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The Left FULLY Believes Trump Called Soldiers 'Losers' | 9/4/20

2020-09-04 | 🔗

NBA legend Steve Nash has been hired as the Brooklyn Nets’ head coach, but ESPN host Stephen A. Smith went viral for calling it white privilege. Did Trump actually tell people to vote twice? Jeffy joins with the latest on neighborhood yard sign wars and how football season will be a woke-fest. The economy continues to rebound and has reached levels similar to Obama’s in 2012. The Atlantic claims that Trump called World War I U.S. troops "losers." Shortly after confessing in an interview with Vice, the “100% Antifa” suspect in the killing of a Trump supporter in Portland was killed in a standoff with U.S. Marshals. But Joe Biden blamed his victim for the violence. Andrew Cuomo is awful, and Chris Cuomo may be worse.

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