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The Pandemic of Fear | Guests: Rep. Rodney Davis & Darren Beattie | 1/6/22

2022-01-06 | 🔗

Glenn discusses the never-ending fearmongering from the Left. A year after the Capitol riot, Glenn reminds us who Americans truly are. The New York Times released a hit piece on Glenn, so Glenn sets the record straight. Glenn takes calls from listeners discussing President Trump. Former Duke professor Darren Beattie joins to discuss the infamous Ray Epps and his involvement with January 6 and the FBI. Stu shares some of Glenn’s commentary on the days leading up to January 6, which paints a different picture from what the New York Times wants you to believe. Rep. Rodney Davis joins Glenn to discuss the Democrats blocking access to January 6 records. Stu reviews Glenn Beck’s interview with Donald Trump.

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welcome to the club programme. Yesterday I was diagnosed with having covered, so I am broadcasting from home. My man gave today because its January six- and there is just too much to talk about on January six- the record really needs to be said straight and give you missed last night's interview with Donald Trump. I think it was one of the better interviews he's done and you will feel very optimistic. I wanted to point out. A couple of things came out in the interview that maybe you missed we'll do that coming up, and I want to hear from you about the Trump interview. If you watch did last night, the number is aided, eight. Seventy seven be easy gay, but we art with January six in sixty, so
you know we're just listen into Chad, Prater Blaze, tv he's. He does a show on blaze, deviant, pod, guess, he's very, very funny. but he also did reed, monologue things we were supposed to die of. The fear mongering that has gone on for a long time. In fact, here we play that real quick use, Jed Prater, listen, they have us under the tyrannical funds. Look at all the crap. They peddling. It did for years now on just health technique, all the all. The things I've used scares in two thousand want UK was gonna, destroy Civilization in two thousand and one we were all going to die from anthrax in two thousand and two West Nile virus is going to kill us all in two thousand and three Sars was going to wipe us out two thousand and five is the bird flu. We were worrying about in two thousand and six oh, I was never gonna get us in two thousand eight. None of us we're gonna survive the market collapsing thousand nine it'll swine flu that was gonna, kill us in two thousand twelve the mind Cowan
ran out- remember that the end was at hand two thousand thirteen north, It was gonna start where war three and two thousand fourteen now None of us we're going to survive the outbreak of the bowl it two thousand fifteen Donald Trump was gonna, get us into a war with the entire world in two thousand. Sixteen of the zeal of Irish didn't kill us than ISIS would in two thousand eighteen, its climate change. That was shooting a stamp it. Twenty twenty two, present day. Of course, you know it was the novel corona virus and all of its subsequent variants that had our number. The only thing that has remained the same through all of this is fear so What are we doing to work against fear, are we doing to stand together. I want to tell you about our sponsor its Patriot mobile patriot. Mobile is a company that may, the prize you in a very, very good way when you call in just say I want to. I want for cell service, I want this many lines, etc, etc, and you look at the cost that they charge and the costs that Europe
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bunny that shares your values, its patriot, mobile dot, com, slash back nine seven to patriots. Are I squeeze away? I sound today been diagnosed with covered, which is much less than it was the first time I had covered before there was a vaccine. And I'll get into this here in a minute. I think it's important that you understand, what's what's really going on with Covin and it looks like I think we're end up being the ones that were right this time, but we'll get in that little later on the programme, it is January. Sixth, and I really wanted to start with. You know letting. Letting America no. Who we are,
I mean you, you know who we are, I mean letting people know in the media and the left now agency, who left Democrats Democrats because I don't think, there's a ton of Democrats right now. That are tired of all this stuff. There, not leftist marxist they're, not, and I feel like their trade. and they don't know what to do, because they don't necessarily trust our side, but they don't us their side, and so we have to lead by example, I want a shock our detractors today, CNN pretty today will be about division, and President Biden in the left will deliver solemn remarks while former press- drop the right gonna spin justifications for the actions of January sixth. Now, Gonna. Do that there is no justification for January Sixth, and it was wrong period. Nuff said like
every major conservative voice. I have and continue to openly and clearly condemn what happened on January. Six at the heart of the conservative movement. We honor institutions, I believe, in resorting to violence, we were the victims we were the ones tat, to stand up and say please stop the riots on the street, during the summer. We don't believe employing chaos to achieve our goals. That's not it! We are. We treat each other peacefully and decently, most Country is not like the coast. It's not like allay it's not like Portland and it's it's not like New York or Boston or fill it l it's really more alike Florida or it is kind of a police state and everyone, kind of gets along. You know every
I gave you know I don't care You voted for Don't tell me what to do, and I will tell you what to do. We believe entreating each other decently, and any outlet, trying to paint a different picture of us or you is death barely clinging to a division. That just doesn't exist today, is a really important day as a reminder. Look happens, when somebody loses control, look what happened when somebody raises up rises up in violence, the left has been begging. For to do it and I think they're well we'll get into that here and a second, but they need us, to be violent. They want us to be hateful and when were not there standing above collapses. Well, let it elapse, let it because, because those those that say we are violent,
they don't understand us, they don't know us not who we are to anyone who wants drowning in division. No, I won't be a part of it. Bernie anybody who wants the anniversary January six to be reminder of, low we went we say January. Six will be the day, but go high it'll be the day that we promote peace, understanding civility and our constitutional rights. for anybody who works to stoke our anger to turn us against one another like January worries six b, a reminder: they failed and they always fail anger and hate and division or fickle motivators. Peace is eternal, peace always wins. You want to angry glad
I'm not going about you, you wanna divided well, that's fine. I'm going to love my neighbour anyway, you wanted to condone violence and chaos. Now we won't and will be clear So today we should look at January. Six is a marker in time. Do now who's this as a day to unite, because on and you are a six last year I nine point: nine percent of the country agreed it's exactly what exactly happen. Would, with a we first saw the police officer put his knee on the neck. We're all like that's wrong, that's wrong, but they use to divide us anyway and to wipe up that half of Amerika agree with the police officer, know that that wasn't true,
at the same thing, with January Sixth, do something. Nice today do thing for a neighbour Give your server and extra big Tipp today smile at the stranger that you pass, because that's who we really are about. That's who we are. Define today and will defined it with kindness. and love and just being an American. That's the important thing today but it's also important to set the record straight. just because you love somebody doesn't mean that you to point out where they. have it wrong and on running out to the New York Times where they have it wrong, because that would take are too long, but the great, bitter of all truth. The New York Times published an article yesterday with the headline election
falsehoods surged on pod casts before capital riots. Researchers find what is this story about? Well I'll. Tell you This story is clearly just targeting. Podcast radio that's all. It is now that they are still losing because they can't Islands, as I told go online? We don't want you here. You'll have to build your own thing. Well, idea now they see how effective it is, and now they can have us online here: is the sub headline study analyze nearly fifteen hundred episodes showing the stand to which podcast pushed misinformation about voter fraud. Now the article opens mentioning me clear, from the outset. There accusing me of spreading Election falsehoods says it the headline so pretty serious charge.
Accusing me of lying to this audience about the election and vote. fraud. So with that in mind, I, when I read the opening paragraph of this article from the New York Times weeks before the twenty twenty presidential election, the conservative, broadcaster, Glenn back outlined his prediction, for how election day would unfold. President Donald J Trump would be winning that night. What is lead would erode as dubious mailing ballots arrived, giving Joe are buying junior an unlikely edge now next line, is a quote. Something I said on radio in twenty twenty quote. No one will believe the outcome, because change the way where electing a president it this time end quote-
since the New York Times is the great arbiter of all truth. I am almost certain that the article didn't go through any fact: Jack, Belinda fact snobs any of face. Looks army of fact, checking referees the New York as one of those get away with our version of the truth Scot free cards that they can play at any time but as usual, its context, that is left on the cutting room floor context, its inconvenient when it comes to character, assassination attempts like this one, but here is why context always matters, because when something is can blatantly out of context in order to serve your narrative. It is the equivalent of a lie,
forget to the contacts with the New York Times, conveniently left on the cutting room floor. I should note that, there's a new study, this article references and its from the Brookings institution, a century old DC, think tank. Now, if you don't know the Brookings institution is, let me tell you: it is noteworthy that the former Brookings Institute analysed named e, or DEN Genco Dear Member, who he was still You're. Damn right now, and I remember that you know the name, though right Emily sounds familiar, but, and I remember what it was tied to her may the man who claimed to have knowledge about cooperation between the Trump campaign Vladimir Putin, the guy. That's just been indicted. Word Jenkins Gang Scrap, he's the guy who pass the information to Christopher Steel now he's been charged with lying two investigators about the information that guy
from the brookings to do so. Also note: worthy that the donors include the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft com asked NBC Universal Black Rock Financial The United Nations Foundation the embassy of the State of Qatar and does It's more. So it's really. A credit operation, but the study ready to police will be released on Tuesday of this week, and it's almost if they were coordinating something because the New York Artic in New York Times article about the study came out yesterday. And actually we know the New York Times- got their hands on the study long before it was released because they reached out to one of my car leagues. On Monday, us. If we wanted to comment, we didn't comment on this- because it's not my first rodeo with the new our times, but I did provide them with
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president, this time and they're saying that I was saying that job Is gonna to play any wins, and then we we can't believe it that what they're claiming I said. Ok, scary, it that's what I meant The New York Times hopes that's what I meant, but then, when we corrected them, they ran with the story anyway, even They know that True because years, the times forgot to mention the quote was old from a segment in which I was talking about the report, the transition integrity project. You remember that the project got a tunnel media coverage, mostly because it predicted the end America in all. Election results scenarios except winning in a landslide here's what I said on September, ten, twenty twenty when
it came out. Listen Brooks is conducted war, gay, to play out a range of election day in Post election day scenarios, virtually all the outcome? Save one abiden landslide have ended up, facilitating a nightmarish fall out. What what but a Trump landslide I can tell you only a landslide we'll do it a landslide, abiden or a landslide of Trump. Otherwise they have said This thing up that no, going to believe the outcome? no one will believe the outcome because they ve changed the way we're electing a president. This time, now wait a minute. So am I hyping the Republicans up to go out for violence or my saying that it will take a landslide for either Biden or Trump a landslide will be the only way that you'll be able to believe it
now, that's legitimately incredible. Amity, usually they'll, take something out of context and try to make it look like. It was something that it wasn't. This is your actually commenting on what was essentially a left wing report, it's not just an we told we told them when we, to them. You run with this. That's liable rats liable. and you better attorney up. Times because that's liable. That's not what I said you knew it. We talk to you about it. We gave you the audio, so you knew the context and you it in any way, do liable me so anyway, as such it driving such a strange thing to me. Like you know, they are obviously trying to go after now, podcast say they ve gone. I try to ban everybody from social media other done without their going after podcast and other things now and that scenario very
much in the normal left wing play blood right were used to that, but you of all people, like you, ve done Dozens of events where all you do is preach about Martin Luther I listen to are just to go back to listen to some of it to you. January six morning programme before the actual events of that day occurred and you're, saying Joe go out and cause may him in the streets You literally are advising the morning of January six not to do what what wound up happening and Egypt for ten years. previous as well, consistently all the time and they try to make you out to the face of the insurrection, firstly insane. It's as if they have never listened to show their entire lives will be they haven't but more importantly, you cannot listen to the New York Times liable and back programme. Are I
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As you know, I don't know why it is necessary. One of this house's that's ok, outer designer. I didn't wanna talk over eighty. I listened the inner me last night going and idea with fantastic in it. It's the first time since independence day. Two thousand twelve, where I felt truly hopeful for returning to constitutional values. Thy. I just thought there last night was about Future was about unifying and, like you said, where they're is constantly trying to provide some members of my own family on vaccinated, but my daughters aren't they will meet with my daughter's like intellectual, divided in, like no doctor, told him the do that or anything you literally, the president did, and so I think that trumps interview last night was unifying and so so inspirational that I'm unfolding on board now and like during the twenty sixteen primaries. Urinating Annapolis. I went to the ten curs convention,
or he announced I hardly fearing a as as is running late. You know, and you know trumpet said things like horse phase in wine tat. I never liked that stuff, you know When I was always a supporter, because I do feel like he had a role as a dream: just want. Can I get high him in the nose, he'll fight back against the media kind of guy, but I never saw him as the healer that you would talked about in the past and others are talked about. But man that interview last night really turn me around I'm telling you it wasn't since, like I said two thousand and twelve, you know the tea party stuff. I was there in d, dot c, on independence, day of their in DC on September 12th and man. That was such an awesome movement. I had such high hopes and it was until last night man, better trunk trump brought back from me in this morning. I call my dad said among, So we got to get this guy reelected and I think you're right. I think, he's running we watch their view again last night, I'm he's running nine up is one that's great,
glad to hear that Eric. You know that was my intent. I talked to him before we went down there and, I said: look you know everybody is just talking to you and were related litigating the past, and I want to talk about the past. I want to talk about the future, because I think people are looking at what's going on. Here is a really bad thing about September. Eleventh Eric thanks, recall that thing about knots. We're Levin January Sixth, JANET six they are now. The press is using this as a distraction on all of the really import problems are schools are corruption and our FBI. The Justice Department, the department, education, gas, prices meat prices, inflation. bending out of control. All of these things that are happening: Putin, China, they all go to. back burner because there against on January. Eleventh. Sorry,
January. Sixth, I can get this date right January. Six, as they are focused on that do you know how many good decent democrats. Our feeling alone and feeling like gosh. It's just me. that's going through all of these things. I guess I guess it's. I guess that's not important that this must be the really important thing that really being screwed by the left and and by the media, and that's tragic, really tragic. but he got on last night and I dont know I'd love, hear from you. If you watched it last night, they eight seventy seven bees again at the end, wife said you know, that's the first time I ever I've ever seen An interview with him were, it seem like just
People hanging out having a conversation, and I felt that way as well. It was just a different interview and very, very, very hopeful can we play? If you wonder, if he is running or not, can we I too am the the software. Where is he is saying it was at the very end, and I love you- you miss this, but was at the very end where he said damn, whereas it where he talked about you know making Amerika great again play that please It's so said our country right now I don't know ever been lower and display. All of the witch hunt in the forty, Russia, Russia, Russia, impeachment. It was a beautiful time where the greatest economy in history, we then the journey of errors come in and then I rebuilt the economy really rebuilt. It twice I can't harder than the first
but where the greatest economy, the greatest everything it was a landmark, it was a beautiful period, and now I see what's happening with energy, with inflation with the military, with love clowns, and I said you know what let's put out a book talking about how beautiful it was, because we're gonna make it that way again was that means. Do we Amerika great ones, will make Amerika great again again again. My guy gay to me. There is no way he's he's. Not we'll play more of the interview coming up and while a thinking about what kind of person it would take to not run if you were Donald, right. Now the nomination is his. He doesn't have to do anything to get it, but he he's dozens of point.
Ahead of any one else. Who would be challenging him now, of course, anything can and you know you never know what the future will bring, but he would have to basically be very strong man to say no. I dont want this nomination unless he does thanks. It's just too much of a disruption to his life. He it's his, he doesn't have to be, doesn't have to even work for the nomination its is, so he becomes of one and two shot and the other person is Joe, I'd in probably who is terrible and is the country into the ground. I know you think maybe Hilary runs, I'm sure other, but will run as it The challenge, especially the way this is going with bite and if it continues to go this poorly, he probably won't even run for reelection in the after on somebody else. So How could you resist it? You just think it was important
thank you could resist it for another reason. In the interview last night he said you know I really had to jobs. Try to get the country back on track. And survive, and it it's true. I mean he, was fighting for his survival every day since the minute he came down the escalator. He was five for his own survival and- and I don't think, he's Ah that coming I thought he would. I think, he's thought that you know he'd still get the good press, blah blah blah and you know they would be harsh on him, but not like that. and it's because he's an outsider, but was really clear. You know we had dinner afterwards and you know it. when the president of our presence is. What do you do for dinner tonight? They,
The answer is, I dont know Mcdonald's, because that's what I said and he looked at me. He actually said you and I we could eat, gather for a very long time. He has we good. Anyway. We had dinner with the first lady and I think that's what Who did him deeper than anything else? Was the attacks on her? so unfair and so cruel on her, and I think you know for him to go back into the arena. Would you, I mean you know what it was like stew when we were at five. and literally every day we were fighting for our life. Do you just immediately say: oh yeah I'd go back. and I do so. I said I think the only decision for him is if it disrupts his personal life right. I mean, like you, figure if a person like Rhonda Santas, whose thinking about potentially running he said
million things to think about right? It's not just whether his interrupted disrupts his personal life, but it's like can I win? Who would be running against? You know Do I know how do I play This one is the right time to announce. None of those things are factors, tromp. All you to do is say yes, and it is, I know there's no pull. That shows anyone can even come close to challenging, and so it just really like. Ok, let me make a personal decision based on myself in my family. What's the best thing? the country. What what do I think is the best way forward? everyone else, there's you know, there's a there's a in political calculations, to factor in you also the number one thing you have to factor and if you're anyone other than Donald Trump is is Donald. I'm going to run because of your Rhonda centres in you announced and then two weeks later, Trump announces you are now a scene.
second fiddle on the ticket you're if at best running for vice president. In most circumstances there is, if I were thinking which it would be good. you for me to think this. But if I were thinking, I'm Rhonda Santa's will say that way and I've thinking I might run for president. There's no way no way until I have a hard, fast public know from Donald Trump. That he's not running it'll, be it it'll, be crews, to the to the nomination and what's more force makes this difficult. Donald Trump knows the media he's obviously very very good at understanding what gets tension in the media. He knows the second. He gives a hard fast know a lot of his our drains away, right, like here you know he'll. I think big kingmaker and the Republican Party for as long as he wants to be, but, like you know,
the media circus around Donald Trump starts going away when he says I'm not running any more right now it now that focus goes to rob the Santos or whoever else is going to redirect. So he either with for him not to keep it alive, even if he wasn't running, but I mean it again: everybody in inside his inner circle it people who he or in his inner circle that are advisory to him. That are, you know. Honest team are coming out in publicly telling the media he's. Ninety nine point, nine percent running so like if he wanted that message to stop, they would stop it that he be eminently clearly has run, is running and in here I think that means he's the nominee and I think you look on it. I'm I'm more convinced. Donald Trump is the nominee of the debt of the Republican Party than I am Joe Biden, is the nominee, the Democratic Party and all causes Lulli or Comma Harris
no idea who they're gonna run in twenty twenty four cause. Those two will not let that's that's a disaster that won't one I have that won't when I have no idea who they could actually run, but I will tell you that be shocked if Donald Trump didn't we and if he approaches the election like ie it last night where he see where he's just laying out a strategy of hope and doesn't get waylaid into all of the stuff, I think keys, I think he's a shoe in because all of those people who voted for him first time and then were convinced something was correct. Now their seeing wait, a minute corruption no corruption. We know what's going on here. These guys are marxists, these guys These are not helping me and my family, it's costing me a fortune because of the policy This guy and I think they'll get all of those people back that voted for
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back programme. Have you heard the name way Epps. You should talk to somebody who has been investigating re Epps coming up in just a few minutes. Let me go to Lindane Florida, hello, Linda along why yes going around about yes, it is a lie
in for you. I I've been thinking about this well. Euro Ericsson, sob and Mr Tromp was wound in his presidency was gone, but my my question to you is: I did not get to see the interview last night with Mister Tom, but in your interview and how you ahead on you know. You know it's gone through the question: do you see where enormous trump will be different? and how he cannot, of course, the Beaver. I will happily vote for him, but my question is about his now, let me and how we emerald things and how how it is acting comes out and simple
I believe that people that voted for him in the past there may be a good chance that a lot of people will not vote for him because of the way he acts and how he portrays himself, and I know that that acting in him cause that's what you do right. I don't think I could speak to how he's gonna run. Donald Trump is going to be Donald Trump, that's just who he is, and you know it's a double edged sword. He is. He is again Who just goes in and drops grenades and that's what explodes everything I mean: he's gonna and we talked about it. In the interview last night, I gave him a list of of departments that have to be cleaned out and I asked are you gonna be able to do that in four years, and what about the room looking party. Are they gonna knowledge? Let Do that and he
was very clear on it, but he's it's gonna who ever goes in it, really truly going to fix it. They have to clean house and that's it take a tough as nails person to do it watch the watch the interview from last night led back Wednesday night. special only on blaze, tv dot com. This is the line back programme. Thank you. Sure Hilary we're going. Go into re apps, and This guy is there's a it's really it's. You know that say there is nothing to re ups, and why is the FBI Everybody else behaving the way they are it's like they want. Conspiracy, theory, I don't know how you explain the re Epps situation, but we have a guy
he's been on this with the revolver for awhile, and he's probably the best This issue will introduce you Papa apps to re apps. If you d No, the name. Why his name is so important that also next hour, we're going to go in to Congress. and we're gonna talk to one of our leading congressmen about the situation of the January six Committee, no, that some people still have not had trials in jail? No trial spent a year spend a year. and no one has been charged with sedition sold What exactly is going on, I mean I think time served is probably pretty good at this point.
Packages. The second, when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment the boy
January six. Today is a day that all of the media has been salivating of over to be able to mark the one year anniversary of the worst terrorist attack, the worst event in american history, since that was civil war, average Americans, no, that's absolute bull, crap average Americans and me we were all power of fine by January. Six thought it was an abomination, thought it was dangerous and stupid politically, but your times and others are taking this into something that it is not. So, let's get some of the facts down. We we have a gas to you as a former professor, Duke University farmers Beach writer for the White House and the founder of revolver dot news.
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is making it that there's all of conspiracy theories that the right is buying into conspiracy theories about this. I dont know what, truth is I just know that there are a few things that don't make any sense. First of all the worst one ever and yet Nobody has been charged with sedition or anything like it and then you have players like re apps. Can we the audio here of Re Epps. Listening in fact tomorrow I don't even like to say cuz I'll be arrested. We need we need to go out, then we need to go in the capitol here he is talking on clearly about going in
Kapital. He is stirring people up the night before in this law, ass, clip where he was saying that you can hear them saying: FBI, Stooge, FBI plant, but He was on a what most wanted list and then nothing happened can Tell me the story about this, yeah. I mean this. Here's a remarkable cases, individual re absent, just to give a bit fuller contacts for what his involvement was he's not only ubiquitous the evening before January, six going to multiple different groups with multiple different agendas and we harassing them and focusing them on this new and utter weeping. Tsar mission to go into the capital and youth. A little bit about how people's reaction is it. What are you Talkin about said you're a said: he'd remain persistent. He went to every different group and you focus them on this mission going to capital
I'm going to say is that this isn't just some random drunk on the evening of January, fit that we never heard from again. He followed up on the faded mission. The next day on January It is a veritable, whereas wall that, when your listeners, Goto revolver, got used, agree First Ray apps report. We have a video evidence document thing Every move on January set teeth everywhere, and he telling the crowd after from speeches over we're all going to the capital. That's where our approval. What are our enemy is a Kapital. and sure enough at one thousand, two hundred and fifty three p dot m. Crucial. Connote trump is still speaking at this time, but at one thousand two hundred and fifty three p dot m Reyes is not at the Trump speech.
To d dot c, all the way from Arizona he's wearing a trump hat, but he's not at the Trump speech. What's more important to him is he's right there by the metal barricade and he whispers into someone's ear and two seconds later that someone engages in the first and decisive and faithful breach of the capitol grounds the whole affair? Not this is the same guy who the previous evening was telling everyone. We need to go into the capital, initially you point out. The FBI body with an important did not include him as one of the twenty miles wanna January, sex offenders. They said we need to identify. Well, then, the internet identify them and the beds FBI cricket into revolver got. News ran a p. Basically implicate the FBI in January, and the day after this came out, they said quietly scrub, absence, name and his face from their public database.
and since then. The only thing that any official FBI agent has said about re up deny all knowledge of existence. We have the tape can you can, you think, are we, ever gonna get an answer on this. Is there any well that any movement on this yeah? That's it question really glad that you ask that, because obviously this is very important to me is very important to the country We're not gonna get any answer from Asia garland who's been a mark up boy for precisely these types of said, infiltration operates and going back decades we're not going get any answers from the sham exercise and political
that is the January. Many the only place we're gonna getting answers. I think there are two possibilities if we're going to the ultimate answers at all one possibility and crazy I've become very familiar with the way that these said operations were allotted time. The higher up handlers of people like re up, they think of them, ass farm and re up, may have been trick in some Patsy, maybe he was told that the reason that he was doing what he was doing was four says something that turned out to be not the case. Maybe he feels like he was met. Maybe he didn't really fully understand that he was going to be used as an instrument in an agenda to label. Half the country is domestic Ferris,
but for whatever reason, re ups or many of the other actors, who are very sad, preferred informers, bacon, step up. They have the power to expose their handlers and to break the Cates wide open for that's one option. The second option is the defence attorneys toward the defendants in January faces and on their son cautiously optimistic. One defence attorney for Kelly MAX who is a deeper defended, has
on the basis of revolver died needs is reporting issued a subpoena, demanding the testimony from re up and Stuart Road. Through the founder and leader of the oak keepers, militia group was also curiously uncharged, and so one of two things can happen either this subpoena goes through and they actually do have to testify under oath, in which case I can be extremely interesting or in the case of agents and informing. The government has the power to block subpoena, and if the government debts in intervenes and somehow blocks to subpoena now would be unfortunate
at the very act of laughing. It itself indicates that there's something they really don't want to hear, which gives us additional information as well. So I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with the defence attorneys, really embracing potential entrapment faith, understanding that the fact that you had instigators were very likely said is exculpatory information on the part of their clients. the paper dear- and I can't thank you enough for all the work that you have done. It revolver dot news now on on this subject. I dont know how it ends. I don't know who he was, but if you, looking for somebody who was the instigator and had a plan. He seems to be the number one candidate in or not People on talk radio hour podcast, who are saying: hey, we're, gonna, a fight, fight, fight,
Let me let me ask you what we do know about him. where disease where's he come from. What does he do? What is it story, Well, he has an interesting background like like many people who end up becoming serve jobbers and contractors for this type of work. He does have a Terry background he's a marine. He also has a background as the President of the Arizona chapter the old keepers Militia group and NL, whip, revolver, DOT news is reporting will see that your papers in the most heavily prosecuted court I'm cold. ok Militia group associated with one thing and it's a whole other threat that we have investigated reported on that a lot of you.
Papers, people who were underlined sweeping it with very serious farces there being hit with conspiracy charges and when you look at the charging document, the charging document fight me words and the actions and the behaviors of Stewart Roads, who's the founder and head of it who, for whatever reason, is not only uncharged a year later, a year later, he hasn't even been subject to a proper search. The only serving the he's been protected too, with a single cell phone four months after January set, and so it should happen to be the case that re up with the president of the Arizona chapter of this very same ballistic group, and we have all kinds of footage of him prowling around with Stuart roads as well, which is an interesting and interesting connection to say the least.
There is at least really heavy smoke whether there is a fire there and he is the center of it. I don't know, but there there are- There are questions that must be answered by the government on this. Let me take a quick one. it break in, and I want to come up, and I want to talk to you about the surveys states and also whatever happened to finding the people who planted the alleged pight bombs. Outside of the currency and Dnc. evening of January? Fifth, any anything on that in minutes Let me tell you about our sponsor this authority. Is gold line it's hard to take Your tax returns every year not get angry with how much money the government is taking out feel this way. Perhaps you feel this way as well. also hard to look now at inflation. It's there. Tax. What there Spending and what they're doing in Washington is
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second station Eddie, daring very, he is the former professor, a Duke University former White, how speechwriter and he started revolver dot news and we ve been talking about the January sixth debacle, and What's coming of this investigation, first of all how many people have yet to be charged and are in jail a year later. Do you do? deodorant I know the exact number, but the number is definitely here then here or there are definitely people who have been wallowing away under atrocious conditions. Some cases solitary confinement in such- and that really goes to show the other
side of the coin, to the fact that people like re absence to roads, are on charge. The other side of the coin is that just very small fish are being given the most direct coney in almost third world Abu Ghraib type treatment imaginable on the paper of extremely trivial offences if their affair. is that all and not even given the opportunity for speedy trial or anything in there is. There are several cases that I'm familiar with people put in those positions is take in a long time to be granted bail if their grand fail at all, and so it's really. This is shameful and really goes to underscore. How bizarre and in it like a ball and really even scandalous- that selective non prosecution is for people like re apt to Athens City, the only person in the mountains of footage that exists on one six, calling explicitly for this mission
under the capital and he remained but tell me about the pie bombs. The night before somebody apparently put pipe at the Dnc an hour and see what are we Well that now a year later, you know that a very interesting question. I am glad that this is sort of interest in this scratch erected at on the anniversary, because they're a couple of things to say about this, one is just curious: I'm not making so much of it. It's just an interesting incidental detail is that the authorities cod wind at these pie farms, basically just as that initial Ray apps breach of the metal barricade to the capital of Korea to round one thousand two hundred and fifty three p dot m, and so it whether it was intended to be this or not. It was almost a perfect diversionary tactic. To get the already scarce
law enforcement personnel away from the capital away from that initial breach side in order to attend to this bomb stare at the hour and see you see, so the timing. There is really interesting and I'll just leave it at that and allow people to infer as they will what what else is important about this is that ok, the FBI is pretty put on this act, the same way they they put on to act without saying we need your help identifying. Yes, we please help us. We just have no idea who this is then actors identify like two days later and they do nothing with it. They did a similar. A charade with this pipeline. They release this grainy video. They clearly have more video, then they're, giving out but for whatever reason there so interested in catching the, people and all their release. Is this ridiculous grainy footage that clearly nowhere
near all the goods that they have. They haven't relief the forensic fab released if they have any fingerprints, nothing, they give us his grainy footage and act like oh, please, please help us identified. the earthen. Well, if you wanted to identify it then release all the footage that you know that you have a revolver got news of people go there. They can see, are sensitive report on the pipeline that goes into details. We know that they have more what it's in there releasing and is another really interesting pit bit about this, the individual the representative of the FBI, that calling for the public to help identify the so called farmer. His name was even the Antonio now. The interesting thing about this individual is that before he was in his position at the Dc Field office
he ran the Detroit at the ideal offered. The reason is that means that he was a guy that ran the infiltration operation in this, so called Michigan kidnapping plot. He was the head of the judge, I feel that this as that was happening, and we now know that it basically was a trial run for January six, in the sense that it involves the same plot. Basically, in this case to storm the Michigan Say: capital involve one of the militia groups, some heated to one aspect, namely the pretty for centres, and now we know for a fact that twelve out of the twenty thick so called fathers were either federal. in four federal informant I'm the guy who ran that incorporation operation is the same guy calling for the public bank. Please help identify the farmer in the employ. You can't even make the thought
therein daring baby. You can find his reporting at revolver dot news decline back. program. It is fascinating. I wonder if we ever really gonna know what happened eventually, I suppose There are big challenge for you this new year. Things are a little insane in America right now and never fired from my mind. Probably not. From your mind either is what we and to lose a firm if we do lose. And I don't mean for us- I mean for our kids- are kids are going He slaves to a system of the great reset and we can't that happened. They have to understand what freedom is remember. Most of our kids were born after nine eleven. They ve only lived in America like this. They don't know what real freedom is. They don't know what like to live in a country without corruption everywhere
I highly recommend that you get the tunnel twins books, they're, not gonna, learn it through osmosis. You have to teach it do them. Thirty, five percent discount on their books for your kids from toddlers, two teams, its Tuttle twins, back Dotcom, Tut twins back dotcom, get these books and strengthen your family and your country, so that Donald Trump Interview with Glenn back alive on police tv on demand wasted. I come Slash, Glenn This is the Glen Back program. You know it. Really telling when you, when you talk about re ups and You, you look at what about? Six hundred people have been arrested, stew,
Yes, six or seven hundred. I thought was here six or seven hundred ok, so you have this number of people that have been arrested and none of them have been charged with instead action or sedition, or anything like that, its criminal? as Pass Cedric, etc, it's an assault on a police officer. All those things I'm told go where you go to jail, you do that you go to jail jail, its lights, consistent with my view on the riots with Belem. You burn down a building. You go to jail for that. Now on a political charge, you go to jail for breaking the law, a burning down buildings, robbing stores. Et Cetera, so I'm no problem with that. But when you look at the charges in the last year that have come out. They don't match with the varied although this was the worst terrorist attack or the worst attack on America since civil war clearly was not because no one, you know that
York Times is running stories now of people being interviewed in one. interviewed today was a guy who was a Democrat, but was there a registers damage three months in jail, going registered Democrat lifelong Democrat by his telling that was not planning to go to the Trump speech decided to go kind of Many he's within a train right of of New York Thereof of Washington DC. He went down to the speech. Cotta got caught what he said. cod caught up in the herd we all sort of went towards the capital. He said he. Didn't even know, Congress was in session, and he was really you know What about that he's? The one thing I really want you to believe is that I didn't even know they were in session. Like he's like, I was just like what I thought we were at a speech in we went in there and there wasn't, like I think, walked in and there is somebody right at the door saying get out turn around I probably would have, but there wasn't we kind of all just walked in. I was walking around take
pictures of the capital, and- It seems he did eventually have an alternate. and with a police officer. where he sort of under sold? How serious it was they found more video of it and they wound- putting him in jail for three months for that incident, and you know I think I could see nothing what was he doing- that it he's a Democrat as you know, he was a Democrat. He did have some social media postings about believing in some of the theories on the election and he had seen legal from had a lot of democratic supporters in an immediate he's. Hee hee basis said he a sort of turned it. He was a democratic but wound up liking. Try a lot. Basically, the guy leaders, the one day, that's gonna talk it's sort of explained that in the interview. But what interesting is like you know if, if you went to a bar- and you
cause in Iraq is in a bar in a police officer, showed up and you through a punch it a police officer. Let's just say you might go to jail for three months. For that, like an that's what they The overwhelming majority of these of these charges are, which are people who did something that they probably shouldn't have done. Certainly, shouldn't have done in some cases and wound up with mild punishments and that our pretty much what you would expect in a normal circumstance. It's not sedition there there may very well be some people, it does seem like really had these ideas mention apps before who was Actually, we don't know, he's all story, obviously, but was actually saying those types of things in advance. We may see the large tape. You have to think that a right you'd have to think those charges, though, are more time consuming to actually put together right like yes having. A person say something on tape is a big piece of evidence, but if it's too, into some larger, bigger conspiracy with bigger players. Never
they trying to overturn the election or stop Congress. That's gonna be a more complicated case too. Than someone walking in getting in a fight with an officer but the bottom line? though, is that the problem here is this: This fairy tale that This is the worst thing since the civil war, right. freezing any of us here are all within. Who said like it's very easy to over us may January six and to underestimate January six. It wasn't nothing. It wasn't like a bunch of people touring the capital. It also wasn't. worse thing since the civil war and we will have to wreck That is what it is and now ninety nine percent of Americans. All said this thing on January: six, stop it. This is, I was in a room. Full of people is we're watching and unfold. I immediately, I think I immediately got online and said this is got to stop got two started. I mean you know this. This idea that some are another. It's a grand conspiracy and yet
Sean Hannity is reaching out to the President's saying you gotta stop em on journey. Junior is doing. I mean where's that spirits see they. Obviously it was terrible and wanted to stop, and that was happening not only in public but behind the scenes, but I will say to each other: point Glenn. Yes, you did say right after the event that this was was a bad thing, but It's amazing, like looking at the New York Times, try to do the hip, hit piece on you and some others saying you're. This big led insurrectionists because of us view talking about a left wing report in two thousand in September. We before the election even happen, let alone the insurrection, but You also said this consists for years and years and years that we needed to act,
Martin Luther King and understand that if we have out of violence or anger, they will be used against us. You have to avoid that at all costs. You did it for a long time. These events that event you didn't Birmingham was all about. Specific thing leading up to this, then I remember you on the day before January six January, fifth, talking about the event that was coming the next day, I believe we have that audio No people who were are going to Washington. I know people who feel passionately about what's happening in our country. But I don't know any of them that want to start a war. want to start a fight, want to be beat up in the streets or beat people up in the streets that just not, who weave we ve ever been. Now there might be some people
are going in support of you. No stop the steel that do feel that way, but there in the vast minority, but those people They engage with anti for whatever those of the people gonna be seen on television and that you'll be the poster child of what We're doing a couple of things that you should do if you are going to March in activities like this and first thing is you have to really kind of channel your inner Martin Luther King and know that people that are there against you. Are there to make you do something that you either don't want to do what really really really want to. But You're, better angels, sheep on that path. and so you don't. They are there too
hope you with sticks, their provocateurs. If you are going to go into a political activity, Do not engage people that are on the streets. Yelling at you, don't debate them There is no reason to debate. They are not you're, not gonna. change their mind. They are not shouting things if you, because They think wall that person looks like he's, gonna be open minded and maybe he'll come over to our side. You'll understand what we're talking about. That's how with it. Therefore they are. There to harass you, it's a deliberate technique intended to your participation and sideline it does don't pause to. Stop don't do anything. Just keep you
You and your friends marching now It sounds simple to decline to engage. with morons from Antigua. But it is, actually difficult in practice because they are true. In direct action techniques, they have studied this. You haven't they have studied direct action techniques. They can get police officers who are really well train to snap. and police officers have been trained, indirect action techniques. They know what antifreeze doing their prepare mentally for it. It could catch you off guard, don't let it Let it affect you or anyone around you and make sure Everyone around, you is working together. You grab arms,
and link arms in Europe all each other. Out of that. otherwise. You are gonna, be the only thing that the media will show and it will deal Juno everything you came to support gets. It lets the that's a day before now, there's before and what's interesting about that is obviously like you were more warning against a street. A battle of some sort is that was just what you know you thought might happen. There might be. A group protests the Antwerp testers and start. If I throw you off, only throw you off the Santa Claus, you know I was in the planning committees right, but I mean again you you are the subject of the paragraph one subject of a story about the lead, insurrectionists pod castors, and you the day before January, six said to channel your inner Martin Luther king. Wouldn't it be interesting, if you also happened to say at the
morning before the January, Six events occurred. This the morning of January six there's more audio for you. You have to be. But to fight with we damn. You have to be Able to you can't go out into the streets and call may him. That is not what Martin Luther king did it's not you know in and we're missing a lot of Martin Luther King ideas that actually change the world, because it's the same thing that Gandhi did, but how many of us How many of us are willing to say you know what, I am no longer putting my money into this product or these people I'm not going to do it. and a real sacrifice, and when I say a real sacrifice, I mean I'm not. When I put my money in too, you know that Links or I'm not gonna put my money into big mobile or whatever. It is
how many are willing to make just that sacrifice for their freedom, so that's the morning of January six for a month from this programme at York. You're saying we should emulate M L and Gandhi on. January six you're saying that before any of this stuff happens- and they put you in the first paragraph of a inside correction is article in the New York Times. Of course raised it, I praised it the next day didn't. I know you did not do our time for another clipper, not because we do have one from Jean were seventh. If we want to go into that way, people who have lost their jobs. Our living in states where there is draconian measures. They been told the shut their business down and they ve been told the pipe down because you want
he'll grandma. Meanwhile, people like Cuomo are actually killing grandma and grandpa when people I've done everything they can actually started. My my example started from the premise that yeah Donald Trump probably was working with the Russians yeah. Well, If he was doing something, he should go to jail and then actually did the work and found, the exact opposite was true. The more you found out, the more you realized the into Your government seem to be in on it. F B, I knew that this was a plan. From Clinton. They knew it and they did nothing.
and when you expose it, no one goes to jail. When people feel as though their voice is being silenced. that even their own representatives from their own party treat them like garbage. When they ve been old racist bigots I ve been called conspiracy theorists. Oh, things like the Hunter Biden Laptop that the press says. Oh, I guess there is something there, but we I feel that nothing will ever happen. What are they supposed to do now? Here's! Let me make this. Clear. They are not supposed to get violent. We have a right of free speech of
Tis shinning our government, we Have a right demand answers, but we don't destroy the capital pretty clear. Let me go to our sponsor this. I think of your. If every time I have a bill bar still does your wife. My wife under built bar and then I got into built bar because my wife tried to get me to for about a year and I was like their Elsie. I don't want that dear and then she was for the day and there was nothing left to eat now and I tried one in their delicious yeah, I'm in the bottom right, my wife. He actually eats healthy. So you can always trust her when she says something taste good now and took a while, I think, to convince people. You know it in our circles to try them you try a bill bar. You know. The players are ridiculously good
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spend one more break here on January sixth and set the record straight, the House Republic These are wondering why the jam grants are blocking so many records. Added to January six and demanding some answers. Will they get them talk? a guy from Illinois, the congressmen from Illinois, broadly Davis, who is leading the charge, the Glenn Back Programme. Cove id and so I'm gonna hang back a little bit here for the next hour. It's it's weird, it's I've had covered before added before the vaccine came out, And now I just happen: again, but I think this is a lot different than it was last time. This is just like a really bad head, cold and just beat me up
but not in the way the first go with that I had me. Get ahead was really hard right, hit me really. I may always. I was not adena. My energy back for a couple of weeks get out there no way on the last over it. I could have done a show, no way Norway for eyes anyway. I appreciate your prayers. It is it is. It is appreciated. Now, if anybody can get me some, I respect, and that would be actually. I don't think that works for this new on the crime does not now. I am never see money on that, but there is also a step like I know, one of the monoclonal antibodies there's three different types of them too. Then don't seem, you were against onlooker on one of them does, whereas the one and only supply It's beautiful couple years I'll say that I tried to get that
monoclonal, am antibody treatment yesterday couldn't find it when you are about to hear fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, the Divine Back program
its fascinating to me that on nine eleven within a week we knew who all the hijackers were. We knew their connections. We knew where everything was coming from within a week. Now? We have the worst attack on the capital in all of american history of a year ago today, and we still don't have any idea what's going on. We have not found the ringleaders I take because there weren't any ringleaders there they're still talking about we're, gonna prosecute everyone to the fullest extent, even if they we're just at the capital walking around nobody. Been charged with insurrection or sedition, so what's really going on here and how is it A year later, we still don't know Why is it that Nancy Policy and the Democrats are now
releasing the tapes any kind of record leading up to January six, we're going to a guy who's demand, sending that answer from there see Pelosi and others and he's in Congress himself from Illinois. Congressmen, Rodney Davis joins us in sixty seconds. I'm sorry about lifelike, Do I have you Have you ever had lifelike if you and you have lifelike yeah I've had it a couple tie us well in. I think anyone at this point whose guph as any any credit Cards are. Does anything online has had this experience? Where you find out, I had one guy who do bought one single, Papa, Johns Pizza in Arizona, my credit card which was an interesting thing, and then I did have some one, which is weird thing I mean if you,
Dick Steel, someone's credit card, you gotta get one pizza propaganda at least load up. On top of guys, it's weird as they say I've, talked to live like about this. They say they make a small, sometimes they'll, make a small yeah purchase. First deceive its good and then they'll go right out and buy something huge yeah, but this guy he was just Tonker eat there, either that or a yet we got at a time. You know I mean this is what lifelike does I did have what I got caught one time, a guy who who bought tickets? to a concert and spent like a night out on the town on me. And but you know you you catch it. You re able to reverse it and even need to be warned of these things as they happen, and that's what life locked us a well and, incidentally, Nobody can watch all transactions and monitor all all transactions everywhere, but we also look on the dark web design If your information is out anywhere and if it is they'll alert you and they'll up clean it all up. That's where the rubber
it's the road. In my opinion, its life lock call them at once. hundred lifelike one, eight hundred lifelike abuse a promo code back you're gonna save twenty five percent promo code Back life lock, dot com, so I have rightly Davis on whether these congressmen from Illinois he has just written. strongly worded letter which I've always loved when it comes to the United Nations, but I dont know: if he's gonna get any answers on this. I hope he does has written a letter to Nancy Pelosi. Unease here to tell us the end, there's he's demanding, along with other Republicans, congressmen? How are you, Sir I knew a great land thanks for having me are you bet. You bet, ok What are the things you are asking for in this in this letter from Nancy Pelosi one guy, you know Republicans condemned the violence that took place.
years ago, I was unanimous, but here we are today left wondering what did this sergeant long to the house, the lead law enforcement officials pointed directly by the speaker. What did he do? reparation leading up to January sexual harassment, conflicting testimony. Oh underbrush bore as the leader of public and respect Others like Mary, is just to give the communication. We want to know what preparations were made. Currently cushion standing in the way of us getting the communications for her own up. We need controls how security operations you speak of glossy. Ok, so you're not asking for anything special you, you sit on the oversight committee. You are the lead opposition, so you of course, are gonna. Ask These things you ve just ask for the the males and the transmissions back and forth on preparations,
January six. Now I've talked to Donald Trump. He said that he offered than no guard to Washington. I dont know it's true or not, but that's what he said, but he said was turned down. Nancy Pelosi did, did they turn help down. But that's what we don't know is ironic: when did you get? U yours, citizens who no longer local government, when tearing the turnover thousands of communications taxi Those letters fizzy January six Select Committee but speaker pollution. no not even turn over the communications of her own appointee who's in charge. security on the house to the capital and he's a that employ was the current government employ that she approach will should not turn that information over to us. The question this morning. She hiding in we can do a lot of answers based on conflicting testimony
in front of the Shannon investigation. Almost it you don't just under a year ago and we want, able to get the answers, because the american people deserve to know why the security She was so bad and, frankly going I dont think agenda. better. Today, if we were to go through another event like we did, I don't think so, either unless you're coming in disguise, discovered congressmen? Let me ask you: are you going to be well to get any of these answers, I mean it seems that bad people do bad things. all over the country now and nobody's ever held accountable. Do you is any teeth that can be engage to get the speaker who comply on food The way the house is a very majority driven institution, then remember the capital police chief, could not make a single security decision without knowing
to speak of closures, appointed sergeant, adopt battle on political pointing you know what I'm gonna get. This information is one on which I share The house should Ministration Cadbury when Republicans taken Congress in November twenty twenty two, can. I have a later, but I'm serious what all of these communications at that time and if they are destroyed where they no longer exist. When I get there, I will hold, as chairman of the house, had met anybody, anyone who's responsible that criminally accountable, and you will be able to do absolutely I will gave them to try and to try and not others, those communications- and I dare them to tell me all about so congressmen- explain what the end game here is. I mean I just can't figure out unless they really truly believe they're gonna have power till the end of time. This is
going to come out at some point. What what is it an game here that you, you think they're playing I wish I could get into their minds and find out what their in games or, but all they do is play. Political games this is where the speaker likes to the work that she has. No, she has no jurisdiction over there. Apple security, we all know, let's be asked her own legislative council general council- is the one that tell me the Georgian alarmed that he could not tell this information over to us after completing testimony. This between ventured arms pouring in then police chief, are you sure, you're no longer their jobs. The current structure, large, will not your and their children, end game, is to delay in the and then, when we do take the majority, my dolls, make sure that we get the users we need, because my job as the leader Hoboken on childcare making merry and it has Future chairman of that committee is to me
through the security posture of the capital, never fails again. congressmen I was, I talked to the president, ass. I did an interview with him and I again list of all of the agencies that need to be cleared out from top to bottom, and it's going to take Enormous courage to clean this nasty vipers out and indeed its kind, it's gonna take partners to do it as well. the the people that have power all that anyone wants. I think, both Republican and Democrat, all that people want is that if you actually did something that you pay a price like, I have no problem with people who broke into the capital. Did damage or whatever I have no problem
charging them and having them go to jail for a few months, not political, but because they are other laws the same- needs to go for the people in Congress. Do you believe the Republicans have the spine and the the cleanliness, if you will to be to take this up against them, I can't big for anybody else in Congress, except for myself. When I can tell you I will do everything within the power of my committee, and how had been committed to hold them criminally accountable, astonished, we think they do not abide by our preservation request. So, yes, I do believe, the Republicans as a whole. The democratic cattle but I can only do what my job is. My job on this particular committee is to make sure that the capital- safe and also when we take over I'll, make sure the cap,
uncle again show that people student groups can come back and see what the capital the entire complex is all about, unless, of course I don't know if you have the answer to this- are looked into it at. We can't seem to get any information. It's it's like get more. can't seem to get any real information from anybody about how many people are still being held that have then either charged or tried. We we don't know The conditions that these people are are living in, who were arrested last year, is, is there any way to get that information? Well one! Yes one! When we take a look, how should we add German, Jim Joy of the Judiciary Committee german dreamy, coma, be oversight combating and me or else administration. You know what I'm going to do. What can we do ask or knows it? This was responsible for what
we ve seen even the judicial boy say, hang on a shack something's, not right here I can prison facility. We're going to have to have them permanent testify. The Democrats don't want to hear from them and right and remember the only offers that has been declared war. limits for this January. Six Select committee is Nancy Policies Box. When you look at the capital police, it is run by Nancy Policy? It is a it's. It's the Well, if you will, the police force for the House Majority leader. I cannot think of a way the reason why our founders did it. That way, maybe made They just trusted. You know people would always be on the up and up Do you have any idea what's going on with a capital police in their new approach, to being intelligence arm of
our government well being intelligence division. The police is one of the main divisions are trailed. Not degeneration evidence This shows that they were given direct intelligence from the north woke FBI office. In imminent attack on the capital may be forthcoming, the police chief from the Catholic. We should the time didn't even have that intelligence. I spoke with him day after an actor? And this is a problem that has yet to learn my opinion leaders, we sat capital, please, she can't make security decisions it's gotta do? It was, of course, money charging and arms one one last question: should the capital police be something that could be foisted because we can even we can't even never freedom of Information ACT that
respond to because they fall into a different, category that is controlled by the speaker of the house. I don't think that's good for Republicans, or the Democrats or independence to ever. Have that should this be these force be able to be foisted. While you know what I'm glad you brought it up Glenn, because long before January, six, when I took over Delete Republic on House Administration to Betty, I introduced a bill to reform the processes that the capital please follow, makes it more transparent, make them more accountable and did not get that bill even in one committee hearing or be able to have one market, be able to debate the need and make the capital police more transparent and I'll do that Representative congressmen, Rodney Davis from Illinois Ruddy when You become the yeah, the chairman, you call me, and I will do
everything I can to rally the troops to make sure you can change this with a capital police. I think with them. Being a secretive operation? It is a very, very dangerous thing to the Republic so thank you so much for your hard work. While thank you gonna take here that by Danny Davis congressmen from Illinois, Financing Annabel ass one. Eighty three hundred and would you you double do animal less consumer access got Org mare. Can financing is a great way for you to be able to save a butler money. Two hundred there's a month in savings- would be a real blessing about a thousand if you have high interest credit cards and a mortgage that is anywhere over three. You could save hundreds. If not a thousand where's every single month, and I warn you, those high interest, credit cards. They are going to be. Even more high interest as the FED moves
interest rate up, which they ve said they're, going to do three times this year, they're gonna move. It is critical You get your financial house in order. I want you, two american financing dot net, that's american financing, dot net or call eight hundred, nine, zero, six, twenty four forty, a mare in financing dot net ten second station, I D, so I'm about out of steam. I'm going to let you kind of take the reins here: a bit and I'll sit back a little bit, but we want to talk about Donald Trump, the interview that happened. Last night, I thought it was an exceptional interview I say that because I did it, I think it was sectional because Donald Trump, his answers were hopeful and clear, ya. Think
play some of the audio here of that in just a few minutes and can go through what we know what he was going going going on about because your focus there was very much on the future and what what is coming next to an article in rolling stone. Today the title, was rolling stone from my power killing all your birds to fake California. Gas prices trump talks, everything but January. Sixth, in the Glen back into the EU, which is saving the horse. You said multiple times on the air that you were not asking him about that, because you didn't wild rehash the past you're going into the future they may have. Data shows that yeah Well, I will tell you my producers, rode up a bunch of questions or January six, and I decided beforehand. No to have them just in case. I wanted to go there, but I really wanted to focus on the future and I was hoping that I would get a few extra minutes at the end that we could tag on on that. But you didn't
it was even necessary. You know that right and the left look at this January. Sixth, very differently. I don't like the way the dung handle debt January six, but I dont think he plodded it. I dont think he planned it. I dont think you did you know people to be hung in the streets or anything like that that not who he is, but you know can the harp on at all they want. I think America is much more interest, in looking to who is to lead us to the next level here yeah. I think that's what we are looking forward to now. Look I I think, there's interesting things on on January six, that we still need to learn where's talking to the congressmen about what those things might be, what information? Don't we have an end? I think in a real,
world with a real civilized competent government. There could be a real use for a committee of sorts to look into the events of of January six to learn things that would actually help us prevent than ex type next riot. That might happen in the future. You know All my money would be on its coming from the left, but whoever it's coming from, I would want to prevent it, and if we had an actual competent honest government to look into these things, there could be value there problem is that. That is not what we're looking at. No, that's not what we're looking at all you know There is no reason to look at the investigator. In of January six and come to the conclusion that its anything other than politics, and I think it's been clear since the beginning that the
the left wants to turn January sixth into a date that we memorialize, like would memorialize September, eleventh that we can look at four year. We can rehash these events and we can memorialize them and think about all the bad things that have happened in every person, on the right who is at fault for it, and the people who are responsible for the bad things and the crimes that went on absolutely should be held accountable, live in look we're conservatives here. We are the ones that dont want bottles, bashing off the side of police officers heads. We are the ones that complain about that stuff. You look at the footage from January six and you can find a lot of examples of people doing things particularly to police officers that are completely unacceptable to any conserving. I've ever spoken too in my entire life now cannot say the same for every liberal
I cannot say the same for people like calling Capron EC who wears socks calling police officers pigs, has been saying you could do all sorts of terrible things to police officers. I've never heard anyone on the right say things like that, and I think that's why January six was so shocking. Some of that stuff did go on and it was completely unacceptable when it did, but you can overstate What happened on January six, just you can understand it and we have to make sure we get that balance correct. The The programme so many years ago, our covered positive friend, Glenn back had an idea. He said you know: I've watched What's going on with all my real estate transactions, and I have realised I've had a lot of bad real estate agents, either all real estate agents.
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Glenn Back interview can get it on my now on demand, blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, promo Code, he's Glenn if you happen to think that there's a level of importance to having some mechanism to push against the misinformation that we get from the mainstream media all the time. I hope you would consider becoming a subscriber to please. Tv least he beat up slash. Glenn is the place to go to get that subscription, can save ten bucks by using the no code, Glenn. You also get access to an interview that Glenn with Donald Trump? This event, this interview happened right before the holidays, Admiral logo, and is it was January six themed intervene, which is what the media is completely obsessed with their work
import things that happen. On January six we ve talked at length about them, but there are other things talk about, and in them of the Roma Kron way if that we are in right now, Glenn is currently caught up in that wave. He's sick at home with the cove it, but like the other information we ve had about overcrowd, it does seem to be considerably less terrible, then his previous bout with covered, that he had back at the end of twenty twenty theatre, you went into some of the south are surrounding covert, is particularly Anthony, found she how to think about him, how to think about his time in the Trump Administration and where we should go from here here, Glenn and Tromp. Talking about Anthony found, you I think when, when this was coming out of China was perfectly reasonable, shut everything down because we did
they were welding people into their homes in China. We have no idea and they were being open and by the way they well them in, and they never open. Brio ASEAN then found she I wanted to give I want to give every the benefit of the doubt most early days and as we have done a ton of research, I didn't from the biggest chalkboard. I think I've ever done right, They were using federal government money to do yeah we're on. I stopped it How is the one that's wealth you did but building south. She cared about that fallacies. Now claiming he's science. Did you ever? Did you ever would he still be working for you today, not not now, but but he's rate promoter he's not a great October geographical motor? But you have to understand everything I wanted. I didn't do as an example. He wanted to keep it open to China, he
Emily was wrong about that and admitted it and admitted that I saved tens of thousands of lives. He wanted keep it open. I saw what was happening in ITALY and France and Spain and ITALY, to do your very early, you know China was January. I closed it and in Europe, shortly thereafter. We saved thousands and thousands of lives. He wanted to do that and in his big one of them all is the masks are useless, they don't mean anything and then all of a sudden he wants you to a ten mass where's. You can put a lover cover your ears. Do everything so I did really do much of what he said and Wasn't a big factor for me in a sense because of that those are cover your ears with your mask, always remember that if he had, she told you that some important thing to remember as we go this omission wave now, of course, Joe Biden promise you wanna come in and not shut down the country but shut down the virus. That is obviously
has not occurred a gigantic failing of what he problem. before the election, however I don't have its biggest failure, perhaps as biggest failure was Afghanistan and Glenn talk to former president trump about that as well in eighteen, not one american soldiers killed I wanted to get out more than anybody. You know that I gotta go. The twenty five hundred soldiers we're gonna, take everything at all the but we're- and I said I don't want to leave a nail- a screw- a bolt tank, a plain. Every comes out even the tense. We used as the hangers every they should ship, but leave it. I said, would taken everything, we were gonna, keep Bagua very important because bomb the other five places, Who is it bomb from air use? It is practice, but we keeping because it's right next to China, one hour away from where they make nuclear weapons and to watch these people.
of everything and now China is occupying bog, an absolute and absolute disgrace Joe Biden has been on that, and I think people forget about it, because there is a new one every single week. One of these big stories of the past year has been the rise of conservatives in particular, but people from all across the political spectrum understanding. What's going on with our education system, we obviously saw the big election results in Virginia that highlighted that perhaps tool that we hadn't seen in quite a lot time when it comes to education, Glenn. Also, about what we should be doing and with education going forward with the former president Trump. Is it time to get rid of the Department of Education and give the school's back to the states and the pea? so. I wanted to do that. We, I've done that or we would done a very big form of it people in Washington D C, that don't you
care about the kids, the bureaucrats working in Washington, and they are telling me in Iowa and telling people in Idaho and in other play is far away places where every place is different. telling them exactly what they're going to study. You don't need it. They should be a little coordination like you have to learn English. They have some basic math, but what they would do It was terrible and then what happened is it started getting into the whole, cancel culture thing and all of the different things you ve been reading about, which is totally drew, what they were doing, it's totally there together they tried to to say with the can race, which was very which we help them alliance that we would have been a big day. What that would have been a terrible result if we listened, but that was a good, grace and people really so what was happening with the schools? So I think it's a great thing to get get back out of Washington
some of these states to a great, a terrific job. They can't move. Because of that federal government. They can't do what they want to do and look at what we stand internet surely we spend three times more for education per student than any. the country in the world and when thirty eight place it's terrible, so you give it back to the stage where the states and some of these states will defend s job, not all of them. You have some than a badly run themselves, are not going to do so well, but you nature the doing a phenomenal job, they'll be they'll, be doing it like Norway, Ike Sweden, I hate to say this, like China, oh- we here- are here on January, sixth and we all know that the January sixth media's sort of tail- here is about how, by report, again, and Trump supporters believe election was stolen and they ransacked the the capital.
that is just the new The new factor for you action narrative that we're getting from from from the media. The old one was that the action really was stolen, but that election was two thousand sixteen. As we know, of course, the Trump ministration and the incoming Trump campaign work com sleep with Vladimir Putin to arrange the election in two thousand. Sixteen, so that our hero, Hillary Clinton, would be denied to be the first female president of the United States. that? It was at least what we were told for multiple years now. I guess that's in the background, but Trump was asked by Glenn, about Russia, about Putin, and what is the really important thing we should be thinking about when we're talking about global situation. That does seem to be on the brink of all sorts of trouble here
Glenn talking to President Trump about Vladimir Putin, the one of the first things it Joe Biden did was to stop the Keystone by Glyn and then say to Russia. You can build your pipeline that something that Reagan forever weapons. I don't do that. Poland, begged him, Ukraine, begged him, don't do that. You had I stopped you had stopped. It was done correct If you would have done that, people would have said see their duties and friends who is poor and he loves me crazy. I watched this is being taped in what does? November or December and will be airing in January, but I think was this week, I watched Putin, look at Joe Biden, I didn't see, respect or feed
from him, a fear of the United States or respect for the United States. True it didn't. You know You know how he thinks you know a deal with him: is he gonna move to Ukraine to think. Well, it's looking like TED. you know one Biden told about what he was talking about sanctions when a bunch of sanctions, potent saying sanctions are blowing a sanction, then there's no sanction. That's going to stop me from taking over a country and by the way, it's a mess of peace. Of land in an unbelievable location right. You know that, but he didn't say, could be very serious consequence. Sanction is not a serious consequence, no matter how strong it is not one. MR taking over a copyright and there was no fear one of the things that is interesting about the reaction to this interview from place to be
describers and people who have listened to the interview in its entirety is that it was able to bring them back to optimism a little, but I think the last year I mean certainly less couple years have been really tough on so many people and especially for conservatives going into abide administration where it seems we are just a non stop catastrophe. Every single issue. This guy puts his fingers on, turns to garbage and it's hard, for the american people Look at that and have any hope for the future Glenn asked him about this little bed and kind of starts talking about when a deal with energy, but I think of the hope of the future. Is really the overarching. The unifying theory of this particular if you can get the entire thing at police tv, dot, com, slash,
and here's Glenn back with, President Trump? Are we going to be in three years in trouble? If our ban, we are putting the small gas oil fracturing coal, people out and funding. to changing the structure for green energy. Can we recover from That no weekly now comes the green and she's, not strong enough to fire up those plants, and I'm saying, though, less I'm single. Let's just pretend that Europe to be present? Ok, and in three years can we, earn this around and get on track quickly, quitting yeah. We can and we have to have optimism, and this is more than optimism. This is back. We were entered independent eleven months ago, totally energy independence, and now we're going to OPEC, to beg them for oil. We're going to OPEC. Sorry maybe in Russia with Russia. Will
in Russia, so rich. You know when I ended the pipeline in Russia and Georgia I'm so nice rush I get along great, with Putin and with President XI and with all of em, but there was ever anybody tough like I wished on that and with the tariffs on China we took in billions and billions of dollars and frankly book our businesses back all because it no longer made sense for them to do things in China, but when they did the pipeline and look at Russia primary thing is oil and cocoa, What we are doing is we're making them rich literacy, Donald Trump did not seem to have a problem entertaining the idea that he might be president in three years. Put back on that one at all, the entire interview it's about an hour is available least tb dot com, Slash, Glenn Promo Code is Glenn. and even cotta take the entire thing in and really they go for pretty much every single issue dealing with
the future looking forward the Rolling Stone today, as I mentioned, is all upset that Glenn didn't ask him about January six. Well, what what are we getting that? What's the point of that? The point is not look back and rehash every single argument from last year, five years ago or ten years ago, the much more One thing is look forward in and see where this country can go in the future, whether That's under a president tromp or somebody else. We have to some level of optimism that we can turn around all the things that prison bided and everybody he's associate with is doing to our country today Doll Blaze, tv, dot, com, Slash, Glenn, promo code is Glenn, Well, we made a twenty twenty two. That means you ve got a chance to make it your best. Here he hats optimism. We were just talking about it. You could start with generous I'll buy Shawnee which will allow you to look five fifteen years younger and if
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shipping, don't wait, good agenda cell dot com, it's g and you see l dot, com, the line back programme AAA. Seven, twenty seven back is the phone number this January six there's no need to do play. What was wrong that date and there is a lot wrong. A hundred forty officers were injured or assaulted on that day, but as we look at this and we the grand scheme of things it's impossible to take seriously that the left cares about that they never care by police officers being assaulted, this is just not in their dna in the Georgian it brought riot two thousand thirty seven police officer. We're assaulted or injured, two thousand and thirty seven and the George Food Riots, a hundred and forty in the capital rights
not mean we downplay what happened at the capital. That was bad, but we should also not down. play minimize memory whole what happened during the George floored rights both were terrible, theirs, One hundred and ten arrests at the Capitol harbour. There was six in two thousand two hundred and forty one arrests. When it comes around the George Floyd, true riots, almost all of those people were We have had their charges dropped, not the case with a capital riots. The damages, of course, about one point: five million dollars at the capital and about two billion dollars when it comes to George fully ripe riots. Both events were bad. Both events were problematic. They had different impacts, indifferent symbolism attached to them, but both should be rejected. Sort of activity is always wrong.
We know that not at the left us now. This is the line back programme.
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