but they also have political power in the United States, its flight. We, it doesn't mean the rich people, don't have political power, but it's more broken up. That was the genius The founders, what you find is with guys like bill gates, guys you're a mosque. I quote them extensively in the book. They actually like the chinese system, the chinese systems more efficient. They get things done more effectively. One guy said you know they know how to get things across the finish line: dictatorship how's that example. So when you look at a guy, your bill gates. What you learn masker be up some of the big eyes on Wall Street that I name Do they really need the money? No hunting bill gates is worth more than a hundred billion dollars, but there's this notion that sense that China knows how to govern and addressed world problems, better than the United States. Does that's what I think the reason is they get a bed with
because they feel like there's kind of this joint effort in tackling these core itself. It is this is how do they shut their eyes to the trot cities in China. Very simply they either explain them away or ignore them, or believe that there are other bigger problems of one of the things I talk about. The book is, you know the issues related to climate change, no not getting into the whole debate. What causes it, but you know China has very effectively said If you bring up human rights, were not to cooperate with you on climate change and that's actually part of a strategy. I outlined in the book how the origins of the Paris I'm at a cord, really came from aid and chinese United Front group. The point is that big, Colonel Blind eye, because they feel like there are cortical bigger problems to tackle, ignoring
That is the very nature of the chinese regime, is the reason we can't trust them to keep their word. They ignore that and that's that that's the calculation that age may, Looking to ignore other in terms of the weders working to ignore human rights, finally, since we cannot ignore the fact that they covered up the code, virus leading to you your millions of additional global death because of the conduct of the north, we're all bad because they feel like didn T and what China wants is common cause with them on a lot of these issues and by the way there and make a lot of money at the same time, so You said that this is the most disturbing work you ve ever done the most disturbing personally to you and you think it's the most disturbing message to put out do can you give me a bit more on that feeling, and why should I
do you not known each other for a very long time and we ve talked a lot about corruption. We talk about insider trading in the stock market by members. Congress would talk about Hillary Clinton. We ve talked about the bindings. I wish all the bushes absolutely those are. You know in importance on individual cases, what dealing here is is with a entire class of people. I mean if you look at the section on Silicon Valley in the book you got that you ve got. Google, you ve got the soccer burg, you ve got bill gates, you got you on mosque the most powerful people in silicon Valley- and they all say the most outrageous things about, chinese regime. We do it or do me a favor, because I think this one story about Zuckerberg meeting presidency with his wife is truly unnerving
yeah, so soccer Borg has a long history of kowtowing to Beijing. Zuckerberg, of course, is married to woman whose ethnically chinese? Ah, he me its President G, any state dinner that present, then President Barack Obama's holding in TWAIN, shifting locker work, obviously eager to do business in China ends up doing some deals in China goes up to present at the state dinner with his wife who is pregnant or any. Asks the dictator of China. If he would provide a name for his child, a Chinese. You knew I was gonna. Have an american nationals advertising? Will you name my child I yield to me that is really disturbing, because, first of all, these objectives, use this oppressive guy, but second of all brazilian something that is the meaning of your child and he's asking you to do it and ye are basically says? Oh, that's, too great a risk.
possibility. Even she thinks this is creeping in my mind, as has no thank you, I'm not going to do it, but there are multiple examples with Zagreb. Get another. One is the head of the Chinese. his party propaganda Department, Facebook Headquarters, Vienna, Cosmo, What gives him the tour, then be arm. He takes him into his office. Zuckerberg takes them induce executive office where the propaganda chief sits down and noticed. A familiar book of five hundred page book sitting on Zuckerberg desk? It's the collected speeches and statements. China's President Jean a propaganda chief, picks up and says all this is interesting. Talk about tells him? Oh yes, I'm reading it and I'm having all the senior executives in my company read them, so they can her stay and social. What's up with chinese characteristics, what what kind of fact executive does that,
to me it's very disturbing in its notches, pandering it speaks, I think, to a deeper problem with the law but these people reminds me an awful lot of IBM in the nineteen thirty's. talking to Peters wiser. He is the author of red handed. It comes out today, the the real meat is all about China by to the one that will sure a lot of people's attention. Of course, not the press at all is Peter is the guy who broke the story and twenty eighteen of hunter. Binds massive business deals in China. May while Joe Biden was vice president they said that, while heat and really make a lot of money on that blah blah Peter has new details. Peter has the laptop and he has gone through it with a fine tooth comb. It's not whole book, then that should really disturb you
It is a portion of the book on the burdens and he give it to us and sixty seconds american financing interest two are going up and they haven't been raised on the bank. Yet from the federal Reserve. The banks are already raising their it's where up to about four, I think per cent for many banks. Please, please, I want you to call american financing today. Let American financing Sal. we base mortgage consultants, walk you through a free mortgage review only takes about ten minutes. It could save you so much money down the road, there's, no pressure, no up front or hidden fees, no obligations. It's a fact. really owned company that really only once what's best for you, they don't work for the banks. I know this because I've worked with them for so long up, almost ten or fifteen years now and you done business with them of Stewart.
on business I mean with so many people on the staff and not because Ah they're gonna give us a special deal. They don't know. Some of these people are in the company that have called they're just a good group. people that will do you're right, it's american financing, eight hundred and nine six hundred and twenty four four thousand eight hundred and nine six, two thousand four hundred and forty in financing dot net american financing. Annabel us one. Eight do through three: four W W w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org ten seconds station idea the book that is coming out today, Red handed how american elites get rich help. China win win Peters, wiser. Okay, so Peter you the story in twenty eighteen. Nobody paid attention said it was conspiracy. They said that he didn't really make any money
You now have the goods that not only did he make a lot of money, but his father was directly involved in these business dealings with the highest levels of the chinese party. yeah, I mean this is the key interests doing very troubling evolution of story. I you know you and I talk about this when the book came out in twenty eight ten, and it was a story of cronyism and corruption and self dealing by american politicians. Your Biden, what we did was taken new material, which are the email collections, a couple of hundred bites business partners, the laptop itself. good service travel records that was released by the EU. As such. I am always we really wanted to fight our planet. How did these deal happen in China? How does a guy who's deserve a vice president? Go to China in line these deals, none on our way, we will not just the son of a vice president, a an hour
of Control drug user guy? Who is a very risky bad on any level, get those meetings? Yes very variable, The point you make your exactly right: So we want to know who open these doors in China and what we found by going through the emails is that there are basically five deals that by my family. God and there were a collection of businessmen that opened those doors and each one of those business. Man has direct ties to the higher levels of chinese intelligence, so so, for example, de the boy Harvest Deal Ba Char, that belonging to the private equity deal hundred gets on his body. Yes, no background and finance, one of the guys that may that have is a chinese business. Man caught a sketchy guiding chafing chafing that time was business partners with the vice minister of state.
Security in China, a guy named your mom yeah and was in charge of the so called number eight bureau and his responsibilities include recruiting foreigners to spy for China. He had additional risk possibility for north american intelligence operations? That's the first business man, that is opening the door for Hunter Biden, put some of the board of this private equity, find his valuation. Ownership is around twenty million dollars for basically doing nothing to second business man, that help with that deal and then also sends another five million dollars to another. One hundred by businesses is a guy named, Your Zhao, Mr Zhao, at the time, was business partners with the daughter as a former minister of State Security, which is the guy that once the entire spy apparatus for China, so you have those deal,
and like way way way. This would be like getting President Zis Son bids. this deals and they have all been brokered by the head of the FBI, CIA and an essay. Am I wrong correct that that's exactly I use a cold war example. Imagine if we would have tolerated in the cold war Truman's daughter. You know, Eisenhower's kids. I get deals with people directly tied to the head of the KGB? I mean sort of solvable, but that's exactly where we are so we treat these deals back when it's all source in the book at all open source information, but in some the Bygones got five deals totalling some thirty one million dollars and everything one of those deals traced back to individuals with links to the highest levels of chinese intelligence and the part that is important that you'd
start at the beginning is this is not just a hundred by story, because the other thing that is revealed by these email collections is that hundred by you was but get money from foreign sources, any was sharing that money with his father. In fact there are the messages, were hundreds complaining, other family members saying I have to give half by money to pop meaning he's dead and you can say what you maybe it's just you know he's using drugs or use just mad, but that assertion is supported. by the emails, and you find the Hunter Biden is paying for repair and renovation, Joe Biden Property up in Delaware, because when Joe Biden, Joe Biden has, present of United States he's paying for things like his ears. Mobile phone bill. I mean we ve, found tens of thousands of dollars, I'm sure there's a lot more. He is he's affected. We subsidize
in his father's lifestyle and using foreign money to do it. and by the way that is not legal, if you a politician. You can accept occasional gifts, family members, but fair, members and their businesses. cannot subsidize your wife I will pay you bills, but that's it precisely. One hundred body has been doing. Joe Biden and you know it is directly linked to these foreign deals that you make So we have a president who is compromised on almost every front. You know he says that urge that Donald Trump was compromised by Vladimir Putin, except everything that Donald Trump dead. with Lattimer Putin did not work, took Putin's advantage here The case is is, dramatically the opposite but we are living in a time now, where, because of China and
because of Biden, the press isn't gonna. Let me this is the most stunning illegal clearly on a map, fuckin activity. I have Ever seen the produced outside of Guy, who was actually a spy for the F B. I remember his name that was arrested during the irregular ministration. It's there kind of level and no one's gonna talk about it, nothing's going to happen Peter Here is the thing we have to keep in mind. We have to keep in mind that the american people did not know a lot about ass. Your number twenty election they suppressed by the new post first started running worries about the laptop I believe because the reason Glenn you get up. Bed in the morning and in an income the work is the american people cares about these And there are enough people in work,
contain a lot of people in Washington Weather he believes in the republic or whether they simply want to keep their jobs when the American people rise up and raised, this is an issue that is important to them. It cannot be ignored The important thing to keep in mind is that Joe Biden in his presidency is doing. What Beijing wants to do now? It is important to keep in mind the people say, You know Joe Biden Heap. You put this diplomatic boycott for the Olympics or Yahoo Criticise them are leaders but point out in the book. Is the Chinese have a concept called big help which a little bad now, as long as you're doing the big things to help them. If you say that negative things they're not worried,
Peters wiser, we will talk to you next week. You will be in studio with us for strand of the morning with you and then next week's Wednesday night Special Red Handed will have at all on a chalkboard for you that's next week the book is available. Now it's a milestone: Red handed by Peters, wiser decline,. Ok past injury has been fast and furious. Let me tell you one of the things you can do and I'm by the way, I'm going to give you some things. You can do next time. I'll show you some good NEWS in just a second but one of the things you have to do is you have to teach your children in your grandchildren the things that will help in the long run, and that is tee to them the values and principles and the truth Freedom, and a free market and road to serfdom. All of these things. A lot of
Dulce haven't Reds Rhoda serfdom and it really is important, but it's got so boring at times Road to serfdom is an important thing. You can now teach it to your kids. I mean your little kids with it. old twins, books, the tunnel twins book make it easier for your kids that you're putting down a reading story to every night. All the way to your teenage and young adults, twins Box, explain all of it and they make it entertaining right. Now, thirty, five percent discount off of their books, please these are, must own books for every family, Tuttle, twins, back dotcom tunnel, twins, back dot com and had ever to blaze. Tv dotcom, Slash, Glenn, promo code is glad to save ten bucks ivory subscription to blaze TV
we have been talking a lot about the great reset, the relationship between the World Economic forum Guess companies around the world and our governments and and we ve been telling you about the public private partnerships that Joe Biden is gonna, be in the White House talking about today, with some of the leaders of the biggest businesses in the country who are all for the great reset, the since twenty first century fascism, is fascism. If you will with a smiley face and we're not gonna around you up, we're just gonna. Make sure that here now going to destabilize everybody else, because what you believe- and, if you don't believe in global warming or you're, not actively taking steps to make sure that you have your house buttoned up and you know extra weather stripped and you ve got solar energy while you,
destabilize the rest of us. So we can't take a risk on you. That's fascism This is twenty first century western and I think mainly driven by America, among reckon fascism we ve been. Talking about it and the public private, nor ship, and I want to show you, the oldest public, broader, a public private partnership in America. There is one and it should be the example to all of us, it is the partnership between the United States government and a group of private banks it's called the Federal Reserve and this is the vision for the entire country. The FED is a private institution. It is owned by private banks. eggs, probably that you bank with and they
take their marching. Orders from the government and the government takes their marching orders from the bank if it wants, it can operate in almost total secrecy for ample most of the country thinks, The two thousand eight bail out cost us five trillion dollars because that's what they said. The bail for the banks cost us five trillion dollars the fair when all the way to the Supreme Court to try to hide how they actually spent between two thousand and two thousand ten in full actually have to reveal this after two years, but after two years they were back and had the gun meant seal that information because they said it was just to him. Orton to a room, so they had those record sealed for ten years. Well, Two thousand twenty two guess who has the unsealed documents? Yes, you tonight at nine.
Here is something that you don't You're not gonna like when you find out. The money that they said of five trillion dollars. Is a little bit more Oh a bit more. Five trillion in one thousand dollars a bit more in latin all of the money that they injected into the system still floating around. You don't know the half of it believe me this this wills, that this should be. in front of every congressperson and every senator. The federal reserve should be He wiped out for what they have hidden, but they because there with the government? That's why We have to unite on
the great reset and stand against it, because it's coming from the same people, it's coming from the banks tonight, to what they ve injected into the system, won't become public until later this year, however, probably cap this one as well. We ve run the numbers and it is terrifying. You want to know what's causing inflation I'll show it to you tonight why is it hard for your family to afford anything? It's not the corporate greed, is the banking industry and our federal government tonight at nine p M eastern inflation nation, why America is hurtling towards economic collapse? get ten dollars off right now, if you sign up at the blade go to place tv calm, slash gland Blaze, tv, dotcom, slash, land use the promo code, Glenn you'll, see ten dollars. This is import.
Information that you need now. Let me give you some good NEWS. We have been hammered by little many fascists all over, and we have made made to feel like we can't do anything and the Zack you gave orders from the White House are a little overwhelming. Everything seems to be out of control. Do cove id governors enacted endless states of emergency, empowering them to behave like kings. This is exactly what Madison predicted ambition ambition has risen up now to counter ambition, what does that mean that if you keep- states in the FED separate the Aids will rise up and say no you're not doing that here and it
Not just big may only be for batteries, it may just because I want my power, the state. their power and the states are now rising up against the governors in Washington, State Washington, state, the Balancing of power is a by partisan movement right now. These senator, Emily Randal Cheese, a Democrat. She just introduced a bill that give state legislatures the authority to term made a state of emergency declared when they weren't in session and their bill, would give legislatures the ability to end the state of emergency that last more than sixty days in Indiana. They have advanced a bill that makes executive orders obsolete after a hundred and eighty days unless the legislature approves extending it. There is also a I partisan push in New Mexico for a constitutional amendment in New Mexico to Limp their emergency declarations to a mere ninety days. The governor of Georgia and New Hampshire,
both facing multiple bills, pose to limit their power, even New Jersey Wilma extend their emergency orders since, Two thousand and twenty one every step in the union, except for Vermont South Dakota. An Iowa considered bills to clarify executive power people are waking up, and perhaps these senators and representatives are honest, Lee concerned for Liberty donkey I think they just don't like sharing power and that's fine I'll take it. That's what Bateson said they don't want, to be bumped off. They won make sure that they retain their power. The news is good there. These politicians are moving, not just because the people are rising up when
People actually start rising up. They will move even further and it is our state and local governments that we have to move, and I no, that everything in life is making. You feel small, an instant insignificant and you feel beaten up. May I just tell you a story about Fred when, Fred should have been outside playing ball with the boys on a street or locking eyes with acute girl in their summer dresses he had to live inside inside his house in the ac. Because he had respiratory flair, I can't even imagine how, like every itself every one of those bad news bear. You know movies where the one kid sick, all the time in mobs like you, gonna stay inside he. Actually
did have real problems and they didn't. They didn't know what his life was gonna be like, and he came from a really good family but he was young, and the world was big, an bullies were everywhere and he was sickly. and instead of being sickly in skinny, he was sickly in fat and the bullies used to call him fat Freddy Alla time, and Fat, fat, fatty fat, fat, Freddy and others him. I mean it made him very, very shy, sensitive. but he learned how to breathe. Things got better any lost the weight, but his sensitivity because of being called FAT Freddy went on. In his life and actually really changed him. It actually became the bedrock of his Legacy, instead of saying I'm the fat guy, the guy that you know cat
accomplish anything because I'm fat everybody picked on me here, actually turned it into a positive. Actually get ahead of myself here for a second. fat Freddy didn't have a chance to peer into his future and see what was going on? he was a nobody at best. and the well meaning grown ups in fat, Freddy's life pretended he didn't care. What The kid said: DOT just ignore em, just ignore them yet you'd be in your kid. You can't. I think sometimes we forget what it feels like to be a kid and yet We are all those kids that are afraid of being called names. As soon as we shake our dust if our ones ganglion ever changing bodies and settle into more familiar and manageable scape
We let all of our recollections of childhood insecurities slip from our memories. We we start to go alien, others went such bad state socked. they seem little now, that's why problems are bigger. And they continue to beat us down, because there now bigger the events of our youth from first crushes to first? failures there, the biggest things we knew. Those are the things. Those are the only things really. it's lonely fat boy from industrialized, Western Pennsylvania, new. He didn't ignore his naysayers. He couldn't. That boyhood that cost between the familiar present, the terrifying future. a wiser and kindly kinder adult stepped in, and this dull told him. You know you're really special and you make me
day great make my day special food Freddie had nerd them. That was all he needed to hear this. the chaos of youth, sending him into emotional spirals. He could. to the fact that he mattered to someone just one person Freddie grew up. He shed the fat. He was just Fred. He Aged, like all of us, do but somehow was different. Unlike most adults, He never forget. what it was like to be called fat, Freddy. He never forgot how big the little things are. in nineteen sixty eight A few things happen. nineteen sixty eight was the height of the hippies
we'll get ready to go into space. and Fred was in his forties. As the children of the nineteen seventies were preparing to inherit in America on the other side of extreme change and the swinging sixties drew to a close Erica looked. Word to a decade marked with liberation scandals, space travel, hot and cold water, our cold war and of a nation wide identity crisis. We didn't know who we were. We were beginning to believe we were fat, Freddy too,. It seemed like the adult had left the building, except for Fred. in thousand, sixty eight Martin Luther King Jr and Robert F Kennedy were assassinated,
Anti war movement spread across our campuses. The! U S The pueblo was captured by the North Koreans and fat, Freddy LAW the brand new show on PBS Fat, Freddy His Fred Rogers Miss Rogers Neighbourhood. David Newell, a friend, Afraid Rogers, the after, behind premise Their mcfeely, the postman, he's I have often wondered if there, if there had Ben a fat Freddy, would there have been a Mr Rogers, perhaps not. Sometimes all we have to do to be able to put our life in order is to put into perspective the bad things that has happened to us use them and look at
as things that happen to us or are happening to us, to teach us something That can change the world. and when you realise that view change the world. stop letting things, sir, stances, and certainly politicians and social media keep you down. If fat Freddy can do it. What's stopping you factors Jimmy wrote in about it, hurt her husband's experience with relief accuracy of my husband, and I both started using really factor, and we were really surprised by the results. I know right both of had minor aches and pains plus I had problems with my knee that would just wasn't getting any better after about two of relief factor? We boast did seeing just an amazing lessening of pain. Even my knee was feeling better. I can t the going forward, we will not be without it. Thank you. Thank you. Relief factor
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Thank you so much for listening on Fridays programme. I have an exclusive interview live on Friday with Donald Trump we are going to talk to him about the Ukraine And Joe Biden and Russia, and what all of this means, and what should we be doing that is Friday top of our two an exclusive interview with Donald Trump. That's ten, a M Eastern! If your listening to us live on them, had cast it'll be the top of our two Donald Trump. Ukraine. Perhaps a little on the great reset as well the economic policies that we re acting right now.
What does he think about it? What should we be doing Friday on the Glenda programme? when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment,
the Glenn Beck program The problem of our world is: there's not enough people that really truly have done their homework to understand. What's going on, for the first time in my life, I can look at the news and I know whose responsible, exactly what's happening, who's responsible for the gas prices, theirs no question, no question: why does meet cost you so much, zero question? Why? Why can't we find people to work for us right now? No question it is so easy to
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So I want to give you from the Wall Street Journal just an amazing article on inflation and how to how to counter it consumes price index which tracks what people pay for goods and services is hit, a seven percent in December marking its ass this pace and fastest rise since nineteen. Eighty two now people in the past have made simple changes to the grocery store by cutting some things out there, more common purchases, blah blah blah, but these according to Wall Street Journal or not enough funding, she'll planners and consumers and economists all say it's time, to make larger changes such as scaling back your wedding or learn A new skill to save money they go in and they talk to. You know a lot of people, one guy just bought a house and he redid. It is house instead of hiring construction workers. Well, that's great!
unless it keeps you from making money yourself. It's the one thing I've I've learned is: your time is money. Your time is money How long is it going to take you to paint a room is your hourly rate what you could be making doing something else, doing what you're good at Is your hourly rate higher then the hours and hours and hours because you're not a pro added paint. your own room it's mine, said, remember, Your skills are probably worth more to somebody else than they are you so concentrate on what you do really well without being said: Your own stuff, too, is in bad but Joe, keep in mind. Time is money, so
they go now to a university professor and then they talk to this university professor and then they then they go. To sum up, I mean these: are all people like you, then go to a guy who is art gallery guy They talk to him. You know what are you doing? What are you feeling and He said that the he noticed at his sandwich shop there The price of sandwiches suddenly changed and Bam all of a sudden, my sandwich was twelve. Ninety nine and he went to the owner and said: hey. What's goin on twelve. Ninety nine for my sandwich in the owner said you know I have to raise. My prices, because of staff. Because of right Chicken prices and gas prices and everything else. So he switched to advocate a toast and- and that is I mean right- that's what you do.
You switched off and he says he also brings a protein bar and a banana the supplement. So Do that's what he's doing They also talk to Kermit Milkin and he said, he's quitting his soda habit, malice this from the Wall Street Journal forty three year old art director, Tulsa Oklahoma, said he likes to spend about seven hundred dollars a year on soft drinks and bottled ice tease. He asked him It's now because he's gonna make his own iced tea. On Sweden. He's only has been about thirty five dollars, but here's where it really meets the road and it's beautiful. Because he says the changes not only helping him save money, but he's Lou. in weight as well, which helps him. Not feel so anxious, so you know: hey, don't worry about what causes I'm looking at the Wall Street Journal or what is the cause of this inflation knots not in here but but but knowing no
in that Melissa, roofs, she's professional fundraiser When she had to get a gallon arena, filler her car up gas, she was shocked. Us she lives in. a formula. And she's decided she just gonna drive lass, but it's good You know because she's become more organised. She now double books, family doctors, appointment and she may Aaron's just go out and do the Aaron's once you know, and she said I am very conscious about the rising prices. You know especially living here in California. Everything is expensive, but she's. She's just mapping things out better, and so she didn't have to worry about it. That's the end of the story from the Wall Street Journal. Nothing, what is causing all of these problems, of course, not because, the government has more money to spend they need. spend more money. We're on we're on modern monetary theory. Right now, and it's gonna be great because
Did you know another one now from the banking exchange global yes, g assets are gonna hit DE trillion dollars in two years DE trillion dollars. That's forty percent growth. Just in the last two years, I'm telling you get your money in degree. Stuff it's your money and a social justice and greenstone. This means the all. These people that are making our money for investments, you're, putting all that money into yes G funds, because that's it use your baby, that's the future and those yes. G funds are only going to loan that money and give that money and by the stocks of companies that have proof was to go all social justice who apply as to make sure that they have the right people on the board. also are not gonna give. To anybody who is somehow quite obviously destabilizing us. bye, bye, just producing kennel
dirty energy, I mean how stabilizing. Can we get you know, look at the price of gas and oil already why we don't know but it's really high and it's only gonna get higher. Why we don't know, but do you want that kind of destabilization, you can happen overnight like that. Why we don't know. Yes, g, according to energy consultants As G now impacts all access to capital- yes, He has transcended from being checked box for oil and gas companies. Now investors are looking for improved disclosure of e g related issues supported by quantity. if data to garden to garner capital. Yes g now impacts across all access to capital. Let me read this again: listen II,
gee now impacts all access to capital, your Insurance, your banking and your equity It's not the end and all be all but you're looking for loans or capital, it he'll be heavily influenced by your s. G profile,. This is something that two years ago, when I first stop stumbled under this, I thought it was crazy, was crazy. And then I saw or words from Cloud Schwab. The guy is like a bond villain. He is an eyepatch away or a kitty cat away from being a bond villain come on it's true and it's happening, by the way companies planning to list on the stock market. You bet
have. I am quoting a robust yes g strategy or You're going to receive a discount on your valuation, so start mark it in you go up there and you want an ip, oh, how our young social, just have you preach to white people, yet about being sorry for all they done. Ok, how many times I ok. I will give you a good about you're, not a risk you're, not a risk. Oh ok how about this one from the Washington Post Semi can. Two chips are printed onto silicone. Wafers Lego with orphan live our and loaded into containers at a factory in Malta, New York, manufacturers and buyers of computer chips have had less than five days. Supplies of some chips on hand since late last year, leave them vulnerable too. disruptions in deliveries, this, according to the Commerce Department, I'll
There now pushing Congress to endorse federal aid for chip makers The report highlighted the severity of the global shortage that is hobbled, manufacturing and fuelled inflation. What causes it? I don't know, maybe the people are making enough chips. I can't live in a world without Doritos it Lee story does I need some chip different you anyway. Kay no easy solutions to these things right? No easy solutions so We usually have about forty days worth of chips that we as grab out, though you know chip bag. and put a man whatever that you know the chip me. You know the car odes there's a car out. It's a teddy wreck spend all great put a chip it whatever it is. We usually about forty days worth we five days as a nation right now we'll have five days. So the government is in high gear to provide
billions of dollars to build new chip, making companies. So, instead of that, fifty trillion dollars and money, you know but sitting there in a pool just waiting for the e s g people know we need the government to build these factories. And then they can have public partner public private partnership to have other can company, like maybe Intel with a good. Yes, Gee score come in, finish that factory and start making chips, because that The only way we can do it if we don't have the government building these things and in a public private partnership and they understand risk they under stand that if you don't teach white people than wiping We are responsible for all evils and they ve had enough already go away unless
Biden or anybody at the top of the ladder of these. These giant Corporations forget about those guys, don't pay any attention. What causes inflation, I dont know all I know is we need companies that will teach people that there is a huge difference between people, not character. It's all race, We need somebody to say, hey you the government. You want me to put I don't have enough handicap as being trend, gendered dogs on my board. I need one you're right I'll, do it federal government, so I can have a good. Yes, gee score, because that's what going to make our economy stable. This is what your government is doing right now,. it sounds crazy, but it
the end of the west. It is the end of the western civilization as we know it, because it is the end capitalism. As you know, this is not capitalism. This is fascism And I'm going to show you: inflation really is tonight at nine o clock, its is seven per. it seven percent knows not know not. How do I know How do you know? It's not seven percent, because Europe their buying stuff. All its only seven percent right now, because we ve changed all the formulas at the new formula can like new capitalism. it be too risky for the financial markets. If we, if we have formulated inflation, the way we used to the same thing with unemployment. What is our point three point six. Yet if we,
calculated unemployment. The way we did back in the nineties, it's actually twenty four percent, but its back. Come on? We're in a new world, a new yes g kind of land where you? deny you know to be true today, not a clock of very important episode. We will not only tell you, what's really going on I'm going to expose the banks in the Federal Reserve for what they ve been doing. Information that has just been released by a failure of foyer order and Like I mean I am shocked that they actually let this be released. ten years later, but all you have to do. Who is see what they did ten years ago for the bail out and then look at what they say there doing now, and it's not apply. the picture tonight at nine p M, also what you can do to prepare
This is one you do not want to mess. Tell your friends join me: LIVE blaze, tv dot, com, slow, Glenn use a promo code, gland, you'll safe. I think it's ten bucks right now at bay. He's tv dot com, Slash Glenn, Promo Code, Glenn, also episode will air later after it errs on on blaze, tv it will air later on Youtube, collect, train you find it, but it will air on Youtube on the blaze tv Channel on Youtube. It is also of syllable, live at nine p m on Don T so makes region this tonight. Right after a bread. Those do does America, that's all he does that's all. He does my job on wednesdays limit about car shield. Your car goes down and urine real trouble.
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Secondly, the zoo, a lot with problem animals does now They put in their own little areas, make sure that there are disrupting the aid that the good no? It's the good boys out, Mozilla's great watch, you throw something of the glass she moved well, yes, sometimes I'm sure look up you throw something at the glassy shall look up and she does. She does understand the glass thing now as adorable its adorable hey. By the way, have you heard about the you heard about the new Dell's Amr I have heard a little bit about us yeah stealth stealth. I dont know why. Still exultingly well, because it everywhere, but we do. No. if you have it or its affecting anything. It's stealth, ah
because there is a new variant off of the onlooker on gene yeah called Ba to something like that, but they they or their calling it. The new stealth variant but they're, saying it's already dominant in places like South Africa, yet Mark yeah all over here to assess it in a foreign ride and there's no, no different presidency MIKE it's making for Adele its flying in under the radar. Ok, you know the mean, and it could be that he could blow all of its operating really yeah. I was kind of area. While we don't know, we don't know could be any that its Dat stealthy could do nothing or all thing all things. I think it's getting nuclear weapons, Scibili Jackal you'll, hear it say with the flash yields up and then went back we are all dead, making that you and your family are supplied in the event of an emergency is, is really about you. them, when you have taking the time to help yourself beforehand. Then,
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read the great reset, Kindle probably the way to go right now, but you can go to Glens New Book Doc, comparable links. in the first hour of today's radio podcast, I spoke about the American Spirit and I talked about people who We're not stopped they just it. No matter, What happened to them of the American Express the american spirit? Fuels you, you, don't stop and give up your work. guess we're gonna have to live with that, stead we innovate. We find different ways to do things
yeah, but she supply chains so hard. What did we do before we had that that we acted locally yeah, but you don't know the locals, round here there all hex. Right now, you're spending a lot more in your grocery store and could sit around and complain about it or weaken showcase people who are doing something about it. Day. I want to show you some people that are thinking out of the box and, quite honestly, Will be the ones that restore us, Today, I want to share with you a story that I I had I found yesterday it all revolves around a guy named Scott Carnes? He is
second generation family member of Carnes Quality foods. This is in, I think western Pennsylvania is well adjusted Kim Scott. How many stores do you have ten stores, glad we're all in central pensive, central pencilling and I read yesterday? What you're doing with just meet alone- When is game changing, and I hope other people will do this in grocery stores. You could tell me problem with the grocery stores that you know you were spotting and what you are trying to solve. What we saw. We had a supply problem during the early of covered and big issues with getting enough beef and pork eggs type of items, I'm so we we went out and sore stout and actually is. up farms here and central Pennsylvanian, we currently have over eight hundred head of cattle out on local family farms being raised for our
doors and they will be hitting me stores in just a few months good for you tell me how hard was that? First of all it was extremely hard. I am working with a company called Keystone Farm future and day. They have been worse with me: we had to get better Arians on war. We gotta get hurt managers, nutritionists training, their wealth then the cattle A great Angus cattle that were there were raised here. A lot of the forms used to be very farms that just couldn't going on in Smallbury cigarette, he gave them a waiter to raise beef cattle, which is a little easier than the dairy farmers are still great people. The farmer I mean the farmers right now because of these big uniformity meat processing plants which you'll never convince me they're, not the mob, I'm a rancher myself. It is impossible for rancher to make money because they're taking?
all of the money hits the other taking it and then buying cows, but for a less amount of money than you can, then you going to raise them for and so that's really hurting any farmer any rancher at all these are all local farms this that you're not going to some big industry I've got the right now. I've got fourteen forms that are participating. We ve got larger farms. It said they want to get involved in at each week. We add more cat and without the biggest far about there is just a hundred. And what will? What will the difference be in price between you and everybody else Well, I will tell you we are paying, Our farms, farmers more for their weight of game than when they would be baking. Other answer we're just hoping to that. There will be me to break even point for us on the
When I looking at this being a big savings, it's gonna give us I'm right, I meant for the I meant for the consumer. He ain't, gonna murmur, will not be seeing any price increase from this because of the way that were doing there will not be big savings. mere because corn corn prices? yet at the cost of transportation to their farms. Miss cattle, others all up well The good news is that, where we have it, So tired of living in a country that is is saying well we're just gonna have to get used to it, since when people need to innovate like you are, and the best thing we can do is is go local. What is a reaction from the community Ike, today the community's been ecstatic about it. Then they keep asking me: what is the beef gonna get their markets and we work. We have ten stores year and that's the great part I know that I can sell this beef. It's gonna be properly inspected steadily graded.
so that we have that assurance out there for the consumer, but we're using small processors year. We ever just some smoke processors. Here Pennsylvania. Fortunately, we're lucky that young men knew from the farm to the processors short Travelin right too much. where's. You can show lasting and in your not having a push back at all from the federal government, because I know you know. I know about ten years ago. Those amish me in that butter, Foof federal gap had a problem with that but you're, not getting push back from the federal government we ve got no push back the right to have gotten great gray. Cooperation regulate or agriculture has been Graham, me find different sources and farms up. I'm glad to hear that Scott. Thank you for what you're doing for the farmers the ranchers. Thank you for what you're doing for your customers and and read stabilizing us in your own hometown in your own way. Thank you. I really appreciate it.
I brought you were really excited about this beef programme. Wildly you'll have to let us know when it's available so I can match it would be the thank you very much. Mr you bet. Got Carnes he's a c o President Carnes food. That's I think around Harrisburg, a small group of of grocery stores, these the kinds of things that we need to be doing. We the more we can focus locally, the better off we are in its it's in a week we We put together a supply chain that once we all really understood the supply chain. Didn't we I'll go wait, really that's how it works Thinking, that's miraculous, the way was working, did you have that reaction just in time the supply chain, just in time, yeah
then it's incredible. It's incredible! It is a modern miracles. I a pencil to the fiftieth degree and its literally a modern miracle. The problem with it is, is once you have a disruption. How do you bring it back on line and if you a disruption or war or anything else What do people do because it's just in time and that food chain and that supply chain is breaking down? He got nothin. You got nothin the best thing we can do as it may take. five years to get the just in time supply chain back. If it ever really comes back the best we can do is be self sufficient and, don't need the government's help on it. You just need to reinvent I'm telling you Carnes food will expand, in the future they may not make any money, and people may not have
big savings on the meat they'll have meat and more portly. They will see a company that is reinvesting in their neighbors, their friends and their area, and that important If you have a business you need to start investing in your local area. That's why I've been telling you get away from these big banks find. Cool bank and what that means is a locally owned and operated. We're gonna talk about this tonight on the tv show at nine, a M locally owned and operated one that is not. You know, it might say, blob Bank Milwaukee annual. Look at your like your wells, Fargo you, looking for things that are locally owned and operated. the money and just go asked the banker. I'm thing by doing my banking year, they'll tell you anything It is true, and you you go. I say your loans:
do you sell your loans, or do you keep your loans here? We keep our loans here. Why is that important that Orton? Because you know that bank doesn't do risky stuff because there, on the hook for it not doing in saying I just get that off our books, so they're responsible people, do it any? You keep your loans here, your you're, making sure that your investing and you actually care what happen to that business I do everything with a bank called South like Bank and its local, and I picked them to purchase our studios. They'll start from time to time I know them. like hey. How are things going in the care they care because it's their money too? It's really important local, local, local, every
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get forty percent off right now, blinds dot, com rules and restrictions might apply, stands sign up for the free newsletter today at Glenn back the doktor well, the Peter do see? Scandal I guess it's just falling by the wayside people, just as falling on deaf ears. Nobody sees the great pain. Well, I should say that Charles see, W Cook does and he wrote a very heartfelt peace and I, if I may share with you. I still haven't shop stopped shaking after last night's attack, stand at the White House podium the present United States, the most powerful man in the world launched a violent incursion against my friend Peter duty.
The finest reporter in history, duty a true professional as good as they get he's my brother he's. My friend he's my colleague my inspiration, my Valentine my muse. He is light shining in the darkness, a puddle of truth, but beneath a gloomy cloud of power luscious wave that breaks exquisitely onto the shore Peter didn't deserve to be called a stupid son of a fact nobody in the media does. America is better than this. and clap this hand, clap is hand, clap, not hand, clap normal hand, clap not and clap normal hand. Clap This morning, my eight year old, daughter chrysanthemum, took off her gas mask and asked me. Why is the president? Why would he say something like that to an american hero and Machine to admit that I
that I neither nor her mother knew what to say this precedent. He said he'd restore honour and dignity of the White House. She said looking up at us from her hyperbolic chamber, but He's attacking the free press, which is just doing its job, mom and daddy is in this, how we lose our democracy. She is so wise for age, too, has so much potential This is in the world. I wonder to grow up in when she goes outside for the first time. On the statue that I helped remove from the New York City Hall. There's a coup, from the slave owner, Thomas Jefferson, that has resonate with me ever since it became convenient to my side. That was ten a m this morning. Our liberty cannot be guarded by the freedom of the press, nor be limited without danger of losing it. Just think about that. Ok, let it sink in re, tweet
if you agree our liberty, is at stake here: hashtag, don't browbeat my PETE Frayne hands I have studied the rise of Adolf Hitler. I knew better than most how this happens, the fur thing: Hitler did after he came to power, was call reporters, stupid sons of bitches and then He would answer questions about inflation. Twelve years later, the world was in ruins. We closer than you think too, that happening again. First They come for Philip Workman, then Jack Heinrich. and now the defilement of Peter Doozy peace. upon him I fear we are running out of time. We meet, be brave for Peter America for our future.
While Charles Sidonia Cook, God he's a donut ruby, my PETE, I and I again praying ants and re playing an yet so amazing big solves a dancer. I am with you. That is essentially, though, just rewarding what they wrote when Trump with something bad about the media, exactly right, exact, same thing: it even real exaggeration. Now, except maybe the hyper Barrack chamber. Are you telling me you think there is some one that is at least considered putting their kids in a high, barbaric chamber. Ah, Definitely just hard. I mean I have, but for entirely different arises. We get a lock on that door that Basel II, it won't, kill him. His lungs are air, and when you leaves we can open the door. Just put some food in their right right. but we have more hyper bear chambers, but the simple Jane issues or support of down well media that sad,
Michael Jackson. I, like I thought, by the way, Peter reducing handled that really well, you slanted what're you gonna do come on. We have the president calls you a name. How glad to have a teacher I'd have already assured made didn't Biden called this. Guy with the thumbs morning back this guy s, O B, that I would have that teacher also might be why you were never a White house corresponding rise. If I might be it also might be. I dont know the biology the behind him to handle it. I having me in the White House Press room, asking questions would be very entertaining. Oh, yes, I would cite for. I would be most I mean I agree. A subscription poet entirely on its own, and every Tuesday gland shows up in Jen Saki, some questions, three hundred and ninety nine dollars a month, yeah
I think the genocide. What would become of our culture and every every time you showed up she tested positive against sorry. I can't do this press coverage where we can already. We can all dream and Peter do see the finest reporter of full time in the history of reporting that the Glen Back Programme,
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