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The Lies Become Clear | Guests: Megyn Kelly & Emily Miller | 9/8/21

2021-09-08 | 🔗

Communist Cuba bans “misinformation,” but leftists in America are still spreading plenty of lies. Dr. Fauci was caught lying again, and Glenn breaks it down. Megyn Kelly joins to discuss the trans agenda her children’s school is teaching. Glenn gives more context to a Fox News report about an email that shows just how much the State Department has stood in the way of private efforts to evacuate Afghanistan. Journalist Emily Miller joins to talk Project Exodus’ efforts to rescue people in Afghanistan. Battle of Benghazi veteran Mark “Oz” Geist predicts what’s coming next after Biden’s Afghanistan blunder. Glenn reads some modern-day poetry: Lizzo’s hit song “Phone,” in which she asks, “Where the hell my phone?”

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hello, America, and welcome until the Glenda programme. Today, a mighty fine shoe coming here with dramatic reading of lives, you say who's Lizzie, whose lives so where Dale my bow, dramatic reading of some of the greatest music ever produced coming up also on today show we have Megan Kelly. We have. We have laws with us, the guy who was in Benghazi. You remember him. He was in Benghazi he's now in Afghanistan. Saving people will talk to him. I've got a few things to say about the states requirements and give you an update on all of that and Afghanistan, but for we have to start with couch. He lies People died. The latest
this nonsense. This criminal nonsense from Anthony vouches programme bill started thirty seconds. First, let me tell you up Michel. She lives in Arizona, she wrote a while back, but our experience with relief factor. She says I originally purchased relief factor for my husband, but I d to try to well. I clean houses, I'm in my fifties and I have pretty regular aches and pains when I took relief. after it started working literally within a few days, and it worked for my husband is well. We love relief factor. Thank you Michel thanks for sharing your story, love here and from people who have been positively affected by relief factor because happened to me and I love to hear that people are getting out of pain in getting their life back like I have its changed, my life. I take a three the day as directed, and I would suggest that you do it too. Now try the three we quicksand,
maybe it's not working with three in three weeks, its most likely not gonna work for you so percent of the people who try it for three weeks go onto order more every single month. Try the three week, quick start now for one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five go to relieffactor dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four relieffactor dot com. Eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four well before we get to fancy. I just one. I just want to share this piece of information from the communist government of Cuba. They have just put into effect decree thirty five decree thirty. Five is legislation that bans you ready. That bans the spread of false news or messages and content deemed offensive, or,
which incite mobilization or other acts. They upset public order This is decree thirty, five from the communists. Caution, heard that some place before Haven't you, though, who attempt to subvert the constitutional order, will be considered cyber terrorists and we don't know exact, what the punishment is in Cuba for cyber terrorists, but I could gas the regulation, it provides the different incidents. In fact, in the network environment such as cyber bowling bullying, fake news and blocking of counts in social networks, pornography, cyber terrorism. So or war and social subversion. I just want
to keep this in mind that the communist country of Cuba. just pass decree? Thirty five that says you know, there's a lot of misinformation out there. And we just need to stop it right now. We need to stop it. There will be penalties if you are lying about this government now it seems like those who lie are not really ever punished here. In Amerika, for instance, did you know Rachel Matter still has her. You know Joe role it's taken horse, medicine in and there's where all that had. Seventy percent and obey border comin in her own room, a horse medicine she still has set up it has in and banned it hasn't been marked. Is misinformation or dis information? No she's, fine, she's, fine
all good, even though we found out, seventy percent actually turns out to be two percent and the after she was quoting. Does work there anymore hasn't been there for a while and never treated anybody with cove it. But that is completely true component Lee true she does. fall under decree? Thirty five apparently Neither does Vouchers algae has lied under oath mean anything anymore so there is what we debated back in the nineties with Bill Clinton you're under oath when you're under oath. Does it mean anything apparently no depends on. The definition of is what the definition of is is ok, all right, so can play. Word games o k I thought we were looking for the truth. Now we're looking to play word games and boy. The left is:
raided playing word games. Now, I'm not sure the word game that is still played to get Fouche II from underneath his lie in congressional testimony and and Did happen more than once in fact ran Paul to him at one point, do you want to reconsider any of you? testimony you don't know what you're talking about. I'm a scientist. Man ah yeah era, paused. Yes, a dummy he's an eye doctor you're if there really go and get a degree or do any scientific stuff with eyes. I there right there in your face, Is there or is there a nail in your eye? Hoo hoo, a doktor pull it out you're, not really a doctor, so each is to make him feel like he is just a worm that just doesn't understand.
Well, I'm a self educated man and I I understand what gain of function? Research is blood, ran, Paul, doesn't know I'm guessing, neither do all of the now scientists that are coming out and going what C. yesterday on what is this serve the website term, the understanding of the inner SAM. The intercept was started by Grant Glenn Green Walled, gay and its Thee it's the organisation that he left, because They were starting to censor people and starting to say no again have that opinion here, which is the exact opposite of what they were started for. They went after ran Paul and We're trying to defend faulty so He put out a freedom of information ACT to show faulty isn't lying and get him ran Paul well
Fortunately, it turned out differently and at least have the credibility, or at least have the honesty to them hide these documents, but instead to go. While look at this, looks like found she was lying here. You mean the highlights, they got nine hundred pages of documents. The intercept detailing the work of the Eco Health Alliance have talked a lot about them over the years. A there's a lot more coming. Yeah you s, Base health organization that use federal money to fund back corona virus research at the chinese laboratory. One of the grants titled understanding the risk of Bat Corona Iron's virus emergence really, every time I try to start reading these things, I think to the John Stewart Interview where he's like its name, her arrival it like it is one of those things right, but it outlined in an ambitious effort led by Eco Health Alliance, Peter dashing. Who is it
good friend of faulty. There is more to follow on this. We're gonna be doing a show, and this may be in the next blood weeks, the the You need to understand, found she is Missy Co Alliance. I mean there is a very strong bond here anyway? So the idea, was to screen thousands of bat samples for novel corona viruses on the search involved in screening people who work with live animals, the dock, It contains several critical details about the research into hot, including the fact that key experimental work with humanised mice, which we ve talked about as well, who conducted at biosafety level. Three lab not level for lab at the wheel on in excuse me the war on University Centre for animal experiment, not that they will hot instituted virology, which is an interesting detail, though, doesn't necessarily change. Much the background of irish grey. provided Eco Health alliance, with a total of three point: one million dollars, including five hundred and ninety nine thousand- that they will hunt
sensitive urology used in part to identify and alter by corona viruses likely to infect humans o Alina. Don't I'm sorry what was at work that a word that was in there? They are altered all term alter yes gain a function, alter bs, okay, to see what to see bat, corona viruses could be likely to infect humans, have. That seems like the very definition of gain a function, the grant proposal itself, knowledge is some dangers of Sociedad with experiments field work involves the highest risk of exposure to Sars or other krona viruses, while working in caves with high bat density overhead and the potential for fecal dust to be inhaled, which is a method but that on the big advertisement for the job? No, that's that's like this later they tell you about that illegal Chan.
killer biologist at the Broad institute said the documents show that Eco Health Alliance has reason to take the lab league. Very seriously in this Also, they actually point out that they know how risky the work is. They keep talking about people being bitten and they can records of everyone who got bitten does Eco health eco help have those records and if not, how can they possibly rule out research related accident, it goes on in detail, but this is the basic outline of this and am this is similar to the gain of functioning. That fancies trying to use to get out of give defrauding. All of these are all this. Testimony is finally to say why if the rules as to what Geena function is take us, if, like your doctor, says hey, you need eat healthy and you say I will eat healthy. I make a set of rules that decides what food is healthy, like, for example, peanut cookies are healthy. They have peanut butter in them right so he's
totally stretching the definition because he was able to design the definition, so he can say. Of course it was a gate, a function, research and by this definition. Surely that's true because he designed the definition so another words it. It's almost as if it depends on what the definition of is. Yes, I would say is actually right now. We as Americans have to decide Do we all know what the definition of is is. Do we all understand the bay? The concept of high am gonna, take bunch, corona viruses and from bad some little squeeze some back juice Adam, and I will make him up in his paint shaker. And then we're gonna inject demeans amass, would put some human as lungs and see if they get sick and if they go we'll try really hard not to get it. That's what happened
You can dress it up any way you want use, if that's ridiculous, stated in Europe ain't shaker might as well have might well have why not? I mean they were using a lab that was not equipped for this. There were using a lab that wasn't for this, we paid for it now. found she lied and people died that should be everywhere. and here's. Why First of all, the american people would have forgiven been very, very forgiving if the, government would have come out at at times right at the beginning and said: hey guys.
The mask thing: we just need you to not wear masks. We need you to bring masks to the hospital, because I know people I did and I know other people that brought asks. I had lots of, and ninety five masks cause I'm a proper. I brought them to. The hospital I've been famously Michael and L, regret Refractive refashioned his entire factory to write, masks and in and right of equipment. For so that we would have done that, but they don't trust the american people. They don't trust you, so they treat you like you're, an imbecile or a baby. If they would have said crap, You know we were working on some stuff and we warned about all of this and everything else, but look, I think we may have been involved if they would have said that it would have been bad, but it wouldn't be as bad as it
going to be now they have strewed science they have destroyed. stability, they have made it all about who's. The scientist pick your scientist pick. the winner. They have politicized the entire. Your process, foul g should have paid for that with his job I think you should pay for it with jail time. what did he know that heat covered up that could have help save people faster. These are things are the things that he knew still knows that he hasn't shared. That could help. This, isn't just China. This is felt This is our corrupt elements in the government, whose involved
now I have to question drug makers. because I don't know what they knew, what they didn't know. I don't know that permit knew what found she told them? What he didn't tell them why? Why is it that infirm, actin and Hydroxyl chloric win is off limits? Why? Those are trust, did drugs their cheap there rugs that we already have in the system that help the symptoms and help reduce, pain and suffering of covered, but you're, not to talk about that? Why why They ve been dismissed. Why is I see the ringleader of that. Why Is Cuba shutting down the internet, because By knows there lying. Why is social media being shut down will be because the government is asking them to.
Because everybody here knows our government is lying Joe Rogan said yesterday. What am I gonna have to do so as soon see an end to get them copying sub spreading. These lies about me and covered how Joe Joe. I will help you fund that lawsuit. Do it man do it back in a minute bill bar, sometimes in the middle of the morning after breakfast before lunch, I kinda hankering. You know higher for a snack? That's almost overwhelming, thankfully built or is there now sometimes- and this is also just as rare get a hankering between breakfast and that snack before lunch and thank Lily built bar. Is there being don't bars there in the middle of the night, when I'm stumbling through, my house weaken nearly starving to death Milburgh, it's me through
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to the modern generations Pearl Harbor moment a day that felt like in a day of infamy and we're still feeling the repercussions of it, but too many we don't even know what it is. More importantly forget it nine, eleven! Nine Levin changed America, our kids, don't know what Amerika was like before nine eleven. You could walk to you love ones, to the gate of the airport, new grandma didn't After have, you know, be stripped, searched. You could talk on the phone, send an email Send mail not have to worry about the essay or the FBI, logging, everything you say or the postman B. A spy for the government and our kids, None of us knew what, to decades of war. Look like everything and on that day but in remembering nine eleven we need to look towards the future.
Because the clown show in Washington DC is setting us up for something bigger than nine. Levin they bunk The Afghanistan withdraw, and now we have video of top Al Qaeda commanders who served with Bin Laden turning and running the country by now planning to do an Obama to o in a rack. Never forget, is not just a tribute to those we have lost. It is a warning that it could happen again tonight, eight on blaze, tv at nine, P, M Eastern bindings Middle EAST chaos, our deal, This path to the now Nine eleven you don't want. miss this we will show you things that mainstream media is not showing and things that no one No one else is talking about tonight, now:
nine p M, prepare for the future. By respecting the past there is a statement out of the W h YO, which I It's gonna come as a shock to use to the Dutch You chose, says Cove id: will mutate, like the flu It is likely to stay that way. seem like the place we are in. Yes, that does seem like that. So, what's going to happen, I dont, as a delta, doesn't put. It does seem like it's going to be around for a very long time. At least it's exactly what I said would happen back door. I don't know January before everybody was panicked about it. I said. Look. Of? Don't fear the don't fear that death toll fear, what's gonna happen, the ramifications of the economy and
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in the old days? You had to be on one of the three networks or you had to be on the ABC radio Network, and I was pretty much it now there are so many vehicles and you can start them yourselves as Megan care. did are our guest. She started the making Kelly show on podcast she's been through the networks and now she is joining us on triumph which is a serious exam channel that we're on. She follows our programme now today at noon. Eastern welcome to the programme again Kelly. How are you hi glad? It's so good to me? together again in this moment and in the main them more macro sensitive on triumph. So I have to tell you? I listened to your ipod cast almost every day. as to your just talking about your broadcaster alarm yesterday,
it was you just doing a great job. I have to ask you why, the more hours to your day, you know what I didn't. I did was basically move the podcast to live radio show. So it's all one and the same now As you know, the mother of three kids under the age of twelve, so there's only so many hours in the day right and one of the Reseller Fox News- was actually see them and raise my own kid. So I didn't want to do two hours, radio, jars, a pike ass. He saw this is perfect for me. Oh it folds them all into one, and now people can sort of hear me do too cast live without a net which, as you know, is kind of exciting fun and a good state calls, which is something I ve. Never I've never done before. With my audience, so Megan I saw in an interview that you said you, you left your son schools you're, the in school, because the boys were asked weekly if there still sure they were boys. Can I tell you about
story a blue. I've talked a lot about my son school that I left and I I loved this school. It's an amazing school were really sad that it took the turn that it took. I took its conduct just for drama, but what we found out from our sun first ball when he was in third grade, we found a day unleashed a three week. Experimental transgender education programme on these boys will really inappropriate videos. The kids were confused he's here. Nine year olds gland, they don't know they have no idea what the schools even talking about with the Trans thing, and They got really in depth with really in your face videos and then parents complaint and this well did something hasn't done in its four hundred year, history, which was they apology, Even they realize they had done wrong. Then I said my son, a year later, so how Did they ever round back to the Trans thing like whatever happened and he's like every week, unlike what he said they bring it up. Every week I said how he said well
they they manage to work into a lot of the conversations that you know in some places there are one how they believe there are one hundred genders. How many people here still feel cough is there a boy? Do you still feel sure you're a boy has, however, they also ask you that he said about once a week like Doug. I said to my husband were at work out of here. This is not support. is not non bullying? This is in after a nation and its deeply confusing to the children and wrong sewed. You know I've heard this story before and I I have heard you answer, are they still sure they are boys one hundred percent by weight so what are you doing because he is in New York? I mean that's all New York seems to be now I'm cool it's happening in Texas. and happening in Oklahoma mean it gotta, be it every school in New York City. It's it's child under the auspices of non believers right and so that's why they parade girl,
those who were never expressing any gender confusion up on stage because they're going through it of time, and suddenly they say there trans that their Trans boys, they parade them up on stage at these all girls, schools and they get snaps, right, like you're, going to celebrate this, even though in eighty one of the cases it's a passing phase, it's the result of the girls going through it used to be Anorexia, used to be cutting, and now some of these girls are choosing to say they have joined. confusion, because its trendy, and that the difference between those things as you know, cause your breasts when you're erect. Now you have other physical problems, but there are breezes. Parents are putting their kids in hospitals to solve that not defeat it right. We celebrate again. who is clearly thin. Who goes on stage and says I think I'm fat nobody's giving snaps for that, and so that the whole, the ideology has turned support non bull. in kindness, friendship, ally, ship on its head,
Will you have the there's a new study on our transgender mortality rate, much higher than the then they regular population, so people who have add transgendered surgery. There even worse off than the people who have just gender disorient Glenn. I worry, have trans people in our family and one whose rather close but your family and this person had the full transition the surgery in everything. really wound up, saying it it didn't solve. Manhattans it created more of them, were created. More all the things you know how it is we all have unhappiness is in our life. We all have things that we would remind you that for due process, I think for a lot of trans people, people who think they're Trans They view the surgery, their transition. You know the living life has the opposite sex as the answer to those thing right that we all suffer from
It's not the answer to all those problems and in fact it can create a lot of new problems that are now reversible if you have the surgeon. So here's the here's, a really scary thing. This is happening now because of social media. It's happening with girls who never ever were having this. This problem and its happening with mainly girls that are, are doing all kinds of things to the body? They, the doktor, These aren't allowed to say well now, wait a minute, let's slow down, let's talk about it, how some cans, how about some counselling and they're going through this surgery and its cause just by social media. Many people believe it least. For the numbers that are happening. This is Criminal, absent the criminal, the absolute surrender of Medical community to this insanity is a scourge on this nation. It's disgusting. What's happening with our doctors. There are people who are ill Jim ITALY transition
who have gender disorder and for those people we be supportive and they should get the care that they need, but what we ve done instead is taken every one who expresses any sort of gender confusion and said your trans. Your trust- and we have our psychiatry doing this, whereas instead of probing what's happening in your family are going through a divorce? I? U suffering from bullying. Have you been in the target? Lobbies? Girls thereof, wait. They have acne they're, not popular, maybe they're. On the spectrum. That's sadly been the case in some of these instances where, instead of going within actual diagnosis of being simply on the autism spectrum. They get a diagnosis of your trans and parents is dead or saying. Oh, I will take that. Ok, that's that's like Wendy thing that the king, it snaps war as opposed to being mildly autistic. It's it's crazy and in that and the thing is Glenn the medical community, not only they say yes, a firmer firm, but once you prescribe P blockers and then test
round to a young girl who suddenly saying she's a boy she's infertile. She cannot have children and the fact we're doing this so Willy nilly and in the name of ally, Shepherd greener support is its abuse. it's all. I remember I am so sick of the ally ship in the older. This bull crap, we're over in the Middle EAST and we have saved homosexuals. We have saved women, we have saved children and Ed every step of the way where's, the National Organization of women where's the me to movement. Where, the algae Bt Q. I movement. Where are they their nowhere to be found its ally, these civil rights organs nations that claim to be leading civil rights, their bogus It's a sham. All of it is a sham you and I both know there. They might
be there to help you. If you're a liberal Democrat you maybe not not even necessary Look at tar red, lifelong limb? Democrat accused I went to time's up was basically told to pound sad because at organization with a needed don running? Their communications was tied up with Joe Biden, so they lied to her and said all we never take a case that involves a politician. Will it true and now that organization is completely been its fallen apart, I mean being the entire borders reside now the head of that company would or that organization was helping Andrew Cuomo instead of the accusers it they're corrupt there there there too, cosy up to power not to fight it. And they certainly have no interest in helping somebody who has an hour after they their name. That's why Caitlin Jenner, who buy he's coming to my show today with Leary elder that I believe that over that's why she she she's hated by them. You would think Caitlin gender she's, the most famous Trans person in the world. They can't stand her or not, she has spoken out on transit use, but because you
conservative, republican right, so Megan. how is this? Are we making progress? I mean I feel, like the world is absolute on fire. The world I described where everyone said. I was not it's not gonna happen, Is the world were living in now it's the beginning of that world, and I, You have some hope because I've seen average purse people stand up and say I'm not playing this game anymore. I'll just do it myself and I think there is a group? Peter desire universally for the truth and just not I'm not I'm! Sorry, I'm not going to play the game, I'm not going to be an ally things that are not true. Now are we better! Worse, where are we in this cycle? Do you think I don't think we're?
doing better on the trans front? I have to say, I think, we're still stuck in the midst of a crisis in understanding how to deal with that I think, on the realisation of the nation I feel like people are fighting back now. That's been so prevalent our schools with ASEAN, tea in the diminishing of black people because of their skin color and the shaming of white people because of theirs and parents, our fight, back on that auricular civilians? If you well, civilian, not people like pundits, like you and me put, but aren't I don't know about the transiting put I or to all of these things kind of connected like Anthony She has zero credibility and that thing it's gonna come on done in a big way, so we're we're. We're not listening to authority. Figures were not listening to these, so called lions gods. We weird we're Lou, king for common sense, coupled if science and coupled with facts but we're listening and giving the credibility you can go.
try to smear people like you used to, try to smear you and destroy you. Try to smear means us and destroy me. I don't think it works don't think any of this stuff. I think it's all coming. Undone. The agreement also say that I dont no, I like to say yes, because I've generally believed that you don't fight when somebody cause your racist, all too, as I cannot, I dont get out there and say no, no, no, because who you gonna, persuade me We want to believe that about you are determined to believe it and your fans, the people who know what they don't believe it to begin with it. They don't need to hear you take on. You know these crimes, These who use those terms indiscriminately. So I I've just long believe, there's no moving people on things like that. I do think that these terms, no bigotry whether it has to do with gender sexuality race. What have you they ve been completely delay did to the point now where they have far less meaning and the end. That's that's a shame right. They use
she mean something where they could change people's hearts and they don't anymore, but I do think read the regular civilians up my neighbors. Let's say you know, people who live next to it. When I met the Jersey Shore and the summer, they are still afraid, of these very loud, woke warriors it's a small group. I think they think that their their bigger than I think it's ten percent of the population that- and I do think people like us who have these microphones if we don't start being louder louder and encouraging people to push back against this nonsense in their schools at their corporations in their sports in their media in their Hollywood choice, since then then we're gonna lose than that ten percent is gonna, grow and grow and grow and become even more powerful, Megan Kelly, always good to talk to you a lot to spend some time. I hope you are following. What's going on with the state Department in Afghanistan, it is a crime and needs to be exposed. Thank you so much Megan. You can hear her on her podcast or now you can hear on Channel one eleven. It's the truth.
The channel, if here listening to us on X, I'm serious now just but where it is she'll be on right after this programme Megan. Thank you so much. I was good doctor. glad love love. You bet all right. If you're, like a lot of other Americans out there, you're getting pretty tired of seeing the left, is disease of the mind creeping more and more quickly into literally every aspect of our lives and society. Now it's even part of our cellphone coverage when big mobile companies like Verizon, are taking aside and doing things like funding plan. Parenthood. Patriot mobile, America's only christian conservative wireless provider and they offer broad nation wide coverage. In fact, they use the same towers, all the other, your carriers are using so alone. They also have plans to fit any budget there, one
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four hundred and thirty million people now the Good NEWS is its right next to Texas. So if you are thinking about having abortion, you can just go to Mexico. I do think long term and I fully support The legal challenges to the abortion nonsense And rovers is weighed, but term really to stop this. You can't stop it by we restricting it you're in the United States, you could help it along, but there's already there's already organizations that will illicit really send Abortion medication through the mail from Europe to american citizens is already happening. So if of roses way were to go away. That's the type of stuff that would be going on. People would fund trips to their country's yield? How other states. You'd have to get your mail Dona back alley right now. No real now and that's the thing it really does take the
Engine of hearts and minds yet died over a long period of time will always not joined away to do what they want to do. It should, He'll be illegal! Believe me: yes, a hundred per cent on board on that, but like to actually stop at long term. Here too, I have to make people not want to do it now in a completely unrelated story. there was a seven point: no earthquake in Mexico? that is really large, boulders tumbled in the roads and the earthquake or tectonic plates. I say whether the ok, I wasn't It wasn't, are you sure it was she's not you, do not stop at knock it. Why? You don't think it was the biggest producer arrive, brinish area bugging, you hurt. We talk about a MAC before you, ve heard me
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hello, America and welcome to the program I have. I have some information about what is going on in Afghanistan and the State Department. My opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the Nazarene Fund, Mercury one, but I have I have some things that have to be said: I'm going to share a memo with you that has just been released from another organization and I'm going to try to tie some things together for you to do that in sixty seconds standby You know also stu. I have you heard of Lisbon
whether it s a new variant, no value do ethnicity, variant. The lizard variant is going around. Can you does play a little bit of this great song causes a beautiful saw? I found this What gotta Helma Buckingham Palace. Again. What I tell my stop, I don't wanna play too much of it. Costs too much of a good thing. I was at the point. I almost had a very good thing. I've got a few comments on this. Well, maybe get too that this our next? please, tell me she finds or phone well, I don't want to plant I want to. I don't want to spoil it, for you. Ok really factor This shouldn't be a hard question to answer: how many days a week. Do you wake up feeling like somebody's? You know, stuck a brick in a sock and beat you with it during the night, how many
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relief factor dotcom eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four. I want to give you something that was revealed on Fox yesterday, and I want to give you some perspective on this. According to Fox NEWS, these department refuse to grant official approval for private evacuation flights from Afghanistan, to land in third countries, even though Parliament conceded that official authorization would like he be needed for planes to land in those nations. I will explain this: yes, today blinking in the State Department said this just a paper work snafu! That's all this is first, while something that goes on for days and days and days and gets people killed, is not a snafu. Ok, that's a deep problem and it
A systemic problem, seemingly in the state Department, so we take off and we have a plane, we need permission to land at the airport and we can get that and then We need permission from the state Department. that allows you to take off and land at another airport. The state department, explicitly stated charter flights, even those containing american citizens would now be allowed to land at Defence Department, airbases, ok, fine, nobody's, trying to land plain Addio, debase that at least we are not some. Are we or not? We have price the airports! We have major airports in major cities, but see The problem is the the state department needs to give us
ignorance to land there. Eric Montalvo he organised a series of private flights. Evacuating those stranded in Afghanistan shared an email. and others with Fox news. After is population efforts were repeatedly hampered by the federal government, This is what the email says. I want you to listen to this No, we independent charters are allowed to land at such an air force base. the Military AIR Force base. You mention in your communication with Samantha Power, in fact. No charters are allowed to land at a d O D base and me Steve all, if not all countries in the Middle eastern region, with the exception of perhaps Saudi Arabia, will allow charters to land. You will defined another destination country, and it can't be The? U S either end quote.
So what they're saying is he had Saudi Arabia. Maybe Saudi Arabia will do it, but. you can't landed any Deo DE base and Taken that airport to any place in the Middle EAST now, why is that? Because landed planes in the Middle EAST. Why is that big? The state department is now cracking down on these flights. Why why you do that. Will they have a reason They say because they don't those on the plane. They don't knows on this plan as it could We will be a terrorist that such bull. crap and they know it their hope. You don't know it first wall. Everybody who is on the plane there's a manifest there has to be a manifest who who's in every seat. That matter es, goes through. A government agency called all fac. They
They will and look at that manifest and run it through their database K. Then that goes to the state Department, with all facts, stamp of approval. Virgil both to say. Yes, it can land in these countries. Are I. once there down on the ground. These people are checked again. It's like These state Department thinks there. You know you're just landing a plane in any country, and they don't have. You know up ass poured office when you into a country they I ask you all kinds of questions will its work. Worse for these people These people aren't leaving the airport they're going to another housing facility, usually on the airport, on the top. Back there, never leaving the razor wire and That's when these countries do
final check. Your name is on the manifest. That's you. Let me see your documentation. Let's talk of me a minute how'd you get this flight What do you do for a living, all of them things are done now, They said, listen to this first in this memo the State Department says you can't land. In any middle eastern country? Maybe you can get Saudi Arabia and you can't bring him here to the United States. Ok, now. No independent charters are allowed to land at these military air bases you will need to find another destination once we have had discussions with. Another host destination country and reached an agreement, they may vigour
Italy will. They may require some indication from the? U S, government that we proof of this charter flight. Now this is just so the United States government they No, who everybody is? They don't know what's going on and they want make sure that these charter flights are not. Human smugglers that these aren't traffic in human souls, and so they do. Is they ask for the state Department? Do you know while this flight do approve of this flight, yes or no, yes, ok, Then we can land if they say no, that country in It takes that as an indication that the United States, it is against that flight. The Flight shouldn't land because they can't vouch for they have no idea what's going on. They have no idea, no idea. We don't know who you're dealing with here.
That is so. That is so. insulting. And they are hoping that you don't know this. Let me continue once you ve had discussions with the host destination country reaching an agreement they may require some indication from the. U S government that we approve of this chart charter flight, the department, State will not provide an approval, but will provide a objection to the destination country government view the: U S embassy in that country that good enough. That's not good enough these charters. Are the lifelong lifeline, the you government has come out? and they are taking credit for things and I'm not talking about our flight. I don't care, I don't care, I just want.
These people out- but I do know people We are working hard to get people out and there too, in all the risk, doing all of the work and the State Department is coming out in saying we just got these people out no He didn't know they didn't You just for some reason gave that plane the abyss, ready to land. That's not getting people out, that's not saving! That's doing your basic job. That's just not can tenuous, their imprisonment corral. That's it! That's all Logistic Jabez checking a box, that's it! They also we're trying to take credit for people who made it. by foot the traverse, the entire nation and educated to a neighbouring country know a guy we got em out only mean you'd gotten out about you didn't get em out here is here's Chuck humor yesterday! Listen to this. cut one. Please.
At the moment? Actually, I'm still focus on trying to get some of those brave Afghans out the Americans. All of them wanted to come out of come out for building having swallowed various Afghans who risk their lives for our soldiers and others. Many got out some didn't and I'm still working on trying to get some of them out. Stop stop. this is insulting again to your intelligence. He's working, hard to get some of them out. Maybe he is, God bless him. Maybe he maybe he's working with some organisations and I no there's a lot of senator's son. on both sides of the Isle that our justice, dedicated is your eye on trying to get these people out, but, we all know. The state department is the biggest problem. We all know that Are intentionally blocking and it's not just the state Department is in collusion with the White House.
And they're playing games like you, they don't have. Right: paperwork: what you mean I have the right paperwork. What paperwork do they now, while the? need to get a release from the embassy. There is no embassy quote a will. You're just gonna have to figure that out. End quote. We're just going to have to figure that out laughing marking. you're just gonna have to figure that out. There is no embassy, what the hell came. Are you people playing. our planes are down on the ground. Still it was a week ago that I went in and did the stew show after a brief, it was a week ago today, where the stuff
department grounded our planes to today is the day a week ago, that I found out that the state Department grounded our planes and, what's worse- The manifest to the Taliban in brooding over a hundred Americans. Those people are all now scattered. We hope, they're all safe. We won't know until we can get approval to fly them out. Here's what's happening. Cam airways, these are the people we we purchased. rented these planes from there are seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, I hope to God. I don't oh this, I'm not running these operations. I hoped
god we are not having to pay for every day that those planes still sit on the ground we may have to how the people could be saved with money alone, hopeful that's not happening, but he's planes. We have four of them that I've been sitting on the ground on the tarmac for a week now how we have possibly gotten them out. Let me tell you how it should have worked and what the state Parliament is actually doing. I believe, right now. In sixty seconds American financing, Annabel Ass, one eight do three: three: four W W W that animal, less consumer access, dot org when you're the rest of twenty twenty one most market experts think that the mortgage rates are gonna stay in the MID three percent range, maybe a bit higher, but that's what the that is going to do not what these banks are going to do.
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here's. What's here's what's happening? They trust to the Taliban, more then they trust these Ngos. The state department does and that's apparent because They will give the manifest to the Taliban because they sake we don't have people on the ground, will then get people on the ground. we have people on the ground. Why the Almighty State Department. Put people on the ground. Are you afraid is too dangerous for you. So I have people on the ground, so they can't that people, that's why they want to do this. Let me tell you what happened a week ago. the state department- God Bent out of shape because we and Other Ngos are making them look bad, the American p bull or making them look bad because the Eric and people are getting a job done well, they have won lever and that ground those planes, and so And they found out that we were
Why in planes at another airport, while everybody was looking over here, damn right! That's what you do when you are saving lives. Look over there look over there look over there why, we're flying about somebody gets, bugger up there ass and there, like wait a minute? What these four airplanes, who is on these planes? You already have the manifest they stopped it. They brought it mention to that airport the Taliban? responded and shows up at that airport. Then turn over the manifest cause. They don't want any trouble with the Taliban and those people are sitting on the plane. Then they have to go into hiding and you know what's happening right now. I can guarantee it. I can guarantee it. CAM Airways- would negotiates with the governments for the The the flights they say how much of your landing fees, how much of the take off fees and
replaying you land or fly and has to pay those every plane so they vary from airport to airport and country to country they were negotiating with the Taliban, the ruling government now and it might have cost? Maybe a hundred thousand dollars. I dont know fifty thousand, who knows but CAM Airways would have paid for that. That's that's what they do, but instead the state, parliament came in now? what state department with giant bags of money and all all kinds of Christmas toys that the Taliban wants now they are negotiating and I can guarantee you. They are go shading for things that we would have. No, negotiated for women. We I mean Don't why even talking to us, we don't have anything to do with that. I can guarantee you they are negotiating now to be recognised as the official government. We're going to see bags
of cash now they're going to do it in the middle of the night, but I'm telling you bags of cash palates of cash thee the official sanctioning of the Taliban as the government, whatever It's going to be in it all going to happen because the federal government in the middle of it and thought they were. They needed to do it because the american people just can't do it and they have rooted up and you are going to pay a financial price. and a terror price for their mistakes and I believe some of these people, if they haven't already, are going to pay the old
price with their lives all because of ego and politics, all of it. Where is the compassion we Is the common sense. where the hell is the president. You know this is all going to the State Department, but we, documentation and others have documentation that show the White House is in ITALY of involved. You can't shut this. Just the start, state department, the White House is involved in this. It's time to ask the questions. Why why and what are you negotiating for with the Taliban out of our way and let people
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exactly like amounts bar. If you like brownies and choice, chip it. Men ice cream, that's what they're mean Brownie tastes like coming. It's amazing and their healthy for you low in car blowing calorie high protein high in fibre bill, dotcom user, practical effect, fifteen and say fifteen percent at built. Dotcom built dot com part of New Studios America, media can make little cry again, we'll see tonight. Eight p m Easter, not blaze tv placed on council escalate I'll make you proud, more guys, tears oz. If you remember Afghanistan, he was there about Afghanistan. He was therein Benghazi. He was one of those left behind by our govern four hours and hours and hours we're gonna talk
in about a half an hour from now stay right, where your also Emily Miller, she's a journalist she's. All former state to Burma, deputy press secretary under the Bush administration and He joins us now, you find her Emily Post NEWS, dot com or your followers on Twitter, it Emily Miller. If she is Ben details what's going on in Afghanistan, and I, I've been reading her every day, she's very, good Emily. Thank you for your kind. bridge and your honesty welcome. Do you think you know me, I'm so glad to talk to you. I been falling every detail. What you ve been doing found tat. These people out and I'm just glad we're all- doing what they can Jeff everybody's I mean it is really a thing to see, I don't see any in fighting. I dont see anybody you know taking victor, except for
state Byron taking victory lapse. Everybody is just working together and trying their best to do. What they can and we're all kind of our pieces together, which is nice. If we look at this, I think in history as two things, one the greatest failure of the United States government in history by far but number two, the strength of the american people law. A president Present Biden is so weak, so weak and because of handling active government fell apart, you can't do its job, but in that boy came of all of us, you know, is the special forces up Does he started their thing? We'll go ourselves? Can many of them have been many them appearing on? It will go out and get our guys out and, as you said, the Ngos, in that year. Unless you are taking in the name.
they're getting on aircraft are, however, and- and what measures we started. This group comprises accidents and special forces operator. I guess I didn't even know a week ago- and so now part of the accident has joined with have- I don't know how many names are coming to us now and were tracking him all we're getting their passport numbers for the american we're getting there. I said these days for the others, and we are talking to all of them every day, data give them safety, information and plan rescues. However, just as you said, he was two days ago. We we consolidate it all back all the time its backing best known wine are good but understand them across the country, and we share, entirely share names who share databases. This is the strength of the american people. This is what I want. I hope not the people of Afghanistan see that, even though the government on government has failed failed so miserably, you can always trust the trap. American people
I also hope, our enemies around the world see that, due to you that we are not weak a president this week where's. and we always do our job, bearing that. That is a great great point. You know when Russia planned all kinds of invasions in America, the thing. They never had on the board was an invasion from Mexico through Texas because they knew Texan stand up, and I think I hope that the our enemy see that here that normal what our government says about us. It's not true. It's not true weakness of this president does not have nothing to do with weakness, the american people and our enemies or There were in Afghanistan, the Russians, the Chinese. They they see that I mean they see this because they see. And on the ground there fighting they see, helping the northern resistance for giving them into helping them, unfortunately, has been a horror
happened to them, because the Pakistan, Pakistan, are weapons that where funding in Pakistan, when used against the northern forces, its shameful fight the our enemies, no, the Taliban, ICES K being now Americans are in there and will not walking away from this. They can put up. That's stupid, thorough with the green knight, bridging goggles a black person, leaving that Knocker Bachelorship failure, success is going to be that we stayed and we went back we're going to get these people out there so help me out on a couple of things. Let's start with the number of Americans that are their chuck tumor just said yesterday, every American that wants to be out is out. Well, I know we have over a hundred ourselves that are in safe houses.
and ready to get out wanting to get out been sitting there with airplanes for a week now and Cancun out, yet I know you're planes and others for one second on the plane. I want people to understand is not just about this explains, I think, gotten somewhat confused in the media. The conscious was suspended, planes in your p. It's about that. This is a really country to get out of here. I don't think is this: not France, where you can just walk across the border to the better country. This is a really complicated country the best way we can get these Americans out is biplanes. We can't get them out a plan, because the state Department won't. Let us have the right doc invitations to fly to other countries. So once those explain
Heart damages are putting more people on planes and, like you said, all people weren't state houses in the dark, and these are safe house. It people who are stuck in Kabul cancel the airport caused the. U S was therefore right that the bill, oh here, is to get everyone to fly out. Unfortunately, if this continues like this with the State Department, we're going to have to start using language and that's so much. a dangerous and so much more difficult. But, as you suggest, for hard numbers, I am The numbers that I keep hearing- and I heard this from someone inside the panic he saw a diversion, say department- is a thousand and another source We have been working on this rescue sets up a rubber earlier couple weeks earlier than I have had it at seven fifty kilograms. It knows it. Seventy two thousand and know that still a big gap for american citizens, like you, should know it through the number, but that's it.
it's that many people? So we have. We been having problems of the State Department, as, as you said, and as I just tried to explain to the audience a few minutes ago what that paper. work is and how easy it is to give what What what do you think you ve been in the State Department before why? Why would they be doing this? I I work. This is why I guess I mean so much to me is, did the state Department of the Bush administration Bush. Forty three I worked for. I was secretary how pressing Terry and then Picture Rice's congolese right, I'm with them I went to Afghanistan is two thousand three four: five: and it was so hopeful it was so hopeful. I remember going my best memory is going home how to see women wear it started.
For the first time in noble I've made a whole place. They got your resolute, broken first hand, there were so excited, I mean it was still hope for and We all know that, as you heard, the part of their budgets, military welcome they live is it was for the greater good of getting rid of getting going after people here, nine eleven, the terrorists who did not eleven an outcome. and men, giving people freedom of in those early years, and now, though, I do think it bore Cosu Department, they had just there but not the army was always. There are a lot of good PETE boy. People say: department is taken jobs years. I would take her that I would never live in and they live in and they are great, aren't you gonna be in them are on our side and thought if President Biden spot it offers on here-
he's in hiding was hardly blame. A man he's not there hundred percent, because all it takes is ordering them what to do the matter. What difference does not operate by itself? Is a poor agencies agency, Lincoln, was nominated, given his jobs by President Biden is present. Bided everyone under him take orders from him. That's how operate I've been calling all France's outage partner. The ones you're still bear the Queer foreign service and they are frustrated and they are doing everything they can to give me information that they can. But what I can do the inside. Is it just a total failure? Just they fell through the cracks it having competence. I'll tell you I I had a when I was there on twitter. I think them. Last Thursday there are six planes grounded you can't get out of here.
Stan, because the State Department walk the guest suddenly wanted to return. My call, the spokesman State Department net bright, sunlight of another had nagging I got along great was the very cordial conversation and I said to him, and he asked me to speak financially and I want it. I went keep to that and he told me how many Americans were actually on the plane and explain to me that the problem for them was acting as you ve heard them say is that there is a mix of people its american plus angry cardholders this also people with, and we have Emily. We have vetted every those are our planes, those where our people that ramming other groups, I can't find them they were on our planes. We had the manifest and everyone's name went through o fact every single name. These department has a manifest. We understand that those were persecuted. Bout, half of them were persecuted Christians. We ve
these guys better than the federal government. Does that's why I mean it. That's why that the Nazareth Fund is partners, countries like Australia, we can the Prime Minister of Australia on the phone at any time they have said we will take your pick. Any time you need somebody. We will take him because We know who they are. It's about pull crap lie. Well, let me ask you that this is still like to clear up with you. He said he did. Do you control all six of those planes, because noise, ok for our guy. Let me to play this. I will I love just a kid. You I can become citing factor you're getting in trouble, but just on this part, because I really Gotta go down as the example of how incompetent government is somewhere does not never spokesmen, obviously his weapon
in all the time. So he does what they know knows all the internal, but he's not the guy who's operating Afghanistan HO dust for that work with them. They know their stuff. He said to me that the reason for the hold up without the mixed people, but he said the reason- was that they didn't have a phone number for the for the New York Times. operator I mean they whose operating the plane has near time, she Bonnet and I said: well, I don't think that's not our plane, yeah, that's a different one in a hundred Mimi curious if this hoping that being competent being kept secret by state Department to the door porter Many curious actually making public likely that before me, a cup of coffee put back. Why last week and I broke the silence because its reporters, but about I'll, go down a vulgar that history, but he said that
They didn't have a contact and I ve been trying all night. The contact p o my God weighing oh, my gosh, we somebody, we call my gosh. I know crazy here within a drag you even more crazy, so one thousand arching project Express, is in direct contact with Conner. Could I say tat my camera can only have rejected. It is a direct contact with our vote, the rap for Canada and evil. His actually given the real information, not nothing, then the question I would like Where are they can land the process of the documents that they don't have the destination documents? And you know that I am and just is about issue, but I gave up to him and I said we will need to do some help here. State department knees contact for the operators, each other's plain, and he said to me
what does he mean by operators like I just I shouldn't? I was afraid you knew, and this guy special forces hidden, he's oversee and he's our direct contact with the airline, and he said he said it's just one guy a camera. And, unlike what do you have a phone number form? So he took me or say his name on on air. He talking about cell phone number and I pulled back tonight at state Department. Unlike its this man s, he hears misspell unease about rate that you saw my gosh Emily is: indeed, if I did I'd like to talk to us here, I needed share some stories with you, because it's it's that this is. I think, then this is criminal. What's going on, thank you much Emily for everything that you are doing. I really appreciate it. Thank you for project exodus. It's it's just good
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driving in the car. What a home, where am I gonna help? Why you to help us again, desolate question? How do you don't know, therefore, is? How are you supposed to do? I want this is a ring to browser. It's ok, I mean. Is there anything? Do you that's better than that. not in human history. I mean, if you go to lady Alien civilizations is possible, but I think in humans we gets better wherever that, where the hell by phone and I've got a I've, got it tribute to Lisbon and where the hell, my phone we have to get to today. We have to get it because, if you don't
Nowhere, you found out, how do you? How do you get you get home and what I am proposing? An illicit now also don't forget nine pm tonight, the next nine eleven you dont want to visit the programme maybe I'll take this up to the Supreme Court will see may be. The first Liberty Institute will be involved in that fight as well that their vote in so many Basically, whenever you're religious freedom is protected, these guys are involved and right now, court packing huge issue that is going on. You even think that Joe Biden Missus Kendall at this one go now she's, not let this one go either. The left is trying to plan a way to get for new, liberal justices to the Supreme Court. You think the Texas decision Emily and motivated them a little bit, thankfully, the good folks at four Liberty Institute, a national nonprofit law firm, is taking a stand for
your rights. They are demanding that Bind Commission reject the whole court, scheme, and they now have five hundred thousand patriots, just like you on their side, join them in their fight. Right now, sign your name. Next to these leaders September five September fifteenth Supreme Coup, Dotcom Supreme C o you PETE, Dotcom, we're not entertainment, goin back
hello. America broke into the Glenda Programme, as I was in the Middle EAST, but two weeks ago last we are even remember now and I was watching the chaos at the gates. I thought about Benghazi the whole time where crime, what are we just just rape that just no guns now than just take that thing on full afterburners and she s disperse that crowd? Why? Why are we doing that? Where, where is bears any thinking, it's exactly the same situation in many ways I feel that happened with the State Department in Benghazi. Well, one of the guys it was on the ground in Benghazi and was left behind is Mark Geiss. These known, as OZ, saw the movie thirteen hours ease
rejoining us next because he is doing work now in Afghanistan. Give the government won't do it. Well, then private citizens will were joined by OZ and sixty seconds their decent real estate. Agents are bad real estate agents and then there are agents who come from the real estate agents. I trust dot. Com company, which is my company, be surprised to. I would go with was frustrated in the past. I dont know how to interview agents. I dont know what the right questions are. I mean you just somebody says a good, a good real estate agent. You invite a man, they look at your house and they sit down and they tell you a bunch of stuff you're, not really listening in your like. When can I sell vows, I mean? What's he gonna take that's how most of us deal with Realtor that stupid that that this is our biggest investment, most likely in your lifetime, our agents. are the best in the business, then all
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They mark our even do it. How are you I am good? I am, unfortunately, I thought of you and in Benghazi, while the that just a k, Ass was happening at the Capitol Airport, how similar to that did, give you any flashbacks any kind of feeling like a boy there doing it again. You know a dead end and what really gonna hit home as it was progressing, was I thought back and the people who are in charge of our debt. at that time and in charge of the State Department were lassiter right, I mean those same people, now doing the same thing once again, and they didn't learn from the first time where they failed to do what was right and to send help. Propria opposite of always trying to do this. I can call it that
fish handshake with everybody and that their approach to foreign policy is we're gonna, shake your hand and work. I tried it. You know negotiated out when you're doing with a group of people who do not negotiate. They believe in are they believe in strength and they believe in force and that's the end. We have our gates in Afghanistan and because of the way we pulled out of there. I believe we to be ready for it here at home, because we have a southern border, that's not secure Lindsey Graham said the other day. He thinks we're. Gonna have to go back into Afghanistan because he said had. This is gonna, be the centre of global terrorists, and I mean we ve only made them stronger and things and I started happening around the world, and here said he thanks, we'll be back within five years ago, back within the next forty five to ninety days, holy cow. Why do you say that I just did
who, in the way we have pulled out that we didn't leave any type of agreement, we didn't forced them to come to the table with and be accountable to, not just America and Americans, but two the world as a whole and now we're trying to treat it. Taliban who we forced out through through through combat out again Then we allowed them back and now we're treating them as the official government when the official government is still fighting up in the past year value. We stop this. How can we are to this day? our weapons are being used against them, man, so they're having a hard time standing, but they are still standing. Why do you say we go back and I mean it's the same people that got us out, and I mean what is on a change at the Pentagon
Department Whitehouse. What do you see coming? That would change that. I think what's gonna happen but what is gonna happen from Afghanistan itself and with what's going on there behind the scenes and what we're gonna, what we won't see until we have brave Afghans? who are going to get information about. What truly is the Taliban is gonna, be doing to people, and I think it's to be so horrendous that it's gonna require the the world to stand up and take heed of what it is. But what's going on there, in some ways I hope you're right I mean I don't want to go back in there, but I mean I don't know. If you heard about the police officer, the female police officer that was pregnant in front of thirteen year old, twelve thirteen year old boy, she was brutally killed Then they caught her by
in out. Knives and screwdrivers in front of him and the world is not really paying attention. just not paying attention and that's I'm. I can get Do you not an isolated incident? no, not at all and you know, we have american citizen to in essence, are being held hostage by the Taliban, in Malta, sherry mean you know that we are their up there there a point, I think the necessary projects through you have helped planned. There are being held in restricted, and you know it in those people are. There are manifested to those like your american citizen, and their not being allowed to leave and we're not doing anything. And we have a president whose on vacation- and we have a vice president- is trying to campaign for Gavin Newsome, who.
Has run California into the ground. we're talking who mark guys known as OZ. He was part of the Benghazi of Benghazi. Annex security team You might remember him from the movie thirteen hours earlier. Marketable remarkable story, He is now helping with evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, so you say- and I know- and we both know- there are plenty of Americans. We we have left by There is nothing more dishonourable, what we have done in Afghanistan. Losing is one thing. being dishonourable in our Ass is entirely a different thing. Tell me what you are doing in Avc understand, so my non profit is called shadow. This project- and it came out of what happened to me and in danger
Now you know as private security contractors, we have a work, and stop policy when we get injured or killed. And I get my pay stop the day. I left the country of Libya, which was on that timber twelve and we we started this because we have in the past Twenty years we ve got over five thousand private military contractors killed over. There does an injured in the war on terror and they had to depend on a workman, a policy and no one there to have their back, and especially those who are in the security side of things that are facing the day to day threat just as our military aren't. We want make sure that they didn't struggle when they got injured or killed. They don't have to worry about that. That's what really started our programme and since then, over the last seven years we really grown where we have a lot of different approach
we have a canine programme where we get servers. Dogs do both contractors and veterans. Allow the time there were one and the same, and then we a keen eyed therapy programme, where we bring in eight to twelve combat bets Durham. We introduce him to Christ. Repair was the dogs for a week. We use the dogs to teach them how to manage their anxiety and distress, and then we have Peertopeer counselling men and that's kind of the crux of our net, our foundation, but then, when they get then we're awry. We knew that we had. Contractors that were over that we're stuck there, and so we wanted to get involved and we partnered with such a lot of different veteran service organizations, because we knew that the government wasn't gonna, be there. I mean we ve all experience that before so we have partnered with other groups and are working time obviously, every day to since it started to get people out and luckily
through our connection that we had with other military personnel are experience that we gained the last twenty years of fighting this enemy. We ve been very successful. Can you telling exerts reading about it and it says we're partner with other veteran service organizations. Indeed conflicting and support each other in assisting american citizens, green cardholders pastors missionaries, as well as afghan allies from being left behind what he means. De conflicting well, is making we're help court. in whose working in different areas, so we're not wasting time or resources by having not multiple groups doing the same thing, trying to help with connecting the right people to each other? That can help support one another instead of be working in areas that would cause cancer in between them. There were surrounding
countries with coordinating with other countries where we can get the refugees into, and you know we ve done this pretty much without the help of any government groups whatsoever. It's just american Citys who have worked with the government and military personnel who were now veterans that job saw me and I mean it's very similar I call it operation, not Dunkirk, give us exactly right. It's it's that people taking care of those that are getting left. The you know it's talkin to Emily Miller about a half an hour ago, and she said she hopes that the people of Afghanistan see and I think rest the world needs to see it, especially our enemies. Don't confuse our government with the people. The people not disorganized. The people get
things done. We still are the role are sleeves up and get the damn job done, no matter what the odds it's our government, that is, given up on really just the people left behind, but I think given up on America, the veto- bite- doesn't even have the agreed in Kosovo is coming up here. In the next couple of weeks he didn't even they're, not meaning engaged on it. The last president worked really hard to get a peace agreement there it's coming up. I engaged it's like they given up on America being anything other than a has been. I can I agree with you more I mean it. You know we ve got when up on Afghanistan and, like you said, were given up on Kosovo and in Eastern Europe. All for the sake of why I mean right for the sake of money, for the sake of you know like Afghanistan, we left behind
not always a people we ve left behind. We left behind estimated anywhere between nine hundred billion in two point: four trillion dollars in precious Monroe that are instrumental in building circuit boards and computer equipment and communications equipment and all sources. I've talked to the church, these are in their already trying to make deals. The Russians are already back in there. I have no doubt that the Russian Intel Services, the dear you, are assisting. We ve had operators going in trying to help that say they I've seen the Russians on the ground and today the story broke that China is looking at background as say as a destination for all of their view. No heavy equipment, if you will well, then why would you not? I mean bankruptcy set in.
probably the most defensible place in Afghanistan. You ve got the high ground You got multiple runways, it's a large facility and why we get each it. slow, as are the very minimum that much time or that global. I know why didn't we use that is our area of helping get outright Afghans. and we still could be flying. We still could be flying the great tales out of that AIR Force Base easy easy. M m we wouldn't have had to put on unvaried people into a mirror. We do need the use or the support of other countries, because vibrant big, If we could have isolated people that want to come to America, we could have wet ran through the chair database. We could have done everything that needed to be done, and I mean I hate to talk about what could have been done, but we have to look at what could have been to understand. Why were in the mess? Were s mark?
Yes, you can follow him at Mark ICE, dot, com or mark guys s w p that shadows warrior project anyhow, We can help you mark with what you're doing. I can't thank you for what you guys are doing on the ground. No the thing right now we ve got people that hours. We have people in safe houses. We ve got a man and citizens in green card alders that we are trying to get out. You know it's we'd love doubt get all the others. We're going to continue with that is well well, I am right now it's like that. We need to get out, I know and as soon as our planes start to fly, we have four on the tarmac now we're waiting for the State Department to get the hell out of our way and we ve got ten others lined up, so I hope we can nor with you in any way that we can just to help people. Thank you so much mark a grand. Thank you so much about God bless.
more guys, otherwise known as OZ. If you saw the movie thirteen hours talk to you for a minute about a MAC, the association immature american citizens. This group is now over two million members strong and growing, and that is really important because remember at that the height, I think the energy had five million members and they carried a very big stick and now were halfway there with a MAC, and these are people that are guarding our country they stand for the same values. You're gonna get those benefits. You know that you'll get from other. You know senior citizens. Nor rob me no Mature american citizen groups, you get the same benefits: insurance discounts, travel benefits, blah blah blah, but these people are actually on the floor and doing
the hard work. They played a significant role in stopping the passage of a house resolution, one which was to change our election laws there doing the same thing for the Senate passage of house resolution for another terrible federal. take over bill. Join Amy. today. Let your voice be heard and felt join a MAC for the advocacy, the benefits, the information but joy, because american needs you right now, a MAC U S, slash back a may see not? U S. Slash back aim: Acta COM, a sorry, Aim, Acta. U S slash back ten second station idea, tonight, we are looking back twenty years ago to the modern generations. Pearl harbor, nine eleven, but we're not going to look back the way we usually look back to the tragedy alone, we're all
going to be showing things it. Our kids, don't even know things like you didn't have airport security. You just could walk to the gate. He didn't have grandma getting. You know a cavity search. You did have the federal government spying on you. We didn't have the Patriot act. We didn't have any of these things. America has dramatically changed now with We ve done in Afghanistan. What is what does that mean? An old men, worse planning, on doing an Obama to point no interact? were planning on doing the same thing now is that we did in Afghanistan and Iraq. In our troops out is: is this is a nightmare. We know it's not a just a nightmare. Its binds Middle EAST chaos. Our danger the path to the next nine eleven. That's what it is today Blaze, tv at nine P, M Eastern Joy,
the family, join as it blaze tv for tonight's efforts, Episode It follows another amazing episode of right after sued as America used every day Eight p m eastern only on blazed tv and Youtube podcasting PLUTO Tv, but only their only their. Only there by the way you know The first thing the Taliban did was open up the prisons and release people from prisons, which is where because that is strangely what the the given some people did during covered. and and and then one of the people that was freed by Comma Harris, in Minnesota as has been charged with murder up oh yeah yeah It has come to your fault Camelot,
up till now accept entirely up. I think our negotiation patterns of late over the past few years, which have included many prisoner release options with terrorists, work and good. Now, I'm not a good idea. Well now we, yes, we gotta. What's his name out the of the guy who got people killed. We searched over and over and over again for a long time, and he was actually helping onerous idea. We traded him for four people that I remember fighting hard going. Don't do this and one of them is a five million dollar bounty on his head because he's a real
nasty nasty, terrorist thousands have been released and the good part is a lot of them are finding in a paper thing. You can't reform them. Well, they're, getting new jobs in the new Taliban government is right, are getting back on their feet, yeah great great man. Let's anything, we can do to help the citizens programme you know, I'm not wild about the idea of having a trade in my dollars for digital dollars, getting what forty per. And of it back when I do that's coming, that is coming If you look in history, it's happened before in history, its not just that history repeats itself. It is repeating itself, please invest just a portion of what you have in the precious metals. How much I don't know, but that's where your homework comes in gold line today and just find out information and take advantage
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scar last week and she had a connected to her phone. and as we're driving I see This come up in the in the playlist, it was in the background when I am I gotTa Helma, but a hammer above this point said hang on, but turn this turned up hampers the year K. Stop for a SEC. Don't go back, just stop there for a second. This was it. point where I turned it down. quickly and I said what the hell is this He said it's not mine. It's cheyennes and I said our daughter. It was this that makes it worse.
of course, much worse much worse is whereas or phone when you probably purchase the phone for her. Yet in hell, he's sick thinking this much about where her phone is the re, huge problem and an end. So my wife said I I don't know I've. I've ever heard this, and I said you don't know me Once you hear it, you can't hear it continue. May we may were made aware of how about how far exceed all you ve got to stop you are going to. you and your Whitey white white attitude, gosh, You're used to hearing everything cause your white. You know, you. You accept the the sounds and the rhythm of the great barred
of course you know your beloved Whitey Shakespeare right and you're just you're looking down on this, because it's not Shakespeare or so. You think because Shakespeare said a rose by any other name, still arose and this rose LISA has called you're, too held my phone. but for a Whitey White man with Whitey white ears, hunky years really, ah, If I may refrain it so you can really understand it and like it Let me reiterate that let me can gettin me. I utilizing you only don't like it, because she's black That's not true only about the watch watch because I, like you call this round.
frost, meets dukes of hazard, Whitey White Boy, we're known on this programme for art, deep, look into architecture, opera and or Tommy had already about thirteen part. Origami series was quite an accomplished. Be Glinda Programme is now proud to present way to hell my phone, where the hell my phone where the hell my phone, where the hell my phone haha I posed to get home where the hell my phone, where the hell my phone, where the hell am I, where the hell my phone, I am, I posed to get home okay, two hundred and fifteen, and
come on we're to help my phone. Looking around like where my phone looking where my home ease went where the hell my homies went where the hell my homies went. How am I supposed to get home? How I'm supposed to get home, walking home with my feet on sore walking home with my feet on sword? What the hell
EL these Lubeck ONS for walking home and its damn near for walking home and its damn near for what healthy, slowly times for what these low, but on smaller, I was getting it looking real cute up in the club man. How do you do herring to adopt hair is. Do oh fine? What up with you, where the hell my phone, where two, how my phone, where the hell my where they held my phone dark eyes, pose to get home where the hell my phone, where they held my phone, where they help where they held my phone ha ha minds both to get home
unlock all up, My contacts, who unlocked add all up in my contacts who unlocked that all up in my contacts who unlock that all up in my on tax. Oh my god, daddy. I want you to be my laughing. Robert Frost meets the dukes of hazard, the great listen oh, where it later but I want somebody laughing. You know I will say I did your version better. I don't say that proves racism I thought I did like eighty zero dollars model. Does I had a problem with it because you you talked about the the poetic nature of the lyrical and with lyrics in
Pretty good case only meant to there seem to be allayed about two things she said and the entire saw shoes. Why she's wonder where her phone was and then choose walk her shoes starts it to fifteen she still walking at four. she's gone, very uncomfortable orgies slots, which I would guessed the latter, but only the two Gladwell religion were the wrong. Shoes were Lou Baton which what are they for not apparently for walking. Now I would like to just point out. I believe there are Poor life choices happening here in this song, really in what way. Well, first, I don't know he caught this. She lost her phone when the song in the saw she should choose and talked about that it would allow fishing levels for it. She's, like a guy, has anybody seen my phone. My dad didn't give me a quarter. call for a ride. Ok here
problem with shouts repays fatherhood. Isn't there until it is, it is so she's like hey where the heck is my I fought for her cellular herself, nice, yeah, ok, and how, my supposed to get home without that now, as a dad, I would say: first poor life choice you should always have a back up. You should always have a quarter incur You need to use a pay phone. Ok, what you'll find in almost every every corner. Now there is a payphone. You should have another meeting to ride, lined up for you and then it's two hundred and fifteen lights come on where my phone another bad choice, two hundred and fifteen, that's nothing good happens after two fifteen and more before to fifteen be home. I may not be as cool less loser, but I have been too many bars. Where
close the lights, don't come on it to fifteen. They come on before the top of the hour when the Mars, like right, minister for the closing yeah, usually on that. I met they play closing time by some sunk, duly that's usually, what happens when I don't play the two fifteen no bar that turns on the lights it to fifteen. That's not when they turned the it's on that's when she can't find your phone so honey, think. Maybe somebody stole it from you. Ok, right, very pounds, and she says where my homilies went. I dont know if they are your home, is another life choice that you should re evaluate if you're home ease leave you at the bar and its two fifteen and your phone is missing, perhaps one of your home ease stole your phone and no homey is really your homey. If they leave you a woman behind some place,
it seems it might be in a disreputable neighbourhood. On clear by the song at all Glenn. I wonder why you would assume something. Well We hold outlets, focus on that for just a moment. Why do you think it's a bad neighborhood? I dont understand. Well, I do not just because of their being stolen, a load of ollinger, being stolen nails to fifteen she's walking home. You know you could walk home in a nice name too, and she is wearing Lou Baton, so it's a very early, their neighbour and she's wearing what what are those about? Seven hundred dollar shoes, oh yeah, I'm getting the look from Sarah like yeah, that's for baby shoes. So it's a very nice neighborhood. When at any point how she's posed to get home? No, she does Nor can she doesn't, but she does say what the held these Lubeck tonnes for now again, life choices, probably less expensive shoe tomorrow.
So I would have given you at least that quarter to call for help. You don't mean its appointed at in. I don't know much about Luba tonnes, but are they built for comfort? Are they built ordinarily arguing other not gonna hurt you wouldn't know. John Merrick I are today are specifically made to make your legs look. I guess longer in slimmer, right, I think they are just to show off the red on the bottom of the shoe, so all of the chicks. No. This is really mind: numbing, expensive shoe and not a dramatic necessarily one. That's built for any sort of Troy, protection of a lizard snow, it desire, I view at present, it's not hover board. It's nothing does also, though, alert boys that, if you like her legs because of those shoes, it's going to cost you,
and a lot of money in your ear, Marta communicating the maintenance level, as yesterday was ass. She says I was getting it do I neither life choice was it are I don't trust you getting her for she said she was getting it look in real cute up in the club man. How do you do then? She said something that I dont. Even hair ain't, it don't hair is do this is the brilliance of of modern songwriting. I think it is. This is what that is a terrible pun. And she s shoulder a Grammy for it. No, it spelled d o, not d, you so d, you do all you guys, don't remember! Dippy too. Oh yeah, it's I don't know you will hear inherit hairdo d, you think, while dippy do was spelled d, you
I dont know is that Heroditus those were are thy jolly allies. Will I not well Erin, I don't. It is adieu, oh, he's fine. What's up with you, that was one of those risks, do you know where you, where you look like what rhymes would do and then you thinking you're thinking, you're thinking, you're thinking you go through all of them and then you're, like you, hairdo nature, a h, a aged J, I r d o dear one word, one worden, Lookup Deputy, do Why not allow? What does that have to do our hair? Do there was the air do deals? Deputy do, of course, is, as you would of course, now D. I p p. T why dash D Yo is a deal vs its deal, while you are? This is your to fancy. You live in those like,
scale neighborhoods the Lieutenant NEWS. I do you no ice. I bought the deputy do at a shoppy double p and an look. I saw eyes then wait twice the amount of so what happened or phone was, however, finds it. She'd never monitor vines it. No! I, Oh no. Oh, no, I never made it to the edge of the song is low because, where hell, my phone, where they help my phone. That's in the last stand right, but she found Therefore, my gosh await hallway, we'll take a break and I'll tell you where she finds it. I don't offer one right now: a massive potential leak involving Microsoft's power apps, which is a development tool for public websites in mobile apps, may have
exposed as many as thirty. My thirty eight million records, including so security numbers, addresses phone numbers. It's fun, it's fun, even your vague, covert, nineteen vaccine status. In that great? What could go wrong You can not to focus on all the things that are happening in the world. You can't you're overwhelmed. I know it, I am you can't pay and identity theft. He can't monitor all transactions at all businesses, but you can help protect, What's yours with lifelike by Norton, join now, save up to twenty five percent off your first year at lifelong Dotcom, with a promo code back one, eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred life flock or I flock dotcom use a promo code, beckoned save twenty five percent of lifelong dot com. where the hell my phone miserable-
Rex Stew just asked me, and I have not. I didn't make it all the way to the end of the year, but she says go and we have the dramatic music. She said yeah- and I seen that boy look at me, thank you look at.
But I got annoying because he bought me a drink for a dollar boy came over and he wanted to hammer boy came over and wanted to Hama. Boy came over any wanted to Hamas. My song came on, so I did the dance floor. Man I lost my walking home on my feet on sore walking home on my feet on it or what the hell these Luba tongue, for what the hell, these little towns for walking home. It's damn near for walking almost amateur for wanting to help these limits on the phone I'm getting there to the phone aware they held my phone where they held my own have posed. Asking just tell me where the phone is my own, where they, my phone passing holding it You're holding is holding the phone all time, oh they held my phone. How am I supposed to do?
the bidding automatic holding it. How passing holding at all. Like it's a little anticlimactic Bruce were saying you now. Is there and then the kid says? Oh Bruce Willis is alive and I see him because he is alive and that's how I see human beings there's a couple of life lessons here, that we learn that yes, but first of all, don't be a moron tat I wanted! Eliza, don't be a moron, an lesson number two, never listen to listen, why she found her phone. She dwell. She didn't, computerized voice. Found, was it on four? Was it epic journey? I feel unable to watch Lord of the rings satellites if this was long programme
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