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The Right Continues to Strike Back | 5/20/19

2019-05-20 | 🔗
Hour 1: President Trump ramps up his rhetoric on potential conflict with Iran …British Admiral says that the U.S. would need one million troops to successfully pacify Iran …New abortion bill in Missouri places a cutoff of eight weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest …The Right has been reinvigorated on the abortion issue by the Left’s callous quest for late-term and after-birth abortions …Perhaps the GOP should be looking to address the disparity in cost between adopting a child and getting an abortion …How long will it be until big movies are only released on streaming services instead of in theaters? Hour 2: Bernie Sanders attempts to use the salaries of baseball players to push his agenda …Multi-billionaire announces that he will spend $40 million to pay off the student loan debt of Morehouse College's latest graduating class …A Starbucks coffee cup made it to the final cut of ‘Game of Thrones’ …Pat laments about how much he hated ‘The Last Jedi’ and reveals what he dreams the next Star Wars film will be like …Fort Worth, Texas kidnapping case solved by a video doorbell and social media …Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is buying into the Leftist fad of re-writing history. Hour 3: Phone companies may now be permitted to start blocking spam calls before they reach customers …Have you ever been sold something that you didn’t know you needed? …Maine passes law prohibiting all public schools and universities from using Native-American themed mascots like “Indians” or “Warriors” …The state legislature did this in spite of the fact that no schools statewide currently use those mascots …Former NBA player Lamar Odom reveals in upcoming tell-all book that he has been on a wild ride over the past few years.

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