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The Shutdowns Are a 'Trial Run' | Guests: James Rollins & Sabo | 5/19/20

2020-05-19 | 🔗

Glenn remembers the late Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias. Shutdown protesters at a New Jersey gym cheered after an officer told them to “have a good day.” The Degrowth Movement wants to keep the economy closed to fight climate change – and Spooky Dude is involved. Why is it such a big deal that Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine? Investigative reporter David Steinberg exposes Ilhan Omar’s latest sketchy campaign funding scheme. Author James Rollins talks his new fiction book, “The Last Odyssey.” Mayor Paul Creighton explains why he declared Atwater, California, a sanctuary city from the governor’s shutdown orders. Conservative California street artist Sabo reviews his latest tyranny-protesting pieces, found at UnsavoryAgents.com.

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Hello, America, and welcome to Tuesday. So glad that you are here today. We ve got a lot to discuss. Let me just this out helps. I know you have a lot of fans in the audience fans of robberies ACT, Darius he passed away yesterday. Last night, cancer. He had been struggling and was in great great pain. He is with the Lord today a man in Hallelujah, we have. We have a lot of good news to share with you in and I think we're in a start, New Jersey, but there are sheriffs. Now, starting to step up. We ve told you for years. Sheriffs are the key to your liberty share of Sir stepping up, but we also have a mayor in California. Who's gonna be joining us today, who has made his city a sanctuary city. A sanctuary for businesses,
gotta love. This that's coming up, also something you really need to watch for, and it is everywhere. It is it is the new normal to explain and yes, spooky do these involve we do that. In one minute is the Glen program. So I am really glad to hear this. The housing market is on fire right now and I dont mean like burning itself down to the ground. A little ray of sunshine right now. This could be it. It shows signs now they housing market that it stable and an actually doing well in some areas. I'm I'm I'm guessing that, and if, as is my ass in California you have to believe in it's gonna, go well Vermeer well. I don't think so. I really don't think so
The thing we have Democrats and their policies largely to thank for the housing market doing well. Where were you because people are moving from is a progressive state, AIDS, and there were met with moving to warmer states. For one thing and the warmth is being provided by something we like to call the bill of rights Ear, but California, as the bill rise on fire and word right arm from laugh large city areas, had become so draconian that people are moving allies. Down, may not last three months after all, but who knows people are packing up if you need an a real estate agent to help sell your home or You find a new home in a great place where freedom actually exists, real state agents. I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents, I trust dotcom. We're gonna, get you in touch with the right real estate agent, for you realistic.
Agents, I trust, dot com, a free service from mercury, a relay state services. That's my company, real estate agents. I trust dotcom la la la that I have just play this audio because it was you know, like you say, is sometimes there's victory in the small things. But this is not a small thing. This is happening in New Jersey. A cop showed up to eight Jim. That was opening its doors against the governors. Order, and the cop showed up man and everybody in the crowd started to say: oh, oh, oh you know you don't ever live. Let me quote: you have the right to refuse unconstitutional orders free good to see Mister Gibson was there You swore to protect our rights, that's what
CUP put his hand up like listen? Listen to me, please don't those those anyone does anyone know if you're really about. When you hear just listen to me, and here's what he said
don't worry about our work here. Everybody think we now hear that you are on my vision of the executive board. Why I now have a bridge for everybody these cops. I know what I wanted in this moment. I wanted out Michael's to say: do you believe in new, and we have an ice? Was the moment last night where America came roaring back in its did there? Not alone, let me give you this one. This was,
hosted by the sheriff of the second most densely populated county in Illinois these. The governor has trampled on his first amendment rights. Now, listen to this this posted on Facebook. I feel that I own first Amendment constitutional right to free speech has been completely trampled on by a governor who is threatened. My offices reimbursement and grew and funds as a tool, to force me not to speak. I can't do it anymore. Stand with our citizens and our businesses of do page county who have off no trouble now any resistance to any rule. We have put upon them, no matter how strange. In fact They have community helped support us during this pandemic with resources and physical health Law enforcement officers are not storm troopers. We are peacekeepers,
can reopen responsibly and with proper care, we're not just gonna open with no precautions, but science suggest a potentially different route. Did we all say from the beginning that we would follow science to the correct to end This is not the time to introduce a society of fear into our society by threatening class a misdemeanours, but instead it's time to assist our citizens and businesses to get back on their feet. I feel too age counting is ready to reopen responsibly before everything he's gone and I will not victimized lawful residents of do page county trying to put food on their children's table, a man do you even miracles, yes S, Now I want to take you and shift gears here and show you something called the DE growth movement. The
de growth, more movement, which is actually a flashback back to the late sixties and early seventies, arrive in time a job, smoking, free love, yeah, and that's probably all you're going to be able to do if this de growth movement actually takes flight. Now, yes, spooky does have a role in these spooky. Do the cid some spooky things overseas said nobody seems to be carrying about, but I want The bring your nose of spooky dude today, but for first, let me tell you what to do. Growth movement is This is a movement that believes that man has destroyed the planet. It's all about climate change and the only way to say the planet is for the entire world to stop working.
The agenda is to shut down industrial production and industries like fossil fuels, automobiles, airlines, anything they will contribute to global warming. Coal. Nineteen and the economy. Lockdown is now seen as a useful trial run. I want to give you something that this you know when I just told you about the the the cop up in New Jersey. Let me tell you something that the the owner that Jim said after the car laughed, he was giving an interview and he said we're opening or were reopening early to fight for our rights. The government has failed at protecting our rights and is failing in protecting our health, said what we are proposing is an organised, peaceful reopening of the state. Not just our business now listen to this
we truly believe. If we don't do this in the end, we will have zero rights and no say in what happens I believe him to be a prophet of our time. Yes, a muscle head a profit of our time. He is right. If we they are measuring us now, not everybody, no button. Everybody in the government is doing this, but the left and the DE growth movement- is they are measuring us to see how much they can get away with professor at the University of Tasmania, who knew that was a real place. But beyond the bugs Bunny World say. Said, we can draw many lessons and opportunities. Listen to this. We draw many lessons and opportunities from the current health crisis when tax in planetary warming, so they are measuring a former high ranking climate adviser to Obama Jason Board off road
foreign policy quote covert nineteen may deliver some short term climate benefits by curbing energy use or even long term benefits if economic stimulus is linked to climate goals, but he adds the and if it's from the pandemic in terms of less carbon emissions are likely to be fleeting and negligible, so the I want to give it. I want to tell you d growth, as defined by the proponents, a political all economic and social movement based on ecological economics, Anti consumerism an Anti capitalism, so we are looking to we're looking at people that want to destroy capitalism, consumerism so you know consumerism out of control everything out of control too far. One way or the other of the other is bad right. It. It's all bad too. Much aspirin Brad Ache We'll kill you,
much of anything or not enough of something will also kill you Capitalism has its problems. Consumerism has its problems, but without it, we die. The philosophy started in the nineteen Sixtys and Seventys and was really discredited? It was the people that said you know, I'm not gonna be able to keep up with the food. There are none, of land on planet earth to grow enough food outside work. For you will all be dead by now. One seventy seven really cause I've seen. You know, death thing is pretty good cause Apparently, I've been deeds and seventy seven and it feels great. So let me give you some of the things you are seeing now and I need you to tie them in to the DE growth movement. You need to understand. These are not just offshoots just one offs. Here's
Alexandria, Cassio Cortez? She deleted a tweet celebrating crash in oil prices. She said quote you absolutely love to see it? Do you do. You know what drilling for oil has done. Do you know that we wouldn't have any plastics? We wouldn't have many of our pharmaceuticals We wouldn't have many of our our foods. We wouldn't have rubber theirs. It goes on and on and on the oil for sowing machines where we going go start going for whale blubber again. Petrol chemicals are essential. To a civilised way of life. Now, when you come up with something to replace it, I'm alone for it, but right now RO. Chemicals are critical if we lose petrochemicals if we lose oil You lose your way of life.
Gretta Third Burg. The elementary school dropout said that she is really excited because there's a new way forward Cnn has interviewed the experts who say the lock down just isn't enough. We have to keep doing this and even more for the next thirty years, if we're going to bend the curve. Of greenhouse gases and climate change, so to do this and more robber red. Third has come out with his son and said this scourge of covert. Nineteen is revealed that we can change the world. There's all kinds of articles I am going to post all of this. I think we're going to probably do a special on this, but I I just want to go through some of the audio You're gonna be hearing more and more here's Joe Biden on Corona virus as an opportunity. Listen, we haven't Opportunity now to take in
recovery act. A real recovery weaken fundamentally change the site, relating to global warming, Are we can fundamentally change the science relate global warming if he wasn't senile. I would pounce on that, but what he is saying is we can fundamentally now change America fundamentally transform America in the world here CNN, say the corona virus was caused not by China, but by something else. Listen to this, and there seems to be this perception that maybe the virus as helped humanity by some time when it comes to global warming. What's wrong with that sums We'd have to keep doing this even more, and do it for the next thirty years to really being into down the curve on the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Virologist for years tried to warn us that an invisible enemy would come out of the jungles. We're just kept cutting all of them down and they were right.
So if any good can come of this Allison, maybe it's it's an understanding that the climate scientists or warning about stop. Can you just? Can you just? Did you hear that it's not China, it's not a school collecting bats or anything else. It's the Amazon. We cut down to many trees in the Amazon and that's what caused the corona virus here. Chris Haze on restructuring for climate change there talking about reopening now, they're denounces ambitious aim to reduce the car use after lockdown without was interesting. That they're gonna have twenty two miles: the streets that there be transformed over the summer. They're gonna Do cycling and walking expansion. They want people sort of nodding. Cars are not, and public transport as much as possible. It struck me as like a small example: the ways that people might be thinking about how to restructure our our kind of lived world as as we re emerged from the virus. We have
more audio. This is everywhere and it's not an isolated incident. This is a coordinated plan. You see that build of laws oh just took more streets miles of streets in New York City and making them into carlist streets. You, saw this happen now in London has just done it. There are. Several cities, all around the world that are now saying you know what we're just gonna make this into a walking street because of the corona virus to help with a social distancing. Why that doesn't even makes sense There are those that are putting in these draconian rules to one. Gauge you on how far you they can get away with it and to to able to fundamentally transform the entire world because of climate change. That is all gobbledygook to say this. The free market is under attack, and if
may quote the profit of the Jim in New Jersey. If you don't stand now. They are gauging you, if you do stand now. You may not have any rights when actually say: ok, you can go back to work now more in just a second, including spooky dude in one minute Yes, so let me talk to you about lifelong. You need to lock yourself down in not in the way the government is thinking about doing it. I mean locking your your life, your your identity down and life lock and help you do that we now have about from the International crime, complete centre- this is from the FBI they get it a thousand complaints per day before the Pandemic
they now we're getting about four thousand complaints? Today there are corona virus schemes they're. All things like we can sell you protective equipment, all the these kinds of scams that are of a girl or saying that they're gonna get you a government check and fragile, and covert charities which, by the way, we have a breaking story at the top of next hour on Echelon Omar on a cove id, bogus charity thing that she did that's unbelievable. Will she go to jail? I dont know you need ask yourself whose protecting you who is- Acting you from these things. Will the answer? Should you you have partnered with lifelong. Nobody can prevent identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but life luck and see the threats it. You might miss on your own joy now save up to twenty five percent off your first year with a promo code back call one. Eight hundred lifelong or head delight flocked outcome used the promo code back for twenty five percent off one eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dot com.
Second station, I d so you have to ask yourself: why is it that everybody is getting bail outs and everybody else is getting special favours, etc, etc and Elon Musk can open up, even though we had a really pound for it, but he can open up at the average person cat. Why the average person is not getting relief for small businesses when eighty percent of all new jobs created in the last great recession aid percent of those jobs came from small businesses, small beer, This is the backbone small business. Is the american dream? you don't have to go to work for some giant corporation. That would take your idea and run with it. You can start yourself that
I believe the reason why you're not really getting the help and nobody cares about the small business man. I think Donald Trump. I think there are a lot of people that do actually care, but there is a great force, mainly in the media and on the left that just doesn't care about the small business person They are essential if the american way of life is going to continue you to keep them busy. You know that I told you yesterday, there is not yet in the Wall Street Journal about how there's two there's two groups: there's there The group of elites that are saying no made might be it might be. Fourteen years before, we can fight the cure and that's fine. Let's just keep everything closed and those who are saying no, I'm hungry I've got a feed, my kids food on the table and then the rob the people Quite honestly, like me, I'm not impacted like probably most of the audience? Is it
easier for me, because I can do my business from home. Nothing's really been disrupted. We ve had some economic issue. Use, but they do not like losing my business. So what do we do when we well, it's easy for me to sit here and go. You know, I think, for the public safety, but that's regarding everything. That's really happening. Not only are you out of touch and to self contained, if you don't see the plight of others, but might be something else that's going on. You might actually think that it is easier to control people if they don't have control of small businesses, because a lot of these big industries, all in with laughed they'll, do whatever they have to do in their fine. So let's Have everybody be a cog in the wheel,
well. The thing that sets us apart from the Soviet Union and every other communist country has been the little guy can start his own. Do its own thing and be successful. Glenn back programme will keep coming up in just a moment all right. Let me tell you about our sponsor. Its relief factor appears hears. It be great example: here's a father and Son patents, S Talbot they are really really super religious and they they re we believe in making the world a better place. They believe that all of their companies should put back in to society, and so there are look to get rich. They were looking for ways to be able to do good due to a lot a missionary work in and everything else. And when capitalism is at its best, it looks for things that are a problem in society and the capitalist says. How can I mean
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so I want to bring you in pathways we're talking about George Soros. There is a new interview where George Soros was talking to the independent which is in London and I just. I just want you to hear this and we ve been talking about the DE growth movement that is happening and the plans from the left to use the corona virus to measure how we react, how much they can get away with and then try to shape all of our governmental responses to be to create the society and wave the governmental structure that they would need to be well too. Bring in all of their climate change nonsense. So George Soros says you ve seen many crisis is before this is. According to the interview you ve seen a lot of crisis before Is the krona nineteen pandemic comparable to any previous one? Now
by George Soros that bid the big crisis in his life would be what Pat, what you stop stop here at sea the holocaust. Yeah his family was haunted by the Nazis and he had to go live under a fake name with another family? I mean you want to talk about crisis. He says no. This is the crisis of my lifetime even before it has even before the pandemic. Here too, I realized we were in revolutionary moment where what would be impossible, or even the inconceivable in normal times, have become not they possible. But probably absolutely necessary the coroner Colvin nineteen disrupted people's lives and required very different behaviour. It was an unprecedented event that probably as never occurred in this combination, and it endangers the survival of our civilization then he goes on to say we have never seen anything quite like this pandemic
He says we're not gonna go back. We won't go back to where we were when pandemic started, that is certain but That is the only thing that is certain. Everything else is up for grabs. Everything else is up for grabs, either think anyone knows how capitalism will evolve at the present people are dominated by fear in fear, often makes people hurt themselves that is through of individuals as well as institutions, nations and humanity itself. The contain in conflict between the. U S in China complicates matters. We oughta work together on climate change and doping, a vaccine against covert nineteen? So now you know him priorities in this. Are working on climate change, and a vaccine! This is why people are now like Lorna bending the curve. We can't go back until we have a vaccine because they need this time to work on climate change,
he says the fact is, we are not working together because we're competing over who will develop and use the vaccine. The fact that I have two very distant different systems of government, a democratic and and this magic. Can come up with the right word for communist, so The universe is autocratic, vs that eggs things much harder, You then says that you know the press in Does e, when he abolish term limits and named himself president for life, he destroyed the probability of future, of one of the most important and ambitious men and he was in a very narrow and competitive elite group and he destroyed himself now press. In Trump would like to be a dictator, but he can not be one because there's a constitution in the United States or the people still respect, and we
to prevent him from doing certain things, doesn't mean he won't try, because he's literally fighting for his life wait a minute here just makes us they know. Made a statement of some sort there when we as we lost gluttony her from the thicket. Why during a George Soros, discuss? What we ve been saying for energy is a dictator where he's doing absolutely everything in the opposite. While you PETE you apparently George had environment. I feel we are. We lost you for about thirty seconds club, but we expect this from a long time. There are you there. We are aiming for England down here for a second as world, where we we tend to be losing him for a moment, saving it that connected. It is interesting to see you now, here's a guy who is wildly
you know irresponsible. Would the way he's acted over a very long period of time, and you know this is that the fear I think, of a lot of people who occasionally jump took? Maybe even the improper conclusions about every little move that happens in government, when you see that there are people like this who look at these things as something to take advantage of you to be able to be sceptical and no it isn't. It leads to people jumping even further down that road Sometimes you do bs exactly glow illusions about rights, and where did you lose me? Where did you lose may whereat, whereas talking about what he said about Donald Trump, yet he s written there. Ok, so he said Donald Trump would like to be dictator, but he cannot be won because there's a constitution in the United States and people still respect it. It will prevent him from doing certain things. That does not mean he won't try because he's fighting for his life,
legislators is is incredible to me that the media- and the left have accused Donald Trump of being a dictator over and over and over again, they incur urged him to me this a federal thing and everybody says because they want that power. Absolute true, but all because they wanted to paint him as a dictator. Look because he didn't do it. The Democrats are the ones who are doing another two exceptions to that. One of a visit in Maryland, there's a republican but for them sparred. All of these actions are being taken by Democrats who were the autocratic rule Donald Romp is doing the exact opposite of the the dictator dance, so Lord Sorrel says I have proposed the EU. Should the issue perpetual bonds he's got. All kinds of things that are going going on. He says: listen, I'm not pessimistic at all. Far from it, I recognise Europe is facing several dangers in
the figure of speech that is reality, he goes on to talk about all the different things that are happening, but this is not a normal time. It's actually an ideal time right now to be able to change. The world and the able to have an open society. I warn you that these people are doing things all of this stuff about the second second stimulus package. They had time to catch their breath when Donald prompted it was? Let's go. Let's put people to work leads. If people money it was flawed because we rush to it. We have to rush anymore. Do not allow panic to play a role. Do not allow fear to play a role there. Counting on your fear, it's really it's sick on going on, but if we don't stand now we may not have any liberty left levies which Topics Pat
You please explain why hell. The problem is with Donald Trump: he Hydra hydroxyl Chloric, win Don't think there is a problem, and you know here's a guy who believes in it and we know he believes in it. Cause he's talked about multiple times, so he's gonna put in his money where its mouth is, and here I taking it known. Actually, what he said would have Odin would help. People from the beginning, and if and if he's taking hydrochloric. When you can t just that by itself and its fine, it's a drug that has been around forever, there's no heart palpitations or anything else. It's just a view taking it just that drug. If you mean said with a z pack. It becomes dangerous and you should be monitored with your heart he's taking. With the zinc which is not as dangerous, but there are doctors and the White House all the time if If there was a magic potion everybody was like this is ridiculous, it
they're saying it's a magic potion, but you had seen some people take that magic potion and it helped them if it's the president of the United States and there's no downside for him, taking it it's a magic potion that has been in use for another magical disease for a long time. I think every I would say the president should take that as a prophylactic drug. Because there's no harm and taking it. Why is this such a big deal? The press It should be kept safe. And they're saying Nancy Policy for the call of the woman to come out and say he's morbidly obese his chest is shied, so childish what's going on yeah, that's it it's ugly, and I think it's an amazing it's an amazing testament to two. What he's been saying all along, although I didn't know about hydrogen, dropsy clerk. When that it was preventative that you could prevent
getting they think it might. They think it might be there's these are all just you know nothing has been scientifically proven, but Hydroxyl chloric win is by itself is not a dangerous drugs. It is it's it's like Prozac, it's been out forever. You there are some people would take it in it, but it's been out forever and ever and ever or lithium is better forever and people can take it our real side effects. Yes about here. When all the time it's been forever in our people know the another that they understand, how an ordinary, why take it every day, thrills daily as both for them, and let me use that. Let me use that if let's this pay little. I say this thing only cause debilitating pain and there was a way that Height were It is the height of oxen co down if
the code on had away to get you so you weren't in pain and it wouldn't allow you to develop this disease. That would cause debilitating pain, as long even with the side effects of that as long as the president were taking it with a doctor whose pray Tickly living at the White House right now, they are asking him and everyone around him all the time. If had worked. I would say the president should be taking oxy code on not enough. To impair his vision. But if it were a preventative thing and the doctors were there. The whole time take it. Mr President, it mind and work. Especially when we present. I would be saying this about Barack Obama is well, he should be, taking anything that we know is relatively safe. That might keep him out of trouble, especially when his valet Has the virus and soldiers cynically close to two, my pants so obvious
they ve been around people. They been subjected to the disease of this. If this can maybe keep them from getting it go for it and in frankly like if you are on heroin. You're even noticed covered nineteen if we only pro cyclical urgent, but you don't you get it, but you ok, you won't care. I beg you by the way. Did you see that President Vice President Biden came out with a nickname he's, so good is good. He came out with a nickname for Donald Trump and he said he's really been resisting giving president drop a nickname varies changed his mind. He eat said Elizabeth EU businesses a miserly. Get this money asked the folks who desperately needed to stand firm, isn't it. Corruption,
progress of the treaty and again this morning, President Treaty cards of real star regulatory like good disease, because he's too eating boy, then then all windows. So we don't hear the geese behind you behold my ear and then the geese are really nasty animals. They aren't, as those is just stop myself anyway. Biden then set it interview, is a master at laying nicknames on people. I can hardly wait to get on stage with Donald Trump Who is going to be so good with big. Like President tweedie he's gonna slave labour,
I take you to listen to pack gray, on least wherever you find your podcast Padre Gray, unleashed available. Now. All right. Mr Plasterers adds rider that's right! Everybody with a view to guess on average how many days people in the? U S, have to wait to see a doctor What would you say a week, maybe maybe a little longer during lockdown on ever Some people can wait up to twenty nine days to see a doctor in major. U S, cities basically a month if you dealing with a condition like ie or hair loss or cold sores or anything? I want to talk about with anybody. You don't want to wait a month. You want treatment, as some of you have all of those things on top of each other, then you really around each other are too high. Roman has spent three years and years building a digital platform that can connected with a doctor lessons in your state. They were for this time they they ve been doing this for a while and their there absolutely prepared for this moment,
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back tomorrow, night nine pm eastern on glinting corona virus tyrants have tried to crush our freedoms, but some Americans are fighting back. A lot of people are calling today. How do we help you? I may open your bed with every arbiter heated up for what they believe to be an honest, unite for my job the day they come in here with an orgy, those dealt with one or the other. Is this the birth of a new civil rights movement to expect common sense in America? Tomorrow night nine pm eastern employees to be calm slashed when you think Limpang Programme but but that's bad, a welcome to the programme, it's Tuesday, we're glad you're here, When I talk to you a little bit about something that's coming up after the top of the hour, we ve got a couple of really great things for you. We have
of one of the mayors in California. That is bucking this system. In said, I'm gonna do a sanctuary, city, and spits per safety of all businesses. Sanctuary said: for business in California? Just love this. So many things are happening. We also have another breaking story: that's just being put posted on the blaze now from David Steinberg He is the guy who has been chasing the Ilan more Ilan Mars. HE lawn Omar story for couple of years now he's got a story on Cove id. She appeared. Lee posted a fundraiser there. She partnered with Minnesota Food share. And she said, chip in five dollars to keep these community fed. Well, fortunately the five dollars the donations we're going to her re election campaign. The food share. The executor
director said. Ilan Omar has nothing to do with this project. I don't know where this money is going to begin. The scandal and will tell you the end of it. Coming up the Glen Back Programme, Where do we all turn when things fall apart, but if you're like me, you lean on things that stand the test of time, your closest friends, your family or a chair movie that Ray and spires the classics are made to last and that's why we turned them in good times and bad? I have one of those beloved things in my life. It's my two covin cowboy boots at two covers. They don't see themselves as just makers of quality boots and western goods. They believe that a good pair of boots can change the way people feel about themselves, and why is that? Why is it something that you put on your feet? Can change the way you feel inside, because the words are a manifestation of things at last boots. They can weather the storm and walk confidently to the other side, cowboy
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what you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. When their programme, you know there was really are beginning of the Trump era, and many people say he had started with David Steinberg, maybe a name that you didn't know, but he's an investigative journalists and he went in to air carriers, primary care primary campaign he's credited with tipping the historic loss and the beginning of the from very you. Don't believe me ass day, brat well, he's been following Ilan Omar and we ve had a mind for several times on this programme and he
partner does with us on research, so we can get the news out that he is finding and he's found something new that Ilan Omar has done at the very least suspicious the way and all came down it corona virus. She is there to help the people while she or Was she thinking that maybe she could get away with raising some campaign funds on the of corona virus. We'll talk today, it's bird in one minute, is the Glen programme? We also have some really good news for you. We ve got a mayor of town in California, whose just great who stand. For the right to businesses in his town? We got stories or over the country, popping up of people say
calling for their rights, which is just really amazing. Also one of my favorite authors of fiction, James Rawlins, is gonna, be with us. He's written a book called the last odyssey. I to have him on. We ve been trying to get em for a couple of weeks. As I just finished reading it. It is a great book any it's it's one of these books where they mix history with fiction ended just brings it to life and quite honest, they have never wanted to read homer before I had read it. We know when I was younger. But I want to read it again: because it's just brought this off just brought this whole thing to life in a completely different way. He's coming over to say. First, let me tell you about our sponsor its blinds dot com. If I've been doing anything to your house Bobby, he's done there right nobody's doing the ouse repairs. Really there's not like any due to do list. That's like never seems to end right if you'd like make a big impact on your house. The
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David Steinberg was the New York City editor for p media for a long time, homeland security is real political corruption. He really came to light with Eric canter in the primary campaign he's really responsible for Dave Brad in office, and we welcome into the programme he's been working quite awhile on Elan Omar and hopefully We're gonna see some some action on this. You have some that you wrote to me and is now being published on the blaze dot com, a story about what has happened here just because of the corona virus. Can you take me? This Glenn Year, thanks for having me on here what I've been discussed, the merchant them since twenty the team that the political correctness? a avoiding to cover this woman because it wouldn't how detrimental to
her somali immigrants community. There are the very Heavily somali immigration, unity and her district that that they were avoiding you, you understand ask other they don't want to criticise, because our identity, because that could be detrimental to our community, The problem, it's all a lie, but areas rising: twenty six- that the people suffering wrap Omar are her community members heard they somali immigrant, many of them elderly who don't speak English, all that! Well, I've been living under her thumb, terrorized bullied by her eye report itself, times about threatening behaviour about threats to? family member than relatives back home in Somalia. The people suffering under Rep Omar are the somali immigrant population of her death now
now wait a minute hang on just a second. How can you possibly say that David there's a tweet from her and I'm gonna quote as Minnesota earns struggle with hunger, I'm partnering with amen Food Share, Mitt, Minnesota Food, chair and other local groups that path can deliver meals to students and families chip in five dollars today to power their efforts and keep our communities fed, and then she even has link that send you to secure dot act, blue dot com, so you can donate problems, use helping our community great may fit and Minnesota Food share. What a charity meals programme, then very quickly got together. This this prominent e mom in the area he had a five at once. We're organization he partnered with Minnesota Food, share, which was part of this hundred fifteen year old church charity called GM cc.
And they said we have a lot of people in this community who are seniors. Disabled and because we are now under a lockdown order which started March twenty fifth. They are an immediate risk of hunger if they can't get out of the house and get to these local Somalia drugs or to wherever they had been given That's why you long Omar partnered with them and she sent them to act, blue dot com to be able to make a secure donation. Yes, on may tweets that hours later. That evening, in the executive director of Gm C C, which runs Minnesota Food Share, this list or a charity been there again, a hundred and fifteen years she tweets. Hon Omar, had nothing to do with this project. I do Now, where this money is going to I do it's going to act, blue dot com, so what you mean
let's act, what technical was? It was simply donation to El Hano Mars campaign. So That was on me. This now on. May I noticed it well they'll Hon Omar sometime after her link, this fraudulent link was up, for it seems between one two three day on, may I notice There have been deleted. All I did was simply tweet that IRAN has posted this, and this is what the charity director stood and they'll HANS tweet has now been deleted and I started to dig a little deeper into that. If anyone could go on occurred and explain what had happened What happened is it'll Hon literally shut down.
Charity, that was feeding her voters, the somali immigrants and her district. They'll hotheads, shut down a charity the day before and you're, not gonna, believe this story but the the EMA, his name is E. Mom power call it now he's a problem in that community. So, for six weeks since when after the stay at home order was issued. He has been He has been raising money to see this community on Omar, shows up and wants to film a little campaign promo for herself. From the restaurant wow while he is feeding the seniors and she wants to discuss how You know her meal that that that brighter she had put into the corona virus Bell with her
in the feed these people and how she was also helping their partner with Minnesota Food Share, he tell them to get lost says no. Even doing this, for six weeks, you ve had nothing to do. We want absolutely no no partnerships with any political campaign. Or anybody who is currently elected. This is pure charity work. We are feeling. Homeless, you're not to use that camp. Around here, then it offered forget this contract that he had find with the restaurant, so he actually went on record here. He said that too ill Han campaign one of our key camping Stafford she's been with her since twenty six, team, his name is Ali, is and the use of the the nickname Ali Gaudy, so you I asked him specifically. I said
the ill ha now. Did she get the message from him, but she was not supposed to be foaming there and that she was to have nothing to do with your programme. He said yes, they try to fill met without me knowledge I walked in on them. We had an argument, expressly told them not to. I gave the same instructions to the restaurant owner, and then he says this is this: is the quote? Oligarchy define my instructions, he said anything that happened in this district comes under ill Hon Omar, regardless of who is doing it. They literally
try to bully the iron to letting her found this promo. Now after that fight that was made third two days later sheet sweets, this this false the thoughts tweet that she is partnering with Minnesota Food share and donate five dollars. It'll help keep our community sped. There was no discussion. It appears that go ahead rewarding it appears as though she just hijacked it again now but on twitter, but I won I want to ask you one thing: it's: it is disgusting, what she did there trying to take credit for something that she had nothing to do with that's discussing, but not not illegal. With the with it with a tweet Amy. Politician can endorse anybody, whether they like it or not? Anyone can endorse anybody, the question is the word
Is there a website where you could donate from this charity that she could have used to retweet? and why did she use the act blue, which is the way she raises funds, do we have proof that that money was used in any other way other than the charity. So after I part of this and make a the charity that had originally said. She has nothing to do with it. On main live there, some pressure, apparently from almost campaign and obvious, this is a charity that simply does not want any friction. So on may live they tweet. We have now confirmed that the fund ill, unsolicited on our behalf earlier- that
we gotta go to Minnesota Food share to donate to our efforts, and then she gives the proper length two minutes out of her chair. Though she had said. We have now confirm that was no prior agreement that bill had the money Omar was collecting was going to anybody, besides Omar, now. Here's that we here is a real problem here. Here is a real problem. Here: why were raising money- and I said to you- just write the check out to me and I'll deliver it to mercury, one there would be all kinds of people? They would go wait a minute what and I would have No one in my in my world would say that's a good idea. I wouldn't say it either it's a bad idea just because the appearance of impropriety, let alone de the ease of actual taking money and shifting dollars, but there
is the link and it's a secure link, G m c c dot org, where you can donate any, idea why she ran it through this, through, act Blue instead through her campaign instead of Gm Cecy bullock, would lower to pray, the father there were. There were four organisations that were partnering to run this charity. We now have two of them our chaired by this Eamon. He had teacher the organisations, the other one, was Gm Cc, and this charity food programme is a part of Gm C and has been for decades. So we have the two principles: the executive Doktor James you see and the EMA both say she had nothing to do with this, he and particular says she's doing this at a spite, because she wanted to film and she wanted this little promo with the senior than Somalis who are in
community and forgotten people. She wanted this promo of these people being fed by her. Essentially so he saying she did this out of spite and link that went up. There was no arrangement again when I do said soliciting a charitable contribution under false pretences is a crime for body in this country, let alone a political campaign, doing it who knows how many in interactions are involved there. But, yes, you are This happened a couple years ago. There was a large aids for somebody raised a lot of money. For a homeless man who got get more women on the side of the street. They. They are now serving a lamp, a jail sent. You cannot solicit charitable contributions under false pretences, and David David and exhibit a someone doing that. I don't know what it so.
Ask you this? Oh, no, I'm up against the network, so I've I've gotta, take a break, but I ask you this: at the end of all of Europe, we are exposes any and listed all from the police on this FBI. Anybody on this one important pillar. While I want to publish it first on the blaze, gets them. Tension here and will see if we can actually get something done? Ok, I dont know. I do know that diedre cows is involved, and he is the one who last year started the investigation that got her cot on six campaign. Finance interaction I do know that he's all right, good worked. Thank you for bringing this to us, the I think it's it's not up yet, but it's going to be published by the blaze here very soon. I you to read it and and ask them Send the Justice Department FBI. Why why is this not being investigated. There is a long long list of wrong doings is
anything going to be done. Thank you so much David Steinberg journalist who now has a story that is being published on blaze, dotcom. The blaze dot com Our eyes are sponsor this half hour. Is rough greens, my dog so boil man. He sits at the sits on the other side of my door and my studio, my art studio. Any just wait for me to be done in such a great dog. He is also, I am happy to say, just running and running and running and he's happy unease healthy. And I want my dog to be happy and healthy ease, a member of the family if your dog eating dry kibble, which I feed to my dog, we ve tried everything if their eating dry kibble that that's all been sterilised. It has to be able to sit on the shell for two years. So there's nothing nothing that live in the food, and you know- and I know That'S- why we're supposed to take probiotics and digestive enzymes, and all of these things you
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Thirty three or rough greens, dot com, slash back ten second stationary but I have to tell you. I was a good day for the good guys yesterday New Jersey me in the eye tell us Jim. They were opening the Jim, in defiance of Governor Phil, Murphy's corona virus shut down order and the people we're going to the gym were all there. The cameras were all there. They expected the police to show up if you when seen or heard this video, yet I wanna play this for you, the police. Did show up, just as they were getting ready to open the doors people thought for sure that they were going to be shut down here is the police officer said: don't worry about
we are and we're only here for everybody safety today we plan for the worst hope for the best of it seems like here today have a great day. Everybody be sure that is fantastic and it was a really happy moment. I mean it was: do you believe in miracles kind of moment there? I thought happening now, in several places, all around the country we have a mayor of California coming up in just a little while that is going to talk to us about his new sanctuary city, it's a sanctuary for businesses, but also wanted few about the Florida reopening there is this amazing story from CNN they just Don't get it? They just don't get it everything they afraid of
disproven in the article that they wrote, but I dont think that I understand that would give that to you in so much more. Some really good news coming up in just a second, also James Rawlins. Next, if the Glen Back Programme, our sponsor is hostler turf. I mean you want the perfect mowing. Experience. Let me tell you it's like driving at tank. Or a fighter jet I mean it is. It is great It turns on a dime, its zero turn lawnmower. So What's your lawnmower ing the activity? two about half and in some ways you're gonna cut? I regret it because it's such a great thing to drive The roles are always perfect. You don't waste time making the wide turns spring suspended seat that allows you to mow your long, not only half the time, but in twice the for it is well. It is
a hustler lawnmower they now have over fourteen hundred nationwide hustler dealers may as power up month the best time to get a new hustler zero turn lawnmower. This will be the last mower you ever by guarantee. This thing is built to last get an extra year of extended warranty coverage by going to hustler, turf, dotcom click on the radio offer button at the top of the right hand, corner and under my name that he in the box for details about the warranty offer its hostler turf, dot com promo code back, make sure to watch stew. Does America available every day for free on Youtube, just go to Youtube, search for do and I'll be the first one there hello. America. Welcome to the global programme. It's Tuesday, I've been wanting to have James Rawlins on for a while. I have been reading. Is a book just finished it the last odyssey
it's one of my favorite kind of books. James is of the favourite author of mine. We ve, I think we ve had a man before number one New York Times best seller, blah blah blah blah blah he has. He has his great ability to take sides. Ants emerging science, history and merge it all together in something I called faction, it's not fiction, but it's not fact either it's it's a combination of the two it's one of those books that you just begin to it just opens up here: and new possibilities and different worlds and history that you'd never thought of. I mean red, homer and the odyssey. When I was when I had to not interested in it. My daughter keeps telling me tat: you got a red, it is so great, I'm like not interested until it. At this? which is really nothing boring aback pitted all which is what you think this book
starts with Leonardo Da Vinci religious cults and a search for the gateway to Hell. I mean cutting at any better and sigma forces back. If you ve never read any of his books, you don't have to read them to pick this one up. Guarantee you'll, be picking up past ones if you start James, what the programme area. I'm doing right Glenn, thanks for back in the programme number one New York Times less was because you supported my books. I appreciate very much Oh my gosh, that's how untrue that is you're, a great writer. If it wasn't me would be been somebody else, they would have just felt spread the word a little earlier, but this book Jane You had me from the get go first start with less are with the premise real quickly. I don't wanna get bogged down in it, but to start with a premise: real, quick,
I am always looking for that. The truth mythology the truth. Behind these ancient stories we used to tell each other fora for centuries. Everybody thought the city of toy was just imagine replace it, which is something the homer leader, no idea No idea until I read the book exactly until the early eighteenth century, where arm, chair, archaeology, wasn't even an expert stumble upon these ruins in the coast of Turkey and he believed I think this is a city with joy and argued by the hour. Archaeologist laughed at him, but over time it was proven that, yes, that is indeed the ruins of the city of Troy, told in a second suddenly. What would consider mythologies now history and so I can meet her a thriller right arm figure. Wild toy was a real place. You how much else we're stories of God and monsters and curses in miracles in the alien, the odyssey. What else might be buried in there? What else might be?
Who, in that story that began my quest to write this this novel This novel, the ending of the last I mean the whole thing- is just non stop, but the last half of this book. When they're really looking into you know what the what would be really the gate. Way to hell? and you explain how the gods and monsters was just ancient technology, its mind, boggling, mind boggling. Well you got any chance to go ahead. I want to finish archaeological museum in Athens and have the this device comic advocate their mechanism. It was this sort of brush did vice. It was founded a shipwreck in the Mediterranean area and it almost looks like a computer. If you look at it with a piece of a computer, and dumb again
It took a little but awhile, though some scepticism among archaeologists, but now it's become somewhat accepted. That this problem is the first example of an analog computer. Your back, in ancient greek times are already at that level. Advancement is worth research code of a museum talk, indifferent historians of dishonour exactly you know how surprising and from which we underestimate the technology, how sophisticated people work and we look at the building of the pyramid. People want to blame a minor ancient alien. Do something like that. No, we were just the human beings have these. The brain dinner heads and were very inventive- and we look at our- I let the world around us- we and we try to innovate, and so one reason I want to write this novel is almost settle homage to pure creed. Kennedy at the human mind, I am convinced James that we have had technology industry ourselves had technology industry herself several several times, but
is, is the automatons, really that we know, are part of your story for lack of it. Her term automatons, but is that come from that piece of that Quadrant, computer or is there anything else You saw a history that that help to shape this, and I get a bunch of reach. Search air is shocking. How many already building automaton in greek time. There is a whole slew of design, the architect engineers their buoys. These incredible devices back than they had these incredible pump tonight is moving moving moving statues. So they were already working to be armed multiple things like hydraulic away all of exile- they were, they were very ingenious with what they were to create a dead horse that will drink water dead birds that fly,
original Olympics in Greece had its entire mechanical sort of demonstration were Adolfo would come out of the water and a burglar go flying all mechanical Mckenna, called Solis automaton say were building. This is incredible, and somewhat well, don't realize how sharp they worked. I love shining light scent of the little bits of history that had become lost in time. What is who, whether an extraordinary, whether this and technology, the the things that you did right off the bat which me right away the is the connection between Leonardo Da Vinci and one of the greatest mines in the world from the muslim Golden era, there is there are lots of pieces in history that say that Leonardo Da Vinci, really kind of copied Of the stuff from the Muslims in
that leaded long long ago, come up with things that that he was credited for what, when they also serve fascinated with? Is that knowledge things to be passed? torch from one civilization to another. Well, one Europe again following the dark ages and knowledge is being lost, it shifted, overtook the Muslim WAR, a war they were in this flourishing, listen, this is islamic Golden age and they weren't there were inventing a bunch of things, are expanding upon what we were doing in Europe before the dark ages. And then than the Islamic already begin to fade and that tort passed back to Europe in the renaissance
and that it will not happen with Leonardo, then she has. The islamic world was beginning to follow the darkness the renaissance is becoming going on in Europe, and Leonardo Da Vinci was one of those that carry that torch forward you he went and studied these ancient books from these groups of of urban centres from house of wisdom and ancient a school above of architectural engineering. By low emission bailed leaner that admit that he peeped within coincidence, in the outright borrow from some of those early muslim inventors, and not only did I get here to basically carried that forty took those a rudimentary bits of knowledge. There were almost lost and built upon them inside. Just like the fact that now it never seems to be quite The common theme of my knowledge it up by books. If that your knowledge is never truly lost, it is going to be able to be carried, is going to come back out again and Leonardo Leonardo ventured a perfect example of that.
So James. I get spent an hour with you on on this topic, but we're gonna run out of time the the religious cults that kid evolved, you have a coming together of all kinds of people that you would think, were mortal enemies they're coming together because of the recent or the destruction of the world too, a little bit about this and the bureau, the, if you will the second coming or the you know the last alarm or whatever it is people believe tell me what, that comes from and how real is this. Why was true? famous novel about novel about looking for the gates, Hell outlook. Get away various cultures viewed the end of the world. What happens after after the after the all of us are gone, and I found but there was actually a lot of criminality is a lot of our shared views that were weird In short, a strangely tied together
and then I found out that the result of this worrisome trend right now that believing that will maybe we're in the typical and times, and maybe we should drive towards that goal. It would have run out in that easy, been going on in and in in IRAN is that the Ayatollah Supreme Leader, Zwelfer cited of IRAN and all the multiple twelve hours, which is they believed that the norm in mom is due to arrive and Emma is possibly the the heralding of the end of the world and again There are some beliefs about the return of Jesus Christ in their mythology here in their belief, what can have ended a world also again faded away. Everybody was feeling if different world, so my concern is that there is a
the political military trend towards trying to push towards that goal, which especially right now, I'm not looking forward to the end of the world right now. I know not not either concerning that there's some some drive towards yeah. Oh you know, one of that that goes with novelists may be to shine a light on that excess central threat about a certain powers trying to drive us towards a biblical in times I will tell you James. I mean this is like a Glenn Back novel. This has me written all over it for different reasons, but of them is just that it where it starts. It starts up in Greenland when you get into the story what was trapped and found under the ice and convinced I know about Greenland, but Antarctica, I think, there's all kinds of stuff and most of it natural just you know, we're finding were finding tropical plants way way way way way beneath the ice in an article there's just there's so much to the history of the world that we don't know. That is good.
Do, as you said, eventually become uncovered me. I mentioned before about put that potential, that, despite civil nation after civilization, and I believe that when we novels coming up, it's gonna be dealing with that very subject matter. My next novel savage owns Camille next brings about viruses, my my What's so how come? You know a lot about that while come here you of the seven plagued by viral pandemic and now we're in a battle that debt Mckenna wrote about chinese labs in the weird thing is going on in the lab and about laboratory what's happening now Look I want a year and a half ago, Demon Crown was all about a giant watch the now the murder on so. Let's start writing is vital. You're. The problem James, maybe is making itself coming from you and from writing right now, but it will only end up about this whole situation. I think I did a lot of research for this virus air, and this does cuttings. I would love to reveal that's going on, right now, but I'm no real. Could I could? I ask you to come back for maybe an hour, because I'm
time can I ask you to come back. You know in the next May, ever they actually going on about the krona virus. There's things that people I'd love now such things. I know- and I would love to share that. Ok are one ass thing on this. By the way the book is called the last odyssey if you're looking for a great thriller. This is the summer thriller. It's fantastic. The last odyssey Last question eat. You know Harlin Cobain right. I do- and I get your past him award aware at a fuller fell last year, good for The e he's done something with the BBC where he is making these these book in the series, little five part or eight part series with Netflix over in England. You need to get Is you need to get this book? This is like, This is a really really smart. Andy Jones. Almost I mean it. It has everything that I loved about Indiana Jones.
With the adventure in the danger and everything else, but it's really a deep. Book it's really good James, really good. Somebody needs to see this book and make it into a series dwell away its spirit had an option so our fingers crossed oh, it has may eventually hangs a limited spring of the small screwing excellent good good. James, we'll talk to you again. We're gonna will have one of our people reach out to you and will schedule something here as soon as we can't. I would life love to talk to you at greater length, especially about what's going on today with the with the virus. Thank you so much James preceding I appreciate you bet James Rawlins. The name of the book is the last odyssey fan out for a while. You know a couple of a couple of weeks or maybe a couple of months, but it's really really great James Rawlins, the last odyssey aright, our sponsor this half hour is Norton
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sent now off of your first year with an annual subscription at Norton Dotcom, slash back, I'm telling you just BP and with a bank raid, encryption is worth the price of admission, its Norton, outcome, slash back Norton, dot com, slash back, save up to fifty percent terms, do apply Welcome to the Glen by Programme replied you here, you know got that we used to have these authors on all the time. This is years ago, very ten years ago, I'm friends with a lot of these. A lot of these big Big, Arthur and I used to have them on because of the research they had to do. Truth is harder than fiction, knowing the truth is than fiction, because fiction has to make sense,
and so they they work so hard. Its truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense if fiction They can't put things you couldn't write today's story what's happening in the country in the world, because no I believe it because a wooden they just wouldn't believe that this is what was gonna. Have you could say that Donald Trump would become a dictator and a lot of people would buy that, but to say no Donald Trump Past the dictatorial rule and said should be free and all the governors started to become dictators. Nobody would have believed that are, they really have to do their research and we should have James back on because, as he said, he did it book on virus and also another one on what was happening over in China. The guys think about them and really do their research and kind of war game out what's possible, so we're gonna have James back on,
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There is some good things now the left is looking at this insane yeah we can reshape the world. We can get rid of capitalism. Weekend heard people in two places we can save the planet with global warming. All we have to do this. We have to do. Do what we're doing now and a little bit more for at least thirty years, all perfect but there are some other things that if you happen to be a lover of the constitution you might like- and that is people are waking up to this old, antiquated idea of rights that we have a bill of rights and they can't be violated, and there is no right to knock. Sick, there is no right of being safe. It's an impasse, possible right and their violating all all of the real rights that we're endowed with to try to give some bogus right that they can't they can't actually do yours.
I think we are finding out who believes in rights and who believes in autocratic rule and where finding great partners all around the country in the world including in a city in California a new, acted city, an amnesty city. If you will, where you don't have to worry about being arrested or getting any mean in any problems, if your an illegal business. If you are opening up a business against the state? Well, we'll tell you this brave mayor he's on with us, also save all the artist the renegade all this hour and more, we begin in one minute. Is the Green box?
Lindsey Graham, is introduced. The cove nineteen Accountability ACT, which allows president dropped a sanction. China for his handling, the corona virus, pretty much from start to finish, you even if we can consider this finished. I dont know if you heard, but another city is going down on locked down in China. There is now another major city that they are starting to lock down because it has come back to. China they need to answer for what they have done to the world, but we also need to protect everyone. That we have we're in an economic crisis of biblical proportions, the latest from the FED is they think that our current unemployment rate is about thirty percent. This is the biggest in the history of the world that we know of at least in the modern era We have also been hearing from people like Paul singer that the market could get cut in half. I think there is a
real chance of that. I think there is a there's another leg to come down and probably happen writer in the time of the election could be wrong, but there is another one coming so gold, gold is an asset that so many sources now over the last three mm I been saying: gold could be at three thousand dollars and out. Please Don't buy this as an investment that you're, like ha, get rich three thousand dollars. Now, that's double my money, yet three thousand dollars announced in the world is on fire. It's crazy place, if that's true Do your own homework, but you You need to have gold if its value to three thousand dollars and out you're gonna, wish you listen to me today line, one of the few places still shipping on demand with sufficient inventory to cover millions in shipments. I just called
A couple of weeks ago, I ordered some gold. I highly recommend that you at least consider it and do your own homework you're smart enough to figure out of its right. For you, eight six EC go gold line, one eight, six, six gold line or gold, dot com sanctuary cities, something that we really don't ever like to hear about. Sanctuary cities, except this one you're going to like the city of Atwater, has passed a resolution that allows the city's businesses and churches and not for profit organisations to re open despite the continuance, We are a thrill to have, and why do we not have any of his information were thrilled to have our guest with us Paul Creighton is with us. I don't know what happened to an absurd Paul welcome to the programme he is. The mayor of sanctuary city high Paul. How area
worryingly and thank you read me on you bet, so you first of all. Thank you, sir. You for standing up for the constitution. Thank you for standing up for small businesses tell me how you came to this and what's happening, ok, first, where we got worse today is because Councilman Brian Raymond more protein, he was can do his neighbor about what's go. On the devastation or local businesses, and just haven't, isn't discussion back and forth and somehow sanctuary for the during annex the the People syringes and eels the homeless in San Francisco almost hear that water there all protected and Brian his light. One of his sanctuary city for all businesses Then he called me up and I ran with it I think, is geez.
So what is this? What does this mean now? This is where I mean the food that we get comes from your valley right. Its grow right here. Ok, we're in the heart the bread basket of the world; ok, and you are critical to the rest of us and the rest of the world eating what what spin the impact on your on your community of this lockdown. It's been total FINA until devastation Lee the lock down. We all greet you for two weeks and then we we we did the right thing: our community, our city council. We were the governor, we're ahead of the county we declared Is it over ten days before the governor or the county? Did we put metal? sing team together with a eye doctor vanity, but doktor radical surgeon to advise us What we should do is start by a ppp. We got medical support
eyes. We we got what the high school district we come. Dear. Local has high school in case we needed to three beds are put in over there. We are making As for the worst case scenario- and it never came, which is because we smash the curve. Right and they two more weeks then too weeks when we're weary go back open because we have nurses and doctors at her. Losing money. Nurses are being sent homer, local local hospital. I know you, don't screw it's crazy, It's crazy, Paul that we are that we all got into this, and most of us were ahead of the government as it should be. We give people usually lead and and we all agreed with hey. Let's, let's bend the curve, let's make sure that we don't ripple our hospitals.
But then suddenly it went to we're not going to reopen until we have a cure, which is insanity, and none of us would have agreed to that, it's worse than they said. Text, people we will be hurt, let's flatten occur, so it all round the hospitals to now What can get hurt? Nobody can be heard from anything whatsoever right and how dare us that we go back and earn a living, because the bailiff not coming to what a California two thousand and eight we were the epicenter of the, financial housing crisis we ve never recovered from that. So did If we do the right thing, we told a lie, like other politicians, wrong, you're, doing Lit Haven, be quiet. The governor will retaliate against you. You might not get funding for the governor, they moved. You too fifty million dollars in two months. That's every two months a half trillion dollars no way they can have money to bail out, but we have to save ourselves what this council decided to do.
So we're talking to the mayor of outward California, Paul Creighton, who has defied the governor. I just read it today, one of the sheriffs from the second most populous county in Illinois say he has been strong armed, he has been told, is funding will go away if he doesn't stand with the governor, and he said, can't do it anymore. I just it's not right. He said this is this? People have rights and we're violating their rights. Have you been, strong armed Paul, a view had tanned cool. Things said to you: orb to be held back, after we announce the sanctuary city Friday night. Yes, the governor draftsman, busy Leah alcohol tobacco arm of the governor has called recent single business in town to hold their alcohol licence? threatened them that if they seek peoples,
my father gonna get their licence which has complete nazis and, like I can't believe, that's happening, I'm gonna business owners call me crazy. I thought we it open up, but that we can sit people down. Have dinner and build. Have a glass of wine is the great deal of California. Instead, we have the ABC at a start in California had supervisor called personally. Telling everybody you better shut down You better, not be doing stuff, so he s work. Let the charm of the government's coming down Osprey hardier in California. What's the agency does here alcohol tobacco control regulate the liquor licences, tobacco industry here, ok, so this is one thing that is really a dry, me crazy- that we have so many licence. For so many things at just don't need a license. I mean there's theirs
are going to be a doctor, I'd like to make sure that your license, but there's some things. It just don't need a license. You just about the restaurants, but how about the salons? How? But people were cunning people's hairs? Are they getting threatened as well the governor, announced that he knew where the virus came round, that it came from announced laws up here. The whole industry, terrified, absolutely terrified, so they have a year to open up we're looking for a county to steer them, do the right thing and give it to the next. So we can overcome the local county. Just our EAST Mariposa has already opened up for businesses because their proactive in there now around, and just this week in our sheriff has down the gauntlet also enjoying the city that water too, stand down. They're, not gonna, come out, enforce Ebay and worsening the message you were given. The tremendous The port nationwide never two million years at your dream, then this would go outside the city limits
you're just trying to do the right thing for ourselves, and we know that, we're starving to death here, so we have to save ourselves enough we're trying to do when I look pick a fight with the governor or anybody else, but tell you when I was in DC washing dishes: this January and met the president. I told him personally to his face that we need. Butter in California, and I didn't know it the time how bad that was. Gonna come true. How bad of shape or the the farmers and the people that are actually feeding us, are they well, we re local berries here in town there, dumb and milk they're don't have to are killing cows. It is actually emotionally, devastating and finance, the devastating- and you know three another call back tomorrow to go. Look at you go welcome. It takes lots of your life. You animal ready to go. You know I don't I dont think we're having a serious discussion about local
farmers enough, I mean being well to bring things to market locally, being able two butcher your own cattle locally and not have to go through one of these big slaughterhouses, and we we have we farmed our medicine and too much of our jobs overseas and doing the same thing into other states or other communities. There is There is a reason to have things. You know the kind of centralized in some degree and have big distribution places, but There is also reason to make sure that we can do these things locally, we're all these farmers? There is no reason why these farmers have to slaughter these animals, because the big slaughterhouses can't do them me times you can do them locally, and you could actually sell the meat if, if you right if you have the right to do it. If you, the way. I should say that if you had the licence to do it you
would slaughter the meat and you can have it in the local grocery store and we wouldn't have any of these problems, but the government is just gotten out of control I'll tell you what what's going on right now, just like that the power crisis we had member when it the grid it down and we found out that, yes, all the powers in one state, they control everything. We ve learned that our food supply were grown at here it's all being controlled in one state meet the the packing industry. It's time to to redistribute, like you said across the states, or not get a crime to try survivors human being, why? can't be a cry. I mean we. What kills me pause? I said just a minute ago, We don't have a right to be safe from all things. We don't it. That is an impact god doesn't issue that right to human beings, we're all going to die and we're all gonna die. Some of US appraisingly and surprising, different ways. There is no right that God grants that we're all going to be safe. The governor
I'm not fill that right because it doesn't exist and violating all the other rights that do exist? give it to you get paid bureaucrats. Stating how everybody lives, which national region, when their paychecks I'm out of hell, because We got our local carefully. How else officers, even So what we're gonna do not do and You didn't fifteen thousand, almost thirty thousand order too much You know the meaning you come in here and our forty a thousand dollars a year that two people working and we got there the people down your telephone maize hundred thirty two, Four thousand dollars a year told us how to I've had a breed. How to do everything else and they're not suffering a bit. Paul. What happens to your your city in and out of his end, do you have any idea? It's gonna end.
Financially bad, de there right now, but we ve done this council wider use away. Why do you say that? Why do you say that, just because of what the rest country in the world is going through word or because of threats, or why the wording in a financially in trouble because the devastation goes to be hard to recover after two three months are right, Noah, economy whatsoever. Even I met a local restaurant. I've been going to For the last thirty years, my kids have grown up eating their little grannies restaurants, all breakfast joint so dear year, dear woman, that runs a place and shit everything with her son in law, a that their boots don't take our business? I want you to be crushed every single data that you know it's making cheer up. It is heartbreaking because they just want to survive, they just want open the doors up by listener. I go have coffee There was a while in
a forty year she's within the business trade survive and here's an unelected bureaucrats said you can't but you can't do this. You can't do that. We ve had enough or we're not gonna. Take it anymore. Does rest of California wake up, or do they stick with these crazy deserts, California is there's the California San Francisco in this morning, million people in California they vote as they are possibilities there stick with the governor and the lockdown indefinitely, because there stay home with a freed up, lay in bed scared to death. The rest of us are going to be grown. Crops manufacturing thing in trying to get out now, live in it and just be a free, safe human? We have that right, Paul, thank you for your. Thank you for renewing my hope and really defining a book that I wrote. The first book ever wrote called the real America. Thank you for
defining the real american bringing it to life today Paul Brighton mayor of Atwater California, if there's anything your town or anything, we can do to help you. You please reach out to us ball. Thank you, so much for everything you've done. Thank you. Bye, bye, bye, bye. I want to talk to you a little bit about rector grills. They say time slots for no man, but lately I don't think that's True time is slow down a lot in the last couple of months. In several ways, some of em pleasant, but some of them are like the time I get to spend with my family, the time you've had with your family. I think this is really been that renewal process for a lot of us and I'm going to miss some of that when it gets back quote on quote to normal, but some of the things that we have done like slow grilling you been smoking, something we had done. What was it swordfish? I think last night, you I just caught it myself in the backyard, but We swedes smoked it. We ve had
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for ten seconds stationary. You're just looking at sago, he's a conservative street artist in California. This guy is so frickin brave. I dont know how he does it. I really dont know how he does it he is like. What's the guy overrunning led by a bank, see and he p puts St Art out and it is its pro freedom. I mean what he's doing now with open ages and and open California he's putting these crimes pieces of art out into the public. And does it overnight you wake up and olive son billboards have been changed and it's a political statement he's been.
The platform from Facebook, Twitter Instagram pay pal? You have go to see his work and his main website, unsavory agents, dotcom, unsavory agents, dot com I have to buy. One of his pieces of art only because you know the left there hold up their artists, and artists are really important, and they hold up their artists, and we don't- and I almost bought something of his that one of these conventions and got busy, and I never came back. I've got of support him he does incredible. Work he's gonna be joining us because he is all over. The locked Overreach and the heat speaking, you really really brave and I think you should know about. In his own way he's fighting the good fight California, he joins us
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a famous famous graffiti artists, but I think so stuff is. Is me more daring and he's the only one that conservative That I know of and I want to see dark this interview with save oak with these bees done some amazing things here recently, but let me start with it How are you meant? A great man thanks back on Ebay. I I saw you, I don't remember what where it was, but you had a place set up and you were selling some stuff and I was going to buy the Hillary two thousand and sixteen the stencil, which is three and I didn't get a chance to come back. Do you still I have one because I'd like to buy one from you. Yes, I do it's actually unsavory agents dot com, but that one still sit here, waiting for you,
good! I will. I will take it so I'll, go to the unsavory agent stock common by it online. You could email me and I will read that thing up are good, so say about you? Are you are one of the bravest guys that I know of? I don't know how you get away with this. I don't know how you do it, but people in California are very aware of your art work because you are young, you get up in the morning. You ll be driving along and here's a brand new billboard that has been changed overnight and it's your work, how much how how what's her coming up with the ideas, doing the work or figuring out a way to put it up without getting caught coming up with the ideas, it's like a you get to the point. You are you're up on a billboard and you'll see police crews. Dry by, in your wondering how the hell am I get arrested.
And working and fear almost who's out the window near when you're doing that kind of work. But I don't know it's all just getting up there. You, get a crew together, and I have a few beers and eat more time tonight. It is for someone else is so great I wanted to get you because I saw the latest with Newsome can talk a little bit about the latest artwork that you ve been putting up. You ve been very busy during the corona virus thing, but gruesome knew something is just fantastic. You wanna explain from your radio, can't see it sure. I saw this image of new some energy. He like a great white shark, it just yet he had the perfect face. The perfect skin teed hair The man is nothing but a veneer and then, when I saw that photo of him, I thought that looks just like a mask. A snake would user tricks
body and made him look like a red chillier without mutual mascot It is also made itself. How long do these things last before their taken down there? last very long at all. That's what's important for technical by road tat! People like you talk about them because I have rely on them being on the street yeah and California psycho tell me about one will Dudley look like christian bail and I compliment the in. But the guy's psycho yeah, I, like I mean, are you- cannot trust, demanded spent time in front of a mirror than a woman, So you have youth put him into the movie poster american Psycho with blood all over his but blood all over his face. Just like christian bail, it
strive the Hollywood elite knots because you? U hijack the culture that they have so stake in crafted and you use their own images against them. Yeah. You know, and I can't believe how thin skinned some of these people are the actually like, like I had Jimmy Kimmel, actually should by one of my pieces and put me off. If I forgot sakes method, a brig truck, Briggs like drops millions of dollars every week at your house. I'll. Send you worried about you? It's like get grit man, you make fun of yourself and the thought of them the thought of him. Taking the beach away from California right before summer, you can't make up I have to tell you the the other one that I saw where the beaches and I want you to explain the beaches, but let me just take it here cause it goes to the beach you ve done several of these. You ve done
I'm I'm in Texas and you have taken the come and take it flag and You have replaced it with a skateboard in The craziest stories I have ever heard. That's not a public park, that's up privately owned park and this he came in and just dumped trot loads of sand, so nobody could be using their skateboard yeah. You know you think skate borders are the biggest tell raises on the planet. If I was escape What, if I use that park, I would go the five got five gallon bucket and just take a hundred skate borders with those buckets. It is dump it in front of them, studies house here, no way but their lacking to do that busy, comply and then also took the same flag. The black and White Texas come and take it flag and you added surfboard serve Lord, instead of an instead of a gun.
I also made along with a fly riders? Well a fishing rod. I can't believe it people like that you're not allowed to fish with more than two well, if you're even allowed to, but you can drive your car with six people, but only to people can be on the boat let me hear LOS Angeles car said he said you know the beach, but you to stand on the wet sand? You can't beyond the dry said They come up with these things. I ve no idea. I have no idea is so is Europe it? Let me give one more thing that you have done on the coveted nineteen, a great invasion of the snickers, which is like invasion of the bodies that matters save a life call and reward these. Are these do you think these are resonating with people who are not necessarily.
Fans of you from the past, but they are now starting to hit people I mean. Is it chain things at all. Do you think All I can say is there a lot of Democrats in California that are sick of it and and I'm getting tired of public insane, I'm leaving California moving. The Texas is like what why don't you stay and fight? You know it. Right now. I believe California is poised to be taken over, but we have a chance here in California. We just need to know how to play our cards. Because there's a lot of Democrats here that are just fed up. I will so you say well, I've talked to several people who are who are Democrats I have seen how far the Democratic Party has gone- and this is even before corona virus and have told me that they are. They are, in our view. No secret
You know a chat with five different people that are in the same kind of care gory and and they are all saying that they are not going. A further democratic nominee, because it's gotten as bad as Donald Trump is they'll, say what the are planning on doing on the democratic side is the destruction of the Capitalist system and they're all saying will all be out of business. This is going to be horrendous for for everyone and we're not tell people at work for us, but we're Our voting another way I wouldn't go onto the sounding well. You know we heard about the green new deal from ale, see a while back a few months back absolutely no way you can implement something like that. I mean doesnt, smack of the green new deal capitalism's being just a steroid. It is, I just did a legislative act,
in our just this morning. The first hour this broadcast was about that this, this new push for the green new deal and how deep it goes into. We know with sorrels and everybody else and they are really looking at America and sang, let's see, How far we can push them, and this is our chance to completely redesign the world. And personally, I think it's great chance for those who, like freedom in the constitution, to do the same to action strengthened the constitution and are given rights in and look at things like state run whickered licences. What why does the state have to do that? Why? Why does estate regulate all hair, salons We just talk to a mayor of California and Atwater, who just said we're out, but he can't Protect those who have a state licence and the licence boards in the state are saying we're in a push
A business will revoke your license if even open up against again scavenger sums, orders Academia is trying to make it. You were an artist needs a licence to do good the design and that's just another way of silencing us. Where, where did you hear that story? I'm not heard that, whereas I I I read that years, ago. They ve been planning this for ever and anything can find a way to make their justification is if someone's gonna drop, thousands hours into a logo or branding woman. That person should be certified. And I'm sure you do. I got like a chill in my blood when I heard that, because I know these schools you have to be for on left is to make it through an art school to get that degree and and a guy, recently, wouldn't wouldn't get their credentials. I feel bad. That poor old man that just wants to cut here I mean
I do you need a licence to cut here. I will tell you this able, I dont know if you have ever talk to anybody, the national archives or the Smithsonian, but I can get don t you that your art is being saved by the Smithsonian because it will play a role is playing a role in our story or national story, and some day you will be recognised as as who you really are a really truly great artist. Do You have any museums or galleries or anybody. Is anybody? Take you on and and said now. This is this: is this real art that needs to be showcased, only recently that started to pick up a little bit. I think, The people in the world are starting to figure it out. Cuz I'm pieces off to London New York all over the place taxes, and I think it's just now. Picking up,
and you can see my work at unsavory agents that comprehensive the plug. But it's like, I don't know a people, the people going that site and supporting what I do. I mean I'd, love to put it down, those gruesome Newsome posters out, but I mean that run, about a grand two thousand dollars and any help would definitely help it'll. You a thousand bucks to put those posters out, and so every t shirt you sell It allows you to do some more some more work, pretty much money all goes back out on the street yeah, that's great listen. I want to encourage sable. Thank you so much for what you do. Thank you for your bravery, thanks for the artistic commentary and, quite frankly, the laughs I want to encourage the audience. The laughed They have a whole system that supports these artists, that you know We call that it's blue yeah cause. It's a big canvas, that's just blew, I got it.
And they all they'll make sure the dad artist is taken care of and that artists to you know as a great career and it'll hang in some of the greatest houses in America and to be in some of the greatest museums whatever fine, if you find that you know to be valuable great, but they take care of the left no one is taking care of the artists on the right and we really need to support our artists, especially those who brave enough to stand up and speak out like sago is. I urge you to two unsavory agents, dot com by t sure to you could get the tough either that come and take it sign with the fishing or whatever like five bucks, a t shirt to twenty five bucks, please go and support, say bow cause I love to see that he had a lot more than a thousand dollars to go to boots or of these gruesomely Newsome posters up because they are hysterical. Hysterical
and yet as evil I'll, you bet in touch this afternoon, and I wanna get one of the Hilary sixteen, because I think they are brilliant and something that should be that will be valuable down the road once we get asked all of this insanity of political correctness. Thank you so much Thanks me on. You bet sable that you follow Instagram Sable art. He has been de platforms. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, pay pal, The only way really can see him is unsavory agents, dot, com, unsavory agents, dotcom, but make sure you support him if he can aright. Let me about relief factor the people who support us, so our voice can be heard and by the way, please, I know well we're here on supporting people if your listening to a radio station right now and you hear a local commercial, these people are hurting just as badly as everyone else, but they they trusting that you will.
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tomorrow- pretty controversial programme tomorrow night on our Wednesday night, special, the new civil rights movement. If you, excited about some of the things we ve talked about today in some of the people that have been on that are standing up for right through to love tomorrow, night special, the new, civil rights and the new civil rights leaders. It's all. Happening in America, and it is all grass roots and there's no big funding behind it. It's just people standing often this time there going away, It's on tomorrow's broadcast will see on tv and radio tomorrow,
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