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The Biden Era Has Begun | Guests: Andy Ngo & Mike Gonzales | 1/21/21

2021-01-21 | 🔗

President Joe Biden called for unity in his inaugural speech, but what can we actually unite on? Megyn Kelly joined Glenn that night to discuss. Glenn reads an article from the Federalist titled “8 Strategies for Exiting the Biden Years Stronger Than the Right Went In." On his first day as president, Biden signed some shocking executive orders. D.C. was peaceful on Inauguration Day, but Portland and Seattle weren’t. Journalist Andy Ngo reviews Antifa’s latest attack against Democrats. The mainstream media is way too giddy about Joe Biden. The Biden administration took down the 1776 Commission’s report, so Glenn read it. Commission member Mike Gonzales joins to discuss what Glenn says is a must-read. Glenn has had it with hippies.

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