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The Media’s Going Too Far | Guests: Brad Thor & Michael McCarter | 7/24/20

2020-07-24 | 🔗

As baseball season starts up, Glenn throws it back to the summers of childhood. But here in the COVID-19 era, Fox Sports announces it will have virtual fans, and the Washington Redskins unveil a temporary name: The Washington Football Team. The media now claims that Trump will employ martial law if he loses in November and that the federal officers in Portland are a trial run. Thriller author Brad Thor gives us a look at his new book, “Near Dark,” and his thoughts on China. Can eastern Oregon actually join Idaho? Michael McCarter, president of “Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho,” is working to put it on the ballot. Charlamagne Tha God says Joe Biden needs to shut up. The Democrat platform is very negative toward white people.

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Oh, my god, it is hello, America and welcome to write ay. Oh my god. We ve got quite a programme for you today. It's about! Actually me I'm a cardboard cut out that in this seat, because we know, you're a fan of this programme, but because of covered, we We can't actually have any of our real hosts here. So behind me, and here at all, played I'm gonna put some extra bored cut out of some of the fans of the show and we might even digitize you so you can laugh and cheer and who, at the appropriate times why not major league baseball is doing it. One of the one of the real quintessential American Ass made
League baseball, one of the slowest most boring excruciating games on the planet. Well, what we like it because it's real real. Not so much can I take you back at a time. Machine to win baseball and opening day and baseball in the World Series actually meant something in there were no card board cutouts behind home plate. To begin their in one minute is the Glen programme are, prepare yourself for the latest in greatest us in sleep technology from my pillow MIKE Lyndal is rolling out, he's ladys creation. My pillow mattress tapirs now if you ve ever used my pillow or any of the other fantastic products. This company makes you know you're in retreat with a new product aim, a mattress top
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do pillows come with a ten year, warranty sixty day money back guarantee. Again, that's my pillow dot com, promo code back or call eight hundred nine hundred and sixty six three thousand one hundred and seventeen eight hundred nine hundred and sixty six three thousand one hundred and seventeen its mypillow dot com. I was eleven years old. It was a summer of nineteen. Seventy five, I contend that it was the summer that my dad and I one game, six of the world series- and I remember it like it was yesterday. You know those kind of memories that you can you can smell the memory you can. You can smell the house, you can smell the grass. Everything is just so vivid the way grass smells ran after it's been caught in the summer, you can see the way the sun will shine.
Come through the living room window in bounce off the hardwood floor every morning, sleep with your window open. He could feel the cool breeze in the morning to remember what it felt like every day running playing just being a kid more time. And something summer time We don't crave the summer just for the sun, we created, because it was It was the most important time in our life Oh, if it's like this for kids anymore but it was in the summer that you became who you are You became your own person, you developed a life of your own swear
found, what you love and later, who you love. When I was eleven years old I found what I love radio radio, in a bizarre way and my mother baseball through the radio Buddy it was all tangled up in summer, in one summer just consumed me my passion every single day that summer nine o clock I would meet, Jim and Freddy. In my best friend MIKE along with seven or eight other Rayner changeable straw, glaciers and we'd make about a two mile hike
into a run down field, it was right off of mainstream behind the hardware store and none of us had a two hundred dollar aluminium bat or is a brand new baseball's and nobody was watching us. We had an old wooden bad that have been given a Freddy by his elder brother. It cracked it practice. So we we took some tape. We down that bad up. Held together by the tape. The grip was so warned that you were sure to go home with a splinter to every single day, The ball we had found in the woods I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, so it was a little water logged did been there for a few months. It was more a shot. Put than a baseball that didn't. Stop us every day. All day, we'd be there and we wouldn't stop for anything except for the track or to the store on the corner where we, get a coke or
the bubble gum We'd all pretend we were in the major leagues We stand there for hours with sticking your hand, swinging away against imaginary pictures, practice rounding the bases We need the game, the last game of the World Series remarkable summer days, but then. The real excitement came and I came home. Rushed through dinner and we'd cleaner room. So we could sit in front of the tv and our mom would say: don't sit so close, you're gonna get I cancer. We were able to watch the first few innings of the game
only the first few innings because mom and dad we're both sticklers for bedtime. Even during the summer we like, as knows no homework, there's no school, we beg, we complained, we'd scream. We'd argue we do in time just down for a drink of water. I just need we did all the tricks. Never got me pass the forthcoming. Sometime in the forthcoming. My dad would drag me up to bed and that would The end of my baseball adventure for another day or so he thought It was early that somewhere that I discovered what I like to call the vent. I think it's where I get my love for radio. We had this old house and there was being all black iron vent, the top stairs. And it served as a tunnel straight to the ball park.
We get tucked in that way for mom to go to bed, and then I'd slowly opened the door and my head would pick out and I would towards the whole way. I'd carefully placed my feet in a pattern that I had diligently created. It took me a long time to find out exactly which boards Crete and which ones didn't then, I would slowly get on my hands and knees, and would place my face, my ear to that cold, vent, can still feel the cold steel up against my face and the sound of the tv couldn't see. Pictures I had to make them in my mind. Make its would make its way up the metal tubing spill out into a picture painted by vivid in my vivid in my imagination, and I felt like front row seats rabbi known plate. Hot dog. In my hand, the soda, a box of record, I could smell the grass.
I remember listening to the World Series had here: as we know it was between the reds and the red. Sox the broadcasters were, are lists with their words. It was a number that stuck out of my head most of all, and that number was nineteen eighteen, One thousand nine hundred and eighteen, the Red Sox hadn't, won the world series since one thousand nine hundred and eighteen, but this year. They had to win because I wanted them to my dad wanted them to I sat there in the hallway night after night, my please I swore were bruising, back with ache just waiting for the moment that the Red Sox would do the impossible and defeat the big red machine. Five nights: pounding suspense
red Sox, we're down three games. The two by this time now summer had ended. School had returned. My bed time was strictly enforced. It was October twenty first I remember the date October, twenty first nineteen. Seventy five remember everything. It was right after the second reading that I had to go upstairs kicking and screaming. I just need another drink of water. I can still remember my dad say me: don't worry I'll tell you about it in the morning, after I gave up and as I was kind of stamping up the stairs, I remember thinking you're not going to have to tell me. I know I don't have to wait until tomorrow, because I have the fat and as I hit the top of the stairs, I
quickly, washed up and climbed into my bed and waited to hear my mom passed by my door check on it to see. If I was sleeping, I was good it pretending. I waited in my bed for five long world Series minutes five minutes. I heard her come up. The stairs I heard or close her door or night was over and mine at just begun, a getting up carefully. Some carefully, stepping out of my room, creepy, across the floor, putting my feet in exactly the right spots. Make sure there wasn't a sound or a creek from the floor board, and I slowly carefully. Made my way to the end:
down on my hands and knees. My face pressed up against the cold steel. That's when everything changed. I wasn't there for very long. When I heard the sound I heard the bus sound, it was in unique sound. It was. There was nothing else in the house that sounded like this, especially if you're listening for the sound of this sound is trouble. When you hear this sound you miss it. It was the sound that only my father could make when pulled the squeaky lever on his tattered. Fine old reclining, instantly broke into a cold, sweat getting out of his chair now some things in life for certain there is death, there's taxes and there's dad sitting in his favour, chair watching America's pastime.
Don't panic? Don't panic just go into the fridge he's getting another beer? Don't panic is gonna, go to the bathroom sure, that's what it is he's not coming upstairs. I haven't made his own. But I can hear the squeak of floors downstairs and they were not headed toward the kitchen or the bathroom they were headed towards the stairs I sat there. Paralysed, seemingly unable to move my. I don't know what happened to me. I could not move. I don't know when it dawned on me, but it was too late. There's no way I could get out of here and go back to bed, because I'd have to run across the floor and give myself away This is the first moment she and I mean when you were little kid maybe, but this was I was becoming an adult- and yet this was the first moment that I really willed myself to be invisible. I am in this a
he will not see me either didn't work. It occurred to me when I I heard the creek, the first stare that he he was walking up the stairs, but he was sneaking up the stairs. My dad seem to have the same kind of abilities that I was developing. We had something in common. The creek, the first stare and then the second and the third in my mind, began to scramble for an excuse. I had to go to the bathroom and I just fell. I something down the vent dad, I was going to have a good excuse. Who is the top of the stairs. I could see the back of my dad's bald head. Just out there like a deer in headlights, my only defence I am just. I was just hoping that I wasn't gonna get run over in this accident, like that, dear I
I stared at my father. He stopped at the top of the stairs he's back still facing me still haven't seen me, paused? I was frozen he turned, but the way he turned she turned and looked straight directly at me. He knew I was there with Avent. I wondered if he had known. I have been there every night before I sat there and I waited a very loud and unbearable punishment. In my dad looked at me and I looked up to him guilty eyes, begging for lenience, and I just said hi. He looked at me and he smiled and shook his head. He said come downstairs. I thought I was going to get the punishment of my life. And then he said and done
wait, your mother, the two of us both to back down the stairs- and we said they're trying to contain- are excitement. Is the game went into extra innings. I've never seen a smile on my dad space like this. I knew just the two of us had rooted hard enough at the Red Sox would win. I couldn't lose because my dad- and I would now in it together with the bottom of the twelve inning upstairs Carlton Fisk, where Alex Catcher.
First pay job andean ball, one palms were sweating in anticipation, Darcy Cincinnati picture began his wine open. My dad said this is this: is it he's right? Darcy released a sink hurried down and in fish just belted down the line, my dad stood up and yelled stay fair, stay there and it's as if any thought of my mom sleeping was completely gone and disappeared with a crack at the bat stay fair he kept screaming. Even Fisk was standing on the plate with both hands waving. Trying to will the ball fair. My dad and I were both now standing screaming stay there.
Some people would say that my dad and I had nothing to do with the world series that year. Some would say that a father and son can't make a ball state fair. But I know in my heart I know that's not true the ball banged off the metal mesh, the pole and it was fair. It was a home run. It won the game. My dad and I were just screaming- we were jumping so much, I think, can we woke up the entire neighborhood in the process? Well, everybody except my mother we didn't care and once everything calm down whose just me and my dad standing there staring at the tv and then at each other. Shoulders were squared bad Fisk could hit the ball but we were the ones they kept it fair, The red Sox would go on to lose game seven, but it didn't matter-
I had spent a night with my dad that neither of us would ever forget my dad and I one game, six of the World Series and we wanted together. As I look back on, that night in October. I can't help but think that the only way that this could have been better would be. If if just one word of this story, actually been true opening day world is here
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player and coach on the Yankees and nationals kneel before the national anthem. Yeah I saw this morning is cleverly that was beautiful. That was beautiful, but it was before the national anthem. Besides, I did appreciated, they did it before not during right, yeah Well, I mean they. Ve got all the creativity. Now of you know the washing and I'm sorry, if I say to wash your is at the Washington Football team right yeah, god what a stupid are. You kidding me, that's what you ve come up with, and I know it's only temporary, but that's even that stupid even temporarily. Yes, it is the Washington Football team plus you've ignored, maybe the worst part, the Washington, you're, gonna, you're gonna, call the team after a slave owner How was at present new right they just be called football team, and then Jersey should say, kill the cops
mean that sort American are all about. That's what America's that's it Eric is begging for you, just football team and kill the cops. I think that's a really good one oh did you did you see? The Lee from Fox sport. Can we play this? You read that it'll cards sports cast her voice, you do here's the eyes, Fox sports, listen what their promoting.
No vans, not on thoughts for thousands of virtual fans will attend foxes avail begins on Saturday and showing the digital fans important, while wearing their teams. Colors, yes, no even be doing the way, really gotta. Let me had amid hello, they has loaded, he added did pay head, you it hello, it's probably not leaving the stadium empty, it probably is, and you know no empty now, let's just not raining us to stay at home. There, training as this nay at home, and everything is normal. This is not normal
you know, at least in England, the girl, I think in Europe. The soccer stadiums are empty. Do. But their filling them with people like Osama Bin Laden. The car I mean, I think, that's, that's. Actually I kind of like that. What you you couldn't get away with that here, though people would go ape crap over that right. I mean you use the word. Why did you used the word ape my God, why are we just talking about the Washington Redskins talk. I am I to do with the was Redskins now I am not mistaken, but wow higher offensive that America's it. Very offensive to me I'm apologizing to myself for even listening to you. I I'm sorry glad that you listened and force me to listen and I'm
I apologize it's. Ok, it's ok, just don't let it happen again. I won't ok so we're we're good with that you really like the year. I you'd better than an empty stagger. Yeah I mean I would rather have real people in the stadium yeah, but I like it better than an empty stating with no. So, in other words your line. You're totally fine with the corona virus and send that, yes, that's it, I'm sure that's what is America's hearing right now? Yes, I'm Tellin resign with desire normal this new normal is good for me. Let's good eyes, I'm good yeah yeah What exactly are you? Are you deaf virtual businesses, virtual restaurants and I'm good? Just you know The hook me unto the matrix now that Exactly what I just said, I like it I know we heard a guises the problem, is it is I don't like the normalization of everything? Well, there
I know that I guess I guess I hadn't thought of it that way that that we're normalizing it but just want a feeling of normal during this time. I know that's exactly how lazy in a in a marxist revolution, you don't care any more. You just wanted to stop and you want it to go back to normal, and so I understand it is just something that you Pat have been better. By my side, dumping, research and and and warning people with We get there, don't do that yeah, but it's ok and sports. It's fine and specific. Just right, ok, nor I know I know I get it. I got it I get. Can we talk about some some real problems? You know- and I to be all moralistic, but you're cheating on your spouse,
I think we all. We all know that's bad right. Yeah. We do. We do yeah, ok, load, you comparative Pat, what when I compare of cheating on your spouse, to you like, like how bad of Leonardo Well, I I would put it right under murder. I would place it just under murder on the scale of badness. So their leaders, murder and then there's cheating on your spouse Really, yes, if you if you murder your spouse that you are cheating on cities that double the crime or is it just like, rather both kind of the same soil, and only one are really only one syn, well. Americans, Americans are very very clear. On how bad it is. A pole of a thousand people found that one in ten cancer,
there are significant other eating at Mcdonald's. Without them is, bad as cheating on them, what's yeah yeah they give Donalds without them Why is like cheating on them? wow. No, I do kind and understand that you know I If, if she eats it, Mcdonald's, I'm buying, o k as long as she brings me like a large coke, worn, ok, eyes or something like that UK if she's eating there and I get into her car and it smells like Mcdonald'S- and I say: did you just eat it? Madonna, I do feel a little dirty. I do feel a little yeah. I I mean first of all, it's hard for me to even imagine my wife at Mcdonald's Cuz. I would just not happen
but tat, sad. You know I I was add. I would think that If you watch a Netflix series that you're watching together and then when she goes to bed early and you sneak up stairs, and watch it alone. One night: that's like Junior, spruce right! that would remove answer. I That would be close. Now, I'm a very big food person, so sign is more meaningful to its that's. However, it I know now that I have to Mcdonald's, wrappers and stuff and, and then driven home with the windows open, even in the blazing heat, so it doesn't smell like Mcdonald's, and not that. I am not that I have ever watched of an episode. Only too of my wife go. Did you why should you are a watch this? No,
another. I've done either one, but it does make you yea does make you feel a little dirty in those fields in out swinging or something we who enjoy. Just like any like that that's the worst it that it that's as bad as it gets in our relationship body yeah. Watching the episode without you, but that's me. That's the worst thing that you have to worry about rising colleagues, you didn't have sex with any of the cast. Members is not one of Europe S right and you know it's worse than you think I watch the whole to him sincerely and I'm watching. And I'm watching it a second time pretending that I've only watched episode without don't you, I think, give that all regions? No, no! No! No! No! You! Ok, I'm gonna come clean. Maybe wonder
two were all of the series than we watching together, because she just to launch them rise like oh, my god, my god, and so you know by the time We get to the next episode. I've forgotten that I've got the whole series. It's been so long is you know you will commit to just being lazy and sitting on the couch, sweetheart and until you could I can't help you I just can't help yet our sponsor this hour is really factor SAM lives in Colorado, awhile a face of the pretty scary spinal surgery. You ve been having severe pain in his legs, needed the surgery desperate before the surgery he discovered relief factor was Will they use it to mitigate some of the pain until it was time but after the surgery. He found that if he, taking relief factor, it worked, is kind of maintenance, keeping the residual pain away.
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quick start trial pack for only nineteen. Ninety five just go to relieve factored outcome. That's relief factor dot com. Call eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four relief factor dot com. Your listening to Glenn back, Yes, from the standing rock ranch Monday I'll be back in the Mercury studios were thrilled. Able to go back to text the great state of Texas which is about a hundred and fifty seven degrees right now, there's nothing like going back into taxes in the middle of the summer, but the Good NEWS is we ve got August in front of us, so that's repentantly, really good Ben? I miss already. I mean every night this week as we get movement, get ready to go home life. I've, I've, open up the windows in the night and went
not going to do this for another. He her. That's for sure, there's nothing! There's nothing like the the This coast, I think, has the best whether anything west of the Rockies has the best whether in the country, I think, Well, I mean maybe not where the Donner Party died, but other than that some of the best weather did you see. Did you see? Joe Biden and what he said about Donald Trump being are: firstly, those race. As you know, our first refers areas is Europe's most races. Amaze, really, that's amazing. The eye I was thinking I don't know Woodrow Wilson yeah. Andrew Jackson. Perhaps a hundred ex wouldn't be a very good one or maybe L b J will. I would gray. What I mean there were massive racist present all of em strangely Democrats, but
just read or for that matter. Even if I may add a potential one here, Barack Obama, with with comments among typically, whilst calling that or you are. I am calling the president a racist thought. There is some ass. The most raises thing is not raise raises thing. I've ever heard used to be, but it doesn't make any more but with question or answers like this about his grandma critical white person typical white person and well. She see somebody on straight that she doesn't know, there's any others, a reaction that it's been read. It bread there's been pride and tell her. If anybody said that about a blouse and can you imagine they still by heart that to this day you'd be Jimmy? The Greek here be Jimmy the Greek yeah. It's it's it's remarkable and its remarkable how
maternal accurate? We were on our questions about Barack Obama, because he did harbour all of those things. He did listen to Jeremiah right because Jeremiah right is practically running our country. Now lease the Spirit of Jeremiah Right is: do you see next hour? I think its next hour we're gonna get into the the new board planks of the the democratic platform. My gosh I don't know how you can vote for these people, but good luck with that. In here is something that we played in the form it buzz. Watching watching this programme on Blaze tv at the top of every hour. We have the foreman a buzz. We go over some of the news- and I saw this. I did not see this yesterday, but I this is from MSNBC. I want you to listen to what this person is actually saying when
they were talking about sending. Federal forces in to protect the rule buildings in Chicago and in Seattle and in Portland. Listen to this analysis. This is what would happen if you re authoritarian president, who was
appealing to try to resist a loss in the election. You would be saying things, Donald Trump is say and you would be gradually rolling out federal police power into the states against the wishes of the mirrors and governors in question. This is how it would happen. This is how the movie would play out at anybody who's not looking at this with a state of alarm and concern and worried about. Is this president going to have to to employ formally martial law at some point as wrong? Why the suggested yesterday, my is that all the presidents might is there anybody having lots Donald Trump for the last three and a half years, who doesn't think the Donald Trump which try to employ martial law? If he thought I was the only way I could stay in power, That would be me. Others me, I've been watching Donald Trump. I've been watching. I'll drop in the most easily authoritarian time, perhaps in my lifetime, not take
any of the authoritarian, bowers and then I've seen a crazy stuff happening in the states. Putting with governors who keep crying that Donald Trump is an authoritarian, and yet they seem to be the authoritarian. No. I don't think this is what he's doing in putting soldiers on the street, so he can declare martial law for the election, that is, that is dangerous rhetoric and, in far far beyond anything I ever said anything I ever set about Barack Obama. I take back all of my apologies to proudly worms but first let me tell you bob rough greens: our dog is part of the family and my dog has not had a leash or a collar on him for to sell. Months, and I have to put the collar back on him to danish noise and look at me like what what
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when their programme holy cow, are just heard. Montage of some of the most incredible statements, I've ever heard from so called responsible people on projecting that this president is going to declare martial law and that's why he's sending people in to protect the federal buildings? It's just a softening of the peoples will because he's gonna declare martial law and not leave the White House. If he's not reelected, it is
truly a town doing what these people are doing to split us apart. The good news is its summer and summer means a new bread for novel and there's a new novel coming out. It's called near dark witches is nineteen. I think in the series really really good, but some are also means, because there is a new breadth of our model of a novel out. It means bread for my buddy who wore games for a living is also going to be on the programme and that that day is come. It's today, Red Thor is next on, for writing is a gleam program sixty seconds away from Brad. First, let me tell you about honeys These days, we shop online as much, maybe even more than we shop in person now
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to shew lab is new novel, how you doing Brad! I am doing very well my friend. How are you going. I'm great, I'm really excited about near dark. It's a great guy. Eight book. I want to talk you about it here to? Second this you have you totally changed. Your your main character, he's not the same. Scott is. If you read the last novel and you don't have to read all of the novels in order to be able to get it, but he's a different man coming into this novel. We'll talk about that here and a dog at first. Can I play something for you and I want to get your opinion because you are a guy who war games. And I believe that we are in the middle of it can revolution, we have communists. We have is We have marxist and radicals in Andorra,
and to follow their all gathered together and they being coordinated. I believe by some of the leaders of the Democratic Party and some of the big financiers of the Democratic Party too have a revolution in our country. Is that far fetched bread I think, we're evil. I don't think it's far fetched. I haven't seen anything new. You talk to some different people that idea response coordination. I think we ve lost our way and I don't think win If you, if you are not unifying people, they naturally drifting divide, and I think we laughing are unifying or should this country, particularly now our bread yeah, I'm gonna, to give you gonna give you pass because I know you ve been working on your book and I know what that's like. What completely are you'll completely in a cone of silence, but I'm going to assign you the last.
Asked for shows, alas, for episodes of my tv show the Wednesday night Special and you watch them, and then you come back and tell me this is a well coordinated. This is my house, you, my son was ok This is evil what's going on, but let me just let me just play one thing: this is what the all the The tv analysed are now saying about Donald Trump, Sending in the day Hs, which I dont want, and I talked to the leader of the age ass yesterday talk to leave the acting secretary. I said We do not want a national police force. How you're doing this constitutionally? He explained it any lane exactly what they're doing. This is, however, what the left on television is saying. Listen to this, if he loses, and I expect that he will
We have to be prepared for things in his nature has never faced before and unfortunately that could involve the use of these these forces. It has been suggested that this is a trial run that the President of the United States, who may be organizing To that extent, what happens when we have the election on? I think we should all take very seriously the prospect that this is. As I say, I dress rehearsal a trial run. You don't draw a line in the sand. This Countries may be looking down the barrel of martial law in the middle of an election. This is just the present version, martial law, since the real military kind of pushed back labour. Anybody having watchdog shown for the last three and a half years who doesn't think the Donald Trump which try to employ martial law if he thought I was the only way could state our.
That would be me away. I thought I thought he would be a dictator and he is. He is avoided every single thing that the left has been trying to push him into. I had heard you realize you, your bread, I can give you because he s, I haven't any attention. The news. Easy to enact Marshall already trying to lose the election. They can't that bit about what I said, Cecily dependent. What do you do in one day he's actively trying to throw the election? The next page, martial law? This is ridiculous. Missis Reed guillotine. It is even been me. Our fellow citizens the other side of the iron busy. This is absolutely ridiculous. The president had every wind guinea actually has a duty to protect better ability. Particularly in cities. Yes, mayors have lost control and they will not protect private property or government property solely mrs they're, not bread. You and I e that- are you
I both are a constitutional as we both don't like the idea any kind of federal control on anything. Quite frankly, I more down that road than you are. However, and the President of the United States has states in rebellion, which I think the city of Portland is in rebellion. This city of Chicago always in rebellion when therein rebellion and they are not protecting the people and in Chicago you have the thing it was. The chief of police of the commissioner that reached out to the White House and said we need help our mayor is out of control. What, you going to do here going in and becoming the police force he sang. I've got to protect federal property and federal buildings. And there's nothing wrong with that.
We entered also nothing wrong. Would beefing up existing federal cash or forces that work with local law enforcement due to stem child sex trafficking to solve murders to stem the flow of drug addiction, silly and why don't you know the silliest thing? Is that anger from people that Do you guys are driving around in ban? You know either driving around in Van Doren pity, why assignment you wanna meet to read their own car, stick taxpayers? What that I'd rather silly, when ban certain districts, I personally and the idea that somehow this is the secret police force that is disappearing, people in Portland. It is ridiculous. But then, when this is this, is it all about looking at the bigger headline who can create more? the dramatic I mean these policies. Will have great careers in Hollywood. In fact, I wish they'd all who leave DC and gotTa Ali. What began better movie that people
All let's go! Let's talk about your new novel near dark, because the thing I like about you is I've always called your books faction, cause they're, not pure fiction there. There faction- and you always have really great historical points- that even I don't know and they're all buried gems. I love reading your novels with Google close to me, so I can get it. Used to at the very beginning, probably book three, I would go that can't be true and I'd. Google. Now, whenever I am reading your books, I'm like, I can't believe, that's true and I google it to look at the real story. So can we saw we just some of the cool history from the book? You're, absolutely You want to read some of you here with you, I've got him, but you go ahead. You can pick out a couple of things and will see if there was a ok
No I'm fine for me. If you pick em out, could I like to know what you like? Ok, You made references to the Brenner assignment them. Dangerous spy mission undertaken in world war to tell the Brenner assignment, so the Brenner assignment was carried out by the precursor to the CIA. Are war time military intelligence unit where we dropped all of these o assets, operatives behind enemy lines in ITALY to blow up a real line that was helping to supply the Nazis? It is that the Brenner Simon, It is a great nonfiction book, Ethical Donald by the way have become friends with him on Twitter. If you ever get a chance to interviewed him, he's a brilliant interviewing, he wrote the book, the Brenner assignment IP, Secondly, this research in the area- it is this dramatic at all happens during the winter time. There's a love affair with the contested at helping hide and american spy typical snap food. Can't get resupply in the knot.
You're doing, what's called a restrict with the Italians and they are going village. The village hunting these Americans and it is like Marcus, trail. Loan survivor meet, you know, one of the old World WAR two were Eagles day are short of a thing. It's incredible tell me about the history of the monks and nuns in months, Saint, Michelle Mr Michel is one of my favorite places on earth and I've always wanted to include it in April. Or an idea in this one, Tommy show either or define village with it on a title island with near the beaches in Normandy and show will do when the tides come in at night. It is completely surrounded in it. Never been. It's never been taken in battle in its gap, is beautiful Abbe with this gorgeous church? On top and one of the most visited sites in Europe, the Ethiopian,
it was discovered by an irish monkey shuttled their first indicate century at its been consistently developed and we developed through different kings in the church, h yeah. Get up online? It is gorgeous and that it had to be the cover of the book. That's why we used it. So beautiful the the let me let me go to one that I know has a great story cause you touch on it in the book. The the Ex about Camp David, the the Nikita Khrushchev visit in fifty nine and then I think, even crazier is the part of the book where you talk about Nixon. In nineteen. Seventy three so too tell the two stories there
It is not really funny because I gave the National Security Advisor for President trumpeted good friend of Mine Robert. By that I sent a monopoly copy the book it. She read, it be called me up in east. When did you get invited to Camp David? I should never give aid, because it's impossible, you should stop you describe. It is blocked can only mean that you ve been. There was very funny they all awhile laboratories. It was, I believe, Brezhnev in mixed right when he gets that talk about how it gave was pressed. It was crews the crucial issue is Khrushchev, that that went to Camp David and loved all of the cowboy movies they they sat yet they add together, Deanna President TAT together and they watch all of those cowboy movies together. It was a really need actually stayed in the same cabin at David, which has somewhere about it. How can you man, I mean? Is it really
now the two of them in the same cabin up like teenagers watching you know high noon and the gun gunfight it ok, corral vat it is just a time that does not come back. Come back now, and then its and then in seventy three tell me: we gave then I'd love to know even the story of this car, but we gave linen bread. Brezhnev a Lincoln Continental that Ford Motor Company donated and Nixon gave him the car because he apparently loved american cars Joe you mix it. Would you like to take a first span- and he said yes as through the interpreter and they jumped into the car without interpreters without her security, detailed immigration it took off like floored. This thing emissions of ebony engines and those things were cute little up ass car and he can't
English! It merits a shine. Coming up were basically or why angle mission is telling the slowdown slowdown, impression of some I was just getting bigger and bigger and bigger repeated about war of this thing and this Herman coming up liquid knows the curve is coming up any begging. The slow down in at the last minute Brezhnev sees it put the brakes on The years into the curve bait the book, the toolbar almost killed in this car accident That is a sign that story. I promise it's out there. You have to dig it out to dig out their sources jap ways to find it, but I found it: let's go It's too, I mean that's race, or do you know what happened? do you know what happened to the car? Did he take it back to Russia?
You know what I did not. I did not Carter. I was shooting. It did. Go back to Russia, I mean for gave him the car wasn't just a tool. The rounded account faded with that's why they have a golf cart here. So I buried too bad crazy. You know where it is now. Yeah would be. Who would be? Ok, we're gonna come back with breadth or here in just a second first, let me spend a minute telling about net sweet things are starting to slowly open back up and then clothes and then open. It depends on what state urine, sir. Our business owners are asking themselves What can I do to save every penny to be more efficient? What can I do to maybe streamline everything. It is so difficult in today's business world to make decisions. Unless you have all of the parliament's in sync. Unless when your meeting with you
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he opens up uneasy differ man, he is a broken man where This opens up. So Let's start their first well, you don't have to read the other books to be able to jump into this one and they're all really good. So guess through what near dark is about show me your dark. The theme of darkness clay throughout this thriller- and I mean that's what they said. Excuse you coined the term faction where you don't know where the facts and in the fiction begin. So this open not based. They require rapid, the lowest point moved life personally professionally he was staying. Resort in one of the keys and they kick amounts because these drinkin himself, the debt in the bar and start to fight any and I'm gonna die bar drinkin, cheap booze at the end of the road in key west. Again he doesn't want to go on living he's. Had everything taken from them. This is a guy who's given himself over and over again for his country.
Now everybody he loves is gone. They been slaughtered and between doesn't want to keep going. Any data bar is rooted in two guys: walk in and Glenn. You spend enough time with these guys to know that, no matter where they are what's going on, there's a part of that never dies that always pays attention. Notices, detailed picks up, went from here on in Harlem Spidey senses kicking when these two guys walking. Bar, what he doesn't know is, as they are in, without a place in the things you seeing that are all wrong there there for him. This was a movie poster for this book. The tagline on it would be. A hundred million dollar bounty has just been placed on the head of America's top spot and that target, so he sitting in this bars, low motion suicide. These guys open there there to kill him, and it is just
life of views on the rocket right there and it takes off. You get a couple minutes to really feel his pay just a couple of very quick ages, and you really connect with this guy and then these to walk into the barn you're like wait. A second and show key reached out to one of my sources, and I said if somebody two hundred billion dollar bounty on you you're the lowest point in your life. What would you do? You gotta already that answer here, you're gonna, get that I think I've yet that answer from breadth or here in just a minute stand by more with bread for up to the very. This is the Glen Back Programme. Are I consider the following six words? I love it's the best shave ever. What is add like What is that, like that Refugee wrote under his five star review shave secret. It's a simple review, but it says everything you need. The shave secret is the best shave. Ever I went to this place in New Orleans once that says behave ever and it was
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yeah go to be with you. I do have a bone debate before we get back to your story. I do have a bond to pick with you, it's nineteen novels. Is there anyone other than yourself that is sold more books for you, then you or me get ourselves cancelled. You are my open. I have said this, for nobody, railways, more rights than Glenn Back particularly in the honour of being so I just my body to hyper opera. You are my let me out of my way to ya. Thank you. I much okay, so I mean one simple request: one character at one time: listening to the Glen Back Programme or watching the Glinda program, or you know, signing up to become a member of blaze TV. Is it too much to ask after nineteen books, Shame on me. Shame my irish shirt as I know it or do remind me: do it
as if its? If it's not in the next novel, I might give you and if he reveal a might, I might do it, I might do it. Ok all right. Some rules doing the time your voice and then the rolling pin slips like twenty seven times I don't even harder to open the book. I dont think I dont spouse, who either fibre she doesn't need a rolling she need a rolling pin. She just come right at me with her, my pretty and she word choke the life out of me all right. So there was one of the things that I wondered about at the beginning of the book, because Scott goes back into action, but if he wants to just kill himself, why Why doesn't he just let them do it? Looking at the great question, why did we do it and actually that's the first thing that happened the book somebody comes to his rescue he
Do I e we need and just how many commentators rescue and that's what set about it said the game going with you, think for me is when I did this hundred million dollar bounty on the hard at TED in. I talked to some of my guys in the special operations World Intelligence community S. What would you do that happen to you, you know and how to you? How do you figure out these guys are apt to good Brad personal? I will now become the mouse. I always the cat. I care about a hundred million. Now about the nobody's. Turning me into the mouse. Ok he's dead, you lay script. He said wherever this is they become the mice you're, the cat in you, don't stop it, you put every single one of them in the ground. You kill the contract by killing right behind the contract. That's what you're on our side. While
it's it's Padre. You knew describing the book that the CIA has been degraded to. The point where you can barely operate is that is that something that actually happened? If so, why is it still going on now is? Is it been in that kind of shape? No, I guess not. There is a lot of bureaucracy there, like any government agency. There's time, kind of bureaucracy showed that we, that is the premise by which we set up a private group on the outside of you move into a kind of why your home is getting the black mould cleaned out of it. That was the idea that all of these sensitive assignments that the CIA is too bogged down to carry out move over it's private group. Until the current directed at the president of my novel put in clean out all the dead wood, the same will weaken, Porter got was sent into the CIA and he didn't succeed in real Ivan GOSH was sent in with a mandate from the the right to clean up the deadwood. Not just didn't happen.
Show very sad complaints from some of the operative there that they want to go to, but because this person, or do this assignment their request, get sent back for five times the commissary along places, which is insane there is a compelling there are some middle managers more concerned with getting promoted, thereby doing the same thing it all it like a prosecutor that case is go because they fared no afraid you're gonna lose the cage, so they don't prosecute. Could they want to perfect record so they get there promotion not the way that so on around everybody at the agency, but the D. A year ago I was at a point to whereas, like I really don't like the talk of the deep state. I think this is you know not good, not healthy, for us, etc, etc. Then they impeach the president and I went and try to figure out what was going on in Ukraine, and we talk to people in Ukraine. We talk to people. We're testifying in court.
Ukraine. We got the documents, etc, etc. Very the deep state and it does include members of the State Department which I think Is there a hornets nest that just needs to be fumigated, wood fire ever body in the state department. But there is the state Department there are members of the justice and members of the intelligence community. That are going their own way and believe they're right and just want to set up a kind of a system. That is a shadow Doesn't matter what any president says have you found this in your? research and an do you find that people inside the intelligence community want that to stop
Why are you not amend the kind of people that I am spending my time with her the pointy end in the spear, so we're talking about here? One people and special patients community people that the tac sending overseas to do some of these nations most dangerous business. I buy surrounded by incredibly honourable people that believe is that they are doing what we are doing for the good of the country show I don't. I don't have the inner actions with. People who are mid level bureaucrats and things like that you may want to come up the war nobody tickets think it to the age and that you are talking about in the kind of guys that I know that true heroes and are there- and they just want to do right by America and do abide by whatever the president's says, even if they don't like it,
that is the United States policy. They will go along with it and executed unless it's illegal or or something like that and I'm not talking But those are the other people mid management. I am talking about the point of the spear people, because they have to know that things are happening around them and, gives them a bad name and wood it is very difficult for me, at least, if I were in their position to do their job and feel good about it. If they didn't feel that they were. That's that there were those in the agency that really had a different agenda. Yeah well, I have not heard by a lot of pictures of beer and a lot of state dinners, or at least I did before Kobe the end you know I very, very good friend of mine, whose job it is to go put back on. The bad guy would bring justice again. You she's one of my colleague, didn't guys
and you know, limit the complaints from the front line guy, but I hear always the same too much bureaucracy not get everything. They need. It's a pain in the ass to get this businesses somebody's guys even have to pay sources out of their own pockets and wait. Let's you know half a year to get reimbursing that some off too. It is more than I proceed were taken up I hear about. I would tell you honestly, if I heard of it either speech they kind of stuff I haven't. It may just be. The people on mixing with are predominantly outside the United States and come home, spend time with their kids go to baseball games their families in the north. It gets and are not really running off. It's that much. If you have any come, let me ticketed current news. You have any comment on what's happening with us in China Do it looks like we're we're we're moving towards a war footing and they are as well we
You know they ended. They have infiltrated our universities, they are, they ve infiltrated install us blind. There are operatives, but we just shut down the consulate and they were out in the courtyard burning papers and documents. Which is, is I mean almost like an you know the end of a world war, two movie and now let us show tyrant of Argo insolence, yeah yeah. We know what is happening. What do you think the Chinese are not our friends, no Are the Russians. Our friend show me right
what is happening in the wood. Having in Houston is no surprise, you finish, but on a consulate, they're gonna burn a lot of stuff. We burn a lot of stuff, we do when our stopped it shut. Our own heard my hard thing to really does have to. I don't like being shut down the continent in San Francisco, where their hiding that military scientists that infiltrated research centres here in the United States clean. She wasn't in the chinese military in all. This conniston lets me clear. The Chinese Communist Party, the only they do better than oppressing their own. People is stealing They are not innovators. When you don't let liberty in freedom flourish, you get no innovation, unity, impossible to all they could do a steel from us and steal from our allies and what's more Traveling is what they're doing what the weaker or be asked me, and I was very troubling all what they ve done with the weders, where percent of the ideas that have been placed in twenty eighteen were done in the region where the wiggers arts or sterilization the Chinese, bad people, but guess what we're addicted to cheap
chinese crack in this country, you're upset the jobs are gone overstated, well. That's because you want to go to war mark and get something for five dollars instead of fifteen board. There's a rigid we're risk answerable for a lot of the problems we have with China, and I can't believe how many of our drugs in the people either come from China by the way, those two guys that were hacking, all that King was going on right away, while China was bullying the w a show and getting them to climb up and not talk about Corbett nineteen, so China could go around the world since cord creepy eat. There are bad sad country. Trump is the first one whose willing to say this, but it is also very frightening because you don't want a war with China The war is the world is so destabilized right now at you know I don't know when economy start to go down the cropper people have less and less to lose as nations
do you see this playing out well We ve got a big problem, all running out a move on way as far as sanctions are concerned, so robbery by international security adviser to weaken to go did not at the Washington Post talking about all of the company, the tech companies that will providing all the surveillance that the chair, we're losing particular against the Wiggers using in Hong Kong. Things like that have a problem because our allies people we trade with our also intimately type entangled with China. So it's hard to get partners to back off and of their dependence on cheap labour and she goods from China and get them to exert pressure as well. The one big thing that the President has done that, I think, is really really good. Really important is investment in our military arm. Navy needs to be built up to the six hundred ship level. In that,
provide us a lot of might in Poland in particular, without trying to see, but the thing we need Goin, we need a long term plan. We cannot allow China to be the economic power of the future. We need to think beyond one election cycle and unfortunately, we. Don't do that in that country. The Chinese think a hundred five hundred years out in we need to have a plan. We need a moon shot here to be the economic powerhouse for the next half century, central two centuries going forward in window we're gonna get eclipsed by the Chinese. That's a big problem and the more we have tension with them, the closer we do come to war. With them building up on those two at all the other building up these island in taking station outright along at a dangerous eight seats about its dangers, life I've ever seen in my lifetime. Yeah we are headed towards really were treacherous waters. I've only I've got less than a minute. Do you see us prevailing in a war with China
Who wins that one? I don't know I don't. Oh it's hard, I've been trying to dig a little bit deeper into some of the more gaming that's gone on, problem than have in the EU when we go to war with China? Russia starts moving on NATO allies, particularly the Baltics. Now you got a problem. Can we can we honor our article five commitment under the NATO treaty, while fighting China we can't and then we have to whose between NATO allies in fighting the Chinese it'll, have to seven unwell. All right. Thank you so much right, happy Friday. Thank you for me for being on the programme the name of this new book, and they are always worth reading there so good near dark. If you're looking for a great thriller to take me away Calgon, this will actually be relaxing compared to watching the news. Because it makes sense now
dark and besides, while this is a fiction book, it has more facts in it than actually watching the news, so you're kidding actually more truth in a breadth or novel, near dark available everywhere. Books are sold now today breadth or thank you so much. If I'm not his next stem novel, everything I just said is not true Raise novel suck or a better bad enough that cyber criminals are out there all the time, scamming people out of their hard earned money, but it's even worse to realise their not going, stop? because we're in a vulnerable situation, you know it's cove it, and then they ve done pull down fish scams malware things like counterfeit online pharmacies, their creating fake. Banking websites to take advantage of the stimulus package. These people,
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this is the line programme I know you a little bit about it. We have a guest on next he's, a guy who started a secession cry. He sir, to secede from California sorry from Oregon and be part of what's called greater Idaho. And I welcome it. I welcome it Oregon
he's gone insane and the people that live out you know in the farm land there like. I don't want anything to do with these people. They don't listen to us their governing win in an insane ways we want out. Meanwhile, Idaho is trying to recall their governor he's a Republican for they're trying to recall him because they think he's nuts and has become too big city for Idaho and they kind of one either him out or they want to secede from voicing the whole world is upside down. We're gonna talk about the secession movement of Oregon with one of the leaders next programme. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour, its american financing I can't I urge you enough to get your finances in order. In think the next four years are going to be quite a wild ride, and
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and in my men, when their programme may America, marriage wasn't programme worked before before we started you're, just saying during the formatted buzz that there are things that you will never say. And then you just said them, You say there are things you never say that you, you never say them. You dont say them right after you rice and know that whenever I on there
so there are many things that I believe that I shall never say that I shall never say two things I do not believe I got the last half of that of the first part they just come on billing out of my mouth, it's very difficult. Ok, thank you. Pat you're. Welcome, Michael Macarthur is the president of the move origins border. For a greater Idaho he is. He is asking, and so are a lot of people in Oregon that live in the same parts of Oregon enough is enough. We cannot live under these people who are absolutely crazy, who are running our state and they want to be a part of idle. Being in Idaho right now, myself, I say: welcome Welcome to Idaho. Is this real? Can this happen? We talk to Michael about it. In sixty seconds is claimed.
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odd com right now, you can take advantage of this week. Special savings on interior, blind shades and shutters and even outdoor shades rules, instructions or restrictions may apply its blinds dot com. A user I will come back and save a lot blinds dot com promo code back. So there is a movement now you know when Trump first got in office. There were all these liberals who were like. I ride the tents amendment I loved or tenth amendment. I thought it was racist, no way for us to be able to control or state you gotta make sense, and then we started seeing the insanity. Of many of these states and cove. It has only made it worse. Well, I call my carter- started something move origins, border for a greater Idaho because Eastern Oregon residence are sick to death of
of Portland and all the things that are going on with our state and they would like to join IDA. How is that impossible. It hasn't happened since Virginia So seated and many other people are Virginia, went to a place. We now know as West Virginia that happened. During the civil war because because of slavery. We now have Michael on with us, hello, Michael. How are you nearer morning from Crazy Oregon but here is a mean, are you guys grew up in the Pacific northwest Michael? So I I know about cascading and everything else that has been crazy for a long time, but this dangerous, crazy. Now in Oregon, Well, you know Glenn this. This is not something I just started recently or been going down here years and the
Ryan watching everything is taking place. Started. Last fall Can I and border greater Idaho and then the pandemic kit. And then you know the riots yet then stop him Ports are too soon the we don't have any faith in organs? Leadership? All period, there were. There were great parts of California and Oregon that feel. The same way I mean upstate New York is is like this, but Is there? First of all, have you talked to Idaho is Idaho interest? Are they taking your phone calls? Yes, they are. We heard from your response from some of the representatives, but you know why there's a lot of people who are sitting on the sidelines. Just watching us
waiting to see what the boys like an whether or not it. You know It's gonna be interaction. We're Word saw who are the people that the who people that are in and how much land are you talking about. These are generally farmers and I looked at the map and there's a lot of national forest in their so how the people, how much land and who are those people basically you're talking to yellow in a lotta cases. Second, third, fourth generation or edonians that have an attachment to the land. A transitional people to move up and down the west caused by House there are three year, sell it and move on these reports. Will they have their roots? in this state. And you know they are. They are right now, they're ranchers there, like you, say farmers that out there and they
they basically align themselves closer with Idaho's comes but it values. Then what it's gone on in Northwest Oregon it. You know twist- organs got about seventy five percent of the population base and the boughs, and with that right, for what they want to do? No matter what we say or ask, or try to input on some I am in I mean Idaho, right now and by the way I am not a permanent residents and Idika and Idaho. So I dont have voting rights, but I would vote to Europe, get you because you have ocean front property, which I think is very nice. Right now in Idaho. There try, to get rid of their governor and recall him because, even though he's a Republican, they think that he is gone way too far, Idaho, except for the Boise area,
which is about eight hundred thousand people is, it is, is their ranchers in their farmers, and there are people who have lived here forever in their common sense and They even think that boy easy controls, everything nobody's listening to the people in the rest of the state. The exact same way that state New Yorkers feel New York City is different, yes, well you, the boat in Oregon oversight, The five percent of the vote is in the parliament. Well, I'm a valley, and so they can. All the whole works and dumb but there is some resistance in Idaho Hall about us. No want more people moving there in the liberal values moving there and when we agreed eastern central and Southern Oregon is over sixty I perceived conservative
so we want a boost. That was already a value that you see. A whole right now. We don't want to change it at all. We don't want em, you property to Idaho. Simply a lot pilot adjustment between two states, rang, we're locked ourselves had a king, can be done, has been done since the eighteen hundreds, but it can be done. However, when you have the vote. On this year, you're trying to raise enough signatures is, as I understand it, maybe I'm wrong too. Get it onto the ballot and If you get it onto the ballot, do people in Portland and you know Eugene, do they. I have to agree to a may because they have more people than you do so yours destined to lose if they are voting for it
were taken this county by county in Central eastern and southern a word. We want to hear the town citizens think about this in its work, I gotta get back question a code, still on the ballot for the November elections, Do we want our county come nurse to start working towards the possibility of mood. In their county too, County of IDA Hole now, if also The team counties tomorrow, however, at that one by one as we get em approved by the number of signatures, then it goes state legislature and then the battle really big, but it is, it is possible for us to take place I mean who would have thought years ago, two thousand and fifteen,
Donald Trump would become the president of the United States, who would have thought, except for maybe people in Oregon that socialist in Marxist would be running of a city and a state in the United States and openly doing it all. Why look about twenty five years to governor Moors. You should come visit, but don't stay He had a vision that we what those little policy appear in Oregon, we We, Hungarians and state were right now, it's kind of like the west. School California, organ in Washington on after all tied together, cannot serve it doesnt sit well with his eye harm, yeah yeah. You want to see what that board is like, and this this election coming up major election agenda. It only happens.
Once in every four years, that's why we're pushing to get on that ballot county by county What, then, are you? How close are you too that well in we ve got One county pause the one county at ninety percent of those signatures in several more lined up right behind tat was enough later, but under cold night key locked down, Kate drown. It is only hearts, go out and get signatures. I mean the rights of people or just walk up with a mass gone and grab some pen and try to sign on the clipboard yeah. I, I do know I can remember which state it was, but they were, they were trying to put something on the ballot and they went to court. And made the case that they can't give you can't. The number of signatures
of covert nineteen and the court did reduce the amount of signatures that were required and a it just happened last few days, and I don't remember what state it was. But you might want to look into that because we have already already at that many psychological court files. Federal court good. Already that same reason. We're not saying that people are wrongly we bleach against the governor, the secretary, the states and all the time. A clerk in these counties. Sayer I mean common sense, that the law of covert nineteen had is restricting the ability to get them number of signatures. Of course right course. Some relief on that just like that he said, are cases have sought to make what right now here and you ve got a good judge. Do you know the judge? Yet
Yes, we do we file June thirtieth, we gotta August. The deadline to get all these signatures in county by county answer. We ve only pile core. We leave too reduce the number of signatures required and to extend that date to allow us to more mature again was denied the right time and so we re filed two days ago. A motion I do see the map of Oregon and it is reduces it almost to the size of what may?
A couple of Rhode Island may be one road I shouldn't pad. Have you seen this? This map Ye Idaho's huge under this plan, origins just a tv little sliver, this zone, Idaho, becomes much bigger than Washington State much right. Right now. A lot of the counties in Eastern Oregon Our revenue, negative counties for the state the spade no more. Those countries from their budgets. All of a sudden, I got a lot of money they can put into their liberal social nice like that. Now you should probably, Keep that to yourself when you are trying to convince Idaho. How are you going to convince IDA when you views that with Oregon here, but I think
the whole looks at those counties in a different way: their timber friendly. All this certain like you do deepwater got a port includes bay Where were the products from Idaho gonna ship through the glass to the Pacific rim, they're gonna jump, crash. Now, it's it's gonna be a economically yeah. It would be, it would be our I well, I best of luck and will you stay in touch with us and tell us how it's going and if there's anything we can do to help as I do. I just think it's wrong. California is in the same situation, to wear, there are the all those farm forms and farmland in California there being listened to. They don't have any real representation, and their sick of it, and, quite honestly, I think they should be allowed to to carve out. Their own, their own representation. It we're we're being controlled now by the big cities,
absolutely absolutely I can say anything more Glenn. I would, currently many of that are listening to this letter, our colonies, to sign up. Shut up I'm we'll body in the desert. One person can make a difference that is crap. We need everybody to vote on it and then go to r r r r. Website greater the whole dot org and give us a donation does work, grass roots were totally underfunded. What is paid in this whole programme at all from the bottom up. And this is a real bottom up thing. This is obviously George Soros is not helping them on this. Greater Idaho, DOT, Org, Greater Idaho dot Org, and I will tell you if you are, if you in Oregon. Now,
Idaho is really sweet and Quite honestly, we need a few more farmers in here in a few, more ranchers and a few more people that think, like the vast majority of Idaho because they're gonna come up here and there Readville wreck this state just as much as they wrecked Oregon for you. We need to stick together, I'm I'm exe. By the possibility. It's gonna be a dogfight, but I'm up for it anything we can do to help. You you just let us no greater Idaho dot, Org, Greater Idaho DOT, Org thanks so much for being on the programme simply safe. You know of your fan of your family being safe and feeling safe and feeling like hey I can leave my house in somebody's, not gonna, take all my stuff. You know because I'm white or whatever it is. You need, simply safe state of the art round the clock, monitoring with high tech cameras and sensors, starting at fifteen dollars a month, fifty cents a day,
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You know I said ten years ago that we have to be a part of it. Where are the big ideas from the right? Because the left is going for big ideas I mean, I know if you ve, seen their tee shirts revolution or bust, They are going for a complete fundamental transformation of the United States of America. So why are we going for big ideas? Why aren't we presenting yeah? You know what we're gonna have a flat tax. Why aren't we? talking about big ideas, because big ideas, excite people Where are the big ideas? And I quite honestly sway. I like the idea that state scan secede, because I am sick and tired of a few, quite frankly Californians movie, into a state? Are YE taxes and changing fundamentally our cities,
because they can change a city. They change everything else in the state well. Is there no place for people with common sense? Theirs a place where people can be left alone by these. These authoritarian, like the dictator. On a because that's really where their headed they. Will tell you how to live, and I'm sick of it and I'd sure like to hear some big ideas. Then this is the idea of going on, I think we have to be approved by Idaho, Oregon and then doesn't be approved by Congress in the? U S Congress? To that I think I think, I'm not sure I would. I think they
They have a rubber stamp it, but I think the decision is really made by the states as long as the states as long as they can join Idaho. I think it's ok. They can't make a state separate from or again that stands on their own, but I hate the big idea from the left is make d c a state and their knowledge for that programme. I want to talk about ragtag the dog days of supper. I am not sure why they call them that it I mean miser. Call at the spanish inquisition. I mean if you live in Texas or the acts it Until days I landed on the sun, but is really hot outside and that may be the ticket for killing the corona virus. I dont, like idea of it killing me in the bargain, that's why, when I'm grilling
which is much more often nowadays. We use rectangle wreck, take allows me to control the cooking and my food from an app. You know in doors you get stuff In view of the food on its like putting hamburgers on the side of a steel battleship, this thing is so well built. The grid does all of the work while I'm enjoying the air conditioning. Now I've been using mine for months now, and it is the easiest and you will love the food that comes out of it. I want you to follow rector on all social media sign up for their newsletter at wreck tech, grills, dotcom, hoary, C d, C, grills, dot com. Do it now
check out my show great unleashed every day from seventy, nine, eastern or anywhere you get your blood gas, This is a global programme hearts Friday from the standing rock ranch back in Dallas studios on Monday wanna thank path for filling in stool. Returning from his vacation not one day as well, I've had a great week with the bad. Thank you so much for VON for ITALY and was still I want to. I want to turn to a couple of things. Political trump now is neck and neck. With the latest survey from Biden, four thousand five hundred and forty seven, his Approval rating now is equal to Obama's into
the twelve. So it looks like at least to this with its Rasmussen Paul, so it's always more friendly Rasmussen by it looks like he is closing the gap. He has boosted his approval rating from forty forty nine to forty nine percent, Fifty per cent disapproving, which I think is pretty remarkable for a split as this country is born Obama also had a forty nine percent approval rating at this point by is Biden is the weakest candidate. I have seen her apps in my lifetime, because If he goes out, I mean even Charlemagne, the God just hate saying but anyway he was seized by the most influential black broadcaster in America's on premier radio networks, the same network that he's mine racists
They run the breakfast club, an Joe Biden, came out and said that Donald Trump as the first racist president to be elected, which I heard and I actually celebrated because I was like all good the founders or off the hook, but then I started thinking well on Woodrow, Wilson, Andrew Jazz City, yeah, Empty are, and everybody leaves after Europe after in the last century, rounded up people because even if they were Americans because of their race, so I just to point out. You know I'll be J Wilson, action is another great one and they all seem to be Democrats, but anyway Charlemagne said I really wish Joe Biden would shut the F up for ever and continue to act like a starring in the movie, a quiet place
because, as soon as he opened his mouth and makes any noise, he gets us all killed. Ok, there's already so many people who are reluctantly only voting for Joe Biden because he's the only option and because Donald Trade J Trump is trash. I think, he's right. I think he's right. You can't have Joe Biden out because he's not in control of himself anymore, but then again Neither are the Democrats I wanted. I want to give you the fifteen references in there. I form now to white and you tell me how much they care about white people. Listen to this this in their new platform- We will never amplify or legitimize the voices of bigotry, racism, massage any anti Semitism is Lama, phobia or white supremacy.
First of all no, I think be a lamb is racist, I'm sorry, but anybody who says all white people or bad or all black people or bad I'm sorry you're that is definition of racism, but you won't amplify the voices of Anti Semitism really have you met yourself lately, meat incomes now, listen, here's plank them or to medium incomes are lower and poverty rates are higher for black Americans eighteen owes native Americans in some Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders compared to median white households there the persistent, persistent and pernicious racial wealth gap that old millions of Americans back the pickle Whitehall Household hold six times more wealth in the thick typical, let Tino family ten times more wealth in the difficult black family. I know you're well you're. So how do you fix that? How do you
fix that you gotta, take it away. Gonna, take it away. The wealth gap between black workers in white workers is higher today than it was twenty years ago. It takes a typical black woman nineteen months to earn what a ticket of typical white man earns in twelve months. While what do we do apples to apples instead of apples and oranges habitable a woman and a white woman and for typical latina has, I think they mean thanks. And even native american women. It takes almost two years even work over nineteen. The uninsured rate was nearly three times higher for Letty, knows and twice as high for black Americans as it was for white black children are more likely than white children who suffer from asthma, Latinos Native Americans Asian Mary Asian Americans, Pacific Islands of black Americans are diagnosed with diabetes at higher rates than white women are more than three times is likely to die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth compared to white women.
Black children are killed more often with abortions. That's not in their president trumps words and actions have given safe harbour and encouragement to bigots Anti Semitism. Am I anti Semites Islamophobia and white supremacist the extra gap in household wealth and income between people of color, especially black Americans, Latinos native Americans, white families, asserting our working class and holding our country back. We will confront white nationalist terrorism in combat hate crimes perpetrated against religious minorities religious majorities, Each year the United States spends twenty three billion dollars in schools. Predominantly white districts, more than in non white districts will route. Systematic racism from our military justice system were black service. Members are twice ass, likely as white ones to face court martial our cow, your terrorism, priorities, footprints and tools
shift colluding to respond to the growing threat from white, supremacist and other right wing terrorist groups. That's there laughed forms, Let me just ask you if you happen to be white do you feel like you, part of that at all sounds to me, like they're gonna, come and confiscate your wealth they're, going to make you miserable. You know it's. It's the typical Socialists thing: not. Everybody is happy everybody's, just equally miserable in a second of all when they're talking about median white households, making so much more money. Then minorities That's not even true. No you don't. You know that our meeting that one group will head is people from India, so Indians saw nothing native Americans here the number one group
in median household income, Indians, a hundred and thirty one thousand seven hundred forty six dollars per household. That's impressive way Our number two with eighty five, thousand then Latinos. Sixty seven thousand per household middle Easterners Six thousand so a blacksmith grown? Forty five thousand medium now, so it is more for white, but it's not six or tat times more as they were alleging. And also a. Why did they leave out Indians why do they? Don't, like whites are the target when they highest median income. About what seventy five percent more now are indian yeah they also doing, and what is that should help make more as well. So that's it despite what is as they do. You want is it say to you that my nor we are not a racist country, then
it's not holding white back, so whites can be number one. Indians and Asians perform better than whites. Is this autocracy, that's what this is about, should there just it. They have gone off the deepened, and now they are spinning this conspiracy theory, and I play something from from yesterday, Sir, do you happen to have from yesterday v p, r quote where they, we're talking about how people are being scooped off the streets by these federal? Officers there's something really important that I need to point out about this. Into this now this is from NPR. This is their reporter asking another reporter a question, but I want you to listen to how question is framed, listen, so me get this straight Cheryl. We saw what happened in Portland right, like these federal agents on the ground. They would arrest
people without cause, sometimes and put them in unmarked view. Calls I mean is that what this is going to be even of the present says it's about helping local police forces. Are we going to see a repeat of what we saw important well attorney general, William BAR says no They are talking now about occupying forces. They're telling you lies about how their scooped off the street that is not happening without charges. And their beginning. Without charges- and beginning to refer to people as occupy forces there like occupying forces. Why are they saying that? Because you're trying to make the United States to Israel and they are trying to convince minorities that they are being occupied by white
people to speak? This is well documented. It is. It is wide out in the open. Nobody is talking about it because nobody's reporting on it. We did on Wednesday night Special this last Wednesday, it's available for download right now at blaze, TV, the law, asked five to six. Specials had been The most important specials that I think I have ever done- because we are now at the end game scenario with the left and you need to understand what they're doing now also setting us up for civil war after them election, listen to this montage of what people, like William Holder and senators and congressmen, are now saying about sending in federal troops to protect federal buildings, listened how they're they're casting this. If he loses- and I expect that he will I recall the prepared for things that this nation has never faced before.
And unfortunately, that could involve the use of these these forces? It has been suggested that this is a tragic water said the President of the United States against Navy, organizing To that extent, what happened then, we have the elections. I think we should all be very seriously the prospect that innocent easy. As I say, I dress rehearsal, a trial run, you don't draw a line in the sand senator from or you may be, looking down there all of martial law in the middle of an election. This is just the present zoom version. Martial law, since the real military is kind of pushed back from doing this Anybody can watch Donald Trump for the last three and a half years, who doesn't think the Donald Trump which try to employ martial law is thought. I was the only way power.
Is so I'll rages farther than anything. Anyone ever said about Barack Obama, at least on this row. By far by far- and it is our rageous irresponsible fearmongering, like I don't think I've ever seen before and they died accusations. They threw you in our show at the time. That we were creating hysteria among the base. What what are they doing here? They are fire. You should. I met you How to take back every apology you ve ever made again, I know you did it earlier in the show, but you gotta do it again, because they do not guy- and I tell you, I am ology the eye I tried to reach out to those people who were honest: people I have found none there, just words and honest yeah, and I was- I- was giving a mayor Copa, so we could have a conversation, but I have to tell you
after what our research has produced, and we know why they are doing. We were a right about ninety percent of the things that we said and I'm not talking about. You know what I think might happen. I mean the cases that we laid out When we said very, they are planting the seeds of a revolution, and here's whose doing it, though, all now verified, as if you watch this show last Wednesday night on board. His tv. You saw, we can verify it now. We can put names and places and clothes and signatures to all of the things that we talked about, and I have to tell you Katy Corrick, ask me who, or what do you mean by why culture he has a problem with the? Why culture? What do you mean by that racist I'll? Tell you what I mean: Katy Frickin Corrick, exactly What's going on right now, read the plank of the Democrats
Party and how extreme they have become. Anybody who says any of all race is bad can never be forgiven and are responsible for all the things that are bad, There is a racist person brought Obama and all of his pals did listen to Jeremiah right, and this is the product of it and if you Katy Corrick, and all you be, U hacks. Actually, think you're going to be safe. They're gonna drag you out on the street. They'll kill you as fast as they would kill me or anybody else. You are not doing yourself or this country any favours by by you surfing the cause detention of the United States. This is a hostile takeover. This is a coup that it has been planned for a very long time, enough. If you can't admitted I
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in Dallas Texas? Thank you so much for listening and thanks for putting up for all of us, technical delays and everything else that we have had over the last couple of months, as would appear at the ranch, but we we back down- and we have amazing- shows- and amazing exe opposed programs coming for you as early as next week, so we'll see you then have a very safe and healthful weekend where I'm at you know like what ammo does only when the cameras are on
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