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The BIGGEST 2020 Debate So Far? Let’s Play Bingo | Guests: Nick Di Paolo & Sujo John | 9/12/19

2019-09-12 | 🔗
Glenn is sending a writer to tonight’s Democratic debate, so we MAY hear an audience member yell “BINGO!” every time Trump is mentioned. Philadelphia’s police commissioner is being asked to resign over a 25-year-old T-shirt picture. Comedian Nick Di Paolo joins the show with his rundown of the 2020 Democrats, Dave Chappelle, and why comedy may just save the country. Glenn decides to hire a viewer to watch tonight’s debate for him. Sujo John, 9/11 survivor and founder of YouCanFree.us, calls in to share his personal story of that horrible day and how being rescued gave him a heart to rescue modern-day slaves. Also, Elizabeth Warren is PROUD that financial executives are growing fearful of her chances at the presidency. 

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Thank you very much. I want to talk to you today a little bit about the economy. If we, if we have time I'm concerned And about the Google antitrust law nation I'm! I'm we have to do it, but I'm concerned on what it means for the economy, because that's really one of the dot com bubble triggers was the antitrust against Microsoft. So we have to pay attention to the economy. We have to pay attention to what's happening, Donald Trump. This makes me again. Very nervous. He says that he thinks the FED should lower its below zero know, Mr President, that will actually heard us the investment. Is coming from overseas because we are the only ones with an interest eight above zero, any I have no idea what's coming, but if you are paying too much money for your credit cards, if you want to reduce the the end of the month,
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Oh my god, she sent me here, don't forget to use the promo code when you check out at places because it was. It was a bigger savings that I thought it was pretty amazing anyway, I wanna before we gotTa Houston. I just want you to feel better about where you live now. Imagine you're coming Homestead and you're coming from a business trip. Ok, you weren't! You some place and you are there on business and you are like honey. Damn this horrible region. I I I I I broke. My leg, the hours working and you're like where I mean you still you work at an office use behind? I broke my leg and there was. Why is Europe ok and then she found out that you were water skiing. What would you
wife say when my business is an you're gonna. Have none of your business is what you do I'll get and there are no cameras or anything else you are. Missed out on a boat with a group of people, pot, people, water scale, Pompey Our people came and she may be a little suspicious, sir. I don't think I was going to ride and would she say really that's the company's problem which he would you like the company and did the company, ask you to go waters. King now is my free time yoga. Now she wouldn't for in France, here's what happened in employee died. On a business trip and the family, is suing the company and the courts just ruled yes It is a fact that that's a responsibility of the company to make sure that their people are protected. Here's what happened
he was an employee that had a heart attack while having sex with a stranger. His hotel room the firm they'd have? My wife would have more of a problem with that than the water skiing. Here I didn't want to give you think so in saying right I mean really. My life would have a problem with the water skiing. You know, sir. But he come in and go on. I have Ok, I broke my legs because we're having as crazy sacks, I dont think my wife would say. Ok now and she wouldn't say that damn company she'd say I'm leaving I'm glad right glad what happened to you right now. I only have to break to arms. I dont have to break it before lifted safe use of riots. Age be time right. So the family said that they were. Title to compensation compensation, because I was workplace, injury and so the company,
dead. Now, that's not a workplace industry. I dont know if you know, but he was in his hotel room at night we had finished work and he picked a stranger in the bar- and it was so good no France to rub it in here, but it was so tat he had a heart attack during it is it well. I mean I guess he would have been at that hotel if not for the work assigned. Well, that's what the judge said. That's what the judge said The employer is responsible for any accidents occurring during a business trip. He wouldn't I've been there in a quote exe marital relationship with a perfect stranger. Had he not been asked to go on the business trip. Oh, my god, amazing, if you think we're insane. We are not fully there yet. You know they ve can happen in the United States. Are, please don't reckon dont
I just I don't know I don't have a case to bring I've been economically look. I've got to debate, night, I'm trying to build myself up with a lot of hope in a lot of good thing. So I can watch the debate in last may be two minutes before my head explode I'll, say, though I think it's a good idea to if you're going to commit a crime in France, wait till you're on a business trip. Like if I were to go and murder someone, wouldn't the company be responsible for the murder, I didn't do it. I was on a business trip I do is. I was at a quality in Russia and I just murdered somebody at the bar, but I might if I wasn't working for this. I only regret at the quality like I robbed the bank, but I was only in town that one night, because business told me to go there as long as you could show premeditated. I think you're cleric you are, I like it was. This bank was a total stranger to me. I've never seen before. I had no idea just as an extra
at all robbery with another bank. If, with the debate monitored, moderator today were to say, if a person were to go and have sex on a trip, a business Strip who should be responsible. You have to believe at least eight of the two. People are saying that goes there who dared to night. I will tell you exact number of how many people, how many people would say. Yes, you have Joe Biden, he would say who he's tough come back to Hell, Guy Bernie Sanders. Yes, companies always at full everything. Yes, some! You know Elizabeth WAR, yes, a hundred percent, a percent PETE Buddha of somehow another the banks would be involved. If Elizabeth Warren was was that's her yeah, the banks are always evenly the company, but really the companies work were driven by the by the banks to do it in a people to judge. I think he do it. Nobody'd put it in a way to where everybody would kindly go like that's kind of comments,
since that is just the average everyday Joe say, and that you think he's not to me average every day, Joe he's like Mckinsey consultant right. Like he's he's, he said in that way that we ve been in those meetings before like those high level consultants lay at all on your like. I don't think they said anything there there was a lot of a lot of shareholders. But I ve asked yes: yes, a syllable to content ratio is very, I didn't singling meant it ice I mean that's what he's good at he's good. It he's good it just talking brown things real. Like I don't know, I don't know what he said. Kind of feeling, effort, yeah, Comma Harris come oh yeah, yeah fusing yes she's in Bob Frank over Oh my god, oh yeah season, because Bob Frank is an ultimate campaign. Desperation, modem or any key might envy to say that we have put on the same night. I'll be shocked, is adopted
credible I'll be shocked. Dude we got it, you can use the F word. I mean they love it. Dale they're all so proud of themselves when they can say because Donald Trump in a private meeting said s whole countries, and so now they all gonna get to see the full word, because its news in Quotes- and so I cannot ignore Donald drugs. That says the whole word number and then now Bob Frank is saying the F word everywhere right because he so desperate for attention his history priest, Patrick Molly, Father Patrick, oh, very, very hispanic he's very upset use that that is young, altar boy. Why? as use, is yachting F word like that in petrol, Molly, created cells. Their day, if I'm not mistaken. Oh you very his span very area in its triple hispanic, yeah yeah, trips, panic, youth is is that is, is his opinion about Corey Booker, yet Corey Book,
because a pandering machine, yeah he's got a pattern of matter. What is said to have it. He actually was bet bashing Trump about the bill that they did together on criminal justice, Chrissy Teague in the model, Slash wife of someone, who's accomplish things, and he has the high road some really nasty thing would also swears and stuff at Donald Trump and in she he came out he's like another example of this. Tromp targeting minority women like we, Maybe she was calling him like all sorts of swears and and you think he named her. She came back Some really like vile rant against it and she's a he's like I'm on Crete, team. Chrissy, oh wait, who is he Egon has now a victim of something S. Chrissy taken is apparently a victim. Her port, poor, multimillion ion really and she's a minority. I
oh no. No, I don't care, I don't. I don't want anyone else's decide, whether it s orders, didn't colors. My nagging, yellow you're gonna be saying no to companies not responsible for that remain very heart attack, so we have three more name's, seven! So far I have Castro yes, Amy Cluett closure. I don't even know that yeah yeah- no, I did not really relevant tanned Andrew Yang yeah, I would say no yeah, I would say no, and I think Biden would just it would just after look at everybody else, and if everybody else was saying yes, then he'd say yes and then he probably flood risk seven sentences in a row. Yeah heap Elsie S, is ok I think that's a yes region via capitalism to know we're gonna, we're gonna talk a little bit about the debate tonight in Houston, one of our one of our writers and journalists from
the blaze and Glenn back dot com is going down. I want has this ever happened. One day, you notice it all. The blind in your house. Look like they, you don't stop to hail again great, right. It has its iraqi one day. You notice in all the blind in your house. Look like they, you don't stop to hail again, great hand, grenades, yeah, I was on last night blinds dotcom. We were picking out. We are picking up lines. And an shades, and we know we read where their blinds outcome I just told you a few minutes ago. I wasn't. Did you know I was going to do a commercial for today, and we get down to it and were putting all he's blinds in and it was like twenty to twenty three hundred dollars and my wife looked me went And I said I know, but forty percent off and she said: ok, that's just a lot of money for blind. You sure you want to do blinds and I said
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the business way during the with Joe Biden. Yes, which is interesting and very very so we all know the story about his comparison, poor, kids to white kids, but one thing you You won't find anywhere else is the overall view of the room which was wholly It was, as I guess, seem straight out of a comedy like was a lady, probably three or four feet away from him: nobody's gonna gardening, who was are you drunk
she kept sneaking out of the room and you like every time she came back and she shoved everybody aside a little bit harder issue which has hit and some something did now. Is it a requirement to be drunk at a Joe Biden rattling? I think you probably Galileo, pansy makes more sense stated, I was a lot of fun to right and I think that the tone of this peace, just like the rest of the series, is alive and then my profile series. Thirdly, the profile, Jordan, Peter Sand and even their lives ruined ever so really good. Really, you ever read those around the place, a great you're, really good writer. So
find out at the blaze dot com, also at Glenn, backed outcome, a very great great story about Joe Biden and being in the room with job I'm now gonna be in the room again with them tonight. That's right, you're going down to used in your leaving here in a few minutes and you going to first. You gonna, see the giant. Socialism, socks or whatever it says. The banner is flying around Houston today know whether they are paid for by Donald Trump Let's go. Let's go daddy Only taxes Mariah Day, I just love, the state, but anyway I she'd go in. What are you you know where you're going to be where you are you sitting in the audience. I'm not really sure. I think Stew and I were looking at the media. My credentials I don't really know where I'm gonna be at this. It's scary, there's a story: Eliza yeah, you're credentials,
as you may be, watching it in your hotel at about ten miles away idle to see what would the world should? The word be that it when one of them brings up this word or this policy that he should scream. Bingo Just screamed Ngos, ladders, you can, I love you probably shouldn't, do it as a journalist but as a friend you dead, yeah I mean you can certainly do it when Andrew Yang talks about universal basic income. That's me: that's. That should be under Cartier the debate bingo card. What else should the I mean, I think, what's gonna, be the big focus today people talk about this, as if it's the biggest debate of that they ve had so far, and I disagree with that. The next debate- all of these people have already qualify Four plus Tom style has qualified forces eleven now of qualified for the next debate and also gather Then others have chances to get into the next debate. So I don't know this. The biggest one. So far, I think it's gonna be Canada alone.
File one and is going up against the National Football League, which is something Andrey. Hang compare complained about, linking don't don't want you to convey to get the NFL even I wanna watch football team had a care. I don't care if its Carolina tab, I don't care what it is. I mean I am watching it. Though it is a, I think it's gonna be where you can CALL bingo out every time somebody mentions trump. Besides the moderate, oh yeah, and then you could just blame it on to rat, say I'm sorry. I have to read because you be screaming at all. Yes, that would probably area very, very low those The first reaction to as I got press credentials wish piping Journalism WWW here as real as well, not the blaze, blood Glenn, backed outcome may technically. I think you work for get back dot com or do you for the blaze. Oh yeah, ok, yeah sure so you say: Bang
when I moved to say, go please get out. Yeah. I don't know what to expect out of this when they're making it into a big deal because Warren and Sanders and bite and will be on the same page. I feel that the real, the real wonder stage you also mean page, which is very good. It is the of workers cs it. Oh you're right, I think Sanders has something to do here. Rightly bite in war, and I would say there too, unto right now, even though centres is right there in the polls with Warren in a Warren Sanders are competing for the same voters by them doesn't have to go after them. He can kind of sit back. You got to get attacked by people like food in Castro, on Bob Frank and Bob Franco. He's gonna come after to try to make news right, but I think You have to. If sanders you have to do something to to figure out how to expand, pass. The fifteen percent even start Since this campaign launched the guy's been right,
same play. Gotta he's not going to he's got to the done. He's done, I think, he is too, but I mean ignoring, is not. He is Warren us passed, a look better than sanders without cutting em off at the knees. I mean J needs to pull his numbers down. You know with white democratic voters. Warren is beating, is beating Biden Yeah, nor into its Hispanics, I think, sander vendors, those invested with black voters, its bite him by a mile I mean that's. The problem with this, for Biden, is that the first state that has decent represent representation of african american voters is state number for South Carolina, so he's gotta get through three states where he's not dead, graphically advantaged to get there? It's not gonna, be easy and more could there's. This scenario were warm words, Iowa New Hampshire and Nevada, and then you're doin and you're gonna she's a steamroller. She might be
I will be the only one. I can stop at that point yeah. I love love which have Kramer said about it yesterday and we'll get to that here coming up in just a second. You're, lessening TED Glenn Bank aright got a great. Ill from two covers that I want to tell you about I'll tell about in just a second. It is only available free to you, because the Comus has been so appreciative of everybody from this audience that is going to their site and actually purchasing things. And it's it's hard won. Go to takeovers and you see the quality of their clothing of their belts of there. You know all their letter, whether products and their boots you will see that they are twice the quality at half the price, now free gift right now, if you make a hundred fifty dollar purchase any entered the promo code back at check out again make sure you do
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But he's that he remains funny, so he must not in it like. We are because I know he loves the country and no eleven guy, you know, and if you love country and you follow it every day. Don't you want to hang yourself everyday? Don't he's gonna like don't think can do another days hamptin. It is tempting it is tempting suicide. It's our up, it might be because we are all paying attention to what people are doing in Washington this path is here from the Pat Gray radio round up otherwise known as Pat Gray unleashed point point of personal privilege. He him his ok. Thank you. Tat, is the host of that podcast, which it can you live as Iraq. Is it every morning ripe for this one or you can download it at your discretion? and you can find that wherever you get done podcast or on blaze, tv, Dotcom, Pat, yes, let's talk about the craziness in Philadelphia now
Philadelphia acting police. Commissioner people are calling for her to resign because twenty five years ago she wore a teacher the two end but warranty here's what the teacher said and ready for this she's a police commissioner police, commissioner and Villain Althea right. She wore a t, shirt and, in its LAPD we treat you like a king, Of course, that's not funny it all. That's! Ninety at all. No, and dumb Rodney yeah yeah, I never laws double and perhaps their yeah there's a little came in. She came in to work what last week and was wearing that now, not now just a
photos surfaced of her from twenty five years ago. Twenty and I will show she had the teacher hot and now she you know they're they're, demanding that she reside, because I mean you're not gonna, be able to you better start deleting your twitter feed right now heads are doomed, no facebook, page Jews be careful of year. Of your wardrobe. I mean yeah you're, our kids again and I are kids her look at what People say on Twitter. All the time and time and you know what here's the thing, how wing european? When you're a fifteen year old boy you're, not saying things necessarily that you believe you're saying that, because you know you can get arise out of people? Oh yeah, yeah, Cocytus antagonize, when you're a fifteen year old boy. You don't know what you believe right. You don't know what
We and it's not in its, not hatred, I mean it could be an hour. I saw it. I saw Jeff Road. What's his name, bowers and away, he was you know, beating up on those other kids, any real hatred in his heart. So Stephen Kay tells the truth, but for the most part, yet most kids are just say and things that yet I can't find any incentive insensitive joke from a kid at fifteen years old it's usually made because they think it's gonna pick a bunch of people off it's not made because they have a deep. Seated ideology like it's just like you and what you think, I'm not supposed to say right away that right and you're young, especially with comedy we Your young, you don't cut funding you'd to Cardiff. What now literally our theme? yeah really for the shell. When back in the day back in the day, you don't gotta, find it, you don't cut funding. Is it funny? Don't guess it, but it's really offence. Is it funny? Yes, dome
you get glad. That was why that was the first thing. I told everybody that came to work for me on the show, don't cut funny, you leave it in don't cut, but now it's not funny. Well, we were never. I really didn't invent. You know the clapped her that hadn't been invented yet not funny thing and approval Oh I mean how our kids go to survive. The only hope is saturation. I think for kids. Today, and we got this way out. I was reading going back through, we were too but history yesterday and I was clicking around through budget stories and went down some warm hole. It was a story about Dan Quail and Dan COS. Well, they found they actually found the potato. Kid recently did Elvis What did they follow the sailor? Get they found the potato. Wait, wait for anybody who doesn't know the story, he's a child that Dan Quail had kept in aid in a dark.
Knox underneath his refrigerator sink with potatoes? It was a horrid. I've already lies very valuable and it was initially because Dan Quail impregnated a potato. So it was a very strange that the potato has a lot of eyes and he couldn't take the way the potato was looking at it. But that's a different story, there's a lot of justification for what he did and we're going to get it over now, but so if you remember, of course, he went up and- and the kid spell the word potato correctly, he added on the e in there's a back and forth about how we has decreased by the way a year I to be spelled out Y yeah, exactly so in others, long story, but I mean it. Basically, I mean Quail made the point, essentially that it rule it is life. Certainly only released career and was a really dramatically affected his life in a terrible way. We politicians that misspell words a hundred times a day on twitter and no one even bothers noticing re at some Wait! There's a saturation of these things were people
just don't care anymore. Maybe we'll get to that point here. Give me all have soda rap on their on their back. That's all that so many offensive things on Twitter over the years that you get higher anybody right yet so inelegant. Is it lasses, the algorithm that doesn't it s? The them and the algorithm has been written by somebody who has an agenda. It will only silence those be it's doing it now, we're doing it in real time. He had just willingly online, seeing the and, for instance, let's take this view on talk about saturation saturation of the story. Two years ago, that plan pair who was selling body parts gay every? who is talking about in one of the media say not true, True, this is made that edited videos blah blah blah blah blah right now we have planned parenthood admitting in a court of law and the p bull that were procuring it admitting under oath that, yes, they were selling them and of the company was procuring them the test.
Why did they were taking beating hearts out of intact bodies? So child was born and killed after birth. That's now under oath in a court of law nobody's talk about. Nobody cares! because it's it's kind of like we missed at both the ads are getting without alone now, yeah you're not gonna, get on it. So, if you If you just said You read it with something when you turn to be true, it doesn't matter Caliphate, Caliphate, yeah They are getting beat up for three years about how Caliphate might then, all of a sudden there was a coffee at those caliphate. Men like the New York Times. This starts a podcast called caliphate. Leno, like they did this these people are other criticising me like crazy. Then I was in ears, like are easy. Conspiracy, theorist all inimical, knowing all this money on a rock. I know I know I know, but what happens?
yeah! That's what happier also I was reading an article. The other day there was titled Dave Chapelle We'll save the nation in wood read it. I thought yeah yeah What if he survived this keeping might save the nation? Have you seen? Have you seen? Nicht APOLLO no APOLLO, not on Netflix, I mean he's. He wrote for Chris Rock. The guy is really really funny and willows comedian. All those guys response by admired. It really did John Stew, on his last show said: I'm I'm. But this was a joy and I can't wait to go back and be on stage with people like Nicht APOLLO, and he was then named another comedian. He named another million to comedians, so I mean Nick is really really good, but he's not doing that. You know the Netflix Special because he's on the other side, but he is you think it is
you think that what's his name is yourself Chapelle. Shell is politically incorrect. On you to abandon look fora. Nicht APOLLO! Really: oh yeah, oh yeah, Are you I watched him? I like? How is he getting away with he's coming up in a few minutes, I was getting away with saying all of these things and its because he's funny he's very, very funny. You don't cut funding. I heat and I think we're at that point to wear but don't care anymore. There are starting to five members. A funny or routine, then Dave chapels. I mean that that is, power in ten minutes of just absolute brilliance, and if that is thus take some chances with us you have to do, and we are not really is wouldn't call that a left wing now routine either because every time you think he's going there. He cool twist. Yeah many hits both sides but YO, but here
but it's also not a right wing routine, not people out at all. I think people conservatives are like all well did. Finally, someone saying some conservative things really relating observations about the world and not caring which side it falls on right, and that is like it. It's a superpower these days it is me bill. Bur has of as a special up there now, which is getting the same type of buzz as the Chapelle when they dares launched at a t there is, there is a chance that comedy saves the country, the country yeah. I mean I did it there that possibility. We lost all sense of humour, and you know we ve talked about it for years. How do you write something crazier than what's happening? He nodded mean, and it's just the observations. No one is willing to say any more that are at our true and funny because it used to be if you were Joking about something you were kind enough to, let us off the hook right, you, you didn't know
your job. If you're joking about something and clearly people knew you were joking about it, will that doesn't apply anymore. All the t shirt at all. I ve treaty right, that's a gene! Clearly, Nazi zero! No one should get fired for that right and, in particular having an egg ass. If she was the police commissioner today, maybe it would be a bad you wearing a twenty years ago now I m mating with a police commissioner, LOS Angeles, then and authority, where this teeth tat mighty effort not to get. I thank them. That's an addict balls now. What about twenty? Five years ago, these funded out of a meeting today that I got a great line are right at the end of the summer in which more burglaries happened than any other time. That's weird: isn't it then I real I don t of wanting to steal your stuff. Maybe bullock burglars are just trying to get some. You know air conditioning because you know you're you're working outside most times
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stay security cameras available now it simply safe, backed out combat, simply safe back dotcom. Your lesson tat rang back there's, some audio that we missed yesterday, because nine eleven and I want to make sure we get it in today. You need to hear it. They, the press made it sound like the Virginia governor was not talking about infanticide. There was testimony up on the hill two days ago that you need to hear Jill Static as a nurse. She was I Christ Hospital in Oakland Illinois and she spoke about her eggs variances, watching something horrifying went speaking on behalf of the born alive,
wash them when I heard Virginia Governor Ralph nor Thumb whose a pediatric neurologist described during an interview, the process by which doctors determine to shelve unwanted abortion survivors it hit painfully close to home. To me. About third trimester abortions. He said, and I am quoting if a man as in labour, I can tell you Exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The anthem would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired govern. North was right. This is exactly what happens. I know because I cared for a dying baby on the other side of that decision. My experience it was twenty years ago, but as governor, nor some made clear. This is still happening today. I was a register,
nurse at Christ, Hospital in Oakland Illinois when I learned that it committed abortions into the second and third trimester the procedure, all the induced labour? Abortion sometimes resulted in babies being aborted alive and if they were ordered alive. They were allowed to die without any medical care or intervention whatsoever. They were given what was called comfort care made comfortable as governor. Some indicated one night, a nursing coworker was taking a little abortion survivor to the soil utility room to die. When she told me what she was doing. I could not bear the thought of this suffering. Child dying alone, he'd been aborted. Ass, he had down syndrome and he whispered on twenty one and twenty two weeks old about the size of my hand and he did a move very much because he was using all of his energy attempting to breathe,
and I remember toward the end of his life. I couldn't tell if he was alive or not unless I held them up against the light to see if I could see his heart beating through his chest, while because our skin is so thin at that age and after you is, Today I folded his arms across his chest. I tied them together with the little string IRA. TIM in a shroud, and I took him to the morgue where we took all of our dead patients I will tell you that she went on in that testimony to talk about how, when it was discovered by the by the people that Christ hospital Christ Hospital, They are they made a nice little room where you could baptize the baby as they
were dying or whatever, and she said I took pictures of the room. All of this nonsense that the governor of Virginia was, you know, that's not what he said. That's an out and out lie. It is lie. We are not disagreeing on facts any more. We have people who are lying and and and on issues of life and death in court. We're talking about. Hey did. Do Saddam Hussein have weapons of mass destruction, we should have gone there. Ok However, this about this You're lying about life, people are link children in hospitals after birth. Do we care?
yeah, let's take a while back. You know we that aid we ve had a tough, tough weak. With nine. Eleven, the remembrance yesterday and stupid things the press were saying yesterday about it. They head just hurts and it's Thursday. I thought we could stand a few laughed. I wanted to check in with our friend Nicht APOLLO. If you don't know who Nicht APOLLO? Is you it? But I warn you he is he's very polite. Clean, correct and to say that he is Who are you
probably doesn't book a lotta concerts and SALT Lake City is is an understanding an understatement? I hear he's saying the things that you just you Action you'll think. How is this guy still available on aid a platform. He is King Comedy seriously, making it funny again and saying the things that he's always been saying he's just not giving up on a naked APOLLO joins us in one minute. This is the problem program. Ok so Victoria she wrote and she said my pillow was a gift. I got before going way to college and I have had this pillar for above five years now. I just want you to know Glenn. I couldn't be happier if I I noticed a use any other pillow, my neck and back are uncomfortable, so I awake feeling unrefreshed, but my pillow. I sleep comfort.
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Ladies and gentlemen from the cap I believe, of his own home in Georgia, its Nick deposit. Now my mom, I have an actual studio of an actual studio, I'm doing very well good. So I could. I yeah go have physical of physical appearance since essential Riley days as I love it, you get the white here, the goatee. Let me this Let me just say you say: I'm not ok. I've seen it prior, cannot Why did I really? You know it's? It's really horrible! My my family has white hair for very young. My sister started getting there's at thirty. I was the last to get it. I always wanted it because my grandfather had, but I've turn into my grandfather and if that's not bad enough, I do look exact. Like Colonel Sanders, it's not cool. It's not popular with the women, while the white shirt and a black eyes, not
but all of them our. I pointed out Glenn, though you are fatter than colonel centres yeah, when I actually looked at a mixture of Colonel Sanders, Ivy you mean words shape than the guy who is selling fried chicken out of the trunk of his car. Nobody does be ninety at three times. I don't I'm, no good how you do you look you a good, that's right. I recently met it now and I was not at all sure sure you didn't mean it that way so, Nick, let me look ass. He tonight is the tonight. Is the democratic debate debate in what use is tonight, it's tonight going up against football gee. I wonder whose, with who's gonna win the ratings
what are your thought? What are your thoughts on Joe Biden while he's Joe bangs out of his mind, and he has not no business, he has no business pain in the Re Sammy. I can't believe you're still in the lead, the sky You saw he does you know it's stages in these. Well, I love. I love her coming to New Hampshire is one of the most beautiful states. This because look, I'm a rock mountains. The sum up I'll, try, I loved emperor. He people so but easy he is he the guy that is doing well, just because everybody else is not. I mean, go through them. Urinate Bernie Sanders above, but he's a jewel living Obama. Do I have to say anymore? I don't know I mean I don't know what that means exactly alike there. He hates the one percent per everything, one percent that it getting all the tax breaks in getting the money. I hate one percent milk. I graduated opposition
class. I don't like that, and that is why do you want a eleven my Bernie? Well, I love Subaru cell of women in flannel. I look covered bridges and die health care. He he's where's. The Bali talks like like Medium from Boston. He puts on words it with a girl, I'll, have a bog, current panic and my dad I'll be torn in Nebraska and dominant, don't you and then in the butter, and that I wrote the pale dammit I like this punk, I gotta be honest with you. I lie lackeys print. It always politics forget about it. You made a good point, though these so far left and if I was Bernie BP owed because their lives Warren is just a rehashing his ideas. He had the nerve to come out and amid he was a socialist and now she's, just trying to steal a thunder on that with them
hours in the world where there should be ours, yes and adding them where there they don't exist, but that's what what what then people, though in Boston people, but about tablet and had so now, go ahead to him well, couplet Bobby and about the fact that he doesn't understand money he he says I don't understand. Why wait? We can't pay peaches like ballplayers. We know we pain like double eyeball place, but I mean it doesn't understand that a burning, let me explanatory, when you can get twenty million people the tune in to a science teacher rubbing bologna, kids, cardigan to teach electricity and then sell twelve thousand beers at ten bucks, a pop. Then we can pay.
What is only one type, a teacher who should get paid like a pro ballplayer and that's the young female, teaches you sleep with a fourteen year old boy stood, I will actually take up. I will represent them an obligation that the upper right into the principal's office they Missus Johnson, deserves that another one of those that also shared lies there won't you slept, would have the basketball team last month and I look at our numbers have been a great year.
I don't think that's helpful. I don't! I don't think that's helpful. So what do you do you make of Peat Buddha judge? I hate him more than Hilary. That's all I have to say about. That is why this is a smarmy little sanctimonious holier than thou. I can't stand this guy and end he's on this whole. I mean he passes himself off as Israel in our religious. Whatever and now is calling the Bible. He says in inaction and in our climbing inaction on in our world climate change is a sin he says. So what are you? What are you going to the confessional bless me? Father bribe send data. I have sexual thought about my neighbors wifi. Ordered a person twenty years ago, and I am not using papers draws them. I was just come up. I was just in LOS Angeles last week and they handed
you I asked for a straw. They don't give you plastics right. I mean I have to ask for it and they don't give. They were warned you with this paper straw that I did those when we were there were passing out milk when I was in school there or from all. Therefore, probable want. You want me to believe that Hollywood stars snorting cope with paper straw hat Mokanna K is ninety paper cuts in his left. Scientist come on. It's elbow, don't get rid of the credit straws So I ask there's a there's a couple of things that I saw today. There was a story about a seventy seven year, old, guy who's being released from prison because Tromp has said this is ridiculous. He was digging a trench around his property because he was afraid of of fires and dug a trench and he became a made a little moat. He took a like a two foot stream and check
hold it in so that water was around his property and the EPA a through women jail. He. Seventy seven Truman added no Bernie under shovel has well, then he's not in jail but Trump has just has just let him let him out and now, while that is well, that's good now the EPA is saying that they want to eliminate all animal testing luck. I said this on a special years ago, I said die as far as animal testing and oh if, if hook and monkeys, brain up to a car battery is gonna save somebody from Diana AIDS. I have two things to say: the Red is positive in the black as negative. Ok, you don't wanna use animals replaced, but let's replace the animals with Korea. Politicians, let's what's let's pumped some chemicals and solvent into Gerald MAD, learn see how he knows every week,
Are you smoking like now, I am, but he just react like normal human beings do when they walk up stairs and when you laugh is like that of political activity. This is this. Is this It's quite a work out for me are, I was, is that you have to bear allows is out of the mexican border. Maybe I have been. I live in Texas now by the way, living you move to Georgia How do you like it? I love it down here I moved to her again very red state, and the first thing I did when I get down. I wanna be southern, so I bought a handgun, and I put it on my laptop. I went through check violate riper. I thought I was gonna scare, the person in the window and even phase they like we ve got- was that a thirty snubnosed six, forty, two lightweight ain't! It I shot. I shot my step that when the Mets Rama, steady economic, what they like
at the nice story, Diane Diane anyway, it's gonna get some to up with more from verdict APOLLO here, just a second furtively break for one minute. We ve been trusting. Norton is a primary source of security for our complete, there is for a long time. All of us have Norton security. We know it and in they continue outdo themselves in the constant struggle to protect us from cyber crime, They now have a very easy to use virtual private network or VP n. It uses bank grade encryption to hide your online activity, a Vps when it takes the IMF. Given that you are sending in receiving an essentially builds a secure tunnel around it. This is bank grade encryption, so
war criminals can't see? You know who's connected to the wifi. It blocks the companies that want to track your browsing activities. You- and I know that, did you know its. It is crazy how much information we are just giving these companies that are not working in our favour. Ass, they can tell us, you know the character name of Reese Witherspoon in legally blonde, but is that worth giving all of your information to them for Norton, secure, VP, and its seamless just installed login once and let it run in the background key, the prying eyes out of out of your business with a sick, or wifi connection through Norton, secure Vps. Now it starts at three thirty. Three: a month for the first year with annual and roman, you can find it at Norton DOT Slash Vps, Norton, Dotcom, slash, vps terms. Conditions do apply we break for ten SEC.
Station idea, how many ebony shows a year. Do you do know how to help Oftener you out on the road, not as much as I used to be going and that's a whole idea. I just hate the road you now so I used to do so. Thirty five weeks. Yet when I was a young and single and facing women and it was fun- and you know but emptier eighth time back to Cleveland, you know how many times can you visit the Bowling Hall of Fame? And so I probably I don't know it's probably around fifteen weekends are so what have you been wanting act? Have you been affected by this? This
a ship of comedy over the last ten fifteen years. I well yes, and no I mean I m sure I didn't do myself any favours like landing grid gigs. As far as tv and actual Hollywood show business, that's the thing you don't know, but but as far as like performances, I'd I'd, I came out of the closet as a righty on tough crowd and like two thousand and two I was sir. I was spewing the term cultural Marxism on that show which was a brilliant, brilliant idea. Me, I have eleven dollars in the bank on it. I made everybody gives Dennis Miller and swore Schwarzenegger credit for being righty somebody Seventy million in the bank, when they are so, but so I got a good pigeonholed- is a conservative.
I'm a committee, no weapons the lane right and it is in so so people came out and and thank God, Trump came along so in all, but but yes- and now I have a few p, walk out of my shows all the time. Why did I may not be for your politics? I mean you are. You are my clothing I read your you are caught. You say everything but you say everything left. Let me ask you what your your thought is on the Dave Chapelle Special, I absolutely loved. It aims you pal and I've said this. Ok and I know I'm. I like him as a person. I honestly, I dont think Richard prior Chris Rock.
Have anything dipshit bell, I think he's a genius. My Harrison for Chris Rock, I wrote the Chris Rock, and I am Chapelle is Just- is like a jazz musicians, smooth yeah he's smart he's, concise. That being said, my only problem is people are coming out there and people on my side gone. He or she fearless, while he first the famous black guy with a hundred million in the bank,
When you think I'm some lets, you got to lose their lives at seventy, like I can say in this, stop our efforts and why don't you show on the back of an Applebee's right now, but that special was tremendous and I'm glad somebody that that's that's payments and has that many people watching but the message, but I bet, but I've been preaching that and if you watch my special breath of fresh air, I touched on basically the same things. Dave Chapelle did not have two months. After my we touched on the same subjects. People should put em side by side and go, and this is how it is, were white guy. So I just don't like. Did they go? No he's fearless. Famous black guy in show. Business has never get in trouble for anything other than oh Jane, a couple extreme cases, but I mean he's not gonna get trouble for anything he says, and
So you don't think this cuz. He has gotten pushed back. Yeah, push back to one thing but being panned of being it'll put under the radar for the rest of your showbiz career is another thing and that's never going to happen to ship. I use this example limit Tracy Morgan, his wife was pregnant. He actually came out and said if my baby's gay, I'm going to yet she said that and six months later he has a new series on tv s. I mean I mean you, how many a white guy that could say something that outrages and not be banned from the planet. So I but he's a genius, your pals, a genius and even that my top five easy and I suggest everybody walked at special. But I then then watch mine and I am not compare myself them. Is a comedian cause he's tremendous, but you know that you're gonna see the point of view,
my white straight. If you sell your white guy an end and he has a little more leeway to say stuff that I dont even know, I cobblers knew you do cut loose. He is, I think, he's being people, are assigning things to him that he didn't necessarily say his his jokes. Many of them take you a minute. But for you say, wait wait a minute. Did he say that? Or did he say this? It is making a point, but you can't really pin him down. The east just will to say things, but I don't I, wouldn't I wouldn't that he's. For instance, you know pro life But I dont know that these problems russian either I don't know where he stands, which I think is part of the genius of the way he's he wrote this. Do you agree with this guy yeah yeah? I do it's funny ascetic, as did the next hour I'm workin on. I have about two
minutes on abortion, and you all know where I stand either. You know I looked. I can't say I people assume on pro life, because I lean right. My politics, but I'd be a hypocrite to say that, because knowledge young, I got a few girls pregnant and I was glad to land parenthood, sir. I don't mightest mufflers. I can't nobody for a period of only put a beauty. I have like to get up on the jack I No playing of adequate next, we just got your tickets now, but, but you are right, he sorting has the Michael Jordan, member Michael Jordan, quote they say why, don't you have a talk politics it? He says, because both Republicans Andy, the by sneakers and it's sort of chapels right buddy. I, but I don't think he's doin that intensely I mean Eads, that's how he thinks he's looking to both sides fairly, and you don't see that from Germany Comics and that that that was the genius of it that you, like you said you could it down, and it's really funny on top of that area.
Ethics as Netflix, but let's not downplay the success of a breath of fresh air and many of the eight hundred thousand views now on you. You can watch it for free and minutes did really well people who are have a thirst for this right. Now. That's that's exactly right, but they do have a thermos for it. I'm lucky Trump came along because yeah, I'm brutally honest about as always. The way way way. Is it Trump or is it that p people are starting to see the effects in their own life. You know everybody wants to be. I see no, I dont say that their handicap and makes them feel bad. Ok, I've, I don't wanna, but then you get to Do you like shut up shut this is affecting mighty life. There's a six foot, Fourg guy in a dream That's now wrestling my daughter in female wrestling shut up, and so I think they're just that,
displayed out long enough to where people are seeing it affect their their own life in a negative way that will that some of it, but but when tromp look. This is when I and again boats keep this in context on the committee, and I have a much darker sensing. Then you do, but is it. This is what I swear to God. I said I'm good about the problem, I'm lying on the couch from half asleep. I got one eye open. But he went after the physically challenge will be out of any oh, yes, I look over the tv and I see Trump card and I said widow I pull the lever. The sky does not give a crappy. This is my God. I M, you know what he is. Then wait for me, because these call on the media out on the pc, bull crap, and I can yes, like you, said gesture. The way things are evolving. People have had enough like, but I love that he would say anything, I'm watching them Abdul rally the other day and they throw heckler out and has thrown the guy from does
no way problem mic debate, finally Nick dip dotcom aright. Our sponsor this half hour is really factor. Winnie is fifty four years old, driven school bus for the past. Fifteen years literally watched a generation of people go from tiny little children, the young men and women going out in the world and not really, if you know of a thankless job, but nobody was senior praises either Last year, Winnie almost had to retire was cold winter mornings. The pain had been steadily building up in her hands of the last several years. She got to the point where she just couldn't handle it anymore. She heard about really factor. It changed her life. She still driving ready to see the next generation of kids grow and adults because of relief factor whatever it is that you think you're doing, have to leave behind, don't try relief factor now. Please relief factor, dotcom relief factor, dotcom call aid.
Five hundred eighty three eighty four and get your life back just like I did dislike whinnied in like Charles and told you about yesterday, relief factor, dot, com, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four relief factor: dot com, so. Did you see the you, see the ISIS Island video. Was was released. I think yesterday now So apparently, ices has this island at issue. And they were storing all kinds of stuff there and they were hanging out. I don't know if it was a vacation. Village are not sure what it was. I ll like was getting we're with isolation generally empty. It is it is. It is a come to our island. And so the
he put out a the joint. I dont know what it is and enduring whatever put out a video and it was from the I think it was from the edge of space. It's a drone way way up and they showed the bombing of ISIS Island, and it is extraordinarily goal If you go, we do you have it. Can you play combined joint task force operation inherent resolve this is this is this is a spanish, but they show the showing the island different than this one from space
there. Then there are the plate, there's the plane right. There are more of them than that. The very short ices member and wearing White- not blackened. And here they start to drop the bombs. Look at this The entire island higher island is just being. Obliterated. I kind of like it with this music is gonna, be all right, we'll have to Europe, but I put that out on social media we will I oppose the hits it's kind of a nature telling of it The other one is do we have the actual real one because it Little difference we doubt yell little different. I did zero. It's got like spooky. Music with Gower yeah, yeah
by leggy, MRS see killing. I Its members is probably not spooky spooky for them NEA. They didn't, they didn't have what was his name ervay villages gonna play Watching that again, theirs just no reason for him? to climb into a tower and ring a bell and sell in yell the plane like at first for ever one on the ground can see a plain coming? You don't need me in a tower to see a plain coming number do if you're good, owing to yell the plane? You don't need to ring the bell. If you The bell, you don't need to yell the plane, the keys just being redundant. This is a damning. Did it's a terrible business, the terrible business model they did very They did do. I did do than had ever unwell until it was that show about exactly as it was it. You know it is, can like. What's that, once it shone HBO about the air I robots,
were less world. It is a little like that. No mechanics, it's not a creepy creepy like what this world no agreeably likewise world. But it is you into the island. You don't remember, I mean fantasy I love about and what was the other likes. I watched a decent amount of love, but I did not want to decent man of Venezuela. None of my parents thought it was inappropriate or something is, was there probably was fantasy Island for so you would go oh and who would be like I just want to, Discovered and be the greatest singer ever and universally like yeah, I can't sing and then suddenly you could go and then saying- and some agent would find you and you'd live this life, but sometimes it wasn't all wet thought it would so is it like actors? Essentially, I was acting as they seem like you succeeded, yes, and so you would oh no, you live out your fantasy on Venezuelan. It states its westward.
But when will very close really fantasy, were the fantasies really even said that I intend to set up a second much more realistically and vines? Yes, a little dark and I'm wondering if I'm wondering if you have changed or if we just always were like that, we just wouldn't admitted like when ruins Plans are blame. I just want to fall in love and just be with a beautiful woman and women who loves me back blah blah blah or was it I just really just one. P with a woman and then maybe shooter in the end. That is the difference between Fantasy Island and westward idea, which one of those are we. I don't really want to admit budget. What is probably true there. I know I don't either, although its very it's interesting. It's almost like up precursor to online life. Remember this thing What was the site was the sims, the game that was the game where you'd like have a fake second life and you'll, be
bring it online and I guess you'd be like successful of the crime the job you had like your online if you are you are you are, you are cool. He were stud and then in NATO and in real life, you you were complete disaster. You were You were dumpster entire ahead. You know it's kind of that right. If you go, I think of it as they put set. That's a tough thing to admit about yourself. You think but I think it's different. I mean like a fantasy island, they weren't a I. They were real people right and so you to do that to a real person, but if you with a sigh and they were just and we re setting it? You would first time you might well. This is she's I'm this is the story HBO, I'm about four years behind you, but you should do this, gives us good, And the first time you go, you would have feelings and emotions, and you would want to be the good guy, but and after a while Nobody saw switch it up
Should I happen to have a video games all the time right in these first, you start you're, trying to be the hero in the need to start running over pedestrians for no reason manner how it always ends right, but I mean just it as a kid you're rich person, and you're going to have this dream of a singer. I'm gonna pay a bunch of people to pretend good singer and in platform. Inside the shell. They always were work, they were located since they just couldn't quite there. Get a break or they do. They were too nervous. Sir we're. Ok, I don't. I am digging way back into the memory vaults. It's not like! I'm not like I've, said to the kids, really does want to watch a great show from the seventies. Let's watch fancy island, I don't think that's ever been said might have been the first time that phrases ever come out of another person's mile, probably Jura yeah, probably too, I would rather like Fantasy Island than this debate. Tonight, though, I will say that how but I watch fantasy island, they give you a report on it and you watch the debate
how about this I watched the NFL you watch fantasy island. We dont give the audience a report on it. Spare me how would like to someone from the audience. You just call him like, because I want to watch the game. And blend. What's so what fantasy islander you know, cocktails, what is it worth? What is that worth? How much is it we bribe an audience member to walk up bribing. That would be wrong. We're gonna pay them we're gonna pay them a living. A living wage, highlighting age, yeah, fifteen dollars an hour, the three hours fifteen, only forty five dollars and Applebee's gift cards. Since we ve been talk about apple, fixed and reliable. But I don't I wouldn't do that. Would you do that? Need watch that whole thing for four? if I were to high sellers worth of prizes, but that will have
I said digger, unlike the the prize closet for all the stuff that we haven't even got. No, I'm I'm sorry to play the union negotiator ear when the audience, but I don't think that's right. I it out. Let's not, you should have family leave I think we should have family leave its three our job, and I think that in reality, the family rakes, you should be able to have a break. There, have commercial he's gonna go out and drink for an hour after the first hour, I'm coming with you could take a break during either commercials or when Hooligan Castro speaking one of those two you take a break I don't think he's gonna be speaking that might now, I think so either. I think this is a good. We should see our someone who will give us a report on this, so we don't have to do it I'll do out that will double way I'll give you hundred dollars just to watch the debate and then report back to us. So He can pretend that we watched the debate. I mean first of all I love the fact that were giving away your money for this purpose, a great idea can we do that? Is that allowed a real? I d give away a hundred up to some random
see why not it's my show its might muddling yet. You know there's all these rules on this when you do unconscious, but this is not cognizant of Irian. Somebody were hiring a freely ain't. You. I like this, so we hire freelancer for three hours tonight. The pay is thirty three thirty three in our that's a living wage and it s a very solid living way. More more thin. Elizabeth worn is paying her people, I'm sure and you'd. All you have to do is watch it in and take some notes and tell us which clips she play back the next day. I write what the good parts where you can be a dummy now, yet I can be a dummy, so you, you can't have gone to a an ivy league Wage gave you got no ears quantum. Yes, you come out as an idiot on the other end. Well, I want someone, it's not an unconscious, be all work to just
the only mark the candidates like I want to hear what crazy proposals they have. Not just you know Joe Biden I fell out in our two I don't need we did have a little bit more. His high just bought out a row. Around the stage needed even realize. Wanna have a doctor we might want to an actual position? This is interesting because it may be a brain surgeon because he's had aneurysm aneurysm, so somebody that could actually How would go up? The price would probably go up there. Probably we fifty dollars. I think we could. We could anyone with a medical knowledge. I mean what is most of these candidates oleander in twelve years old, because this is not a spry group. We need I can see who can cause. I don't like your head in the ring and what you do. You will yield those you watch it tonight. You'll come on the show with US tomorrow, Kay we'll pay you that living wage of thirty three thirty three an hour. Three hours of work.
Well, maybe gather some bonus for you actually having to get up the next day and actually ring urgent aid. I done we would you doing what I am working for the people- I am one of the people- use steam rolling, ankle loving here about an oil profits Stan why you're giving this away? No, I say I think it's fair. I may look. I would not do this for a hundred If I were in the audience right now, if I said I will not do this, if I said to you, I'm paying you to Do this already yet here's the thing you are saying that my are paying right of outside of a might want to watch than at the end. I fell games like bats lack a wholly way we wanted. If we want to make this if we want to have clearly eyeing repaying union Longeth you're paying much more than a hundred dollars, so hooting obviously staying to watch on. Why am I pay the secondary person, but you have to watch it to your all coming out of your pay. I don't think that's it.
I figure they marry abruptly also get paid for this job, and I know if you know this and you I dont want to what I have lots of things that I've me too. I God look things Here's my question: will someone meal on the fields I dont know I'd better, be there to watch it. I better find out of some protest. They met darn flag right, you can call If you want to be considered- and you gotta give us, you know, you give us some good, essential reason why you should be the person that that we hire to watch this, so we don't have to and then it back to us, so we can claim that we watched it for a listener who didn't watch it because nobody wants to watch this. I think this is a fair deal. Yeah, we'll fairly, all I'm not sure its market night observes priced
market appropriate. It's true. We mainly under heading two large aid available by about five thousand dollars. Somebody out there probably he's a hundred bucks, yeah yeah now three hours. Is it not a couch, you idiot event, mullet tumor, something aright here it is real estate agents. I trust it is really hard really hard to be a great real estate agent. That's why there's a difference in agency can't really moonlight as real estate agent. It's a full time job. It's complex, there's all kinds of things that you know really only Serious- people should be approaching this and you have to work really hard as well on the amount of paperwork alone is enough to scale
any sane person. This is why my wife and I started real estate agents. I trust outcome because who is doing this and and how do you find the right person that can actually sell your home? We took the time to find out what the best practices were and what makes a great real estate agent. We use that as our template. We hired a lot of agents. Since then thousands of them come from this audience. We only have a thousand that are actually on our list. We have thousands five thousand others that want to be a part of steam, but we want to make sure that everybody is exactly right. So we have a real estate agent in your area, which is something This can be. If we don't have a real estate agent, we won't recommend one. We were. Make sure this person is going to sell your home for the most amount of money that can do it right, they're gonna! Do it fast and help you find an x and, if its, not in that area, will find a real estate agent for you in another area, the real,
the state agents. I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dot com. Your lesson in Glenn back. We're paying were paying a listener, a hundred bucks if they actually watch the debate tonight illegal, unreported and give us enough information. So we can sound like we watched it because none of us want to watch it Gabby Pennsylvania, hello, Gabby, hello, MR back, it's great on thank you for this opportunity to thank you. He keeps very businesslike and negative glad. This is an interview And seventy two dollars are on the line for you. If you
this, Mr Back, I'm going to do it for free. If you dont want to pay me that, no, I, why don't ever from paying you're, not gonna pay you a hundred dollars. I will pay a man to do that. You get seventy two dollars the job Fair enough. So tell me about yourself. Can tell me about yourself what a world about MR back in and Do I am actually I've met you right both before I am a graduate of the first Mercury one leadership, training programme, others in dollars and joy of twenty seventeen on. So how old? Are you great me? I'm twenty years old, you're, twenty one, yes are either. In a recent graduate of that political Science Department of Grove, City College and- I'm a student of one of your damn, you take seriously it yes, I well I'm a scene of one of your M frequent gas, doktor poem. In your own us they re all right. Ok, you have the quantity of cases as well earned. Twenty has said
seventy, what is it? Seventy satires sixty eight lets the secondly area. Cynthia I mean I don't I don't mean to pay less than a man, but you might serve us yet you might have of pregnancy leave or you know three, our jobs that have pregnancy leaf. Well, she my uncle. She might work. Conservative ever now, just incited Gabby, Darin. Now, there's a guy, have to pay the full hundred man Darin. Are you there Are you gonna throw your head in the ring I would like to get. Sir I can tell me a little bit about yourself pointed personal privilege, Jackie him Greece striving for. Seven years old for one of the big for financial services firm. In the light the blaze ever since start? now. Can you separate yourself Darin from your financial firm when Elizabeth WAR in on stage torturing the financial sector?
new, separate use. I I will try my best and take up note. Yes, are ok, Ariane Gabby, I think we're and I are both of you, but whoever does the better job gets the hundred bucks well or the sixty. This is the aim of sixty four sixty swim laws. Have you know she's a woman, she's young cheesy eyes first job Coca, so we can fifteen Christine Don Diego guys body on the morrow the report tell you a story this hour, but a guy who move to the United States from India and he moved in February of two thousand one and he was just starting life out. He really loved Amerika from afar standing in his office just a few months later
and he said to himself he heard kind of God talk to him and said you know your life he's gonna change, and He was thinking. I am just going after money right now. What oh, what is my really all about. He didn't realize that job, a few floors above him a plane was about to hit his who office Joe John is his name and he loves America. Now more than ever and his life is such a remarkable story: you need to hear it? He joins. Me, in one minute as that going back programme.
So next spring we're taking the crews through history and its can be filled with all kinds of exciting events: lots of food lots of fun presentations by David Martin and Rabbi lap and Bill O Reilly, we'll be there. I will be their patents, do will be there and we have a floating museum of, really fascinating arc of artifacts that are going. To show you what we, book from Venice what we took from Athens, what we from Jerusalem and the Temple Mount that built. Us into a very different country. We aid to renew that, and so we are going to be renewing avow in minute in what is it next year's twenty? Twenty she set seems weird next year and twenty twenty we have to change course and it's gonna be a lot of fun. Yours
amazing things. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We only have a few cabins left on I'd love to sell these out the next couple of fur next couple of weeks. It is all one hundred percent inclusive you just have to get to the airport than flights and everything taken care of until you home. It is really truly one in a lifetime, bring your family. If you can come sail away, dot com come sail away, dotcom learn, more now comes away dot com Sir John is his name, he's a nine eleven survivor and a founder of something called. You can free us He has an amazing story. Welcome Joe? How are you going
to be back with you I want to- I want to take it Lee radio audience through your story a bit. First of all, you are living in India and it had Moving to America always been a part of your plan or your dream, and if so, why a great personal reasons. The. Why barricaded? Even for those from happy the World America always stands out as this amazing place with, then dreamers collide, and if you have a dream somewhere within you in some other world, everybody wants to come to this country, and I was me and my view of America. Less to the letter, the television he's an art and then go opening the aware you know, as christian germ line already, I just knew them at that place has been founded on junior christian principles another big reason why I want to come here and everything that America stance boy it is, is very appealing drawing.
The people of the other part of the world, where they want to build their dreams and in these countries now much your pedigree. Now about your last name. If you can add value, you can make something out of your life. I don't think that any country in the world that provide the foundation is so good to hear this from p, all who actually know cause? We have lost our way so far. We just we don't see the uniqueness of America when you're living in it till you to the United States in February two thousand one and you find yourself a pretty good job. You're working on what floor of, the World Trade Center for daylight came with fifty dollars two bags and tell people, It would love trees and of all the places. I find work on the eighty four floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center, and what are you doing
I'm doing marketing telecommunications company. My dream was due to start actually a data centre to get into the telecom world and ourselves building my steps toward back and trying to understand what life in all about it all about America. As to capitalism mean because going up in India are you? How do they believe in capitalism? Is not quite a capitalist economy, so excited to come through the of all the places, the ox city I mean almost like the nuclear reactor of capital from Europe that have created the wealth which which not only helps people have a better life, but salt problems on the world. So that was Michael and my wife also works there. She was working on the committee for Slaughter felt power of the World Trade Centre, so both of us at opposite that military and she was pregnant. She was omens pregnant plan and I was an exciting season, as you are getting ready for that. We do arrive, outflows, child and and and then life takes such an incredible turn on September.
Two thousand and you feel like it on September Eleventh year there? What time in the morning did you get there? I gotta look past seven hundred that morning I was What you see in the early around eight, so I was- I was early that morning, seven hundred and thirty, and when you live in the art. You remember it was a clear cloudless days with a beautiful day and then everything would change forever so you're there and you before the plane hits just it literally a few minutes before it hits. You send an email to a friend who went to church with you. Yeah. You know I worry that you mentioned earlier with empty away inside You know when you know that allow people listening to you know their life is not just about consumption and sometimes that we get a wrapped up in STAR John. I followed the junk and a funk, and we think life is all about the next new thing, the next new toy, the next new gadget, and sadly that was me.
America I could. I could. I could reach thing than money could get. But then there was a whole in my heart and I knew my purpose for which God send me, to those great land was not just to make money. There is nothing more and I felt like. I was almost losing that thousands of ambition losing the plot siren email to my friends, and I know that my colleague got all my life. I've been chasing stop in America, I wanna be cheating beverages on got heart, and I think that at eighty five in the morning from the twin towers, You don't know that your wife, is running late? If, if I remember right and not in her office, which tower was first hers or yours. My towers hit forests. The north star wars hits farce incredible. Explosion that almost Arabs the building American Fly clever the boy: seventy seven, the foreign and body flying it for her miles an hour carry ten thousand gallons of jet fuel and then how
floors. Above you was it the play literally stock about eighty eight nine floor, the power but part of the wing of the plane register. Applause as all up I have, everyone has seen the image that they would know that a plain went in an angle into the building here solely through their worth fire that got that's got stuck around. A third of jet feel dumps its way all through the building, and did you see the plane coming toward the building? I didn't see the plane but One of my floor saw the plane- everything happened so fast, but be felt this incredible explosion, the building rattling and we knew as a plain what else could hit you at high. But all of us lengthy, do the small commuter plain, probably a pilot. You know that I haven't had a cardiac problem arising right across the plain. Nobody knew was a big just plain and nobody knew that it was actually a terrorist attack that it was intensely pointed a building. So did, did you start to get out then
Yeah we follow away to the fire, the jet veolan start running down and die, and that's when I pass all these great firemen and policemen, these incredibly brave men, and here the Box, We were going down and they were going up. So we high five, then saying you guys are the real euros He had no idea. That would be the last time America will be seeing these brave men. So we running down and I'm running down with a heavy heart phones on working? each my wife, so come down. Eighty one floors had reached the plaza level and from there we were told, go down one more lever to accomplish level and I'm walking toward the south dollar to be looking for my wife if she has not gone up and that's when the south dollar clubs around me, and so it mean I would action. It was a little terrifying with everything falling around you that you felt like you might get hit by things.
Or were you far enough away? No, I was actually almost righted are the building. That is an amazing story of God's deliverance. I'm twenty feet away from the building. I made my way to the revolving doors of the powers that be literally in front there and that's when the ground starts shaking the glass shattering, and I would fifteen twenty people and we started crying out and we want top of each other, and I are preparing them. I told them we're gonna die and I told them call upon the name of Jesus. We knew I was short and we started pray. A lot spread thinking you're gonna die. So I was burden and at debris. At that moment, I was in about a pocket about three feet of student ash. The steel were the only thing that really survived? Everything was all right into ashen dust and the first building when it got in and when it came down the fund for side of the building stood up for a while and the hours of it's right there. So that's probably what saved my life
and everything went back into the way. I'm mushrooming just went past. I saw that protected me, but then I was boiling debris and I was pulled out by a man. An incredibly Braille FBI, agent and added he pulled me and I pulled them. We bought told each other we're gonna die. He said to you, the FBI and I told them do you know where you're going? He said TAT? I know my saviour, because we're gonna die, choking other sit on the ash, and that's when I read like flashes and restart crawling away and that like lead this out pit, The man says I gotta go back, so do not dollar which are still outstanding, the ground shakes. The nocturnal goes down. This brave American here died. That day, you know his name. The eyes name is Lenny Haven who is left behind for children, and he was a bump declaration by the FBI.
They, actually the only active FBI agent died that it does. The historic does incredible. I had an opportunity to meet his wife and then just to know about his life, another story of another man who could have avoided at place, but he felt so driven I love for his country and fellow human beings and the call of duty that just made him rates and drawn back into the towers and look for more people, and I just want to say something yet that's what makes Amerika great you know when people talk, what make America greater the people of Amerika Great America. Great, not our money is not a building, is not technology at the fact that the people there illegal love on that day by day their people that care for this country- and I have heard you ups arabs- see you until it. The material person. I know beyond what you do it media hit a true love that you up for America and makes people like you speak up on issues, people that we want to protect this country, knowing what about
happen, and that, for me, was come from India. That's what I love about America, the great American spared the deeply entrenched in everyone that caused concern in back pseudo. When I'm gonna take a one minute break, then I'm going to come back and I want you to tell people what happened afterwards, because That was a big change, your life, the ground. Shook literally and figuratively, and you have gone on to do some remarkable things and I want to hear the second part of your life now in one stamp on it. A great deal from Jacobus. I want to tell you about as a free gift, with any order over a hundred fifty dollars and I'll. Tell you about that here and a second buffer zone. Remind you to call this is too covers was started by couple of guys who here in Texas, they thought you know. I love boots. I love cowboy boots, but
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Today he was on television, so we were talking just the other day about, the thing that he's working on and we both believe that the only way that we're going to save this nation and save freedom of mankind is it we put into action the things and the and really thee the covenant there our pilgrims end George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, made with God and that as we will serve you in the best way to serve. God is, as Benjamin Franklin said, was too. Of your fellow man, the one thing that we can all agree on now and not argue about is slavery is horrible and needs stopped and it's worse today than its ever been so here's sky whose chasing the almighty dollar in the World Trade center. They come down and soon Joe, you believe that you were. You were directed
an end saved. You and your wife saved that day to be able to do something different, making money absolutely glenn- and I felt got calling me today for the fact that I was rescued at someone you know rescued me gave up his life and that's the story of the gospel narrative. Godsends looked godsend assigned to look for broken people like the fact that cabin rescued you and me compounded outfit compels us to look for people and the methods of Jesus. What he came to set the captives free and there are people spiritually captive and is also fully we kept it? So I got exposed to this problem plan are bombarded slavery. How that forty one million people every year when I saw the condition then I know you ve seen it in different parts of the world where women are kept himself in cages. Be at our being red light district, thirty, seven thousand sex workers, women kept in cages treated by six feet, a fellow member
when something common with those I felt like. I know what is to be trapped and if someone came and rescued me, perhaps goddess tapping on me, the rescue, these women and children. On his behalf- and I saw that India and I come back, then I knew America is a place where people are general and I came in she talking about its public when we started this nonprofit call you can freer, and this has become my life calling. This is because my mission, and this is a problem in America. The problem in ITALY that problem Asia, a global problem. Everything God. I took a above and let's be not mission looking for women and children who are trapped in sex slavery, but beyond sex slavery, children also trapped. And labour trafficking and I M excited you have a passion plan but now rainfall in what you have done it and helping christian sleeper
love from war torn countries wherever the under the title, I said, and I'm so excited that we get an opportunity to talk about this and also work in the future problem. That is one of the greatest evils about time. If we don't engage right now, this problem, a generation, It's coming up behind us will say: why did you not do enough? I only say something with you are you are you also may have been in this place around the world, have been horizontal, but being at all my castle, Incontinently tell you about a slave trade. I've been in places where Hitler and while in and worked on millions of Jews and b, we stand in those places that we question and we ask why do people not doing and then this is a problem in our world and we ve got to do whatever we can. There is a cry rising from the problems of the world: s cry rising from Chile, and women and a question as we are we listening to that crack. You notes,
seemed to me the New York Times just started selling something called the sixteen nineteen answer to pod. Ass to cereal they're doing on the year. Sixteen nineteen they say that's the year of really America's founding cause. That's when race, that's when slavery was brought here, but our pilgrims came in sight ten twenty and it's the four. Then, of course we our pilgrims the year After- and you know- you can either look back and blame everything on that and I dont know what your game- in out of that accept more anger and frustration in or not lifting anybody up. Instead, we we looking towards today, because I can't do the thing to change what people did in the past, but I dont to be remembered as the people in the past that did nothing and are, you know, involved in cakes in circuses and this problem is real and if we can come together and solve problem today,
it will solve the problems of the past, it will heal those wounds oh I'll turn now to say something. It may not be politically correct. I just want to tell you a little about listening to you. They too have gone right now. I dont get this guy liberals, beat you about about the problem of slavery, the path if those people care so much about things that happened in the past. I own increase them can't join people like that. In the light of this problem that happening right now, I don't know of any country in the world plan that I shouted blood on the issue of slavery I looked at the numbers, the other day, almost six hundred thousand people, under a million Americans, got killed in the civil war. America has paid the price with blood under this year, slavery. And we are all aware of, and some of its history not be passed down, and there are people who come up and talk about the path and say we have to get involved in preparation for a small group of people that caused this problem.
I was a global problem, Mahabharata problem right now in Austria, about a problem like now around the world and you and I and everyone Who had? Who cares about this problem? Right or left can be part of a great pollution, thanks, so Joe Sergio John. I encourage you to check out his organization and help where you can it's you. And free dot you ass, you can free dot. U S check him out join the fight join the growing numbers of people who are saying you know what let's deal with real problems here, listening it a story about Winnie she's. Fifty four years old she's been driving a school bus for the last fifteen years, and she has, I mean, imagine that you're picking, kids you're watching them grow every year and go from young children, young men and women going out into the world at some
it's a job that is satisfying, but I mean you know it's a: u not, making a lot of money or whatever and she he has real problems with on. Cold winner mornings. The pain in her hands over the last several years had become to the point she couldn't handle it anymore, then heard about relief factor and it changed her life she's driving again this year, she's getting back on the bus and she has added driving, but especially in being of IRAN's, she doesn't have to now stop those kids grow into great adults. She called really factor, and I recommend that you do it too. She has the same story that I did my we're in such pain. I couldn't take it really fast. Dot, com relief factor, dot, com, Marine called eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three. Eighty four just try works for seventy percent of the people who tried the three. We quick start just do that relief
actor dot com, you know I really think Wells Fargo Suggest, shut down business. I mean you're, just distant generic just walk away. If your keys on the desk airy reaches water seems ill advised a company like yeah? Well, you, while I get the wagons back out and start again, They are having a time finding a ceo, a new, really. On the run wells. Fargo with I am. I am available, your avail. Yes, I am availed injured wire, I mean if it I've gotta, be better known that's true. Well, I can be a figurehead, yeah, yeah I can't go on tv and end and say I behold. The Wells Fargo Wagon is a calm and damp and that you can do that. I could to ban, could do ok, so many people can anyway
so they were talking about this unseen CNBC and I think Elizabeth Warren played this perfectly, but this is truly what's going on in businesses of all levels or around the country list this conversation with Jim Kramer. How is it possible that this company cannot find a sea a meter. They worried about Elizabeth warned attacking that's you pursue clear. He would be course. They are, of course, that person is my wooden baby. She becomes president, what do you think's going to happen at the bank's role? It's not Some of them would be so why don't you think Elizabeth WAR? No pushes banks into their already down twenty percent from is, but the I just think big you're there were these hearings in the thirties, where they, what
inform Congress just kind of trash, but, twenty years later we had the least discrepancy in incomes from fifty sixty is, I don't know. It's gonna have a look at that. Ok, when you get off the desk, he talked to executives. There are more fear of her winning heard anybody say, look she's gonna be stopped, you gotta be so I dont know if she's very keeps going Poles she's raised a ton of money. Gonna win, I believe she's very howling figure on the stump by the way, two and its another reason why companies are being implored too, things now, if you want to get something done, You really think emanate reddening think about doing it, so because come early to mid two thousand twenty, with horns Rowan along every
can we like? That's it slowly actually it's why I've been telling you I have two you have to ratify your house. You have to take care of business, you gotta get there. You know is solved. As you can get the money in gold. Get it safe places banks are not necessarily safe places. You know in in really bad situations, but if, if the Democrats puts in office like Elizabeth Warren or will put her into a is a real position in the next White House the year going to see the banks they will just they will they want more money, they won't. They are gonna hurt learn to any kind of money that they have caused. They're gonna be under attack, I didn't see how Elizabeth Warren handled this, but my guess is she's using as a campaign commercial. She ran it and she just tweeted. I'm Elizabeth, why then I approve this mess. It did you really yeah? That's. It was wrong and I had smarter look very that audience
drawing businesses deemed as evil even demands that we interact with all the time who will be surprised at what happens when you're, when your bank does have any money or your bank doesn't want alone money I mean You know, how do you pain for stuff? You know she's sheikh is its easy right. This is this. Is why it are these things are so ridiculous. These debates in such all, she said and to do is find a way to say things that are as our left as possible. She may as it and she oh, she absolutely means that she means, but she also is not incentivize to employees It's not a scene argument to say, we want to tear down the financial institution, I mean we talked about health care being what one six of the economy? What is it finances? an insurance that these combined industries are about me. No one point
Five trillion dollars about: seven percent over half the size of the financial sector, is a giant shown. Our economies have as big as the entire health care work. So you don't just tear down, they did EDGAR. Well, I mean you could see. You could argue that I mean I would say. Obviously these companies are stolen in business and maybe that's what shall try to do? but a justified but machine. She her idea that people are scared of her right now is, positive right when she's president, it's not because the probably tanks, and then all of a sudden are playing resume. The if she looks like she's going to win and it will be blamed on Trump, but Let's say she becomes the nominee and she he's pulling well the market. We'll price it in the market will hear Asher yet before, and it will hasten her into the market
or her into the white. It looks like she has a chance to win now again, if there's any democratic candidate that Donald Trump can win against. It should be Elizabeth, worn, I'm in ITALY. With war. If you can't beat Elizabeth Warren except Elizabeth Organs, message may look If need I, it acts as a whole. Other situations, the I'm I'm for all of the antitrust stuff that the states are doing and I dont know about all of them, but I think with Google and and spoken. All the things that they're doing, I'm glad the states are looking into antitrust standing the newsroom yesterday and I said hate the does. Anybody does anybody know, wasn't the Microsoft antitrust more than one that at the top? Wasn't that the last straw before the dot com bubble, we looked it up. Yes, it was at that was filed right at the very top.
The the dot com boom. Now. Did that did that cause it? No, I think it is just really strong. Last straw, that was on top we're doing this now, with fifty antitrust litigation front coming from the different states for Google man. Forty eight states too. I think it's it's it's a full on onslaught which I am for you, but you have to pay. You just have to be very, very aware of all of the cards that around the table It is a house of cards. You have China, you have the instant the lady of the Middle EAST. You have breaks it going on. You have Deutsche bank. You have wells Margo, and although their scandals, you have big death than we had before in two thousand eight. You have an hour,
of Control Printing Press, all oh the world, you have banks with no more bullets in their guns, because most of them except arts are already into zero or negative interest rates. So if it falls apart, there's there's nobody decay, it and we're the last one standing mark my words, trillions of dollars are being fought, but it in when I saw President Trump say yesterday that the Federal He needs to lower the interest rates and get them on two zero, or below zero. No. Mr President, Oh please don't do that. Please! We you have to have some bullets left in our gun. Don't spend them now and be the only reason why we're getting we're getting bill ins and billions of dollars from overseas invest in Amerika right now, because we're the last one standing and the
promise some sort of aid of an interest rate you take. An interest rate to zero or below they'll. Take their money out and they'll do something else with it right now we are performing, but where the last one on earth that is performing, so you do you have all these things that are just being built up, then you have an election, were somebody is saying by the way I'm gonna get rid of the free market. If she is the nominee the market could crash just because companies I do know what pull everything back pull breathing back, don't you want to do something? Do it right now and we're gonna pull everything back, because we don't know what the world will be like it doesn't like change, especially the unknown change, and Slovakia cause the market to absolutely collapse. We could spiral the whole world, that's what
we're dealing with in the next twelve months and I dont think any Buddy is actually explaining that just the realistic fear having somebody like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders who is saying I'm going to change the financial structure of Amerika, it will change everything you have ass do, It has, if you're running a business in your seeing this storm coming, you last night That's right, you cut me cut expenditure is as much as you possibly can, which will stop. Growth will bring unemployment you take, and you you You just can't things out. If you have money in the market, you don't know what's going, happened to financial institutions? If Elizabeth Warren in Europe, invested and many of us, our teachers, unions, included, are invested in the financial sector. You better put.
You're damn money out of their? If who think Elizabeth Warren is gonna, it'll even be just a big part of the new team yeah That's going to hurt those stocks in your investment. So what happens that hurt? the banks even more because now you're taking that money out and then, if you Wanna! Take your money out! You're the asked one. They changed this you don't your money on deposit it up down the bottom of the waterfall yeah as soon as they go bankrupt or they have a problem you're not getting your money. I keep going back Fourth on this and I dont I honestly it the law in order episode where I think the person's really guilty, and then I threatened them than the really innocent and then the really guilty, and then the really innocent, whoever whatever lawyers mean the arguments, the one, I think is an astonishing, but it's like I dont know in my mind what two route for Joe Biden to win this primary or Elizabeth warrant when this primer at
The argument in my head goes like this. Joe Biden is, has a better chance to win the election. However, if he wins he's less worse, at least by a little bit depends on who is vice. President is because I'm sure he makes well yeah hymen, God forbid be done, but I am saying is like this idea of he's. Probably less he's much so he runs it. Like Obama ran at me. I mean like it's less worse than Elizabeth Warner Moody centres. On the other hand, More and more sanders I think, would be easier to beat, but they win some at our off a catastrophic. When I don't think I don't think anybody has baked in the fact of the catastrophe that would happen before remember when, when Donald Trump took office, what happened to the stock market. It didn't go through the roof it just can.
Ten, you to go up the more it looked like he was going to be the president. The more the stock market went up and they kept saying was all priced in all priced in they ve already priced in that this is gonna, be good for banks, and in bits, Sandy saw Hillary Clinton as more like a bite and figure correct right. So ever ain't gonna win long. If you have, if you have poles that show that war and is the candidate and Warren is even close. The market, a price that in and say I'm sorry, but I gotta get my money out of here. I don't, I don't know, what's going to happen, though, you will have real, slow down and real economic problems, not anything the president is doing just because you have someone saying I'm going to change the financial sector entirely when I get into office, it will cause this massive slow down, maybe even collapse any.
Hasten Warren in two office, because the media will blame all of that on capitalism and Donald Trump near the only I've seen I've just coming to this now, because I've been back and forth to, but I'm stay. Now that I'm saying this out loud, the only candidate we can afford to have is Joe Biden does there won't be that fear in the in the markets to tie a tough one eye case. I can understand both sides of it. It's like Elizabeth, warlike, I there's a lot of people around the country that don't like the Dallas cowboys. That's Joe Biden is really like capitalism. All that much Elizabeth Ward is like me: I have this oral hatred for the cap for the Dallas Cowboys and she she is like an Eagles fan here. Yes, she hates capitalism, she hates the fact that businesses-
can do well and and and this economy can can move on in a capitalist direction and she she's dying to implement the opposite. Don't think that they don't know just as well as we do that if the economy starts to go sideways, that it hurts Donald Trump and don't think that they don't know that which is another reason why I believe they are so very clear and will contain. To be clear. This is a system that has failed and we have to change it, because it will only hasten us because it we'll be blamed on Donald Trump. It will hasten our demise and hasten the the run towards socialism. Scary, hey, let me tell you about gold lie yeah have you thought about putting your financial house in order, because maybe you should I don't know
what else is happening? I have my money, you know ten percent of my money in gold and put it in there and I haven't thought twice about it. I don't buy it as a as an investment I'd, not watching it all the time going home. How much is it making? I don't care, I bought it till there. I have something you hook, God forbid, you know you have a socialist that is running and going to be the candidate against Donald Trump and and could see the end of capitalism happening in the next twelve months. There So why I have gold? May I suggest please do your own homework and look to gold at gold line. Gold line. Dotcom call them now there waiting for you at eight six, six gold line eight six six gold line you should have at least ten per cent of your portfolio should be spread out among a whole bunch of things, but ten percent. I really truly leave, should be in gold, physical gold, knotty ts, physical gold,
called old line now read all the important risk information you're smart enough to figure this out, but look at what's coming. And call gold line at eight hundred and sixty six gold line. One thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold, liner, Goldline dot com This is the Olympic programme. That that last break may be the most important break we have done in maybe a couple of years. I don't even know that just kind of came out of nowhere and it is was soon. I were just talking about a merely that's right. That's right! We're gonna do some real research on this and and talk to some people and really get some facts and some numbers on it. But I'm I'm that's right.
If Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders r E seriously looked at by the Democrats and and even of Joe Biden is the guy, but Elizabeth Worn, as vice president, has a serious role. We are for deep trouble cellphone. Billing prophecy really and I have a hard time winning, because that alone will affect the economy in a powerfully negative way
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