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The MSM’s Ukraine Narrative Starts to Unravel | Guests: Brian Riedl & Jason Buttrill | 10/18/19

2019-10-18 | 🔗
Breaking news in the Ukraine saga, as George Kent testifies that issues were brought up regarding Hunter Biden’s corruption. Jason Buttrill joins Stu to discuss his take, as well as a look at what’s really happening in Turkey and Syria with the U.S.-negotiated ceasefire. A look into all of Hunter Biden’s personal shortcomings pre-Burisma. Brian Riedl from the Manhattan Institute dives into crazy Democratic proposals and how much they would cost in the real world. Beto O’Rourke’s political career is imploding faster than a Bennigan's or a Toys “R” Us franchise. As she's surging in the polls, we need to remember why Elizabeth Warren is a ridiculous candidate.

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Powerball. Thank you, Hillary or Fargo Guitar. I just do I like the Ukrainian Kermit, the frog we got for that interview. That was making it sound like thanks a lot. So we have some breaking news about Ukraine. Today, Glenn is out. He is usually when I do. These shows one of my favorite things to do is to sometime I'm going through and each They come back out and give you sort of a fake reason, Michael and is in here and there it was really bizarre. Today, I don't have to do that. He to Lady Gaga five seconds like I would. I would be one of the fake ones that come up with and instead he actually is doing it he's off the show today, because he's going to see lady Gaga in concert,
he just don't get any better than that, and while he's there, we have breaking news on Ukraine. We got all the mulvaney stuff we're going to cover here early Syria, some crazy democratic policies, including a new spending number that has come out on what they actually cost. It's fantastic plus better or we gotta get into him and the disaster he is in life and in his campaign. It's all coming up. It's tooling for Glenn Glenn Beck program. We started to seconds the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program NEWS from Ukraine.
Washington Post has this first Joe search Kent. A deputy assistant secretary of state testified day that he worried about Hunter Biden's position at the firm breeze, my And he worried that it would complicate efforts by us diplomats to convey to Ukraine. Officials, the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest. This is from from multiple sources spoke on the condition of anonymity because of confidential confidentiality, rules surrounding deposition and also they didn't want to get murdered by Hillary Clinton. I don't know if that's actually, but it's part of it can't said he had some concerns that ukrainian officials would view Hunter Biden as a conduit for curry influence with his father said the people one can't raise the issue with the Bidens office was told. The then vice president didn't have the bandwidth to deal with the issue,
because his other son beau was battling cancer. Now, look that's a really serious thing and very difficult to do. However, as president of the United States know, just don't you don't you can't really answer questions with. I have the bandwidth with not one of your available responses like when you're in the full choice, testing you're, taking like the S, a teasing you're just fill in c every time opening get a quarter of a right wing there's never one when your vice president that states- I don't really have the time I don't the band to deal with that. It's not something you can do. Despite the the circumstances surrounding it can is the first known example of a career diplomat who has raised concerns internally in the Obama administration, about Hunter Biden's board position. A former senior Biden, national Security, aide speaking on the condition of anonymity, had no recollection of hearing about KEN's concerns and also never heard a concern ray
by the US ambassador to Ukraine at the time. This time the aid recalls Hunter Biden's involvement servicing, as an issue was in December two thousand and fifteen, and this is going to be a nice little throwback for you going to remember this one. All we celebrate this almost daily back is days when the is president travel to Ukraine to deliver an anti corruption speech and the New York Times wrote about his son's role. You see they heard about it on the news. Remember when every single thing in the Obama administration was was littered and attached to excuse, we about it. In the news we had. No idea was even going on until the news told us. The corruption with with Biden in Ukraine is a part of this larger story. Glenn's been going over over the past few weeks and Is it it's an important part, but it's not the entire story.
It's the part of the story that very infrequently is talked about in the mainstream media and that's partially. Why the A post report from today is important. It's not it's not us saying it at some. They're going have to pick up the things that we're saying people are talking about, they're tweeting about it there, their they're, pushing it out there and and the the Population gets control. These and then the the mainstream media is forced to talk about them here. The first known example of an Obama it official very Typically,. Testifying that they warned the Biden administration about this corruption- and nothing was done because the is president and is off didn't have the bandwidth to deal with it. The fascinating early admission here and it's just the beginning of the story as we go on it's a Glen in first, it's the in for gland glenn- is actually it is. Whenever I fill in for Glenn I to make up for excuses ridicule
excuses as to why he's not in today. The best thing about today is: I don't have to do that. Glenn is out. He went to go, see lady Gaga in concert. This is this is not. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not something you're going to need to get the Washington Post to testify on later on, Glenn Beck is out he's missing a day of You news: do this Obama official testified, they told Biden about this corruption and he didn't deal with it. He's out today, because he went to Lady Freaking Gaga men
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you're, free security, camera now at simply back dot com that simply back dot com. Alright, so Mick Mulvaney was the big story: mulvaney yesterday the media is going crazy over this, he did a press conference. He came out to talk about about Quid pro quo, which have to do a montage of quid pro quo mentions because use of quid pro quo in the media was approximately once every six months until about two weeks ago, but seventy five times an hour. You cannot watch the news for five minutes and get past it without tearing quid pro quo set. And now they're, starting to do the thing where the like. Well, that's the question: that's the cold. We got it we
you're trying to be cute quid pro quo. We got it you're talking about it constantly. The idea here is Mulvaney admitted to the quid pro quo. Let's start here, this is him talking about Paula and is there an influence of politics in foreign policy? This is a a huge mistake for mulvaney and I'll explain why in a second here is of any yesterday, we were holding up money at the same time for what was it the northern trying to come countries we're holding up ignore the triangle countries so that they so that they would change their policies on immigration by the way in this speaks to it. This speaks to an important I'm sorry. This speaks to import, because I heard this yesterday- could never member the gentleman who test was Mckinney. The guy is that his name for the item does he testified yesterday? Yes and if you go and if you believe the news reports, because we've not seen any transcripts of this your transcript as he was psalms testimony morning this morning, if read the news reports and you believe that one of Mckinney say yesterday: Mckinney
said yesterday that he was really upset with them. Political influence in foreign policy was one of the reasons he was so upset about this owner. I have news for everybody get over it the whole might. Did you guys hear that? Did you hear what he just said get over it are you kidding me get over it politics in foreign policy? That is absolutely unacceptable. He said get over. He admitted it in front of the entire nation, the terrible mistake, my Mick Mulvaney, and a lot of the president's defenders, the going to tell you he did a good job there terrible steak there. He was actually honest and it's supposed to be doing that in Washington. This is a this. Is completely off limits, apparently you're not allowed to go out there and tell people what actual a occurs, because who would believe that there was any political interest when it comes to foreign policy? Sure we're talking about politicians. Do you think? Maybe
politics would be involved in it and sure? Are they all run campaigns and talk about their foreign policy in the politics surrounding it, but when they it into the office, they become sure they become these clean in Crystal clear individuals who no agendas ever do anything other than just serve. That's the reality of Washington, guys, of course, politics are involved when it comes foreign policy with every single president. Since the big you time. This is what politicians do they do politics. No politics is not. Politics have a very reputation largely because of politicians. The politics are, the pursuit of you believe. The thing to do is that's what politics are when it comes to our government. If you're not
be a surprise, but he went on, he didn't just stop there. He admitted to the crime Mall Mulvaney admitted to it in front of the country huge mistake here by mulvaney. Once again, here is talking about the quid pro quo. Yeah, I'm talking Mister Carl of that is going to happen. Elections have consequences in foreign policy is going to change from the Obama administration to the Trump Administration and what you're, seeing now, I believe, is a group of most career politics. Career bureaucrats were saying you know what I don't like President Trump's politics, so I'm going to the in this switch out there that they're undertaking on the hill? Okay, that's not the right click! we play the the longer clip. Does he have the long clip faith pulled it's the one with the quid pro Well, it was the two hundred and forty three clip. I believe he pulled this morning. We talked talk to behind the scenes baseball here. Let me know if you have that he
about having the quid pro quo, because that way important part of this right, like part of the defense initially right, one of the the first thing was out of you know suppose you know they weren't talking about this and then it got to well. There was no quid pro quo. There was quid pro quo, meaning they give. They didn't hold back the money for Ukraine Exchange for anything he held back the money because they thought it was. The right thing to do was an ex in exchange. For the investigation of Biden and do we have the clipper all explain it? Basically, he said very okay. Here we go
you just described is a quid pro quo. It is funding will not flow in less the investigation. I just at this job democratic server by happen as well. We do we do we do that, all the time with foreign policy we were holding it money at the same time, for what was it the northern trying there isn't a stop. So we do this all the time. This could produce all the time. This is the admission of the crime to the media. Today this is the whole case he came out and he said first, they said no quid pro quo. Carl said: hey was not a quid pro quo and he said yeah. We do it all the time, This is more of a problem with their initial defense right where they said. There's no quid pro quo. I don't know why they said that a considering what they knew was on know the call and the transcript of the call where you know doesn't. Not a specific quid pro quo, but he mentions situation very closely. It's easy to read that if you want to, but here Mulvaney actually says that yes, we do this all the time we hope
back money all the time for outcomes of policy that we want from foreign countries and goes on to explain that gives him examples. Give you another example of this Joe Biden talking and bragging in front of an audience about him. Engaging in quid pro quo. Listen have that either well. This is a good start to the show we're to a. This is what happens when Glenn's out here. He said lady Gaga right now, and people are just did that. I think everyone's asleep everyone's asleep. We have the video of a bite and from we flee the scene with Ukraine a bunch of times, or he says a but you've heard it before in this audience is already heard the stuff it's in special, but Basic Biden says yeah. I held act, the billion dollars so that wood fire this prosecutor he's bragging about it on stage it's actually the foundation, at least from my perspective, it was when we
I got introduced to this Ukraine story in real terms, because always rumors about bite in talking about you know well, but his son Hunter and all of the benefits that they got. There's a that's all that's always been there, for it was really escalated. When we uncovered, I do John Solomon, who initially uncovered it audio and video of Joe Biden saying he did it. He said I would withhold billion dollars from Ukraine and less you fire. This prosecutor think about. What's being said there, I will withhold money unless I get this out involving a prosecution in Ukraine. The accusation against Trump is that is withholding money. So that you could get an outcome with I in Ukraine. They are nearly identical stories. The difference course being that bite in
admitted to a long time ago. It's a massive, huge mega impeachment story, because Mulvaney admitted it yesterday. I think this is sort of complicated for the average person, then maybe isn't listening to talk radio every day you to put yourself in the perspective of voter, that isn't you because you're sitting here listening to this every day, you I heard all these stories. You know all these audio clips you've been following this stuff, but you're not average. I hate to tell you this your weight too nerdy for this society. Okay, you actually care, remember the person who said the Ben Franklin. You know it's a Brit. What would you give us and he's like a Republican, a republic if you can keep it well you're? I try to do that. That's not everybody else of people watching that you know a lot of Kardashians, so
they don't see these stories. They don't understand every single in every all, the ins and outs here, we all know. We know Donald Trump enough he's been around he's been one of the most popular and well known. Figures in american society for nearly forty years is not We know what Donald Trump's, like one of the reasons why he's in office is because we we the idea that he's coming out and he's just saying this- the stuff right he's saying all the stuff that he people accuse politicians of some of good, some of it bad he's coming out in a meeting, and he said you know what yeah I do this and yeah. I do that sort of thing people really like about him and I just wish we could skip to the end of the story where we realize that it look Donald Trump. Every interaction he has he's asking people about a Ukraine and what Joe Biden did there? That's, probably it's probably true. Every time he gets into a super, he asked the person hey, you know, hey what do you know about you, but you, you know by new crane. Your driver out was ever talking about it, hey at the top
bill delivery guide. You ever talk to the. What about you you over there, how bout you, the guy, just picks in electricity? Did he know anything about about bite in to say no, that's what trump does can skip to the end of that story and admit that that's just what's happening here, it's what he cares about. So when here's about is what he talks about, and that's what like about Trump and art, I think, for the average person to look at this and say say: wait a minute, it's just as the. Why is this happening? Is this true. Is it fair? The way the media is treating him we'll get into that in sixty seconds Alright, let me tell you about gold line. Whatever changed last week, we clearly still have a very big. They are still. The FED is still bailing out the banks to the tune of one hundred and six billion dollars a day. Why
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If power are a little bit different right, they They have different interests than many of us. I mean Donald Trump is no exception. He's got way too much gold for my tastes and way too much burgundy. He likes, I don't know, he's he's really in love with those colors he's a. Opulent I at me you might be understated, but there are some fundamental things that are true. Everybody wants to help themselves and their family. Everyone has individual interest. One of the really and thinks that is the foundation of this country is that our founders. Recognized have self interest as a priority. They realize we are fallible people where people that won't be able to be perfect, we'll be able to be, but we're not. This is weird traveler on life. We do have personal interest and that's okay and that's why important to empower a market, because people all act in their individual interests and what happens at the end of that?
Everyone has to supply the things that are needed. Twenty the MAR works really well, but everyone wants to help themselves in their family and everyone has to do their job. The president, including politicians when those two things a line. It's paradise. It's Paradise in Washington because there's lot of times, you can do things. Do a line with a national interest, do align with your job and also kind of help yourself out personally, and Look at what happened with Joe Biden. That seems like men really coincidental. Really coincidental that he just happened to be going after this prosecutor. That happened to be going after this, but that happened to be paying his son more than fifty thousand dollars a month. That is. Kind of an important thing:
on the other hand, the media will tell you well hey Donald Trump. He is going after his political opponents. Does it help Donald Trump if Joe Biden gets exposed for what he did in Ukraine? The answer to that is: yes, there's no need to deny it. It's true did this. Is this a political interest for Donald Trump? The answer? It is yes, however, the idea that a former vice president was in then corruption with your tax dollars is also in the national interest. It is, it is an alignment between the national interest, Trump's job at and then holding back money to get things done in other countries is very standard for the president. The United States, as we almost played the audio for you from Joe Biden that align with his political interest fund actually what's happening with the media, is with Bite Biden there soon.
Only the best things he's a patriotic guy going to fight against corruption with Trump there's only the bad side of that equation. That he's only interested in his own political gain, and if you look that, through the meat, the prism of the media, you can understand all the coverage right, If you see this as only a story of Donald Trump going after his political enemies to try to scam America into voting for him. Well, of course you think he should be impeached, but fair. The way they handled it was Joe Biden did they only think about the possibility that is his son was helped? No, they patriotic an interest. Cooper was asking a question in the democratic debate yesterday saying it was debunked when that not true at all. This is the mainstream media bias in action, and it is a problem. You're, listening to Glen back talking
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America sign up, please tv dot com using promo code Glenn to enjoy free each while it lasts. This is the Glenn Beck program, it's doing for Glenn, coming up with a bunch on what's going on in Syria, and we have a massive impact to our economy right around the corner and up more important. You know stories that Glenn prioritize less than a lady Gaga concert. Those are all coming up here on the program today. First, I want to talk to you a little bit about impeachment here
because, as you know, the Democrats are have such pure intent. This is not political for them. This is constitutional. The constitution lives in every Democrats, soul in the of their soul every day they wake up and they have their their their comforters on their comforters in their in their beds. That are it's like yours and don't cost a dime or it's did the constitution as they wake up their forced it it because it's so ingrained every cell of their bodies. That is who Democrats are especially Nancy. Pelosi see she special care for all of the botox to not hit the areas where the constitution is it's in her cells because she doesn't want off those cells. It's important to her here. He is talking about the impeach process and how she
I didn't do this. This is this. Is at her. She just feels the dramatic responsibility to do it. Listen I'm very proud of the work of a german Adam Schiff again this is so solemn. None of us came to Congress to impeach a that's not what we come here to do and any such actions have to be taken very solemnly it seriously. In my oh, yes I'll, see it's not eve. I should have I undersold it it's not just in each and every cell. It is in her soul, she's, hopefully impeaching this president. Why do you keep criticizing her? Do you not like religion? What is problem with you Republicans at C Pelo does not want to impeach this president, but she feels she must.
And I have news for you: no one comes into Congress with the idea that they want to impeach a president. That is not why they do it here you to leave from her victory speech on election night. People love you and you win, and when your son looks at and says Mama look, you want bullies, don't, and I think, maybe they don't, because we're going to go in there going to teach them wow, it's uh, it's a little inconvenient and that's just one of many who supported impeachment before they got into office. They do go to impeach the president and many of them are doing it specifically. For those reasons, Ukraine is just the greatest easiest option: the or didn't work so well. So we move on to another. Former soviet territory.
Doctoral is with us. He is glands ahead researcher, also the host of the Pat Great Lakes program this morning to get that podcaster nine, a second out jeez before we get into Syria, because I want to make sure we cover that today, there's some pretty stuff going on there. If these new cycles at this are insane, let's start with Ukraine, Washington Post has a story. If you missed it. Just came out. George can't deputy assistant secretary of State under Obama said that they did go Biden during the Obama administration and warn him about the conflict of interest and corruption that was going on potentially with Hunter Biden and very in Ukraine. This is the first, hearing from Obama official admitting what we all knew, but also kind, their awareness of it and the fact that they to bite in as they as he testified Biden did nothing about it. Is it how big of a deal is this I don't
what's amazing to me: is that I mean There'S- got to be more people there to come forward about this. I mean it's so blatantly obvious that there was a conflict of interest going on you, as many people pointed out, you can even have the appearance of corruption yeah and that's in the ethics code for every government employee right. So it you tell me that there's nobody in the administration that was like wait a minute like he probably shouldn't be working for this company, while the president, his father, is the lead point man in Ukraine that smell it's bad? If anything, but I don't I don't know, I read that report the reason why they didn't bring that that they didn't bring it up to buy it at the time that hey this looks kind of awful it's because he was dealing with his son beau at the time yeah, and that undoubtedly tragic, and horrible- but I don't know that I have a family issue- is an excuse available to the vice president of United States. Right, like you know it sucks. And everybody's human and
Yes, it would be very difficult, but he was able to deal with ukrainian policy through this period. He was able to deal with everything else that we know about it in his job. This is the one he you couldn't deal with with his own son, potentially involved in corruption, and you think, if anything, you have a hyper interest in protecting your children. In that moment, this is not only bad for Joe Biden. It's bad for Hunter Biden quotes in that article or that this official in this testimony was saying that you know we've kind of thought that maybe it wasn't a good look for trying to you know, teach as Ukrainians to avoid conflicts of interest. In current, when this is I I love, I love that fact. I also love the fact that they keep saying that. Look if I spend the nothing wrong here, Hunter Biden, nothing wrong right, pretty true! Nothing illegal is illegal right, that's not really. I think
Giuliani and Trump might be searching for something else along those lines, but we've been pretty consistent with that from the beginning is like I'm not saying they committed a crime now, but we're just trying to shine a light on how ridiculous this is. This is thing there. I guarantee you there's people on both the left and the right. They're furious it does come out in this way. They've got to be furious at Joe Biden for being so public with how they went about all this, because even ever with that politicians been lining their pockets for years from gifts, yeah and the families of politicians, and and that's how they do that, the family business exactly a lot of these people yep they I mean they. They can't write a line, their pockets with, like the it like, he couldn't, send his wife off. You know to Ukraine, because that would immediately get reported. That would be a violation yep, but it doesn't those rules, don't hold water for the sun, so the daughters or the friends or the family, so convenient you've got of the wiser. What is ask secret empires? Yes, I believe you have got a
that it is in the same, there is a I mean in the Biden. So if it is a really small portion of the book yeah- and I can't believe- that's the only thing- that's getting light right now, but the Obama stuff, involving his friends and like his gaze crusade, it also see about the climate agenda, which I know you can go a long year, Andrea, but it shows about how that, at times when a bomb was talking about carbon taxes, you know there was talking about how you know we shut down in coal plants. All that stuff Biden's for friends are investing in these companies that he's singing to shut down the after L offshore drilling there. The eighties, like talking, you know all this all this trash about them, while he's doing that his friends are investing into those companies, then, when he backed off all the money they were that they, this debate dumped into for shares, yeah all the sudden, they're millionaires does it. This is quite a dirty. This is how it works. It works limits. You one more question on this front. Before we moved to Syria, over and over again it's reported that Hunter
it was receiving fifty thousand dollars a month from breeze. That number is low. Do we what the real number is, because there is a multiple payments of what up over a hundred thousand dollars to Hunter Biden through this time period? You know the number of the actual number is, I don't remember the full number it seems like we looked at. It is around two I want to say for sure, but it seems like it on to around two hundred thousand. That's what I remember two and this it's important, because people keep on the fifty thousand dollars a month out and that's not nothing. Yeah, that's a lot of money, especially when your job is to work two days a month or two days a year. Is it a two days a year and he was only He was only a board. Memory wasn't like he had daily responsibilities. Now, it's so obvious he was getting paid for the influence and the appearance of influence right, and I I don't I don't. I don't know I I know I don't even know if we know the specific number not because we like this- that other thing appear twice or you know found is that you know. According to bank records official bank records, he was getting money directly into his
account from anonymous. Llc's and places like Ukraine, China, some very off the wall places like in the catholic Stan some other, but as mothers of, are you telling me that this guy, who had zero experience, zero ability to do this job and he's getting his anonymous payments from all over the world during time frame when his dad is engaging in foreign policy all over the world. I'm sorry that that is read I don't know if we'll ever find out how much money the Biden family actually funnel into the bank. Their bank accounts during that time, our music it? Syria? Here I will give you this analogy that I heard an it was interesting to me. So I'm going to completely steal it. I don't remember him stealing it from so the idea. Explaining this whole Syria thing was the egg I heard was it's basically like Canada is invading North Dakota. Canada is invading North Dakota, the people in, Dakota Code are hanging out there they're fighting back. Now we were in
the before we were protecting North Dakota, we pull out Canada and because they just gotta have North Dakota. Okay, they start fighting. Then we get a ceasefire which says: okay, north code ins can move out and go to South Dakota. Okay, give you five days to get to South Dakota Canada's Canada to move in and have North Dakota. At the end of this, and it kind of, gets what they want here or in the turkey the actual analogy Turkey kind of gets what they want. They want twenty mile buffer into Syria, because they've had all sorts of problems legitimately with terrorist attacks and things like that. They want to protect their people. They believe have the right to this land. They want to protect themselves so at the ceasefire right now, hostility are stopping for five days and the they're going to pull out of these areas. I east the innocent Kurds right. The people who aren't fighting at least
and then the warriors are most likely going to stay and fight and we're going to want be bright back to bloodshed. In a few minutes accurate has that land? Is it look to you? I mean I see what they're saying somewhat similar and the fact that I will but I'm assuming offense saying that Canada has everything to gain in this yeah, because at the end of this this this ceasefire. Why happens right. We if the fighting starts up again and we can plausibly say: look you know, they're fighting. We give him a chance to get out of there and they're just still fighting, there's nothing. We can do for them anymore, we've, given them that chance and now we're done yeah. So Turkey there's a there's a few things that Turkey wants to get out of this, and this is so ridiculously complicated. I'm gonna try and like do what you've seen on or tv which is make, which is not I'm not trying to what they don't do, which they'd never do this in a way that you can understand it at all, all right. What's it like at the peach tea or something like that, an act, a dumb which is for me, and then you explain it to have you ever said. Ok I'll, do my own analogy. Maybe will do it so I have ever seen the movie far and away
weirdest references to movies that yes, I saw that I forgotten every part about it, because it wasn't like the least memorable Tom cruise movie in history. This was uh. Oh, how dare you, sir? That is with the awesome movie. I love that so remember the whole premise that was there trying to get the Oklahoma, because I'm not screw North Dakota we're doing a call on this one so the whole point and and that one was it was a huge land grab. Member and everyone was rushing out there to try and scoop up the land, okay, so yeah. I don't remember that at all. In the same, at the end, I I think I would have told you the movie took place in Ireland: okay, the Oklahoma Land Grab over how Oklahoma Land grab. So basically, what is going on right now with multiple different power vacuums, specifically in or and and northern Syria is the Oklahoma sooner land grab and turn are the ones right now. Turkey is Tom, Nicole Kidman, they rushed out there and there are planning their flag down in there and they're saying look. This is the
or we want. This is basically what they're doing but they're not telling everyone that if you think that those turkish forces are going to leave that's that's a fantasy nine. I I don't they're, never gonna, send it to send a put a timetable on when they're gonna pull out. I think they're just they're there because they're there the They want that territory, they won a buffer between them and then the Kurds. They want this land, they believe it's theirs right and the thing is the Kurds do not pose an imminent threat to them, so they didn't have to go in and do this they're seeing an opportunity right now and they took it. I'm not sure what agreements the Trump Administration may third one to to be able to you know for for, however trump. Events to pull out, but it happened, but they're not leaving there anytime soon, and one is one right now- is for almost the the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire. I believe he's channeling autumn and nationalism. I think that that not the only land that they'll be looking to do it, Iraq, lookout because you're, probably
next, but what? Unless we stop him? And then I guess, that's the that's the argument for people who are Let's stay, we want to stop this advance. And you know the other side is saying: well, we gotta get out of here at some point. So, let's just do it now Trump is win. This is a brilliant move. I, his rhetoric aside, it actually is a very, very smart way. Help me out here how we have enough time to explain that too much go ahead, but it's a very, very smart way to reorient the region. How it's naturally been so when I say is: Russia is an enemy of Turkey, but this whole got them. Working together in Syria is an enemy of Turkey, but they've been working together. Iran is an enemy of Turkey, but now now, if you look at it, the Russians and the Syrians are pointing their guns at Turkey. Instead of them both pointing guns at us. It's immoral, the traditional line of these country, exactly which, years and years us being there, has really upset the balance that people that are suspicious of one another are now mmhm orienting back to the way. It should be.
Jason Botterill have have more that, and we have we'll talk a little bit about that part because you're second, as well, It's two in for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program. Glenn Beck. You tired of having pillow fights with your spouse, and I don't mean that kind of pillow fight like we used to with our kids, I mean the fight on who gets the nicer pillow. Usually the nicer pillow is the one that still has any fluff to it at all. It hasn't turned into a sheet of paper here, my house, that's the my pillow. It is the one that never loses its fluff. Now you can get discounts on all my pillow products. If you go to mypillow dot, com right now and click on the new radio listener. Specials you going to see some amazing offers, including their bogo offer by one
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with someone who was there at a lot of these meetings with Ukraine who saw the corrupt first hand. I've never seen him in interviewed in this sort of deaths that never seen him really interviewed. Much at all. Tell us a little bit about what the podcast is going to be coming out tomorrow on I'm wherever you get your podcasts, so the podcast is with Glenn and Andre tell Shingo. He was a political officer that worked here, the the S embassy. He was also a high level political officer. Also in Ukraine referred work, prosecutor, General General, a few other people. He was there at a lot of these things. Whether things are going to hear about and the impeachment inquiry all of things you've heard about the quoted and in certain publications like the post in the New York Times, he was actually there and
absolutely baffling. No one was one of the top twenty holds nothing back in this interview, the podcast for ever podcasts are sold. You can listen to this one. It's coming out tomorrow, you're listening, take the land back, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program, search which Kansas deputy assistant secretary of state testified this week that he was worried that Hunter Biden's position at the firm berries would complicate.
It's by US diplomats, to convey to ukrainian officials to the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest? I wonder why that was a problem, sure The vice president is head of Ukraine policy, and this is a giant ukrainian gas company. What could possibly be the conflict of interest? hiring his son, who had no experience in natural gas or Ukraine. I can't think of anything that could possibly go wrong there, this something that Biden campaign is, of course struggling with, vice president said he didn't have the bandwidth to deal with the issue when it was brought up to him mild problem. And it's also in conflict with what Joe Biden is actually saying. This is Joe Biden from the debate. Talk about his dealings with Bite in and berries my.
No, no, no, I don't and because I never discussed with my son anything having to do with what was going on in Ukraine. That's a fact. Discussed it with them now, this is at, of course, with the. The words of Hunter Biden who said they'd discuss it in passing once did not say that they talked about it a lot. Do they want a lot of detail but basically what Joe Biden said was Hey Hunter. I hope you know what you're doing on this thing and hundreds like. I do know that is separate issue right? It's not just. The situation where Bite Biden does actually talked to Hunter Biden about Breeze by when he said, multiple, it's not only there, but also in the debate that he was that he never said anything to buy Hunter about this, which is
such an impossible strain any level of credibility. They were on a plane together who Ukraine the else. Do you talk about on that plane trip? There's nothing else to talk about. When you go to Ukraine, Chernobyl, maybe I mean, maybe I I can't think of no one Bizarrely, every single Democrat seems to find a reason to send their children to Ukraine, which is a place where every ukrainian parent tries to get them out of half the country is littered with nuclear waste. The other half looks like a sequel to hostile. This is not a good place. Do you enjoy your vacation? Yet every single democratic politician was like hey there's a summer camp in Ukraine. I'm thinking would be a good place for you guys to go. Live the best place, a bet best thing about it. Fifty grand a month or more. So, for some reason this is vacation paradise for every Democrat. It does
make any sense. There's no way I mean. There's no way it's true. Can we get to that point no way they didn't discuss this he's the head of the front man or policy on you. His son has a job at a giant company in Ukraine. Current says they talked about it once that can't possibly be true, they talked about it a thousand times. They talked about the pull ramifications of it they. What about what was actually happening? They probably talked about. You know what this guy going after breeze month, not one occasion but multiple investigations that guy well. He happens to be a guy, that we don't really trust that much anyway. So maybe I'll put lots and lots of pressure make sure he's not gonna, be in power anymore. Your tell that didn't come up. I just don't believe it so. There's no evidence of that conversation,
but I'm just saying, as a human being, I don't believe that dad and son went on a nine thousand hour plane trip to Ukraine and what they were doing there never came up, it's sting impossible. Is it not. Are we not human beings and know how human beings interact? We know that happened by. We don't have concrete evidence. We don't have the transcript of that conversation. But it seems very, very plausible that that occurred and let's go on beyond beyond that. Not all is he saying he didn't ask about it and Hunter is saying we talked about it once and Joe question was hey. You know. I hope you got this. I hope you know what you're doing he is talking to a man who is head, basically a series of personal problems that would make Sean Penn embarrassed. This is a guy Hunter Biden who
I'm sure, tries really hard to avoid these things, but there are real well with real problems that have real difficulty dealing with life and providing is one of these people. We all sorts of drug problems he's had drug infused, car accidents in rental cars, he a rental car at Hertz, with white powder on the dashboard. This is not a minor mistake. This happening, while he's at Marie's mother. And somehow the was like you know who needs to come here. Do you know who needs to come here with with fifty thousand dollars a month or more and be board? Member of our company in a country he's never been to with a product he's never dealt with that guy, the white powder on the dashboard guy. That's the guy. This is blatantly insane
shows Joe Biden's judgment that if this story is true, it might actually be worse. If Joe Biden's idea of judgment is to go to his son, who is Ben, I have a list of twenty eight individual personal failings that have gone on in Hunter Biden's like that. We know of. Including when he was buying crack under a bridge. Including what he took a cigarette laced with another drug for my random, I believe he called him north african person in a parking lot person is the person Joe went to it said. I hope you know what you're doing he doesn't know. What he's doing is hidden. It's clear that this person does not know what they're doing. This has tried to manage his life, unsuccessfully at every single turn. The idea just turn over this
responsibility to not only protect your day, its political future, but also to to to avoid future alligator of corruption and also just to be able to get up and tie your shoes every day. None of these things Hunter has been able to be trusted with in his life don't say that as a making fun of him, it's just he he for me running a mile. You know it's hard for Hunter waking up and not going into rehab. That's life. That's how difficult it is. He wanted to re, have I I believe, eight eight times and dad's question is. I don't know what doing he doesn't know what doing maybe this I'm? To give you a little bit of detail here on Hunter Biden. You need to hear the the events that lead up to him, getting this job think about offering
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Now, speaking of really irrational personal choices, let's go into Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden: this is the guy hired for fifty thousand dollars a month. This is the I trusted in these. In these high level. Delay is billions of dollars on the line in China. This is his history. When he wasn't call started using cocaine now, look we were all collagen used, cocaine. I'm sure this is certainly a long time ago. By the way I was in college or you skate cocaine. So I I'm I'm perfectly clear from this one. He was in college and used cocaine. It's one of those things. I guess you can excuse right like in all seriousness, it's not something that I know a lot of people who, but we don't. I can think of a couple that I do who have done that- and it was a long time ago in his college, and everybody tries crazy things in college, apparently now he got a get is the cigarette crack, it was crack in college. Don't look that probably
happens to a lot of people to you're gonna have a regular cigarette athletes with a little crack. It happens. I think you have to try to a crack into a cigarette. Was this one? Actually, he got cracked didn't know what to do with it. Added to smoke in a cigarette and didn't really get high, I believe, Was- is telling. Two thousand and one he's been, on a train. Two thousand. He finally realizes that had this problem I'm not going to drink for thirty days, ok, and he does drink for thirty days impressive and then he drinks on day. Thirty one starts over again it thirty days. 'cause, that's his goal, gets past his goal and then on thirty one a day. Thirty one is it again and he says he repeats this over and over and over again he goes thirty days. I gotta get through thirty days. He gets thirty days and then on day thirty one he blows it. It's like me with a diet. September, two thousand and three he goes into rehab for the first time, he goes into alcoholics anonymous. Then he has,
a good stretch about seven years where he is reportedly sober, and these are all his telling from on any any incidents and two thousand and ten he has a relapse, has three bloody marys between two as in ten in two thousand and eleven, he drinks heavily for several months. Two thousand and eleven goes back to rehab and that's where we have two or three and spend a a. I guess it's also kind of rehab thirteen. He gets the shingles. I don't even think about the shingles. It really grosses me out, but the point is he gets the shingles it's painkillers killers and that sends him back into a problem. In May two thousand and thirteen he stops at a bar, and this is where it's the least cigarettes from the north african witch hasn't had that happen to him it's all before he started at the ok. So I mean look that you can't even count that stuff, two thousand and thirteen he has cocaine in his system and it's
by the military. Now that's a problem. I will say this: he says it's because he had at least cigarette from the north African. So it's the north Africans fault. We can all blame the north Africans on that test. Then he goes to rehab again this time in Tijuana, because who wouldn't go to Tijuana to get your rehab But this is rehab where they're using some illegal substance here in the United States, with like some controversial, probably not scientific rehab, where he takes some weird, but in in Tijuana like you know, Andy Kaufman, when he was trying to get his cancer cured? That's that's! Basically what we have here. Then he leaves that rehab and goes. Where else would you go to read In Arizona which is this is not what number four or five were as far as rehab goes. Around two thousand and fifteen, this is when he's coming home from a devastating funeral he's going through
therapy by the way he is now at Marie's, mother learning, all this money, fifty thousand dollars a month, so they hired him with all the stuff I've given you so far, is there and this stuff is happening. He goes to apple's therapy they're talking about how terrible it is. If you drink one more time you gotta move out, he leaves therapy and go and drinks a bottle of vodka. Then he has to move out into one thousand and fifteen. One of his relapse is actually with the guy, from a very he's honest doing, shots. His relapse is with the berries my they continue to employ him through this. Sixteen He becomes a shut in he's very depressed with the whole situation with his brother is gone on. His relationships are breaking up. And he becomes almost a shut in and he he says himself. I only leave for vodka at this point.
February two thousand and sixteen he back in rehab at six that six now six rehab stints in June two thousand and sixteen he goes to Monte, Carlo, because what great place for you to visit, if you I've been to be in rehab six times, why go to Monte Carlo? I believe this visit to was another conference relay Teresa and he does what we all do when it's time to go potty. He had cocaine with a guy in the back in the bathroom stranger, because what better decision making keep you can you have then something off of a bathroom, a bathroom encounter from a stranger? Why not put some white powder up your nose from some guy? You just met in a bathroom, I mean just forget the. I don't want to sniff that close to anything in the bathroom. It's a terrible idea, every way, so in fall, two thousand and sixteen he's on his way to rehab again
think would be number seven. Something like that. And while he's there, he loses his wallet now. This, of course, is everybody. Everyone lost their wallet left is on the plane. I stop right. You've lost if you left your wallet on the plane. What are you going to do? Luckily, Also happen to have a credit card in his pocket, which is what everyone does when they have a wallet which is keep one credit card in your in your pocket, but leave your wallet somewhere else. This is something I've ever heard a, but I never smoke crack with a north african either. Now he lost his wallet but then still finds a way to buy a track which- and I'm not familiar with the financial arrangements with your everyday crack dealer, but it was soon that's a little odd, but maybe he taking cash advances with this credit card. I don't know over the next week goes back and bis crack. As he says a few more times, then
it's in a fight at a bar. This is by what all still getting fifty thousand dollars a month here from Berries Smith. This entire period. He goes and he has a some guy. I wish I had his name in front of me. It's like it's like sloppy Joe is his name or something or if it's something like I remember thinking it reminded me of like, like a rapper name like the notorious b dot ig or some it was like some guy. I think he actually may have been a rapper, a local rap. And he rescued him, because he felt bad for Hunter Biden. Some local rapper, He get some money to get a rental car hunter takes rental. Car is, of course, on drugs, while he's driving it and crashes. It hurts says: hey, I guess you know we have a deal were supposed to pick people up when they have accidents, so they bring a new car out to him, which he promptly, I believe crashes again, but certainly returns to Hertz. We this drugs left on the counter
Of the console he's got white powder in the Hertz car, along with his ideas, government identification still left in the car after he leaves the reason he got in the second accident accident because he believes he hallucinated an owl. I'm not making any of this up. Finally, he has he gets divorced and he goes immediately after the divorce, because there's press reports that he had problems with strip clubs. He said I've never been to a strip club and in many many years. But what does he do when he sees the reports? He goes immediately to a Strip club by his mission. This is not include any of the personal life sort of stuff that went on with this relationship. Where he was married, then he divorced. Then he started dating the widow of his brother. And then he met a south african woman in a married her, like a couple of months ago, from right now. That's this history, we're talking about this guy was trusted with these decisions by
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There was a simple question: the former vice president last night, you put out a statement Sunday that no one in your family, if you were elected, can be on any boards. If it's not ok with your president, why was it? Ok when you were vice president? He invaded that answer. Just as conspicuously to my mom, Fine Elizabeth Warren WAR debated the question about taxes for Medicare. For all If he thinks this question is going to go away, might be right, the primaries, maybe it Democrats are not going to harangue him on this. I know someone who will the president. I'd be better come up with an answer I mean Democrats have to be. Struggling with that right now. You have to come up with an answer and you want to talk about. You know I brushed over
whole situation where he is dating the widow of his brother who passed away from cancer and that went on for a while, and they broke up eventually now he's remarried to to somebody else. He knew for for a week it, but the that whole situation in the in the story. You know when this happened. There was an it everyone's like we'll catch was Joe Biden was a family thing about. This is going to be very weird and they released a very nice statement. We're happy that they're, together and and they're in making each other happy to very difficult situation. I guess what happened, though, was that was kind of the first time they heard about it. What it reported in the media didn't know what was going on. Imagine getting that call by the way, son A is dating the widow of Zombie, not a comfortable situation. I will say like looking at this. I do not respect Joe Biden as a so candidate. Daddy seems.
Very misled on on what to do with his kids, but he does seem to really love his family to an extent that is getting him in trouble and he's just one of the candidates. There's a heck of a lot more to talk about he's the moderate. Remember that
wait to hear what Bernie Sanders has just proposed and the cost of it. You are not going to believe it doesn't even sound like a real number. We get to that in a minute still in trouble in the clinic program I needed new blinds. I knew I could save a ton of money if I put them in myself, but I was nervous about measuring right and then installing them. That's why I went to blinds dot com. I heard there are ads on the radio either the number one online retailer of custom window coverings, but I still had to install them. So I called my design consultant Carla. She talked me through it all from picking the right blinds to installing them, plus the online design. Consultation was free, samples were free, shipping was free, Michael looks, perfect, Thanksgiving is coming up, and now is the perfect time to prepare your home for holiday guests with brand new blinds shades are plantation shutters from blinds dot com. It's easy with blinds dot, com and delivery is guaranteed by Thanksgiving, or your order is free, go to blinds dot com now through October, twenty
fourth for their buy, more save more sale and save up to thirty five percent plus get an extra twenty dollars off with promo code back rules and restrictions may apply Glenn Beck, an oasis of sanity in the postmodern wilderness join the conversation eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven back. It's still in for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program at world of still on the tweeters could be back. On Monday, we've been looking some of the democratic proposals? We have said the debate this week and there's a little bit of a competition going back and forth as to how how much government is
to grow? How many of these new policies are going to go to fact and how much it's going to cost us kind of thing going back with, as with Warren, who will not admit that she's raising taxes on middle class, which is so weird and awkward and strange she's red line or something that she doesn't want to give a commercial to Republicans and she's, so bad at avoiding and being evasive that just went up repeating self over and over again with that deer in headlights. Look that she gets- and this is the type of thing that Donald Trump is going to expose in a dramatic way in a debate if she actually becomes the nominee. But let's go we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Let's talk for a about Bernie Sanders and his proposals and Brian Riedl is with us he's a senior fellow at Manhattan Institute, and this is a guy who Brian, you know, you're, not some crazy person. Here, your person, you some partisan, conservative you're. Looking at these things in your saying what the costs to the extent
VOX, has printed your analysis on many of these policies, nice to yeah. I did when I decided to add up the costs of everything. Bernie Sanders was offering which, by the way, is different because every time you finish, he proposed something new. To the extent that it was possible, I relied on Bernie Zone number I relied on the congressional Budget Office. I relied on the existing information. I wasn't you know, so to do some right wing agenda cook the numbers I said for it all: the polls old ones. Let's first look for Bernie's that I'm in a party that is not available at look for the congressional Budget Office and only then, if there's no score, I will ballpark my own score for a proposed but then I'll walk the reader through how I calculated it so that they could they could put in their own score if they want- and it's very detailed, your break down here, we're gonna to weed out the article make sure everybody can read the full detail, but, let's
start from the bottom and we'll build to the actual total cost year, because it is it's almost to the point where you think it's a made up number we're almost there. Here we go starting with some public school teacher salaries. That's an easy low cost expense. How much is that going to cost us over the next decade I want to spend four hundred billion dollars over ten years. Ensuring that all public school teachers earn at least three thousand dollars a year from day one okay, all right, that's easy! I mean four hundred billion is almost nothing these days. How about more education spending? This is from k to twelve. That is one hundred billion dollars, just general expansions across the board did you make any any any any city as to what he's spending this on a lot of would be title one low income grants a lot of it would be special education.
A lot of it would be typical government special interest handouts for teachers who who implement policies the Bernie Sanders wife, okay. Now we know eventually we're going to get to infrastructure week that we know it's around the corner. At any time, burn he's got a nice big infrastructure we going on if he becomes president. How much does that cost us trillion dollars are now we're at two two trillion. This is nothing not a big deal at all. Okay, next up, nothing, it's only the cost of the republican tax cuts that were supposed to end the world. So yeah, I reckon that's right. They did it. Has the world ended yet I have not been keeping track. No, no, but remember we went to a trillion was more money than than than you could imagine two years ago with the text yeah. Now that's nothing! I have a theory. They said the tax cuts and net neutrality that were both good and the world cancel each other out. That's why we're still alive yeah. This is just a theory, though. Okay paid family leave
another big one popular proposal. People really seem to like it. How much does that cost one point six trillion dollars so now it's now at three point: eight trillion. If I'm keeping this scorecard correctly lane at the Bernie Sanders Housing proposal, because it's pretty freaking expensive, it's two five trillion dollars pretty bad. The two point: five two dollars come from dollars comes, but it themselves it's a way to basically Gary he low income housing for all. He doesn't really specify that much. How do it other than they would be huge grants to states to build, build more houses, any any guarantee housing for all paid for by you, the taxpayer, not I I know, but he's got a bunch of houses, but the two point: five trillion is actually coming from Bernie himself he's not paying out of his own pocket for, of course, is not helping
Alright, I wanna make sure 'cause I knew Bernie had some cash. I did not know. We had two point: five trillion. Alright. So now we're at four point. One five point: one point three trillion dollars. What's the it's a total, what would the total budget be for? For you know the United States over this period? Do we know what a bass over the next ten years, the federal government is going, spend sixty trillion okay, so we've already spent an additional seven so already up over ten percent, except we have the expansion of social security. Yes, social security. Going bankrupt and Sanders wants to put more money so that can go bankrupt faster, that's higher benefits are higher benefits at the bottom. Do redistribute even more money upward to wealthy seniors than the current system already. Does it cost so much? That is about one point: eight trillion yeah one twenty.
Believe. Okay, so at one point, eight trillion and we haven't started getting into the big stuff. Yet this is We are still at the bottom of this budget for burn and I wouldn't worry about eight trillion, which used to be an impossible amount of money. And now it's a rounding error mean okay, so now Bernie wants to make sure that people a living wage. This is a big problem for Bernie. He wants to make people are making fifteen dollars. What's that cation or to risk about college education? Okay, sorry, college free. What if we his? We was free agent. I did skip that. One free education looks like trillion dollars to pay off every buddy student loan in America and guarantee that every public colleges free moving forward. Of course, the private colleges would not be free and they would be completely
hammered by this policy, because everyone would just stampede to the free public colleges right. The private schools would be decimated that's about three trillion three, so I I just skip three trillion dollars. Please forgive me, but it was just a now. I didn't see it sitting over there there's a big pile. I didn't realize what it was an extra three trillion over in the corner, we're now two hundred and eleven point one trillion dollars now and I will say two of one minor thing with this free college thing that I I don't hear tossed around that often the value of college to an individual goes down when everyone's going right, like you're, not you're, no longer separating yourself for high level jobs. If every single person is going for free, then it comes back to a merit based system which we were supposed to have anyway, but you just wasted multiple trillions of dollars. Figuring it all out.
Standard K. Twelve, the standard case. Sixteen and an academic standards are going to be lower in Oregon. Schools are going to want all these new people flunking out, especially with the at little cost them their government money. So yeah I mean there's going to lower, They entered, have our standard k through sixteen, and you have to find different ways to signal to employ but that you know what you're doing right now get to the fifteen dollars an hour. Full benefits everybody out there. Annette. I've heard that this may cause up to something like fifty percent of all to be employed by the government, which would be an interesting a proposal. How much does this cost, though it has to be massive, is one where I had to walk the reader through my own estimate, because nobody has really costed it out by my estimate guaranteeing everybody who wants one a fifteen dollars an hour job plus full benefits would cost thirty trillion dollars over the decade. Probably an underestimate
That's a lot of money. How? Why is it an under estimate, because number numbers that we used are based on a fifty six thousand dollars per person, cost that at a liberal thing came up with? That? Would based only paying eleven dollars and eighty three cents per hour? Thirty wants to pay fifteen. We also assume only how big your you're, not just getting to be unemployed, join this program right, you're gonna get everybody who is currently making less fifteen dollars an hour is going to walk in yep. I only assume half of the people. Who would get a actually quit their job and go into wow. Do I account for recession or anything like that where you're going to get even higher enrollment, so I mean you could actually it could be double the three trillion everybody We would actually get a raise from this and would take advantage of the fact that you can't be fight. This is a new job that you can
be fired from the matter. How lazy you are and that you get fifteen dollars an hour if everybody who is a higher res joined, would actually be about sixty trillion dollars. So it's hard to put down the side, an extra thirty trillion that may in class, because everything and I'm you brought that up because it shows how detailed you are here. This is not your trying to inflate these numbers, you're actually undercutting them by a lot and I will say the quality of work you're, getting the person that you're paying fifteen dollars an hour for that cannot be fired, no matter how bad they are at the job. It's not going to be quality of work and think of me the economy in terms of productivity, we're gonna, have people quit their private sector jobs to move into government, make work, jobs that were created just to keep them busy in that they can't be fired from and we're going to put by my estimate about forty five million workers into these make work community service jobs. Think about that's going to do to
productivity. This economy mean you're, gonna have you're, gonna, have an immediate recession, or at least some credit to forty one point two trillion. At least how we have the biggest challenge that we fight as a as a planet, mobile warming, climate change. Obviously, Bernie got a bunch of cash at that. How much is it going for he has promised sixteen point three trillion dollars over ten years to save the planet. Channeling the green new deal in Congress. I mean what is admitting to. We all know that he's going to spend more than everything he's admitting to, because every government, official Republican and Democrat does that. So, up to now, fifty seven point: five trillion dollars. How much is the entire budget projected to be the next ten years? Again, Brian six sixty trillion so basically, now doubling the entire budget and you may notice. I have not mentioned one more thing, which is
Medicare for all Medicare, for all: it's not Medicare for all who want it. It's not a public option. It's a private insurance and giving free care to every single person quote unquote: free health care. Every the person over a ten year period, what's the cost of that, if you even ask Bernie Sanders? He now concedes up to forty trillion dollars over ten years for a trillion dollars over ten years yeah. So now we are at you want to give the the big final number here cost of the Sanders agenda using most his own numbers is ninety seven point: five trillion dollars over ten years. We are about to how to cross the one hundred trillion dollar barrier for just new proposals. Remember this is the excess of the sixty trillion were already planning on spending which always underestimated we're going to take trillion. Add on another ninety seven point: five trillion plus,
I would argue your number to the high side is going to be more accurate with the jobs we had a another thirty trillion dollars. One hundred and two twenty a trillion dollars. One hundred and twenty seven trillion dollars Brian, how long until we have to teach America what the word quadrillion means, what we know, we're heading that direction, there's an old joke that you know, but but by the time we get to the Iowa caucuses, Bernie is going to be spending a hundred percent of GDP at the rate he's going, I'm sure he'll pothole top one hundred trillion soon. Every time I would finish this, some article Bernie would propose something new and I would have to redo my numbers, Brian Riedl, from the Manhattan Institute, we're in a tweet this whole article out. You can see all the details. It is absolutely fascinating to go through this way I mean I wish we had more time with you, because we eat going through the numbers and comparing it to other countries. He says: he's a european socialist he's far exceeding anything, that's happening in your as far as spending goes read about this in Brian riddles, great article he's
Brian underscore riedl, on Twitter, Brian think you're gonna program thanks a back. You tired of having pillow fights with your spouse, and I don't mean that kind of pillow fight like we used to with our kids. I mean the fight on who gets the nicer billow. Usually the nicer pillow is the one is still has any fluff to it at all. It has been turned into a sheet of paper you're, my house, that's the my pillow. It is the one that never loses its fluff right. Now you can get discounts on all my pillow products if you go to mypillow dot com right now and click on the new radio listener, specials you going to see some amazing offers, including their bogo offer by one
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Then you got to add on the sixty trillion. We're already spending plus another thirty trillion in non federal sources. Being the spending for the next ten years to two hundred and fourteen trillion dollars, it's more than seventy percent of entire gdp of this country. Now in Europe, Finland is the highest spending at fifty seven percent, so we'd be way past any country in Europe. The average is only forty three percent, so we're almost double Europe We're also talking about a one hundred and thirteen trillion dollar budget deficit. At least that doesn't include some of the additional costs and tax proposals, give you less than twenty percent of that including massive tax hikes, but you have wasted tip the gap, and there are ways to do it. The New Jersey division of taxation is help us out with this one, and this is something you need to know. Halloween season.
This is true, I'm not they actually tweeted. This. Pumpkins used for decoration our subs to sales tax pumpkin used food is not. So if you go buy a pumpkin and you say I'm going to eat this pumpkin you get to skip sales tax. But if you say I'm going to use this pumpkin as a jack O' lantern. Then you are going to have to pay the sales tax and I think the way to bridge the ninety seven point: five trillion dollar gaff we have is sure even the food pumpkins are taxed. If we just do that, that will raise one hundred trillion dollars by my Bernie Sanders estimates and everything will be fine. A lot of people be buying pumpkins
everything will be fine. I promise it's still in for gland at the government program, whose Addy is that a lady Gaga concert you're listening to the land back. Before we get to the podcast, I want to talk to you. Two million burglaries that are reported every year and, what's crazy, is that only one in five homes have security. I mean burglaries are happening all the time and I the reason why people don't have the security system in their home is because the security company sock all kinds. You you've got people coming into your house, they're, going to drill holes in your wall. It hello, mister, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two that's why simply safe is just tearing this business apart. It is
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twenty four seven monitoring and video evidence of somebody's trying to get into your house so get your free, hd security, camera at simply safe dot com, slash gland that simply save dot com, slash bland! You know you're a lady Gaga leave it like it, actually very talented musician. You know like class, fully trained and can play a million instruments and can sing and and all these things and apparently active, I did not see the movie she's, a good Chris as well. Are you allowed to call people actresses anymore as an act or everyone to act or now, but the fact that Glenn is going to LAS Vegas to see just cracks me up. This is a real thing. I'm hoping he go to men to posting things and social media about it? Going on and saying, like? Okay, your post, like some updates viewpoint on survive. So I just wanna see him like dancing to lady Gaga and then it's point. Lady Gaga's got a look down and, like you got like front row tickets you bought
Charity auctions. We spent like ridiculous amount of money to go, see. Lady Gaga at some point, Eddie Gaga is going to look down on that front row and just Glenn Glenn Beck's face looking up sing along all the words, but he was born this way. That's going to be some camera catches. Please. I asked you. I am asking for one simple thing here: let some camera catch that moment it's a steward for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program back with more in a second, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program you know sometimes like
gets in the way of what's actually happening. I believe it was the philosopher, Ferris Bueller, who said life moves pretty fast, if don't and look around once in a while. You could miss it. It's true. You know what Ferris said and it is one of those things that I think affects all of us. We get in the middle of these huge new stories, these huge new cycles and we sometimes miss massive things. Things to be all either celebrating or or be horrified by that define an era things that people, back on later on and hey remember when that happened. You know the just the most massive events at the time. Don't always seem so massive. You know when something that depend on collapses in horror. You know it
in the middle of a new cycle like this, you can lose something, and I think when things happen. We need to focus on a little bit and understand the historical context I mean you can think about. Like you know, now look back at New coke collapsing They bring in new coke, oh my gosh, the horror show then Classic Coke comes back. They find call start calling coke to for some reason, which is a really weird moment, and then they get rid of it crystal. She comes out right. It's this big thing, millions of dollars of advertising, and then it's just gone one day. Tens of thousands of employees of Bennigan's went to work, serve people, Monte, Cristo sandwiches and the doors were locked and the he had gone bankrupt and basically every bennigan's closed. I, Lee from one day to the next just gone? Now, you might think not bet might not be that big historically
but it is responsible for much of my weight gain from back. In those days. The Monte Cristo was devastating sandwich. I mean you got ham, Turkey two types of cheese. The three he's is a bread, so you get a kind of big MAC Setup and then all of that you're take in and you're going to dip it in batter then you're going to pop that puppy into the deep fryer to come out of the deep fryer you gonna sprinkle, the top of it with powdered sugar. And then they're going to give you on the side, because that's not enough they're going to give you on the side a little bit of raspberry jam, the dunk that thing in And that was like a look month of constant Thanksgiving's in one meal. So how that place closed in America, which move it was a really crappy businessman. I ever growing up- and I lived a very difficult life difficult in suburban Connecticut, and I remember, though, the one place of
paradise down the highway, which I, Paradise, you know now through it's just EAST Haven Connecticut, but in EAST Haven Connecticut. They had right next to each other toys r us end up. It's called child world now competing toy stores right next to each other, toys, r, us in child world and child world was this really cool, toy store, and had like a panda as its as its mascot I assume, with a name like child's world. The ceo is probably like Jeffrey Epstein. I don't know who it was: and it's a straight thing, but it was, toys, r, us and one day it wasn't one day. I was just toys, r, us and child world, had closed the devastating moment of my childhood, and then I passed that Deb Mission of capitalism to my son and daughter this past year, when Every toys. R us closed was brutal historic.
And that's the way we need to look at the altar spectacular collapse. Beto O'Rourke! I want to pay think how significant this is. This is not something you look back and who's that guy. This is cataclysmic destruction of one's own career in front of our very eyes. We've all that able to witness it to soak it in over the last year, and I could tell you it's particularly tasty in Texas. Oh, it's delicious here in Texas, it's Ma Cristo at Bennigan's, Delicious here in Texas,. Beto O'Rourke this candidate, that don't, can you even remember the time he surrounded by car stint fawning media coverage? This was the golden child. This is the guy who
the cover. What was at Vanity Fair said. I the chosen one I was I was. I was born for this. About himself that Robert Francis O'Rourke, that Bob Frank O'Rourke, is now. Has now just dropped to the levels where it's almost impossible to be embarrassed further, he launched into this campaign. People don't remember this in second place behind Biden who wasn't in the race yet he was right there, fifty percent him and and Sanders were right there at the top. And now he might not even make the next debate but don't he's going to unless things change dramatically, he's not been able do that so far, he's shown no ability to be able, changes own fortunes. There are was a company that
said they invented this blood testing, this blood test that could detect all these dozens of diseases. At the same time, in one drop of blood, it was massive development, a medical technology, huge people stay and even General Mattis was on the board of this company. It was huge everybody believe they had this technology, to nine billion dollar corporation, and then everyone said all wait a minute. Can we see the technology in action? because you haven't really showed us that it works yet, and whistleblowers inside the company said yeah. This doesn't actually work, we're just setting the test out to another company but Why is there now bankrupt and there's charges all over the place? They never even had the ability to do these tests, a nine billion dollar company down. I don't even think that approaches what is happened with this better work campaign. This guy is flailing about so pathetically right now and for some reason he continues to campaign.
Why does he do this to himself? Why does he do this to his family? Why does he do this to America. It's almost impossible. To understand. It's almost as possible to understand as to why his name is Beto and not just Robert we go. To some of the specifics and and the way he's handling this other historic, I had call is attack on his ability to win this campaign. His camp is, I mean, is toast. Toast host continues to try and with every increasing percent of desperation, becomes more and more entertaining it's do in for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program back with more than sixty.
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an adult male say. Fifty five years old ish going to a lady Gaga concert in the middle of a big news cycle. It could be something that we say is more embarrassing than the collapse of Beto O'Rourke, not saying, and that did that or is and that right now that's where he is, but will be back Monday. And these let him know you knew where he was. The better was done something in excess of just destroying his career and his pathetic campaign, and that's what makes better so special. Robert Francis of Rourke also has started to jam in a serious way the Democrat Party and their chances to get rid of trump. Now you might say: well how could he do that other than winning and then being an easy a pony?
Trump- and that is of course, the best way he could do it 'cause, I don't. I don't think you have any chance. This is a guy who's running on campaign based on his electability and the only anyone knows him for his losing to TED Cruz, I don't know if you remember, lost to Donald Trump, so this is not a good argument for better. However, I will say this: he is doing the Republican Party massive favors right now, because in his flailing, in his desperation, in his moment of jobs, king for his msnbc gig, he started to admit all the things that the Democrats want to do. And this is something the Democrats are very careful to avoid Bernie Sanders. Sometimes does it four Warren sometimes does it but, better is going into weird territory, put territory you're not supposed to touch if you're a Democrat,
for example, removing the tax deduction from churches if they don't his words, support gay marriage now how you would implement a policy like that is is beyond me. We mean that if support it, what does that mean? You know I mean that is it. Is it something where they had to give money? Is it something it would have they had volunteers what if they have people that go to the church? You don't like it. What, if the Stir says it's wrong and he says something and tries to put the Bible and make that case. All of those people now can't get their tax deduction, but people support your interpretation of faith, your interpretation of. What's right, those people will not have to pay taxes. That is absolutely not how entry works. It's not how its tuition works is not how the first amendment works. It's not how anything worked is that none of this works that way. No one thinks it works. That way. Better knows it doesn't work that way.
He's saying it to try to win over the left wing activists he's taking he's sticking out that ridiculously left wing position. The problem is, of course, everybody on stage, possibly a couple of exceptions, almost everybody on stage, but is the same thing. They all want no tax deduction for those churches too, but they didn't want to tell you that they wanted target you, like Obama, targeted chick fil, a like Obama, targeted the the catholic hospitals that do more to get abortions. They want to come up with reasonable way. They didn't want to tell you it was about support or non support of gay marriage. If you want to tell you is because you're pro life, figure out a way. No, no! No! It's about women's health care. It's about acts, yes to medication, the he's diffusing all of their b arguments, and it's not just us as people who
about the constitution that are upset about this. It is the other side. It's Democrats that are saying whoa whoa whoa better, so we know you're desperate but don't screw us up screw us over. We know plane is going to crash, don't don't don't crash into our campaign locations. You know when you're flying your plane and you realize it's going down, you aim for an empty field. You don't aim for the city and A work seems to be doing. Then there's the gun, confiscation plan. Where he's going to a right, when you were to get your a r fifteens. This is something where what do you get out of this? A tee shirt? Hello? but a fundraising. He was very, very sure of himself, but this is a great gig. Did he The boost in the polls and no. Because anyone who's smart enough to actually standing wish? English is not going to believe it's a constitutional plan. It absolutely is not, but
you're also once again admitting the thing that Democrats don't want you to admit even the New York Times talking about this had to admit that this was a policy. Yeah. Only very recently the debt, Kratz. Would blame on NRA fear mongering oh no ones. Coming after your guns. Do we have that montage by any chance? This is, from the other day, no ones coming your guns, no big deal a big deal at all, no one's coming after because that's that's republican fear mongering. You don't have to worry about that. They used hey this all the time I was going to come and take my gun, no one's going to take anyone's gonna. Are you suggesting that the notion that we are creating a plot.
To take everybody's guns away so that we can and not every martial law, there's really not a conspiracy? Yes, that is a conspiracy. They want to create the fear that the government is actually going to come after guns, because that helps sell more guns and as across the country. If this is why the NRA puts a videos, the try to scare Americans, they go to emotions, they go to fear. You know people want to take away your guns. Nobody wants to take away people's guns, as there is no ban on guns, no ones banning to God, no ones taking my shotguns. So a lot of conservative ceo these lives. They want to get rid of all the guns. Please please do not you know some of you, you watch watching certain television stations or listening to certain radio programs. Please do not believe this notion that somehow I'm out to take everybody's guns away, and I'm not here to repeal the second amendment, I'm not here to take away. You're gone now. If you own an or fifteen keep it continue to use it
yes, we're going to take your Ar15 or fifteen were not going forty allow it to be. This is amazing. It's been over Rk. You heard the last when there's a bunch more click here, but we don't tend to get all of them, but that's better. At the end you hear him say: I've got a or fifteen issues responsibly hell, yes, we're taking your air fifteen, this man is insane. This is what separates him from all the other failures here, he's a guy actually had a chance. He had is fifty he had his going media and he's collapse and he's now not only collapsing himself selfies collapsing. The Democrats as a whole. That's what separates him from Bennigan's and in toys r us There are those all of these things this guy is more like Enron? this is a guide when you get one of the biggest companies in the world, and now Is collapsing in not only collapsing he's taking down the economy with him. This is how bad this is. Beto O'Rourke did
failure period. I don't know if he wants to use it for his new campaign slogan, but he can it's there if he wants it back in sixty seconds. Bunch of burglars had been caught. They were asked. Why are you doing this? What made you pick these homes? You know what some of them said that they had a right to the nice things in these unprotected homes, that the unprotected homes were basically an invitation, protect yourself with Simplisafe home security with Simplisafe train professor, It will be watching over your home, twenty four slash, seven. So if a burglar, so much is tries to break in a deafening siren will, let him know yeah. This is my stuff, and these are already on the way, plus simply safe award, protection is still just one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month and just for you, the save has a massive deal going on right now, if you go to simply back dot com, you'll get
free home security camera. When you order that's one hundred dollars value it'll have it's on your home, twenty four slash, seven and video evidence of somebody tries to get in get your free, The camera now at simply back dot com that simply back dot com so we're finishing up with. Working is amazing. I want to talk quickly about this whole interaction with Bill O'Reilly we touched on this yesterday when Bill was on the show. Fascinating how these campaigns lie, I mean it's fascinating, what they they can get away with over comes out and he says: he's he's talked to someone that you for jobs and she's living in her car, and she is a
she is taking care of her a special needs child. You know the typical petitions and the story of really sad story, and this is why my policies- only I can solve it right. They all made fun of Trump for saying that, and then they basically do it anyway, all early call them out on Twitter and said the bed. Oh says he met a woman working four jobs, an raising a special needs child. I don't believe him sorry now, of course, in his desperation. This is where he is wants to make a big. We love it on the twitters and gets look. I will say fifty five thousand retweets that I saw at least this was, if you read any story about this particular interaction. The word dunk will in it it'll be better over dunks on Bill O'Reilly. This is what is on to us the two, the two tweet. This is her her name Gina her his name is summer, the problem, our economy. She has to live in her car while it just
is tv host, like you makes millions. Of course battle is worse millions of dollars. He already makes a lot of money. His wife dad is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, at least tens of millions guys set for life and he's course, your bills money because bills, this evil, rich guy. But beyond that the They actually, what I think was CVS actually looked into this and they said hey. You know, of course, yeah bill is that it is a terrible person and he loses this interaction because that's how everybody reported it, but if she is real and hear her jobs, and they listed not four but five job. So, first of all, I think Bill O'Reilly already won the attraction he said he didn't believe her that for jobs and she had five so there he wins. But beyond that, what are the five jobs? Our jobs are as follows: one. She cleans her friend's house once a week now. Look
house cleaning is a legitimate job, she's cleaning, one home and that's a legitimate thing, but it's not full time jobs that you think of someone working one hundred and twenty hours or one hundred and forty hours, because you're working for jobs right number, two, she what, for one hour a day takes care of her daughter, that's parenting I mean, I assume she probably takes care of her daughter, the other hours of the day too, but she apparently only gets paid for one hour of the day. Because of some benefit program she gets paid for that care, which might be great. I don't know if you can count it as a job, then other three jobs, are door dash and two other door dash similar grams like out on Grubhub an over reach. Let's say you, count. That is three separate jobs. They're the same job, okay If you go, are you taking over? You almost definitely will have the person with an uber and Lyft at the same time, they're not working two jobs at the same time
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the five hundred right now net sweet is offering you valuable insights with a free guide, seven key strategies to grow your profits at next. We dot com, slash back. That's next week, dot com, slash back to download your free guide, seven key strategies to grow your profits, net, sweet dot, com, slash back soon, Listen is a disease. We've got the cure so for the daily dose of Glen and Glenda dot com for whatever podcaster. For it's due in for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program. He is in LAS Vegas at a lady Gaga concert. Normally I make up things to say for where he is when he's out. I didn't have
this time because he's in LAS Vegas at a lady Gaga concert if you happen to at the same lady Gaga concert. That Glenn is that I asked you to attention to the concert instead turn your phone to Glen employ its record every he does. Why? Because I really want to have on tape the moment where Glenn is staring deeply into lady Gaga's eyes, as he sings along the he also was born this way I just want that moment. I think it would be worth everything that's happening in the country, all the strife around the world if we could just have video Glen singing along to this way at this concert, I think I think it makes it all worth worth it. We have so much stuff and we're going to gonna get today we're going to miss out on the raid yoga class, where cursing alcohol combines with yoga, but I have time for that. The person who sued Taco Bell
over two dollars and eighteen cents over charge for Chalupa boxes, and I will say- we can throw this one out of court right away. You can't overcharge for Chalupas Lupus, not possible, they're too good, something that or we have the Uk Reality show where meet in families. This is unbelief. Well, actually it's called me to meet the family M E, the family, and it is a show where contestants who eat meat get pets. Lamb chicken, if you see where this is going pig and they to hang out with their pet, they adopted like a pet live with for three weeks and then either have to go vegetarian, their entire rest of their life or eat their pet. I mean I thought the United States had innovations and look over the. U K's doing here, they're beating us, but let's continue with our
lying politician theme. We covered bed last hour and his in monumental collapse, but I don't want to let this one slide past us recognizing that it occurred. Elizabeth Ward had a great run in her campaign. She's gone from absolutely no. Where up to leading the pack now you'd probably say I mean I would say, she's co front runner with with Joe Biden. I would you know. Polls are consistent, inconsistent who's ahead, but the momentum, if you want to say she's the front runner, I'm fine with that. But I would say front runners is probably the right thing to say and the reason she was at zero percent back in the day or two percent was because of her disastrous handling over her dna scandal. So, every once in awhile people remember that this occurred and you know is really going to remember that it occurred I don't necessarily want you to think about this Democrats, because I don't want to warn you but Donald Trump's, not gonna. Forget it. I he's forgetting it Donald Trump going to make it a very big issue.
So what to do, I will is a myth, war and try to do. I think, the one year anniversary of this month. I think she cited to delete the video and try to hide it from everyone. Sat only for her, the that is forever it was. It was sat Lee for her. It was, it was capped and we have it sorry Lizzie. We have it. Here is here's a nice clip to just remind you who this person is. Is that they're about to nominate for one of the two major parties? Here's a list of of war and talking about herself she's calling a doctor hi. This is Elizabeth. Warren is Doctor Bustamante. I there is something about Elizabeth Warren that I absolutely love and it's her fake, acting like she's, so inauthentic whole. I guess I'll have me a beer. Remember that thing she does that.
All the time you have to watch her campaign interactions. She's always I think she's decided it's very specific campaign tactic. Is we decided one of the reasons Hillary lost is in criticism that was given to JEB Bush low energy? You know she was she's, an older lady and she came off as low energy. So like Basically, Elizabeth Warren is single. Well, I'm also an older woman, I'm also kind of a big liberal I'll, I'm also like kind of robotic and not a great candidate, Do the opposite there and show like down Bang energy drinks before campaign. Stop so runs I mean literally not physically, I'm not. This is an analogy. Physically runs on stage to every event, to show that she can run to show that she's not. No falling over to show it like
Trying to shore self is more spry than Hillary Clinton and she thinks and that's campaign issues. It's not. So here is now Elizabeth Warren. Listen to the fake Hawaii is doctor boost Amante. Who is Elizabeth Warren? Listen to this again, I'm sorry, This is Elizabeth. Warren is Doctor Bustamonte in please sign up again. I just walk you through what you're seeing visually here in this video. For cameras in both locations, doctor booth, Demonte knows who's. Calling right. It's no surprise that there's an Elizabeth Warren Campaign, the camera behind you. And on the phone shockingly is Elizabeth Warren. And somehow they have great audio of not only the phone call, but also in the room. Dr Bustamante talking
Dr Bustamante has some interesting information about this warrants history. As a native American and your about to hear all the exciting details. Let's listen. I am Karl wisdom on teh and advise companies in the direct to consumer space, including ancestry, dot com, twenty three me and he'll. Never can this under genome. We did find five segments of native american ancestry. Okay, very high confidence, every go where we believe the error rate is less than one house. Okay, let's stop! Now. What do we know about the story? Now? We know that Elizabeth Warren one one thousand twenty native American, but the way they phrase it there when they're trying to sell it to you. They raise it there as hey she had five segments of get in their five segments. What five segments means? No one that means.
Because they had admitted yet that was one one thousand twenty. This is for they've admitted this so they're trying to actually sell you as if this is a real thing, still listen. Now the president likes to call my mom a liar, the fax say a chest that you absolutely have a native american ancestor in your pedigree, if your pet, no way their wages, she a cat. What is this all right? We come from Oklahoma when we were born. They said these are their parents. These are your grandparents. These are your aunts and uncles. Their word was always there bonds over posterized
and not enrolled in a tribe and only tribes determine tribal citizenship. I understand and respect that distinction, but my family history is my family history. Your is who Pocahontas this isn't just about casual racism, war, hoops and tomahawk chops native communities have faced discrimination, neglect and violence for generations, and try can say whatever he wants about me, marking native Americans or any group in
try to get me. That's not what America stands for. Some people have questioned Myheritage in my family history. Maybe they do it to insult me? Maybe they do it to distract from the kinds of changes on fighting for in the kind of change. I'm trying to bring to Washington maybe they do it because they think politics is a blood. Sport has lousy, but my parents were real people, the love they shared the struggles they interact with family, they built story. They will always be etched on my water problem and no one, no one, not even the President of United States will ever take it away from me. He won't take it away from you, but when we delete it from Twitter, you might not know about it. If because you kind of took it away from us, luckily we happen to still have it. I'm easing. Let me give you a couple more things here that we're talking about is that some
it's right. There, that's deep science. I hope you know that one one thousand twenty native American, we should point out by the way Glenn Beck was what would tend. Is it wasn't like of a percent or something so I mean we're You want to talk about a native American, a real native American. Only real native Americans go to see lady Gaga, which, by the way, indian name not a lot of people, know that This is Alexandria, Alexandria, the Cortez, giving us other lesson in science. Listen, how I speak to you not as an elected official or public figure, but I speak. As a human being, a woman who's dreams of motherhood, now tastes bitter sweet. What I know about our children's future, all my gosh and then our actions are responsible for bringing their most dire possibilities into focus. Okay, so this is, you could stop. This is Alexander because you Cortez saying she's afraid to be a mother because of global warming. Can you imagine living a life where you think I'm
not be a mom or a dad because of a point nine degree rise in in over the course of a century. They talk about people in the right in fear, mongers, I'm, I think you're, seeing where the fear real fear, mongers are and but yeah. I agree. She should really think about the motherhood thing and perhaps reconsider you know doing it. Because it's not about global warming, which she should definitely reconsider it by the way Glenn Beck is Eighteen times more native American than it was before. That's a that's that that's the state. You need to know Jane Fonda's, getting arrested today, she's going to do every Friday to protest, the climate, and that is interesting because I mean the stand thing you'd say about has been celebrities. They can't get arrested so run a test that one with Jane Fonda today, I'm in sit in that one.
Also, you have Al Sharpton he's canceled his both sides vaccine event, Trusting because they usually try to apply this to the right, and you know we can go into all the details, this thing, but what they highlight is Robert F Kennedy Junior. They call in notorious anti vaccine proponent. And this was he was going to be at the conference along with Curtis Cost, the president of the National Action Network Scholars Committee who, in nineteen ninety eight posted another event in Harlem answered by Sharpton, providing a both sides approach calling into question whether AIDS was caused by HIV, which this thing called. Is it known as AIDS Denialism, which is pretty much gone fun. Fact, though, once believed by the foo fighters, people remember that I don't know why they would but sharp still doing this now and Rob Kennedy. Junior is due here as a anti vaccine proponent and look I you know, I'm been clear. The site the science to me is very clear on the vaccine thing, but
also a big global warming proponent, that yells at us about consensus all the time we Adam on our show at CNN Headline NEWS where he yelled at Glen all the time it is very gravelly voice. Media just doesn't cover things the right way. Let me be one more thing: before we go to break: you are a parent terrified ten year old is going to commit suicide because you're seeing reports all over the news, and we give you a little bit of a a reason to to to feel a more relaxed. This weekend, stat came out from the federal government that showed age ten to fourteen the suicide rate, nearly tripled between two thousand seven and two thousand seventeen, seventeen. I I mean look if this is have to anybody's family. It is the most horrible thing and any creek increase should be closely monitored. Absolutely it's a terrifying thing, but to put it in for a little nearly tripled in this context, also, since the suicide rate for children, ten to fourteen
increased from zero point, one percent two zero point: two percent: there is not a reason to freak out. They also measured it over the the historical low instead couple years earlier, where it was higher. Bottom line was the media is doing the of the exact way you'd think they do it terribly. It's still in for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program, probably his voice warmed up for Lady Gaga born this way send a video. If you see it we'll be back in a second.
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order is free, go to blinds dot com now, through October 24th for their buy more save more sale and save up to thirty five percent plus get an extra twenty dollars off with promo code back rules and restrictions may apply. You know for all the craziness, that's going on this week. There have been some positive things, my anniversary today, by the way so happy anniversary to my lovely wife, that's a positive. The Yankees are down three one and I think we could all unite and say we want the Yankees to lose. Please edit, this out stations in New York and on top that it's the it's the week. That's something
Martin finally happened. The Winston Churchill was saying for years and years and years, hey you guys, Hitler's pretty bad. And finally, the world came to the conclusion that, yes, it was pretty bad that happened this week for me with Lebron James. All I have been saying Lebron. James is basically Hitler for how long and no let's come along with me and then finally, we can all unite and realize how awful Brian James truly is. Sherry builds kids, no schools and stuff, but let's just ignore that for the moment that we can you're listening, take the land back.
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