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The Press Can’t See Its Own Hypocrisy! | Guests: Bill O’Reilly, Charlie Kirk & Rob Henderson | 10/17/19

2019-10-17 | 🔗
Civil rights activist Rep. Elijah Cummings passed away last night from long-standing health complications. But the Washington Post MADE SURE to point out that he was a “regular Trump target.” The press will take ANY opportunity to bash Trump! Gates Cambridge scholar Rob Henderson argues that cancel culture is the exact OPPOSITE of the anti-establishment protests of the 1960s. Bill O’Reilly talks impeachment, Giuliani, Bolton, and the FACTS that debunk Beto’s “woman with four jobs living in her car” story. And Kamala Harris is calling Turning Point USA a white nationalist group: Founder and president Charlie Kirk proves otherwise. And an 84-year-old war veteran had his guns confiscated for wanting to PROTECT kids!

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