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The Biden Family Emails | Guests: Sen. Mike Lee & Glenn Greenwald | 9/24/21

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The nature of money is changing. Glenn and Stu discuss an odd story regarding a Chinese ghost town company called Evergrande, whose bankruptcy could affect your financial situation in America. Sen. Mike Lee joins to discuss the basic rights Americans are at risk of losing and government spending. Bill O’Reilly joins for his weekly news recap, President Biden’s plummeting popularity, Hunter Biden’s never-ending laptop story, the border crisis, and COVID mandates. Journalist Glenn Greenwald joins to discuss the Biden family emails found on Hunter's laptop and how they were suppressed by the corrupt media. Glenn discusses how the Left is using deterrence to silence its opponents.

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Let me tell you first about a MAC Mike Lee is around the corner to aim. Is the association immature american citizens. Now over two million members strong and I'm a member yet the insurance discount, the travel benefits and everything else. The reason why I joined is because no these people and I know what they do. I know how hard they work they were really instrumental in stopping the passage of house resolution bill for that the or they are actually working on for that in the Senate. Right now, they worked to stop resolution, one in the house, which was the hostile takeover by the federal government. At the elections, please join a MAC for the address see or even join for the benefits or the information? They got great information, but join America needs you to stand together. These people are fighting a good fight. It's a MAC. I am a sea dont. U S, Flashback AMA seed on: U S, slash back a MAC better for you better for Amerika the Friday
program and podcast begins. Next, you're, not entertainment, Goin back
hello America. Welcome to the programme we ve got a great show for your Friday. Billow Riley is coming up. Glenn Green Walled is joining us to talk a little bit about Hunter Biden and, what's going on there, he has been leading this story and probably the only one that is really digging into it. He'll beyond later on, the programme likely is gonna talk a little bit about our fading constitution and we have to start little with a little bit of the economy, toilet paper and cleaning supplies and paper products. Pasco is saying well well, well, you can only by so many. Why will tell you coming up in sixty seconds, Isn't it time you start doing the things that you love again. You know how I used to back in the days before you really dealing with that pain all the time. Those are good days. It wasn't, you know, just
You could just get around better. You can do everything better than you have I'm more fun while you're at it living in pain, socks, Believe me. I know I've been there been inside much pain that I haven't been able to function. I have been able to fly, it's been horrible, horrible. All of its opt for me, stop. cause of relief factor try it just try it. My wife, now united at my wife, do these commercials. Could she was the one issue like I'm not gonna election day, any mine. She sounds exactly like that scary scary help me but she was the one who said you gotta try it, and so I did didn't they good work and I did see if you can have same experience. Seventy percent of the people have that experience relief factor try for three weeks, eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four- is the number eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four relief factor, dot com
all right, some something's going on, and this really continues from our Wednesday night special we ve been telling you that you're not gonna, recognise your country and I'm telling you if you don't recognize your country now in a year from now, you really won't every it is about to change. We are changing. The way are very economy works. This is the new normal we are back being brought down to you know I read, and today. This will explain it read an article today by twenty thirty many of our roads, are going to look like Cuba, and what do I mean by that you're not going to be able to get gases powered cars starting soon and so the rural areas, the farming areas, the places in the middle of the country that won't have charging stations everywhere,
we'll be just taking their old cars and re doing them in and paying really high gas prices, because gas will be hard to get, but you will be able to bring. You won't, be able to have the electric car and many people will be able to effect to afford in twenty thirty, a brand new electric car, and so are our cunt he's gonna be split again, you go into the cities and it will all be electric. He go outside of the cities and it will look start looking more and more, like Cuba are being pushed down, into a second world kind of economy, and that is by design now a lot of people will say this is because of covert parts of it are parts of it are not part, similar Jim, genuinely caused by our government people can't we can't get people to work it, docks anymore We have ninety ships right off the bat to California, waiting to come in the Bin
for two weeks, but they can't get truck drivers can't get people to work at the docks, because you, make more money sitting at home. everybody's worried about what automation, what will automation due to our jobs, were pushing automation You won't have a job, and things will become less and less available. More and were scarce costs, go chief financial officer said yesterday: they're bringing back purchase limits on household essentials, such as toilet paper, bottled water cleaning supplies met ship only Warehouse Jane said it wants to make sure these items stay on shelves and it as it copes with the supply chain. Challenges, see thing we're doing is have you noticed, that the government is not concentrating on things that we learned through covert. Like we we make our own medicine. We should
our own medicine. everything is being pushed globally. That's why the answer is local. The gun, and his going bigger thee, the world is going bigger and its unsustainable. They keep making the problems. Bigger Well they will fail. Let me give you a the example of the failure that is coming. That might very well affect you. It Lee More of these I changed. I've been telling you about ever ever grand now This is one of those stories that stew and I talked about when it first came out and He can't I was like: why would we and we know he's been, me long enough to know g. We should pay attention. these things, because the do they're all interconnected that fair! Yes,
I ride, never even another had ever even heard the name ever grand I had neither until we have some really good research. I had neither but Grand is a please the builder of the ghost city and we knew their work. We talked about the go cities quite over twenty years, yeah like some fascinated by the avenue, these entire cities, with no people and really nice. I mean tat art state of the art cities and no one lives in them, but the biggest mall in the world. Yet at one coming lately empty can we landed and no citizens around to go to it and run ie. No add they use this to prop up their economy, make their numbers look good. Eventually, they were supposed to gonna move people there. Many of them never got citizens yeah. So here's the thing. This company- and I know this number sound small, but hear me out anytime somebody's talks about a billion dollars, you're like unless not that much yes, it is yes, it is this company.
Ever Grand has about three hundred and fifty billion dollars in debt now that's three hundred billion owed in bonds and another fifty million fifty billion loan, so three hundred fifty billion dollars in debt by way comparison. General Motors only has eighty seven billion dollars in debt and turns a profit. Remember. This camp company does not turn a profit. It's a ghost city company apple, The largest company in the world by market cap has a hundred billion dollars in debt, so ran, is carrying more dead than any. U S, company, at least in the fortune. One hundred it, but has a market cap total value of all stock at assets of less than five percent of apple okay? So let's put this: in two hundred and fifty percent more dead than apple.
And less than five percent the size of apple. that's a lot of dad so now here's what happened, sold all these bonds and nobody was buying them because it's a girl, city company, and but he was buying them, and so they said you know what we're gonna pay. We're gonna pay in. U S dollars, not in chinese want, so we can get everybody involved in this, and They started getting clients in, Chinese Communist Party was encouraging people to invest in this company. They gave them a triple a status top grey we would have marked it works we should have marked junk bond, we didn't, but we didn't have anything to do with is a chinese company, but they started to, get all of these people. And all of these people are demanding their money now, and they can't make the payment.
So why do we even care about this Seventy five percent of evergreens debt is owned by chinese investors. We have to care, because China just said yesterday expect coming storm because of this they're afraid of is the run on the banks, they're afraid of a Occupy Wall Street response, they're, afraid of rioters, taking over the offices of ever Gran in holding executives hostage Derek there, actually, fraid of actual riots on the street now we'll ever see them and God bless us. People were riding gazelle, probably I'll, just be killed, but it going to cause all kinds of problems for China and not, just inside the border, While everybody is focused on the three hundred fifty billion dollars on in Dat it. the derivatives market that you have to worry about G, what r D
but if Stu, I thought we learned about these in two thousand eight, where it is kind of like a bet on and existing product as it necessarily function into the normal balance sheet of that product. The financial product right, you're, betting, on something in a kind of like aside, bet on stock, or as we did, it's not really even theirs thing of value here. It literally is gambling, ok, there's no you're, not you're, not better. on a product or a company. Your betting on whether or not there going to be able to do what they say or not, as often funded by margin by borrowing, so it's not real money to really bad at on things that are multiple times as risky as the normal financial d it legal, but they won't be because that's how the banks make their money. There are private dark pools of money, lots of money, so out of
three hundred and fifty billion dollars in bond. They believe, according to the Swiss Bank, that about A trillion dollars a trillion dollars in derivatives, that was people, betting, that they're, gonna, fold or bedding They are going to make the payment, but again Stu just pointed out. A lot of that money is borrowed money, the biggest in Act is going to be in the Asia Pacific Countries, Singapore, Australia, because they put off. of their money from their teachers, unions and their retirement funds. They put me into this, because it was a good return, but it was a shell game. total shale game, It will reach the. U S. It will reach the? U s. If the derivatives start to fail, banks
may fail over their losses over in China, and that will come. aid cascading effect, for example, let's say the Bank of China heavily. Invested in ever grand based to fail, they take the more just down with it, but your PA. GIN Fund in vain did in the Bank of China because That's a safe bank to invest in now they fail. Your pen starts to fail so badly. Act of this one story is significant, theirs saying that this is the Lehman brothers of of China, And the United States, we are changing every and here you have to her, stand the entire economy. is changing war. One of the purposes of war is
ought to settle the thing that everybody is seeing on the tv screen is to change borders, to change I natural systems to chain, regimes to change countries. and the change doesn't happen in the losing country alone. It also happens in the winning countries. It is a way to cover their so much pain during the war, and we are in a war right now, Cove. It has I did the war, and so we're in a war right now and the greater the pie even the more you cry out for it to stop and The longer it goes on, the less you remember of what normal was. Think about the war on terror. Do even remember what it was really like how many freedoms have been curbed.
since nine eleven a tonne. But do you even really remember a time when the bank was, reporting you. If you took me, a thousand dollars out of the bank. Do you remember, that time. Europe for a time when your deposits, we're not asked of line that you the person it the money in the bank, you were the first creditor to be paid now you're the last creditor to be paid. You'll get your money from the government, you'll never get it from the bank and you'll ever be able to take it out if there are in trouble, you ve lost a lot of rights, and we don't even know it yet This is changing. The entire world stew found a story today was in New York Times about Bitcoin penned It is not our internal Wall Street Journal yeah. I urge listen to this we're this we're share it in a minute. I want you to listen to the way the Wall Street Journal is talking.
It sounds like Glenn back ten, years ago and it's the Wall Street Journal. Not me that too. In sixty seconds also to talk about our rights and how to understand them likely coming up in just a few minutes, let me tell you about a MAC, if you're over fifty time to start considering what benefit group you're going to join or if you ve already joined, one rethink it unless it is a MAC, the association of a tour american citizens, they now have over two million members and their growing. The benefits are great, torrents discounts travel benefits, all of it, but more portly. the work that they are doing in Washington? This is a group that want to give you all kinds of benefits, but there also They know that you are the ones engaged. You are the ones that are watching and guarding our rights and that I know the guy who started at or new, he just passed away, but I
I knew him, and he was so strong on all the things we all believe in and that he started a MAC, because, if we have a lot of numbers of people. We can make an impact and they have. They have been instrumental in saw in stopping resolution one the policy federal take over of all election legislation, and now working on the Senate, and they stopped. first one now they have to stop resolution for please is joined them. There is power in numbers as we stand together, Amy, join him for the advocacy, the benefits or the information but join them because America needs you I M a sea dot. U S, slash back a MAC dot, you ass slash back ten second station. I D.
we are producing a programme in. I think it comes on three or four weeks, and we are asking is the first time I think I've ever done this. Anyone who can give ironclad proof that out. She knew we were funding, gain a function, research of corona virus in whew Han and actively sought to suppress any discussion of it. If you are a whistle blower, we need you for our special, We would like to have someone that knows it. First hand or has proof of it first hand. Please contact US economy. This programme. and and help us out William. Ok, let's go to The Wall Street Journal. So two things actually Wall Street Journal had a report about China which is now made all crypto currency transactions illegal. Just in China just be in China and
firm overseas can no longer have anybody who is a chinese resident. Haven't account. Is this I d ever Grand run on the banks, but probably probably right, whereas what what people are afraid of with crypto currency is you're, going Take your money out of the dollar which which hurts the government. They felt they dont have power over you or over the. currency they can't manipulate, and then therein trouble yeah now on the New York Times site, as you mentioned. So this is from looked in his guy who writes about crypto currency, often for the New York Times. He writes to those who consider a currency hard to understand and aren't paying attention time to rethink coin may seem a speculative and yes, it is but glue financial system is being revolutionise. Nature of money is transforming. This is a big deal
his stories about regulators, racing toward first major rules on crypto currency. The government's trying to get involved in that does the government is going to a? U s: digital dollar. They are that, owing to a digital dollar that is mentioned in the story as well, that they It doesn't say they are doing it, but it says that they are seriously considering it and try to figure out how to do it. They are I'm telling you they are, I mean mentioned this a mountain a bunch of times, and it just there's no confirmation of it yet right, but the the FED has been doing all kinds of research and work on it and it only make sense comic. Use common sense. This is the thing they have to have two troll, everything and Eric live in. It an opinion guy and the reason why I think this is important as he's stating this. As he's writing news, Articles about crypto currency, he says this decade will be remembered as the era where the
nature of money was radically transformed in the world. You We are living it. so it's almost like, The hundred years of the industrial revolution will be compacted into a ten year period. Does it does seem like I've done? It does seem like this. Is this this. These are the days we we talked. I warned about these. the times that we'll try men souls the nature of money is changed, and the That will mean everything. It will go to, as I pointed out on Wednesdays TV show, that will will go to How much money is your money worth. If you retirement fund. How can you retire? only have sixty percent of your retirement fund, they just lopped off.
forty percent, because there's a new currency, this is coming. This is coming so what's gonna happen, we crypto currency. well there's currently, Are basically trying to come up with rules here and you're in that point where the big players in the industry are going to the government be like look, we know you're gonna do something. Can we at least make it less insane? so they're trying to figure out a way to craft it. So it doesn't destroy the industry. We ve seen the other side of this in China right where they're just turning it off their saying. No more crypto currency transactions. They're all illegal in China Don't want that to happen in the United States and a lot of people are heavily invested in that that are big power players that don't want to happen as well. So I doubt that's going to happen, however, they're trying to come up with some sensible. They can keep the financial system together likely next programme
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power in numbers, and we really need your support. especially as things, are, getting more and more dicey and its becoming more and more clear that you're, just not going to able to even ask questions online join us please go to blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use the promo code, Glenn twenty five and said twenty five percent off your subscription right now, my cleaner. we're talking on the phone just a couple of nights ago about the constitution, and I asked him some questions and I thought you know. This is an interesting conversation. We should just have some of this on the air high MIKE how're, you doing great Gwen gonna be what you and your wife so MIKE I was, talking to you about away. to understand the constitution and I'm I'm workin on something to where you dont have to even read it, and I know
you don't recommend that but people, You start to understand what the government can and cannot do, and I was talking to you about. We We loan our lot right out. Are we give our rights to the the government. to lend them. So they can do the things that we we can't do ourselves, for instance, police. We can't have the right to defend ourselves. We have a right to stop a person from robbing us. We have a right to stop somebody from stealing our stuff, We even have a right to a citizens, arrest and holding somebody until the authorities arrive and the authorities are using the power. that we give them to then take them. To trial, etc, etc. We don't of the right to string somebody up. But if we
if we were alone- and we were just a bunch of individuals with no government, we would have the right to collectively get together and judge a person and hopefully would be fair and then execute the punishment, correct or not correct, I think that's correct. Look. All of us are born with certain natural light, certain God given rights. The model writes that guarantee that we should have the ability to live our lives to have the protection of life and liberty and property government is there to protect those same things to stand in for us, so that we can live our lives and not have to worry constantly about protecting that which is ours, and when we bring government in. We dont give governments more power than we are naturally morally to have on our. over our own fellow bags. Its government is
They are more as a surrogate and security guard men. It is apparent, in fact, Alex's Tocqueville observed something like this, since he was touring America and the eighty thirties and explain Why or revolution seem to have taken, hold and embrace liberty, while the French not so much? He said you see the way governments steps into the place of apparent its preparing children, poor perpetual childhood Ass, adolescence. O parents, of course, are preparing their children for adulthood, but went government act that way it's preparing them for captivity. That's not what we can ever so really is what the declaration of independence was about. So this is what this is. What led me to this thing that I'm working on is Joe I'd and said it's my job to tat to you and he was talking about the virus, and I thought no, it's not your job to protect us. It's ours
along with our doctors, and in my it's my responsibility, no wearing your job description? Does it say you need to protect me outside of military? You know, invasions, etc, etc. You job is to put checked my rights and quite honestly, this is why we go to war and we are willing to die because my rights are more important than my life, my rights, that my children's rights that's, why I'm willing to go and die in a war, because I need to preserve those rights for future generations and that where the government is going wrong in any time they say the government government has to protect us. No, they don't know that, that usually leads to bad things, but actually raises an excellent point, one what he ought to be focused on those areas, where is deepen happens to be true within that narrow sphere. So, yes, it is his job to protect us.
commander in chief of the armed forces, which had been focusing on back right, then, all extraneous things that maybe the Bush withdraw from Afghanistan wouldn't have been so fatal so he owned earlier that he also has the responsibility to protect us through our border right. It does indeed he has constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. That is his job as the chief executive officer of the. U S, government, you didn't do that either and there too, the results are tragic. You see this is what happens with governments when governments start focusing on the things that they're not supposed to do. They lose sight of the few things they are supposed to do and that we rely on them exclusively to do Let me I'd I'd like to continue our conversation, but are are Our rights are being destroyed,
left and right and We are fundamentally transforming our economy, our banking, system, everything and MIKE Idle. I don't know how you feel about me. You know some of the things about the great reset, but we are. developing an entirely new style of government. It's a public private partnership Conservatives have always said it's a private corporate. they can do anything, but these corporations. Now are far. more powerful than governments, and I'm not sure which one is running, which and they are also doing the bidding. I think when Joe Biden said, I'm gonna have a mandate. He was giving cover to these big corporations to do this for him, because he knew he can't that's why there's? No! That's! Why there's no
negative order. Anything coming from him on this. There is interesting in almost every pressing regime that, is a region in modern times they tend to use, is melting of corporate power with government power, and it seems attractive to many from a distance, maybe at best of both worlds. In my view, it ends up being the worst of both worlds, because you have neither accountability nor efficiency You end up with all sorts of other warble combinations allow. This seems to start. One is Catherine Toto Lot of. It seems to start when people start Miss apprehending the nature of rights. When you start hearing, people refer to rights, as things government must give them your on the high road too bad things right. We have to remember our things. Government may not do to you. They are not things.
We must give to you when you say it again Saturday, and this is really important rights. Are things government may not do to you? They are not things. Government must to you by taking them from someone else wants you depart from that central premise and from the central premise that government is basically just air to make sure we don't call each other? Take each other staff work all vulnerable to those who would harm us? It is a society from the outside. Then we we're on the high road towards tyranny. Will we on narrowed for A very long time, but we seem to be accelerating into the turn this time around yeah, I think so, and I'm wondering where the Republicans are. I mean. MIKE it is it is. It is if the is, if the the Senate and the house are,
shadows of what they're supposed to be an that's, an insult shadows It is indeed, I think, all the shadows all over the world are now very upset right now to hear you and with good reason, gum she's one of the features of consolidated power. You know the whole purpose of the constitution was to fulfil the promise of the declaration. It did so by framing the prompt promises, the decoration now it set up this Senate and the house to be accountable bodies, and it was there to protect the people against the dangerous accumulation of power in the hands of the few. What's happened over time, is it drawn more more of his power from the people to Washington, with in Washington, we handed over from the legislator branch to the executive branch, sometimes to the president himself other times to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats and, as a result, the legislative muscle of the most accountable branch starts to atrophy
that's the problem we got with Washington, so the spending bill, I read this morning. There are five senators that are Republicans that are pushing for the Republicans to pass a spending bell. Who are you? I mean? I know it's Mitt Romney. Who else look? I didn't I sure who is actually pushing to pass and spending bill there. There were four of them. I believe It signed a letter saying that we wouldn't ass. A continuing resolution effect into new resolution contained at feeling increase. I'm not aware of five pushing, certainly to spend the three point five trillion the Democrats want, but I will tell you this speaking:
what brought, but you are not aware of any of the article you're describing here. I will say this: if there is a tendency, overtime or people in Washington, Democrats and Republicans alike, to want to spend more of other people's money, even if they are Republicans, because they can always convince themselves that someone will benefit because of this government spending and its probably always true. What many big black is it. They have a constitutional and moral responsibility to make sure that their not spending outside of what we can afford an outside of what is constitutionally appropriate for us to spend. That's what concerns me and that's why we need this thirty trillion dollar debt low that we got. It didn't happen on its own. In fact, people say: there's no bi partisanship and watching
as we would say, and the courts in the courtroom bet assumes facts not inevitable? If you don't get to Detroit thirty two nothin, yet without a whole. Lot of Republicans agree. with a whole lot of Democrats to spend more money, then we ve got. Senator MIKE. Thank you so much for me on the phone and all the hard work that you do. You are a true statesmen and a guy who is standing true with your your oath and the constitution in declaration, and I can tell you how much I appreciate it and I I am not alone in that. Thank you very much Much Glenn really appreciate your beer listeners can follow me at the leaf or static dotcom. Thank you leave her Senate by the way, I think he is I mean. Maybe he's got so many people come out to run. and stem like everybody running against them.
Don't think he has any serious challengers. They seem to be clowns, but maybe that's just me leave her Senate real estate agents. I trust when it comes to buying and selling homes how'd. Your experience been, if you answer is anything better than rocky. I command, you nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a mediocre real estate agent, especially considering that you're buying and selling your most precious I said the probably the most expensive you'll ever buy number of years ago? I got so frustrated with the whole process and decided that you know I gotta look into this and see if I can change it just for my own you know, buying and selling of houses do you even know who a good real estate agent is? Well, we figured it out. We were working with some of the five hundred best real estate agents in the country. According to the Wall Street Journal, and I started asking him, how do you judge? How do you know we found out
put this whole list together and now we go out an interview, real estate agents for you, so you don't have to it's a the service to you, I do She to interview them. Make sure that you think that our rush hour judgment is sound, but that the free service. So all you say is I'm you know, selling a place here and trying to buy a place here, we'll find the people that have the best practices in those areas and the best track record real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dot com, This is insane Washington State School has decreed that students view lunchtime as a dangerous time for all The school said that they can lie. Or their mask to take a bite or a drink and then raise it to to swallow or talks the calf.
quotas are cafeteria, has a fantastic airflow system and children are spaced out apart and when over a hundred of them are in one large room? The cafeteria and Jim combined we need to treat lunchtime is a dangerous time for children, dangerous for all you ve got to be kidding me. So weird, this obsession remember things that people, I think, don't realize here. The United States is that none of this is happening in Europe. In Europe, where the only want masking kids like this it's only happening here. Which is very strange right. I mean I got you'd, think they're supposed to be ahead of us there more progressive quota quote when we are all these issues we seem to have. We know it. They hit Europe first, typically and also We should point out two: they got hit by the virus. First, remember northern ITALY, which is one of the worst things. That's enough happened since the beginning of this virus. They really got wiped out early. But oddly,
no matter what evidence is present this continues to go on the power of the teachers unions to fight against science not followed it not even leading it, but literally fighting against it. It is crazy. Is that is. Are we really truly the only country doing it? I've heard there have been over. There are areas that growth it, maybe not, the only I think we're the only We're doing it in a widespread fashion This now, of course, obviously our own country, our whole countries not doing it either. I mean we have thanks. Because of our system of government in our constitution that continues to hold up a little bit. We know that we Joe Biden kid Do these things Rennie's he's as you point with the vaccine mandate, it is awfully suspicious that we still don't even have the rule written yet
but tsars this. He made a big show of this. Why on earth? Would you do it? He said his patients were running thin, one redesigning the rule, then one reason is because African Americans are outraged too. Popularity, has fallen with african Americans, I think by sixteen percent, just based on that one speech in just a few days: they don't they like it and he needs to have the african american support that maybe one reason I think the real reason is he never intended it wanted big business. Just do it is declared programme. what we're not to turn the clock back,
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biggest story of the week. I would think would be the polling that shows at this point in history. Are more people will vote for it? then why'd they ran tomorrow. That's a pretty big turn Don't you very well seeing that has only been eight months, yeah yeah, I mean state of articles about how democratic panicking, because they're not gonna, get their socialist agenda past. Now, when president starts to weaken. it's like everything else in the power circles. Ah, when opponents day since weakness then they become more drastic. all the people, in a light by a lot of them
I was saying you know this guy's such a screw up ain't, never going to come back, it's never going to get better. So, let's bury him now and so the people in a Democrat, Why not real foiled about being socialist They now have an excuse not to pass this. insane spending bill, it's weird is: what's weird: is those people that don't like Joe Biden and are now like empowered to do stuff, doesn't see? like any of those people are Republicans. there's still just asleep largest, you up Is an anti by the Movement of America is fairly strong, even though you know here it on the corrupt corporate needed, but a shot dead down, with the exception of Fox NEWS, man
You know why we networks, I'm you have any regular networks. Anymore, is an interesting it either left wing or right wing. Anyway. I come the year, and will I tell you what, in a uniform way possible now We have to take the side right, but the moment if you're, using sports, cliche, is on the side of the anti by mean people and even Herbert media does an age that they hate it What are they gonna? Do you got fifty thousand nationals under a bridge in the whole real. That's it I'm a pretty compelling photograph you ve got Afghanistan. We all know what happened there and it continues to unfold is a horror.
and now you're on we're people pay a bucket to have more gas oil and gas and pay a lot more food, corporate media and, believe me, had been meetings about this, the law. What would we do? What can we do? So that's the big story of the week now I wrote a message in the day and the low Riley Dogma today, and I am predicting that you'll see bold new attacks on Donald Trump. Very soon the only way they can get the attention of the incompetence abiding, isn't shopping. Pardon upon against a former president. I expect to see it his earliest. Week. While that goes. I assume this is because of the. the new Paul that came out that shows Trump would win. Fifty one forty one indeed
voters would overwhelmingly choose the Republican by twenty points over Joe Biden and from would win fifty two thirty nine against terrorist right. So tromp isn't there. I am, they gotta, kill up and I'll. Try me you're gonna system America, now beside the alibi, forces, there are lacking the hunter again hunters, is he's coming back but honey is that what we have Stop framing. This is a Hunter Biden thing. This is not hundred Biden. This is about Joe all job there are linking up. There was an Michael yesterday, and I wonder how true those I'm gonna look like a lot of speculation in me. The job Are you died, hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes by foreign corporation?
but he knows what an s cooperation is now, but that lie Joe Biden dives, that we want to tax everybody. To be able to We have an american analyses, fierce propaganda war on both sides and not for me which is the most powerful entity in their propaganda war. They are desperate to keep buying from going under. and that's why you're gonna see in the next few weeks, some pretty intent stuff well, I I think it's, I think it's good that you will see the intense stuff, hopefully on binding. Do you think the do you think Hunter Biden thing ever goes to the mainstream media. I mean really live only He's indicted saw Oh you know the Hunter Biden, those indicted. I can see that
at what level I mean merit garland gonna! Do that easy attorney general, of course, but you know hundred bide! You did a lot of very shady things. There's no doubt he did. There is no emails honours computer. daddy gave some pawnshop operator I mean disguised wholly. I've is mine onto it every year to beauty What do you do so with loaded with bad stop and you give it to some guys shooting that's exactly what you're doing so, there's something here. We're Hunter by you could get into formal trouble, What happens if, like the John DOE real? You can't hide that store. You can't buried in store for eight months, ABC Nbc, CBS buried the border stalk, nor the report.
now I have now, is a new element of color because of the hate it so who's down our shop that didn't go well, good I'll go down when they were hondurans. Did he go down for the Nicaraguan, though the observatory you know what, as soon as there is a nation this out and oh now by he's got cross currents of the black lives matter. The owl sharpens because the Haitians now they're. Turning on by a little bit at this is even worse for the New York Times in Washington Post. They don't know what to do now, because people of color Turning on by and it's what I for my part to summon big picture die. Unlike you back, I'm a big paintings die
poor old deterioration not only of the binding presidency. What are the corrupt corporate media? Well result. No, the deuce to do seventy. I think seventy three percent of the american public and the latest pull I saw blamed the media for this too. Cool down on the border, because they said that I mean they. They blamed Biden but more I am also blamed the media because they said they never covered it until now and if they would have covered it. We would have right we would have been forced to pay attention good for the folks. You know we often talk about people not paying attention and be prisoners to their cell phones, but I think that, after a while, when the situation becomes saw irredeemable- and this applies to Afghanistan and to inflation- that before
will a debit among us, which would be probably Beverly Hills, Hollywood, He said to go. Maybe we're on the wrong track. Here is how it is good for the folks, Let me ask you about the covert mandate. We could go Biden came out and said his patience is running thin. He's gonna be mandating these vaccines. and then nothing happened. Why? because he does not want to get into a Supreme court fight so You two mandates that all workers they have to take the back, because they are employed and vines in charge of the federal government, Sweden that unease are gonna lose legally, but once you start Sally in the morning. I work that she has to be back. Need insult or children, then by these into Supreme Court territory.
And I think that the Democrats in the programme and people one by now. They have a better than even chance of losing because its, unlike more parks and measles and things like that, The vaccines are not walk down, they won't be as they get perfected, but not quite yet and so the argument can be made that look you're, forcing people to take a back see later want and they're, not really protect, hid from Corbett look at all the breakthrough in cross over cases. That's enough. So by knows that cat mandate, I'll be there. There would be rebellion like the reason. Australia, beekeeping- and I was your age- is like America by very similar. Why is this riots in the streets there now right, but the australian government soon,
the the bind administration when he came out and said I want mandates the number of people that God Vaccines actually has gone down pretty dramatically. is so obvious. Yeah you're in the zone now will persuade goals have been persuaded. So you got Ready to twenty five percent of Americans who you can persuade and I'll take the back unless draconian sake, and I got news for you. I don't think so. I think I think that by him coming out in saying we're. Gonna vex we're gonna, give due a fax mandate and my patients are running thin. It's that day, a that, he said that that the vaccine, but people getting vaccine those numbers went down. I think,
yeah the harder he pushes the more people go. I there's somethin wrong here. This isn't right, what's happening, you're, absolutely right that harden the resistance and brought sympathy in some priest, thanks to the anti bats moment because they are buying. I mean you're old, conserve people don't like by, but the untold story here and I'm writing a column partially about this on Sunday again. The lowly dot com is where I am is that the african american community, his wife, Falk. the most anti that's community and the United States. Recorded and busy Epicure CBS lightly. No black lives, madam, is achieved screaming the New York City. Mandates are racist now throughout the screaming, atrocious
So black wives matter has now allied with the Anti backs movement believable. But it's true. We have some on that level. play the audio visual industry in the wake of the reality that the mandate of the dual system, yet again that we are either gay I am proud to regret that they want the night. You have the joy.
So a dual mandate- and you put them out of your resolution- you my people or discriminate their work back. You know best. The remaining ninety thousand now has to change you know a pint of sounds a little like me kara, you're gonna, get it or not. It's not right. You should have a right to choose. Is that the black was matters? bugs. Firstly, yes, it is all tat. Does he didn't idea? I think his name- is Hank Newsome, he is not related to gather yeah. I would love to see that family reunion, if that were true, though back or Bill O Reilly injustice. Second, let me tell you about relief factor a little bit about Bobby makers.
We story is remarkable: Bobby had the lock of humpty dumpty, at least at first he had a really bad Bad fall broke his ankle, his knee ripped to tendons in his leg, Doktor told him never walk again and for awhile look like it was right pain, was so intend she couldn't walk but Bobby's now. Take no for an answer and what's more or Bobby, had heard about relief factor What Bobby's walking today. It really factor helped him conquer the pain and why through it and get his life back relief. Tracker, not a drug, but it was developed by doctors and about seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more. You can order the three week quick, start trial back, it's one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five take it three times a day It consistently. if in three weeks, you're not starting to see some difference in your life, stop taking excess, probably gonna work.
But seventy percent of the people that do that go under order more month after month after month, I've been taking over two years or so relief factor not Eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four relief fact dotcom eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four tenths, stationary Bill, O Reilly, haitian migrant families who illegally crossed the southern border and lived in a makeshift can't beneath the international bridge. being released into the United States contradicting the by demonstrations. Claims that would be that they would be removed from the country boss. Come from the processing centres throughout the region, where migrants, who have been waiting for days under the Del Rio Koona international Bridge are transported processed into the system from there. They are either released into the? U S if they make a credible
aim of fear returning to their own country or flown back? their country of origin, greyhound buses arrive at a gas station at one thousand and thirty, and five hundred and thirty p dot m daily. The buses take passengers directly to San Antonio Texas, roughly two half hours away and it is full of Haitian Michael these people that have come across in we're we're supposed to be getting rid of the- U government is just picking them up in buses and keeping him off at a gas station- saw the by demonstrate in her usual, doesn't tell the truth to the american people. If Europe single haitian mal bewildered you win, but if Europe My father mother earth, a kid they will and you will get to go you. Wanna go just as most of the other two million people across into the
Usa, since bide knows than adopt most of them people are scattered around the country. Now, so that's the truth. By I'll, never tell you the truth and what people should understand is Haiti is the worst place in the world Have you been a Haiti I've been there couplet? I have been it's. It's surrenders thought right in the United States, since two thousand ten percent five bill with a b and other countries are spent. Thirteen billion in aid and shown TAT was who were brays three billion privately or ran total of twenty two billion dollars and not one thing, has improved in aid, not one thing and the people of Haiti. I know it is completely corrupt, comply, corrupt bought Is not a political situation there in the sense that the ah Haitians sent back are gonna get beheaded
Would you not down a correct? poverty and corruption. So you know if you're going to let every person in the country who lives in a corrupt. we're nation. Then a United States ceases to exist, and that is what Joe Biden doing well to be interesting when we go to Canada, because we are now living in a poor, corrupt, nay, are. You don't want to go to bed at parallel living autograph. You don't want to go let you in Ireland, they look like every time I go over there. It's like a madhouse. I don't know even why, I need one we're on Fox news. Yes, that got in Somehow my I built Riley dot com is like you,
That's my columns. Somebody does when I go to. I try to go every two years ago, They are at it. I don't have a useful way, get old couple, weird, it's weird, but they're all drink, and for a moral billow, Riley, hidden, just decided standby the programme
american Financing Annabel Ass, one eight do three: four W W W that animal s consumer access not or give you. I miss the first part of the broadcast, make sure you check out our podcast today, first half hour, we're talking about the the profound change that is coming to the financial situation ends and financial structure of the entire world, let alone America. It time to please please look at your final. How can you save any money, Can you take your Interest that you are paying on your credit cards or on your house if you are paying more than three percent on your house, you're paying too much and interest rates according to the FED are going up soon? They have cut over a year off of their promise, not to know
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Florida supply of the the treatments since I mean he is just making Joe Biden, look like a fool and if it makes me happy any, thoughts on what the government did. Texas in Florida on this this treatment Ah, I do every thought, but give me a forty five seconds at the end of irish rail or not take you on the Trump history to shop. In a case like this, I don't know what happened saw. The accusations are that the binding, ministration somehow denied red states, medicine
that could help to mitigate cope? That's the accusation. I don't know And I have to say maybe I should, but I try to my step, which tried to get the facts about who ordered the diminishment of those shipments. I can't get it so until I have it. I don't really want to speculate that's not what I do back. well that's a fairer assessment. Me, let me ask you: this dissenters is clearly Positioning self himself for a run in twenty twenty four I'm ass his question all the time and I my answer it the same way every time. course he is is down. I'm gonna run in twenty twenty four. He wants to do so.
When I talk to Donald Trump, my would say once every two weeks now, because we have the big shows coming up and I He's pretty candid with me, I have to say in thirty years he's never Like me, your misled me Now I about, I think, unique relationship with him. Because he knows that I'm might not be a sky, and if you lie to me, it's not gonna go down well, but he wants to run. and he is looking at possibility, Nobody in the Republican Party wants a big primary shoot out like last night. That's so Well, you know everybody knows which prompted the Joe boys you little Margo in Lyon TED I mean we want to go through this again
Really not, there is a very public in their country. Dont want that show there. our discussions. The three names that our power. Minute now and will be names added to this. Where start your Santas Senator Scott from software? liner and governor known from South Dakota saw Those are the three that want to run for president and are positioning themselves today. How that Sheikh is impossible to predict right now, but Speculating in again, I want to do that if the Trump people could convince the centres to take the VP. two white man, but I think at that point that demographic is not a matter biggest. There's gonna be saw horrendous. years from now and campaign really began life and people are gonna. Look skin color anymore, it's not gonna, be.
yeah come on how this situation Finally, I have to tell you I m not based on colored all, but I think TIM Scott would be a strong vice presidential candidate, but not just because you lack, but because he is a really strong constitutional is he's these I would be a great choices VP because he could go. On to be president, but you have to understand and it's going to be trop as well mean guy is Santa. I'm just gonna willow away. No, I know their rights. Are you guys You got three eyes and then Governor NOME is a force and that's what would obviously show whether they come to an agreement that Scott would be secretaries.
The Santos would be BP, christening all would be whatever Christie Norm wants to be, and they form a four prong. Then that would solve the problem, but that's a big yet so It wouldn't Donald Trump operate the same way he did love Time or why to be learned from the first time that it would make this different. Here. You are Mary, are you know the odds, Donald Trump changing his style And his style is basically no one knows what he's gonna do from our to die. All right I'm not talking about his style, though I'm there is war.
thing that that one thing that concerns me is He has a he as a right to be vindictive and just take em on them. But I find the quickly in his own mind. Yes, that's all you can search and destroy the opposition because they are so heinous. now I'm gonna. I want to tell you about a private conversation I had with Donald Trump. I don't think he would mine this. I hope he doesn't, and he asked me. I never call him unless it's a business and I never give unsolicited buys that any president they asked me, so he asked and I said if I were in your suit. Your way not if I were you, ok, because that fly out the window. No one is like Donald Trump. No one, no one, ok,
get a byword yours situation. I would study Winston Churchill they what Churchill debtors, Actually the position your in so afterward more to the british people turned on churchyard, boarded em out as Prime minister and for a year Churchill in what he calls a black dog depression. You went to the south of France, he painted stuff. Yeah. I know it's beautiful paintings, climate I couldn't even talk to one year day and very clear It has come back and he did it where he was re elected in nineteen, fifty five as prime Minister with basic we looking ahead.
This is why we have the cold war. I just made a speech in America, Airy Truman's, imitated the iron curtain. That's Winston Churchill right, ok and I should look. Churchill got home, but he let it go and told himself as a guy who would improve the country in the future. You might want to consider that, MR that I said that I always thought it bandit. I told the back orients, but I don't think I could give them better advice. No, I don't think so either. So, Tell me about the tour that when is it start couple weeks its however, only in by December Monday, we on Monday was starting to market it. We haven't marketed detours, been announced, of course, and I've chatted about it. but we haven't marketed matter for Shell is one input. Adele in sunrise they just
change the name of the arena, not always a good thing. It's now de L, L a lie billina, and that is on Saturday the eleventh of December, then we trundle on up to Orlando Toy Odor Centre on Sunday, the twelve than the next week and use them on the eight and then dollars the American Airlines Irene on the nineteenth and national back we'll be at if you want a margin for autographs. On Monday, you gonna start to see spots that you'll see them, because they're gonna lie in the Dallas Fort Worth very happy about the shop and water gee I'm getting out is now all the ideas for all four then use are sold out I'd, but there are still nice seats available. It
you go this weekend. Ticket master or the arenas themselves were below rightly talk about a moment you're right over, and it makes great Christmas gets what better Christmas gift of your white trumpet. Even if you dont like them. This is a history. Took no b I'll tell you. If I tell you believe I talked her down trump this week. He was on the programme with me and he was I really myth. I miss him. He is so funny and MRS frankness of just calling bull crab, bull crap. or you can imagine o Reilly in Tromp together stage The abalone No, I didn't think we're gonna take you and I from the body and soul. What I'm trying to do everybody is even if it all live in Florida or attacked, as this is a once in a lifetime. This will never happen again, and so
You might want to check that out. Think about it- and I hope you know- Nobody comes in this week. Andy this is gonna, be those shows a gun. Right now, I gotta be given. bill orally and Donald Trump tickets are on sale. Now you gotta bill orally dot com and get them. I am going to be one of the Texas shows, probably the one here and now in Dallas. and it did did will prove to be enlightening and very very entertaining Belarus. Thank you. So much always want a job here You bet Lehne, Green Walden, Hunter Biden coming up in just a second first me about car shield. Your mom get away with rolling the dice for a while after your car warranty goes out, but some is gonna happen and your car is going to need repairs and as always when you car, doesn't have a warranty, it becomes very, very expensive.
specially with all of the electronics and the way the Electronic serve back, ordered you wanna, maids, gonna, cost you an arm and a leg so whether, rather than giving an arm and a leg or living on a wing in a prayer call car shield, shield. It's a win, win they'll help you get back on track when you're in a pinch and you're, not on the hook to pay Thoust of dollars so get the coverage today see car shield cars go further. Car shield, dotcom, slash back car she'll dotcom, slash back and save ten per cent car shield, dot com, slash back deductible may apply. very interesting: the exclusive video now from Katy S am on the border patrol agents on horseback. This is free from the photographer. An interview may exclusively from Katy S M the photographer
They took the videos of them whipping these migrants non videos are picked, finishers listen here. It is today the White House says they are under investigation. This is what we're talking about. These were taken out of Del Rio. The White House even called the images quote, horrific only nine. We, with a photographer on these images, who is actually based out of less process now, many people says in appears to border control are whipping migrants, but the photographer himself says: that's actually not the case from the haitian men running right go around the world and that when the whole thing happened, I didn't everything with anybody with the thing he was swinging. It didn't even actually with someone
when you are looking at a future, as for agents on horseback border patrol, has called the use of horses a tool to keep In safe, de the boy Patrol no longer allowed to use horses. Dear then update what was all that horrific behaviour on the border. I know, would also they gonna do his worse than slavery. She's And by the way he was swinging, he was swinging the reins around. That's that's. Have you ever seen a cowboy ride, a real cowboy? these horses are amazing I've seen them heard cattle I've. We get bring cowboys to the ranch to move the cattle and its increase oh, how smart and well trained these horses are, and they know exactly how to hurt people and that's what the horses do is they are. Hurting people. So people can you know
safely, be corralled, so they and be stopped and two to say these guys were whipping. Is I mean it's? I. I dont understand people who are so buying into this burning, retrying Bernard, even try TIM to act as if there are tied to the facts anymore. No, these get disprove. They just keep saying the bright it I mean really I mean if, if you are still part of the people, all that are buying into this I've. I really question your mental health. I do You know people have said that before you now you're gonna be crazy. If you're a conservative Reoccur Asia, we know ye you have been brainwashed, If you look at these pictures and think that this is as bad, if not worse than slavery, and that says whipping these haitian immigrants.
I wonder how you tie your shoes, The Maxine Waters come yes. She said that I have a second Andrew Ilka Hoof someplace TV yesterday and he said. Look I'm not saying. Anti vaccine, but I am anti Maxine and I that said, there were. A lot of America. Is right now thinks so too, as she's just she's a lunatic? I mean you isn't. This is person who has an answer as escaped and asylum, and it's got it into Congress. She the person who you know in her district by the way we had a black republic candidate whose being you know having eggs thrown at them when a gorilla masked by a white person This is the same person who encourage people to go out and harass trump officials all over the place. Now she saying a person on a horse who is
trying to stop a person from illegally crossing back into our country after leaving to get take out food from like Chile's theirs, been a genocidal act that is occurred with take out food from Applebee's. That's not anything he's literally holding bags of dick out food that baby, it's so ridiculous, so hyperbolic, but in ocean there are different levels of this agenda. Saki is just lying. Maxine waters is sort of five million sing no, they won't give the I won't give. I won't give rest to the insane observe did it is? She is she's. she's only insane, because people have allowed her to get away with it for so long blend, greenwash coming up next to climb
programme, new proof emerges of the binding family emails, definitive account of the CIA media, big tech fraud, while at its very well outline Glenn Greenwell did it on his substantial. We talk to Glenn in sixty seconds programme Let me tell you about relief factor. The couple who takes relief act together stays out of pain together. I think that's how the saying goes. We take, Karen and her husband, Joe she's, been taken really factor for a while now she's been dealing with some very bad teeth, but eventually had to be removed and she's been doing a bang up job of helping her our body manage the inflammation. In fact, relief factor
Walter so well managing the pain she decided to give some directs the to her husband, Joe who three hernia aided discs in his back Joseph He started to feel better now to their getting their lives back relief factor not a drug, but it was done by doctors and about seventy percent of the people who try go under or more you can order. The three we quick start now fully nineteen. Ninety five, so you really do have anything to lose, accept your pain and you get your life back. It's really factored outcome. Call eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five Hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor dot com lehne Greenwell should be joining us any minute. Let me just read some of this report. A severe escalation of the war on a free internet and free discourse has to in place over the last twelve months
numerous examples of brute and dangerous censorship. Have emerged, the dust production by big tech monopolies of parlor at the beginning, of democratic politicians at the time that it was the most downloaded app in the country. The ban of the sitting, president from social media, the increasingly explicit threats from elected officials in the majority party, legal and regulatory reprisals in the event that tech platforms do now sensor more in accordance with their demands but the most severe episode of all was the joint campaign in the weeks before the twenty twenty election. By the CIA, big tech the liberal wing of the corporate media and the Democratic Party, to censor and suppress a series of major reports about the then presidential front, runner Joe Biden October fourteenth and
and on October, fifteenth twenty twenty, the New York, The nations oldest newspaper published to news reports on. binds activities in Ukraine and China that raised serious questions. Glenn Going green Walled is here to tell us all about the conclusion Glenn. How are you I got a great start, again good. Your problem, you're out you sound like you're in some foreign, distant land or you back down in Brazil, are you someplace else Maria. Hopefully the connection will be good. Yet it's fine. Thank you, some for joining me that this is a story that go away, but it doesn't seem to ever gain any legs on the corporate media. Tell me The the campaign that happened.
between the sea. I know your head, you had so when the new posts first reported this Worry as somebody who has worked many times on large archives of documents and had to state my rep he should in my career on verifying that they were genuine it before importing them something I did when I reported on works noted Archive about Vienna, J and with Wikileaks many times and also extorting Brazil. When I got a large archive, it was obvious to me that the evidence was overwhelming. These documents were authentic. It had ever need this year of authenticity was reported by Fox NEWS than either the daily collar and others, but the rest of the media, the corporate media, ignored that evidence. try to eat. Everybody could believe that be in her report that they were fake and the biggest get bigger one. The c I a bunch of former yea if its old, like John Bright, ended, leave clapper
you'd a letter saying that they believe that the archival rush in this information, which has declined the tool at one it came from Russia, but the second it states information, meaning the documents are fake and therefore you should pay attention to them. and in that letter glance yea operatives. It me if they had no evidence that it came from Russia, where the documents were bake. Figures that kind of tar sands that this is the case, the honey look. Let me read it exactly. We emphasise that we do not know if the emails provided by the New York posed to President drums personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, genuine or not, and that We do not have evidence of russian involvement just that our experience, makes us deeply suspicious that the russian government played a significant role in this case. Wow, as is you got there, Exactly
exactly and with amazing is even day who are basically train dish. Information each such of the CIA in out of the community is concerned. The duty of the bill domestically and they get there champions, but they do are. There are expected to do it internationally. Are trained liars. Even they were more or less than what the corporate media ended up using that letter for which was to say these intelligence official Shea definitively, that is his russian disinformation erect and they you know you can go through every video file. CNN and MSNBC an embassy news and see the youth I watched the cloak Durkheim, or they just say over and over this I think this information and they use that as an excuse not even to discuss the revelation, but the worst thing of all is that twitter. In Facebook then seized on ice cream sensor sensor. This story, from being discussed, will be tried, opposed the link
Q than you are closed, reporting or other media outlets. Discussing it gradually get a message saying this link is prohibited. It was one of the most astounding acts of brute sponsorship by the union of the end of the, elegant validity, the corporate again take back quite before our election, that I've ever seen sue so Glenn weird. Is this story go from here, because these these emails are coming out, we're getting more and more? They are are verified and it shows its, not a story about Hunter Biden. It is a story about Joe Biden B corrupt, to hear eyeballs in things like trying to sell access to him to be able to get libyan money, released, acts to the oval office and to Joe Biden for Mexico in China and money being demanded for these things. This is this: is some of the most
rose corruption of our administration. That is actually been able to come out and be proven I think, for neither beggars corruption. The words corruption is the journalistic corruption. So the reason we're talking about the story again aside from the do you now about what he did in Libya, which are extremely incriminating, is because, as I said, from the beginning, there was evidence and crew of each email to are authentic. The problem, came from right wing, our and liberals have been trained, you just ignore everything that comes from right. Wing outlets will be How is a new book a young. Actually. Courageous report deserves a lot of clarity and second job who works at political and mainstreaming.
Now letter the gas, obviously no friend, of already waiting right and in his book, which is all about investigating, divided each spend months, doing really deep, diver reporting to try and find a group about whether the female four key ones, not the like ancillary ones, about under by personal life, which personally, I don't care about right, but suddenly one about Joe Biden yields in China and his interference, Ukraine on the upper bereavement, which is pending their son, fifty thousand dollars the actual corruption of Joe Biden he'd through one month of reporting that these emails are accurate. And here the thing if he had proven the opposite. If he had thirty months and reporting had gathered, proved to be being also actually forge, he would be the biggest star and american meteorite now you'd be wearing. America today show an average not blow ground, but because his reporting We feel that the media lie and that these in older authentic he has not been on one of those shows.
the are CNN and even networks and in fact glance label then mention his book, they wanted. acknowledge this crew, but everything they told the american people for weeks is an absolute. What this was rushing disinformation and email or authentic. All tat is how group Absolute were up our meeting Well, I'm we'll call back I'll give him a flower to talk about is about his book. So? What is the solution? Glenn for the meat? because the do you think the media is ever going to take this on an and treat this as a real story, not their part of it, but the, but the actual corruption, part,
Not the other thing you do know. Banter hindered from one part of it is confirming the authenticity of most of it is about investigating the IDA provided families so that every other first family has been investigated. The quantities. Obama trumps. You know that the bushes, but we don't know very much about the bite it until being ignored this bob, both parts of it. I think What for me, I used to think that the corporate media could be reformed through It is a very real guarantee through pregnant. I might add that boy I believe, they're irredeemably corrupt. They are they live far as our model on that's for ideological on business until I think, the solution is never want to make people aware as clearly as possible, That's why the corporate media that whatever contempt they have- or it probably isn't enough and then Amber Cute-
you encourage and build independent platforms and aren't sets up the ball to censorship by big path, and that are subject to the piety than orthodoxies of these institutions of authority that control what another alleged I've done it. By the way, they are their work or work enemies. If you put the following the meat and how the lower esteem than almost any other institution in our society like above you know like pedophile, and they deserve that and its importance, keep happening to people more and more. We realise that it's irrational that trust. What they say can I ask a question: you had no thought of things like this and pondered them maybe come up with a reason for it now gasoline is up over a dollar and my whole life has been in the media and oh gosh. If it's, Republican in office and gases up. That's all we talk about the media just covers it now. I understand
that when the media had everybody by the nose ring and were leading them around here, We don't trust the media now but if the media doesn't talk about Afghanistan, we don't talk about Afghanistan, Why is that and then? We break that yeah you do. I do think these are words, are losing in boy if you or gas, for example, Reading of the two largest labour- all alike. the amount of damage that BT already and collapse before Trump arrived. They all those holes were about to get higher because nobody was watching their shows. Tromp single handedly theme that part of the media right is a gay people. I desire to watch and they enable them to here everybody about trumped sufficiently to make people pay again new trumped on their back the disappearing.
reading the piano MSNBC argued affiliating leave. Would all Maybe they get. You know under best days, what like a mid level, Youtube or get ya, and so and then you look at you know like Fox NEWS and other outlets that challenge the level of production couldn t I go. I added you don't need me that our growing, but what's only growing, are independent, clockworks people. On Rumbold. You are on some staff who are you to be then? Who can keep on twitter people who have been injured, avoided arms are able to shape its course in ways that previously they never were able to do before. That's the thing that needs to be built in and fortify so is the is the social media. The corporate social media are they. Doomed for the same kind of fate yeah, I mean you, know what I only know the person you and I ever got global gothic like yourself up there. I begin
in the reporting from Edward Snowden, about how the USA was flying on everybody, and my colleague back there was a free internet because I always read. The internet is one of the most important, even innovation. Innovations to free us from the tyranny of some lies government in corporate control that would enable us to communicate with them. another without their intervention and what the burdens, or even about and now what big tax censorship, but about is this attempted greed that internet from this tool of liberation, tool of coercion and yeah. I do think that the kind of you know Silicon Valley giants. The monopolies like Facebook and Google on an apple in Abidjan are obviously being increasingly controlled in terms of the thing you can't can't say on there and that's why these alternatives like Rumbaugh like sub back like people turning Bitcoin blockchain, which Wall Decent lies control of how we can meaning
with one another and becoming more and more popular, because what's the point while the internet at the scene, corporate in state forces the gate and send and police, or we can say as always, wore uncontrollable bore him and the the only thing that always cross, My mind is: there is an awful lot of money and power at stake, and that's. Why can't see the United States government in a letting Bitcoin in letting social media, get out their grasps? Yeah, I mean any time you have a new technology, a new instrument, a new weapon, whatever you want to call it and the internet, Be described as all of those things that can actually threaten. prevailing status quo power and our centres,
you're gonna have a war over. You gets to control it. So if you don't get the internet and what's been happening, for example, a privacy, while the USA and its allies in China alone are always looking for ways to good all the internet to her bed sent from circulating. You react were in technologies by floods, open to all, like encryption, This day was ahead of them. It's like an arms race, thou with big dream you're being championed by some of the most influential people in the world like Jack Georgie you on mosque and others, it's gonna be Moreover, that technology is while you're gonna, have the steep it's gonna. Try and control at you're gonna have people who are in a triumph for the buyer. Just one quick Williamson thing that I think from history and allowed people up again after the bombing of the other.
Ultimately the courthouse in Oklahoma, city and aching age, five that old familiar plain done: Timothy Mcveigh, Glinda Ministry. didn't write when the internet was started tried to seize on that threat. Fear is generated by the targeting every weekend. It would like weekend venture than white militia than all about. You may try to seize on that fear to introduce legislation in that far encryption. Are that at least up required that the government always have a back door to encryption. and they law. So bids battle has been going on. For you know, twenty years overdue, gonna get to control the internet and how it's gonna be our thirty function it never get ahead, because that's what institutional power do, what they train their power. Glenn Greenwash. Thank you so much for everything. It's always a pleasure to have you on pre shaded. Thanks for all the work you do he added great to be what they got me look, what follows substantial, just search for Glenn, Green Wild
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supplies and, although the people ever attack share of Bali with each other, its wrecked tech with a queue at the end are easy t, Q, dotcom wrecked outcome, ten. Second station idea. So in some ways, What he says is good that the media has embarrassing numbers and they do it just it's a joke there, Members may burn them, yet they have earned them HU we have. We have more people on the blaze than they have prime time. Sometimes it's remarkable it's really remarkable, but what is missing is the sense of collective. This you know we Here too, we used to
much the same things and be able to move together as one and no it. Everybody was talking about that. Those days are over there are no solutions, only trade offs, and I do think that that's one of the trade offs you know I we talk. This all the time and that you ve gone through, in the past ten years or so, making news right like finding, not not following what is already in the news and analyzing. It, though we of course have to do that as well, but finding store, The people are talking about turning them into stories that everybody is talking about and that it gets harder, as more people are decentralized, Ok, I mean I ride rather have information be correct, even if not as many people see it. I want I want to make sure we're getting the right stuff out therein. People can find it if they want, but that does does push back again. That collective. The expiry of the problem is the vilification
these giants that are dying Vilify anybody who says no the hunter bite in the story is real and they take so many that are not paying attention that it will take a while, for that tend to come off just as it, taking a while for Americans to wake up and go wait a minute? they're lying to me over and over and over again. Why should I believe them today? This is the blunder programme. We we got a big box. Yes, in tiny said, I said: what is it hoping it would be something that could be used to finish our house, which is two weeks away but you gotta be oxen and I was excited open it and it was a big bag, had dried kip Food, I think Tawny knew exactly what it was. She just wants me to carry it inside and open it up. You know,
then her down it s like All in all, I am saying do now. I never was so excited when I brought it in and I was like ok, I wonder what it is now just disk cable food and Anna was bound. Excited about it. As I was, and then took some of it out an ipod rough greens on it put on his bull and he laughed it
It is not a dog food, rough greens and it doesn't come on a big heavy bag like the given food, its supplement, you just sprinkle it on top of the dogs food and they love it, and you will see a difference in your dog. Try it now rough greens, dot com, slash back or call E3 three Glenn, thirty, three reference dot com, slash back! Why depend on the media to cover Hunter bided laptop when you can have your very own Hunter Biden, Laptop case Hunter Biden, laptop case not come. This is the blended programme, we're glad you're here I want to want to give you a phrase that I just read its from Michael half. He wrote a. He wrote a book long ago, color.
Those who remain a series of books and in it He wrote, I think, one of the most profound phase phrases I've ever heard hard times. May create strong men. Strong men create good times good time. I must create weak men weak men create hard times. Where are we in that. we are now at the weakest men. I think Our country has ever seen. Men have been emasculated me, Are are no longer men, you're not allowed to be men. And that's: why we're having hard times. Because men will not stand up and be men, then
Those days their hearts will fail them. Our hearts have been failing us for a long time, gentlemen, long time. Do we stand for truth? Do we stand for justice? Do we do eat? Red women, the way we should be treating women all the time. Do we stand up for those who and defend themselves that that really is what a mirror I think was based on any of our military. It was to defend the defenceless. We are a nation of bullies. Now. And all this anti bullying crap is just that it's crap. It hasn't Stop bullies it. Given those people who claim to be trying to stop bullies the power to be a bully on everybody else.
and the reason why they can be Bali's is because we are weak man. The good news is These times are going to create strong men. And I will tell you that we, a choice We can either stand up now collectively and be strong men. or when all of us are so weak, we will cry out for a strong man, and that will be the end of the republic. The reason why we are having did you, I don't know if you saw this, we saw record increase in murders in twenty twenty, the murder, the homicide rate. There were Five thousand more homicides across the country than the year earlier. We. We had twenty one thousand five hundred murders last year.
thirty percent rise. The previous record is in nineteen sixty eight. We An increase in nineteen sixty eight of twelve point: seven v, This is a record jump of thirty percent. They're gonna blame it on guns,. But you know what it is theirs Deterrence anymore, there's: no, consequence anymore. nobody has to pay for his sins and that's the problem. We have allowed weak men. To be our shepherds. I think you could trace.
This particular situation that we are in now. You could trace a lot of it too. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. because he was a man who didn't have to. Pay for his sins and Every man saw it every time, ailed sod itchy the way we talked about everything it cheap The way we thought about perjury oh, if you're, just smart enough have another good enough attorney, you can get away with anything in ever since then people keep getting away with it. There is no Deterrents anymore- and it is, trickled down to the lowest levels. There is no, if you, do something wrong and burn a building down your neck, going to jail,
for your on the right side and burn that building down for the politically correct reason, even in TAT building happens, be a police precinct correct. They will leave the building and watch you do it and then no ramification. see deterrents is really really effective. The f ay AY says more than seventy percent of the unruly passenger incidents on flights are really into masks. You know why, because its Crap- and we all know it, we all know it. seventy percent of the unruly passenger incidents. So you know at the FDA saying these airlines have to crack down harder on the people who are flying that's not gonna help, that's all make things worse. Because you are no longer dealing with common sense anymore.
but see the crack down on. You is really important because did torrents works and they know that. do you hear about the guy who stole a beer from Nancy policies refrigerator he walked. Into her office. during January Sixth, he's held since January. Sixth, I'm stunned to hear there's alcohol and Nancy's off a yet. I know that's a shocker, wouldn't you needed and he walked into the office open up the refrigerator. Saabir grabbed one. and drank it and left Now he's been in jail. for drinking beer out of somebody else's refrigerator. That's what you would call a misdemeanor, that's what he was charged for charged and convicted of a misdemeanour Is he spent all this time in jail?
Because they are sending you a message deterrent, works, You mess with us. and we will mess with your entire life what happens online yesterday I told you about a new show on blaze, tv it asked question and that one question got them to strikes: three strikes, you're done brand new show there The question That was a logical question about masks. Now you can't do that We will shut you down. It's why they have worked so hard to keep us from rescuing people. Believe me, no good deed, The goes unpunished, beak
as we have rescued the number of people that we have over. Afghanistan, because we have done the things that they didn't and I would say couldn't that they wouldn't do we did it. because hard times create strong men. And they will make us pay a price one way or another. We will pay a price for it, and so be it when that price comes to be paid, just no listen to that deterrence? Don't listen to it. It's a lie, It's a lie. Whenever they do to punish anybody, who is standing up for the right thing, don't be deterred by it, be incurred, urged by it, though
are trying to send you a message because that's effective and they don't want you to be effective,. may. I just tell you one story about what you did last night two nights ago. Two nights oh we rush day and after a woman to the plain she was nine months, praying She was gonna, have her baby and, if she would have her baby. She and her baby would die the hands of the Taliban. So he rushed her head and put her on one of the plains and. she was taken a safety and she had her baby on the tarmac of the free country,
State department yelled at us: how dare you It's against the rules. You can't put a pregnant woman on a flight, Are you out of your mind. may give you another one. I do want to give you any details of the people that are involved in this, but these are p. that really helped the United States in are in our fight over Afghanistan one of the others. Two brothers, one of them, was really really really sick and because of he had to be in a safe house because they are looking for him. He couldn't good to the it couldn't get to it After he couldn't get to anybody for medicine, and he has to have this medicine or he's gonna die. He he has to have fusion's and everything else, it's it with its bad. Well, the antibiotics that he needs, he couldn't get and
there wasn't anything that was slowing anything down now and he was he was going to die. He couldn't get medicines because everything around him was closed. He couldn't get medicines because he couldn't go to a doctor because he'd be exposed and The only place he could get the medicine that he needed was hours away, they didn't have any money and they get through the fifteen Taliban checkpoints, where One of our unbelievable people with the Nazareth fundamentalist found out about this and she found a doctor. I don't even know how she found a doctor. got him to the safe House: and I can't get the medicines for ya, Because we're going into the Sabbath
and you're not gonna, be able get anybody to open anything up. Well that doctor, after some convincing by two Maris she's, relentless. We were able to send a courier. and brought a month's worth of medicine down. He He is doing better. But we had to get him to a doctor as well, so last night. We got him to a doctor in a safe country, his family had to remain behind, but they will come out soon. I want to tell you what his brother said. After the, U S, forces left my country, I felt we had been left behind after my three years of service with the U S army, but I understood that good always finds its way. Me and my brother of made it out thanks to all of you, the amount
team members that we have and the people who have donated. We have such luck. To have an amazing team. We have the words to express our gratitude. I have a too year, old daughter, who is always with me since she was born. I just spoke with her she's been Crying all day, long I know I'm gonna see or soon I left my we behind for my brother and God knows, I know God he is. Watching me he's watching our family and soon good will come for them. be a strong man stand up because you who are the answer to someone's prayer today and by being that man just today in the small way. Whatever way you find who will change the world.
Because, there's enough of us that want to be strong men, you never quite know what to expect from a cyber attack other than you know, I'm gonna be fun. We're criminals are doing everything they can to separate you from Natalie your money your possessions, but your credibility. We are good name, your credit. Everything It is important to understand how cyber crime and identity theft or affecting your life every day. You put your information, not risk on the internet. Life will help. You detect a wide range of identity threats, not everybody, not everything. Nobody can cover all of it, but they are the best in the business and if they detect something they'll, send you an alert unusually for me, it's come in the form of a question: did you chest when this did you just by something in to bat. Note that wasn't me, then
If it isn't you, they have a restoration specialist on hand to help you clean all of that up they are really really good and they'll protect your identity better than I think anybody else. It's life lock by Norton join, now save up to twenty five percent off your first year with promo code back all one eight hundred lifelike one eight hundred lifelike or had to lifelike dotcom promo Code Baxter. twenty five percent now programme We cannot leave the air without a bit of good news for everybody now Associates Cuomo with you. No sexual harassment, but usually the brother? Who is the governor that is nailed with that? Not Squabble by a host of CNN show
and he's just bad hit with a sexual harassment suit, yet well, not suit, but an accusation in the New York Times by his former boss, apparently into in five. He came in and grabbed her, but hawks in them. Of a party in front of her husband. Was she falling she was not, was her buttocks. hanging about to fall off and she said, oh, my butts about to follow and he caught it before the floor before the floor. That's how he's gonna tell the story of young and an yes I'm, but no he came in and he gave because I guess she had just move to another show. He came in and grabbed her button said: hey you're, not my show any more. I can do this now no, you can't but by the way, has the email
from later in the night when he emailed her to apologize for doing it. So it's not like it's a course it whether it happened or not type of situation. She actually has the effort. Here is my predict. Here's what's gonna happen, nothing, nothing! That's the coma way. I will say no, especially at CNN, even though the devil, Rats of New York State have higher standards than CNN for this type of thing Come on get away with anything anything it doesn't matter, I wish you a fond Farewell CNN Programme,
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