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The Cupboard is Bare | Guests: Pat Gray, Alexander Hammond, & Stephen Kent | 7/23/19

2019-07-23 | 🔗
Hour 1 It's confirmed, Ilhan Omar is a anti semite ...Hold on let me refer to my documents ...Pat Gray wonders if Tom Brady a bad dad ...Boris Johnson, the man of the people wins the day. No Plan Brexit straight ahead  Hour 2 Waxing franks and beans, and other bits and pieces. Services denied to transgender woman in Canada ...Boris Johnson Becomes Prime Minister with Young-Voices Alexander Hammond. Boris and Trump sentiments abound  Hour 3 Slippery slopes are progressive plays in their bureaucratic play book ...Rashida Tiaib spews her democratic socialism for all, all over the place. Spread the Wealth Around, flashback, Joe the Plumber meets Barack Obama ...Behold The Millennial Nuns with Stephen Kent 

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The fusion of entertainment and there's a lot. Bring out. They have now been the democratic line up for the next debate, we'll get in two the new budget deal puts the final nail in the tea party coffin also a lot of mar? We begin there in one minute that going back programme I found out yesterday we have about two hundred cabins left. That's it we're about three thousand people come in with us on this yep, it's going to be a remarkable, remarkable crews through history, we're gonna the Venice, then we're going to Athens. Croatia, Dubrovnik, would is the place where, where they filmed, what was a kings landing is ever did. Do me what I'm asking you Emma Thrones kings landing. Is that what it was called beauty are, I think,
called kings landing anyway, it's beautiful place and then we're going to the holy land. I hear you carve easel is coming with us. We're gonna watch the new film about operation underground rail road with Jim, could easily it's a major motion picture coming out next spring and we'll be one of the first audiences to be able to see it. Bill O Reilly is coming rabbi. Laughin David Martin, we're gonna, have history museum there on the ship, it's gonna be incredible. One in a lifetime, only two hundred cabins or left. If you ve been thinking about it now, the time to act go to come sail away. Dot com come sail away, dot, com, complete inclusive, you don't have to bring even a wallet everything from the airport, all the way to the return flight, the airport everything is covered so go to, come sail away. Dotcom come sail away, dot com
two? the long line of work. So a lot of our we have our especial on her to Morrow and you know we're trying to find a way to explain this whole marriage between her and her her brother and we had no idea how to how to do that. We have me we decided we we're gonna. Do it through kind of earth do we did we name that seventy show. It's working, gigantic isn't working title. The show is tomorrow. You know We have because we were going through it. Like all in the family, little like the Brady Bunch, maybe Gilligan Violin, we're trying to figure out.
Because it's a very complex story, but one that everybody needs to understand, because there are some felonies involved here and it s the Hence it is a little overwhelming now, bring you up to a place where I think this needs to be going to a grand jury, There is just enough there's just no way Two were just no way to go ass this at this point. It has to be answered by her and and mutually FBI needs. Be involved If anybody is interested by the way. While everybody is movement folk, sing on the racism of Donald Trump. Is anybody notice what a lot of our has done? She has come out and and asked Congress to stops.
Reporting is real and support the boycott and divestment of of Israel. I love that because people are like well one of the big pieces of evidence that she is anti semitic. Is this beady s movements, let's put it in the law Ok, all right! Ok, all right! Well, you're not you're, not fighting, I wouldn't say or their like always. It is Donald Trump races to you. He said you know he wanted the people on the Sides are good people and then he said, and in people questionable well. You know what kicking case coming to visit me today. ITALY, where you made it I've we're gonna, lie right, it in love and they get a national holiday. Neither shall solve that. What are they here? She is, she says: she's, not it. This is not anti semitic, she's, just protecting the p For the palestinian people from the israeli occupation, the first folders
Rebecca Country named Palestine, and the so called occupation is just the well. There's never been. Ninety four genders either, but it in her. So she says it: everybody should boycott, is real and She says that Jews have hypnotize the world, She has used tropes about you, know the money, grubbing American Jews without so much better with this music in the back row does does away with you know they. They have dual loyalties to Israel, while spreading conspiracy theories about a pack. She She says also that the the Jews own, the Republican Party, she is also scoffed at the idea that Israel was a democracy? I would laugh the idea that Jews on the Republican Party, except for the fact that that would be the typical way Republicans would do like the Republicans are there and they still only get like twenty five,
percent of the vote. We are afraid that Arafat raising the evident need the evidence that they do it and they do it kind of properly and never ever get any credit for it. Holodomor. So are a lot of more updates and our special is tomorrow. We ask you to subscribe to the blaze if you're already a subscriber. Thank you so much for this going to be a good. This going to be a good one. The feeling there's a lot of comedy and this one there is- and I am, I think, its most useful to people besides the five eleven, probably here that song again and others and other levels
it's almost the musical it's all a little bit, but I think just being able to visually understand what she's being accused of is really important because it's really complicated, and that is honestly why we started with the Olano mark is because it's it's so complex. And so we started Vienna waste. Where did with one seventy show and then as we when we were like, while might be more like this, seventy show. I'm not sure if we're going to ensure for gonna be able to decide by to Morrow, it might be all of the seventies show to try. Explain exactly: what's happened, I will tell you that stew claims to have run out of time to act. Out be Olano MAR as a sock puppet? He claims that you and I These easiest to Shakespeare where they have weeks and we
to memorize lie. It's I'm still trying to convince him to play a lot omar as only stupid, play her as a sock puppet. It is on tomorrow's television broadcast. Please sign. For the blaze right now you get Stephen Crowd or Mark Levine. All of em. There's like forty now and you can watch the shows whenever you want. Things are heating up at the blaze tv sign up now, you'll see ten dollars have used the promo code, gland Blaze, tv dot, com, promo code gland, Did you see that a Yossi has a challenge or now? Yes, you see this year. I mean you kind of have to believe that she's very safe and her particular district till the end of time. Well, Mona well, they do republican challenger. Now I understand that you get you know you get
but you can take it- you know places like her districts, but this is the republican challenger be admitted to the New York posts that she voted for Barack Obama in two thousand eight and thousand twelve Nokia well array right, that's had it all there, some there a lot of people who did I mean one, both elections, the now you're in New York City in I'll, probably be hard to find people who didn't do right last June, when a cause, your court as one against the democratic Incumbent Sheet It had congratulations. Alexandria queens is they did a new direction and it's time for a new leadership. Hashtag, yes! Well I mean, I guess you could say they, but they certainly work headed in a new direction, and now maybe that was just the person saying look it's time for new leadership, so
the almost like United, announcing the campaign we didn't mean, arises because your court per se, so here is a mean. That would be bad. You know you could lame that if it wasn't that she also posted with her congratulations, the CNN article with the headline twenty, eight year old, democratic, socialist, just ousted powerful, ten girl term congressmen in New York, K, ethics, there are shine off of mercury there right then, Is she tweeted on Friday, because people are like weight? Are you really a republican? She said? well. I was hopeful when I see one, you know You took on a democratic political machine in one, but nothing's changed since. Why? because she's only been focused on her fame and politics of division and hate we desire. Irvine expected better? That's why I'm running it? How did you expect
better from her right, an unhoped for what change again? What chain, real socialism, this time generated, a celebrity socialism should decide on I'd, die, really ha. That's really. Listing sold. The Republicans around it again, but the Good NEWS is, if you get her end, she's not going to stand in the way of any these evil republicans that want to Spending, ah, all thank you so close as they are, these fiscal hawks out there is calm down gas. I do we have to have a few dollars to run the country I mean they. All these republic woodchopper is bear. Is food? There's almost nothing left as Nancy Policy told us, and we at the time by thought, disagree but apparently fairly, not parent. We know that Donald Trump doesn't disagree. He believes in debt. He said add in one of the were we know one of the debate
that he don't have a problem with that. He believes in dead. Ok, The sum died, his isn't it. I this one increases by two trips, in dollars by twenty twenty one another to- trillion dollars. What are we up to twenty two? We can be at twenty four by by twelve only one yeah yeah yeah LEO's ago, yet least yeah yeah. That's a course. If everything goes right, it goes right, remember order in a very good economic time, yeah you're. So the fact that we're going into all these deficits when the economy is good, my I need you to think there's a problem of how to make its bad, while the Good NEWS is how much money in the bank for us to be able to handle it because were beating many of the deficit from the economic collapse they're gonna, be so much money in the bank for us to be able to handle it because were beating many of the deficits from the economic collapse. Now we're getting to the point: where were putting up trillion dollar deficits when we're having a great account
it, was basically full employment, NEA so a healthy economy, and I'm it's obviously going to be good till the end of time. You're gonna, be a downturn. Never downturn is long. Is it stays as perfect as it is right now will only have twenty four trillion dollars in debt or a little more plus a hundred trillion and unfunded liabilities and more it did and what else did you hear that Elizabeth Warren is warning now have an economic catastrophe? with Lauren is ok. Now I just as more spending too much money later that is concerned about. What she said I warned about an economic crash for years before two thousand eight, but the people in power wouldn't listen. Now, I'm seeing a serious warning sign in the economy again I'm calling on regulators and ingress. She bore is this not out of me to act before another crisis costs America's families, their homes, their jobs and their savings warning light.
Were flashing, whether it's this year or next year. The eye of another economic downturn are high and growing Congress regulator, should act immediately to TAT bound these threats before it's too late. Now she said that yesterday in Do I have some commentary on it, but I thought we'd wean flip over two CNN now stu I got a gun to your head, I'm gonna! To slide things go which do you. What do you knowledge, CNN is going to say about Elizabeth Warring and her warning on the economy, and that Trump has just left go out of Control Yanina, with no knowledge of the situation. I would definitely say that they would probably be harsh on Trump, because you don't know how to do anything else. So then spread out think that they would blame Trump and say that's. Wireless with Warren is right, and you can see this is a social justice warrior sure it's gotta be
Trade and Elizabeth Warren Solutions gotta be wonderful letter. I fix it, listen to see an end to proposing several solutions that actually might create. Another crisis now may explain each of those. What number one she poised to several data points that say The alarm bells should be ringing for a financial crisis, while one of the things which appoints you is the level of corporate debt. Now, while risky loans to corporations have increased post financial crisis, the ability for those companies to keep up with payments has also increased, so we're not seeing the kind of default rates. That would be alarming at this point. Now. Nothing, that's not metric, which would be paying attention to all. I'm saying is that I was a bit warrant. Is shaping this conversation in a way that politically convenient for her. Now as far as our policy proposal, She is recommending lowering rents afford offering affordable childcare. Offering free tuition acknowledges
all of that costs, money and the american public should be asking. How do you pay for One way would be to increase taxes another way is to increase government debt. This is that this is the issue that the american people should be actually focused on, because in many experts say, if we don't get control of our debt over the next ten years we could be facing fiscal crisis, and that would be extraordinarily harmful to our economy. I'm sorry, I think you're on the wrong network. I'm way air night. It's time you leave MA am eggs objected. I expected the door of her studio to be broken down on the CNN police, come in it just gag or a drag her away, that it makes sense to me. Wait a minute hang on just a second year, finding the economy and
you are also tearing down socialist policies. Have we also thrown other worm all? Are we on yet another? where occasionally somebody and see him in says something that just doesn't rehash trump and instead pashas, a progressive social justice warrior I'll get back to you off allege of she still has a job at the end of the day, then. Well, no, I told you gotta car five thousand counterfeiters miles on the matter. You d have a warranty on anymore.
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If Robert Mothers testimony in which he reads from the document he's already printed and handed and distributed to everyone in this will be really fascinating at that time he says the line that we already heard, but we had to read it Simon establishing to say it. So that's gonna be a lot different right. It's gonna, be Riverdale, remember when he was when he gave his press conferences that Congress. Don't call me to test because I have nothing new to say everything in that report is my testimony, so it's gonna be exciting. It's amazing into the political analysts talk about this. Like you know, this is gonna, be huge moment in Washington and you know rubber, or has says he's not going to give any new information, but you know in today's an age it is important for the person who did the report to read from it so that you people can hear it because they are not going to read the report. I will, I think, maybe if there was something in
The entire collusion part of it may be more fascinated with it right like it's, the fact that, like you're you're saying while there's no collusion, but there could have been some things that may have if people acted in a slightly different way may have been of structure of justice and we want to ask him about that. An end he's already said. If you ask me what do I think he's guilty of obstruction of justice, I'm going to say the thing that I said in the report, which is we couldn't clear em, but we couldn't We know there wasn't enough for their forget lie. While we couldn't clear, there's a foreigner, forty, eight page document, Hope you, oil, HOPI, honestly he does is he takes a copy. The document needest average anathema questioning hold on when we refer to my document and then just flips slowly through the pages one. Two three and then a page to seventy one, and then he reads from page to seventy one, the exact paragraph that where he answered the question of- and he was thorough, another. Getting one saying that he was not of this is not a thorough
palaces of the situation. He impey Micro analyzed every single thing that basically Donald Trump did from two thousand sixteen two thousand eating, and that and in some cases, so I dont understand what they they think. They're gonna get out of this think they're. Looking for that viral moment, which is this is this: is the freak in? U S government as running here because they want to get a viral moment where he something that has already said. If I were to be fair, which is still stupid, them to do. But if I were to be fair I could say maybe what they hope is they see damaging stuff in there they see damage stuff, but the american people just won't read it. So we need to put a little taken circus show that is based but the ring everybody in and that way when he says it and it's a cake and circus show really gonna, be upset LAO you thing that little of the american people
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brought patting the talk about the real issue of the day, welcomed path, gray. Ga thank you. Yes, it has to be discussed at bay. Is Tom Brady, a good parent or not? Thank you. Finally, somebody. Finally, somebody is addressing asking the question that must be as well. First of all, he had last year. You remember this and I think we disagreed on on the on the kiss. With the eleven year old Son, I found it serving the Gue. You're! Ok with it right, yet they made out for like fifteen they didn't make out, they did not make out was disturbing. Oh, like ok, stop and now he would Clifton. Bring in Costa Rica with a six year old daughter. Now this one is pretty scary. This went a little different because, first of all, why we oppose the sun What are you still opening new yourself? Up too, we have invited not Tom Brady's, cliff dives with his daughter s, none of my business. Yet he made it my business.
You ve made a visit. He forced out of doors there take a stair. So it's it's interesting because there's a lot of controversy in Lahti discussion, lotta people are saying: hey, that's a good dad spend time with his daughter doing You know unusual death define generosity. There were people that take their kids mountain, climbing all kinds of stuff that I would never do. Never do that's the way their family. I would not do this with my kids but I wouldn't do it myself the jump as one fifty feet. Etsy, it's not that the G20 might is in his big it of a deal as the rod as the rocks are rocks are frightening because if she lands on the rocks and badly injured why he grabbed her right. Yes, equally good, zis jumping in any sort of jerks her arm to make sure she clears the friggin rocks? Yes, you gotta goes in sideways Barroso.
Watching the someplace tv we do have the video very glad play, video it she standing there before her He grabbed her hand. Any seems me talking about what we're gonna do then he asked her if she's ready. I think you can't hear you yeah, yeah, yeah, ok, now there. Here. We go. Three so he asked pull her. Ok, he s too, her arm and separate your shoulder and set of rights or shoulder rotate or capacity has? I think this is if, if, if he was like you're gonna jump ya, gotta job till I got a job, I dont think I don't think that was not at all. I think she was like I know, but she six yes, ok at the mall
but you're not gonna, be lybrand, he's a good dad because he did grab her is. If you now is, it should have taken that risk right at the risky writing once that, once the jump began ass, you did anyone to jump out any LISA, gotta pull or away right sudden death. Yes, yes, the question is: do you put her in that situation at years old, I left, I would say, Dopp treating our children like their complete. Imbecile, Felicia treated like Acme, anvils and, furthermore, mountain them off of mountains. This is said, assuming that she said I want to do that. I want to do that. I want to do that. Ok, but here's the thing you have to do. You have to jumble ass, those rocks, I know you're capable of doing it and you have to jump ass the rocks its fear that will hurt. You have here it will hurt. You I'm good dad! I'm good. Are you sure? Yes, I'm good? Ok, let's go. She walked out to the cliff you'll notice she's there. First she walked out to the cliff I'm good
Are you sure you want to do this yeah, I'm sure all that took place right, Why take the chance or yeah and second does he knows, he's going to grab her and pull her over engaged and separate or shoulder breaker road taxi did not break her roads, eight or another separate or children. I will say she's, clearly a very good swimmer she swimming to him, yeah yeah our at least he swimmer we done, which is a very good sir, but she's a swimmer. You skip over a very important part of Parenting bear, however, is when you're six year old, says yeah. I really want to do that. You have an opportunity, as a father to say no and when you as a father, have to know your six year old kid and know if they are capable of doing it, or not, and write a he obviously chosen correctly and that she didn't want not wonder how many times have you got the greatest of the greatest thing of rape and I jumped into the pool George Lang was at our house of ever seeing the series of just something so: ok, yeah yeah, I have em in our bathroom in New York and then there is this whole series of pictures of the two of us running and he is
and he must have been about six and he's like. Let's Japan, less jump in and unlike Kay I'll Beecher and then who ever gets in first winds are so we're running a nerd full clue. I mean Michael I'm in a suit so we're runaway. I remember that yes, we're running and we get to the edge. On two three I jump he doesn't and it's not because he thought it was funny. He just at the last minute was like I'm nervous. I'm not gonna jump right. Well, you know that Happens with six year olds right, that's why long years is not a life, but there wasn't a why I, if you are a joke, that's why I didn't grab his are among away in and he didn't even move. He didn't has it. She hesitated and I can guarantee you it's not her just standing there. That made him ground her arm is the fact that she went and has it
aided outlined that has taken is what will kill you you had to pull or in, and he had TAT she basis, let another top Adler. Her echoed been really bad. How even talking this line? Yeah she's fine- and I will say, like I think, would you do that with your daughter cause she's about that age? Isn't she? Yes, she six yet do that with our no I'm, not I'm not enough not to drilling either. Just because, like she's, a great swimmer, I mean shit, you know she's a great swimmer. I wouldn't do that with my thirty year old diet. Wait we quickly right, No wait a minute! It would you do it if you we had, a very very dare devil is kind of child at six. No national labels is on the adult lives and my daughter easily lives life headfirst. That's that's how she lives. It and she is dead, and she will do anything. Would you would you like that risk if you were a world class athlete and knew that you could might let her like put a hypothetical to a person who could just answer it?
I am. I am ass. Lord somebody S. Oh, I forgot soon land now I mean look. I hated. Can abs more celebrity number one. So the social media thing he oh here is: it is over polonium units at the worst thing in the world right number, two Tom Brady in every way is a horrible human being, and he should have Oliver superheroes taken away beyond bad Ripley online prison, Mitya beef regime for infant bunker. Then the patriots would have him right, quarterback, yes, I'm fine would all so guys. You're, saying you're not by Iraqis outward outlining what, if he inflated his daughter just a little bit more than he should have been obliterated yeah, but probably did the larger lesson here that more than anything else because look jumping off this clip. Is it a great idea, it's one of those things that as soon as I started it as a data Billy? What am I thinking here like? What does the upside of this? Like should die so, like I dont think it was a great decision. That being said, the real only room
lesson. Here, though, is if you're thinking hey it'll be cute, did you have this picture and then comes out like that or you have to jerk her arm. The water and you almost lands on your head, then deposited dont, friggin posted like let's be honest about it, you just don't posted and then you just might not all this nonsense. Interesting part. That's the only part that shit to me that he's just a bad judge of any there. Ok, then, you thought vices but again what does he carries the perfectly from in God? Yes six super balls gazelles as wife he's gonna, be unlimited amounts of money. His wife is making the money that he is listened to, that listen. You take his his picture, perfect life and you justice, whom that it's all good, do you realize how many times he has to drive to the bank?
did the pause at all that money right, although he is might have direct deposits, will have to take the assembly has direct sale. He asked looking good. I mean it's, he does and to look at the accounting. There's a lotta numbers there really easy. We don't have a lot of numbers or the numbers are small. Yeah he's gotta figure out. How much do I have any homes where in Iceland and Norway is money, doesn't get another I've been one, I've is hell, do live in our thinking. This he's either he's a good lookin at a time, Superbowl Jessica time, Superbowl jamming, seven if it, but the Eagles media, so he's got all that go on and if you know how many good looking woman, he has to turn down every day, because he's married to one of the most beautiful woman in the world has yes size of such as when I started get with that woman. He it was because he was turning away other women from his previous merit.
But that's a whole area argued Tommy. I really shouldn't posed anything yomei imposed anything and I'm by say tat. They are not biased against him in any way. That's it. So you know I don't like a clear and I think that to do with denoting auditors one day winning the Superbowl now exactly the New England Patria exact nothing I do enough. Like did the knows this may now they felt it. I think tat you're right, yeah, yeah yeah. Thank you so much. For the fair and timely biased reporting on that story. I appreciate it somewhere America, right now within the sound of my voice, there's a man every day that knows that the a kind of bland into the next one when you workin on the range the sun rises in the sun sets through a filter of plume dust and the sound of thousands of hooves as God's creatures seek forage
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find your pair today to covers dot com, slash, be easy K, that's t c, o D, a s, dotcom takeovers dot com slash back, walk, where you were meant to walk so Boris Johnson, has been elected. The prime minister now of England, which I think is really exciting. No, not a surprise. He was expected to win relatively easily. He is saying that he could theoretically do thee, no plan breaks it, which is something that terrifies many. Although it don't I'm not worried about it. I mean we ve listened to Daniel Hannan talk about it. Who is a guy on this topic and he's not that all that concern about area? It would be great if it can get a deal. You know, I think it's. If that's the better outcome. If it's a good deal, you don't take any
and the wage Risa may was handling. It was basically a take anything situation. It's pretty amazing. This is their independence day, the October. What is it thirtieth? Thirty, first, thirty, first there landfill there. That's their independence day that Sir July. Fourth, we are reclaiming in your work just one of many but we're gonna stand on our own now the world has gotten. Canada boring, though, like we had founders were like veto in bars. Like argue in these thing, and then they may be signed their life away on a document in a war breaks out there, like we'd, like to break away from this bureaucracy. Ok, Where are you going about? What's I don't know, I'm not sure when we may be, we won't do it, maybe we'll let you say that well you're a little less boy. I mean you got bores Johnson in there now, Boris or negative Florence will they get very, very interesting. Oh yeah, I'm interested to see exactly how he how. He behaves. You know he wasn't that good of a mayor, but it didn't work out for the Mayor
No, I didn't work out. Let me I think, he's serve to terms as mayor, but he is also a serve it. Even conservatives are not liked in in London, the Uno in London, yeah, it's like in New York, you're not really going to hide you not you're, not going to you're, not going to put you know that George Bush as the mayor of of New York into his career. Basically the reason people know who he is. He was a good journal two covered kind of like the the EU situation right may know and written it. He went. The european affairs basically and he was accused many times just blatantly making up but more, even real and he seems to it at every that times admitted it just gets like a little. It was. It was that it was the puppy. It was. The general vibe of the situation will, but this person doesn't exist, but it was the general you know what I'm saying and my people
Ok. Well, he's gotta come national. Pounded seems like nice kind of. Has the the Donald on the fact that here in kind of get away with stuff- because you know he's he- strangely, even though he's from the upper crust Strangely, relates to the average every day, working guy. Now it's kind of like Donald Trump. You know he's Yemen, the cat S candidate, the guy has enough. I know the report says is what they mean this differently. He has olden shower, he has an actual shower than gold. Golden shower Donald Trump, scattered yeah. I think so so anyway, you know and begin. The people who are get a lower middle class. They relate to him where Hillary Clinton was upper class and nobody related to her.
He's kind of still a man of the people same thing with Boris Johnson, even though he went Oxford and everything else. I caution you had to think that the Democrats, every once in a while, have to stop and think of us of what we re doing. It means they basically ran. Hillary Clinton unopposed, like they just handed her the present that denomination for the presidency. And here is someone who is one of the most unpopular figures in american politics in their like yeah- just give it to her, because she member she finished. Second, last time to that guy we had no idea who even was. Why an earth. Did they do that and Sanders is essential in a democratic and independent he gets in their own. Been winds. Forty percent of the vote. Was it is headed tour? They read know what against Europe. That is enough, We look back in the history books well fastened, let's see where they run this time. It may be a repeat, very well here, listening
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still? Would you just do me a little associate le? Let us make this into a like. I'm mad lab at you. Just take random words that you, Evan you fill in, Ok, you're wearing yachting sounds great female. Whack? Sir who decline now to handle mail. Were you fill in any got any a female answer, who declines to handle male berries. Well, there's more than just the berry twigs of berries, twigs and berries could face a legal consequences stop. This might soon be possible in the Woke insanity, otherwise known as Canada it comes from a recent recent British Columbia, human rights tribunals. Hearing. I don't like the word tribute,
does that sound like it's like you are in real trouble. You know go into courts. One thing: a tribunal hearing right sounds like a guy on may be committed some genocide year. Okay, so Jessica, Yetive Broad complaint against Marcin Silva, a woman who runs a waxing service from her home, complicating matters. Yet, if bite identifying as a woman sports, the full age of male I bring to large. Isn't a banana open, be good. But something at long last graph, guys like you didn't, we were not clear. The rules of this game just said some random words, education, Goneril them in there. According to the Toronto son, Yetive responded to an advertisement, Desalvo posted on Facebook, and so of the Silva's waxing services, however,
upon learning that yet have retained her junk. This practice is much better right. You wanted to do said that she was no longer comfortable performing the waxing, as she only offered female waxing services and not services on male who has. I have no problem with the algae algae BT. People Da Silva said, in fact she was willing, offer waxing services for a tray. Gendered woman who had lopped off the so had the the ok, lopped off the in waiting we're, not even this is gonna like as they did, that person did what is organs it just so they were invade, adjourn Volker using an invasive species and have them
and now has a female, you like, it is I've got not, but I was just to open our guide book just open up. There's a book over there just open up a book and just start grabbing words. Just any word dynamo channel as new book is used in this way, I believe at least our eyed her waxing services for to transgendered women, who undergone reassignment surgery and had lost their Romney now see those works that much better to the average outsider. The seems perfectly reasonable response to the wall. I didn't Terry and left its active bigotry, yadda jar that does silver was discriminating against her on the
cases of her gender identity such I crimination is barred under canadian law during the hearing, Ghana, even, can fit compared to Silva's refusal to vote to wax her banner Has it unfortunate wanted in order, as well as in the book as an active neo. Nazi is naturally Comedians and parity accounts filled the day so here is the here's, a She said on and on another level this is no laughing matter while yes, wax my previous big it cases just one isolated incident, but it shows the identity and left his rapidly advance from pursuing equality which, involves the freedom from oppression to seek the just. And version of justice which includes the freedom to force your views?
or yourself on more literally onto others. This version of social justice poses a threat to a free society. If you could, if, if ya, good have gone to a waxing service that accepted by the mail. Banning, The female commissioner. Or even you'd be abandoned, as actually forgot those words or even bought it? Do yours do yourself at home kit. She didn't Instead, she relentless report will respond, pursued this case to try to browbeat our fellow citizens and The mission: ok, so now here's the problem. You know anybody who you know said: ah they can just make a wedding cake. Now. Oh you're having to also. And all the man's banner.
An end. Is that right? Do you have a right to say no. How could you not have a right to say no to touch another person's genitals? How, like our isn't this, the me to party you're gonna First, women to touch male genitals because of some ridiculous, a corner you ve, backed yourself in on wedding. Kicks I mean it's cool. Lately ridiculous, but if you believe that someone should be forced to write words on a cake, then you absolutely have to go along with us. Absolutely completely consistent and isn't with strange that you have to get permission to tee someone's genitals, but
and there and they can take that permission away or say I didn't give you permission and then it sexual harassment and you're in trouble, but can't say no touching someone's genitals. If they are asking you, and paying you money as part of your job it seems almost mildly inconsistency here they are getting it does it does, but at me I really don't understand how you disagree with it like there is. You can make me. There's some sort of like well, that seems like its crossing the line argument, but needle have it you don't have an actual, consistent moral argument. I don't think there I mean. Look the east way here is to err on the side of individual freedom, which we do this country in Canada, Minos that their gig rightly sets up? That's not the bitter. Situation that we have little have the feeling that we have. So you expect things like this to happen in Canada. But that was coming here now. Don't you
I think that maybe feminists, word want to stand up for some Let me be frank: with the army, once you had the reassignment salaries of beans. That's a good one! Thank you. You know What once you had? The francs and beans removed you're still the same Are you still us you're? Still a guy on the inside, you still a guy. However, you know you you, you ve committed to it. Yeah even these. Just somebody who comes in and says you know I want my my meat and vegetables polished. That's that's not. I mean you're, telling feminist, telling women you gotta do that right in what it was funny about. It is the reason why they have to be consistent on this and say yes gotta go up, you know that
beans? Are there you gotta go? Do it on the franks of beans is because for their world have any level of consistency. They can't admit that that's a man they I have to say that that is a woman on the table with the francs and means: do you think they can? consistency. Is it just forcing people to comply, all ways force people to comply through, that's part of it, but I mean if you you have to, Mitt something that fundamentally, they can't admit- they can't admit that. Since eight. This is not an ogre. All. This is a boy This is not a man. This is woman, they make say that this is one gender they have to act as if it's real right, that's that's they found, Nation of this entire issue is all these conversations revolve around this premise that some we all know is not true must be pretty. We must pay hand that it is true, and if we
pretend that it is true. Maybe it will become true, no, but that's not how the world works. No, that is not how things happen. We can all say, hey, we really care about the national debt. But you know what a weed out surprised supper. I don't care how end. Think it's one of those situations where the the out there are certain things that test these realities and the only way thank you push back on it honestly, like that. Sports thing is another one of them in a one year, you're. Sixteen year old daughter gets destroyed by a sixteen year old boy in a race that she's worked really hard for parents tend to get pissed off about it. When Europe was twenty four, we really dotterine works at a waxing place and is waxing guys frame and beans every day, because some activist is telling you that they're, not francs and beans, or that women can have francs and beans that that is a situation where it tends to test people's patients with your,
little story things ten break down like their breaking now right now. Leave the Democrats are pushing these. The ideas so hard and they are starting to be in their starting to leave the classroom and actually be dealt in every person's house there? Dealing with it now in everybody's house and you're in we're all coming home with our kids go wait a minute: what are they teaching? You wait a minute who they're in the library wait a minute. They asked you to wax. What. It's starting to happen, and, and people are high, This is why it is gotten out of hand so far. Just like political correctness now Nobody wants to hurt anybody else's feelings, nobody wants to hurt feelings and, if that's makes you feel better fine I'll I'll do, but when push I'm still shove and I've got to testify, arrive to tell it to my children or I have to whatever no no, no way way way way. Wait you
live your life that way and all all tolerate it tolerate Mimi, Leven led my life and we're gonna say bad things to each other, but I'm not Teaching my children that your thinking is is right or even healthy in some regards and its moments, This were you know that they don't even believe it right if you're fighting back again a woman and that because she has to wax. How she do. Yours, you where's your feminism, eared meeting, Eared, meaning that you don't actually believe these things just saying them over and over again in trying to get people fired from their jobs. If they say the opposite are getting de platform, if they say the opposite now this this Frank Sabine story is happening in Canada, but let me show you what's happening here in Amerika in one minute-
somewhere in America. Right now, within the sound of my voice, there's a man who did everything right. He married a woman. He loved he married young that fabled high school sweetheart sat upon the ass of America righteousness every day he went to his job and he wore the right clothing you work tardy was the best employ. Ye could be every night He came home to his growing families. Children that he loved he worked to balance the ambition and the drive dry in his career with the love and the care that they needed from him and he wanted to give in the end it all pan out, but now he's at home and he still working hard lease de the kids are blaze in their own trails in the world and because work, so hard he's. Maybe an early retirement, it's on the horizon, like those who can't stand a thing like that. He embraces it. No more so he soon. No more cramped offers no more no more meetings about nothing,
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all bodies, swims at three community pools or individuals, including girls as young as twelve, will be permitted to be topless from Israel it's who identify as algae BT, cue to s plus two to spirit to to ask two spirit or something else I don't know. Maybe it's too ass. I thought it was too was by self, but dialogue too, and into us plus snake, I didn't. If I leave you gotta use. Applause is a cop out right, just just call it plus, or else plus the enemy you get every it would get that another once anyway, she is going to make sure it's a safe and inclusive environment for twelve year old to be topless. So you know again it's it's completely five let there be themselves. Definitely. Good idea, twelve, and as the man who can get is junk waxed. Did you
save the man he I did. I did Let me talk to you about America mean a man is scheduling topless twelve year old Swimming pool, adventures buddy. I then, if I saw a woman right, but even a deficit woman, so people are gonna, be like cashier justice, again clear where we're stand where we stand here. How are we doing in America Glenn well, Could we have something called the Equality ACT, the Equality ACT, by adding gender identity as a protected classification in new federal civil rights law it he's gonna, be used by activists or could be used two legally harass women who don't want to know do things like, I don't know, wax male junk regardless of whether those male private parts are attached to people who identify as a man or a woman. This is the case now in in Canada, but it is not about waxing this.
Business and individuals using their religion and their culture to refuse service to protected groups, because they don't agree with it or the person. To do a special show on that in the coming weeks, contrary to the British Columbia, Human Rights Code and the canadian Human Rights code. Now, that's that's what they claim This is just about your bigoted religion or you personally, don't like someone, and so you won't do it. The Equality ACT will have sweeping effects on girls sports. The bill will require schools to include male athletes who identify, as transgendered girls, on female sports team mail. Fleets in recent years have wrapped up victories in female athletics. And the River Again controlled Senate is unlike IE to hold a vote on the bill. However, Susan Collins, the only GEO Peak Cosponsor in the Senate,
and all of the democratic presidential candidates have lined up in support of the bill promising to make its passage a top priority. If elected, look up the equality act. We have to do a special show on that in the coming weeks. It is. It change everything in Amerika, literally change everything in America. Congratulations. That's what we have if we don't stand firm in our ideas and ideals year, lessening TAT Glenn Bank, my pillow My pillow, Michael and Del, actually got me fitted for my very own, my pillow, and I never thought you needed to be fitted for a pillow but apparent It is the the inches that are between your ear in your shoulders. You lay down not vital if you ever go to a hotel and have thus frickin pillows, where your head just just
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If I tell me it s used- and it is now up to my he'll- be walking number down in history as a new prime minister to the UK, you know: that's one thing that we also don't do we have like several months in between, but you guys go through these people like water we ve got a lot to appoint land on sixty six percent of the vote is gonna, kill a consensus to enter and become on Ex prime minister, I may do so said Ok, so how he gets along with Donald Trump Right, sir, you're the guy. He may be said not so nice things about Donald Trump. However, since trumps been elected and since he has been more senior positions, the rhetoric Sinn Fein nicer earlier stay once it was announced that Belarus will be the next Prime Minister treated him saying that it will be a great prime minister, simile of Ankara trumped shared the sentiment. However, she says he'll be a great prime minister, Benighted Kingston
observers sparing Arava but ass. They came to a sentiment, is being held, so you make it on and I'm seeing across so many commentators today across trader and I'll say how similar these two men are. However, I couldn't disagree more. I think I fundamentally oppose in so many different ways in what man I did everything well, firstly, Boris Johnson. He ran the break. The campaign on the idea of creating more free trade. To open the UK up to the world, whereas Trump, I feel, has more protectionist sentiments and regards his trade was like the tears wanted, a trade with China, a Trump pointed to trade, war with I'm. Ok, so hang out. Let me, let me add: let me answer these as you go along agree with what you just said: you're absolutely right, however, to because one one, because there was this feeling from the people there,
Nobody in government was listening to the people and they were sick and tired of it, and that Put him into office cod If the same thing, nobody was listening to the people on breaks it and they got sick and tired of it. Ok sure side grave at perhaps Benjamin behind people failing disenfranchised and angry with the government, did propel break the and empower them for rationale behind both lights were completely different. It was, for example, the bars Johnson is pretty pro immigration, for example, to he gave us a stranger in point style system which basically fees immigrants- EL, our country, depending on the gills by have, and our current sure, she's in our economy was trump by, I think, is far far more different I think Trump would fighting Trump would be ok with if we had a point
system, we'll never boy. We have no system now come on in May I help you I like the revenue flag, and so I have I got in and we'll let you win, you don't have to have any anything to be let in debt. I've got you on this final points, save boys Johnson. He I sit here, the classical scholar his historian you mentioned yesterday, how you has broken Churchill. Yes, he often uses utterance from grain agent philosophy. In his speeches he does overtime rather than you think we can, applying the same intellectual rigour to jump me if you believe move ever come across. If you wish to dismiss the ancient wisdom of fortune cookies, you may be right and not the same person who ever there is definitely differences, and I M the trading is one of the biggest won't. We know the issues. I think I think the difference with trade in that light
Daniel Hannan, I thought, was a great voice for breaks it and that he constantly emphasised wanting to open up free trade to the world, and that's definitely not what trot ran on, though I will say it's a low priority issue, I think for most american voters. That is just it's not something that I dont know that Trump got elected because of his trade position. We get more elected. I think you know ups as some people really liked it. Some people really hated it by they Saudis like it's. U notes its way down the list and it was not a top priority. We're breaks it really. That was a big folk. I dont know settle this forest Alexander. I because I would say that The trade thing was was probably bigger for the politicians and the elites, but it as the cultural things and the immigration standards in the living to rules that warrant weren't com.
From England that was the main force and driver behind Rex it which, which one is accurate or more accurate. So I think the trade aspect is really crucial importance and, unlike what shall we say, it was a small minority issues like that on every single thing, older pregnancies day it was so we could create a free and open global trading. Britain, that's what I said. I ride, but was that what the people were saying, for instance, you could say. You could say that Donald Trump- and I don't believe this to be true. All Donald Trump is a racist that, just as it like Mexicans, You could say that you could say that all you want and no that's what you're fighting against, but you wouldn't really be fighting against something that was real, because what the people are saying is we were to know who's coming across our borders and we'd, like it too He controlled is nothing wrong with me
chickens or anybody else from Honduras its. Yes, we want to make sure that this the controlled entrance. So are the political elite? Having that conversation trade, but the people are saying no, it's more visceral than that. It's about my heritage, my culture, my country, yes, also following the: when will you take a break the referendum on twenty five June? Two thousand sixteen o the exit polls are persuaded believe fighters shade. The biggest issue was the the market size for facts were laws are being made in Brussels. Women very little say for Review K members of parliament, a man how an elected officials were creating hollow, so that was the biggest I beneath. I would say Ben trade and immigration. I haven't you, sovereignty is really I mean it encompasses all of these issues. Because I M in trade policy, is part of it and immigration policies and I think that's
but we feel here in Amerika remember her collection of states where the youth the Union of States, and we are feeling the loss of our sovereignty as states not now the same. We have lost it a long time ago compared to you guys, but we still feel that loss of individual sovereignty so low Ask you this. You had a british ship taken by a ran our department of state with the issued a statement said you, no great Britain can take care of their own. Issues of it's, not something that involves us. This Boris Johnson when it to war. Donald Trump is, is, is not, hawk when it comes to war at all but he is. He is at least a tough talker where's poorest Johnson side say bars Johnson is quite similar sunset. He does
want to be a bathing IRAN, Iraq, Afghanistan, anytime soon he is simply cautious about Armed intervention, the same way, Donald Trump as and when he was foreign minister afford sector the UK between two out of sixty two thousand eighteen. That's when the Russians, Einstein in Salzburg, happened ran a russian agents were caught using poisonous materials on Uk Soil Unaccented killed a member of our public and he was foreign secretary. At the time I'm steady. I've tried to jump to military action or any sense. He gathered the what damage the nations of the world and in a joint effort under his leadership, expelled spy eco every nation to expel
spies for my country, and he was more pushing for sanctions on russia- is opposed to any military intervention, which is, I think, Stephanie wise and similar causes great syndrome. Emigrants, good, ok, I think we re on one more question before you dogs and are so sweetly what turkey breeding is. If John some comes in and tries to do a no deal breaks it. They will They will wind up being variable with him and then call for a new general election in this whole thing could be changed again. How does act as I do not understand the scope and the new wants of the parliamentary democracy? Let me just Bellamy boils down to this. You all seem to have a stick up your, but when it comes to Vienna walking around a nome tree time and then once you close the doors, you have something odd odd in OZ and you just whale on each other. What's the deal dude
jump? I gave it up a little about the gentleman famous shouts order, so we would be if a general election is called a would be because Boris Johnson himself cause it and the reason he would do that it so that he can get more conservative members of parliament and to the government. And what about mean is here the great mandate chip is cheap exit because moment. The conservatives are in power, but their empowered just by little Baron written a minority government being props up by other parties, so a general election could be, could save a conservative, get bigger proportion of divide and bought would give him the power to more easily tissue, and no doubt breaks up in so let's just say they go in there and they just fight with each other, and they can't come up with any deal. They can come up with anything. Does it just
magically, go into effect. A no deal breaks it on the thirty first. Yesterday, for setting in law is that we're leaving over thirty first October Annie and why they could overcome as if a new law is created but bars Johnson at his cabinet and his cabinet would likely be breaks. It is here, kids to an ideal deadline, will have to find So why would he? Why would he call for a general election that lose if he'd ever get as waitin. Let breaks it go through all that would be. It pays. You had given more legitimacy and a bigger mandate in the houses of parliament to push forward his agenda to creating more than uproar than would otherwise and do you think he would win that. I think you were so when aid between two valid magnitude Sixteen he was mayor of London and London is a pretty far left little city. Had
can living standards essential marks a grain to german carbon. He managed to defeat and by huge market and in the UK in european elections which were how'd law in May, the brakes party wanted she's proportion by thirty. One percent of the world's conservative under the remainder Teresa may anyone nine percent, so what persons Macy represents is he can unite the breaks it fight to be able to feed Jeremy carbon because he will unite all the people who voted for fraud because he stands on the same policies. Pretty much regards to break that, whilst he maintains for conservative vote, which should keep german carbon out power because by the break, the pot him conservative
meat? I want a marketing government and really now yeah. Carbon is bad news. Alexander. Thank you. So much appreciated we'll talk again by Alexander Hammond. He is from young voices finding young voices U S easier, as another great offer this week, this your last chance to win a gun that revolutionise the firearms world. The United States concealed Carry association, wants to give you nineteen chances to win a thousand box to buy A brand new Glock nineteen, oh you have to do- is just text. The word be easy k to the number eight seven, to to do it right now, for reinforcing rules go to protect and defend outcome. Confirmation, taxes gonna be sent standard messaging data rate supply the clock, Nineteen is a thing of beauty. Is a high tech polymer frame makes it lightweight, makes it comforted it is renowned for being highly customizable, durable and reliable. I really like I wish. I was
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you didn't build this? Maybe our will now as before, that it was before that. Well, something else has been said this one by to leave. Listen to this. So recently I introduced the boost act. Legislation completely repeals the G open tax scam that is totally helping wealthy individuals, the rich, the corporations and do you what I did with that money. Do you know what I said work go ahead and put it into the pockets of folks like everyday amount. The view make less than a hundred thousand dollars. You're gonna get up there thousand dollars in your pocket and if you make less than that
thousand. Aren't you gonna get three thousand dollars. That's what we do with our public dollars. We give it back to the people the people they earned in wait, wait if you make less than fifty thousand your most likely, not paying any taxes. Didn't you do take the money from rich people in their taxes for people who earned it rich people apparently or you deciding who is worthy of money more on this coming up. I'm Hilary that reform in a buzz and now here's linens do with the final hour of the show like so much sponsor this have ours real estate agents. I trust I come over a thousand active agent, strong five thousand are waiting on a list to be proved to be a part of them to be part of our real estate agents. I trust outcome. Family. We in the company real estate agents. I trust dot com for a reason, because I am recommending agents to you, and so they have to have a high sense of urgency. They have to be
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We have slipped anybody says was a slippery slope. I don't believe in a slippery slope. What really that's? What print pessimism is just keep taking one step closer and closer. Library slope into what the goal. Progressive ISM is authoritarianism. They may not. I know that, but that's what it is bureaucracy that handles everything, because the rock receive will be smarter than you Well, how far down the slippery slope have we gone a given? show you a mile marker that you probably have forgotten about. And then show you today's mile marker and I want you to notice the difference in reaction from then and now in six seconds gas? Is there
program you know, is with war and came out yesterday and she said I'd found, feel there is a correction commoners others across a catastrophe coming and for first, I am the liberal media bashed her interesting, isn't it they asked her for saying you know whether it's this year and next year, it's going to come and she said I warned about oh eight and in own when that come what may, came. You know everybody. It was too late to do anything about its. We gotta do something about it now now Fortunately, as CNN strangely pointed out, it's her paw policies that would do a lot to destroy the economy of America and its The policies of those who might wind power they are talking about the dismantling of the free market. If this happens it is all bets are off globally. Hopefully it doesn't happen by
if Trump does win stays the course we still are going to have a downturn? Why? Because its Technical, we are in the longest recovery in american history, that's a good thing as a good thing. But it is gonna come down so It does. Is it going to be our crash or a soft landing, well. You saw the last one and I think we are repeating many of the mistakes. Now the housing market, in New York. That's the problem. It's now the taxicab medallion market, the bank when they couldn't make money on the housing market money hand over fist. They decided to do it with the taxicab medallion market and that things about rash that can take a major city and major banks and tube them. What does that mean? Well, you know it. Once you are prepared, you don't really have to worry about it,
Oh you, you have a lot of the pressure off. Do you have gold or silver. Please diversify I'm not telling you to put everything in I'm saying ten percent take percent out and diversify, put it into gold or silver. That's what I now, may not be right for you, I'm not a financial adviser. You figure it out on your own, but please he's call them today, please all these things. These are the kind of Things there's somebody right now and is probably you that is his hand. How to do that today and then you don't do it. Please do it right now it takes one quick phone call all you do You call them at eight six. Six gold line, one eight six, six gold line, just ask him for all The information they ll say the two you you'll be able to read it? Do your own homework. That's That's the way you have to do things you're, smart enough to figure it out on your own percent of what you have saved
just so when the crap hits the fan, Somebody has something laughed gold line golden bang dot com, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com. so here is congresswoman to leave, yesterday and I wanna play first, her call for a new minimum wage. Now we just I found out that last week Bernie Sanders gave all of his people of fifteen dollar minimum wage because they said what they were working for. Just wasn't enough here, Ok, you know what I want to raise everybody to the fifteen dollar minimum wage cause. That's what I believe anyway. Americans should do oh by the way,
now that you only you know you're making fifteen dollars an hour. I just want you to know. I can't afford everybody to work. Six days a week, Sowerberry works five days a week. You know so. So what are you so wait? Wait! A minute hang on just a second. So now they have to get done all the stuff that they were doing before, but they have to do it in five days as opposed to six days, and that doesn't he their financial situation. What are you saying is now you have time to go, get a second job. He also some people go and some people walked out and said, and then crazy? Now I have accomplish this in five days as opposed to six. No thank you. It doesn't work when we say what's gonna happen is that the companies cannot afford that They will, let lay people off or they will cut back, on the days, the law It always says: that's crazy! That won't but they have the money well,
Bernie. Doesn't he have millions of dollars in the bank? Doesn't he have the money? Why isn't he doing it? does the math doesn't work, so we just had Bernie Sanders, the king of socialism prove that just the fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage mandate D. In work. And here's what Rashid to leave, learn from that can't allow people to be living off of his wages, it's just not or whatever they called it in, and it's just not enough to support our family
big fights like this one, fifty dollars by the way we started it. It should have been fifty dollars right now. I think it should be twenty dollars. That's why? if serious in Congress about Amendment minimum wage, you would attach it to the fundamental market, you would attach to the cost of living but use, do that as the federal government, because fifteen dollars an hour is, is death. Practically in New York City, but I was paying somebody fifteen dollars an hour, in the middle of Idaho or on our ranch in Arizona. That's a lot of money and you know
if you're going to do it, it should be state or locally, and it should be attached to the cost of living. And thirdly, we don't need anybody to tell us. You need me to change that where it takes them out of it. The right there not serious there, not serious, so it all it gives them an ax, so they started doing this fifteen dollars an hour. Well, you know when we started it, it was fifteen and that was fine, but now it's twenty dollars. It should be twenty dollars, but we'll settle for fifteen as soon as they get fifteen. It should be a warning and unique. It made a fight for you, because I was the person that got the fifteen worth it get twenty. What will happen with twenty five at auction? Exactly and its funding as they deal with the blessing of the squad as it were, is they make every argument? Conservatives have been making forever in full color
But what do we say when we were would like all we know what it should go from seven to ten dollars, an hour where we would say: what's Ex fifteen hours twenty dollars an hour and then we're talking common sense solutions or second, they have power. What is at fifteen dollars twenty dollars an hour? There is no end to limit. There's no there's no end to it. There is no limit to that principle, fiddles just ever ever escalating. So I want to show you exactly the kind of what's do said, they're saying things right out in the open and if you remember right, I said well, I was on Fox. I they want to tell you they want their debts. Eyeing did to tell you who they are because I believe you are wrong and their rights alert dying to tell you that they are socialists. Will they are saying it now they're saying it. Do you remember what happened when any one said anything about socialism? It was racist Claims some one was a socialist. It was scare mongering to call someone a socialist. It was redeem
kill us to call somebody a socialist that was the there was the moon, benign you're, just ridiculous they're, not socialist, yeah. They are there talking about redistribution of wealth. That is a marxist socialist idea. That's ridiculous! That's hate hunger that scare mongering? That's racist, if you remember, the first time that I really ever heard anyone in my lifetime. I dont really member Jimmy Carter who is a serious candidate? Talk, things that had marxist undertones was. This exchange in thousand. I think it was two thousand eight October two thousand aid, I believe, when I named Joe the plumber, Finally, got a chance to talk to Barack Obama, listen only one way of looking at it is now that you ve, been become more successful
through hard work. You don't wanna, be taxed as much exactly which I understand, but another way of looking at it is ninety five percent of folks were making it less than two fifty they may be working hard to. European tax to the higher rate than they would be undermined. So so what I'm doing is project put yourself back Ten years ago, when you were only Megan whatever sixty or seventy under my tax, when you would be keeping more of your hatred, lower taxes, which means what is saved where you are fast. My attitude is it if the economy is good results from the bottom up, it's gonna be good for everybody. If you gotta plumbing buzz you're going be better off. If you got a whole bunch of customers, Right now, everybody so pinch that business is bad for everybody and I think what is where the wealth That was the key. I think when you spread the wealth around it, its good for everybody
he's socialized, he talking marxist ideology, that's racist even say that how ridiculous he only cares about people I'm telling you now. If you don't the attention your gun have socialists in the government and they are going to become an out of the woodwork and theirs but come a time when they are not afraid, does say their socialist, that crazy, you're, a danger dare you you're just trying to whip people up into a frenzy? Let me I'll, take you to the audio yesterday of Democratic, socialist risk, to leave so recently I introduced the boost act, this legislation completely repeals the GEO P tax scam. Totally helping wealthy individuals, the rich, the corporations and do you
what I did with that money, do you know what I said We're gonna go ahead and put it into the pockets of folks like every day Mary the view make less than a hundred thousand dollars you're gonna get up to six thousand, Dollars in your pocket and if you make less than thousand hours, you're gonna get three thousand dollars, that's what we do with public dollars, we give it back to the people the people they earned. It hang on just second thats, what we do with our public dollars. Stew, can you tell me, What product the United States government is now selling. Because they have public dollars dollars that the government has earned, Those would be the public dollars. I would assume, because those dollars all came from private individuals in private corporations that they too,
acts of those parts of those could not be public dollar. I will say they did print them, though, so maybe they are may either they are three. We read that there are here. You borrow on your right reassure her okay, so he's talking about the public's money. Now that the government has taken now, the government is supposed to take it for things like that, my defence, they take these things and they Now, they're talking about red rebuilding them to other people. We quote, take from the rich and give it back to the people that earned it How can you possibly take money away from somebody. And claim someone else earned it unless you're the police, the guy who had the money was a bank robber. The people who have the money,
earned the money That's not the way a socialist sees it, but you ll notice when Joe, the plumber, God above but to be even close to socialism, it riled people now we're so dead inside to this on unmask themselves that a democratic socialist can tell you exactly what she's planning on doing and a yo see, can actually introduce a green bill that has nothing to do with the the environment and as everything of to do with- and I am proud clean, quoting from it and the free market system. And nobody seems care any more. Except the media. The media still says these women are not socialist and technically there right there. Democrat socialists.
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I company in my team has worked diligently every day to ensure that our agents live up to their promise to best our view with your biggest investment, it's real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, get moving now real estate agents. I trust dotcom. We part for ten seconds station? I d I'm amazed river that receded to leave audio under her tax plan were people with a hundred thousand dollars during its six thousand dollars back a little more time. So recently I introduced the boost that this legislation completely repeals the GNP tat. Scam. That is totally helping wealthy individuals, the rich the corporations, and do you know what I What money do you know what I
What am I gonna go ahead and put it into the pockets of folks like everyday Americans? If you make less than a hundred housing dollars, you're going to get up to six thousand dollars in our pockets, and if you make less than fifty thousand dollars, you're gonna get three thousand dollars. Ok, so we do so. This is interesting. Is that trick that the media uses all the time when the talk about geopolitics plans? What they say is that the benefits go disparate fortunately to the rich. This is. Something you'll hear all the time and mainstream media will parent it as if it's completely true, but they are doing here is something that you can do to the devil. Riddick Socialist you just heard speak, which is there to people, one rich person, maybe a hundred thousand dollars, one poor person making fifty thousand dollars. What is the poor person gets six thousand, ran the ridge pursing it three. So if you take those two together, you have nine thousand dollars of tax breaks which go two thirds of that.
Go to the rich person disproportionately benefiting the wealthy. This is something you'll hear not from just Democrats, but every freak in mainstream media person who just act as if they don't understand what percentages are for that particular news story, I'm denying percentages, we don't know how they work. Surer than percentage for the tax break for the rich person is less than the protects break for the middle class. Person or the poor person, in fact, that poor person might be paying taxes at all. But let's look at the over total amount. So if someone, ten million dollars and taxes and other paying nine point nine they are getting. Hundred thousand dollars and tax breaks, where someone is making fifty thousand is only getting a five thousand dollar tax break. That's a twenty times the benefit to the rich person now. We all understand the percentages or going to taken to affect how much there,
eying they're, paying much larger amounts overall, so any tax break. All for someone who's making more would be Reno disappear. Turn it in that view, and you can even Two Rashid had to leave that's how dumb of appointed is so in other words, what you're saying is. We should be to ask Rashid it to leave and others why their tax breaks benefit disk proportionately the rich as opposed. To the poor, because it's the exact point. The media makes against every republican tax proposal, no matter what it says this. Is the same thing. You easily do this eminent and when you can do it to someone who is there we're playing this clip is not because this point, regional players, because she's saying she's taking money from the rich to give it to the people who earned it that are poor, doesn't want to wax the Mitt Romney.
The, which is why they were playing the clip. But when you apply that to a socialist. It shows how ridiculous the point is. It shows that every person in the mainstream media. That does it and said, those things knows what they're doing in reality. They all understand what a percentage is. They are doing intentionally to mislead you to believe that tax plans are evil and just out to benefit oil executive. Well in here's, the here's, the key socialists never makes sense. It can never. Can never get it down to be dollars. Incense show me show me, show me how this works. You can never there, because it doesn't and we're seeing this week all of these socialist in and post modern theories of there is no gender
well hang on: how about this? How about the woman who doesn't want to wax the Mitt Romney of you know of a transgendered female? Well, what about that? Well that's just you're, being ridiculous. No, it that's. What's happening, so it always breaks down at the end, because the logic is not sound. That's why Nobody wants to teach critical when in school anymore, because of you teach kids. How to think about what to think. How to think we'll see through this pool crap in a heart beat back in a minute. You're, lessening TED Glenn Bank. Did you know that it takes police forty five minutes to respond at home security alarm almost an hour, not that somebody
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fifteen dollars a month for the round the clock. Monitoring go simply safe back dotcom, simply safe back dotcom wasted, got come slash. Glenn is the place to go. Use the promo code, Glenn get ten bucks off watch the Olano MAR special heirs to Morrow night. Don't miss it We have our Stephen can't he is a spokesperson for my young voices he's also. The host of Beltway Mantis podcast, which I am appearing on in a couple of weeks, will talk about that. Perhaps if we have to but he's responding to a Huffington Post story. Behold The millennium nuns welcome Stephen Area morning lent so so tell me about the story from having them both now. I think we both run it and
this story and the Huffington posed by a fair banks, sort of chronicles this young woman, looking at her friend group, growing up all becoming more religious over time and not only becoming more religious but becoming catholic and then a large amount of them seeking out the law. Of Nuts- and this is in a group of like social media influence or type girls who travel the world, their lifestyle instead grammars their bloggers that a kind of kind of like where their faith on their sleeves into a very loudly and proudly, but really seeking out a life of really rigid boundaries in a way that you just wouldn't expect you wouldn't really expect us from millennials Ray but it turns out in a fair banks, looks into this that numbers are rising across the country that people seeking out the life of nines is actually dramatically higher than it was years before, and the average age is twenty four blew my mind, but it also makes perfect sense. Why does it make sense well,
You said this on my podcast over the weekend that young people are starving. For truth, they live in a subjective world; it is a subjective generation by and large where the world today seems to tell you that it can be whatever you want it to be in it. There is nothing that is right and wrong. There is no black and white, adding that is not squaring with a certain Suggs subset of millennials who are looking for something deeper. I think that eventually really falls into recognition of the majority of people, no matter what age You can live that life for a while, where it out just my truth that matters, but it will cause massive pain in your I've and if you ever want to get out of it, you're gonna have to reckon I see that there are some universal truths that are just not changed, and there was a sad. This girl in this study, are in this peace at it said that when she was speaking that happened impose she said there is nothing can
stint in the secular world. It all is a moving target. Catholicism, by contrast, truth is a fact and your obligations to other people, and God cannot be trumped by personal truth, spoke to me as well? I mean this. This is sort of the thing that I deal with in my own life with my own generation and I think, a certain part of the protestant population brought Presbyterian? I now go to non denominational church and there I seem to be in this religious community- still a take it or leave it approach to religion. Right pick. What you want Allah cart! and it's not authentic, really cause, there's something wrong there that the end of the study had talked about this This research that was done by the barn group- and it showed at millennials by and large when they are asked about. This issue were lit monos of faith. They are asked about this issue and they prefer traditional churches vapor.
A cathedral settings. They prefer the peat, the preacher behind a pew, as opposed to standing up and being like a motivational. Mad talk, speaker we're swinging backwards, and I think this is this. Has everything you with millennials like building carpenter style our houses and wanting raft coffee, they don't want correct, they want the real thing, and some of them are going very far to find it. None is key, extreme? I think that's the whole point very o energy generation. They do everything a little bit overnight, authors in others. There is something to be said right now, every thing is personalized. You know in in somebody's life you can, it exactly the way you want it. Up in the generation were Mcdonald's was like now it's the big That's the way we make it. You don't like it compound is in the eating. Lamprey margarita manually Esther Day were very creative minds, daddy why it is so. Instead I mean that's. The way was growing up,
because we were still in the Vienna. The mass production you know world where we thought mass production was great because you know a hundred years before it hadn't been mass production will now that we ve had vast mass production. Now we're look. Four things that are unique and customizable and end uniquely us, the the The idea of of winging back to the old world. I think starts there. It's it's is something handmade. Is it is it for the individual that kind of stuff, makes a difference, and it goes back to making things by hand or being quiet when Ed, when the world is screaming. They're gonna a yearning for a quiet place when we think is loud and and vibrant
something to a big dark cathedral, is absolutely silent. It would also speak to the rise in the rise in yoga and meditation as being something that people are seeking out there there tired they're everywhere they go their simulated and people have the discipline in their daily lives to actually be in a place of quiet, There is not an option, weather the day cuz. I think we are at the. I think, we're approach. The moment that the Beatles did revolution, which is nineteen, sixty nine. And nineteen sixty nine was the year that all this nonsense just started to come apart and fall apart, and that was the your involvement and there was stabbings at these peace festivals like Woodstock he had gone through the shootings of Malcolm Joy. F K. Malcolm acts are F K, M, F, K
Emma Martin Luther King and people were sick of it. There, too sick of it, and there was this. This moment where the Beatles stepped out and said you want to, Odin, carry round pictures of Chairman MAO. We want to change your head in no one will follow you and they made a statement of. You know what we're not with you and one iconic band even though they had all of this music that was supporting this debauchery, which they dont have now There is no cultural. No cultural tie that eyes. All of this aggressive, ism and and nonsense of how many genders there are there's no iconic, look or music you know,
like there was in the nineteen sixties one thing, that accompanied the change was a revival of the churches, there was the Jesus Movement and. It wasn't it wasn't. It didn't go back to the cathedrals it and to Haiti oh Jesus is a cool guy PAN Jesus that was a good example, change my relationship status to in our relationship. With the Lord, right- and that is that's the one. Thing, that's missing when that starts to happen. I think it the Le Fischler. Beyond the downs slope of this insanity man, I mean I just relate with this. This entire thing. You know what I've been on the search for my own church for the past ten years, since I am I'm twenty nine, twenty nine went to college fell out a church then try to get back in the started. Going to sort of these, like rock band churches right were like a TED talk and than theirs.
An plying. I just I just felt oppressed by the cheese. Just do it and I have just found myself time just longing my presbyterian church growing up where they sang here I would like the only reason and the pew they didn't have any projectors to show you the words and the screen that behind I thought I was an outlier, but this entirely not post, as that is actually a trend right now. That is swinging truly strange, because my faith, if we don't have projectors its get skins, rules to use projectors near very traditional, very traditional, all old hymns. It's an organ. I mean it is as traditional as it comes and Why do people my faith or like? Could we
he turned the lights on is that parliament could we have heat and- and this whole thing has come and gone hours, starting to wane of the big, loud churches, and I I like time occasionally going in me- I might as well get it is on a big. I think. That's the whole point I, like others, goodwill is that, where the choices important rather some things that it depends on What serves you best, straining at what would what what does Furthermore, the the admission and you go to a really good one, though you got all really the gateway is a good. They are that the other programmes, Europe, has it s, Mark Patterson, icing on his churches. When I lived awash Oj C, fantastic illiterate and that actually was not No, I saw your rock band style. Churches rice had talk speakers that movie theater church actually really like that. I connected with it being right, their seat! Deceit! Next, everybody is very cool. I was a model that worked for me, but people go to.
Which is chicken here in Texas switches and where I get all of my religious, such no matching buddy. Is this? Isn't good eating and yeah? Ok, indifferent, Stephen, its good to talk to you good to have you really before we got our worse, what about it like so we have your podcast. But star wars in politics, like the fusion tat reaction of those. What is happening. We have is the ninth star wars coming out. This is back to Judge Abrams right. It is give us a little run up like the news, a star wars, because this really I care about much more than an outcast star wars. News here we go. I said this is coming out December to money episode, nine, the rise of Skywalker. It is going to be good. I think If you're trying to come out of the last year, I downturn we're gonna end with J J Abrams back of the hounds has cinematic guy and we are going to get a more basic approach, the star wars, I think that actually rounds is all down now,
What I want to say is that I'm not nearly excited about episode. Nine, as I am about, was coming out on Disney, plus the new Disney equivalent of Netflix here man, member the man Delorean. How many people in your audience grew up. Wanting that Bobo FAT Movie, I wanted to be the bounty hunter while now you're going to get it? Ladies and gentlemen, the man Delorean stars Pablo Pascal from game of thrones, and it's going be an old west style sort of desert flick. Where the man Delorean Bounty Hunter unnamed at this point is roaming Puerile owned planet to hunt down sort of
people deserving the empire by all and on it I mean that's all that you need from star wars and get another subscription out, cancel the boys at the way that was ass. Great ass, though it Bob nuts that both fat purchase per se, but it is not about a hundred yards just another man, Delorean area- and you said the guy who did the brine Johnson to the last one in which it was. Indeed, it was many recited for his own trilogy. That was going to start in the brand new timeline, not involve sky walkers. There are rumours that might be the Old republic where he had like jet. I armies and safe alarmist, but NI, went back on the agreement and they have action, moved away from doing another movie with Ryan Johnson. Why am I I mean you just have to assume that the last year I just who was so tough, so I Opel, so is this. The dewy know is this: The last of the area little story. That is what they say right, but kind of they always
yeah like now, we are done with this J K. Five years they'll be right, you're right, but that they have and very clear that the Skywalker story, as we know it, that's the cliff- that's thus and output. As we know, it is over after episode, nine miles laugh There is no one left right. That's a lot of really, but it can relax attack goes to the whole name, the rise of Skywalker, who are they talking about, and then I have my theory. Would you like to hear it? I can I take a great deal to do and we want to theory, though I feel like such I love fearing. There's only loves it one one one minute american financing right now. Anyone who, as a mortgage or is buying a home as a credible opportunities in front of them interest rates dropping again we have a chance to lock up a fixed rate, low interest mortgage, let's let Let's thing about this, have you have a mortgage over four percent or urine of
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nine zero six twenty four forty american financing dot net American Financing Corporation Nmls, eighteen thousand one hundred do through reform W W W that animal, less consumer access, dot, Org aright give us Stephen can't young voices posted that way: boundless podcast. What's her, is the last Skywalker. Well, rise of Skywalker, I believe, is gonna, be about the class of a new kind of force user a year ago, we convened on your show to talk about the possibility of a grey jedi. This sort of goes back to old, star wars, myth that there would be somebody who could walk between the light in the dark. We're like we don't know about that. Some kind of subjective right, like me, doesn't like Disney's doing away with good and evil, but the fee, Regos, that Ray is going to walk away from all of this, with Kyler, with the ancient tax at the jedi and be able to form a new class of force user called sky walkers. This
actually has roots back, an old star wars, books that are no longer factual or no longer cannon. As they say, Skywalker will be its own class of force user and that will blend both the good of the light and part of the good sides of the dark of goods. Tides of the year, the good side of the giants like being able erratic. Sadly, you to use your emotions right and that's Of what underlines agenda so often is that their walled off from feeling and walled off from emotion and that's what the dark side preaches to access. I can't imagine eggs justify the means. Sometimes, when That's what we don't know who gonna be people who actually save lives but can act you have been good side of a dark side and the good of a good idea of the light side. Ryan
our camel critique right there, because I really Europe for the guy, but it's it's just it's tough. I mean especially that original three, which are like our time where they had carry Fisher outer space. I want to look away. The government is not ends in analysing how to take so much. Do you going our I don't worry. Tomorrow are special, are one our special on E Omar tomorrow at five? Only on blaze, tv dot com, Slash Glenn, sign up now: use the power promo Code, Glenn and you're gonna save ten percent blazed tv dot com, Slash Glenn, your lesson.
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