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The Police-State Push from Zuckerberg, the 2020 Democrats, and – Trump? | 9/5/19

2019-09-05 | 🔗
Walmart just folded to the Left’s calls for gun control, but the activists already hated Walmart. Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are now talking brain-computer interfaces, and Trump wants Big Tech to MONITOR us for our own safety – this sounds awfully like a police state. CNN’s climate change town hall had even more calls for government control and Biden bleeding from his eyes. That can't be good. Glenn also gained MAJOR husband points for getting Café Rio food through the TSA for his wife’s birthday, and it wasn’t easy. Kevin Hart is being trashed by the Left again, and Dave Chappelle is there to laugh at the insanity. And Dave Rubin took a month away from technology and news and learned something great in the process.

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Thanks so much Hillary good to be back in back in Dallas. We have quite a show for you today, I'm going to start with we're going to start with Walmart Ann the New York Times pushing for corporations just to usurp the the all of the United States government because they think that it's important, but it definitely doesn't mean that they want everybody's guns to be taken, and the scariest story. I have ever read especially because yesterday we about BC. I do remember that that is the news Berg Elon Musk direction where they have developed. Algorithm that can actually read the neurons in your head and attached
words to those, so they can literally read your mind and then and they can nudge you one way or another without you, even knowing it- and this is something Zuckerberg thinks it's a good deal. It's called nuro capitalism. Well, that was yesterday, Wade until you here today. What they're talking about in the White House coming up I can understand. If, who a business and people I'm into your business and just massacred people how that would affect you and how you would say we we've got to do something like we can't do this anymore I completely understand the feelings of those who work and run walmart. However, tax are what is important and we are
getting to a place now, where corporations, I think our founders, never saw this one coming a day, corporations would be much more powerful than the pro government itself. We begin there, one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. You know at home. You have blinds over the windows for a pretty good reason. You don't want to be on display. You want some privacy, for some reason, were ok with it on the internet were ok with everything being watched being tracked, you don't want to be watched while you're connected WI fi because on the internet, some companies will track you and use that information to the ads or to invade our online experience. You know when they're listening to you and they you know they used to say they're, not now apple even admitted, was it Apple or Amazon that they were listening to people
intimate moments if you, if you will in the bedroom, and they were letting vendors listen and laugh what world are we living in Here's the reason why you need Norton, secure VPN. If you want to stop people listening in you want to stop people from tracking you. You want make sure that your nation is. Your information you need Norton. Your VPN, it's a secure tunnel for information that you send and receive online, so cyber crime wells, cannot see it while connected to Wi Fi. It also blocks company I want to track your browsing activity, it's a no secure, VPN bright, browse privately with Norton, secure, VPN secure your connection today. Go to Norton dot com, Slash, VPN protection starts at three dollars and thirty three cents a month for the first year with annual enrollment it is Norton DOT, com, VPN
things do apply alright. We have two directions that we need to take on this uh, this the gun grab, nonsense actually more than cheese we had more politicians coming out yesterday with their solutions, nobody talking about mental health really nobody's talking about what is happening with our society, there's clearly a hole in society, nobody wants to talk about that. They are I want to talk about guns in solutions- okay, great well, now: let's talk, let's start with the solution from corporate America. Walmart has lands to dramatically step back from ammunition sales after what they say, we're home,
fake shootings, and they were it's going to stop all handgun sales in Alaska, why? In Alaska I mean, if you need, if there's a place, you need a gun, it probably is Alaska uh. Stop all handgun sales in Alaska, marking its complete exit from the handguns category, Walmart also and SAM's club will no longer allow open, carry firearms in the stores where open carry is is allowed I mean in Texas. Nobody does what you would wear it on your hip. If you wanted to bundle Yes, you are is law enforcement officer, the open, Legislation is currently on the books in more than twenty six states. What also, not changing their policy yet for those who have permits for concealed Carey. But routing signage in the stores about this. They say that you know open carry could be misinterpreted,
somebody else and what they're going to pull their gun out and shoot. Shares of guns and ammunition makers added to the losses early in the day when it comes to when it comes to the stock market, Vista Outdoor stock, closed down six percent Smith and Wesson. It stock fell four point: five Ruger and company closed down six an Walmart ended the day up. Three they said that they are going to now. No, sell, the bullets the are used to kill people and so we're not going to sell two hundred and twenty three uh or is it? Is it five hundred and fifty six or five? Oh, I can't remember the other one, two hundred and twenty three, five, something I can never remember it, and two hundred seven knows this Doesn't show in the 80s
that was room. Two hundred and twenty two. Ok. Thank you. So much you figure out what you were talking about. Yeah. The Alaska thing, too, is essentially there point right like they own. Have them in Alaska because it was the one place where they the last place they decided to sell them and now they're, even pulling them out of Alaska. Huge mass shooting in Alaska. Currently, yeah place. You need them in place. You need them. It's tough! You know I understand the idea here right, you get pressure, you have a tragedy in one of your stores. You can understand the idea that you, want to do something, but we all know these things were, will not be effective. The idea that, because they're, not at Walmart people can't get take guns like I it's just ridiculous people are going to get guns, they're going to get guns, I mean
are there things that we can do to make sure everybody gets a background check? Yes, but they have. They have ramifications everywhere now you have. No place to buy bullets if you're at Walmart and all these, These are saying: oh we're going to shop at Walmart. Now no you're, not you hate Walmart, you hate it. A you think it's beneath you to shop at Walmart. Bu bet against their policies, because there's a big you know it's a it's. A big box store until they're hurting their workers and they won't unionize and all of this crap they're. Not. I to shop there, and I will tell you that, if you at Walmart after this, you are we going to aid all of the other, industries that are going to do the same thing. Here's the thing! The founders never thought of that
never considered that corporations could become bigger than the government. The for the constitution and the bill of Rights says what the government can I'd ever do, but it doesn't say The corporation can and cannot do, and I don't want it to. I want corporations to be able to do what they want to do. If Walmart wants to do this, Walmart should be able to do this. The problem is There is a guy at the New York Times that is coordinating. A lot of this is openly advocating for all corporation anyone in the chain of supply. That's truckers. Shippers gun manufacturers. On sales credit card companies, banks, anybody who choose a gun at all in any way to stop providing services. Well, now wait a minute that
that's infringing on my right to own a gun. If I can't buy it anywhere. Well, we have needs, the second amendment the government could say well, we did infringe, but all these companies but they were coordinated in coordinated by the left, but there will be. I think, conservative companies that up and coordinate it the other way they will push back this stuff, I mean you, remember two. We gotta it's weird with Walmart right. It's a statement and the statement is really annoying but Walmart was selling guns and all of their competitors. Don't the targets not selling guns yeah right, so the fact that they did it longer is I am an argument that they actually and they're still selling guns by the way yeah they still are. Selling guns are the only ones doing it in this group in this retail group. So it's a tough for because they actually are doing more even now just to get go
two people I go in America than you know, its target is or any of the other main competitors. I go up to Idaho. I buy my ammunition many times at Walmart. Now I can't. I mean, and it's a tough one because are the ones making the statement, so I want to say you know what I want to show them that I don't like that statement. However, these our already made their statement there. They can see by not selling guns at all. We have the is occasionally because there be. You know one of these organized boycott groups that would come after us yeah and they would you know one of these companies would pull their advertising from the show or whatever I mean it was. It was a more rare than was reported, but occasionally did happen, and so these would pull there rising and our listeners, who are awesome, decide like I'm, going to essentially punish them and go. Then call them like crazy and make a big deal about it online. It was all like motivated by really good things, and it was like
You are cheering it on internally, like there's a part of you that just like yes, absolutely, however, there are multiple thousands of companies that it avoid these shows completely because of issues like that because they know if, if something They feel like they need to pull their advertising they're going going to be the one out out, even though they were the ones that were actually advertising on the show, and so it's it's like the one who It takes the risk. I mean Walmart did stand up too a lot of pressure over many years about gun sales, the fact that they're folding out to me is pathetic and it's wrong and they're doing something. That's incorrect. However, we are going to give your business too, our company, I mean ninety nine percent of businesses do not sell guns. Walmart still does so it's a I! It is a it's a tough way. If something isn't, if Walmart isn't hurt by this, it's like Nike look at Nike did here. Nike stock went out, Their sales went up,
think they're learning what lesson they're learning go for it. Ok, if Walmart doesn't Walmart is different because right in the heart of America, it should be understand the heart of America and it's the big retailer out there, so you have you have Walmart doing this if they don't feel any pain in this. It makes everyone else out. What I'm worried about- and I've been saying this for what two years the banks once the bay get involved, and they say they're not going to loan money to gun menu Actors are not going to loan money to gun stores they're are not going to allow credit cards to be used to buy guns or bullets. Then it's on world, then you have. What do you do? I want to buy a three thousand dollars gun, okay, you three thousand dollars out of your bank- account
you going to be now on a watchlist from the bank, because you pulled a whole bunch of money out to try buying it with a credit card right. It's going to be difficult. You seen this happen with marijuana across the country, because it's not federally legal still federally illegal, but there's a every state is now moving in action in many states have already legalized it. So these businesses were raking in tons and tons of cash have no place to keep. They have no place to keep it. They can't put their money in a bank they have to like figure out there. All sorts of stories of people going to go by home you know you're a marijuana dealer. You take your money, you go and you buy home in cash and then immediately sell it and that's get your money out because essentially laundering money through the system right. You can't put it in the bank, so that sort of thing could actually happen with guns where you know look the marijuana. Business is still thriving, but it's a parallel economy right. It's something it's completely outside of the main system again, and is this
good thing by the way you know actually care about gun violence. Is it a good thing that all of these transactions are not going to happen in cash like Is it something you're excited about it ramifications of these dumb. Decisions are never considered until afterwards, such much worse. Much worse. The guy at the New York Times says yes, because the boost killers can't afford the guns, so they have to put him on credit card that's really so only poor people are killing people, because I know if I said that we get thrown off. The air is odd, only poor people who are the murderers, that's one that gets conservatives banned from radio. Ok. So this is. This is the corporate realm. This is the attack The corporate realm we know the political realm, but let me share with you what I see, with you yesterday, first about something called Bci and then what the Trump Administration has brought back to the table
as a possible solution. It is, it is the beginning, of the police state. In no uncertain terms, I'll give it to you here in just a second somewhere in America, within the sound of my voice. There's a there's, a man in department store pulling a calfskin card case from his back pocket. He pays in, ash, though, because he likes to deal in cash wherever you can and that card with the rough hands holding it says about as much as him is. The man is the pair of Tecovas boots on his feet. You would know it to look at him, but this man has kept your power on through the rain and through the shine for the past thirty years or so because that was his frontier keeping the power on
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list style that will complement your style, comfortable Rible. Western wear for your frontier to Kovis dot com, slash back for ten seconds station id I've been telling you for a while that we are entering a brave new world and that we must have. Conversations now and discuss right now what we're willing to accept and what we're not willing to accept, because as their rolled out, if you don't really think about right, they're just going to be rolled out and everybody will accept it, and then everything will be fine until it's not ok, we after the decide, there? A line and what that line is yesterday,
I told you something about Bci? Those are brain. Computer interfaces this is reality? This is not science fiction, it's a year with Elon Musk it's about a year away from actual human testing of this, but with Zuckerberg it's already been tested and he has the algae, for them? They can actually read your mind. You can take the neurons in your head, read them and attach words to those neurons? Now you have to ask yourself: is there any privacy anymore? Do you have a right to your own thoughts. Or does the government have a right to those thoughts? Do the corporations have a right to those thoughts by the way works two ways. Not only can it read, it can write so in other words it can nudge one way or another without you even knowing it now,
Musk is saying that we have to have this because we're not going to be able to handle Ai will be destroyed by ai. He said we're just going to be to stew but in two slow to understand. Really any thing that is going on it's going to become God like so we must be immersed in the internet, but remember the inter is two ways now, if you thought that was nuts, that is the next. That is the end game step. I believe, that's when Stephen Hawking becomes right when he said by two thousand and fifty homosapiens will no longer exist, I didn't mean that all humans are going to die. What he meant was. You will be so augmented by two thousand and fifty that you will no longer the human you're, going to be a new hybrid and a new sort of a new sort of being and there won't be any natural human beings left, because everyone
will either want this or be required to have it. Imagine if, if the working next to you was constantly wired to the internet and could be everything, and when he meets somebody who knows their name, he knows everything about them, and you are sitting there you're, just a natural person you're not! going to be able to compete so is the world. You want. Now. That seems like it's a long way away, but trust me it is not. Let me give you this. The Trump administration is considering a proposal that would use. Google Amazon and Apple, to collect data. On users who exhibit characteristics. Of mental illness that could lead to violent behavior the proposal,
is part of the initiative to create a health, advanced research projects, agency or Harpa. It would be located inside the health and Human Services department uh, new agency would have a separate budget and the president would be responsible for ordering its director Harpa would take after defense, Advanced research projects, agency or DARPA serves as the research arm for the Pentagon now This idea was first crafted and presented to the White House in two thousand and seventeen, but it failed to. Are there any ground? However, it has a renewed push. Susan Wright Foundation approached the president recently and does the agency, include a project called stopping abhorrent face,
events by helping overcome mental extremes or safe home is the acronym who's against safe home. The the the woman's wife is Bob right. He was former exec, If of NBC. Was the chair of NBC, close relationship with Donald Trump? There now at your apple watch and Amazon. Echo and Google home too, it's just see if you have any disturbing patterns that the government should be aware of America, it's time to stop talking about the stupid, silly things and see the writing on the wall and decide who are we an? Where are we going text? Glenn Beck
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going to be required to have Google Amazon or Apple in your home. Monitoring you, if you're going to use that as a means of whether or not you can own a gun. You'd have to wouldn't you yeah, yeah you'd have to, and that's just common sense, it's just a watching who designs this the like mark sucker again and that goofy whatever his name is it and the apple people are going to tell us whether or not we're stable enough to own a gun. I I I trust them to make that decision. My family is so unbelievably sarcastic. I mean you, we can go for a patent. You and I are like this. We could go for two hours without saying something serious serious. Ok, we are just so we have yeah so sarcastic yeah, if you were eavesdropping on our conversation, you would think that we were
out of our mind. Not the coaches happen with Leif Olsen, whose name for yeah right from the? U ease in the Trump Administration, with some some Roland, labored and and and and hourly wages and all the stuff, and he got fired because Bloomberg, found Anti semitic, the quotes from him on the internet. It's like okay! Well, I mean that mean to me that get you fired right, except for the fact that he they weren't anti semitic quotes. They were him mocking the all right, so he was like to king they've, sort of persona of an alt right person and you can it's blatantly obvious that it is. It is absolutely mocking the alt right, the Paul Nehlen Paul Ryan election. He liked Brian Moore and was mocking the pool Paul Nehlen the acolytes, and they found this took it out of context. Bloomberg writes a story about still standing by the story, despite the fact that like CNN is called the mountain said. This is ridiculous. I mean I, this is blatantly not it is. Not an anti semitic comments. Cnn Cnn,
and uh they still sticking by it, and the Trump Administration got wind of this an now. He had to and he's out of a gig like she's like how are wired not first of all. Why are they not rehiring the guy and using it to just blast the media? They should it's a great point, but I mean is now at the point and that we've seen this happen with I mean it happened to Jeffrey Lord. It happened to happen today to lash, or they will go back and pull statements, and as if you were serious when you said them when you happen to those guys we were the model according to Cheryl Atkinson yeah. This show was the model of that happened to PAC pattern. I once filling in for you when we were media matters took a quote out of context. We were king about Keith Olbermann, There was a shooting or Keith Olbermann was blaming. You know the right or whatever for the shooting, as as they always do, and we decided to just go through and find stuff from Keith Olbermann that Keith Olbermann had said that motivated another shooter and we kind of said like we went through and made the whole case and at the end we
We said now that is exactly what they would say about us. That is how bad the cases, of course that's not true, and we explain the entire thing it's conveniently left that part out this cut it off before then. So we have a good decent patents general blame the Keith Olbermann for shooting okay. So how many times have you been in a conversation and it's been brought and you're like no, I I don't think I said that, but if I did I'm sorry, I didn't mean That way. I can't imagine the context in which I would have said that, right now, if Google Apple at the government, like the NSA, have all of your life recorded- and you can't have set to it, you only get access like we should have a test to our entire file of whatever the NSA or anybody else is collected on us. That stuff should be hours,
We don't have access to it, they could take anything out of context. Plate and say. Is that not you will yeah, but I don't I mean I can't imagine well you said that earlier, and you said you didn't say it now. You said it so is that you, I guess how do you defend yourself? How do you talk? You know the the thing that I said right after nine eleven was eleven was the difference between America and the rest of the world. Is it Americans still trust each other we've? Never Turned on each other, we did in the civil war, but we've never turned on each other like it with US police state, we've never turned each other in we've. Never done that because we didn't feel like it was a threat that our neighbor was a threat. And so nobody was spying for a government agency. Will now Facebook, Google apple
will be spying and they already are. They are the us C. I a I believe was one of the big investors: first big investors in Google, because they want to the a I research they want all of this stuff. So when Google was pro pro testing, the Google employees were protesting a couple weeks back and they were saying, don't give the. Does the Google shouldn't be giving the information to ice about who's here illegally. And I thought to Myself- wait what when did that start he's been doing that that's part of the deal the government are working with the government working with the governing much. There are close to be even the government. I think you know I really are. I said this earlier and still kind of looked at me. Kinda strangely, and I love to hear your thoughts on this. Do and yours pat, I don't know if the guy
ever saw a time where the government would be taking a backseat to the founders had would not did not foresee. Yes, what did I say that the founders did it? One thing the founders didn't see was that the guy that the that corporations will get bigger than the government yeah I mean I still be- is governed the the Google would have more power, more information. Then then the United States government that they could use. Sir, the rights of man and the government couldn't do anything about it. Can I think I agree with that. I mean I, you know, I think they would always see in one of the things that's interesting about the Google part of this is that one of the limitations of the government is that usually can't do these things competently right, Google can't re Google eat the reason why Google is popular. We keep giving them. However, information is
Because they do a really good job with it, they do a really good job, making their products work better than all the other products they've they're there. Everything they have is a better option than everything else available, and so does Amazon any Amazons Apple yep. But you know, there's there's three or four companies are minute that there's you know those companies, I think now, of course you know a google cannot put you in prison, they can not. Put you at the barrel of a gun. Legally, nobody can work with the government to do that. You know, and then they also can. They also can at you in digital prison? I mean yeah yeah. If you're if you're not allowed to if you searching for somebody- and they just are not found anywhere you're, not online. You have no digital footprint, I mean I say hurrah for you, but you have no digital footprint. You've been completely erased. If you include like fire
comes now the government will say you know what he buys firearms and we're not going to let him use any of our banking services. You have no place to go. This is honestly the mark of the beast. You know we always thought it was just something to read. You know a scanner to be able to let you in how about the mark of the beast being planted in your forehead being something like BC. I, where it is actually read in your mind and allow bring you to go online. I mean ' we're in the territory now to where I never understood as a kid how you couldn't buy or sell you couldn't do anything anywhere on earth in the days of the market you can easily. Do that now, oh my gosh and a hundred different ways. I mean it's, it's it's there's five episodes of from of black Amir about it right right, right handed with it's that it's very much in our culture now for sure and what's crazy, is five g is going to make all of this stuff possible,
and I get a lot of mail from people saying gland five g- is evil. Well, no five g is what we make of it and right now things are being used for bad purposes, because we don't care enough. But if you don't have five g, we will be India overnight. Once five g is long left behind who? Who you will know everything yep you lose everything we will become India, we will be a sub standard nation. Now I don't care for super power. I mean I think of the world is a better place, because we
our but- and I don't mind- I'd rather live in poverty than be a slave to technology, but we better have that conversation right now, yeah, and I think you know the reason why I kind of gave you a little bit of look when you said that one. I think, if the if Google has to work with the government to get these things done, then it implies that the government is still bigger right, I mean they still are bigger and Google has a lot of positive influence on us as well. These big companies do a lot of really great things for us, and so it's a mixed bag where the government is sort of on the other side of that, but the other part of it is the founder is not seeing it. One of the things the founders did very clearly see was the enemy of liberty was dependants and we're so depend on these things now, but, like the point you make up like they could put you in digital prison, but we were all in digital prison as of twenty years ago. All of us, we all had no profile at all with Digital. Now,
Oh, it's such a big deal in our lives that just the idea of being d platformed or something like that. Something that thing how laughable the idea being D platform would have been twenty years ago. Cares if you can't post things on the internet, it's not a loss of freedom, Would you like who cares now? It is like a massive thing because it drives the way we communicate the way we run our businesses. All sorts of different things are impacted, so we've become so dependent on those things and and we almost ceded the the ability to withdraw from and that dependence is what takes away the the liberty you know it can be. The government can be companies, it can be your neighbor but you're supposed to be able to to be independent enough to not have to be to do to Rhonda those systems as a requirement we're in a prison of our own, making, well business, deep yeah and then the power you know, Pat Knight, we we have the same face and we have something because wildly misunderstood something called the word of wisdom and
he's. Like all yeah. I can't have caffeine search out your what you can and can't do now. They don't know they don't make a suggestion. Yeah follow it right and it's and it's not about caffeine. It's not. I would I remember I I I went out to with my business, so we have seen a cougar stadium. Now I, by the bank, and then we just said yeah. That's just me out. After being that sounds awesome. Great Gatsby delivered yeah so anyway, so I was out with the bishop once and I didn't order a coke because it had caffeine in it. I love Coke and I said: do you have a caffeine free coke and they said no weirdo, we don't Ann. I said: ok, I'll, have a sprite and my bishop looked at me and said: did you give up caffeine and I said well, and he said good, for you all have a coke. Please wait what the heck is that? What is that, and he said Glenn- it is what about caffeine. However, if caffeine,
drives your life if you're these people like, I cannot function without a cup of coffee and you really mean it. I mean there are people who are like. I got, I have a cup of coffee and they don't meet, but if you're one of these people that you cannot function without caffeine, you need to give that up because you can't be a slave to do anything. That's the idea, don't be a slave to anything and We are slaves to almost everything. Almost everything is specially technology. Talk to somebody about giving up technology, no! No! I can't can't- I can't and schools are doing this. My kids have to have technology, they have to have tablets, That's all their homework comes on. That's all their paperwork is done on, that's all they use in school and I'm like wow what what about. I don't know a paper and pencil now we don't use that they won't be able to.
Uhm. Ok, that's just bad! I'm interested to hear maybe have time later on today to talk about 'cause. You just met with Dave who, once a year for an entire month, goes off the grid completely. He said it is fantastic. I loved there will be some. He said it is so great. He said you Jones for a little while and then he said my whole world opened up. He said IE actually said uh during the broadcast. He hadn't done any hadn't hadn't done anything until the broadcasts and he said I'm kind of worried about going back into it. I have butterflies in my stomach. I had dinner with him three hours later and he said I'm just go through my email. He said I hate this. I hate this and it's an interesting thing to give it up. Thanks, bye, bye, one thing we should not give up at gray unleashed fun. It's online on your tablet on your phone everywhere, soon it'll be being direct,
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that you know how many times have we said something so agonizing that blood is going to start shooting out of your eye, my gosh here's a seven hour, CNN Climate Change Conference and in the middle of it, while on stage Joe Biden has blood shooting out of a side. That. Guy bandit filled with blood. I know it filled with blood. He starts with two white eyes. He ends with one white eye and one red eye, and if I thought somebody was going to go, full fledge read onstage, it wasn't but blue, shooting out of his eyes. This guy is just like disintegrating in front of us,
He I mean he's already had two aneurysm health frustrating with this, be for Hillary Clinton, like she fainted once the MIKE right. Okay got only part twenty four hour: Ebola go ahead on and he's like. No, I twenty six you're listening, take the land back Let's see real estate agents, I trust is our sponsor for the spotlight sponsorship over one thousand. In the agents strong right now we have another. Five thousand were on a waiting list to join. Now. What that means is we don't have to go and vet all of these people. These are people that we've added. These are people that were look. That these are people we're not going to grow our list
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people very carefully because I trust you trust me and I don't want to ever hurt that bond. It's real estate agents. I trust dot com the fusion, entertainment and enlightenment You know it's been a couple of days out in California and it is so great out there. It is so great. I had a change of heart. I thought only if the government could just control more of our lives, maybe we could be as great as California. Maybe we could have you know the black plague return to our streets. Maybe could have homelessness and people crapping on the streets, and there was a
sweet sweet, our article that I read this morning about a little girl who I thought you were dreaming and making things up because they look outside her window and they didn't see anything and she's like no. I did I'm telling you mom and dad somebody was crap being on our roof of our car. Oh honey, that's not happening. They went out the next morning and somebody had crapped on their car. It's beautiful especially this time of year. Wonderful! Well, the Good NEWS is that Be coming to a neighborhood near you, because last night on CNN with the climate change nonsense. Oh my gosh. They have things and stuff they want to do to control your life only for the better only for the better in one minute, this is the Glenn Beck program.
I want to read something written by a guy named Joseph. He lives in New Jersey. Joseph is you, as you will hear, it knows a few things about being in pain. He wrote. I was in pain, Glen for years after a van hit me, while I was crossing a street in New York City taking relief factor after taking it, I felt good for the first time in years I could play with my children again and not be saying. Let daddy lie down for just a bit. I can even do yard work again okay, well, that's not good. Are you eat out? I just keep up the all land it. I know I honey the pain when I'm in the yard, doing chores and stuff it's bad then, but he says I feel, like I've got my life back every day in America, people with stories just like Joseph Discover, relief factor, relief factors, great way to reduce the inflammation that causes pain and it works for seventy percent of those who try it. It was invented by doctors, but it's important to note that it is not a drug.
For one thousand nine hundred and ninety five- you can get a three week, Quickstart, don't put it off another day. Listen to me, listen to Joseph. It work for seventy percent of the people that try it and you will get your life back. Its relieffactor dot com, relieffactor, dot, com, man. We had everything last night on CNN. Including a show that was absolutely unwatchable, so none of us did we just had our producers watch it so we didn't have to, but we could get the clips to share with you. 'cause, you may or may not want to hear them as well, but here are the highlights, and if you look at this, as thing. That is not the destruction of our country not to destroy.
Of everything that we know, including freedom throughout the world. If you, if you look at it, is not actually something that is going to happen, it's kind of funny it's the only way that will stop you from hanging yourself. Here is Joe Biden. He was a little confused last night, but I think he was. I think he was totally fine, but listen here. He is biting confused. Look, what's happened in the Midwest. We have a number of significant basis that Renee's related to military bases are related to our national security. That, in fact, were rendered almost useless, including I can't go into great detail to say it. But my point is it
significantly reduced our national security. Okay, so was he was he just hesitating because he he couldn't say what he knew or was he another aneurysm last night, he's started to bleed from his eyes like a James bond character. You know the guy in casino Royale, with it playing cards leaving from the eye and ear like, I know, he's bluffing when he leads from the eye he's bluffing he his. I filled up with blood last night which is a sign of high blood pressure. High stress, aneurysm, also add two aneurysms: he had to have one cut out of his head. They actually took the top of his head off. This guy is he's not in good health? Would it? Surprise. Anyone if, if a blood vessel just popped in his head
I mean I hate to say that it's awful but he's had two already. They thought the second one. They thought he was never going to come back because it hit the his speech in going and outgoing, so he's not in good health. Who is he going to pick for vice president 'cause? That's really who you're going to be voting, for I mean it's a big. It's a bigger consideration, any candidate. That's older right right and is there a difference? I mean that's a consideration with Donald Trump, but Donald Trump is not well. Is this a Donald Trump is not get tripped up over his words years, but that's him, that's not age! That's him! Ok! This is not Joe Biden yeah! You can see if you were watching these clips to. You could see him pushing through it. Like he's he's trying to get to the word, and you can see it almost physically trying to win himself to be able to say what he's trying to say now you write code in this particular instance be something he's trying to protect for national security. It's possible
but I mean it does this all the time all the time, and I think that has everything to do with his last aneurysm they I mean, I think that he would be well. They I mean if it's out there I mean it's in his medical record. They didn't think that he would recover that time, because it was right in his speech center. It could be age or it could be the aneurysm or it could be something we don't know about, but whatever it is, it's noticeable right, like but I don't ever so. Smart rightly body was never that the guy who is nailing every single comment. He was always gapping, but this again this is a different different he's. Still struggling to find the words he's trying to get to it's different than like what we saw with Hillary right and- and I can- and I know like with the Hillary thing- blew up into a big issue because she fell on camera and it was like a scary thing. She just passed out for seemingly no reason
this she kind of had she kind of. Has the Angela Merkel thing going on? Where Merkel was you? Don't you don't necessary You see it anywhere, but all of a sudden and Angela Merkel is like shaking as she have you seen those videos. Now, oh my gosh, you have to look it up. Look for Merkel, Rangala Angola, Merkel, shaking with heads of state and she'll, be standing for a long time and the first time she did they said. Well. She, dehydrated well made by Hillary to right and then the next time what they didn't give her so water before she went out, and I mean it's disturbing how she shakes so so Hillary kind of had that this is different.
Yes, a mental thing to where he seems to be losing his mental agility, and do you think it would be a minor passing issue if Donald Trump in the middle of the debate started with two eyes that were white and then by the end, one of the most read? Do you think the coverage would be a tad different than what's going on with Joe Biden where people are not even acknowledging it base? Now I mean it with the exception of some conservative people, saying like that was kind of weird: that's it right there. There's the mainstream media as a whole is not even bother. Or that he's got it previous health concerns? Now look. I don't think that making your I this does happen to people I mean it is. It is a relatively common thing, but it was with Donald Trump. Can you imagine they be saying? Was Satan popping his head through the I terminator. So let's go to Elizabeth Warren Ellis
with Warren. There's a story out today that Elizabeth Warren is the only one that scares Donald Trump. I don't think that's true, but they're making the point that she teflon that, no matter what happens for some reason she can. We it. I don't think so. I think she's she's made to battle Donald Trump and lose I think she was designed in a laboratory to lose to Donald Trump in an election. If you could design the perfect candidate to lose Tetracene bot wars yeah she's, like one of those that you get that gets out into the into the cage you're like that's dead into it's funny that people would have an opinion about Elizabeth Warren when really the opposite was the consensus as of six months ago, like I she's
had a good run here for six months, but there's no reason to believe with focused attention. No one's taking shots at her right, like the only person who you'd see, who could really compete with her in her current environment, is Sanders because Sanders the only one who can get to her left and if you notice Sanders doesn't do anything about Elizabeth Warren. They have, they have agreed apon truth, that's been widely reported, so she stopped. Sing any criticism right now, if you are, let's say you're Joe Biden, the thing you can't do is come say: well, you know what the problem is. Elizabeth, warrens too liberal. You can't say that no one can criticize her right now, because she's found her spot all the way to the left. The only people who are doing it are like well, that's what I know what she's saying, but That's not realistic, and that just makes you look like you're, not getting hard enough. You don't have big enough vision in a primary. It's really hard to win that way. So the list
Warren is in a a nice spot where she basically can't be criticized, and she can criticize all of her opponents at will because she can get to all of their left. Exception of some sanders who she has a truce with. So well of course doing well in an environment in which she's not facing any counter fire, but tell me what Donald Trump would do to somebody who said this. Here's Warren controlling everything is that, yes, no it look. There are a lot of ways that we try to change our energy consumption and our pollution and God bless all of those ways. Some of it is
light bulbs? Some of it is on straws. Some of it is on cheeseburgers right. There are a lot of different pieces. That is an I get that people are trying to find the part that they can work on and what can they do and I'm in favor of that I'm going to help, but I'm going to support so I'm going to help support. You know cheeseburger bands, light bulb ends. We have the question: was: should the government be involved in light bulbs and regulation of light bulbs right and you could tell where she was leading, we don't have the the I mean, that's what I click patents by Basically what she's saying is yeah, you know what was stopping using straws is wonderful and I support you, but we need much more drastic action right. That is with the government and of to to support her on this she's. Absolutely right. If you believe this I answered all the horrible warnings about global warming, global warming. You have a situation where straws do nothing for this. This strawser, just
she signaling? We when you go to a restaurant, I don't give you straw, they're, just trying to tell you the, like. The environment has nothing to do with the environment. We all know that the the the statistic that they're basing the straw bands arm was did was buy. Was buy a nine year old, literally a nine year old, and I who called a bunch of straw companies as part of a school project, and that is why this just draw band is going on a nine year old. So this is not something that's any scientist would tell you is doing anything. It isn't, but it's all about telling everyone else, what a wonderful person you are well Beto said last night that his eight year old new that El Paso would be unfit for humans to live in soon sounds like an eight year old right. That's exactly what I thought he was like. Even my eight year old knows that El Paso is not going to be livable for humans, and I thought yeah? I really only an eight year old would think that you know
and maybe you as well as president, it might be unlivable, so they really got. Down to the nitty gritty. On whether or not we should eat meat we'll get to that. But don't worry they're not extremist, knows extremist those tea, partiers and say we should abide by the two shall I hate. Those guys are girls, so extreme banning meet when we come back so you own your own business, there's a lot of things that you need to do and need to consider on a daily basis and the comfort and productivity of your employees is one of them. Those people they're coming in every that's it down to their computers an make money for the company. The least you can do is make sure that their comfort rible, why they do it investing in. Right type of office chair may not seem like a big deal, but it really is: may I suggest
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new x wheels with your chair. It's x, chair, Xchairbeck, dot com, promo code back. We pause for ten seconds station id so we'll come? All I hear is had a couple of just common sense ideas of that. I think you're, just gonna love Camallo said. First, she wants to ban fracking here she is on fracking.
There's no question, I'm in favor of banning fracking and starting with what we can do on day, one around public lands right and and then there has to be legislation. But yes- and this is something I've taken on in california- have a history of working on this issue and to your point on, and you know that we have to just acknowledge that the residual impact of fracking is enormous in terms the impact on the health and safety of community. How how how what evidence do you have on that? Whatever ends. Do you have that fracking lead Do anything bad get give that to me. Fracking by the way is the reason why we are no longer dependent on the Middle EAST for oil. We don't need anything else we are now the leader in Bill gas reserves. The leader we are not depend
The very first time we don't have to worry about it is because of fracking. You want to know why the price of gasoline is down fracking, I want to know why we can now dis Saudi Arabia and actually talk about not selling them stuff. Fracking you want to know why our emissions are down. Fracking hiking, I mean it's crazy, it's crazy!
but not as crazy as this here's, our second idea, the balance that we have to strike here frankly, is about what government can and should do around creating incentives and then banning certain behaviors. I mean just to be very honest with you. I love cheese burgers from time to time. Right I mean I I I just do and I and I think that, but there is, but there has to be also what we do in terms of creating incentives that we will eat in a healthy way, that we will encourage moderation and that we will be educated about the effects of our eating habits on our environment, and we have to do a much better job of that and the government to a much better job that you want to leave. Yeah. Okay, so I mean I'm just I just can't take my head will explode my I will start to bleed like Joe Biden's DE if this isn't a. If this isn't the.
The predictions made in agenda twenty one where they control absolutely everything. If they control health care, they have a reason to get in and say. Well, we have a right to look at what you're eating and how you're exercising look what she said. Create incentives, there's only two ways to create incentives for the government to do that, and that is tax breaks, which they ain't coming and the other is well you'll see. If money on your health insurance you'll save money. We won't. If do if you start eating this much meat, then you're going to have to pay more for your health insurance or whatever. That's how they're going to do it. That's that's nudging! the government doesn't have any place in that, because the government doesn't have any place in our health insurance. However, if they providing, health insurance. They
every right to control everything in your life, if they're giving you quote unquote health insurance, why should we pay for the people who are fat and eating too much. Now I mean disposable people. Really I'm actually torn on this too. As to whether these things are good or not, because part of me thinks yeah him cash. You believe the government is like wanting to have different track down, how many cheeseburgers you to change your WI health insurance rates over it. Part of I think you know what that's exactly what they should do and we should all realize this is exactly what they're going to do, because if you get your healthcare through the government right, this is the type of thing you're going to be facing right and then you know what people will probably choose the private market a lot more often because the private market will have to compete and then will do those things and make your life your life. Unlike what the government's going to do with it, I mean, I think, there's a good argument to say you know what maybe, if you're taking money from the government, maybe they should control most of your life. You know what we had that impossible, burger yeah, as anybody had the impossible.
Or yeah. Oh yes, many times they here in Texas, very after everyone could you could you get one? We do another test. I do I do if, because I said when I saw the commercial for the impossible whopper. I looked at my son and I said that's the future, because if, if it is as good as the impossible burger that I've had before yeah, if it, if it just tastes like meat, I don't care. I like the taste of meat. Ok, I like the texture of meat. I like a good steak and they can't make a good steak yet, but if they could make a steak, that is just as good and it's not meet. I don't care Most people are on it like they want what they want. They would prefer not to have all of the side effects of you know if you're on the left global warming, if you're on the right it might be animal stuff or whatever. It is like you to up her for her right if you can get it for the same cost and get the same protein the same taste like. Why would you, when I'm being attacked again, that's how the free market works? You know I finally
I have been working on solar energy at my house, all my god. Okay, it's it's been! It's been. An adventure spend an adventure and I've spent a fortune an absolute fortune trying to do it. It's not read it wasn't ready for prime time Okay, now it is now it is. I finally have a system in the last year or so that can provide all of my energy needs right and it's it's unbelievably inexpensive for where it was still out of price range. But it's coming, there's no reason to to mandate. Everything coming. Yeah and conservatives would love that. Yes, I mean conservatives would like the idea, I'm off the grid entirely off the grid. It's cheaper and you know if you know the global warming concerns if it addresses those fantastic right, but the idea that, in the end we're going to have an independent energy source that could be cheaper, an clean
That's just a fantastic development for everybody in West conservatives, cheered on no, it's not good for everybody. They have promised that they are not going to build another nuclear power plant unbelievable, but we don't we're not building them now Anyone since one, if you're serious about the climate, though you want added to nuclear power, you'll, have to have nuclear power if you're serious about the climate, the land back. Buddy, remember back in the ancient foggy mists of about two weeks ago, when people Throwing themselves out of windows because of the negative yield curve Amber how that was a sure sign. We're headed for a recession. Well, not a sure sign, but let me tell you what it is when the yield curve is zero or negative, it means that bank banks can't make enough money by lending money, so they stopped lending money. Now, that's bad news for
people whether it ends up in a recession or not that's just bad news. The good news is: is that gold just hit a six year high lower intra, rates, easing of monetary policy has helped made gold and silver prone to a rally. By the way, did you see that they're saying now that negative interest rates are in America's future negative interest you want to talk about gold. Maybe you call them right now and talk to them get all the important risk Asian. Do your own homework you're, smart enough to figure this out. Eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com call them now get their important risk information. Eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com, In case you missed the big announcement this week. Blaze TV is adding Dave, Rubin plays tv dot, com promo code is Glenn and it'll save you ten dollars
This is the Glenn Beck program. Welcome to it back to what was said during the debates last night and this great global warming idea also back to a gun ban here. In just a few minutes, but I I want to introduce you to somebody who is a guest of mine in the studio today. His name is Brett Johnson. I don't. Brat I met him yesterday, but Brett was Brett was listening to Knrs. What two days ago and I called in because yesterday was my wife's birthday and I'm in LOS Angeles, and she always says to me you know I say honey, but just twenty years I've tried I've tried. I've tried everything I get my wife. She does not like oh butter, spectacular presence in my butt little present spectacular. I've done everything. Every little combination, nothing, nothing and she
Always I don't need anything and minute, the minute that you would say: okay! Well, I won't get you anything, That's the worst mu. I know that's a trap. Okay, I'm never falling, for. I know that's a trap, so we were, we were traveling about a week ago and we were in Utah, which has CAFE Rio now for summer, my life, my wife, her her entire. If she could design Heaven, it would be a cafe rio. Ok, she we have to have cafe real half area yeah. We have to have cafe real the minute we land and the last thing before we take off okay, is it a? What can you do? it's uh yeah, it's uh she can? Restaurant it's like a high end to make now is like a cat. Costa was a CASA Verde here in so it's better the to post, Evita,
I don't think those are anywhere all over the place either, but like the there up from a taco bell, but they can give you have a from a chipotle a little above. Chipotle! Is it a little about the same yeah about something? Ok, so it's no big deal yes, just gas, fast food, restaurant, okay, She loves it, and so I thought to myself that's what I'm going to get her for her birthday, because she was having his there in LOS Angeles to Well, yes, but I didn't have any friends in LOS Angeles, and I was coming home too late and so I I was in LOS Angeles and I couldn't get you think, I'm going to get through already with a bunch of food and everything else, not a chance in Hell and have one past the Security council they actually are in. If I understand they're, not even in LOS Angeles, I think
I don't know, maybe they are. I think, there's like what I think is it. You know I I do know a little bit about the story and we looked at it. Yes, I think, there's like like Utah Arizona. Let me there's one or two other states. It thought it was in LOS Angeles that could be wrong, but I knew I didn't have a chance So I decided to call rot our cat, who is at our station that can our in salt lake and run is just a super great guy and he's just a normal guy, and I called him up and I said rod this is. I know this is really stupid. I said, but I want to get my wife a gift and what she really will want for her birthday is CAFE Rio and he just started. Last and he's like no really and I'm like. No really that's what she will want. That would be the best I I'll get so many husband points for this yeah, but I do no? I mean I called the attorney general's office and they're likely. We can help you get food through the TSA. I'm like really I mean there's nothing. You can do
threaten them with some sort of investigating there like. No, so that's not the way it works. Well I mean it is the way it works, but we're not doing that so so call rod- and I said rod, I need somebody in your audience that can either you know, get it delta and then somebody at Delta that will put it on a plane, I'll buy a first class seat. If I have to it on the plane. If this ticket will have somebody pick it up and well, we got it. We get out of my security, guys private number because he was like well what number we had even thought of that were like out. These were thing and everything else so get out his number. Rings all night. All my people are calling and not like your security needs, an open line available, no, not at all, not at all, so bread is one of the guys who calls an he
call Zan, I'm listening. They have it on speakerphone, I'm listening and he's like yeah. I used to work for the airline, I don't anymore, but your system is not going to work. You actually need somebody to go an I'm willing to go. You know I just I have a I'm self employed blah blah blah. What was your thinking here when you said You are willing to go on a trip to each other's wife, wanted one burrito, and you're like oh, that, was easier, bring a burrito on a players yeah, no short it was she had. It was a party. Seven ever friends last night, because I was not supposed to be there so ever friends and they all wanted the salad. I think it's something with the dressing or so I think we can just gotten away with the dressing, but so he wanted to salad. So I asked him: could you can you? Can you bring seven seven salads? Dallas. Well, I I knew your plan wasn't going to work. You can't go and
put food on a seat in an airplane and have it end up where it's going to go really. That should be something that exists, though it doesn't know. So I knew I needed need a warm body to haul it out there and I've I've traveled a lot over the years and not common for me to fly to a city or an hour and fly back so so it did What is the people in your life? Think of this? Well, obviously, that that's insane! yeah. But I guess I did not surprised right right. It sounds like something you do right, but my wife said right, so it put those two statements together for a second it's insane and it sounds like something you would do. What is he saying about? You Glenn uh. No, I think he was saying it was something that he would do that. I would he's insane. Ok well now the idea that you guys aren't insane person did mexican food across state lines to talk about, but yeah. We did talk about that.
His wife on a cafe Rio, I mean CAFE. Rio's awesome made huge fan of CAFE Rio and I was telling Glenn. I said I often get that text on my way, open work, yeah a real question mark yeah yeah. I know what I have to do now right. It's cafe staff is sold last night, so we met him at the airport because I was coming and he got into what two o'clock in yeah, and so we had somebody meet him at the airport to take the food to make sure It was, you know, not all now all poison, because he was sitting out on the deck to grab a chip at all. You get anything to eat any of the food on the line did not yeah, that's what yeah that's so he delivered it perfectly. So we got it and, and then I come into the airport, about five thirty and we're just chatting, and I said you got to stay the night and- and you know just come in for the breakfast for the the radio show the next day and then so he's going home today. But I I want you to know, set it all up about six hundred and thirty? Last night everybody was coming over at
I'm not even invited to this party- and I tell my wife just get out of the kitchen for awhile, and I see I set it up, and it's in these you know these tins. You know the you know regular fast ten and it's in these then I just set it all up and the all the girls come over, an my wife walks in and she looks and she said, is Is this cafe Rio, and I said yes, she said how did you get it here and I said it was very complex. And we're currently paying for a man staying at a hotel and all the all her friends said it's weird. This cafe real thing is weird, especially, with women they all said wait a minute. This isn't Costa Vida, and I said no, that's CAFE Rio and they all looked at
and then they looked at her and then they looked at me and they went you're a good husband Brett. Thank you for those points which is amazing. First of all, you should be getting bread CAFE Rio free for the rest of your life into this. I hope they're hearing this yeah, because that you should be hooked up for every text that comes in or should be a free meal for you yeah. That's an amazing job. Well, thank you for doing that. Well, this has been a lot of fun. I mean when I was telling glad I said you know, I'm a stranger to you, but you guys are in a stranger to me. Listen these guys for a long time. So when you made the request was like a friend inhaled. So so cool, so cool and that's the way that's the way. All of these calls were. All of these calls were, like Glenn, tell Glenn I'll come out anyway. Well, let's see need I'll get it from here to there do whatever it was really neat. We greatly,
and now you're married for another day, which is a lot surprised it is. It is being tonight right. There's no cafe Rio, but thank you so much. You know probably get so much all right back in just a minute. We're going to go back to. The insane, insane debate last night and the things that Democrats want to control in your life. Oh also forest. And looks like not going to be the Prime Minister, the weirdest freaking form of government, is England still even functioning as a nation. Alright, let me tell you, Our sponsor it is real estate agents. I trust there are two parts of buying a house, the fun part and then not so fun part the fun art is going in, seeing all the houses making plans. You know design the look of your future in your head as you walk through room, that's fun, but not so fun part. Actually selling your house, doing all the paperwork, all the stress of what to offer for the new.
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it's real estate agents. I trust dot com, that's real estate agents, I trust dot com. You're listening to Glenn Beck. So, as we are talking about the things that we can do you know to save the planet from global warming. Last night the Democrats showed how extreme they were from talking about controlling the light bulbs. Straws cheap, cheeseburgers signing incentives which means taxes or other things. To to get people to eat less meat and eat. Healthier here is here's the candidate Yang who, who wants to buy fossil fuel engines back listen, are we all going to have to drive
Cars, we are all going to love driving our electric cars. We have to drive electric cars, well that that that the rules they'll still be some legacy: gas guzzlers on the road for quite some time- because this is not a country where you're going to like take someone's, you know like conquer away from them, but you are going to offer to buy the clunker back and help them upgrade, so we can do hunters part to try hard to it, works so well, the first time yeah and in a by the way, all the studies afterward showed that it did nothing. It just had people push up their auto purchases to get the benefits, I what a year or eighteen month yeah, it was like a little gap where people come up and then after they stopped they stop. So it went back down below normal. Then continued at normal pace. Yours, nothing, ours, nothing! Nothing! It is a giant waste of money. Yeah- and you know, look at this- is it do you do that you're gonna force somebody to do this is becoming less and less on American if
it's like it when you, when you look at the people, were there on the stage last night. Why would you think it's unamerican to force people to have to sell things and change their lives in force them out of the gas guzzlers? Well right there go. There The first time that ever happened really was under Obama with Healthcare. We were never required to buy things, never required government to buy things now the government thinks it's okay to require. Us to sell things that we might want. I mean to be a good citizen, I used it's the first time that's ever occurred. I like You know me I wear old watch. Is I like ingens, I, like the mechanics of things. I don't like Digital watch. Is I don't like things that are necessarily modern, I, like the old things. I want to drive an old car for the rest of my life. I like it. I'm happy I'm having a land rover, it's been slowly making its way through being being read, it's still a gas guzzler? I shouldn't even say that I said that, because Yang said that it takes-
gasoline, but it's not, and I like it and I've told my son, your not going to be able to drive these things except like on a track for in the future. When he's my age, there's no way he'll be able to drive that where I could see a model t right now, just driving down the street you're not going to able to have them and and and it's going to be a good reason why everything is going to be tied in because of five g. All of our cars are going to communicate with each so the car next to you will be communicating with your car in my car will be communicating with the other cars. So there is no accident. You put a human into a system that is driving as fast as those cars will go you're going to screw it up, and so, what's going to happen, you're, not Going to have to ban them what you're going to do is people are just going to go. You can't drive,
this road Ann. It will make total sense because you can't react fast enough to get into the into the stream unless you're part of the system and assuming when this is implemented in actually works. It will save tens of thousands of lives in the have a great argument to say you should write her, but try these things yourself. It's interesting to you, you get like Handmaid's tale, which made all this big impact on the past couple of years, and the big takeaway from the left is well. Donald Trump is evil. Mike Pence is a religious, sell it and they're going to implement this 'cause. They want women to be under the thumb of men and they're. Do all these horrible things to women? That's like the liberal sort of like fantasyland, but why they love that show so much, but you could watch that show very much in the idea of looking at it as a tech police state. Yes, because they just they can't say anything and no one will even attempt to have a conversation, because they think it could be heard that person could be someone who's going to report it back to the government. It's that she,
social credit which on steroids, which, if you didn't hear Donald Trump recommended that go his administration, actually is putting forward a proposal in the keys commented on the for the the it's not really about his administration. They have they already shelved it once they've brought it back now to have good full Amazon, ECHO and apple watch What are you so he can know if you're unstable and you should be can to a hospital in and your guns should be removed? Are you kidding Are you crazy? Now, let's see how it's possible, but you know this is all it was reported, They look it I mean I would say that he's going to do it, that is coming yeah, that Is coming also said he wants to set aside half of the US land for biodiversity. Excuse me.
This guy, I mean what's happening right now. What they're debating is the book that we wrote years ago called agenda twenty one happening in real time back in just a minute, you're listening to Glenn Beck,
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the fusion of entertainment and enlightening welcome America to the Glenn Beck program? The third most listened to show in America and we're proud of that, because number one always has to watch. You know who's coming tonight from in the back. Two has to try harder three we kind of skates. You know you just kind of there you're not really notice you're not considered a threat. We love it. So welcome third, most listen to program in America, Kevin Hart is being in down by the left again they're eating their own more in one minute this is the Glenn Beck program, one of the things really worth its weight in gold is peace of mind, and I don't know about you, but that's not something that I have very often I mean he's. Things have changed in the world you used to be able, just to like you know, have peace of mind, nothing everything seems to be on fire, the schools and
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your your route. I mean they're just that they're going to destroy a Kevin Hart Del they're gonna do their best to destroy Kevin Hart Kevin Hart, I think, is funny enough and big enough to survive, not in high, no, not the clearly not in height, not in in in prominence yeah, so he is he. He was on some sort of a podcast with some singer. That's what do you know the singer is. I would do not know k he's some singer, some singer. I've never heard of you probably haven't either and there's those who do know are screaming in their cars right now. How can you not know what's his face? Alright, whatever I get it, but he just came out as gay and uh and Kevin Hart said
and while there to him you know I don't I just don't see. This is a big deal. Why is this such a big deal? Well, if you grew up in the black community, Kevin you'd know why it's such a big deal yeah, but it it's not. It's not. Well, that's not good enough because he didn't recognize homophobia, and so he was being very, very unfeeling to all gays because he wouldn't recognize the homophobia and and the bravery that it takes to come out. Okay, may it takes bravery to come out, and especially in some communities or some families, and I recognize that, but the rest, us feel, like Kevin Hart, Who cares? Who cares? I don't? I don't, need what your sexuality? You don't want to hear about mine. You want to hear you want to hear about yeah, you know, when my wife and I start to feel a little Randy, you don't always
shut up, shut up blah blah blah blah blah. I feel the same way. I don't want to know about anybody's sex life. I don't need to know it now. Is it little nozzle x bowl, not old, old mom, there's no tease or while old OZ axe, yeah old town road would be the song. You may penetrated your world if you don't have children, no, but yes, very popular, my kids, I swear. He lives, listen to Dean, Martin and I mean it's their weirdos. That is not surprising at all. They are weird, not the weirdos or that the you know I know them so they're they're, not weird, but if I let me listen to Dean, Martin around your house does not surprise me yeah, so Lou Little NAS will not may have penetrated their world, but it hasn't penetrated mine. Maybe a little NAS axe or little miles. Ten, which is one of the two there may have been nine wool NAS as before him just so. You know that well, it's probably
you haven't acts because maybe it's like Malcolm X, maybe he's related to Malcolm X, of all. It is definitely acts now whenever I The idea that there was nine little noises before him, so I'm going the little nods towns like senior junior yeah and max okay, I got it okay, you know this is a good Chappelle in his in his comedy special, which again doesn't not surprise, anyone in the country doesn't surprise anyone that all of the critics are giving it on tomatoes, giving it a zero rating. It's come back a little bit now. Has it yeah because a little old yeah his because it was initially you legitimately zero percent yeah right from the credit? Is it now six? Last time I saw it was thirty three all while thirty three is now thirty. Thirty, three percent from critics. Ninety nine percent from fans- okay, this just goes to prove that the a
eats and people that I never thought of rotten tomatoes as it. Eat. So I mean right, tennis is just compiling critics, I mean they're, not they have no opinion. No, they selected, they hired an egg and an additional. I think, hundred critics here recently. So they are, they are picking and choosing the critics. Okay yeah. I mean they also. Definitely, though, Kerry the reviews of fried servant of critics whatever yeah whatever, but it just goes to show you that I mean that's. Why I have you ever at What the critics say on any movie. I mean I I would I do and we've got to Fauria. I got to say it depends on the movie right like if you have a movie, that's like an action movie or horror movie. The card with the critics reviews usually are. That important because yeah. So if I'm going to it, Jane Austen Movie, maybe are like another critic yeah, it's like, I think, a lot of times you find you know certain like, like dramas
indie films and stuff. You can tell a lot from the critics. I think, and you could also tell a lot from the politics of it. I mean it, it's very you if the politics are bad. When I say bad, I mean bad to the left. If the politics of the movie can be interpreted that way, you can guarantee a negative percent. From critics. 'cause, that's what they will see in it. It's almost like, if you were to watch a funny, show a funny comedian. This happens all the time with with with conservatives a funny movie, but the messaging is constantly berating over the head with you, know, global warming or whatever left wing, because they're pushing kind of side effects. Your experience, yeah and the same thing happens to critics. They are hardcore leftists generally and they get these. They watch movies at all. They see is wrong. Reagan is entry like Hitler like, I can't I can't watch this and really it's automatic negative reviews. So I definitely do you think that that that's
legitimate thing. That per mile is an illegitimate. Obviously, let Dave Chapelle yeah Dave Chapelle is taking on the left and they don't like it. Yeah I don't like it what's interesting about this one in particular. Glenn is that should help does the stuff all the time like all Chapelle specials have these types of moments in them, where he's being critical of the culture, in a way that you know your average CNN pundit, would not be comfortable with you know it's same thing with c k and you know, there's a hold they're. The people who are the real legends of current comedy in both of Chapelle and Louis C K would be in that category they are all comfortable going into those areas. We are not supposed to go, which is what makes them great in partially there also technicians of what they do, but the it it's that's part of it like. That is what was part of comedy
and so should some kind of this like this, like, like a like shoot. What's his name friend of our paled Jim Gaffigan, Catocala New right away, so Jim Gaffigan he political, really yeah and he is a absolute technician. I mean you watch him. He is brilliant on the technical I'd come Amazon Special is hold your size bus to get funds almost too many left right in a row. It too fast right too fast and and easily he's absolutely brilliant, but he's not political at all, but that's who is an he's, not saying anything, really controversial, except yeah fat, and I don't mind- I don't mind Chappelle? Is you starting to see the beginnings of of a Lenny Bruce where you're, getting these guys who are taking the establishment on, and that is all
he's been that way, but it and until recently that the left was the establishment and they don't want Culture is the establishment and they're sick of it. I comedians are sick of it. But listen here is that we have two clips here of him. Talking about Kevin Hart. Here's clip number one Kevin Hart. They even got the one Kevin Hart few measures of Saint Kevin Hart. Let me tell you something it was: it was Kevin Hart's dream to host the Oscars. I remember when he told me that I was thinking myself strange dream for an african American who picked it up dreams of hosting the Oscars can we did that sue Ann. He did it Kevin became the
most famous comedian. This world has ever seen and he got the job that only one black man performing had. He was going to host the 80th Oscars and I don't know what you know about Kevin. I Kevin Hart is damn near perfect as close to perfect, as anybody I've ever seen. In fact, Kevin is precisely for sweet shy of being perfect, meaning the four tweets that he tweeted out years ago, that everybody was pouncing on here. He goes into the gay community. He fall. Close this with the he's, not a bigot he's not against homosexuals, and then he starts going on the community. Listen to this gate. Community was furious and I don't blame him. I got a lot of gay friends and all
one hundred percent of them all have told me horror stories about the they had to go through just to be themselves easy crazy stories and all those stories I gotta say not. One of them has You mentioned anything like the in Father, smashing a dollhouse over their head clearly nothing jokes are now treated as if they're serious statement. Like listen to this review. This is one of the reviews from rotten tomatoes. It's negative lacking. Empathy can certainly be amusing, but sticks and stones. The Dave Chappelle Special is a tired routine by a man who forgot to layer joke into his act too often sounding like a pundit on Fox news. Unbelievable. How could you possibly watch the first time I have heard someone in a long time do things that was the opposite of fishing for clapped, are
everything you see is all about clapped are now this guy doesn't care you, clap or laugh or anything. He. Just saying what he thinks is funny and it funny all the way through and it takes on both sides. Here's why here's why he got into Continue onto alphabet people, but you see what I didn't realize at the time and what Kevin had to learn the hard way as we were breaking and under an unspoken rule of show business and if I if you'll know that I'm telling you the truth, the rule is no matter what you do when your artistic expression, you are never ever a to upset the alphabet people. You know what I mean
people that took twenty percent of the alphabet for themselves I'd, say the letters, but I don't want to conjure the angle. I mean it is amazing that that stuff is being said by someone who, by the way, was absolutely revered without exception by the left as of two weeks ago. One more clip he talks about the ts in the alphabet will be surprised. I have friends all kinds of letters, everybody loves me and I love everybody. I got friends with Alan Your friends will bees and I got friends with jeans, but the t's hate, my
telling jokes about the, but it just came you hear all those letters together hold will be G D, Lbgt a you think. It's just one big movement, it's not all those letters are the whole movement. They just trap in the same car together. He talks about them in the car and it is very funny Dave, Chappelle sticks and stones. It's netflix special critics, don't like it audience, loves it Hurricane Dorian is still raging up the east coast on our thoughts and prayers and mercury. One is also on the ground team. Rubicon deployed a team into Bahamas already!
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prepare with Glenn dot com. That's prepare with Glenn dot com, ten seconds station id. When you look at the gun thing by the way I have to give you this. Did you see what Marianne Williamson said yeah? You know she is the only person who is doing this, I believe in the entire democratic field, if you're talking about the positive thing, but she said yeah, Okay, so he said quote. I know this sounds naive. I didn't think left was so mean. I didn't think the left lied like this. I thought the right did that I thought we were better. This is why I said: welcome those people who are waking up welcome them,
because they don't know, and they they've never seen it themselves, but a lot of people on the right when things and you'll go. I didn't see that coming from my side, I really thought we meant it and you're waking up. All these people are waking up and many of them have just true. He believed that somehow or another we really wanted children to die and once they see it on their side, they they wake up and they're like okay, and if we're like see, and we're never like that. No many us are not we we just have bought into it's just them and I think they're much much much much much worse. But we have a few people on our side that are just as bad and. If you just say, look I get it, you know sometime, people on our side, there's a
history over here trying to shut people up on the left, but it's about fifteen percent. Let's be kind fifteen percent on both sides. The rest of us are normal. We just don't know it about the other one, because we've been we've been kept apart and that's the key Anyone who is trying to shut you up, anyone who is trying to say Dave, Chappelle, shut up or you shouldn't, go see it because of you should disregard those people. You know it was Bridget fantasy was on yesterday and she You know they live in this bubble and now they're trying to make that able, even more insulated by saying,
hey you! If you even disagree on your inside the bubble out of the bubble, because we can have that in this bubble. That's that's crazy! Talk! Yeah! I don't have time to get to her the rest of her comments, but maybe we could do that after the break, because it was actually jarring and you realize how far the left has gone when her statements, which are very innocuous, are jarring to you mean from a presidential candidate. It should not be hard to dig up a democrat of a two thousand five hundred and twenty six person field. That will say basically generally nice and encouraging things about faith right like again, Marianne Williamson has all sorts of problems, and I certainly would not want to be President United States or my doctor or anything else, but like it least, she cigna all edging a role for faith in this country. That was, you know, founded on the ideas of fate it freedom of of religion she's the only one that is saying the truth about guns
while she's talking sure about gun control. Everything else she's also saying this most important it. It's not the gun, there's a hole in the side of us. Something is missing. You know she says it's love, but I think it's hey. I mean it may end there, but there's a lot of of missing. That leads to love that we are. We are getting in ourselves? We are allowing to grow an be fostered in our children and that needs to be addressed far more than the guns do more in a minute, you're listening to Glenn Beck. Hillary didn't know what it meant when she found out through twenty three in me that she was from jewish heritage. She, fascinated, but she didn't know about the history of her family to really be blown away, but what in blower away was the health report. It
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Dave Rubin, is coming to blaze, tv Blazetv, dot com and use the promo code. Glen save ten dollars off your subscription so yesterday. The blaze announced that we have joining us now, Dave Rubin and the Rubin report. If you've never watched Dave, you should he's really he's an amazing guy. You want to talk about intellectually, honest he's, a guy who used to work with the young Turks and what was it do after which election was it maybe Romney and he started he started listening to way they were talking is like I don't like this at all, and then they got close to you know the trump in the Elect
in in he. He just got out, and he said I don't think I am with you guys. You know and he hasn't changed his end of libertarian principles. He thought he was a progressive and a lefty, but he's not, and he's really done a lot of homework and research, and he knows what he knows and he knows what he doesn't and he doesn't cross the streams at all and he has grown so much. You know when I, when I talked to him about I talk to about abortion. He said
though this is. This is three years ago he said to me: I'm I'm not there yet, but I know I'm going to get there. He could see the way. This was fundamentally changing him and he really struggled on some of these things because who wants to be who wants to join the pariahs? Hey you got the cool could club or the pariahs who says you know what I what riser for me? not many people do not many people do that and he has and he's really done his homework, and now he he took a month I hosted his show when he came back to tell him all of the things that had happened in the last month. That list is incredible, uh an
so I sat with him for about two hours and I just went over all of the things that he's missed in the last month and when you look at just the news headlines of last month, you see how ridiculous this whole thing is really do a really realizing its dominating your life Tom right like these stories come and go so fast and they're. So white dot in and then go on, and you realize it ma'am? Why would why don't even bother but like? Why did anyone spend one minute? Thinking about you know, Donald Trump, nuking, hurricanes or Donald Trump Buying Greenland Donald Trump right well, Trump in the in the map thing that they're all about my God. This map thing because he said it was headed towards Alabama when one of the maps early on looked like it was kinda headed towards Alabama. Now it's uh Multi day story for what for what? What is the outcome There's not even an accusation that he's doing something illicit right like he may have.
They're saying he made a mistake. He saying well, this is what we my thought process was behind it. Why is it even a thing? Why is it being covered and it's constant watching? We have these cable news, TV's behind us, constant they're, talking about oh well, he's going to map these trees apparently drawn an extra circle under this map, and why is he doing that? What was the prep wise, the president, lying about Alabama being threatened, shut up. You know: that's not what he's doing you want that t shirt, don't you shut up t shirt? Yes, I saw some designs. I did you see this like it. I like it with Uncle SAM Sam, I want you to shut up. I like that right, we're printing that I just want, I'm I'm not going to or anything else other than that yeah. I think, because it's just it just needs to be used. It just needs to be used more shut up here. He is now what done is Ruben. Has he went off the grid? If you will did not watch news did not read a newspaper if they still print them. No twitter, no, Facebook, nothing! For a month
here's what he said he really realized and why it made such a difference. Listen Rubin on Youtube. Other things I was thinking about a lot about, and and this will get to something that I'm going to announce the second half of all. This is like the the Youtube situation, for example, where we both put content on Youtube or streaming on Youtube right now. You know we we're just outsourcing, basically all of our creativity, to to these companies that we have. We really have no idea. What's going on and the more I stepped away from it more crystal clear. It came in unit and I think you and I are pretty much aligned on that. We don't want the government coming in breaking up these things, although I do think there's a interesting argument. Now that the founders could have never envisioned or greater than government, and perhaps Google is greater than government now. So I think, there's philosophically some interesting things to talk about there What I realize is that you know Youtube really is
what is a search engine? That's thrown videos at we have no idea how they're manipulating all of these things I was talking about all this stuff for the last year or two before when you really step away from it Are looking at here out of the matrix when you're out of the matrix right, you've you've taken the red pill, you're walking around going wow, look at all the zombies. I really you was trying to think well how How do we get clear information across and how do we make sure that the world isn't just absolutely divided? every difference that we have so did you have a did. You have a well, I think, we'll get to some of that I'd, be I think I I I there's a couple business things that I'm about to embark on that I think, are going to heal some of that and it really
more than it has. As I said, I I felt very. I just feel very appreciative all my life. The people were dying every I don't have one bad experience truly, I did not have one I too might or family health related things that that okay now thank God, but I didn't have one negative experience with the human. That is my experience. When you go out in your with your neighbors and everything else, and you're just doing life you don't have a negative reactions. His nothing in your life is about politics. It's only when you get roped into the things that you're reading social media you're hearing media, including this show that could get you riled up and then you go and you have an argument with somebody, but I don't think America is really arguing. I really don't I mean AI, is really open being out in EL a this time around. They are not
SARA Lee all with socialists. It is not on the left yeah, it's not lock step. There are Democrats that are not socialists, yeah in even in Hollywood. Well, it's and it's hard not to see that when you look at the polls to right, I mean you know Joe Biden, whether he's a incredible leftist annius at that many in many levels in many ways he's very far left, however, he's at least being branded as the centrist option right and if you're going through this. These candidates and you're, not maybe not following it, super closely. You see the guy. Well, you know what all these other people are way too far left and go with that guy and the and the US with reason why Biden keep holding this lead, he's the one guy who standing out as someone who's, not an insane socialist. Now he is saying socialist to me. It is way to the left of anything I'm comfortable with in the White House, but still like you could see that the the average Democrat
voter is seeing. There are plenty of hardcore socialists socialist options and they keep gravitate. To this guy who's eyes falling out on stage there's gotta, be a reason to like you know watching him is like watching a picture of Dorian Gray is he's just in case as he goes, I talked to several lefties. I would consider them lefties, who would never consider voting for somebody like Donald Trump uh, one them said if Joe Biden is the nominee he'll vote for Joe Biden, otherwise he's voting for Donald Trump, an I. I heard this not on Biden, I heard from two different people who are lefties, who said yet down Trump people have no idea how support. There is for Donald Trump behind the scenes, nobody's willing to say it, but all of the stuff that's going on is insane.
And they're just tired of the insanity and they have not learned their lesson from twenty? Sixteen at all? No, I mean really like double down double down. They went the opposite way again. You know the Hillary Clinton example of the Deplorables thing, where she's doing that speech to separate to say to Democrats. Hey, not all trump supporters are deplorables. You gotta remember the context of the statement she said she said she said you know if there's a whole there's there's some republicans are supporting that are in in the basket of deplorables, but there's this other group economic hardship in there they're looking for an answer bubble. That was that speech. That is not what the reds are doing now. They're now saying all trump support are racist San Francisco San Francisco, just passed a bill that says all NRA supporters or the NRA is a terrorist organization. Well, that means that all members of the NRA are terrorist
are involved in funding a terrorist organization. That's you want to talk about divisive device intended it as a divisive, even cover it right. They say, Donald of this device if they're calling the NRA and gun supporters individually really terrorists? Well, what do we do with terrorists? What is it? How are we supposed to take this Exactly because I know as someone who supports the NRA, I think they do good work. You know you're, saying terrible. The reaction to terrorism is usually and we can use your last president. As an exam to fly a drone over their house, so much a missile. Okay, that's what you do to terrorists, that's how dangerous they are. Or you throw them in a black jail. Are you thrown in jail? You torture them. You do all sorts of things. I'm confused at what we're supposed to take about this, because every time we bring up that you might come for our guy
You mock us like we're idiots, and then you get on stage and say we're going to come for your for your guns by the way, you're all terrorists, I'm I'm I'm. How is the average person supposed to decipher your your your code here, because I mean I I I I I I hope says something about oval team, but I, my guess, is that's not what it does at the end there is, it seems to be to me, and we see this with crime as well. We should imprison people who are fighting against our version of climate change in our wrist it's to climate change. These people are enemies. They will be seen as the same way as Holocaust deniers. How exactly are we supposed to take these accusations? Take them at all, it's all in good faith and we're supposed to just go along with them. Is that we're supposed to do? Would anyone react that way. It really is fascinating. I don't even know what they're asking us to do anymore. These are requests that no human being how on earth can you actually with a straight ace, come on the air and say Donald Trump is divisive, and then
criticism the New York Times. Does it today without criticism, a long write up about how safe it just goes, call the NRA terrorists? How can you possibly do those two things and they do it every day. Because they have certitude, they are absolutely certain that they are right and that's what Marianne Williamson said she used to be in this place where she was certain. Her side was not lying, not engaging in these things and she found out holy crap. They are yeah so she's, not so certain and that's what Americans need We are. We are certain of very few things, especially as a group of people. What is it the things that we are certain of? Can you think of one that we can all ok? Well, not really, I would say slavery is wrong and should
stopped, but then why do we have one of the bigger slave trades in the world happening here in America? I mean: is there anything that we all agree on? So that was the idea you would come here. You'd have different beliefs. You would melt in to this idea of America, which was pull your. Up by the bootstraps, you can do anything. Change your mind. You set your mind to just keep plowing ahead and that's kind of why people say thoughts and prayers right, meaning you would you do mean it, but it's also a way of showing support that can't possibly be taken as offensive, or at least it couldn't of been for the last two hundred years. Now it's offensive and that's a merry and Williamson was pushing back against saying. Like hey, I love you guys know this, but there's millions of people in this country now that
are praying for hurricane victims that are praying for gun, violence, victims and you just continually come out here and mock them. You mock the things that are the most important to their entire soul in existence. Every single time and you expect them to vote for you. Why on earth would a religious person who believes that prayers are important vote for a democrat at this point, they're telling you they don't want your thoughts or your prayers. They are telling it to you. If your faith is in aren't you. How can you look at these people say? Well, that's a rational carrier of the the the the future of this country that I watch us like. She was there a sleep and they just can't believe. That their site is like that they expected from us, but they just can't get their arms around and that's why you're seeing people they reluctantly leave the Democrats. They reluctantly leave. I'm
for table- and I don't want to be over with the conservatives then, once they start talk, in the conservatives and they see a difference there like you know what I'd rather be, these guys in those guys 'cause these guys, don't mean it. They don't mean they don't mean anything about freedom. What they mean about it, the only in the really mean and will truly carry out his control. I guess the listeners don't like it. When I talk cats yeah I've noticed that yeah what emails come in yeah John Paul has to read all those emails. Okay, I don't want to say anything your cemex dot com, yeah and I want to say anything that would get make his day. You know suck. I meet you, you kind of do well, but not intentional. Okay, you know well like we can, like kind of, is intentional. Well, my pillow dot com. Okay, new radio listeners, special they've got a sale going on
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