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The Great 'Fire' Wall of China | Guests: Ben Howe, Jason Buttrill, & Kevin Ryan | 8/14/19

2019-08-14 | 🔗
Hour 1 Tiananmen Square revisited, but is anyone paying attention? Scaling China's Great Firewall. Once again, we are witnessing history in Hong Kong. MSNBC spews racist hate. Live Christmas special announcement? Mr. President, please tear down these tariffs! Hour 2 Revisiting the Third Amendment: Are Alexa and Google Home the new soldiers being quartered in your house by big business and the NSA? ”A plan for everything” is destined to be a very bad one. Ben Howe joins the program to discuss the divide in America that transcends politics.Hour 3 Chief researcher Jason Buttrill joins the program to discuss an ongoing saga involving the Russian probe and a woman who wasn’t a Russian spy. Kevin Ryan joins the program to share his experiences listening to the Democrats in Iowa. Why are the Democrats gravitating toward Elizabeth Warren when she’s so much like Hillary Clinton?

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