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The Big Pay Back Is Here | Guests: Dave Isay & Michael Shellenberger | 7/9/19

2019-07-09 | 🔗
Hour 1 Big Trouble for some of our 'favs'. Many big names are set to be implicated. The Jeffry Epstein and Bill Clinton connection ...What was considered conspiracy then, is now all truth ... Locked up for licking  Hour 2 Democracy Lost Online with Dave Isay, Founder & President of StoryCorps joins ...We're becoming a country of peaceful felons ...Conversations you think are private are not. It's time to get off Facebook, says co-founder of Apple Hour 3 Time Magazine's 'Hero of the Environment', Michael Shellenberger joins to to talk HBO's Chernobyl. A very terrifying show that doesn't tell the truth. Nuclear power is a must to combat 'climate change' Nuclear power is safe for society 

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hello, America from Midtown Manhattan this week in the blaze studios, welcome to the Glenn Beck program. We're going to talk a little bit about what's happening politically, why is Jeffrey Ab Steen in so much trouble and he's in big trouble who's going to be pulled down with him? What is this all about? Is it if you're listening to or reading the New York Times you would. You would believe this is about problem, but is it possible that this is about the Clintons and Trump's pay back interesting theory? Don't know if it's correct, we'll tell you all about it in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program, so
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my almost everything we said has come true now, so it's not really a conspiracy fact. We had videotaped it, but anyway, that's story so last night, now it's kind of a joke these these lives that it's called a conspiracy dinner and it's it's super smart people that want to get together and just talk frankly about the world. And It was fascinating to me last night, because there were there were two: at the table that were former roles that are no longer liberals a of Libertarians, and, I would say most of them live. In fact. I think the libertarians would consider themselves now
conservatives because they're so tired of libertarians, you know just being just being list on being able to win they're, just not we'll to win. I think anyway, we were talking last night and. The Republicans better wake up, because the look There was no love at this table at all, for the Democrats for sure a lot of love at that table for Donald Trump, and o love for the Republicans, Publicans are seen as uh use totally and completely useless, and at some point that thing is going to catch up to them because what it really honestly, what are they good for? I don't know anybody who's, even talking about Republicans anymore,
I don't know anybody who's really talking about Congress and excited about this congressman or that congressman or we got to get the congressman. They All feel that we, have done so much in the last fifteen years and all of it, for relatively no payback, no, we didn't really get any payback on that we didn't. We didn't get thing for our for our hard earned effort of getting these guys in most of them just kind of flip or wishy washy, or have no power. So what's going to happen to the Democratic Party well I think you could say, what's going to happen to both parties and the Jeffrey Epstein handle? I think I think is really. Interesting and important.
The guy that in two thousand and two had enough political clout to be able have this thing swept under the rug? Now, if your If you're paying attention to this story, you will think That there is a possibility that this is all about Donald Trump, an I think there Is that possibility? I think the media thinks that I think, they're hoping that they can just make this about. Donald Trump and his Secretary of Labor, who was actually the prosecuting attorney down in Florida back in the early 2000s that, have made a sweetheart deal. Unlike any other sweetheart deal, I've ever seen it was an absolute miscarriage of justice, and so I They're trying to make it about him, but when Nancy Pelosi's daughter comes out and tweets- and I want to get this exactly right quite likely some of our faves will be implicated in this case.
When Nancy Pelosi's daughter is signaling here, Democrats, better wake up because some of our favorite people may be implicated yeah yeah, looks like they might be, and this I don't know how this guy survives. Yesterday he was in court and he was trying to to strike a plea, bargain and they're negotiating, very, very tough with him, we're trying to get him to fly evidence on the people that he who the people that he was servicing. Underage girls, I not sure. What's going to happen, but if you're Bill Clinton Bill Clinton came out yesterday. Let me let me give you the exact quote: from Bill Clinton. Clinton said yes,
your day quote uh This is from his office. President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein, pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those of which he has been recently charged in New York in two in two in two thousand and three President Clinton took a total of four trips on Epps, explain: and to Europe one to Asia, two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation, staff. Supporters of the foundation and his secret service detail traveled on every leg of the trip? Now this is Clinton's office saying this. He had one meeting with Epstein in his Harlem office in two thousand and two around the same time. He made a brief visit to this New York apartment with a staff member and his security detail. He has not
Login FC in over a decade and has never been too little Saint James Island Epstein's ranch in New Mexico or his residence in Florida, okay, so the state and that's going to cause him problem? Is staff, supporters of the foundation and secret service, detail went along on every leg of those trips. The problem is, is that Clinton went on at least twenty six trips on, the plane that was dubbed the Lolita Express when you've got a plane and it's called the Lolita Express, I think this it's an open secret, don't you, I think that's, the nickname of the plane, Queen two thousand and three? He said between two thousand and one and two thousand and three
I just went on a few of these trips will twenty six? According to the FAA logs, the listed destination of those trips were the Azores, Singapore, Brunei, Norway, Russia, among others, on it. At least five of those excursions. Remember when you get onto to when you get on a plane, there's a record of it because of your ticket when you're, on a private plane you to have a manifest it that you have to know the names and see the ids every single person on board and it's logged with the FAA. It's you can't just you can't bring a friend on. The plane, it's against the law. You have to have them on the manifest. So he said you know, my secret service will be every time, but and five of those flights, the flight
bugs do note that Clinton was not accompanied by any secret service personnel. Former president, did occasionally travel in the company of the woman Maxwell. This is the New York socialite, the one who looks like she's the pimp, and also Ebstein's former assistant, both women previously investigated by the FBI, Florida enforcement over concerns. They help recruit the underage victims, Clinton claimed he had one meeting in his Harlem office in two thousand and two around the same time, he made a brief visit to the new department with a staff member in security detail the Former and stated he had not spoken in well over a decade, never been in many of the locations. Ok the problem is, he didn't travel with his security detail on five of the twenty six flights that he took with Epstein
Why did he dismiss the security detail? Why didn't they go with. Him could be perfectly innocent, but when I have a guy like Clinton aveling twenty six times with a guy like Epstein. You kind of wonder I wonder Now, they're, using this to go after Donald Trump, with a with a line that he he gave to. I am trying to remember where was see if it says it here, it does a yeah here. It is in York magazine. They did a profile in two thousand and two of Epstein, and this is what This is what Donald Trump said: I've known Jeff for fifteen years he's a terrific guy he's a a fun to be with it's even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it. Every enjoys his social life well,
in that's pretty clear. I mean the plane called will express and Donna trump is like hey. I just want you to know he likes them young. That's a problem. But is it a problem for the President Did he get involved at all well I'll. Tell you this. MAR Lago according to a filing dumped Epstein. From its its roster of members because he approached an underage girl. There. She filed a protest and trump immediately had him removed from the members list. That's a really point in his favor. Is it not now?
here's. What this all boils down to an affidavit in New York, Her name is Sarah Ransom and she says I'm currently over the age of eighteen. I reside country of Spain. In two in two thousand and six I was twenty. Two years old, I was living in New York and I was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein by a girl that I had met short. After meeting Jeffrey, he invited me to fly in his private island to the Us Virgin Islands, which I did after that Tripp. I travel to the island several more times, usually on one of his private planes always in his direction until Let my name appears on the flight logs of one or more of those trips on a few occasions. Who Jeffrey also arrange to have me flown to the island on commercial flights, as it turns out the primary purpose of those visits was too
was to have me, have sexual relations with Jeffrey, Nadia, May Cova and various other girls and guests. He brought to the island during one of my visits, I'm at Maxwell. This is the woman who is currently a currently the. Madam, watching her interact with other girls, it became clear to me she recruited all or many of them to the island once they were there. She appeared to be in charge of their activities, including what they did who they did it with and how they were supposed to stay in line I assume the same supervisory role with me as soon as I arrived the girls appeared to be eighteen or older, but many appeared to be young teenagers, recalled seeing a particularly young, thin girl who looked well under eighteen, and I I recall asking her age,
I later learned she was a ballerina, but she refused to tell me her age or let me see her passport. This is where it gets interesting and will pick it up are in one minute last week, great meeting to put the final plans together for a cruise through history, and I want to make sure that you are on this cruise with us. It, is next spring an it is going to be really really just life changing, I think, really life changing. We're working on programs now from David Barton and Rabbi Lapin we're, I do additional shows with Bill O'Reilly, we added several shows on the actual on the actual ship and chance for us to dine together and everything else and it is it's
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should the spending time with Jeffrey on his island. I spent time with him in New York City, this town house. I was also listen to this. I was also lent out by him too his friends and associates to have sex among the oh he lent me too, was his friend Alan Dershowitz on occasion. I was in a bedroom at Jefferies, New York Townhouse with Jeffrey and Nadia MACA Nova. After a short time, Alan Dershowitz entered the room after which Jeffrey left, the room and Nadia, and I had sex with Dershowitz. I recall specific key, details of his person and Exa and can describe them in an event. It becomes necessary to do so. I affirm through the penalty of perjury, foregoing, is true and correct. Ah wow that's going to hurt Allen,
with no Alan Dershowitz, says that I I can prove that I was there. I don't know how you prove your something didn't have but he says he can prove that this is. This is a lie although you know what is this makes think of was isn't there. A I'll have to ask my scottish friend, but I believe there is a dish from England that I did. It is called spotted Dick and and I think that is an actual food item- don't know why I'm bringing it up, because what I'm really thinking about is Michael Jackson. Remember happened with Michael Michael Jackson, Just I'm just saying they photographed them right, then they photo gift me the photograph making this the fifty four fifty in and
they drew lines around it and he swatted it around, and- and I didn't like it, what kind frequent too. That would kind of oh, this horrifying is horrifying, my pants, maybe with Alan Dershowitz, which yeah that'd. Thank you. That's bad yeah! I would be very bad now what they found. Under what they released Monday is that they went into Epstein's house and they found at least hundreds, I'm quoting the FBI it E hundreds and perhaps thousands of sexually suggestive photographs of full, or partially nude females that appear to be under age. They were in a locked, safe. He's a sex offender he's not supposed to have any of these, so He is now saying he turn evidence a rumor. Is.
He will turn evidence if they just kinda they him go health I well. I won't do anymore than a year in jail and tell you all. The names involved how's this going to work out this seems like they seem like a mob movie where that guy, is the guy who gets the shiv in the eye some place towards the end of the movie especially when you're dealing with the royal family and american royalty of both sides of the idle listening back. We tell you about blinds dot com blinds dot com is having a big summer sale right now.
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Epstein or I can I've heard, but they both yeah. I think it's, I think it's Epstein Do you remember when, at the very beginning it was lock her up lock her up with Donald Trump and then he when he got a- and he said you know what she's been through enough. Not going I'm not going, locker up okay he's he's going to play ball with the way The government things and I think that was his olive branch, I'm not going to lock you up we're just going to move on, however, because They didn't move on because they they thought that this, because remember what What was it that Hillary released well, the salacious detail in the in the report that came out that we know now that Hillary was responsible for
a number: I'm trying to think sex yeah, yeah hours right the thing in Moscow. Yes, okay, so that would be location is legally bogus. We know now that this was a democratic thing. It was used by people in the Doj we know? but this was an I hate this word because I think people misunderstand it and misuse it, but it was deep state. Okay, We know that this is a tangled web of people in the Doj, elsewhere that had their own political agenda and would stop at nothing. So when, when trump goes through all of this, theory is. Is that he's had enough? and Muller was Involved in the actual Plebe
organ of Epstein and he helped do that deal with ab, so the free is that Trump is act the kind of behind this pushing this a little bit because he's going to get his revenge on my and he's going to get his revenge on Hillary Clinton, because the thing Larry Clinton's Achilles heel is bill, Clinton, uh you expose Bill Clinton for the creep that he is, and I think that it's over it's finally time for that to be over that love affair is done. Oh, because Muller helped Epstein mostly get off the hook last time according to court documents. Now All you have a just department led by somebody, at least at this point,
well to Trump and What matters is that Epstein's no longer able to hide behind the Clinton bag. Men Ann, cut a and cut a deal because now. The administration is changed and Trump would like to have some payback I don't know if that's true, but I sure hope it is because that means that Trump knows he's completely clean in this thing, and you can't there's no way they can take him down with it, but he can You can get to them with it that would be really That would be a really good outcome. If you I think I would be too if you could, just if you could Spose bill. Clintons Baghdad along with more of Jeff Epstein Epstein's who's,
in a long time, democratic donor and they've and completely unscathed by this scandal. Uh an and Trump has no dirt on him that be great. Yeah. I will tell you that I don't think that I I think that it's just Hillary Clinton. I think it's, I think it's people in OJ. I think it is people in the democratic party. Remember this guy is a very big donor for the democratic party. This is Harvey Weinstein and they all knew about it. You don't name his his plane. The Lolita express an no. How are they going to claim innocence and they didn't know they all knew what he was like and they all just went The cash anyway and all the dirtbags rallied around him and everybody everybody thought they were protected. I mean if Prince Andrew is involved in this
scandal is gigantic. Gigantic and I don't see how this guy lives. I know see how this is fair prosecuted. It is, It seems to me this will be one of those things where your process but if you are on the outs, the people who are sweating are the ones who are not in the inside core, as I I just don't think they'll ever get to the inside core, but I think bill is on the outs yeah. I don't care what happens to him anymore. They don't care, you know, and and it's beyond, they don't care about him. They care about what happens to Hillary and they don't like Hillary right now, it's a combination of, now if it was just bill, I think they would leave him alone, but because, Hillary is out there yapping all the time and they really despise Hillary. I think part of the page,
is to go after him. It's Imagine this, though, because you know just a few short years ago. She chosen, one and the machine couldn't be messed with? There was nobody who could take on the Clintons and and survive politically if you look at the death list, even literally survive you can't help it. I can't help you with that chapter list you just like you just like. Oh, I want them to believe. I want them to be loved poker with that 'cause. It's it's funny. It's just good clean fun well everybody that has ever known them
his die or even met them. There had a picture in the in the in the oval office, they're all dead. You know they build them all. The Clintons have a real knack for plane crashes. A lot of them have died in plane, crashes, they're really good at him. Are you really going to go up? There tell me about the plane crashes 'cause. I know there's a lot of well RON Brown's, a lot of people. I mean RON Brown Brown yeah, that's just one. I'd have to go back and look at the list. 'cause its extensive but Ronnie Brown Springs immediately to mind. Right. Well, RON, Brown. If you remember right, he was really having some problems with the Clintons and the Democrats and right and you know, People are like what was he thinking when he got on that plane and I can tell you what he was thinking, but I think I know what went through his head there at the end, which is a bullet bullet so right, and then they covered it up with a plane crash. Apartment because he was laughing as he was coming out of the funeral.
Yeah the burial and then all of a sudden he saw he saw the journalist and then he was immediately crying. So you know he killed him yep, so one could only hope. Yeah. The grand jury is this: is this thorough here in New York I'll look you know he raped her. You know he did it and so did clinton- and and pretty much everybody involved in the Democratic party. You just know that you know it look. They were laughing at point I have a picture of them when they stopped immediately That can't happen unless you're totally guilty, though so not at all, there's a couple of other things that I want to get into today. Did you see the did? You see the girl that was king the ice cream, yeah, the Blue Bell and then back in the in the it's just that I would you think of that. I you know it's disgusting in any creed.
Another weird thing that we're going to have to worry about his somebody licked my ice cream. It got so bad that in some parts of Texas they've actually people guarding they've, locked down the ice cream and you have to go seek out one of the employees to unlock the ice cream, so you can buy. You know half a gallon of ice, am I the only one that am I the only one that has to take that plastic wrap under the the lid off they have that on Bluebell, because I think that was was not one of the things that they were yelling about. Is why don't you wear a plastic wrappers or out of top I'm trying to think. If If you have to, I don't know, I usually I'm not the one that opens the bluebell right, I'm just going to finish the one he almost came to one finishes. I never opened it, but I know if it had something to do with that empty container going into the garbage can after it's been almost licked clean. I can answer that so there
guy, did you see the guy with a scope? Mouthwash did same thing. No, what he got a lot of myself in fact into the jar: yeah, and he was just so obnoxious. Now here's the thing one of them one of them actually he The has the receipt for the scream, and they have her on tape. Going Actually licked it put it away and then walked off camera then They have her on the store camera going back in getting that ice cream and take get up front and buying it and taking it. The store which You know it's nice to think that yeah nice to think that they did that illegal right. The we don't know? This suspect that has been arrested, but she faced
twenty years in prison which licking uh huh. And that's a little bit a little, I think you think I think we are going to fine. You know a public health, the issue, fine of some sort, one hundred dollars or whatever and thousand dollars ten thousand dollars. Uh on the table for committing second degree. Felony of tampering with a consumer product wow. This is the Texas code. So I don't know what you get. I mean you're, lucky you're not hung in Texas, you screw with Blue Bell ICE cream. That's true! I think they can hang you in Texas, but uh twenty years in prison and I'll bet you that this is. From the Tylenol scare. Do you remember that, yes, yeah I was trying to remember the other day, the title I'll scare happen because well, it was real in one, case. I think some
open up a tile and all- and I don't know laced it with cyanide or something? Do you remember what was the like? That Do we have them read with right? and tylenol people don't know this Tylenol should be out of business this is the most remarkable recovery of any concern. More product, I have ever seen it was marked as poisonous. They said, throw all your tylenol away so everybody got rid of their tylenol because it was poison. Remember we've all been x. Raying are candy for things that never happened on Halloween this actually happened. They had to rid of all of it, but it is because of tile and all that we have the tamper proof that we of the seal on the outside, that we have the foil seal on the inside. Still explanation for the cotton
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These are really really smooth casters. This is the share out there. I really believe you're going to love it. Try for thirty days risk free, x, chairback, dot com so Michael Schellenberg. He is time, magazine's, hero of the environment. He the Green Book award winner. Is the founder and president of of of environmental progress he's going to be on the show, now, here's why because he says everything you saw in the movie Chernobyl. Almost all of it is bogus It was not that bad. This is an anti nuclear energy screed. Really and he's got yeah. He but the evidence now look. He is a green guy. Ok, he shouldn't agreeing with with you know. People like me
so he has no agenda other than hate. This is wrong. This is apps. Totally wrong. Uh. And he is a drug- he's, a green guy and an honest one, he says nuclear energy is the to go, and he says Chernobyl actually proves how if it is a, very different, look at what happened at Chernobyl and he's got the fax, so we we've been waiting for him to come on. He comes on today in about an hour from now also Dave, I say is going to be joining us an. I have to tell you about a little watch story that may be one of the most important stories in your lifetime. I'll about that coming up next hour.
You can head to the blaze dot com for more top stories, I'm Hillary, that is your foreman, advise, and now here's glad about the next hour of the show. So much. Hillary we've got a great hour coming up for you in just a second first, our spotlight sponsor for the hour. Is a american financing. American financing is the only more company that I've ever endorsed and probably ever will that I started with them back in two thousand and nine. I think, and they've they've wanted me to be a voice person for them. Two thousand and six or seven- and I said no, I don't think so. I don't really I think the mortgage companies are doing America Great service right now, call me after the collapse, and they said no, no, we no. We we agree with you we're not that kind of mortgage company. I said, call me after the collapse they did. Their people didn't have a problem because they don't.
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It had Vladimir Putin returning to his office for emergency meetings, and we haven't heard much about it and I'm going to tell you what the story is really about, because what you do see in the news is not true, but I will explain what happened to the nuclear submarine. That put, I think, eleven captains captains a lot of captains on this submarine for it just to be a normal submarine whi. Were these eleven captains put into the hospital? What really happened at the bottom of the ocean with the russian submarine will have that coming up in just a second and some good NEWS, some people that are coming together, people that are starting to look for solutions rather than problems. We do that in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program
asian is such a wonderful thing: innovation, it could be is to kill us. It could be used to really change the world for the better an I think that we have amazing things on the horizon due to technology, At the same time, there are people that are working to use that tech. G to steal, you stuff. You know destroy the banking system, whatever it is, some people just like the watch, the world burn. Others are just then, if they would just spend their time learn trade. They would be probably really successful. These people are learning a trade scam people we need companies like Lifelock, who I used to mock in the 1990s. I was like, please you can add my social security number. What are you going to do with it? Wow now the world has changed now, there's something called the dark.
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ten percent Dave, I say, is a friend of ours: he is the founder and president of Storycorps Storycorps. If you listen and p are, you are very well aware of its something that has been running for a very long time and it's one of the things I just love listening to. And Dave came into my office. I don't know about a year ago lesson at less than that said, we're going to do something, we're going to do something new one small step and try to bring people together. And and
and have them find their way back to each other and just staying away from politics. Yeah I mean, I think what what one small step is about is this I mean when I, when I stepped in that's your. Is this a new studio? Now these are yeah. These are new studios for the blaze here yeah. So you know we were talking about how bananas the countries going right and it's about a culture of contempt and it's taking You know it's taking the temperature down on this culture of this credibly dangerous culture of contempt that we have in the country. I thinking is, as as I then I was dead. The big social media companies slashed last week and I was saying that you know when, when when we call each other- morons or racist or nazis, like you can't believe I'm going to change their mind right when you call someone named it a name, it doesn't change her, but actually hardens their links right now and me and brings them, makes them more extreme and I sent to the- is this: at the social media company we've created away four billion,
the times a day, twenty four hours a day, each other- were morons right and it's just Dividing us in these ways that are in and it's so Stanshall threat is so funny did because I I don't people are like that in real life. When I travel America yeah, that's not the way they are still living neighbor to neighbor yeah, but we go inside our house yeah and all of a sudden we become an animal online. Yeah yeah and I am I think I mean what you saw when I You've been thinking about this obviously, and when I came in I mean it was incredibly generous of you to invite me in, but You said like I totally lighthouse You know- and it's just it's in the last year- it's just gotten. It's just gotten worse. You know, and- and we have to it's enough already, you know, we've got to figure. This thing out, or you know are- are that they're, the very fabric of our democracy, isn't as it is at risk? I I think it
I agree with you. I think that there is a you're not again all involved in it, but there are Or catalysts on both sides, are really interested in keeping us divided. You know we have a political system, learned long ago, the more I divide stronger. I get and and until we solve that, I don't know how, or until we just reject that until we say I'm just not going to play that game anymore. Yeah and I think more and more people are doing that yeah. Well, I hope so, and you know it's really. It's uh it's tilting at windmills to some extent you know and and I mean there is definitely a you know, there's a fear industrial complex and you know the it was that the truth as as as you well know like the only truth, is love right. Full stop! That's it! You know
it's getting buried. We have to just start telling the truth. It's it's weird, because you know you say there is a truth. What do you call it? A fear? Industrial, complex industrial, complex, okay, but you know that's it right, that's what we're talking about with Ralph, but it is what it is strange because there are things to be concerned about. So it's it's, this weird thing that You know you say, there's a fear industrial complex, which I absolutely agree with, but because of that there, Real problems that are enormous absolutely. No. We are you started with. We could lose the republic week apps Lee could and I think we're really close to that. If we don't turn around soon, but that's not fear mongering it's telling the truth yeah, it's because of the law to a lot of the fear mongering or I read something. From somebody right after the election of Donald Trump, and it was from a Democrat
operative any said done, You know in some ways we have to blame ourselves because we took men like Mitt, Romney yeah and said he was the Anti Christ. That's right and and when I say I'm I mean obviously there are, of course there are things to be afraid of yeah, but the fear industrial complexes about making us hate each other yeah and that's not the answer right right? That's never! The answer you know we have to. You know the the the story core which, which you you mentioned earlier, which I run, which is this project that brings people together to talk to each other These conversations that go to the Library of Congress. It's built on the idea that you know, none of us are the worst thing that we have. One, you know as soon the best intentions and up there and if, if you have these kind of golden rules under guarding that the We can move ahead and if not we just we we, you know it's it's. This is you. You look at the last week, the last two weeks, some of things that happen. It's like it's like VLAD,
mere Putin's like dream. Oh it is, it is absolutely like, like he couldn't imagine things going better, you know, country. From his perspective. One of the things that story court does is you know as get rid of the golden rule as we get rid of your God or whatever it is, that is the has been the governor on us. You, replace that with history so when people enter the booth, they're, not willing to say. If I think, if people really understood your tweets will never go away, so her children and great grandchildren. Those are all being put in the national archives. As well those things will be able to be seen forever. When you go into a storycorps booth
You know this is being recorded for the national archives right and people are on their best behavior. It's that governor that we seem to have lost. That's right. I mean it's, it's that you know if we live in this world of complete impermanence everything. Nothing matters right so you don't think about it. What, when you come into a storycorps booth, you're great eight grandchildren are gonna, listen to you, so you you know I when I was at it at the social media company. As you know, half a million people have participated in story core, which is nothing in Social media number, but nothing's ever like. No one has ever behaved badly and the I was talking to said that really likes trains, the boundaries of belief, but it's true You know, and- and you know I think we just have to To remember who we are as people and that truth, that that I mean, I know that that you know that you know all of our lives all of our stories matter equally and infinitely, and that's all that matters so tell me what you brought us today. So I have stories do we have do we have time for two. We have I think we might have time for two. Yes, ok so
this this first one is it's story. Or does do a lot of history, and- and you know this past a week ago- was the anniversary- and I have a person, sorry associated with this. We can talk about my dad. I found out when I was when I was in. My twenties was gay. And I he and I would totally took me by surprise and my my brother said our nuclear family blew up, and he He ended up becoming like he was a psychiatrist. He was an amazing amazing guy and when he told me about that he was gay, he mentioned the stonewall riots. Do you do know what what that was? Okay. So fifty years ago. Last there was a riot at a bar in, in Greenwich Village that led to the beginning of the gay rights movement. Uh there used to be illegal to have gay bars
he told me about this and I went out- and I interviewed the people who had been there thirty years ago and then my dad actually ended up dying very quickly of cancer. On the anniversary, stone well a few years ago and this year's a 50th anniversary. So we did a bunch of stories about what it was like to be gay before one thousand nine hundred and sixty so this is one of those stories. It's up. It's a dairy farmer, the kid of a farmer in rural Washington in the 1950s who historical with his daughter to talk, the school assembly here performed out when he was a teenager here it is I'm riding to school with my oldest brother, and on the way to school, I'm putting glitter all over my face. And my brother said what in the hell are you doing? I said I'm putting on my costume, he said: well, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that so He dropped me off at the school and he called my dad up and he said dad. I think you better get up there. This is not going to look good.
My dad drove up to the high school and he a farmer jeans on and they had cow crap on them and he had his clodhopper boots on and when I saw I'm coming- I ducked around the hall and hid from him and it wasn't because what I was wearing it was because He was wearing zero, The assembly goes well and I'm climbing the car and I'm riding home with my father and my sense to me mark down the hall this morning, and I saw a kid that looked a lot like you ducking around the hall to avoid his dad. But I know it wasn't you 'cause, you would never do that to your dad I squirmed in my seat and I finally busted out nice and well Dan. Did you have to wear your Kyle Crap jeans to my assembly and he said look- everybody knows- I'm a dairy farmer. This is who I am, and he looked square in the eye, and then he said how about you, full grown man. Who are you going to go out with that night and I said
I don't know- and he said I think you do know, and it's not going to be- that Mclaughlin girl. It's been making Google eyes at you, but you won't even pick up the Damn telephone and I tell you something today and you might not know what to think of it now but you're going to remember when you're an adult, don't sneak is. If you sneak like you did today, it means you, think you're doing the wrong thing and if you run around the spending your whole life thinking you're doing the wrong thing. Then you'll ruin your immortal, soul,. And have all the things father in nineteen, fifty nine could have told his a sign my father has me to be proud of myself and not sneak my reaction at the time with to get out in the hay field and pretend like I was as much of a man as I could be, and I remember flipping fifty pound bales three feet up into the air going, I'm not a quick. What's he talking about,
but he knew where I was headed and he He knew that make me feel bad about. It anyway was the wrong thing to do. I had the Patron Saint of Dad's friends- season. No. I didn't know it at the time that I know, and now what a great story story: cork dot Org morning, american financing is R S and M Ls one eight two, three three: four: W W w dot and M L s consumer access dot! Org! Eric Financing wants to remind you that the housing market is very, very hot right now, but not just in favor of sellers like in years, past buyers have a great tool. Now it's low interest rates rates of we dropped over the last year, so monthly payments are lower, lower then rent in many cases. I want to make sure that you don't get yourself wrapped up into one of these mortgages, especially an adjustable mortgage
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Dave. Tell me what else you brought so we are, you know. A lot of people are thinking about that fiftieth anniversary of the APOLLO Moon landing yeah this month. This is a space story and it speaks to that. What happens when you have a archive as big as Storycorps. So when it was the 25th anniversary of the shuttle disaster, we went to see if anybody had come in to talk about it and the brother, one of the astronauts had come to storycorps to a RON Mcnair who, the second African American to fly a space and one of the seven astronauts to die when the challenger exploded in nineteen eighty, so this is his brother. This is his brother coming to talk about growing up with RON in Lake City South Carolina ago, when he nine years old RON, without my parents, are myself knowing his whereabouts, decided to take a mile walk from our home down to the library which was course public library, but not so public for black folks when you're talking about one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine?
so as he was walking in there. All these folks were staring at him because the white folk only and they were looking at him. So you know who's this negro so polite positions himself in line to check out his books? Well, this librarian she This library is not for colors. He said. Well, I would like to check out these books. She says young man, if you don't, leave this library right now, I'm going to call the police, so he just propped himself up on account and sat there and said I'll wait so She called the police and subsequently call my mother police came on two burly guys come then say: well where's the disturbance and she put it. Then little nine year old boy sitting up on the counter. He says man, the problem, so my mother to me. Meanwhile, she was called she comes down. There praying the whole way there lauded Jesus, please don't let them put my child in jail and my mother,
celebrity. What's the problem that he wanted to check out the book say you know your son shouldn't be down here and the police officer said Why don't you just give the kid the books in my mother said he will take good care of him, n reluctantly. The librarian gave Rhonda books in my mother say what do you say he said thank you ma'am later on, as youngsters Ok on tv CALL Star Trek now STAR Trek showed future, where there were black folk and white folk working together and ice. Data science fiction, because that was going to happen. Really. But Ronald side it's science possibility. You know he came up one time when there was Neil Armstrong and all those guys, So how was I a colored boy for South Carolina wearing glasses? Never flew a plane. How was he going to become an astronaut RON was the one who didn't accept societal norms as being his norm. Making that was for other people
and he got to be aboard his on starship enterprise? You know amazing. Both those stories are one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine. They both start one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine. And how much we have changed and that's that's the frustrating thing I think, for so many people is we're not people anymore we're just not those people and- and we can't back far enough to recognize, looks the progress we, made some real good progress and I should say just with with when you talk about, progress that library ended up being named for RON Mcnair. So now that are on the school library yeah I mean there's, there's that great line. Also, you know from my Angelou from Clinton's inaugural first inauguration, the history. Despite its wrenching pain, you know can't be on live, but if faced with courage need not be lived again, we have to
look at what it, what it is and and face it and make sure that it never happens again. That's and that's the country moving forward right now. It's the you know. I tell the truth. You know if I told the truth, I've had a problem. One of my favorite one of my heroes is Winston Churchill yeah. Unless you read about him in India right and then you're like whoa. Who is this guy he's both? Yes, both it's just it's the trajectory people on. Are they getting better or they getting worse and that's what need to do to be able to come together. We have to say: look we here we're now here we still have a lot of work to do, but we're on the right trajectory have to keep moving in the right direction. The right direction- Dave! Thank you. So much God bless the you. The good see storycorps, if you, if you want to be involved with some of the stories just go to,
story, core dot, Ford or one small step. Yes, slash, one small step, okay, this is about having conversations across the device yeah and we want to get as many like we're. Gonna start scaling in next year: okay, and really try and and and have this be everywhere across the country, but you know we'd love Glenn Beck, the Glenn Beck show audience to be pioneers in this, and we would love to be with us. It is Storycorps DOT, Org, slash one small step back in a moment: you're listening to Glen back. So, if you it would come to my studio, you would see that my my paintings are starting to stack up. I call them ten hour memes because you can make him for in about twenty seconds on the line, but it takes me about ten hours to beat them. I love to paint, but there
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we're wildly concerned about the silencing of voices and your subscription to the blaze helps ensure that the voices that you trust are heard: that's Mark Livin! That's my voice! That's uh! Steven Crowder, and I think about forty others, somebody count the shows that we do Somebody named Patteri too, doesn't show called unleashed there were. Really concerned about preserving his voice, so I to get to a couple of stories, and I just don't know if I'm going to be able to have time- and I don't want to do it in less- I can do it justice. This russian submarine story is fascinating when you find out there was there, was an alert out that there was a catastrophe of. Anna Terry Scale, uh regarding a nuclear submarine, an I think. Twelve captains, which is weird were
Board and they were rushed to the hospital as they got out of the submarine and a planetary scale. Catastrophe happened. What could that possibly be Well, I believe it's a cover up for what it really is 'cause. When you look at the submarine- and you know anything- submarines, which I don't but I happen to know people who do know it's an in sting, fascinating story and it all kind of goes back to mere Putin's statements about World WAR three will have story coming up for you. Also, if you watched what Chernobyl. You watch noble on on HBO, you might have thought, as I did. What all this is an incredible true. Life story it's the way they shape it, they shaped it as what to see here is true. Well, with an exception of the one scientist. That's
stay oa a representative of all of the scientific community in this in person. Well, there's a few other things that aren't exactly true and when you hear it, we've been played, we have been played and we'll talk about it? Coming up with an expert in just about a half hour from now. Also I want to give you an update now on New Zealand and gun control. New Zealand the story of Pat at Do you remember what happened with the gun control in New Zealand, well. They have the terrible mass shooting or is it fifty six people were killed were slaughtered and obviously You know that only happens here. So they were so stunned that it happened somewhere else.
They immediately the legislature alleges parliament immediately went into gear Annina. That was I think it was one hundred and nineteen to one, They voted, not just not just to ban guns but to confiscate him to an ok and they offered an incentive where they would buy back, which is kind. Weird term, since they didn't own the guns. In the first place, how can you buy back something you didn't known anyway? They were going to ride people to turn in their guns, and there was what one point two to one point: five million of them yeah, so here's, here's the the update. And I remember this vote happened in parliament only- one person stood against it. Everybody was for all the representation of the people. Everyone was for it and New Zealand is so brave. They are finally the people now the people know. And they're. Finally, getting rid of these one point: five million guns.
Well the buyback began and how many weapons as of last week of the point five had been. Turned in by the general public, I'm going to say maybe just a little over a million. They probably still have some work to do, but probably another half million dollar being sarcastic if user castigate earlier yeah. What do you think? What do you think it? If you know the number, don't don't say it? What are you actually think that number, if would be the way the story was framed. If you didn't know the number the way the story has been framed in the press, I would have thought that they were a good day. Towards getting to where they needed to be. I would have thought that they were well on their way to achieve the goal of the everybody's guns out of their homes. Well on their way. I don't know three slash. Four of the way there maybe half of the way there in maybe half of the way, yeah. Well, that would
about seven hundred thousand and there at seven hundred just not one thousand just at seven hundred from water to have seven hi got seven hundred guns This shows a couple of things. First of all, the this is what is happening all around the world, the people who are in power and proclaim to represent the people do not represent the people, they were represent themselves, they represent the collective thought of science state, but they do not represent the people, it's not a representative government in Russia. It's not China- it's not in Europe, it's not an England, it's not in Australia, it's not in New Zealand, it's not in the United States, these
People are enacting laws that the people do not agree with and they're walking in lockstep, and I warned I warned the leadership of the world. You and only trample on people and their rights for so long before they rise up now, New Zealand has just trampled and they've well, they can protect themselves against seven hundred people, but the point five million that have guns, they're not going to take it forever. And this is what is this to me. This is what this story is about. When I saw only seven hundred people turned in their guns. Now, what's going to happen well they're going to have to happen now, they're going to have to get the guns now yes have to so now, they're saying now: they're saying that they have now
there's a black market and we can have the black market. Oh really, we took could have told you there would be a black market, the Only people that the only People that you know are using guns to kill people usually are the black market buyers, but now you've made every gun into a black market. So now they're saying we have to have a registry for all guns. So if you now think of this this, if you had a gun. Either going to say, okay, you got to turn it and it will buy it from you, but one five million people didn't do that so now they're going to say, okay. Well now you have to come in and register your gun Why would I register my gun if I'm not turning it in in the first place, I'm going to just stir it. So you know who I am so you can charge me with a crime of not turning
my gun, I don't think so soon, Oh, they have you at breaking the law. Twice twice: making all of us into criminals. So: they've taken law, abiding citizens and they he said we're going to pass the law, get rid of the guns? They didn't do it because they do agree with it then, they're saying now we're going to have to register to guns. People are not going to register so going to be felons. What they're doing is they've created a country of felons peaceful. Now Australia, how many they've had this going on forever an it's worked, fabulously right, and I mean it perfectly yeah- It's been twenty some years right since they did it but twenty years, and if we could just be as
good as Australia, because they band guns. They got rid of their guns. That's you it'll be another. So how many right, how many What percentage of guns- that were known to be owned. By Australians, but not, and I'm talking, semi automatic. They call them self loading rifles. So Self loading self loading rifles I'd like a self loading magazine. I'd like that'd, save my thumbs. I want self loading magazines for the love of PETE, self loading guns. He just the the bullets, just jumped into this gun anyway, so these are semi automatics. So the Percentage GE I've been turned in in the last twenty years, wow. A registered prior to that. We're not registered or not registered, they know, but
if they knew of the government knew of the sales, but they were not registered ok, so they knew that they had this number of guns out in Australia that were semi automatic Dan everything! What the percentage of just the semi automatics that came back in, real guess or sarcastic guess. Real real gas. I bet less ten percent, I I guess, you're, Remember this been going on for twenty years yeah, it's eighty percent. Oh, it is twenty percent. Eighty percent. They did better than of yeah It's still, eighty percent yeah everybody's holding them up to be these great. You, Australia, they get it all New Zealand, they get it New Zealand turn in seven hundred guns, since the band, and in twenty years of a semi automatic ban, only twenty percent of those guns have been turned in all.
You've done is you've made good guys, criminals and when you consider will be in here, it will be the same thing. That lesson will not be learned by the left. It won't. They won't look to Australia and say well that that's not working looked in New Zealand and say wow, that's really not working we will say well we're we can do it better. That's because that's what progressives always say you, also have to remember. I really believe that totalitarianism, which I think these progressives are into you- can call it communism, fascism to Talla Tarian ISM. It's absolute go permit rule. That's what that's. What we're shooting for forget the ideology people are shooting for absolute rule and part absolute rule is to make enough rules to where you can arrest anyone,
Oh, it doesn't matter if they collect the guns. If, if they can make everyone a criminal in some way or another. When they want to arrest you, they will able to come into your house, they'll find the guns and then they'll have something to arrest you for. And you'll go away for a long long time. That's why I I hate the expression. Well, not doing anything wrong. I don't care if they're listening. Oh I'm not doing anything wrong. I don't care if they fill in the blank because you're not the one who dis if you're doing something wrong or not. The government is and that's where the problem lies and it and it's not a mean since there was a story today. I want to see if I can find this for you real quick. There was a today you know who Steve Wozniak is no yeah founder of apple, so steep yeah, CO, founder of Apple, so Steve Wozniak came out just this week
and he said everybody has to cancel Facebook. He said you know some people can't because it's their business, etc, etc. He said, but the Average person can and you have to find a way to get off of Facebook. Get off of Facebook He did he got there. It is you did he did was he acted? Yeah he did yeah I would get off if it if it wasn't, for if it was for business yeah, I would get off as well. He says there are many different kinds of people in some of the benefits of Facebook or worth the loss of privacy, but to men like myself, my recommendation, is to most you should figure out a way to get off of Facebook. Mike's Mark Zuckerberg buys all the houses around his for privacy. He buys extra lots in Hawaii around his house for privacy, but our privacy hasn't been respected and watched over
he says they are listening to you- they are watching. He says people think they have a level of privacy that they no longer have what they give people a choice? Let me pay a certain amount and and and you'll keep my data more secure and private than everyone else handling it for handing it over to advertisers. He said everything everything about You they can measure your heartbeat with lasers. Now. They can listen to you with a lot of different devices who know If my cell phone is listening right now, but I know, Alexa has already been in the news. A lot you should worry you're having conversations that you think or private, or think are to yourself you're saying words that really shouldn't be listened to, because you're not expecting them to be listened to. The other ears. There's all there's no way to stop it
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Hillary it is it's going to be a fascinating fascinating hour the guy who really, if wasn't honest. He would not be on the show because he he wouldn't be able to. He was at oh, my gosh Glenn Beck. I no know why, and I would say, oh my gosh, so we can have him on, but because we're both looking for truth. We can actually have a conversation, and I am really excited about his appearance because there is a big thing that we both agree on and we'll talk about. That In just a second first, let me tell you about real estate agents. I trust com. This is a real estate company that it's just a matchmaking service. We went and found the best agents in America. We have current
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It's been an environmental and social justice Advocate for over twenty five years. Again, not something that I look for in a resume on people that I have on the program. He is time, magazine's, hero of the environment, Green Book award, winner, founder and president as a set of environmental progress. But he is not just a climate guru he's an honest climate guru, Ann I can have a conversation with people if they claim to be for the planet and against global warming and their crying catastrophe unless you do at least one of these two things: you're a vegan. Or you understand that nuclear power is the only option that we really have. That would be able to replace the Energi that we would lose my Shellenberger is a strong advocate for a nuclear energy. Welcome to the program Michael, how are you good much for having me on Glen. You bet so
do you think twice when we called. No. Not at this point no, I mean I I like I like talking to people that I don't agree with on every that's! That's that's America! America's all about isn't it. I mean I think, we've lost sight of that, but it takes Michael you know for to have a conversation like this. It takes somebody that is willing to. Be honest at least with their selves. An if you hear something that you that you agree with that disagrees with your point. You have to be honest enough to go. Huh know that I have to look into that more and, if that's true, I might be wrong and they don't a lot of people are willing to do that, especially when it comes to nuclear Energe crazy how people are just zealots against it
yeah, I agree I mean I was anti nuclear for most of my life uhm. You know I didn't. I wasn't a deep thinker in my opposition to it, but yeah when you start doing the arithmetic simple math of how do you transition away from fossil fuels to clean sources of energy. There's just no way to do it without nuclear power, and that became clear to me about ten years ago and every since then, honestly when people ask me if I'm concerned about climate change, what I say is tell me whether or not we're expanding or shrinking nuclear. Because- If we were doing a lot of nuclear around the world and expanding in the United States, I probably wouldn't be, as concerned about climate change, For me, the the relationship is quite the racks, the the more clear power, the the the cooler the planet, the last nuclear plant, the lexical power, the more we're going to have. I have to tell you
one thousand and eleven years ago. Gm. Let me one of their hydrogen cars, which was one of the first things the Obama administration did, was make sure that was shelved and and I I thought this was great only because the power just by just by leaving the rods out at night, all of the hydrogen we could possibly want, which is clean, could be made in a nuclear power plant. Will everybody is asleep: we'd I've, almost an endless supply of of hydrogen, where the The way we have these electric cars still burning coal to make the other. Thing in your walls not a little magic box, that power is coming from. Something yeah I mean what I worry about, I mean Bay. Basically, the trend over time has been to to have a lighter and lighter vehicles. So there's a process called the materialization, where we just use less natural resource as we become wealthier in the society and that's a really positive trend for the environment,
so yeah. What I worry about because I live in California and there's just a lot of test. They're really heavy cars. So there's a huge amount of material throughput lot of mining, a lot of resource extraction for those cars, hydrogen fuel cells total Different much lighter have a much. They can travel much farther, there's a bunch of barriers to getting there, but for sure. I think over the next century will be moving towards towards someone out of hydrogen fuel cells. Alright, so I want to come back to nuclear energy, but the reason why I wanted to have you on today is: I heard an interview with you talking about HBO's Chernobyl. Now I watch that thing and like a dope took it to be. I mean how could they possibly say? No, no! No! There. There are things that we changed and there are some things that aren't exactly right. But it's really only like that. One scientist represents a group of scientists.
Know what I'm listening to you almost every Things that I saw was not right in Chernobyl. Anything they counted, Can you take us through this yeah It is very terrifying show, and I think it's understand why anybody would watch it would be anti nuclear by the end of it and what was so galling about it. Is that the creator of it in HBO repeated He claim that it was based on science based on facts and that they only embellished some kind of character. Details things that were really unimportant well so honestly I've written much on Chernobyl, because Chernobyl just terrified me when it occurred. I was about fifteen at the time one thousand nine hundred and eighty six It was actually one of the made it. When I change my mind about nuclear, what really
changed. It was when I went and read the actual science about Chernobyl from the World Health Organization. The United Nations has done many studies and the first thing discover when you read the science- is just how few people died, so three people were killed in the here the night in the fire explosion the night of the accident and then twenty firefighters died several weeks later from acute radiation syndrome. Although one of the most interesting findings when you read them, grill is that it's not clear how many firefighters died from acute radiation syndrome and how many of them may have died just from being burned from exposure to the fire, I survived. If they hadn't had uh haven't been burned by the fire as well, because that opened up their means sys. Two? I made more vulnerable to acute radiation syndrome, and then After that,
all we know is that there will be an estimated sixteen thousand cases of thyroid cancer and, while that may sound like a lot the mortality rate Thyroid cancer is about one percent, so very few people die from it. It's easy to treat That brings you to about one hundred and sixty deaths over an eighty year, life time. So you're looking at something round two hundred deaths told, for which is just I mean in any comparison to anything, is nothing I mean we estimate that somewhere around seven hundred, how people die of hear from ordinary air pollution smoke, not just fossil fuels, but burning wood and dung in poor countries. You know the number of deaths from people looking at their smartphones, while walking or driving in their car. It appears be somewhere around four thousand. In fact, the death rate from pedestrian death an automobile accidents has gone up.
Just annually in the United States, so I mean two hundred deaths total and meanwhile no deaths from radiation from three mile island no deaths from radiation from Fukushima. It turns nuclear is not only the safest to make electricity it's literally one of the safest technologies in our society. I mean it's so shocking a so shocking. It's understandable that nobody believes it, because when you watch the HBO special, you think that thousands of must have died in the reality is very different from that. So can I first, let me just get this out of the way, and then I'd like to take you through the movie step by step the this thing to say, when you hear What you just said was well the Russians hit it all the Russians, you know didn't track, is HBO says about the bridge of death, which I know you'll get into. You know that I didn't track it, so we don't know for sure, but
the Russians, weren't the only ones interested in tracking this right. It was the international community yeah. I mean this is really outrageous, and this is in a very easy fact to check there many many studies, dozens hundreds of studies published in peer reviewed journals done by foreign scientists. Went to Chernobyl within days of the accident. For many years afterwards, I interviewed many of the top radiation scientists. In the world, including the founder of the Chernobyl tissue Bank, which collects tissue samples that we can carefully track People were injured or harmed. I mean this literally one of the best studied. Industrial accidents in human history and the people who study did were or a next, with no association with the Russian or the soviet government. The time you know incredibly prestigious experts, sometimes people
Things like what we really don't know radiation is mysterious. That's complete nonsense. We've been studying radiations effect on health since one thousand eight hundred period, her husband did you one hundred and twenty years ago, so we know a huge amount about the impacts of radiation, so the So the idea that there's all this uncertainty, or that there was some sort of a cover up, is just complete nonsense. So the the let's take one of the big thing and that is firefighter, that's in the hospital in his wife, comes there's a couple of things that at complete. Letley flipped upside down, for instance, the the nurses are warning. Her, don't get close to him, don't go beyond plastic you know cover because the radiation will kill you when indeed the truth is the exact opposite. She
who is probably killing him by going. Ask that that plastic sheet. That's right! It's it's Pretty outrageous, though, this part at, which is this depiction of radiation as contagious as a kind of virus- and on the one hand you kind of go. You know, I guess, I'm too okay go ahead, just a tv show, but here's the here's, the problem, the year's. Of radiation, and the fears of the people who were exposed to radiation are deadly in fact, in the meeting, all the public health reports, it's it's. It's really sad. How many people's lives were people slipped into depression anxiety. It turns out that it's real bad for your health to have doctor. Others tell you that you've been contaminated, that your poisonous to be off.
Precised from your community, which is what happened both in Chernobyl? An in Japan? It's? We know it's just horrible to be stigmatized to be You know ostracized, and so we see, mental health consequences of that So yeah I mean basically, you know do you have a radio radiation from you, yeah. You know those firefighters that were exposed to the radiation once their clothes are removed and their cleans. There is no risk of any radioactive particles affecting anybody, so yeah. I'd like to hang on just saying I want to. I want to go ahead. I
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There was a real high risk that she would infect him. You know, It's just something that she had on her or sneeze or anything, because his body wasn't able to fight that infection right yeah, you got it exactly right. I mean that's, why we protect patients whose immune systems are compromised in those plastic sheets. So yeah I mean I it's it's. It comes repeatedly. I'm writing a book about nuclear and what we find repeatedly in pop culture and movies is the idea that radiation is a kind of evil demon or something, as opposed to just being a physical part. The natural world radiation is completely natural, it turns out. So it sort of gives you the sense of contamination as a virus sort zombie. Zombie movie in a way you know, and they make it like- a horror movie which you can understand from tainment value, but it causes real harm in the real world in particular,
Fukushima, where you know people were ostracized. In fact, it turns out that people from she may have had a hard time. You know forming relationships dating getting married, with this idea that they're kind of they're kind of contaminated or something will happen to their children. It's quite disturbing. When you the so that here speaking of children, the cha build- and I know this is possible- is it not with mercury? If a mom eats a lot of fish, the mercury can be transferred to the baby? Right? Yes, this? Definitely this doesn't happen with radiation. First of all, he clean, and so there was no radiation coming off of him. Tell me about what happened with the baby. Well, He claimed that the pregnant wife who visits her her her husband who's, the firefighter who is exposed to radiation. They claim that the baby absorb
come to the husband's radiation and died and I track down the source of this idea to a book called voices from Chernobyl, which is a very famous book is a not a peer reviewed piece of science and what I discovered is that not only Do we not know how baby died, we don't even know that there was a baby or that the baby died. It's all just completely hearsay. I interviewed the scientists about. This and they said absolutely there's just no way that that baby would have absorb radiation from the father by my mother sent the bedside much less did the mother. I mean you're just dealing with salute fantasy. So, and you know, and what's so disturbing about it, of course, is that the relationship between a mother and her baby is sacred. It's it's precious
we care a lot about babies, because they're so vulnerable, the relation You know I think women in general are more afraid of nuclear than men. Find out around the world understandably, so because Hollywood has terrified them for six. Seventy years about radiation, which is quite manipulation and something I think that feminists and people that care about mother person just ordinary folks out to be really concerned about so I was talking to somebody just last- I said that you were going to be on the program and they said ask him about the mutant dogs, like dogs I've never even heard of the mutant dogs. I want to want to get into the mutant dogs love you yeah model, and a couple of other things that are not true in this, and then Talk to you about the state of nuclear energy and how we are going to
this around. If this narrative can even be flipped around at this point, because it is so deeply embedded in our culture and in our in our minds that it is so dangerous will continue our conversation with Michael Shellenberger coming. In just a second you're listening to Glen back, I am a proud supporter of the second amendment. I actually like all the amendments. Yeah all the mma well, as you know, say the the prohibition when I not a big fan of, but they finally They turn that one around. So I'm a fan of that cuz. They cancel it out. Anyway, second amendment, pretty important.
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is the word back to eighty seven thousand two hundred and twenty two and find out all about the Uscca and what they provide for responsible gun owners. Don't forget, you can tune into my show pack, grand least weekday mornings from five to seven central right before this right before Glenn Show or download the podcast wherever podcasts are available in the 50S fifties Walt Disney, published a book did a series our friend the atom, You don't hear about our friend the atom anymore, because new Grantor g is also very dangerous, but now None of that is true, even Chernobyl, which, when you say the word Chernobyl, it's the most dangerous place on earth. It is a place that no you can go to for thirty thousand years. It's a place that you have.
To kill all of the animals, because they're eating all the vegetation and they're turning into mutant dogs. Michael Shellenberger here he's a founder president environmental progress, he has an environmental view to nuclear power. And welcome to the welcome to the show he's done. The research on Chernobyl me about the mutant dogs that have to be. And because they're eating all the vegetation, yeah well First, there are no. There were no mutant dogs. I hope that the viewer that watches the move. Beware: there's a scene where they literally are killing puppies that that send some sort of all that they're being manipulated, I mean and that kind of laughed and we got to that part of the show it was like really you're going to see. Michael now,
you know the truth about it. When I saw that I honestly thought that's what they had to do. It just makes sense the way it's framed because you're not engaging your brain the minute. The minute I heard you say Radiation is not contagious. I was like oh wait a minute, yeah. So why are they killing? All they have to do is just wash everything clean an, why would they be killing the dogs yeah it? Doesn't it doesn't any sense. I mean you know you might kill dogs if you're worried, they're going to have rabies, has nothing whatsoever to do with radiation or Chernobyl nuclear so you want to make sure that if there is an accident like that and some amount of radioactive particulate matter escapes the plant, at you, monitor the food, you know, so you don't let people eat meats that have from cows that aid the that had radiation on it
it's very easy to do. The Japanese did a very good job in Japan. In fact, that's I mean I think, the one thing people don't understand is that people can, used to live and work near noble right near it, for many years after the accident and the way that they protect themselves, that they don't eat the local foods and if you eat it the mushrooms everyday for my next to the plant, you're, probably gonna have some problems, but if you don't do that, if you eat food from imported outside you're, fine, it's not like a there's, a sense in which Have that there's sort of this ambience radioactive air that, if you breathe it, you know it's it's just misunderstanding: it's this idea. Radiation is actual physical objects. Its physical particulate matter If you avoid those, then you avoid the harm that comes from them. Some Michael, I think it's stated as if you just Think of these as little teeny bullets that are
thirty thousand yeah well. This is really at the heart but I think I mean they. They say in there they say yeah every time you're supposed to radiation. It's like a bullet. Well, that's ridiculous because, of course, were exposed to huge quantities of radiation just living our lives, especially flying on airplanes, from Colorado, which has much higher levels of radiation, because there's a lot of uranium in the granite rock and it turns out in Colorado, people live longer than they do in other parts of the United States for reasons that have nothing to do with radiation so but it really gets this idea- and I think that this is the at bottom- the fears of nuclear energy is a fear of nuclear weapons, and so you have the most terrifying parts of the movie are where they claim, falsely that that
the nuclear meltdown was. This was a nuclear bomb going off, and this is something that I believed when I was a boy. This is something that wing shows almost a third of the public believes consciously, I suspect, more people believe we kind of unconsciously. Literally in the movie. They say at this point. Chernobyl became a new your bomb, an that is just outrageous physically impossible. For nuclear plant to become a new your bombs because of the fuel is enriched to under twenty percent. A bomb needs to be enriched I feel, needs to be enriched over ninety percent. Very basic. This is like this is elementary school level, stuff that everybody should know. So that's what I think was that was the big fear that they were doing in the big lie of Chernobyl and shame on the creators. For perpetuating that I mean it was the same. If they did in China Syndrome, there's a
Nuclear movies that have been made all around the world and they all do the same thing. They all claim that a nuclear plants when the uranium melts. It somehow equivalent to a nuclear bomb going off, and it's just outrageous and ridiculous and should be subject to public scorn so Michael was the was the the all the lights that was shooting out it Is that even like that in the and the the the copter that flew over. You know that all of a sudden it stopped working. How much of is just yeah I mean there were some. The blue light, certainly not anything like they showed where you could see it from outside the plants. The helicopter is just out just as well I mean so a helicopter in the real in real in the real world. There was a helicopter that uh that many months after the accident after the accident had been long since controlled
a helicopter hit a chain dangling from a crane, an it crashed well in the show. They strongly suggest that the helicopter pilot flew too close to the radiation and was a did by the radiation. Somehow, like became kind of look like he became kind of drunk or disoriented and then hit the chain. That is just nonsense. I mean, obviously you don't want to fly. You don't wanna, you don't wanna stand right next to that radioactive fuel. That's why they needed to cover it up, but there was absolutely no relationship and giving this that radiation. Is this kind of super potent accent and, of course, if you're standing right next to a nuclear reactor, it's very hot it's a lot of radiation, but it just doesn't have the impacts that depicted on the show: it's not all kind of without no Michael by the fact that the wildlife has
back into Chernobyl. People haven't, but wildlife is thriving. All, Chernobyl, oh yeah, and not only that and of course you know, the I haven't. I haven't mixed feeling towards it, because I'm a pretty strong conservationist and- and I think that it's great to what we call rewilding searcher Noble is amazing, so you know there's this incredible: the wildlife has returned, there's links, now, which is a neat cat species. There's bear there's wolves the bird this is amazing giving you know, thriving, fana and and there's group of scientists that claim that We can find some problem in the forests that microorganism levels but you're having, this thriving fanna. So There were some real problem with that. You would see it in the animals and you don't in fact I just interviewed. One of the scientists is one of the lead experts on study
return of wildlife, and he says that they're trying to make it a world heritage site under the United Nations, because it's just such a magnificent place, only ambivalence, is that the evidence is pretty clear that they really didn't need to evacuate all of those people for so long? And it was the evacuation that who created so much of the harm. The anxiety that depression I mean. Clearly, people could have moved back in after a few months, I say if they had relied on food imported from the outside, but as conservationists, it's hard not to take some you know to be excited about it because you're just seeing one of the greatest wildlife reserves in the world and certainly one of the greatest in Europe, could people live there now safely, yeah? Oh, they do they do they do and they do yeah they do yeah and, like I said it's once you, saying. What you're dealing with its just don't go into the the you know: don't go out of the forest and collect a pound of mushrooms and eat a pound of mushrooms every week. You know. So it's it's pretty basic stuff.
You know they overreacted in Fukushima needing to kind of change the soil. You don't to do that? We don't do that with other things like chemical accidents. You just know the the rule that you learn in your college. Ecological biology class is the solution to pollution. Is dilution sent for radioactive particulate matter over time it just dilutes. If, you know and radiation the great thing about it is that it's so easy to detect and monitor, in fact, most of the bodily bodily processes. We understand because we attached radioactive tracer, so various functions. So the great thing radiation, is that we can detect it at very low levels. We know a huge amount about it. We know what doses Harman. We can put those doses into perspective, I mean it just. It just turns out that that of all the things that kill and we're all going to die
radiation is just a a really tiny thing compared to all of the other stuff diet, exercise, drinking smoking, all the is in in scaring people about radiation, making them anxious, making them depressed contributed to all of those negative outcomes. Putting too much drinking too much smoking. Just too much worrying- and I the real harm Chernobyl. It's not just I'm not just like a I'm, not a tv. I don't really care if Tv sports reality. What I care about is this kind of propaganda hurts people and it kills people and it five people and it has real harm in the real world and that harm. It massively outweighs any of the harms from radiation and the other problem with it, I think, is that it's harming Future generations, because it just keeps embedding in us this is dangerous when indeed, we need
nuclear energy. If, if we were, if we didn't have this irrational fear, the world would be, a better safer place, all the way around are we do you see us getting to a place to where there is a tipping point going back? The other way I do I mean I think, there's any understand, standout nuclear, which is just to remind ourselves. This is the process of splitting the nucleus in the atom to release heat. It's a completely revolutionary saying it's like the invention of a whole new branch of science. That's like chemistry, We knew before we did it that it would be this incredible source of energy, but it would also be incredible weapon and I think that the fact that those two things were born at the same moment, has affected our perception of the technology, but you know, even if you're skeptical about climate change, we still have seven million deaths a year from air pollution. Even if you think that number's exaggerated, by
a hundred fold. You still have a lot of you know, go to Delhi, India Beijing and tell me that living with that kind of pollution is pleasant. Nuclear makes. Ocean free energy. It does so With tiny amounts of natural resource, I mean that's why nuclear is the best from an environmental perspective. Is that a single coke can? uranium fuel, would give me all the energy I need from entire high energy life I mean includes all my jet travel, which is excessive. It'll amount of land that's required so consider that it takes for fifty times more land to generate the same amount of, Christy from a solar farm income Fornia, which is a very sunny place, then it does. Nuclear plant. We have a nuclear plant, California last one they're trying to shut it down, produces for three million people on three acres of land. I mean just a tie any quantity of land in or three foot three football field stacked next to each other produce enough lecture,
fifty million Californians? Well, if you care about the natural environment If you're worried at all about protecting beautiful spaces and again beyond politics, I think the environment unnecessarily divides us here. We all same things. We want to have more natural areas. We want to have a high energy life, 'cause, that's a prosperous life, and we want to It's pollution, only nuclear can do those things. And so I do think that will get over these fears innocence. Seventy five years, since the creation of nuclear energe, seems like long time, but if you re, when you realize that nuclear is what's going to power human civilization for thousands of years, I think it's on Hannibal that very in a while for us to get our heads around this revolutionary technology, Michael thank you for being on the program. Thank you for clearing this up and I I really respect your poor. Your point of view, especially on this, in your honesty on it, Michael's Shellenberger, you can
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So last night I was having a dinner with twelve people. We call it jokingly, call it a conspiracy dinner and we have the basement of a restaurant here in Manhattan and and You just have to be a smart, individual and a conservative. Well, last night we had two people who are are new to the conservative movement they have. They have kind of shed their liberal skin 'cause. They have seen it's coming the question I asked was: how do you think Trump's going to fare in the next election? the liberal people, said landslide because they've seen the unknown. Happiness of, the people that they're surrounded by with
Fairfield and and how crazy it's getting and they both said Landslide nine out of the twelve people, there said land and it varied from. I think it could be two absolute historic landslide. It was a. It was a pretty invigorating debate last night back discussion.
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