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The Left Make Up Their Own Truth | 11/22/21 | The Glenn Beck Program

2021-11-22 | 🔗

Pat and Stu discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and how the Left focused on a narrative and clung to it, despite all evidence. Stu and Pat go through all the media lies about the Rittenhouse trial. Pat and Stu discuss the president and vice president’s statement regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and the possible lawsuits following his acquittal. The people the media have portrayed as the “victims” in the Rittenhouse case have dark personal histories. Stu and Pat discuss the tragedy that occurred in Waukesha when a van ran through a crowd during a Christmas parade. Pat and Stu discuss the Texas governor race and who’s leading in the primary. Will Joe Biden run for a second term? Stu and Pat discuss who the Democrats could run in 2024.

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Glenn is on vacation this week, so it is patents to filling it sitting in for him triple eight. Seventy seven be easy. K would be the number to call if you want to get involved with a show lots of interesting thing. Today we tell of the aftermath of the written house we ve talked about, but have enough for an hour yes right and actually talked about this show I did do right or bunch on it Friday's stood as America of Shriek card. At the didn't talk a little bit about that this morning we get into that. I mean we go. Do we know what our? What are our views on it? Do you think it's a good verdict or a bad verdict, dwell do white supremacist. I know I don't I'll gay that separation. you have your own causative advert yeah. Ok, my yes! I mean it speak. For itself.
because what our president said: yeah, yes, which means that interesting way of not saying they, obviously that it's the right verdicts or I like what you could almost verdict. The verdict speaks for itself, yeah not guilty. Does it does speak for it, more coming up on the radio programme. What about time and plunder today featuring fattened stupor Glenn
re United added feels so that everybody You have your own racing along with patents. Do today, yet we gotta talk about the call Rittenhouse being acquitted, situation will get into that and lot more. There was a really awful tragedy walk a shot, Wisconsin Eddie at a Christmas parade of all places, get into that and a lot more you'll want to miss a minute. If today show will get all of that coming up, sixty seconds one programme, So if you like, most Americans, you probably spent a significant amount of your time. Thinking about how to make more money, or at least save more money back you'll have a more money than we currently do. nothing wrong with that. Of course, it's good to be aware of how your
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at american financing dot net, its american financing dot net american financing. Annabel us one, eight do three! For a little, you got what you don't do, that animal S, consumer access, dot, org Patents do for Glenn on the global programme Tripoli, seventy seven be easy case. Kyle Writ Mouse acquitted on all charges? So that- I mean that is really good news and of course the left has gone apoplectic over it. I I don't know Did you not follow a single moment of this trial or Did you just see all the evidence and completely ignore it and you're? Just so stubborn that you can't be swayed by anything. Please did to you that shows that this guy was absolutely not guilty of murder. Well
be easier for them to decipher what happens if there was video of the incident patent if there happen to be just luckily just like a fleeting sort of shot? Well, I was thinking, maybe if they had the entire incident on video from multiple at you have assets preposterous right that I could not possibly have they didn't have, or if you had witness statements that saw all that happened, even the prosecution witnesses that, like let's say, agreed way what did you think of the so called victims, yet it agreed with the defendant. Will you take it easy? We self defense? I pointed the gun at him. First yeah Maybe we would make it a mortal mandatory aid intellectual basis, but known, but now it does it Does it matter at all now, because this has nothing to do with truth right there right in the left. Is they invested in this narrative early right. I don't know why. Why were you so invested in? That? Is it because it happen
during the beagle riots? Is it because you ve got a seventeen year old kid who has a gun and just assume that he's a sums. of right wing cook. I guess yeah I think the real reason why they invested in this early is because the people who did it are lunatics the people in the media, the people on Twitter, the blue chip marks that tell you that white. That white supremacy is the big issue here. Have no and to do so at our lunatics, their insane people, and I think they really believed that Black B were shot by a white guy out. Yet absolutely I I I I don't know that they still, I dont, think these we have that information, the guardian this week it put an article outlets. Kyler and how shot three black people article are you kidding me still happening in the news
This is not even like it's, not the random person. You know one hundred kidding. I did not see that I have friend. All my friend of mine, who is pretty well informed person may doesn't live and die with conservative politics, though not not following not following every minute of every trial or every story that kind of penetrates conservative media and we're going fourth about it and, one had said something, but there's a tweet that went around. You may have covered this unpack grand leashed, but someone like an oh by the way, employers, you should probably let your black employees have a couple days off with no matter how this trial, so they can fly or why that's my was, which is basically like: wait here, because all African Americans have to join together to mourn these three right. Why people who were shot like I've? What does this even mean? Why and ignorance about rather like what weight, so he didn't shoot any black people and no not want- and I say this as someone who is it- you know informed and I
he I will say he did shoot at what African American, who is also known as jump. Take a man for reason because They they went on his facebook page and he was into karate and they had him getting his red belt. No, because he was in the middle of jump. Kicking Kyle right now, still ahead at its on video, so they called him job kick man while so they did shoot him in Miss, say to try to shoot one african American, but all of the bee He tried and we're trying to kill him yeah right, that is that is not an issue that needed to be discussed here end and correctly was to say by the jury, which yet cosy some faith in him, and that is something called self defense. Yes, you're defending yourself. Against being killed by somebody else, yes, and not exactly what happened, it was one hundred percent clear and you can look at this. The positive way and say number one. The jury got it right. So that's a positive good good thing. Number two did
seem like there- their widespread riots Canosa still stands today, which God either way. I suppose I could convince me either one minor. We, people who went up there to cover it, and luckily, thank God, not much that not too much to cover at least so far There were winos protest here and there I don't understand why you would protest something like this. As we say over and over again, you learn about the case and editors of long venue. Protest interpret. Learn then protests these territories important confusing though, can I just do protests then learn no. No, I'm deducing Van Road tunnels test yeah protest. First and then I learned something about protests have no the opposite of that. The order of importance learn, learn then proto. Then I protest now. Why would I do it that way have? Well, I don't get it's pretty important, pat, and I don't think I can walk you through all of the reasons here on this particular programme, but an import
but you get that order right, because you know somebody He will go out and then there protesting things they don't understand at all, and I think that did go on this weekend. I neither so there's one set of people. I think on the left who, vested in this narrative early, the cholera Rittenhouse was this whites. They believe This happens all the time right now. This is white supremacist. Who goes they think Ray every day is Charlottesville right, so you every day there's these terrible people going around whether Turkey torches trying to kill people. This is just an example where every one kind of who is aware of it. There are those people on the left that have invested in that enough. No amount of factual evidence is going to turn them around I think there is another side of this which comes from. We know the state, which is they realize it? they believe no charges back in August of twenty when he untill Rittenhouse means the city bird said the ground if they do anything.
so they are now at the point where there then I don't think they believe for a second. They were gonna, get a conviction on this case. They just. Charged him anyway, spent millions of dollars on the case we, everybody's time, Ruin Kyle, written houses, life because They were scared if they didn't do it. The site, would burn to the ground. And then they went through this whole charade, knowing that they were not get a conviction because they didn't. Have any evidence when you saw their case pet, it was in Paris thing in error. Way what you're going to try to put out a fire. I dont fire to fire literally what he says burning thing up this response because it was on fire. Yes, that's why you gotta put out a fire. We all. Why do that lie wanted to help my community? Was it
your community canosa? You don't live a canosa. Well, my dad lives and canosa and he didn't have these details, but so he had part time job in Canosa, his friend lived in Canosa. His uncle lived in Canosa, his heart Luton, Canosa, his cousin, lived and canosa. He's grandma lived in Canosa well people there did Cardoza you dude. I lived there right that actually what the person the prosecutor said so A lot of people live Canosa. I dont like that. I don't live in Idaho, but if very nice hole in there's a fire failure, I'm going to try to put it out, but I'm gonna try to call nine one one. I'm gonna try to do whatever I can do to end. The suffering that community. I don't need to be part of the community to care about a community, and it's like we're in Irving Texas right now, if we were driving past great vine on the way home- and we saw Fire was, you know. Maybe we can help put it out right away before it spread, and I think I would do it yeah
and I don't even live in great by Don't even have any relatives integrated fiery eyes still might help put out the fire, it's that court and quote by community. Oh, but I still care about it, preserves as our reason, because I'm a human being right and emphasise the fact that their case was so bad. I think that they are there calculation was at the beginning of this. If we don't do anything the city burn the ground so will charge them will charge them excessively. He be convicted, yeah sure will ruin his life and sure all this will go on, but at the end of the day, maybe EVA community. Maybe things have come down a little bit and when we announce it at innocent verdict, we can say to that committee. Look. We try to stop this white supremacy. The jury and go along with it. A man may be. The city doesn't burned to the ground and in this case thankfully didn't but It is a really bad lesson that we keep teaching and incredibly disturbing that the government seems to do this over and over
and over again, when there are media narratives, someone makes it memory that makes some look at all. Well, it's legally. We can't charge them. Let's do it anyway and then, at the end of the day, We'll just say we tried every I think we're the good guys and Missis a really really terrible thing, because you watch that trial pattern. If you get the same feeling, we all understand how are jury system works and how our legal system works, and we understand that that someone who's fighting for the defence of their client is supposed to do everything they can to try to get that person off, and I think that's a healthy, healthy thing to do right. You gonna have the defence attorney out there doing everything they can to get there. Client out, because we have a system that depends on innocent until proven guilty right like it that the ball is supposed to be in the court of the defendant and either the state. to prove they are guilty. reasonable doubt so this the defendant. Should we do
everything they can within the bounds of almost ass. You know The truth, but like the best possible view of the truth for their client That should not be the goal of the state, the best possible you to put this person behind bars should not be their standard. It didn't just me say anything. You can get a conviction, you're stupid, To be going for the truth here and yes years, yes, when you charge someone, you see the truth in a different light as the defendant You could disagree on things, but you shouldn't be making crap up. You shouldn't be challenging normal human interactions like trying to help a fellow. Human being with a medical issue or a fire make an excited. They had to do that to try to win this case and they shouldn't have tried it. They should. Should have never been at the point where this was a case at a trial in the first place, and that the prosecution at all
or two things that walked over the line of what they should be doing lightly light constantly, plus I just bought stoop and but stupid. Ah, I I've never seen more with a lot agree, be this stupid. I don't think you're right I can't think of a place. You know we ve seen a lot of trials over the years. I dont know that I've ever seen anybody this bad, unfortunately, because he didn't know the answers to the questions he was even asking, which is April requisite to aunt asking the question. In the first place, you better know what you're, what the guy is gonna say when you ask, the question yeah, why? Why did you put out the fire? cause it to fire me I'm gonna dumb question so stupid. I didn't have a thought at one point that
I know there's the supply chain disruption. Is it affecting lawyers? Did they run out of them? Maybe maybe they just founded the eye on the street cause there's just a short others, a bunch of lawyers on a container ship off the coast of California that can't get to and we ve run out of them, because this guy was he was able to be fair to him about, and if you aren't so case, nothing to work with and that is the problem here. That's why they should have it in case he should have had to embarrass himself. He should have been involved in the first place and now written us as his life ruined over clear self defence and the left will continue to turn him into a white supremacist. Until the day we all die span, stupor Glenn, more coming up in one minute. I have some good news. Gonna help make your house
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patents- do for glad on the Glinda Programme Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy gave Talkin about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, which, fortunately, the jury got right, acquitted on all charges, just awesome in he's acquitted on the charges that he shouldn't, even while he should have been charged with any of these. But it's so easy. To discount sum of, like the gun charge which They initially said he the gun illegally, because he seventeen year not the case yet not meeting the gay, that's the only one that was even remotely close right, yeah and end the the reason is because the statute is written very in a very confusing way. A beastly says he can't have the gun unless you can have the gun it's kind of way. The main statutes as no one under eighteen can have a can have a guy But then it later on clarifies ok. Well, if it's a long gun and then you can some people take that as well. Only if your hunting,
which again the whole premise of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, is that he was hunting because that's the whole premise that we're supposed to believe he was there too hot people write like he's really bad thriller, but is a little the confusing and that's why was initially allowed. They argued successfully to get thrown out. There was only one, it was even close. A bunch of ridiculous, and inaccurate things came up during this trial like he killed to blackmail and be a lamb protestors, which we ve already covered not the case at all and which put out to the first person who killed, who is not only not black but also not appeal. Protester, was an insane person who escaped not escaped but had just been released from a mental facility on a suicide attempts and who is also a trial on railways. Little we should point out was a child rapist. They people keep saying child molesters. Don't do that? though the captures it don't do that covers it. Why the child rapist would be the correct way of framing his previous activities, which Jonas,
have merit on this. We know, but dont really affect this particular case, but he was I think what does make sense, your pet here's, a guy who, throughout the over and over again says shoot me he tries to get invites with people with once he uses all sorts of racial slurs and stuff to antagonize he's just been released from a mental institution where he was captured because he was putting their because of a suicide. Attempts has Ray earmarking of someone who essentially was trying to get himself killed. Many, charges at a guy with a guiding tries to grab onto the gun. I mean it's ate it well, I don't know it's that's aid. That has been a speculation in that, but I don't like to too much pretty clear: cut No, I mean that it was self defense, their yelled out, a hundred percent self defense, saying from he may have it rose in Bonn. The first got even getting killed, I'm saying may actually have been intentionally trying bright herself shot he's deal, say I've Eddie of several times shoot me
so takes only someone in suspense doesn't husbands yeah. Then the claim all abide. By everybody on the left that he cross state lines so and you can cross state lines in Amerika, he did not cross state, with the gun, however, which may or may not have been right a crime. They really try to use. That is more of a thing to say this guy he came from somewhere else. You get twenty miles. The road at twenty miles away, literally his town is ordered him. So right would like I used to live on the river. That sector its New Jersey and Pennsylvania? And so I would cross state lines to get pizza Niger gas plus unite Cross state lines every day to go to work every in Pennsylvania, lived it Connecticut. We crossed into New York by Cosmo every day stay in New Jersey, it literally York everyday
Not that weird, when you live on a borderline cases like where you go in New Jersey, famously has lower gas prices than the surrounding states. So you constantly are going into New Jersey to get gas because you know whatever we know Dick Iulus. Us Ito think they may be lowered. Is there, which is shocking with new draft is not, but that's where they produce a lot of them. They were fine. A lot of stuff so still have people um gasser it has. I stop don't you know I dont know. Last time I was there, it's been a while they still had it, but it's a they may have. They may have lifted that Ba everything was full, sir for years and years and years after every at ashcombe everybody all. Yet there was no full serve anywhere else in America, but it was legally required in New Jersey. But people say that, and I echo as much as I don't think- that's a good law there's cold.
As you know, I went has not above I have the honour of taking advantage of some poor worker who's out their freezing cold temperatures. To put my guess- maybe a bad person, but it also might be true, cheerful. Eight. Seventy seven be easy gave a more of a patent stupor Glenn come on up. This is the Glenda programme. Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days. As you know, and one of the biggest opportunities for scammers, some of the most common scams include buying. gift online that never arrives: sellers demanding payment with gift cards, fake shopping websites and fake delivery. Notifications, honestly, all Several criminals are so industrious that they just get a regular freaking job. They
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its patents do forgotten glimpse programme it being joined by definition. Java use just shaved his head, bald because he did for charity idea. If you can believe it, I did we raise the money for. Oh, you are our rescue, and that's why I was Bedford, pretending I was really been break. Pretending all really began to clarification. I thank you. I know you probably will this word now. Understanding of your involvement in charity was mainly embezzlement. Is that not accurate? I have nothing to do with this, though this was all our resolve that allow me to touch. Everybody also goes directly to the charities, and this should actually help people. It will help people like what you are usually tat way ahead. I tried to say if they just give the money to be, then I'll give it to you at work like now. No, no, no one calls for the heavy to realise that over the years Jeff in as it does we'd know, Jeff you for a very long time very far too
to our really longer, but we have never seen him bald. I've never been balled up when we first met stew, you- and I are- I think I was probably a a one one on the cleverest top because private I shaved down to a number one for a long time like you said? stubble or here and there, but never like a crowbar. Looking thing, never completely bald those kind of strange. So how would you do drive to the radio audience Pat. What Jeffrey looks like right now, like Mr Clean, the rock after he rallied himself, I go way more about five decades,
so Minnesota and ably led some seventy girl stops lifting wage and doesn't care what he eats large all hours of the day and night. Did you suggest that lie with the aid of the rock myself here later? That's when I look at the very moment when Iraq, if he were bald fat, and stool at anything. Is there is in the rock thing, sounds a little. Things sounds a little ridiculous regenerated does. However, I will say they eat the same diet. It famously. It's like ten thousand calories a day. Don't do that working out along with it, what you're doing half of the rocks version you that That problem is probably is to re zones, or There are two pointed out: maybe uncle fester. Ok, he might be The idea of an attitude I will describe the wage Evelyn, right now, I'll go fast!
I could see that plenty. There's plenty of plenty a looks out there that I represent motherless people, dont, look as good as me. I'm saying a few words say yes that never that is, that is a topic. That is why I asked that is unavailable. Take that you could have done one could muster a bravery to hear TAT S kind of strains of the dinner shape it completely off the Balkans. Now it's gonna be to keep it. That way, that's gonna be work That's because you got a shave. The back of the neck and arms gotta come down it. I'm not a huge fan, a work, for his idea. it fell out of it so well, which is more work. Shaving, your head or washing your hair. Yeah. I know
migration offset there because it feels like a carbon out as we want to hear you might be able to eliminate the shower thing altogether: yeah right then ear and you're in the position. I think you want to be in which we are aiming for Much done once or twice a year of you don't doubt, then I may now you're you're save money on the oder right on annex cologne and other products through has not a bad place. We also obviously to point out that you looked like Ben Franklin and you were dressed as better when you came on my programme the other day on Friday, as Ben Franklin. Seemed also came on. Peccary unleashed as been frankly are. They were the found they were the fire they founders. Of of that robs observation. Jeffrey really does look like Ben Franklin, which is bizarre. However, the Here too thing I think, on my political show, as it came right after the Rittenhouse disk verdict,
so I was getting Jeffreys actual take on the written house. Verdict will very strange restaurant, strange shell and you will agree that this is this. Is justice right? Oh my gosh! Yes, I mean. Did I what? What if you actually paid attention, no way that you could find this good guilty, the only man. I think that the trial should have gone on as long as it did. I mean I've you ve, really that the judge is because it went out so lovely judge was waiting to see if the jury actually came back with the verdict, should be where he could, if they didn't than he could throw a mistrial and just ended anyway. it is one of those things where mistrial was the correct outcome, but I'm happy or it went this way asked me, do you know I'm glad it's at exactly the right outcome by May really should have never gone to trial if it got a trail they should have thrown out, but, like her, a jury of Our peers come
gather and say: okay, this is idiocy, is probably the best outcome once it gets at this point, but, like this point should not be a place where we are this. We should have got to this point and it's a it's. It's a terrible statement on on this and on where we are as a society that you without me more it happened in this case, if not for people like borrowing, Eliza, Schaefer and Richie Mcguinness and drew her nand, as in others who were there, their cameras, pointing in the right direction. I type when No doubt in my mind, without that video is now real house is in prison for the rest of his life. You know that absolutely and and and for sure I mean not known as a mandatory, sentenced by the way, given the charges in Wisconsin its mandatory life without possibility of of pearl right an especially with because his mother dropped him off across state line
yeah I'm doing damage or even worse, I made in another level, two died, sitter, Danone, thank you began your mom dropping off at a felony. You can lead. It's it's wrong, so white, and what was that word? What what was the purpose of that particular? But because it it there's, a bunch of myths out there and we could go through some of em, but but there's a bunch amidst out there in one of them is his mom drove across state liars, which only the riot like ok, honey. At the right now I'll be back at what eleven thirty hereafter everything's done burning after our meetings, under the ground I'll be back to pick up case. Really call me be it the corner there yeah, I don't know. It's weird gave me that she was gonna. Try to make it but choose complicit were she's the echelon charge. To I don't know I mean I guess it's pointing out that maybe someone who has someone has your mommy drive you to the right shouldn't have a weapon. Maybe that's
Maybe that's the insinuation there, but it really never, because that came along at the same time that they tried to say that he brought the weapon across their lives to yes, that was a big stars, even also, if you bring your weapon across state lines with your mom you're driving their double offences in a constitution is that one's very, very, very strange to me. There is also the let's see Rittenhouse, also white supremacist, that, as a great then candidate, Joe Biden labelled him in a tweet what the video his white supremacy video here with, though just a pig, RO mixture of I'll. What Adam didn't quickly want to go. back to the state lines thing for one. Second, one of the things I thought was interesting, but this is. It was also trying to paint this idea that he was some interloper right, like some guy who, who Mason
like a mercenary flying in from why you know half way across the country, just shoot black people and what we ve talked about: all the rights of people being boss noon and came in for the riots rights of this was the way of saying o the white supremacist are bringing people yeah room people into the rise well, it's the everyday Charlottesville swears. It's interesting about. This is the third guy that he shot gauge Gross Christ, This is the guy who actually eyes already lived yet his arm sort of blown off, and he was the guy who pointed a gun and admitted it. It pointed a gun at Rittenhouse before he fired he's from forty miles away here. Forty miles to get to the same right lines. The caves, a yoke, but it was for twice at a distance of oil. Written did he's, drives across state lines and buttons mom didn't say: ok, that's too bad. You also suffer this very morning, the whites
this thing is just one of those things as a figment of their imagination. They, in the end happens with a lot of mass shootings where, immediately. They jump to. This must have been a white supremacist right off the bat at some christian conservative trumps supporter person who, when shot everybody, and then we ve that later on. You know it was maybe an islamic extremist, or maybe you nothing to do with any of this. Maybe this is crazy person, but that's all standard practice for the left and the media whenever the gun stuff, which obviously was thrown out of court, it was so wrong. That is another one we had the Kyle Rittenhouse did not have any relation to the city. I think we ve already privileged dispatched of that one on the programme today, Kyle right covered in house fired the first shot of a night. No, I didn't know is not the only where there is not a person is set Kyle
How was the only one who fired a weapon that night have you watch the video? Was she gets incredible that, first of all, credible someone before cowardice did not take the first shot. He somewhat shot with, they think is a weapon into the air and that's what he thought was happening. Hit me that some was shooting out and which is when he first turned round and fired his weapon. You kill Rosenbaum, but as the Easy part of that. Video is, after their whole interaction, happens, he's running down the street. He gets tackled. He shoots the two people. Fires is weapon again. Gets up, starts walking to surrender to police and in the background there are. I think it's Sixteen shots go off six, the team, but it was only wants you to use only what you want at all, how we did it. Maybe with his mind, I dont know exactly how we fired those bullets because he's on video not shooting. I, like the he flashed white our signs with proud boys. Again he did go He did do some things that maybe more the best things
to do at the time. Given the circumstances like after he was after he had spent three months in jail, he got. Bout on two million dollar bail. and so I guess Dakota Celebrate went to a bar was, as it was two days after his eighteenth birthday, who it was are with his mom and some others, which is legal, is moms, drive across state lines. I think they were in Canosa, so I think they were in that within this, the state of US and I think they stay that way, but he paused for Office with a couple of strangers at the bar, the media say their proud boys I have no idea if their proud boys or, if their embarrassed boys or if they do, identified as boys. I don't know, but he did Flash Ok sign! You know how TAT Biden done that nobody ever says rights, white supremacist job. right to privacy
do the bright side, why put you know? Maybe it'll pose with people? for pictures when you're in jail in coming up on charge. Fourthly, what who's out on bail level there are few times it I've been out They rarely if ever you're supposed to drink. But why do is only a teacher was drinking at our member, but then why that's legal rights? Eighty than was gone to possess Twenty one national? Isn't it only twenty twenty one and I could go to the bar? I don't know you can drink I'll go down they're saying it's, it's legal to do because he can go in there with them again as long as you not drinking. I come in B, I don't- I don't. I always thought it was twenty one. But the answer to this is not the type of law that Jeff he would
We would all right. I've written we get off. There are certain restrictions. Senator had would hear other bail, you don't drink, that's the deal. There are certain restrictions that Jeffrey just not gonna pay attention to and that's, I would say about seventy percent of the legal code cheerfully. Seventy seven be seeking to the programme. Every day in this country. The left is doing its best to make sure the next generation of kids that your kids, your grandkids, that they don't know.
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this balance you plan on that programme, joined by jumping scouts and chewing the fat item. I do I just want. You guys know you, because I know you guys like pizza as much as I do. I wanted to be sure that you are you deal easily Papa jobs, pizza right out there changing their name, and I to be sure. You know how to order now to rely future because propaganda stage in their name to Papa Johns, so there hampered John was changing their name too jobs. So it's gonna be sure. You know that now it's gonna be now when I was gonna, be without the apostrophe. so suddenly she and everybody wants to do Johns. so. Are you find it and if you have the actor on your phone, The name. Changes already happened for the picture
Sattler well of the did, not use the apostrophe when you're when you're dying up the right when you use the EP, not use the apothecary bun the printed version, underneath the new logo of Papa Jobs still has the apostrophe. Oh I'm views. What's the wet with a website, you have to take out the apothecary on the website. Now? Yes, yes, yes, yes, you do. You do sell. So if you type in Papa Johns with an apostrophe, nothing, nothing you can add up to that of Japan thoroughly for error, I do not know, I'm trying to think of this. That I don't think I put Apostrophise in two web address. It was right to the actual, like I think I will just type in pop. Does it Papa job? Will you have course is going to come up now? That discharged would come up with an Starfleet that are not misled hard to. How does the internet work? Does anyone know you don't have it anyway
it was never. Let was always just poligized without an apostrophe know. It well on the webs on the website on the website yeah. So you don't even know where to relate the wrong Barbara Jack Lamps. I don't let that happen. There's some like Chinese bought outfit had bought a proper jobs with an apostrophe, and they ve been just delivering pizzas to my house, using like sub par ingredients and positive. It is past, and now this part of the their pushing back against these, because then they have some sort of Cairo owner guy. Isn't that the actual papa job? This is like a slap in his face right. The actual problems Does they got really him a couple years ago? Rioters races, on a conference, call but wait so so now it's not,
the guy's name rights and write your John it's his thing, Sir John is like what like a person who goes to a prostitute liking one. What is the John usage now makes me like the pizza little bit. Bathrobe isn't that they caught the John Persons named John, does not have a good connotation with food, and now it's better it's a better ingredients, no apostrophe that cervix. Ok, now that the Stockholm programme whichever Michael Shell Hamburger on over his latest book. I did. Long time a while ago. Yes, I think you're thinking climate procreate. Yes, all he's got a newly out. It's called San Francisco you to share my about you'd like it. It's it's. Basically, how progresses ruined cities ok, naive and had him on all because he lives in San Francisco, it's all about like the homelessness issues and like how there
this change in it he used to work again in the sort of movement back when it was somewhat sane and trying to rehab people and stuff like that and its change from look we will try to. We have people not necessarily treat them always criminals on their first offence, but on the other side it's now turned into like making do whatever they want me to take a crap on the sidewalk like go ahead. And don't do anything about it. If you do something about it, you're hateful, seldom Gipsy, pushing back against that's pretty interesting more, not entertainment, the blunder
It's been still from land on the Glinda Programme, AAA seventy seven, the easy cape we're gonna finish up on our Kyle Rittenhouse discussion. He was acquitted on all charges plug the left, doesn't like it, including people in Joe Biden administration as well, that in lots more covered up in sixty seconds programme If you haven't checked out rectangle, yet I cannot stress enough, but you really to do this at the time is now you do not want to Mr Black Friday, sale, serious growers and smokers that wrecked tech has been proven for a long time. This is the. To go on black Friday if that smart girl, knowledge, which means that it maintains a constant temperature all throughout the cooking process. You can monitor it from an app on your
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dot com, its ban, Stupor Glenn, trouble. Eight. Seventy so be easy k despicable, I think, describes what does both Joe Biden, and Cobbler Harris have said about the cow Rittenhouse trial. In the end, the verdict and all the other things they ve done every eyes, and recently that's very true It does seem to be released random because, like me to broaden it too much, but it all the things they ve done, our ever would quote fall into those category pretty much so Cobbler Harris got back from other Europe and Russia
to talk to the the press that was gathered therein. Here's what she had to say about the verdict, inquired Uncle John, and I am very grateful. Maybe you know I like rear working to make this criminal deficits or equitable, really love over what exactly wasn't equitable about this trial? What What are you talking about? Really is a shining example of what to do. We can do and how the system supposed to work when every one in the world a saying? Oh, yes, you ex wires a they do the opposite, because that's the law. Yes, how the supposed to work. I will say if you can pick up exactly what she was saying. It's because she was out where's wearing a max mask while fully vaccinated shall so ill it didn't. You couldn't understand round nobody around it
and she's, maybe what ten feet from the rapporteur I might add, by the way, if you ve ever been on a tarmac. It is. The windiest place on earth is what it is a big open fields they can. They just need just out still act like a wind tunnel, so ventilation very good in this particular area. She's outdoors she's, fully vaccinated make them ass, he's probably been boosted, and I know for a fact, probably and she's- wearing a mask so AB Thirdly, no reason As the New York Times has stated, there are all cases war. world wide, worldwide that have ever been documented outdoor transmission outside of close conversation, none to colonel the entire pandemic get she's
out there, fully vaccinated wearing a basque at a tarmac is stupid. Inexplicable. That's the whole point of this, of course, her point being like this think we know we can go Biden statements well. Both of them seemed designed to to not be me. No awry it ought to be a landmark ma. Am right right, like it's supposed to be. Like a look, we respect the verdict, of course, but LAO that I say that it was obviously wrong. That's their trade they're going through these two here, yeah Biden has
this is just a moment ago. I didn't want to trial of why I stared. Why would the jury as jury system would abide by? Ok, so the jury system were to whom we have to abide by it. Good energy there these the worse! he's the worst, bearing like what he already already made himself really clear on this. He thinks he was pissed off about the the verdict is ready, said worse, which is funny because you think I'd be the opposite way. Right, ear
if you gotta come out here and say, look I think, I'm really mad about it. I'm angry. We there's a lot of feelings of anger, but you know: look it's the jury system, that's what he said in the written statement. The written statement said: hey, like you, know the jury's, you stick by the jury but like we have all sorts of major problems of equity in there in the jury system or whatever a heavy said. It was something of that too. That note we're here, he has to do with this trial anyway. They keep making it sound as if this a person on trial for some racial crime, yet where it doesn't fit at all he's not even charged with that. Nobody was of a different race in this thing, all the same, always it's really bad, and now I have real sympathy for the viewpoint he trying to say at the beginning of that, which is, I am the president, These are my watch all your stupid trials that should be his stance and also why he shouldn't say something like this guy's, a white supremacist at the beginning. Rightly he doesn't
need to comment on every every case too. understand that America was served captured with their attention here with this, and I think it was worth our time, but not necessarily something that the president needs to come in on at all, and if you come on it saying the jury system is the this thing works and we respect it. That is wise thing to say it's, unfortunately, following a lot of dumb thinks he's already set about it. and then in the written statement. Tubes to make it worse is inexcusable People are saying like he. Kyle Rittenhouse should actually sue Joe Biden by now aim individually. Now we know, he's probably and goes to a bunch of media sources which he should unite you're and have to it's. It's a tough road here, because commentators have a lot of freedom to say all sorts of things, which is a good feature of our society. Generally speaking,
but when you do something like this especially person, who is not a public figure in any way where most of these things were set at the very beginning. you have you have you have. You probably do have some responsibility for that. Somebody who might be in trouble as far as a lawsuit is concerned might be the intercept, the intercept you the term white supremacist sixteen times in talking about Kyle Rittenhouse, six, lean times. I mean, there's no evidence sullenness whatsoever zero. It is completely a figment of their imagination act. It tonight, apparently we're gonna hear on Tucker Karlsson Betty be a Lamb supporter, Ba cities, ports, their movement yeah. He supports a movement. He wanted to be peaceful, that which is why he went to canosa in the first place, because he that there was rioting and he was there to defend businesses by He said he supports the B l, a movement that didn't so the white supremacist me it's a really bad
white supremacist, though I will say it, you know, I know our audience has sympathies for Calverton House, but you have to be honest about it. He's the one or white. Supremacist of all time, terrible the man keeps shooting white people. When you're a white supremacist you're supposed to shew people of other races, and he does not figure this out and then he's now supporting black lives matter, which is the opposite of white supremacy, is not known. It right he's not doing. Why isn't premises are used properly, and this is why Youth is is what was wasted on youth here, he is out there protesting and he doesn't even understand how to be a white. Supremacist AIDS doesn't get it at all. He has no writings about it. He has no post
about it. There is simply no evidence that he's a white supremacist at all and white supremacy if nothing else is defined by them talking about it all the time. So if you're gonna be a good white, supremacist you're supposed to be posted constantly about ways of privacy, he never does it. What is wrong with this kid? As he ain't even when up on four chant or not none other chance, you should re. Oh, I don't know, I mean this is judged that unless there is things said, white supremacy, credit very soon. This really really bad and we'd have course foretold over and over again that he was shooting, Beale M protesters, which is, Think, for whatever reason has people believing that he shot black people, which of course we know is not true and he did shoot at as we mention the one african
Eric and whose nicknamed jump kick man but other than that. I needed not hit him by the way. So there was no part of the part of the trial and shot at him. Only because the jump kick man got his from Jump kicking Kyle, written out in the head in the head in the head, when I was young and while I was on the ground because they eat a how good a levy just paint this measure for your, how good it feel one of a flying foot of an adult male hits the top of your head. While the back of your over the other side of your head is on concrete feels really good now sure he he was appreciative of that gesture. He was so. I see have that sort of thing going on but like. We also should note that these are not like the angelic, be Elam protester that the media might imagine. These are not that's who these people were. The guy you jump kick man has they did eventually who was that they did identify and he tried to offer
testimony didn't take it, but as we are right. Let me address a guy who that Karl Rittenhouse shot at it was involved in the charges and yet He offered his testimony in they didn't take it. Why why why well I will tell you why pat ok, tell me why try to exchange is testimony to get off on the various crimes he's wanted for around the city, so he said I will too to buy? If you get rid of the charges against millions and emphases like there's a lot here, so no- and he was, just the one we need, even those name gauge gross crimes who's, the guy who came across. forty miles, but not state lines to come to the two there too, the riot as opposed to cover in house he what twenty miles but did crossed raised state lines, He had all sorts of stuff in his criminal history that you don't drunk driving. Okay, he was being drunk with a gun all right, not supposed to do that.
burglary, who among us hasn't burgled hasn't burgled a few times the hamburgers certainly he's not in prison. No merit of cheese seems fine with it at times. Well, let s go after him and there is a more mature sailed from prison at some playgrounds, which is each thing to teach kids, but that's all that's not the whole story. Another Tom harassing as Ex girlfriend now am. I understanding of the meat to movement. Was you get? It done nothing wrong in your entire life and you harassed and Ex girlfriend your Ex commuted did from society, which is a standard, I'm not all that uncomfortable with directly codify with it. If you're harassing women eager Bob, I mean that's not the case with gauge proscribed he's there star witness was cheered of on. He also hit his freaking grandmother. Now I dont condone
violence against others, and I certainly don't combined condone of it against women. I really don't kid, don't it against your grandmother? You should not hit your grand This is a light. I thought our society was generally aligned with, but no apparently not now the reason. He might not get any attention for all of these other previous charges, and necessarily tied into this case, but, as we know, we see the full profile painted often of these people is because, right before this case began, he was also gotten trouble for doing something which was prowling one. What would seem by prowling. Well, he seemed to be videotaping and recording the licence plates and personal vehicles over. A police officers now I would one do such a thing: the police officer, You re the cop car. They had their whole day with driving around doing their job. They come back. They get into regular car and go home. Why
one need to have information of the personal view vehicles of the police officers. Perhaps so you could post them. I don't know, I guess we'll, never know, but he was charged with that interesting. We have the the history the much in some ways worse, history of the other two. People involved in this as well we'll get to that here in a second But first let me tell you about genuine, sell this holiday season. As you're spending time with friends family, would you like to also look your best at the entrance? Question is yes, you need the best in skin care from genuine, so right now you Get sixty percent off Jenny cells most popular packages? Jane, you sell dot com. You treat yourself or someone you love. They gonna get a gift for to consumer to all the favorites that they have which target things like forehead, wrinkles, dark spots, droopy, lives sagging jaw line
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These patents do for Glinda the good and bad programme. Alright we're goin over some of the background of the of the bees and protestors, innocent protester, innocent, wonderful protestors, who were merrily shot by this white supremacist kid drove across state line with his mama with his mom in an hour, fifteen out the window the whole time. If we know anything about our legal system, it's that moms cannot transport their kids across state law. No, no, no, and certainly not drop them off at a right. Now, arrival where they're going down to hunt black people approach are obviously not of that's true, but what it's true about these guys are Anthony Huber. Who is the guy? The second person that died, this in this incident with Whither Kyle Rittenhouse he is the one who hit em with the skateboard Newman
I remember that the video so here you know he had weapons charges and his past, but we know again who, among us, false, improves prisonment, sometimes you're, going to have to stop another human being from voting where they wanna get communist? So he had a life falsely imprisoned someone else. He wasn't falsely no, no! No! He was imprisoned. Yes, yes, I see also repeated domestic abuse over and over and over again and including strangulation so nice. Now upper currently person didn't die, thankfully, but a list of of charges that is longer than mine, I will say considerable about. So Joseph Rosenbaum, who is the worst of it? I would say, he's the first person who shot he's also Arians insane, and you know as sort of mental problems. Our did at least he spent a decade in prison for child bus station now that is something you may have heard, because that would mean he got a little bit too to the internet. But I had.
through this road for astute as America. Last week we went through all the Rittenhouse myths and unfortunately, to read the complaint and I've been sorted out I wish I had not done when the ETA, because the trial, molestation really under sells it, but he had us left a mental hospital. Suicide attempts. He was threatening people whose asking people to be shot. This is on video and he as a very lengthy criminal hissed including the child molestation, which was a group of five kids between the ages of nine and eleven, a former memory it correctly and included everything you'd think of someone says the Word child molestation. However, it goes beyond that to everything you'd. Think of when you heard child rapist in the man was a child rapist,
and spent only in a decade in prison, which I dont know how we charge people who, like like insider trading with longer prison sentences than this guy, got for child rape, but multiple health, not just one of these kids, a thing or two of the kids absent Lee unquestionable child rape and then multiple other charges against him now, because he committed this crime years ago does not mean he's, relate more to shoot him if you see him in the street for that crime, but that's not what have anyway. That's not what happened anyway and never to the reason why this stuff is important is because there is, evidence gross crazy seem to be in type police activist right, so at least he was actually there in theory. To to be involved in that riot. It's not a good thing, least he was tied to the Vietnam Riot and might be the claims for the media that always shooting protesters in some way. I mean it
rose above seems, like he's just an insane person who was out there literally asking people to shoot him and was a criminal who had absolutely there's no reason to believe he was supporting the Bee Elam cause being there did they would one is support, I'm sure, usually, people who who have child rapist as their supporters. Don't necessarily want that to occur. So this say a link? These are all people wooden either massive problems or, worse inexcusable, unforgivable problems and the media has portray them because they want this kid. Who is the exact opposite? Who doesn't have any of these things on record, and they want to make him to be the bad guy so badly. They will just completely brush all of this under the carpet. It's an black is white, and why does work we are at? buzz down and down is up This is a it's. This is not right way to run a civilization pact. We should find another way,
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two seven b, e c cave the vertical another, really tragic weird, it happened last night at a Christmas buried in walking Wisconsin, whiskey, and just getting pummelled with things right now and I in others. Some speculation that the two in the verdict in the trial in this that the parade thing. Where of red Ford explore, went barreling through the the parade. Watchers might be connected. no idea. Yet we don't know no and Here's something interesting pad. I noticed its way. conservatives are just jumping on that bandwagon living. We don't know we could it be muslim terrorist, yes Club, based on other things we ve seen around the world. Could it be somebody really pissed off about the verdict. Yes, but do we
that! No, of course not right could it could be some guy who's. Just in Saint woman, crazy out of their money, I mean, if, with four people have said, terrible things about women driver this in the past. True, you know, I do not think that this or that applies here. I think it is a guy. We do know that. I think so they are. They are questioning some one. Little put it that way. Person of interest me a questioning someone, a thirty nine year old, multiple time, Phelan shockingly the interesting thing about crime? Pat, is when you do it once? twice three times a lady, you tend to continue to do it and the whole keeping the people. Can multiple crimes behind bars thing is is earned a bad reputation here recently, but you know Second look because this does seem to be the case over and over and over again, as we just outlined in our previous segment.
Usually people commit crimes, commit lots of crimes at least of them. Do went some people commit one crime and they are able to turn their life around and great we'd, though this fantastic. When you see committing all these crimes in a row, and we went down that with three strike laws and those things are very unpopular right now we ve We ve come around on that an end. Some of that is warranted, but man you want to know how to lower crime rates, its keeping the people who have committed multiple crimes over and over and over again in prison where they can't commit more crimes. That's what happens. Anyway. This guy is his name. Is Darrell E, Brooks Junior lucky man with a criminal history dating to nineteen idea. I now hear that mean they are saying that this is the person they're holding for questioning some. Everyone is reporting that that is essentially third, the way they say without charges being filed, that this is the guy they that did it anyway. That's it least. Allegedly
multiple law enforcement officers and sources, told Fox NEWS that the thirty nine year old long time, Phelan was being question in connection with the attack a red suv. If you seen any video it. I've got out wait, you not see the video, I don't I don't I. Understand police need to watch it. I do not need to watch it kind of understand intellection, de what occurred here and it's really ugly. Five people are dead, probably going to be higher than that of the EP. Forty injured, I mean they drove through a freaking parade for Christmas. Four children were involved in. This is one of the worst things that I can imagine Some of the victims were children. But he has had his most recent court of parents came back all the way pet I'm gonna hold. You were back but November fifth, twenty twenty one were you VE bank, on November, twenty fifth November fifth on November, Fit
the for such a long time. Twenty twenty one while I was born I think you are not a word was I had, but you were black that twelve year of Ngos, twelve years old of Humber fifth of this year, he was he was charged for reckless endangerment, battery domestic abuse, resisting arrest and bail jumping, which is a very busy day. This is just a lot of stuff going on there. He was out on a thousand dollar bill for those charges. At the time of the attack on a fully allows in dollars, thousand dollars, which is really you don't have to come up with ten percent of it, usually is not as yet have they'll work things out, I'm just Jeff. Here he was only a hundred dollars. You might do. You might have to come up with a hundred bucks, dig it allow now Kyler it ass, a two million dollars. If a million interesting in July. Twenty twenty police charged with three other felonies, including reckless endangerment and being a fell in possession of a firearm, he's a citizen you're, too registered sex offender and Nevada. Oh my gosh background check from whiskers.
Since department of Justice came back with over fifty pages of charges, Its brooks stretched such decades and ninety ninety nine. He received his first felony conviction for taking part in an angry the battery for which he received three years of probation records, show he was convicted of obstructing an officer to those five two dozen three just to hidden felony marijuana charge two dozen ten. He pleaded no contest too felony strangulation charges, two thousand twelve people are guilty, a misdemeanor bail, jumping marijuana charges a year earlier. He guilty to fellow felony marijuana charges in resisting arrest. He also appeared in music videos, niece, really yeah for whom you, I know it eventually nerd to use the pseudonym. Math boy fly, then music videos is also thirty associated with a couple of other aliases one works is videos which has been removed from Youtube, showed a Red Ford Suv that resembles the one ploughing into a crowd at the parade
So this guy's, a terrible criminal that has should have been you do this many things. How are you out of you re doing any pages? A vile of of crimes, I'm sorry, you dined jail, viewed I've long align under the standard that no more forty nine pages of charges. Wait here is running up to forty nine Pedro lives like delayed, seventy thousand seventys we unite. If we say you know why we can. Maybe we can re ability, someone with forty eight and forty nine pages of charges, but club, forty nine. No that's too much sorry, you gotta stay in jail too much too far in TAT S. So this this incident, which is I mean among one of the worst things I can think of- is considering were in the middle of the holiday season. We're all probably gonna be going to these similar events. It's good I'm through everybody's head and it just
never step down this road of how on what on earth has happened to us. How can this happen now as you mentioned, Pat the Speculation. There's some speculation about this. We are not are we to do what the people did. Degaulle Rittenhouse right we're not going to we. I dont even know for sure that this is the person though, but both law enforcement is saying. Basically, that's the case here, but, like I'm talking more about motivation? I'm not going to guesstimate what his motivation was obviously no around the world. Often this has been attacked. Dick of islamic extremists. They do There is no indication, though, that this guy's tied to islamic extremists at this time. We also, obviously, in the same state, had the big Rittenhouse verdict come out. So a lot of people to the conclusion that hey that maybe this is tied, maybe Maybe we'll find that out at this point. We don't any evidence to support that so we're not would you accuse him of it right, like willed.
certainly look into it make sure we understand. Could he just? crazy person could be just a criminal. Well, this is coming from CNN. Today are not another disagree. is necessarily a lines with what I have heard from the witness is on the ground, but I'll give it to you. Anyway. Five people are dead, Forty others injured after Nessie be ploughed into MRS Parade in Wisconsin. The indications that the suspect was fleeing another incident when he drew into the parade route. According to multiple law enforcement sources familiar with a preliminary investigation findings. So far there is no connection to international or domestic terrorism, and it does not appear to be connected with the recent verdict in the Kyle written trial, the sources said, and these are law enforcement sources, and this is coming through the filter of CNN which make make you think I should listen to it, which is not about instinct, but it is occasions they are getting from at least their reporting. The indicate from law enforcement sources to be very careful with where this information is coming from, because when it comes through
filter CNN, it's hard to now. what you should trust, however, Basically there saying that the sky was in the middle of another incident, maybe potentially gaping from police and decide just go down this road. Now, of course, he's has also of history, the drugs as well now my understanding and do tell me if I'm wrong on this path, might getting from witnesses on the scene was that he was directing his suv at people. The witnesses described the horrifying incident and said that call driver was going from side to side targeting people that does not something someone escaping another incident dine at all, not as highly sceptical of this report, but it is the really the only bits and pieces of information we sort of have enough lotta people were there a lot of peoples of recognized. I mean I mean
the stories they were telling of its sound like. There was cheering coming and then you realise, as it got closer down to you. It sounded like horror, and that is on Absolutely unbelievable. I've seen a few of the scenes from the cable news stations have they been playing and this guy drove by like little teeny babies, essentially on the spot, at a high rate of speed and just by the grace of God, didn't run over that particular. You know too three year old person who is out on the street jumping. and down when the parade was going by and then you see this justice flash of the Red explore, go zipping by it, under a fifty miles an hour, something had to be around there and it looked like he's purple, purposefully
going down the street on the way to where he drove over these people. just it was. It was pretty ugly. Who knows what the motivation is in on the internet does appear to be much more graphic, video of of of the aids. It is actually happening. Alec, I'm not gonna. Watch us not gonna, do it unless I have very disturbed right like if we come to a point in this trial, whether they are trying to say well actually is car The alignment was wrong in it. That's what caused this then. I may have to watch it at some point to two fully disprove that narrative, but, like I know, there's terrible things in the world. I don't want to. I really do want to get into my head. I don't! I can imagine what it was like an that's as far as I want to go, you know, but that might This may make me a worse and I'm pretty comfortable with that. I too, Finally, I try not to watch these videos when they come out when there is that the video of someone getting run over with a car or being murdered or
even like those fight videos that they they post. Sometimes words like look at this. This is at a school and there there's a teenager beating up one kid on the ground. Look what's wrong with our culture, I I don't agree with the question, but I'm not watching the video. I do want to see it, and I know that may be me hiding in a cave now. It's not you know. No I mean if Europe want to see what it looked like in your really super curious, and I think a lot of people are its kind. Like a you know, it's hard to look away from a train wreck. Yeah you're gonna, look at it right. Oh look away from the train wreck that when I can now be because we do manage that does make, I think, are, I think, number one, it makes us feel that sense of darkness think it makes us feel like all of society. Is that way, and I will say at some level: it's really not. You know two, I went to a Christmas thing this weekend. It was frickin awesome in our just great all town,
the holiday Spirit and no one ran over anybody. I make sure that whoever does do that really is held responsible and I honestly frankly inside if we just want revenge on that person, that's probably not a healthy instinct but like we have remember that this is not we don't. We see all These things now we won't have to. all of them. We are parents, you know, and our grand its woke up there. They they had their in their doughnuts, they went to work and on the way home. Maybe they watched the the when I got home they, maybe they watch the evening news in the morning. Maybe they read the paper and that's kind of You never had video of this kind of stuff. Now you didn't need to study all other at its in there's, not much you can do about. It visual basis, you dont, need to see an attack to try to the culture around you know, I feel like it. We just have this constant feeling of despair, because this stuff watches over us all the time probably not healthy, AAA. Seventy seven
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just send him directly to people's homes, animal just dream and we won't worry about the the box off. SK as nobody's going to the theatres? What kind of back now ghosts because goes Austria, afterlife life, nature. How many gospel Have there been lately? There was did the girl one the girl one that there they go back to the original zero rhythm, three already ads, or maybe three, and then the girl one and now ghostbusters after life, but abroad forty four million dollars, which is not bad for weekend after covered in a covered world pretty decent yeah I mean they used the end. I think today do a fast and furious. They just released. That actually did even better than those in yeah there's been a few and Venom was one of them. I think they did like ninety million yes weekend. It's up to its up to venom. Let there be carnage
two hundred and six point five million and like that's, not it's a lot for now yet for now, but it's what is its sixty percent maybe seventy percent back I'd say about that here it doesn't seem like it. all the way. That's not so there in a kind of weird position of doing release it? places to do just have one or the other. That's how, with a seemingly did with the James bond thing. Where is that this seems like the new the new model where they release it was in the theatres, but only for like a month exclusively, I feel like, maybe even less than that x, I watch it at home. I did to the authorities, it wasn't like the HBO Max releases, whether releasing at the exact time- and there was a delay right, but then it came out of those that are now watch this, which removes those fine, but dune was simultaneous. The theatres and home have you seen do
I live cover. I watch the first like minute and a half now now fits the I'd better cut by laws and climb programme I wasn't. I learned from Hilary Report, is I dont think Glenn gets the camera close enough to his face. He does right if it was directly up one of his nostrils thou be much. Aid would be way better. If it were, you will get a seller that was observed, shots massive close up beautiful skin now that you ve glowing here, we actually over, you think, there's any shocking to see. If there's a picture lead over in the corner, here would like a close up and you could see like every like poor on his scanning, the entire area there it is. In in real life, you can see like every one of his like hairs on is likely mustache, unlike opened out of his nose and like it's a weird it makes. feel weird. I don't like it. I don't. I have noticed that before and I wasn't gonna come
On what I said before pattern, because I'm dead, you see, you wish, you didn't see ya, see that ever thou. As luckily it's behind me during the shoes I get distracted, disabled, it's true, more come up, like what you just heard on the radio show just a few seconds. Would you not entertainment, goin back
today featuring Padre agreeably. Would you get here immediately preceding this radio broadcasts on the blaze, radio, television and stupor gear of students fame you can hear later on, like an evening at eight o clock, eight o clock, Easter, Easter. Thank you, radio, ourselves this week, so we ve got a lot to go over as as as well every single person you see. I see my normal and non work. Life says to be applied. the talk about Georgia. Yes, I would like to talk about. I want nothing to talk. Can we have one day we're theirs? I'm going to talk about and we're does like gosh. I don't even know what we could do. Let's talk just die. All we can do is talk about like tv shows, that's what I want there the time when we didn't show and be able to spend all your time my nonsense and unfortunately it is or how to John Cunegonde get it
but as Newport on the governors race in Texas, that's kind of interesting would get into that. Also, China has apparently Hypersonic missile can do things that almost by physics, probably isn't great not grow Snuggery. I wish we had less to talk about, to see exactly more on that and lots more in sixty seconds programme true laws protect people and their property from plunder when true laws exist and are respected. People work hard to improve their lives and they were peacefully with others. Everyone prospers together and is happier cells excites fiction at this point, but its outcome. Sense as well, and it's not so common anymore. It's a line for
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for seventy five percent off the normal price, its total twins, back dot, com, patents to Tripoli. Seventy seven be easy. May I just say that cookies that you and Glenn tried was at last weekend. We C4, yes, said that nothing out there is or coming out this Friday. So if you want to get on and that you can sign up on them, on the white list at Keck, see dotcom k each es. I dot com I am very excited for us. These are delicious regularly good. Only available for a limited time. There are limited time really get Finally, what I've come if you want to set up on the on the list are right. In in Texas
the governors. Races like next year is it twenty twenty two I think he's up again. Yes, so Gregg Abbot has probably been with a couple of exceptions: like the mandate thing, maybe that I wasn't as mad at him as many Texans were over it. Has he kind of left it up to the municipalities? It seemed to me, but he's probably the best governor of my lifetime, of anything I've ever lived in. I I just. I can't imagine that he could be beaten by a guy. Nobody knows anything about his politics. We know things about his movies. We know nothing about his politics. Matthew. Mokanna. Hey is eight points ahead of Gregg Abbot right now I'm going out on other like by that. I owe to you right. I don't know for sure. I none that positive. That, then I buy into that, except that you know people
and you know they see as movies, and they think here he seems like he's. Probably really good me loves to excess him. He's a Texas Langhorne fan push is not enough biggest well stay and ice. speck twenties policies begin to unfold. People might feel differently cause I'm guessing he's, not the conservative, the Texans maybe believe he is it would not be pushing the panic button. If I were Gregg Habit or any the Republicans running for the nomination cause he's been, I've been challenged, primaries well, Alan West is in is in this primary dad finds our own Chad Prater is in the primary well. So I know they're in the middle of battling, that out will see how that goes. I think West is ahead of up to. It I think so now is our primary. Now, the last primary Paul I saw head did have it with a substantial lead, but you know- the question in and that primary is. Can you get abbot to a point where he wants to pay attention to them?
Mary. You know it's like right now. It's like everyone else, is kind of fighting it out to see who will be the norm. Greg Abbot candidate, and, if It occurs. If someone emerges from that field there there may be. I should add it's interesting, you're right, Pat there's a lot of push back against certain things that abbot did in during the covered situation. There was a neat wide mandate for masks for a while. Here was not a particularly long one as far as a nation goes, and it was my boy if, as it was, never enforced once it was never either no one was actually behind unrighteous mandate. Right, however, I mean it now ever yet she doesn't run dishonest alot of people. Compare him to dissent us on these things here done some stuff that I think a lot of conservatives like some self that they don't, but he is generally remains of relatively popular figure, among Republicans in deed, and I find it very hard to believe that
someone like math, Mokanna, hey, could come into this race in reality, not in like in the, They were now which is you just apply, whatever you think about Matthew, Mokanna hate to the race? I like him. I like as movies. Therefore I think he I would vote for him in a way if you're only obeyed without standard Probably not that good. I wouldn't be sweating there. Right. Now, if I were him out, better. I really wouldn't be sweating better is down forty nine to twenty seven to Matthew Bacardi in a head to head, There's no choice not being a head to head against mathematical. I guess maybe it mechanically random, primarily as a Democrat Democrat, ok, India and I, I don't even know which met Mckenna is frankly, is republican. Is he a Democrat? I think what he says is he's an independent media, etc. If there is actually say there is actually a path for If you Mikado. I wouldn't believe this would be it. He would run as an independent yeah at some point running as
independent! The Democrats would have to give up on the race An essentially either tell oh to drop out of it, so they ran someone that no one knew or better basis we turned off his engines. We ve seen this happen before this happened in Connecticut. Many years ago Joe Liebermann lost the the nomination for the democratic candidate to be the democratic candidate in the sand. Against a NED Lamont. I think it was an NED Lamont. I think it was NED Lamont. And Lamont was the Democrat, but he was far far left and the right looking had a candidate on the ballot, but Liebermann registers as an independent and Republicans basically gave up on the race said yeah, four Liebermann because he's gonna be a heck of a lot better than NED Lamont and that's what happens: Liebermann, one with majority of republican votes and a decent chunk of democratic votes along with a bunch in the middle and was able to win the race that
could happen, you'd think possibly with Mokanna Heyward you'd, say: ok, abbots, winning this race he's beating abbot, he's beating better the turf which everyone does every time they run against him. And then they saw Ok, we have no chance with better. Let's debate in this campaign and put our energies behind Mokanna Hay and if Mokanna has an independent can appeal to enough Republicans, we might be able to pull this thing off that probably their path of winning yeah is a very narrow path and also is one that is ouch implies that that Mokanna, hey would have any credibility with people in the middle and on the right and there right now. There's no reason to believe that. also by the way we should point out no reasonably these ruddy I mean he's, got you out at the he flirts whether clearly likes the attention. All you loves the attention, but I mean he has not made any movie, doesn't have a campaign he has
right. You know he hasn't made any speeches. He hasn't together of committee right. It went through too an exploratory committee. I hope we have right now. Is that whatever he doesn't interview about a movie, they ask me to be governor and he says: well, I You know I love Texas, You know, I do think we're off track and that's me Leah, oh my god, she's rotting, I mean he may run. We look. Donald Trump pave the I think, for a lot of people who are outside of the word a pot world politics to jump into it. Yes, the cause. That's an attractive thing now you're, not a politician Ben. I like you know so so they may be maybe some of that rub off on Mokanna Hand, and he does well. I don't know the pole also put him in a three way: we're race, Abbot, Lakota, Hay and Aurora NEA and in that scenario,
at thirty, seven mokanna, hey twenty seven Orourke twenty six and that's what this is. This is what I'm talking about what the scenario with with the Democrats abandoned. If they he lets say: Mokanna hey keeps his twenty seven angling get twenty percent of the Democrats and roar and leaves out abandoned. They abandoned their work thing which, by the way you guys. I guess you take my advice. You should abandon their work they like given before beginning, I don't even think gotta see they think they have a chance at this race. they realize going into twenty twenty two, the timings bad man like, What the situation was when when a work first ran against crews, where you're, Talkin but a democratic wave year, and all the momentum is behind the Democratic Party. and grew still crew still win the but better, but its close here you're going into what is likely going to be the opposite. All Indications are republicans, are going to make massive moves, massive gains across the country. This is not the year and Democrats now this by the way this is
The year you win egg, gubernatorial race in Texas, as a Democrat So what they're doing with better? Is there saying we don't want to waste somebody good? better in that, is what they are doing it pummelled one more time. We can't if we take another person who has a future throw him into this. As a sacrificial lamb into this lion's den, they have no chance of winning we're gonna lose when a them, so instead, throw better out there he's, quantity, he'll keep the line the tickets, so we don't lose access to the ballot and he'll be we buildings are always money, he's willing to do he to himself. He loves me Don T be big. And you know who go around and will be a good soldier and will will we'll get a bunch of money raised in a loose but twelve. and that is the likely outcome here, and he said
sticking to this whole? Yes, we're gonna. Take your our fifteen eighteen. Forty he's just been asked about that need still on that bandwagon. these are trying to back. Also gonna work in Texas. No, not with Republicans Democrats isn't even work nationally, let alone in Texas now come on and that's what I don't think he believed he has any chance of winning this race. I dont believe the Democrats believe it anybody believes he has a chance to win this race, which is why Matthew, Mokanna hey, is attractive as Democrats, because they're, like anyone else, and I I doubt Macartney has much disagreement with better on these points, we'll see you Jimmy IRAN, but I don't think there's going to too much much light between them honestly triple. Seventy seven be easy gay more coming up in a minute. I have some good news
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patents do for Glenn other Glinda programme. Triplets of do seven be easy, gay somebody, apparently not getting a message because Joe Biden is apparently allowing allies right now he is running in twenty twenty four. The speculation has been the case can step aside he's too old. He just turned Seventy nine on Saturday Bertha seventy nine on Saturday, oldest president, obviously of all time and you're one again when you're eighty one, eighty two does not seem like a idea. Now, when you're cognisant Cognitive Lee declined to this point, and then three more years, you're gonna be even worse and you're gonna for president really, I don't think you know even the
the people in a Democrat Party who don't believe that he's compromised Cognitive Lee I don't think. Even they want him to run again because he's doing so poorly airing of the thirty six percent approval rating is not helping things that doesn't help. I mean if things were going well, you might be able to a case here. Ok he's older, but then on, people is very popular and maybe they seem as an older statesmen. That's not how the american people see Joe Biden. They seem as mumbling fool, yes, which The evidence, because she is a bumbling fool. Yes and a sad state of affairs, and I would look, I don't like the democratic ideal their vision of this country, but I would, like someone, mildly, competent running it. Really I mean I would like, I you that way. I am enormous. Stick you want your president to be on our no coherent there. Like preside, not a vegetable, yet we now look. I, unlike others, do as he is
president any he's gonna do more damage than good, obviously, and so there's an argument made. Maybe he should just stay home and not do anything but like when you're talking to foreign leaders, when going you're dealing with international affairs things that the president really does have to deal with it, it's scary, but is it is scary? It's really scared even keep it together for the cameras, let alone what God only knows what he's saying behind closed doors. But what are you going love to know what I think I I don't know it might just be steered where they will deliver its authority. We say to world leaders behind closed doors its and, if you're the Democratic Party. What do you do here right? you're, damn dog on him. You don't want her common cause, she's even worse, she's, even more hours approval rating she's at twenty to twenty zero. She's in the twenties, though I would my eye. I there is a part of me. There's a part,
that likes to watch the Democrats scoreboard through these moments try to get all of their competing ridiculous statements to work out together. For example, I will be in I said to see whether twenty twenty four or twenty twenty eight to see the Democrats. Arguments as to why they are denying the first black woman vice president denomination Who exactly is how do you do justify that, with all of your me, she was fine to be vice. President United States you're, not gonna. Let her be president, but why? Exactly as that happening, are you saying she's a second class citizen so you'll like it everyone else who? What, when you're VP man you want to run like Melick, Dick Cheney, for example? that was not interested in being president after he was done in office. if you are the VP? Generally speaking, it's yours ex person you're that experts in they invested a lot of resources in a new. Their case has to be that things have been going well lately, so you
yet the gig Joe Biden in two thousand and sixteen didn't run, but heat for you know I mean it would have been. He would have been the favourite I think, going in Two thousand. Sixteen, though Hilary would have had something to say about that, but I think Hilary was very beautiful. We very very beautiful. So I, I don't know what you do and who do they have the night had come and are you they will PETE? That's why the keeper peanut butter judge, as if who's going booted judge, come on it's terrible. He is not going to win a national election he's not going to Richard Gebhardt. You go back to a Dick S, heart. What about him how old is dead. He's no older than Biden Izzie Attic request I wonder whose older between Joe Biden and Dick Gebhardt he said, I was seventy nine. So Richard is sport and nineteen. Forty one a case. Sixty would be two thousand once
Indeed, these are only the little bit older than is a little bit older. Basically, this area near their very close and age. Emily's about eighty, but that's I mean who Who do you? Have you ve got to can we treads like Yeah you really battle your who ran last time that I can eat me well count calmly, but we ve already discussed her who else is there Eric swearing well well. Well, guy, who slept with thank Fang the chinese spy for to your youth, think that would be even beyond the Democrats. You, I know you I, but I bet not bed not, many still in office? They don't care care that he slept with the chinese spy. For. Do you, apparently not you? Have the people to judge had Bernie Sanders than I gotta police authorities not run a jeweled, now less war, and you could see them trying to drudge back up again for another on yeah, but no
likes her either? No one likes are either Bloomberg. No one likes him. Could you bring up? Could you possibly bring up Al Gore, I always think they're gonna go back to our words because you want to Grammy stir in all of this is you know he was as superstar for awhile clover showered. No, no, I'm gabert. They basically ejected from the party at the point she's pretty much out. I mean she's doing interviews on the blaze now, so good luck wanting a primary, do it at Tom style. I think he's what he's waiting and enough of his multimedia devolve Patrick made. No Michael No, I'm tired. Your Yang started a new party, its Richard gap. They use their God answer in two thousand. Twenty four
Gebhardt him Ryan Joseph stack. We met some remember these people's Dave Bullet early, poorly Castro, Mariette Williamson, primary and Williams, and yes, values, programme, american financing at last, one eight three, three: four W W w dot and a less consumer access dot org favouring a lotta candidates. I forgot how they were. This comes from Diana who wanted to. Let us know their experience with american financing. Sure I worked with Cindy Cindy was amazing from beginning to end. She guided me through the entire process, from getting qualified for alone to the closing date. She's attentive always followed, regarding the statues of the loan and the documentation needed, she was prompt in returning foam walls and emails choose a team and collaborated with my real turned the little company and the seller. order to extend track and stand up. I would recommend a one hundred percent, her american financing to any future clients. Thank you, sir, and thank you, american financing, get these all the time people
of used american financing of had great experiences is that the process is not the experience you want to have one buying a new home or your remark. Judging by your these people know what they're doing and they do a great job doing it, and I have done it for a long time. You can reach him at Americanfinancing, dot net or one eight hundred nine hundred and six, two thousand four hundred and forty eight. nine zero six. Twenty four forty abortive american financing dot net, its american financing dot net capitalist shows check out tat great unleashed every week day. Seventy nine am Rebecca. Stew. Does America every week night, just lock, Easter thousands, okay for me, is that still for Glenn, we were just talking about what the Democrats could possibly do. Twenty ready for because I don't think
I don't think I think it's pretty clear if they don't want, bind to run again, and they said We don't want cobbler to run at all, So who did I have who's on the democratic bench that could win the presidency and we're hard pressed to think of a body anybody so where revisiting some of the candidates from last time- and there are so many so many- and this is gonna- give you some. I will war nude. This is gonna, give you some emotional flashbacks hearings over these names, because I had forgotten about most of these people and were only like a year away guy. So who is the batch? run some one that is now Joe Biden, Cobbler Harris who rerouting let's go through the field, obviously Joe Biden. One second place was birdie, Anders now night, Birdie probably try to run again conceals key, rightly underline he'll, be eighty three A thousand years old Andrey, so you can't you cannot elect course. I didn't think did I think, Rugg S, seventy seven year old and I,
Alexander we're gonna run again into those twenty. What he did so I dont know Bernie Sanders. I think we can all agree. It is not the future now, I hope not tells you gabert. They basically kicked out of the Party Elizabeth WAR, and now she seventy one. Now. So be? Seventy four probably get. Thank you. I think she said Now, maybe she was seventy one when she ran says she. Seventy two. Now, I think met either way. The argument she'll be young enough to run again. I guess by the current standards, and almost everybody is ever societies running these days. So maybe say, but again she did not make a good impact. I think everyone a certain segment of society, most almost a hundred bucks. It is in the media that likes Elizabeth warn that this is weird sort of firstly socialist, but we know intellectual side like it's, not the Bernie Socialism, exactly it's something. A little
further than that, and there is some segment of our society that likes it. It seems to be only media members only people on MSNBC like it now, none of the audio even if MSNBC it just the people on the actual channel, so she's gonna to get lots of publicity and positive press if she would have to decide to run I'm not gonna win now and another America as a whole. Again try to picture of one of these. people winning a national election. No one Eichel Bloomberg, no Amy Clover, are no again, can't imagine paper, you could say: ok, Minnesota, which is somewhat purplish at this point. In maybe a woman for Minnesota that was more on the conservative side, but again the problem with this is we ve seen these people and action she's terrible as a candidate, yet arable almost unimaginable how bad she is when it comes to debates and speaking publicly. Nobody likes her she's, a Zilch PETE Buddha judge. again, I mean, I think, the
The one reason you could argue he might be there nominee at some point because they want to say they had the first gay domini. We have the first the first gay american presidential nomination think they'd like they sit with Geraldine Ferrara nine million years ago. The first female, his presidential Domini, like they were want be able to have those things they can say but like there was never hope it early Ferrara was actually going to win in a b the vice as they lost by approximately one zillion votes. Ta. style. I think we can say that that he spent enough of his own money to be gone, devolve, Patrick you, we forget, even ran and he came and really he was on the ticket maybe a month. And it was gone. May you maybe you could argue of Patrick's fifty there are sixty five years old, maybe he wasn't tainted enough by that last run, but again. He was not electric, not on Michael Bennet. No,
no Andrew Yang started his own party, he seemed to be the only one that can get anybody with any energy in this primary he's just now left started his own primary and didn't. Even when the democratic nomination for the mayor of New York, If you can't win mayor of New York, you're, probably not winning the presidency and the primary was the only competition There are even finished. Second, the right and third any. Maybe you can start a neighborhood, maybe forth. John Delaney no now let anyone like him in the primary last time a Corey Booker's, another one. You can make the case on paper for, but it and then you saw him, but we fortunately we have witnessed it's like you know the kind written. How story you could say there wasn't video, you might say. Oh, I don't know you shot a bunch of people and is widely brought a gun at me. Maybe he is a white supremacist and then he saw the video sustain
with Corey Booker like you could make the case on paper. Corey Booker's a good candidate, but then you seen him speak his terrible, absolutely terrible is, Marianne Williamson happening Now- who castro- probably the safest, Corey Booker- rightly to see him on paper- ok, maybe there's an argument to be made, but then you see, you seen him. Inaction is terrible and he also sort of personally attacked bindings mental acuity during one the debates, which is why he can't get a gig now on, like it's ok for common to call him a racist, onstage right, but what she did, which she did and he got over. It sounds like you know what can be. This can be the poorest, I think should be in charge of this country. Should something happened to me you like that the one thing that's unique about being the presidential nominee you have an opportunity to a one send election you we only vote that matters and you
the name the person who on the contrary, if you, if you go away for some reason- and it can be anybody- and in that moment Joe Biden shows Cobbler harrassed, it's pretty really bad, really bad common. I think we can. We discuss Steve Bullock, How do you know who that is right out of his day to this deck? Were you rob me? You didn't you up and how many are the needs of Helena is the governor on TAT until this year- and you know, even though we are not even know who he is Joseph Stack, while that's right just says, TAT, former representative in Pennsylvania and he's the one that insisted on the. Inclusion in the Obama CARE package about the
exclusion for funding of abortion tyres on early, I think you'd, think of another person that was assessed. There was ass black ass, the more liberal it was such a guy from pencils, nobody else for gasoline each. He said you know what I'm not going to open I have a care, unless you say you're funny or go to abortion that like how about this all make a fake eggs he d order that allows you to say that publicly. Ok, that was based that debate. By the way. They, of course, did abandon that vs Wayne message now Wayne. probably has a huge shoetrees. Forty six, forty seven now he's the current where of mere Amar Florida. That's if there's not a path that the presidency now. Is there a path to the presidency that doesn't go through Merrimac loaded and think so? Ok, I don't. I don't think that better work discuss, not the future. That he's not even a future there are already using a vessel sacrificial lobbies that you'd fifty it TIM Ryan. I was catastrophe on stage while in again like
maybe in a different democratic party from years ago, you can make the argument for a more moderate congressmen, but make that argument now and he was also terrible bill De Blasio who, by the way, seems like he's gonna run for governor of New York, which should make that race really gotta, be a fun one. You have Latisha James who took down Cuomo with the report. You have the current pseudo acting governor of New York hopeful and then have likely. It seems to be billed glossy. All running in the same primary, that's gonna, be fought, and all that should be thought. That's going on curse engender again someone, you could maybe argue on paper on paper, but she was so bad in the primary Seth molten. I don't even think you gonna kill her Bolton lounge areas, one for your pen. the case on this one J insular ok, ends. Lee governor of Washington. It's its fairly populist state he's done what they consider to be a pretty good job on
covert, nineteen and the environment is a big environment guy that he could be the climate change guy maybe not a j, and I can't stand him. Oh yeah by Democrats like him, he's a seventy already a while, and also you remember, seeing him on stage as well, and he was harrowby was not good. He has no person at home again that shouldn't be necessarily the determining factor, but it was the answer. It he's a giant zilch when it comes to personality ha. So that's gonna be a tough one. John Hagen Loop, the guy who took his mom do a porn movie. Uncertainties are now Damn you does Dallas or deep Throat de River wanna too. I think it was deep throat positive on that. Now. That I know is a famous what it was like the thing that everyone knows who support movie shook his mom to eat a theatre imagined. I know its, not imagine Adele Eric swallow. Well, ok,
the guy, who slept with thank Fang the Chinese by for two years now about actually might be a positive and a democratic vote. Might I don't think he revealed in writing to raise a library himself tat? He should have hey guys. I've actually sleeping with literal communists. I shot com spies, come to me yeah when they want to manipulate our government. And yes, I do some pillow talk and devote secret all the time. All the time try to turn us have written into China. That might be the path to the nomination, and I would say this: one MIKE gravel now might would be able to challenge possible all these people ran for president. Yes, the problem with Micro, valentines future is he's dead. die after twenty one, so I will be very difficult for him to win. Though dead voters seem to elect Democrats, often, maybe maybe dead when in two, and so I it's, it did not happen in Missouri, didn't a dead candidate for
and it went Senate race Jezreel one. We ask them to prop up a Republican rather than give it to the dead person. His wife served obviously we left what happened. I think that's what happened up you will. Let me go a real name here again: like I discuss throw this one hundred cases cinema in Arizona yeah, you have you, have a police state, you now they hate her, so chance of winning a democratic ivory wrote. If you are talking about someone who could win a national election she's Coming off is relatively saying right now. I think to the american people now is that really her her her haste, is terrifying, but she was a real leftwing activist for a while, but she does seem to be one of two sane Democrats and the party at this point. stop spending bills, maybe there's something there, but there's not a lot pairs not mean that they there. There. You know we brought a centres is now like the republican guy. People forget when he was
also lose that election in Florida, because they have these big up and coming people. You know they think They were gonna win in order they can't even when they are Stacy Abrams. There could. Even when her election she's the future battle cry can't win he's the future. They keep retreading. These people who lose over and over again they got nothing why I kind of think maybe bite and will be the candidate. Maybe what also they gonna do. That might be. The incumbent go in, for this should be a slogan by twenty twenty four. What Elsie additive Lou else's, Is there a motive, that's all. They had disagreements Logan, they should use it, and this is. trusting to, because quite happy act, just did a big survey of of Americans and who they want. I mean they did all candidates topics. One of them was who would rather see when control of the Senate Democrats and Republicans Forty six, forty republican
and that's usually even in a decent year, for Republicans, usually Democrats when that measure, yet it that the generic valid is never friendly to Republicans and the fact that the Republicans are winning. It is a catastrophe for Democrats, and you know don't look good for Biden, his approval rating thirty. Six to fifty three, I mean that's really bad, really bad. Really. I mean you're under water by it, seventeen points that, at this point of your presidency, when you should still kind of Vienna Honeymoon period and he's behind every president that has been measured at this point in his presidency, with the exception of Donald Trump, who was However, it is always a guy who is divisive and had the media attacking him all the time we know. We know that whole history, Does this house into the media on his side and and can't have decent? bring me ray. I feel like look at both for its approval ready after of what a great week. Why is this happening? A great weak? First of all, If you had a great weak, it wouldn't outweigh all the other weeks right, secondarily,
What's his great week, he signed a multi trillion dollar disaster, which the only was Kay we're doing because of Republicans which the whole another story, and then I started a push another few trillion dollars down our throats good we combat rule. Not enough drivel, eight. Seventy seven be easy. Get this the Glen back. You heard me talk about a MAC before you ve heard. We talk about the benefits and the advocacy efforts to save our nation, but I want to remind you that a MAC isn't it
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