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The Mask Debate | Guests: Elijah Schaffer & Dr. George Rutherford | 7/28/20

2020-07-28 | 🔗

Globalism is coming, whether we like it or not, as the World Economic Forum sets up a “Great Reset.” BlazeTV’s Elijah Schaffer gives his firsthand look at the “war zone” in Portland, Antifa’s dirty tactics, and how he believes there’s collusion at the highest level. Do face masks actually work? Glenn has on Drs. Scott Jensen and George Rutherford to discuss the benefits and shortcomings and how emotions have hijacked the debate. Then, Dr. Karlyn Borysenko breaks down why there’s such a big political divide over masks. Attorney General Barr testifies to the House Judiciary Committee as Democrats look to impeach him. A viral video by “America’s Frontline Doctors” has been scrubbed from the internet, but it’s now up at BlazeTV.com. 

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