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The California Recall Is HERE | Guests: Larry Elder & Sen. Cruz | 9/14/21

2021-09-14 | 🔗

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attended a gala whose tickets cost $35,000 in a dress that said “tax the rich.” Glenn explains why Americans and America in general are exceptional. Save the cheerleader, save the world. Sen. Ted Cruz joins to discuss the botched Afghanistan evacuation and Secretary of State Antony Blinken's defense of the administration's response. Author Carol Roth joins to give us the latest update on America’s economy. Glenn explains what Americans must do to secure America’s ideals. Columnist Tammy Bruce joins to discuss the California recall election. Larry Elder joins on Election Day to discuss everything about his campaign in its final hours.

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oh my god, we have a great show parading Anthony. It wasn't he truthful yesterday under oath in front of Congress, woe he made it very clear. He hasn't held any plain split back state department. They just then helper, really Chad, cruises gonna, be with us today, because he's gonna talk to Anthony blinking today under oath in the Senate. I'll think he's gonna agree with Anthony Blinking will get that from him coming up in just a few minutes, and I want I want to talk to the people that want to make a difference in the world. If you tired of sitting around and just being angry and sick and tired? Give me a few minutes. I want to talk to you,
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back, Dotcom use a promo code back and you'll have it for a month for only a buck choose from for twenty five hundred movies, eleven thousand tv episodes with new ones added every single week. It's a buck vivid angel back, dot com. They then Let me talk to you about changing the world yeah. I know you could go to the met and you could wear a very expensive designer dress made space difficulty for you but says tax the rich on the back and you could and thirty five thousand dollars for your dinner at the mat. In that way, you can stand up for the little people me was beauty, last night met
never gone, never really had a desire to go by Elsie was there yesterday and she was standing up for the little people in that designer dress, and I think that was more boilers really knows more than was what she doing the met girl, Now that's one way to go: that's one way to go and that's it. Dobbin, I guess it's a good way to go. I mean you get nice clothes out of it. You get off fancy meal, but they got. Some quail are from my lad. Alan plight. Ah, you feel that way. You can get angry We just get frustrated more more frustrating just tune out.
Or we can all remember what our moms taught us all the things that we learned all the things that we know that we have been told. We don't know, we don't really know That tv show, I think, was on NBC was years ago, the cheerleader save the world? What was Show Cairo's Herodias ring, I loved and I will quote while I watch like eight episodes and limiting it was cancelled, but that's what we have to do. save the cheerleader and save the world. It wasn't all that long ago that we all celebrated american greatness. All of us We weren't ashamed to believe in the idea that America, was a great place that american An exceptional place, America. was the best. But I mean it was perfect just means it was better than every other
he's on the world few wanted to be free of. You saw the freedom index. The latest one but we're like eighteenth now. Now, believing that America is a good place does not mean we, we think its per to place the idea, In critical race theory is it we don't understand miss steps in our own history. We just don't I understand it, but people like Elsie does have you see in whose she's wearing. I remember singing songs when I was a kid in elementary School about America's greatness. At the same time, I remember being taught that. America's founders, weren't perfect. I saw some of ammonia slaves. I was confused for a very long long time about
Jefferson, how can a man right all men are created, equal and then slaves? I didn't understand it until till I read the first draft. the declaration of independence in his own handwriting, where he explained Feelings on slavery,. in the seventh grade. We studied the american slave trade and I I remember, Sir, Do you know that picture where it showed how Of the slaves were piled up in slave ships. Do you remember seeing that for the first time an hour, never thinking how horrid this was and I grew up in the era of routes. I saw routes in thought what Why is this? How could had been so wrong. I was
hot about the devastation of reconstruction. It wasn't hard to see the paradigm. some police fighting against the civil rights movement as a kid. I did fully understand it,. I dont think I do today, the Half of a nation trying to look, up to her highest ideals and potential. That's what Martin Luther King challenged us in his speech in them all ten those of you, kids. I dont Mean them all like the place your pair Used to hang out at anyway live up live up to your founding documents was his charge.
I remember hearing all about. I remembered knowing all of that being taught all of that. Being confused by it horrified by the mistakes. But Also, given a gift, the gift that the if two being taught that the reality of Amerika is not summed up. by all of our faults are missteps. Our tribulations, but the sea Bridge of America is the triumphs. When we fall, we. stand back up, we pick ourselves up. And soldier on- and it's that that Ex US exceptional that we have so many resources or we have so much money that we or people there
just go and do the hard things. we don't do the easy things. That's what makes us exceptional we're the people who went to the moon, where the people That, against all odds, are saving people in Afghanistan today, and I don't mean the government- I mean we, the people, that's what makes us exceptional We continue to try to become a more perfect nation, even as we face And in the face of our own mistakes, the greatness law eyes in the freedom. The freedom that we, each as individuals have to overcome it.
an exceptional idea, America's an exceptional place and most of us know this deep down. But because, perhaps of social pressure we dont cheerleader anymore. So many are afraid just to admit what they know to be true. Stop it. Stop it right now, You know what is true about your nation good, The end bad. you know it's true about you good. And bad If you are racist, you should work on that. Stop it.
But we need to get back to a place to where we are not just willing to, but we're eager to cheer for our country, stand up? with those who are willing to acknowledge our unique place in the history of all mankind, because America does have a very important place. Is it A coincidence that, too, hundred and fifty years ago, those wealth was pretty the same unchanged for Thousands of years the pie, party level, the way people lived, two hundred Fifty years ago, wow shockingly the same time, Amerika was born and in time? Two hundred and fifty years. The wealth and leap progress of people
is grown by eighteen thousand percent. it's not a coincidence and I'm not talk. About the wealth of o o being able to go to a girl in a very nice drugs and have a thirty five hour. No girl, grocers colleagues works norms, rang logo. I'm saying the kind of wealth that allows you. Descend, airplanes the other side of the earth. if people you ve never met or most likely, never will met meet whom I know your name nor never will know your name and not taking it from people. Just volunteering,
King, it because you believe in the goodness of mankind, believe in and integrity believe in the idea that no man is to be left behind, stand up. Stand up with people that will see will stand with you. It will hold up the american ideals of life and liberty, because it's those ideals that will continue to lift up the entire world hold on tight to the conviction that America is great peak As America is good, you have witnessed it. and be willing to claim that throughout all the land is it says, on the Liberty Bell. See. It's a really good slogan
that show that nobody ever watched, save the cheerleader save the world. not as hard as people make it out to be around the world. The american flag is still a symbol of hope for people who are looking for freedom in key but their flying the american flag in the streets in Hong Kong before they were crushed by two a they El the american Flag- and they saying our national anthem- that too many Americans are afraid to sing or embarrassed to sing in Venezuela today today day this morning. People who are wearing the flag on their shoulder or have the flag on the end of a tale an airplane in Afghanistan, people still know what that is
Our way of life is a way out and away up from the slump in the sludge that is daily life for much of the world. We cannot just dwell on those who have lost sight of the american distinction. We can't just pay attention to those people at the Olympics. It turn their back or covered. Their heads are raised a fist at the raising of the flag or the national anthem. There were those who wrapped themselves in the honour that is old, glory, Patrick Reed yeah. Remy Ramirez, Tamar men sucks stock, the daughter, an inn immigrant from Ghana, was the first black women to win gold medal in wrestling she's, the one who wrapped herself and says it feels a merry amazing. I love representing the: U S
The son of cuban immigrants had carried the flag and the opening ceremony Minor League baseball player, Eddie Alvarez, he said quote just get the honour to represent the United States to hold the flag, the symbol of liberty of freedom. My family came over from q to this country. It wasn't for them doing that. I wouldn't be in the position. I am in now being of first generation cuban American. My story, represents the american dream that dream is still a reality. as long as we are willing to hold it high for the world to see save the cheer leader and save the world One last thing. I'm sure by now you ve seen the video of the cat falling from the stands at the Miami Hurricanes game on Saturday night. If you have You need to find it and watch it. It's been
shared by so many angles: a black and white. dangling above the stands, barely hangs on with its claws near I fancy strained to reach the cat. For it, false thirty feet to the law well below the crowd. ASP and screamed. When, after nearly twenty minutes of that cat struggling it loses, its grip, but then something happen. Craig homer and his wife Kimberly They were in the lower level than they held two corners of an american flag. It happened on eleven we can no nine eleven Cromer. said it was just so quick. We just rather the flag and we helped tight? And then I felt a big tug in the and the flag caught the cat.
He says anyone would have done it, but his wife can is the real hero because she's the one who brings the flag to every game she bore And the flag to every game, she shows up every season, gently quietly, spreads out the stars and stripes in front of them ever press but never aggressive,. but, as always happens at the moment of, Desperation when life hangs in the balance, when determination and action are needed calmly and firmly held onto the four corners of that glory, and it save the day you are those fans, cheering for America, even though there those that want to degrade you and ridicule you cheering for the America that you know and the Americas it still is yet to be.
Holding onto the corners of american goodness in catching all those who fall LE braiding. What is noble about the american journey? Remember one thing. And I charge you with it- save the cheerleader, save the world I want to talk to you a little bit about relief factor, it has helped to me, as so many others out of pain, thus leading our best lives, and it can help you now to relief, factor is not about giving a pain happens to us, as the years go on, but that doesn't mean we just lie down and surrender to it. Relief factor trial,
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comes in, and talks about Lincoln and his amazing story telling ability yesterday fortunately, for him under oath they have just been the helpers of all helpers they're trying to they haven't they haven't thwarted, a single plain, getting off the ground really TED cruises gonna talk about that more coming up the scenes, Sometimes a man's gotta do demands. Gotta do yeah, sometimes also a man's got to do with a woman has to do. You know living in twenty. One is weird: this man, this man's gotta, have a snack, and that means having a bill bar Bilbil is what happens when you get the company who understands it. Flavour comes first and all that hell stuff
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I had over two boys tv, dot com, Slash Glenn, these it from a complaint or save ten bucks on your subscription to blaze, Tv This is the Glen Back Programme and Senator TED crews from a great state of Texas joins us now senator. How are you, sir, it's great to be with you. So I watched the Lincoln yesterday, testifying and, of Congress about how he hasn't stranded any body how he hasn't. He and the State Department have only been working hard with these charities to be able to get those planes out of there There is nothing further from the truth and I believe you have been working with us. You know the truth of that This? Is the key you lied under oath to the american people multiple occasions but
If you need any evidence on how the state Department has been thwarting our every move, you let me know: but I think you already probably have that Well, I do, and in England you're exactly right, the State Department has been actively working against valiant efforts to to rescue Americans from behind enemy lines to rescue them from Afghanistan. And no one has done more to it. To make that happen, then you have glamour. Let me thank you for your in MILAN rentable leadership, but on resources on the ground. It did to help help people in crisis and help people went when our own government cut tail and ran and wasn't there to help them with which they should have been shit. You saying that There are, as you know, thousands of people
We have left behind green card holders, yet we had he said, Yesterday there were only a hundred people. TED? I have more than on one manifest more than a hundred people that are blue passport holders and State Department will not do any think veiled, laughed at us and mocked us. They have openly mocked us on? I'm trying to get these people out when we were asked when we asked them? What paper work? Is it you need this time they say well there's a paper work that was I think it was released August. Twenty Eightth and everybody needs to have that paper and I said where'd not me, but one of the people said: where do we yet that an end, the State Department said, The embassy this was last week
when we said there is no embassy, they laughed openly laughed at us and said well. You'll have to fear, that one out won't you The sad thing about how this administration has approached the entire issue of Afghanistan is that it has been political from day one. It has been all about the speech, Joe Biden and his political handlers wanted to give us timber eleventh and they ignored every other consideration. They ignored the military. consideration ignored the safety considerations. They inexplicably gave the bog room airfield to the Taliban, essentially gift I did it then handed over. Had we kept back China we would. We would have paddy safe and secure runaway actually to runways, yeah from which to conduct
evacuations and the horrific suicide bombings that happened would not have succeeded at the level they did, because Bog room was to withstand terror attacks, but but their approach during the evacuation after the withdraw and today has been all politics all time, and so, when it comes to us sting, removing either you s citizens or green hard holders of whom there are thousands that are behind enemy lines, this shit illustration views their existence. as an inconvenient truth that every person you bring out of their gland highlights their failure yes and and so sadly, it is part of then operatives that are engaged in spend control? Instead, the United States State Department having the bow. acts of Americans, then it is disgraceful. What is happening even on our own soil. Here they have brought. people in the
we're not green cardholders, we're not S. I've ease, they weed no, whose here now on our own soil, they did such a horrible job at vetting and it is amazing to me, because we're held to a remarkable standard. They seem to care and so now we have them on our air force spaces where people over in Germany can come and go at will and leave the base and come back, here in Amerika. I dont know if it's the same, but I know we have the same kind of problem and vetting these people. and we have a border that is being overrun. This is this is straight out of gibbons and the decline and fall of the roman empire, but blood your exactly right. Number one on the vetting, their vetting was extremely poor in many cases, nonexistent one of them
you were saying we're saying people brought in here who had records with terrorism, were saying one per and brought it who had been convicted of rape and tragically we are seeing grown man arriving from Afghanistan with with children that they claim are their child brides. Adult man who have little girls, they claim their wives and they are arms sexually assaulted. These girls, with the blessing of the state carbon and you mentioned that they can come to go on the bases in Europe while unfortunate they can hear as well. Two weeks ago, I was out at Fort Bliss in El Paso in Fort Bliss, they are standing up in building housing for up to ten thousand afghan rep These I tore it by helicopter. They were bring him in at the time. planes were landing every couple hours. I asked the commanding generalised What's the security on the base, he said. Oh there is no security. There's no perimeter, there's no fans, because this is not a detention facility,
one of these can leave time they want dozens of them had left already in this was just a few days into their arriving. He said one guy literally called Ober and took uber downtown El Paso. They had no idea where he was an end. These guys have. no idea, whether they're bringing in Al Qaeda or our new shroud or or other radicalism I'm a terrorist and and tragically, I pray that the consequence of this derelict could have duty is, is not aid, a terror attack or a suicide bombing in an email good mauler, were restaurant or bringing the kind of violence that we see over air, bringing it at home, because jobs in ministration are not doing their job. Let me switch subjects were now having Biden say that he is going to the more sensible republicans to talk to them about filibuster. What
I am assuming you're, not getting the call from Joe Biden. I suppose I should be complicated. They complimented that. I said that I didn't make the cut around the more sensible Republican dry looked. It is it. This is really sad. I mean I've known Joe Biden for about a decade. Now he was vice president. When I was elected to the Saturday swore me in he was with a knife. Affable guy was Uncle Joe. That's that's been his currency sit since the day. I got a lot the Senate six hundred years ago, the Biden we have today. The EU is recognisable he has become. Uncle Joe just nineteen fifties, understanding of Uncle Joe. He has become an american Caesar and an American Caesar whose very angry that his subjects dare defy him
you're, saying over and over again listen. This vaccine mandate is utterly and completely lawless. There is zero presidential authority to order every American to undertake a health care decision that he's cited you need to take their zero basis, in law afford Ellison, I'm someone who believes in vaccines. I've been vaccinated, my family's been vaccinated, but it's you. damn decision, whether or not to get vaccinated, Joe Biden, has no right trying to force you or me, or our families, to make those kinds of healthcare decisions and the thing that is galling Glenn. He knows it. He know, this lawless, but he issued the order anyway, because he knows the litigation will take weeks or months or years and by that time, most but we'll just have complied with his lawless decree. That is the ammunition of abuse upon. Why can they not go right sister to the Supreme Court? Why why? Why
Why isn't there something I mean that is so unconstitutional and and they are using OSHA and if you can get away with this. Oh sure, can get away with anything. Literally anything. Why can't the Supreme Court take this up, dwelt that the challenge to the Supreme Court. Taking it up, it there's a whole series of of legal standards that basically require that a case be right, that it be an act case and controversy that the injury beak create an immediate and that an individualist challenging the case have standing, and then I think what the bite ministration is doing and they smart lawyers advising them there taken their sweet time. Promulgating. The OSHA rules will have announced it. But right now Somebody who, whose at home, who says well I'm facing the threat of this mandate, there's a good the court would say: well it's not clear what is
actually they're gonna. Do it it's not clear how it's good impact you, so we the courts and resolve it until there is a clear, concrete injury on you and, as they delay weeks and months, most of the fortune, five hundred eager to do it anyway, it it's an excuse for them, the blame our wits, not our fault, the government made us do it and it's an excuse because they, the big employers, r- looking for a way to do it anyway, and their counting on ninety nine percent of the people being faced, with a choice get this back. Whether you wanted or not whether your doctor says, is the right decision for you or not or be fired. and that is that that's fundamentally wrong, Is it time for cars? it is to US stand up libertarian, conservatives at which I consider myself constitutional conservative that their that yes,
private business can do at private business can do, but there collusion here, the Lee Private companies, what you just lined out Yes, g frame, one hundred percent, yet the government wants them to do something it pushes them they collude. the government they get it done and you Enron around the constitution. Is it that we, as conservatives re evaluate this. This mantra of ours that it's a private business to do, whatever it wants ab Salute Lee and end today, big business, big business is not a free of liberty. It's not a friend of free enterprise, big business gets in bed with big government big business, well comes tyrannical government, big business, welcome subsidies and energy ethically big. Business welcomes massive regulations because big business survive, the little guys get killed and
competition for the giant its driven out of work and in it you know, My view is, is that that the giant businesses have made their beds with the socialists and the revolutionaries who are trying to destroy our republic there so focused on a awoke, virtue signal that they are willing to be complicit destroying our nation. It's why Glenn couple to go, I announced I will accept zero corporate pact checks, are no or I will not accept their money, because if they're gonna be complicit in destroying this nation. I don't want any part of it for you TED, please please. If you need any kind of proof- and I know you don't cause- you been involved- trying to help us and others if these planes off the ground but if anyone needs any evidence, I've got wrap load of it.
Take this man and hold his feet to fire. He is per during himself, and it is about time that somebody who lies in front of Congress that it power in this country actually, feels the ramifications of it. Well get get us all of this. If it gave it its I'm gonna be totally blanket, is gonna be testifying in front of me and twelve minutes. An end? And so I would welcome any and all specific evidence, because they are spinning death? really tried to obvious gate. The truth and I do want to kill underscoring what I said. Look at your listeners, Leir listeners, no your heart and what you care about, but but they may not know the her q Leon effort. The ten of millions of dollars. The levy superhuman focus. You have put and into rescuing Americans trapped in Afghanistan. Rescuing Christians, trapped in Afghan US,
and you are saving people's lives clan and in its it's feeling any credible need- and I want to make sure your listers know that this is not just you, talking on the radio this that this is pulling p pull out of literally facing torture and murder. If you were not there. Thank you. Ted crews, senator from the great state of Texas God bless you let me tell you about car shield when you're cargoes down cost you a lot of money, especially if it something like a computer chip. You take your Korean and you don't have a covered repair here, screwed, you are you end up selling your car cause, it's not worth it and there lots of miles left on a car, that's like carshield cars go further because they have covered repairs and things like computer chips. They're, not gonna, they're gonna, not only put you
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so they wouldn't be burned to death, but we it up moving, not only the Nazareth, fun targeted refugees, but so many others that we didn't plan for, because we thought the United States government would do which would take the american Passport holders in the S, ideas and the p ones. The bee dues, all of those that should have been on military planes. The state depart and left them behind. So we need your help because the job is so enormous, so enormous, please join us and help any donation is more than welcome mercury, one dot org or the Nazareth Fund onward the Nazareth Fund, DOT, org or mercury, one thought or programme I'll. Tell you about bill part about that.
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tell you about the story. You wanted to tell me about voter fraud of king. I file I'm all at a time. I can't access salon reading all that time with your stupid and build bar commercial economic not entertainment decline back
hello, America. Welcome to the programme. I want to talk to you a little bit about our our economic situation. You now because of the vaccine. All these things gonna work out really well for the economy known on all mandatory vaccine, it's gonna be eager aid going to be fabulous. Kirilov joins us in sixty seconds programme so our lives in Texas sitting writes about his experience with really factories. I've been him back. Paints is merely twenties, I'm fifty one. Might the twenties I work for the state prison. I entered my back. I was awful work for about a year now betraying engineer- and I sit all day for work Mile, my wife star. make me take relief factor literally she's would jamming down my throat and it changed. My life.
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factor, dot com, now, eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four relieffactor dot com. Eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four general raw is joining us she's. The author of a re book. We ve had our on several times before the war on small business she's, a former investment banker, who sobered up an came out of the dark. As to the light side and is trying to explain to the average American exactly what their facing and what is going on in Washington with with our government and big business and how they are colluding to just color apps. Everything that we know and and hold dear am I stating that Carol
not glands going to be back with you and before we talk about the consolidation and economy? I just have to thank you for your leadership and your heroisms that you have shown helping the people a bad Ghana. Stan I've been very inspired by that. So much. Thank you just just a pleasure to be back. Thank you, gotta. Let me just tell you Carol. It is truly this amazing audience that is doing it and there are so many people that are on the ground that I give e mails from in the middle of the night, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the show that or are we king and doing heroic things. But thank you for that. Our current by They play no you're, not stating thing was in terms of the real times threats on our economic freedom and the ability for the average american, four main street to create and retain wealth. And this move, meant that we have toward the center
we plan, looking quite like socialist economy, is actually very frightening. So detailed, quickly- and I know we didn't plan on talking about this, but the key, the metric of that GDP was was until those are still complex. Now that we have over nineteen, we can't figure it out. So the FED stops. giving of issuing a number of the GDP, but the FED in Atlanta They decide it's not too complex for them and the GDP. The number is reduced by forty one percent, but the prediction of the next quarter of forty one percent reduction. That's significant. Why Did they do this, and why is no one really talking about it? Well, nobody pays attention to. You won't be economists, probably mostly because they get it wrong, so often them and we ve had the sort of the shell game
changing numbers, whether it you are not going to show you the GDP, we're going to change the way we calculate inflation or mandated. The FED is you focus on Europe, inflation, Morgan, let that run hot for a while, as always, some sort of that we're moving around, but the reason why they're doing. It obviously has because we have central planning that thought that it was a really good idea to turn off about a third of the economy and then try to turn back on, like you were power cycle laying a modem and thinking that there wouldn't be any issues, and these come geniuses. Although many of us thought this from day, one did, realize or perhaps realize and are doing, and I hope that the complete ripple effect that we would see down the supplied and in terms of young people out of the workforce and the inability to get enough goods and services to match,
demand on the back that a pandemic and that's part of what we're fate right and so now we're. Looking at this vaccine mandate, which I was just talking to TED crews, and he said they haven't really even put this in, but the big yes gee companies again there. By putting it in because they wanted the nudge from the government to be able to do it and we're gonna have a massive nightmare on this. There are already starting to advertise. Hey, have you add your vaccine and there when we have a worker shortage, there They have now created a new workers shortage. They think it's incredible. I think a lot of people don't sort of look at that the scope of what we're talking about, but we are at a historic level. We have eleven million job so that our unfilled today in this country, a crazy. That is because we had the government competing with these businesses in the war
fourth and creating uncertainty for people to come back to work. Now there and again are picking winners and losers their deciding just like they decided who was essential, who, with non essential their deciding who be able to work and who shouldn't work and legal The ironic thing in the evil thing here is that a large percentage of the people who have chosen- to get back the needed for the variety of reasons may have natural immunity. Some may have medical research then some may be exported pregnancies, whatever their reason, as but many those are people like frontline workers. central workers that found a way to keep themselves save, the entire pandemic and war, while the girl, Marco, it causes a pajama glass, stayed home and work from home and now they're Tang as a thank you for working through the entire pandemic, end quote on putting yourself at risk
now we no longer trust you to be able to make those choices and we're going to take away your ability to a living and on principle that is such a dangerous precedent this. Is this goes hand in hand with the union, in the pro act. I know that The White House didn't make this move without consulting the union's first. This is it is so evil. What is going on thing, is a calculated move. This has, nothing to do with the pro act does not and a lot of people are putting those dots together, Thyme glad that you brought that up. So the pro acts for people may not be familiar with that as a piece of legislation which is sponsored by Big Union which not only is going to force people to join our union, whether you want to or not, but basically
eliminate the gig economy, which is fifty nine million workers who are choosing You should be able to do in a free country to work flexibly way that they want to do it, it is already path the house It has a lot of steam in the Senate like we're talking, maybe one or two our vote and it passes and grandma your ability to work. The way that you want to work and to make that freedom of choice and for all the people who dream about your choice, labour should be your choice. You should not have these big entities, whether its big government or big Union, deciding how you should work. You should be able to make that contract between you and another business and their sticking there. More than anything. We now have again big business. Big government, big special best special interests- working to say we are going to be the only one standing and we ve seen this movie before this is
exactly what happened in a different way, but exactly happen in the great depression. When after your went to the big three automakers and said you guys come up with the rules and killed great automakers and tyre manufacturers and and All of these people that were smaller than the big three and they shut them out forever and America suffered because of it right, because freedom and choice, always produce a better outcome than fourth coercion and control and a handful of people making the decision and the worst part as they sell it. As this is a we are being paid, worker, and we're trying to help the little guy, but as we know, every single time does exactly the opposite, and the only reason why these big unions and big government need to collude in this way to try to push this through is because the union's were now clearly losing membership they gave workers wants it
he left alone, they dont want legislation, and for me, individual workers standpoint. This legislation is incredibly popular than the majority dope, doesn't work on it, but it doesn't matter there still going to sell helping the little guy just like they thought that it is raining in the big banks, but gave them free rein to take out smaller banks, a small business. believable by the way, if you have not read Carol Roth's book the war on small business, you need to you really want to understand, what's going on in the country and how they are killing the entrepreneurial spirit and and small businesses, and why they're doing it right? the war on small business by care. A rough one. Last question that I have that was peculiar. To me black raw I just think exists and his son EVIL Empire being built they're, the ones that are really behind s jeez their pushing this really hard. They are
they are tangled up with China. and George Soros, who I I think, The evil emperor STAR wars. He came out and said what Black Rocket No, it must stop He comes out and he says, look bright blackrock with China is out of control and is really bad I dont owed route for in this one I know that this was the surprise of the week ends. I think it's important sometimes to separate the messaging from the messenger, especially with somebody like George Soros, who sometimes done things for his own purposes once in a while. We believe the seems that way, but black rock is the largest money manager in the world. They have nine trillion dollars under management. You wanna talk about people, get upset about antitrust, nobody's event. about the fact that they control so many assets
and they are, as you said, getting entangled with China. They are not only encouraging people to significantly increase their exposure to China, which Absolutely no sense, given the level of fraud that we ve seen out of many of these chinese companies. Given the fact that the Chinese Communist Party has been extracting quote, him quote: donations public companies and in an really ETA has looked the final say, but there are also the curate. timing here this is this is very thought back, but they ve also gotten from I know the mandate to be able to sell mutual funds into China, which we now China does not do enough, there's some benefit, so it's something to definitely keep an eye on em, my biggest concern, which I am sure will too talk about again. One day is a Trojan horse How do they get away to x
act more money in wealth from American into China via these sort of vehicles and end the kind of all you're going to have an open up chinese investment opportunities, but then we're going to shut them. Company and take it away or we're going to make the chinese individuals rich and have them buy up assets in America. They're going to come back to the Chinese Communist Party, so keep an I am less I do have to ask no question to this. There something that that there was the the bear Stearns of China is going under or there is a problem and it looks like their China may be in real trouble with their economy. Is that true? So I I haven't read about this specific company and now quickly,
I have some homework to do by the China from an economic standpoint, has a lot of issues here, not only because it owed their numbers have been untrustworthy and they ve been putting out a lot of fraudulent information, but their demographics are a mass in terms of the percentage of their population and that is going to be over sixty five and needing to have care shifting, and then and the coming sort of five to ten years is going to completely change and it put a lot of pressure on their economy and their one. Child policy is really going to come back to bite them in the you know. What They really are there not coming from a position of strength and where The communist third, coming from a position of strength, is something we all need to keep an eye on Terra Rossi, author of the war on small business. A must read if you want to understand what tomorrow is gonna look like and why it's gonna, look like that. Specially of your in small business or you just bleed,
I don't know the free market, the war on small business by Kara, Thankee Carol appreciated. I lay the play. Alright patriot, Mobile, the old days cell phones, or that maybe feeling needed gauge over didn't we remember the big Block- phones, car foe. Yes, I got a mobile phone in my Y all anyway, we had just you know a couple of calm but companies. It would provide cell phone service now as our true anymore these days. You have a choice, a real choice, Patriot Mobile America's only servant of christian Mobile Service and I only say that because, while it is true but all because they stand for those values than they are fighting for to save the great things of Amerika there, trying to fight
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station? I d, already you know I I'm looking at the news a day did you see, we have to talk about this. The the Effie Sea has Your twitter of any wrong doing for a Hunter Biden story, censorship,. They say it was banned for a valid commercial reasons, not a political purpose who believes that. I mean, I guess, if it's
You cannot make the argument, I suppose, then they are catering to liberals and the government will crack down on them if they report bad NEWS for Democrats. So therefore, yes, it was a valid commercial read it. I thought it was a hundred per cent political, a hundred percent pulling up. Is it illegal? I dont know that it was illegal, but it was definitely it was that's any at legal s at the Effie C is supposed to do, though. They're supposed to protect the elections and of somebody is pulling. the wool over people's eyes and changing the the outcome of an election, I mean this is crazy. This is crazy. What they did. The lead the way and everybody everybody fell in line with them, and that laptop story remains the biggest story. I think, possibly of the nation's history,
there is so much internal Ruction involve, in that story. That store is gonna be told by I repeat, organizers, gonna tell you, among others very soon, so get because that's gonna be what what's on that laptop is a big story. I think when you say that get story, though it has to relate to how what the media did. that is well, and I think this is This is really a new approach for the media. I think your Biden was a changing point for the media in two thousand Sixteen the media blamed itself for the for the Rick Clinton loss saying we should not have covered things like the email scandal. Sure all we did was justified and say wasn't a big deal, but we drew attention to it. So what? If we this time. When there's a sky, nor closely election. We just complete we ignore it, and so they did that with Hunter Biden. They're doing it with Larry Elder right rose. Mcgowan is accused the wife of the governor of crying to
silence her on the Harvey Weinstein's scandal no one is reporting this elegant attacked in eighteen, oh by protesters, racist slurs, we're yielded him a woman in a gorilla mask through an egg at him. Nobody in the media is reporting it other than a couple of sarcastic stories from the delay times, including one where they made it. Look like Larry, elder slapped woman- they use see photo of Larry Elder touching the face of a woman and made it look like he was clapping her hands. The headline just talked about a confrontation, so it looked like elder was the aggressor, oh my god, and that only cover to TED and what they do. Is they just act as if nothing happened? these things are occurring and if we don't say them, then they don't exist.
If the tree falls in the woods and the mediators and cover it, does the story exist and more finding out that they believe they can get away with this even in this environment, because the people who will talk about it are surrender it Eddie discredited, made no one's that they have been saying are not reliable, mean I America wake up. We govern Come on how to get out of bed diarrhoea get about about gotta, be gayer error. You know, you'll see him for a while she be seeps. Maybe too much rest America. Abed get out of bed, and just Big. The truth listens to plunder programme, So right now, I'm guessing that you be perfectly fine selling your house and moving to I dont know the moon. I'm will to go to the moon, I mean Like some oxygen and some food but
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Is giving is opening statement on the afghan exit and, oh, my gosh, it's just. It was so hard they been Oh, they ve been working so hard, but they didn't receive play and they just received a date from Donald Trump and they had to do it. They had to do it. This way. We now are begging, begging for help from the Taliban and I'm not make an ETA the union, it states of America, is now negotiating and begging for help from the Taliban. and this is not a slip up or are We just dab DAB, Twa it wasn't of the the poor planning. This is the plan, and I need you to understand this. This is the plan. this is just a way to
take America from her rightful place from a group of people who believe that we are. are the oppressors. We are the aggressive ones that we're trying to take over the world that we don't do anything good. It is the plan to take down the United States of America. As we know it, there We know, and it is time for people who voted for Democrats to stop lying to yourself. Please Stop lying to yourself. Look at what there Teaching in our schools look at what they're saying look at what they're doing. the left, not Democrats, the left, hey, America. they ve been looking for ways to put us on par with other nations. They think this is good Obama, spend his entire administration apologizing for em. Russia and our guiding principles this administration is, The continuation of this.
do you mean the idea and ideals of America on the world stage. The goal is to make us appear equal, or even lesser. Then it's just an advance version of critical race theory Erika in the western way a life has to be made less or in order to pay for piracy. past sins. There are some people who are awake and really honestly, thank God that you're awake I mean That sincerely, you should thank God, that you are awake. there are some of us like you. We are not going to be ashamed of the principles and the ideals that our nation was founded on. We can be ashamed of some of the things we ve done. I'm embarrassed and ashamed of what this Administration is doing right now we all make
mistakes but to double down on them and to lie about them is a whole. Another thing. I am sad that fellow citizens who may have wanted good were fooled and are still being fooled by the left. Our president can kneel before the Taliban in an attempt to convince us that this nation, in our rich and Complicated history is not meant to be an example to the rest of the world, but we know The truth he can stumble and bumble as he tries to change our past by creating a new american future, but he doesn't have the power. and we must not give him that power and the way we give him that power is by not stating the truth. Amerika is good,
She is only great because she is good and when our hearts clothes- and we are no longer a good people we will no longer be a great nation. It is why they don't want you making sandwiches for the homeless. It's why wrapper in Miami- can't give to the underprivileged air conditioning units they might stop you from being good. It's why we are told we cannot go rescue people who we know shouldn't, be left behind and has anyone noticed we don't care if their white or black or brown or yellow? We don't. air if their Christian. their men, women or children. We just care. If you're a decent human being, you have a right to live. It is the american people who write the future of this nation. It is you
It is your friends, it is your family, it's not, the administration was gonna determine where our story goes. Next, it will be us. We ve already decided so much of our future to you, ago I said there is no way you could shut down the american people and tell them to close their business. You could do it for a while. Not very long. Well, it's been two years, Amerika You are allowing them to write your future. George Washington wrote the preservation of the sacred fire of Liberty and the destiny of republican model of government are just we considered as deeply perhaps, is finally staked on experiment intrusted to the hand of the american people our future is not set in stone. We choose it every single day, and we must be,
into choose to live differently. Preserve and protect the ideals and ideas of this nation you are writing her future right now, but you're writing alone. Millions of others are rising up. to prove that a man Russia and her people are still a shining example to the world. Mercury. One has just preserved the greatest collection Pilgrim, artifacts and documents. The largest collection of pilgrim documents and artifacts and artifacts and documents from James Town in the world.
It is quite a responsibility that we have here at the Mercury studios and mercury, one in our faults, and we know that. But it is far less of a responsibility than what we have. You know, after the persecution and death at sea. the surviving pilgrims While they were on the Mayflower. They made a covenant. to stand for truth and light and care. For one another, in times of need jobs, Winthrop, I may quote him thus stands the cause between God in us. The only way to avoid the shipwreck. and to provide for our children is to do justly. To love mercy.
Walk humbly with our God. For this end,. we have to be knit together in this work has one we have to delight in each other, Make each other's conditions our own rejoice together Morn, together labour and suffer together, always having before our eyes the commission and community in the work as members of the same body shall we keep the unity of the Spirit and bond of peace? The Lord we'll be our God, and we shall find that ten of us shall be able to resist a thousand of our enemies. We have to Consider that we shall B as a city,
pity upon a hill. the eyes of all people are upon us, so that, if shall deal falsely with our God in this work. and so caused him to withdraw his present help from us. We, I'll be made a story and by word throughout the world. In the land will be turned into curses upon us. There is now set before US life and death, good and evil. In that we are commanded this day to love, the Lord, our God, and to love one another. Therefore, Let us choose life. Let us choose life that we and our seed may live by, Obeying his voice and cleaving to him. For he is our life, for he.
is our prosperity you're that light that he spoke about. We are that city on the hill and our life sir being dimmed, but they are not out. And they will not go out as long as there are. Millions of us will keep our hearts open and soft, no matter what is said about us, no matter what is done that we were. care for one another and we will care for other human brothers and sisters, no matter where they come from, no matter how they treat us you, who are now to choose life in the face of danger. You are Amerika. it may come down to a remnant, it may Come down to just a few
and if you don't understand that you must embody all of the good that America has stood for. If you I'll. Do it? Who will. and if no one does it, she is lost forever. I have said for a long time and I believe it today the audience we'll save this country. I don't know in what condition, but you ma keep your hearts open. America is not Joe Biden, Iraq is not Barack Obama or Susan Rice, or even Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan. It's every person, who's ever sacrificed for his fellow man.
America's every mother who was rocked crying child sleep every. Every dad that his worked long hours to put food on the table. every widow who was parted with her last nickel to feed the boar. A pioneer that has crossed the planes every slave, who stood up to his master. every soldier who has given service and perhaps even his or her life, to defend freedom, a mare A car is every patriot who held fast to the idea.
that all men are created: equal America, his those who built the first government based on that principle, and today every time you a the truth and nothing but the truth You are America, every person you hold their hand or he'll or rescue every soul this morning that is getting on a plane and is saved from the fate of the Taliban? Is proof of those american ideals and those principles and that America is still alive somewhere in the hearts of Americans. is proof that all that they say about it Americans and about America is wrong.
it is proof that we love one another, no matter where they come from or how they live their lives. It is proof that today, just like on Mayflower There are Americans that will choose life over death and goodness, over evil, help us out with the Nazareth fund. Please donate to Nazareth Fund, DOT, org thee, Nazareth, fund, dot, org or mercury, one dot, Org. Some fine day all cybercriminals will be called upon by their mothers to come out of the basement and have dinner, and in those days we will all rejoice. For we shall not have our identities stolen, at least during dinner. Until that day, we eight and we rely on lifelong to help, keep a safe. Nobody can keep everybody save. They can't guard against everything, but me
and is it important that you understand how identity theft affects all of our lives every day? We put our information on the internet at risk and in an inn, stint. Cyber criminal could harm. What's yours, that's why life lock is there and if they, check the your information has been potentially compromise. They're gonna, send you an alert, so their restoration, specialist or on hand as well or not? Just as a hey, you got a problem They also have people there. Help you. If you become a victim, its life lock, save up twenty five percent off your first year now had Nortons lifelong lifelong dot, com with promo code Back when five percent off promo code back lifelong dot com, you can call at one eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dotcom, save twenty five percent, promo code back
So the California Recall election is today we have Larry Elder coming up here in just a moment. He is the in candidate of the replacement parts Ilities for Gavin Newsome pulling. Is it's interesting because if you eat, you may look back at this and say some of these earlier polls that had the race very close may have broken a bunch of people, a hen in California that are Democrats and now they may race to the polls and save Gavin Newsome will see if that's the case, it's within striking distance for recall election and really it's it's just that's! The only question at this point. Larry elder is going to be, by all pulling going too easily win the second the question of who should replace Newsome if he is replaced with watching the election results come in today, of course its California. So it's very strange couple things look for the first thing that
to count, is supposedly going to be these ballots that were Leave votes so now the mail in voting Early voting from like last weekend, which lean, pretty heavily democrat, then the day of election votes will come in which should go republican and then You have the Ty weak, process of counting mail in votes that will asked on and on and on and on dough, and don't worry, they didn't say that you could send your phone multiple weeks laid like last time. Now is only one week late, so no big deal with Larry Elder coming up in just a minute programme: let me talk to you about the zebra fell, stiff everyone's got an opinion nowadays feels like fewer and fewer people have facts, but everybody has an opinion ears, a fact. organs overspend on insurance instead
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would you not entertainment the blunder
It's Tuesday, lotta great stuff, go on today and then the usual run of the mill slime balls in Congress and in the state Department in the White House. You know you're gonna, love, em actual you don't! Actually you don't know you don't have to love em plots. We do have to pay attention to them. It's crazy! It's crazy! How Lincoln is now testifying under oath in front of the Senate, and I don't think he knows what that means. Courts and nobody ever is actually helped anything when you testify under oath. He bore a depends on the definition of it is in our lives, and you say: Americans are trapped in being held by hostage. I say none of them exist here, no, its little things like that tomato tomorrow. We begin their and Larry elder this hour in sixty seconds
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I really do I this evening. They did my big theories. They didn't want to change the name. They didn't have a good management and Eminem. They wanted to change it to anyway, so they just named the football team. So now everyone still kind of calls it the washing redskin and when all this nonsense ends, I rely on the Redskins me. I had another. The lever go back, other go back, I will thy. I think I'm here now. I see our panel. That shows anything less than like I don't know. Seventy five percent of native Americans liking the name I'm never going to stop calling in the way. Our. Let me tell you this. Let me tell you this: do all things go good things come to an end and we know that fox and others felt so deeply about. You know bill I am now add cops are that they cancelled cops. Hey by either by the way. Returning this flaw, flax, Cobb, good good they're, bringing back good yeah. They should be, baggy Howard's Dickie listed cancelled and ours,
what was the other all cowards? What was the other show that the twenty four seven caught show alive. Pity NEA was at one time a MAC, yet nothing we're talking about like the number one show on cable news that is cancelled because Guess some morning in the profession did something wrong cancelling shows that feature police officers because one police officer was was. Can I was a kid. Of a crime like that is. We should cancel all murder mysteries because they're not really mysteries their solved by the end and those murderers have made mistakes not an murdering, but by getting caught anyway. here's the add that around ran during the NFL game this weekend,
loud and County Virginia spent nearly half a million to develop a divisive curriculum promoted by political activists. When parents spoke of officials threaten to silence. Now, then, a teacher was put on leave for his religious beliefs. Others encouraged to turning colleagues and now powerful education unions are using dirty political campaign tactics to go after parents, suppression, political activism, censorship, let's get politics out o the classroom join us free to learn dot, Org, Lovett Lovett, some good things? Let me they cut seven here. Here's Biden following some- add gropes imminent wonders awfully
Jill and it looks like like these working group on the need to seek do like school. Our goal is like stand right here, unless you in front of all these everything you I love this school and facing the runway at a Wall Hauser and Chancellor Farrabee. Thank you for doing this. looking behind him now wandering off, but I think what is raised. Crazy, absolutely crazy,
that's one magical sounds are going on in his head. I like why it would just love to see the video running in that skull. Because it is not what it worth seeing eye ease got other shows go on like this. It's really not. Did you see that? Did you see the video of him yesterday, the White House just cut him off the prey. His speaking there like. I don't think we need to see all those do you now cut it off. Watch curse requested one of the things that I've been working with mothers is. Cut him off a lot of our big opportunity. It says and of broadcast, be wow It is right
We ve been through a lot of weird things of the past idle now ten years, but this hand here come on twenty Allow me to find that they have been a weird. It's been ordered, like men, at arms at work. I just I I don't think I've ever seen anything like this. They treat him as if he's this, like underling you now, comes out and they just their constantly pulling him away from reporters he's saying all the time. I'm not supposed Do this and are not allowed to do that either the president is what you're not allowed to do is simple
a nation wide eviction ban. As I see that do you and answer questions. The reporters whenever you want nobody's Joan mean that I can do that. Or do you think I care I can't take reporters out of order, but what I can do is implemented giant national vaccine mandate with no cuts, fictitious gentle back and whatsoever. You mean come on their own boon can take another question, but I can light all of you and fire. We can leave hundreds and thousands of people in a war zone
Did the whole? No Americans left behind thing. Just we does flush that down the toilet with cave you're. Tellin me now. I cannot equate. Should I can't do it. I've only allowed for fish stick a sick that actual otherwise. You don't give my pudding and I go to my pudding than I have today every day, there's another one of these videos were he just I mean it. So like, he has. No, billowy too to act in a normal human fashion, he's not a normal human being he's been in government heads before you were born. I guess that's what I'm learning I guess that's what I'm noticing and and is is blowing me away, but I can't even
use watches you wouldn't Europe, ITALY she's, in the middle of speaking, he turns around and looks at the wall and then turn back inventors walks diagonally in the opposite direction, and just one Why does walks away as if people wouldn't notice the presence of the United States and they want in away from us, build who is listening to her when he's giving a back rub to some kid and then walked to the other side of his wife and as she speaking, he turns around and is facing the wrong direction. You're you're not listening to her at a more you're. Like ok, he's a prayer. Wait. What is he doing now? I dont think even knows where, where going wisely leaving now, what is happening sheet, be saying and by the way a free money is worried, find you and she problem. We did just grab barrels of free money. We just got it off the printing press, Nobody is earring her because are all like what the hell is he doing. Of course, why would you right?
I'm telling you I can wander off anymore. I'd. Look. Have you seen my hat where is my? How we're it is on top of my head is where I think those this thing here to work. Work conservative show right We are not going to find favour in every effort Joe Biden Administration, and I admit I come from a place where I want to smaller government, not a larger one, I would prefer a guy who's in the middle of a high inflationary period, not wanting to spend four point. Seven trillion dollars like I've, never going to see that in a positive light. However, can we at least get up? as in the United States that will stop touching children,
I won a varied. The very basic know about all too clear earlier cobble of what one that I know that you can't just what in your hands all over the kids it is. We are you from the tat. He is like it's weird. It's really weird! It's because its accelerated and I think because of civility honestly, he has no, he as no filter on him any more at times he doesn't know the difference between. Don't do that and do that, but it nobody says, I'm not gonna. Do it anymore. I don't remember this is a man who was accused by multiple women of making them feel uncomfortable because he put his hands all over them and sniffed their hair. Do we not
Member this and then he came back and said: look I just Oda, I'm an old guy and all you know back in the old days we used to get to grope women. However, we wanted and put it change girl how? I can't do that anymore. So I've learned my lesson: no more ends down women's shirts when they don't look like they want me, I'm just doing it to children and little boys. Do I don't know a day why everybody yelling at me now, I'm not doing it with full of Roma women and do a little children. Have you noticed how he'll give speeches and to be like and that's why I'm declaring that there is a state of war. Oh hello, little girl yeah, like what are you doing right? Oh she, really, mommy tell you that. Will who lives in a mammy. I've got candy in my pants, I mean it's like love.
This is getting worse. I haven't seen lately, any video at least of Joe Biden sitting in a pool at having young children come up and play with his leg, hair at least that had not on on yonnondio? Don't don't it was. Young children. It was young black boys, that's right, and he was very clear about that. As I recently met story idea now used to have some of them, colored children become in pet. My leg is that it was like a baby. It was good of I did that might not be drooping iliescu. Lila, My guys that guy then you want- and that was the same speech he wanted corn pop story, s member- he knew some evening born pop and he was a good guy, bad guy. I dont know if at point when he got to the corn pop part of the story, I
I wasn't a drug dealer was corn, pauper, drug dealer or some sort of criminal. I now know I surrendered and corn Bob my daily did. I like I give up. I I surrender. Whatever this story leads to, no one will pay any attention to and I I add our time with the little colored kids it replaced with their heads on my legs in the girl. I had a problem not putting down my legs. That was a real strategy, real story that really I don't really happened. I think it has he told the story Junior did you hear that is. First job was with cascade. What is it cascade, Pacific or the? The paper, though the warehouse, her people, ok, He's ahead, you know my first job where's with cascade in their like
no one will ever work for us now mean that happened like yesterday. How did you first jobs? Has this guy? You know my first job was Trucker about, and I believe it was out in it Delaware and I was trucker I drove and eighteen wheeler and then the net We do know. I was making paper products in the Pacific Northwest where my first job like what it's like, whatever, whatever episode of modern marvels, he watched the night before it was his first job. The next step was building more on our coasts, Japan. I built a shudder: half ok, that's a good laugh in a while that was good. Now, let me tell you about our sponsor its wrecked jack. That's a sad laugh though it's just I forget, our own.
massive erosion decide Arthur relaxes, iodized crumbling we're, lodging and happy. I ain't it funny. They know it's really. Not it's really! Not! The good news is it's only going to get much much worse. Now, let me tell you about wreck tech, many if you are having their friends or family over. You can do what I used to do and that is burn us not out of everything that without a girl, piss burn it. I was good at that. I wasn't good at making things not burnt on the girl but now I have erected. I have no idea how to burn it mean it Tell me exactly what to do when they do it. It's like I'm Joe Biden. The girl told me not to do that, so I can't do that. it has smart green technology. I want you to check out erected.
You can follow them online and social media or just go to erect tech dotcom. That's already see tee. Q dot com are easy to eat q, dot com and check out a wreck. Tech, you're, gonna love them. There is there's nothing like nothing, nothing in it category. That is even closer. My opinion, wrecked tech, with a cue check them out now wreck tech, dot, com, ten second stationing So here I am looking for the story today from the New York Times that came out the year. I think it was a tweet that came out yesterday from the New York Times where their sand hey I try. It there's no way possible no way possible that
Larry elder can win at this point. I mean its army Idiot Doyle in no way possible. It does seem. The poles have showed a lead in recent polling. It was tied a few weeks ago now, there's a slight the renewed for Newsome in the polls, but I dont think its. Oh, it's insurmountable, I would say it It's gonna, be spun the New York Times on the of California Recall election gum, gave a new sums led in the polls now warps the political rolling error. Andy is large enough to withstand nearly every state wide pulling miss in recent history. Wow. Really it's going that well for him It's a fascinating Bobby a cheat. Then I guess I'm sorry did I.
Glenn, you know mail in voting works really well. I will tell you this. I ask I gotta get an interesting thing in the mail delivery California ballot. There wasn't a California about, but it was a ballot local election. Nor do we have a local election and then I look the ballot and I said what will way. What is that and you know what it was at one point: I had a piece of real estate in another state. Now I never lived in this state so, probably shouldn't be voting at all, and not only do I not live in this state and I've never lived in the state budget. and on the piece of real estate anymore? that I had in the state yet ice. still got a ballot, for this is a local election sent to my home in Texas.
But it could certainly knew where you were now, but I didn't know that you'd never lived there and their state and didn't know and the property, but they could track you down in Texas. Now I dont know what would have happened Glenn if I were a bad person and sent in these bout. Oh you didn't do and how I do when I die, don't break election laws. I have this weird thing that apparently others don't have wow, but, like Do we really believe I don't know maybe this sometimes this stuff does get caught. Like do we really believe that vote, accounted, if I send it in, if scented inside it interest scented in? Would they ve caught that I was actually a registered voters in early February. In my life, I think you know they said that to you. Men hopes that you would do you're, civic responsibility and seeing the you didn't. Hopefully they have somebody that did did it for you
somebody Bobby registered? For me, at least I don't know, I don't know how that would have happened. I never registered mistaken eminently follows: did you call the state now? That's take at least ten minutes forget about sort of time? Listen you want to do. Is I don't? What am I gonna? Do I'm in no? My vote is not going to know I will be voting for me as I will. I think this is America. You hear what I hear. I hate you, that's what I hear America hears that Stew and she doesn't like it right now. Those staff, the statue of liberty, it weeping weeping because of your hatred towards or something like that. Financing Nl Us, why do through three foreign it W W w dot less consumer access, not or out of love, to hear your response to that, but we're all at a time. American financing. Maybe some things you haven't thought about things and get help. Save you a significant amount of money right now, like refinancing your home loan at a lower interest rates that alone.
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Inevitably, Stevie DOT, com, slash glad and promo code is glad metals. Every ten bucks off your subscription to please tv press conference yesterday that nobody covered with Larry held her and rose Mcgowan. She said yesterday, I finally came to a point where I'm not a Democrat, because everybody who is harassed stalked in stolen from me in my time in Hollywood, has been a Democrat, is anybody really covering what she said and what she is accusing the governors wife of doing we have Tammy Bruce here, whose use to this kind of turn your face away from real scandal in and what really is happening to women Tammy Bruce Former head of the National Organization of women. in the nineties and and saw what was what the real
agenda. Wasn't it had nothing to do about protecting women and has been a real patriot ever since and stood against all the people that just wanted to destroy her to speak. The truth Tammy welcome back to the programme. Well. Thank you very much, and I appreciate everything you ve said, and it's been going on. It reminds me look the ninety. Ninety now feels like a long time away, thank goodness, but it really has been happening for that long. Part of why I left the left is because, in my books, merrily books were about exactly this what's happening now so, they were experiencing, isn't because of a particular individual or because somebody up on the wrong side of the bed. This is inherently what the left is about and its to see rose, Mc Gowan realize
that, and it's true I mean it's not like. We haven't, had problems with various conservatives, right, conservative out immune from being jerk, but the the the biggest problem of almost without exception has been democratic. The way Democrats treat people the way they have treated women, a talk about democratic leadership, not necessarily on the ground, classical liberals, but the people who have well manipulated and controlled that environment. Now, I would say, since Kennedy the assassination. I think I've seen that historically Laguna turning point when it comes to what happened to the demo, party. I agree. I think the great society and l B J is greatly underrated. as a as a turning point for quite honestly for Good America and bad America. I mean, I think, the way they turned into something and claimed that they were something that they claim, that they were the the good guys. When I don't
they changed their their spots at all, especially when it comes to raise another. They change the spots and all they just change their tactics and their advertising slogans. Well, yes, and the thing- and I am actually very excited, I'm I'm writing a new book about the use of fear to control popular and what happened after Kennedys murder is that it. is the ultimate of you dont want to let a good crisis go to waste they realize the american people were emotionally shocked and would say yes, everything that that was suggested, but it is in part, also look at us to the moon. We work. We were willing to do that, because that was one of Kennedys last statements about a desire to go to the moon, because, of course, of the soviets having beaten us getting into space run by I were in the same kind of position and end with like with this recall. It said, but we ve got to continue. A momentum in rose in the lack of coverage. Is you noted about rose Mc Gowan statement confirms what it is
we ve been saying it confirms what she has been saying and it is as a result, we can say a conscious effort by media and left to to squash any not just the centre views, but these are views if you're dissenting it means you're calling out the laugh at me They know what they are supporting, they know what they're doing and they don't care makes it even more disgusting Anne and reinforces amongst good people. importance of us continuing on with our push Vinos really scary. If you look at the history of these kinds of things, when a society is allows itself to be duped and then when it's pretty clear that this is what's going on and those people decide. Well, I don't care, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna. Let that who information sway me they become very dark, I mean it, it did goes dark quickly when you close your your heart too,
to new information and truth, and you stand by when you have now recognise that you been allied to and you been duped. It's not gonna work out well what an and I think that the left knows that they have a very small window and we ve seen this historical. You can look at Venezuela. Is that just like this huge speed being built, it fundamentally transform America forever with what's going on Washington now they know the american people, no living human being wants to be treated like a caged animal, so you ve got to create them, Aramis, where you can't do anything about it in the aftermath. This is where there is the they push to take people's gun is that you get them in an emotional state where it's like, they think everything's going to be great before they know that they ve been con. Everybody hands in their weaponry is the ban as well, and I did and then but you're unarmed. When you come to the realisation that you ve been duped, we're in position. Certainly the cue
winds were in that position for decades. The video the cap your brother's knew that they had destroyed that country, but they became two of them. Richest men in the world knew so you were look yet being held hostage and a man Russia has thank God literally for the divine nature of the founders of the of the founding of this nation. We have a window where we can still say yeah. No, I only put up that they put up the fence around the but will again because we're protest. thing you know, and illegal detention of people for months without charges, so there's theirs we must do and not be intimidated, while staying in the framework of what the founders expected of soil. I have a couple of minutes because I've Leary older, coming on red for the end of the programme today, but like yeah, go ahead. When I the recall idea. I just want to talk to you about that. You made a couple. A good point said there
two things that kind of conflicting. Unfortunately, one is when pulled a majority of Hispanics want recall Newsome and on the other side is the citys of all the people that, in a word, Instead, we think that Newsome did House gonna work out. Well, That's it it's like every local election. Really it's about get out about it. It's about who most passionate and clearly knew some things that saying this is about trump and don't want to turn out to be like Lord it everyone family. As a matter of fact, we do that that you watch the fear of all of it he's not defending himself, really, because there's no defence to what they're doing they just so but they inherited the state in and we dumb rooms have to sit back and just take it, so their hope that there is this hatred for Trump that will still fuel but, on the other hand, you're you're, looking out like Hispanics Base
Californians are living with the destruction of this jerk. Their living with Patronising what do the inability to deal with will you, governance in life and the fires. In the end, power and unemployment and businesses scolding? So it's it's a disaster as a matter of what the conversation? spend he's got a machine. For this day. I didn't and the other candidate. Surely do but it's about it s, was involved, and almost twenty years ago in the great Avis Recall, is about making sure people focused on the nature of what this is about getting other chance, I think Larry a good job with that, but it's gonna be getting up about making sure that certain well, everybody should vote, because this transcends party lines. As we know, this is the quality of life for the Spanish. It's about, I think, as a community of faith. They did not like the patronising, the bullying, the closing of houses of worship. They fled to tell it
criticism from the South and Central America or their ancestors did and they see it they feed. This is part of an emerging element of that and they know are we know new Americans are very sensitive to the two communism and all that, so, let's make sure everybody gets out about and take their stay back, Demi Bruce Thank you very much calmness for the Washington Times from California. Tammy Bruce. Thank you will talk to you again. Larry elder is coming up in just a couple of seconds. First, let me tell you about gold line right now. Right now, I want you to call gold line and find out about their self directed. I re special just for completing an IRA application this go line will send you a free silver coin, and when you complete, the acquisition of herself directed Irae, they're gonna, say, up to six percent in free metals right to your front door for qualified orders learn more today. Eight six, six gold line. That's eight six gold line or gold line dot com
but now the work programme I want you to name the president. That said that it could be anybody at the eyes of the nation are on California, because the decision you are going to make isn't just going to have a huge impact on California. It's going to. Verbal right around the nation and, quite frankly, not a joke around the world, Abraham, Abraham, Lincoln hands. You were close, he was the guy who ran. new terms before Abraham Lincoln Joe Biden, Joe Biota. Yes, exactly right and left Larry Elder is with us now and the great stated California, Glyn Guy, who lived for decades, which civil rights worker to members to go to black churches that withdrawal jive about we're getting restaurant in an area where we think Delaware do your times. It never happen any still,
we ask the New York Times said it wasn't it you lied and I try to visit Nelson Mandela, gonna arrest, a visiting him with behind bars and apartheid. Africa never happen. If you really bad, you don't know you want about Romania, Donald Trump. This guy had a letter from you, the California in trashing me. I have to tell you. It would be a lot easier to understand if you'd take your clan who'd off may I to demonstrate this is crazy. Larry I saw a picture of you and your walking down the street and you had a determined facing. Quite honestly, it reminded me very much of all pictures that came out of the south in the fifties in the sixties. Where the kid we're going to school and they had to be escorted because of the white people scream and Adam recalling of names. I've I haven't seen that photograph
since that time until the photograph of you this week and no one no one in the mainstream media did anything but market, that's right, match it. If I had it be at the end of my name ass, if I were Buckler Bomber tobacco bomber running for president and some white woman in a gorilla mass grozny, again only talking about quietly be an international manhood. Interpol would have been called in talking about this in Bangladesh. But because it's me, nobody gives a rip and, by the way it's a white woman wearing a gorilla mass people have told me- and I said at the risk of sounding sexless Glyn, how we nomes amass so Larry tell me about me about your message of hope and and if it's enough to connect against the fifty sixty million dollars worth of smears that had been played against you,
five million and counting looking is up dramatically in California dramatically. In a way I am shootings, homicide up. Forty one percent live during the corona virus pandemic, the peak of it twenty thousand convicted felons were released early and based upon Thorkel data, the majority there are likely to re offend. We have soft on fine days and gave a nuisance fingerprints on both of them in San Francisco and in LOS Angeles there at the french law, do restaurant, of course, with the very will. They drafted the mandates. They were not wear masks. They were not engaging in social distancing, his own can it were enjoying in person private education, while denying in person, public education to the eighty percent of the black and brown students were educated government schools in California. I only mention the rascally, because people like avenues of pride themselves on caring about black and brown students. They were denied a whole year of important education already
before the pandemic of graters in our ports. Dedication. Schools could not read at state level oppressive proficiency, and I assure you both levels are not high masked cause even wars I rarely elder from the hood, went to quench eyes could really two percent of clear to my former high school or man proficient. I support school choice. The money should follow the child rather than the other way around black and brown parent support. School choice accorded oppose. They want to put their case. School a toy school, a religious group, or even use the money for home schooling, what they're afraid of glad if at least good break this sort of respect the Democratic had over black and brown voters. You may remember the Democratic Party, even though their denying the first step towards leaving poverty, which is to finish high school. One way you can read, write the great level and they are getting a substandard education. A black and brown parents know it. So
You have fifty four percent of Hispanics want to recall right, Governor Governor Newsome and E: U R beings! this being said now, there's no, I mean the New York Times and everybody, as you say, there's no way that I gotta know some there's absolutely no way, and you also have people grandparents who are going to vote. In saying it says that I have already voted, and I didn't vote right. Why? What's What are they chance? What are the odds against this machine here? Well, when I am optimistic enough to believe that so many people are set up. but are leaving California for the first time in our states. One hundred Seven EU history will be those who have so far this year and have left all of last year. The rate at which there leaving is twice the rate at which they left the previous three years. A meal People are leaving working here, people are leaving him. Another reason they site is the price of a home. It's just now
yet the average rising California hundred thousand dollars in fifty percent. about the national average and when they were, they cite high cost of living high taxes. We have the highest state income tax in the nation. Thirteen point represent an end the regulations. We have rising crime We have rising homelessness. We have a fire season, because this man is poorly managed or forest fires we're running out of water because we have an attitude of infrastructure and about forty or fifty years when the state, with half its size, swearing, grossly brown out, because the way he's mismanaged power grid there's no right, no level, no policy. In my opinion, Glyn, where California are better off two years because of this man's supervision and live in I believe, no matter what they do, no matter what kind of coverage inadequate vapour. gonna be recalled, and I'm gonna be the next governor of California High I from your mouth gods ears. Will you know
by noise, write em, possibly about the first thing- maybe the first time he's ever been right in his life, but not for the reason he thought the eyes on the nation are on California, because the decision they make is gonna have a huge impact on California and will reverberated around the nation and no joke now around the world. I think what you would bring to California be a massive turning point, and I I just pray that every one who can vote and I'm tired of this and want some common sense send a message to the entire world, it's done. Over four Larry elder and bring a friend or seven absolutely,
Burma has got a commercial for here. Bernie Sanders, it's gotta commercial voyage to warn you. Ve got a commercial for him again, the commercial they never say the magic word. The avenue has done a good job in California, my broadcaster
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