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The Media’s Working Hard to 'Debunk' FACTS | Guests: Sen. John Kennedy & Justin Haskins | 12/3/19

2019-12-03 | 🔗
CNN and the mainstream media insist that the DNC’s Ukraine scandal and the Deep State coup are debunked conspiracies and that Trump is the real source of corruption. Attorney Alan Dershowitz is receiving the “guilty until proven innocent” treatment, but no one questions how Michael Bloomberg can run for president while owning a news company. Sen. John Kennedy joins the program after taking a beating from the media for trying to explain the Democrats’ hydra using facts. And Prince Andrew seems to be the only fall guy for the Epstein scandal. Justin Haskins, editorial director at the Heartland Institute, joins to discuss a shocking new poll: 25% of Americans and 42% of government workers want to BAN offensive speech.

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But he's about politics. It's not about what you actually believe is, institutional we get into the latest from Washington. Also Elizabeth Warren, doing so well, We ve tried on this bear Jews. We walked around it around in this door were like now, this one's uncomfortable to and so now, everybody's trying on Michael Bloomberg this one is gonna, be really good for your feet. We'll talk about that as well begin in one minute as the Glen Back programme. So you're. Talking to people at my patriots apply a few weeks ago. We are discussing how people prepared you know twenty ten, even twenty. Sixteen people were prepared
tunas. Obama left the White House, a lot of people start preparing, they started there. They were like our well, that's not Hilary. It's not Obama, so everything's fixed, I'm here to tell you that mentality is dead wrong. Look at the deep state, for example. I stew. Me. I said this. I said this earlier Ike, I'm a man who's about it. Earlier then ice than a question. Yesterday mused then question. And now I think it looks to me like we're, just not even get to the democratic Republicans are just not even gonna get into this you think I'm gonna go now. While there was a pitch is dead, you're talking about actually going through in and going into all the yeah I am in a here. We have Senator Kennedy today, not TED J F rot
That is a heavy, allocating Anna yeah, yeah, still kidnap and maybe I'll get the idea in their direction, because I think someone was being hammered, he's being hammered, yellow they get out there so he was the one who was on tv and they Well, you know, did Ukraine, we note that Ukraine, our elections, do you know if they were involved you, and in what are our intelligent said? It was Russia, sick will two things can be true. This time, and then the media will not address the thing and- and he tried to kind of point that I would like to hear because it was sold in the media that he backed off his statements and said no, it actually was. Russia was that I was wrong. I should say that next week. I would like to see what, if we're gonna opinion is well is. It is a little bit more nuanced than that and I know we're in the middle of a commercial, but I mean. I think this is just as important in this area and look if they don't break this hydra up by the way where in the new hydra, where to
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that he used out to me that he used out to ride out the russian scandal. Is using the same tactic to save his job. Now that he's face with impeachment over is political. Pressure on Ukraine is just reads like a new story die that it own newest, most overwhelmed by an internally in any new loans trump, is now waiting to hear the formal case against him, because he doesn't have to he's no longer waiting. Ultimately, it'll make little difference, senses defence! so long ago, on more from fact and is based, on selling a disinformation narrative to his followers that souls can fusion and devalues truth for everything else is this. This is gonna, be the opinion peace. This is not a new story who wrote this. Given the author? Not just have a deceased marks CNN Washington, CNN. No, it's Dateline Washington, CNN hubs,
looking again. No it I dont even There's no byline on it. It's just CNN I'm exert. Does definitely strike me as a political analysis. Piece which I would say is a piece peace, is something yeah, but is that cannot be a could not be a new story, you want it. How did you get it? I will now or not, while I'm totally gotta one cent it is about a maximum. I read the report released by presidents. The president's house republican allies on Monday was in effect a pre bottle of a report on the democratic impeachment investigation set to be real, is by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. The mess of the document less of a defensive trump on its merits, but rather an end. Percent of his counterfactual denials, it was simple. Nothing Trump did when it came. Ukraine- was wrong. Report said here,
scheme run by his scheme, run I personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to coerce Ukraine to investigate a political foe. Joe Biden was fine. According to the partisan document, contrary to a top officials testified. There was no quid pro quo house. Republicans claim and the whole ukrainian drama about two coup by his deep state enemies, despite an avalanche of evidence. Otherwise,. It's really frustrating the way to do less right now they are they. Let are give you another one here. From the New York Post, so a house Republicans on Monday, released a report ripping Democrats impeachment proceedings, arguing that the evidence collected in the probe so far does not support the accusations levelled against
president Trump or the rise to or rise to level of removal from office. The evidence presented now this one reads like a new story. The the evidence presented does not prove these democratic held allegations and none of the democratic witnesses testified to have any evidence of bribery, extortion or any high crime misdemeanor end quote the Republicans asserted this in the one hundred twenty three page report, a copy of which was obtained by the host dueling versions of the case against the president. Following two weeks of the House Committee, blah blah blah blah blah. They are leap. The mainstream press is working overtime right now to do a couple of things. Listen to this story from salon. The ukrainian prosecutor, who aided trumpeter a truly Giuliani search for damaging information on former vice President Joe Biden was among hundreds of profit.
Uterus fired in a sweeping anti corruption, purred one of Julie, Leon. His earliest contacts in Ukraine was given a dismissal noticed last week. Ok, prosecutor, aided Giuliani Hunt for damaging details on Biden is fired in an anti corruption purge. What does that headline tell you, but is it supposed to tell you anti corruption, that these People were removed for justifiable good reasons, because they're just we take action against the bad guy that accurate
he and more than five hundred prosecutors from the last regime were fired because they failed to take some exam, that they felt was biased against them, and so they failed to take this exam on what happened in the last administration. They didn't take it so five hundred of them more than five of a more fire, interesting yeah. This man has denied meeting with Giuliani, but former associate say he prepared a seven page dossier, which was I still long to Giuliani the former, prosecutor later appeared in a report by the hills, John Solomon, to whom Giuliani fed dubious claims to fuel the debunked narrative. That Biden had to put up circular terminated, while he was investigating a ukrainian firm that employed his son.
How is that debunked? How is that debunked? We have the court doc that were filed by that prosecutor, three weeks before he was fired by Joe Biden. He went to court and filed a court document for investigation to be able to have the powers to do the investigation on Maurice MA am Joe Biden, son yeah, so where is has been debunk tat, while in and what they fall back on. Usually here is. There were multiple investigations going on against breeze, Emma one of which had ended before the bar in situation occur, so they say, while the the the the negation was over, as you point out, they filed of papers for a new investigation or other
two nations going on on tourism. At the same time, we should also report that this stated thing that Joe Biden was doing in Ukraine. Totally separate from bereavement. No big deal had nothing to do with them. All he was doing was investigating corruption in the oil and gas industry with his focused attention on bereavement number one competitor Now, sir, it wasn't even about berries, my it was only about their number one competitor, the same industry. That's all. Obviously, there are questions Anti. Just say its deployment is easy right because you know what sometimes this does happen right. Sometimes republicans do a throw around theories that our bs, and sometimes they do so what they try. Do with things like this and say: well, look there. You guys know there are concerned
They are simply tell you everything we ve been doing is developed in. This is just another example: don't look into it? We were telling you right now it's another example of different than they do. Homework approach that we take with these investigations check it look at read the documents at least do here. They are. We have the documents we them. When you say there debunked, you know Is there not quoting any document there not quote anyone and showing a document that disproves our documents. Our documents in this case are from the court system. In Ukraine I mean, so please debunked that I eyeball style correct that show me what makes that report and those documents in valid show that to me they can't they can't. Nor will they Listen to this Giuliani, told Blaze Hose Glenn back last month. That are you
Solomon to push the claims in the? U S: senior State Department, official, George, Kent. The also divide last month that solomons reporting, if not entirely, is made up in full cloth, it was filled with non truths and non sequiturs, so he saying that Solomon. There who did Giuliani, told me that he used Solomon to push these things, not Think that's what he said is correct me. If I'm wrong Stu. I think he said that yes, he got If this information and John Solomon right there just inserting what contacts context pushed false claims. That's not array, of course, with Giuliani or Solomon. Wasn't! That's like an eel eel you'll notice that up on my giant chalkboard there is what is it The leave the press sky, Michael ISAF,
I never said anything about Michael ISAF, except that Shall LUCA was working with Michael, is of insecure, on giving him a story which he ran and that story was used for the Pfizer request. Mackay, saying that Michael is Sakharov was was part of this Conspiracy, I'm not saying that Michael is. The cough. Is completely disk. Credit did I'm not seeing any of that. I am only stating the fact that I know that she loop, ah was working. The press and she was specifically in her own words in her own documents and emails to the d and see what Working on Michael is a call for ACE block, buster story and ad block buster story
blockbuster story happened to the lead right down to the black ledger, which got Paul man afford fired. Is that Michael is cost fault? Was he part of it? I never made that charge No, I mean if your journalists, it was a real story, it should have been reported correct and you know we shouldn't dismissed the idea that people. Convicted. In the release of this black ledger that lead the resignation and eventual imprisonment of a guy running one of the two campaigns going for president at the time means that matter thing is not a little detail that mean agent what a big tat, the two thousand sixteen was so freakin crazy, and so many details happened and so, but he wild swings, happened in that election but thereof, oh selections in: U S, history, the bigger story of the entire campaign would be the guy. In the campaign gets fired because of corruption. That's leaked out of a country b overseas is quite still,
at some level question even by the mainstream media, whether its, whether its fraudulent or not, was not entered in DE the Ashworth case currently eyes as out and the prosecution never used the black ledger because they felt that it was it had too many flaw and if any one who seemed like it was a good possibility. That it wasn't real does he might be a lot of the information in it was real, however, but it was a manufactured collection of evidence for acted in a specific way for a specific result erect and which, by the way I got the result I mean some in Ukraine released a document that got the head of a campaign fire to the United States, but it wasn't weren't tellingly everyone tells us it word its debunked right. There were convictions and you bringing over this there are they tape from Ukraine about this and that guy was convicted. There were two of em one of them with.
The hand of the Anti Corruption Bureau was set up by Obama, Clinton, the State Department and George Soros. That's what organization is, and they head of that organization was convicted of interfering in a U s election, I know you can get through a whole second lieutenant as Anti Semitism. I knew it. I knew it You heard it here. Let me take about lifelong, loves holiday shopping, seize him more than anybody else. It was blockbuster yesterday. What was at nine billion dollars done online yesterday billion dollars and over to that black Friday is even online. Now is bigger than cyber Monday, because people are now like both with black phraseology shop. We just shop online and only a special day, shop online I go on by Friday and I just go on my own inquiry. The yes it was like eleven million dollars
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Thirty percent or more of your first year, one eight hundred life luck or lifelike dotcom, promo code back we breathe for ten seconds station idea, a mile boy you have you seen that the GNP is not letting Dershowitz. Testify, ah, you mean that hard core conservative yeah that conservative Legal hack, your Alan Dershowitz yeah, a guy who is first of all, voted for Hillary Clinton is Please don't liberal and one of the pre eminent legal scholars of our time. Yeah yes, said: let him that he's a hack, yes, but he probably was molesting small children with Epstein and height. Again, you get to see any evident in other than just an accusation that was seemingly intentionally leaked, yes
and from a court document, and he again of course see you ve heard of on the show put put possibly he's absolute. Defended himself says he's completely innocent. I mean your nose with this stuff. Obviously we weren't there until they legal document about us, we weren't we weren't on the island. At any point, puts you know it's. Or so you'd have us believe we have the situation here in this country and maybe Dershowitz I understand this as legal scholar. It's called innocence until your proven guilty. That kind of was the standard for awhile does not seem to be the standard anymore. Well, wasn't in Salem Massachusetts. Why should it be now druggist, think the real old. If we really conserving things from the task. We would go a little say. Let us see if he loves, that's, not right jack. That's all we have a duty will flow tie a giant rock round him and we throw him into the river if he floats he's a which, if he doesn't
he's time, then we know is innocence. Where we know, is it he's dead, but we, our innocence, I leave His name would be cleared Why he won't submit to that kind of inquiry is beyond me. Why you don't want your name cleared anyway. This is the reason why they are not letting Dershowitz testify this week because they think that the damn Rats will just make it all about Jeffrey Epstein and they know what I say go for it go for it he wants to do. Think about it, but he wants to defend. Go for let him let him go after Jeffrey Epstein. Why is it that Only Prince Andrew is in trouble on this Epstein thing. Why is that their eyes? there's a mother's that could be questioned, maybe maybe on that and so much more coming up here? Listening,
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That's just slow down. We have on one of our screens. We have the things that we talked about just so we keep logs of everything you talked about a thin deville, that's break is just Sorry, this very inside baseball but just says Dershowitz Willie Float Are you a call right now and say I would not say who did not know, will not flow aright? come to the programme, let it go to Ethan in Virginia before we get to pat aloe Ethan going good, our you feel good. I wanted to ask you in our state of Virginia. The Democrats are like in full control and they're getting ready to change all kinds of gun laws.
For us, so the counties are surrounding areas are changing into second amendment sanctuary counties. So my question is how much protection to the gun owners? Will that say that second limit Sanctuary Amis protection? Will they give us why I happen to think that sanctuary cities for the second amendment are all cities, Second amendment is the constitution is constitutionally protected right. So when you know sanctuary cities with illegals. That's yeah we're not gonna enforce the law because we agree with it, this is we all are going to enforce the law all come down to your sheriffs You have a really good sheriff the sheriff who does not answer to the governor. Does he internal, remember path,
in the constitution. I think sheriffs are the only ones that don't that don't have a hierarchy: in answer to the people, I'm not sure I know the sheriff hierarchy A lot is up on the hierarchy of, damn right should be, I'm pretty sure stiffly made whether you never been right. When I know I've never been tested bright, but But the idea is that the sheriff is not an appointment from anybody doesn't answer to anybody, but the people and that. Counties are doing it because the county sheriff. If you have a good is saying: that's my constitutional right. I respond to the people not to the governor or anybody else. But you will have a fight between the sheriff and the governor. That's why you need to be all Americans should pay very close, tension to who they have as their as their sheriff. Make sure you really know that person and
A person understands the constitution and will stand thanks. So much even hope that helps answer. Your question you should also be very much aware of the presidential It is most likely to do something about this gun situation. In that's Michael Bloom, Of course you wants to. He wants to take the guns off the streets, which is good. I think all which is to take the guns off of the streets. They were just laying there in the streets of a lot. I was like you know. Could somebody pick these up my mind? Attire hazard are constantly rising, tires of other Grundig nitrates, and then they go out just my them's, especially those bayonets right there, always on ending the guns and not just in case the same thing happens at home, is gonna, come and get him out of here us to rush to strike everything really, but obviously there is no reason to have something that was developed specifically to kill. This is this What are they? I mean really.
This is the guy who what over the weekend said now Z is not a dictator here. There's two US constituency have no, he changed the lot mama. So he doesn't answer to any body: communists, don't have constituents, no really, I they don't really his thing laws. Are you think the people around him? If he starts going bad? You don't think that they'll any couldn't himself to kill him so you're saying a coup, is the constituency of you. Ve noticed a lotta dictators survival long time before a coup lights them. Yes, I know a lot of ill family, yeah, yeah Theo, family Kim family yet in yonder at your rights came from a verse. Yes, but he's got some other great policies. He tried to explain one of em last
here, and I think that the poor are really going to respond to this. What he's talking about taxing the porn and how great that will be love? It. Here's Michael say, well: tax our regressive, but in this case. Yes, they are that's the good thing about The big problem is in political. They don't have a lot of money, so higher taxes. We should have a bigger impact on their behaviour and how they deal with themselves. So I listen to people saying all we don't want to tax the poor. Well, we want the portal longer so that they can get an education and enjoy life and that's what why you do want to do exactly what a lot of people say. You don't wanna do question is: do you want to pander to those people or do you want to get them to live longer? And this there's just no question: if you re
taxes on full sugary drinks, for example, they will drink less and there's just no question that fills sugar drink some one of the major contributors to these city and obesity is one of the nascent baiser bidders? May I join disease and cancer and a variety of other thank ye I shut. May I just play I just point out some people, They have mummy. Also have big bellies. Real name, and so do you haven't eaten examples of anyone somebody like maybe it in the media spotlight for a while. They heard a lot of money over the years and I can think of a single I'm, a girl on either side writing this langleys obesity for us wait a minute what I'm sorry, civic was hit it's it's not like it's just the poor that our dream. King soda right I think it's parallels, though, that it is the poor right because, like if, if you go back, he's gonna buy what
So did you wants to better manage the taxation is, but for someone who has a lower level of income, they may avoid it because the tax- and I think that such a great argument, the less they the less money they have damage? They can do to them. Our citizens are able to bite at all with the money right. So you ve got hurt themselves with the food they eat or intake with or drink. This Pat potent progressive theory, wanna one right as Limburg knows better than them. They don't know what I'd buy for themselves. He has to make them by the thing he wants them to high and Elizabeth WAR, and so the rifle the outer there changeable same people. This is a guy who but ten years ago, was supposedly a republican fifteen years ago, and then he was an independent and now he's just do not. Communist I mean no he's not altogether communist people. I think he was replaced by a communist, but I dont think he is a communist. He is clearly a capitalist he is a progressive yeah, capitalist, yes,
may he is that he is the icon of the progressive wing The of the Republican Party he's that he's the ultimate now the John Mccain is gone. He's the ultimate You know he believes in all of the big government stuff. He just happens to fancy himself a Republican until it becomes unpopular, is there anybody who is against Trump getting rid of the credentials for Bloomberg? Reporters I'd like because I weep and critical of dress emphasising trumped, gets to hypersensitive a what media rights about him and he's banning Ziegler porters. But this one is literally right. They have come out and made a statement that they will not investigate any Democrats. And they will only investigate Trump like on earth, can a news organization Bloomberg
get away with that and maintain any love of credibility. I understand that the he's the guy that owns a company- and there is weird things there it makes sense. Even what would you say, you're not can investigate Bloomberg or the Democrats, but you have to apply also to trump. What would they say if Murdoch were american and would run for president of the United States right? What do they say? They would say you can I have fox and, as you know, a levy ridiculous to think that they would be fine with that they be out of your mind, is over the out of their minds. This isn't fox and and Murdoch. This is Limburg and Bloomberg new year I mean, there are already making their case. I when I was called up into the Office of Rupert Murdoch. The first talent I am told by Roger Ales to ever been called up to Rupert Murdoch,
first before and he was nervous- and I was like cool gonna- meet the guy what's happening down under and I sat there with them, and the first question he asked me was: are you running for president? and I knew what it was about you. How about this year? Are you running for president it's right after eight hundred and twenty eight, I said now what you going to do with all this power. What power you just called the largest group of people together as a private citizen rodger- and I spoke about it this morning. We cannot think of any who is a private citizen who has called that many people and had that many people come without an entity behind him so who to Europe and what do you like? I don't want any of that. I just thought we should all get together on them all They really don't understand, but but the first question was important: are you running for president, because you can't microscopy if he was run for president?
loses his sharp here. You can't do that. How is it that you know anybody like MIKE Huckabee is different than Michael Bloomberg? How can the guy who owns it and they say, oh by the way. We're only go to investigate this and how is it those journalists dont Rebel go wait a minute, wait a minute wait a minute Newtonian, I'm not! There's a big story about about Elizabeth Warren can't report on a report that basically saying oh all we can do is aggregate other people's reporting. We can't you any investigations like if you're a journalist you got
into journalism to do investigations, and I write well. You can just these people are off limits, river, the whole united that do not prosecute lest we talked about in Ukraine that was so controversial like that's, essentially what they ve done. They ve created a do, not investigate list. How can you? How can I have any credibility and a lot of stuff just comes from the news organisations? Fox news viruses people not because in a fire some lately, let's makes them leave their shows the because their running for president, not because necessarily they have two on cable. Because they have the be they have standards, you're saying to themselves, we we're not gonna, let we can't allowing even the appearance say when Trump leaves office in twenty twenty. Eight justice for Larry terms, and he changed it to the Constitution of New York City. That's right! So when, when Donald Trump Lee in twenty twenty four and he starts the Trump tell
vision. News networks is almost certainly gonna. Have it's gonna happen? It's going to happen. What are they gonna say? What are they going to say? are they going to allow trumps were reporters into the into the White House. Of course, not know, of course, that ban all another, especially if tromp was running for president. Yet you ve got Bloomberg running for present. In Trump says: I'm not letting him in I'm not letting his people in here now as it at West, would allow them. In my present Conway I probably alone, will that's twenty twenty two right now that's happening and Tony Blair, you boys, it'll, be a whole new world where we have. President West as I am sure that Adam West Lebanese West, that's I was an old, am I I know I was singing wild wild West. I was like what and when his was a gym, Gordon or what, with that guy's name.
I think that you should have enlightened just give the presidency to Kenya West, it's obviously going to some car dashing. So let's just pick one He said Kennedy seemed kind of republican card. A card actually has to be the next president of the endless he's black he has a relative that is transgender yeah I mean Scott at all. He hasn't everything he's gonna be here. We do very well and introduce intersection malady Olympics will be great. Heavy grades are right. If you dont know you're numbers, you dont know your business, can you afford to expand? Can you make them higher launch the new ad campaign house, new pacing against last year, most companies don't a clear picture of their financing, and how do you make key decisions? I was in this for a long time to wait? We have all of these streams of going out and going in. Can I get him on one sheet? Can I get him on a dashboard? Please could you
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at net: sweet dot com, slash back, that's net, sweet dot, com, slash back this is the Olympic Programme, very excited to have a senator John Kennedy on with US tomorrow: action today tomorrow we have John F Kennedy out, which probably we a bigger interview, I'm guessing, I think, he's a Republican now, Thank God. You're not gonna, be redoubled, and now that we have a John Kennedy on with us, a John is going through some problems right now with press, because he has
articulating- and I think, with all deference to the Senator disease, he's one of the only people trying to do it here. Ben put into an almost impossible situation of trying to explain Hydra, try to explain what was really going on and the press is just trying to make this into a conspiracy. Theory is two things can be true, Russia, meddled in our election, but so, Ukraine and he is, he is really the only one that I've seen articulating this and I am very disappointed in his Senate colleagues, but we wanted to get on end and a give him some praise for fur standing up and end speaking about the truth. Also to see what he thinks the chances are of of the Republicans actually going after this hydra, because its
This is what this is really all about, and I'm so afraid this is just gonna be swept under the rug and that's a problem for America. It's a real problem, because State department will take this as see we can do anything we want, as long as we institutionalize it. We control the president and that is really really bad. And it has nothing to do with the impeachment per se. It has everything to do with the system they set up and how the Democrats use that system to hurt him. In the election. That is all well documented, it's not conspiracy, theory, it's a fact all the conspiracy, I should say facts because we ve got. Stacks and stacks of documents to prove it. We talked to senator
John Kennedy about what the future is on impeachment when we come back here, listening We have a senator John Kennedy on with a Caesar Republican from my Louisiana, He is getting a lot of fire from the media who they are trying to make that are trying to do. Two things are trying to say that anything that the Democratic did in Ukraine is a conspiracy theory. It's not. We have massive files of documentation and much of it coming from foyer requests.
In their own handwriting, with their own signatures. In their own words, we have videotape of them doing these things and even confessing trying to throw our election. And the media is trying to make that a conspiracy theory and they're trying to make it also that if you believe that then you somehow another, don't believe that Russia was trying to do what it was trying to do. Forty five I told you in twenty fourteen what Russia was going to do because they spelled it out these. They talked about this information campaigns. They talked about info, reading our in our internet and trying to throw our election its clear can't both of those things be true. We are Senator John Kennedy that, and also- happen now This is any of this corruption going to be exposed does. He seems to be one of the only ones in the Senate that is actually fairly on it.
And so we want to give him a little if space, to talk openly with us next, the fusion of entertainment and in line This is the Glen by programme. So what happens next with the IMF when process are the Republicans going stand up and fight against this corruption is it. Asked about making this all go away, or is it about rooting out corruption, because I think There is Matt, I dont think I know there is a massive corruption and the State Department, the a former president, Hillary Clinton, George Soros thereon.
Involved in this and it's not a conspiracy theory, there's a difference, heresy. Theory is you know what this kind of looks like? Is but once you have the documents, once you have the video tapes, what you have everything back it up, it's no longer a theory. It's just too. Spirits see it's a fact. Are we going to go that direction? Are we willing to actually root out corruption? what will the Republicans do so? you're from Louisiana John Kennedy, who is under fire now for spirits he theories joins us in one minute. This is that the land back programme have you missed the black, they blinds icon black Friday sale. Don't worry, they have just excellence extended their offer now December. Fourth, vis
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Rules and restrictions do apply. We have from the great state of Louisiana not agreed, not his greatest taxes, but still pretty great. We have Senator John Kennedy joining us now, hello, senator. How are you, Sir, I am well. Let me tell you tat, you mention taxes. Taxes is right. Next door, Louisiana, we love taxes, taxes, five and a half bigger than we are, but Luciano stem and a half times more interesting willow. Let's start anything here, list weeks. We want apart friends, come senator you are you being lambasted in the press. Now as a conspiracy theorist- and let me let me start with this question- and these two statements be true. Russia try, to cause chaos by trying to hack into our election systems, spread December you shouldn't online by taking extreme positions on both sides and hat
the Dnc computer that statement of her one. Can it can also be true that the Ukrainians were convinced that Hillary Clinton would be better for their country. They were involved. Gathering evidence against Donald Trump and his surrogates to assist a Hillary Clinton win in illusion with a Dnc members of the State Department, our embassies and the anti, Corruption Bureau in Ukraine are those two statements. True. Yes, an annual. You stated the proposition very eloquently hours ass, though in a show of several impact: Was it Russia or Ukraine who tried to influence the? U S election and I said both, and they said, what's your basis for saying Ukraine and asked refer them to articles
Ed pieces and long invested. The Tory articles and politico in the financial in the heel in the washing I'm examiner on sheep he s news in the economist belonged NEWS and New York Times, for example, the head, Why, in politico January, two thousand seventeen quote Ukraine efforts to sabotage tromp backfire, the financial times August of two thousand state like the Lamb was quote you crying We urge can dream a gauged shop close what sir. This is an obvious. These written in the hill Bobby Cranium ambassador to the United States, the headline too. He is at peace, the Ukraine
ambassador, not the eel quote, shops chops soon the wrong message to the world and I could go on now. Did you crane? I try to influence our election in as sophisticated a manner as Russia know. Russia is the master rush. It is a third world, the country, but it has great spies, bright cyber skills and nuclear weapons, but the two are not mutually exclusive, then I mean just from the reporting, I don't believe These are already at the ball members of the media, there? Are yours? Aren't don't let them permanent lies, and I don't like it's big news. Oh senator. May I
may I direct you to Glenn back dot com where we have laid this all out and I'm not using other people's reporting. I have the direct thence in their own words from State Department documents from Dnc documents we have paid We have video tape of them. Admitting to this. We have the documents out of Ukraine. We have of the official documents and it is so, outrageous, that the press- is saying that these are conspiracy, theories, etc, etc. The you know orders can span, reporters can do whatever they want. Documents do not lie and the documents outline all of it. And it's all in their own words. When you look at Jaramillo. Who is the proper path blew the whistle blower his fingers are all over? All of that
This is why Donald Trump blew a hole in the wall, that he was a hand grenade he and Rudy Giuliani went off and they Lou a hole in the wall but exposed all of this stuff. Going behind the scenes in Ukraine and our former administration Clinton and the State Department and members of our intelligence community were all involved and we have the documents. The question is Will the Senate actually take this on or off we just going to an ode to defend a its trump and not expose the exact corruption that I think is reason to the Republic Fair question plan should read. The answer is I don't know? I'm labour. Management, the Senate, I'm not a committee chairmen
I will tell you that, as you are, two: I've gotten a lot of push back from my dinner, Braddock. Funny about my statement that both Russia and Ukraine, trying to influence the election I think they're worried somehow admitting that Ukraine tried the influence for election with some time somehow hurt their impeachment proceedings against them, I dont understand that a mapping most fair minded people recognise that the ukrainian government in the past, not the people, but the government under President tub oh shit, co and president unique of ditch the governor all and were organically and historically corrupt. And I think that's been there been well documented,
has been end. We explore and when I say we, the Democratic Party and the former administration, exploited that corruption, and it is. It is vital that that is exposed. If it is not the state department, it's going to know from here until the end of time, they run the show and they can do. But ever they want. It also will institutionalize the kinds of things that the democratic already was doing in Ukraine. To try to thwart our election look? If Donald Trump, been found as co. Needing or in collusion with the Russians, I would have been for. Peach preachment on him, but he wasn't. They didn't find that evidence, but that evidence is available in documents in court documents.
Do. People work were were tried an convicted in ukrainian court to people for into fearing in our election to try to help Hillary Clinton win. If we don't, get a handle on this are elections and the the thus hobby the whole system is in question. I don't care who goes to jail I want a fair election system. What you are correct. There was a federal district cork in Kiev in December of two thousand and eighteen. Which ruled that senior ukrainian officials did metal did try to influence the President election in the United States and here firstly, headline from the article on the Bloomberg NEWS reporting: it quote Ukrainian
fishes metal in two thousand, and sixteen on action by waking secret man afford Ledger Court says input. Yes, now I didn't this up and in fact, Lombard NEWS is only reporting what a ukrainian Courtney it now more democratic, for an say, doctor he'll, who testified impressment trumps impeachment proceedings in the house says this is all russian propaganda and my response to that is well, first, I don't blame politico in the financial times and the magazine and watched him examiner, bombard mood or agents for Adam repeat a thud. I don't believe that and secondly, Doc. For he always shortly entitled to her opinion,
I'm just saying I believe these articles by reputable members of the media by reputable importers, I don't think their fight, moonshine. Their lawyers on them. Let imprint lash know that much senator. I know you have to run. We have let you go, but I wish you all the best and I pray. Literally every night for spines to be found in Congress and in the Senate, because what you are talking about is is institutionalized and metastasized and it must be cut out. It is a cancer to our system and I'm I'm hoping that this is when it gets to the Senate. We actually have a trial about Truth, and we call these people to to answer for the lies that we have seen now in this impeachment hearing.
Joanna very one person told me yesterday, the phone call comment he told say: keep telling the truth he said leader II. Should people don't follow leaders? They follow courage. And that means a lot to me and I think it's true sinner keep speaking the truth. Thank you. So much God bless. Aren't you glad to have you met by alright. American financing is our sponsor Don't you like your mortgage just for a minute if if you're getting new, mortgagee Sri hidden the best deal truth? Is you promise we don't know that answer. One of the questions that we always think is. I should find out about that. But then we never really follow up on it. If you ve heard me talk about american financing, you know the drill it takes ten minutes now, that's not much time to take to make sure you're getting the best deal
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a break for ten seconds station. I d, I don't! and so frustrated, because I'm not frustrated, I think, with the senators of the congressmen, I am frustrated with their staff, where Where is the staff around these people? We are. I mean, I will say he know what can I use? He knew the snorted knew about the arrest into the details, yet the arguments against it. He was well versed in right, a lot of us, but where society, Half of you know the the other senators. Where are they? Why Why is the Senate so quiet on this I mean Firstly, when you know all the details, it doesn't impeachment
doesn't even matter any more. What you need to do is put up a hearing on wait, a minute wait, a minute what was this impeachment thing? Who are all these people? Who was? What was? always pulling what string here. What was leading anything because I am, I am not convinced now. This is my. This is my opinion, but I am not convinced this has anything to do with Donald Trump per se at the high Level this is just the the red meat that makes it able to be chewed on but they are trying to send a message. We control Policy State Department, Lee intelligence community. We control policy, not the president. And this is extraordinarily dangerous, especially when you have people me.
King millions and millions of dollars off of it who are in high positions. You have massive corruption here and I dont know why the Senate isn't outraged I mean they have their chance to be outraged. Maybe that is waiting for the process to play out right. They're gonna have the trial. If the. If the impeachment goes forward as a kind of everybody expects either by the end of the year or early next year. And then the said it will have a chance to come out and- and do this in others- a report today that that Trump read the republican memo on this and is now like. Look justice, the whole thing dialogue to leave that I don't think he's gonna do that. I think the trials good for him. Let's That's how worried for him! If everyone once had exposed right. But I think this is the I know this is I mean this is every spy movie this. This corruption is so deep and so high up
This is when everything just disappears: either the good guy thinks he's gonna win and all of a sudden, it just goes away any link at the lower level, people and those other p? we'll just kind of sheep shift and move away? That's that's where we could be if this trial in the Senate does not suppose. All of this stuff. This is a very dangerous it has do and, honestly it's hard to imagine the Republicans, not at least going down this road a little bit. I mean this this is the defence right. This is you have to convince the american people that this call and the actions taken around the call with Ukraine were taken for a good reason and
You heard Senator Kennedy lay out a good chunk of that good reason. Eve obviously gone into much more depth on the tv show multiple specials about it, but if you don't say that it was for a good reason, you have no defence, so you have to give that reason that into the Hunter Biden, thing isn't just a political attack. It's about showing that there was a legitimate reason for the President, the United. It's to withhold this money because he believed corruption with real at that is really the standard we're talking about here and if they don't present that case and there's no way to defend it, I mean because if you just take it off on this, This I mean like eyes: last name is the guy, who is the same last aim as the person who is leading the field on the opposition. That's how the american people are gonna hear this unless they hear the real reasons. This was important. So if the Senate doesn't want, is the Senate once to be a minority party without
White House there for Republicans, then they will just let this things slide and not do anything Amy just from their own political survival. If this guy gets impeach and thrown out of office, they got no chits. They're gonna have forty senators I have no White House and no house, and they can get anything for years and years and years and years so you better, be stepped up and make a defence of this and show you an enterprise go on the off. Then you go on the offensive so last night on the tv show we showed you the connections again that keep growing every single day. We keep finding more and more connections and more and more documents that prove our case. Go. Ah the offence you this whole Russia investigation the way they went after Donald Trump was set up, doesn't mean that Russia wasn't doing stuff, but the
the all of the accusations around that with him fuelled from the ukrainian disaster by the. The d n C and they were all connected to the Dnc with Chile by an and Hillary Clinton and the State Department and then there's we're making money by me. Is corrupt as Ukraine, in fact, we were exploiting their corrupt system of you really bad for Ukraine. I really do let me they never seem to have and to have somebody not put their there there boot on the ukrainian neck, we just came in and we did the same thing. The report, the other the Russians were doing you're gonna, do our way, you're gonna answer to us and we're gonna feel queue of billions. Dollars, while we do it, this is, this must be covered must be covered.
And is every day goes by more and more convinced. The Republicans are absolutely spineless and won't do it, Let's talk about something happy when we, when we come back here, listening Glenn Back Christmas is on its way, but means presence, are on the way to that beans gift giving you have to come up with a great gift. I have a great gift for you. It's almost stakes: oh states, you could almost stakes dot com. You enter the promo code back and you order their favorite gift package. Omaha stakes, America's original butcher stakes are the most tender that you you can cut them with your fork. They
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slash Christmas. All the details are there I'm very excited to announce our net restoring event which I believe will be doing Thursday. Things could change. That's big news.
That's very big news. I didn't I was. I was not aware: oh hell it's because I'm just speaking it into exist all that's always Y yeah, but I mean I will tell you may not happen, because this is an extraordinarily difficult place to pull this off, and so we just want to make sure that the Ukraine now you ve blown in rights, are noble. It's it's it's in bright, yet it's an inside the dome yeah. Well, you know
People are saying all go and you can do what you can have a try to vote for a lot of the evil in sight of the nuclear fallout of whatever, whatever to speak. It into exists. Yes, so we're gonna do that, so it actually might be easier to get that venue. Then why this idea- and it is- we ve- been working on this for a very long time and hopefully thursday- will will announce it if not within a few days, but we just want to make sure that everything is button up and- and we should have done if you have a few Ukrainian still left abroad. And if we don't do it, I'm just gonna announced to the audience in in in SALT Lake City cause I've got it the two million dollar non disclosure agreement that everybody in the audience has two assigned me. Really, do, they know that Did we find less broken on the way? I know big Joe noticed weakened by the way Saturday yeah you to be in SALT Lake City. There's a future gets that have open
molds and such and as you can go, if you want, if you get online right, now, go to collect our calm again, your tickets, there's if there are still a few left, so get it now. I would say to him: We want to go to this day. I wouldn't, I see only one way to buy em at the door, get them and now Glenn back dot com is the place to go for that and it's gotta be I've, seen portions of what you're going to be doing here and I await the fall out from your family disintegrating early funding guidance. You know, I don't have any personal interest in its great just entertainment. For me you know it's so interesting to me. Is you can tell new staff members all it? I'm ok, you done when they come on. You can tell him all the time all this work. You're doing probably echo used value. That's that's the that's the way we do things around here, p, o you do. Is you invest?
a lot of your time like away from your family. You know your kids grow up. I don't really know you know you, don't really have a good who could connection at them. They don't know who you are, and I recognize you when you walk in the housing iron intruder right involved that was did did do usually work towards a goal. I have a big event of some sort and that all that work it's poured into the avenging and then a few moments before the event starts you out and do it everyone will. I told everybody. There was working on this, in fact, I said this before I went on. Location for the holiday. Yeah. You know I wouldn't put a lot of thought into view. No finishing up all of this, because I just feeling that I'm just gonna go a different way and their alike, what I mean we have all this stuff for your news and I felt like yeah you're. Just
I know so, I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to be doing on stage, but I know this. It will be spontaneous and fun and it will be about it'll be about Christmas, so you don't want to miss it. You don't want to miss it. Yeah got back that commonplace, go go back! I come slash. Christmas, I believe, is the address. Yes, So let me- and we go over Prince Andrew here for a second which had no like doing it's like talking about Joe Biden Harry Legs. I don't want to go over Prince Andrew, but why is Prince Andrew the only one that is Going to be stuck out on this, why is why is it? The royal family is beheading, this guy- and I think rightly so. If if all of this is true, I think rightfully so, but he is- I mean he is he's being planned.
Hard for this, and I think more punishment is coming his way. But three, the only guy. Well I mean, I think, the answer, that is no Lear and has no right now, whether he it certainly seems like Prince Andrew, was down to some things he shouldn't have been doing. It seems it would be incredibly horrible luck but he just happened to wrap his arm around a seventeen year old who was being route Emily and systematically abused by the Epstein and Bio and associates, and he just ages got lucky This raft his arm around. I happened to be seventeen year olds, Madrid just happen. Sometimes you you got your fingers on amid drift of fourteen year old and oh man- it just a curse, you know I mean, I guess that's defence other than the well. It was fun
oh shop, to which is unbelievable thinking the universe. Did you hear her to last night? Did you hear this girl last night on BBC one? I didn't I didn't I didn't say I knew she was. She is being interviewed- she is so credible. Her story is just terrible and Chad Prater talked about that yesterday by we should talk about that. I prefer chat. Further, has a three part. I pleaded a and afterward as well on the Epstein. Specially should go to chat Prater on Blaze, TV or on Youtube or an appeal. Carson and listened especially goes into the you know: it's not everyone talking about the suicide or lack of it, but the background of of Epstein is incredible, and in Chad goes into it and in real detail, nobody's really talking about this ranch that that he built. The ranch thing is really weird here. In Mexico yeah I like it's, it's surrounded by the governed by the governors land who, by the
the king Ranch not to be confused with a king grandchildren in Texas, but the king Ranch is responsible for a lot of America's corn and so is, is that what's stopping the investigations on this. This thing was, apparently you know ground zero for pedophilia. Well, he ain't he net deafening.
Wanted to do something big with it too? Well, he knows how exactly what happened there. I know he will. He did bring. People too, I believe, is first victim. He took to a ranch issues of an artist if I'm not mistaken, right, an artist who was utterly Ohio that was in Ohio different. We are totally different ranch. He was known for this type of behaviour where he would get isolated locations, obviously, that the island being probably the most famous one, but there is a ranch. There is also the ranch in New Mexico where he would do all sorts of things. Ere, you there's a level of of investigation that needs to happen to flesh out all of these different locations has all the stuff. We know really about Epstein with concrete details from Miami. We know that there are lots of stuff
the even the island stuff, we're not really sure what went on there we're not even really sure what what happened in New York in extreme detail in New Mexico in Ohio or are other locations where we know things happened. We dont know all the details about it, my enemies the only one that has had the legitimate big investigation, legitimate reporting, real criminal action and I don't think this story being swept under the rug, is any different than the ukrainian story is the same people, it's the same, very very power, the collection of people that have the media silent either, because I don't want to hurt them or site. And because they also the crap out of us and they have protect there's all up and down the line. Now. Are you watching. You watch the morning, Juliet Odyssey Apple TV get us there
now. I don't have it yet it I've been purchased that I can recommend that show higher, really yeah. It is that's a great cast. Jennifer Edison's atavistic corral. I mean it's a on our good friend. What's his name the director anyway, who plays the he plays the executive producer of the show heats grade in it anyway. Did these sir? It's a great but it is taking these things. Allah is a marketplace. Yes, there is great, so taking this on. It is talking about. You know It really is me too, but in a very entertaining and not a preachy way, and and in a way you ve never seen it before Miss nobody, I'm I'm convinced no one but apple, which is complete. The outside of the meal. Hollywood and the news ecosphere, you know
convinced they are the only ones that could take this on because everybody else as a skeleton in their closet and so they're they're talking about He too thing and whose protected and whose now who knew who didn't? What are we cover? When do we over at how the week over it, I mean it's fascinating. Its fascinate yeah to watch you ve been per even really It's a great. It is really one of the best shows until it surprising, honestly, But the way it had at eight have it wouldn't be nothing yet be very traditional. We swear, all men are evil type of look at this and it's kind of like more nuanced than that and more odds is there are times that I'm like? Yes, I mean it's amazing. It is amazing by the time you get to the third fourth episode, you're, seeing stuff that you fought, but nobody has said in public. I just think it's, I think its remarkable
and I have absolutely no idea where it's gonna go. I'm an idea. Just I haven't seen anything like this on television. I have no idea. What's gonna happen even to the central, the Jennifer, Edison character, pretty sure she's, not gonna. U know be fired or lost off the cast, but this last episode us. I thought, there's a chance of that, And I have no idea- that's really rare and television. It is really rare NEA and I will say when we were talking about Epstein. I also had no idea what was going to happen to Stephen Crowd or less week during his Epstein special when he simulated the the potential suicide of Jeffrey Epstein inside the south. In an evil Knievel outfit to make sure that you understood it was a stunt and was very dangerous rice and to put the of their correct amount of pressure needed to break all the bones at his neck. It me
it'll a use paper sheet. Now you do not use it he's a real sheet and he had to angle himself in a way that it would not have been possible for Jeffrey Epstein too, do why well, he needed assistance is needed. Watches is on you to become quite well, yes, the whole recreation of it and Andy. I mean it s wearing a neck, brace so you know he is protected, but he had measurements like legitimate scientific measurements. Of of how much pressure had to be put on the neck for this to occur, I can't wait to see the add it was. It was very funny, but also Like you look at it. Yours, like it just seems really unlikely, though, that you know that
on the other side of it. They say that they ve the cameras, these kind of a lot of talk about the cameras we're out well, but the cameras of the area weren't out, and they show no one going into this vicinity. I've wanted not seen mission impossible, my little mere up there, a picture. As it happens, all that's what happens all the time you were always I'm gonna get we haven't seen. The video word is digging their word for it like it is it down the hallway. Could there have been someone from another angle could have been another per from another sell that was able to, and is a million different reasons as to why this could occur, but in a hymn starting from a kneeling pussy. Which is what they say happened, and him hang himself with his sheet from the top bunk, I will say, didn't look likely when, when signing it acted out, not seem like it, it's what happened. There's a lot going on the blaze. You just don't want to mess. Stephen crowded is found on the blaze you get and I think as it tomorrow and the next day
near my interview with Nicky Hayley, which is really good, really good. If you think you ve seen every with Nicky Hayley thank again a lot in that interview and you'll be able to see that as a play subscriber on Thursday, ITALY made public for everybody else on Saturday, but you get all the access up front. Don't miss a thing incur The five o clock show which tonight is is going to be about the protocols of Zion and Mr Sore. I'll, send the impeachment and all of the trial all this stuff What is being said about consent, receive product also Zion. It's all anti semitic. If you criticise George Soros, all nonsense. Tonight I expose that. And tell you exactly what's going on you, don't miss it. Five join us at the place, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, that's big blaze, TVS,
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grills within s dot? Com Welcome to the welcome to the programme, Hillary Clinton still considering running. Don't she is there anything? This this area, we we'd love to keep this alive, but there's no. There
not she's, not running she's, not right, I mean there's. No, the voters noticed you notice. You say right right right, I mean Bloomberg coming in this late has at least a theoretical chance, because he can spend multiple billions of This is not our Hilary is at this point Hilary has no support from our own party; they don't want or doing firmer own family rights issue. Only way Hilary cold. It is right for president, in my view, is a lie. Bite and wins and then has to drop out of the race in like October. They just slightly Hilary whose like ready to go where they live in a world that ultimately only chance. That's actually happening here alive,
it s. Interesting. As I look at my statistics on Instagram, and I see that my posts oh, you either have to come to me for them all you have directly signed up to receive mind minor, never, never and in any other way it is incredible all these corporations have just silence thus and they get away with it all the time. All the time. Our right, we have come in just a second some breaking news, just asking is joining us ease with the Heartland Foundation, and they have just done on New IX six survey unlikely voters about free speech socialism Sanders and Warren not necessarily good news for the republic. We have those eggs
the results of this Paul. He will announce them on this process. In just a couple of minutes standby the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. There has been a new survey that has been done by the Heartland Foundation and it is its fascinating, but the question is sure to be allowed to say things in public that some might find hurtful or offensive, and if not, what should be done? If you just go ahead and say them, should you go to jail? Should there be some sort of penalty
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director of the Heartland Institute, which I absolutely love you guys have done much to fight many things, but in lately you're really folk. Sing on the fight against socialism. You, instead a new Rasmussen, stuff. The unlikely voters can you can use to take us through this. Yeah solely so it was a pole conducted in middle of new November of em are thirteen the fourteen two thousand likely voters and we asked them a variety of questions about Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, some questions about socialism and then some questions about free speech and think that the most important interesting question was about free speech. Free speech. Rights on it was: should federal
our state governments, ban speech that a majority of Americans believes to be offences, including speech, consider to be racist or sexist. That's exact wording that we gave to do the respondents and the results were a quarter of of likely. Voters said yes, we should ban. Each governments should ban that speech and among varying groups based on age. Thirty, seven percent of younger people said yes to that question. That was the highest of any demographic based on age and forty, two percent of government employees, which this might be the most interesting part of the survey, said yes to that questions of forty two percent of governments or of a government employees that we serve. It said that we should ban speech course that a majority of people think is offensive. That makes total sense to me. It makes sense to you. It makes absolute sense to me, especially when you think of this as
national survey right we're not pulling people who are in Washington DC, so so we're pulling government workers across the country will who are most government workers in most parts of the country, while their teachers- and I think that that's why you're seeing this very far left view of free speech by eating it incredibly disturbing when you, when you realise that most of these people are probably Europe hold on workers, you're, probably mostly public school teachers. So let me go through some of this because it, I think it's it's odd, which is better off. Market economic system or socialism, sir, stay nine percent, which is good for today. I guess sixty nine percent set of free market economic system, twelve percent said socialism and eighteen per se, said, not sure. Ok, that's right. You vote for a presidential candidate to identifies him or herself. As a socialist twenties Six percent said yes, there's only twelve
percent than what identify as a social is. Twenty six percent said yes, fifty per cent, said. No twenty four percent said not sure not I'd like it, but not horrible. If you will, do you have favourable somewhat favourable, somewhat unfavourable or very unfavourable impressions of Bernie Sanders? Eighteen per cent very few Verbal twenty nine percent somewhat favourable, seventeen somewhat unfavourable thirty one very unfavourable in five, not sure what We do need these numbers taken together, begin to tell you anything you. I think that the mood the important thing in the numbers that you just mentioned. Is that
really a large percentage of Americans, even people who identified as Democrats in our cross tat we found that is basically one in three Democrats said that they do not. They would not vote for a socialist candidate. I dont know if Donald Trump is listening, but this might be helpful information in twenty twenty If you can classify people as a socialist, if you can, if you can show Americans that what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth worn and other people are proposing out there is socialists is socialist policies, then I think most Americans are going to reject it
One of the really interesting things that we found in the data is that twenty percent about twenty percent of both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warner of Elizabeth of Borders, own supporters said that they would not vote for a socialist candidate we're talking about, but the moat the people, whether the highest favorability view of Bernie Sanders said that they would not vote for a socialist candidate for president. Well, that's that's really interesting. Do they not realise that Bernie Sanders is a socialist hiking? Do they not know that? That's who there that there supporting- and I mean I think but that tells you that a lot of people are very confused about what their hearing from people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrant. Do you support legislation that would ban private ownership of assault rifles forty nine percent said yes, forty three since said no and only eight percent,
we're not sure yet, very, very disturbing. I think I think that the them not just the assault rifle question, but also the cost, and we asked about the second amendment. Do you support repealing these support repealing the second amendment which Early guarantees America's right to bear arms. Twenty four percent said yes, ten Saint said, not sure. Sixty six percent said no, that's right in a third of eight. Thirty. Nine year old, a third very three percent said that they would support banning the second amendment. So Twenty four percent overall of all likely voters, but thirty, three percent of younger people. So over time this is going to get is owing to become a bigger problem in about a third by the way of Democrats said that they support repealing the second amendment. So I think we have a lot of work to do. Glenn Tita people about the
importance of the second amendment and what it really means woods what's what's frightening, as is also this is showing that the deterioration of the bill of rights first Amendment and the second amendment you lose those you lose everything else yet without question, and I think it goes all the way back to what we talked about earlier. In the conversation when we were saying that there is such a high support for socialism amongst government workers and most of those government workers are teachers. What are they teaching our kid? What their teaching our kids at the second amendment is awful and that it should be repealed. Their teaching, our kids, that hate speech that things that are considered to be offensive speech should not be allowed in a free society. They are. They are teaching our kids to reject the constitution, to reject a bill of rights to reject individual liberty, and that's why I think you're, seeing younger people support these socialist policies.
A much higher rate, then you're seeing older people. So I just want to give I just wanna restate these forty six percent of those who identified as working for the government. You say it's mainly: teachers support, legit action that would ban private ownership of assault. Why a rifles? Only forty three percent of independence and thirty, two percent of Republicans, say they support legislation that would ban private ownership of assault style rifles. Thirty two per aunt of Republicans would well eager remember that certainly did that. I think that that's pretty accurate. These are likely voters. I think that that's a refund. Action of what's been going on with the media and the fact that media has been banned.
In the strong for a very long time, and that most people still don't really understand what assault rifles are support amongst republicans for repealing the second amendment was pretty low, citing that a positive, but I think that people don't understand. Socialism is, I don't think they understand what a full rifles are. I dont think that they understand what rights, what rights are right. I think, fundamentally They do not understand the importance of freedom. I think that's what this shows predominantly and that's where we need to focus our attention? I think it's worse with younger people than with older people. It's worth it worse with Democrats and Republicans, it's even worse, with Bernie and her supporters and Elizabeth horns of orders, but it's not good all across the board. We have to start with foundational core principles and work our way up from their. How do you do that? Just, and I mean I know this is what you do for a living at the Heartland Institute.
That's what you do for a living. How do you do that? How do I turn this around when it's it's are? It is in institutional lies in our educational system, from birth to graduation. Right to the two things I think the two most important ways to battle of these problems the to fight against socialism, number one you absolutely every single parents, every single grandparent on Uncle friend fan remember whose concerned about this issue needs to talk to younger people about these issues. They need to teach kids wilder in the school system before they get into the public school system, basic core concepts about individual rights and respecting other people's rights. That's number one. We have to take that seriously number two. We need to get. We need to break the strength
All that the government has on public education and we and the only way to do that is with school choice. There are universal school choice, ideas that have been out there for a very long time: universal Education, savings accounts programmes, etc. We don't have them even in the most conservative states. Why don't? We have that in states like Texas and Alabama and places, because you have cancel pending charge for a long time. We don't have it there either. It is shocking to me how bad Texas, if I lived here in the 80s and Texas, was a dick place in the eighties compared to what it is now it is drifted far Texas, you know, has very powerful unions and teachers. You know the teachers, a federation here. It is very, very strong. They have they have taken over our schools and nobody wants to do anything about it. It
still the upper levels you're right and it's not in Texas. It's all a cry! No country is the most conservative states in the country. The teachers unions are still the most powerful political organization. At the state level in many cases, but especially at the local level. I mean look at the local level. Teachers dominate virtually every election, they decide who is going to be put in control of school boards and local elections. Fur for city Council and things like that mostly decided by teachers and teachers are being taught it far left teachers college across the country whether being indoctrinated with the idea that they need to be
after needing other people about socialism, and so it's this endless cycle, this drift in in conservative states and liberal states in a moderate states is this drift towards socialism because foundational we, the people who are teaching younger people, are all on the left side of the political spectrum and the only way to get rid of that is to have school choice so that parents can take their kids out of those schools and put them in schools that embraced the values that they believe in, but right now, unless you can afford a private school or less you can afford to home school your child. You don't have that that option, and so conservatives need to make it clear that if it is known
a book. It should be supported. No conservative candidate should be supported. No Democrat. No political candidate should be supported unless they embraced school choice will thank you for doing the survey and and breaking that survey here and hopefully will be picked up, because I So many people have no idea how bad things are really truly getting in America and something better wake them pretty soon just and thank you so much thank weren't. You bet my bike, but just in is a guy who has helped right the next book older, arguing with socialists It comes out after the first of the year. I think it comes out right right before the super Tuesday does not arguing in socialist. It's a great great book. You know cut from the clock,
a flea arguing with idiots in and an inconvenient book. You're gonna love it and it makes a great gift for anyone who is being indoctrinated in school. They may not like it so much, but they'll read if they just open it if they'll just open it. All of the facts are, and I mean I think this is the most footnotes we have of any book. We ve ever written and it's all well documented- and it's hard argue hard argue that just open it good luck with that, but by for them anyway and may one day they'll be stuck in and elevator with it will be forced to read it yeah. Well, I mean here's the thing it what's gonna happen is you're gonna. Have it you're going to read it and when they're sitting around in there talking to you We want to know what their argument is and you're gonna be able to argue it yourself and so on somewhere out there there's a guy shopping online for Christmas, but he's not do
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Now, if you like, I feel like gum Jean wilder at the end of the producers no way no way out. There is a way out. There is a way out. We just have to choose to do it and we have to. We have to get back to where we were. I think we're so beaten up with the tea party, because the tea party was about Elections- and you know the nine twelve project was not about elections. It was about education, it was about. It was about principles and values. And those never go out of style, and those are the things that we have to get back to two teaching. And to living in our own life yeah. I agree that that would be an ideal solution. Amidst too, I feel like it gets tougher and tougher, particularly right now with the way the media a covers tromp to think Ganem me no further away
then. Whatever today's new cycle item is but dont show signs of losing the news cycle is getting less and less credible down. I mean people or not, Watching it as much as they used to their not listening to it as much I mean we pay in meat and talk radio. We pay more attention to the mainstream media that I think the average person does. The average person doesn't they'll, get it from Facebook and everything else there not getting. It lino from all of these shows that means Siena nobody's watching CNN. Yet I mean that that coverage, though, does inform yes coverage and meadows way trickled down. It's not just what CNN reports is that five hundred other sources report on what CNN report correct so does get. Did the influences significant wildly in ITALY? They only problem on fixing this and until we,
of this we're not gonna be able to solve anything. There is no investigative journalist news arm. That is credible, that the conservatives can all feast off. You know like, for instance, we do investigative. You know reporting on Ukraine. Well me just let me flipped this allowed. You know. Ben Shapiro does something we're so busy that we don't necessarily see Ben Shapiro but have been Shapiro or if, if there was a news source, that ban was it basing his opinion off and it wasn't directly competitive for everybody, if there was a new source that was out there that maybe all thus put our money into we could we could
go on our own narrative right now. We can only respond to their narrative. Because they are the only ones producing the news, we're commenting on it. We need a conservative news, that's readable, that is big, robust and can compete, It has the money to be able to compete, because if we all going off of CNN, rather me talking about what they want us to talk about their setting the agenda We can say well, this part of it is wrong and hears why right, but we're still responding to. They don't have to respond to us because we're just voices and opinions on what they ve done. If there is a credible journalism being done on the right that we can all comment on. Then we flip the table and everybody has to respond. They
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Saturday go to glimpse dot com, slash Christmas for details Welcome to the Glenda programme. Italian police say that they have seized weapons, far right propaganda material from the homes of nineteen suspected extremists who are hoping to form a Nazi party in the country. Not not another was a good idea. And once you start a Nazi? Had not a certain sort of Nazi Party needs all? oh you know this extremely unpopular and
we taken out of context. So just no here is Whole context I complete, ITALY understand in Germany why they did that. I mean at the time they ban the Nazi Party, and you know at the time I can't imagine you know if you just fought that war and you got out of a continent in camp in something like a well my neighbors go into a Nazi rally, you'd be like what what what we want, that they'll happened. Israel have hunting. Didn't we just repeat that I mean it's it. So I don't know what I would have done in Germany. However, the idea that the italian police are going to do down these people now, if its violent, yes, and so strangely Nazi, usually are, but
the idea of shutting down a party or shutting down speech really bothers me. It seems foreign is the way I would put it he has now. It seems like a weird cultural thing that would happen in Europe, but couldn't happen here, because we have something called the first amendment and no matter how bad the ideas are. From a I mean there happened, I mean the American Nazi Party is, it was a o uniting Ernie's. It was huge, huge, it's important after your way after the war I mean it was still active in the in the United States. One of that data presidential candidate, who had run all time very, was assassinated shockingly, both by another Nazi, but do they That was something that's real and into this day I mean you know. We all know people in this audience at least know the communists have killed a lot more people than nazis have, and we American Communist Party. Do we have a socialist workers party? We have a bunch of parties that represent communism.
Everywhere problem with the communist which unto the nineteen fifties and have a right to go in an annex let's not American America, South american- to say that two specific ideas should be banned. Wee wee dismiss them, we mock them. We win against but we don't ban political parties on So there are exceptions at the extremes when you're talking about like if a party is advocating the murder of the guy down the street. Well, that's a totally different law would sound or violent right, but I mean an idea like ink up until including the idea that hey over. There is in the Nazi party he thinks he's superior to Jews as that allowed. You could say that now I could say it informant entire party around how he's better than Jews, and they get change the laws. I will fight every day make sure that he does not succeed. Any
succeed in this country, because that is not that's not what this country was built on here. Here's the hears it a real life example. How can you be against. Bite supremacy in the United States of America and the idea. Of living in a supremacy state based on race and class, but then support a state like Israel that is built on primacy so This is Linda sorcerer and, of course it is saying that the Jews think they are supreme to everyone else. No, no, that's not that's not what they think. That's not what they think and does she have a right to say that yes do a right to disagree with her vehemently. Yes I have a right to say she should go to jail for that. No, no one known as a right, because once you take that a right from her. It can be taken from you and that's not even the that's all
a good reweighed personalize it. But it's not the reason you do it, it's? U dont! Do it because it could be taken away from you, whether it What do you think that can happen or not? That's the way of person I think it see realise the impact of it, but in reality, if their ideas are terrible, there still allowed to be said, we said: has a lot of people make this point all the time with abortion, where they'll say ever people on the on the right will say: look you're boarding these kids. You could have avoided the next Einstein. You could have worded the scientists or a world leader- that's absolutely true. You also could have avoided a bunch of people whose suck who are the people that getting your way at Mcdonald's and drive? take too long, but in the person of spheres of your your we're order at the window. Exactly that's the point whether there, the next world leader of the next Einstein it doesn't matter, they get a right to live, they get it dance to me.
Their lives, that's really really important and a lot of times we kind of personalized and say well if we lose if they lose their right to speak, but we might lose our right to speak. What, whether we do or not is not the issue it is. There right to say dumb things, so you know it, you know what happened. Is there? Was this perversion? I think of this american idea that you don't talk religion and politics, NEA and eat, do that because polite company, you just don't talk about that stuff, but that didn't come from anything other than I mean I got the lectures when I was a kid I'm sure you did to your parents would talk to you and say they are eight. They were right to believe that you couldn't think that they're wrong. All you want, but you don't tell them what to think you don't tell
them unless they're breaking the law and hurting other people. You don't tell them what to think or do it's none of your business and you can make an argument. You can try to persuade them yeah, but you certainly don't use the power of the state to stop them from doing something. That's legal and not threatening someone else. Right that you know you can. I mean look. Faith is something that makes arguments and judgments all the time about people's behaviour. If there's nothing wrong with judging other people's behaviour, you can sail the time. You think that their behaviors wrong. Here's why I think, wrong. Here's what I think you should do, but the to legislate. The ammonia morality is not right. You can't, I agree with, and I think there's some disagreement even on the right there at this point on this, in a goes not only to sort of moral causes, but also economic. And where there is this idea, Josh hammer for this really well, because it this dividing line on the right he phrased it. This way, I think
the great way of thinking about it, and I have a really clear answer to this one, but I do think that this is the divide on the right as it stands today. He says the fundamental dividing question right now for those of us on the political right he's individual liberty worth pursuing an intrinsically just end or is it merely a means, sometimes worth pursuing toward a distinct political end? Like justice or humans, for just add it's just, came in and of itself gimme. That is completely He blackened wire is nervously. I'm other money is no justice. If you shut people's thought and speech down, there's no justice now and I even if it's even if The culture terms against two things that you believe are right, even if your loose those battles we gotta you fight harder. You try to win, you don't bring the state into a bit to put your values on the entire society, an angel
We ve seen that I think economically and Tucker Karlsson makes this point. I think you know, is a smart guy and makes this point well or Castro entire book about it and ate it. But it's using the power of the government to go towards just you know, specific economic goals that the right is friendly with me. John Mccain did a lot of us. Yet you know you see this with p. Like my cock, a b where he will take the power of his office as governor, and you know what I believe gluttony is wrong and people are too fat and we should do we should change burly Bloomberg is a great example of it all sometimes his ends are liberal. He sometimes they are. They were conservative, but he uses the use the state to push those things through, and you know what comes there are there are exceptions and there's there's nuance throughout this entire argument, but to me as a fundamental question: the freedom and the you and Liberty is? That is the end? That's what we're that'll notes lower!
This is really this. Really so very simple, and on a why there is disagreement on it. If you believe in the deck duration of independence. The declaration of independence is our mission statement, it was the letter to the king. Look, you don't understand us you don't even know who we are? We think differently here and I believe that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among these life liberty, in the pursuit of happiness, and that the government is instituted among men to protect those rights. That's it there's no, no there's nothing in the declaration of independence. It says, and because of that, we're going to redistribute the wealth or we're going to make things more fair, as a government. No and in pursuit of happiness is really key here to write pursuit. It doesn't mean that we use the government to guarantee it, because we think these things are wonderful right. You know its beak, it's the pursuit. You have the freedom to be able pursue what you believe will make you happy, and yet I want you might fall flat on your face overrun.
Forget it never achieve it so period. So anyone who says well, we ve gotta in social engineer. We have to do this. We have to do that. That is not the government's role. The the mission statement, the second paragraph of the declaration of independence, was saying, This is what it looks like when we get there this Is the finished product a play? We're all men know that they are equal, their created, equal and it can pursue that happiness anyway. They want and the gun Its role is to protect that individual. From doing what I feel is right as long as they're, not killing people in an end. Oh stealing, that's it that's what we're supposed to be doing we believe, as Americans, or at least we use to we We believe in the power of the individual. If you want to empower individuals you're going to
have to live with the fact they're going to make choices that you're not going to like your apparent when you apparent. You know at some point you ve gotta. Let it go. You ve done every You can they're going to decisions that you don't agree with so my work out to your surprise. Some of them are going to end exactly the way you thought that they would end, but you don't Oh your children, exactly what to do or you drive a wedge between you and then you'll. Do straw. Your relationship. We are looking at our government as apparent and telling the parent get involved in all of these adults lives and o them what's right or wrong, Automatically drive drives a wedge between people and between the government. That. That's not who we are. That's not what the system!
was meant to be. You want that system design a new system, but that's not what this one is now I agree with you I mean in and that's the part that bothers me. I mean the second part of this statement. Jeez is individual liberty merely an end means sometimes worth pursuing toward it think political end is the way the left thinks about the world. Yes, a left uses individual liberty when they want abortion. It's a nice little trick to get you. Could they want the board so that one thing they say, individual liberties really important Kagan way of between us woman and her doktor, it's our body, her choice, it's all individual liberty, because it's not a principle. It's just a mean to get to whatever they want today, and so we go down that road, weird them. We are them, it is ape intrinsically just and to pursue individual liberty, not the other way around, and we
We are in the midst of the political arguments. We do lose that I think sometimes and I think that's dangerous. We have to remember. We know we are different from the left, not just because we want slightly different policies, because what happens? If you get the Bloomberg thing, where there has been a Republican. At a Democrat, I donno that he's changed positions on anything. No, he just go on now. Whenever wrote certain, whatever time, Chinese and he's a big time progressive and so he's able to use the power of the state to whatever ends he wants. We will need to be different. I want to be Michael Bloomberg. We'll be anything like Michael Bloomberg. I don't want him anywhere near me. The party I belong to the the principles that I have these new and largely soda based my opposition, sure it's real autonomy anywhere near that you're right, get away from my soda man
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I don't think, there's enough people in and it's getting harder and harder everyday, because you're counting clicks, you're counting likes as popularity as as 6s, and so I don't know if there is the the understanding that pursuit of happiness does not mean success. You know it. America has been made into a land of stuff, and a land of plenty. Whoever has the most wins and his happy. You look at people in Hollywood and everything else, and I'm not saying you, but you know most of the people will look at that and say you know there happy mother, not their miserable their miserable. Do you think Gretta Third Burg is happy
and she's miserable, as she's physically incapable smile. Oh my god. How would you even know? Do you want to live that way? Barbra Streisand! I don't care how much money or fame I don't want to live like her and, and so it's not about success- is about the pursuit of happiness. What makes you happy this bothered me so much when when we first had children and Tommy was a born mother, just born to be the best mom ever and and she's done it and that's pursuing her happiness. But the world was doing they they could to convince her that you're, a stale, mom you're worthless, will know it might be. It might not be what that person wants to be that's what she wants to Why do you have to force your view on her she's? Not going to sit on you pursue your happiness and happiness. Believe me
does not come with money and success. You can rent it, but it's a very short term, very short term happiness comes from doing what you feel is right.
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