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The Real America at the RNC | Guests: Mike Lindell & Charlie Kirk | 8/25/20

2020-08-25 | 🔗

Glenn believes that last night's Republican National Convention kickoff was the most inspirational and personal since Ronald Reagan. MyPillow founder Mike Lindell discusses CNN host Anderson Cooper’s all-out attack on him during a recent interview. BlazeTV’s Elijah Schaffer joins from Kenosha, Wisconsin, after viewing the riots firsthand and having a gun pulled on him. TPUSA founder and president Charlie Kirk explains why he called Trump the “bodyguard of Western civilization” at the RNC. Another leaked lesson plan from the document dump instructs third graders to stage their own protests. Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones joins after his RNC speech to argue that Democrats haven’t done anything to earn the black vote, but Trump has. 

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Hello, America, I feel like we should have a globe fast. I know it's early, but I feel we should have a globe fast on this convention. Last night, now stew he's gonna rain on my parade, he's gonna little black rain cloud, but I'm telling you I haven't felt. I haven't felt this way since nineteen, eighty and the convention with Ronald Reagan- and I think I understand why last night, I think the Republicans why it was like the Democrats produce the convention in all the big Hollywood elite. They produce the convention there, like crap, we just produce wrong dimension because the de and cease- and none of that was in last night's. The convention- and it was so uplifting we'll give you might take on it coming up in sixty seconds, is a green back programme. Our mark lives in Washington for years. He has suffered pain to separate back injuries and they would radiated outward causing pain and numbness in his legs. He tried all kinds of stuff, but they always left him when he was taking drugs feeling sick didn't want.
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get your life back now: go to relief factor, dot, com relief factor, dot, comical, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's really fit did EDGAR tomorrow night. The blacklist matter agenda is moving from the street to your kids classrooms. Abolition in America. Muddle documents reveal how public schools have become a training ground to push cultural marxist behind your back exposes the mines for american watched rain, mourned nine pm Eastern, at least in our times less so Michael Steel sucks. I just wanna start this programme with with that. You know he said there was no platform. Last night I was just about love and tromp. I don't know. I thought it was a pretty inspirational message myself. It was yes, we can kind of message that
Erika is at a crossroads and that cross roads is The choice we have to make right now between rich Turning to the founding message and the founding promise of you can do it lets just payment in people. Out of your way, you can do it. It's it's a place of law and order. And fair and honest justice. Now, one of social justice and certainly not a cancel culture. And everyone is involved. Last night I saw the democratic Republicans do a couple of things I have not seen them do before one actually produce something that wasn't a piece of crap. Usually the Republicans produce things and there just like I'll, come over simplistic, topical,
the version of like the bad. You know religious movie that gets really yes and it looks like it's gonna that looks like a good store in the watching like ass. They put twelve dollars into this so often last week the Democrats did what I expected the reply. Lookin to produce guy, and it was horrible and I and I've just can we learn from that? Let's not do that. Will they didn't In fact, it wasn't that they just didn't do that. They did something really really good and, I think actually covered helped. I think too, that there were no crowds. They're allowed everyone except Gilroy to talk to who won on one to act. Really just speak to you. We didn't have the annoying applause lines were like come. I am I gonna. Come on this, gets through a lot faster. You get more content, getting more content and artisanal it allowed people to be really really personal. So what
happened last night was no bells and whistles No, no, no, no fake e bloom drop. You know where we're the Clinton's or the binds were like well. What happened? Booms word right. Whatever one's envisage a russia that there was there was none of that and it was it was honest. It just felt real to me. I don't know how many people watched it. Almost didn't watch some like this one gonna be and then I watched it and I couldn't believe how good it was now. The second thing I said I haven't felt this way since one thousand nine hundred and eighty with Ronald Reagan. Here's? Why? Why happen in nineteen eighty is we had gone through Ten years, ten years more than that twelve years of joy, being beat to rap?
From nineteen sixty eight to nineteen eighty, it was the worst we went from burnt down everybody's a racist to crap. You can't trust the president. All put politicians are corrupt to Jimmy Carter, economy and Ronald Reagan came in and said another that slaughter we are in Erika was so hungry to be told you're part of the solution, the pie, problem. Is the government. That's what happened last night and we twelve years in two being told how crappy we are so your repeating this is like nineteen sixty eight to two eighty missus o eight to twenty. And and we're tired. The other thing that happened that I have not seen in my lifetime, but because it probably happened, maybe in the sixties,
by sixty eight you know with the with the great society garbage the demo Rats work, some sort of magic and hypnotized of olive of African Americans and the then basically sad. If your you're, not black. If you don't vote for Democrats and the Republicans in my lifetime have just given up there like they're, never going to change their, never go and never going to be able to get anything. Why waste the time you like, because they're Americans, last night without any placating without any promises of on going to make sure that you have a new big screen tv. They actually invited African Americans to the table and said how pass. Amerika better.
And claim your seat at this table, and I thought it was extraordinarily powerful, extraordinarily powerful, let give you a couple of pieces and an highlights first of all. Well, let me just a couple of highlights. First, let's go to Kim Classic. She was on with us last week and I said boy the rip gillikins need to listen to her well, they did, and here a piece of her speech the days are blindly supporting. The Democrats are coming to an end in Baltimore we had the highest number black Republicans in the entire country running for office, this election cycle, Joe Biden believes we can't think for ourselves that the color someone's skin did takes their political views. By analyze anymore, you your party of neglected us for far too long. We want, safety in our neighborhoods, to make the most of the federal opportunities. Don't I'm standing in right now in West Baltimore.
We want higher paying jobs and more business opportunities. We want lower taxes. We want school choice, we want a chance to get ahead, not just good bye. So present term promise and that's what President Trump delivered I will Baltimore, to be an example to Republicans around the country that we compete in our inner cities, every reach out to the citizens and deliver real results There was a real concerted effort to speak too. African Americans, as as if they are actually people of doing something on their own, where you do get that from the Democrats. You don't get it There there always like all these poor people that have always been you know, kept blah blah blah the republican gave you dignity.
I mean it was a dignified approach to saying hey, stop it stop come over here and just two you're meant to do and help spilled a better America it. It was I thought it was so refreshing so refreshing, then her, walker and it wasn't just a speech or a package It was the theme of the whole night and it was for all colors, but they have, so many powerful, can American speaking Herschel Walker cares? The next cut cut too I'll. Take it the problem is so that people would think I've had a third of seventy of friendship with the races who think that I don't know what you're talking about, grow up in a deep south. I've seen racism of clothes. I know what it is and it Donald Trump just Raquel someone love and respect the fly, our national anthem in our country?
doesn't mean they don't care about social justice. I care about all those things. So does Donald Trump. He showed how much he cares about social justice in a black community through his actions in his eyes and speaks louder than stickers Slogans Owner Jersey, now. There was another theme that I thought was subtle, but very very good. You'll notice that last week with Joe Biden, it was all about. I know Joe I've known him for forty years. I've watched him over the years and I know him he's a good guy. That was the message last week, vis week the message was I've met him I no m me we're Pals imo, watched him over the forty years. In fact, This is only the second time I've been with them, or I was only with him once. But I feel, like I know, em because look at what he did. What's the difference.
Joe Biden was yeah. He's got a long record of saying you do things and there hasn't been a lot of stuff done but but I know em trust him this one last night was I d no him, but I know what is done That was much more powerful. It was a secondary theme. I dont know if anybody picked up on it, but it It was that seem look. I don't know him, but because of this. This happened, and I saw him in action. Let me give you one more. This is a TIM Scott who just hit it out of the park last night on the avenue the southern heart. The starting my small business and spending some time and local government decided to run for Congress in twenty two in the desert. Is he's in Charleston, South Carolina were the civil war started. Against a certain of our legendary senator straw sermon, you may be asking yourself how
a poor black kid from a single parent household run and win in a race crowd Republicans against the Thurman shows of the evolution, of the southern heart. Overwhelmingly white district, the voters. Judging me not on the color of my skin, but on the content of my character? Thank you that is America, that Amerika This is what we heard. Last night the real America was so nice to hear people say we're not a racist nation we're not people of the nineteen sixties.
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That are afraid of what's coming for their children and they also are afraid of Donald Trump Cosy seems really mean. I thought it was pitch to them and a home run home run pitch to them. I thought it was a pitch to african Americans that, we're not who you think we are and where, I'm gonna do we're not going to say that you're too weak to stupid- and you know just for us because you're not black, if you'd divvied all vote for us, we actually value you and we want you to have a seat at the table, a real seat at the table, because this is America and I thought that was a home, run There was another one, and this is really the theme of the night, and that is the freedom cancel culture and Lee Socialism, that is being pitched, is not american and you, a clear choice. Let me give you a couple: this is
Maximum Maximo Alvarez, who was on the programme a couple of weeks ago, socialism and the gift of freedom, I've seen movements ladys before I've seen a b lay these before and I am here to tell you We cannot let them take over country. The promises of Fidel Castro and I can never forget. All those who grew up around me who look like me who suffer and died because they believe those empty promises, They swallow the communist poison pill I may, keep more, but I am one hundred percent american this is the greatest country in the world. And I said this before: if I gave away
We think that I have today He wouldn't article one percent before was given when I came to this great, once you have hours, give to freedom right now. It is up to us to decide our fate To choose freedom, overt oppression? it was our full, so powerful, and it was quiet and humble and it wasn't waving. A flag was just true and This is one of the things that may I felt fat feeling all night long there. That was something that Americans are starving for somebody who is not true, to win or trying to be both for anything else. Just somebody who sang America is rate place.
And believes it and knows it to be true, that's that's that is the message to night, but that message went all night long, for instance, Lemme go to Natalie Harp. Here, she's talking about Biden and what happens to America. Biden wins. Forbid. What the next four years would look like. Four in Joe Biden, America, China would control, are drug production, we'd be step closer to government run healthcare. We would, just be unable to keep our doctors. We be lucky. We could see any doctor and even then some of us would be denied care. For in socialized medicine you don't beat the odds, you become the odds I would lose my right to try just like Charlie Guard, the the ill british baby government run healthcare system decided it was too expensive and too cruel to keep him alive.
She was allowed to try an experimental cancer drug. We ve said this forever, Why why you're dying? There's, nothing else laughed Try it well, try cleared the way for her to try and experimental drug, and it worked. That America, the right to try the Right to try one line. This is where the we're positioning, Donald Trump and I thought extremely effectively as The final shield against, What's happening, Charlie Kirk, we may not have realised that at the time, but Trump is Body guard of western civilization, Trump was elected, protect our families from the vengeful mob, but seeks to destroy our way of life are neighborhoods schools, churches, and values present.
Tromp, was elected to defend the american way of life Merrick and way of life means you follow the law. You work hard, you honor, God, you raise your kids with strong values and you work too, creates a civil society. That is the message of the dna or the hour and see yesterday tonight. It's all about the promise of America that this is a must watch convention. If it is half is good today, as it was last night, must watch must watch Glenn Back Programme are right, We turn a blind eye com. There is a reason we have experts in our lives, because there are some things that we will be able to do very well or in some cases, will be able to do at all but pay If you got it in you go for it. If you want to try go for it.
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while I can not. I can not get over the little Nell easier in the room. Last night's convention, I thought was, I think, unbelievable really I don't know how you read it another way. I really don't first well, did you watch it on C span, or did you watch it no action on my ipod okay, so watch it without commentary. Yeah, ok, cause Is that still I started watching it on Fox, Couldn't I knew I couldn't handle. The commentary on CNN are watching us and they kept interrupting and I'm like, I want. I don't care about anybody else right now. You could have Jesus commenting on it and you are known, as the news is not only Jesus. I know what the other guy was saying. I could about the commentary,
so I switched over to see span and I was watching and on C span last night Tanya just was not interested at all. She was like I'm so tired of all this. I don't even here- and I think that's the element for that year. I think that's the average person cause. I almost didn't watch it myself. I was using a watch the clips. It was really good self You disagree with my take it. I felt this was a nineteen eighty Reagan, oh You didn't think wait. A minute wait. A minute way way way way way way way way. I'm not saying Donald Trump is Reagan right. I'm saying I haven't felt that way at a convention sense Ronald Reagan where we were so beaten down for so long and finally, a group of people get together and say in all that crap you ve been here, and none of that is true. Here's who we really are and he's gonna. All of us and the government getting out of the way to me.
For us, the nation we all know. We can be my ever heard that since nineteen eighty and it connect it with me like crazy. Its apparent Nice said last night on the demand for food as it maybe I'm alone in this, maybe I'm alone. I think a lot of people loved it, and I I did I liked it there's a couple: a segments that really robbed me with the wrong way: you'll foil. Gill Foil was just full awful awful. Oh my gosh. She was bad and- and I did not like the segment thought it was self serving the whole segment did, president trumpeted with the discussion of the hostages, I'd. That was too much for me right now.
Like, I would really like it really live without the self serving stuff. The patent yourself on the back all the time, maybe I'm a little dead inside on that- goes expecting the out you, that's that's Donald Trump you're gonna get them, but I really I didn't, have a problem with it. He was deferential to the other nations he kept saying, while Sarah Juan was a big help, they didn't have to help India praise of air to want in any situation I rise or eight came to me. It came off as diplomacy. Right me, it came as I mean. I dropped to make sure that yes, yeah yeah and- and I really don't- have a problem with it. Because I knew those store. I knew a couple of those stories. I didn't necessarily know all the stories. I've never seen the people before on delving had either and unlike My have no problem. If nobody else tells your story sit down, go
Add say, tell me what happened, but clearly you get people in the Republican Party to tell a story. I don't know. Is it more effective, though, to have these universal say me to him like I thank you so much for what you did me. Many uneasy. It is yes and its we ve learned. We ve learned this. We learned this a long time ago. You're coming to watch my show your car Watch me and the minute we take the camera and we put it on another individual and they take it for a while, it's not as effective, and it's not it's not a grandiose thing. Essay and all you gotta keep the camera me it's just that, sir. People can connect with the audio and Donald Trump, at least with his base. Does every time, and even bout, the base you're watching him cause you're either go. I can't believe somebody is doing this war. I know some he's gonna do something stupid or I love it
but he is the key to that. I thought shown. Porno was fantastic, absolutely loved him. And I think he spoke for five minutes. That was great. I really liked Vernon Jordan. From my Georgia, the partial Walker, any it. Vernon, Jordan, on or Herschel Walker. Today, although more great, I mean absolutely great in there's nothing better than a black report, again saying the things that they said last night about especially Herschel, whose known him for thirty seven years and have been close to him for thirty seven years, and he said, look I I didn't associate with racist for thirty seven years. Is that thought it was Religio noted other little difference besides Herschel did you know that difference last night was Nobody during the week convention last week was like. I know Joe I've known him for fifty years, and he
girl age and I've seen Gorky as an early accomplish anything, but I know him and last night was. I don't really know him. My first time I ever saw the other than Herschel. First time I met M was because of this event, but I saw him for stand on what he actually does, and so one way I know em, you can trust him. The other is, I don't know him But let me tell you what I saw him do which I thought was really powerful. Yeah well, Vernon. Jordan talked about a lot of what is John Stewart. Oh yeah Jewel Georgian was spent in error, and I know you're right. It's Vernon Jones He talked about what president He has done over the last three years and
pretty powerful, I thought to TIM. Scott was really in Scotland, Holler untasted guy he's our eyes. It is a start: I'd go for Hayley, Scott or Scott Hayley ticket. Twenty twenty four in part be looking to be among the leaders about noise, Home Kirsty, normal GM gonna be talking about as well, and obviously pence is going to be a big factor and that if he feels like running that the Herschel Walker thing was really. I thought a really interesting that that's a really powerful testimony of a guy who's who is known for a long time. Yes, that you know the? U S? Affairs, there's a connection there ya this. Solely for Pat, I went back and looked He her full walkers career in the? U S, a it is in Satan, his nineteen eighty five season he had one: two: four hundred and eleven yards rushing. My and four hundred and thirty eight carries with twenty one touchdowns he thrown like another four hundred and sixty seven yards receiving almost
three while ours in yards from scrimmage. In that season I mean I'd Elsie. I do wonder he added I've. Eventually, you gotta get hurt when you do in that media, like nets carrying an entire franchise on your back for three years. That is an increase for guy me. I knew he was great for me. I had forgotten, how does that's the most dominant season by running back national history that that is is, I know, looking at me like what the hell are, these words, what is even I and now I think it is, as you know, was not a tangle art thou. The number and I'm gonna, take it from you here. This is impressive. The guy was like at last. I was ok do. What did you think of the mcclosky? Is I mean the Mcclosky, Sir Kay some people are saying very attractive again. These are. People that were in Saint Louis, that to defend themselves and then were threatened with jail. The prosecutor and Arthur Democrats. I think they are
and they were it was- I thought it was very again, very effective to have real people. The Democrats chose to put celebrities up the republic. Since chose to put real people up, which usually doesn't work out- well lighted, saw, and it did, I thought them a column. Mccluskey s or Mcclosky are one of the names are. I thought, if your somebody, if you're a summer night and you're worried about people walking down the street in the middle of the night with a guillotine, I thought Message was a really powerful really powerful. Do I thought that was a strange fit for a convention in that you know it it's so much. That is the stage craft right. It's like the like. They have an Doorn coming in and speaking under this convention, which seems to me to be a perfect, perfect edition.
Two to a republican convention. This is the wife of the police officer, black police officer allowing and try to help in one of these rights and was murdered. You know that is like communicating. I figure a really powerful way that the the the negative side of everything. That's glorified in the media with these riots or excuse me mostly peaceful protests, where the Mccluskey he's like more is like they looked like. You know that their very, very, very rich people which are not nor let's at normally acknowledge Democrats, are Democrats which is good they're out there, wouldn't maybe not the best trigger discipline in their own hands on work and their democratic Ivanhoe is addressed again. I guess they did pretty well, which is it with you. I will, I wouldn't said necessarily was a textbook good pic. I don't need any evidence enough that they did last night would be textbook at all. I just thought it was effective and especially you know
Everything was last week that the early the press was saying. Oh, how up lifting it was. I dont know where you found the uplift unless you hate America and you think I finally America's gonna be over. I don't have a fine we're gonna get rid of this. This egg around our neck, everything was about, how bad we were, how racist we were and how once we really social, you know distance like your dna Goo Log and I'm not when we really social distance, then will fix. American will be great. I don't mind at a positive uplifting. Let message this one: why I mean the difference between everyone saying all we to do is get people out of the way get government out of the way you are the key you can do and stop listening to people saying that you are bad your neck,
bad, that's very uplifting good and especially. At a time when I think who believed covered. And here's where I think Americans are or should be covered was real. We didn't what we were dealing with. We had a fifteen day thing to flattened the curve, and I got a little hanky because we still didn't know exactly and new you work was so bad at that We wanted to make sure that it didn't get worse, so we kept going where now like a hundred and seventy one days into the fifteen day flattening of the girl, and everybody knows that we didn't hit the tube point five million people that we're gonna die. If we did nothing and we the midway point of best case scenario, if we do all these things anywhere from a hundred to two hundred and forty thousand will die, were at a hundred and seventy nine
pretty damn good mission accomplished and now they're talking about dog cones and everything else, and I think people are starting to say this is bull crap. Something else is going on. This is bull crap. Now the virus may have been real but this what's going on is bull crappy referencing by the way, a picture of a woman in a dog cone from yesterday. If you dont know that story does like other dialogue, dog called the other tongue, about leaders in waitresses, now wearing call lace of masts or face she arrived sickly way. It's crazy! It's a phrase was carried out with an. I think. Americans are tired of it. So when you hear somebody say, look, we gotta go back to work. Most Americans are like yeah. Well, let's go come on. We we're America. We can accomplish anything as opposed to the very uplifting message. Last week from you Biden, listen, Yes do you? remember, as president,
First, I will take root. Controlling the virus that is ruined, so many lives. Because I understand something: this person hasn't from the beginning, we will never get our economy back on track. We will never get our kids safely back in schools, we'll never have our lives back until we deal this virus. We are We have do where we are today. Is it didn't have to it is bad, really look around, you started that in Canada or Europe or Japan, almost anywhere else in the world, not entirely to present a cage telling us the virus is going to disappear. But listen you keep waiting for a miracle: well. I have news for him. No matter is coming on. Believable, imagine Moses, the leader of his people,
seeing the Faro coming with his armies and his back is up against the Red Sea. It is like guys. I just want you to know you got keep following me and please understand. No miracle is coming in love, your pay, greed and their Joe. You don't get to decide whether miracles are little by little disheartening, just a little bit disheartening
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He was savage. Ok, I'm just looking down at MSNBC and I'm I'm sorry. Eighty, the moment there all wearing mass look at this they're all wearing masks in this interview? The? No I'm sorry the anchor is everywhere, at least ten feet away from each other none of the people of their energy you're wearing a mask, but the the host is wearing mask. Why why why total Virtue signalling systems come forth and it's a dumbest thing in the world just like hydroxide clerk, when your position on it is dictated apparently by the party urine, actually voted Dick Utilise. I can that's masks right right now, showing a mask MSNBC is playing to your crowd. It's got nothing to do with the virus. Addle, it's just signally. That's it just kill us just ridiculous. Aright sorry lost track glare. Eighty d, but Michael Andella is coming up also some guests from last night's convention. You're going to want to hear
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what you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. When that programme, hello, Amerika, had welcome to Tuesday the Republican National Convention was phenomenal. Last night we just covered that in the last hour, even here in the podcast will continue with our commentary on that. But this hour I want to focus on two people. One is an employee of ours that I ask you to pray for. He is under attack last night. He was doing his job and had a gun hold on him. The I got a call in in the middle of the night last night about what's happening and he won't stop. He believes he is doing God's work and I think he is please pray for his safety he's gonna beyond with us in about twenty minutes. Also, another man who I ask you to pray for who is absolutely under attack like I've never seen before MIKE Lyndal joins us in sixty seconds is a green.
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com, full disclosure. Before we start anything. My glinda L inventor and ceo of my pillow, my pillow, is a sponsor of ours. Mike, though, is a friend of I would consider you a friend MIKE is a friend of mine, and that goes beyond business. I'm not having him on because he's a sponsor. He has not asked me to be Man I do ever put people on big that say hi to sponsor I gotta pee on fast. They get to not getting on, but MIKE is here because I've I've saw something last week with you MIKE that I've never seen before I ve, never seen anyone treated like you were treated by affair, and of Mine Anderson Cooper, who I just question everything I know about him because of the way he treated you I'm in a wee bit this down to one minute, but we can we
edited the end is a twenty minute segment. We edited into one because one minute was just, like the other nineteen listen this challenge, and what is the answer when you want to save lives, and this is what my heart is. I have given my friends and family ordering like ourselves means there lie. You could be in the west standing on a box telling people to drink a needle. I lose their glory to God. I do it, Jesus fails. We do I get the glory to God and I want to help you there's nobody. Even I'm nobody, injury remedies that are not remedies driven, and why would I do that says yourself? Why would run my reputation if I do? If we only have a limited, this erosion known have a brain, really nation.
Well, you know miss corny, but a private business IRA you're you're in my prayers is too because they destroy me when I went all in for this great president, that's what it was. I was the better Business Bureau, those EU citizens. The answer to that is yes, because my cat they told me- that story a few months ago, off the air. I know the story of the better Business Bureau in Minnesota and, yes, it is because of Donald Trump tree wildly unfairly. Mike I'll come to the programming, swine, private poligized. For a guy, I thought I knew before Donald Trump was elected. It was I was I was. Surprised- but I guess I was surprised- I was Robespierre, a five minute interview with twenty three minutes.
Twenty three minutes of attacks, I'm goin. While I must really be on the right page here either I call it was. It was an absolute Lead bath- and I just I was when I saw the next morning, I was like a I wish. Mike would have known this piece of information. Stu, you look there up to? We? Have it all right, I believe the Chris Cuomo Doctor, the Amity that the Chris quote. Chris Cuomo Young Guy on writer, before after I dont noakes. I don't why CNN, but that precedes or follows? Anderson Cooper what had covered his doctor and his wife's doktor. Were we're on television and on the internet, talking about Astro bodies and how crystals in weird oils and everything else
Why really are? Are that the key to changing everything why they never questioned? Do remember that still gay she is the. She runs a little like lifestyle website in like publication and in their its that's all. They talked about and Chris in issues she blogged every day when they had covered and Chris was being treated by this doctor, who had all sorts of claim. Rather, you arrive at whatever you may do. You want to do, but might still like for them for CNN of all places to come after you. Is it just a remark for that and for that, as you said, that you had found something that enter you selling it at? No, no, not tears would think it's not for sale.
I presume this guy called me a little back background here. I want you know when I spoke at the rose garden wall at that point. From that point on, everyone in the country would reach out to me for twenty four hours and all these years and everything will this guy called me ANA, an Easter Sunday and it just sounded different? He said I have. We have all the phase. One pays to tell things done it's out just came out about Universal Texas medical branches in the lab at which all tested in it and it works and not- and I said really well, then I called my friend Secretary Carson. Where he's on the taskforce. I called him immediately like I do turn other things in and he looked into with them and he says, while you know he was just this
the real deal with save. They said because of fast all the safety things I started taken it myself as a prophylactic and then any of my friends and family. They got that God cut carbon, give Truman two days to reply. Yes, like my own, due diligence, plus all these testing, I the I read the stealthy attests done over a thousand people are, they was for nineteen years have been around, for they had done for cancer treatments, so that's where they got their safety tests from ok. Well, anyway, these guys this company turned it into the uptake and everything in April
a project to get on the dietary supplements last week in there's. No reason not put our cause this past every evening and not nice work more and more, and I see these other tests they're doing on people and I've seen it for my own eyes, I'm gone. This has to be out there. This is gonna, save our countries, gonna save lives, I'm saving personalized people knew me are call me up. I got the Corbett and Anna. They would be in a couple days, they're fine and then their testing regular back at work I mean it was. It was just a bit like Hydroxyl Chloric when the weights, weary, where there's a depressed it where they, where it's almost as if people don't want things to work right. It's almost like the left is trying to destroy. Look. I don't care if if Chris Cuomo was sucking on a crystal every night and he thinks it thinks it works, glad talk I'm not going to suck on a criminal, but
Why do I have to make him into the worst person in the world, but that football? We know what he has mostly when it's actually medicine, it's not crystals, there's. Actually, I actually medicine out. There is a medicine, an issue. There is also the other day, then, for the last four months they ve been dragging their feet on this, for both either the dietaries or ninety just to try it will save
so why we try. It will thus company then- and I would obviously foreigner long wanted to you know- to get out to the public to save lives within the company said this about two weeks ago about was the same week. I went ungenerous Cooper, they said. Would you be on our board and we can achieve when this thing was get ready? We thought the empty is getting ready to put it out there, so we needed to scale it. They don't know how you know this gale. Yet this sum mass of thing and I'm really good at that. I beheld a lot of things in an so. I went online. I set a guess again come on you're bored and I said I'll look at your manufactory, which is right here in the USA. It would be appropriate in our very inexpensive cure for area of our country, and I would never believe in something if I didn't see work with my own eyes and stopped, so I did that in them for Anderson Cooper going. You know you did this for money, I've
Everything I do, I don't I'm not doing it for money. I don't want to help people and then the money I'll take care of itself. If, if nodded, that's fine too, you know, like my mask, he got me, try to get you didn't say on the mass of four million dollars, my own money into that do, give away of the bottom line dollars just given away and all the steps that we ve done MIKE. I do have to ask you this potential. You thinkin, I say, and what we have here is here is where I thought you know, I'm every time I'm controversial, I see an end. They never held me on their view. Never has now they say they're gonna and then they don't. I wanted to go right near the lions den right into in all right into the hurricane, and so they cause the word gets out there more now when I went in and when I went on there. I expected ok expected some in him to attack but actually kind of worked out the way want to because of everybody knows about this now, even though its negative, but now
all the good media's coming out about it, and you know what there should be some pressure on the FDA, because I'll tell you what if they're suppressing, does just say, I'm telling you a hundred percent, true, which I would put everything I have in this world out. That's all! That's all! I'm all went well. Let's just say that it is the answer. Ok, now busy answer in the empty in this time of this pandemic and their suppressing, it are holding back on how deep this thing goes. I Why would CNN would not want this author? Why would Anderson Cooper P S family members, not one in? Oh, so you wonder how deep it goes and you wonder what they do to our medicine and his country. If there's,
A pandemic, you know, cares This'Ll, Israel and Mexico in every place cells that ever get to provision. So I understand that, but if I didn't know you, for instance, I know the story of what happened in Minnesota for the better results from it. If I didn't know you, if I only knew you from the guy in the commercials with the pillow right eye, I think you might be a snake oil per. I might watch that NGO Oil Anderson I mean he's had and he knows and while our business here. I didn't know that and alas ridiculous it the baby be, would do that because of politics the ice today. What is it liable or slander I mean our small idea, inflammation character, I mean went over the top Jimmy did hurt, he did hurt us and that, in that you know, you're bringing up stuff from the past that he didn't even give me a chance to address. But I think
You know, one of the things is it's kind of I'm so branded with the present in the house, back, so people gone or a lot and probably said all their just attacking them again because he backs this great president. You know but like you, there is a whole segment cause. I watched my twitter and I watched with Facebook and the soldier me made worldwide news. I know that we have all the way across the world and so yeah there was up. There was a lot of declamation there and a lot of well I'm his attack, call me a snake oil silver. Then he tried job, you know backtrack. Ah! Well, I don't even know you kill. You know your guest, you know, because I think people in his ear tellin him stop in his ear. I think was bred, stop and I think he he knew. He went too far because he was getting angry and I dont know why he was getting angry when It was because I kept Zenos notwithstanding my ground, I don't know but is,
like he's trying to destroy me and I've never back down in my life, I'm not going back down now. So it's kind of your kind of doing so frivolous things here, Mr Cooper, because I'm not going back to end the facts MIKE don't think people know you and me we did a podcast together and I urge you to watch the podcast with MIKE. It's a you know is one think this cause I mean no offense MIKE I mean you're, a guy in a tv, commercial and a guy that kind of looked to me like You know that the mattress MAC Guy who's a really good guy in Houston, but he's u dont see: Amy of VAT just see the salesman getting to know you you are. You have depth, unlike what I've seen in most people than her in television in our doing business or everything else, but you who are actually driven by God
are driven, whether you want to make fun of that or you believe that are not. I know MIKE believes that absolutely no! He didn't mention that I was an ex crack cocaine out again. Oh, he didn't mention that you know people like to hear what they like to see hope, especially where right now the american dream minds like the american dream on steroids, I mean it's. You know I come from the depths I come from, all these different addictions and set free by God,
You see what god we know well that in the Bible with got all things are possible here I am in and its also being in the United States of America, the freedoms we have that weren't. You know that we could lose this one be passport, hardly any other place in the world. My story, guaranteeing you know you and not my friends or semi sitting in the White House with the present there go. Jesus is real. There's no way, there's crack Atticus sitting next to no eyes and that's a miracle. Now he's all these miracles. That have happened in my life, and I think that, maybe that's what it. Mr Coop was afraid of is that you know he's seen you know I You know, I pray every time I go on anything and pray for you and all God guides my words and guides my path MIKE
Thank you for coming in in addressing this. If you don't mind, I want to take a quick one minute break him and just want to get us a view from my from you on the convention it last night and the choice that America has in front of them in one minute more with MIKE Window, then one of our employees had a gun pulled autumn last night and they are in real danger, and I I will them on and we asked for your prayers of those were on the front lines. Quite honestly, like Michael Endeavours, some of us some some people in America are taking a bigger risks than the rest of us. Are let me tell you about a MAC. If you're looking for an alternate to a r p, I've got some good news for you. It's the association, immature american citizens or a MAC. This is the fastest growing, fifty plus organization in America, and you get all the stuff. You know the discounts in your car insurance and hotels and roadside assistance. I didn't realize until Obamacare was being passed. What
a sham. A r p is what a leftist front there, thing is for for anything. The Democrats want to pass the eye. My opinion. They sold the elderly bra, it just just everything from out underneath. And sold them abyla goods of socialized medicine that only helped people like a r p, that's when a MAC step to the plate view because they believe, encourage faith, reasoning, individual liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the second amendment, the sanctity of life, they believe in the free market system stand, with a MAC, we have got to hang together or we will certainly hang separately a MAC fight, the good fight Benefits are great causes even greater, join now at a MAC dot. U S, slash back. That's a may see dot com. I'm sorry
U s! Slash back a MAC dont: U S slash a MAC is better better for you and better for America? Ten? Second stationary? This is the Glenn Beck Programme and Michael Indo joining us might did get a chance to see any of the convention last night just bits and pieces. I came back from Charlotte, you know if I was a chairman of our delegation for minutes, so Diana from the little bit, I seen a kind of fits. What time do you know what I thank you. No keep America free, keep America safe in all. These are two things that are brilliant, gonna, be room port and I think during this convention it's like and then all the like. I said in my eyes when I read my minute thing and now
in Minnesota distant commercials for the present one of the things we did. We brought in Democrats that are flipping an egg We brought a man and it was just organic. I start asking questions and it was amazing, these a crowd. Dead, are flipping overtook them the Republicans or Donald Trump or would have for whatever reasons, but they they have seen. What's happened in our country, all these terrible riots, all these things and went on starting in many up as Minnesota, my own state that terrible decisions made by democratic leaders- Kate, I have friends, are democrats, but now there flip- and these are people were all people in all one nation, under God, Anna and to see them. Finally, maybe this is the time in our lives where we finally hit see this Brainwash net was going on by the media and now this time where they can see with their own eyes Haiti
a terrible decisions that were made in everything we voted for a democratically we had some might are there and the commercials at thirty or forty years, they voted Democrat another their flipping because things they voted for the family values and all these things into help how they were gone, and they see that that's what Donald Trump been doing us with that each he reported the public can party to the common sense party. Here it's really easy. It's it's amazing to me how, if you're a Democrat you're you're, seeing the things that are going on and you're, not questioning the leadership of your own party. I mean how in vain, if you go back to Anderson Cooper, the better
Business Bureau in Minnesota would do that because of Donald Trump yeah yeah, the people in Minnesota. You know that are burning down the city, yet are not necessarily all that common sense, politically motivated the terrible decisions that were made in my home state in opium instructed by the way, is even as this we could still. Instead, he we have been voted red since nineteen. Seventy two, the longest state in its we never lotta with. Never went out voted because it's gonna, be it's not gonna manner, but this time around, we will win by a landslide because right in our own backyard epidemic, think what the independents or feeling, if the Democrats in Minnesota going. This is terrible. Our leadership is the demo me and then a few vote. This one guy said if I vote as a Democrat now I am voting for something that did up my party's ship that ship sailed. I am voting for this radical left. Progressive craziness
it is very narrow, that's very few people, but they are this big media voice and, as we know this other this other entity that south that to press I went on I went on. I want you to say the programme, but I went on a programme to an to kind of fight. They understood Cooper thing right away last week and it got suppressed on twitter. The content not available for two hours till I called the owner of the station owns it and he must have did something called up, Jack, Dorsey or who knows, and also the content came back up a guess what it's not getting any legs. Yeah, it's uh! It's it's a strange world we live in, but I I just last night gave me hope that the truth will prevail in set us free. Like thank you so much ass round me and I was glad back programme are, let me tell you about Patriot Mobile, you know I'm really. I am. I can't thank in fact MIKE is sitting here. So let me to thank him because he is a sponsor the programme. I can't
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second amendment and your constitutional rights, you're gonna get the same great coverage because I raised the same self our and this month until September, twelve, you can choose either of free phone or free month of service. When you switch to America's only conservative, cellphone carrier, patriot, mobile plus they'll donate a portion of Europe built students for life, call them now: nine, seven to Patriot, nine, seven to Patriot or patriot mobile dot com, slash back to more and more than ever to get on your blaze. Tv subscription place dvd COM, slashed Glenn, used the protocol Glenn and save ten bucks. Welcome to the Glen Back Programme. I just sipping army of Tinis, hello, ladies it's Tuesday We have some more on the convention. I thought it was rate last night, but I was keeping one eye on the convention and the other eye
Canosa, the riots that were going on there main reason is because a co worker of mine, Eliza, Schaefer is what was smack dab in the middle of it and find out later that a gun was pulled on him the guy was not threatening you, but it sounds on the videotape that you have that he actually pull the trigger. So it was in. Appears to have been an empty gun if that was the trigger Paul and was explaining what he was gonna do two cops if they rolled on him. At that point Eliza is with us now Eliza, in Wisconsin you're, safe Glenn I am safe and thank you so much ground me on the show, but unfortunately, city already under the the pressure of coded enraged. Ten as is done, Lee married opposition right now tell me
it happened last night. What did you see? What I saw is something then Don't think you ever want to see, especially in this this country, something tat, looks like it from a movie. These are wild people under the guise of fighting for black lives and against police brutality. In screw eminently destroying public property what I mean. Is I've never seen this before they destroy every single lamp cities are large. You know this king, five foot high public land posting knocked him down in industry broke open every window. They could find let buildings on fire and in Huge acts of orison destroyed dozens of suddenly a cause with molotov cocktails and they just this. They burned in the city to the ground,
so we are well aware, was any one to stop it. Their police presence. At all I mean this. This was this a city under curfew, they blocked, leave freeway exits to make sure that People were not exiting into downtown doing everything. They could you know as a curfew but worthwhile there are any police browser anything slow. These people down I know your yours. Probably already can predict what a lot to say, but despite the now no guard being there. They were deployed, despite what appeared to be some sort of state or county troopers and police. They were not there to protect the private property, they were there to protect the citizens of the town. They were in a line projecting the county court house. And believe it or not the only p that were there deterring crowds during this time,
never more urgency in the curfew war. What it He had to be vigilante or end or right wing militiamen armed in, brings and were successfully deterring rioters, from burning down destroying additional businesses, while law enforcement- pretty much did thing or wild, that's not a slight! That's just a report of the fact Wally, the law enforcement on the street is not making the decision on what to do that. The people above them? That's the governor and the mayor? So this is by Mean Madison Wisconsin is one of the most progressive cities in the country, constant is a progressive state, one of the city leaders saying today. What's their plan well tell you this I'm a monastery down with you know so. My friends, George Venture on the daily taller and came under Meda, Ascribe renews and we're out here
where they he wears CNN, whereas MSNBC, but most importantly, Where are the leaders, and I haven't seen them- and I'm looking at business owners, people that are just confused because experiencing something, but you shouldn't have to experience in the most powerful country. The world. We have the power to stop this and there's not much that this failures can say besides condemning the violence, but when you and then something but yet turn a blind eye to allow it to take place your words really don't mean anything, but are they actually condemning it? Are they sang and too far and these rights. Are they saying these are peaceful protest? You know the usual crap from Seattle in Portland is are the leaders in Wisconsin any different than those leaders as of today
I'm not sure of any public statements that have been made. I could be wrong of one of your your listeners, Moyo correctly. I love you too, to reach out to me Elijah Schaefer on Twitter, and let me know if you know something I doubt but I know that some of the live stream that happened yesterday. They were not adequate to condemn this to the full extent and what happens is in, and I think you ll notice, I'm predicting it's possible. That violence and the arts and could be worse tonight because it accelerated Last night in the night before the city, this guy since this is where it gets crazy. I showed up after the first day, up here from Chicago covering protest in riots in Chicago one hour and a half south end. When I here. They had not even cleaned up the city from the night before there were still burn city there those that were in the streets. They were barely putting up some barriers? There was be two police officers that I saw within a few square blocks of the opt out. Region. I mean a city was not prepared, for
happened. They did not properly prepared in the following day and from what I could see day did not provide the resources. To this area that were needed to prevent this, and you have to ask yourself being from a state being from a contract this. How do we not have the resources? How do we not have the ability, the national guard? No, we do have those resources, especially national crisis like this. But why were they not deployed? It can only make you think in wonder: Well, I will say this: I've been saying that a Wisconsin was We burn down to the ground the summer because that's where the convention was supposed to be there, to be more prepared on what to do in case of riots and civil unrest than any other city in America. Looks like you. Dont need the Democrats to come to town. They got their operatives. They're burning things down anyway,
Eliza I'd be interested in hearing from the owner of the car dealership that huh The sign black lives matter up on down the meaning of the car dealership sign and yet they buy and every car in the lot. Yeah. You know I'm actually sitting in front of it right now. This is too the deal first night. They only burnt part of the car lot. Last night A successfully decision the rest of it, Judy array of mass and explosions of fuel tanks, composting due to high temperatures and absolute the army or an toleration into that just see. I intolerable heed that you just kidding handle from even even twenty thirty yards away unless these aren't need our intent, swains, I'm looking at that sign
right now I know should have belonged to the church right next to it or to the car lot. But I rumbling is it is it is melted these cars? looks like we're out of a Steven. Spielberg films said: that's what I feel like I'm looking at I'm on a tour universal studios. But unfortunately this one doesn't have a nice to it. Continues with violence and a half Like you, I am sure you you'll love this. The democratic, the democratic building right now it is just about a block away, boarded up along with every other business. It has its nice banners above so about boy in November. I'll tell you what this is. You get when you vote. Bloom is ironic to tell people lawyer. Serious, shut down. It doesn't matter what you on your doors are your windows at your signs. Criminal do not follow party lot
Party that allows criminals to remain and to act, unlocked really without proper consequence is not really. A party at all is active poise themselves against the American People and they aren't you ve been ashamed or hiding it anymore, and it's just sad. Tartu Eliza Schaefer of Blaze TV, but it must follow on Twitter, adolescence, Schaefer, Eliza. He bring up something with this car dealership and at this is what keep coming back to over and over again with every story. Your covering like this day one I understand neck night, one. You have this incident There is a surprise out of nowhere. They burn the car locked the ground night too. I don't understand why on earth is the other half of this current hot being destroyed a night too, as if they were shocked at this? Was gonna go on wise and anyone there to stop it? Isn't there any up rising from the community saying this is crazy. Stop this. I wish, but I'll tell you
this is not the only car lot that ended up being destroyed there is a list. So the car lot that way, The targeting of of these vigilantes, both black lives matter, writers, which war. Which warn that the colors etc and the markings, but so there were black, lock antique. I noticed some journalists and people from Portland people get hurt. Today they move in directions in the same direction, which is towards chaos, and I I cannot tell you how sad it is to realize that we do live in a country where the government cannot check your property in cannot protect your livelihood and the only businesses that I saw that did not get attack were the ones it took their own precautions, boards and in many cases and the seller This is where I love love, this middle eastern gas station all believe me. He was out and fraught with his boys, holding back some very serious by
and I'll tell you why not damage that business because he was uv, came prepared and he knew what it was gonna take too about the american dream. Crispin still stands or the car lot is completely burned to the ground, Ok, I've got so much too. Maybe we'll have you on tomorrow if we can to cover, happens tonight? You say it's gonna be worse. Let me just let me just wrap up with with this video Let's play the video of the guy, pulling the gun out of his pants and pointing it right at Eliza and pulling the trigger. That's right. That's right! Now in what he was talking about is what he was going to do to the police, but when somebody poles, I got out a large gun and pulls the trigger. What did that feel like Well, I'm next, multiple gunshot in the area of conflict
I didn't realize you dry fired until I got a call from the sea tv say that you just got driver You did meet these be saved, you know get out get out and I I I'll tell you what I am. I right I said this is wide so volatile, I mean if that was and then loaded oars and had not jammed or whatever happened. I've might not be here. Day, and I think it governors mares city she'll senators need to realise that we are in. Or a civil war, and we are very close to becoming violet, not because of the people there accusing but simply because when people are emboldened and who commit crimes are not held accountable. All it took was just one bullet in that gun to change this from a normal night to a bloody night, so sat rally that
Thank you. Eliza appreciated, Eliza Schaefer Blaze, tv host slightly offensive on the it's in Wisconsin last night. We hope to talk to you again tomorrow I would ask, is nonetheless level I just want to use. I fight. You know, I'd balls men. I did the initial interview with him why? What flew out to Us Angeles, doing some work and at the end of the day I met with him, and I remember thinking I think I walked out on seeing this guy. Really truly believes it he'll walk into a lions, Dan I and II and its. It's very concerning to those of us who work with him and know him. He has not irresponsible. He just believe somebody has to do it. I think, thankfully he is doing any other man. It's act, some stuff he does. I gotta know how please please, please
pray for our staff. Please pray for staff and anybody else who is walking into these things. Mainstream media is doing it and you wouldn't beginning half of the information. If it wasn't for people like Elijah Schaefer, Let me let me tell you about our spot its life lock your up an email says. You know billing error your neck, If your Netflix subscription is about to be closed to be don't provided the updated payment details, no please it's all we have left its a scam of course, but when you get when you click on the link, everything looks completely legitimate, though even do one of those. Are you a robot things to make sure you're you're, not a scammer yourself? All thing is a scam. This is why you need a lifelong imported, We stand on cybercrime and identity theft affect all of us now in in this crazy, crazy era you have,
a very careful. No one can prevent all identity theft, monitor all transactions at all businesses, but life luck and see threats it. You might miss on your own join now in save up to twenty five percent off your first year by using a promo code back call one eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelike or go to lifelong dotcom, use a promo code back, save twenty five percent life, locked outcome, promo code back or one eight hundred lifelong promo code back come to the Glen Back program. I'm glad you're here did you see the the pole, from TIM Pool? Yesterday, a couple a couple undressing posts yesterday. You know he first of all seem to note that common Harris may have solicited help from foreign governments for foreign individuals It was a pretty interesting pick up in that prank call from the fake gretta.
I'm goin through. Did you hear anything up to four down this road NASA with Gretta fake Gretta, called Kamel Harris with a fake seventy, which is her dad There are these two russian pranks her that have done this to a lot of politicians and they ripped promising in like we need to do this on the X Y, the sea and the climate. At one point she says she has a faker she's, a recording of Trump saying something controversial and offers it to Harris and Harris is like, thank you that would be wonderful. Like seemingly like playing along with this person, who is not actually Gretta Luneburg, so it's is trust vapours actually russian, which is kind of funny, so there's that when he posted it- which I thought was an interesting pick up from that and then also his voting preference yeah, he says trumped up his second term agenda in any sane person would agree with it. I now plan to vote for Trump.
Get out as long as I possibly could? His second term agenda is more than just as plans for reelection its assigned the establishment. Politicians are being rooted. Any now may finally finish them off. Figuratively. Of course, Republicans have put out no new party platform, Democrats or incomplete disarray. I dont believe any sane person can support Biden and True, most people voting him for doing it because they hate trump. But for me the riots are too much. The chaos too much and tromp is pushing for congressional term limits, as well as ending our foreign wars forever wanted about tat, built bars, justly got the latest box a bill bars in lemon omen, cheesecake, raspberry, chocolate, cookies and Cream Toffee Allman Orange Chocolate double lit german chocolate. They want a different Europe. Oh my gosh yeah. Well, there is real chocolate and they're all like this. One is I'm going for the cookies and cream. This one is a hundred and thirty galleries.
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come now what you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and Enlightenment Gwen programme. My hope is, the Republicans can do it again tonight. Last night I saw something I have not seen from the Republicans we're quite file frankly any convention in a very long time. I think it was nineteen, eighty, the country in nineteen. Eighty
I've been going through hell since one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, where they were killing people setting things on fire and saying were bad. Then we had scandal after scandal in the White House, and then we have Jimmy Carter and the economy. We ve gone through all of that exactly the way people did in eighteen. Eighty same time period where Last night I haven't heard such positivity hand a hopeful message and an outreach to african Americans, unlike I've ever heard, the democratic Republicans do before without any pandering whose fantastic, hopefully there tonight, but I want to talk to the guy who kicked it all off, Charlie Kirk. The joins me. Sixteen sixty seconds is the Glen Back program right. You know We sometimes you'll see people you're like all our man I was now is rough. Really
cause, I haven't, even got not a bed yet you know me when you're like all this guy's, a tough competitor, I knew I read. That's kind of like when he twenty and twenty twenty one is. If you think tat twenty twenty is bad, twenty, twenty one and even got out of bed. Yet so may go well, I'm feeling men. You don't believe me check the headlines for Wisconsin last night, my page its supply is there. Now we have to hurricanes bearing down on us next year? It will be six at once, I'm sure but you have to hurricanes a Berlin down on the Gulf Coast today, we have all kinds of problems. The last time I Patriot Supply Advert on this programme, they only advertise for a few days because they couldn't keep up with the demand, and they to just stop all advertising. Just catch up They started advertising again yesterday
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Tomorrow night. The black lives matter agenda is moving from a strictly to your kids classrooms revolution in America, smuggle documents trivial, how public schools and become a training ground to push partial marxism, and it's all behind your back- exposes the mines for american children watch brain tomorrow, night nine pm Eastern a place to meet our Tom slashed by it. I tell you I wish we could delay this because I'm hoping people are gonna be watching the Giovanni Convention, but you have to watch that special tomorrow night with these smuggled documents that came out from a black teacher, in the wheel, I'll explain after we talk to Charlie I'll explain, but you need to hear this. If you have any body anybody you know is in school Charlie well into the programme honour to be here. Glenn think someone
we have a founder and president turning point. Usa hosted the Charlie Kirk, show last night, you open it up and I couldn't help but think how The twenty seven or twenty four twenty six point: six: ok, you're twenty six years old and I couldn't help but think in my mid twenties. I was a loser, here. You are one of the smartest guys. I know where the most well read guys. I know a comp first, you have built the largest students for Liberty Group in the world. You ve done in the last four years, and here you are opening up the Aral Sea Convention in good job. We should be proud. You was thank you and I the thanks go to them. But the president you know was generous enough to give me that platform in it. You know I talked about the President being a bodyguard of western civilization, and he was
the convention on planners in the president or nice enough to allow me to open up and the sunset a frame the evening in some sense that doing here is worth defending, something that we have been given the malevolent sinister mob that quite honestly wants to chair our civilization down around us as we know it and the President I liked the framing of as a bodyguard in some of the media was kind of surprised and putting it nicely they were in a kind of repulsed by that image rate, but bodyguard. As someone who is going to defend you, you don't really. About some of the tweets here and there and all that. But you know why he's there for very specific purpose, and that is the protection of natural rights, the protection of God granted liberties and so I was honoured, we speak last night. I also talked about a bit about getting our kids to love a man. Again, and I tried to bridge the generational gap of people in general,
two millennials to a couple generation beyond their, I will tell you that I think the generation that is coming up. His is remarkable, is truly remark and I dont know if the tea party made to that that play a role in your life in Europe. Bringing were your parents involved and that what was it that, turned. You played a huge role. Yeah I mean, and my parents were at that involved in it, but I wouldn't I used to go to tea party rallies dear you speak and listening to your programme and the people movement was organic and came up and it was really the first kind of exposure. I had something other than republican gonna crap, because I was just my political exposure. Was democrats bad and Republicans, and that was just bought it. The tea party added a whole new layer of philosophy and love conservatism. That was quite honestly, young people kind of desire, more so than just kind of republican. Good Democrat
bad, and I mention that my speech to and it didn't really get this part actual didn't really get the not as much as I thought it would be, but I went after both parties last night at the report. Can convention. That's kind of unusual, you think about it. I said in our country then let down by a cartel it insiders from both political party which morally true, and I think that actually establishes a lot more credibility with us. With the american people than just endlessly saying every Republican that as ever, elected has been great and Democrats have been awful. Charlie. I was impressed last night that thee, The production value was amazing, which we always screw up. We always screw that up as conservatives it looked great. It felt great was under stated. They didn't do any of the stupid stuff that the Democrats did and I'm just talking in production of you know, people collapsing and all its cheesy crap that they did
and it was almost like how the Hollywood left produce this and then and then realised at the end of crap. Where will we produce the wrong. Imagine, It was really well done and for the very first time since nineteen eighty, the men It was really clear, really simple, no bells and whistles. Just this is the choice between the two can go this way and you'll get the rights of the street? You go this way and they stop and the The thing that was amazing was they were reaching out and not some token reach. I mean a all night. Long reach out to People who think that they have no place in the Republican Party haven't seen that since Reagan. That's right. I mean Herschel Walker, Senator TIM Scott
all the rest who I thought, gave a phenomenal speech. Nicky hailing the he had Mickey Hayley. I mean there you have for individual that I thought had a very, very tight message to, and I agree in some way virtual convention wondered itself favourably in the sense that the Republicans had to shorten their speeches run. I notice from personal experience speaking where you never was asking about ten minutes to formats right and in some way, You almost had to you had to find more powerful words and then you are able to fit different perspectives all within kind of a box, you know when you have a lie audience sometimes a five minute speech can also become a twelve minutes. Beech wood areas right and then I am about to say: I'm not gonna stay that way. If there is no life audience, I think the Republicans just I thought the colonel. How last I could have gone better from suasion standpoint I am to tell him I have to tell you. I think I think it was could have been worse. If there were odd, it was an audience there, because people would have done
read it like Gill, foiled delivered hers, which was which was speech that she delivered as if she was in a big stadium, everyone else they responded to it just one on one. Let me just speak this to you and there was a connection. Rarely happens, rarely happens at a convention. I think it worked Their advantage lie. I think I think that's right and it's hard for me to say that, because I thought man no audience how is gonna work and I also mean that the production units understood the apprentice, and you can see that the new movie with new and different Cameron goes to the massive stage the floor. Everywhere. You can see the red carpet in others, the singer. Were podium writing out under the carpet and I thought it was very smart to have sender TIM Scott, close out the evening. That you're gonna get the highest ratings. You transition other pundits afterwards, and a lot of suburban
voters and a lot of people that have been told the hate trump. They have no idea that there is a black freedom, loving Republican, center from South Carolina. They do not know that and I actually thought it was a really powerful but kind of soft push back against Senator Harris. Whose almost been trying to monopolize that home base as being a black individual from the? U S, Senate and whoever wrote TIM Scots Beach. Maybe he wrote it, I'm not trying to save you didn't, but the team was involved in his speech, broiling what it was like every story, because every day each fit. I wondered how much coordination there was between the speeches. Every speech fit was almost written in a universal voice. It was just it just was really really well done. Let me this. There was a the stupid Lincoln project They say they had an insider there last night and they saw that people were you know, saying racist things about Barack Obama. Can you tell
we want the scene was liken in in that room last night Well, what do I mean by Micro Trust the Lincoln projects for any of that, really how she had fallen at the mistake of figure right, look, here's here's! What I can say is some of the speeches. Prerecorded somewhere live, but at every one hand of herself the northern league, and I see no evidence at all with any of that. I saw that accusation of as well, and I just I just consider it to be completely outrageous and basis, and I will say this: that's really where the Trump people have the anti Trump people at the gun, When they hear from TIM, Scott Herschel Walker, Nicky Hayley back smaller as open it even and I love what you said when it wasn't token it wasn't, it was real experiences how the policies and also the president he has connected with their own worldview, Mickey Healy
that a phenomenal job, and I really really well and and look it's hardly duchess. The first night you have three more knights of that, and I can just I could tell you the Democrats are pro. Really really regretting the way they did their spare convention and the one of the things that the Republican did. The best last night was the unified stage. Then a couple people here. But ass if there was a unified set, really really was a decision from I'm assuming that they're gonna have that same set tonight or that same building. We hoped that the eye the I believe so yeah and could want democratic, was so did so. It was so disorganize yeah, right, yeah, you different people piping in from all across the country, was hard to watch yeah Charlie. I want to go back to what we were talking about with the message to the african american vote. You know It wasn't token in fact, it was an
I've seen speeches where they were honest, like hey. Look, this isn't good, free or community and join us it's been sincere, but it has and been sustained because ceremonies like out at all, let's, let's roll thrown invitation out. This one was a true join us at that table as partners, and it wasn't I rarely heard this from politicians, because the Republicans just haven't done it. They ve written off the black vote for so long and it's not the democratic style, but they were saying a promising you anything, I'm telling you look at what we ve done. Look at. The success rate here come join us just come, join us we're It wasn't a laundry list of things that we're gonna promise them if you did exactly right, exactly right and also Senator too got and Herschel Walker, just
spelling a lot of the wiser being told about the President and what would I like, which was really into thing, and I completely agree the Republicans hadn't done this in such a long time The direct called action about Russia was him just kind of like we're just gonna to kind put up. You know a the black and hope that a birth and I think that if I were to analyze this Glenn, I think that is because the Democrats have become so nasty and so dogmatic in believing that skin color must dictate are you bout? I think it warranted one of the most beautiful counter response it I've ever seen in politics here. I think people liked him Gon Herschel Walker, Nicky Hayley. How are so tired of the way the Democrats have been connecting skin call it a political ideology, like Joe Biden did You dont vote for me. You ain't black. What do you see on the horizon Charlie? What do you see on the ground you seeing any you getting seeing, gives you real hope. Yes, I am. I saw travelling the battleground state Michigan Minnesota Minister, in particular, strangely, in real time,
It is really incredible, but I see a lot of people aspire when industrial Midwest we're on from, I grew up in the midwest that are very quickly moving away from Democrats and going to Donald Trump, and I think it's not going to reflect in the pulling? I think that we're going to start to see some pulling about four five weeks from now that are going to reflect. Some of the trends that are starting to set in That's a really interesting thing. I don't think pulling is actually snapshot of time. I actually think it the wagging indicator, not only in the cedars, because people are cumbersome. Since they persuade each other up dinners. You know that it's a lot it's a lot of people are, they are unlikely to publicly proclaimed political ideology. They discard young people, who are that's that there are small subset of the population, but I see on the ground. The doors were knocking on. The people were talking to Why should the issue of war order, crime and riot pressure in the Midwest midwife does no tolerance about it or what? our Charlie. Thank you. So much talk to again. Thank you, weren't. You bet Charlie Kirk, DV, USA. I.
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its relief factor, dot com, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four ten second station. priority as a Greek, I want to talk about our special that happens tomorrow night and I'm trying to convince the blazed up, maybe even run an early during the day We could cut it earlier because I think it so important sea and I want you to watch the convention too, but if you, Kids in school you have to watch brainwashed. It's our stay night, special, nine p m how black lives matter, hijacked our schools that we got document dump from a teacher, it was in a teaching workshop over the summer and be a lamb came up and they discussing how to handle issues in the class. Well, an informal group of teachers put all of these documents into a zip drive,
the teacher whose friend help them leak. The document said why we were not. Acted to use this specific content. Many happily share that they had already found it very helpful and incorporating into their daily lessons plans. We were too it's already being used in the New York school system, This is an anonymous teacher that I don't I don't know, but the team does been teaching for twenty five years, their black and are terrified at what their seeing and one of them is this document. That I dont know if we have time to show you to morrow. But let me just tell you about it today: the after using our children in street protests, we ve seen this whether using our children all the time, how did parents? Okay this? The answer is because its being groomed in school, in grade school sneak P, something we will show you Wednesday. Eight hundred page document led link
lives matter marxist school curriculum. This one is titled children and youth as change makers and this this curriculum is for third graters. It's a five day. Lesson plan Monday through Friday, culminates in the final day with the following quote: what children engage directly in their cause of choice to. Children create protest signs for issues that they want to stand up for a fight against. Stage a hallway protest, Jim Rally or go to into the neighborhood for Youth March our children do not stand a chance. If, nine years old. This is what their learning, how to protest in the streets. I dunno teach him how to read teacher the medics monitor everything your children are, learning get to your school. I can't tell you urgent enough tones. This is everywhere everywhere marks
is Marxism is being taught in our school. Critical theory is being taught our school. Racism now is being taught in our school, they are making our children into change makers, It's nine p m tomorrow: Blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn, please don't miss it subscribe you can. You can watch it on demand if you re, if you're a member or why to live at blaze. Tv dot com, Slash Glenn, that is tomorrow night. What is your your show undermine. I do know now. I don't know yet and kind, but we will have something amazing. Everyone will be, I think, is an absolute incredible. Is crazy, guaranteed right, yeah raise whatever it's gonna be, is gonna, be here in a commander. You d come on. I don't know what are you doing to show on were not we're? Gonna come on to talk about this stuff coming up on your show, so I can get credit for all the work you do. That's others
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America, Monuments, Vernon Jones and almost state preventative from the great state of Georgia. You can see I'm a man, color. And I'm a lifelong Democrat too, You may be wondering why livelong Democrat speaking at the room, looking national convention and that's it. Our question and here's your answer: the demon at a party does not want like people to leave their mental plantation we ve been forced to be there for decades and generations. But I have news for Joe Biden. We are free, We are free people with free mines. Part of a large and growing segment of the community who are independent. Anchors, and we believe that Donald Trump its president, America needs to lead us forward.
This is no time for sleep and innovation Joe Biden has head forty seven years to produce results, but he's men all hawk and no action. Just like so many of the Democrats who ve been making promises to the black voters for decades we ve been there. Captive audience. When present Trot sought to earn the black vote that demand party leaders went crazy. Nancy below in church humor literally start wearing, can take cloths around this, as Pandering were enough to keep us satisfy gay stop this, this man is remarkable and very brave. His name is Vernon Jones. He is a state rent from Georgia. Unease on the phone with us now burnt How are you Dubai gland. Thank you so much. You have an army slap priest guy you're listener then make an always follow me at TAT.
Burning Jones. So how things going for you? As a as a Democrat, well, let me tell you any fish: swam swim down. The stream gloom did what I had said can swim upstream and low and swim against the current. My travel. Career, but a Democrat gotten more more challenging because I've got father, Father Father to the lab. And I mean you know well, I do the democratically just largely lost its core values, that of fiscal responsibility. That of Poland. Constitution, supporting law enforcement- and you know when you look at the number of years and they ve gotten american, though he back boy fifty sixty years the blight bonus. Not in return, you know that they are put illegal, spurs another book, but not not. After me,
So Vernon me, because this is really this we decide the vote and its anybody's gas. But is this real. I mean this last night I saw the Republicans do something I've never seen them do before they ve never thought they could win the black vote. They never thought they could change anybody's mind, because really the demo rats. How you know of your. If black, you know who vote for that kind of an attitude and they never break out, but I think things have changed in last night. It was a it was an invitation to actually be at the table and help build a great America but is it real error? You seeing anything, that's actual on the ground that chose to you? Yes, this has a good chance of working or first
Yes, your question: the fact that a majority of the Democratic Party has been real a paper tiger, every Damn Republican would take us territory two towards trying to earn a lot about the accident. Tourism, including the level media and write about story and then Skinner but your love. What trombone over here Done more to earn the blight loading any president, black quiet, public nor democratic, probably going back to Abraham Lincoln. Tell me why they let the crowds well. Let me Joe He had a real organisation on the morale goin. After the blog about when he said that, surgeon and emission Applet Michigan. What are you have to lose by both for me. Now only did it a strong message to me and others. It put the question of people man, but you don't just talk the talk he walked along when he came working with the opportunity now, Mr Tappin black liberties, I store combined our joint funding them, which is a big
big deal when he started work on prison reform and got past the first hear back whenever whenever job, I don't think he's done to them community was decimated with the crime deal no other. Politician. I can think of a modern I'm going back to civil rights movement. None of them had taken the initiative to go earned obliged support on the blame and deliver on it, and so they tell you when they say that they are not out there. That's foolishness! I tell you what I mean your wife come out and say the dollar trot, but they are one big alteration minimal you wanna come out and say onto Donald Trump, and you know what data wanna be calling and then there are many Democrats and Republicans you won, support now drop, but you know what they don't want to be intimidated? They don't want delighted. First amendment right to freedom expression is gonna, be, gotta to be targeted, and they alone. Your job, I mean, the grand that route,
Democratic, always talk about worry about, bolder suppression, immigrated specializes in bonus oppression to intimidation and character, fascinating and other types of the ways to keep you wanted to come out and about a person of your choice. They make you feel like you, certain that you they make. You feel bad. I make you feel better Your life could be even Britain and the level of media feed into it, look at what they did to fan mail, but yeah yeah yeah Not teenager, do anything Roxana goes the number You see and others like the fact it out of my head on and they re the judge, the pre eminent about. Why? Because you jump supported chop, gave out passed today. The liver media would say they respect in people's teeth in carbon candidate, So there's nothing you can do so. What how are people getting the message? Cuz I I don't know how many people even watched this last night. You are now
Getting this and mainstream media. Where is where? Is the community? Not just yours, but I mean even the white community Where are the hearing it? How are they getting that message if they're not summon my wife was like. I don't wanna watch this and I'm like, I know honey. Neither do I, but I doing she's. Ok, I mean watching it, how are they getting the truth, or is it just manifesting itself in the neighborhoods, we're getting it through social media master would lead we're getting around the labour media becomes a level. Maybe will not tell you how popular aspect tromp is throughout. In areas where the black or white, but I'll tell you another thing. Last May and the republican dimension because a lot of emails in a lot of checks, but there's one German in particular the language problem? You shoot me a text message this morning:
We walked solar, heating and air conditioning and he said great job. My friend, I saw your speech yesterday, because the view I will vote for the first time Republican now Syria must tell you that you cannot tell me not getting enough because of certain third, like me and Herschel Walker. And Laura Trump and all the others, businessmen, those first responders police enforcement Fire rescue hospital workers, You know what time it they know. What rubbish urine and they're getting the message about the silent majority, estimating the worthy George Bush. They missed on Miss unnecessary that in two thousand thick king. So what happened so we're talking to state Rep, overrun and Jones, a Democrat from Georgia who spoke at the convention for the Republicans in favour of Donald Trump last night, when you
when you look at the things that are going on there? the Democrats are betting on black lives matter and it is a machine, it's an actual corporation So it's a giant political machine, but I see this. I see people. Life is being destroyed and in towns being burned down, and you know it's one thing to go where they were, they machete or a g eighteen in a white neighbourhood at three o clock in the morning. It there to burn a whole neighborhood down. It is, is that appealing to the african american community. At all I mean I know we have problems with the police as they should, but there I don't understand. Is that appealing to the White Guy, you know
appealing to wipe them a great many of them is lot appealing. You know the democratic party strategies is simply this. They cannot be Donald Trump on his record of accomplishment. They can't beat him on the economy. They can beat him fair trade can medium on making make me the unconscious pay their fair share. That can't be right now- looking to beat him usually It is worthy of democratic, made, mayors, taller and cheaper lives, merriment blight, last really don't matter to them the liberal group, commissioner ravage deal burn clean, Bernie churches and evenings showing Youngblood children, the democratic? Let him they want this pandemic to keep your one. Why? Because Mass Pelosi ensure children later in the way they think that they can be Donald Trump, and that shows that he has a solid record of accomplishment. Now with them, and said we ve ever take their fight to them. We have to take our message:
and I'm still a Democrat I haven't changed party, but I know its range feel the same way. I do include blackness again. They don't want to be shamed either I've got a all those bourbon mothers, don't want to be shamed and called races, but they care about. Security too, Now you see me Loaders, who are leaving the interstate, isn't going out into the suburbs and you're rich white, neighbourhood and I cannot even up your home each time the wake up in the middle of the night and then with the Democratic Party, defining please wait a minute, we gotta think social workers to our house. Call a domestic house call who have not taken the work of that person is open, but their best year strategy, but is not a backfire because, unlike you, your life, well why people want slave labour. Lose you don't want your business burn. You don't want your church, Berne and when
The lever leave your being a part of it and make a big deal out of Donald Trump Hole in upper trot, pull up a bible at a church. Would that will burn they spent more time I'm talking about now from the Bible, then the church that was burned. There was a general church burning burning and has been done by Democrat and Democrats are holding in about a cannibal or condemn an importer actions. What does that tell you Vernon Jones State Rep from Georgia, a Democrat still as a Democrat, endorsed Donald Trump last night. Very effect if speech, and what I liked about your speech and everything else last night, bells and whistles no smoke and mirrors no You know a big applause lines. It was just one on one speaking what you believe to be true, and you are very
two Vernon. Thank you so much for being on the programme again, thank you I appreciate. All you want to write, knew the volume at Rep Ray in Jones? the tunnel people we had onto David freely need your prayers. They are under attack, and I want to I want to. I want to address Jerry Folwell industry. And when we get more, we come back simply say, nothing beats the feeling of safety and the peace of mind you get when you got simply safe. Look after your home when go with simply say for your pairing yourself, with the industry leading home security system from high definition, cameras to censor so small and out of the way barely be able to notice them to round the clock monitoring. This gonna make sure police are aware of any bad situation and headed your way. Pronto simply if not only promises to be the best security system you'll ever encounter, but it delivers on that promise. Twenty two,
but a year of unrest, to say the least twenty twenty one think it slowing down simply if makes it easy and affordable to have the best on security on the market state of the art equipment round the clock monitoring make simply save the first name in the business pair. How simple it is to set it up or the fact that the early pain fifty cents a day for the monitoring, so no brainer taken of your own system taken? of the oars security through the simplest way possible. Sir, please safe, back dotcom, go there now, simply safe back dotcom near lawful, wrong.
yesterday, my wife and I both read a disturbing story about Jerry, Folwell Junior Liberty University in its unfolding now and I can Jerry, a friend and his wife, a friend, if any stuff was going on boy had no idea that that was going on she. Apparently was having an affair with the poor boy. I mean it's like so cliche anyway, and it just goes down hill from there There are not any of that is true. He says, that's not true. They says she had an affair, but the rest of his not true, I dont know per I don't care, that's for him and her and them to work and then work out what god I just I tell you, I want to bring this up because a everybody who is standing up needs are ass, they need prayer coverage,
because they're all under attack, our families are friend, everything is or attack any chink in armour, and we will go down so please pray for people like this that are that you know are under attack for their safety and play pray for their spiritual safety as well. Also, let's not be like the left. This is why we have forgiveness. You know I do know anything about this, but all I, Think of when I read that story is I'm and talk to Jerry and probably for years, three years, maybe later when the air right we do did we had an interview with him, but you have time to talk to him personally, but all Think of last night was I gotta get hold of him. I got it welcome and I know several people that are going through just Scruciating Times right now. And you know
All of us are going to be there clean up your life, make sure that you are doing the right things and then just hold on tight hold on tight they will attack. I want to see that the forces of darkness will attack in anything. It can find and if it can find you think it'll make it up. So that's the way this works. Certainly are tonight: Maloney Tromp is going to be speaking. Sandman is gonna, be speaking as well. It's gonna be a good night. If you didn't watched the convention last night, now the citizen is suck tonight. I don't, I don't think it well, but if it's anything like it, was last night, it is so well worth watching. Watch without commentary make up your own mind, but watch it on C span or watch it online, but without commentary, it was powerful last night
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