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The Pursuit To Love Our Enemies? | Guests: Tim Ballard & Arthur Brooks | 4/17/19

2019-04-17 | 🔗
Hour 1 "The fastest growing criminal enterprise on the planet is human trafficking and the US is the number one demand for child sex"? Tim Ballard from 'Operation Underground Railroad', joins to explain? ...Loving our enemies with Arthur Brooks? "The Pursuit", a new documentary about how capitalism continues to lift people out of poverty all over the world?   Hour 2  Focusing on the 'good things' with Arthur Brooks? Glenn Beck " is a Man with a revolutionary heart"? ...The 'lazy media' media once again takes what Glenn said out of context? ...Former NFL star, Tim Tebow joins BlazeTV Tonight?   Hour 3  Mistakes were made and donuts make up for it? Andrew Heaton joins to explain why he's been upset with his boss? ...You Choose The News Headlines? 'Dog Owners Are Happier than Cat owners"?, Son Sues Parents Over His Porn Collection? ...President Trump issues his second 'veto', but what good will it do?

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