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The Left Insists Trump Is Rigging the Post Office | 8/17/20

2020-08-17 | 🔗

Glenn’s back in the studio for the first time since March! Democrats and the media insist that Trump is trying to undermine the Postal Service to cheat the election. Nancy Pelosi even called the House back early to address it – which she wouldn’t do for COVID-19. New Zealand’s elections have been delayed by a month due to COVID-19. The media mocked the death of President Trump’s brother. Stu reports “live” from the Democratic National Convention as new polls show how unenthusiastic voters are for Joe Biden. Glenn will be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame! New York City may not come back after the lockdowns and riots. We could be $78 trillion in debt by 2028. Jason Buttrill gives an update on the Russia scandal.

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