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The Great Reset Is Pottersville | Guests: Justin Haskins & Carol Roth | 1/13/22

2022-01-13 | 🔗

Glenn gives some good news coming out of Washington state and clears up rumors about "involuntary quarantine facilities." Glenn’s new book, “The Great Reset,” already sold out of its first printing. Here are some New Year’s resolutions that will make a real difference in society. Glenn explains how Pottersville from "It’s a Wonderful Life" is a perfect analogy for the Great Reset. Co-author of “The Great Reset” Justin Haskins joins to break down how the Great Reset will affect every aspect of your life and may even end Uber. The Davos elites are so out of touch. “The War on Small Business” author Carol Roth joins to explain the latest on the economy, inflation, and how it all fits into the Great Reset’s playbook.

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