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The Looming War of Ones and Zeroes | 6/17/19

2019-06-17 | 🔗
Hour 1: President Trump criticizes a New York Times report that reveals America’s response to the threat of Russian cyber-attacks against the U.S. power grid …Vladimir Putin was spot-on when he said that World War III will be fought with ones and zeroes …Don’t keep giving power to different authorities when it comes to homeland security …You don’t actually own the songs or movies that you buy from iTunes – Those files can be erased at will by the rights-holder … Could politically incorrect books, songs and other media be wiped out in one fell swoop? …Glenn returns to the 1994 Family Proclamation, an affirmation of marriage being between a man and a woman and that the family plays a central role in God’s plan. Hour 2: The President has fired his team of pollsters after polls showing him losing to several Democrats were leaked to the media …Elizabeth Warren is another Hillary Clinton, with one exception, she doesn’t hide her radical socialist policies …The high-end Democrats will support Joe Biden because he’s traditional, but America doesn’t want another traditional candidate …Digital erasing is much more effective than book burning – When’s the last time anyone has heard from Alex Jones? …Who will be the casualties of history amid the politically correct onslaught from the Left? Hour 3: We knew it all along that the Democratic Socialists would come out of the woodwork, and now their radicalism is getting them elected …None of our nation’s youth have learned about the failure of the Soviet Union or the socialist experiments that took place (and failed) in America …Glenn returns to his conversation with Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay about atheism and new-age religion …In this new age, hate speech is blasphemy, privilege is depravity, and “woke-ness” is being born again …Why is no one looking at the big picture of cryptocurrency? It’s all the influence of institutional money.

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The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Well. Welcome to Monday, hello. America looks like we're in trouble with with Russia. Now. Thank you New York Times New York Times ran a story that the president has said is treasonous. I don't agree with him on that. I'm actually happy to read this that we're actually doing something about it. However, let's remember that Putin said World war. Three is going to be fought with ones in zeros, so we are just entering another stage of this global game that I believe will end in world war. Three will get into that and what it means to you in one minute.
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today show is what I've wanted to do for months, and I haven't been able to just haven't. To put it in every been able to get it in my mind exactly right yet, and I've decided just to do it, even though I don't feel it's exactly right, but I I feel an urgency. And have for quite some time to talk to you about a few things and if you have a chance to listen to the day, show and as long as you possibly can or go back and listen to the podcast you'll find this show every on podcast on Itunes or wherever you find your podcast, and you can listen to it at your convenience, but today I think, an important one and we're going to start by talking about what was in the New York Times. I don't know if you you read it or you just read the headlines but
The New York Times has come out with, something that the president says is treason and I guess I can understand that, but I do I agree with it because it was all vetted apparently and it it states. In the article through the state. Meant, and the NSA and John Bolton, but here's what here's the basic gist of Let me just give you the first paragraph. The United States is stepping up digital incursions into Russia's electric power grid in a warning to President Putin in a demonstration of how the Trump Administration is using new authorities deploy cyber tools more aggressively. Current and former Vermont officials say now this the problem with it, they say it's current and former former officials, and so it's the unnamed sources.
In interviews over the past three months, the officials described the previously unreported deployment of american Computer Code inside Russia's grid and other targets, as classified companion too, publicly discussed action directed at Moscow's disinformation and hacking units around the MID Term elections advocates for the, more aggressive strategy say it's long overdue after years of public warnings from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI Russia has inserted malware that could Potaje American Plow power plants, oil and gas pipelines or water supplies in any future conflict. Within the United States. Okay to me is good news. This to me is something we have been talking to you forever about. We have been begging someone in the government to pay attention to this, the Buddha says that we are already in world WAR three. He made this announcement to a group of western reporters, probably
four years ago. And he said the the governments of the West just don't understand it yet, but the next war is going to be all ones and zeros, and so it's not gonna to be necessarily bombs falling from the sky with us, they will shut off the electric grid. Now we, Imagine if you our electric grid the Yes, that would ensue just in a week, but You could find a way like an emp to destroy us. Ninety five percent of all Americans die within the first year, if you just keep, our electricity off let me say that again. If rush, You could find a way to keep our electricity off ninety five percent of the you s population dies within the first twelve months now, That is quite a statement.
That's much more powerful than any nuclear weapon, and all you have to do is just lob a few ones and zeros over our way. Russia has already said that this, is the way we will fight world war? Three, I don't, I don't know we're going to fight world war. Three. I hope we don't, but the only thing, kept. The world imbalance was mutually assured destruction. Now this day not work in cases like IRAN. Mutually assured destruction does not matter to them, because they are trying to This is very controversial to say and I know a lot in the media will disagree with this, but all you have to do is read their words and take people, their word when they say they're going to kill you you should take.
Their word. It's the reason why, in ninety nine I saw some of Bin Laden as a threat and said that he would blow up buildings and there would be body and blood in buildings in the streets of Manhattan before the decade or I said the next ten years. It would have Osama Bin Laden's name on. It was called crazy at the time, but it was not a prediction, It was looking at his words and saying this is what he says he's going to do let's believe him and prepare. We didn't same thing with the same thing uh with uh, this and the caliphate we didn't. Exam seriously. You have to take IRAN seriously. They believe that if they can cause chaos, by shutting down or destroying America and Israel they will hasten the return of the promised one that think of it, is bringing think of it as a group of crazy Christians who are
you know what I'm tired of waiting for the second coming. So I'm just going to make sure that I helped cause Armageddon that, What the Iranians believe they are compelled to do so. Let's take them seriously, The reason why they won't care about this is because they are cave dwellers and I don't mean that literal as as as it sounds, what I mean is there system is now as advanced as ours. When's, the last time you use cash, the that when's the last time you said, I got to go to the bank and get cash what's last time you fill up your tank and went inside and gave cash to the guy or I'm so sorry for making that awful stereotype. We rely on
A system that replenishes our our supermarket shelves twelve times a day. There're deliveries coming to the average Super supermarket ten to Both times a day, you cancel that for three days and our supermarket shelves are empty. You cut our tricity off and we have no cash, you cut our City off, you cut our our MS out, we can't communicate with one another. We no idea, what's going on, we can't call nine hundred and eleven World falls into chaos the people who are living you know more like the 1970s, even don't have as much to lose those Afghanistan that really have spotty electricity. Don't care at all. Russia is
probably one of the only ones that we can keep it bay with mutually assured destruction. Try, probably doesn't care as much. Although, who it is their cities are so controlled now by electronics, they're, probably starting to care more and more, but the man s population of China won't see it do, and so, if the modern world goes away advocates, the more aggressive strategy says it's long overdue, quoting the New York Times after year. The public warnings from the Department of Homeland Security in the FBI, but it also can carry significant risk of escalating the daily little cold war between Washington and Moscow, guys we not starting this we're hacking into their elections, they hacked into two the administer She declined to describe specific actions. It was taking under the new authorities now listen to this, which were granted
partly by the White House and Congress last year to the United, date, cyber command, the arm the Pentagon that runs the military's, offensive and defensive, or offensive and defensive operations in the online world. To write this down, we have to do a show on cyber command, but public appearance, Tuesday, President Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton said the you know states was now taking a broader view of potential digital targets as part of an effort to say to Russia or anyone quoting that is engaged in cyber operations against us. You will pay a price end quote power, This had been a low intensity battleground for years, since two thousand and twelve current and former officials say the United States has put reconnaissance probes into the control systems of the Russian Electric GRID But now the american strategy has shifted more towards offense officials, say
with the placement of potentially crippling malware inside russian systems at a depth and within aggressiveness. That is never been tried before it is in partly as a warning and partly pause poised as a direct cyber strike. If a major conflict okay between Moscow and Russia the commander said that it's time to defend forward, they don't fear us He said to the Senate a year ago, during his confirmation hearings, but finding This calibrate those responses, so they deterrent attacks without inciting dangerous escalation, has been the source of constant debate. Mr Trump new authorities to cyber command last summer in uh, who classified document known as the National Security presidential memorandum. Thirteen giving general Nachison far more leeway to conduct offensive online operations with
receiving presidential approval. So when people said well, the president probably didn't know about it could be could be because he gave this far reaching authority to cyber command last summer, action inside the Russian Electric GRID appears to have been conducted under a little known, new legal authorities. Listen to the way this is Slipped in to the Terry Authorization bill passed by Congress last summer This is why we don't do those big omnibus as approved the routine conduct of clandestine military activity in cyber state in cyberspace, to deter safeguard or defend against attacks or malicious cyber activities against the United States. Now I'm wondering if that gives them the authority to do that in country only out of the country.
Under these laws. These actions can now be authorized by the defense secretary without presidential approval. This is bad This is really bad. You don't keep giving power to different authority, I don't know when we're going to get that nobody in Washington seems to get it yet more on this and what it means and what you can do about it coming up in just a second first, let me tell you about relief factor. If you were in pain, millions of Americans have changed their quality of life for the better. I have and with members of this audience who have real debilitating pain and their story, really before they started? Taking relief factor are heartbreaking. I know what it's like to live in real pain, they've, stories of how they were hopeless because their lives, cascaded into a fog of heavy pain, medications, the worst and it terrible choices, terrible consequences, MOE,
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So I just want to give you a couple of other things: both Nexon and an Mister Bolton through a spokesman declined to answer questions about the incursions into Russia's grid officials, The National Security Council also declined to comment but said that they had no national security concerns about the details of the New York Times, reporting about the targeting of the rushing graded. Perhaps an indica and that some of the intrusions were intended to be noticed by the Russians. Of course, they were. Of course they were. Do you really do you honestly think that. That we are that better off by making sure that the Russians don't know anything. If Why did the Russians release the tape of the hyper speed missile happened two weeks ago? if you see this like a bullet coming out of a gun, it is not like a missile coming out of the ground. It's unbelievable! Why did they
the world to see that they, to see what we were we wanted. They, us to see what they were doing. As a warning. So some of this stuff is a warning now so far, there's nothing in this article. That is surprising an eye be surprised if the president tried and to keep his negotiation power is is, is doing two things. One playing the innocent. I don't know anything about that. I had no idea about that. He signed it. He knows about it, but this gives him Some some possible credibility when sitting down at the table with Moscow of you know what glad little out of control there I'll talk to him. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad. Thing, but that may be what he was doing there. Also,
the president, is fighting for his life on an election, and I'm sure still will get into the election results that we have seen now. The polling numbers not too good for the President and he to win and he knows that the the press is doing everything they can to destroy him. Personally, I think that this is good. If I were the president, I would have come out and said you know what damn right, damn right we're doing these guys meddled in our elections, but the press is already set a trap up for him on that. They meddled with our elections. They've already said we're in World WAR: three, we don't want to be in World WAR three, but we will be prepared and we know that they have already done these things to us, and so yes are so we're command is up an running and, feel pretty good about that, and American should sleep well, because we are protecting this country we're doing everything we can and
Something I have control over is cyberspace, and so we are, we are working to protect this country now, I'd like to get to work and protect this country from our southern border and what's happening there disease that is starting to run out of control. We could fix this quickly. Get the Democrats. To sit down at the table. I think that, in a good way for him to handle this now with this being said. I want to couple this with what we have learned from the last couple of weeks, here we have a known enemy. That is, trying to cripple us they. We know that if world war, three God forbid does break out. We know that the life that we currently live, we, will be disrupted, may not be over, but it will be disrupted. We hope
that our people can disrupt them faster than they can disrupt us and get us back onto our feet but we know that this is is coming, if not in our lifetime, our children's lifetime, an it's going to be a big burden, everything we have Everything we have is digital. Now, that's not the only get to everything we have. The other threat is political. The other threat is also digital, but it is political look. How fast we, we'd all be erased, look how fast history could be based, because almost everything now is online, how many actually read a book and by the way, any book that was written, Durham anyway.
Between one thousand eight hundred and eighty and one thousand nine hundred and twenty the paper was changed, and it will eventually turn to dust old, old books prior to eighteen. Eighty They don't have this problem, but our history literally can be erased and eventually will go to dust. Is the possibility of that is that probable? Let me a couple of examples and show you what we should do about it. Next you're listening, if you're a regular listener. Then you know that I support the United States concealed Carry association. They are one of the best cell. Fence education, training and legal protection out there for armed Americans. Responsibly armed Americans plus
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welcome to the Glenn Beck program. It's Monday, and I want to talk to you about some things and- and this is all going to be taken out of context, this all going to be made into conspiracy theories, etcetera, etcetera. Attention to that. Always always go to the original source and listen in context so ever this is going to turn into you know through the media. Whatever tell your friends always go back to the original source and and and listen, but I I feel compelled and have been for a while, but I haven't I haven't: How to talk to you about this? I just decided you know last week, I'm just going to do it so I want to make it really clear what I talked about, at the beginning of the show, was what's happening with Russia and the United States in cyber ops and they looking for ways to uh
be able basically to shut our power off and we're looking for a way to shut their power off in God, forbid a nuclear. I mean uh, sorry, a cyber war. Good news already said world WAR three would be fought with ones and zeros. He we're already in world WAR three. Are already trying to make us now. Our elections by hacking in we know that they did this in Chicago. We know people have penetrated our power grid are we doing anything about it. New York, things, came out and said. Yes, we are the president. Upset about this, but I I think he should be. I think this is a sign of real strength, I'm glad to know we're doing cyber operations but there is another way for things to be destroyed and that is political and we're already seeing this happening with the silencing of voices and it's getting worse and worse and worse, and I I I want you to know that it's not like any other time before, where
if somebody said something and and Hitler, wanted to. You know, make sure that they weren't heard from again. All you had to do was hide their books. Or hide their printed speeches, or whatever now you don't have any books, you don't have any printed speech is mostly will have everything digital so it and you want to ban Steven Crowder if they wanted to ban Steven Crowder. All of his stuff is up on Youtube. They, own the rights to it by putting things on Youtube. And by putting things on Facebook, if it's just run they own the rights. So everything that you ever put on on Facebook or Youtube, or any of these things you don't own anymore. And so, if they want to erase you it's gone.
Think about all of your pictures that you have. You have a most likely downloaded on a computer. If that, God forbid we are, we are hit by some cyber weapon. All of that history is gone, so what are you going to do we need to preserve things, because there were two fronts that were fighting on: one isn't an insane cyber attack, which I hope will never happen. I don't I wish I could say don't think it will. But I I don't know anymore but an insane global cyber attack, which would affect all of us in the world in a horrible In millions, hundreds of millions of people would die. The second is just one thousand nine hundred and eighty four or brave new world where things just start disappear you don't. Only the movies that you buy from from you know I tunes they
have those movies, they have those songs and they have rights to those songs and they have to renew those rights. If instance- and this is going to happen disney- says we're going to start our own service, and so you know what you can't buy any Disney things over at Itunes. You have to buy them from us when those rights expire, though, titles that were Disney Marvel. They will just disappear from your catalogue. You. For them. You bought them but you don't own them it. Actually a rental system. So if you want to destroy somebody and become politically incorrect. You just erase them. So what does that mean for books? What is it for movies, Does that mean for songs? What does that mean for anything or anybody that is deep, politically incorrect. I think we need to save them, preserve them, and I think, need to hold them?
in non digital form, because I think You could lose everything quickly and I and and even if it's just political in nature, look at what's happening in great Britain in Great Britain, it's it's becoming a to say the truth: it's become illegal, to even joke you, you can't now let's do what was the story today, Great Britain, where you can't have kind of dangerous stereotypes types. I love that because he never defined that dean. Stereo types in any advertising yeah. I gave, I think six months lead time for these companies to figure out how to avoid other dangerous stereo types, and they talk about how it's it's like. A you can show a man king hard in a construction firmino field, that's okay, but It's not okay, to say to then say
Well, he doesn't know what he's doing around the house, and when I first heard that I'm like well, this weather protecting men, so it looks like they're, not incompetent know what that means is that only women know what they're doing around the house and that's why it's bad because can't be shown to only be capable of doing these household chores, You know, I don't know what year it was. We see these things on patents do all the time these old Timey, like nineteen forties, you know ads where he really was sexist. I mean the hardcore core. You know the only time you see that now I mean guy. These are constantly portrayed in these ads as being completely incompetent. Boob that dangerous. Dangerous. I guess not a dangerous, that's, not a dangerous stereotype! Now yeah, so I mean you can't like they should another example of. Can't, say that a woman is a bad driver right. If you show a woman driving poorly. That means that you're perpetuating the negative stereotype and
I would be that would be wrong, and these bands, now I mean, We you have a moment of wow first. Amendment thing was a good idea because kind of glad we kept it but I thought the exact same thing. When I read it, I thought the saving boy are we lucky. We have the first and second in all of the amendments right, because that could be taken away quickly. The only thing stopping this from being in the United States right, I mean like at culturally. We are completely there. They would be out absolutely out here banning every bit of hate speech and many of these companies are doing it anyway. There's not, they can't do it through the government right now, but I mean it is, is complete reality for us and the only thing protecting. It is the first amendment, and even that is you know. As you know, there is a distrust sketchy. Yes, at this point, yeah sketchy and There's also the the just- the Sim truths of life, but, for instance, Pat there's a new my little pony series that's coming
Yeah this week, couple of new characters are going to be introduced to the my little pony discovery family channel. They're going be a new lesbian couple and to avoid any ambiguity whatsoever, the the writer of the cartoon came out said because he didn't want anybody to be confused. He tweeted out they are lesbians Versity city representation are important for kids, for so many reasons, and it's my first priority on everything I work on my pony has always been about friendship and accepting people or ponies that are different from you, so it just felt like something important to do: how about not presenting well, let's Let's present zero characters based on sexuality for children. About that
any of the my little ponies heterosexual, no because it never talked about any kind of sex going on. As far as I know, on my little ponies. So why is this important and the fact is it isn't In fact, it's important not to let our kids be kids. Can you not just leave that to us and we will not when the time comes and we'll talk to him. No because you're because you're, a hater right, you're a hater yep, and there are too many haters. Let me give you something here that has be preserved and I don't care what religion you are. This came out in nineteen ninety five and it was it. Good as a warning of it was coming and a stance to make sure that people knew that the things. Were God ordained now this particular it has been used now by Pope. Francis Francis took some
he's out. Other religions are starting to take pieces of this out in two thousand and sixteen Francis asked for this document and did one of his communication in one of his big. I don't know what they call, but declarations from the Pope based on this. This came from my church. We solemnly proclaim that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that Family is central to the creator's plan for the internal destiny of his children. Human beings. Male and female are created in the image of God, each is a beloved spirit, son or daughter of heavenly parents and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny Now this is in nineteen. Ninety five, gender. Is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal and eternal identity and purpose
the pre mortal realm spirit, sons and daughters, new and worship. God is their eternal father and accepted his plan by which is bring could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress towards perfection and ultimately realize their divine destiny is heirs of eternal life, that in plan of happiness, enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Secret ordinances and covenants available, blah blah blah blah blah commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve pertained to their potential for parenthood as It's been wife. We declare God's commandment for his children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. We further The God has commanded, that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman lawfully it is husband and wife. We took or the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed. Firm, the sanctity of life and it's important in God's eternal plan.
Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children Children are a heritage of the Lord Psalms one hundred and twenty seven Para have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness hang on just a second two. I'd for their physical and spiritual needs and to teach them love and serve one another observe the commandments of God. An be law. Abiding citizens, wherever they live, husband and wives, mothers and fathers will be held accountable before God the family is a ordained by God. Marriage between a man and a woman is essential to his eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony and reared by a father and mother honor marital vows. With complete fidelity happy. In family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Six,
it's full marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities by vine design. Fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness, and it's possible to provide for the necessities of life and protection of their families, mother, are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children in the Lakewood Responsibilities, Father's and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners, disobey death or other circumstances, May Nessa Tate and necessitate individual. Adaptation extended. Families should lend support when needed. We warn Individuals who violate these covenants of chastity, who abused spouse or offspring or who have failed to fulfill family responsibilities. Will one day sound accountable before God
we further warned that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities and nations the color. It's four told by ancient and modern prophets. We call responsible citizens and governments and officers of governments everywhere to these measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as a fundamental unit of society in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. Everyone said what the heck is, that all about? Look at it, al- and I guarantee just by reading it on the air, there will people that will come out and say: look at this fundamentalist monster thing, Things like that must be preserved because things like that are true and they, are going to come under attack, go look red in in Wikipedia you'll, find the story about it, but you won't find the text which
John, was interesting, because if I look for the declaration of independence, I find the as well as the story These things will be erased. And we must preserve them, and I want to get into that next hour more in just a second. By the way that's called the family proclamation, woman in Michigan is at work when she gets called from simply safe home security or alarm is going off. Simply says simply say, says: there's a man in your house. She says just my landlord, and she said he said well, not if your landlord uh, you know is a friend with your dog, because this guy broke into your house and is now trying to defend himself against your dog with one of your lamps she's, like you should call police yeah, I thought so police were moved her alarm alert from
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dot com, welcome to the program we're glad you're here we're just we're just talking about how crazy the world has become so rapidly You know when you look when you go back and you look at this new ban in England on commercials where they can't have any dangerous stereotypes which they don't define. So it'll just you know, remain in limbo. What does that mean? yeah. What is the future for the for the Gillette? Add that the left love so much when guys are bullying. Others are harassing women. Cat calling women speaking over women and at a meeting is that. Is that what it like, a band that, but it doesn't, should the Gillette add be banned because it shows dad's teaching their sons, how to shave? Isn't that a stereo type women? Don't change your listening back.
The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, welcome to the Glenn Beck program, glad you're. Here it is Monday. There was some breaking news about the poll numbers this weekend that don't look good for the president. The president fired his holsters and again it doesn't look good, but the good thing is is we have one of I believe the leading guys on pole? His name is Stu break here and he he lives poll. He eats drinks statistics, he loves it and he has been historically very, very accurate and the way he reads holes and the and the the polls that we should pay attention to and not pay attention to. So I wanted to get his read on what is really happening with the polls and is the president in as much trouble as the press would have you believe we do that in one minute? Is the Glenn Beck program? Okay, so people ask me all the time. What can I do? What can I do? What can I do to help save the republic and there
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the ends and save promo. Go back a free month of service at paint? mobile dot com. I want to bring stew right into the Glenn Beck program and I don't want to really get into the politics unless you think their importance to about the Trump firing of the pollsters, because takes is politics. I really want to stick to the facts. How bad are the polls for President but this point they show him real. Trailing everybody. Including Elizabeth Warren. Are we to believe these balls? I mean no, I would say right now: you have to put a their legitimate. Polls and there's some external when you're talking about with Elizabeth Warren and stuff are largely
external there's a lot that show him losing, but it's a it's way too early to take anything serious out of these polls. I mean it's important for the campaign understand where they, where they are and kind of, be able to plan for the future He hasn't even officially really started running for president, yet he's not tested any of his new messaging he's done. None of these things, I think kind of the important things you're seeing in the media is people Klay, saying Donald Trump is firing his pollsters because they showed him losing, as if like he's, you know he, if they would've went through. He would love it right exactly and that's This was looking at. You know they were internal polls. We should know about them right, they're supposed hidden. Yes, he was losing a lot of these states in these internal polls, initially Trump kind of said. Then those polls don't exist. Then pain confirmed that they do, but they were from March, so they're outdated already anyway. But beyond that like
The issue here is that they shouldn't be out in the public they're supposed to be things used for internal internal use right so the reason why these people are getting fired is because they believe the links keep the leaks came from these pollsters, We believe these people went out. There took these polls realize that trump Administration was never going to let them out and it's leak them out, that's a huge problem. If that's true, you have to be able to trust. Your team and so now there's theory out there, as he really can't trust anybody, I mean I feel bad for the president some ways he cannot trust a single person. Now I mean that was interesting in that, but Serra could be Sanders leaving. That was one of the people. You know she hasn't been doing a lot of press conference however, she's yeah become a pretty so troll adviser to him and one of the few people that he believed he could trust me Bill O'Reilly. As you point out said nobody, he
Trust nobody he trusts, literally zero people may be outside of a certainly have family, maybe with his family. He trust that's about it the issue here with these polls is that this is not there are some things you can learn from polls this early. You can usually find indications as to what's possible, but we know in eighteen months anything can happen here. There's a there's, no reason to panic from these numbers at. I think he would win. I I It's not hyperbole, you know better than I do on this stuff and I'm always I'm always wrong when it comes to politics and predictions, but I think it's so open he could win by a landslide. I mean a Reagan style landslide. He could lose by a landslide. It's that open. I think all those things are certainly in play. I mean, if you go back to George,
W Bush at this time was incredibly popular president and one of losing his reelection we've seen you know. Clinton did not look good at this time and you know in ninety one ninety two and came back in nineteen eighty six and came back and won. So things change all the time. It's way too far out I mean with the one thing I think you can look at with, interest at this point when it comes to pulling is more on the democratic side, it's interesting to see number one. Who forms best against the President, like a lot of these polls, will show everyone of these people. The president. I think we all know that. That's not I mean that's not reality. But it is interesting. The minute he stages, the minute he stepped on a stage with Elizabeth Warren she's done. Elizabeth Ward thing is fascinating because it's as if the Democrats want to run the thing it's like take it to Hillary Clinton and then pop.
You know give her filler would like really leftist policies, so you'll not only loser because of the style and her incompetence on the campaign, but you also lose a lot of people in the middle because they think she's too much of a socialist you know Hillary at least tried to hide that Elizabeth Warren loves it. So you take that it's like I can. For that. One again, if they put Elizabeth Warren I saw the numbers of Elizabeth Warren beating Trump and I thought to myself. Oh please, Democrats, please. Is she's run specifically designed in a factory to lose to Donald Trump right, yeah, If it could be done, she could be Donald Trump. Literally. Any Democrat can beat Donald Trump right now, which is you know who knows who knows how this country goes? We have no idea but look at that, and you say which it is performing best against a Donald Trump and Joe Biden is usually number one and all these recent polls have come out publicly he's beating Trump by the most.
You see people who are still have large amounts of Democrats and and America, especially who have no idea who they are. The people have idea who PETE Buttigieg, he can he compete. I mean in one of these polls. He shown beating Donald Trump too, although it's closer, but a lot of this has to do with you know you can people have no idea who these people, even our yet we're about to have these first debates want you through the first and second round of these debates. You'll start to get a little bit of an idea where this races, but as of right now, even Bidens lead, which looks insurmountable to a lot of people is absolutely a real possibility of disintegrating. So way too early to Tell- and I think the media's take on this, which is just trying to say Donald Trump, is- is shallow you're going to see people losing so he's firing himself? Look. These polls look not once, but twice that's it's completely unacceptable from your team. It's this early! Why not switch him out completely rational thing to do. I saw clip, earlier today on the blaze of a Cortez
and she was on. I don't meet the press or something and she was just horrible. She was just horrible on it and I thought She she doesn't work in the old style media. She just doesn't work, she's she's, never good at it, and if that's all she had should be nowhere. However, He is a new generation and that is really really good. Online Donald Trump is not typical politician, and for anybody, including me who said the guy not going to win. The guy won't be able to win Because we were putting him into the mold of what what America really wanted before well he's not that guy, he, he's not a typical politician, where I think Joe is
No biting strength will be in the upper end of the Democratic Party. They'll. Look for that traditional guy, who It's just rock solid, steady blah, blah blah blah blah, even though he's not they'll believe he looks presidential America is not Looking for that anymore, it's just not otherwise Donald Donald Trump would not be President are looking for somebody who who really understands what we're facing today, or at least represents that I would if I were, if I were king of the medical media, and I was on Donald Trump's side I would be saying to to Donald Trump and his allies, all of the people who are the five hundred and one c threes. All of the people who are work for the President's reelection but are not connected to him, they should really just concentrate on What the hell has happened to America, they
be doing all of the stuff about you know gave Cathro. Are we not gay bathrooms transit transitional bathrooms other things that have made people uncomfortable the silencing of voices of the the easy political correctness, that's going on, I would concentrate on the left and oh crazy. It has become and and show the future using their own words behind the scenes and show it's not who you are. This is this is what you want. And then Ronald, then Donald Trump should be doing what Ronald Reagan did, and that is it's morning in America, it's a new day in America, but remember I'm the first. Hi, I'm the first guy that had a a sexual on the republican stand, talking and speaking out about this. I don't
the problem with homosexuality, I don't have a problem with gay marriage. It's up to you, there is a reasonable path, but even that wasn't reasonable enough, because that's not where we're headed and him just doing a very. Positive morning in America show who we really can be not in the past, show who we can be there the future is right here all we have. Was grab onto it and I think that would be affect, because you have to remind people that things have gone crazy, Things have really gone crazy and at there is somebody out there and it's b be his vision of a positive american future, I think that would win now with. Does that or not? I have a
idea. I know he will go after the press and the press will go after him and maybe that's winning strategy this time around as well. I don't know, but anything can happen in. So we go back to's to hear more on this in just a second first our sponsor is Lifelock. Did you know that there's a black market for frequent flyer miles, at least Half dozen online markets have listing created by criminals who have stolen freak. Flyer miles and they're trying to resell them and it's really hard to, detect the crime since people don't check their accounts that often so the theft may go undetected for weeks or even months. There are so many ways that cybercriminals are trying to take. What's yours person information is exposed. Some you can use it to commit identity theft. That's why
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ten second station id to how right or wrong were the polls laugh this time. Do nobody thought that Donald Trump was going to win. No, I mean it, you know just not pay attention to those polls or were they wrong with it. I think, but there's a little bit of both in there and that it one of the big lessons that everyone took from two thousand. Sixteen is never look at another poll again because they're always wrong. In reality. That's not fair at all. The national polls predicted the results it with the with the think best buy a little over one point, one or one point two points. That is that doesn't sound right, because we obviously know the result. Wasn't right, but remember polls, don't look at the electoral college polls. Look at the national popular vote which they predicted pretty accurately. Honestly, there are few state polls
that were wrong and was enough to throw the election to two will trump and that's the electoral college, student college and obviously very important, but the result the poll results overall for two thousand steam, we're actually really solid when it comes to the nation wide one and and honestly, the bigger lesson to learn- and this is a lesson that I certainly learned in the primary was in the primary like remember- double truck, let all the polls people forget the it's at the very end, everyone thought Hillary Clinton was going to win Donald Trump One well, The polls also existed for the primary primary said over and over again for months, despite all the mental. Despite all the things that said, the opposite, that Donald trump should win. The primary Ann is leading the primary and he did, and he did so well in reality, like looking at these polls, completely dismissing them is probably a little bit foolish, however, Again, a lot can change in the presidential election
remember it was only a few weeks before the action happen when you have the note that access Hollywood tape coming out and and pulls or swinging towards Hillary Clinton, with these large margins and was was able to of at that and come all the way back to almost even in the popular vote right towards the end, and started any at. You know messaging here the idea that, because you're some some of the results is down by seventeen in Virginia state he's, probably not gonna, win anyways down by fifteen in Maine of Tina Minnesota He almost one minute Minnesota in twenty. Sixteen Michigan he's down by thirteen in these internal polls again from March even the pollster who took them says at this point: they're misleading he's losing into biting care North Carolina by eight he's losing an io by seven in Ohio by one, And you know the these results are not good and obviously he would be destroyed. These were real, but they're not real, and that is a really it is also it is also The unnamed Democrat,
by the nineteen in this in this particular one it's bite and they'll bite and I think his stands in for the the unnamed Democrat and a lot of ways because- These kind of a guy he hasn't, really campaigned yet he's a guy people know, but they know largely because for him being vice president which, as we all know, imho cases is just a roll. Aka quarterback role, right people kind of project. It was this person came in, he be great, but you never actually see him doing anything. If you're a Democrat, they've they've never seen him actually enacting these policies and we should try. To come out and propose things he really had a lot of trouble. So far I mean the Hyde. Amendment is the big one where he reversed himself of Multi decade: stance against public funding, for abortion an he's come out and now reversed that stance, two times over the past few weeks and that's dance that is actually largely popular among the american people, even people who are pro choice, general Speaking
behind the idea. Alright, let's not put, we know it's controversial, let's not put public funding behind it. It's only. A slight majority of democratic voters who support overturning the Hyde amendment. So I mean it's one of those issues that, if he's wavering on something, that's a simple one to be's quota. Quotes centrist about already waving. On those I mean what campaign to do to him over a long period of time. He may look just as socialist as any of the others, so just. Maybe it's just me. I just think that when America, The campaign is run right when It says all right. I've got the chaos of the trumpet you never know how to predict it. Yet you know and I'm tired of the fighting back and forth, however, when I look at who he's fighting against he's fighting against the press and most Americans. Don't trust the press. So he's right on that one and he's also if they run things properly, when you look
it's things like abortion. And you look at really pretty everything he easy in step with the american people. They are wildly out of step and when it down to it, they may say right now. You know what I don't like all the chaos. I don't like all the bickering back and forth, but when it comes on it. If the economy is doing well, he will they will look and say you know what I got. A job thing going pretty. Well, I think is stable, I eat I don't. Like these things and you know there's a chance that they do an act. Those things I'm just going to go with this one: let's not change horses, as long as the economy, yeah huge risk for Democrats in nominating someone Like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, especially who's out really telling you they want to change the fabric of our society right.
Biden's attack nothing to hide that have someone who says basically, okay, here's a little guy. We already saw Biden in there again. This is not my analysis, I'm saying I'm democratic voter or a centrist voter. Even who says I don't like the of Trump by day. He was around. I remember that you start remembering these things more family than they were this plenty of Kayla K House in the above administration, but people will forget a lot of that and we'll say alright. Well he's not going to be a revolutionary, you don't get that from was with warn you don't get that for Bernie Sanders healthier to get that from Comilla, Heris or or many of these others, and and at that point you're saying well, I have something good in my going to flush it completely down the toilet and try something different or I'm gonna stick with. What's going on right now, which has aspects I don't like, but Khanom is good, there's a lot of good things. I think he's got a good case there, you're listening to the land back think about flush,
things down the toilet. If you are using public Wi Fi, you do now you do an online search. Even in your own home and then you're fed a bunch of ads that are are. For that I mean you, think that's convenient, but these are monitoring you. There entering your voice, their monitoring, your online searches, your activity all the time, and I think it's personal infringement myself. I don't like and it can be relentless, and I know there are some upsides to it, but the downside is really really bad. It's even Richmond cybercriminals invade your phone. Your desktop your tablet to steal your private information, steal your identity, easy way to build a fortress around you and it really takes a couple of steps. I mean you really have to have people who are watching for your identity and a secure, VPN, a virtual private network.
Do your own homework. There is only one true private network that I would recommend and it is Norton Security. P, n protection starts at three thirty three, a month go to Norton DOT, com, slash v, P, N Norton, dot com, slash v, P, n and police tv dot com. Slash Glynis place to go for place tv at all. The shows that you love from a quick glance for ten bucks off two weeks, he's? I think that were happening this weekend at least that caught my eye was won the poll numbers and we just addressed those and the second big story was the the. Or times quotes scandal of what they came out and about with Russia, and I hit that earlier on first thing on the hour one of this broadcast, you can listen to it. Online. If you missed it, you can listen to the podcasts and so hit it from a different angle coming up here in in about twenty five minutes so standby for that? But what we we get from
The news of the day really is that I'm Kurt is changing. The world is changing and our digital players that are in Ed with the and this idea that America Was- great America is a problem and the free market is a problem and that's a problem to us because we're living everyday with technology. That is really remarkable. I mean take take a moment and just think about how remarkable are lives, are right now nobody is ever had it is easy, as we have it right now. We have access to everything. And it's remarkable, even the poorest among us in this country You can share your voice. You can be your own publisher. You can print a book
and write a book in print it in you don't need anybody on the in between you can be. You can be the Next rush, Limbaugh just not on the radio, just do it online you have no boss. Think of this. At the same time, kind of goes back to what we were talking about with the the cyber warfare between Russia and the United States. This can be silenced. Everything be gone. A single keystroke, a tweak to Eve an algorithm and you're behind a digital wall or America is silenced. I have to worry about book burning anymore, digital erasing is far more effective. Make sure the only the Popular. The politically correct speech is heard, an I am growing. More and more concerned, and it's funny if you read
My book, the Overton Window or the eye of Moloch is, I think, a better. Even a better novel you'll, see that we put in there at that time. The founders keepers- and these were people- As the founders words were, you know being destroyed that they they memorize. They became Benjamin Franklin. They became the keeper of of Thomas Jefferson in almost like people, take the Koran or the or the the old testament. I'm trying to think of the. I can't think of it now: which people call the old testament, but the way they memorize those things pardon me yeah the taurus. The way they memorize the Torah. That is as there was no, you couldn't turned on paper. You couldn't count on anything. You had to make sure that it was told.
In oral tradition. Now we're not at that point, however, we might be at that point. If we don't take the preserve some of the things that we have. For instance, I could be race digitally. You could never find a video of mine with a symbol. Of an algorithm, you could lose all the books if they were digital that I've ever written. You know would know in ten years that I even existed. That's the world we're living in now. Now it's now so important when you do it to Glenn Beck, but if you do it, Thomas Jefferson, if you, two to really mark TWAIN Mark pain, is already being erased in our schools. Isn't he important, did they really kind of do this to Thomas Jefferson, and we talked about this a while ago. The first draft
But you know when you look at yes, a basically they made him out to be the slave owning. You know, I I either this guy with this hardcore desire for slavery. When you read his first, after you realize that I couldn't stand slavery. He hated he's. He attempted to stop it. It was one of his main points of reasoning to declare independence from Great Britain the outline in giant letters in his own handwriting, and yet that gets a point that now all people think about is this guy is it was a slave owner and all the rest of his work is diminished because of it I mean that is the So a good! It's a great example. Imagine that in a much quicker fashion, you see what they're doing with select groups like these. Like hardcore extreme. You know, let's say me, NEO and and and things you see, the dicks they use against them, which obviously are these groups are horrific, but you see what they do. Against them, and then you either they do the same thing up the line.
Where, if someone like Alex Jones, who might be the next step, there is now gone from all the social media. Once last time you heard anybody even talk about Alex Jones other than just referencing him being bad. I mean what the heck is he talking about anymore, which is you can see. I have no idea, at least in fact he's, got a new problem going on that I have long talked about an I don't know I don't know anything about, I'm not defending, I'm I'm not dismissing but I am also not jumping on the bandwagon apparel the child porn was found on his company servers and offered a million dollars for anybody that can prove that it was planted there because he said it was this planet, it was sent to us and it was planted, but that that'll destroy him. If that would, if that would he and I think they do that in a heartbeat to people buddy and I don't need government or anything else. I just mean individuals hacking
and placing stuff on your computer and in the end, your hard drives, and then you think you have a. You think you could defend against that which way there's no way, there's no way it's like to defend a thirty year old me, to claim right, there's no way to defend yourself and like you know how it is done. The next step for for Alex Jones is probably what the next step was against. These white supremacist organizations and such where, instead of okay, we some of the social media, he still has his website. I'm sure he still making plenty of money off of this website will not go after the I S, p, you go after the cut the company's hosting You know I mean eventually you can get to a point where they'll take everything away from the inning and that line will move towards more and more court, normal speech- yep, okay, so, here's what here's, what I want to ask you to do and we're going to do this over over over several days. It might take weeks to do this, because I want to talk to
people that I really respect and get there they're. Looking I want start putting a collection together about the library that needs to be preserved and a library that we that we all should have at least parts of it. You know, for instance, we should all have the Geneva Bible, and I you know you the king, James Bible, but so the Geneva Bible 'cause, that's the one that led us into freedom and then David it has a good version of this. It's the Patriots Bible where it explains it in today's language, but you need to have a Geneva Bible or a patriots Bible from date, David Barton, you need to have a king James version because who how those things are changed or if they're, just outlawed wealth of nations, along with moral sentiments, if we are looking at a bunch of people who say that, capitalism is bad, and the free market just to be destroyed. You have,
destroy wealth of nations we've already destroyed moral sentiments that both by Adam Smith. You need both of them together, because moral sentiments is what keeps the well of nations actually happening because it may Is it more moral, road to serfdom can have road to serfdom you but you can have Mark TWAIN, how 'bout how 'bout, Churchill by Boris Johnson, Churchill is going to be destroyed. Now you need to have both sides you don't remember it's the empire or something I can't remember, but I'll find it. The Hey Churchill was looked at in India, which is true. He was a bad guy in India, so you have to have both, but I I just think there are so many books that,
we need to preserve uh that could so easily be wiped out Again, you don't own your library. If it is on Kindle Google books they can. Them they own. It you're ready I know it says, buy this book, but you don't own it they just remove it so We need to look at the things that are really about America, about the truths of America about truth that are so easily being lost right now I think coming apart. By Charles Murray, is a really important book. It shows. What was he to us it shows you know most controversial things that nobody wanted to talk about that. As the original divine divide, I you know I
I think we need story at the books like a Greg Easter Books book it's better than it looks or still what's the What's the one you would say, his name, that is the positive Steven, pinker, Man, positive, look at the West that's all going to be destroyed. You can't let that out there now this This is obviously for crazy scenarios. This is for the losing of voices, but we're seeing the losing of voices were seeing the law of Steven Crowder uh my voice, rush's voice, Sean's, voice, Mark Levin's voice. Any of these voices that will try to stand. We have a shot of being erased into a digital ghetto. You need to preserve these things. Somebody needs to hold on to them, and I think this goes back to.
An early prompting of mine, clay pots. It's why we started our museum because somebody has to preserve the good and the bad. By the way. We're doing a we're doing a museum it opens the last week of June. And goes through the seventh of July in its outer mercury studios. It's a quick pop up museum about the history with Abraham, Lincoln and slaves and racism. It asked the question: what is racism is that a can problem what it? What is what is slavery. Is that an american problem What are these things? How do they start? What does it mean? are they done, and it is. Powerful and quite honestly,. Quite controversial, I think because it tells the truth. And I have a feeling we're going to get a lot of pushback on it, but we'll see
please come in and see our museum, you will see the Real gettysburg address the Real emancipation proclamation and the only open for a few days at Mercury studios and you can find tickets now at mercuryone dot, org dot org, but bring your family and learn the truth. I also would like to know if, if you, if you have to preserve the nation. If you had to tell its story. We obviously would put the to in the declaration of independence in there, we would put the federalist everyone should have the federalist papers in there, but what books need to be saved both good and bad from Digital ghettoization or like we will talk about coming up in just a second, what the real point of the story from the New York Times this weekend and Donald Trump. The point of the story with Russia is that trying to be in place with
show and other countries where we can shut all electronics down. All the. Ricetti everything we shut it all down. 'cause, that's the way according to put in the next war will be fought, it'll be but with ones and zeros. So, how do we shut everything down? Well, if you shut, you shut everything down, you lose everything, so I want you to help us with this project go to glennbeck dot com, slash, save books and submit books that you think need to be preserved. The most just give us the name of the book and why you think it needs to be preserved, Glenn Beck dot com, slash save books go there now. I'd also like to know who would you to talk to, or here talk about their? cuz. I I'm going to write different people and save you could only say five books. What would the most important books, be to preserve the w uh. If you have somebody that you would like to hear from,
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I believe one of the biggest threats to America is what's happening really outside out of sight. I mean not hiding it, but nobody is touting it and that's the changing of the Electoral College, already have, I believe, fifteen states there there what one hundred and eighty two hundred electoral votes. They have to get two hundred and seventy and then it's just it's a straight popular vote. And the left is doing this and they are very, very well financed and organized. We are not doing anything to combat it and we need to in our local states please Tpusa, dot, com, TP, USA and Look for all the information on the electoral college. You need to get involved this by the way.
Is turning point USA, we're kind of joining forces with Charlie and and his organization. We need your help to stop the loss of the electoral College and it just requires a little bit of time. Just by making phone calls to your state entertainment in light ment. You know we were It's really funny we were. We were talking at one point that they would just come out and then they would just say what they were really trying to do that. The radicals, the progressives would start to say, look, I'm a democratic, socialist. Ok, that's what I am and this system doesn't work and people thought I was crazy when I said that I'm going to play some audio that just happened this weekend, that's a little stunning, a little stunning to give you
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still can you take us through the audio, the audio that we just heard. If you were listening, uh on the blaze tv or watching or listening on the blaze tv, it's pretty stunning audio the audio of people just taking their masks off yeah this for a very long time and we've seen it in different levels even up to the presidential election. Now we have, credit socialists, obviously saying they're going to run. We have it all over Congress we also may have explicit example in the Denver City City Council. Now the things you hear from democratic socialism. All we want is Norway. All we want is Sweden. This this is all we want, Well, that's! That's! That's absolutely not true, Sweden, Norway, those are those are free market systems. Those are capitalist nations with very large safety net. So it's easy for somebody say: look I
I want Sweden, we just are going have to have higher taxes. We still keep the free market. The way it is, in fact we should reduce some of the regulation because Sweden and Norway are way ahead of us on less regulation. So, businesses can make more money, but people make more money and that's we get the taxes and we take that and we have a big safety net. That's the age of Norway and Denmark, not what My cratic socialist are saying yeah. We should point out, obviously there's major major issues with that I mean you know it's easy to do in Norway and Denmark when you have United States doing all the innovations for you like it's easy. To be able to live off, essentially the work of other countries have a freer market and then, of course, Other there's other more day to day pragmatic things like, for example, you know the search new home in the United States- is two thousand six hundred square feet: the average residence in Norway, something like seven hundred and eighty, so I mean, if you I think I think the biggest thing is- and this is even too big of a state but
I do this in- let's say Manhattan. You could do this in California if it was a country and I had to live within their own means, and they add to live with the consequences of what they wanted to do with so dragging the rest of the country in with them, this is a very large country. He each population very, a verse. Not everybody wants to go that way. So if you to do it in California, do it in California, but we cut all ties to you financially, meaning going to bail. You out, you have to do. What Norway is doing. They have to live within their own means or go out of business. So there's a lot of trade offs there. However, most of them most of the people who say their democratic socialists when you're talking about who are philosophically advocating that viewpoint we, as we've seen from have, and you know the piece the we talked about several times in fox where they talk about the base.
We're looking to do was overthrow capitalism. It's not just Medicare for all it's not it's! Not this deal we want to overthrow you think it's bad bill that admit it. If you give you kind of actually go after them well. The in the different is cancel, candy, I believe her name she talks about, capitalism and wants to make sure that every understands what she really wants, and this is not just this little view. Vision of Norway that we've been this is full government ownership. Ownership by the state of the means of production? Listen to her outline it experience you have on shaping the economy of the city and not turning Denver into a true welfare state. There is limited potential for personal wealth and savings. Well, I guess will just address the elephant in the room. I don't believe that our current economic system actually works um capitalism, by design, is extractive and in
here to generate profit in a capitalist system. Something has to be exploited. That's land Abre resources, and I think that we're in late phase capitalism and we, doesn't work and we've got to move into something new and I believe in community ownership of land, labor resources and distribution of those resources, and so whatever that morphs into, I think, is what will serve community the best and I mix did to usher it in it by any means necessary by, if by any means, meaning necessary, means necessary by the way what it's morphed into in case you in if she says, whatever it more sent to so far, it's a hundred million dead. So that's that morphing was kind of problematic for me craft into you know a lot of people losing their lives in every single instance. It's been attempted
so I you buy, do not want to try it. I do not think capitalism is filled with talk about these numbers, so many times I mean moved billions of people ripped out of poverty by this system, since you we've been a life. This is not going back to the night, meaning you can go back to the eighteen, hundreds and sure it looks great good to the 1990s billions of people extracted poverty because of this system, she wants to close. It's not a good look. I could look at it was you know, and I will say that people have done for new, that and that's why, of course, she actually successfully won election after after the statements. That's unbelievable absolutely unbelievable the people. You know it used to be said that the people who had the most to lose did the least to save it. It is now those with the most to lose, are doing the most to lose it I mean our. Our nation is is, is filled
people who are either in denial. Title never happen. Or they are actively involved in it. I mean these. They're they're telling you what they want to do, and I as part of it, is we haven't learned about nobody. Young has learned about. The Soviet Union has learned about the socialist experiments. These are all experiments. In fact, the first socialist experiment? I can't say the first is the first was really the pilgrims now is Jamestown, perhaps and then the pill and they all tried socialists. It wasn't called socialism, then, but they all tried this you know we'll all decide and we'll all just put our money in a big heap and it doesn't work the he a really big experiment happened in Texas believe it or not, and if you ever look at the
skyline of Texas, just Google, it real, quick and you'll see a big ball around ball and lit up at night and it's the reunion tower. Nobody knows what the reunion tower is. What is reunion well reunion used to be a suburb of Dallas It was a reunion Texas, it's not art of Dallas, and it was the big first real socialist experiment. Texas, where they right this. They tried this in the late 1800s. In fact, one of the biggest minds of the socialist Movement from France came over. They were the movers and shakers and they tried it and it ended the way it always ends you were kicked, as soon as you got sick, you were kicked out as soon as you got old, but you are not allowed to stay there. An it it all fell apart.
Now the modern socialist movement. Doesn't kick you out of the community and they just kill you. And so it it Wheatley failed, every socialist experiment ends the same way and What are we doing? We were going to try a socialist experiment. In America and in the west, it will. It will end exactly the same way and It's amazing to me that People have not been taught the difference between the free market. What we're doing now, which is crony capitalism Code, capitalism. The reason why this is failing in many ways, because of many of the things that the socialists are doing in companies, like Google and Facebook, What are they doing? They're controlling everything there
controlling the way it works there in bed with the government, if not the government here, but the government in China. Look at Amazon look at Google. They're writing all of the laws, the things that we hate about: capitalism, crony capitalism, that these companies just get bigger and bigger, and they don't have to abide by the laws that you have to abide to. Why is it that that Google and Facebook are having a problem right now there I mean the problem because they they don't have to pick between a publisher being publisher, where they edit and they're responsible, and you can sue them or a platform which just an open platform, and everyone can say whatever they want on it. Well, they don't want that they want both. I want to have a platform that they can edit if they choose, but now get sued. If they don't choose the right ones or don't catch something, because there a platform but have all the the benefits of,
a publisher as well in control speech. Why are we having a problem because it bed with the government, What are we having a problem with so many things? Why do this? Why do why does the left hate corporations he corporations because they know they get big bloated and then control. Everything because of the They get involved with the government, that's crony, capitalism, and that's exactly what they eventually do? Do you really think that people in Venezuela really had to say. Do you people in the former Soviet Union really had to say on how to make things. Watch Chernobyl The little people didn't have anything to say: everybody free afraid to say anything. Well, it happened here. Really is no one afraid to say anything right now is no,
frayed of saying the wrong thing and being politically squashed How do you not see that this is exactly where we're headed? doing all of the things that they they say, they hate their for freedom. Therefore for everybody having their fair shot while they're in bed with people like Google and Facebook, who will do nothing but enforce whatever it is, they believe by any means necessary. That last line she said should not be taken lightly by any means necessary. True revolutionaries know you gotta, Take a lot of eggs to make an omelette listen to George Soros in his own words on sixty minutes. When he said, looks a lot, the people you know they hurt, but you know it and the fun doing this. Your drawing people, and you don't care
because it's not about the individual, it's for the greater good. And there is no greater good without the individual, it becomes a it's a greater nightmare and what our founders, new, and somehow or another. Well, we not somehow or another. We know how it happened. They have made, that our children are not educated in this and our values and our principles are being sidelined and being silenced and discredited every step of the way, and we You need to draw a line in the sand and say no more not a not an inch further. And preserve those things in our own life in our own homes, make sure that we know how this story usually ends, and we write ourselves into the story. Who will we be who will we be? Who will our children, be
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which was this, was five hours on Friday, night and then six hours on Saturday and yeah. I yeah I'm not in shape. This has how I would summarize the week. I I mean the pain as if I conquered Everest several times and in bad. What I did was, I think, run a few drills and and the drills that used to be easy and they no longer come that way so I'm in pain, I'm in I'm in severe pain, yeah, that's how I would describe my way: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah I can I kinda similar kind of similar we're build. Fences and things like that and I realized now. I can't really do much really of anything, destroying destroying an old fence taking old fence down with a sledgehammer we, to the guys who were up here, helping us with it- and you know they will. You know special forces kind of guys and why
and then take the sledge hammer and thinking nope, not not not a chance I'm not even a man anymore, I'm not even a man Labor is one of those things that we, is nice to look back on, but I don't want to go back there if I can avoid actually yeah it's actually it's weird because I was to do. I don't want to do a full time. I don't want to do a full to now give me rock I I I I was because we have a couple of heavy machinery here that I just been drinking like crazy and then operating but we have a couple of pieces of heavy machinery, and even in that you know it's a it's a hard job. It's a real a hard job, and I was thinking myself. I could do this and then I thought now. I really couldn't I couldn't do this. My whole life the politicians come on there like well, look I just we. We do need to get these manufacturing jobs back. It would know these people had manufacturing jobs like many factors.
Jobs are are great and they you know they are obviously a central part of our economy, but very people advocating for the I've actually done them like they're hard you but you're in pain. Afterwards, you you know they talk about replacement of truck driver right with all these automated vehicles. Finding is when these automations come and not all of them. Obviously, this just very beginning of the circle, the what I think is going to happen, is a lot of these truck drivers who will go on especially ones who are may maybe old enough and not to look be able to train for another gig. Are going to retire, look around for awhile and eventually go on disability, because almost all of them have instead qualify you for disability because they all have had to drive around and they have back problems and they have all sorts of physical issues that absolutely qualify them, because it Also I freaking war. We want to save we want to save these coal mining jobs actually
I think everybody who was in a coal mining job would say, hey or replace it with something. I can do right now, I'm up for that. I mean you, look at these coal miners. No! Thank you. No thank you, but you know It's a little ridiculous for us. I just realized. I'm dead. The power goes out The New York Times thing you know where, where cyber warfare mom dead within a and I'm very marbled. So I'm being eaten by the survive Is that out actually using sledge hammer? How in the cannibalism economy your you? Are your your high high value? Yet no they they bid on me the different camps. They they take me in there like. Okay, we got for sale. He is really soft tender tender eaten and very, very juicy and fatty. People say you're not preparing for the future. You clearly are, I mean, look at him thanks a lot? A large amount of work to get to work? You know up I've I've
spent the last two weeks with my son, it's really kind of been it's been a hard year with with him and because he's coming into his own and and that's good, it's all good stuff. But it's hard then I'm trying to walk him through it without self destruction. Because of what is you know what's happening in society, and you know. He had a real problem. Last year around the summer and then and then this last year has been really really tough and it's hard because when you're a dad have more than one child. It's
it's hard to dedicate yourself to all of them at the same time, and it's tough dads dads deserve a day of looking up and saying: hey thanks dad, because it's it's a hard job and harder than working construction is that program. Alright. I talked a little bit about Goldline gold line has their four coin: collection of eighteen, eighty one their five dollar liberty, gold coins from the USA, they acquired these. This is an old time horde of these coins. It's not a large quantity, but enough to make a special offer to gold line, cut If you already own gold, you might want to they're going buying more. These are the kind of gold coins that I buy. It's half eagle from the late 1800s. This is when you know this is when the country was at its high. The moon shot of
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asked. Is it was really really good this weekend and so well worth your time, just listen to it, even in it's in pieces over the week. If you can we Add James Lindsay and Peter Bagozzi These are the two scientists that are trying to take on the educational system and trying to uproot I didn't say: what are you doing shake it back away. And show how off track it really is, and they have been just become pariahs and they know it and we had a fascinating conversation. I want to play a couple of things Bogosian is a is a big atheist I I wondered how we were going to be able to down and have a real conversation, and if this would come and if it did how it would be handled. I want you to listen to this: here's Lindsey and Bagozzi, and on religion,
the only reason people believe in the new religion is because they stop believing in the old right it's like. I was thinking about with thrones, but now I have the new Godzilla and so Jim, and I have written extensively about how there's a new religion and then this new religion is it. So I don't know if it's a religion or worldview are called were still almost a religion. It is a faith tradition in or not tradition. Really it is a faith system for certain social justice is a faith cyst at this point, but they won't admit it because they don't have to because there can looks like knowledge and they are pointing to scripture the owning too. So is there scripture? It is it is it only it is. We have the power, we have the perils that you can speak to privilege being original sand, political correctness being blasphemy. Let's also ring depravity,
right ups, you totally and makes it so that you can't do anything but and and and and depravity in the religious sense or Calvin a sense. It's that you were depraved in the sense that you seek to sent in here your privilege, so you seek to maintain your privilege it's a perfect parallel. Seven that they go all the way down wokeness is being born again and you can just go down the list we've written this, yet yeah, I wrote it just before Christmas Aerial magazine Helen pluck roses are third contributor. It's an aerial magazine. It is giving a thousand words so enjoy your time all I will it's a solid it now we're talking. I think so. Part of this is you know. We hosted the James Moore that diplomacy University and I was going to be James or myself, and we invited the women's studies department on stage. They said no two days later, James and Helen Parkers and I did an event at Portland State and we invited the women's studies again. Nothing we have consistently invited people to have conversations with us an each incredibly difficult, when you want to have a conversation with us. That's why
it's so interesting to me that people on the right, have been so welcoming to us I mean I've never lied to anybody. You know I'm an atheist. Normal haven't lied to anybody, but you've never lied to anybody about what you believe and I've been really taken aback by how welcoming people are, because because part, perhaps you have bought into the narrative that the and some on the right are this way. Or a progressive right big government, big control. You know that there are those Christians who are like my way and Hwy good. We can get everybody baptized or whatever that there are, there is at sliver, but the right generally, the strength still cool? Is this constitutional eat my neighbor, I don't mind we. I want to work together, we're here, because we see this vision that people
do something great with their life. That's right than mine. That's that's that's a small group of people, but I think it actually getting bigger, because it's it's the american DNA. Lindsay James, Lindsay and Peter goes in on Boghossian broker of conversation, listen devices with total. Since that you are a sincere broker of conversation, I appreciate you having us on, even though you know We have differences of opinion and that's Well I mean you, don't understand how I mean you're, making a big deal out of this. Is this not happening deal because nobody, not in our lives, not normal? I mean, since we've come out, belong quote whatever our side should be, aren't inviting us on their shows, they're, not talking to us they're, hinting to left wing outlets since October, heaping derision on us, like
you know so when we did the atheist thing. Everyone is like. Oh you guys are just liberals or whatever. Well, they were right, now that we've done this and that we have attacked kind of our own tribe or our own side and the reason is, even though I share a lot of those impulses that doesn't mean okay get to make stuff up it you pretend that something is knowledge like. We really need to have some we can count on something we can go to something we can point to, and then we can squabble over public policy, but we need to have things that we can point to and say: hey. You know what we know this. This has been we've come about this. The integrity of this process is intact, to worry about it. The process needs to be defended, yeah, the process needs to be defended, and that's the other thing that we've lost so I really do appreciate you inviting us on you having a sincere and honest conversation with us and that's exactly what we need and we're not having it.
Ok, so yeah. I feel exactly the same way. This is an amazing conversation, because you realize how much we really have in common. Play these last two clips? For you here they are James, Lindsay and Peter Bagozzi on idea laundering post it isn't right is what our friend Brett Weinstein calls idea laundering. So they have this idea like they have this moral urge, and they don't know how to discharge charge the Sur General to do so. They get a bunch of other people who have this urge together, who have I'm kind of deep moral feeling about something and they write a journal or they publish a journal and then they, idea. Launder they start pushing their Kryten I think they are insane ideas, but they start publishing these ideas in journals and then
these journals inform public policy. So in some sense, how do you know the trigger warnings? How do you notice a space? How do you know microagressions? Well, they point to the journal article. You know that observing your training, men, like you, train dogs, will prevent right here for you. Through a journal now it's now it's knowledge knowledge. You have. I had the same thing. This is how they distorted history. We have, for instance, Washington all the stories, written by the guys at the time in at new him were next to him right. Those have all been erased and new professors come in with new studies, it's their opinion and they start quoting. The next book quotes that guy in the next book quotes the two guys and then all of a sudden, it's then what you're, probably looking at there is coming out of what they call critical race theory and critical race theories openly, historically revisionist. What's it supposed to do it supposed to show that the
Eight power has always been trying to maintain itself so somehow, no matter what happened like the civil rights successes, for example, that was white people trying to make themselves look good by giving people rights, that it was a means for white supremacy to maintain itself, so they rewrite history. The sense that always serves the narrative that they're trying to spin and then, if it gets any legs behind, once it gets published and they teach college. This. These guys got a lot of heat this weekend for being on my program, a lot of heat but they're used to it and I going to leave you with one one piece and this is why it is important- that we have these conversations and that engage an you listen in the podcast and you suggest to me people that you think should be on the podcast that are deep thinkers. Can be reasonable and they,
it's their life and their their their viewpoints on facts here's the Alaska cut, really interesting 'cause. I spent a lot of time with conservatives, because I live in the south. Lot of my friends are: are conservatives and libertarian conservatives classical liberals at heart with conservative views, and I am actually encouraged by what I'm seeing there again and again, I hear the same thing and I don't know what the reasons are. Maybe it's just 'cause Trump's and power and all of this, but I do know that I keep hearing again and again, I'm tired of all the fighting, I'm tired of it. Being you know Here's against daggers, I'm tired of it. Being that I can't be your friend because our politics ever, let's go back to a Jefferson where matters of religion, politics and philosophy? Don't separate friends- and I hear this so consistently from conservatives that I do have hope. But there is at least a sea change going on, because I do think that, because I did not experience that living as a liberal in the S for the last decade, this is new
this is the main so I was eager to have a congress. An adult conversation with people who has a different view with being called a racist or a bigot or a Houma folds. What I see is people reaching across the table with an open hand, and some people on the other side are going to slap it, but other people are going to take it in the more people Take that hand well it's a liberal reach into a conservative or there's a conservative, rich, doable more people who take that hand the faster this problem gets probably find you have far more in common one. One is far more color theory. Conservative, with a liberal and Part of the reason is- I think it was telling Jim looking glass night at dinner. It's really weird like here, we are too liberal. Atheists were on your show, were hanging out and having a good time. Staff was fantastic to me. It's really interesting I wish I would've heard the rest of it. You can hear the rest of it now on the podcast. It came out last Saturday, so it's available now, wherever you download your podcast really well,
worth your time. You will understand. What's happening to our country. You'll understand what's happening in education, how bad and this fight really is- and I think, walk away with real hope. It's the latest of the Glenn Beck Podcast just down please rate and review that helps. Other people discover it rate. Review go to Itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts first thing you do when you get into your car, especially if you know somebody else been driving it is you adjust the seat and if you, if you have a nice car luxury car, if you're blessed enough to be able to drive one of those, you know that it has all kinds of adjustments and it can adjust. The lumbar support and you can get it just right? Well, it your office chair if you're as chair has fewer than ten customized adjustments. They You are not sitting in the next year and I have to tell you
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promo code x, wheels you code x, wheels are going of the new x wheels with your chair. It is eight chair, it four x air or x, chair Beck, DOT, com, So let me go over the top three stories today that I think were really important that we covered today the New York Times article on Russia. And, U S Cyber where for warfare. He picked up a lot of dust, this weekend President Trump said that it was a treasonous article. I actually think this is a good article. Four, but in Trump it's the toughest stance on Russia. Yet it's been, it's been some. That I've been wondering. Are we doing anything about Russia? For the next election. Are we doing anything? Are we watching? Are we competing in what Putin says? Is world WAR three fight of ones and zeros. According to this article we are, and the
It knows about it because he signed in some new some new latitude for the the general in charge of of the second, the article that is out this weekend. The second big talking point was the president's poll numbers, are falling apart an and he's fired people 'cause. He doesn't like bad poll numbers. Not true tired people because they released confidential poll numbers. They did it not once, but twice they should have been fired. The sex thing, you need to know the poll numbers are old and they're unreliable. The president hasn't even started his campaign, yet It is something that he needs to kick off with a real positive vision for the american future and he needs to execute on that vision. I actually hope that the polls convinced the Democrats that Elizabeth Warren is the guy is the woman to run against President because I think she's a disaster she is. Perhaps
only candidate, perhaps perhaps 'cause. This is. Quite a bit. Perhaps the only what candidate that could possibly ever show up that's worse than him. The Clinton but we'll wait to see. Hopefully, oh please Democrats, whatever don't run Elizabeth Warren and article we never really got to, and I think it's important if we can squeeze some of it in now, Bitcoin is up to nine thousand dollars, and this is important because, it's quietly happening this time. This is institutional money, so this is people who are like I'm going to get rich. This is to two Shanle money which changes things dramatically in the positive for yeah they're all reporting on on crypto currencies been horrible and they, you know all you hear is: okay, went up to twenty nineteen, twenty thousand, how many you know how long it was at nineteen thousand one today, yeah
was a huge peak. It was over eighteen thousand for three days in seventeen thousand for five days, but the fact is, if you bought, crypto currency in any month other than the peak month. I think it's now looking back at it. Twenty four of twenty six months, the boom started you're. Currently up so yeah, if you part of the absolute peak your down, but I mean how we would be difficult to do that. It was only at the absolute peak for one day, if you and probably twenty anytime in the twenty four to twenty out of the twenty six other months since the boom started you're actually up right now and the media is not talking about anymore, doesn't have any of the hype, it's all negative headlines. Yet here we are any- and I don't know if anyone remembers the time that the tulip, but you know boom happened and then it lost all of its value and then regained half of its value a year and a half later. I don't remember that story. Did that happen. You know
but there's a lot of reasons why people who absolutely adore big government do not want cryptocurrency to succeed and as part of this, I think, but you look other people Maybe somebody if you hyped up by somebody and you bought at the peak you felt burned by it, but there it would have. Hard to do. I mean when looking at it, I mean cryptocurrencies been around for a long time and less you selected. One of you know couple of months that was at the absolute hype peak you
currently and nobody's telling you that it's it's a different story. It's it's nine thousand, and I think what is very positive is that no one is telling this story. This is institutional lending or or buying, and this is what we said would happen. They would drive the market down and then they quietly get into it and they'd get rich. Now we're really. It might be the time to get into it, because it's institutional money is the Glenn Beck program.
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