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The SCARIEST Haunted House and Why It SHOULDN’T Be Banned | Guests: Russ McKamey, Bill O’Reilly, & Megan Phelps-Roper | 11/1/19

2019-11-01 | 🔗
McKamey Manor is so intense that it requires a 40-page waiver and a safe phrase, and NO ONE has made it to the finish line (and the prize)! Founder Russ McKamey walks Glenn through the tactics the Manor uses and what the petition to shut it down has gotten completely wrong. Bill O’Reilly has the latest impeachment news: It’s all a game to the Left, but Trump is relieved that Devin Nunes is involved. Bill and Glenn debate whether the pope is a good man after he says it’s “an honor” to be attacked by conservatives and whether Barack Obama is “woke.” But reformed Westboro Baptist member Megan Phelps-Roper recognizes the division overtaking our country. Her new book, “Unfollow,” details how to help people who hate others. 

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It is a story that I actually bought. From him to make a movie out of probably two thousand and eight held his story and just couldn't get it made and couldn't find the time and Jada and finally gave him the story back to to publish a book because I think it's one of the most incredible stories. You've ever ever heard so make sure you You don't miss, don't miss tomorrow's podcast, it's incredible this guy. What he had gone through an indoor and he beats himself up still today. He still healing but when you hear this story, it will blow your mind blow your mind all right We have. We have what is the Mckamey Manor we have a guy who runs this scariest haunted house.
In the world. In fact, he give you twenty. One thousand dollars. If you can complete it, it last ten hours, it's a three to four hour waiver it takes you three to four hours to sit and go over the waiver. Before you go in it's crazy. Story next,. entertainment, so they're. All there are haunted houses and then there's Mckamey Manor Mckamey Manor his as been a. If I can,
This all haunted house at different locations for over thirty years. It has it's. It's called the scariest haunted house in the world, but it's not really a haunted house. You go in one at a time the waiver shoe three to four hours to go over and complete and if you complete the haunted house. The owner, the guy who runs it will give you twenty thousand dollars again It's been running for thirty years. No one has ever collected Russ Mckamey the owner of the manor.
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have to be in great health, you you have to be drug free. You have to have a doctor's slip. I believe you go through all kinds of okay. End of things that you must complete, including a three to four hour release, form uh and of all You also cannot swear this. Is This is the craziest thing ever run Russ Makeni is the owner, he's been doing it for about thirty years, and there is action. A petition now to get him to stop doing it. Nobody's hurt by it. It's not any kind of sexual gratification kind of thing. This guy used to be in the military, and knows how to get to people
and he is a fascinating individual russ. How are you do? We have rest on the a in there and we haven't. For some reason. We can't get him on the phone. All right welcome back, please. For some reason our phones aren't working. This is really going to piss me off. There. He is right. How are you I'm here, yeah, where you guys at now we're here we're just your worst nightmare? No, actually and I really cannot understand, what's happening here, because everything I've heard about you that you are a really good normal nice guy and you, you bro? everybody's worst nightmare to reality. Yeah they get kind of hysterical about this whole thing, and
I don't know what the deal is. I mean it happens every year around this time of the year. You know the whole shut. Mckamey Van down, but now I don't get it either. It's just that. I do get it. So I make these crazy movies. I make these wild Youtube films and they look scary 'cause. They. Supposed to look scary, I mean I'm a filmmaker, so I'm trying to make it look as scary as possible, and people just get really upset. Both things way out of proportion and now they're doing- any saying in thing to shut me down, and I don't know what's going to happen, I mean this is America. This is, you know, do what look here's the thing I am, I am so intrigued by you you're a fan of the show. Are you not yeah? Absolutely yeah, ok so you think I mean people on the left would say that shows the how sick you are, but
I'm fascinated by you because you are you You are a you. Don't seem to be doing this just for hype or for kicks you. Never heard anybody right. No, ok! You know it's not that no one gets hurt, it's a very safe, it's just it right now, when you're going through. It's all just a big, a big show big illusion, but I definitely have a few people kind of fooled. Making it something other than it did. I spell it right, but you have big you. I've seen the video where you've been read a person except for their open mouth oh yeah, yeah yeah, of course, generally speaking for the cage over his face, I mean looking down at you for right right. So I'm I'm wondering well, let's just start here,
Why do people do this? They are just major adrenaline junkies. Either people who have lived an they've all the bungee jumping and skydiving, and then all the exciting things out there and and nothing really Sex of anymore, so they come to me like I really want to fill this again. I want to go with his life, First roller coaster, I saw first scary movie, help me out right I'm like okay, I can help you out sorry. So it's not a. It is definitely not some sort of you know sexual saying there's there's none of that going on! No, in fact, there's there's, there's three very, very big rules in a manner. There's nothing sexual there's, nothing inappropriate and there's nothing religious. So we keep it, You know it had a car and you're looking at that in there. What so ever never has been a very easy thirteen. It's like you can do,
Anna Jones ride on steroids kind of you know, like you mentioned, there's no cussing, I mean how scary can it be there though? Well there's no cussing, you are you fine. Just everybody starts with twenty grand and then I understand that if you call your you're docked five hundred so there there might be cussing but they're penalized for it. That's right, I'll kill! You learn real fast at it. Well, I won't say that anymore and so yeah Each of these are custom, who each person 'cause. Aren't you just doing Really enhanced interrogations- basically yes, an it, is customized for that one individual or to folks that go through per week. We, It's funny. You know we we talk to their parents.
Talk to your family and friends with coworkers and they're, more than willing to throw them under the bus. There are more than willing to give us all disturbed about what really scares them too. So we do a lot of investigative work to find out what's going to make a good show individual before anything starts. So there's a lot to it, not yet shown up going. Okay, I'm here, torture, me now! You know yeah I hate that word: 'cause, 'cause, no ones, tour anyways, but you know that's what the audience seems to think and why that petition is gained. So much speed was just incredible. It's like eighty thousand plus, you know signatures. Now, maybe more than that, it's over haunted house over somebody just doing a hobby, not even a business, just like his little hobby people pay you in dog food right, dog food, yet big bag of dog food help support
Jana yeah, so that it right there ok all right. Let me is as it is there I mean if you go through enhanced interrogation. I know by no Navy seals- and I know people in the military who have gone through it for real It does psychologically scar. You well hope you are not scarring anybody, it's not as intense as if he went to like Sears School, which is search and rescue and survival school I've type of thing in our bloodstream. You know which is the training. It's not like that, but I definitely do take aspect of what I learned in the military. After three years and it's common sense, I mean you know I do does this, which everybody knows. I do that, and- hiding it from the audience when they first first come here on
things on the contract, saying you know that I'm going to try. It would you have, may not it besides everybody, but I'm going to give it. My old college try here because if I can do that then they're like put do my hands at that point in the game, and so there is mind control techniques, but you know in a fun kind of way. Not in come in you see, but this is you. I've seen videos where This woman is just as she looks like, and I know it's not, but she looks like she has blood all over her face. She looks like she's in hysterics and she's got something in her mouth is keeping her mouth open and your and you're like okay, it's about it intense you're, like what are you? Okay with that? Are you okay? You seem like Santa yeah. It is bringing somebody through AL to make be a little bit, I'm always checking on people. I'm always stop
The showed ask if they are mentally and physically ok to go on and that's a lot of people don't see. If you saw that little tidbit and that's probably a mistake and ed, but who knows I'm sure out there, but I do I've always trying to make sure that people know and that the that the person find food knows that they're safe and they have total control. They can stop. So anytime. They want to do this, so not having a safe, safe word that ended several because there was a time. I have to admit that we didn't offer a safe phrase and they signed up as long as we wanted them to go. It's louder wow, but but now but now yeah, there's absolutely if they break. So you would be fine too, and I think you might want to try. This is the the you know now. What's the longest anybody's gone since you've had the safe phrase Russ, how long
because you saying well, this show can last up to ten hours right right right. The way we're that you have to start the clock. You have to do in advance she opened a door to to start the clock. Once you start the clock, then your ten hour meter is on, but nobody nobody's even started the clock yet, agashi that people yeah wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, you've, buried, people with their mouth open. That's not on the clock. How to get a certain point of being buried yet have a certain depth so to speak, you get to the point now. The clock starts now: I'm uh, say there is a one woman who's actually coming back here again in in November, she's been through at nine
hi. My name is standing upstanding. The It'll, you know who works in Washington DC and big high player and she just loves stuff, but we counted up how much time she inside the actual manner and she's been inside forty, five hours of actually doing activities, forty five hours of doing different things. So is Elizabeth Warren, is Elizabeth Warren Nancy Pelow, see yeah. Have you ever have you ever had like a Navy seal or delta force? Try this yeah yeah yeah and they have not made it through huh. They have they have not. They have not yeah and I get a lot of military folks back military folks are my favorite, because they have their head on a swivel. They know how to overcome and adapt. You know how to you know: they're, not they're, not knuckleheads, and this is definitely a non knucklehead zone.
And you know we don't want the crazy ones. You don't want the ones who just trying to come here just for the money, because, if you're coming here for the money you're going to be really upset when you leave here, you're, not going to walk away with anything, because the manner is always going to win, but in a fun way you know it really gets and that's why the test? That is why people come. Back time and time again now it doesn't send it. No, it doesn't sound fun. It. Just doesn't telling ya you gotta, try it. You got! No, I'm! No, I'm not a candidate for this baby. Let me hypnotize you. Alright, hang on just a second will continue with Russ Makeni from the Mckamey Manor. Now you follow it and find it at Mckamey Manor, how com it is wild Netflix, just just did the movie on it. It's it's pretty intense, now
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One. Eight hundred Lifelock or visit dot com use the promo code back and save an extra ten percent off of your first year, it's Lifelock dot com, promo code, back as for ten seconds, alright, so Russ Mckamey from came manner. You in Tennessee of a place called Summertown, which I, I believe that heat miser had to give it to his brother, so it could snow there, one Christmas but you are you how does the town react to you? They went crazy over me and they and they still do in a good way or a bad way.
In a bad way, it leaves leaves the leadership. You know the leadership I first got here. They put out a the community alerts and get this guy out of town. This is where he lives. Go get him! You don't want him here. You go tell him! You don't want him here. Basically, I had a a target on my back quite awhile and then and then the council, they started kind of coming. Around my way, they start beating me in soccer. This guy is ok yeah. It's not like what we thought he was an but but the leadership's whole different ball game because they kind of put their neck. They're saying we're going to get him out of town, no matter what and that hasn't happened so they're still, cheaper ways to to get me out of town what happened in San Diego or did you did you just move? No, no! You know that's a rumor after rumor that okay rumor, that that probably I started. Could I lay
start a lot of story. You know I love a guy who says I probably started, can't confirm nor deny right, yeah, ok! So now let me give you some things: the petition claims You hire employees with violent histories and you make people ingest pills that cause hallucinations. Right. Well, first off there are no employees cuz, it's just a little rough, so you come to the manor. There is, Nobody here except be again the contestant that's it my again getting their noggin and their job is just not let me get in their head. So that's not true In San Diego, we had some actors, but far as with their background, I have no idea never heard about violent. Trees or whatever. So that's nice little story, the the peel situation again.
So here's where people have to put on their logic, apps- and I know it's hard to do sometimes or certain folks- all those ones assigned that silly petition but if I was really really doing things that were illegal in giving medication to people and bring people and doing this and that that would be illegal. I don't care where you're at that's not allowed, so there must be something more to the situation and that's where the hypnosis comes into play by Hypnotize, you like, I was saying earlier, I can make you believe whatever I want and that's the match to the manor without giving too much away just kinda. Add two and two together an realized that, if that all this stuff, going on it's in the petition. I wouldn't be here right now: I've been locked away in the bird cage, theater someplace that be on the petition says this you're literally running literally I'm quoting a kidnapping and torture house. Some people have had to seek professional psychiatric help and
care for extensive injuries geez. I know Don't sounds amazing, yeah, it's good pr that's about all it is, but they can write. It just goes to show you they can write whatever they want and what they're doing is they're they're just taking their own thoughts. Pawn movies that are five hundred and sixty seven years old that I made back in San Diego there not based, anything up on the reality what it really is. In fact, every show before every show I called the police. I let them what I'm doing I on tier with him to come down and watch the show anytime. They want to law enforcement to the district. Kearney anybody can come here, unannounced anytime. They want to with CAM then hand film, everything they want, but no so no one's ever taken me up on my offer to actually see what I do instead Do things like the British all so
if you wouldn't mind, hang on just a couple more minutes I want to. I want to talk to you about how you design these things. You know some of the the weirder things if you had to do to freak people out and get them to not within the twenty grand, also the four hour waiver process. What that's all about when we come back is the program you know gives really means something when they're really really personal and I'll. Tell you one of the most personal things. That you can go through is a dna screening when get the dna screening and you're finding out your traits you're. Finding out things about your health. You're, finding your your history. It is really truly amazing. You might want to sitter this from from
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so we have rust. Makeni on he is the owner of Makeni manner became the manner dot com. You might have seen an episode on Netflix of dark tourist. That is really quite frightening. And you'll see you'll see military guys go through and they won't make it an hour with Russ and they're tough guys. It is it's truly a frightening haunted house, if you will he On with us. Now you know is water boarding is considered torture right, right, right, right so real waterboarding is torture. Correct you do a former boarding, though don't you sort I mean there is a lot of water at the hot. It is a it is a water ride for sure. So it's like going to the water park at salt and water,
the it's a great way to to motivate people now, we have, we have, we've done, and water boarding here at the studio Patton. I waterboarded stew we use sure yeah we used in sure, but it was too chocolaty. He couldn't handle any good Natalie. He he thought he thought he could handle it with the chocolate opposed to water, but it was just too chocolaty for him. We we have a guy on staff who is trained in enhanced interrogation techniques and he said a that What I told him you were on this morning, he said. Well, I did, never go because you're ever going to win, you can't there's no way to win everyone breaks through right, yeah. Absolutely he says he knows 'cause. He neither confirm nor deny
but I I know some remember the hairy back guy, from from Al Qaeda that we got show Mohammed yeah. He was right here At least around the area when they were talking to that guy, and I'd like to send him with a bag of dog food. Just because good employer and put through your course to see how long he lasts sure We can do that all right, absolutely right! Now. Let me ask, let me ask you this, for us you had really tough guys what this is the for the shortest amount of time somebody has lasted a in
in the manner who was a tough guy or thought he was a tough guy. Oh that's that's easy. I say half the people quit during the contract, so they don't even get inside the manner. So these rough and tumble guys once they read but coming down MIKE Bird and they're, like you know, I don't think so, I'm I'm done. I really hope that help you so is that part of it is that part of it is the is the release form. Is that part of the psychological work up? Absolutely not to where I do all the hypnosis because I'm not I'm not so good that I can get the type somebody in five seconds like some people can, I need several hours with them. I need to really get inside their noggin. I need to do all their repaired at work words. I need to do all the things all the tricks that it takes, amortized somebody I need that time. So I'm not so good that I can just click. My fingers in your hypnotize. So time is court. Time is on my side and that's why
That's why, when you first get there in the morning, you're you're there at like know like ten, am and you're there until sunset and then when, when the sun goes down and begin so I saw this is also wearing. This is also wearing people down. So by the time they hit the manner. You've, already worn them out absolute because we do a lot of physical activities during the daytime. I call it kind of kind of mini boot camp, and this way this way it's important. I need to know what type of physical activities and they can do, what they can't do. So I'll have to hold their breath underwater. You know in Nice way, not not in a violent way, but I'll just say. Well, how long can you hold your breath? Because these are things I need to know because there is breath holding inside. You know whether Dirt are weather, be water. You going to deal with I need to know you're saying so during the daytime portions, that's what I'm finding out, what their limitations are and then I'll worker
on that. The last thing we want to do is: have anyone get hurt, so I really need to know where they stand Klay anymore. They roll inside the real show. What is the? What is the most common fear and what is the? What is the fear that you thought wow, I'm I have I'm going to have to work on that, one for a minute, most common beard. Definitely water water is the great equalizer for sure. And because there's so much of it being used, it's always on you you're, either cold or, but you know, if it's hot outside your glad. The water is on you, but you're either getting cold or you're just you're just wet and comfortable. It's not always in your face, but but you're always wet in a diss drains you'd trained your body after hours and hours of having a big heavy onesie on 'cause, everybody has to wear these crazy ones. He's like a bunny rabbit or a cow
or something you got to be something you gotta be something silly when you're inside the haunted just looks so goofy on film, the golfer reason. Why you do it because it weighs you down, you get those beagles it's all full of water. It is hard to move just another. Another means of tiring you out absolutely. And what is the? What have you met with anybody that you thought this one's going to be hard to to or this person's fear is unusual. I did a few it's, we had a war veteran who lost both his legs, the double amputee. And I thought how in the world am, I gonna put this guy through the show, but he is a really motivated young man who who's a rock climber was really athletic guys. You know he weighs one hundred and seventy pounds.
Follow this rock, but he's got no legs and I thought should I even do this. I thought you know what he felt motivated and so inspirational that I was like I couldn't say no to him and this guy just kicked it. This guy was great. He did every saying we needed him to do. I didn't need to dumb down the show whatsoever. Eventually, I think the the water and just fatigue is what got to him, but he held in there just as long as the big rough, tough guys. With all their extremities. It was incredible and he really inspirational never seen anything like it. So men break slower than women. Oh no women are much stronger 'cause its cycle. It's mainly psychological right, app solutely ask yeah. The women have a much heavier the much higher tolerance to my little shenanigans than the,
I said: do you know? Why is that? Why is I know I just think women pepper over alright, we all we all have women in our lives and they're just come up. We have to make guys women are tougher than we are. We know that so in first, for being honest with their with ourselves, they go through some really amazing, ordeals in their in their lives and things that a lot of guys would say. No, I don't think so. I think that there's a lot, I think, there's something to girls. I've had girls, I've had boy in the at raising them. Girls are mean curls are mean to each other when they're in you know teen years, well through some really nasty things. School years yeah, I agree there been a very competitive. I mean they're much more competitive than the These are the guys are like adults only, but the women are like no. This is serious rush, bring it on bring it on trust,
So this right now and do you use do use animals. I do lots of spiders and snakes scorpions and and ran a lot of bugs slot. Yeah it'll rats with their field, mice, but bill might field mice or worse, because you're smaller there quicker in the lead to get side. Your clothes, you know in any being in there. So now you're walking you walking around the rest today with feel my little outfit, so yeah right Oh my god, could you make it through? Do you think? Could you through your own, show yeah, because I I know how it works yeah, but if I didn't know how it did not work, then no, no! No! No, it's gonna make it through. You know it just be really clear with that and that's why would people come here? They need to come here for the right reason, because they want to
They want to push themselves in their in their coming here. Just 'cause, it's entertainment, and it really is fun in a test that doesn't sound fun, it doesn't you know it sounds fun for you know, honestly, if you watch like mission impossible and you see- and you know I don't know- I imagine that there are very many people if any people like this, where you know, he's he's rock climbing without any rope or anything, and he, gets his thrills doing that, because his life is so crazy. If those- people really exist. I could see those people saying now I want to go through this. We're out there I mean they fly in from all around the world to take on this little challenge. It's amazing! It's not a local thing, but the locals don't go. The locals have sparked up. Like no way I'm not doing that, but all these folks, it's flying from around the world. You know across the pond and it's
using. They spend all this money to get here. They they spend their vacation time to get here. So so I kinda I'm hard pressed. I have to give them a good show, because this means a lot, do them do they sell the dog food at the airport What I would do, I would set up a little dog food stand there at the airport. It's a dog food here, Russ Russell, has there ever been a person you thought was going to make it new that you thought. Okay, maybe maybe they can go the distance, never yeah, wow yeah never how many people do you turn away? Oh my gosh, I turn away thousands and thousands because the waiting list, I can't even I can't even comprehend what it is anymore,
In fact, it's so big right now we have to go to a lot a lot, oh, to win a ticket here, especially since all this craziness, you know, that's one thing that these petition people don't get all they did was just gain more attention to the manor yeah. It made it more popular. I just hope that nothing crazy does go on because you know it is life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and this is just a hobby. It's like saying you know Glenn you like flying remote control airplanes. Well, you're no longer allowed to do that. Glenn, because we don't like what you're doing and it's the same thing. Nobody is getting hurt. It's not with the petition, says whatsoever, so it is frustrating because I have people coming out of the woodwork. You know this weekend. I had an inspector coming out. Now they have to inspect. For for fire. Stick d now and there's no fire safety codes, but they're just doing whatever they can do to kind of harass. At this point and twenty five, you are frustrating. You only charge dog food for doing this. This is something that you know you're doing
part time, are you really actually a wedding singer as your full time, job well kind of as a part time gig yeah If you there's a movie on Netflix, called hunters the art of the scare, that's a really good movie, that's a feature documentary and it stars Stars Maine, and there's also the dark tourist one. But haunters is a feature film and It's got me doing the wedding stuff out there yeah, if you, if you go to dj party dot. Org you'll see me my glory out there entertaining folks and stuff, so how scary can it be? I'm a wedding singer come on now it's just bizarre Russ. It's really good talking to you and best of luck and I'm you know I'm that there's there is a part of me that says: you know, I don't know if we should be doing this, but that with me is the that big.
Permanent part that I hate I you know as long as everybody is a consenting adults and you're, not hurting anybody and and and and they know what's going on, I don't see why there's a problem at I I mean personal freedom, thing yeah, it's a freedom thing. You have the right to do as long as nobody's getting hurt. I don't know whose business this is except between you and the person going through it. Thank you. So much God bless. Thank you. You bet bye, bye Jason. Is he serious? I think you send Jason a cameraman? Who is he absolutely he said earlier. He wouldn't, but I bet we could convince him to do it all right. Yes, fifty seven thousand dollars to spare how about spending your vacation time from from work in jail. If this,
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because the offer ends yesterday well now this seems ridiculous well, it ended yesterday. So I did that much a must be starting a new one text or Glen end to the number. Eighty seven thousand two hundred and twenty two Glen to the number. Eighty seven thousand two hundred and twenty two for more nation and rules go to protectanddefend dot com, standard message rates and data rates do apply Glenn Beck,
So we have Jason in with us our chief researcher Jason. You want to go I'll. Do it, because I hate the big government aspect of this as well, and I want to help him improve that you know, I know everything involved in what he's going to do. I know that I won't make it and I'll break it and I'll break, but I'll do it if we can send one of our send our crew along with it, to help improve this case yeah. Ok, alright will do that what do we get if you don't last an hour besides your eternal shame and you really? How dare you, sir? Yet so, let's get him back on the phone. You know off there and see if we could arrange that will send one of our our cameramen out with with you, because it's it's not right. I think I mean this is pursuit of Venus and you may not like it and it may make you uncomfortable, but in actually emotionally, I could say- oh yeah. We know that's not right, but in
actually no The guy is seemingly a really good decent human being? He doesn't He doesn't allow people to swear around so yeah, we'll see if you can get that lined up and I'll. Send you out alright yeah. Merry Christmas bill O'Reilly. I wonder if he makes people listen to Bill O'Reilly now they're going to do the audio book bill, O'Reilly's audiobooks to two shanle. Take it bill. O'reilly is up next. Yes,. Thanks so much that is a do. Miss podcast do not miss all right coming up in a second first.
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actor Don man we have lock to discuss with Bill O'Reilly John Bolton is about to testify. The impeachment was passed yesterday in Congress, a lot to cover with him, fusion entertainment in light. Alright, so we have yet another person coming out and saying- and this is a medical examiner, Jeff I've seen this looks like it was murder. Not. A suicide. Angela blasio now is come out and said something doesn't fit something's, not right with Jeffrey Epstein's death. Also, Adam Schiff, on the lack of witnesses who say
and that Trump committed a crime they're not just like there's, not a lot of them. There is none of them. None of them are saying he committed a crime. The pope, It says it's an honor to be attacked by american conservatives. We know who the whistleblower is. There is just so much to talk to the one and only Bill O'Reilly in sixty seconds is the Glenn Beck program, You know, sometimes in life, it's okay to buy the off brand. You know nothing wrong with those off brand Oreo cookies. I mean I'm not coming over to you. Also, if you're buying off brand Oreo cookies, but no there's nothing wrong with them. It's minor thing then effective very much, but when it comes to things that are meant to keep you comfort rible for hours on end, like your bed, your car, the office sure that you in all day you need real quality. You just don't go to office depot and go I'll. Take that blue chair there. You need the
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boo Mister Bill O'Reilly from billoreilly dot com and the author of the new book, called the United States of America according to Trump. Well, bill O'Reilly? I want to start with this. You've done an updated. Message of the day, which is ten ways. The impeachment process is hurting every single American. Let's start there, right. It's the United States are compact and complicated thing yeah. I just I didn't realize I haven't seen it. You know you read it for with Pat and Pat will tell you you see. If I were, is it? I want your great listener- should know before we get into the heavy duty stuff. If I were advertising on back the United States of Trump paying him money
Still he would be. He would know the title. No- and he could tell you the title back word: no okay, you'd be getting in the you're, the one that zero the book. What you're the one who still wrote the book, I will the United States of Trump Right read, but I mean in in this in this scenario, where I'm doing advertising you're paying me to do it, and you are the author of the book. Are you at and and tell when remembering that you would not boot and not enough middle of the book nope if you were being hey. You are wrong: Mister Riley, but let's get let's get to the let's get to the ten things on how the entrenchment is is actually hurting the average American. Yes, there's nothing good about this number one and and if you see other people celebrating impeachment, you need just pull them aside and say: do you understand, We all are in this together in this country that we have to have a fun
getting federal government trying to solve vexing problems that we must. A robust economy to support three hundred and thirty million people most boom want to improve themselves. Do you undo stand that destroying the office of the presidency, not just the president, but the office of it is counterproductive. Freedom, the understand any of that and you'll get silence because this isn't the way impeachment is being presented? This is awful You know, I said earlier this week bill that this impeachment, the all the so called evidence that they're presenting on tv is not evidence, and this is really reminiscent of the glove in Oj Simpson's case.
Can Americans wanted Oj Simpson to be innocent, so it could be, it would be a win for them because of history of you know, blacks getting crushed by the system they want. At this guy to beat the system, and so The glove was do it didn't have really anything to do with the evidence they had blood, stains and drops in his car? They had dna evidence everything else, but the glove gave them permission to say: yep he's innocent and the same thing, jury, thought that well. The same thing is happening here with this. This phone call is give permission to people who want Donald Trump to be out. It's good and then an easy way of, even though it's not based on any fact of yep, we when he's out. That's what it's all about the destruction of Donald Trump and
rich russian collusion or impeachment or whatever they'll come up with next abuse, power, it is the game. Now it's a game, alright, so someone's going to have actual board game like monopoly and then you the guys and then you'll stop on a square and the square was say: Trump did yes, okay, it's rediculous, now, I'm not in the business of defending Donald Trump, even though I wrote a book on him a fair book, it's not a pro trump book, but I'm in the by the way, if you're looking for a great book to read Bill, wrote that book called the country. According to the president, the little red book by Mauser a year ago, so I'm in the business of trying to improve
and I've always been in that business, and that's why I'm successful so whether it's the books, commentary or radio, whatever, maybe and I'm seeing this as number one- a division, in the country now, based on hatred of one individual. Now there is a system attached to the individual understand that when you got I like Adam ship. By the way I am counting my trick or treat I will. It is Adam Schiff last night and it was not easy. Getting her three sizes too big using the right. I well it it yeah good care to every urgent urges with screaming hello this crazy. So did you? Did you see the news that we know? We think we know who the whistle blower is now yeah? I know I reported. Last night, we know yeah. This is three year old, Yale guy who's, a hate trump guy who worked in the deep state and still is in Langley Virginia
who is associated with Biden and with other people and has two best friends working for Adam Schiff, and so it's a total con It's a total color anything about him in for three weeks. Yeah- and you know it's interesting. You know it's interesting bill. Is he is connected with Chalupa, who was, who is the main figure on our chalk board and uh. We did the Chalk Board about a month ago. Five. I think was five days later is when they said yeah we're. Don't worry bout that we've got another whistleblower. And as we find out now, this gun was a blow is right. Yeah. This guy is connected directly to the story line of our chalkboard eat. He is evidence that it's true, if this were criminal case women thrown out yeah, thrown everything's gone because the original complaint in is a fraud. So it's
What does it say to you that yesterday, not a single Republican voted for this big time for a win for Trump and the reason is that there are senators like Romney and Murkowski who hate Trump eight hundred. And would vote to remove now they can't, because if they do will be blackballed by their own party, and the would make me happier yeah okay, I mean look politics politics, but I was surprised I thought there'd would be a couple of republican congressman uh devote for the remember, this was about to continue the inquiry? continue compiling evidence of a double misdemeanor and high crime, not one person
one witness is said that it is a crime, not one that is in bold and Donald Trump. So let me give you some inside info focus. You know, I know him pretty. Well, I'm very good sources So there was a big meeting after the vote in the White House, and why big because Arnold advisors in there anymore, thrush, Mulvaney Mulvaney is going to be gone and you know a matter of very short time. Ove out so live in about five or six people across and basically sat around and said Now, let's let this go forward, we have Nunez, and this is a big key- that every American should know we Nunez is stronger than chef so new This is the minority, a guy on the House Intel Committee, right. Devin Nunez in California he stronger than shift so
it's him and ship that will direct the questioning new and ship, and then and in the summaries and the and the leaking to the press. It's new vehicles and ship minions will be on Fox news every second of every day, all right and so there they believe that noone is going to hit. He has bought, twice, and this is going to directly lead to the re election of Donald Trump, so they're happy. This is the first The president's been relieved. I mean I last time we talked last week. I said I was worried about him personally because it was taken in some emotional, want him now he's almost buoyant in the sense. He believes this whole thing has turned after yesterday's vote I agree, I think this week was a turning point in this, and I think it's going to get worse and worse for the Democrats. Will One exception
what do you think is going to happen with John Bolton because they interesting yeah. They keep and keep holding him out? Like? Oh he's going to be the death knell for I don't I don't no the ambassador that well, I never used him on the O'Reilly factor, not once and the reason I didn't use him very smart guy, very smart was because he I knew what he was going to say. I knew it. I mean it was the camera surprise never renew wants. He was, but he wasn't. He was not a guy who was parroting a lot of other people I mean hard right view, foreign policy correct all right and I didn't know, I don't use any hard left people either. I never did so here's the dilemma for John Bolton Bolton: you can
assume that he has any regard for Donald Trump? We can zoom that I mean he doesn't like him, because it didn't end well in the White House for him, but if he goes getting crushes trump any. Could he could he's dangerous in the sense that he knows a lot of things He will alienate himself from his entire ideological structure will be a pariah in this country. I think he's he's on that road already, and but he knows that he is not going to be any anywhere for him to speak speaking. You! No book audience warm, no come back on Fox NEWS, none of that so he cuts himself off now, the Trump Ministration has anticipated the worst. They don't know. Nobody knows what Bolton's going to say so, the the counter to bolt it is
and you saw that this week as well as They all came out to look. I was on the call and hidden deviate out from what our policy for the Trump administration is, so they'll put palm pale up against bolt and pompeius. Remember. To ask CIA chief. Alright strong, they do there. Does this boil down bill really to in extreme disagreement the policy of the State Department and the State department. Just saying we don't work for drop, even though they do. We don't work for Donald Donald Trump's not going to get involved in the state engaging in some really nasty stuff over in the Ukraine well State Department now is very simpatico with with President Remains Monday, as a secretary state, their buds yeah, I yeah, I mean I mean those law
in term players, for instance, they whistled any access other than speaking whatever. There are two people that Donald Trump deals with every day. Vice President Pence and pump. Does the only two and they're, both very loyal to him and and as long as they stay there as long as he has them, he can use them to go out and and the gate a bowl that now. As for your question about the State Department and the justice, Ben and everybody else and they all hate trump. They baited him from day. One and that's why you saw the whistleblower. Yes, this guy was was working to undermine trump. From the very beginning, he's the guy who said that that Putin and Trump Putin told
trump to fire? Call me he's the guy who started. All of that. This guy is is is an activist. Yes, an active is very bad, very bad, but shrimp ship is in trouble because he went to chef because his two best friends work, for he is really bad. Okay, more with Bill O'Reilly, the author of me right book about President Guy. Okay up it just a second you might have heard about the VPN that was recently breached. Hackers compromised the very thing that Wi Fi users rely on to the private online, now you have to the ingenuity of cybercriminals. You have to give him credit for that Hopefully, however, there is a vpn that you can choose that comes from the trusted leader in consumer cybersecurity. It is Norton, secure, VPN. Now this VPN is different because it uses bank grade encryption to block. Hackers from stealing the information that you know that they can get.
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the Glenn Beck program, with Pat gray sitting in for Mister Stuber gear, who is out in Disneyland I want to see star wars to wanna, see star wars, so he's out welcome bill. How are you on the same, and I wish I were with Stu and Stew may never come back yeah Can I just quickly get your thoughts on Congress going and finally making a statement about the armenian genocide, except for a couple of people, including Ilhan Omar, who said, I can't comment on this when we're dealing with what kids did to native Americans in the slave trade your thoughts on this, Well, I have to confess I don't know much about the armenian Slaughter uhm, so I can really bring anything new to the discussion. But I can tell you that you know
radical left in America. Is the conservative movement's best friend. Because these people are so loopy so so insane that even even the people who don't subscribe, to to information like they say. I don't want any information. I don't want to know anything I'll, never watch or read any news. Even they go, you know these people stupid cat share Barack criticizing the woke up. I couldn't take that I couldn't take it you know, I'm telling you you too, tough on Obama, Obama there's something! about him- and I know him pretty well that can't stand this phony garbage
and I'm glad he did what he did yesterday, I am too but he's the guy who started it. I don't believe that person come on yours and he was involved with the cultural Woke movements. Patsy was in doing that. He wasn't doing that. His whole shtick we use a whole was in his whole shtick was you know, that's the way white people will do yeah his whole shtick was all right. Well, the police acted stupidly, that's not what world he is that. That's that you know to say anything you're not allowed. Send ninety one you got to have fifteen bathrooms, I four different Cities. I mean it, that's what woke is. Obama is a is it I think, he's a socialist guy. I think he is, but he if he is in his very That was his whole thing. That was it get money.
To the people who don't have any and that's why the economy tanked. Man, I just don't under no, I just I'm just thinking I just he was, Cultural wing more? He was no his wife on his wife on the campaign smart, Michelle all right I'll, give you Michelle everything about race. I got it but for him it wasn't quite that way, because the Michelle Obama on the campaign, Trail because Brock knows Barack listen. Listen to this is when she was taken off of the campaign. Trail. Listen and Brock knows that we're going to have to make sacrifices. Have to change our conversation. We're going to have to change our traditions, our history, we're going to have to move into it, place. That's. But wokeness is race.
He's talking about our history and our traditions in the context of Wraith. I'm trying to figure out what we're going through right now I I know it wasn't happening that way. A few a few years ago before he got in it wasn't this dialogue. Klay opposed on race and everything else and his Can you turn your computer off? Thank you. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. If ' don't know your numbers, you don't know your business this there The problem in a lot of small businesses- and I know this because I've been through it- you get a hodgepodge of business systems, one for accounting, one for sales, one for inventory, nothing integrated. You have no idea what's going on in your business, you need Netsuite by Oracle. It is a now based business system. It's management software that gives you the visibility and
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Glenn breaks down. The media is dis. Information on Ukraine. Democracy does die in darkness, check it all out on blaze, tv or Youtube anytime, Clinton and Chelsea Clinton who CO wrote the book of got see women Henry, I have to ask you a question that is been plaguing me for a while. How did you who killed Jeffrey Epstein because you are not in power, but you have all the power We need to understand how you do what you do.
Because you seem to be behind everything nefarious and yet you do not use it to become president. What is the game plan? Well Trevor? What is the? What does it feel like being the boogeyman of the well, it's a constant surprised because things they say and now, of course, it's on steroids with being on line are so ridiculous beyond any imagination that I could have, and yet they are so persistent in putting forth these the ideas and theories? Honestly, I don't know what I ever did to get I'm so upset about my gosh just thought we could we could. We could clear clarify that for her if she wanted bill the likelihood that Hillary Clinton did off Jeff Epstein with their own hands,
the likelihood of that one ok, ok, I forgot we were on the air right. Ok, so wait a minute. I do want to ask you a serious question on this diet. Doctor Michael Baden said that it's more likely that he died of a homicide than a suicide. He's not the first to say, but he's the one who examined now the New York medical examiner said it was definitely suicide, but this guy says and he's respected. Now, there's three bones in there that usually not broken by hanging yourself, very common with homicide, log look, I'm not a doctor. I know this guy likes publicity. I don't believe a word of word of. I know people in bureau prisons and it's in can
saveable that this would happen, but you know people like that, and that stuff around no fun yeah? I'm not a lot of fun. I tell you that, but here's a here's, a astute observation. For me who has more in common with Donald Trump. In any other politician in the country, Hillary Clinton, because they're both moan to the point of caricature and Free Clinton and Donald Trump, and remember remember, sat behind Hillary and Bill Clinton at Marla Maples Donald Trump's wedding. I sat behind them all right and they couldn't have been more buddy buddy, and this is in the United States of Trump you so love right. It's in there and now If there's one soul mate in
cool reader for Donald Trump. It's her Isn't that ironic, and it is a good. It is a good part of the book. You me the president and a dog named boo. O'Reilly bill. Let let me ask They ask you this song I saw a story. I have never seen any any, religious person say anything like this before Pope Francis quote: it's an honor to be attacked by american conservatives Yeah, I didn't see that. Can you give me the context of it? He said on Wednesday. It was an honor to be attacked by the US church Conservatives and their catholic media allies. Criticized him on issues from theology to climate change, and even for his resignation yeah movie coming out about the two to I think the name of it is I'll, be out before Chris,
and Anthony Hopkins, plays one of the Pope's amount. Somebody famous play together about the handoff from Pope Benedict a conservative, german hope to Pope Francis Libble Argentinian uhm. I like Pope Francis, I watched him up close and he is a good man. But he is. Very liberal, theologian very liberal, and that makes conservative Catholics crazy, easy, and so I understand the ire toward Pope Francis. But as a Catholic, I think, Pope Francis is a good man.
Even though I don't just. I don't agree with his liberal theology in the sense that well I mean, as I think you have to have borders, we have to have less but wait. Wait. Wait wait wait, but I think for the very first time I could ask the question: is the Pope Catholic and not we could answer that question. Yeah, he's catholic he's just he said that Jesus, if you believe in the trinity he Jesus wasn't God, for While he was here on earth for thirty three years now if you believe in the trinity, did we not have God for thirty three years where, where did God go? hiatus. Okay, look right behind context! It's like the new testament. Most of the new testament is a parable he's not been not saying this
and this is what Francis does so Look, I don't want to get into catholic theology, but there's a difference between what the Pope does and what to religion. All if we have add popes throughout history that have been so corrupt, they had teen wives say you know, I mean just look at them. Started wars, looted countries, I mean there's a theology in the theater g, I believe, is very very- but then there's an institution, an the institution is not alright. Let me you and I boy with proof yeah, I mean we're shaking apart here were shaken ART, our friendship, is shaken apart here now there are no you're christian man. You have to forgive me, ok, so bill last one, Elizabeth Warren. Oh, I love her. Don't you she's great she's got what yeah,
I think I've been covered, video tape of Elizabeth Warren on American Bandstand, It's just like her Dick Clark, is interviewing her about uh the dog named boo song, but you seem really angry out. So I'm wanting to know about just she just came out and said: what is it six or five thousand four hundred and fifty two three million trillion yeah but trillion trillion was with him just to make it that it really doesn't matter yeah so but people don't know, is burn. And uh and Elizabeth to pay for Medicare for all our will. Intercell California, to China, and that they are pretty funny too late, that's already been done. They sold the coastlines
but there is simpatico nowadays, it's not a you know, don't even notice it man, hey the fifty trillion Ford and everybody's happy okay. So today, as they stand today, who's to be the nominee Biden really nominee as it stands today, if by hung, okay bacon, wake him up he sleeps late. Um. He he'll get it because they know the socialists are going to lose baby, the power brokers within the Democratic party. So when I don't understand they know this, but yet they are standing on it they're doing everything they standing on it every day. They don't reject it; they they embrace it until they have to actually get Americans to vote. Yeah, what is their strategy here?
strategy. They believe by pandering to these far far left people, the socialist people they're getting younger people engaged in democratic party. That's number one All the younger people want to be socialist. Don't want to work, just want to get everything in it to them. They're going to be committed. Democrats- They also believe in this is a mistake that minorities like this- they don't uh. I I don't believe that his american and african Americans are socialist, younger Americans. Yes, I do believe that absolutely so and also the media loves socialism, they love it until socialism comes to their door. Then they don't like it so much and so the Democrat ready to playing this game. They're going. Okay, we can recruit using this stuff. We can do this, but then, when it comes to crunch time at the convention- are gonna to out Joe and I think literally wheel, him out all right
he'll be waving one hand can't do two at once. And he'll be there with that big grin an a hunter will be a secretary of state. It's going to work out, it's going to be great. Arnold workout, alright, go ahead and plug the PAM they did drop yeah most jurors. I actually am running commercials where Glenn Beck says it's the greatest book that he's at red with celebrity celebrity impersonated. Yes, and uh billoreilly dot com? We really were open it up for everybody this weekend, so you don't have to pay to see my impeachment coverage yesterday, which I think was one best things. I've ever done wow go to billoreilly. Dot com are go the blaze. You know don't waste your time this weekend on foolish football. He got knowledge. Alright great bill probably thank you so much free weekend at all, really you're guys to him have a good week weekend. Alright,
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I want someone who can help you create the most value for your home and was a long track record of success. It's time. Get moving go to real estate agents. I trust dot com, that's real state agents. I trust dot com is the Glenn Beck Program is a couple of things I want to play. Some audio here is here is Adam Shift
in audio how he feels about impeaching Donald Trump, just we take no joy and having to move down this road and proceed with the impeachment inquiry, but neither do we shrink from it yeah. I don't think anybody believes that I don't think your wife, your mother, no one believes that one away, here- is a state lawmaker. Talk about miscarriage. This is representative, when the old man of Pennsylvania listen to this. It refers specifically to the product of conception after fertilization, which covers an awful lot of territory. I think we all understand the concept of the loss of a fetus, but we're also talking about
a woman who comes into the facility and is having cramps and the not to be not to be Kallus ' concrete? My early miscarriage is just some mess on an app and I'm not sure people would agree that they also want to. Twelve point eventually either cremation or internment low, wow wow. Is that despicable evil miscarriage it's just a mess on a napkin. I cannot believe that a woman said that I know that is yeah, that's a woman who obviously doesn't know any other women that have had miscarriages right I mean, sounds like a woman. Who's never been pregnant, oh my gosh to say that
yeah you lost a fetus. No, no, I didn't lose a fetus lost, a baby that was growing in the womb wow. That's pretty despicable. But that's how far they've come, I know it just say I can imagine it's now. I can't imagine that woman being re elected but then again today, maybe maybe maybe maybe back yeah. Maybe people don't feel this way anymore. I don't have any idea one, as do we have a minute thirty here that we could play the judicial pick of Lawrence Van in the Senate. Hearing when One of the senators, is questioning him about his political letter from the America bar association that accuses him of ineptitude.
And also discrimination against L g B. T listen did you? Did you say that you wouldn't be fair to members of the LGBT Community center? I that was. That was a part of a letter. I did not say that look at what look at what people are doing to people I pulled sorry go. I did not say that I do not believe out to it.
It is a fundamental beliefs, my that all people are created in the image of God. They should all be treated with dignity and respect center. Can you commit to today to this committee that you will treat, if confirms that you would treat every living on who came before you with respect and dignity absolutely center. I would not have on myself to be nominated for this position. If I did not think I could do that, Including members of the LGBT community and in any other community that has been historically disadvantaged in this country, absolutely center wow. I didn't insulting question, and this is just coming because of politics. Look at what we are doing sing to people. How are you ever get anyone decent to. Through this process, to
able to lead us. Are you ever to do it. It's got to stop you're listening Thank you so much Hillary. I want to talk about real estate agents that you trust or dot com, real estate agents- I trust ok, alright, 'cause, if it's the one, You don't trust uh. I can't recommend really yeah yeah recommended. Well, I do I've been thinking about. You know. They've been asking me this route group of real estate agents- hey Glen. We know you got the ones. You trust! How about real estate agency? Don't trust- and I said what will you do for people they say- will screw up your paperwork? We were
don't sell your house right, we'll we'll just have open houses brewery weekend. So we keep your house. Immaculate then will caught will call when there's somebody that wants a showing will call like twenty minutes before perfect, but it will be on like a Saturday night and then we won't call you and tell you what the people said, we'll just string you along that's real estate agents. I trust dot com but the real estate agents? I do trust dot com, do the opposite of that? Oh wow, and that's why I trust them and you can too just let us know if you try to buy or sell a house will find the right real estate agent in your area. It's real estate agents, I trust dot com. Thank you for that pattern, yeah happy to help. No, no! That's just wanted to clarify url part. You are a helper by the way daylight savings time this weekend. For
Go back this time, twenty five hours fall back twenty five hours. With the fusion of entertainment. I was just telling Patton, he said a lot of people, don't know that that daylight savings time is happening. This year's this weekend, the usually you just fall back an hour right this time, twenty five hours you fallen date and in our back wow yeah you get a whole day and one more one more hour, wow yeah, so to special years, set your calendar back. It's a tale like savings time weekend or at I want to talk to you about what we're doing as a society because they work in Nova.
He's convincing anything to anybody. Nobody is changing the hearts and minds of anybody. Maybe we should change tactics There's somebody who really truly understands this and lived it kind of in reverse was taught- It's probably probably one of the bigger problems in our country at one point and had a change of heart saw the light. How do we change tactics? actually move forward that in one minute, Remember the days when the days when you had a car that had a whole bunch of miles on it and then didn't have any warranty.
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one eight hundred car six thousand carshield dot com. All right when you say at least fifteen years ago, hey? Can you name a really horrible divisive group? You could probably uh yeah, Westboro Baptist Church, oh but now we are all kind we're kind of, that we see that everywhere now we see people screaming these things at each other. Erica has become an online version in many cases of the Westboro Baptist Church, not necessarily screaming the same things but being just is vile and mean and and awful. Well,
Megan Phelps, she's, a writer, an an activist and a former member of the Phelps family member of the Westboro Baptist Church and she joins us now she has a new book called unfollow. Welcome, Megan. How are you I am wonderful? What about you I'm good good to have you on the program again. First of all, can I ask you the you kept. The name Phelps your Megan Phelps, Roper and felt Is one of those words you know you say your name is mud around here that, because that's that's, because guy who is helping John Wilkes Booth, his name was mud. The doctor was mud if This is kind of one of those names. Why do you keep it? I? because I wanted to reform, you know, I'm not my name. Megan Megan, Phelps Roper for very long time. It meant, as my family would say, God hates bags an. I did
on it to mean that anymore I wanted to. I wanted to change. I wanted to take it back, and you know I myself, my husband recently, we've been talking about They we want to start a nonprofit at some point and he had the idea of calling it the Westboro Foundation, because I want I want people when they hear Westboro to not think of people who celeb tragedies and death people who are there when tragedies happen to to help. People who are suffering and in some ways it's what chip and Joanna did for Waco Texas, but it was. I mean that wasn't personally them and you have a I mean you Where do you were there on the front lines? Tell me tell the audience, I know who you were but tell the audience who you were and you changed so Westboro Baptist Church was started by my grandfather and it's almost entirely my extended family. So my mother was the defacto spokesperson for a very
time, and I was right there. I grew up right at her elbow I'm her. You know I'm the third of eleven children and her oldest daughter, so she called me her right hand, and I was right there all of it I was. I was a hard core believer as Ellis Believer in everything that was proton and I defended them in the media. I I was the one who took message to social media initially and you know help All of the logistical work orchestrating the protest, so I was not. I was not As I put it, I said I was all in that's how I felt that will be before you to avoid change. Before you talk about how you changed, Is there ever any discussion like he goes. I don't think this is working this
coach is not working was there ever any discussion like that? No because for for Westboro, you know there they do not use conversion numbers as a metric of their success. They don't believe that you know changing hearts and minds is in their power because they believe in predestination. So only God can change someone's heart. And so we we basically saw our you know. We measure our success as the amount of publicity that we were because all we were trying to do was published this message that we thought
the word of God, so it is not protected. We were very successful. We were all I mean, you know pop culture phenomenon. You know true blood, that you know really popular series on HBO, the opening credits included. You know, God hates saying you know, which is part of our. You know it's it's just a teleplay honor, our God hates gays message, but so it it's either for them they just that they were trying to change people's minds and that's why big button to change the idea of changing tactics didn't even occur to them and when people would insist that they showed that it, biblical for them to change tactics for us to change tactics. We basically just dismiss them out of hand so Megan when when you. Our away from this now and Your eyes have been opened and you you know what you were part of and your family is the part of
and you know you know, what's what's True and what's not, how difficult is it for you to look at our society today. And to see what people are doing online on air everything and not just cry out you fools? What are you doing? Well, I can't say you fools because I I was exactly where so many people are now. I know I know how seductive that that way of seeing things is. You know the the appeal of absolute certainty. You know the it is my grandfather used to say that it was there something wonderfully liberating in the idea that in the notion, the knowledge that you are one hundred percent right and he believed that he believed that we were one hundred percent right with no possibility of error, because we,
we had the word of God, and- and so when I see this, you know this this spirit kind of the same spirit taking over. You know that the west rotation of of politics in american culture generally I know I know why people are drawn to it and I understand the group dynamics that lead people to it, but I also know you know how incredibly destructive it is to see the world that way and how how effective it is to try to to change hearts and minds to to have come to in a collective to compromise how difficult it is to do when you have completely demonized anyone who doesn't agree with you on everything. Anyone who steps out. Why did the party line on any on any notion? If it's it's not good? It's uh it's interesting, so I wrote in one of my looks like it was my last one where I said they only I am now certain of. Is that I'm not certain of anything.
It is our certainty that is, is dividing us and it. It's. It feels it feels different than what you went through because You see and you claim what's happening over here? Is evil and and I know the difference between good and evil, and this is just this movement is evil, but that's what you guys thought yeah and that's. The thing is: if you are only looking at things from your perspective, you know it you're you're. You are looking at at at current events in light of your your own experiences and if you cut yourself off from trying to understand why other people have come to different conclusions, if you just attributed to the other person is evil, they are ill intentioned,
do? You are immediately cutting yourself off from really understanding that person and what has let them to those conclusions right it doesn't. It doesn't mean that you are going to change your point of view or or uh. You're, not necessarily on the track, but you don't your stand that you are limiting, yourself by not. Listening to how other people got there or viewed it, because they are going to teach you something You close yourself off to that. You end up alone, right, yeah, absolutely and there you know there is this instinct that I think is very human. You know when we encounter people that we believe are doing and believing destructive things the Insync that we have is to isolate ourselves from them. You know we don't want to endorse them. We don't want to have any part with what they're involved in
and again I I think, that's very, very human response. You know you're trying to shame them into changing. The problem is that when the divide is as great as it is now in in so many different spheres, you know I was talking to an anthropologist last year and she she explained the feeling of shame. As you know, the feeling that we get when we know that we have violated the norms of our community, and so you know from west for a was my community and I didn't have any community outside of that. I felt completely alienated from the rest of the world. It was a very us them mentality, and so, when other people outsiders attempted to Jamie, I I full price. I was I was happy that they they thought. I was wrong because I thought they were evil so clearly this it just reinforces your sense of right difference between this and moral relativity. I think I don't believe that you have to like have no
and about things like I. I don't think that you have to say. Well, I can't is when you said certainty is the root of this. For me, I agree. I totally agree this toxic sense of certainty in your own righteousness. It's not it's not that you don't have opinions or that you don't have strong values and strong beliefs. It's that you hold them a bit more loosely because you understand that there is information and experiences. Our side of your own, which are necessarily limited. That can and should change the way you see things we have to be willing to listen, because not because we are we are trying to. Let you know say that okay, white supremacy is okay or or whatever the whatever. The specific issue is it's that what is it? What what what is in this that I can learn from and how can we build a bridge? where they are to where I am so show us how we need to change. Our behavior book is called unfollow.
And you're, not necessarily saying disengage from social media you because at least I don't think, because that's that's what that's. What changed you was somebody using social media in the right way. So what's the right way to approach this or another way, yeah so I on, I give a TED talk a couple of years ago about this- is that I think the last time I was on that does basically detail in the strategy. Is that that people used with me? The first was to don't assume that intended. Because, again, you need to understand what is actually motivating this person. I think very few people are actually deliberately trying to do things that they know are evil or wrong. They have somehow become convinced that this is the right way, and so you need to understand where they're coming from
if you're going to actually reach them on. The second is to ask questions partly began to help you understand where that where they are, where they're coming from, but also partly as a signal to them that they're being heard and so and it you know, there's there's this reciprocal thing. That happens where you know somebody got some questions and they would they go through their whole position. They explain it all to you and then to the end and there's this natural in sense of reciprocation, often but they want to know what you think. Where are you coming from and how it's not asking questions? It's asking
s questions, it's asking questions of. I want to know, not questions that will get them to change their mind because I'm gonna have a. I know the answer to this one right: yeah, okay and then the third is to stay calm, which is you know, as you see, in conversations on social media on television all over the place is really difficult right. It seems like right now to be able to stay calm in these discussions, because we, these are conversations about deeply held values and and disagreements that we we cannot fathom how somebody has come to a different place, and so-
We can be very intentional and deliberate about keeping you know, keeping the the hostility level as low as possible. Trying to acknowledge. You know that the other person is is coming from a place of genuine disagreement and to be be able to tolerate that like this, is you know embodying the value of tolerance? I think it's really important that the third step, and then the fourth is to make your argument. You know and again this is one of the things that sounds very obvious, but when we have these deeply held values, there is this. You know this sense that anybody that is a decent person would have already come to the same
conclusions that I have, and so we we end up not actually articulating the defenses in the argument for our positions. We actually need to do that and then you know. I think I mention this lesson to the fifth point that I would, but I would say that was not in my time because I ran out of time, but it would be to to be patient because people don't change these kinds of deeply held values overnight, like in a moment. Even even though I can look back in my own experience to how my mind changed over time. I can point to several moments where I actually became aware that there was a contradiction in what I believed and what it cost me to do, was kind of to shut down momentarily right and that's what human beings as we, this call to the dissidents like Dick finally come to the place where we understand wow. Maybe there is something wrong with my position. Maybe I need to re consider this and if you push that you know if You try to use that as a gotcha moment. That's people
very negatively to them in the push exactly pushes you deeper into your position, so Megan. Think you are a remarkable remarkable woman and your message is so powerful and and right on the money and right for this time. I urge everybody in the audience to read this and share this with people. She lays out is book. We're doing, isn't working, we have to change tactics, and I think she has a remarkable message: the name of the book unfollow, Phelps Roper unfollow it's available wherever you buy books. Currently, thank you so much Megan, God bless. Thank you. Thank you. You cybercriminals today have grown both in numbers and sophistication when it comes to finding ways to remove you from your money and absolute worst thing you can do is ignore it
It's worse than just making sure you. You got your hand on the wallet at all times. Your identity is floating out in cyberspace, most of the time and two zoom that you're going to escape some sort of incursion in the world where cyber crime is increasing rather than decreasing, is really fairly foolish. The good z, is there's Lifelock, Lifelock detects wide range of identity threats and keeps you informed if and when someone out there is trying to get ahold of or sell your information online now nobody, Proventil, identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but life like see the threats that you miss on your own act. Now and get an extra ten percent off your first year with the promo code back call one eight hundred Lifelock or visit Lifelock dot com use the promo code back save an extra ten percent off your first year at one eight hundred Lifelock or life locked, com promo code back, we break for ten
Penn station id. All right. Welcome. Welcome to the program David Miller is, is a I who you've never really heard of most likely. But you know his work and I have a podcast with him this weekend that I I so strongly urge you to look into will talk about it here in in just a second. So Pat looking at the list of the things that she just put down. Let's just look at this with impeachment. Why are people going after. Why is the Dnc besides politics? Why
Dnc. Pushing this an? Why is this working with you know, Democrats? I think it's hatred. I think they just absolutely hate Donald Trump. I think If you phrase it the way she just did they assume bad intent, you just assume bad intent and now they've done that from the start, with from from the very start from the very start, uh they're, not listening to what are the questions? Wait? What? What? What are we? What are we really talking about here? Let's live and ask him questions on you're doing, or you can't really ask him but see like, for instance, the Chalk Board, an open your eyes to a different perspective, stay calm. And yet make your stand and and make your argument
we're violating all of these as a society every single day, and when is it that the group us are all going to wake up. I go. Maybe you should try something different. You notice it and I'm I meant to ask her before she if, if family is still doing this, because you never hear about him anymore- I need the weather for a Baptist church because everybody's, like the borough Baptist Church, right every time you see a protest, it's it's like those people, Ann is So it's not even uncommon they're. Not even I don't think they even raise any interest in the media anymore 'cause. We see that every and every everywhere, it's amazing, especially right. I wish I would have asked that question ever because, especially if they are still active yeah, you don't have I'm never not for an I use your right. It is we've all become yeah, we're all that in one way or another. We are
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I saw the story about the the mother. Three hundred pound mother achieves her life, changing weight loss after her son fat shames are she was, You heard her son was three at the time said: mom you're fat. He just she decided I've, gotta, stop I've, gotta stop, and so she started working out and now she's thin and beautiful and and hopefully the authorities in jail. That was it. Hopefully the authorities have put that kid away, or is it fat shaming, if he ever fat shames again it's you can't have that yeah fireside chat on live television trump says he wants to read the Ukraine called transcript to the american people. Now it's in
think is this is what I said after we did the after. We did the Chalk board about a month ago. I said president should Do a fireside chat: he should now. I also added he he needs to really be prepared for that and he needs to just take people through it, and I think I also then said he's, probably not the guy to do it 'cause. I don't know if he's that disciplined but bills will see. Is there was there a date attached to that he has, and he just said he wants to do it sometime soon. At some point, I'm going to sit down perhaps as a fireside chat on live television and I'll read the transcript of the call, because people have to hear it. When you read it, it's a straight call. It's a perfect call, love the perfect golf thing. Alright
A Brooklyn pimp named sugar bear on the sugar. Bear that saved my life tonight. Elton John now this is different for different sugar. Bear. This sugar bear is a Brooklyn pimp, that's on trial for killing his prostitute girlfr. And but he said, I didn't kill her. I just chopped her up and head in my freezer. For what reason he didn't want to be blamed. Oh well, that makes sense. Yeah so this is this is another sugar bear. This is It didn't save her life, goodbye killer either. No, he didn't kill. He chopped up chopped up my mail tonight. Sugar bear well. Ok. So if somebody finds Friends head in your freezer. There are not going to suspect that you killed it right.
No they just don't know. Why did you chop her up? You just wanted to stash. Are there I wanted to keep her close. You wanted to keep her close and you know I'm in the freezer for ice cream. All locked makes sense. Yeah It really makes sense so Julie Clark told the Brooklyn jury he want to go to jail. He didn't want to be blamed. He had no motive to kill his main money maker, but he did cut her body up. She then conceded this the attorney. She then conceded. Look he's not a nice man not someone you want with your daughter, but you don't have to like his lifestyle. That's very true! It is, I don't. On him dating my daughters, that's very, very true. Yeah. Police closed in on Moses after finding the body parts at a Bronx waste, first station Tracy
m2 is apartment where they alleged were found blood splatters uh. And frozen appendages. They were found under a pile of frozen foods and meats in his in his in his freezer. He was charged with concealing the body parts for ten days after the slaying butter. And he said hey. I I only chopped her up didn't killer. Does he have any ideas on who did killer Oj Simpson Oj Simpson, O swears, he was on the golf course this weekend, something that the farmers always get blamed for. Not It was actually to be more
mentally friendly and not burn as much coal. It's daylight savings time this weekend. Finally, they pushed up. As you bet what a month or six weeks, I think it's, I think it's a month on both ends right. Isn't that what they did? I don't I'm not. I haven't I'm not following the you're, not following the the the Noles AGA of the Daylight savings time, and it's actually were both saying it wrong. It's daylight savings time. Yes, not there's no end in sight, leave Yes off for savings, saving saving means I daylight, saving time. I wanted to go away completely. I just want to be on standard time the whole year. I think it's Oh, I know I disagree with you. I like it this way. Weekend. I hate it in the spring Much so, but I don't know why we don't just fall back in the spring and the summer just
falling back and now we're both times Yeah yeah we're both times just fall back an hour or if you know you're like well, then the days would be screwed up. Okay, then fall back a few of fall back, twenty four hours or twenty three hours in the spring then we all win. Always getting extra time. That way, I'm not sure it works like that Well, I don't know why doesn't can make it. We can make it so if, if, if can have health care for all. We can certainly fall back twenty three hours now, yeah, absolutely. Let me let me take you here tomorrow. I have a podcast that comes out every Saturday. We have a really fascinating podcast. This One of my favorite stories.
This is the story about And who is had in incredible life. He grew up wanting to be a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. And that's all he wanted to do He works so hard his whole life and he's he got a scholarship to go to college. He just graduates from high school and he has a scholarship to go, for. To go to school and he's going to be on the baseball team, he's a pitcher and he's good one. And he's walking in a parking lot, one night and he realizes I've left. My wallet in the car and they were headed towards Mcdonald's. I've got to go back out in the parking lot and get my wallet stay here I'll, be right, back listen to how he just the day that changed his life. So
or on your way, you may not have been a picture, but for the Red Sox, but you were on your way to some sort of career in baseball. You thought yes, sir you're, eighteen, yes, Sir, what happens? Well, a month after I got out of high school, we had qualified for tournament and my coach said before you signed scholarship, and why don't you wait till we What are the state tournament and if you do well you're going to get more offers? I said that sounds great. And so about ten days before that tournament right to see a movie with one of my buddies, we got out of the movie and as beautiful sunset and there's red sky at night sailors delight really superstitious. So I thought that's a great sign of things to come. And so we're driving. He said, however, if we stop and get a bite to eat and so we saw Mcdonald's, and so he pulled into the parking lot parked on the side of the right side
the entrance across from the door and we got started walking across the parking lot and I realized I forgot my wallet and so This is hey, I'm going to go ahead and go in, and I went back to the car to get my wallet yeah. I think my wallet up and close the door and started taking a few steps, or the door, and I heard a car come off the street quickly and stop? Suddenly I looked up and the who people in the car, the driver and the passenger hit their doors and we're changing positions too. Person was going to drive, so I stopped you waited for them to get in and when they got in and shut the doors. I motion for them to go ahead and drive drive through to get to the drive through. And they motioned for me to start walking go ahead and go so I rocking, and I heard rev their engine and squeal their tires, and enough time to turn and I
my left leg and put both my hands up and Our was speeding right at me, and I did time to move anywhere else in the car hit me through me, twenty feet in the air Anne I slammed into the door. The brick Alright, where the corner of the door jetted out in like the I landed right in the corner I slammed into the brick wall. Land in a pile at the base of the the corner of the wall? And when I looked up the car coming at a higher rate of speed and Are hit the metal handrails sparks, flew and the rs metal bumper pin the handrail in the car's bumper against my knee against the wall, and I you know the the engine is revving and the car exhaust is having a hard time breathing- and I can
either. Lady just staring at me over the steering wheel I'm screaming at it. Please stop please stop Goes on he has Multiple surgeries, he has nightmares, he has PTSD, but before anybody was diagnosing PTSD, an he gets married. He has all kinds of problems 'cause, he cannot sleep at night. He would know why this happened to this was a woman who just freaked out and stepped on the gas instead of the brake, all of a sudden and just was freaking out yeah. I know, then, you please go by he He learns to walk again. Okay he can't even walk wow he goes through therapy has a doctor that screw it up in his leg, just snaps after surgery, so he's got all these problems
He finally gets a job as a groundskeeper because as he wants to you know he wants play baseball, but he can't so maybe I can just be a groundskeeper, so we go companies working for the Milwaukee brewers and doing a hold, a whole new field for them so they have everybody off and the doors the gates to the field are open. One Saturday, as redoing this field, and this Woman another woman in a car, a different light, different woman in a different city years later guns it. Come through the gate and arch doing you know. Wheelies around the around the diamond she's just going around the diamond. He starts running for the fence line
he hears in the background he hears that she is coming again towards him now and he looks behind, and here she is and she runs him down on purpose on purpose, so she hasn't freaked out. She know she is crate. This woman is crazy, so he's unbelievably easy. It again twice right: it's crazy gosh! You don't know this guy by name, but you know his work because he finally got a job at the Boston Red Sox he's the guy he's the first guy to cut the pattern of like the flag or the logo in the grass is the first guy to do that and is storing, is amazing. It is it's it's actual story that I I purchased his life story. Ten years ago? I wanted to play it and to to do a book, can a movie on it. Could never
and it done. I felt so bad because it's such a great story- I just gave him the rights back, he's got a new book out. It's called one base at a time list into this podcast you've never heard anybody like David, for such a good guy. Such a great inspiring story and one of the story of a guy who just suffered in silence and nobody knew what he was going through, don't miss. On tomorrow's Glenn Beck podcast Ok, I want to tell you about our sponsored, my pillowmypillow dot com. Actually for the first time in my life, since maybe I was like eight and yet we did they were go anywhere except their grandparents house. I actually thought about packing. My pillow I'm going this weekend,
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we're. Just talking about we're just talking about one base at a time new book out of the groundskeeper of Boston, Red Sox, and His story is just absolutely remarkable. We over twice by freaky women. Yeah, really weird yeah, I mean weird Years and years apart in two different cities, coincidence in his life is just it's remote, couple. Were you really nervous when you walked off the set with him that there was going to be a car that burst through the walls and well known brand was actually or concern because Mr Kool aid used to do that to me all the time all while we ate Bre Break break through my wall, and then he body slammed me he's not at some of the.
Is nice guy he's not a nice guy. I know a lot of people like crazy mister koolaids. Here no, he's a psycho. Well I mean how many gigantic containers of Kool aid do you know that are smashed through peoples, walls or they could go right through the gate or door if the it would just use his power for good as opposed to evil. You know you can change the world imagining how popular Kool aid would be if he wasn't breaking into peoples, houses and getting the children write the walls. So Now we didn't even talk about his car stuff. We kind of got focused on that on my mistress, Kool aid tragedy that I've carried around for years. This is actually a podcast that you will enjoy. But if you know somebody that is suffering and thinks that there alone home the cow. Listened to this life, changing podcast wherever you get your podcasts, it comes out tomorrow. The Glenn Beck program podcast tomorrow.
Tunes and wherever else you get them you're listening, Glenn Beck.
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