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Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous New Year from The Glenn Beck Program staff! 2019 is going to be amazing. Enjoy this 'Best of' podcast packed full of awesome guests.

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This is the best of the Glen Back Programme, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is their climb back programme. It is a good thing that we keep record of all of our shows that we have our car that's true. It's a big one. When you say something in later on, we need to keep a check on its accuracy, gas. I was going to make sure we have the Argo ten years ago. Ten years ago, I said something. It is come true and stunning, when the more surprising project- and we will give them to you next, Ten years ago, years ago on this programme. I made a mocking prediction and ed! You know I'll, tell you what the law should be upset about.
It's a song and I eight out the case ten years ago. And while I've taken it a couple of step further further than than they aren't currently remember. This comedy this insane ten years ago, listen! Maybe it's maybe it's. Maybe this is just a minute. You drop me. Maybe this negative side, Yeah once obliging the scene. I use this.
About this sovereignty. You know. Maybe it's just me, but I'm in others is always seem like I'm gonna you then I heard it by being Martin Inv Marty. You know you couldn't trust The main news of renders the Frank Sinatra in our lives and unions. So so that I hear from Dean, Martin, and there's someone here. There there's something much deeper than this event, goggles at the beginning. I just mentioned: listen the words May not like Saigon Zadig ranking best Christmas guard. You Maybe it's, but maybe it's called soft us our first. She says I really stay. Unease is but babies cold outside So what am I may come in, words. What he says guess wives gang
Put out, are the latest ran in his subjects? Temperatures. You know what I mean is coal, as I now you might that's a little dramatic. Right now. But may I lay the rest of the song out to improve. Some context go ahead. Ok, ok, ok, has he hears. You say I really cannot say she's, trying to politely get out of there go away ass. If she says I gotta go away, what was As time you said, I gotta go away to somebody who's and eyes. I gotta go away. You don't say, I gotta go away then. He says Leamington Venza, so very, very nice she's right act like dolphins, wrong, an excuse yourself right. I gotta go away and he needs when were hurrying eyes and then what
you drop. When'd, you drop you just like I, just as others is holding your hand, it's a sign of affection right holding your hands. That's restraint that's a form of imprisonment. Then she says Just like you, listen to us after she says. My mother will start to worry and my father we'll be pacing the floor, which is exactly the thing that lasted says it MIKE doesn't hear from me. They're gonna come looking and then what is he say in response to this
listen, there's and you didn't catch it is of you're, never gonna work for the F B. I must follow along. You got a hostage situation he's holding her hands, she sang there is some he's gonna come for me. They know where I am and then he says, listen to the fireplace roar, nother, Birds. Oh bernie alive. You don't stay and put out. So what I am hearing here. Ah, how did we, MRS our whole life, then she resides, is escalating too fast. Wasn't what she said will you please put some actors such as ourselves so she decide is escalating. Control who will
well give me, maybe just one more drink, this one more drink and then It distracts races. Put on some records first of all, who plays records anymore, serial killers, she- she says: ok me, maybe half have a drink, more, maybe just have a drink. Then he says yeah. Put on some of those records. While I poor So now he sat up to, for the drink while her, tension is elsewhere. What does he do? He drugs the drinks, hello, the evidence by what she says. Next read his baby: it's out no catch up there. It is your honor say what in this drink then she says
but no catch up your eyes life's. I wish I knew how to break this bell. I wish Say was string, however, if this in other words listen, just they re wrong. Sadly, Vex now he's burn me. In the middle of it he says Take your had your j ai Your eyes are like starlight. Now, clearly, effects of g age be kicking and now and then he says, I'm gonna take your eyes tat, yes,
most vulnerable moment. He begins to take your clothes off. Then she says she said I ought to say? No, no! No, but you can't why, because you basically paralyzed now laying next to the fire worries she's, terrified, burned to death, and he accordingly says mind. If I move in clouds. No, this is our horror movie when she can't resist she excellence, in fact that at least try to stop is advances. And he says
had we use the city, they draw baby. It's ok! I love you out in the sun stopping said we should never play this again. It is it's it's the nightmare for Christmas it just goes on and on and on you know, I simply must go. The clear answer is no, yet he he keeps laying in coming and come. You know this is this is story? Let the guy that the body and arrested in Mexico, although The welcome has been so nice and warm yeah, yeah yeah yeah. That's it Europe is a you know, the warmth of J B induces you see what I'm saying your lips look delicious! Oh, I bet they do Hannibal
the cannibal I get it put out or you're gonna find yourself in an icy grave, very dismiss too. That's it, it's just me ten years ago. It was, I think, just me ten years ago it was now and not, and that was that was something that though, something that was a comedic observation ten years ago. Now it was, I mean we never think we'd get to that. Ridiculous point now. This is why there is no comedy anymore because the things that are funny you have to take it to the extreme? How do you take
America to the extreme. Now it's all right. It lives at the extreme. Do you have any outrage, elected people in your life? How you know what pisses me off about that you want to help them, but you're constantly dodging being thrown, and you don't know how I try giving them a copy of Glinda latest book addicted to outrage it's much cheaper than therapy and herds less. To your head and is more fun addicted to outrage. The new book from Glenn back available everywhere books are sold so how long do I have to look at your ugly sweater, light up, but does later you dont know is during the brakes. Stew
just makes it worse by pushing a little button on his letter. Yak, as this doesn't just light up which is ours is, is always a good part of a sweater. Now you want it to make loud noises and his his sweater. Does he added and ways music to area? So it is done. But go with you after I mean you know, would you not go the Eagles theme song every single break to annoy Glenn I mean that really sounds like one of them Since I sounds a little like like girl. This is the second it's not on my sweater, so
not really the Soviet national anthem. We push the button on ice water. I would believe Apamea evaluates why eagles. Why caught it sounds like the old Soviet. Therefore, I don't know I mean it. The lesson national symbol in other lyrics. Also in that soviet era, I am also had where the land Liberty and end with a free people? Are you there you Last night I took I took Rafe out to a movie, as I promised him he's he's wanted to see deadbolt dead pool. And I have not seen any notes raided, are and very rated or to me, I M is very region. Are it's really over the top, so I haven't seen it. He obviously hasn't seen it, but he wanted to see a blah blah blah blah so
I say there's a new cut of this now. This is something that conservatives have been asking for. For ever. Can you caught the raided are, can you give it a cot for us prudes, we ve done it? They ve done it This is the first time in its, I think, brilliant. First of all, double dip. You the rated our audience it goes too far, and then you have the p d, thirteen that still Google's really really far, but you you have that standard now and you have that choice. This is why We ve been asking the movie companies to do for ever I can't we have. What is it? The angel thing, VIT angel right, Why can't we have that world? It's not a thing here
losing money right, which is not usually water we're Hollywood goes now. They sure there is indeed films that maybe they can make the argument about dead pool gathered in a lot of cash, and it is right, was the first one was really find. The signal was funny too So I don't know, I don't know, I haven't seen either of them and you might go see this and say all they butchered the movie. I think it was really really funny and, and especially the way they did? They didn't just go and added this movie. They filmed about thirty minutes extra costs. That was my question. With this whole process, I saw dead pool to their rated. Our version of hers came out and if you just added it to make it pity thirteen, it would be like four minutes long like theirs now, I think you will. I think you will really
you really like it's a really made into a new product. That is not because the UN's starts out it's so great, and I thought this was just for the trailer. I thought they were just gonna cut this movie and you know, make it shorter and you know, take some other stuff out, but they didn't. It starts exactly like the opening scene of princess bride when the Grandpa is sitting there in the chair. Ok You don't have the mom in their etc, but when grandpas there and he's like hey, I brought some then I brought a book. That's dead, pool playing Grandpa the room looks exactly the same and savages in it but he's wearing a wedding ring and he's he's an adult and he wakes up as if a from a drug induced state and he's like. Where am I what what is happening and he's like? hey fella I've got a little book for you.
I want to reuse like what it is. Is this, the set from is is the movies that from yet is, and so they re create, except he's hostage. And there's the trailer by what these are not day. I'm not I'm not giving away anyway, but it is, it goes throughout the movie. It keeps going back just like the princess bride, which thought was brilliant, really, really brilliant and very very fast, at one. Point are not going give it away. Two dead pool character with Fred Savage uses. He's got a little boom boom, where he can bleep words because its appeal, thirteen and and Fred, uses a different, Ed, F word. That is not bad,
and that's worth the price of admission alone. The way it's used against him in that seen very funny, very, very funny that holding the whole premise. That is its very aware of itself being a movie, the whole We have always about that. So lazy writing the other reason. That's good. I feel like that's a really that's something we should. Even if you dont, like dead pool you don't care about dead pool is something we should be praising Hollywood for little that because that something we have demanded now. My Make it so other Pino, so people can see you have every FBI in the movie you don't have to every sexy in the movie. We still want to see these movies have been some services? and of the angel was one of those that will clean flex pure flex, one other yak, pure I can't believe it when I can't remember, but there's a service. I know Pat gray from peccary unleashed uses it Netflix and you can watch any movie enable like edit it. So you can
You could take up. What want you dig swears you can t get succeeds. I dont know if Jeff Jiffy would be. Here he would say he wanted to add in more secretary. That dominated does allow do that, but other than that, its pre. It's pretty handy, but I mean the idea that they would go through in instead of just a strict added, actually mean something new out of the movie. Please audiences, that may we don't want to see all the already stuff is at a great. I thought I was a brilliant, those brilliant the kids want to see that movie. You know and it's the only one they can't see, and it only makes them want to see more were of all the marble movies right. This is the only one that's the only are yeah, and if it did just based on the peachy thirteen. I couldn't action. What the hour was like. It's gotta, be a hard cause. It's very year, the bushes boundaries court a bit me that's his order, the joke! Rattling nice, it's very violent. It's you know, there's lots of references, there's lots of swearing, definitely goes. I mean that's the whole point of it right, the charm of
character. You be set of his cynicism and sort of sarcastic nature is the idea that you binding. This, like thing that you normally see in a kids movie with everything you would never see indicates merely so. Let's just say this. You should be aware that, had my wife attended this third Fiji, thirteen it wasn't the two boys in the theater it may have that we may not have made it to the end. Is the first this tv? Thirteen, as far as they can push it by I would imagine, it's very clean, compared to thee the actual version, and even if you saw the original see this one, what they did with red savages, really brilliant.
This is the global programme. We welcome to the show Mr Andrew Heaton, who has a podcast blaze. Tv called something sub something's up something off with off with Andrew eaten and they re thief whoop, you get to know him. There really is something off within with Andrew. Thank you found me back the debate here, so I wanted to start with this and run off you been following v: the Russians spy s thing was Libertarian, I guess Rina, Bettina yeah, was she she was. I think, she'd been to freedom FEST couple times and a freedom and is a big libertarian gathering in the desert that and every year and I think she'd been there and I've actually hope. I didn't warm up for William Shatner there a couple years ago which is the highlight of my committee clear by the way as you and jobs will shatter the snake,
get behind or can I get a picture in handling a very funny, and I was like great doesn't matter if anyone think some that I'm fine? I don't think I met her and I was kind of worried, because I have kind of a thing for redheads and this is pretty well documented, and so I would like the police, yeah, there's, I'm sure, there's all sorts regulations keeping tat. So what I saw that I was like wait, a minute like Data to a young lady, from a different countries red it's. What I first saw that headlines like spyware, oh wow- No, it's not her. I didn't I didn't Merida bitterly, but I do. I I'm here to take the contrary, an approach on this and say like thank you, Russia, for having the decency and the gentlemanliness of sending us huh. Spies, that is some old school gentlemen tactics that his fallen out of use in international diplomacy. There's one can I'm thinking of among a dimension which one it is but from what I can tell
all their doing his hacking us from a basement somewhere in China? I appreciate the fact the Russians will at least send over hot women to seduce argives. Wasn't that part of the cold war era? One then I mean those the best part of the coal right here. Right, twilight, zone episodes and we ve got. We got these rights will actually right. It was like the constant fear of nuclear, was alleviated somewhat by the fact that you know you might end up having to fling with a russian agent that was cool and there they're keeping alive. Thank you. Thank you. Russia, like that, tells me they respect us rough. I think the change from the Soviet Union to Russia and just whatever bit of capitalism entered their world and that transition really made their women hotter like there were not. There That's their export at this point are just really attractive women. I was not the case you go back and look at some of those. Like you know a liberal majority from the seventies and eighties, it said, say: we're not airy Diego!
in a corner, Cove and Maria Sheriff Cove and we're it there's a constantly. Well, maybe they were just hot but sad and starving. I dont like economic and look it's possible the you look you like, oh, I can't I'm not remotely arouse because of the misery of the illicit near and that's probably good you're not going anywhere. I just remember them being big and frightening. You know like. That's not a woman is. If I may, You know you is about right now. You're like I was there with transgender, is- and you know you gonna, but this was they were, trying not to be women, they were women, they just looked like big men. What are the men look like Only the hurly burly, like Beryl chested, lie drunks, ok, ferocious estimation of weightlifter reminders of my remarks or gymnast we're chessboards writer really into chats right right right.
So so you never matter. I dont think it is possible. I met it wouldn't surprise me, but I'm I'm confident. I didn't data ride like that that's the thing that I had to do. A quick as you'll jaded, almost all the libertarian, when there are eight and I have dated five- while the remaining three it's just a. If they get divorced, I got a sweeping. We should point out that technically be since she was a russian spies. Really seven, that's true you're right, there's, absolutely seven and we can infer that one of them's, probably a spy and earnings evidence. So, yes, it's pretty slim number yeah, it's kind of a sad life. You live Yes, I'd who were all in agreement in I'm snappy dresser with sad life yet so, when covering a couple of stories that you know I have not been covered by the mainstream media or really anybody else the name something's off with Andrew Heaton. Well, you know why few things we endeavour to do it. It is a fun podcast, it's a thoughtful podcast, and so I do I bring
lot of people to have discourse that the motto of the show is good and intelligent people can disagree on matters of substance. But before I get into that thoughtful stuff, I try and find headlines that I dont feel are getting sufficient attention. National media and this week I didn't even do multiple headlines a dedicated like a full block for trying to unravel the story which I believe is what's gonna get me the Pulitzer this next year, real it, which is one of our goals for twenty nine while tankers is get a puzzle. What was the story that you were so and I need distress, I'm not making any of this up. The rice, all totally legitimate, ok scientist were concerned that in Hawaii, indeed, John Monk seals kept being found with dead eels up their nostrils, that they were a pair. Really snorting eels were Have you seen this? Yes officer, generators, creepy and they don't seem to mind they seem per. I dont know seal psychology super right, but they appear to be kind of blithely
we I would or or the fact that they don't have hands. They know, there's nothing. They can do about it. There is light. What am I gonna get up there? The Buddhists of the Ale violent animal world really like you know what like can't can't do anything about it, so dont rejected just just role with much the other they so that its that with this photo that's gone via there's there's this see a month. It looks like it's half asleep, with this twinges of of yield dangling out of his nostrils and this I anticipate was spotted on one of these endangered species cams, whatever whatever the scientists have set up there. He said, this email, and I did some research on this. The email subject line was just bill in knows, question mark and it was An email together side is to see if there was a protocol for removing eels from seal noses and they had to go back and forth and eventually the like apparently will have as the handbook to some guy This went out there like pulled him out like
like a matter. Handkerchiefs took out this dead dead, it was dead, it was it yeah yeah, it's it's! I don't know how long it was alive by the time they got. It was dead. This year was fine. This it was fine, although this is one of the concerns they have. Is that if, if this keeps happening- and I felt like they ve got like five doc, cases of this now, at least for they said four or five swashing. One of a might be the same. There's not sure, but there, for their fear is that if this keeps happening that the of the moon Seals will either get pneumonia or they're just might be general health complications from having, erotic, you'll carcass in your nostril, which I think is right or assumptions, and so I saw are they? Are the eels crawling in since the will of the sales, a great question or are nervous or the eels go in somehow another come see. What's inside right, cavern of my phaser, ok, the great question- and this is what is
in writing the scientific community. These few months started happening were putting were putting cures for cancer on the back burner and wrong. Trying to figure out important. I mean I'm a doctor scientist and I'm a deputy scientist right in a lab cup. That's how that works under european law and no so that this kind of three prevailing theories and I've got my own for theory. The first theory is that the monks heels when their their hunting in the eels among the eels urchins in October, the theory is that they will find a whole underwater and just gonna shoved their head into it and start grounding around and there'll be an on one side and the only orifice with which it could escape is the seal nostril from the perspective of the eel, so just shoots up, they're trying to escape networks, that's one thing right, that's a pretty got there and that's pretty smile. You think that's a good idea from the real agenda. You pretty smart! It's you know. I, like I mean shoot. The moon, if you can make it through the whole gastro intestinal tract than would be, would be the greatest Laval time and you could work your way through their, but so far while you know what may be the half we're on the scene,
yet once right, maybe maybe that really capacity or growing up, I dont think its super likely because, apparently again, I spent way too much time researching. This need seals have pretty good muscle retention and their nostrils, like. I think it's almost like a sphincter something where the control that whole, so I dont think it's likely something good fortune and which brings us to theory number two, which is that their vomiting out the eels so like, if you ve ever in old, shoe Mr Pit Bout, your nose when you're laughing at you watch and right, Newark, Groucho you're, you're, watching that Bob new art does your eyes so funny, and you you should at that. Mr Martinez could be something like that right again, but it's like the whole Eu So I don't think that's why she and the third one which is kind of the one assigned as soon we grabbed him towards is, and I'm not again. This is not me. Teenagers are dumb. Their theory is that just there are dumb monk seal probably made the just snort eels for the hell of it, because why not to oppress there there sealed! So it's like the t. It's like the seals.
I decided. Drag racing dislike tied parts, stupid thing that ITALY there, the seal adults are like clicking damp. Teenagers are tire society, yet of seals, gonna be white out and that at the end of the elder seals or talk about how the water used to be wetter rack and how the young seals or narcissistic they don't have a proper serious maritime clap. Their flippers is what my I feared by the way, I think, there's probably cocaine in them. I think there's cocaine and the eels Eleanor Cocaine comes from, but is probably eels comes in and lets it? Does it maybe they're nervous as written, because that's where they I can think of it, would compel it audible, the second element or anybody species to second eel up its nose. That's the only thing I can think of yeah yeah. Ok, Let me go slowly, switch topics to car, ok. So if you're on the Pulitzer Committee, if your listing you're on the culture committee, I'm doing the omens worker, it's big investigation its assets are on a level with the rioting. Harold was the all the stuff they do,
this. The ink actually have case I mean, there's it there's a few nominees but you're there. Share it with your Miami? Are you know he'd? He does have an Emmy. He wanted Emmy. I I I I was given an enemy Why John STAR? So I brought it do so so Johns, docile great guy that that I worked with her. I worked near. I was not the same teams, him Fox business, but this is the worst award ever so he was given to you. He wanted. He gave it to you and you weren't, even working with him, that's not winning at well. So he sat down on the right. Us said, Sir John, who, if you dont, know John Johnson, incredibly smart guy and very nice guys, go but also the least international human being of ever met the he discusses point it's like he had the like. He is like what a high is going to be the heavenly like he looks like human emotions on Wikipedia like AIDS, about of yes it so for a while. What he would do is here he would have these. He is like, I think, eight National Mps and your big deal and he is like four hundred local enemies which are important, but not as big
so when he would go to college campuses, whoever asked the best he would just give them a local image. When I left fox, I went like John. If you his personality Amy's I'd, take one and he's like. Why should I give it to you? I well, because you know I do political satire and you walked over an enemy. A national army was like here you go, and that is why this ITALY and the way, though a heat told, is to be used like hey. You know, John really thought this was a funny thing that we dared and everything else. So I a plane with with John just a few weeks ago and where we're flying to, I don't remember, Bermuda, and and so he, He hopes on the plate and I said john- a friend of yours, and he he goes off any taxes as all great stuff about Andrew Heaton and now what loves him in everything else- and I said You told me that gave him and at a national level and he's like oh yeah yeah you all on
please go away like there can be no sabotage. John was not what we just tired of dust. I decided I was easy way to get rid of. It is incredible. Andrew Andrew Heaton, something's off with Andrew Heaton, is the podcast subscribe to it. You're gonna love it. It's it's a lot of fun, Andrew Thank you so much like you So a friend of mine found this this post and you know we ve been talking about things you could do for the holidays to cheer people this one's not going cost you a dime, gonna cost about forty seconds. I'm sorry this two year from Randy MOA of Bellingham Washington on his facebook page, you said I am raising my twelve year old, grandson Joe. He then with me, six and a half years. My wife Pauline just passed away over a year ago, and so most
Lee Joe and I are doing fine, but it gets a little dismal around here. Sometimes some of jewels comments recently about Grandpa. We entirely this being you and me. Maybe we could get another kid grandpa. Don't think but like us very much nobody's common around his way to reach out is you tube generally, is over fifty videos posted currently fifty one subscribers its biggest thrill. An affirmation is getting a new subscriber You please go to his channel and use the quotation marks station Mark Joe MOA M o a the quotation marks and watch a video to like them subscribe. Please doesn't Gosselin just little time Joe will be. Happy also feel pray to share this post with your friends blah blah blah. So it is quotation Mark Joe Oh, I m o a end quotation marks
I've. I've watched a couple of the videos their harmless there. There is this. If I don't even know how you will be used at twelve he's a twelve year old boy and just doing you a twelve year old boy, videos and their harmless in and now he's a cute it all by himself up in the wilds of the Pacific. Northwest in the Billingham himself. So you're gonna be like living. You search Joe Mullah Emma Way, and, as is his channel, comes up anywhere to what should we do you subscribe to it like like you, I others a subscription patriarch rights of clear, subscribe and see how, because he's? they come. He is aware for fifty subscribers he's gonna come home and see more fifty out against what his audience doing it and he doesn't need. I dont know his grandfather. I dont know Joe or anything else. So it's just let's just quietly. This amount is not tell him your heads and have this and have your
Its subscribe, maybe I mean maybe of your boy, feels the same- wants a like a pen pow here as I remember, I had a pen pal, I grew up just outside of Bellingham written and I had a pen pal and he was in, I think, Troy New York and when I remember waiting for those those, letters and we were a pen pals for animal half a year or so, and I said wish? I could remember the kids name, I'd look him up today, but it was. There was great, I loved it. So anyway do it go to Youtube a quotation mark Joe MOA M, O a quotation mark like it and subscribe and this kid a holiday treat that doesn't cost you anything.
This is the best of the Glen Back programme. The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment- this is the Glinda programme. There is there's a couple article stories today: one of them is about politics and Donald Trump, and this this new letter of intent. A to negotiate for a whole. Old Trump Moscow, It has finally been released. Eric Bowling, is going to have a different view on this. I'm I'm guessing than mine, and I am really to see what is happening in the White House. What This means to the White House and Eric Bowling. And also there is a there's, a couple of other stories that kind of revolve around Erics life,
I'm hoping we can get into on today's programme Eric bowling In one minute Eric Bowling for a period of time played professional sports. Until he was injured, then he went in became a stock, a trader in Wall Street, then went to television and we you know the rest from their Eric Bowling on the blue, is tv. Welcome to the programme. How are you I'm doing great, when thank you for having me, I'm honored, to spend some time with you on this. Very interesting day. People were very interesting day, isn't it so The great thing airs glutted man for Bound explained some stopped coming out of the White House right. So here's the here's, here's the great thing about plays tv. Is we or a collection of people that we don't
interfere with each other show or opinion, and we like each other. Get along and we can disagree, and I We got we're going to disagree on this it doesn't matter. I really want to hear your opinion on on the the memo that came out from the Trump administration. Well, as Donald Trump himself said, and I agree with whole heartedly that here the business he had a real estate business. There was doing making I'll tell peels run around the world when he ran present, no one came a chance, including the New York Times on the night of the election, had Hillary Clinton within ninety eight. Chance of winning as the return started,
many I'll never forget seeing that that media that, near times, meter likelihood of your next present going literally kinda to Hilary slowly slowly slowly, you gotta run ten o clock at night, which is what the way over to the Trump side. Why would he stopped doing any sort of business. If you didn't you, if it, if he wasn't sure he was going to be present at sunset, we would have no one running for for like office. If that were the this we have no one with with business experience and backgrounds running of David Drop, their prior businesses on businesses in any likelihood are unlikely could have of them being President no less and then also trying to pick up the pieces where they left off. Crazy okay, so he I agree with you represent. However, he denied the business dealings with Moscow law. After those actually Ali denied it usually only denied it. I don't know the doll drop everything I think he said. Of course I do
ongoing business groups are multibillion dollar international real estate business can stop. I love you Eric. I love you it does. I can't I can't let you get away with that. He did He denied it. Relentless city had no business dealings with with Russia multiple times, and he said I dont know anybody who does have any business dealings now. I I I I I don't work websites. Where do you want my life on things? Will? But is it ok? So all business dealings with Russia, because we know there There are other put out a properties that in fact he sold apron property that he only in Florida for one day I think was it That means that the largest real estate down in writing that when he admitted to that when he admitted to he, said the only business dealing or business deal row, he said the only business deal I have with Russia is. I sold a property a few years ago in Florida, so he admitted that one many straight up about it.
My question is why why do this whatever the press has no credibility. People Ross, Donald Trump, who voted for him, and you know how did it and you can say the same thing you know about me. You know with with Bill Clinton. This is a personal things about sex, etc, but he's on the plane and he looked at the reporters and he said I had nothing to do with it. I had nothing I didn't even know about. It came We find out that he did know about it. Ok, we industry because that one's personal thing with his wife are right now, this one comes out. Why wouldn't just stop all this. I wouldn't you just come out and just say- and here's a contract. Well? I just whose I'm not sure the day had consummated the deal at that point, because an ongoing concern that I saw a signature on on the note on the memo as well. I you gonna being one hundred percent. Actually I don't I don't remember him saying I have no business,
what's a lever with Russia with it, but the exception of that real estate feeling so, ok, I don't. I don't want to get it back. If I take your word for it, I can only say that that you know I have to repeat the circle back in Chad to explain the explained. The signature, because you do know, however, I don't think it's a problem. There is normally omits clause violations whatsoever. Let's go back to the reality, okay, so if if in fact, he said, I have no business here, which Russia and he had a letter of intent and not a deal yogi unite between we, we go way back. We know letters that intense dont know. Certainly the deal is dying in ITALY. We tend to do at the latest that illegal binding matter by anything, maybe worry, gets around. You may say: look at eleven to recycle intense around the world time for everything, upside Hamid dwellers and intensive you signed and all
we see that in their not being the opt out, so maybe that's the Devil court to a book. But let's, but let's take it, lets bring it through with the machine to find out what it really is. It's really a business man continues to do business. You know in the way he was until he was elected. And then things change. He gave the businesses in the dealings after the arrogant. Junior and to a certain extent, bankers well bless out a vodka arrogant and junior because it seems to me a really. The underlying issue is not an issue is easy, your business, where it talks about international real estate and he's in the middle of an international realestate deal at that There's nothing there guys get in annexes chronic dawning, because I've got me becoming What forty years in business under my belated is dawning on me as we speak right now that a letter of intent is not
Ireland contract. No, I don't know it's true. I I know that I know I was dealing with them. He was attempting to get business. He kept saying you know I never had any business with Russia. You know the closest I ever came to rush. I bought a house a number of years ago and Palm Beach Florida, the New York Times. Tell him on twenty three Loki, ok occasions, and I don't know that all of these a lot of a more I have nothing to do with Russia, with it s a really hot, aiming business dealings, but he did it say had no business dealings with Russia had no business with Russia. I again, I think, is defence right. He's in the middle of getting attacked constantly by by the media and problem He knows if he says he did have a deal brewing with Russia. Everyone would accuse them of a million different things and don't want to deal with it, and I can stand why he tried to push it off. I just feel like he is it the whole night
I think it's really not the crimes they cover up and I don't think the crime in this case is a crime at all. It is a normal business dealings. I just wish he would be a little more up front. That's that's all. I would ask well again and answer studying you're, not really understanding, but as a as I talk to you, Talk it out. A letter of intent literally is like a handshake. It's nothing more like hey. You know what circle back Superman come the terms so technically he'd know Deal done my feelings, anti wings and me we're gonna parse other than the meaning of it. Is your again, but I don't know. Maybe we ought to begin the was no deal done. There's no deal consummated enter the other differences like when you do a deal you signed a contract in your press release That's true. I mean it's is again, it is the sixth and what is its letter and I'm not I'm glad, because it is literally it literally thousands
The letters and intent didn't drawn up and in an elder there with their worth the paper they are written on the net yeah, that's true! It is eminently detailed letter of intent right a minute. Sixteen pages of all the different going down to like how they're going to figure out concession splits amid its prey is relatively detail, but I think to your point: Eric it's it's it's True that the media is going a kind of obsess over this and they're going to say this is proof of no collusion about the election. When I mean it, I really have nothing to do with it at all elections there just gonna, try to complete these that this is the problem. This is the problem that the they are can eating absolutely everything into. Collusion with Russia and the election, and I just don't see it. I don't believe it they would have to show me the begin, all the evidence of it, and I have not seen any evidence that there was collusion.
Or the election it just it. So frustrating because the press and you know you know the media- you know these liberal hack media that that if they can make something up, yeah. I don't even in call it a tree, they will resume, there's not there no heat and if there were and there it Mahler sitting up something it would leave by now. It week. We would know that there be something that they got into two to the wall and it did theirs. I guess I'm secrets: tell Eric. I am I'm just to the point to where I don't really care to speculate. I don't want to. I don't want to speculate on what they have, what they don't have cuz, I'm tired of it at sea and in it's. Not a news, show it's it's. Like a psychic, our that you're saying well, I'm looking in the crystal Ball, and I think this is what they ve gotten. I don't care, I don't care. I just want to talk about the things that we do you know they have so if they ve got something
Also come out with it until that time, I don't even want to talk about it because it makes no difference to anybody's life and it just confirmed these things and pits us against? each other on what on speculation coming from people. I dont trust not that it had interested. What was but a rates linen and that's what the left does and watching MSNBC ratings in prime time creep up in fact, even pass foxes ratings and current climate, sir, it's what's with what the left and in the anti Trump proud wants. Here? They were getting close to the nailing, the president, then later it's almost into until you were waiting this with a guy in in the kitchen. Disappointingly, I know the exact animals, been saying that every time something new breaks there like we got him this time? No, we don't know this it's it's not going anywhere. So anyway,
an phrase on CNN is. The walls are closing in, but I just keep saying it over and over again, as I know, it must be living in a match box by our Eric bowling from from Eric Bowling dot com and blaze tv he doesn't nightly show from Washington gives you of the inside information were thrilled have him on the programme today. I want to switch topics and go away from politics a little bit If you will allow me to in one minute. So Eric Bowling, I want to switch topics to you and there's a there's a couple of things. First of all, what do you have? What are you have coming up and what- you're gonna be looking at and doing on the blaze, tv and the next and the next year.
So I think we're going to continue to do what we did by the way when we, we just had a big press release that I signed with police tv for three years, and I looking forward to working with you mark and some of the other Some of the other of conservative house. We were delivering privately de primary. Actually, the premier conservative content dumb. Media right now, the opinion content. So I'm looking for that. I need inviting as many other service smart conservative voices to join me at play. Stevie is going to be a great venture and looking forward to it so that that one out of three am thrilled him thrilled. We are going to do. We ve been doing this for our show. America has just it's unbelievable where it were were in congressman's offices, we're in the Senate, Rotunda talking senators I spent the day yesterday,
the White House with Kelly and Conway. I spent last week with the president in the oval office on bringing high level advisory, elected officials, opinion and ideas, and then you know just policy too to the forefront. Now we talk about it and we're doing it three days weak right now. I think we can increase that it may be for days a week. We we deliberate live at five p m at midnight, so Avenant it's gonna be great year and continued don't within I'm looking forward to working with the would be learning in the blaze. Maybe can talk, rarely there'd be a lot of fire mother after a month that, as far as the show is concerned, I am also doing this. Opiate awareness portion I've, I've teamed up with them Sinclair broadcast on the tv broadcasts. I pray for the next four months tried and true April. Nineteen were travelling around it.
Country different cities will be in doubt would be internet Tony, I will be in Columbus, Ohio Northwest all over the country were talking alkaloids, where the first lady last time at liberty to pursue it. Conway soaks, where were you know the old where's message out? It took two people to two important message to its a deadly killer, that we need to really really attackers country you're doing that because of the tragic loss of your son that we have talked about and you were, you spoke about it in a very Rhine, real way and lives. Just I think it touched a lot of peace, This is coming up now in your second Christmas. Without your son, how are you doing
that will not be answered. The area to the things you know about me. Maybe your audience doesn't by will learn quickly: visitors, there's no person on air persona verses. Author. Besides what you see entities issue, I am inside I'd, be lying by certain doing well or my wife, and I do love her too rough time of year. Lost our son in September of seventeen couple weeks later, as Thanksgiving the empty there was happening and we were about to all fall apart and we in the present trump com? It meant a lot for for me that he called on that moment because he knew was. It was the first holiday.
It is such what we call them. Many holiday sense doesn't make it easier just makes it makes you feel like sobs. He cares and through the points at that, because he showed so much empathy and compassion about this topic in and in my lost. My wife was a really pushing get the message out to all the families that don't have to deal with this to see how interesting Lee last night, we finished the show us that Sinclair on NBC here Gillian and we came off the hour a month on copyright and other producers Mademoiselle. That was there was amazing, that's great. You know, what's that were entering Antonio January gentle unity like this is gonna, be your grades in and I just wanna go. Do you know how hard this is for me to do an hour on the loss of mice? My only child, my son, and they realise at that moment that this is really really hard for me to do.
I swear to you when the only thing I have to hold onto that that there's any sort of positive that can come out of it is that we say one family from from this utter how than it really is a house out. That's right, that's what does that's what gets me up in the morning or for that matter. I am my mother committed suicide, and I remember when I did the tour for the Christmas sweater, which is a fictional telling of of of that, and I felt so compelled to do it. I remember I got off the stage every every night and I was just I said I can't do it another day. Just cannot noon another day its, sometimes when you, when you hit these personal moments, where it is a a car
as yours being opiates mind being suicide, its it it is. It takes every ounce of strength you have to get through it and I command. I argue that feeling you felt I cant do another day is what I said last night at the first one in and you know it's a great messages- greater broadcast partnership with Sinclair these days there the plea blanket the country on unbuckled spacious and they pay their happy announced the more I just looked at them like of CHE twelve more. In I mean it's gonna be rough, but listen if you can get the suicide message out, how people who were or contemplating and maybe make the phone call to the suicide provision hotline more.
I can get the message out: the families parents talk to your kids know: what's no one's immune, your kids not too smart to popular to athletic too. I too glad to get straight to rich to poor. Now I'll be touched or the kids one pelting kill em. Maybe we save a life through, but Eric Bowling continue. Just a minute. Eric Boeing, who has just announced a new three year, deal with Blaze TV, where three, it looks like now. We are where we ve, we ve caved on. Shutting, Eric Bowling's America on is tv three soon to be four days a week end and is then is with all of the players in Washington knows them. Can you give me any perspective only touch on this real quick. Then I to get something else, but he dropped it. We get it. Can we get him back
while the deal's over already lines for years, and he just got out Casey, we get him back. I want to ask about the border wall and then did we did we schedule infrared areas? Ok, back, hey Erika area. I'm glad away good. I wanna talk to you about one quick thing: politics that we get something more important: the border wall. Looks like now we are where we ve we, paved on shutting the government down. Does the presidency have another plan? Like he's? Talked about building it through the Pentagon or what's the plan on the border wall You talk about. I I think he's gonna build his wallet where the other I agree that he can't cave on. Actually, I wish you would not have caved I'm making I'll pay for it. I think that that still has to be part of it. Some ways will it, but we just need to said we're. Gonna give him five billion dollars. Given the border concern
action people five billion dollars, but we gave it to Mexico. Listen I I'm. This is wanting he asked the whole battues does what he has to figure out before the end up before re election campaign by the two something if he can. It is on this is to be the only ones warm ok error. Can I talk to you about something and you can feel free to say no and we can move on, but you said something to me when we did our podcast and you were very open and honest, and I didn't follow up on it. Because I felt that I had put you through the ringer enough personally, but I think it holiday season if you would address it. I I I think it would be Lightning. You told me that not only Did your your Sunday the day he died, but your faith did is well then,
Talk about that. You were a guy who went to church if I'm not mistaken every day, sixty six days, I went find this week it when I got to get to work out cover they Patterson on Sunday when every Sunday in those three men for ten years. I want six days a week, And now you say you don't had the last day went to church that day, cuz Friday. And are you and what your relationship with God what's which serve what's happening? It's it's complicated. I'm I'm I'm trying to figure out I'm still trying to figure it out. I believe this primary people do that. A good person. You go to church you, you sacrifice Do the right thing you deterrent,
all the honest, take care of people. I keep time comes a poem to get his handsome one umbrella in and in the hopes of, It's some it. Maybe it's not a right. It's up correctly. Thinking way in thinking having some sort of protection against something as catastrophic is What happened to me, I can I my son and, like my career, was it ended in my faith and sank, stops working at all So do you you still believe in God or is it a kind of I'm I'm angry or don't know who you are or I reject you what what we are now it's. It's not an. I rejected its anger if I believe it's anger and besides, I believe anymore.
If I die and I wasted dollars time and and and honest shooting out might be answered with you in public. I dont know I do I dont know em are you? Are you pursuing the or are you just letting it settled till things come down now I mean it leading in the really strain, the thing about this. This loss is even think about things like what happens if I lost this personal dapper and when needed The loss of this magnitude now think there is a big. A greater loss in the world the trial an only child you get thrown into a gap that literally inexplicable, so the worst thing you could ever possibly with a low at the hot most forcefully to ever, think you could feel multiply it by a million. It's such a devastating What you going it's literally
the daily struggle just to make it out of it. Just it just seemed that they took that there is a light and set it to start. Tackling the big issues like where's my face. I mean my wife and I both need need to feel like. I do this, the opiates, tour and she can't go cushy. It just breaks or part. Just you know you seeing the picture and saw it breaks me apart like lesson I took pretty. She didn't tell me that there is a picture verification, Jason in the middle of the show and pop darkness. It almost be real means of all shall something it's Philip. I didn't it back here in DC for came out speaker. I got down their own pictures. No, I didn't know their own pictures of american attack. I couldn t speak. I couldn't do that. I was in tears some anyway arrogant, it's a daily struggle
May we all pray for you and your wife. Thank you. Try to enjoy the holiday Inn. And I just as there is no, it there's no enjoyment by new idea. It's called make it true, that's what it literally it so may you make it through shape the prayers God bless Eric like you want. Thank you so much, that's braved it I mean. That's that's a brave to talk about like that. I mean that's. That's really really incredible, can't even imagine what that guy has gone through what I think I don't think Give us know how we would react now. I was easy to say: That's when you need your fate as when you sure, but none of us know how we're gonna react.
If we deny that people would struggle with a situation like that is even to their the level of the core of their faith than were letting people down, because when this does happen, if you want it does this isn't very honest process like this is how you're gonna feel I mean I'd. I have had to deal with something like that and in my head I know that if something that happened, I've you'd viewed, we have no choice. I think to question everything that you have assumed about life. Hopefully you come back two wheel or you your able to get to the right place. The prayer does as well, and I think you know he's going to have his own journey on that and it's it's tough, but I'm going to be able to come out and talk about that in front of people and it's difficult you can tell it is for him. That is the important you know that sir, that's really brave act for him to do not only what you just did Air, but also with opiates, think he's doing around the country really important, stuff, really brave and radically difficulties doing that it extreme personal sacrifice
he's so honest if you missed the, if you miss the interview that I did with them for a podcast cast, haven't you probably find it on Youtube now. That's her. Yes, certainly available, yeah and and watch it because this is the first time he really opened up on a national platform about the death of his son, and it was incredibly brave and incredibly raw, and he is obviously a man who is is going through a gigantic change in his life.
And cannot see the blessings yet, but most of us can't when we were when we were in that we were in that space. You know he it was brave of him to say you know I kind of looked at my face differently. I kind of looked at my service differently, and nowhere really is that promised that I mean play Jesus. You know it seems like all of the good guys always get killed, one way or another. You know you look at all of them murders that that you know just stood and were it were saying? No? No! No! No! I think you should read the Bible in your own language. I think you should have to have it in Latin and go to a priest, as you can't read Latin burned at the stake, all these really great people that lost their lives off the apostles and look at the stoning of Stephen
Light is so funny, I just read a story last night of of a guy who survived the Chicago fire and it wiped his family. And they were just getting back on their feet and decided to go to Europe for a vacation with the family. This is like one thousand nine hundred and three or five, something like that and The dad has to stay the bodies and I'll meet you over there. So the mob and there are four children there. Four daughters are on this on this boat and its. It hits another ocean liner in the middle of the ocean,. And it sinks. She lives and the children die and she just she just
wires to him when he eat when she arrives in France. She wires back to her husband. I survive alone, I dont, know what I'm going to do. He gets onto a boat, he goes over. He gets her. NASA crossing the ocean. The captain says this is where it happened. The captain marked in his journal, that He knows he never looked down to the sea. They looked up and they came back to cargo? They had to your children. Why died at three one died at seven. There passed her, so you're being punished, you ve done something wrong, so they just render completely. They move Israel
They start just helping people first. They they go into World WAR one and they just start helping. People anybody whose wounded doesn't matter what sides on then. Move to Israel, And eventually they EL the children's hospital that is still serving people today, and it doesn't matter if your arab or your jewish or your Christian, the power, everything is as it should be. Our. I I don't know how people survive, but is a very delicate dance with with God being able to let it go without forgetting its
difficult, but letting it go, and knowing that there is some reason and it's a good reason that these things happen to us. And my prayer for Eric and anyone else that is struggling. Is that you will hear the words it's ok, all was well. Everything is good. Everything is, as it should be,. Are puny. Little human brains cannot rap. Round, the idea of tragedy, being good. But in the end, if you you can, let it go and let it shape you in positive ways. Look at what Eric is doing here going to save lives. That's a positive
has come out of this. Do you suffer from Foma who can be a serious condition. If you dont know what form always frankly, A fact will probably only make your condition worse. If you do struggle with Burma, we ve got the cure free email newsletter, the Glen Daily did Glens latest insights, top stories and more delivered streets. Your inbox dont went through another debilitating day with Burma Subscribe now at Glyn Baghdad com. We just never seem to have enough time in the Olympic Programme to hit all of the things that we want to hear there's a lot of stuff going on with the economy that no
he's really covering, but keep your eye on this, because things are happening fast in furious. Also, the Russians look like there repositioning to nuclear bombers in Venezuela. The live ministration has already tweet it out. You know unacceptable. But Venezuela and Russia appear to be working together in an that's. Never good We also have a guest on next hour, Helen Andrews, who has a really different perspective on on life, and an social media because she has walked. I horrific walk Yet her stories really fascinating. She was on C span and sugar. And basically, what was glaring arguing with an ex boyfriend on C span a sort of by my reading of a sort of ambushed her on live television, and went viral and changed her life
about. Let me what seven or eight years ago, and how Her journey and how she dealt with that and were that's turned out, as is really fascinating, she's and join us next Compel compelling story from Hell, Andrews coming up, your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is their climax programme. No one is you figured out what rules govern the new frontiers of public, shaming that the internet has opened New rules are obviously required. Shame is now both global and permanent to a degree on precedent. In human history?
no more moving to the next town to escape your bad name. However, As far as you want eat as long as you want, but you disgrace. Only ever a google search away the right, To be forgotten, the human memory and making it perfect for ever what are the new rules? What is it like to be chased out of the public sphere and having to move to the other side of the planet, only to realise it doesn't. Up there when Andrews shame storm in one minute, it was locked we're two thousand ten when an ex guest Here it on a panel to promote a book of essays by young conservatives, proud to be right, voices.
Of the next conservative generation, the mob. Greater, was Jonah Goldberg one. Other paneless was my ex boyfriend during the core. Gin and answering Todd the boyfriend let launched into a rant about Helen's personal failings. He use me of opposing Obama care on the grounds that it would diminish human suffering, which allegedly I preferred to increase, of wanting to appeal laws against fists fights for the same reasons are being statistic and scheming, a heartbreak in his own personal life and generally living according to a disturbing and brutal set of values for three minutes in forty five seconds, which, unfortunately, for me were captured, on film for broadcast two weeks later on C span he made impassioned case that I was a sociopath its stock Helen Andrews is that woman that way
on c span welcome to the programme thanks so much running wow Helen, you ve been through the ringer and back. Are you back yet? yeah some then eight years since that happened. But you know to see a week or the very day that I sat down to write this effort, I've been came home and said, honey. You won't believe what happened. I was at a conference and we were talking about that break up from the conservative movement and one guy pulled out his phone and said. Oh, my goodness, if you wanna talk about that conservative break up, you have to see this feast banned by the poor guy. Hadn't my dear that he was talking to my husband after eight years. It would have faded, way, but no, it still still pops out. That's the thing that the internet is forever so I want to talk to you a little bit about there's something in in Europe that they're they're trying to push through, and that is the right to be forgotten, which is very very
human I mean we do forget things, and then things fade, but with the internet, its power, minutely, there always and you'll never can escape it. So tell me what tell me what happened. That day and tell me your journey here in the last you know, eight years a short while as soon as the video went up on the internet, those three minutes and forty five seconds were instantly clipped and posted on you too. And they got half a million hits in the first forty eight hours. All the cable news networks did a segment about it. It even made the local network news during these see it was written up on, got Washington Post. You know, guide mental on Ex girlfriend at C Span panel, to all of my coworkers saw the video all my friends on the video. It became a huge story.
How old were you when you set down for that interview and you work Your twenty two, when you dated this guy right, yeah, and I think I was twenty four when the video when big? So you know I I I twenty four years old and basically thought well, that's my life over any admit that you who are pretty pure, pretty brutal to him Well, you know that's where I eventually arrived You know I've thought about yell tots talking for four minutes about what a bad person I am Well, you know, honestly, he could have gone for four hours about what about person. I was to him and not said anything. Untrue. Show who am I to say that I didn't deserve the embarrass. You know some. So after you had me, no half a million
hits in forty eight hours. How did your life begin to change I think I didn't realize at first just how prominent part of my life. This thing was be my thought. It would just be a week of bad news coverage in that would in verifying, but then I would move on its turn it off. The little things like I would be walking down the street on one occasion with my parents and people would stop important though he sees bands. But a year after the incident I decided I wanted to move on from my job at National review and funniest thing. No matter how many reservations I sent out. I couldn't get a job interview which made sense. I put myself in the shoes of a prospectus. Employer I figured you if I were trying to higher for a position and somebody's first Google, this, ultimately, some ran about how she'd media
I thought you know you might look at an easy enough for them to say, but for me it was a pretty serious whoa could not be able to find a job. Did that event As you mentioned, I moved to Australia moved to the other side of the world and even their because that's the thing about Google, it's completely global, only three to another hemisphere, and so in Europe, looking for a job there. You can find a job for like eighteen months, because the first thing they would do. Is Google your name? That's right, I didn't find a job at a think tank. It People always say don't read the comments, and that is definitely my of ice. Anybody else this ever I like the way charities are regulated in Australia, a pretty benign topic, but the minute. The report released Australian MP created a link to the video and said I dont trust this person's views on charity regulation
what do you do that? But an elected official has decided to you that is animal against you, any any public. Then I want might want to make in the future. So all purpose rebuttal I have to ask the obvious question here from the Right, and that is, do you think it but have been the same if you were liberal and not a conservative. No, I dont data, yet I People always say don't read the comments and that it Definitely my eyes: anybody else that this ever happened to you don't ever read the comments, but I couldn't help myself the thing that I notice over and over again. Is that these people? very well! You now got it bad and we shouldn't make fun of people for bad things in their personal lives that none of our business. But in this case this chick is obviously I'm kind of christian Lightweight, not job. So therefore that make sure hypocrite, and that's why it's ok for us to talk.
That's something that a lot of people do psychologically when they join enemies, internet, Taiwan's it'll they come up the reason for why it's actually ok in this case its justified. When really it's just that when an enters its fund is there are any difference. Do you think between I mean other than the final outcome Is there any difference between this and the mobs that used to dunk the witches or or burn the witches it? A lot of heat, just joined, did didn't mean didn't have anything else to do. Oh yeah, and in the way that you know it's completely irrational, it'll that it has no, This is an actual justice or true, so logic. Is that arguing back? Never ever helps you know if you if anybody who find themselves in a new order based on your first instinct, is always gonna be a while just explain my cited
toy and then everyone will understand, but that, because nobody, In one of these pylons is interested in the truth. Anything you say it's just gonna be twisted out of context. What made you make it sound worse? it's gonna, be like you crying when a bully attacks, you'll schoolyard you know, nobody's listening rational, should isn't gonna help anything holy cow How you survive this is beyond me in and that's a guess where I wanna go next. How did you survive it? What did you take from it? How should you fight these things if it, if it happens to you Helen Andrews?
will continue in one minute. Do you have any outrage elected people in your life? How you know what gets me off about that? You want to help them, but your constantly dodging throne and you don't know how try giving them a copy of Glinda latest book addicted to outrage it's much cheaper than therapy and herds Lester to your head more fun addicted to outrage. The new book from Glenn back available everywhere books are sold. The global programme and we're talking to Helen Andrews, conservative writer. She wrote a piece in in first things called shame storm. I tell you Something, I think, is really interesting about how people won't react to rational thought and these moments.
Strikes me that when these things start when these but of online shame trains begin we the in ourselves, wine of excusing a lot of awful behaviour to in an attempt to pylon. We use a Greg, example which was kept cabin Williamson. We love Kevin, he's been on the show before he went to the atlantic people. However, the story and they unearthed some comment that he had made about abortion and the come, There was a really wasn't about the comment. Afterwards, people started saying I'm a fearful to work with Kevin Williamson. I know twenty five per cent. He might wanna kill twenty five percent of that of the women who work here and you point out correctly. No one actually believe Kevin Williamson was a threat to anyone around them. They had justified in this moral sort of crusade. The idea that, We could say anything about this person and and and lie about their own feelings too, because
was so justified. Did you feel you were kind of at the other end of that going through this process shore yeah. I would read an income as your blog posts. People saying thing about me. That work is not true that the British factually easily checkable fault and I wondered how is it that these people, who have never met in the care so much about ruining my life what'd, I reviewed and can make them so angry with me and before I realise that, though, not angry at me, they don't care all that much about me one way or the other at their own reasons there angry at women their angry at conservatives, the largest angry and general, unlike lashing out or they just enjoy them. Feeling outrage unity you really wants you read the comment or follow enough to be shamed. Stormed you realize it's not about you, it's not about the person at the middle of it. It just about
pattern to the dynamic of the way these things always go. It's like us away. He wore an avalanche so so well, how do you deal with it. Cause you, I would imagine you ve tried you tried. All of the you know, argue Letty. Go don't read, it be nice, I mean why works. You know it's funny. It took me a long time to get to a place where I'm ok with it once I didn't. I realized. I was actually grateful that decide. We believe it was part of a bigger plan that this should happen to me that you know- was a pretty wrought in person when I was twenty four hours salvation and careless and very proud and I dont know what it is anything short of this kind of not applied. The head could have done it for me you know, I was raised in a very secular household,
you're the only church we recognize with the church of NPR but job It was only in college and after going into conservative journalism that I met any given that all unwanted things that one of them said to me. After this whole peace than thing happened was you know how? And there is no humility without humiliation and and gosh- was that true, you now, I was very proud person by instinct was always to think that I don't deserve the bad thing that happened to me, but I that saying that you're stuck in my head. There is no humility without humiliation. Thirdly, the himself reflection, realizing that you know. The only solution here is to try and become a better person, so
so I would my work. So let me ask you because I think that's a great lesson to learn and one I have learned through the years giraffe shut up but it's important that we, I recognise that you know that you know, recognize our place in the universe in time and space However, it also seems that no matter. How much you change, MITS, knock just gonna say you're only doing that because of X y and Z, so you never escape that does. Make sense to you all of you experienced that. That's it but they absolutely that there's! No! You now no way to indicate that you train there were formed. Yeah, that's the only thing yet,
nothing. You can do to change how other people correct they yet There they are not your problem, you, you only have controller. Argue you, one thing that that I've certainly taken away as it. When I see other people who have been through these kinds of shame, storms, I hear room, about somebody? Oh, you did something bad things about your sheath guilty of this. If it's been awhile, I always start from the default of assuming. Unless indicator approved otherwise, but they have changed and they have become a better person. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Seems like we have. We are living in a society that just doesn't ever forgive you I've gotten a lot of feedback ever since this, as I was wished. You know some people find you
with names I recognized and have seen on tv reached out and said something like this happened to me. Thank you for including a ray of hope at the end of your story, but the than he does it got to me. The most we're from young people in a small town, but nobody had ever heard of warned that famous, but whose lives have been wrecked or overturned by events like this That was the worst person on the internet forty eight hours and then everybody else new dawn, but I'm still here living the wreckage their Skype. And so much transport anyhow and about one question before we go. We gotta them one minute. You wound up eventually reconnecting with your ex boyfriend where this incident started. If you ve talked to him since were how'd you what's your relationship like now is here quite positive in our daily work because he suffered
This much it I did you now he eventually lost his job. Over over this incident, he's kind of a people made fun of him on the internet. You find it hard to get gigs now, and so we, both Kyle, learned a lesson. He he's if he would do it over again, if he, if he has a choice- and he said not a chance so yeah now and then- and I forgive him and he forgives man and that's the moral of the story. Helen. Thank you for having the guts for first ball for not up and and then finding the positive message in it and and changing your life. I think this is a great story of redemption. That's not going to go viral, but it should be it's important. Then I think it's gonna happen to all of us in one way or another Helen. Thank you. Thank you. So much you bet Helen Andrews,
you can read this story, it's fascinating to read and cheese and she really goes into great detail of other people end and the things that she try along the way. You can see it it's at first thing it's called shame storm. Just just stood Google's hurt health and a hand, ruse and shame storm, but what we did out as well yeah, maybe you shouldn't google, her could ask them. You'd he's a silly playing into fastened, what're you doing she's a psychopath, she's, really bankers and Ivory Atwater Stew, Ecklund backward evacuated, Mattel matter. You're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. I never watch America's got talent. I just don't watch tv generally speaking, but my son came to me it with you to visit dad. You have to see this woman Vicki Barb is her name she sixty or sixty years old time. The sixty one this year here, your sex, do I get,
She came out on stage and I dont remember who it was Naomi Campbell or somebody said what you gonna do, and she said I am a ballerina and is clearly not about and all of that with no I'm kidding I like to eat, so I'm not a ballerina and they went on from there and she will. You came back, I think two times after that, there is no, I think, there's like for more shows till the last final okay and you are now going back for the champion. The champions where are they now? Am I m of the driveway? I haven't got it out, so you know like you really you we're from California yeah. You ve been a comedian twenty years twenty years and you kind of found yourself in a place where you were too old for your own club. I mean yeah. I mean I didn't start till. I was like nearly forty eight and I didn't know. That was not a good idea. I likely I wouldn't started you know right. I probably would have that cause, I'm an idiot but a meeting
And so you know I was- I was having a great time doing it, but when I would go, What happened to me like a television with salmon at the next breakthrough from the comedy store? I would go to these agents in Hollywood and they go well with, which you too fat, you old, you too ugly. There's nothing we can do for you. I mean I just I just kept hoping something would happen by just you know. I see You weren't said you get so good that can ignore you, and that was my only plant just keep doing it keep love in it, but I thinking. Maybe Steve was wrong, ran away, got talent happen and what that shows a gigantic reach and the people it brought to me It just in Hollywood, had to come around your dad and my dad. Please its books, dealers. He played for this dealer braggin back. I just want you to know where I gotta Vanessa football player looks as though Paddy Natural out, though he had no even
around a lot. You know the leather helmet time for him, one thousand nine hundred and fifty fifty one, and so, as I grew up, daffy daffy and deaf ear, but he was just lots of fun and yell. He used. Is that a great dad, but he was totally daffy. So what? Where do you get this from your dad or from your mom clear? I think out in I just I was also a little fat little kid I was like hugely found was like two hundred twenty eight twelve, and that was my birthday was a hundred and four pounds. I was really let yourself guy lady of the hundred now and so make so. My life was a child was bullied and, and I would make the fat jokes first, so fat jokes were defence. I learned that in my whole life it anything good haven't became because I can make people laugh. So is always something that I did. I work for my parents at their carpets over twenty years and I didn't care of people bought carbon me, but if they didn't have from a joke, I was devastated. So I mean was all have always been about making people ass, the stuffing Europe.
The stuffing your act. For instance, you know you never drink alone. Yeah, like you know that I am very proud of a lot of the other momsey. We just sit around and drink all day, but I was discipline is not only alcoholics drink alone. I read all the pamphlet I would always are. Always waited until the kids get home from school. That's sometimes call in a vague dental appointment. I'm so far. Here run right right and and when will you when you took your kids on field, we have everything my mother I can for the last generation. I think of women, a party twenty four seven. You know and I got kids, I'm I'm thinking already, but the party was over. I I didn't know by moment of friends, always always backfire on field trips I mean it. I'm gonna get on a bus sober with first graters, not now not ever get weapons. Do to me right. So I go on my daughter's first field trip and I take up my flask and it is so big algae flask. You know it's!
pretty it'll do outer rockets quietly loaded. Could you get offered you out? Does anyone runner wreck, but I take it now and I take a little flat in a sip and the other moms on the field trip they just go ballistic. They let you know she's got at last it all down. Then we come. Drive in the past. I apparent so how much of your life is true are we gonna find out? You are living in a mansion? Yes, you are, if I keep go and come into play, a triple, why that's pretty much anything about the drinking alone that was my mother. Every day I came home from school, my mother, would sit there with her decks duck accord between her legs. Remember one inside out with a large amount of safety, pincio encase thirty people needed to save, deepen, and she was a president a pity she was a train.
The women's club. She was all those things and she would we ve come home and the moon and first beer would open pump when we walk in that side door and my mother was a phenomenon I started when I started stand up telling that's going to audiences got worried for me that I had this terrible child it with a crazy like mother. It wasn't like that my mother was a last, and she was it wasn't like that. But so I took that the worry of my mother- and I put it on me, and I mean I do two party, I'm not lying about that robots. Wine is my life, it's, but so everything in my everything that I did I talk about is coming from truth that I know right. You know, and you But you do. I live in a beautiful trailer, lend you cannot dynamite me. I've waited five year, by the second best trailer my trailer park, and I would like to look at Trash can for like five years, I'd like what is it what's in there. I knew they liked Applebee's, that's all they know, and then one day the trash was empty and I called a trailer park. Realtor less he's like ninety, unlike less I wanna buy this
where he loves me. The money I started. A g t, in time is trying to get this dream trailer. It all worked out, but I mean I mean I I am so proud. I went on top of the hill look at em. It's so you're that you're out of the slums IRA, leading down on people and will trailer part of it. I call that part of the park, the ghetto or I would call this the house. I don't talk to anyone, be below the lake which is actually drainage. Nature made it look like a like. I don't speak to those people anymore. I wish I could, but I cannot budget right well. Or in a different planet out. I'm takin, look up the hill and be inspired by. What are you trying to say right? Don't give up here. So you know if you sold your high class on top of the hills, I will never get trailer We know trailer therein, California, you could probably live in a twenty thousand square foot home here in Texas. You know I love you.
Had a dream. Seven years ago my friend Brett Frank who lives in Denton. He saw me in Hollywood. Flew me out here for his birthday party and Denis thirtieth birthday. I too stepped all night. I had a time in my life. He and I took my promo pack here too, the Dallas Improv seven years ago. I asked him if I could do it set there. They never got back to me me seven years to get here. I've always wanted to be in Texas, I southern mystical, unromantic and ever since at night and in Odin, was on the border, but I mean I love it here. I would love to have a place on a lake you're, a trailer, I wouldn't do not have to be. I dont have a trailer like DR while I'm alive that right now, I just don't feel comfortable around it I want you to be slightly off the ground in this part of the country, though we were the first to be sucked. I know what you mean in this part of the country to take it back. I'm gonna have to do. I'm gonna have to get em and have to face it right. I don't want to get blown to care
or you can have an underground Tralee heart of your training underground, but you go for safety back in just a second issue with Vicki Marble Oxy is the winner of America's got talent, ten. She is now going to be in the champions addition on NBC. It begins January, seven, Vicky is on tour now she's going to Tacoma Tacoma. I used to live by their now has been thirty years, but yet beautiful and lotta trailer people a lot alone. Then you're going to Portland. Are you easy. I'm excited to the port land where it's real. Weird, the voodoo doughnuts up. Good luck, women
first you'd, let him in a moment, firstly or their act, followed love that why that it's, the poor lady, is the show the Scottish younger issue and as their Provera, maybe there most famous sketches is- is a feminist bookstore. Yes, oh good ideas in recent weeks and are there and its rise a basket its Canada yeah, I'm so excited than National Tennessee zombies. Until Alabama stand up, live started comedy club and Huber Hoover. Alabama. Can't wait to get their neighbour
Florida off the hook and then Rochester New York Comedy at the girls and that's just in January yeah and then yeah, it's crazy fine. I mean I'm really exciting about going around what I always dreamed it do. It then that I would imagine some people compare you too kind of Roseanne yeah. How do you feel about the offer? People look like and I didn't live in a trailer and we have brown, hair and rags. You know I when I first met her. She left the comedy store before I came into the comedy, starting and always was weighed when she saw me which she feel that I'm in a catching her. But I was This took his mom in America, she was the host. I was a colleague, crap, she's gonna, walk here the night. I addition they said no, and then I heard this. Hacking laugh and I knew was her and she came up to me and she was so kind you. I love you and she totally got that we were different, an end I for her and she was really get you did right for a while. So it was wonderful, here: she's, not
easy to work with. I I I you know. I just realized when we're gonna be best. Friends, because she was who she was using a rose and- and I was a little me right- so I we descended the stuff in and she would send me a check and she was kind and She had me open foreign biggest Wednesday, and there was yet was that is so. Are you are you somebody who I mean we eat? You win the million dollars or whatever it is, and you you know Europe huge starring you're going cross country. What? What? What what's gonna change about you- and I I you know- I I don't No, that that gonna change. I think because this big success hit me when I'm sexty. I think that your against its just different than in view of your earlier I mean I got my grandkids kart for cart for Christmas, loudly, dream come true in that, but other than that I mean, like I'm honest, I'm not leaving my sailor. I might get another trailer and allay when I worked in there, but I mean my whole. I don't think
been so happy to stand up. I've been just so happy as twenty years. What did you do before I work for my pants carpet store for twenty years? I mean it was crazy. I mean it was just take my parents just the craziest time, unless what comics go, comedies it, golly kill hard and what is more, I work at it garments or you're crazy piracy because they would they would sleep our carpet shopping tat to a liquor, sort literally a by the wall with a liquor store. The walk, liquor store us, so my parents lagoons. Drinking in the afternoon. They pass out about nine o clock. We closed people coming in the morning. The door was unlocked. They just walk into the shop Mama data be sprawl down on the carpet roles. Are you actually I'll bet you're, not even a blank naughty, and we sold only seconds in irregulars? I mean that's a moving slowly, but surely you are desperate or a superficial, and you know it was a first it with my dad every morning at it pep talk in his office,
or another, but any holes undertaken added or a that morning pitch witnessed what what brought you to California, my dad, distorted you'd manage car storage and I was literally and they moved him every year. And finally, when I was nineteen, he opened up our first shopping Oceanside Anna and that's why that's where we state and how long we lived in California. I've lived in oceanside for forty years. Forty, yeah caliph, I grew up in a West coast, a group in Seattle, yeah and California, forty years ago is not California. Today, it's not serious nuts, I swear. I am a little enclave of Oceanside is protected by Camp healthy Marine Corps base, which I love, because you know it. They given day? There's thirty thousand gorgeous Marines walking around. I think because we have the base their our towns days of a similar like it doesnt gentrifying the level of the other beach towns around us, so I'm just so grateful to be in ocean cited.
Little like when I go to allay the work and stuff, but I mean I'm where we are secret, little spot you gonna change. I think it is with with San Diego as well. I mean I just kept peddled in changes. The yeah. You know the seals yeah. It just stops the insanity little bit, yeah, I'm so lucky in my son, was retired gunny. So I get to be at the beach. I campaigned on Christmas day. We always been Christmas at the beach compel them like a meaning, I just in the Marine Corps car watches Ladys. If you visit San Diego, don't go to the zoo, go to the front gate of Camp Pendleton. You sit in your car, twelve Marines, where little green shorts wash your car. It's and that is sir, that's what you might do for every time. Every Saturday son along also me. That's where you will find me right, cause I'm a gift. Yeah. A tremendous- does tremendous so much ravney on big honor
It is it's it's great to see somebody who is pursuing what they love, because they love it and for no one reason and then hitting it and No other reason I mean you have the trailer on the hill and they both let's face it near renounced, their Diana double my dream and a comedy made. It comes through working we'll go to find out. Where do we find if they missed the dates that, on my thinking, barber like Facebook page is always my counter, and I am, I have a website, it's called the marble. Comedy dot com, it's on the brink of Tita, but if a little work, if you guys look into it, Vicki Barville Comedy dot com or my facebook page
I'll call over seventy zero. Five at the EU also started a new podcast yeah. They give our black trailer nasty and also, I am ordained a wedding minister. I have a business called wedding chapel to go a minister of the Reverend cloth of the leopard and I offer a twenty nine. Ninety five half our honeymoon is part of my service. I have a wedding van, it pops out. We just pop up weddings, so the twenty minutes Did you say, honey, learning, minute, half our honeymoon, twenty nine? Ninety five, I haven't I've kept that price stable. Reckon downright, and that's in that at the end of Attica. It's a wonderful experience, a rough for the happy couple and you can renew your vows to any effort. I do a lot of anniversary. We now, I do believe anniversary parties and we can also offer the twin I ninety five enough. You know. Maybe we should have the measure we should. Maybe we should have like we do next year, if maybe, to get you back. We should do like up
Billina. I mean it's not of an right, but we could so national shows. Why would you do like a bowling alley wedding and you could officially absolutely the career? I would love to do that. I have my own bowling shoes, so you're ready. So much less do the headmaster. You come back again, you You can waiting and will find the perfect calmly for the bowling Alley wedding. I love it. Somebody's gonna want to get married next year in a bowling alley and they shall keep us in yeah baby thank you so much. He someone's gland. You can find her at Vicki, Barbara, Lock, dotcom, picky, barber, lock, find her at Facebook and if she's coming near you make sure you see here. She is right here
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