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The Left’s Temper Tantrum | Guests: Senators Ted Cruz & Mike Lee | 9/23/20

2020-09-23 | 🔗

Michael Bloomberg is paying off the criminal debts of select voters in Florida. Rep. Matt Gaetz discusses whether this could be bribery and reviews his new book, “Firebrand." Sen. Ted Cruz weighs in on the Democrats’ “temper tantrum” over the Supreme Court and attacks on possible nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s religious beliefs. Sen. Mike Lee also joins and explains why he would prefer it if Trump nominates Barrett. Drew Holden of the Resurgent runs through his latest stunning Twitter thread on Democrat hypocrisy. “Walk-Ins Welcome” host Bridget Phetasy discusses how “microcancellations” are dividing American families. Facebook is preparing to restrict content circulation in case violence breaks out after the election.

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Do you find the right agent in your area or the area you want to move to real estate agents? I trust dotcom tonight when revealed last week. The less calls for civil war now he exposes their legal details. Second unleash a revolution: one is talking like a ten pot dictate I won. I see double digit leads for Joe Biden by one president knows he can't when, in November, with a majority of us, so the evidence we cannot ignore. Watch civil war party tonight, nine pm eastern only applies to be calm, slash glad you know they. They say that the middle episode of cereal is really not the best episode. This one is really good part two of civil war. We breathe get down and show you exactly what's going on with the proof and the evidence, it's quite stunning we'll talk about that more than just a second, but these are not
the actions of of people who are com and in their win, just not the action of people who believe they're going to win in Florida. It it appears that they, the Democrats and Michael Bloomberg, R R, truly paying people's restitution and fines off, there is a there's, a Florida law that was passed that you get your rights back chief served during your term in once, youve you ve, made everything right. You gay, right back to vote. I have no problem with that. However, that in fluids, the fines and rest and restitution. If you have it made restitution. If you haven't paid the fine, then you're not done and I'm sorry that you know it when it looks like you're, not gonna, be able vote this time, but you haven't made. Detention, so you haven't paid your at two society. Well, the
Bloomberg people and the Democrats decided that this is a voting block, that they think we'll go. Ninety five percent for Joe by and so blue? Ray sixteen million dollars and is paying off everybody's fines and restitution can't be true. Resumed mad gates's with us from Florida. The author of a new book called firebrand dispatches from the front lines of the bag. Revolution. Matt is, do I have this story right? Is this true? I have to wrecked you on one fact glad again, you thought pad everybody's restitution, their own paying restitution for a target group of felons who are black or hispanic who are already registered to vote and I find the restitution less less than fifteen hundred dollars, so they have targeted a specific group of people by race and by likelihood to influence the outcome of the election. So if you're a white sellen, don't expect Michael Bloomberg
show up at Bellevue out. This is this is racial electioneering and it does have a bribery component, I'll walk you through the state statute. I was criminal justice chairman in the state legislature chapter one hundred and four Florida statute makes it very clear that it is a corrupt influence on voting is a third degree felony, if you directly or indirectly, give or promise to give anything of value to another intending to by influence that person or another in casting his or her vote. So clearly, when you go to your lay off somebody tat, it is a thing of value and if you paid off some home louder, their credit card tat. There are alone here. This is an obligation in it impacts. You know, you're your life and so to alleviate that obligation for a specific group of people, because their voting strikes me as a violation of this
Tat you are, I spoke to the state attorney general last night. She said she's on it and I am hopeful that they get an investigation under way for so mad. This is crazy. What is being done all over the country and if the Republicans just did this one thing: it will everybody, be screaming electioneering. In, and rightly so. That would be outraged the you are rigging this election everywhere and anywhere they can. I've never seen anything like this in my life, never what they always accuse us of the stuff that they're doing the Clinton Foundation was the money laundering machine progress, foreign body at our elections they had to go and accuse Donald Trump an agent of the russian government without evidence, and now what I think they're trying to do with
male in voting with this universal validating, where there's gonna be noons about all over the country, very little accountability over them. They're trying to extend out the uncertainty of the other and because I think that all know the Donald Trump is gonna win election day. And so what they're doing all these things too, to undermine the election like their accusing us of China, black people from voting? No, we just think the rules are to be the same for everybody right, no matter what your ethnic background is without a watch your tears to vote or not, though we just think the rules about the restoration of rights should apply to all florentines equally and when you get in this kind of very specific exchange of something for value and by the way to smoking. Gun is the member that the Bloomberg,
wrote right away money for the project prying where they were, they admit that this is the objective and ensures the other thing they neglect and you got to this in your opening. They admit that it's easier to go and buy votes than ever. Try to motivate people around the candidacy of Joe Biden, but like a persuasion, effort to Joe Biden, is less likely to bear fruit. Then this bribery, rapid, so Matt, I dont, know what it feels like in Florida or in Washington, but here in Texas in Texas. You can't find a gun at a gun store? I mean it, You can't find ammunition and I've taught to a couple of people that run you no gun, stores and and and shooting ranges and all say the same thing, one shooting arrange told me we ve sadly become the blacklist lives matter and Antigua shooting range. They show up a couple of days a week and their training.
We know what they're doing and the rest of us have said. Everybody is coming in buying guns and training because they feel we are going to fall into mass. If chaos or us, civil war and I am having a harder and harder time, believing that's not true. With every day that passes, because we are now talking about a group
will they believe in Amerika, fair play and the constitution or not or enemy. Look. I I have been to places on the planet earth where political violence is absolutely necessary, that America is not one of those places. I reject violence is a part of our policies on why outwardly now hope. That said, like you know, you look at the way democratic choose Trump, four years of undermining institutions, and yet here we are creating a less certainty with our elections. There talking about impeaching, the attorney general just that they can procedurally jammed the Senate and stop the constitutional seeding of Supreme Court Justice and obey. The way on this subject to the court of auditors about going back to after years court packing strategy amid the violence that they're doing your institutions towards anything ever accused Donald Trump? Us- and you know I just remember like what we all you
the vote in one wide at city Hall on election day. You knew who one like it or not a clock at night. Editor was really close. You might have to wait until midnight the process democratic setting up now is one where they'll be uncertainty the penalty for weeks, and I think it is reasonable for Americans to wonder what the mob, what the people you know we'll be doing during that period of time, while they they ve already said I mean they were their war gaming, all this stuff and and nobody that I have talked to said, I'm gonna go out my gun and they are all saying I will protect my home come on my property. Within this crap I mean that's, that's people are right now is they were somebody in Washington, I think I'll drop is doing a good job. I mean it. I think you do in exceptional job, especially with the things that he has been doing lately with critical race theory, but You know in your book you you're saying you know this is in
invitation to join them, front lines of our fight. Are you kidding it's like the russian front, Why would anyone want to go to Washington and involved. How do you stay optimistic? Look? This is still a great country. This is still the greatest contradicts ever existed and I'm not gonna, be a part of the generation that allow America to turning took place, of shame or disappointment, and this this revolution the president is leading, I think, has realised our policies on trade. On the on. You know, frankly, war in peace, I'm not one of these forever war, guys. I think our country is stronger. More a bravest in most patriarch Americans are here building up our country, not chasing some mirage of democracy. In some you know some
I have a whole country, half a world away, the diet. I think that that vision of America, personal people first, is one that needs to endure the on the trunk present. I wanted to younger leaders in the Congress, and so I am sure with folks that there is an optimistic, I think forward, meaning populism that kinda they can certainly whilst we need our greatest challenge, do you believe that people like Chuck humor and Nancy Policy? Do you believe that they believe these things. I mean it was one thing to say that they we really strongly disagreed and you're going another direction. You know for solutions, but it is. Clear. Now that the Democratic Party is in an anti american or anti amiss, chickens establishment, if you will the meaning the constitution and things like that, they will do anything,
two to win and they have power. Do they actually believe this, where their american Spirit gone, Nancy Policy and Chuck humor are so hungry for power are they will write the wave of the walk copious wherever it takes them, and that is a very dangerous game for them to play. I think it's unpatriotic for country four metres of either party the sort of like route for America's failure and for them to say that to embrace, critical way. Theory nonsense. Well we're just an intractable racist country. We can never escape our history. Manlike human since the beginning of time has been included on the street, always. Will need to do more to treat each other better kind of way, but this notion that we ought to be ashamed of. Our nation is one that the democratic embrace at their peril and there
some voices over their dinner sand, hey, you should be warned Debbie being old Michigan without their say. Look she started to see these are suburban barn door to be concerned about the other street, but they want to be able to go to the playground without be engulfed in some of dental arson from local mayors, gonna call a peaceful protest, but this isn't really this. This one is not even about safety, it's not about the economy, Simon about old, Trumpery or Joe Biden, This really is about the survival of the institutions and the things that we hold dear: if if you vote for Donald Trump, we're goin to be a constitutional country. If you vote for Joe Biden, because the team he has around them and the things that they have endorsed. I don't see the country lasting. Through a crisis
coming out, the other side stronger, constitutionally when the question is, as their dismantling the things that have made the country great Wheel, Joe Biden, even notice we will even know what's up, but we see a guy I've never seen a less energetic campaign for, like City Council discuss run for president and his unwilling to
engage the american people around any set of ideas and more time sniping at Bernie. I guess it Benito thinking about a positive vision for the country, and I think that in this final in ten days that we have the split screen of you know, Biden from his Delaware, Baseman Donald Trump out there at the airport, rallies close showing that love of country. That commitment to success in prosperity, unapologetically warning on nation and our people to be richer to see better wages, better jobs, more productivity, the I think that's the kind of energy to turn people out of these states in the policies of unproven long before I think, if Thou trousers invite, you know two to four point range in these states. You can. You can almost put him into that point, because there is such an enthusiasm about his vote.
To get out there. I think that enthusiasm doesn't exist with binding, obviously, because you got Michael Bluebird out there trying to pass without instead of using a message like our current president, so that the last question and then I'm gonna run- and I know you have to run the. It doesn't have an attorney general that is a jerk attorney general rifle kid. Could I would get Alot Yeah. I got I'm looking forward to seeing how this proceeds congressmen Matt Gates. Thank you so much. And please let us know what what happens as will follow this story, along with you, man, author of firebrand dispatches from the front lines of the mega revolution. All right are sponsored this half hour is really factor. Pulls the guy who really likes to write his bike. He rides to and from work to the grocery store. Everybody
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factored outcome, relief factor, dot com call, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor dot com. Ten seconds stationary tonight at night. P M part two, civil war, the left's revolution playbook exposed tonight, Eight and yes, you don't have to watch the first episode to understand the second one tonight we you're going to show you that revolutions don't happen overnight. The color revolution? That appears to be under way right now in America is no exception, and I really truly believe that they were going down this road, but they panicked when Hillary Clinton LAW,
the election. They expected Hillary Clinton to win and they to be able to sell this thing up and Donald Trump is not playing ball. He's now for a global government or anything else he's not for a deep state. So do they do for the left twenty twenty election was not a matter of finding a better candidate and winning the hearts and minds of the Americans with old fashioned things like ideas and vision. You know that leaves too the chance trumped up Judgment syndrome means it hardly matters who the democratic It is as long as he or she has a pulse. That person can be Joe Biden, it doesn't matter, could be a dog last week. I showed you the seven pillars written by a former: U S diplomat that are conditions that must be in place and are the steps for successful color revolution, which is something the state.
Apartment, fomented all around the globe. The Clinton and Obama state. Meant. I began showing you how Democrats are creating these conditions right now they seem to be following exactly the same: seven pillars, the playbook that they used in Eastern Europe. And you will see it tonight, I'm going to show you all the evident. I want to go through the first four steps of the seven and I'm gonna zoom in and show you how they work and what the end goal is. A also them, reveal one of the architects of the play book. A cut, revolution specialist, a former ambassador of former. Obama, administration official, who is one of the key masterminds of this revolution, you'll see how d play. This person is involved. You don't want to miss it. The night nine pm eastern only on blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn. You must know the truth if you
we're going to be able to stand, we TED crews coming on in just a few minutes Apparently, Facebook back down or I don't know exactly what happened yesterday. Some good news. We told you yesterday that the blaze had been demonetized and also they are our numbers had been crushed. They just shut us off wait and pass judgment when I actually see the numbers next week, but we are in danger, not just us but every hope that you listen to that. You trust we are all all in danger in the next five to six weeks soon, as this election happens, they are. Owing to accuse us of lying about the election. If we bring up anything It says: wait a minute, that's cheap! over there or you can't do that
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MIKE Lee coming up in just a second and on the form of this now Senator TED crews from the great state of Texas to talk about the Supreme court and the election welcome to the programme one great to be with you? Thank you. So Let's start with the Supreme the Supreme Court, I never seen anything like this ted they are threatening or of our institutions. And then throwing it? per tantrum and you don't give in to the kid whose kicking and screaming and the grocery store floor or you are in real trouble, That's exactly right, even before the snake, and see that the hard left wasn't obray each they were riding in the streets. They were setting fires. They were attacking people, and and and whisky snake and see if it's possible. I think that the ring the rage and anger was saying from them.
Has increased, even more I'd, never see his likeness nearby bought, but that increase The urgency for the President the strong nomination and for the republican majority to do our job and a strong constitutional list in the corner, That's why the alerting people elected us so read the three people that we know of is is there a favourite of yours. Is there something we should be looking four from these three well, there seems to be a lot of concern The behind judge bear it that that now certainly in Washington, I'd, say the betting on its favourite right. There yeah Why? I fully expect, if she's the nominee, that we will see Democrats report, the shameful treatment of her
they did when she was nominated. The court of appeals were not when I asked her and went after her face I would also say that The argument is strong with this one and in making the case, essentially, the people of faith are unfit to serve a judge in public office, and I say that would It was a dark day for the Senate, but I fear gonna see much worse in the coming weeks. As they go after, with whichever normally the president puts forward. So news, weak and Reuters, published a story saying that the this sector that she belongs to was the inspiration for the hand aid stale. They erected it, but didn't have didn't pull the story, the corrections down at the bottom of the story. This is an outrageous outrageous. Smear
and not only on her but Catholics in and everybody who is a member of faith. Well, We are seeing more and more today's Democratic Party has you the guilt for people of faith weather Fortunately, the angelic hold a more and more anyone who toward orthodoxy, Jews, anyone and take their fate seriously. It's fine in today's Democratic Party is sort of like a sort of club membership. If it's just a something you. Don't actually believe that Dublin includes your life. That doesn't mean much to you. That's ok, but it actually temerity to believe the gods, stop, day yet very, very upset in their view. That is not an acceptable view. In the public discourse, TED tell me if I'm right on this. The way I read, the founding documents
no one should be afraid of aid, the pre court justice being appointed if we we're doing it. The way we're supposed to do neither side, because the damage services should surprise. Us sometimes should be like ok well, they read that way, but they wouldn't we- shouldn't, be unlocked step because of republican or democrat right. They're just was to what not make our view. The court and the judiciary as the least dangerous via was the brazen used because or can either make law nor enforce it. That's all. I can do is to prepare a Jew cases and controversies and for a long time Court largely stayed within that lane. So we started the nineteen sixty three
where were you had the last couldn't convince the voters to support their radical policy agenda, so they decided instead to just try to five unelected users, and that remains near their preferred route because the vote, so don't like radical leftist ideas but elite lawyers in robes of declared themselves philosopher kings. They are quite wide open to. Using their power and dictating far left ideas when we're looking at these were justices, and I know you have been instrumental in the federal judges, and I mean you have done amazing work behind the scenes that not enough people know about make sure that our judges are the right judges. When you look at these, do you
Do you see any of em having a shot of turning out to be justice? Roberts? Yes, what president trumps nominees, happy an overall, very strong, they have been is nominated in the Senate, has confirmed over two hundred new federal judges. And the overall caliber, rather than is stronger, is more conservative. More constitutional is better than anyone public in our lifetime. That being said, I was concerned where justice cabinet was near the president. Not so I believe the right way to do it
to make nomination. Did I get a book is coming out next week exactly this topic at the it's called one vote away: how a single Supreme Court seek and change history, and in that book each chapter addresses a different person. Liberty- and he knows a chapter on free speech- is a religious liberty. There's one on this can go on? U S guarantee and those a chapter on how now. How use injustices who go through the history of republican appalling is starting with Eisenhower, dammit that nearly a thousand, almost every one of their nominees, does exactly what romance was Republicans Sarah break five hundred NEA and the pattern ok, here's what we need to look for what we get it right, the answers that state faithful to their assets- Queer Thomas led a lot of ball stooped us it's William Renquist,
every one of them had a long proven record. They defended constitutional position. Defended conservative principles and they had paid the price they excoriated in the press, and that is the pattern that has worked. The pattern that have worked as where someone is is a spell many someone doesn't have a record, but some Republican think they're being clever and they think link nah not trust me that always works as a disaster. So with President Trump for both the vacancies, the person I urged denominator. Was sent over my the reason, I think might be best nominee, because I am sure I am one hundred percent that Micro spent fifty years being paid the constitution and honouring its open. I know that, because I've seen him get punished in the face repeatedly later
doing exactly that in the end steadfastness. We should be looking for and then- and I hope that that's what we're gets its fun because talking to MIKE that's what he says about you. You know you lie, think that's a maybe maybe maybe guys gonna get on the same page and pick one, because I think you're both kind of recommending the other one for them. For the same exact reason: do you have concern with with bare it or Le Gala or rushing, and all that view You don't have the record, I don't care about being conservative, I care about being a constitutional. Is too strict. Read it. Ll it was written constitution list. I hoped that proves the case. With all three of them. I would hunger and stronger record. I would prefer a more years to look too. Ah and that for both wars,
terminal both of those seas, I urge the president to appoint mightily As you know, both MIKE and I are on president trumped short list of nominees ass. I have told the president that that then I dont want that then that I feel there, a greater need in the political arena that there are a number of good principles, people them want to serve on the mansion and end, if I were a federal judge, I'd stand political fight. I stand a policy fight that honour by up. I don't wish out of those political bite. You don't want to know why I don't wanna be a judge. Right now is a perfect example, because without war war, three, the Senate And- and I gotta move Heaven and earth to lead the fight for this send it to confirm the president's Domini before election, Daddy, and this is a fight,
We need leaders right now. We need leaders in the said in the wind on an end, so that's that's what I'm doing so he'll support, I'm done trying, but to try one more time and feel free justices shut up Glenn. I know you said: all of them is there a favorite that we should be rooting for from tat grew. You know I'm not gonna lobby. The president, publicly I've had conversations with him to keep those convert. Conversations: private, ok, we're still applied, look their differ, knowing the area I am. I am made the case for Michael, but the President said he's gonna nominated a woman, and I didn't say I went to I get that less than I really think. You'd be a mistake for you to fly to stick. Sweden at the operation, because I don't, I don't think it's gone too far.
So so tat. Let me just which topics with one thing mark Zuckerberg came out the other day. And said that they are. Going to be looking at anything. That is causing or inflaming the flames of a on election that might be taking too long or there there's worry about the count or the fairness and they will too aggressive action to show down anybody whose inflaming the situation well, I gotta believe that. That would be anyone in every one on the right, Are you in touch with what they're doing I am an end big tech, The censorship of Silicon Valley, I believe, is the single greatest threat to freeze we have in this country and is the greatest threat to democracy, and a bad is big. Tat has been centurions, I was a conservative rotarian merely
Worse, the Democratic Party got man. You know a couple years ago, Mark Zuckerberg justified in Congress and in just about every Senator was man and the demand for a different reason. What the democratic senators were mad at is essentially said how the hell did you trouble win one like childhood, possibly let these crazy communicate. Yes and big tech heard that message and I believe there shared mission is to silence you silence made silence your mistress. Everyone listening to this show being tat once nor views stifled. I want you to be able to hear anything of the sort of big tech monopoly imagine being trapped for the rest of your life, see an unusual and am glad you have to imagine I been there. It's a pity just for us, but being check one
that to be the world. The only place you can get information is what is in its eyes and processed and allowed for the masses to hear and believe in like it is proper found a dangerous and there still looking Another example of why I wanted, political arena and not on the bench, because we need leaders in the Senate and in an endeavour to take this all and protect the bill of Rights, TED crews? As always, good to have you answer? Thank you for the good fight the book is coming out. What next week isn't it turns out TAT Day, Tuesday one vote away. It is available for pre order right now on Amazon aboard the noble. Where do you get your book? Reorder it right now, so loved every chapter tells the war stories about Lydia, waiting, some of the biggest cases of the court's up. You won't understand what this fight is about this book. Is this
to explain it and really make the case why it matters to you and your kids in your family sullen the heavy on next week in the book comes out and we'll talk just about the book, as I don't think there is anything more timely than that Senator TED Crew, Thank you. So much from the great state of Texas, aright our sponsor this half hour? We thanks so much simply say for travelling this road with us every day, with the things away, the way things are going in the country. Lately, it's just not merely a good time to battened down the hatches to make sure your home security is top of the line. Now is the best time for that keeping yourself your family, your property, safe, is a responsibility and one we can no longer take low. Lay? And thankfully, while we're in the area of the era of rioting and looting and general violence, were also in the era of high tech solutions for home security problems. It is centralized everything is on line. You can trust your home to simply safe the home
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unclear result if mail in votes are counted slowly, he declared to explain, facebooks specific plan but said the company may make strong moves to risk Rick to the circulation of content source told the financial times Facebook is exploring how to respond. Seventy scenarios and it is working with military planners Moon when, when, when did disaster, Zuckerberg become the Tsar of elections. What is that all about? No word from Facebook
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Senator MIKE is coming up. Next, as we talk about what's happening in Washington, with a Supreme Court giddies red on the candidates, and also talk a little politics. What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightened men when their programme, whilst our heads senator turd crews on on the programme, I asked him: the candidates, who would you select for Supreme Court Justice,
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exchange out of the the Roma possibility with you will not have the next seventy two hours ass has edge. It seems a little hasty. Ok are so much want to talk to you about the vacancy. What's going on TED that he has concerns of any body that has nominated because always screw this up is there. Anybody on this short list that you feel is a real homerun yeah look. I think it can aim. Emmy Tony bear it. I could be wrong, I don't think I'm going to be. I think it's going to be her and I think she would be a fantastic Supreme Court justice. I think, We attach washed and original list should be devoted to the car, of got six hundred limited government. That's what we need so Would you compare to who do you sanctions will be more like she. She will be in the mould of her former boss, Justice Scalia and in
old Justice Alito, my former boss, in the mould of justice. Thomas she'll be somewhere haggling over eight late justice, Thomas O, Clarence, Thomas Ossing Roberts. I thought you said Robert surfers. Oh, no! No, who have a very different story somewhere between Robertson, hence Galicia, right in the sweet spot where we would want to be sure that she's, a sculptor Alito Thomas Type, jurist in that's exactly what we want now, the last time she was confirmed in for the Senate. They just raked her across the calls for her religious beliefs. She's. Strong catholic and mean just really were, I thought way out of line. They were I was horrified goin. As I sat through there, I was in the committee rooms, Servolo Judiciary Committee, with as we were, going through the process confirming her a couple of my democratic colleagues short asking these questions, and I
couldn't believe what I was hearing at first. One of my colleagues said the other dogma seems The lives strong in due course are always trying to write another colleague, asked her. If she would describe herself, has an orthodox catholic both of those questions I'm off to me as though they were saying well one thing: if your like, but if you actually believe that stuff than your kind of crazy, I really bothers, is a religious minority myself. I find that very as an American. I feel did appalling, has occurred, social lawyer. I find it unacceptable imagine saying that to Ruth Better Ginsburg about her religion, I mean that that's that's outright. Just absolutely outrageous. So tell me about what you are expecting the Democrats. To do I mean they are Talking about burning the place down. If this
if this passes tell me is that is rhetoric or they serious. What what what's? What's happening MIKE. I don't know it. When twenty- and so is, I don't know whether read anything just figurative or literally because it could easily be both be insofar as their experts outrage over this. That's really quite absurd. We look. This is not and historical aberration for us to be confirmed, in this context on twenty sixteen which they like to point out for their Obama, nominated Merrick, Garland and the Senate gave its advice and consent on that, not many. By rejecting this year, prison trump will dominate a replacement, I think it's gonna, be Amy. Coney Barrett for Justice, Ginsburg and consistent with the constitution will again give our advice. Set if we'd like to nominate, will confirm her. If we don't, we won't it's it's that simple. There have been ass. The Durban Supreme Court vacancies in
a presidential election gears. Twenty nine in the history of our republic in ten of those cases presidency, was held by one party in the Senate by different Party in nine of those ten instances. The nominees were rejected by the Senate. Just like Garland was, on the other hand, they ve been nineteen times when a Supreme Court vacancy occur, in a presidential election year work, but the press Turkey and the Senate were controlled by the same party only want Those nineteen nominees Fortis was rejected and he was rejected on up by. Recent basis after an ethic scandal, every other nominee eighteen but those nineteen was confirmed in an election year when the Senate and the presidency were under the control of the same party. There is none unusual about us doing. This there's no reason why they should threatened to burn the house and whatever that meets MIKE
You know for the last few years we ve been talking about, we need to make sure were watching Russia, any foreign actors on on our elections, the what did Democrats are doing now with the mail in ballots and how bad our systems are in every state. The Soros owning the many of the attorney general's or the district attorney's. I I really really really concerned that no one is going to believe the result of this election, no matter which weigh it happens, is certainly concerning into One of the many reasons why we need to resist any effort. Ever to centralize all voting authority, because the fact that it would make it more subject manipulation by
various actors either outside of their country like like Russia or otherwise, by the way better, exactly what a proposal advanced and passed by the Democratic House of Representatives in this Congress each hour one would have done Decentralized Election Authority were making it more vulnerable Our system is far more vulnerable than I would like it to be, but much better than it would be if they reforms proposed, the Democratic Party were enacted into law. In the meantime, people can do their part. Making sure that they vote and bite looking out for irregularities whenever they see them and and praying the almighty God with everything in them that It is through this particularly difficult election cycle and will make it through a mine are you concerned with the the lack of record. Amy Coney Barrett in all of them are short. Hers is probably the best, but.
Are you concerned that we don't know enough about these guys? I am really always concerned that we don't know enough, I wish we were new more with joy bear it we know more than we know with most we confirmed her about three years ago to the Eu S. Court of appeals for the seventh circuit and we also have her career long track record, academically. We know that she's been involved in the federalist society. We know that shit textual as to regional, as we know that she court for Justice, Galicia load. Those are all good signing all the indications we have from her positive and that's why I'm confident about this choice? Scalia is boot. This was his favorite distant her. What what? What did you call it? A lot he and his favorite clerk right, yet he he loved her and was not overly emotion. Or attached to court. I I have a friend, my friend
John Fee. Who is a law professor the way you Court for Justice Scully and I believe it was John tree. He told me that, on the last day of his courtship justice, Glia said something to him along the lines of up. You know you got I'll fungible to me right My guys was sort of you. Don't it was you have joking and many joking and many in most respects, but his point was: I get emotionally attached. Each locker he judge bear it, and I think it speaks well of her and of of him that he felt that way. Just because Donald loves the show and he likes these big surprises. Let me about Barbara ago a bit I like her story born to cuban immigrants, you know and really seems to understand. Amerika
SK cuban american woman selected for the court, but she was also nominated by George Bush Ho Dewey. What do we know about her ok, so here's the thing, I'm sure, she's a great person. I voted to confirm to the Eu S court of Appeals to the Eleventh Circuit, what I can tell. She is a good judge there. I would not be comfortable confirming hurt to the or the United States the same way I would be with Amy Coney bear it for the simple reason that we don't know that much about her, history of committees, two textual is an original ism, at least up. You know before a few years ago one of the state or die employs I'd. I'd like to go twenty years I like to find out who someone was associating with who they were working with twenty years ago. What Are they doing to promote understanding of the constitution of Textual ISM of arrest? listen in Ottawa, years ago, Amy Conny Barrett
was courting or preparing it or for Justice Scalia. I noticed she was involved heavily in the Federalist sounded out entire time. I dont know that about Barber Le Goa. In fact, I haven't been able to find anybody. You can confirm that to me. I could be wrong and having that concern, but because I dont know I did that that nobody would scare me. I did just simply because I dont know I number matter while okay let me let me just switch topics, and I let you go MIKE on the president came out with a ban on woke capital. Working with the US government he has tried to stop these woke. You know him, his programmes that are that are going on right now and critical race theory, and we of have several branches of the administration that are ignoring his his. Order to not Do any of these critical restraining fear meetings
He was the first they had by they got twice. Over thirteen weak course. Another one's got a twenty one week course that is going on there. Just ignoring aren't we should people we fired. I talk to somebody at it at the beach yesterday and he said: well, we really can't we can't fire people who are direct. We going against a presidential directive that seems wrong to me and first well, I'm very grateful too to the Office of Management and budget for putting up this memorandum. Last week I had Russ vote. They had of olympicum and speak to the Senate. Republicans and explain the need for this memorandum. Look. These people are hating America on America's dime and its time to cut off their allowance is absolutely ridiculous. Now what We always lived up through the lofty ideals that we believe in no more mortals were or imperfect,
more than any other society that I know anything about and record of human history, we have ideally ideals. We do embrace them and we gravitate overtime toward them to shake America's foundations to their core, to suggest that we don't have that those ideals is fundamentally on American. It's not helpful, it's not what they should be doing. In this case it violates executive branch directive, These people shouldn't be having those courses but away who does at thirteen weak course on anything. If the government, let alone a twenty one. I know people if, if, if word is doing that much I'm in training on things They have nothing to do with any one's job and the federal government. Why do they have job. To begin with, I dont know his burdens that expendable, but if you, if you don't fire these people you're going to tee, every one else you can get away with it. They'll see beyond the wrist they'll make it stop doing it, but they're, not gonna fuck. Are you in.
Apples need to be made You respond to the duly elected president of the United States, Europe part of his administration, Jack. That's exactly right, but the one thing, that day founders had in mind when they designed the executive branch of government. Depression of the ice age would be the head of the executive branch of government. They contemplate this vision, team labyrinth of his in Paris double fortress in which people were inside could never be taken out right Our civil service laws need to be reformed, such that the american people. Can have a say in who operate their government. The president needs discretion to take out people who are willing to execute and enforce the laws according to
directives we need to overall laws in that area. Going to Washington seems like Hotel, California, you can check in, but you can never leave. Thank you so much senator mandate with their stealing Ivan, but they still give a beat. I hope that's not true. I hope that is not true. Thank you very much MIKE I preventive gutless go up. I'm sure you familiar with eight hour p, but were you aware that there's a conservative alternative, it's called a MAC and it was founded by air Force, veteran Dan Weber, Dan and his family saw the fight years ago saw what was going on saw that a r p was was not. Supporting its members. It was actually doing things on Capitol Hill, then went again against their members. Interest now look leave you membership, there's value in you know a our peace membership excuse me
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become a member today benefits a great the causes, even greater at a MAC dot. U S! Slash back! That's Lemme see Dodd. U S! Slash back. A MAC is better better for you better for America, tens, in station Eddie now my losing my voice. Do I swear to you what effect I was in? I was in an MRI yesterday they had to take fell on my back and was for an hour and right before I went in the guy. The attendant was really really nice, but he had a thick indian accent on. I could barely understand him and he could barely understand me. And so he was speaking music and I'm like I don't you have any Frank Sinatra any like freaks, though my said
jazz, oh my gosh don't ever say that don't ever that I was trapped in an MRI machine for an hour, religious and Inga too, though they flew, go ashore and uncanny g and all other. Oh, my gosh, it was a nightmare, it's bad enough, being you know in the little coffin, but with many gee. I had almost lost my mind our second about what I think, so pretty actual interview idly yes in that before this is announced, he saying he thinks it will be bear not logo, which is would be. I to me was notable that he would come out and actually say that he has not him saying. While you know either one would be great and then he came out said he had real concerns. Would look our again. He wasn't. He set it in a very diplomatic way, as likely tends to do, but you could tell this cool clear preference there.
The fact that he's taking a public position on that tells me you know a me Coney bear. It does seem like that's them. That way, you know TED kind of went the same way. We had TED crews on about an hour ago kind of said the same thing, not much less clear or much less clear, much more politically neutral You know the man either. One of them want to knock look over any other nominee. I mean they, obviously all everyone on those lists has at least a good argument for them to be a decent Supreme court, and I stress, but he would ease, seems being competent in Coney bear? It makes me much more comfortable than I feel was as a will. You course over who's been files on any time. You don't feel good about it, because you, you keep getting nail their every time, They don't know, there's gotta be great really, but really mean legitimately? If I had to ask one person to tell me who I think
This next Supreme Court justice should be, it would be MIKE like legitimately, I can't Clarence Thomas at some point after naming now what two or three of them three of them? This would be the third one eye we just say. You know. Why am I asking you MIKE? You should just on the deck Supreme Court Justice. I would be thrilled, obviously, without with that pick, but but when you talk You never know any. You get. You get tat. Crews I'd be pretty confident in his pick two and he was a little more. Reserve reserved about it. My seem to have a really clear preference, in that interview for Coney bear it and look It's a good argument. You know I am a little nervous that she doesn't have as long a record, but you can see the way they're going to attack her.
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this is the Glen Back programme should lead. You hear some. I think some big news today, both head crews and likely on this programme said that they didn't know enough about Le Goa, but TED crews said he was always concerned about all of the nominees because we always get it wrong. Felt comfortable the most comfortable, I think, with Amy Coney, bear it and MIKE Lee came out and said he has real hesitation about logo, which I thought was. Striking because MIKE is not the kind of guy to make big headlines he's a is a quite guy. Mean yeah, I'm in, and that was the very public. Very public to take in this moment, because it
though, is the nominee he's out of all weeks is gonna, be probably voting for her. I maybe he can say: okay well, I've. You know she she's in May We are confident in the hearing or not, I mean my second vote for if he doesn't believe it Michael vote for if he doesn't believe You know. No one should right, but I would be very surprised is to see Michael. He wrote down any Domini brought up by the republican modes at this point meet, especially because he knows how important this is, and this is of once it is a once in a lifetime political. Window that has, why should be my, why it should be essentially because any Republican me It should be able to get anybody through right now, I'm in a way that they might say to you hey? Well, we know this is this? Is it people might vote you down or you might lose whatever the Senate seats or whatever over it. This is worth it to me. This is one of the most it's one of them. This is. We are sitting here. Think of twenty two
and all the crazy crap that has happened. We are sitting here in the single greatest you bet and I mean greatest as far as like shit- expensive, past abilities of the difference between republican nominee that gets in the next couple of months and who be nominated if Trump were to lose by Joe Biden is a key, Liz MC difference, anything it takes get someone through here before January, twentieth because of you If he gets in abiding gets in vain. This is why it so important the Supreme Court is so important is because they see it as another legislative body- oh yeah, so they after have a legislative body, that's why they will pack the court and we need someone who actually cares about the constitute rang, a correct that that's it so crucial they can't
Sport is one up not die. Blaze drew Holden is with us seas. From the resurgent hand, the author of the research and welcome, to the welcome to the programme drew how I am faced. Under a loved one. Having yours, I you know I would. I would be better if we didn't have our country on fire on fire right now, It seems reasonable thing to be right and it seems to me, drew near graded, pointing this out seems too They are willing to do anything They really. I They mean burn all thing down Yeah I mean you know. Senator humor said the other day that all options are on the table right and they floated all of the bad ideas, be it during the nominating growth as incense, and I cannot but agree with you So you you do what you do you do best. You took everybody's words now and then you want to give us some of the most stunning
sure yeah I mean I think, up from the star President Barack Obama was saying just for short years ago that it would be irresponsible for them. Again to not consider a nominee before one is even announced. He is in four years later called on to rational, grab and don't forget to do the exact same thing. Senator humor out another one of our greatest asset. You saying the same thing he said you know what the Senate has confirmed: seventeen scope this justifies in presidential election ears, the Finnish Do their job confirm anomaly back when it was the democratic Narbonnais right when Merrick Ireland was gonna, be the one, but this is all up and down the ticket. I mean, potential, the presidential nominee, Joe Biden, saying the same thing. It would be genuine constitutional crisis, to block up memento justice Domini on the court all about thoughts. All of that All of that logic has gone entirely out the window in the span of four years, so I have to tell you drew stew- and I are one of the elite-
who that I know of another or more, but the only two that I know of that actually said given up or down vote We were consistent with garden with garland, even though I dont think you need to be consistent on these two, because there is a difference: the Senate ass. It was not controlled by the Democrats and that's usual for them not to you know DE as the the nominee exactly and it's not obviously right, I'm gonna build up the thing that kind of lost on people with that the role of the Senate. Isn't it that a candidate and so yeah here they go their final weapon through its tube stood up, down. I grew out. I think I was saying the same thing: Barrow hadn't, that hey you know what fine we like the guy vote him down, get it over the boat out wherever you want, but but have the vote and do it again. This is the all. This is a lot of weight the old Harry Red filibuster play it. You think it's gonna work for you in the short term, it makes a lot of fun but annulled, term. You look like you got what I got your fate, so I find
interesting how the change in the left here in on tone, Hillary Clinton, This is the tweet from ABC News at the time, calls for a full and fair hearing for Amerika darlin in passing judgment garland as his Domini President Obama has met his responsibility. Now it's up to the members of the Senate to meet their own end quote. Bed seems respectable, so this Hillary Clinton says: Senate Democrats will have to use every single possible maneuver too vent, Senator Mcconnell from enacting the greatest tragedy, a travesty and monumental hypocrisy in I'm going to fill route Bitter Ginsburg Supreme Court seat. I mean the word that the left is using. Now they are just so extreme They are, and you know I think they would be extreme. Even if the merit garland situation hadn't happened right. I think it to his credit centres.
We pointed out seventeen times. We fill this Supreme Court see in an election year. So the idea in general of calling this a monumental hypocrisy, the greatest travesty. It just gets its baldly ridiculous, but when they were singing fact opposite just four years ago. It really does mean, for anyone home, who may still kind of thing that there are people on the left side of the iron work. In good faith, to try it You think that are in the best interest of the american people rather than politicians who are gunning for power. I hope this dashes that thinking and this is why drew it seems like I envisage there's a few conservatives out there who have a lot of them. I like who were kind of trying to propose this. This idea that we would maybe good deal with the Democrats and tell them the well but dont pack, the court, and then, if we don't pact court. Then we must put up a nominee and I'm not No, I like it. I like these sentiment. It feels good. I wish we had a country in which that was appropriate. I'd still push for a nominee, but I I wish that we had it.
Country in which the Democrats could be trusted in such a situation, but quite clear We don't right the way through the year, your Sparta, it's one of the things were I You talk about David trenches and Jonah Goal Barge, who are just kind of waiting and hoping that the damsel act in good faith, and particularly on something like this because I don't know where they ve been for the last few years, not merely having been paying attention, but I do know how many conservative you know where that with any electricity going on between the ears could look as they have an odd situation and say: yes, I trust these same people to now act in good faith. It's like the schoolyard saying right, this is the sort of thing that you usually learn at the five six seven year old. When you ask someone not to do something and give something up for it, and for some reason that that message hasn't hit home for some of these books. It hasn't hit home, though I think for a lot of Democrats to that. Are you know there's The difference between a Marxist, a progressive, a liberal and a Democrat Hotel in common with Democrats, something in common with liberals
their important things on me. No, we both agree with the bill of rights when you get in Progressive and Marxists is a different story, but those are the people that are now in charge and ate it. Peers as though they just despise America and will destroy it if they have to and destroy it. Because they want to at least the ones that their listening to and empowering on the streets yet- and I think parliament, as you know, they they feel, entirely compelled to some measure of power and control and their use do their familiar with having a supreme court and having a justice system that by law she's going to is willing to legislate on. The bank is willing to carry victory, is unwilling to carry water. When democrats lose elections or Cancun, legislation through or whatever it is, and I think you're you're seeing right now. This kind of collective freak out on the streets is: oh, no
What happens if we lose that? What happens if that sort of power and authority goes out the window and you're right There's a lot of people who are willing to truly burned down anything any end institution. Anyhow, you write your hearing talk about packing the Supreme Court, abolishing the electoral college doing away with a filibuster. If anything that could an impediment today vision of what they think of as a better America can go the window incredibly quickly eyes it as soon as they they get here there is a great story in the place today might Bloomberg helps pay court fines for thirty one thousand one in Florida Phelan? So they can vote but they're all, and picked their their democrats, that they're doing and their thereof, hispanic or blacks are not doing for whites. How is Michael Bloomberg Gonna get away with this? Is he we also do not confident he is
if there were another universe at which I personally am. I think I'm a pretty big fan, restoring voting rights to follow me. They serve their time, but the idea of going to in selecting only the ones who you can confidently rely on to vote. Damn one! Yes, I mean sure there's an enormous number of legal challenges, I'm sure he'll get sued IKEA. I would be relatively surprising if we were to get away with it one and two again This shows how obviously in bad state what he's doing as because of what you are, really concerned about was restoring the rights of L you ve been a lot of great work in Florida. Don pushing on at issue there's a lot of wasted, that, rather than handpicked throughout the voting rules or people who you think are going to vote for your team so drew he wore game this out in your head. Does America come back together after this, because, We are seeing what the left is doing to The voting rules into You know, may out ballots and- and things like this in floor, we're seeing it
We know that they are going to be litigating everything. They keep claiming that we're trying to throw the election and we're trying to cheat with. I guess Russia again. I don't know what it is, but they I believe the aid the aim verdict of tromp is president. I don't know unless it's a blow out, I would believe that was a fair election. How do we together. Yeah. You know I mean my first thought planets, We need to do is have a really rock solid Supreme Court with nine justice it that we can count on whatever happens from the and we're gonna need to have a supreme court that is able to legislate the outcomes right. We got fifty separate state based election, all of which could end up at the Superman, So I think we need to have an institution that people can trust and rely on. That has probably at many justices as usual. Sit on it to be, will make that decision. One too,
I think what you're gonna need to see an on both sides right out This is a uniquely demographic problem, but what you're going to need to see is the more trusted respected he says within the institution, come back and say: ok, we have we ever be a thing. We have no one's you institutions, you're gonna, need of its president problems re election You're gonna need Joe Biden and Barack Obama. An anti policy and she went to get up and say we are accepting the result of this election. You see that concerns that no me, I think the problem is, I jumped. I could see it from maybe Biden, probably Obama, but the idea of trusting some Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton who, having accepted the result of the twenty sixth election, to come out and say death. I trust that this was fair when we so many more variables play. I guess the short answer is yes. I've worked it out, and so I dont have a good. I dont have a good answer for how we can walk back from that. These were all right. Thank you very much for I really appreciate it. God bless
I do wonder about and you as well thank you thank you, drew Holden from the research and he said drew hold him three sixty on Twitter a great followed because he puts these threads together, almost threads of the best new twenty thirty forty different people in the media Democrats, whoever who totally being hypocritical, any finds all the tweets and has the receipts? I wanna talk to you about food that we so good People will say that you deserve your own cooking show. It is the best, the hamburgers, the the best ribs I mean that fall off the bone. I've never able to make good ribs Ike items. We Do anything except put it in the rectangle? That's it. We followed a recipe, put it in the wreck. And it came out a few hours later and it was it good as anything I've had. You know out at some of the good barbecue places here in Texas. Wrecked tax is a great great smoker in grill, its sleek beautiful made with heavy stainless steel, psych grilling on a tank
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Coming over the next six minutes? You don't want to miss it this, as I do that you should try to get people fired up in your base area window action and the Democrats are trying to do that because that's what everybody tries to do these days, and I understand that the motivation behind it but Joe Biden is it out wordly making this pitch of the anti chaos candidate right. Remember. Those old days when, like the worst thing that could happen, would be Ferguson very few of us again. Ferguson was one incident. We can all remember yea. How many can you name overseas out of hand on us on snow? We can't, because so many of them and his site of the ILO, as was a wonderful gift to Donald Trump, is, can can you annually stirring this stuff up. You can't the guy on a return to normal, see you can't headed it. If you're saying I why you get rid of the electoral college, gonna get rid of the Senate only get rid of the filibuster I want to pack. The cord I want the chaos in the streets All of these things to funding the police,
entire site of the ILO, trying to to give the impression that, if the Republicans do what any party would do in this situation nominated justice. That bet agreed with their philosophy that that this is Bernie, tire thing down and you, if you want to burn this- stem down type of candidate. You could had that would Bernie Sanders you could have had that in Joe Biden has not that candidate. Is that the way pitching himself and the reason why he's been leading in the polls for a while now there burning that entire pitch by the end of this position down to the ground before the election. That's why it bizarre that's why they're trying to rig it every way they can hey everybody knows pay pal, did you know that they were teaming up with honey to save you money,
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That is not going to be helpful for Joe Biden, rigid fantasy and what she seeing in the pattern she seen from the Democrats and independence in one it is the Glen Back Programme of your personal cares about things like Nuno, upholding the constitution, so old pretty solid bet that you're not exactly a fan of those who support tearing it down. Well, free time you make a phone call. If you have a certain a couple of these men, your mobile phone companies, that's exactly what's happening. You're helping These big businesses, the mobile giants like Verizon, don't a portion of what you give to them. Causes run by leftist. This left as to rule the country from the top down its terrible and its true. So what are you doing, get away from the big mobile companies switch over to Patriot Mobile, yet when
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California, you're gonna slide off into the sea. At some point those contact both upon me. I rejected was actually very mad cow for a ban on looking around and saying, maybe I should get out maybe maybe you haven't, been convinced? Yet? What is our first got it First of all, you are getting out. First all before we get into Europe spectator, which is an awesome column. Why? is it like right now in A foreign you know like Aragon for two weeks, and I came back and steam, blankets settled down a well bad bad and feels it strain. You know I went down to the third through promenades, due from shipping and anxious reminder of everyone
some boarded up lots of places are shut down. It was weird to be in Arizona and Texas. Things are much more open. You go into restaurants and eat with mass, and everybody seemed to be reached by five wary math, but they also worth still just going their lives will be coming back here and still very close then people it's more than interactions with people that are upsetting. I feel like everybody become very suspicious of each other, and you know it. Beginning of the pandemic, there is there that kind of stuff, daddy, we're all in this together and quickly shifted. So you know crossing the street hurriedly in ensure that you're yearn to strangers had strange it doesn't show up. I had spent a born and the homeless the Cinderella just a staggering bad. The thing that is the most noted, the law,
teams in his cage. Getting worse so are Californians getting it. Are they starting to see? Where way these guys, maybe not, maybe Maybe this is in the best way to a government for a state, I don't know, you know TAT S own become someone who, pay more attention to move things. There does seem them a strange, a lack of awareness between limp people your voting for and the policies that your complaining about their. I feel- and I said What California, in particular you'll see people just leave California, and I always say I'm warning, you know the inmates muddle Youtube shine down through fire. Their whole ran about that everything. Don't take your crappy policies like you, where they dont have them, because it's not you know about
the eighth, a weird disconnect that I follow fully understand. I'm curious to see what happens in these states were out there who received the California few GS, so You write in Europe. You writing your column. Almost every Democrat, who is voting for tromp, has a personal story about being ostracize shamed or losing a close friend or family member over politics. I've opera, after Hilary lost. The left would learn that bullying people, tone, policing and punishing people for wrong think only turn people off how wrong? I was I was very wrong. I you know with evidence of me being very wrong. Is that I'm having conversation with you about this and much safer you would they would one here from me, man, I'm somebody who is the last
still there then a very liberal place where people feeling because I'm so publicly open about my own in the tent in politics that making him fast their true feelings. To me I hear things just even on the ground from Flanders that they would never publicly, I meant to say, and I feel like every single person, who robbed me mourning for trunk who was- Former Democrat wished Windsor rising number by the way. The emails. Probably I have a thousand at this point, leaned much more heavily in favour trunk. Obviously that could be so so happy. Based on my audience, I anecdotal is, is what it is. But it's still seemed big pattern of people who independence independence. I feel a pauper for more policy. They seem to work say while I can,
aside from his character, and I can look at what are you doing on paper with? The Democrats is at least person on Every single person re me had a personal story I mean people have divorced over this over. Let the politics and that pilots and peer to parent. Who had find out with their children, their kids aren't, I remember nothing there, gray head. This is me. Well. I'm fighting things to read this: doesn't happen. I dont think since the civil war, when you know that this lit in the family would happen and it really divided the families I mean we ve had arguments for a long time with family members, but we still got together that's not happening. We're we're getting warmer eyes of lots of people telling us can go see my grandkids! I can't go see my son and daughter. Can't you know I mean it's not you have done
ring that, and I see it from the left to the right perspective as wilder. There are a lot of people whose and been kind of taken down the very far right conspiracy theories that are extremely, You know how am I gonna Q territory, where there a little bed unreachable and then here on the last wherever, where that you know from doing german syndrome or whatever you might want to call it I'm a writer college call Trump devotion syndrome on the left. The trunk derangement syndrome is, is very intense and therein their unreachable. So there's just keyboard I truly losing themselves into the tribal and things and there much because you know
you're, pretty software doing work there there isn't much to stop that process. I think once and start happening and in fact our media and our society is very supportive of that divide and everywhere. You're here you'll hear on the left. All the timing out break up. You'll see tweets like this all the time I thought I'd start my parents, I wrote them out. I mean that come from a big, huge irish catholic family. Where everybody: was there were some different opinions all across the political spectrum me ten heads my dad's family and we was drilled into us by, my grandparents rest in peace. They were amazing Do not fight over money or politics. Blood comes before. That you use you love each other and have this agreement, then yes, people get drunk in the password sometimes but
the normal irish Catholic. Then maybe we shouldn't, we tell our love each other. Everyone's they'll make I've been with them our great relationships, even if our politics in I have. I have a very far, however, extremely conservative and go, and I have answered you were in the oil in protest, I think we all still sit down and break bread and love each other than that is where I come from them. I hate Mass one people talk about the fabric of society, starting the shrine. This is where I think, the Maoist, it's just an absurd, can I go, I don't think you can understand why, also when people feel rejected that that feeling of rejection article eight can be. Radicalizing could evolve day, suddenly be ostracised or shame. You know there
lit up little story people I work being our or being its very strange to it, such a strange I don't understand, I didn't think what a strange for people to be doing mad to one another as if that couldn't turn around and happened to ban. I gotta tell you: it: is It is so bizarre. Stu. Is there any doubt in your mind conservative, as this company is we we ve? progressive sweet had people were for. If, if we he had somebody who was like Joe Biden supporter. Is there any? doubt in your mind that we would all be cool without person. Now I mean resist theirs. I dont understand this outing, stuff tat aim and that that's awful just an awful worthy buds group of awful people. Let s go ahead.
I call it like micro cancellation, you know these. We talk a lot about can't book all charges in the discourse and then I think this this evidence of micro cancellations and I'm viewing which leave little ones that are happening all over America and friend groups them families. I don't think we can underestimate that affect the people. I hear from worm JANET republican voting for Biden, almost the crime, the boy s character, trumps character that they have the biggest issue. And some of the corruption and other people surrounding them, etc. With no With the last voting for the right, almost every single person has it things being kind of red, told by the mainstream media between coal read and write and protests, and now even with bad thing, let's say: they're gonna get rid of the fellow by fair, the courts.
And personal experience of being core unquote cancelled, or I will continue at Bruges fallacy here. Just a second, I wanna play an audio clip and and Ask you if you think people that vote for Democrats actually believe this stuff or, if they're, just tolerating it we'll get into that here in just one minute, stand my artwork This half is gold line. In less than six weeks, we are going to be electing a president in probably no more than forty two. You will know the outcome anyway. Everything is unclear. Everything is unclear. We have no idea where America will be the next six months, no idea but the death of in Burg? Things are even crazier. The two thousand presidential election was nuts.
Because of that equity markets struggled with the Essen P, five thousand five hundred dropping close to twelve percent NASDAQ, Rob five percent after the for the early results were announced that it was unclear that happened to the markets. This is weak of incertainty coming our way, a man. What a dragged out election might do to the country and to our mark, to our dollar. I want you to call gold line right now for a very limited time. Gold line is offering free silver, with every order cos and find out how to get started protecting your portfolio. Now, if you don't even a portfolio woody, the bank ten percent of what you have in savings. Please said- are putting it in gold or silver www. They have. Account executives waiting for your phone call right now, doll you have to do is call them. Add eight, eight at eight,
six gold line, eight, six, six gold line or even go to old line, dotcom, eight, six, six, gold line or gold line dot com- ten second station. I d, our own play. Yes, peons MAX Kellerman! This is from yesterday. Listen to this when he talks about like black, lives matter. Ninety three percent of the protests are peaceful there. Is a welcoming majority need rape and, by the way, the seven percent that are not a very broad definition of what's not warrant cool, peaceful that, for example, if you block traffic or something like that or if you respond to police provocation, even now, a big percentage of that which we did that wasn't peaceful, is actually outside agitators extremist right.
Agitated posing as protesters in order to make the protests look bad, that's the first thing Brigitte I mean we are hearing this like the guy who we're here. We are hearing this all the time. From the media that that that it's a peaceful, no, the the protest when they started they were peaceful how their generally a bunch of white punks that are just destroying things because they can so they're, not peaceful, and it certainly not right wing agents coming in our people. Do people believe that, are you just look at it and roll your eyes? I don't know I don't. I think it depends on the individual really. Why what you believe so thinking a lot about this because because I'm hearing from so many people who were
behind the idea, I think everybody was kind of on board as we need to really look at police, brutality and man right things I wonder how you didn't do we know what percentage of people actually protest? Then you know how many, how many people in America because I need a lot of other people were just observing mass going down and probably supporting, but not necessarily all you I don't know I do you know anybody when that when that first killing happen. Do you know any body? That said no, these are always right. Now now we were united, we were united and some our another. It was used to divide us I mean I guess I wonder Q why the biggest
one seeing I do think probably few was statistically at how many protests there were even little one, the majority of them probably work hateful probably went off without ahead. For the most part, I think I think everything that happened during the day probably was peaceful is that a good metric, though like so what, if only seven percent, were violent like that's not acceptable like if you spent only seven percent of your days, murdering someone you'd still be thought of generally, as a murder happy, let me like I well not one day he went any allopathic soup kitchen and no one cares. But I dont think necessarily the seven percent are even voting. You notices and they were. I do. I do think that a lot of people who were dead or violent- and this is I feel the left has done a very bad job. The Democratic Party in general, as then they have not divorce themselves from this extreme Adam and in fact you know for all the time
while carrying water and all this stuff. I don t them pushing back hard enough again that violence and a space have started Jude because they realise that its calling that's the thing in two for the most part they ve been accepted at and then allowed it, and which I had on CNN encourages out, even if it's out of sight of their mouths. Even do so do. Do you think the average person that doesn't pay attention to the news that they know that the Democrats were like crazy? On this I I think the problem is that the average person who doesn't pay attention to the news what little they're getting they can. Separate them from four eight nine separate the more no. They can't separate the seven percent from the ninety percent. The may I gonna like the news and say, while the left is crazy, even Even I mean
there they are He parent the majority. I know why you know people who A kind of I would call by the liberals and my family, who are, I would laughing about this the other day, because those on the form, the family member with old school, by and Bye world body providing an here. Like version on very worried about you. In the aftermath of the election is Trump wines which I think he's going to. I think you get out of our let him lay so the party ready, our voting for and get a burn. My very bad news. They learn. How do I read those lines bluer did he say? Did you do that to you of course, I'm here here in kind of laughing, but he was thing you know that same thing is that those are those people are voting. This is a pretty
invite. He pays more attention to the news. I would say that, because these anti for people are very thorough, whoever it is that the added the outside agitators nobody here, but you have the upper end of the Democrats actually supporting this stuff. And its It's really it's it's a frightening time and Do suggestively LOS Angeles, come to Texas. As soon as we check your voter idea come to Texas rigid, vertices host of a great podcast walk, eons welcome and her article in the spectator letters from the politically homeless Brigitte fantasy. Thanks for beyond the programme it is very rare to find work. This is the Glen Back Programme, so bills type, a runner who regularly pieces me no second or third in his age group at races, that's pretty good. He lives in Colorado and a lot of people or man. Everybody runs in color
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start trial pack down for only one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five go to relieffactor dot, com, relieffactor dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four relieffactor dot com A brand new stew does America tonight and then part to the civil war, the less revolutionary playbook expose with back, but a blaze, tv dot com, slash Glenn This is the Glenn Beck programme tonight, it's Wednesday night, which means my Wednesday night Special you'll, find it on blaze, tv and you don't want to miss this- is a civil war part to the left revolution playbook exposed man, you know you didn't have to watch the first one
stand this one. We pick up right where we left off with the color revolution, That is what I believe is happening in America right now, and if you don't know what a color revolution is, you don't have to worry about it I'll explain it tonight. But I'm going to show you these seven pillars, and I want to show you exactly how these department and the federal government along. With George Soros, fomented revolution the Middle EAST all the way through Europe, man to Eastern Europe and you can judge them is a good thing or a bad thing up to you, but This is what's happening here in Amerika I believe the twenty twenty election was never about finding a better candidate. It was it was really. Revolution they lost with Hillary Clinton. They knew
That Donald Trump would not play ball with this idea that it's all run by by autocrat and that there is a deep state state department that just keeps going. He actually wanted to change things. Will they don't like his policies in the Middle EAST? Are you kidding me, and I want that? that's not what they want. So they had to do something about it: and what's happening right now is just getting rid of President Trump, and there is a playbook for that, and I will show you tonight in fact I'm gonna zoom in on the first for these color revolution pillars, show you how they work and what the end goal is. I'm also reveal one of the architects of the play book. A color revolution, specialist, former ambassador former Obama Administration official. Who is what the key masterminds of the revolution. You'll see
deeply person how deeply this person is involved and it, sir. It's a little shocking tonight- civil war part two. You can find a blaze tv, Dotcom, Slash, Glenn Blade tv dot com, Slash Glenn. Please subscribe but to the blaze tv. I just wanted to tell you what Mark Zuckerberg is preparing to do for the election. Now this is a core to the financial times, Facebook, preparing in case violence erupts after the November: U S, presidential election, ok, all right Nick Clegg the head of global affairs, told the financial times the net, work has plans for scenarios like widespread civil unrest or an unclear result if malian votes are counted slowly, Kay, Well, we know that the left is already planned tooth,
things on fire the night after the election. If not election night this method of decline, to explain Facebook specific plan but said that the company may make strong moves to restrict this. Regulation of content? Now that could be maybe it's a foreign content maybe that's content like from the blaze that says now. That's not what happened last night Facebook said Tuesday, that it has a plan in case there is violent unrest in the wake of the U S election and that it would restrict content on its platform in such a scenario, Nick Clegg, Spokes head of global affairs told the financial times that the company as plans in place in case of widespread chaos. He did not a lab exactly what the measures Facebook is considering are, but he said Company would make aggressive moves to quote, restrict
the circulation of content that it thought might for inflame the situation. They are also now working with military officials. Woe. Like to know what that's all about this is a very powerful form. It is it's what they used to start the arab spring, it's what they used to start the revolution in in in Russia. It is what they use all over Europe pair. Everybody knows everybody's doing scenarios working on war gaming scenarios as your family war games scenario, yet I mean
like how to get out of the house of catches on fire or game that one year. I want to think about that. Yet you there's been a fat made. Some trips every one of these areas and I cannot get some food- trips to the gun, store a good place to start yet knows lately start our, I mean no one can ever get to the Glinda levels. We understand this. Oh no rebuilding the moonbeams. Actually Elon Musk make it to your legacy area, one guy for different reasons, probably ads. It's kind of an interesting thing. We're going out there just a minute ago about how this sort of disk this weird sort. Saying that happens with conservative PA takes on line and how it kind of stretches. Through all of society. These days, the MAX Kellerman clip you played with with Bridget fantasies, we're gonna go on this business like like what an insane thing right like this, the obviously he doesn't know anything about these issues, he's Minos, half quoting a tweet,
probably saw a good level of understanding, but you see that he has been is really good. Example in that European has an odd that is made up of roughly fifty If it's probably, is slightly to the right well resents or America which export should. It is mostly and then two yards are right lean as a right Lena. I think it probably over leads to the right of slightly more than America when you hung about the audience who watches sports yet theirs. No no ability for anyone on their airwaves to say something that would disagree with the social justice narrative. There's a couple people will carry Cain and now he's over at Fox NEWS. Give up- and you have a kid occasionally, Stephen, a Smith who goes both ways we radically in Vienna, in my view, at times, but a few here and there, but it's very rare and almost
The analysis of the political issue is almost uniform for a network that is playing absolutely to abroad, audience of people who believe different things about politics, its ABC Disney. That's. Why right Disney can't take the hit. So where is the people? We are the people pushing back? We see that online. We see it within a places like bar stool or fox sports, one or or you know, a clay Travis. We ve had him on before there is there a certain pushed back on the right are specially online, but you'd you'd see more people stepping in and saying wait a minute. There's half the count. Is half the country like in me by the guy really like to readers, Brian Kaplan, and he had a good story. You combat this recently an he he's economist and he talks but how one of them weaknesses of discrimination, is that it creates profit. Opportunities for others right, like the the government we like to take credit where we got rid of we, we pass the civil Rights ACT and we pass this. We pass that it's like when you
look at the way the people were moving, leading up to those things. You realise that the people leave the politicians now we other way railway always the way these things work and its impact possible. We set our tat if you wanted to implement, get rid of the idea that you, let's just say you could have no black set at lunch counters again: man, that's came back into being legal force areas and right, Do this right? No one would do it because you'd be number one you'd, everyone would hate you. What a greater store anymore and number two. There be a million place. What take african american customers and happily accepted only place that I see this happening is with sports because they are embracing something that the audience doesn't embrace. The free market is saying: I don't want any of that. Look at the ratings they're down they're down for sure nitpicking, they're down they D. I mean, I think it's more reasons than just that. I do think that's part of it, but
his pointed in the in the column was where are the people taking advice. Image of this right now, almost every company seems aligned in yet if you say that, if you say that all lives matter, you're gonna be cancelled right at almost every company especially seems aligned in in embracing this social justice message that clearly by pulling by every single by every outcome is a divisive sort of idea for even like abortion, for example, can you find a company that would embrace the pro life stance I mean. Maybe they are mobile, page preacher mobiles a great example in their stepping in and they're doing out there doing exactly what Brian is asking about. Europe love, Patriot Mobile there, an awesome company but like shouldn't, Why does Patriot mobile have to do that? Why isn't Verizon doing it, but why is it eighteen t doing why
because I don't I've think honestly. Look at us. We speak our mind. We don't play the game we lay our chips and are our cards face up on the table. So everybody knows exactly we are we try be consistent, but sometimes we say things at our audience doesn't like at all: nip guy, that's who we are but even we are very careful on just not blurting stuff up we're not like the left left changes, blurt whatever, then they get. Your boy I was stupid should have said that we don't. We can't afford mistakes because they dog pile so any company that would want to do that, they know you're going to be painted. As a group of real haters and bigots and everything else they'll be painted and the left has an army. It's true, but like my pillow is an example of this, A company that makes great pillows and and
but they are also taking advantage of a market inefficiency which- they are getting absurdly low, and I don't know this Fundamentally, I don't know their business, but they are absurdly low rad rates for the out of audience Tucker Carl, and brings in every night right because nobody wants to could be more scared. Yeah, like the if Mercedes Regis, it was like a lot o k. I am put up at me. As on Fox NEWS, endorsing everything that Tucker Karlsson says, but right airs, and so conservatives dries Mercedes as well as liberals, attracting probably more may probably right, and so why aren't there more companies that step into that? Yes, I understand the pressure, but like the there is a huge opportunity and many companies have made their business that opportunity we ve done. We talked about doesn't the companies that have come to us
Oh hey! I wonder about advertisers, show and we ve built the company basically from scratch, not because we do not because of any ability that we have, but just the abyss. The of of these companies- to recognise that the people in this audience actually matter they care bout the people in this audience as much as they care about anyway. The let anyone by their products- and you know it's amazing- is the loyalty would be off the charges because, because we have all been told. We don't matter, we don't matter don't matter, we are not even worth listening to you not even worth inviting on to have a decent conversation with you're, not so we ve been called all kinds of names been kicked around were friendless if it comes he came in and it was a good company and they just said you know what we're not taken sides. We don't we're We do want to get involved in that we're not Peggy sides, but we think your important and we think that you
Should we, your valued customer just as much as the guy who voted the other way, I think I think an audience would eat that up yet, and I think some smart companies have done it right. There's a ton of advertisers on this in places like hobby lobby fall into that category. To me, when I dont like an overtly political company that, instead of what they believe you know like looking chick lay at some level with closing on Sundays. These things mean things to people, and there is, I think, such an opportunity for these companies to do this and their intentionally just be like now. What is that money on the table is not normally what big companies and capitalist companies do. And it's it's amazing, because the you don't even have to say all lives matter. All you have to say, as you know, we built our business in Amerika. We think America's the great I met such shocking. That's it! That's all! You have to wait we're trying to cancel Ruth Bayer Ginsburg Post death, because she,
but go to say that column Capper Nick was dumb. When she was asked about this and twenty sixteen. When he's taking any file. Ruth getting vader. Ginsburg said it was dumb. He was taking any and and now we ve moved so far- that No one's even able to point out that guess what call in cash, chronic is dumb we'll do it I'll do it I'll? Do it again? It's great variety. The job is done spots around do appear right. If you didn't already know, there's this time to realise that a r p is not your friend now, this is exactly what we're talking about a r P, when we were going through Obama CARE, I was watching a r p send all of their lobbyists down and they were lobbying for things that were action. You're hurting seniors would actually now good for seniors,
Looking at the European of women you're, not the company, that I thought you were, and that is when somebody said you know others. Be a better way to do this and they started a MAC, a a sea. It stands for. The association of mature american citizens is not only a better choice than a r p. It's the best choice. You're gonna, get all the discounts, the car, insurance, hotels, roadside assistance, dental plans, even cell phone service options that not otherwise have it'll make. Life easier. Save your money, an exact example. Company doing what we were just talking about. Yes, just saying you actually matter right and I believe, the same things that you believe and they will fight the good fight, so become a man Today, the benefits are great. The cause is even greater, join now Emma see dot. U S, slash back! That's a MAC, dot. U S slash back a MAC, it's better better for you better for America,
listening to Glenn back, hidden. Welcome to the Glen Back Programme, When did the this is how little I watch tv When did the b c undecided. Voter town hall happen. What's wrong. There was one is a trump town all or, as I know, this is the undecided voters selected by ABC too, disappeared in the town hall. Yes, with president trompe about was this week this past week at some point last week at some well so an enlightened did want to and like binds question seemed a little more favourable from the its shockingly
I saw he had always Soyuz. Little crazy is maybe not so shockingly apparently, some of the undecided voters were, We decided one had posted before for the undecided. ABC show trumpet effing more on swine, a pig I feel so for First Lady Maloney, a tramp called voters losers for the wall. On the? U S, border with Mexico that doesn't sound like a undecided voter to me, but that, the screening process, I guess of ABC News- is the Glenn Back programme.
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