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The Great Reset Takes Aim at Freedom of Speech | 2/16/22

2022-02-16 | 🔗

Glenn starts off the show by discussing ESG scores and shares some of the voices behind the Great Reset. He ponders why one would believe the solution offered by the ones who created the problem. Glenn reiterates the Great Reset's intent for you to own nothing. Glenn discusses all the various breaking stories and how they're all connected to the Great Reset. The gun manufacturing company Remington was sued by families of Sandy Hook victims, and insurers opted for a massive settlement. The lawsuit against Remington is an end run around the Second Amendment. Canada is now requiring donation websites to register with the government. Glenn goes over President Biden’s nominees for the Federal Reserve and the controversies surrounding them.

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when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. the Glenn Beck program,
back in the eighteen fifties there was a group of people that supported Abraham Lincoln. It was the wide awake club. They were the wide awakens. It's interesting to me that we are now looking at a time where everybody wants to go woke. No, don't go woke. Wake up! Wake up! America We need a new group of wide awake. Yours just like they needed in the eighteen fifties that a party that Republican Party was the only group of people that were awake. That said, you know what both of these parties, the Democrats in wigs they're, both full crap. We actually want to make a difference. We actually want to free people and solve this problem.
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I do hope that we are. Working currently with twenty different states and legislators and I was invited to speak Yes, g and I should say I volunteered to speak when we were talking to us of the representatives and senators up there and they say ass, please so I got together now. This is how the press that was in the room- and I knew they were in the room they were in the room. This is how the press, the Idaho Press, phrased, an. a framed. What happened yesterday listen to this. So liberty, talk, show host I'm a celebrity talk, show host. Congratulations. Celebrity talk, show host an conspiracy, theorist Glenn back in
retained an audience of about sixty in a legislative meeting room in capital in the capital this afternoon who's this report of this they are on a sky rocket ship to the moon and the New York Times in a low. My gosh is that greater its Betsy Z, Russell bets he's got up of quite the career pollyanna you you couldn't, I mean all you could say is former wrinkling brothers clown, we thought he was going to do a pop up magic show halfway through This is how they begin she doesn't. She doesn't really talk about exam. Actually what was said. Beth gave an talk about. He called the dangers of Vs G, which stands for environmental, social and governance. A type of reporting that come These are increasingly used to attract investors interested in those metrics back said too.
Group soon, everyone will have an e g score and Abuse to track you and prevent you from doing business. If it's too low, you will lose points on your yes g score. Just being around me? He said to a room of laughter, then he urged Idaho lawmakers to legislate against such moves? Ok, Zactly. What a celebrity talk show host. What's it say right, there's no, there's no reference to. I. He said this beyond politics. This item here who you voted for, I dont care bout your squabbles in your own parties. Everybody who believes in America needs to come together and understand this. So the press what does she do? Shit? this goes out to discredit me. and the message of Vs G. Now not saying she's in Ani, yes, g or anything else now she just foolish
she is just full There was no intellectual curiosity, apparently at all interested to see what she has to right next, because as I said, probably a hundred times in that deal, do not take my word, for it and do not listen to conspiracy theories. I want to go to? U S treasury dot, Gov? Why house dot Gov World economic forum, dot com, you it from them so important America that you understand one thing, because I think there Are some people that there's a couple of things that people are fighting one you're tired, I get it You're tired, but I'm telling you this is the knock out punch for America. This is it.
If we lose this and I'm gonna show you in today show where it is happening in real time. The gun Remington lawsuit? Yesterday I can tie that right too. Clayton s Gee up in Canada door. directly to e s g. Why did the Publicans, walk out on the FED nominees yesterday Door reckless related to e s g what's happening with, Of a coddled toast your cargoes now we're banning of from Mexico you're going to lose progressives in droves. On that one, policy. I fully support you get them out of contacting us ample coddled put him on everything. I'm with you like you. I can t directly to yes G If you understand the great reset Everything makes sense,
and I'm going to show you how when all is working right now and I'm gonna show you there. The you tube, who on some podcast over in Germany? So let's took little kids about of kicking people off the platform, she says we want governed to tell us just legislate, what can be said in what can't and will enforce it check a tied together but here's. The thing you have to understand and please learn from history were. I did chamber what was Chamberlains mistake was Neville Chamberlains mistake with Hitler. He thought you could go she ate with mad man and he thought Well, he's just here
aging and hyperbole, he doesn't really mean all of this stuff and all All of the signs were his own words. His book, you know If you read me in camp. It's all there. Every Jew, every Jew in Germany when he became chancellor, they should have did is broken when I'm out of here? Why didn't they? why were the choose? Who had the opportunity to leave early on? Why? more leave. It's an important question. Because it ties directly to what you're doing and thinking today they Didn't leave because they said he doesn't mean that Should we he might mean that but they're not gonna. Do that! I'm a German. I'm a German. I fought for Germany in World WAR, one I'm a decorated hero, they're, not
our neighbours are not gonna turn on us. That's why they're and every step closer. It's not gonna get worse than this. I mean this is insane and people are going to wake up, and this is gonna stop how many times have you had any of those thoughts about our own government. It's not gonna, get worse than this can't I mean it's insane right. People are gonna, stand up, they're, gonna, they're gonna! Stop! You are repeating history. When someone tells you that they are going to destroy you or your life, or your way of life and they say it proudly because that's gonna fix this country. What did Hitler say? We just get the Jews and we'll be fine. What are they saying today? We get rid of
capitalism and the world will be a utopia when People tell you they're going, To destroy your life, you have two choices, humans usually choose the wrong one, that's the first choice ignore Or it is that's a crazy person. Did you know the person that is in charge of our nuclear waste is a guy who comes to work in a dress with heels. Did you know that. if I would have told you that, ten years ago, would you say no way, that's not gonna happen. It's happening. if I would have told you five years ago that the who'll boards would start falling parents terrorists? Would you Leave me I gotta get to that. Come on Glenn.
There is a normal see, bias that is normal in human beings. It's the way it's needed, it's the way that we process things and keep our sanity. There is a time that your intellect moss, Must, override your natural, immunity to fear and too Chaos. the normalcy bias. You look at chaos and you in still actively to keep you going say, While this is not this? Not that it's not gonna, be that and that's what gets people killed, because they look for something they can compare it to a well. I see planes. The buildings, and you know what this building is made of steel and these its never happen, I'm safe this Billy
We'll never fall and it does. The reason why people die and care Trees are overthrown is because people don't take other people at their word and it's fun. Because we will take people like Putin we know not to take him at his word right. That's what ion is telling us right now. Don't take him at his word. He's a liar down prompt he's a liar. But proven liars and people with clear motives. to actually carry through on the things they say in all seriousness: we're gonna end capitalism.
We somehow or another think that our will that's just crazy talk. Tonight, on television, I going to tell you whose actually running White House, It's a name. You most likely have never heard very powerful. very secretive. Well moneyed they are. actually calling the shots, the lighthouse that tubes that's whose behind it but he asked whose really running it tonight I'll tell you. here's what I said to my writer this morning, one. Is this one gonna get me killed? Do we mean really you got it right? Yes,.
There is an effort to take any one who government deems as someone who is in Aging and misinformation, or what did Betsy com a conspiracy theorist bet, You are going to some day in your life. Regret. You ever wrote that, because people like me that are honestly asking questions and honestly will change my point of view? If you can prove me wrong. I will be gone. You will not be able to allow to be allowed to ask honest questions, and you will realize good God. What have I done so the show regret bring it, because she will be in the position where she will be named. conspiracy, theorist words she will be named. If
doesn't toe the line if the people who say this is what they're going to do actually do it. She will either toe the line or she'll be destroyed. Anyone who is silence in the face of evil is evil itself. there is no middle ground here. You their understand the bill of Rights and the IMF, importance of freedom of speech, which is ask being honest questions, our founders even said. Even The press knows that there are a lie. We don't have the right, nor should we exercise the power to silence those people, so they don't. They just just described,
but I am telling you we are working hard to bring you the truth if you are somebody that wants the truth, will give it to you. But then What do you do with it? What do you do with it. That's where the rubber meets throat and that's where a lot of times people are like. I can't listen any work as what am I going to do. You do what I'm doing don't think I'm frustrated, I'm frustrating, Every day I talked to millions of people every single day, and they ask me: what do I do? I I don't know I can give you Some things were working on some things and I can tell you but don't know my job is to tell you have ever considered that your job is to then
be all buttoned up with all of the facts and learn the facts of whatever it is you're interested in that you see as a danger and Isn't that in a very credible way, to your friends to you, circle of influence because This circle of influence doesn't last much longer end. You don't know, what's really happening, no one will because you'll need to tell it to your friends and Will you do it? Will you be allowed? Do you know it. I want to go back to Ie S. G. and I will give you some words they themselves have said: Anne what do we do do? dismiss them and go back to sleep, or do we do
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and station. I d. People often times don't listen to two outrageous claims, for instance ending capitalism. That seems like it can't happen We ve never seen anything like that here and why people want to do that. Anyway. I'm gonna give you their words and then ask you doing Believe it or not and I'm going to show you the motivation behind all of it or to I'm gonna, start playing some audio clips for you in just the last couple of days. All of the news you'll understand it through the through the
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Explain to you why this is so important that you take seriously if someone threatens your life. If there's a neighbour that says kill you in your family and they're nuts that have to be but they're nuts do you do anything to take precautions just case not a neighbor means it or you just dismiss it. You want to take precautions right K. What would you do? Oh, maybe call the police lodge. plain to see yet a restraining order. Maybe if you really start, I leave it. If it escalates alone, you'd tell your family: don't go over to the neighbors yard. Don't talk to them. Rightness, stay away. Correction you'd, be a fool not to write When somebody is threatening your very way of life, your business,
your money. Your education your children's right to choose where they're going to work, they're gonna fundamentally transform your life, and you ve had their own words. You will own nothing in twenty thirty. Should you take them seriously? I would I would wait a minute you're saying I'm not gonna owned the property that I already own. Could you explain more of that? To me how do I do. I just give up my property by selling it to somebody what would happen to the property, I do have wait: you're gonna we hold it, just a second the the car company, the only car company that will making a combustion engine by
won T thirty is Maybe be. Ferrari. Everything else be electric all cars will be electric by twenty thirty. They won't be bill. The combustion engine, all cars. Now that may be great, but can we just have a discussion on you know where we plugging these in and how are you generating the power cause you're getting rid of fossil fuels Howard? generating enough power to power all these cars can. At least talk about that you have to take people at their word if they say they're gonna, do something you're a fool not to take them at their word. This is, This is the Schwab com Ass Schwab, who run The world economic forum. To achieve
If a better outcome he's talking about cove, it is easy. It's easy now, but anxiety about the world, so social and economic prospects is only I intensifying. Why is it? testifying right now why Are our fears of the future intensifying because inflation one Do you know what you're going to be making next year? it will be able to make ends meet Inflation continue to go up, which it will do you have confidence or your anxiety up a little bit? Ok, it's up. Why Why is this happening? Well, if you want stand the great reset you know what's happened. and why inflation is going up. If you look,
your gas pomp and you're, like how can I or to pump gas Your anxiety goes up sure Why is it going up because of the poor bull that believe in the great reset are trying to get rid of fossil fuels and so they're, making it impossible to find new fossil fuels and to make Ben refine, those fossil fuels here in Amerika, so are causing that I anxiety, so the people were causing your anxiety are the ones saying that its go, so we're gonna, be in a position here very soon to for a solution now, first question: why would you get I've in to the solution that is presented by the people who caused the problem. Well, because,
you'll be in a position to where you won't know what the problem was and you be at your end of your rope and their offering a solution- and I dont know so: ok do that. That's why that's why you have to know about the great great great reset now, and you have to tell your friends about it. He says so in is going up and to achieve a better outcome. The way old must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all asked acts of our societies and our economies from education to see social contracts and working conditions, listen carefully every industry from oil and gas to tack must be transformed. In short, it's a great reason of capitalism. Ok,
no we're gonna change, all aspects of our societies and our economies from education and social contracts? What could pass, legal wrong with that and you notice he did say you must you must transform. from Greenpeace another leader in the Gee world we a new world order after World WAR two were now in it Front world than we were in then, and we he'd ask: what should we be doing differently the world? He can Comic Forum has a big responsibility in that as well to be pushing great reset and to look out can create well being for people of all the earth. We need to design a better world based on solidarity and sharing solidarity in sharing a deciding how you protect people within nations and globally its crucial. We
need to design policies that, in line with the line with investment in people and the environment, but above all The longer term perspective is about rebalancing. Economies sat mean rebalancing It is a global shift of wealth, there are poor countries and rich countries. We need to get the rich countries to give money to the poor countries and if you think, if you think that more people are actually gonna get our money and it's not gonna just go to enrich the. organizations and the people that are the elites. Your fooling yourself. They're doing these things through fear because they are afraid. Hear me out on this, I gotta do it bored on this, but let me just By you and see, if it makes sense to you without a chalkboard too,
I'm gonna play some audio for your next next hour. You tube said just government we will enforce the laws just tell us what illegal speech and what not. that's an amazing statement. Why would they do that government? Do you? think the government fears you. I think it does and I think it does, because a vain no it's really going on, they know What's happening in the financial market, they know what the word: looks like for America in the future, and they know they ve kind. Caused a lot of it. and people don't like to be poor and hungry and have their country taken from them. So they living in fear. It's there.
acting down. That's why they're calling moms and dad's terrorists they ve got to crack down finance. Do you think the banks are afraid, Well, I think the banks in the end the FED there so cushy, I dont, know if they actually are afraid, but they at the our levels. They should be very afraid, because we onto them, our money is gone and they we are the ones who got bailed out again, and again and again and then fine, and telling us what loans we can and cannot have they are living in fear is well big business media, don't think those guys living in fear of just losing what they have alone. So very everybody's living in fear. Doesn't it in sense that they would be.
We work together and say: look we're all in this boat together, because the people, are gonna, be angry, near gonna. Throw us out of office will stop. You our products there already not watching our tv shows TAT, only with a sigh what's coming with employment and they'll be blamed for it. You don't think tech, how popular they are now. Can you imagine when there's forty percent unemployment caused by a high and big DEC. They all have reasons to say world in this together, let's redesign the world will protect each other. We will make sure that our lifeboat makes it to shore, but we just have to confuse all of the people that the rest people that are on the titanic. We just
to confuse them enough. So we get our lifeboat down in the water. That's what's happening. so now, what do we do about it? There are a couple of things one. You must know what the great reset is and how it works. It is the Rosetta stone for everything that is going on to you. You have to call your state legislators and get them to sign and develop a bill? I'm hope. That Idaho will have the best. One Kansas has a pretty good one new. I am sure, is working with a lot of different states on their bill This is spreading because of you, these legislators. These politicians have no idea what's going on and the biggest push back is
These are free markets. It's not from the Democrats. It's from the Republicans, the Republicans, these are free markets. We don't have a right to say what free markets can. This is not a free market, this is designed to stop the free market This is designed to destroy capitalism, you're, not protecting but all ism by now moving your actually helping destroy it and the only answer we have is the local and state level these the states can say to the banks. You can do any metric. You want, as long as its related to person, a person's financial situation, their fight actual well being used and you social credit scores who decides who you're giving alone to that stops.
Some of the states are going a step further and they're going after and saying we're pulling all of our pension funds out of Blackrock that billions of dollars your state doesn't do it a fortnight in New York are big pension holders. It's just like the curriculum if California, in New York, decide what curriculum is for their states most likely. The rest of the country is gonna, get it because they control it. We have to be in this fight now. Educate yourself, educate your and call your lawmakers locally tell or state wraps, and your state senators you ve got to work on it. Anti, I g bill and no you're, probably gonna- have to educate them back. Most most people don't know what it is. Your way ahead of the curve, you are critical at this point
also on the other side of the break, I'm gonna give you one more thing to do. Nobody is talking about this, but it is essential We rally around the Senate. They GEO appears that a world, the banking committees. They walk doubt yesterday for a reason you need your stand that reason and rally around them. I think they were just trying to buy time until people figured out what was going on I'll help. You figure that out coming up Greens, when he got a young pup by the way my dog, my wife, said we're not getting another dog where this is it when we lose out there. So be it and I said out: you're gonna get doc No I'm tired of having a dog. We can't go any place dog blah blah blah you're gonna get no I'm not I'm telling you I'm tired of it. I came Yesterday, I guess I've been going, for three days she said,
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newsletter today, at back dot com. This is the Glen Back Programme in our number three, I'm gonna go into this in great detail, but the Fed has three: of their positions open right now. Normally, this is something, as you know, you just put him through. However, what you're trying to do is change the balance of the FED Board and have these people that believe the FED should be the Bank of America and the new person that is in control of all banking regulations at everything else the. White, the I'm sorry, the GEO peas walked out
of the hearing, because they can't get answers from these people. and they had to vote yesterday, whether to approve them or not. They know they'll lose because you know the Democrats have the majority, so they walked out. And I believe they are looking for support. I believe they are looking for. People too rise up and start phone calls, darts spreading the word about who the people are and what they actually want to do. They are going to make an end run around Congress, not only the constitution, but also Congress, I believe, if these people are approved I'll, give you all the details in our three issues: the back programme, Alright, let me tell you about the zebra. In case you haven't heard car and home insurance rates are going up this year, haha not a fun thing to think about, but it is something you need to think about what you going to do make
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the boy. America and welcome to the Glen Back Programme. I am going to walk all of the stories that are happening today and I'll show you if you have, the decoder ring how everything makes sense and it shows you exactly the road in which we are travelling. We began in sixty seconds Michael Rodion about its experience with relief factory, says kudos. Two days after started, I started taking relief factor. My knees started to becoming more flexible and hardly any pain. I walk up the stairs. Normally it's just one at a time. This is lasting. Thank you. So much really factor, Michael thank you for taking it trying it and writing in it. Tell us tell tell us telling us your experience.
Really factor created by doctors, it helps your body reduce inflammation in four different ways. I want you to just try and see. If it's right for you, the people who try for three weeks, seventy percent of them find relief. They go on to order more month after month, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five for the trial pack. Hundreds of thousands of people have ordered it. Seventy percent order more, Pretty good odds that this is gonna help you really factor com, if you ve, given up on trying to find a way out of pain, don't give up, don't give try relief factor really factor dotcom. Eight hundred the number for relief, the number for relief aid huh for relief or relief factor dotcom feel the difference. I want to take you down unbelievable road here for a few minutes, I dont know if you have seen the reports now, but
the c b c. is coming through the illegally hacked database of Gibson GO donors day. That's bad enough! but you need to understand the c b c- is not like ABC. That's the canadian Broadcasting Company and It is funded, by the state this is a state. This is like the BBC. It's off funded by the state. So they do the states bidding so now you have of the c b c and journalists going through in a legally hacked database of donors that guy give to the truckers up in Canada. and emailing them calling them, and asking them to explain themselves, and we should point out that the media keeps trying to justify this by using the term leaked like this was leaked data
if you like whistle blower cannot out from inside accompany it was hacked and stolen, remember They wouldn't report on Hunter biting his laptop because it might not be his and they weren't sure it wasn't stolen well, we now know I wasn't stolen and it was his and it was his and they wouldn't touch that because we don't handle things. We don't two things that we don't know if it's been illegally obtained will you know this has so how they are going through the two million dollars of donations and you're calling all of you he's donors. Why did you You do you regret it. happy to say the donors are not afraid of the c b c and there I'm afraid that the amazing thing is the donors that they have been calling been saying yap, I did it, do it again wire, calling me you get my information there
financial information he's all known by the government because of the emergency orders. The guys. Also, by the way back, of the emergency act that Trudeau imposed there. comparing the blockades to terrorism, really They say it's an emergency, because the blockades by both persons and motor vehicles is occurring in various locations throughout Canada and continue to threaten and oppose measures to remove the blockades. say that they have the potential for violence. There is no violence, there was there. Somebody did ram a car into a bunch of people in a truck that was an teeth a person, it wasn't it truckers. It was aim to stop the truckers, an anti if a person have even heard that, so they have to remove. The
continuing threats. o K. They say the blockades have put actual providing violence for the purpose of achieving a political or ideological eject objective with in Canada. Now what does that make them? if you are using tactics, add are dangerous and Europe to achieve a political goal, wise terrorism If you gave to give send, go. Well, why you were funding a terrorist. Do you see how slippery this slope is now the c b c is doc. Sing, twitter, come out and said you know that
You know that this is. This is important information to have I mean you know we have to have did anybody docks Antigua. Do you remember any one calling black lives matter? People Do you remember any stories? Does the New York Times has a story today about how? here they were meeting in closed door meetings in hotel rooms planning all of this, these these are the people that were really planning it. Do you remember hearing any of that, except on this ship? or a conservative program that talked about who, little real leaders were? What happens to the money? Where is it really going. Why is it black? lives or b l am ink who incorporated this. We told you all that they find any. Any reason to because, as they were burning cities to the ground, they said that wasn't violence, but
sitting in your truck. Is violence. so Twitter is involved, the mainstream media is involved and of as we have you tube. Let me play something an interview that just happened. I think tied tv, it's a german programme here: The president of you tube talking about freedom of speech, listen cut, nine. at present all say that poorer in we work the globe and your rights. Only. There are many different laws and many different Andrews Dixons, and we we enforce the laws. the various jurisdictions around speech or what's consider see for not safe That's true friend for democratically elected governments. It might get a bit more complicated in ignoring them. practically elated China, its arm
and for the most part in us away, sickly. We enforce those laws actually hasn't been the controversial part. What has been done? commercial part has been when there is content that would be deemed as harmful, but yet is not illegal. So an example of that fact. who would be covered. I am not aware of being laws by government saying around carbon, in terms of not being able to debate the efficacy of mass where the virus came from or the right treatment proposal. But yet there was Repression, concern about us distributing misinformation that went against what was considered. This standard and accepted medical knowledge and so this category of harmful but night, but but legal has been, I think where most of the discussion has been carried. So what do we do?
Bout that here's the next cut we're not generating revenue for them. Then that's a problem par cleaners. They create reviewed, a fallen incredible content and we share the majority of revenue with them. So yes, it is basically that's like that. You know so I think governments like can can always our recommend Governments want to have more control over on. My speech is too to pass laws ok, how that leader cleanly and clearly defined such that we can implement a strategy for good. That's about enough! So what are you saying there, we she was mentioning advertisers because she said advertisers start who pressure us and then we have to pull some speech down so pressure from advertisers. Okay, so they upon puts some speed. Down, but it would be so much easier if the government would just pass laws about speech what
Is ok and what is in their begging? to do what they do in China very easy in China. takes all the worry out of Youtube. They can do Sit there and make money they I have to worry about cheese. Are we gonna get backlash on this week pulled into a hearing? They want the rig. Nation on speech. Now: that. Sounds absolute the crazy. Doesn't it. sounds crazy. Would be like if a world leader like Dick Leaderships, that's crazy right, here's Joe didn T, Trudeau on dictatorships, specially China listen, do you with Son TV watching for any slip he was asked,
which country he most admired and referred to China, admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn our economy around on a diet and say we need to go green as fast as we need to start investing in solar I'll, be there is flexibility that I knows even heard from a dream about having a dictatorship that even now the vase that a fate offended, Canadian Asians. I think that should attend all Canadians. by the way was running against Stephen Harper. I think he caught himself at the end. Remember the question is: what do you most admire? and so he says China because of their dictators They can get things done. That something you need to remember, because there, that is what this administration, what business, what you tube, what twitter feed
spoke all of them, love about China. They can get things done there. to spend the money we need work on a great take off. That money and poured into that, we don't have any more money. Great just prince, more put it in that and they get things done. They like dictatorships, because their elite. They think they know better than the end. visible hand of all of us. So you have crazy. Statements from the media saying that you know that late We want the government to be able to give them more direction and more laws, meanwhile you her the New York Times talk about how dangerous the misinformation is from pod casts they're going after podcast, but
it's happening on on radio. Man is like it's it's almost deafening silence on talk, radio, isn't it or is it I want to play a couple, catch your eye, actually, you know we have time for one so they play. The second cut of the F c C, commissioner, that is now being questioned and will probably go through the the incredible radical and you will see why I say that of Gigi sown possible next the commissioner of the FCC senator Sullivan, sorry Centres, open bank manager How do you know where to begin here? I too am very
stirred. We had a discussion last hearing the sun on your tweets and look this we're not nominating you for any normal assistant secretary here, the F Ceiling Grameen FCC Commissioner, a norm power. What's his name, particulars relates to free speech. Particular. Is it actually relates to liberty in our country, and I think Scott raises some really important points, which is I don't see how you can be unbiased. ox news. A state sponsored media propaganda. Republicans now, the only way they can win an election is to suppress the vote. These are yours a retweet. Your raggedy white supremacist president Howard Cowardly, enable
I would rather kill everybody, then stop killing black people. That's a retreat! Damn that's as a way out there I mean you think, most Republicans, racists and waste premises. Absolutely not resolving of what your red deer I I'm not really was actually but I'm happy to look at it. Member retweeting, though I do not. I have five tweeted, probably to over ten thousand times so doing over. The average time whether you are right, you don't, retweet something like that without comment: unless less Europe, Nonetheless, I agree with it or you're drunk and even if you're drunk, I know, I'm an expert, I'm an alcoholic, even you're drunk all it all of it Alcohol does is lower your innovations. It doesn't you are racist. It too
down the shield that you put up to make sure that people don't think that about you. So you know that was a drunk who retweet hats view. Revealing so you have social media, clamping down you have the F c c, getting ready to clamp down? You have Lee Department of Homeland Security last week issuing the terrorism threat to the U S, homeland is based done, actors that seek to exacerbate societal, friction too so discord and undermine public. Trust in government institutions and encourage unrest and could potentially inspire acts of violence, noted That is exactly what just in Trudeau says about the truckers that they could potentially spire violence, the greatest
threat to the nation, the greatest threat to the nation. Are there those people that are proliferating fall, or misleading narratives, which so discord our under me public trust, in? U S, government institutions will go that's anybody who doesn't. Play along with their game That is why parents are now terrorists. If you stand up against C r t know take them at their word. If We have gone from. Remember first, is is knowledge then, shove then shoot. Well, where is the line once deemed a terrorist. Why, Can they not do to you?
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June institutions. I could, soon the FED. That's misinformation and it could play suddenly lead to violence. Extraordinarily dangerous, but I want to show you the other side before we move on. the other side. That, of course, is not engaged in misinformation. The new year times, They won't even response and two Hillary Clinton is- is the worst spying on Donald Trump. The testimony and the the allegations that have now been revealed in the last couple of days and in their article there one article about why they're not covering it? they say. Most of it is outright misinformation, but the information that is there. It tends to involve dense and obscure issues so any this dissemination of this information requires asking readers to it
spend significant mental energy, Really raising the question whether news outlets should even covers such claims there not covering it. Because it aware their readers out If that's not something you read in nineteen. Eighty four, I don't know what is That's your job New York Times too. Explain it to us little people, here the problem now, let me explain the Remington settlement next decline back programme. having the fate of the world resting in your hands is an always fond accomplished contemplate, but in a sense you know that You have to do every day when you're raising children, it is critical
the raised in such a way that they can look at somebody like just in Trudeau and no What he's doing to Canada know why those things are wrong because they understand the bill of rights they ve got to. understand these things and they will not learn them outside. Of your home. I can guarantee you. The tunnel twins This is why I love them their easy to read their entertaining for all ages, but they instil the critical values that created us. These another tilled Tuttle twins, teen books are still available, extended Valentine's day, stay outsail until the end of the week,
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last night I was on the plane and I was coming home from meeting with legislators about the great reset and he s g and like every other person that I have met. They knew very little about it and if you'd don't understand this. This is the knock out punch. This is the knock out punch and I have yet To walk into a room of People who really know what he s g even means the e g standards are environmental, social, social justice and governance and will change everything. In your life. Now, let me explain. The Remington story and you will understand, I'm gonna give you bill stories or blow your mind. You will get it. Ok, Remington, arms, they were sued by the sandy hook. Parents now
we know the gun is not responsible stars. Sensible for, guns, don't kill people, people use guns or they you, baseball bat and any company will fight this when all the way to the Supreme Court. Why? Because, if the Company can be held responsible well, then, they're gonna, probably go out of business and I'll explain that in a second gay Are we to say there be more responsible? Now they won't, they will go out of business. I'll. Tell you why! So, Yesterday Remington arms, race, to settlement worth. Seventy three million dollars with the families of victims killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting when I first heard that I said excuse, watch they reached a settlement. How
Why would Remington do that? didn't make any sense until I got you know to a lower altitude as we were landing and I could google the board of Remington arms because my initial thought was who have they on the board. That is a great receptor who put on the Board of Remington arms and found out? Then? There is no Remington arms there out a business k they their defunct. They broken up into a bunch of little companies and I next question was then who, whose oh my gosh. Who settled. The insurance companies settled Now, what do we know about the insurance companies? The great reset, the gun argument.
Well, we know that the government and the financial institutions- in New York for sure, but it has been happening. L, L elsewhere, but out in the open in New York. they have been pressuring banks dont do business with any gun companies, because that But they're well that'll make us have to look into you guys because maybe you're not trustworthy, because We think there's something wrong with gun companies case a list. The financial sector started to do this before yes G, but they also pressured the insurance companies. is too big of a risk on you ensuring these people and you will stop gun manufacturing and sales. So now seventy three million dollars, been settled by the insurance companies. You
Anybody who believes in the second amendment would have thought that to the Supreme Court and would have won this be reversed. Now, because it's a settlement, you can't bring it to the the court. So what does it mean. it doesn't mean more litigation for other gun companies. It means now insurance companies have to lie, get every gun company and say? Are we really going to risk this cuz they're all going to be brought into court and we may have to? We may have to settle we met. How you know staff up our attorneys, for anyone has ever been killed by a gun first of all gun companies. Your rates for insurance have just gone through the roof gun store. Is your insurances gonna go through the roof if they, even ensure you and yes g
is saying no to insurance. That is what's happening. This is an end run around the second amendment. It was settled by insurance companies in sheep. in companies are being leaned on by the government and the banks and s g now to do any business they ve just allow. the rates to go through the roof and an excuse, on why they can't ensure gun companies or gun stores, guarantee you that's what that's Mary is about another story that boy yesterday. Big oil and the climate crisis, the fight to hold pr firms accountable. So do you remember, last year the house had a hearing where they brought in all of the in they brought in all of the oil guys. Now, where are you?
John for good, warming, because you're just setting the whole planet on fire. Member. That. Well, What's your name rhymes with Bologna, Carolyn Maloney, She is the chair of the committee on Oversight and reform at the end she issued subpoenas two x on Mobile Chevron, BP, America, Shell and the American Petroleum Institute. All strangely the? U S, chamber, of commerce, for documents. and the documents were regarding climate, including marketing advertising and public relations material. Now, Here's the story in Bloomberg, see if any of this is answered with the great reset campaigner, say this step, foreshadows a showdown between lawmakers and pr executives. With the latter
expected be called on as witnesses to the fossil fuel industries climate. This information campaign, the industry's climate d information campaign, you here I'll Bloomberg is already phrasing this. If you against global warming. You are engaged in a DIS information campaign I go back to department of Homeland Security: what's the biggest threat of terrorism But who are engaged in this information campaigns. all you need to say to anybody whose US astute. You're are engaged in your company is engaged in a disinflation campaign here like no I'm just a pr company. We hand Everyone will. How do you The reason they ve been quoting the article. The reason pr companies have been so invisible for so many years is by design their strategic
power has come from remaining behind the scenes- and I think that's one reason we have. Mistaken. We see these firms as neutral. Ah well, ok, So now a pr firm, you better be careful you take on as a client. Or you will be deemed disinformation. You bet be careful not as an insurance company to gone. Gun companies, because you, who could be sued, and if you do, I'm not sure the bank is gonna, give your company alone, because you're entering risky territory by ensuring these people. It's probably a bad bat, this is the great reset. This is not capitalism. Anyone who says this is capitalism unique to tell them firmly. No. The
in their own words is too Straw and replace capitalism, this is fascism. This is not the free market. This is these. People who believe they know better, they lean on people. we're gonna, do it our way or you're gonna be out. We give you one more story and I can't find it that sucks. oh here, it is a sorry cause. I am looking at the deal, I'm seeing one, the justice of cartels and I'm like. What's to what is that ok avocado overcome those have now been stopped because, somebody and inspections. Was yelled at by a Mexican. Oh as they were inspecting the end it was. It was so bad. It went all the way to the White House Sky was yelled that entreated poorly and unfairly.
And so the White House said: hey you better, not treat arc guard, spectres and say naughty things to them, we're stopping all of a cargo imports that literally what they say. It's caused by us, Pat between a mexican A? U s? Government official really Really the press and of Mexico says no, that's not it we can't sell avocados to the United States until we bend our will to Joe Biden on environmental issues, Moon that one makes a little more sense than he called me, and this is fascism.
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You know it's one thing to talk about: yes, cheese and the great reset, and it's another to see it. Inaction and your getting to see it in action still not on an official score. But this a fact, its being people being leaned on the way, explained Remington. What happened there and what's coming forget, The law suits it's going to come down to the insurance companies and banks. I was saying I I'd like. I know you got a book about this. one way to understand all of it. But I just don't like to read I like: when people read to me And I have an audio buck avail reality airily we're gonna, get something. I can't get it wherever you get your audio, but like all the borders yeah, you can't it's available there now right now. I know if I want to read it digitally where you can get it on Kindle right now. Right now, you're can even order the book, if you just like old fashioned paper Nokia, but each do that
ignoring now right now are so let me show you this in play in canada- I play the yesterday. But I think it is worth hearing again list and to how they have opened up the urgency powers ACT, how they do that in Canada saying that the truckers might incite violence and are terrorists, because Dad says they want to overthrow the government. He The finance minister on how their a deal with it. Listen as of today, all crowd funding platforms. and the payment service providers. They use must register within track stop and they must noticed what? What is that? All all crowd sourcing funding sites, all of them. Now have to register so
you can your registering with the with their fad, basically or with the government, they're, the ones that decide up that's a terrorist bats a terrorist, that's a terrorist. So now they can track all crowd funding our report. Large and suspicious transactions. Choose in contrast to what is this Billy I'm making these changes, because we know that these platforms are being used to support illegal blockades and illegal activity, which is damaging the canadian economy stock. Do you think they're not gonna use that on Bitcoin. and they said they were. They were say they are. They gonna eliminated eventually, but they say they They say they are going to regulate this from an emergency powers act. So This is why, like no violence, nobody ever should be thinking violence, because it will cause these things. If they're doing it
we're a truckers blockade. What do you think they'll do? If, God forbid, another step. January sixth, happens. No violence. You gotta be really careful because they're just looking for an excuse. So what else does she say? government is issuing an order with immediate effect, under the emergencies act authorized and canadian financial institutions too. Primarily cease. Providing financial services stop. That's the great reset This is being done by the government. The great reset is is made to police itself the ear Gee scores. It's it's. The framework of enforcement and the system will enforce itself. They are saying anyone involved with this blockade,
All financial institutions must cease. need transactions. Freeze the assets We haven't even done that any more to a ran, but to the truckers more there's more and it gets right down to how your life will be affected will go and what's happening in the Senate with the FED coming up Let me tell you about american financing. If you have already started now, is the time to start focusing on what you can do to shore up your finances, saving money, wherever you can making sure that. You are in rock solid ground build, or foundation on stone on rock otherwise everything else is going to wash away. When it comes to your mortgage,
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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.
ikebana back program. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program, we've been talkin about the news of the day and how you can understand it. All of it will make sense, even the litigation and the settlement in the Remington case yesterday. If you understand the great reset you know and can see clearly what's coming, and it's not the fear of lawsuits for these governor, these a gun companies, it's much cleaner than that, if you're on the left and I'll, explain and show you how it's going to hit you in sick seconds,
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with false and misleading narratives? An conspiracy theories? This is so important. how do you define false or misleading narratives well. You know you ve just gone through it with cove id. If you are disagreeing with the government, then you, are leading a false or misleading narrative or perhaps even a conspiracy theory are all kinds of forms of Miss DIS and now information. I still don't know it. Mal information is which look that right. Not so I looked it up the actor seek to exacerbate social friction too, so to score and discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest and inspire acts of violence. potentially inspire acts of violence,
really really clear if you or anti government. I am not with you. If you our burn the whole place down. I am not with you if you are where we are. get attention. We gotta do something, and I am not with you. In fact, you're an enemy of mine and an enemy of the republic. Your actions will lose freedom for all time. That really clear I also am not trying to undermine any systems. I M trying to tell you what the problem is, so you can help fix. It But I guarantee you what I am telling you about the great reset, even though I'm using their own words is to be called conspiracy, theory and miss DIS or mal information, and that
would make me as to the United States of America, one that would have to be stopped. If you think this crazy, this exactly what's happening in Canada. There used emergency powers, and I want to go back, to that audio. We were playing because I didn't get to you yet. The great reason It is all about leaning on people, it's a Yes, g, environmental, social justice and governance score. You might already have one this the chinese social credit score and the government busy. Says it cetera. Will lean on people who are spreading. Discord or you're not falling in line. It say it's now miss Information to be again, global warming, climate change, gay it
now this information. These words are selected for a reason. Never Have I heard Clive heard climate deniers. I Heard people say what are we gonna do with climate deniers? Maybe we should throw them in jail. Well now we have a vehicle to throw you in jail, because you're spreading Miss information and that's a threat, the United States of America. So what did Why do they go after the truckers? There's been no violence. No, it's the potential to inspire when a minute hang on just a second. I just think I read something like this exact. Bates Social Friction, so discord undermine Public trust in governments, institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence. That's why the truckers have now
the emergency powers ACT enacted against them because they are True those words may inspire violence wherein defeat your crimes so they shut it down, but I want you to listen carefully with the understanding of the great reset use insurance companies using like they did with Remington that settlement? didn't come from the gun. Company didn't settle the gun when he doesn't exist anymore. It was open up in a little pieces if it's gone ass, no funds who settled it, not the gun, company, the insurance company and again, what's gonna happen to other people's insurance. You're a gun store owner. Call me when you get Call from your insurance company that says, you're sky Yeah you're right, you're, gonna, skyrocket, call me when that happens is gonna happen soon. Call me
if they called say we can't cover you anymore. It's just too risky. That's how it Going to be done, it's all about cod People off fine actually And socially knowledge. play the finance minister and how they're going to deal with these truckers. As of today, Crowd, funding platforms and the poor service providers, they use, must register within track. And they might have to make sure that their large involved issues transaction any kind. Terrorist activities we are making these changes, because we know that these platforms are being used to support illegal blockades and illegal activity, which is damaging the canadian economy STAR govern. I want you to know that is going be the phrase.
Inflation is We to melt your eyes by the end of the year, its going to continue to go up and- the government is going to get more and more vicious with any one who steps out of line with their great reset, build back better plan and they will be such that it will be said that they are spreading misinformation, which could buyer violence, or so discord, so people trust government institutions and our financial institutions what just said- is- to be used as an excuse all over all for the world- and here in Amerika, it posing a threat to our financial system, continue The government is issuing an order with immediate effect. through the emergencies act authorized,
in canadian financial institutions to temporarily cease providing financial services from where the institution suspects that an account is being used to further the illegal? blockades and occupations? This order, covers both personal and corporate accounts. As of today, a bank Other financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze ores, spend an account without a court order. We are today serving notice. Listen if your truck is being used in these illegal blockades. Your corporate accounts will be frozen the insurance on your vehicle, we'll be sick, and it sure, your semi trailers home you got it
you dont comply, they will shut you off with the banking community, so you'll have no funds and we have no insurance. This is the great reset I'm not surprised because that finance minister, that you just heard, sits on the board of directors of the reset. with World economic forum, I mean yeah, there's a direct link, their people Are being foolish to think, and I will tell you I know so many people, dear dear friends, who, Talk to me about this and they'll go that's crazy and then I'll talk to him a couple days later and
won't mention anything about it very like it. I was out of a golf course yesterday what you think about what we talked about the other day: I haven't, you noticed I don't know that much about it and its sole spooky to even think about yeah yeah spooky to think about you it's gonna, be even more spooky when You can't talk about it, when your business is been taken from you, because in this flights to all Americans you better hope to God. You stay in line with everything, but the After is telling you to do everything. I know a lot of people who were mass crazy when they got vaccinating? Your kid under twelve are not doing that better hope you never get on the other side, because if.
speaking out about kids that are gonna get vaccinated under twelve Well, you might be deemed. a terrorist somebody who is going to hurt the financial sector in the financial system and our entire system, because you could incite violence by saying you're, not going after my kid. Wait a minute. I want to know what is happening. What are you teaching my child? You don't? the right to know you're a terrorist. I think The republican senators. we are sending a message yesterday. When they walked out of the vote in committee for three people. all that were nominated to the FED. What was the message? What is the problem
they want you to know the problem Are hoping that people will rise, up and say these people cannot be passed. I could be wrong, but why Did they buy extra time? What are they hoping for. I want to tell you who they are being asked to approve to be on the FED in the FED chairs and why it matters to you. Sixty seconds American financing in us one eight thousand three, three: four W W W that animal Sumer consumer access dot org rates are rising sooner than expected and were already expect. We were already expecting them to rise, but there could be signal The current rate changes and the kind of rate changes we are talking about. They have to find the day after,
find the balance between you know in Poland enough money out through interest rates without stopping the heart of the economy, and that is not an exact science at any time, but we're territory where nobody's ever done this before, that inflation rate is its seven point five, but the producers, inflation rate just came out a dense at nine point. Five. That means what its cost thing to make those goods that you're buying is already up nine point five. So that's going to be passed on to you, and this is the beginning kit, you're fired. It's a together get your mortgage rock, solid and lowest rate. Locked in you could skip up to who mortgage payments and clothes in as little as ten days. I want you to call american financing now eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty or go to american financing dot net aid,
nine zero, six, twenty four forty american financing dot net tens And station I do alright, the there are. Couple of people nominated for the FED. I believe, and have reason to believe This is a good gas or a good agnostic nation, but I can't prove it you so don't sell this to your friends is facts. This is something that I believe is happening, that the FED is not gonna. Wait around for build back better bill back. Better has to be pass because it has a few extra pieces in it that they need inflation is getting away. They need to be able to enact model
monetary theory, which means they need to be able to look at all of your financing and be able affect how you spend money, etc, etc, and the Federal Reserve doesn't have the right to do any of this stuff. However, the the feds top bank regulator, who they Been nominated through Biden was is Sarah Bloom Ruskin she's a we're governor of Federal Reserve Board, former deputy secretary? U S department of Treasury she has He has been outspoken on The FED should be doing. We play cut one. Please. The second, the term investigation, doesn't have any external sorry that
not cut one? I'm sorry, it's cut one from the FED. I dont know if you have those here, it is the fact that Sarah Raskin has repeatedly publicly and forcefully advocated for the FED Is it supervisory powers as a way to allocate capital away from carbon intensive industries? That's more than sufficient reason to oppose her nomination in my view, but that is the reason that publicans are unlikely to provide a quorum this afternoon, the reason we are not providing a quorum is because we can't get. straight answers to simple questions. Just as a reminder serve. Trust is a faint. Company based in Colorado, they applied for a very, very valuable master account at the FED and they were turned down so ask and went on their board called the FED. And months later, the FED, two hundred aided gray reversal and granted them. What I
It is the only thing TAT Master Account in America we simply ask questions about how, and why did the FED make a hundred eighty degree reversal? What role the terrorists can play in that and we are getting stonewalled. It is not acceptable to probe no answers committee that is evaluating her fitness go back on the fence. and that's the reason that we, it's unlikely, the diver form so here's here's the thing this what she has said. All? U s! Regulators can and should be looking at their existing powers and concern. how they might be brought to bear on an effort to mitigate climate risk. How can military changes relating to disclosure, access to credit And pricing of risk support a rat bid and just green transition, so access to credit, that's the bank's! That's the hedge funds.
We're not going to invest in green energy, anymore, pricing risk whom you're just too risky, well. Anybody ensure this risk for a rapid and just green transition and finance regulators must re, imagine their own role, so they can play their part in broader re imagining of the economy. when they re imagine the economy it is not part of capitalism, stakeholder capitalism. that's a euphemism. The real word is clinical, fascism forget about all the guns in the goose steps. In the end, the concentration camps. Just the clinical definition of fascism is private. Public partnerships, the government partners,
with businesses and they all all agree to help each other along and if the government disagrees? The government can lean on them or just take them over. They don't own the companies. They give the companies the illusion that they are in charge until they disagree with the government, but they are. Building that framework now and these nominees can not go in because they will bypass Congress and do these things without build back better they'll. Do it through the FED the Glen Back programme. By the way, I'm the other fat person also is really in favour of reparations to. So that's really good anyway. Gold line here. Hey. What do you say? Gold or silver
I have talked about gold mine for a long time, and I have always said I use it as a hedge against insanity. I've never been in it for the money I've been in. It For in case, the world goes insane and start printing money like, like you know a madman. And we have no real plan to pay it back that's usually when governments in currencies collapse and that's when gold becomes very, very important for what Additional wheat gold mine is extending their special on historic. Five dollar. gold, Indians and liberty coins. These are the coins that I buy find out. Why I buy them. Find out if you qualify for the free gold and silver when you acquire these historic items at eight six, six goldmine, eight sick,
six gold line or gold line, dot com, Did I back to back Glenn TV follow by our brand ways. Debate this is the global programme. Let me go to coal in Michigan, hello, call, I have been listening to you for a while. I'm thirty get a grass on your whole. Great reset feel good good good I don't understand how their able to actually go ahead and do as if we're, if we're supposed to be able to have the right to decide what the government. How does it work? I realize it. They're gonna, try to pressure the intern
operate? And why not put in place people out, but I do it blows I might have been able to do it and get it with that. I will tell you that I think it a hundred years. This is gonna, be rim there go Historians will call this time period and this plan of the great reset remark. Lee Brilliant hopeful. Lee they'll. Remember it as evil, but really markedly brilliant. I think this thing is its. asked her piece of of engineering, thought and in an moving us away from freedom of all sorts they get way with it, because we don't have the first amendment We don't- I am more censored today and I for myself, so it not that I watched my words.
I am more censored today by big tech than I have ever been and in my in tire career I've done for forty five years. Never. have I been censored this much and when Even when I worked at sea and in that we were not t until proven innocent. They would still the recordings of the show and say wait a minute prove that out me? This better journalist we actually had to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. We did work that nobody else at sea and an ever had to do, but we didn't mind a stronger but this time, you're being censored Before your guilty, and then you have to prove that you're innocent and one you prove that you are innocent. The sentence has already gone by Europe for we into a suspended time out. You ve got a straw.
against you. They know, apologize? They don't store what they ve taken from us, which is our fine. Actual situation where guilty. and then you have to to some grand inquisitor that no we have it right? You have it wrong, do you have your first amendment right? I would like to think so but doesn't feel like it now it I mean. What is Due to the every two, the every man like I'm out here, digging dig it out of the water with much greater role in a bunch of what happens to me. If I can know if my business. Do. I turn me into a terrorist later on when when you know you go, does it do you today on the place, because all these people have been shot me out and you can no longer make eleven for yourself there's an hour at the shoot phase, like you said well of you,
this is this is what happens with dictatorship? and authoritarianism, and you know, China is doing fine. You know China doesn't you know they don't really have out of the billions of people that are living over there. Do they really have? real descent now p I've gotta just said this- is the system in you know all the weaker Z S, therein concentration camps and being sterilised and everything else, but that's just because you know genetically their different than the Chinese. It always ends in concentration camps because there's always a group of people that just won't do it do. You know miss you gave us some stats the other day on you know the M M are in acceleration. Was that yours at Pat here you don't remember this, then so I M M, are ok right ever but he gets. The M M are thing. Let me get as a baby, don't ya! Acceleration for mumps rubella,
and what's the other levels, measles guy, we all get that do not lead to, eighty three percent. That's eighty. Three percent have had, M M are eighty three Canada. is it ninety percent, when you come to vaccination for polio. word? Ninety three percent. Ninety three, much more. Are you going to get your own we're. Gonna have a percentage of people that are not going to do it so You do you take direct Coney and steps and belief, This is just the beginning. You're gonna lose your job you're gonna called names, you can't work place, it does have the beginnings and if you continue. You become more and more a pariah in society. This is how China keeps their p. pull in line
it's a social credit score, nothing ever worked, but now with tat, Knowledge E. They know where every citizen is and what every citizen says. If it's against any of the rules, the days of whispering, in your room because this Stasi has ears everywhere, anchor Work anymore,. So you will comply and yes, the it is knowledge, shove shoot. I hope we never. yet to shoot, but we are walking down that path. There's a lot of misinformation out they're gone Anders this information right and there is also a lot of male information. I am not familiar with now information, so we have the items that had the distinction. Syringa see if I get em right, I don't know man at all, but miss
Information is somebody who is giving information, but it's wrong and they don't necessarily know right, false information being disseminated by someone who thinks it's. True. Ok, I think, if someone who's a big believer in some crazy conspiracy theory, but they really believe it right. That's misinformation did information is when somebody actively like, if I were taking information from the russian government, and I disseminating that- and I knew was DIS information, yeah right, false information being disseminated by someone who knows its false occur. So, like think of Harry Red, saying Mitt, Romney didn't pay taxes right like that like he- knew that wasn't true. He said it anyway. He he did it to harm, the candidacy of Mitt Romney, and he admitted it afterward. Yes, that's did in previous information. Ok, mal information is so mal. Information is something. Something with the tent something that is has the intent of somebody,
spreading it to create chaos or no, yes, sort of, so that there is a little distinction here in that it is. intentionally used to harm or in full. Tom on someone or something but it uses a colonel of truth so like a bad one The example I came up with, and that was you know what oh Rogan, uses the inward right, like you, then go back and find him in quoting somebody else saying the inward and find him and put it together and slap together and release it with the intent to hurt him or her other people like him. That's exactly what that group did dim. That's mal information sharing and it has a colonel truth. He really did say the word: those mortality lying at the New York Times, saying Sarah Palin say said she was gonna target. This district and Gabby
First, the money was not about that at all. It was just to destroy Sarah Paley tying it to the actual shooting. Interesting is you're using it for the intent to harm her, even though she did actually. But now that said, the word trigger and right, that's Mal information K did information will be if she didn't actually release the add or, like Joe Rogan, didn't, say, the inward and you're you're you're doing a deep, fake or your quoting him, falsely that's disinformation. And then Well, retweeting it are giving you misinformation, as they might believe. The snows, whatever crappy media matters like organization came up with the first lie, anything go on and on non. They work together and they I'm you examples, of that being used on the left and it's crazy look. I will prosecute those, yes, the the idea. I can guarantee here's a great example. I can get Don t you it's gone,
to be a sweep for if they were public. I give you this grain assault smoothly Big rocket spike upholder of salt republicans can screw victory up in their sleep. So it were a long way away and they are a lot of stupid stuff they can do but if it continue the vote were held. Today, it's going to be a landslide for the Republicans very damaging to the Democrats. What are they going to do? I can get don t you that they are going to say it was a stolen election vase the rest of the voting. It's gonna happens. Everything that they say is so dangerous. That's what they're going to do I believe there will be, because that side is violent. I believe there will be violence on that side and the Democrats will do the same thing, that these are just peaceful protesters, guarantee it guarantee it. That's what's coming
in the end, it will all be in awe dis Miss and mal information, but then the departed homeland security won't say, that's a threat to the nation in every one of those tweets will remain up on twitter and every video will remain up on Youtube. All of these things will contain ago. They won't, they won't be eliminated. They won't say your damaging democracy for essaying them. None of that will occur so if you are driving tobacco? Here's what you have to do you I have to take action yourself by calling your state rap and your state senator your governors office and the great reset must to be stopped please join me Other twenty states that are working on legislation now to ban
p s g scores from being used in the state that the best thing you can do along with educate yourself and others. It once you actually know the facts by the way facts: important work, we do not go down the rabbit trail. If I'm too you this, I'm telling you about. Yes, g! Do not! to take. Even my word, you might trust me, that's not good enough. you must know this for yourself. Do not take it from websites. Even trusted websites go to their website. Fine, this information at W E, f dot com or its org, maybe we're Economic forum from the? U S, treasury, DOT, Gov, Whitehouse, DOT, Gov, get the documents and Yet their own words saying it because
then you can speak with authority and you will know for sure you are. Not engaged in death. Smith or mouth information keeping the internet connected with all of your devices in it's not always a good idea, not just for Subaru, but for companies as well some tiny little computer bug in there. That goes through the company servers and you can kiss a ton of protected data. Goodbye in an instant the gun, and has been warning us about cyber crime and, what's coming, I dont know about I do know that Vladimir Putin, is way ahead of their thinking. We still thinking like the old days, the world changed and he says world war. Three is gonna, be fought with ones and zeros. Gotten very sophisticated. Some of them are government actors like China. No, we can watch everything, protect you from everything, but they can
sure do all hell of a lot more than you can cause. I do any of it. I don't, or even how to get onto the dark web lie flock has been, there were the first in the business and they they are best in the business of Watching over in protecting your identity, I went a joint lifelong by Norton. So you don't have to worry about this lifelike one. Eight hundred lifelong or head too life locked dotcom, use a promo code back for twenty five percent off lifelike dot com, promo code, back, save twenty percent now claim that joined the conversation. Eight eight. Seventy seven be easy
This is the line that program. I'm glad you're here tonight at nine p M another special. Another important programme, you're gonna, learn some names in the name of a company that you ve never heard before. Most likely, made all revolves around whose really running the White House. I hear that all the time. Binds really in charge. Not Catherine Harris Therapy NUTS three heresy, what's her name Hama Layers, no, it's not Kamel Harrison. It certainly not Catherine near now get very during we're wired turnover. but it's it's not Comma Harris. Who is it or saint while it's, the chief of staff knows not, thus not. I'm going to show you whose actually running the White House. They claim they say blinkin a lot is Susan Rice.
Interested to see where this goes here. yeah yeah go by fascinating, because it's not going where you think it's going, nine p blaze, tv, dotcom, slashed, Glenn problem is glad you're, safe. Ten bucks, that's absorption, I will say so Glenn I've got to go to prison into the CNN debacle. tonight. I my show resourcing happened so what's his name, a quarrel Cuomo having lunch with somebody unlike yes, so he basically invited attempt in for lunch now, which they are. Apparently there is no food, which is a problem when you, we invite someone to lodge. Usually one of this specific things you have. Is food food, no food on site, no food on cell, apparently that he then try to proposition her for sex, allegedly, Jane DOE, new allegation that we, or just learning about, but is a big part of the reason why Cuomo was fired and
She said he proposition her for sex. She said no and he forced himself on her at sea, level. We don't know all the details of the allegation at this point, but he did not top. She then did tell I believe, five people, at least we know of that he will proposition in her. And later kind of noted the. assault, and why is this coming out well as a huge story in the New York Times yesterday, there's also a bunch of stuff coming out from even brain shelter in those over it CNN, with all the back and forth a she Allison Dollars is also step by step down by the way is another, be part of this
why is this coming, whether all suing each other there all s trying to get out in front of it? They all have the same press connections there all exerting their influence on their side of the story, and we have a new take over of CNN, which is just around the corner, with new ownership and everybody's pressing buttons to try to get control, yeah and money, millions and millions and millions of dollars on the line, particularly for Chris Cuomo, whose seems to think because he all he did. I guess was harass women around and we should have been fired. There's also the end Cuomo connection here which fascinating and that she to work for Cuomo, and the allegation is that Jeff Sucker was giving council to Andrew come on how to beat up on Donald Trump. Assemble amazing act programme happened, nicer, grizzly and get it
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