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The Biden Rule Change That Will Chill You to the Bone | 6/2/22

2022-06-02 | 🔗

Glenn calls out the New York Times for mixing up the Great Reset and replacement theory in an attempted hit piece against Glenn and TheBlaze. Glenn goes through all the conspiracy theories that turned out to be true. Glenn goes through the three pillars it takes to transform America and how the Biden administration is implementing them to gear up for a national climate emergency power-grab. Glenn and Stu discuss the repercussions of loan forgiveness when inflation is out of control. Glenn and Stu expose the media's selective coverage of certain tragedies while ignoring those that don't fit the narrative.

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the when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program
allow america welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Today is a very important broadcast. They don't want you to miss a second of it. You will understand. My goal is to help people understand what is coming. This fall, and it is more than inflation. Jamie diamond yesterday said that you shouldn't prepare for a storm. That's coming, it's no longer an economic storm, it's an economic hurricane and it is just off shore,
there is more than just that. Last night I did a wednesday night special on blaze, tv about emergency orders, things that are happening right now, through executive order and through changes the administration is making to where they are preparing for a state of emergency. Unlike anything you ve ever seen before, I do the show last night this morning I get up, but I see australia. Southern Australia has just declared a state of emergency because of the client because of the climate, as I'm reading that this morning I look up and I see a report. from cnn and cnn is on the I guess California coast you're talking about erosion and how climate change is coming in emergency?
You will understand how to prepare your family by the end of the show today. Please lock it in. We begin in sixty seconds world would be a much niver nicer place it people would just be. No, please add with their stuff and allowed you to keep your stuff. You know, but no, please we can have nice things. Kids, cyber criminals will not leave nice people alone You haven't had any run with cyber criminal climbing. You may not know it yet, but you count yourself lucky, but don't got yourself lucky to last, because nobody is going to survive this we're all going to be hit by some sort of a cyber criminal. My wife was just hit last week or two weeks ago. She was in the middle of like eight hundred different things she got
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everything is fine. We are, bringing everything in house to make sure nothing Stands in the way between you and the truth now, there he is something that is standing between you and the truth, and that is mainstream corporate journalism There is a story in the new york times today, racist and violent ideas jump from the webs fringes to mainstream sites according to the new york times now this is all about replace with the replacement theory that we have talked about replacement theory is, of course, the theory that whites are in trouble. jews will not replace us, and it's basically that it actually it started with the and the protocols of zion yeah, but yeah I mean that's kind of if you remember that the charlottesville tiki torch guys. That is the thing
behind that. It's not something that, of course, no can. But if that I know of beliefs, I mean that that that entire movement believes in all sorts of things, that guarantee you dont, including abortion and including in our universal health care and all sorts of things over the constitution. Right exactly minutes has no connection whatsoever. Do anything that we talk about on a daily basis. Ok, so the new york times did an extensive look into internet searches and memes, and All kinds of things about radical ideas, well, we knew this story was coming out. I think last There are, no, I think, was last friday We knew it was coming out because we got there. text message from Stuart thomson, a writer at the new york times. Thanks for get in touch I'm trying to reach somebody at the blaze for a story that mentions them. Are you the right person for that? I could also
is a comment on another bit of the story that mentions a report citing Glenn back can send more. If you are the right person, we we have responded sure go ahead, send both topics I'll make sure they get to the right people, then Your thomson, the writer for the new york times, sent us something it says here, is the story that we mentioned in the report, which reviews one thousand ninety six posts on facebook about the great replay. Spent and related themes finding the Glen back and pages affiliated with the blaze post, most frequently on the set now We found that amazing shocking, because we never talked about it ever till the shooter put it in his manifest another part of the story. We conducted a reverse image, search analysis on a twenty page. Twenty eight page section of the buffalo, the shooter's manifesto to see where the
arts and images appeared on line. We found that one chart about interracial violence featured on page twenty one of the manifesto also appeared the blaze in this post Let me know if there's any comment about either of these findings happy to chat so one short, In this manifesto appeared in a page affiliated with the network. You're gonna understand all of this here in just a second. Thanks will pass this on. What deadline are you working with our people said. And then he said, hey we're trying now this was at eleven fourteen em. We're try to close this out today. So four p m o
well it's a friday before labour day, I'm sure everybody's available to us at an appropriate time absolutely raging in the eighth eighteen minutes it arrived. I don't think, that's realistic, we wrote. Is there an editor? I should speak with for more time than four hours and a sure thing that was just a conservative. Guess, that's the first thing the new york times is ever done. That's conservative! That's just a conservative gas on timing. Let me see, if there's an update when we will go. Sounds like we're not going until tomorrow the deadline of ten a m tomorrow be enough time. Sorry for the trouble given the holiday week and I think tuesdays more realistic, but I dont know yet can we can certainly aim for tomorrow then, We are sent the link that they sent to us, and so we wrote back. We think you sent us the wrong media matters, link
Can you double check and are you referencing the chart from this government report? If so, are you saying there's an issue with us issuing it or Posting it citing a go. And so it was a government report that we did a story on that was not connected to shooting that He also posted on is manifest ok, it's a government charge. so is the source of all the bigotry, the? U S, government, first personal, yes, and he's no we'd. We didn't send you the wrong link there We wrote and said Are you writing about? placement theory or the great reset.
we think you might be confused. They're not is the. I guess it was memorial. They weaken was everyone else off like Well, I don't know. I think this might be. The janitor was writing this, but didn't get a response. In fact, we never heard from them again press of aid pulled the story that run the story right. No, they ran this. I they just a big just didn't include what was it the I. So basically, they they confused the great replacement theory with the great reset. Yes, because they both hands similar letters in the story we mentioned this report, which reviewed one thousand ninety six post on facebook about the great. Replacement and andrew it seems finding the Glen. Can pages affiliate with ablaze posted most frequently wool, no, we post,
about the great reset, the name of your books, or you rightly did posts most frequently that right and not the great replacement, it's not called the great replacement. It's called replaced, in theory this is how stupid on the people are at the new york times there, in the midst of writing a story that have to have finished been four hours. we, the story hit today, but they have I haven't finished in four hours said they had all that time. They had all that time all week to reach back out to clarify this and never did and never did. What a surprise is. Yes, it's shocking. This is like not even
the b team? Is it this way, if we are down know, are on like the l t, b, yeah, there's a giant bunch of l, not saying that they're losers know gosh right dentist, you didn't think of that. No, he didn't mean the random letter that was gone. The alphabet I heard from the southern poverty law center about used to. I know what you really mean and it'll be in the new york times or they'll write to you about how many times you ve said these races things and then your point out. no, I never are you talking about. in the heat of the night that old tv show on CBS and then you'll. Ever hear from him again nea as fastening, because we really the only time we ve ever mention great replacement. Theory is to market, and yet they, how pathetic it is, not to mention that the when we ve talked
the great reset, which is by the way, a separate topic that has nothing to do with the replacement, fearing weave too. about it over and over again as a to b, very careful to make sure you separate Rumors and theories that are online to what is actually true, which is why you wrote a book about it. So I mean I, I don't know how notes, easy cracked will get in the way of a store on those guys know. No, it's easy to explain this Media matters do their work while they get a fax from media matters. Now, like what blood back and either people are so stupid media matters that they made the same mistake or their so stupid at the new york times they may The mistake one way or another, it shows the new york times is being run by media matters. That's nothing new
it's just nice to see it in action and it's nice to see somebody who makes such a dumb statement and again like the new york times, they'll know or take responsibility for anything fail. Just superior what are email that didn't happen as embarrassing, evelyn roedean about our experience with relief factors is that I was unable to work or walk further than my house. One house away from my own, but now I am we'd better than I ever did before. You can put a price on feeling this good I'm overwhelmed. Thank you and love hearing stories like yours. If you are living in pain, please. Do what I did do it. Evelyn has done do with thousands of our listeners have done, and try relief factor. It has four key ingredients in it that work with your body to fight inflammation, and that is the cause of really most of our problems and our pain. This is
like ibuprofen. This has for different directions. It hits inflammation at and that's why seventy percent of the people who try it go onto order more month after month, so try that a three week. Quick start: it's a trial pack, eight hundred, the number for relief, eight hundred for relief or to relieve relief factor, dotcom, that's relief factor, not come, feel the difference, tens station idea. Ok So the white house was not wrong in on inflation. They were not wrong. Now. They were lying to you when they said inflation isn't gonna be bad. They were lying to you about that, but they're not wrong. because this inflation and the gas prices and everything else was
but this is not a bug in This is a feature of their policies. This is, they wanted and you'll. splain you'll you'll understand, as I explain a little more at the top of next hour here is the the new again. ass, siri, the new person, that is at the white house, as the press secretary and all she does is red the answers here. the question. Yesterday about inflation. Is that I understand the treasury secretary says that she was wrong, but the white house was not wrong place. Here's the thing we have we have here. We have achieved a first of all, explain to you what she deserves. I just laid that out. So those are your words, not my words. I just laid out what she was trying to say and tried to explain in full in fullness her her part in her answer. We
but at an historic recovery through an extraordinarily unprecedented economic moment, the president has come system noted that the primary drivers of place. Are the pandemic this reading almost invasion of ukraine, the twin in terms of both these monumental events have affected energy, staring drawings, retired and also from the credible and in its every answer, with her every answer. We could get a robot or siri to do it. There's an app called speechify and you can get in the app store and I think costs like one hundred bucks a year or something and basically you could highlight any amount of text in history and it'll. Just read it back in in a pretty normal sounding voice, not like the normal computer sung voice. You could just do that. Just put the phone up there and then press play. You can put an end to back their press play. with me. If you even use our voice, our voice, everything maybe really like her voice. Maybe that's why you hired as we know the real reason you hired or is because you what'd, you say you had the first algae bt, gue q, I too plus women of color as the best.
As the press secretary, that's the reason she's higher cheeks, she had seemed no idea about any of these topics. She's just reading all of the answers. Well, you this can't click a switch and have somebody speak? You just can't do that. You can't click a switch, sir. I think you can now You can't hear, but here's president brightened Biden again on the economy. Yesterday, listen lot going on right now, the idea we're gonna be able lives. Now, click switch. or free download, the cost of gasoline is not like their term, nor is it with regard to food or food. Food our food. We can't you never everything's, get a sack and we can't do anything about it. We are just for a switch? No it's
lip, a switch unless you grew up in a times where you had push but lights, which this day I understand- and I like a semantic just after me, I mean- is the least of our worries. it's a lazy? If you can't get that right dumpster I mean how is this man going to be? He is saying that there's nothing that government can do, that is a flat out, lie and you're about to find out what the government can do soon. The Glenn Beck program, american financing in mls, one eight, two, three three four w, You w that animal, less consumer access, dot, org, ok american financing is the lender. You want on your side when it comes to buying a home, whether you're looking for a start or home, or maybe you want something bigger. Maybe to downsize, doesn't matter they ve got you covered from custom loans to fast clothings closing, and everything in between you
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if you sign up for it, smart citizen wallet is going to be there and going it's. It's gonna give you points for Things that you do right in wonderful, if you, use the app you'll be rewarded for things like recycling using using like bosses, managing your energy well getting fined for any of those things there. What gonna. Do is give everybody a virtuous behaviour point. So get a score. You'll win points you be able to spend on various awards, such as discounts and freak, cultural activities, oh man, and it is going to be rate it really the main it is now, did say no one quote: obviously No one will be forced to participate. Oh ok, aright! Unlike you know,
I think, that's great think we should probably trust them, because it's ridiculous to think in two thousand and seven the housing market would collapse. That's ridiculous Never bail out the pig bags and leave the law guy behind the caliphate, what that's it can spirit, rump will never become president and the military, would never purge red staters out of their ranks. I mean why would they do that kind oh yeah, we're gonna, pull out of afghanistan and leave people and equipment behind right right and And you're saying that I'm gonna tell you we can define what a woman is key I actually believe that there will come a time where you are strict size because you say men can't get pregnant. You you're crazy,
you're crazy. This is not a tracking. You know china market, the bees, let's not ailing, you're nuts, I'm eating It's like the people who say, oh n t find be a lamb, burn cities to the ground and then you'll be called heroes by the media or or or, and then they'll be bailed out of jail. Why the version who becomes the next vice president right right? Oh yeah, our schools are gonna, teach c r t above all, right, look believing that these things could happen, but this is, not some just enough u kind of thing that will help people. You know is, is totally believable end, not believe it I mean you know that. you have to believe, like the fbi,
indeed, o J and DHS, would would target parents says terrorists. You, though, or teach transgender ism in turn our kids against parents, beginning in your garden in our ports. you behind would would abuse the pfizer courts and emitted if they did. You are expected to believe that there wouldn't be serious consequences for me. That's like believing that get a shut down the entire economy over though globe governs gonna, gonna, tell you when no shut, your business and and americans will just take. It now shut their businesses down and then, if they don't you the cities will come after them. You know, oh wait, wait, wait. What was that theory there go To close, down your local hardware store bought veil. open the doors of home depot cause? That's a safe zone, come on! That's crazy! Oh yeah,
and there are going to start. You know suggesting that we round those people up or kyoto will We do with those kinds of people. It's like the play Deniers yeah, we're gonna arrest them. there's no inflation, it's true, the tory way you said that there was no inflation. No, it's transitory, ok, Were you wrong. Books, no mean squirrel, Yes, she is a conspiracy theory It's only for your information. That's it. we're never going to apply this. This is so you know what you're investing in we're, never gonna hold, become These are states or countries hostage by it. That's crazy.
So anyway, definitely not the mark of the beast. These dumb it'll be no way. Digital angel is just like your favorite slippers, comfortable, consistent and like a tracking device with an internal injected barcode. So satellites can watch your every move, no matter where you are or what you're doing, and why waste time with those pesky hard to remember, first and last names when your friends can just scan your forehead for your identity, digital age, the morning resistance is futile. That is and by the way, don't worry about it because there's nothing anybody can do inflation. You know in it not going to get out of hand, and even if it does Joe Biden he knew he said this is going to cost the american people an awful lot. It's going to be hard. We want stand against russia, where
a pay, a heavy price for it and gosh darn it. We all knew what he meant by that every american was like yeah, yeah, ok, sure, eggs according to the: u S, de this week, eggs. You know in the fall could be a dollar apiece, twelve dollars a dozen. We all knew that explain that tours hey, you might be paying a dollars a gallon for gasoline. We said damn the russians right am I right inflation. Where you you don't, have the product. because we all agreed people should get money from the government to stay home and not go back to work. We all did for it, we all agreed. We knew we and they were very clear with us- you know: hey, it's gonna cost us a pretty poor, We ve printed too much money. We
crazy things: hey, let's in fifty eight billion dollars over to ukraine. You know it's just what seven billion dollars more then yearly budget for russia's department of defense, send that over to that crooked company at our country and and don't worry, the accounting where it will all figure out, oh and by the way Was fifty eight trillion and then and then last week. I think they headed add a few more minutes to it, and then yesterday the president said my gosh: we to send them another seven hundred million dollars. Why don't we just give him an open, checkbook who's, this guy the country's credit card, Because we're in care if we are paying fifteen dollars a gallon for gasoline, I'm in and I don't have to worry, because I have an electric car. Don't
to pay any attention to the blackout that there are now saying are coming this summer, but only for two thirds of the country. So it's good, Jamie diamond. By the way the he's preparing a morgan chase for the country's biggest bank, for what he's describes as an economic hurricane and invites advised investors to do the same quote. You know I, There are storm clouds, but I'm going to change that it's a hurricane. we're fine at the moment. Nobody knows of the hurricane is just a minor hurricane or a super storm sandy. Recommend everybody. You should brace yourself, J, p, morgan is bracing ourselves and we're gonna be very conservative. The only time they have ever used conservative,
to be very conservative with our balance sheet so that means you're going to stop giving loans to people I mean unless the federal reserve is interested or you know, black rock is behind it ok hour. I will that's that's great He said right now, it's kind of sunny things are doing fine or they forgot he. That lives in new york, so he doesn't have to pump the gas for his black sudan pick them up, so he did. He should ask his driver. Forty course would never talk to somebody. You know far down turning to my driver, what morgan right now. We're funding things to replace that person in the front seat. I don't want to talk to anybody. I want a robot to do it. You know what I mean talk to my driver, that's a scream! He we ve never seen anything like this week,
king at something you could be writing in the history book for the net. fifty years, o o he also said quantitative easing backfired including the negative interest rates, which he called a huge mistake, ah well see we ve been saying that forever right, since what two thousand eight you know, we were like: hey don't go down that road we didn't know what we were talking about now we didn't know all the systems you no words it's too stupid. We didn't go. gate. Our economic degree, where we were all talk to think exactly alike, were just a bunch of he'll, billy hicks I couldn't say this common and jamie: go
You never talk to that man in the front seat. Who might have seen come into? Could you knew he was a boob the day he pick you up, first time in that black today and by the way nurse blacks today in its electric. Isn't it jamie anyway. It did. make us right and you wrong it. Just You weren't is right, as you usually are people and worse still, wrong don't know why, but worse deal wrong. he said oil is gonna hit, one hundred and fifty to one hundred and seventy five dollars a barrel by the way the way Stern economy is built on the fact that oil we'll never sustain over one hundred dollars a barrel. That's how our economy works. It's a hundred dollars a barrel or less everything functions. When
it's a hundred and fifty dollars a barrel and its stained it doesn't function when it's a hundred and seventy five dollars a barrel. We ve were considered. What that means. now I know you did a bum bond love like me, but let me call The switch more to ask you: how long does your family's arrive with twitter of dollar dozen of eggs. and gay celine, eight dollars a gallon. You know what that would be an economic emerging I've got an idea What if we get into a situation where it economic, emergency, food, emergency and an energy emergency, a war emergency
then there's riots on the streets because we're in an election emergency. You know we gotta do We gotta hold the president, will declare own emergency, well, people Jamie diamond, who know better know for a fact: that's a conspiracy three and that will never happen unless you actually read what the Destruction is working on and I'm gonna go. that to you in about fifteen minutes so go anywhere a minute so. You've decided that you're ready to sell your home. You have the sensitive. You know what location where you want to move to. It's timetable. trigger. Did he say trigger? Oh, my gosh, why Wouldn't you say, click the switch. Here's the thing
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state agents. I trust dotcom decline back programme. This is the glenville programme. Thank you so much for for listening. Stu said that he sensed a little sarcasm in that last monologue and just a tad just I mean it was. I think it was difficult for the audience to detect, but I've worked with you for a long time, but it didn't mean that to sound like that, because that would make me that would be in a position where I'd say ever the thing that they have told us in the last twelve years has been wrong right there that that's! It is right! There
right? Yet again, it feels like that's what you were saying. Yes, and I only have two going: no, no I'm saying hey when their skills they declare an emergency. You go right, do exactly what they say. You know, and that creates an arms right, inflation and inflation, it's all because of pollutants. Theirs thing to worry or the holding your eyesight yeah yeah. So don't worry about that. I go back to sleep. I go back to sleep fact you're getting very sleepy now. This is the line back programme. Let me tell you there is a real estate agent she found. How's that she was living in was list. for sale lets us good, so wait was then she renting it and some in the owner just Now she was, she owned, the house and she wanted to continue to live in it. Still. No, that would have been maybe a
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the when you are about to here. Is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment? the program
I really don't want to be the one to bring you this news, but I have to if I am being a good servant of you. I care and I worry deeply about what we're heading into for you. Most people have no idea because it's bad, but it's they think that maybe this is as bad as it going to it's going to get I'm going to give you some information, but I want to remind you, I'm the one that told you that the market would collapse, the housing market, everyone else, the media and the government said it. Wouldn't I'm the one that said they're going to bail out the big banks and leave you holding the bag, they said. No, they never do that. I said the caliphate is real and it's isis, they said no trump could never be president. I said yes, he could military would never purge red staters out of their ranks. They said we'd never pull out of afghanistan and just leave people and equipment behind we come on ten years ago. Do you really think we would have had to ask any appointee?
can you define a woman and of them answer. No. far be a lamb burn, the cities to the ground. They were called heroes by the media, and then they were bailed out by our vice president commonly Harris they say our schools, are teaching see Archie well
yeah. You are no you're, not the fbi. Definitely d, o J D just would never target parents as terrorists, and yet they did them, will never teach transgender ism and have dragged queens in our schools, beginning in kindergarten, the f b I would never abuse defies accords, and if they did there'd be serious consequences. They ve never shut down the global economy, they'd, never locked people in their houses like they did in china right americans wouldn't put up with it. There is no inflation. Okay, there is, but it's transitory books. It's a hurricane! Yes g is a conspiracy. It's only for your information whoops again. No, its not please decide who do you, trust
Who has a record of telling you what really is going on and who has a record of lying to you I'll? Tell you what me sixty seconds. Julie, wrote in and recently tells us about her husband's experience with relief factors. She said I ordered relief factor for a husband and he couldn't be happier he hasn't had the stiffness and the pain in his lower back and he's suffered with that for years. I'm only sorry, we didn't order it sooner. What a great product! Thank you, Julie. For trying relief factor and thanks for writing in if you're dealing with pain, please give relief factor a dry. The trial pack is nineteen. Ninety five, it's a dollar a day hundred thousands of people have ordered the trial pack, they ve tried it and seventy percent of them go on order more month after month. That tells you everything you need to know. Doesn't it relief
actor dot com call eight hundred for relief, eight hundred the number for relief, yet the nineteen. Ninety five three, we quick start at relief factor. Dotcom relief factor feel the difference. Ok, I last night television show I explained the three pillars of transforming our country outside of the constitution, and it is the playbook that they're using first, the first have to do before even start to build something new. Is straw, everything you have destroy the trust in every institution. You have to change the history, you have to change our language, you have scare people into silence. Then need deflects, your muscle, while you are destroying it, sure you teach people you
Stay in your place, I want to show you an example of this. Here is found she last night on fox, one of the issues nail that I have I have articulated in the past, and I will in the future, it's less about mandates on the plain that it is about who has the right and the authority and the capability of making public health decisions stop. This is why the Biden administration is fighting the mask mandates on the plane court said no. You don't have to wear them anymore. Why is Biden fighting this because he wants his administration to have control over what You must and must not do fowl. You just diminish, admitted it. This is. out control and all old government responds to a crisis? Is
first thing you need to do after you, ve destroyed a nation and they're not done yet, but they will be very soon you have to build something else that it collapses into this is a frightening said Of ev acts that I'm gonna give you today, because this is what their building this is the net. we know it's the great reset this is how they capture all of it. First, the first pillar is an all of government responds to a crisis. Remember never let a serious crisis go to waste. The bureaucracy the administration must be weapon. Ized mandates have to be rewritten, they need, prepared to proactively rebuild society from the ashes of a crisis, and that means ever
We alphabet agency, every department. Every commission needs to be in a lock step towards that goal, and it's happening right now. In a minute I'll tell you what has happened with FEMA. No longer is fema a reactive, there were proactive, they've, just rewritten the entire go: of the of that department. Emergencies used to be it's an emergency quick. Call the governor can FEMA go in and help them do. They need federal help. Yes, great, go down, and do it now its feet. is looking for emergencies and how How can they make that urgency, better proactively. What can
They do to make a more stable and equitable community. Did you know FEMA do that because they just changed their mission, so you have to have all of government responds to whatever the crisis is second pillar. You have to have exact If action outside of congress, everybody knows congress. Constitution will slow any of this stuff down. Now here What's interesting radicals Outside of the government delivered Biden a full plan just a few weeks before his inauguration, it included detail. Steps, including multiple executive answers are actions that a pre wrote for the administration. We ve, never voted for these people. We never heard of these people, but the
those are the executive orders. That Biden is executing the Third pillar is international support with teeth. You have to have you can't just make it you, you have to have the globe, imposing this aright. So let me go to executive act, outside of congress, build back better the great reset the green new deal haven't heard much talk about a heavier it's all being done, it's all be. backed up by executive action. It's all Done not just through executive orders, but also the president just dictates. what he wants his administration to do.
In december of twenty twenty a few weeks before Biden was inaugurated, a group called the centre for biological diversity approached Joe Biden I don't know if it was on your ballot, but I remember voting for president and I dont ever remember seeing the centre for biological diversity as one of my choices based, you had a collection of over seven hundred groups that make up some of the most radical climate activists in the country during the trump presidency. They made their name by launching an insane amount of litigation. Two hundred and sixty six frivolous lawsuits? paralyze that administration to slow them down the website, they brag about their meeting with Biden, and they quote presented him with a progress climate. President action plan and model exists
Of orders well, there's ten of them. ten essential climate actions present Abiden can take without congress. They did the work for and they wrote the orders for him. They run in the country, or guy. We voted for running the country, starting at the bottom number, ten, the paris agreement. They did that number nine make polluters pay and processing polluters, number, eight advance climate justice, number, seven law a just transition? I don't even know what that means prosecute. Polluters. Well, let me give you article in chief, Joe Biden, number two holding them liable for what they have done. particularly in those cases where your underserved neighbourhoods- and you know the deal. And by the way when they don't know deliberate, put them in jail,
I'm not joking about he's, not your job, you! No, he passed laurie? He passed that just signed that executive order, and climate Justice- that's done, I dont know what we're seven, is launch adjust transition, but I guessing the at s g number, six, one, hundred percent renewable energy by twenty thirty, now here's a very important executive order number fourteen zero, zero ate all. this by the way you can look up at white house dot gov it mandates a car. pollution, free electricity sector no later than twenty thirty five that's five years over the deadline set by the radicals, but thirteen years from today ask yourself why
not by a a carbon or come by skin engine in two thousand thirty there will be oh car companies that are making combustion engines you oh pay. Fifteen dollars a gallon if you're lucky, if you're, lucky why is that why is our goal? price so high today, why will a be o electrical blackouts over two thirds of the country this summer. Why you paying so much for natural gas and energy peak as of this executive order, the Coupled with e s g, let me just say this by twenty thirty, Your own, nothing and like it. How do you make that happen? You in impoverish a nation.
number five. This is actually an executive order, weapon eyes the clean air act now by it has been. This one from the beginning number four Shift financial flows from fossil fuels to climate solutions: that's e s g been happening for years this is biting executive actions on reshaping the: u s, economy. It wasn't reported or described like this, but that is exactly what it is. Please Ten you to listen today, because I'm going to bring you to this fall and it I did the show last night and I agonized over! This show how and I get the most people with ease
how's that can hear and eyes that will see. I don't care about the people who don't watch the show and think I'm a net job, that's fine! I can do anything for them but I can help you and your friends, but you Have to know the truth, and sometimes it's hard to look at. but we are right around the corner, and I will explain that to you here in just a second got a time. Slippers, we're just slippers, I mean slippers, couldn't have babies now. I think they can. I'm not sure they can get pregnant. Sure why not they were done They were boring, not all that comfortable. Those who wore them were miserable and sad and constantly looking off into the distance and whispering. There's gotta be a better way and then, one glorious day. There was a better way, I condemn, took over two years to develop my slippers and there may. with three tier cushioning systems, two layers of my pillow foam and a layer,
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everything the left is doing everything the Democrats are doing are all aiming for one place. Why do you think they're going after guns the way they are because you can? to be armed and its just another emergency so by executive actions on reshaping the. U s. Car economy is road map. It described here a trillion dollars in federal contracts. That will only be going to entities that adequately monitor their emissions, in other words those who have good. Yes, scores and I acknowledge that the federal government is quote the world's single largest purchaser of goods and services and with in
executive order. It states why they're doing this quote by and defying and mitigating climate risk through procurement the federal government is leading by example, deploying public perks. Urban policy as a tool to strictly generally shape markets take. The word strata generally and replace it with manipulate manipulate to its at tool to manipulate markets. This is being done at the federal level men, the population of the private sector and no one's talking about it? S as authorities. The ssc is taking it even further. They propose sweeping new changes that would require public companies to disclose all of their s g information, but they don't have
to be compelled to comply a lot of them already. Are we would you a letter last night on the Wednesday night special? Please join the blaze. If you're, not a member bank of america to the scc announcing that they are already operating under their newly proposed guidelines. The fix is already in number two and three of the exit. give orders star. Fossil fuel drilling binds already done that member not going to open up new new drilling sites. every single one of these actions have been a cat. Four except the last one. The number one suggestion from this radical left. This group, ten through to have been done. The last one dick There are national climate emergency on
The national emergencies act. Now why would you do that? Because the president, in a time of an emergency, had powers that you don't even know they are extra. Institutional powers, they are, powers that came into play because of nukes he can suspend everything. So all you have to do is. not all declare a national emergency course, our ally, eyes might be said about that course again, that's or three international support with teeth ha so You have an old of government approach, so every in every single agency is involved. You have public private partners.
With those agencies, then you do all of those executive actions. If you can just get international support with teeth in a calm legally unrelated story today, south australia has joined, other governments and jurisdictions around the world in declaring a climate, merging see this yesterday past both houses of state parliament right affirming the urgent need to de carbonized their economy
as they say now, with formal declaration of a climate emergency, the focus from the state government must be on building our state's capacity to tackle the emergency. Just ahead of us telling you this is coming. There is a hurricane of financial hurricane. Coming the Glenn Beck program, Cynthia wrote to me? She said I have two small breed dogs. They have justice issues live numerous brands of food. Try to be selective in the types treats that they receive, but nothing else I get it. I get it. I had a dog with pad farts at wicked anyway. She said I just started. Don't look at me like that. I mean we can talk about dog farts, I mean we're not above it were still people,
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So I've been telling you that what is coming is as Jamie diamonds from J P, morgan chase said yesterday, he has said in his quarterly reports that storm clouds are gathering He changed that yesterday. He said these aren't storm clouds. This is a hurricane you're, better battened down the hatches a hurricane, a financial hurricane is coming and it only makes sense. You cannot have this country, paying six and seven dollars a gallon for gasoline. You can, have a trend- partition sector that right he's on diesel fuel. That is,
in six, seven, eight ten dollars a gallon for diesel. It doesn't hold. You can't have food, as the usda said yesterday that take all of the inflation from the last two years and double it that's what you'll be facing in september or october. That's the stay, so cash that sounds like a crisis. Doesn't it sounds like an energy crisis? Sounds like a food crisis. Climate crisis. You know climate that's: this generations, world war, two in an existential threat. an emergency, a man. the crisis, as you dollar is just devalued more and more
There be a housing crisis. People won't be able to live in their houses. What to do to do home business crisis, I mean I just have to throw this in, because I don't even know what it means anymore. But you know they will say that there is an infrastructure crisis that we have to upgrade our infrastructure, because it's an emerge see, I don't even know what it means most like it means just following that money to bite and children. There's gonna be a crime crisis. There's a shooting crisis in emergency in every place, but Chicago it's an emergency you I think it could happen. Let me give you two things: strangers. Parliament south Australia's parliament, has just declared a climate emergency, which they say now with the formal declaration of a climate emergency, the
focus from the state government must be on building our states capacity to tackle them merging see ahead of us now, the conservatives in Australia or like yeah, but you haven't taken just common sense measures. You haven't done things it right. Does it sounds familiar. in seattle, because there are now so woke- they ve stopped. investigating all rapes. Because they re imagining the police and they don't have enough police to go find the rapists. So We ve been raped in seattle and call us it's all headed toward national emergency and
I urge you to look up the executive orders. I urge you to look at how every single cabinet men or has changed the administration and what they oversee to all ray gear towards justice is in equity. climate emergencies, everything you know people assume- and this is a really important thing to understand, because people always say, people voted for hitler. No, they didn't one third did yet, while he was a dick later no, he wasn't lisi, start that way He rose to power legitimately, and he cobbled gather a coalition, because people do take him seriously. They there like, He doesn't really mean that he didn't take power. He would
handed power and they kept the listing constitution there was, the civil war there is just a d State there was the state through the constitution and then hitler began the legal head of the government. He was appointed by the president of germany he be the last chancellor of the weimar republic. After that. well he had to do some things and he admitted that he had done wrong and he admitted that he had broken the institution, but he you know we had. At night and round up all those people and kill them, because there was a plot against the government and he d. would again, and if that man, he couldn't be, you know in his role as chancellor. That's ok! Well,. He felt so bad about it. He decided to go with fear
instead of chancellor. This allowed him to set up the concentration camps to turn europe into hell and nearly destroy the entire world in the process. They had constitution was written in nineteen eighteen, It was a shining example of liberalism, and democracy article forty eight of the weimar constitution unfortunately gave the president emergency powers it alive. the president to declare a state of emergency in case public safety is seriously threatened or disturb the reich president made. the measures necessary to re, establish law and order? if necessary, using the armed forces, It goes on to say in the pursuit of this aim. He may suspend civil rights described in the constitution partially or Tiredly.
run the same time. The german workers party was founded in a hotel in munich Six months later, hitler joined in less than a year. The german word hers party became the national socialist workers party otherwise known as the nazis, either we should call on the national socialist workers party in twenty three peel on the heels of an economic crisis? Hitler attempted to overthrow the bavarian government couple thousand nazis march, through the middle of munich. The whole thing was: a failure of hitler went to jail, it was over except he had a good friend. ernst, hans, snuggle. When police arrived, because he had escaped scaped,
Was saying is staying in some bavarian village hitler swore He'd kill himself Unfortunately, that didn't happen His friends mom talked him out of it here. Five years in prison he he wrote mine com and then His good friend who had a lot of connections and lived in amerika for awhile introduced. Two important people can see. He had friends like franklin, roosevelt and Charlie chaplin. He connected hitler to political power. when the great depression came, that was emergency, that hitler needed, because he would restore their spirit. He would risk or their national pride. He feed the people Has he knew who the bad guys were that caused all this.
Only thing missing. Only thing missing once he became chant. Chancellor was I dont know something something they could rally the people around. Well, they founded dutch, communist. Still we dont well the truth, but taken as fact Dutch communist set fire to the rice dog. That's like flying an airplane into the pentagon. Well, hitler knew he knew he had to declare never emergency. You know you can't a crisis go to waste. So the official name of the emergency, was the decree for the protection of the people and the state notice. it was for their safety and protection that how hitler rose too, dictator,
perfectly legal. For the people's safety and protection. Every thing that was in the constitution: It still remained as soon as they emergency. Was sir, was over. Then we, return to that constitution, yeah freedom. speech, freedom for public assembly, even ps Corpus and all come back, but right now there's an emergency and it forcing us to do these things by the way he never repealed the decreasing. He kept germany in a state of emergency for twelve years, the entire twelve years of the third reich. In times of crisis, the struggle to know the truth, becomes violent for no reason these Are the times of crisis.
in amerika, you should know cry This is around the corner. You trust the administration, because it could be anything it could be. Right wing guy setting fire to a rice dog, left wing guy play, on the right. It could be a fight, actual emergency whatever it is, The one there betting on for sure is that climate emergency. Just remember when you have national emergencies, as I thought we all learned with cove iD, but that's not been met. moved in the states. No states are taken that up and saying never again, so do you think they're gonna do next time
nobody's risen up and said: stop it right now the gap between a republic or a democracy and dictatorship, it's really not as wide as we thought. Jimmy diamond said yesterday that there is a financial hurricane on the way this fall. I believe him I think we're going. See things we haven't seen ever in our lifetime. Unless you lived in the great depression. if you're not already well stocked with long term, emergency, food storage or, if you have if you're, not a kanner, like my grandmother, was you're running out of time to do it. My grand other told me how they survived on the canned goods that she
had canned every summer in the garden that they had. If you having already done this, please go to prepare. We glenn dot com today made us shall deal? You'll get a hundred and fifty dollars off a three month: emergency food kit, that is breakfast lunch dinner snacks for one in person in your family for three solid months, you need you need at least one for every member of your family. Please Having emergency food set aside is buying on umbrella on a sunny day. Well, it's a our day and We know a hurricane is coming, please
prepare with glenn dot com, prepare with glenn dot com. Go there now, don't put it off, prepare with glenn dot com, Glenn Beck joined the conversation. Eight eight eight seven, two seven be easy. this is the Glen back programme were glad you're here by the way an upcoming Biden, administration, rule change them. should chill you to the bone? Every time you hear that now and illustration: rule change will tie billions of dollars in federal education funding to an array of algae bt policies, forcing school districts and universities to implement
controversial rules on issues like transgender athletes, otherwise you get Zip the? U s department of agriculture also said that it changing how it interprets title nine prohibitions on crimination based on sex to include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. They are fundamentally transforming every. Single agency in the country, congress can do nothing. unless they pass the reins act. The reins act. Is the act they've been trying to get it in? For a long time- and nobody wants to play ball with it, because demands that congress takes back its power it The power of passing a law must
remain in congress. They gave that up long ago, and that's why the administration. Be can become a fascistic dictatorship because They make the laws they can change it to whatever they want. And no one is held accountable when when the FDA. Or the department of agriculture or the the the department of education comes, who you fighting, who you fighting the d? of education gibbon, who, specifically Well, it's not necessarily the secretary cause, I mean that's, I mean the administration, it was just a change. We have the right To change it, you don't know even who you're fighting and you're not fighting anyone who has ever elected and you're not fighting a rule that was ever We voted on that's how things change and that's how
They are changing, please battened down the hatches, please. I earnestly beg of you when you have an animal that is trapped in a corner, they will do anything to get out. and you now have a democratic party that sees their blood in the water, use you have a global institution of the great ray, at that is now being called into question by attorney general's and they're saying If you try to do this to our investors, it could mean it's time for you. This whole thing. They have to jam it through and we have Your waking up at the end you have to have at least a little revolution and there willing to have a revolution,
please keep your wits and please please, His returned to god he is the We are going to pump we're going to either be humbled, or we will humble ourselves- please reach back to god and ask for his help and say by the way. Sorry, for what we ve led happened here is the Glen back programme. rough greens is our sponsor. What can I say about this? It is worked, for you know I've seen a huge change in him. I read emails from people. I mean not all products get the kind of email That guy. You know that I get on rough greens and that's not because they're not great products. It's because people become passionate about this because their dog is a family member and your dog, is a family member and you see them
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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the program
and welcome to the Glenn Beck program, this hour just kind of a potpourri of crazy stories, and are we the only ones that see this? I highly doubt it. We begin in sixty seconds, titled twins when you think about our kids' future and how much time are we spent worrying about our kids? May I suggest that you get idle twins and the tunnel twins books. You know- and I know there is a there's- a story out right now about the life large shortage that they're having in in some places, arizona they haven't even phoenix, is kept about. Fifty Then the pools closed because nobody will be a lifeguard while sounds like we need some sort of federal programme to get these kids back I'll do in lifeguard. Think no! We just me
our kids to understand that work is important. it helps define who you are and what when more exciting, is you're a person that doesn't mind some risk being your own boss, starting your own business. It is essential forum It could to survive that we teach our kids these things. I honestly thought I taught my kids these things, but I I think I don't You never know you know when your kids are teenagers you're, like boy have I failed and then Surprise you at some point, I'm hoping still be around when they surprise me, but I didn't have a tool like the tunnel twins, the tunnel twins books are fantastic and they have a new book. That's out for free, it's real the good it'll teacher kids, what it takes to keep this country going and excited about capitalism and entrepreneurship is called
we'll twins and spectacular show business. You can get it free. You just pay for shipping right now. Go to Tuttle twins backed calm, tuttle twins back dot com just for the asked of shipping twins and their spectacular show business, get it for your kids and you grandkids now tuttle twins back dot com, so there's a couple of things. You know, stu? What is the technical, the definition of inflation. well, we always say too many dollars chasing too few goods to many dollars chain, sing too few goods right. Ok, so like I'm just going to use this as an example, and I don't think this is right but correct me like if you have a supply chain breakdown and you can't get the goods right or if you dont have people going to work because
the government is paying for them. So you can't get people to fill the jobs that could and up in too few goods right is any way and then. how much money I mean is that when the government just spends money that they don't have a just prince money there, printing to much yeah like you, you were to flood the societal you with printed dollars. That's the actual economic definition of it flash amidst technically the technically the cause of the definition of the increase in prices lao wide, as that happened well too many dollars chasing too few good We should send that to the white house, because I don't think they understand that they ve just paid off the loans for it. There are five hundred thousand kiddos. Now
don't know about you, but I will to one semester of college at thirty, because I couldn't ford more. So, instead of getting strapped with dat. I read seven thousand books in ten years. I had hated myself would of love to go to school girls. School at yale would have been nice glad didn't now in retrospect, but couldn't afford it. one semester, Why is the guy who went to college for one semester because he, and afforded and didn't feel that it was the responsible thing to take out loans to go. school Why am I now paying for someone else that I don't know through my tax dollars, paying
alone for an education. I most definitely do not agree with I'm sorry Oh, we were talking about inflation. What happens when you pay off everybody. Student loan, like that, isn't that a giant influx of bulk, as ever The theory is right if you have, situation. Aha, where you're worried the economy's overheated rice that what they're worried about with inflation, they're saying the economy is overheated bright. We need to raise interest rates, correct to cool the economy, down to try to choke back some of that cash flow, because we're the inflationary problem is is real right, so you wouldn't want to introduce, let's say a
brand new stimulus program into the middle of that. Obviously, that would be completely say they are all college educated, so they'll take that monthly debt that they used to have to chip away at and they'll. Just take that and I'm sure they'll save it in a box. They won't even put it into the bank. Now the bank could reuse to loan other people they'll just keep it in lubbock. When you have too much money, you're chasing too few goods, then what you don't want to do necessarily is ink, send a bunch of people who are already wealthy a a bunch of money They can spend it and make the problem worse and the reason we know this is a stimulus programme. Glad is because this, is precisely how The administration sold the idea when they came up with it like a few months ago when they were saying we. What we need to do is we need to release.
these people from student debt and it will stimulate the economy there. He told us it was stimulus programme. We do me a favor. Will you do me a favor right down there definition that we just. How would you just email? The white house gives me they probably don't know cage. I think I think so because they say it's putin causing the inflation but may at the prudent, you, the group of friends you heard of it if you've heard of it, that's the whole sos. Let me ask you this speaking of the putin pipe price hike and have I got a couple. Questions on this when buying us denounced and other seven hundred million dollars in military aid for ukraine now First we sent over, I think, three billion. then we sent over, I think ten billion then, we did another what forty one billion right. So I brought us up to fifty eight billion dollars and there,
By the way. How much do we cause? This can even be close to what we send over the evil israel. It's a lion share of all of our money. You are always helping israel out and sending all kinds of money over to Israel to build up their zionist army. How much is that three billion? I'm sorry but three three billion- that's months are we a year a year. Three billion dollars is what we say. poverty, evil, Israel that just task to stop. Okay and weave. It now about six billion dollars over to ukraine, which is not good In the accounting world, let me just put it that way. Some see it's corrupt. I say just bad accounting, your nose in hate, it happens. So sixty billion, and then sturdy just a week after
we sent another like billion dollars, which week before we wiess. We sent forty one billion dollars we decide. Biden said yesterday we have to send him another. Seven four million dollars. Can't. Can I ain't I ask a question either what's happening to the money that we ve already sand. Or are we this bad numbers to wear were alike hey! The white house is asking for thirty and the Democrats in congress go no we're gonna make it forty. and so they give him an extra ten billion and Betty's like. I need one more a week later, oh I need seven hundred is This, like a teenager, wouldn't you start questioning your teenager if they to you and said: hey, I it's really important. I get an education right. Yes, well, the cost
two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a four year: education and you're, like all Will you don't have to work for it at all? I'm gonna just write that check and then they come back and go. Oh, there was more intuition. I need. I need act the five hundred thousand, and then you would say I'm gonna give you seven hundred thousand and then week later they come back and go. I need, I need another. Twenty five hundred, ok and then the next week. I know I need an another five thousand at what point. Do you realize your moron or you kid is jiving. You have a point. Now I know that what works in your house is. The same as it is washington,
I know for a fact that the things Work in your business, those principles, don't to ply for governments. and I'm sure, if you did that with your kid, you know you might just keep writing that check and then go back. because you're a moron but I am sure they would never. Your boss would never question right if you're making up to a client, and me say well how much is how much is this going to be? and you say, adorno thirty thousand for some reason, somebody at the desk fill. You know what I'm gonna give you, forty thousand year, but its thirty thousand those. I want you to have forty thousand you just sure everything is covered? Ok, thank you! That's nice Then you get to sixty thousand grey
and then you just ask for more money every single week at point d in some one in the board room say what, hell is going on here, Well, it's just these printing costs; they just keep going up. I don't think so you didn't foresee that you didn't you didn't foresee, because we padded this with an extra time. Billion dollars and you telling us the war is going so great you spending the money on by way we're sending them are old stuff. So it's like there lying new stuff from you know, raytheon, we're not send, them the best and and
than the newest in the latest. No, no. We are sending them our old stuff along with our money and then because we depleting our stuff. We also to buy the latest and greatest and yes, it's gonna cost a few dollars more, but he can afford it. I mean you're saving money by buying this equipment. Oh my gosh, how Tom how dumb are we america at what point? your neighbors wake up and go yet. This doesn't make any sense at what point? Do we stop playing politics? Idle Give a flyin crap. If it's a republic or a Democrat. Flying squirrel. I don't care. Does anyone have an ounce of
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nine zero six twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero, six. Twenty four forty, it's a merry In financing dot net ten second station, I d. hey, I'm busy now ireland's real estate e s g agenda, just announced quoting those is away for you too. In vast and indeed asked in this new, exciting world. That's coming our way: they just notified. People investors may need to accept lower margins to build more yes, compliance schemes. I love it when Don't you like it. When I investment company uses the word scheme, I think that's good. birdy made off, is that when a lot to yeah yeah, so apparently one
They get to. You know reoccur. being all of the houses in ireland, which I'm sure are not drafty at all, they made those when they thatched roofs. They were rock solid earlier. There were actually built of rock, so there's nothing seeping into that house agenda, but gotta. You know they gotta put some. I don't know some. You know whether Stripping on the door or something and that's going to cost some money, so if you're investing in e s g a you know, you're going to probably expect lower returns, but what retiree doesn't isn't all for that. You know what I mean: what retirees like. Oh no, no, I don't like it for a big return, yeah at least you're saving the planet, though it may make the returns, are slightly lower but you're doing so much good good, where bonny glen big report in the wall street journal yesterday talking about how what these investment companies are doing with the energy is taking
companies that are making big statements about climate change and and putting them in the funds be company microsoft, jar, you know already in all their other funds, so big cynically they're taking in these companies that there already selling the people as investments repacked watching them as s g and charging the more with part, have you admit when I was listening to us? I did smile a little bit That's the right reaction, but the people We're like I want your site you want a year's g and then the fact is they're just getting lower returns and paying higher fees kind? It made me smile kind of makes me smile. I lie that's not the right. You know. I think I think what we can say here is giant. corporations and financial institutions learn from us what they ve done, Is they ve taken the organic label
It means nothing and no common from the same teat. Just two front box, but its organs, and they can charge higher prices for it. That's all they ve done. That's all! Yes! G is dolly s, gs, maybe the either that or real people that are trying to you know create a new economy. By way of seeing how much oil has gone up, It's weird: it's weird: you might want to invest in oil seer via vs, J and more story here. German law enforcement officials raided see. This sounds familiar to you do or something that I called about. A month ago, german law enforcement officials raided the office of dewey, CHE bank accounts. Suspicion of jill and advertising of sustainable investment funds ha wow, so here's the thing the frame
for police came in, seized everything deutsche a bank, Struggling now is this the bank That said a couple of months ago, we are not going to ban russia from using our services wasn't at the bank and then they you know like a couple of weeks later, they were like. Oh my gosh we even know what I was thinking, what it of course we're going to, of course, and we're doing it not under duress. No, no, no cure we had couple of calls with people. You know the e s. G police That is why we change our might. We believe in this- and I told at the time you watch. You're gonna. Have deutsche bank raided, they we're going to come and you're going to see them. Smeared you're, going to see them taken a notch? Well, there goes there. It goes And who would have sunk it that
they might have been green washing out there. taking companies that I'm just making this up from like microsoft, which is available in other funds. putting them in those funds, and our higher prices and you're? Getting less return? I mean that's only happening at deutsche bank. and the Glen back programme So. Here is the honest and awful truth: our cars are getting older. It too much to replace them. We are taking better of our cars. Hopefully and we realise that a we're slowly creeping towards cuba on the car front, but I can't wait
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Come slash. Glinda promo code, bide, inflation for twenty bucks off while the twenty four year old man was shot and killed, while attending a birthday party fifty p m monday. Thirty one year old man shot mould. couple times he was just sitting inside of his house. Twenty seven year old man was shot, rushed at last little. He died All these victims are from, of course, the mass shooting in Chicago that we have been talking about all week. Well, I mean their separate, which means you know, there's more than one person with a gun.
Forty six people were shot this last weekend in lorry light foots Chicago But you're not hearing anybody really talk about that. Did you hear about? Did you hear about the same francis medical building? Five p? all dead in the shooting last night and tulsa with a rifle. What were we just talking about? I can't remember anymore, Oh yeah, that's right! That's right he I mean that obviously was really bad to what the separation is in coverage is really amazing. Forty six people were shot. Ten of killed in chicago this is a horrendous story yesterday, out of tolls a horrendous story, but it involves. one guy, a crazy guy. Look, for a doctor couldn't find them. He starts shooting
and then he kills himself, I mean it's a crisis. We ve got to get rid of those guns, exe in Chicago yeah, we're doing a the definitive debunking of all the gun? Myths, son fridays programme, students summarily somethin. I think people will really lie or something you can kind of go back to over and over again and why the claims for talking about is looking at vi its overall and what's interest if you look at school shootings deaths in schools from guns, so we're not come up with some new category here. This is what we supposedly have been talking about all this time. Everyone would say: oh my gosh, it's gone crazy since columbine basic correct. It's been terrible, india, we, obviously all these incidents are terrible there, always, however, what you find, of course, when you look at actual amount of deaths per capita
since the since that era is it was much more dangerous to be in school in the early nineties than it is today than we actually come down a great amount, the differ is back, then it was one or two people getting shot and individual incidents, and now I find it hard to understand and and and and come to the conclusion that these parents of these kids that were only shot one at a time grieve any less than when we have amassed shooting incident like caesar? Seen so saying that when five p we'll die in tulsa, it's horrible and their parents in the people around them our grieving, and when there are ten p, oh in chicago, spread out across the city, intend differed incident read out there
people nor in the same, you know, and there's a little bit of a little extra thing on this. It didn't seem like the left mourned all that much for gun violence victims. When they were, you know, in inner cities, they don't seem to care much about them at all. They seem only care when they find these large incidents in suburban town, because none of it matters to they, don't they don't care as found. She said yesterday when asked about. So why are you guys suing the airlines to be able to put people in masks again because it? This is a quote because it's not about the masks. It's about the power, who decides that you to be mast. all this is this is all about power, that's it by the way do you really think the left cares about women will? If they do and they're sure not taking care of our daughters. If
Didn't you live in seattle, god forbid your wife Your girl friend, you are raped. Because now. sexual assault and child abuse units, so depleted from re imagining of the police that this year, They haven't looked into a single case where there was an adult victim. Not one Now. This is something that I think seattle should keep to themselves. We can t about it out. Here Eventually, people are like, while no he's looking for rapists, they'll get on a plane and go to seattle, because I guess you don't they don't care. If your raped nobody's looking for you.
You think they really care. beat. The answer here is clear: have rapes gone up or down? have murders, gone up or down? Ok, you should stop reimagining things because europe age nation. Is showing you a different world, Will they do that? No, because it's about power and chaos now canada, thank goodness, is cracking down on hand guns because of all of the deaths in canada. They want to make sure this never happens. So morocco we will correct and down on hand, guns and all kinds of guns, but they ve.
so de criminalized, cocaine, math and opium goods, so hey, no handgun, kids, but cocaine, heretic mass. You bet what who's ever been hurt by men, who ever has seen a kid, go into a school and force air buddy tips. Mocha breeder or shoot math whatever you do, whatever you do with math right, when's, the last time that happens. never so We don't care about it anymore, but they do care about your kids. In fact, in fact, the the congress and the Democrats, they care so deeply about your kids. They want get rid of those evil guns, although they don't think it's reasonable to act We pass anything that says we should have people with guns like police,
Services officers in the schools ah see here's the great thing You are free in your state to do what you want to do, you don't have to wait for the federal government, nor should you there. Cities here in texas right now, where are they former military standing outside some Some cities thereby and tears their dad's of children in the school and there like yeah. Yeah, I'm just gonna stand out here. It's want everybody to know. You come in here cause my kid is in at school, something to help the school out. This is another weird direction. The left has taken over the past week or so. where they ve started to say not there. There was a debate of whether gun control would be the solution in some way. By the way has it as it curb the and or the or the violence and the murder rate in australia. Now,
didn't want it all that by the way is it, I shall do it in england. Now here is not made much of a difference anywhere is we're attempted, but beyond that? Ok, You want to make gun control a potential option. Maybe the right says: hey we should be thinking about securing the schools and ok, you can talk about that. They would always say, though, sure sis securing the schools? You know you could there might be something to that, but you want to create a police state. Creating a feeling that these kids are in prison? It was always that type of our new already did it with cove iD and not to mention you. Do it at every bank that you go into people feel like it's, a police state. Will you for you protect things that are valuable to you know, that's not true. I walk into them. They walk into like the metropolitan museum of art. Theirs nobody around with guns security, coil walk in there any time you don't want to walk into an art gallery and feel like you're in a prison. We learned this week. We put a shield around the Mona LISA right
someone might hit it with cake so obviously somebody shouted in nineteen, fifty six and so it's buying bulletproof glass. They shot shot, the Mona LISA, who I dont know if you know this woman, whoever she was dead. the dead long time ago day. we ve lost her but The idea now from the left is that security doesn't even work. It's not in our arms. It does not work to prevent these things now. Obviously, just like any other place? It has security. That doesn't mean one hundred per cent of all events go away. The we do know that one hundred percent the mass shootings do end. When security is there, It's just a question of whether it shows up before or after we I know that it does and all mass shootings they don't just stop when they run out of bullets. Typically, it's when police do show up and is
it weird that it's happening at schools which is the number one gun free zone politely unrelated, I'm sure totally out of lately unrelated by then we will have all the evidence on this on the special I was talking about its. If you subscribe to the students, america podcast you'll, get it on friday. So I I just want you to know what I mean this truly deep. and sincerely really care about johnny, depp or amber heard. I mean they could they could both just disappear here and my world wouldn't change at all. So but here is the one thing I do want to say anyone you on mosque you're, a genius, a dope because they're saying now she doesn't have the money to do it he's going to bail her out elon musk you're, a dope. If you
view bail her out for the love of peat. That woman is. psychotic and and Johnny depp is justice, crazy, honestly, they deserve each other. Here's only thing that really should be said: She failed in or he failed to make the case in europe she won in europe, he wins here. What are the people in Europe saying about this now very the tories are its because he had a jury in amerika. It was one judge over there. I would also say was one judge who was trying this while right in the middle of the meat to movement, you better not judge you better. Not don't do it, then since the end of it me too movement. It still gonna happen, but the
idea that we just cancel people. Because one woman says something or one man says something that might return to being crazy. We might actually be waking from that frickin nightmare. But then again I see what's happening over with star wars, Obi WAN kenobi himself obey. One kenobi has spoken out and ah wow, apparently hundreds this is, according to disney hundreds letters that I called her all kinds of names because they were racist, now think about all the media that the year- racist fans of star wars. Cause are all racist. You know that think about over the entire Your planet,
how many people are star wars- fans, and hundreds of them? What yeah hundred road in give it give it a rest disney. I've got thousands of them coming into me house hands. You had hundreds really cause. That's weird: did you get it did you get any of those from any other black actor because on all of you know this there's lots of blue. People that have been in star wars and it's never been a problem before, and you know what else is weird, don't even see race when you watch star wars. Because everybody is is different, everybody's horns, covenant of people's head right. You know I mean the guy she's with I didn't notice. She was black. I noticed she was human because,
The guy she's with has like weird- creepy red eyes, and I don't know what racy is don't think he's from around these parts, but I judged him by his actions. They really have a star wars really has talked to me out of interested in how we I just can't get myself to even bother to watch this its end, its I normally in my whole life have been interested in every new star wars release and they were making it so much about this nonsense. I mean the genie. Carano thing is the worst example of it. Did you hear about the thousands that came in about her knitting didn't care about it at all nope, and then they did they. They employed the guy on the left, who did the exact same thing all of her co stars to this day, come out and say what a great person she was to work with its insanity are limited by gold line gold line this week in this. Is it good line as decided overwhelming popularity of their pre memorial day say last week: they're gonna, exe,
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