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The Power of One: Glenn Beck Speech


Glenn celebrates the last 10 years of the Mercury One charity and shares the powerful mission going into the next decade.

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We all feel it. We feel the foundations cracking the foundations of our country, some some of the erosion is just the inevitable settling happens to any foundation, especially when apathy keeps us for maintaining some way. Even be from gaps and regional stonework, but the purposeful dismay. Killing of our nations Foundation is causing our nation to crumble around us. and we're more divided than we ve ever been and on both I'd we're mad as hell. One side wants to pull the rug Look down and change it to the other says not on my watch.
When we see what's happening, we feel angry I mean you should feel angry. I want to fight. Guessing you want to fight, but we don't know how In a few minutes. I gonna give you a way to fight to begin that long journey, but first We must recognise. Why were fighting you want to fight, because you see justice in the world. You see, eight and lies winning winning schools winning and our churches winning and our children. We want to crush the chaos stamp it out with our foot. That is really easy to miss direct. Our anger pointed at everyone at every instant who should every system every politician, every journalist, every single person on twitter and face
But because we feel they deserve it. And the world is just so messed up, and I have a right be angry. Don't I don't you maybe. But before you act in your anger, asked self. This question. Why am I so angry? What is the aim her here for because just like pain, in tells your body: hey, don't do that again? There is therefore a reason as well. So what is the anger here to teach me? You're, like sadness, comes from somewhere deep inside of us, and sometimes we don't you nowhere why it's there are just the is This is where we make a crucial decision,
do I allow and anger that I don't understand to tell me what to do or do I not? I want you to think of anger like rocket fuel. Imagine because it is that powerful. You can use it to launch a rocket into space or you can blow everything up, there's lots of people that will oh you to blow everything up, and I implore you don't even the days that you really want to even on the days. it's really completely justified, just don't blow everything up in ask yourself. Why am I so angry? What is it you love that you lost because I think that's where in comes from,
when you lose something you love. So what is it that you ve lost? What is the foundation that is being pulled out from underneath, close your eyes and really think about it. Now, Can you restore it. Can you use this feeling inside of you to fix the problem? making you so angry if you Really really humble yourself. Ask yourself if You somehow are contributing to the problem. Is there something in you or in me? Is there something broken that can't be fixed? Something that your anger is trying to tell you about, reason why this is important as we can't fight the d,
in view of the world, while fighting or worse yet denying the demons. Live inside all of us we have to find inside ourselves. The true empathy to see the pain that those who are so misguided and angry must be in it's gonna be hard, but we have to find ourselves being a true reflection of the man and from Nazareth now in our nations, desperate our perhaps its most desperate our You must know who you are and why you fight You must reinforce your own foundation and work with others to shore up the foundations of themselves. and our nation. So These foundations can stand for generations to come. There is
destruction, there is hatred and lies everywhere, but We must lead in the other direction. It is. the direction that many, if not most, Americans want to revolution. to don't want to fight. We don't want. I hate we don't want to destroy. Americans are good They still believe in being fair kind and helpful. just need to be reminded what it feels like It feels good to do good. you see. This is why those in power tell us like they told people in LOS Angeles, you can't brings and which is to the homeless or I am on one of the hottest days in this last August. You you can't give free air conditioners to the poor or the elderly in Miami. It's why they told us
we couldn't rescue those in Afghanistan who were left behind. Well, we did yes, we can, but I say better yet: yes, we Just because it's in the smallest of acts that will find our miracles, it's in the open in of heart that open heart still remains on the outskirts of the mob that off kindness or comfort that will change us will change. Our families and our world. when we love those who hate us or who the tells us we're supposed to hate. We begin to melt the ice of frozen hearts
Tell you the story of one of the most well remembered soviet dissidents. His name was Alexander's stillest needs. He spoke out against Stalin and communism. and for that he was thrown in the goulash over and over and over again. He was too, believer at first. but he saw when observing the people at the gulags than in the worst circumstances there was still a way to be more noble or less noble. Some refused to define their convictions other rose in the ranks to become the camp masters and oppressed. Others in more brutal way. Then Themselves had been oppressed, so escalated tyranny by their works, others by their neglect, But there were a noble few. That refuse
participate in it, which one will you be he wrote many important works well contemplating his own rule in the demise of goodness in his nation. He can see how he personally may have been guilty and from that deeply humble place? He saw a way out. I've updated his way out to call to action. Titled live not by lies. A call to action that we all must do Today, we gather in our home we wish things were not as they are. We speak privately with the conviction of patriots. and then returned to the work of our everyday lives with withered and unresisting spirits. Only things were different. We say.
we become resentful, we feed off of judgment We suppress the nagging thought that perhaps just perhaps we're the sponsible ones there are marching us into socialism they ve stolen. our nation, we say: have they stolen it or did we give it away Because if they were able to steal it, how firmly was it really in our grasp? Besides Who is this invincible? They ve all careful they versus the helpless we. we, the people, verses they the dominant. Is it all their fault Are we truly powerless? The answer is no. I don't have to tell you that the tipping point in our country, you can feel it.
Confuse our children and kill our babies we fight. about how many layers of cloth should be on our faces and if the young vaccinated should be allowed to travel freely, our neighbour are dying in atomic zones. Petty tyrants are taking over. A major cities Someone has to stop this, we say, but we never consider that we are that someone So we just continue on with our lives, hoping if we just comply we'll get by. They will become normal again if we just do what they ask them We can maintain the veneer of freedom, If we remain silent, then perhaps the powers that be will throw tiny morsels of liberty. Our way, perhaps will be well liked by the ruling class. We don't fear,
chemical castration of our children more. Than we fear being fired from our jobs we're more afraid of losing our internet privileges than losing our rights we concern ourselves with our image and not our deeds. We. only for ourselves waiting for a Messiah. We have accepted the ideology of the people who are in turn on denying us our freedom. We rink in the idea that the state holds the power and that our sir stances dictate who we are for years, they have force these ideas down our throat, and now consume them freely, even off the fruit of tyranny, to our neighbours. We you forgotten. We have forgotten that we are the state
The government derives its power from the government. We have forgotten that we are America, we change things today You can begin to change things you, can change everything starting now yeah, but they lie in they cheat and they rigged the system. We don't have a chance. Not even sure of our elections are free and fair anymore. They don't listen to us. No, they don't listen, to us, they may never listened to us. They do cheat do lie. They do steel. If you wait for the perfect group of people and the poor, circumstance. You are no wait forever. If they sheet and lie
Do we resign ourselves to private patriotism and public compliance? No, we do that harder thing we take responsibility. We admit it's, not them. It's us. Yes, we are the problem, which means that we can be the solution. We are The nation that dumped tee into the sea. Rejecting tyranny We are the nation that peacefully protested arm in arm with Martin Luther King, yet have also been the nation of Antigua, a violent protests of cancel culture in dehumanization of those we disagree with what We have seen the fruit grown on the tree of evil, and we can we must not eat of it.
turned to dehumanization violence and chaos. We must not adopt the means of an end that we know is wrong. We must be beacons of light. We maintain our goodness our steadfastness our commitment to one another. We must remember. Why we fight in the first place, and it's not to win, but because we want a partner with God in ensuring the liberty of all people you haven't. If we don't fight like them, aren't we destined to lose. Do we do nothing? No we unravel the tyranny, starting at its most vulnerable point lies violence cannot stand when propped up by lies. Not necessary for violence to reveal itself every day to persist. Only
that every day we provided cover, we our lies That's all violence demands, then, continue gaining in strength and confidence. as we lie, we participate in the unravelling of our nation in the destruction of our peace, If we can do nothing else, we can still tell the truth. We ve lost support of the government economics culture We can still resists the tyranny. Byron fusing to participate in lies. Let the tyranny stop at your lips. Let it die in? You because lies are like demons without a host, they cannot survive without US the lies are powerless now, maybe you're not ready to quit your job and take to the street with the truth
Maybe you aren't even prepared to post the truth online, but you can mid yourself to never again saying the things that you know are not true this is your task simply do Do not lie. It was true in the gulags of Russia. It's true today, truth is an option. available to all of us, but it does I'm with risks. Perhaps you ve been lying. protect your job. Your status, even your family and yet All of that is for nothing of our children, our birth, nursed and raised on deceit. This is the large path to destruction and world walking on it. today you must decide will I use my life to uphold. Lies ores, stand in the truth. We light
commit to doing the harder thing and stay proud in that truth to maybe persecuted by my peers, to be remembered, entered member myself often yourselves as honourable good. Indeed and in the most crying of times. If this is path. You choose than I Ask you to commit to these things, starting today, will not right share or distribute anything that I do not believe to be completely true, I will not use my influence in public or private at family nurse or in the workplace to protect or spread lies. I will not allow my art or my stories to distort even one. Of truth, as I discerned I will no longer quote or miss
the words of others past or present to prop up my own bias without being ab. the sure. I understand and share the quote in full with the proper context, I will not be forced to participate in a social movement or an event that define is my personal convictions. I will not lend my voice or my presence to anything that I do not believe to be rooted. In truth, I will vote my conscience both publicly and privately regardless. of external pressure scrutiny I will not vote for any thing or anyone. I do not sincerely support. I will not protest bait in any gathering or meeting where a desire most or unfairly solicited. Discussion is taking place
upon finding myself in a dishonest meeting or gathering play a movie Electra Class, the office. I will speak up or walk out upon hearing, even one lie one moment of nonsense ideology or an instance of blatant propaganda If asked why I'm leaving, I will politely in earnest Lee explain my discontent. Will not subscriber purchase from any news outlet to be debate: print television, radio, podcast, that I know to knowingly distort the truth. You see The truth is eternal. There is such a thing as the truth. There is an interesting scripture that Paul wrote about love foolish that will confound the wise taken me
while to really understand this, and up until recently, I don't think I could have a real example, but I see the wise now in our society and I see who's deemed foolish fully. Aren't foolish. our only foolish in the eyes of a world gone mad. They are the few the few left It's still hold true to those things, but the world denies and because Those things are true. They can found the worldly why's that is today, declare that we still hold these truths to be self evident. All men are created equal and have God given rights that can't be changed. taken away by any man declared. Two and two does equal for that. and cannot have babies and there only two genders
We deny and reject the lie that only white men can be racist, that segregate it is now good and Martin Luther King is bad. We didn't that all cops are evil. Burning and looting is somehow peaceful we deny that January. Six was worse than the civil war on only deny and reject all of this, but we declared today that we will stand at the very joy of hell, as they gave open before Us- that the Arguments held in our national archives dead freed. The entire world are now racist or triggering, They instead are injured. Men's designed to end slavery in all of its forms. We must stand by lovingly yet
confidently and clearly state those things that the elite, the sophisticated the worldly, wise or the coward wheels. Days foolish to speak out loud. Let us boldly declare it. We need to stop telling them who they are Because they know who they are, we need to tell them, who we are better yet we need to show them who you are. This is, how we begin to engage in the fight. These days, will just be the beginnings of times that will try. in souls and me In the end will shrink from the fight as they always do, because the price will be too high for them,
But those who stand will forever be remembered as heroes of this grand american experiment called Liberty and freedom, yeah you're gonna be called names, you'll, be mirrored, and it will feel many times like we just- cannot win. But I know something You may have forgotten. We are all Americans among dickens never sit down when a challenge was unwinnable. We are the people that beat the British, the greatest Navy, an army on earth? We chase them from these shores with pitchforks and farmers, we drove the dictate, where's, the communists, the marxist Collectivist and the Nazis back into the from which they slithered from an we got into that war. Did you know our military trained with broomsticks, because we didn't have guns,
yet. Within four years we were manufacturing guns, planes, tanks and ships faster. The Germans could sink shoot or destroy yes, we're late to this fight, but we we are also very late to join the fight against Hitler's monsters but know this That is because Americans don't like to fight but when we must, when we so ourselves, together with common purpose. To stand up for the things we love. No one can stand against us, too. Many will try to convince you that do not strike back to not to use the violent tactics that the left uses do not use them. And the left, and it's not
the foolish but weak. I again return to Paul and he will use the weak things of the world to confound the mighty you we cannot win their way. We cannot become all that. We despise because we have the on our side and if we Stand in their truth, the only truth, then we will be on gods side Foolishness of God is why, than men, Paul rights, and Weakness of God is stronger than man. Our founders, road, with firm reliance on divine Providence, that's not faith. that is unshakeable face. That's build your house upon this rock kind of faith
that kind of faith. Let us declare that we still hold these truths to be self evident. Let us now pick up the mantle them. Been given to us that those things Is that so many Americans have died for and so many Americans came here for and those still in distant lands that feed all the lash, the whip, the loneliness of political prison or that Jack boot on there back still hope for lead at least stand for those things ass declare, those truths our nation was founded on are worth living for and if not for us, then for our, children and our children's children still to come. We must commit ourselves to telling the truth and only the truth as we know it and reject.
All lies when we see them as you live in truth and the principles that built this need and you will be strengthened and magnify by gods power. And when the earthquakes occur, you will assure that our nations stand strong, because the found. nation is solid And immovable this is who you are this Hu we are. This is what we love. This is who we serve. This is why we stand, and this is how we fight.
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