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The Government Wants Data on EVERYTHING We Do | Guest: Michael Rectenwald | 9/9/19

2019-09-09 | 🔗
The DOJ ordered Apple and Google to release data on ALL the users of a gun scope app, and that’s on top of the information already being collected by everything from smart beds to Roombas. Author Michael Rectenwald joins the show to discuss the onslaught of “smart” technology and why we’re dumb for trusting it. Glenn tweeted Ilhan Omar to clarify on some BIG questions after she called him a lying idiot, but she’s not responding. In 2020 news, Joe Biden’s gaffes are starting to sound more like aneurysm side effects, and Kamala Harris laughed at Trump being called “mentally retarded. And if the Bill of Rights was put to a vote today, most of it would not pass.

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