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The Impeachment Story Simplified – WITHOUT the Politics | 10/29/19

2019-10-29 | 🔗
Glenn strips away all the politics that cloud our opinions of Trump, Giuliani, the Democrats, and the government. But Bosstown Dynamics blurred reality with a fake video of a military robot trained to kill. And Glenn has the dreaded answer to California’s wildfire crisis: CLEAR the underbrush! He also gives the elevator pitch for explaining to friends, family, or even Congress what’s going on with Trump and Ukraine. Rep. Katie Hill has resigned after photos proved she had illicit relationships with staffers. But it’s not about the photos. She violated House rules! And Glenn tells the story of a World War II soccer game, now heralded as “the death match,” between defiant Ukrainians and the Nazis. 

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We got a great chokes coming up for you today were we're gonna work go into the impeachment hearing and we're gonna go over the testimony that you're gonna, hear over and over and over again today about the testimony of of somebody who is actually on the phone call and he's gonna testified that the phone call happen exactly the way we all know it did and he's gonna say I raise the warning bell and I've got real concerns. Well, I read his opening statement, which surprise surprise we have out of these secret hearings, and I've got a few points that I'd like to bring up. We also get you ready for a special which happens to Morrow night and I want to Down what the charges are on this president, what the real scenario is and tell me how
you might have abroad. We go into that in just a minute. The future attainment and Enlightenment Imo America welcome, hits the Glenda Programme today. We have Ukrainian expert Lieutenant Colonel Alexander VIN men, who is going to be testifying for the impeachment hearing the secret here and boy. Oh boy. We have his opening statement. Yet I read his opening statement and why
see how its being spot on tv- and I had a problem with this- we'll talk about that and I'll tell you exactly. A creative scenario for you. So you really understand both sides of this argument and will give that to you in sixty seconds I'm programme its yesterday that over the weekend, in order to get out of doing some work, I mean to teach son about cars. We were lying under the hood of my truck or that you know under my truck- and you know I some would say I was pretending to teach him about vehicle maintenance. But last night I woke up in a cold, sweat and I thought what, if, just by looking at the cars engine, I actually broke something
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So soon. I want to take you today tomorrow, through everything, that's happening with the impeachment and kind of explain it to you, but we I want you to. I want you to understand both, Aids, and I want you to really understand what the left is is claiming, and that is that Rooney Giuliani went over and met with a bunch of people, the the former prosecutors, the two former there. Like the you know, the attorney general two of them, the one that Joe Biden fired and the one that said all well. Now we ve got a really good guy. He met with both of them at least
in time and they both said exactly the same things to him now. They're saying that this is when Rudy Giuliani does to develop this conspiracy theory and he took all of that information, any FED it to a really bad reporter, and this bad reporter started laying the seeds of of conspiracies? And then there was a shadow government that started because of Rudy Giuliani and then Tromp gets a phone call and he's he says basic I need you to make this true or I'm not gonna pay. You that's in a nutshell what they are saying now they also have this other story of four people. Rudy Giuliani was. Representing they were corrupt. They gave money too eat sessions, PETE Sessions of core
so is corrupt. Then they but a check to a body. You call a mom a super pack for Donald Trump of almost four hundred thousand dollars, and so Donald Trump is Wrecked or corrupt- I don't know about that stuff I dont know, who those guys really were. I'm trusting the Justice Department on that particular part of the story. If there's something bad in their, then everybody, Bob should go to jail. No matter let the chips follow where they may, but don't can. Views that, with the main part of the narrative, and that is Rudy Giuliani, develop this conspiracy theory using these two former attorney general's or general prosecutors from the Ukraine, you their information to hi Jack, our foreign policy. Again.
The wishes of our ambassador and then Donald Trump said you better! Do it or I'm not gonna pay you any money. Now that the problem with this is is there's too many people that are saying yeah? Well, he I have done this for Joe Biden right, Stew, yeah, he might have done this. He might have had you know. Donald Trump was only doing this because he wanted Joe Biden all political rights in there's. No, U S interests here! That's the main narrative driving force right, o! U S interests, trying to win an election, not trying to help the country? Ok, we'll that leaves out a couple of things that I'm line in this is working to show this to you tomorrow and then we're gonna hook it up to the real time line and show you how it all falls:
that time line that the Democrats are pursuing now on. This impeachment is only picking up in twenty eighth so their entire timeline is is we like eighteen months? They say all this- option happen in eighteen months. Now that leaves out a lot of stuff that leaves out the fact that the prosecutors were being blocked from going to, the United States, by the State Department and by the embassy in the ambassador in Ukraine. That shows that that that law, without that they lost lost seven bill, in dollars of our money. Where did that go? There's massive corruption. And the alarm bells ringing in Ukraine and there being blocked every step of the way. So let me not make this about Ukraine. Let me tell you a different story: Guy one. I think you could relate to a little better,
Let's say that there is a a bank, it's the bank, of the? U S! and we are the biggest investor in that bank. And so we have all of our money, you have all of your pension. You have your savings account. Your checking account you huh but all in this one, big bank and everyone's telling you this is the safest bank. This is the greatest bank nobody is telling you that this bank just lost eight billion, hours of your money. Kay and they're getting ready to put another four hundred million dollars into this. Your money you're gonna put your salary into that bank and no one is told you that they already lost much of your savings. Ok,
well there's some crack security team put in by the voice last president of this bank and this crack security. Team has had two leaders of this bank and this this security team, as had two leaders of it and both of them have said the same thing. The bank president, is telling us to turn off the alarm system at night and they're, leaving the door open and the bank president. Is letting some of your co, depositors in and they're just taking this money until they ended up the flagpole and they tell the President of the bank. You know the alarm system is on and somebody they're coming in in the middle of the night and stealing all this money and the bank presidencies that's ridiculous. That's ridiculous and one of the people that you hired to
Merci, your money says all gosh. You have to fire the sky, but the guy who's, doing security says but wait a minute he's part of it. Mr Bank president, that the guy who's, that's ridiculous. How could you possibly say I would be a part of this. I wanna make sure all of that money is safe. You better fire him, you better fire that Guy Mr Bank President and so the bank press it says I do the biggest investors I gotta do I gotta. Do it you're fired now? Other investors in this bank have other problems with this bank president and they hold their shareholder meeting and they throw that bank president out may get a new bank president and a new guy that the share
Older said, when you know you got a fire this guy. I want you to hire this guy, because this guy will get the job done, that guy comes in and We find the same thing: wait a minute. There's some investors coming in the middle of the night and taking the stuff and and the bank is leaving the bank vault open at night and they turn off the alarm system I gotta get. To the shareholders of shareholders have to know how Terrio so what happens so that guy who was in charge of security reaches out to the last guy, who is in charge of security as it is this stuff, you were finding an event like yeah right. The bank doors open in the alarm is off yeah per heat.
What do I do? Do I just bring it to the bank right now. Last time I brought it to the bank president. He fired me, so you can't bring it to the bank president and don't bring it to the board of directors because there's a part of it, they are getting some of the money, we gotta tell the shareholders to tell the people who have their deposits in here I know. Well I tried to do that and they keep blocking me while they're, not gonna block me. And they gather up all of this evidence and they go to one of the attorneys of the Board of directors and say we gotta get this to the shareholders and they block that a turning blocks. The secure guys from getting it to the shareholders to warn anyone. I gotta get this information. Well, the two guys who are in charge of security finally say You know what I know somebody I know somebody who is in charge actually in charge now of that fund, these anew,
I and I know an attorney who knows one of his attorneys and we gotta get to him because he'll take this information to the shareholders, and so what happens They try to get it to the attorney and the attorney hired by the shareholders. The attorney says: oh, I gotta see this but wait. I want to make sure everybody knows hang on just a second and he got public and goes on the record and go to the media and says heard really bad rumours that our money is being stolen out of the bank and the bank. Is turning off the alarm at night and they're, leaving the door open now I dont know if any of that is true, but I've met with the two. Of security the past one in the current one and their boat
owing to the same thing, and I have other people saying the same thing as well and their frantic to get it? In fact, when they tried to get that. Information to you. They been trying for three years, your boy. Atrocities have been blocking it even blocking getting this information out. So they gave me all of the files and I'm bringing it down to police headquarters, enabling down to police headquarters. In the guys who did the, although secure For the bank there like don't bring into police headquarters, they know about all this. They know about this they're, not gonna, do anything, and but your representative brings it to police headquarters. Because that's what you do you present the evidence and then sit on it. They do nothing. Nothing. Meanwhile, you're being told you gotta make that type. You have to have that. You gotta put all that money into that bank
Your representative says you know what. I'm only putting into that bank. If I get the bank president, to say we are investigating all of these things. I want to know where the money went, I know who, on the board of trustees, is dirty. I want to know Who is using our money? I want to know who turned off the alarm Oh, who was responsible for keeping the vault door open it. I want to know why you were fired. And when you announced that you are going to look into these things, because I want your ass on the record you ve already lost seven billion dollars of ours, not giving you. Four hundred four hundred mill I want to know? Does anybody have a problem with that? It? Wouldn't that be a responsible
thing. A steward of your money would do now. That doesn't mean that the bank is dirty. That doesn't mean that what that what those two guy said was right, but they have all kinds of documents they already have put people in jail for this in their own banking system. See pretty reasonable, but what are the Board of Rusty's do some of the board of trustees say. Oh my gosh! Look at this. Your attorney, your representative went over to gather all this information justice smear this Bank and I believe he was gonna- try to rob this bank I If what he was going to do is tell people to leave the alarm off and keep the door open, so he himself could go in and rob the bank but never buy into this, you wouldn't be fooled for a second.
You would know what was going on, but because we ve made this about politics. We refuse to boil it down and look at it in the light of day and say this is most likely what was happening and I don't want anybody to go to jail on. This is most likely one a full investigation. Aright you ve been through the ringer. Sometimes it's good to read. Stuff for helping hand. Sometimes that hand comes in form of a good word to the year. I'll talk to you about Wayne. It wasn't just an athlete. He was a rugby player for twenty years and the natural result of that was Wayne found himself dealing with constant pain in his lower back and foot. It's hard to have to sit out the sidelines. Watch your wife, your grandma.
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Yes, I think it does. I think it's much better defence and the one administration is offering right now, which is what right I mean there are, while no quid pro quo Oh no! It with doing this behind closed doors for doing a lot of that sort of like man process stuff. I mean. The point here is that, if, if you look at this end, The media is doing this completely. They are assuming what you're saying is not true that the motivation behind Donald Trump is that he just wanted to take out Joe Biden, Sweden, when election has something to do. With the money has nothing to do with national interests. If you assume that Bulgaria looks really bad, if you that maybe he had a responsibility to chase after seven Billy,
dollars. That's amazing! It doesn't look quite as bad, so the at the issue here is, I think you can look at that and say the left. You can look at Donald Trump into. I dont believe em right. I don't think he cares about about corruption, and I think he cares about the. U S interest. I thought he cares about beaten. Joe Biden of an that's what the left is gonna say, but what there with her also to say, as I think, all the best intentions of Joe Biden in a situation. Of course he was just following international interest as it when you can on those two things together will, of course, come out right. You horse, you come out with it with a terrible picture of of docile dropped. Let me let me say this: if, if we were talking about some body who lost their house, two thousand nine, they lost their house from you, know Freddy, in Annie and Freddy and Fanny. We know they were just they were the worst when it came to the housing crisis country Wide K and they were
Would they had put this person into a really bad situation? They took their high us away, they knew that person didn't have a way of paying for it. They just screwed this person's life up even though that person new, while I really shouldn't but I'm trusting them their life, is totally screwed up. Maybe they're wife kills themselves because of it gang then at investor that homeowner that was screwed over by the head of countrywide, go gets gun and he shoots the head of the countryside. Now we might all say well. I cannot understand how he felt, but also say he shouldn't have done that, and so we we go after the guy who shot that guy, a country But we also investigate country wide. We also done look if somebody is in itself if somebody is doing something illegal
and somebody else does something out of emotion and reacts. Ok, let's get the guy who did emotion there. That's fine, but let's not dismiss what cause that guy, especially when it's going to affect all of us, see what Donald Trump is saying. Is everything that they said. I did they were doing in Ukraine and theirs still doing it and it's a danger, who are security there bilking? Where did the eight billion dollars go? What can you do think of this? What can you do with a black eight billion dollars a box that nobody knows that cash in? What could you possibly do with it? While I think we'd, better ass, the State Department that question where's at eight billion dollars. The lot of some parties I'll tell you that a dollar dollars, it's it's it's a lot of Papa Johns Pizza
maybe at several cases of bud like it's a fun football weekend. Watch in some tv outside and probably a little bit more and that's, I think the case they need to make which is look. Seven billion dollars are missing. The only way seven million billion dollars goes missing is if there is corruption, the highest levels, the highest level. We know that was involved in this country is Joe Biden. I'm asked: not because I am concerned about where this money went that's why I was asking for an investigation is so Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and more more reminiscing Glenn thanksgiving- is right around the corner and if you're like me, the electors spruce up the house just a little bit before guests come and give them something else too, to talk about. Besides politics and religion for a little while before the food is served, one bet Beck listener had this
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Where one day away from kind of showing, what the media is not telling you about the Ukraine scandal I'm going to give you the elevator pitch for the administration and all those who care about the impeachment and want a thorough investigation done, I'm going to give you the the elevator pitch I'm going to give two or three thirty. Second elevator pitches coming up the top of the hour. Does it mean you're gonna? You gonna, give me the berry, Manilow music, but it's gonna be by RE, Kenneth,
That would that is greater and read your Happy Siberia man alone rig cognitive singers, lots Elevator, that's what I hear the elevator caught of singers singing hard core bury men. Thank you have you seen the new robot, the battle robot, the robot, that gotta be a soldier forest fight our wars. Really so yeah yeah, you gotta see This is amazing. Can we take a look at them but those pretty much everything he's gonna handed a gun. Start environment targets the kick it down. I want to do and it continues to do it's thing:
He stood still hit the target take it down. I mean they're, mistreating trading. I was pretty impressive rolls over on his back. The robot. Doesn't heads spinning around capital. Stoning remove member given Michael she's, a throwing a rival trips over a barrel, its back up. This is not This is like worse world. I don't like this that's lay and there on the ground now human steps,
rather than a circulating again they kick it, they push it, they hated. It was still on fire at the humans, okay, so people went crazy over the weekend because this is obviously frightening the little bit the little bit ride. It just doesn't happen to be real, of all. This is ass town, dynamic. Yes, it's not Boston. There will not be re elected. Doesn't it now thousands of absolute Lee Real, really good cd? However, my thing is that going to be real. Pretty yes, it is. We ve seen the Boston Dynamics, robot yeah. What are we five years away from that? Maybe ten nails coming we're gonna have to decide what were we really going. Well do so we say yes, thank you
The the there is group of scientists leading a scientist who say They have signed a a global request. Do not teach a I to kill do not really weapon eyes. A I added. Falling on deaf ears. Brushes China's doing off we're doing a someone's going to do it. That way, you can sail, want, don't teach it showing China are doing it. Don't we have to do it at some point. Doktor evil is allowed in you sell to teach a arm. Do this rank rights already, but is yeah. Darpa is playing for second position. They oh somebody's gonna, do it and I'll be like Russia and ill of this be dark.
And so we are working for, and I think this is really good- we're working to be number two and they know it's gonna take longer, but they have to try to figure out how to create something that will fight for us as I can you do that is doable donno. We're talking about me like I'm know. No, I know that the scheme, Have somebody else carry this yeah, I'm I'm this really color Katrina gear, because that's really clear on how dangerous that will be when it's available and it will be available soon. Mimis the real Boston, Dinah ex robots are doing a lot of that stuff there. Just not doing it with a gun, now mean they're, jumping they're, doing three six, he's in the air there runnin around they trip they get back up again I mean they could do this. They could do this yeah.
Since this is a highly advanced idea of of of what looks like a person essentially walking around two feet, but like something like a drone or something mean they kept that that sort of thing we do, you think, would be easy tell that just flying in doing these things, it's just a matter of figuring out what target they're gonna take up, take out, we'll think about drawn the size of a b that could sting you and kill a person. Please want to kill one person, you wanna, kill a head of state use but poison and has put poison in the beast in earnest, little teeny drone and it it exactly who in just stings that person in their dead man then flies away and there's no evidence. I'm sure Russia I think I do, and I now know how considering they actually like done these things, except they just have to walk up,
without a permanent justice done at in your eye, and that is why, in a way now another even do that in other countries, the air- they don't care right, so it with that kind of enemy. Don't you have to be combating them? with the same kind of technology- I don't know if you could wait to be. Second, I dont know if you can not create that kind of technology. Well, I think- and I dont know this, but I think the government is leading a Manhattan project themselves with DARPA. I think on aid. Yeah we'll have to believe they are. I owe had. They know who at her is? Who ever is? Whoever gets this rules the world for a short period of time for a short period of time. Now I was told this weekend and I dont know how true this is, but I was told this weekend that we already have general intelligence
and it is hooked online. I dont know if I believe that from a pretty good source, but again you dont know for sure- and this is basically general Intelligence- is like step two of three First, we have. We already have artificial intelligence report intelligence except you're, dealing with our time correct and its, and it can do one thing really really well. The next step is to get that one programme to do. You know a bunch. It offered the bunch of things you know thousand different things. We can do thousands of things as as an intelligent being and we can read a book weaken whilst those can fix a car. None of us can, but we can do all kinds of things and
The artificial intelligence is only qualified to do one, so the next step is to get artificial, general intelligence, where it can do a whole myriad of things like a human being. You dont want that one connected on line because the step between a g, artificial, general intelligence and s eye. The artificial Super intelligence where it can do many things, if not all things, much better than any mind or all of our minds if we were in a Borg situation and all thinking alike, it still superior to that end. That comes from being connected and being able to have access to everything, and once it also has access it is in every chip that is connected to the internet. So you can never get better kill it, and we have Google tell us that they ve come up with his quantum technology to wear.
Let us, then they said was that their quantum technology will solve the problem that a normal supercomputer takes ten thousand years too, of Gay IBM said that's ten minutes and twenty seconds yeah I be em said that they could do it in two hundred seconds. The same the same thing, so they say: that's not quantum computing. It might have used a quantum computer to do it. They said we have that. We have computers that can do the same thing at into don't agents or two and ten thousand years yet MIA. They said it. I thought it was two years. I thought that what they said was we can do it in two and a half years. Not ten thousand years is not what they said: So I know that was too ass minutes. I'm kind of the opinion that I am totally fine with them doing: artificial intelligence, artificial general and hundreds artificial, super intelligence, totally fine with it. Just every single thing that you use it on, you should install micro
of outlook, so you know at some point, is gonna crack, always what I really like you. I want apple to developing a continually unplug itself. Very tiring, authorized Henriette here within three days later gods I welcome to the programme blood you hear it is Tuesday. Tomorrow is our big special and I'm lonely. About an hour to talk to you. Why? Until you? Why coming up and about fifteen minutes from now stick with us, you heard about VP ends. Vp N is a virtual private network and ppm was recently breached. Hackers compromise the very thing that wifi users rely on to help keep them private now, Vp In really see
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California is on fire again their blaming it again on the power companies mean when, when wins California, gonna learn and its California gonna learn how many people have to die in California before they realize you, ve got to clear. The under rush. They haven't been interested in doing that, because the little furry bunnies you know they I die in it in their habitat will be, you know, disturbed yeah yeah, but but he's habitat is disturbed and more than a little very bunnies die when you don't do controlled burns and you don't clear out the underbrush. This is so frustrating for the rest of us, because California, we don't hate. You we'd like to come visit
you from time to time a lot you but you're. Whether we like to come, Is it your whether from time to time you have the greatest state with the most beautiful weather, some of the most beautiful scenery you have the floor civic ocean. You know of us would like to live there, but dammit you people ruling it up so bad that no matter a badly. Anybody wants to live there sorry, I know, I'm speaking for my own personal point of view. I've always wanted to live in California. I grew up on the West coast. Californy is beautiful. It as the whether I have always wanted to live in. And they continually screw it up nigh. I can tell you When you put that policy in, I was young, my group,
and father was screaming at the top of his lungs. These people in California are too damned stupid to live in that state, they're gonna end up, burning it down to the ground, will g? What are you doing here? burning it down to the ground and it's not the power companies fault. It's your fault for we're not wanting to disturb anyone's habitat. You it is a natural process, and if you don't want a wild I urge you have to have controlled burns or you have to go in there and us clear, the underbrush yourself and burn it some place else. Otherwise, everyone's habitat is going to be lost, how many fires do you have to have. For you realize it so not global warming. It's the door:
masses that are running your forest service, I'm so I get. I did. I lose my mind its increasingly difficult to make a weather based argument when the state is constantly on fire I just really matter how nice the weather is. When is a hundred and ninety seven thousand degrees right where you are and that kind of is the problem right now, with with California may not seem. Eminent involved is blame rightist blame of hay. While this this electricity his greedy and and and in that of the war. The girth is warming, and- and- and it's like all these things, except for the actual steps they could be taking its even if it is global warming and the electric company, you know it would stop these from burning out of control. Clearing the under the underbrush give opponent bunnies though oh my gosh, I can't I just can't take it people these people, it's that you know there are the people in the vital, though the people in the Bible,
just get destroyed in your like well Hoddan, Jesse, Thou uncommon. You know you And in the Bible that you're reading about near like no, no don't do that. Did you read. Hey pages before you're all gonna, be wiped out you, that is exact, we, what we're watching in California and the rest of the country. Quite frankly, I am sad to because you know come on it's one of those states where there is a real split about how these things should be handled and about about forty five percent of the population. I think, has the right ideas there, like hey his seems insane. Why are we spending all this money and why are we doing things these way? Why aren't we dealing while we have a drought course? We haven't built a reservoir since nineteen, seventy two, but I don't Think more people live in the state than they did in night. Take seventy toe All that forty five percent of people who completely disagree with the way the state is run,
they are victims of this right. I mean they just sit there and have to deal with it every year and it's gotta be really frustrating then I mean I know this is why I like a state that, but I think you know things up is the right way, most most of the time, not all the two motions a scary here, but I grew up in Connecticut. I was born and new dark. I live in a lot of states where I was the victim of the government's policies. It's nice to being a state like this is where the alternate is reality, this power companies, your car, sparks, we should shut down of a power they shut down.
The power companies are greedy. They don't want people to have power. We are going to talk a little bit about impeachment and what what testimony is coming your way today and what it all means, I'm going to give you some elevator pitches and a preview into the future and do that coming up. A second first is a large chunk of your monthly budget going towards credit card bills. If so, you are not alone and you're not stuck with it. Either. Here's a secret american financing. They can consolidate that debt with the lowest interest rate possible to mortgage
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financing dont let the future of energy and enlightenment. This is the Glen Back programme juncture, whereas on the floor, the Senate right now crying that he wasn't briefed, the mission to kill airbag daddy, that's funny, because A lot of you were gonna have said that they are not getting the brief. You know in advance on, what's being said in the skiff about a beach meant, but I D. Grass, I want to talk to you about what happened. Has been released prior to testimony today by an expert, lieutenant colonel, Alexander Vindelin, we got
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on tv and tell you what this is all about. We'll do that in just a few minutes. First. Let me tell you what you're gonna see on tv tonight what you're gonna see on tv all day long is quotes. From this ukrainian expert. His name is Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindelin. Now he is speaking with Congress today in the impeachment inquiry and he's going speak out against Donald Trump. How the reason why this is a big deal is because he was actually on the phone call. He heard it himself now when you, when you hear that you think ok well, maybe there's more to the phone call, no
he says. We all know what happened on the phone call, because we have all read the transcripts Kay, so nothing new here to see except he heard it first hand. Now in his is opening statement. I want to give you a couple of things since two thousand eight I've been a foreign area officer specializing in Eurasia. I've arrived in the United States embassies in keep Ukraine Moscow, Russia in Washington, you see I was a political military affairs officer for Russia for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, where I authored the principal strategy for managing competition with I was also asked to serve on the National Security Council, the religious of my country is not rooted in my military service, but also in my personal history,
Any goes into that, and now we much how he wants to serve his country and I'm not besmirching that I am sure he is an honest guy before recounting my collection, recollection of various events under the investigation. I want to clarify a few issues I am appear today voluntarily also he's going in and he's he's got a burden, he has a burden. He feels its important and it is his duty to tell okay. I wanna hear it. I want to hear it. What he says are that that are going to be pulled out is, is that he was on the phone call. And he said the phone call was was not good. The phone call itself trump
All the elected president, Ukraine elected in a landslide victory president's Lansky was seen as a unifying figure within the country. He was the first candidate to win a majority in every region of the country, breaking the claims that Ukraine would be subject to perpetual divide between, ukrainian and russian speaking populations residents. And ski ran on a platform of unity, reform and anti corruption which resonated with the entire country In support of U S, policy objectives to support ukrainian sovereignty. President Trump called president an- and I was one of the several staff officers who listened to the call the call was positive and the president expressed its desire to work with President Dolent Zaleski and extended, in evinced in invitation to visit the White House on May, take First, I was directed by Ambassador Bolton and Doktor Hill to join the delegation. A ten President Zalewski inauguration when the debt
nation, returned they provided a debriefing to President Trump and explore. The positive assessment of residents olenska and his team. I didn't participate in that briefing on July. Tenth. Twenty nineteen secretary of National Security Defence counsel for Ukraine visited Washington D C for a meeting with our National Security Visor John Bolton ambassadors Volker inside. Land were also attend in attendance, as was Rick. Perry them proceeded well until the Ukrainians broach the subject of a meeting between the two presidents, the Ukrainian saw this meeting as critically important in order to solidify support for their most important international partner. The imbalance started to speak about Ukraine delivering specific investigations in order to secure the meeting with the president, at which, such time the ambassador Ambassador Bolton, cut the meeting short
Following this meeting, there was a schedule debriefing during which the ambassador emphasise the importance that Ukraine deliver the investigations into the twenty sixteen election, the buttons and Maurice my stated to the ambassador. It is taught that time that these statements were inappropriate, that the request to in the gate, Biden and his son had nothing to do with national security. Now this is really important to remember this. The investment he said it was inappropriate because Request had nothing to do with national security and that such investigations were? Not so thing. The annex II was going to get involved in or push Doktor Hill, then entered the room and asserted to the ambassador that his statements were inappropriate. I reported by can Turning to the lead council presidency, Keys party one parliamentary elections in a landslide victory the call occur
and with the president. I listened in the situation room. I was concerned by the call I didn't think it was proper to demand a foreign country investigate a? U s: citizen I was worried about the implications for the: U S, government, support of Ukraine. Because I realise that if Ukraine pursued an investigation into the Biden, Anne Marie Summah. It would likely be. Turkey as partisan play that would undoubtedly result in Ukraine losing the by partisan support it is. Far maintained this is what would undermine? U S. National security. He goes on. The united Aids in Ukraine are and must restrain, remained strategic partners. Working too other to realise a stick: shared vision of a stable, prosperous and democratic Ukraine. It is integrated in the Euro Atlantic Community, our partners,
it is rooted in the idea that free citizens should be well too exercise their democratic rights and choose their own destiny, so he's a guy would long experience he's a guy who believes that we should do foreign policy a certain way, and this is all very important and you're, going to understand why, in the next couple of weeks, he's a guy? Who is part of an? old guard that sees the world and what the State Department is doing and what the federal government is doing all around the world in a certain way, and he doesn't like the fact that Donald Trump, wanted to change that or to look in two things by for he continued the game now this is, country that just lost seven billion dollars of our aid and the President's
I want you to look into corruption now he doesn't like the fact that he thinks it's wholly inappropriate For the United States government to tell people too, investigate who to investigate and who not to investigate? That's great, if that charge was only made about Donald Trump. It doesn't work because if you want to make that choice against Donald Trump. You must make it about the State Department and the Hilary and Obama administration, because, when they were in, they told the Ukraine exactly now Really what to investigate, but how to investigate this he told them that they had to start a national bureau of anti corruption that beer
oh by the way, the guy that we wanted them to appoint. We help them. Put this whole thing together. That guy was John with interference in our elections, not by us but by the Ukrainians. He was in charge of anticorruption we had them build it to our specifications. Then we told them what they could and couldn't investigate. We told them that their head prosecutor had to be fired because we didn't like them so You suddenly have a problem with the present in the United States, inserting himself and you'll notice. What is problem is his problem is, is that it would lose the vice by partisan support of Congress, that it would be viewed as an attack on the Democrats, well. What about all of the charges that this is what the Democrats we're doing too
The Republicans Dewey just disregard that. President wants to know what happened in twenty sixteen and twenty fourteen. The only way to fix that is to know what happened in the past, so we can fix it. So it doesn't. Happen in twenty twenty. And then he says they have to be able to pursue an investigation the way, they want to pursue investigations. Then why did Joe I didn't brag about firing. The chief prosecutor worthwhile. Why If you really believe that they should be able to call their shots, then you should have a problem with what Joe Biden did, but you don't because you say there was corruption. If you, Since the phone call the Huron Sir. The president, is saying various corruption and he like it to be dealt with.
Now you in the last administration told them exactly what to do prison. Trump just said, are not sending you guys any more money. Until you look into these things, because, by the way you lost seven billion dollars of our money. So all the things that he says. Oh and let me just show you some evidence. Here is the audio. I did a podcast with a guy who was working for The two prosecutor generals show an loo and loose Anko the to prosecute, there's one there was fired the good guy, they replaced him. He worked for both of them. Listen to what he said about how the United States, under Obama and Hillary Clinton treated the Ukrainians. Does it say like king under the second that partnership was rooted in the idea,
Free citizen should be able to exercise their democratic rights and choose their own destiny. Listen to this So let me go back to the United States and, let's start taking this time line a little bit, how high ends on was the Obama administration in Ukraine. After was fully after my gun, and I was also my the leaders of the garden, where did work with. MRS Green after my daughter for the revolution, it was as hard on ordination from Washington from the White House from biting exactly come to. You praying every time, I'm telling everybody want to do in that matter which wrist inappropriate or foreign countries so? In other words, our back and when you say he was telling people what to do. What do you mean he was telling people what to do
Good, you should guys put this resolution but prison who should guy. Do whatever we tell you, because we know what to do better, if you guys are corrupt, unbelievable and wood from here now money, if you don't know, my suitcase second, why isn't that pretty quid pro quo, if you do these things will give you money. If you don't do these things, we won't give you money see. This is problem with the impeachment. If the Republicans knew what the hell to do and new there ass from an elbow, you can take this apart completely and I'm gonna break it down even further and give you the elevator pitch in a minute. I want to talk to
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was the seemingly not interested in what happened to seven billion dollars of your money. They were I'm going after corruption, in fact that we're doing everything they could seemingly to thwart any looking into this corruption, not giving four hundred million until they tell us exactly what's going on and they're gonna do an investigation in all of this is that unreasonable. Well yeah. I was about the election and Joe Biden. Ok, all right is In our national interest to find out if Russia was working with Donald Trump Course Kay, is it in our national interests to find out if Ukraine was working with Hillary Clinton and the Dnc, because weak ensure the twenty twenty election. If we don't know what, in twenty. Sixteen in Russia and Ukraine, in an all all around the world,
you spend millions to investigate Donald Trump and, quite honestly I would have taken it if they found out. He was colluding with Russia. I would have been for impeachment. Do you think it's act? worth some time to find out, especially with all the evidence that we have all of the people that are on record legally in court. Two people were convicted of trying to affect our election and twenty. Sixteen, don't you think we should look into that, because we just spent almost three years looking into what happened in Russia. Why do you not care about what happy in Ukraine, where I don't want them to interfere with an election. I you're right, I don't, I don't wanna say: interfere until another country. What to do exactly, I think, we're on the same page, because that's the way I feel when you hear that Joe Biden told them to fire that corrupt prosecutor whirl at prosecutor once corrupt, was he because
he had all kinds of information that he was trying to get to our d, o J to show that there was interviewed, Prince in our election, that they that that there was theft of our money. He was trying to get that information to our d J, but ambassador was blocking it, as was the state department. Don't you think we should look into that well, we were trying to clear up all kinds of you know Robin there we even set something up. Yes, we did. The National Anti Corruption Bureau in Ukraine. We told them how to do it by the way that guy guy who headed that up? He went to jail. So don't you think that we should look into these because there might be more to this story. There's your elevator pitch theirs. The elevator pitch Congress, yet you're bought out
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what do the one under the programme glad you're here just gave the elevator pitch, which I think is very very clear that the the Republicans need to start use Is it in the national interest to find out what happened to seven billion dollars in corruption scandals in another country? Is it in the nations best interests to do that before we give them another four hundred million yeah? That's the fundamental question here: reinvest the question that building that Republicans we talking about and by the way. I know this is not a fallback position. This is this. Will the aura writing from the beginning? I thought the well there's. No quid pro quo was a dumb argument. It doesn't make any sense like you can there's there of course, gonna have they already have multiple people saying it was your? U can definitely take it that way on the call, but whatever
matter, we know, and as I made this point the beginning, we have Joe Biden on tape in the middle of a quid pro quo, He says I will not give you a billion dollars unless you fired this person, because most clear quid pro quo possible he's bragging about it on stay because Obama, Hilary and binding all thought that there was corruption in Ukraine exactly they thought that was important. They ve got that was important. Xo Donald Trump thinks there is corruption Ukraine and says we're not gonna, give you any of the money. Unless you look into this corruption and that's why the case needs to be made that way and needs to be made to if it is a if you believe it is really important for U S policy, to investigate this thing, and we made the case, I think well, over the past month, are so that it is in? U S interest to do this? You have to make their case to the american people to stop talking about whether there there interviewing people in
like that is like a ninth string argument here. You have to make the case that this is really the american interests into this point. One way The second part of national interests is the election yeah, election people were convicted in court, Ukrainians were it cut, were convicted for meddling in the: U S, elections to help Laurie Clinton? One of them is on tape describing how he did it and collusion. Yes, okay, so all of this It was important to find out in Russia. It is just as important to find out if it was in Ukraine right. I agree with that. So if there was a let's just give me, let me give you a fix Mario here. Look at Rudy Giuliani, he's out at stake House in Slovenia,
and is that the US is: what really does he sees rocket unease rocket abroad or how I Slovenia right any sitting down there? He looks across the table. Any sees Maloney tromp me sit with some ukrainian Dude Yanina, who it is and he's in there sit all too close and maybe their hands. In a way that makes Rudy Fuel but easy. So he goes back and he's hey. I saw millennia with some ukrainian dude, I die. We, we know, I won't let you know and Donald Trump cards of ukrainian President says you know what I think, my wife it be cheating on me because I will not give you that billion dollars. If, unless you Thus they gave him and put him in prison, abusive abuse of power. He should be in beach. We would all we on this right because it's not in the national interest for him to chase down, an affair with his wife. Now may I make one changed that? Yes,
me Giuliani is there is hearing about this terror ring in Ukraine, gay full of terrorists? and one of the guys there looking at happens to be guy. He sees in the booth next Maloney Maloney. It doesn't know this he's just been Minos, swept off her feet, by this new guy, we're better hair impossible, not possible, so she swept off. Feet. She is now that enrages, the president and the press, Then calls and says I want two to investigate this guy, and I want you to investigate this whole terror ring or I'm I'm giving you a dime. This is what's happening because Democrats are saying forget about the tearing forget about that. He just did Bro a quid pro quo because he wanted to find out how this guy,
to MILAN again? What's he wants his wife back? No, that may also be a driving factor in his life. Yes- and it may be very important- but the guy that she's with is in a terrorist ring that we been trying figure out how the whole thing is involved in it's all structured in Ukraine. Yes, so what you're saying is personal and national interests- a line in this case in this case right, and that will be our case with Joe Biden and all this corruption in Ukraine, and let me give you another example- and God knows his egg, and I want to take that apart a hearing bit Joe Biden says you can't Ok, my son. He did nothing wrong. Well, yes, he did even the appearance. The imperence of impropriety in ethics violation for government employ exactly right. So the appearance is,
air, so Joe Biden, you did do something wrong, but he says my son nothing wrong. Yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda, all right now firing that guy fire, Shokhin, the the prosecutor general, might be because job I and the o believe he is not putting in jail the right people and he's off on a hare brained scheme of various. My has something to do with it. Well,. Joe Biden. These interests, allied with our national interests, and now I don't happen to believe call someone off of Burmese MA, in our scenario is hey, there's Russian here, oh and it might also have may at the same time, I want you to look at this corruption. This is
why won't my son works there, and I don't want you looking at that corruption that that's a difference? That's a differ our national interests would be. There is clear: aims that they were were, losing one point eight million a billion dollars of ours. A brief malign one point: eight billion dollars our interests to find what the hell happened and biting his case would be look. I want to find out what happened with that. I'm not doing it to protect my son right, but you know what happens to protect my son and that's great Meda lines. It aligns at interest, but I'm doing it first reason: a in them it believes that with Biden anymore, I don't believe it with tromp and that's the entire situation regarding about here. That's it! Let me give you another example of this. Let's just say there was a president of the democratic,
already named Brok Obama. This is a theoretical point. Ok, I just want you to see the people drink, another name or well. That's a strange name is a stranger than arrogance wooden Nan. All my life. I've got the last names one letter off of a sum up. A lot of little name is who saying there's no way that I like that, guy the racist country her racked, so there that say this visit, the President, Barack Obama, believed that Russians were true: the simple trade, our election process with the person who, it was his secretary of state running against some other real estate guy? Let's just say this was happening and let us say they had a low level can pain worker for the real estate guy- that they think was the way the Russians were trying to get in contact with. Let's just go
Carter page just not the time to come up with a sample of another aim here, but they already pay, but they had already investigated that guy and they looked at him a long time, and that is there's nothing to the sea to be low level. But you know what they decided to look into a little bit more now. You could make the argument and they did that they believe what's going on and the Russians were approaching CART Carter page and that was a significant national interest. However, its difficult to did. I getting an insight to hear the opposing campaign, also aligned with your personal interests but again media believes Barack Obama is completely pure and they believe Donald Trump is completely empty, and so, when you see it through that prism? Of course, you want impeachment. So tomorrow, night on blaze, Blaze TV,
dot com. Also, on my facebook page, my you to page, I want you to watch part two of our special, because what we have just told you is clear, its very, very clear. Now, you have to have evidence to back them up. We ve shown you. The evidence on the blackboard but we haven't, talked about the case against Donald Trump. We haven't really explain what their case is and once you look at their case, and you see how we ve out tying it Two, oh! I don't know a year, two, three, four, even five years in the past, it doesn't work you you introducing characters that d are in of in something else here in Ukraine and so you're, just cherry picking a time and a point of view, and we can't be in the Bin.
As of cherry picking times and point of views, we want to look for the truth. So I want to show you that tonight and we can show you how the media are sorry. Tomorrow, night and the media, they are how they are spending, not known, bidding how they are lying to you. They are absolutely one hundred percent guarantee lies Now that's quite a charge to make, but I can make em because we have the court documents. We have the testimony we have all. The things that they ve said is not true. We have them, and I want to take you through oh, I think five of their biggest lies and those I were the ones that make people say: oh well, that's just a conspiracy theory, but once who understand how the media has lied to you. You'll know the truth, and I
people from Congress to why. And learn because I don't know what you're defences. I don't know how you're doing this, but you are like a nursery school group, I thought most of you. People were lawyers, God help us If I ever need a lawyer, I'm not goin any you clowns that's tomorrow, True, you join is blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Blaze, tv, dotcom, slashed Glenn. If you sign up you'll get, percent off when you sign up for a year. If used the promo code, Glenn, that's plays tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Promo Code, Glenn, that happens tomorrow, at eight p m Eastern at eight p m Eastern make you join us
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what are you doing- a story that the very fine poised on why Americans are so sick of all. We ask if you ve heard this story. I can aid to Senator Maggie Hassan Democrat from New Hampshire, has been sentence in a scheme. To break into Hassan Office to obtain and publicly post the personal information. Several republican politicians amid the contentious confirmation, hearings of bread, Cavanaugh the twenty four year old age, Samantha De Forest Davis was sentenced to two to two. Years of supervise probation with two hundred hours of community service and a suspended sentence. Hundred and eighty days in prison, she was told, see needed to stay away from Assad's office and current and former staff
now, Davis was a staff assistant in Hassan Office from August twenty seventeen until last December, It was fired after capital police discovered her involvement in the so called doc. Seeing effort prosecutors say that Davis Hell, a twenty seven year old, also in turn. His name was Jackson, Carrasco, another four her Hassan aid, who pleaded guilty to five federal offences, including two council, making public restricted personal information. One count each of computer fraud witness tampering an obstruction of justice, secures say that Davis was persuaded by costs, go to wipe down the Senate computer that he had hacked the morning after the break in that effort was unsuccessful because another employee was in the office early that morning, com, go was arrested later that day costs admitted to using Davis
key is to get into Hassan office. The day before and prosecutor, say, Davis, understood. That costs go needed, the keys to unlawfully entered the senators office and access the Senate computers. He pleaded guilty In June he was sentenced to four years in prison in the in the spring. He was required to turn over all cell phones among the targets was Mitch Mcconnell Lindsey gram MIKE Lee and Paul and Senator or in Hatch, Carrasco said that he became angry about the senators support for Cavanaugh. Despite sexual assault allegations levelled against the perspective high court justice he intended to intimidate the senators and their families according to court records. The time of his arrest
The time of his arrest. Cassio was working in the Office of Sheila Jackson, Lee now where's the press follow up on all of the stuff that happened to Canada, where's that the press follow up on on all of these things that have have happened. Where is the outrage that these people were doing these kinds of things to smear and intimidate? I guess those stories are the same place where all the stories about the Democrats doing what they did in Ukraine during the twenty sixteen election speak? The same press drawer
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the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment well Is anybody really responsible for anything that happens to them now is anyway responsible? Are you responsible for what do you do for? Can we shift that responsibility? play cells and what happens when a nation does that when people start to say millionaire laws really me it was them if we start making up our own rules, we gotTa Katy Hill for the lesson of the day in one minute. This is the Glen Back Programme, every two seconds: somebody's identity is stolen. There is one person there goes another you don't think of it. That way don't think of it. You don't you don't see it happening, is delicate bank robbery, but it's real and die
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Ah I can't take the Katy he'll stuff. This is the woman. California, is now just being persecuted. She resign. She didn't have to resign. She could of. She could have stood up against ethics committee and she could have hey. This is, and this is a right, but the reason why she didn't is because He has no way to win what no she just didn't want to be a distraction were all these important priorities for the american people glacier. So what what the Ethics Committee would have said is it gainst our rules to engage in any kind of sure relationship with an underling staffer in your office, essential or not right. So that's the house ethics rule that she violated and everyone who gets caught doing this gets the same punishment. That's not true,
I don't trust, has asserted freezes report Abed Donald Trump was he in the House of Representatives is not built? I don't think I know this isn't also jealousies house by the right. There's, not those ina. I got. I got news for you if down, because when the arguments that Katy Hill herself is throwing out there, that Dual Donald Trump did all these terrible things how competing in trouble? It's because he's a man. I got news for you if Donald Trump, had a picture naked, brushing the hair of an underling I would be, Many big news. Now the total drop pretty well. He would not reside here. What are you gonna screw? You I'd say: she's got a Saudi Arabia, air I'd fact I hired for that. I've been around with my work for him, but they wouldn't work for any other about Donald try. Just handsome mojo go in a form that we Firstly, no one science will never be able to solve how he does it, but he
I probably would do that any might get away with em plenty of I mean look at one. Didn't look at one of the people of running against him. Republican primary Mark Sanford ETA, incredibly promised career in the Republican Party and was caught cheat, and then thrown out of office and then thrown out of a mite of losing it. Rational, see later on, I mean we ve had how many Republicans plenty of them put one out of office or of left office because of similar scandals has nothing to do with women and is nothing new, as you just happens to be, the first woman was listen at what she listened to her argument right now, because these are the things she's tweeting as she's leaving on category the Katy Hill saga is the first shot and what become a longer war night. The nine percent of people, her age and younger, have compromising images of themselves out their floating around, and those images will be Epinay? Ok, here, just wait! It's not the compromise,
using image that God her quit. It was the fact that she was violating the house rules of having sex with a staff and she had several several relation Epps was staffers oh and by, the way hashtag a two? They thought that it was toxic and abusive. Yes, so she is, and she initially denied those and then she had to admit some of them, some of them. She does not deny. And some of them. She so continually, does denied. To this day in flames, had on her abusive husband now on a her husband s. He may be a terrible. He may be, honourable, and you know it seems like he limitless. Reportedly he's the one leaking these photos to a media sources, not something and even if you don't, like your wife, I think, is a great idea but the bottom line is she's the one breaking the rules here, it's not about the picture. Look. If those pictures were released by a husband who was getting a divorce, it would be bad
But who would be talking about impeachment in California who would be talking about a you know, a an ethics charge against her and other interests. Nobody she's doing something that is federally illegal, which is king pod in one of these things. Now again, it's legal in California is legal in a lot of states. Now, too, I think it's at that big of a deal not really, but it is still a federal crime and we could know as Congress Managua Gibbered, average Joe, maybe not ever single federal law, are we just lay back in the eightys? It was, I smoked, but I never in Hanover until I never email, but how langleys aeronaut naked brushing their hair of any in turn, and you ve got a bomb in your eyes. Only a nazi tattoo via your bad are right, but don't worry I don't. I could not see tat. You know that decides what so the next, what she tweets, Katy Hills, tweets on article from time, Katy Hills the first
millennial lawmaker to resign because of nudes. She won't be the last okay, so low. That sounds like a threat. Now. The second thing is: that's not why she resign exactly but best. This is her tat, her terrorism change, the narratives change. The narrative too. I like everybody else who the millennial will ya naked pictures of ourselves. There's nothing you can do in times like this, this is like wine steam San hey we all have all executives want at all. It was a hook in acid in an sexually harassing young hot models, and we did it all the time and everyone knows it. Like I mean that's a defeat. And so I suppose, but that doesn't change the law and sexual harassment. Indignantly second changed a lot about underlings in Congress, the in the time article, though I am fascinated by this, and I dont know why impressive more than anything else, but it's it's as one two thousand fifteen study found that like Hill
eighty two percent of adults had sex did in the past year that can't possibly be true. Can it if that's true, I surrender China I quit I'm going to the mountains today if eighty two percent of another Oh, not just millennials, my jobs have sex did notice, I mean pictures. I think that is enough. Context. Right I mean. Maybe it just means a sexy comment or something like that: I don't know, I don't know what that. What is the technical definition of sexting? Can we figure that out? I I have some vice for millennials I, as as a I, was actually the first millennium peopled on others. I myself was the first money, others one study that says: millennials began in nineteen. Seventy six and I was born, February: ninth, eighteen, seventy six, so the people in January screw them. I was the first millennia so as the
father of all millennials. Let me give you some advice: millennials. The only solution to having lots of naked photos of yourself out there is to be sufficiently river halted by yourself. If you have such a horrific opinion about how you look on camera, you will never take a photo, It's never been a risk for me because I disgusted by I myself know if I happen to believe that healthy idly, obviously savory career right around the country. There should be some body shaming howdy shape at least body. Shame yourself! Right now. I will look at ourselves zero, as you know, probably dozens of people who We're like Vinos, index. What are my weight, but about eight inches your order that vital of a faggot you ve seen
see what I- and this is why I am so faceted by this. Eighty two percent of adults includes all of the most is people you see when you go out is not just victorious. Models, we're talking about eighty two percent of adults, and you know what adults means people who are ninety. I mean it everybody right. I mean if that study em, you just can't be true. Well it the definition is sexually explicit picture or step sexually explicit verbiage. Ok, so they say Yes, a sexual comment. To some one else. Ok, I mean I e b. I still don't think eighty two percent possible, but this is Katy Hills, in her next one is, this: is a form of technological domestic violence. All shot they'll leads me to hear you were using your power, overrun turns. This what they said beer.
But they were very uncomfortable. They thought it was exploitative. They were unclear, credible because they didn't know what to do. This is this. Is everything that you said that How do you know any man with power, and I she has power, they didn't know what to do and look. I think in large part, that's a biased description of what me too is the idea that is, you know. Women, don't have the ability, the thief the agency, the the, Halogens to me Their own decisions about who they wanna make out with our go to bed with, is completely do eating thing to say about women everywhere, if you are taught like my Monica Lewinsky, they keep thrown her in this me to think she loved the situation was in love with milk. Want Russia to utter a word. She was twenty three twenty four years old. She was an adult now, yes he's the president of the United States, but she is
also he's making terrible decisions that have been covered wide range. She also was making a bad decision, and this particular situation and you go to this thing- is well adults get to make their own decisions genes. We don't take away their agency because they happened only be five years into adulthood. Ok, that is you, possible for your own actions. Just like executive is, is, is responsible for their own actions, and that is something that should be. We should be not taking away people we should be assigning more. The idea that we are now going to move all responsibility from people who are multiple. Here's inside of adulthood is, is due. Meaning I don't know if I can goes far- I don't we maybe the silk island. We nigh and you're saying that when you're an adult you make the decisions, and yet you have to live by them. Yes, what that means that meetings,
Sean spicy cannot blame anyone else that asking with starter has done that exceptions here to hear how old you are really. Are you responsible alone for that upon Asian? I don't think so, aid and even ass about that on the package was shot, my fellow he thought he had done do they never won by then I don't know Europe. Here again like last night or something I've seen it all over the internet. It did not look like I was. Is he still in the running? I think- ordered him out yet either he came back for an additional year, additional show or life, but I think he's back. You know like Sean like us, a sequel to adjacent movie, he's returned, not don't don't do it, don't do it. I think he made it through too.
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eight and then you get to compare salaries and if one salaries more than a thousand dollars away from the other salary, you're not allowed date. That's a sick and you can't look at someone else's attractive and think of part of the attractiveness of this person cat. That leaves succeeded or she- and I tell you something- can entitlements to you and I are the luckiest guys in the world and if you haven't thought this you should get guy. When we met our wives, They were not. Our wives now usually meet him first. So we met we. When we met our wives, they both thought. We were losers yeah. Where is all than me, you, still at the beginning of your career through my night full Lamed out and I'm you know, I'm just up bomb, I'm an alcohol.
All right washed out, but I saw the lottery ticket. Although I died miss the numbers, I just didn't know it, but I still have to take it at my pride. You didn't write, so there is some hope with you, but not a lot. I was writing a nineteen. Eighty four tempo right and it was it was- I was in daily within a in a very small, toil, and yet you barely fitted very large van in various areas heartily on ok so anyway, so we were is not fancy one yields a small child area they so we met, these women and I am the luckiest man in the world, because my wife, everything that my wife owns, that's really nice in the diamonds, are anything else and I purchased she's never hinted one did she honestly. I bought her wedding ring a four hour five year anniversary and she many times will spin the diamond around, because she she's embarrassed
What language are you speaking here and I can understand the things you're telling me: that's what he's a real things, these possible five guys I like there's! No ok! So my wife, my wife was not somebody that married for money or fame, shawls and like any of it my what didn't marry for money. She does just like it what it shows up yet she machinery for my mind. If you were poor, she'd, be justice. Happy don't tell me, don't, sell we well who nonchalance. I've looked at my ass. Anybody who says money doesn't make a difference. There lie in anyway, Neither one of them would leave us because we didn't pan out as a success Constantly on the verge of failure so far, this has actually writing so, but you cannot tell me that there are those women that target men who are much more powerful than ever be. More wealthy, you can't tell me that those women don't exist. So why
are all guys, some always justice preying on these young women, which they do. But what women that also prey on men. We I mean, I mean, and I would even say its prey right. It's it's largely a mutual. It beneficial exchange. My head describe it as you go to the grocery store, but many times that's kind of what I have to tell you. It is nature it is in nature and, like you know, there is no problem with looking at someone else and finding something attract if in them that relates to their level of success or achievement or intelligence or a nuisance the things that are rewarded with money right it is a sign generally speaking, of someone who's achieved, something somewhere who's been able to two to excel in their career, and you know what what usually indicate that they are
that they show up to work every day that there are not usually on crack that there are usually someone who is at least somewhat sponsible in their lives in some area right. These are things that when you're looking for union are beneficial right that these are better crazy in the same way that if you want to, if you weren't you a bar and he saw two identical women. They looked, they re identical twins and they split up and you talked about them in a very similar personalities. One had some level of high achievement in her life and the other on just didn't didn't focused on. That is what is it? You wouldn't be attracted to the person who didn't have that that sort of success in their career- but it very well might add, be an additional factor, and the way the Democrats have sort of formulated relationships over the past few years is that if you happen to be a glut, Louis UK, a big time
comedian and you're, in a room with a woman whose, in a less successful comedian, you can't hook up with them because there's a power dynamic that you're supposed to resist, even though their consenting- that's just dumb gay. This is part of human into action and the fact that one person is more successful than another thing. You're gonna wind, bringing your arrest, forms and saying well online. Seventeen B, I made thirty eight thousand, and you made forty two so weird, there's a power dynamic issue. Here we can't talk to each other that that's insanity and we're getting to that point where at least when it's a republic, at least one at someone who is not a favoured by whatever media sources talking about it like in this case time magazine where you know we these things that are blatant ethics problems in the federal government artist treated as well, we're learning something about millennials. Today they take a lotta nudes.
That is not what tat is? No. They know that in a way a law there right- it's not! You could learn that you can learn that as well as well, but you really should learn. Don't sleep with your staff. If Europe congressmen certainly don't take pictures while you're doing it. If you do that, other secondary lessons are stupid and what's going on here, what we hear all the time when there's an accusation of wrong doing against a Republican. What does Europe Republicans? Do they pounce on the reporters? They see the media's, the is evil say that other the enemy of the state. In all these other things, look at the media coverage of Katy Hildy very little coverage and hid herself lotta coverage on the red state reporter who actually got the photos and exposed the handle their pouncing pouncing on on on her and saying she's, just a political animal and look she fewer rights for red state she's, a conservative there's no there's no doubt about that, but that were allowed to attack the media when we don't like the result of a story. I know those exact thing: the media
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Stevie dot com is the promo code Glenn and say ten bucks off your subscription It has been doing my research into what's going on in Ukraine. I have. I have really started to fall in love with a history of Ukraine and the people, both the horrible things that had been done to them and they have done it. Isn't a meeting story group of people that really have never been left alone to run their country as they see fit. First, it was the Soviets and the Soviets with a holiday more just
starved almost all of them to death than the Nazis came in and took them over in world war. Two and after that. You know the communist came back and then we have come back. Tell you one story there ready, but from the Ukraine that, I think, is amazing. It it happened during the summer and it was a summer when gunshots were, were louder and the Nazis were more severe. The Nazis were gruesome, absolutely everywhere, but in key, if they were especially gruesome, they carved the you'd Ukrainians to death, many of them and then ground their bones up and use them as fertilizer. But by that point the knots you been occupying Ukraine for a little over a year when the Russians fled the about approaching german army and it was kind of of pre emptive destruction,
Soviets killed any Nazi p, o double use. They sabotaged the farm land flooded the mines they destroyed all the important buildings, but the Nazis were quick and they captured about six hundred soviet soldiers and they set up concentration camps. Fascinated. Anybody who was against them. By the time the Soviets retook the Ukraine. A couple years later, the Nazis had murdered one point: five million ukrainian Jews. Another two million Ukrainians were shipped to Germany, where the forced into slave labour. In total Ukraine, seven million people died. Thirty, four thousand Ukrainians died in the first two days in one of their battles in earth. Deep ravine outside of cave. But the Ukrainians just never seem to give up. They are there, there tough thou and they were tough. Then one of their examples of their toughness is a soccer game of all things that happen. On August nine
the nineteen forty two was the Ukrainians against the Nazis. Bringing the war onto the field in a game All that has been known as the death match or was ravaging the entire continent. It was all on fire buddy, to Europe. So we gotta stop for a second and play some soccer. You know so seventy seven years ago, on that hot August today,. Various nationalities form teams, and there was a team from Hungary, Romania and yes, the Nazis from Germany, but one team was absolutely unstoppable and it was a group of ukrainian bakers who had worked together at a local bread factory, some of whom had played for dynamo Cave, which is still a team in even Ukraine. Today, some of the diamond dynamo dynamo players had joined the Red Army, some guy
to fight in the war. Several others were shipped to penal colonies for minor offences. One of the team, managers chose the russian side and he had been executed, but the owner bakery had also been on the team and he loves soccer any new, the best players that still remain so. We founded the team and offered them extra rations. Look I'll, give you a little extra from the bakery if you play, they went by M, F C start and or it long they were undefeated and in their first game they beat a team hungarian soldiers six goals, two to four, two days later. It was the Romanians. Eleven zero June and July. They scored thirty seven goals and only allowed eight and each game. The Ukrainians were gone excited the Ukrainian. This the Spirit of the Ukraine spread they worthy. Stop rebels,
The Germans were nervous about this and they wanted to keep the crowds down. So they started to charge people five roubles per ticket, which was an awful lot of money to spend on anything in those days. But people flooded did everything they could. They took the rule. So they had. They wanted to be there to see them because the people were impossible to beat, but they had to play play and beat the Nazi team and the Nazis they like to rig game. They they be, even the best competitors. So in August takes they played a team of nazi shots of soldiers, and these were the as it were, manning the anti aircraft guns all around the city of keys and they this team Cranium Team war, red jerseys that day in support of communist Russia and the Ukraine and gave the Nazis a thrashing five to one
Nazis had barely scored, one goal can see five. This is embarrassing defeat the Germans were absolutely livid and I don't think, there's anything worse than a bunch of nazis who are pissed off So they announced his remit this time, with more skilled german team formed of- your blood Arians, the very image of the asked race that Hitler was looking for and everyone warn the Ukrainians. Don't play the match and if you do play the match lose one of these cream bear players said we don't want to lose. Before the game. The gestapo strutted into the Ukrainians locker room, one of them's and I will be the referee today We will be giving the Nazi salute. The German made it clear.
You will lose today. They laughed You don't understand. We will then this isn't the competition. They still didn't, get the hand Two thousand spectators paid their five roubles. One account of the stadium notice that when the time came for the ukrainian players to pay homage to Hitler's empire the cranium players stared forward with her at their side. They didn't give the Hitler salute, are nazi soldiers surrounded the field watching the immaculate gestapo soldiers guarding the entrance with snarling german shepherds all around the field. As you can imagine, when you're playing group of Nazis it might be, violent the Germans played rough links is stopped referee. Let it all happened. The Nazis kick the youth.
Guinean goalkeeper in the head so hard it knocked him out cold. Eventually, his players revived him, but he was still confused in the Nazis, scored three goals at half time: the cranium players stumbled off of the field, but they work hissed and they wanted vengeance, This is about more than winning some game. This was about good versus evil. They were fighting for freedom taking Ukraine brat back, even if it was only for this instant. So they they go I did around the field when they came back like majestic birds shoving through the tax. Dodging legs and cleats and elbows, and then a score to go in the they scored another one, and then they scored a third. The game was tied. Now the team had to decide should we just guard our goal and make it a tie. His maybe
Ty would be enough of a victory Maybe a win would be too dangerous. Then scored their fourth goal the now sees went crazy, they double down even more violent. Then ukrainians scored another one in the last moments of the game, the Ukrainian you, means outrun, a group of exhausted nazi players. Kick them Also the goals and in the goalkeeper lunching in the wrong direction, and then he kicked the ball away from the goal. In one last act of spite, it was five three, the Ukrainians had one now gets a little dicey. Cows were not really sure what happened. Some say that that night they partied, they celebrated their victory, they add homemade vodka, they were dancing and the next day the gestapo was waiting for the men at the bakery. There.
Arrested for eight weeks, Nazis tortured the men, the accounts differ, but most likely several of the men were shot. One we know was tortured to death, broken and limb the rest of them, were shoved into the back of a transport truck and taken to a concentration camp just on the outskirts of town. While they were There are three more of them were executed, their bodies were taught in the mass graves. But the key aim became a rallying cry for the Ukrainians. It was a stir. Ray of hope that they dare not tell louder than a whisper In some telling the Nazis executed all the men right after, but we know that's not true, because some of the players actually talked about it years later. One historian says that none of this actually happen, but is Vonnegut rights. All this happened more or less.
After world war, two things weren't much easier on the Ukrainians, because the Soviets recast the story of the death match and communist propaganda eleven heroic communist fighting together to beat the capitalist monsters there. So acute several players of collaborating with the Nazis and sent those players to ten years in a communist goo log for them afflicted by soviet rule. The story became a household tail, was away the Ukrainians to celebrate their own independent identity. All the way up to today, Ukraine finds itself in the throes of a socio political war for their very survival. There is a war that was just started February: twenty fourteen, nearly five thousand ukrainians of died
then, too, that day in Kiev, seventy seven years ago remain crowded in mystery, but the spirit of the players live on and live in the hearts of all those in you. Grain, who were still dreaming of the day when they control their own destiny, boy. That Christmas Party is coming up in a couple of months to get invariably you're gonna hear the same thing through the grapevine that year, every year yap size and drag out the old, just not about you being Ebeneezer Scrooge, because you won't replaced the chairs in the office and to be fair, I mean I can't even see from here, but I know there they do look like in other men. Stress tests by a group of monkeys.
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near lessening ten Glenn back. Welcome to the programme. There's a couple pieces audio here that we cannot leave until we play, and one of them is the very eloquent AL sharpen. Trying very, very I mean he's
really working hard here to tell you the story of the death of Al Bag, daddy areas. President Robert said that, because of the killing of our Baghdad, Ye Baghdad me is that the world is a better place and I would like to see and those that were responsible for, but we have a lot of work that must still be done in the area of terrorism right in the same area of the world where our Baghdad, daddy was covered. That was worth it. There are that's worth getting up and the data the man can't speak good. This is a problem
there's a lot, and I have a problem with the english language you due to what we all do not go. I like that you're, yes, a sort of like you know if you have a shelf that is loaded with trinkets and somewhat bumps into it and like one of them, falls down and then another one falls down another that's his like to his like piece of speaking just like there's like they just inexplicably coming down at this. I don't rob a bank debray play. If you get over it, I play drop, set up into the juggling right I'll bet. Draghi Baghdad near the dead. World currencies and. And would give credits and those responsible for work. But we have a lot of work that method.
Why are you calling until we have a lot of work to do? We have a lot of work to do with terror. We will not have work to do with bag really drag brag because in his eyes, are looking down and he sees back Our fear of the Gatt revenge about those changes in ages. There upload shoving, Katy he'll, come here, the Kitty s ears, King Ears, Katy Hill, Working party is overwhelmingly held by old white men, and that is that is not good until that changes than the Republican Party is is literally incapable of changing. When you see reactions Lindsey Grams, more some of the other senators you can I wonder: what are you afraid of all? What's in your pass was very pretty miss Katy. May
you have heard the all you know you as a glass. How should throw stones majesty update that, for this occasion, those that have blast bomb which need not be throwing stones? I'm just saying just I'm just saying that you have Cyprus, Dave, Chapelle Chapelle was talking about political correctness, Sunday, the red carpet political correctness has its face. This place scares me. We all want to live in a civilised society. We do have the kind of work on two levels and come to an agreement of what they actually looks like. I personally am not afraid of other people's freedom of expression. I don't use. It is whether this makes me feel better. Now, I'm sorry, I heard anybody cetera Saturday area around. Supposing he was doubling the award before the Mark TWAIN Prize it you know at the Kennedy center. They do it every year and
Here's this guy, who everybody say now. He says, he's great. He just one the National Ward for comedy riding the Mark TWAIN Prize huddle seems to be doing pretty good lot better than our bad Brad beat our black lagging Blair Talley As for the brag grabbed and brandy.
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