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The Social Justice Lie | Guests: Dr. Voddie Baucham & Matt Ridley | 6/18/20

2020-06-18 | 🔗

After Aunt Jemima, and now Uncle Ben’s rice, how many long-standing brands need a woke name change? John Bolton’s anti-Trump book is despicable. An Atlanta cop was charged with felony murder for killing Rayshard Brooks. Former pastor Dr. Voddie Baucham explains how ethnic Gnosticism forms the religious basis of "anti-racism" and argues why modern social justice is a Marxist, anti-Christian idea. Matt Ridley, author of “How Innovation Works,” reviews the latest on the coronavirus and whether it could become another variant of common cold. New data reaffirms that Andrew Cuomo is awful. San Diego resident Emmanuel Cafferty speaks out after a false claim that he flashed a racist gesture got him fired, and he just wants his job back. 

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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when their programme, how America and walked about the programme. I fired up today because I swear to you yesterday. They rightfully came for actual my mom and I did your mama finally is out her racist pancakes. Those days are behind us and I stand with the edge of my maders and on cold. Then really he's not. My uncle he's are racist stereotype because everybody knows best. Rice makers were black men, but I'm Ford. We were making progress, and yet today I open up the newspaper, I go online. I search and we ve done nothing about MR coffee. Oh, how do you like your coffee lack? This nonsense is caught. Us is the gleam back programme. I mean that too, by the way that Dixie, Chicks, Dixie
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them now and set up your plan at nine. Seven to Patriot. That's nine seven to Patriot or visit Patriot mobile dot com, slash back patriot, mobile D calm, slash back, answer. My my is finally ounce due to you feel better do feel safer when you go in your pantry now so much safer shit that woman? How really for freely here, looking with your white privilege, really your sins. I can you haven't confessed your sins. Yet apparently I did just put it on a hand. So I I didn't really look at rises, sinful act or I mean it sinfully delicious, but dad not not more than that yeah yeah yeah, I buy when I had my pancakes, I said yum, but that's an acronym for
Yeah upset me we're so yeah. I know that I do it every time I every time I open, I confess Ben's is is now out the earthquake, or else people the guy the company that has the wake her man, a religious symbol as they company symbol, yeah yeah Quaker. In the Quaker churches, in the quakers, as in you, know, white? people. It wanted to stop slavery and fought for abolition in that they were the biggest relations of all time, but their white. And they lived in the colonial area era, and so they were there in Amerika, hello, her racist country, systematic racism of the Quaker Guy
Still on the cover of all Quaker Old, stuff anyway They came out and said racism has no place in in society. We agree with that stew. Well, of course you do, but nobody disagrees with that. More ok. Maybe the clan disagrees with that. Yes, there you don't use it, and in here Well, you know I had to do you know you, don't you get it to declare that it's not like Michael Scott walking out of the room and say I declare bankruptcy. It doesn't mean the bank has zero. You think it has a place in society or not. So
People are going to do it very offend. You re should work from reality. Instead, I, instead of his knife, covert nineteen has no place in society. Accurate gonna, be there. I believe, as I took medicine who went on and they actually bay Ass, the word corona virus and so far they had several cases of corona virus luring ways. What do you think we're the worldview suckers occur, Turk Nest and get a wider. This thing, a while ago, You know Ahmadinejad when he came in spoke in Columbia. University was asked about homosexuals and how they stone homosexuals, and he said we have no homosexual problem in IRAN because we don't have homosexuals there very go. Problem for awkward danish out. It will not solve our I'd so anyway, racism has no place in society and here's the problem. We stand in solidarity with the black community, not a problem. That's fine! Our associates good and our partners great In the fight for social justice.
Social justice is evil. It started out. Graded started out really nice in the eighteen hundred's, it's a catholic kind of idea. Social justice has been hijacked by the early twentieth century and nobody seems to care about that. Just me, no, it doesn't know it does it doesn't just mean helping out? That's called being out social justice now means Marxism. So anyway. I don't know how I got there. Oh yeah, it's all the companies that are all saying that they're all for social justice show. None of you, none of you None of you are. Actually thinking about what any of this means all you're doing is just trying to get some good p r, I mean this is This is what happened with the Nazis, what we are absolutely with the National Socialist Movement, because
you know we're tired of the bad economy and the lawlessness, and these guys seem to be very patriotic yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. They patriotic, maybe a little bit too patriotic. You ve gotta, look at who you're standing with oh my gosh anyway. So uncle benzes out. I again, I suggest that everyone in this audience begin to tweet and demand that the Dixie Chicks tainted change their name, what standing with the confederacy you standing with those statues. Ladys. Are you collecting those confederate statues? Your seem so high on Dixie holy cow? What a group of racist you are, I won't rest until but Dixie Chicks after change their name.
Anyway, MRS Butters or MRS Butters worth, is now undergoing a complete brand in packaging review now. Mrs butters worth I didn't even know she was black. Is she black or is Are they changing MRS butters worth because she saw offensive because she's fat, What is it you're doing you're using a fat person to say yummy syrup is here. What do you want that MRS Butters worth. Her you sleeping with Mr Coffee. Be some It's got to be started in just a holy cow: historical act accuracy, Mr Mrs Butters, not MRS Butters Worth MRS Butterworth boats. The Butler Butter with singular butter- ok, singular butter, still fat I don't care what you call it. She still fat, What do you want? What is this you saying that all people that make good food or fat is that what you're saying
and by the way I still leave my offer open to Miss MRS Butterworth, You mean I'll, even where a wig I'll, let you know what all undergo the knife you want to use my image. I mean it's going to cost a lot By that I mean everybody else's selling, your soul, to the devil. So why not? give you I'll set a price worth for me to become a woman, has been because I'd still be married. My wife. What are you I'm lets us tiny about that? I am not sure that one's confer here, so you have to ask Tanya what the prices I have to know it sprung. It's probably there probably somewhere in the divorce papers and at prices. But anyway I mean I've already offered myself to be the new colonel Sanders cause. I looked like Colonel Sanders, but I can't I look like MRS Butterworth, like in aid I mean. Are you saying that a man can't be MRS Butterworth one with a beard?
try, my gravy or my syrup or whatever it is, it's delicious Nobody is nobody's, looking it black and decker, whose decker in. What's he doing with black hello wonder bread. He's in there just saying white privilege. I mean on his white. Is white bread? One Brad, oh, we can do anything because its white in Barbie, Could I get any wider, more privilege, privilege or good it? I mean Why not? And why not Brianna and can t why not where's the beef Yeah where's the beef.
The real beef is we should off. We should we should all stand against Wendy's for literally having a white girl in their logo, and then Mr Clean shows up a bald blue eyed, tough guy wearing an all white t. Shirt he's got out a ring in is in his ear and solid white eyebrows. This guy is this: is the symbol of old right racism I mean what do we just colleague, Mr Clan, for the love of peat, scotch tape? Scotch tape? Oh my You supremacist, I mean, I can't believe scotch tape. We all know that the scotch- were the ones who really brought the idea. Of individual freedom. I mean it was the scotch it brought over four. Their scottish me. You know fissile land or whatever it is they
brought all of these ideas over to the white men here and there's not a black person in Scott. Ville pile boy, no man over your tape could hold your pack ally's together. I am so glad there come in, for you, copper tone, copper tone What is it that why have to be about color or is it about color? Has it always been about cops, copper tone. White castle, I'm not even a start with an AMS, we see what you're going with their all the milk chocolate the dark part of it kept in a candy shell of bondage. To tips I mean I just so much cotton, I gotta cancel Q tips.
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a guy from Zambia who a friend sent me a video of him, a few you ago, and I tried to get a hold of him, and I saw this guy. He is a he's, a black theologian. He is absolutely brilliant He was making these these videos. You know about social justice in one, it's really about him and white. Yields and Allister. Try to get hold of him and he's moved too, SAM Bia Africa, he and his family because he had been chased out of the country with so much hate and vitriol from the left, and they just destroyed. This guy just destroyed him stride his his ministry over here. I think it was in Florida and took him
part two where he couldn't make any money couldn't do anything because of his point of view, and it's really well thought out and well spoken, so I call him over in Africa about a week ago. I like what are you doing, He said you know they said in care about black people and I'm a black person. Now they won't. You know they. They won't recognize at all that I am serving in Africa. So he actually dean of a school over in Africa in Zambia right now, and I'm trying to convince him to come back to the United States, because I think his voice is so incredibly important, pray for him and his family. His family really went through a lot. But he's gonna, be he's gonna, be on with us sin about forty minutes and he's gonna talk about up. But what is it ethnic rest narcissism. Let me see if I got it right. It's maybe it's race racism,
but a bum yell? it comes from ostracism isn't it comes from the group of Gnostics harm in them? ages are early on in the church and they believed some crazy stuff. They believed that you were boy in either knowing or not knowing. And those who were born knowing what's right in what's good all they go to Heaven. The rest of us we're just doomed and you really couldn't challenge them on anything because they knew. Well, that's kind of what's happening with ethnic ethnic narcissism, a word that he has or a phrase that he has coined agnosticism, meaning you know. If your white, you don't get it, you never will they'll, explain it to you, but you still don't understand it because you're not gnostic you just me. Born black, so you weren't, bore knowing it isn't.
Credibly, racist and incredibly dangerous, and he is now the dean of theology of African Christian University for pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church and he's gonna be with us. Given us a sermon, if you will, coming up in about forty minutes. Also, did you hear about the terrorist that we killed in Syria with the Ninja bomb. Did you read this still knows that we greatest thing ever need more ninja bombs. I don't know they do, but we need more of them already do we, Mr Racist, taking someone else's culture and rope rating it an injured bomb, what the mention, what the ninja bomb is, is this incredible. Market that would you know we have and find out what the name of that rocket is that we will use the Hellfire rocket you ve heard of the hellfire missiles. This is
are nine acts missile, it's a modified, it modified hellfire and fire missile is the kill. Radius is about seven hundred feet, so can cause a lot of collateral damage, but because America is a good place. We have been trying to get that kill radius down, because we don't wanna, kill innocent bystanders when we're targeting you, no military leaders, so to military leaders were in their car driving down the road on Sunday and the? U S led a strike and we we let go of one of these. Hellfire are nine ex missiles. It doesn't explode. The kill radius is a little smaller thirty inches in it.
Doesn't actually explode at the top of the missile comes out right before it hits and it breaks up and knives come out of the of the front and its lead it creates like a fan. Almost it just slices of thirty inch hole through anything and just makes gravy out of anything standing in its way thirty inches people, thirty inches away from the target are not affected. Yeah America just doesn't care care, we just kill everybody. Don't wait. Believable tell me another country that would do that if the Glen Back Programme, we're in America within the sound of my voice. There's a man Papa the cap. If a bottle of rubies here so Nearly hurts his hand, hold it the metal?
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parlay cow HIV. Here may I just say that John Bolton has zero credibility with me: zero credibility, anybody with me on this stew, Pat, yes, I am- not a robots. Do you know that, The gay character on the show is always so I don't know what has unpredictable. I'm expecting Ding Dong and like a little cousin of his is gonna move in east problem, but John Bolton. He comes out yesterday with with you know, excerpts of his book and to tell you
is despicable to me. It's despicable if you really believe that he was that dangerous, because he paints the picture of Donald Trump being the most dangerous person, you would ever one anywhere near the White House and and he didn't say anything he didn't come out and just now he waited for two million dollar pay day. It's grotesque grotesque SK, and he I out insane and goods. You know what would have it have just all become political okay. So now it's all political, but you two million dollars and I was gonna be political. You might as well get the two million dollars to map. It sounds granted bad. As you know, my gay character, I mean, if we're gonna, be gay and what it will be good for two million extra dollars. I mean I know I mean he's. Gonna live not on this programme, so here's the everybody's paid and equal wage and don't think that through don't think death anyway,
the thing about the EU, Adam Corolla on last night and he. I said to him. You know about this, this culture. Of of cancelling everybody and he said you know Glenn, that's why I I did. What you we both did it. We created our own platform, so nobody can cancel us from it, and First That's not true, could be cancelled from the radio which I think I think your local radio station, especially talk, is in deep trouble. Deep trouble if this president loses this election, I think we are on the verge of silencing our voices, like you cannot even imagine, but he said. He and I started my platform blah blah blah, and you know so I don't worry about it
yeah. Well, I get that, but what about the average person- and he said you know you- ve gotta- just go along with it. If you want to keep your job, no, Don't there comes a point: and to where you know I can compromise, and you know there were things that There are things that I believe that I shall never say, but there are things, but I will never say the things that I do not believe. You know when I was it fox that was Rupert Murdoch Company, and I said that to Roger Ales, when I was there look I am not necessarily gonna play ball in and save the things that I don't agree with, but it's your company and if this is causing you problems, okay I'll, say it elsewhere, but you Do you still say it you still there there are times when you say: ok, I'm gonna. Do I'm compromise here and not be very clear because it doesn't just involve me, but why
You come down to Where we are in America now you don't play ball with Marxists. You don't then am I wrong? I mean I am willing to lose everything that I have. To save the country. Is it just me? Yes, he's the only one who is willing to do. That is probably is just you, but now it's not. If you would, I would still you're not going to get on the ear and say things that you don't believe, because otherwise it gonna kick you off the air, what you would still I'm currently in the middle of viewing it becoming a gay character, even on totally anything for money. What are you talkin about now? I've and, of course in on it? I don't know I think you're right it does. It never looks good when you release this stuff in a book created. Never does do. I know you said
Is it makes himself like the worst person to ever be close to the White House at most of the stuff? I've read so far sounds like stuff. Donald Trump says in negotiations and doesn't mean anything like the fact that he sang to President G hey, you know I, I love your concentration camps sounds like a crazy idea like we all Donald Trump: doesn't love concentration camps? He didn't Keaton start building them didn't send over crews to help build walls over the concentrated get. What did he do because of that situation? And the answer is nothing nothing, it's just that. He says all sorts of things that mean nothing he's a hand what is usually mode and what the difference between hey you're concentration camps are great. You know, maybe I'll come. What may we can do a Trump one and be an exclusive concentrate Emmy? What is the difference between him saying that and- oh Biden, giving a speech in front of presidency saying you know I I
you know I well it's not right for America, I see why you have your one. Child policy works. Well, for you, that's! What's the difference cigarette point, that's a difference! There's no difference Yapped and mean didn't does anybody doubt that improved We have jokingly the president. I could have said yeah, you know what we should do is execute some of these journalists. I mean and behind the scenes. That's very Basel, but he didn't mean right. It should actually execute daily. He execute any journalists is, should we ought to ask and as a matter of urgency, rounded them up like Barack Obama. Righted he's been much better for journalists that Barack Obama was when it comes to using the law. Is power against them? What you have said you know Would be fun invading Venezuela taken? Those oil bodily might have said that totally so what did he die each day in aid of Venezuela dead? There's? No, they didn t just Donald Trump Presidency. It is the most efficient and
Tell thing to do is just dismiss the things he says and watch what you don't know what he says. He again like think of North Korea. He said he was going to not only the country and then like today's leaders that he was a good friend of King John and either one of what was true like we all know, I've wanted to hyper Balikh. He speaks hyper bodily. Anyone has a lot of it because he thinks he's getting an advantage in a negotiation or helping in the press or whatever it is. You can't just look at what does not what he says: TAT S where the judges presidency, But- also says things to jar. The thinking of other, for instance, for him when they said he actually serve. Let's put alligators in the water and build a modes on those other order. Did he say that I Betty Deal Buddy Buddy Ceta? I Betty set it like this
Mr President, we can't do this and we can do that and we can build this wall a wig and all we ve got all these other problems. You know. I then, maybe why don't we just build a motion? Put some alligators in it. I mean anybody on a problem with alligators, let's put alligators in their cause. You guys aren't you in aiding the up. It could have happened that way right any day. It did it jars, people's thinking, you know y know. Why don't we just bombed them? Well, because, Mr President, and if you are an old stodgy system, You need to go in there and break up the thinking. You need you're going to go, why haven't we thought about just bomb and this not out of em my just got in there. Mr President, we don't because of X Y and Z what We thought about bombing them. Yes, we have well I'm leaning towards bombing them, you're towards giving them fruit cake. Why come up with another plan and me about, and then they come back, it's the
virgin window. They come back with something that they wouldn't have ever done. Unless the president was saying what maybe we should bomb them. It is fundamentally communicates different than other people communicate when, when you say something, Glen or Pat, says something to me. What I assume is that Glen or I mean the thing they're saying they believe that thing in their saying it, because it's something they believe when done from says things. You can't take it that way. He is in constant negotiation mode and He goes into these situations, he's not calculated. Let me think of what my heart, my my by help closely held belief, is and expressed that to kill long Kim, Jong, Moon or president G. He going in there and saying what do I need to do to improve my situation? How do I get ex wires? He done. Let me say whatever I have to to get that done. Is that something that you should do there, Jim questions, whether that's a good idea, but it price that into Donald Trump. At this point, what what do you do
like I mean this is what he's been doing since long before he was running for president. Wait you How many times have you told this story about Tiffany where he said He's going to build the ugliest building in the world a fading, given the air rights for a building, he wanted to build. He's. Gotta go ugly building in the world right next to it, it was going to basely, destroy their business. Was there it should The doll troop was really going to go in there and make the ugliest building in the world next activities in the mill of New York City. My guess is proper play its part. People with Donald Trump, which white successful, but probably not but he's not gonna spend millions and millions of his own dollars just to make a point again to Sicily right right rhubarb. But at the knees didn't know that they didn't know now I haven't talked about. I haven't talked about a phone call that I have I talk about this on the ear. So having a deeper than a phone call me? I assume you possess. No one phone call I'm talking about. I got a phone call from our resident a few months back. And we spoke for about a half an hour.
Was it was fascinating fascinating. I learned a lot about him. And he said he to me good free. Knowing the Tiffany story, not a lot of people know that I said how I've done my homework and he said for you, meaning because we were talking about something else we were talking about trade and I said I just assume- that you're doing some of the Tiffany stuff- and So what you mean by that? I told him that you know I guess did telling him the story and that's when he said good for you and it was it. Almost in of a fashion of saying that is wonder, stand me. Don't ask what you have to understand about Donald Trump. First, he has diarrhoea the mouth. I mean you know my group, my mother, used to say Lenny
diarrhoea. The mouth, which means just crap just shoots out of my mouth you know, you'll find pieces of something that was for dinner three weeks ago. Has nothing to do with what you had it in her last night and and and that's what he has. There's things just shoot out of his mouth and others are very calculated, and you can't Dismiss when he's in a room of hostels like he was with Tiffany absolute that he isn't saying things to shake them to the core, and you know the other thing that I think you are alluding to with your analogy. Was that John Polton Therefore, POW long, how long was he a part of this house? You add this big problem with this president. You should have gotten out and said something much sooner than now. If you really believe
He is the problem that you're making him out to be that he is dangerous to Amerika will then you should have quit and you should have made your feelings known and understood loud and clear a long time ago. Are there any other way? Thank you, someone! It's for your own purposes! You do from a mean, evasive, that's out, cashing in on an and trading your country's security, or cash. If it's one of the most grotesque things, I've I've ever seen an ice. I say this about, People who wrote the Obama books the people they write any of these things weight. You're, holding back critical information and you're dead. For money. It's it's grotesque! Apps lately grotesque, are back in just a minute. Thank you very much back ray. I need my mercy, puppy, don't have it. Who am I,
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shade shutters drapes anything for window treatments, its blinds, dotcom, promo code back your lesson, TAT, Grand back, I have to tell you. I don't know how police officers are doing it, especially in Atlanta yesterday. Did you see they they came out and they charge this police officer with murder. Which is I've watched the whole video. I don't know how you arrive at that, but, what's worse, even the New York Times has pointed out when this first happened, that DNA is running for re election and the New York Times was afraid that they mate they might politicize this well, this
of Georgia. The Bureau of Investigation came out yesterday and said they stuff to investigate this? We have just begun. Our investigation haven't made any recommendations and we were shocked when the deed came out with with the charges, wow you don't else's you personally and on that basis, the d Paul Howard two weeks ago declared that teachers are aid deadly weapon work. Yes, ok, won't you had a deadly weapon, then, and defending himself deadly weapon release, No, no! You didn't have a deadly weapon. They should have found some other way to deal with it. I mean can't say it's a deadly weapon when in the hands of police and then when it is in the hands of somebody else, not say it's a deadly weapon. It's it's crazy. My issue here is that look. The guy was running away. Why not shoot him in the toes
If you just hit, isn't really that's how he didn't run all you will be able to run a little tell first, not the big till you don't go for the big now. That would be too much force. But if you got a little told yes, then he would fall to the ground and be able to apprehend him land of the captain. Wanted you that ITALY obviously racist Riley's union said they didn't have a blue out last night they did, but people were calling in sick, but a lot of calls in Atlanta when unanswered apparently yesterday- and I don't blame you cops- is nobody seems to be on your side back programme yes, As you can boil, water doesn't mean you should run a restaurant and the same logic goes for identity theft, protection. You may be good at during your credit, but that doesn't make you an authority on it plus what date
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what you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. When their programme, I am so excited to introduce you to a man a next who, I can't believe I didn't know in the past, somehow our paths never crossed. He has been pretty much chased out of America because of his views on social justice,
He was smeared and black Baldwin and everything else he's now in Africa trying to convince him to come back to America. His home and America needs his voice right now it is what he has to say is so powerful and so clear, and so without guile. Vitriolic it's just peaceful, and I want you to hear doktor body bottom. He is next stand by for an incredible our green Sometimes, saving money is like the positive version of the death of a thousand cots you scrimp any here or to end you get off brand name from time to time.
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the crazy philosophy that there are just people who are born. Knowing and others who just will never get it. So if your bore knowing you're gonna, go to Heaven Gus Dear saved his you get it, The others are just never gonna get it. So s agnosticism to my interest, and I watched it. I thought why haven't I heard of this guy before a guy, who grew up in California you know if you, if you, if you if you're, looking for the truth today, your look? for it from a guy who has lived it, who is walk, the walk? Who done the real research and study, and can come at things with a simple, peaceful, quiet delivery, that is a body bottom. He is a doctor of fur. Thea
energy and he's got several degrees. Houston Baptist University Southwestern Baptist Southwestern, Is the illogical seminary honorary too free from Southern California, s Seminary, and postgraduate study. The University of Oxford England he's here nine children been married since nineteen eighty nine and currently lives in Zambia because of the heat, that he received when he started talking about these things just a few years ago, and all of his opportunities closed up because of the exact kind of cancel culture that we're talking about. Now, but you to hear his voice, so we have to have Skype do we have the Skype connection and I'm sorry is, is it voting, refer, ok, vote I gotta tell you look like Moses man. Your keys is great.
Thank you for coming on. I know that you have gone through a lot with your family and you now serving the african community in Zambia, but I wish you were here: let's talk: little bit about ethnic narcissism and and teach them can people what is wrong. Going on here yeah alters the regular having beyond. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Jesus. I want to say that we came here. We ve been here almost five years and it- was the Lord calling us here to be a part of the work that he was doing here. But you, you are correct in that things were difficult issues and coined. The term ethic must cease and you know, as you have said, that the idea of theirs people who have special knowledge and
What we're seeing right Now- and I told you it- was the sink for a while- is the idea expressed groups, I would say minority groups. That's not really the way we talk about it because reject we talk about women as one of these press groups in there, actually, not a minority there. The majority when you belong to. You have a special knowledge, as it relates to oppression that other people do not and cannot understand and it's rather ironic because Are we sure that time is you need to write, you you have to listen to us so that you can understand us, but the premise of ethics. One of us. You literally cannot understand us.
Kay living right. You let me restate this year because he's Skype is Skype is kind of catching a couple of times you have to cut some slight erika sees these from zombies. Galling us this. From Zambia. So this is an amazing, the thing that I think we can have this this good. You just say that the the appeal groups will know they have their gnostics, they know and the others who are not enough in that oppress group, can never know they just they even you explain it to them. I can't really know. And so it is really a catch. Twenty two fur understand. People who have a desire to do the right thing a desire to have a better understanding,
simple and empathize with others here centrally told that it's not possible we are also told that when it comes to understanding the truth of these issues that the true is not necessarily determined by evidence per se, is determined The experience so frustrating experience of that oppressed group. I'm assuming he's Yang. Are you there? Yes, ok! Yes, so. We are having this I do what let me just take a quick breakin, then we'll try to reconnect. But when you come back, I really want to I it especial last night, where I talked about how this is a cult, this is a religion
and what you're describing is religion in its nature, I mean the Gnostics were a a religion It's got all of the ear marks of a religion which means that There is a never ending supply of souls that need to be saved, but in this case they can never really be saved. Because they'll never really know and allows you to have this wiggle room of well evidence doesn't matter, because this is a faith- very, very dangerous, will reconnect end and continue our conversation. I hope that we can get a good connection here. I'm trying to convince him to come back to the United States as soon as is covered thing is over and and spend some time because I ain't you just need to hear him speak and hear what he has to say. He takes on social justice and ethnic, justice ISM.
And what's going on right now in America he takes it head on and he speak. With real knowledge and experience would come back to him just a second from Zambia, Life is complicated and tricky enough to navigate on your own during the mobile times. So near me, you know when you're not feeling fine, when you're in pain, things go even more sideways snow way to live talk, patents are tabled on the programme before Father and son, dual that founded really factor in patent set started out years ago, with a vision for helping people out who live with pain, and they succeeded at that mission. Most of our time, is caused by inflammation in the body and a lot of times the things we take to fight it just don't rise to the occasion or they just mask the pain debility eating pain. I have known- and if you know it even you know what. Even if it's just the regular aches and pains please try this one. When I discovered relief factor, because my wife is smarter than me,
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yes, and this is why this is really concerning to me just our knowledge we abstained on. Others comes from God that God is the source of our knowledge. We have the scriptures are sufficient and we go to the Bible to understand troops We look at the world the way the world is, God made the world in such a way that we can do real science, for example, because there things that we can expect from an orderly universe that was made by an intelligent creator, so as Christian These are the ways that we seek for truth, not through special individuals who have special, knowledge. We don't we. Scarface to the of others, we build a lazy money right. This
seems to be almost day I'm regression back to the dark ages, when you had to go to the priest, because you couldn't read the language, you couldn't own a Bible yourself and its work, What freed mankind was getting those middle men out of the way you the power to fine truth on your own. You were smart enough and you leave it, and if you did the work, you could find truth now we're saying in almost every front. Not until you need a middle man, you can't decide that you're, not smart enough, and you just now this one is, you will never be smart enough if your white, you will never have this knowledge in there People John quarter others who have like Jim this movement et racism, movement to a religion
and youth the Olmec there is this idea. Saints and sinners. Jim Wallis. Wrote a book in the title of the book was America's original sin, again. There are the this this religious connotations here: worries me about this, is that our real problems. There are there's a real racism. This real evil has real hatred, injustice in the air, to those things is who saved through the personal work price. That's that's our messages. Christian dry, or at least it used to be now the message is. The answer is something other than given this that we find, through God in Christ, the answer is somehow you have to do enough peanuts and has been interesting to watch
Scenes of white people literally kneeling and bowing and chin, reflecting in in Iraq, intense you know over. Over their symbols of white bread, thrill larger. You know bias or conscious buyers or unconscious bias, or whatever ass in the problem with this is that Religion is promising salvation somewhere. Other than God and in full. There are many Christians who are sounding like there were dissatisfied with this area, I'm I'm struck with you life You ve been ringing the bell against Social Justice for ever. Since I discovered it, you know what fifteen years ago, and said this. This and collective salvation and the teachings of Wallace and everybody else is evil it is. It is the it's an upside down world from what God, once I'm still
by the fact that an ear mark of anything that I think of the evil would be. There is no forgiveness that that debt is the most christian kind of thing, I've ever heard, there's guy If there is a god that does not forgive us, then Everything we know about Christianity is wrong and I don't want to live in that world, but we're now being told that there is no forgiveness, even if you begged for forgiveness I see, people bowing down and part of me understands and Sicily, Well, we all, to get along. I think this plays on the best part of us, but our biggest Achilles heel people, I want to get along. They want people to feel good and I buy you know if I, if I can in this situation. By saying that, I am really sorry that you feel that way, I'm really it it does bother me that
you ve gone through this, but that's not what's happening here, happening here is I'm really sorry. You went through this, but then I have to extend it out too, and I am somehow involved in this. I somehow em the cause of your car to pain and crisis, and that make any sense to me, I think you know something is very important when you said that make any sense to make what it was menus. Is people are having to do discussions. Don't realize it they're having two different discussions. People look at that like the George Floyd Debt, and they see this tragic situation and On the one hand, the there's universal condemnation of what happened. I haven't heard of any one, I'm sure there's you know somebody out there I haven't heard in either and you never would have been universally-
Dennis Didn't what happens? Is people are explaining this in two different ways? They are so people who are saying see there the racism, and there are other people who say wait. You know this for officers to black one asian one? Why is white officer disc that did this? How do we just declared? that this is racism and in what this, ample opposition to repeating world views? one world view that says racism is individual. It's an individual heart issue and that's the world where we deal with the issue it will heart issue, the message of the gospel Then there is another world view that says no none under no, regardless of individual heart issue. This is a structural and institute no issue, therefore, and is what boggles people's minds. Sometimes he'll say it does
matter what the facts of the case are This is evident from actual, institutional racism it's doing is its driving people apart, because we're two different conversations that do Makes sense to each other because with There is rules to this debt are in for some people. Not understood, and for others You are so clear that they don't even need to be spoken. So I want to know what I want to take quick breaks. We only about a minute left. And I want to take a quick breakin come back to you and ask you about so justice and white. Privilege, He could, because you say those of lies and art to our taking us down of of the wrong road,
and I want you to talk specifically to those people, because it I've lot of them in this audience that are The church in their hearing talk of social Justice, Catholics in particular, say social justice is in bad because the vague I'll, go off of this old meaning of social justice from the eighteen hundreds, but that was hijacked long ago. So. I want you to take on social justice and and talk to the pastors and preachers and the priests the people who are listening and trying to do the right thing, on where they might be going wrong and what we should be doing. We'll do that. I sang a thank you so much for being with us we're gonna be back here, just a second, with with more you have to watch his youtube. Videos will will, income and send him out on social media, but
He gives these sermons that are so right on the money and so well spoken and so clear and clarifying It's no wonder the left, his come after him and his family as hard as they have it's. It's a remarkable thing quite honestly how evil works like a minute back programme. Judas people go running with their dogs, I mean associate Ladino. I shook my head and discuss I'm like gosh I mean you have to stay healthy and happy and everything else. But why are you force in your dog d go running for in that God forsake? he no less meaning me sick. What some people will do anyway, The other day, the other thing, the add the dogs, need. You know the running,
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The Supreme Court just came out with another ruling. It's not gonna make you happy. Apparently the Obama executive order cannot be overturned with a Trump executive order. I don't even understand how that works. We have a lot of commentary on this coming up in just a minute, but let me just say this not gonna come as a surprise. John Robert sided with the liberals, which is, now becoming the most redundant sentence ever uttered of course. He did we
doktor voting bottom on with us. He is the dean of theology of African Christian University he's on Skype. With us from Zambia, and I want to I want to talk to you about a couple of things. We have about fifteen minutes here laughed so can you can you he's explained the difference between social justice that a Christian would understand. And the social justice that is now being preached from many of our pulpits. That is an anti. Christian message will Social justice, as understood clearly for a while and social justice is distributive. Justice Social justice is about right, distributing Resources and opportunities, social justice is not the same as the biblical idea and the biblical concept of justice we also need to understand that
social justice is built on. The back of critical theory which is all about. The idea of you know the hegemony and power structures, and the enmity may sought a big academic word. It just means, beer theirs, our structure that exists because of the individuals who set the rules of the game, and they needed in order to meet. The critical theory is marxist. Just throw that incorrect. That's a Karl Marx theory. Look, I guess it must surely now I got here as the idea Is that the power structure, from the It will establish things they they. They set the rules of the game. And they said the rules of the game in order to benefit themselves and in their posterity and everybody. How is oppressed because they're not part of the agenda,
by the way as while women, although their majority, are considered minority, because the hegemony is white. Male Christian, heterosexual? Sis gendered oh no! No! No! No! it's so social justice is about really transferring power from the in the hegemony to those in oppressed groups. The individual, doesn't matter and again. This is why this bothers me so much because as a crime and as a minister of the gospel I preach I saw him crucified. I preach, though, the work that he has done and that we need to receive personally. If, if we get into this, critical theory business where they become structural or sudden. This gospel asked either be transformed into something that the Bible does recognise or
it has to be out and so this social just note black lives matter. For example, anyone who it's what they believe, we'll see they are an tie, Christian Fundamentally, anti Christian and saw this. This whole idea this whole idea of a social justice movement, and I get a lot of luck for because you know it, do you have conscious bias or unconscious bias, or you have internalized bias? If you don't by this given rise, It is also interesting how crucial theory, sort of pages itself here to protect itself on all sides, is the same as witch hunts, it seems which on Sid I mean you know, that's exact What are we would say? Well, how do you and yourself, so
and let me other elements that I want two more questions for your first wall. People that I know the white people the Americans, that I know. First of all, this happening all over the world. This is not an american problem. It's not a white person problem. The Chinese have concentration camps for people who are different than this. Is the oldest story, and it is the internal struggle of each individual. As well as a society, but why people that I know we're on This is not one thousand nine hundred and fifty six, it's not one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight. If not it's not one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight we're. Fine, we want people to be equal. This system is corrupted. Our founding system is so corrupted that it.
Is causing all kinds of problems. We ve never really been near lived up to the declaration of independence, but we all want to- or most of us want to but we feel like we're just absolutely under attack, and this kind of message is going to make race relations much worse, how do we help how do what, Do we playing in two: The evil of Marxism, yeah and an amateur this is one of the things that really bothers me about this. He social media says the twenty second of May, but these messages I've been out there for years. I ve been talking about this for years on end everything? frustrated with this and with the way that the attacks come I've been talk about this? From the perspective of the big picture,
and unfortunately, when you talk about it from the big picture, people tend to think of. You just don't have empathy you just Oh have compassion, you don't understand how bad it is me who grow in drug infested, gang, invest in south central Ellie born in writing. Sixty nine group during the era grew up during the crack if you will read by a single teenage buddhist mother, I was right in Christianity, never the gospel. Until I got to the you. Take to university and so forth, people to try to marginalize me because I understand. I've been pulled over by the cops. I've been on the sidewalk Cosette was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know these kinds of things happen and yet I still say that view ideologies are poisonous and they have to be confronted
because these ideologies actually undermine our message as Christians, concerned about people are concerned about justice. Concerned about souls, and I know where they stand. Comes from stay where it comes from an amount Willie, You got my bible If anyone force me to I agree with certain things simply because if I don't they will you know they were somehow Lee blooming and call me. Names couldn't care less about people labeling me and calling me names why I am before God at my conscience is clear, and so I am I'm word, but just like you, I'm also an American whom, as an expert in a foreign country has been- dozens of countries in the world and the two things are not number one black people in America or the freest,
most prosperous black people in the World period bar none. The second thing is this People outside of America State that we are the most oppressed people in the world and people actually things like George Floyd are happening every that they're not an anomaly, but that their commonplace and the rapid ass outside of our borders, its It gives me an saddens me, but also the reputation at black be glad. That somehow we are weak and impotent and we can't do or be anything unless white people do it for us which, by the way, is kind a racist. I believe that it ray I am a descended
Of some of the strongest people in the history of the world we four came slavery, and now we're both scraping like we need somebody to do something for us are did, you already is at stake, pride is at stake at our trust in cod. As the answer and solution to our problems, is at stake, and so For me this is a very complex issue one that I'm very passionate about I will tell you that I am. I am struck by it the first time I went to Israel I honestly didn't know much about the politics of the region, and I was walking down the street in the old city and there's a place where the palace in any section stops it's just one street one one place it's just an archway that separates the Jew quarter from the palestinian quarter and you through it, and one is dirty and dingy and dark and the
other is light and bright and clean, and you are within five feet of of both of those things and in its rock me that one side just says. I don't care what anybody else says. I'm doing this and Other side is best been told for so long. It's because of them very being you and I'm the only one that can help you in it stifles growth. I think Lee Thee Community has been lied to buy the progressive movement. Really almost sense. Booker T Washington died. I mean they were light to before that, but when poker tee There was a there was a shift from We can do this. We don't need any body. We can do this and it's been this constant battle- love,
no, no, no you're being oppressed. Even now, you don't even know it and you'll never get out unless these people, my dad used to say to me life isn't a series of things that happen to you. Glenn life is what do with those things and that's the most depressing thing about the message. That's coming out, a black lives matter is european, you'll, never be able to do anything about it unless these be are gone well. That's, there's, no empowerment in that little I hope, though, that another thing that I'm hearing is it doesn't very little hope and is our only hope is. That you know certain people, begin to have empathy or begin to do whatever it is that we think certainly do then we have no hope, my was in God, mouth is in crisis,
it- was not in America, hope is not in in white people, black people, animals and got up in Christ, What what worries me? Also, as an academic? I mean I'm a d and I'm sure you saw that anonymous email it went out from the Berkeley professor, anonymous black? We, professor yeah, there are people and academia who are free to it? sticky issues do honest, academic work what were left, which is this simplistic answers right as you have people who, of course, statistics on this side force people who caught statistics on that site right two and a half times more likely to be shut up by police eighteen, it is more likely that you know she. Police officers were right in
but as this is worth giving, these simplistic answers were the true is something this complex, and so, if we have automatically said anybody who picks. Distance from this column. Evil and should only listen to them also said there we are not going to Wesley pursue com answers to complex issues and what it means if we're going to use white people, use black people, rather we're going to use their story we're going to use their suffering in order to advance our cause Belinda. What's been happening for decades and what has it gotten us So here we are. We have mayors police chiefs, what you know here we have a president who who's up a biased president. You don't worry. Although these you'll senators and everything else right but by
testimony of black people themselves, the feeling is that things are actually not better. The feeling is that questions have been answered and the frustration grows and hopelessness, grows alienation grows and what I'm saying is we're looking for answers in the wrong places? Let lead but our work, as are the Sir yes, sir, I would love to have you back on again and I would love to bring you to the United States. Your voice really needs to be amplified. Thank you so much for being on what this will have you on again best of luck. I don't even know what time it is in Zambia. What time is it in the afternoon is said in the afternoon: Lorgnette minimal, Yes exactly you thank you so much for. Thank you. Some God bless you and
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightened men when their programme o a girl. I just saw an article about protesting and how you can protest and let your voice be heard and in the same magazine, was how to host a virtual fourth of July. So don't leave the house if you want to celebrate the birthday of your country, but are you on protests have added gang when I hear doktor found she come out and tell me anything, I no longer believe any of them, and maybe it's just me
I know Cove is real. I've done my own homework, but I had this just overwhelming feeling because of the way it's been handled, they don't believe any of this stuff. So what Should we believe Matt Ridley has looked at this he's gonna, give us an update on what we now know about the corona virus and also how does he feel about, protesters are fine. Everybody else stay in your house. Does the corona virus actually know the difference between a protest or in one celebrating the nation is a green back programme all in one minute. Let me let me get to our gold line commercial for you Brill quickly. I there was- story today, and I don't know where it is there The story today that I wanted to get to talk about the fair
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six gold line. One eight six, six gold line there ready for your phone call right now, and I urge you to do this, not go on the phone and buy it today get on the phone. Get the information today, eight six, gold line, eight six gold, liner gold line, dotcom mad Ridley, is the author of how innovation works. Recent theories also on the corona virus, had been following his his tweets ease. His website the rational optimist, dot com, joins us now. Are you in London today still Matt. No then I'm in Newcastle in Northern England, so not in London, but but up no smell, for the rest of you know America that still London
you ve heard of him, you are so mad. Want to talk to you a little bit about as we start to go back to work. We are starting to hear that this thing is heating up, and I the worst thing that Any of these officials could do to tell people that it's ok to go out in March, and it was responsible ass you're telling the rest of us screw your business you may lose your job, but you must stay in now. If there is another wave of this and it is really bad, I think you're? Gonna have a hard time convincing a lot of people to stay in their goes a screw. You, you didn't even believe it well Do you think there has been an extraordinary double standard expressed by a lot of people in the media and officials Condoning protests, but is
telling the rest of us that we have to stay home and mustn't go out and mix with people. You know in this country were not allowed to go to the pub were not allowed to. Have any fun at all, but if we where to go, as thousands did a couple of weeks ago to London on March, in really close proximity to each other, shout and scream, which of course means ya, know spreading a lotta droplets in the air. Nobody seems to object, and I do a lot of us feel that that that is a double standard. It needs to be called out either. Those protests a going to produce a very nasty second spike of the virus. All gonna find that it doesn't do that and only evidence so far suggests that it doesn't do that is no sign of uptake, certainly in London, or of either cases or of reports of people starting to feel ill and calling emergency hotlines and inside up on its already tizzy the gun down the road so either
it looks like this Proved that we don't- so much social distancing anymore, because we're into this the season when this doesn't spread very well, we ve done a lot of the voluntary stuff which has made it very difficult for the virus to spread and weak. To try and get our large back to normal and get people's jobs back and get peoples. You know cancer, a point back and all these things that the we ve stopped man de the Americas. Golden calf of this spring was Doktor FAO Chee and now vouches saying he, didn't go to any these trump rallies assist too dangerous and now we also find out there may be no immunity, look what's happening in China. These people should have been a meal and are not a meal, and it's coming for a second wave so, which is it it is a dangerous or can you go out in these crowds and not have any real, lasting effects which which one We believe a pause,
the answer. Is we still don't fully? No, this is a new virus and we are still learning all the time. However, we can say some things with with great clarity. And one of them is that young people are very, very, very low risk. Indeed If you're ever eighty, it is a serious problem. It is a very dangerous virus. If you ve got underlying conditions in those people we need to be really careful and keep away from crowds and keep away from social contact with with people, because young people can spread but the very unlikely to suffer seriously from it. Not do so, That's it that's a really important point. I think that we need to understand Point of immunity? There are lots of different things leading in different directions. It does lead in there isn't a huge amount of what you call be Sal: immunity that its anti bodies in the population, but those the kind of immunity called T sell immunity which is partially effective and which seems
very widespread in the population. Some reports of said forty percent. Some reports have said: seventy percent of kids under the age of full have this kind of immunity and that's why they're not catching the disease now They got this kind of immunity because there are four the corona viruses that we catch pretty well every winter that coldly and cold there. One, the causes of the common code? they have given us a degree of immunity to corona viruses, and once you factor in that that may be a big chunk of the population is already partly immune. Then it turns out did the virus will die back of it an accord taken in summer with only voluntary measures, and you won't need these drastic, compulsory lockdown, but as a we don't know that for sure. That's the way. It's looking at the moment.
It does seem a mad that you know they're the seasonal aspect of it. It can be both encouraging and discouraging, like we are seeing some in the United States, where there have been some states will receive a little bit of about back, but it does to be deadly. Some seasonal effect, however, does that signify worryin forward in a big way going forward. When we get to fall, that is a concern because all these respiratory viruses or seasonal flu as seasonal courtesies? Not- and we don't really know why I mean it's just quite interesting to To briefly about one of those corrective ours is the cause. Calls is called o C. Forty three is the commonest of the common. Corona viruses. It high he sees no you're gonna, get it in winter. On the help now genomics evidence, genetic evidence suggests that that first entered the human population around eighteen, ninety one it that was a very bad epidemic of what was Socal Russian flew in eighteen, eighty, nine. Ninety and its
very like what we had today it hit, people harder than young people. Men harder than women. So it could be that that was the first. Entry of that virus into the population and it killed a million people. Spread all around the world, but it then became much more harmless and it's so home is now that you- and I probably had it several times. We get partially unity to it, but in a few years later you get it again and you just call it a cold. So? That out hope in the long run that this virus will also turn homeless and the route reason that happens with respiratory virus is not necessarily with other kinds of viruses is because The virus wants you out their protests, Dignan, a thing and having fun and talking to people, because that It can spread more easily. If you go to bed and lie still for weakened, I see anybody than that's. No good to the virus of ours needs another destination, so
add, have weave. Is there a definitive answer yet on where this came from? I just talk to somebody who said not other researchers found that China puts it's bad virus, I think, into a mouse or something and its I it over in China with video, they talked about doing it. They were weapon icing it. They were just experimenting. Any because of that, and he had all the scientific jargon because of that, it's a it's a virus that was released and doesn't have any real staying power to it. It's gonna get weaker and weaker. Have you? dinner that have you heard that
have looked into this, and I dont know the answer any more than anybody else. We are still very uncertain here and I dont know what what what what happened, but there are several key things that we now do know. The first is that it did not jump from an animal or human being in that seafood market in will hand. We know that for two reasons, why because the animals in the safe food market turn out to be took to test now,. There was no animal. They could find the tested positive. The Chinese only and not set very recent even though they did the test in January would have been helpful if they'd, let us know but sooner. Secondly, We know that it was already very well adapted to human beings in the people who quoted in the market subordinating hell. This is that the market was a super spreader event. It was a person spreading it in the market, not an animal. Now that does make it less clear that we need to while the arena
That does not mean that we need to look for other source. Where it came from and with Russia to the labs. There are several since we need to answer if we are to rule out the possibility that it's a lab leak womb. Is one of the centres of current current of irish research into one of the two top centres for growth, Mars research into well. They were working on corona viruses. They were combining parts of one virus with another making circle. Chimerical viruses they handled the sample, taken from a mine shaft in twenty thirteen, that is the closest bat sample to the one? We have for some reason they change the name of that sample when they announced it, and in January I didn't say that it was from a mine shaft where little unsure about why that is, but we know that three mine is die, did not mind shot from a pneumonia like illness that turned out. Corona bars, so presumably their lungs were analyze too. We to know what what that once. We know that when
They do these experiments. It will have to make combined viruses. They take the so called receptor binding domain from one virus and add it to the backbone of another and that's what this virus like it looks like it's got a panel in part for one part and about pot for another. We know they can do that without leaving a trace. It used to be argued until a few weeks ago that if they had done that very clearly leave a signature, a sort of restriction and I'm signature to just give its proper name, we know that they can do without doing that. So there's a whole bunch of things that we know make it possible for this to have been made. Fourthly, in the lab, with a view to understanding its virulence, not with a view to making a by a weapon and possible that it therefore leaked to rule out. The chinese authorities need to bring forward all the research is involved in that programme and give us and complete an open account of exactly what experiments they did and why they think it did not leak, and then we can be reassured
in their interest to do that. How do you think history is going to look back at the response This is the first time in human history that we have shot everything down. I mean they. They things down in London for the London plague, but now this. This is really kind of a test run of does that work. Can we even do it? How it's gonna be viewed in history as a good thing. Or you know the first in the way we handle viruses, the similar, remembered That is going to be remembered as a pretty big disastrous series of policy mistakes. Sometimes we reacted too slowly. At the start, we overreacted in the middle. We relied too much on scientific models which were flawed in
forecasting and, as you say, we used thoroughly illiberal and compulsory means to shut down the whole of society, doing huge economic damage without and then with the stick of all we let it run ramp and through the care homes system, both in my country and in New York state. There have been cases where patients were sent from hospitals to care homes without being tested for the virus. That goal an epidemic in the car home so so there's a whole series of mistakes that I think, I'm afraid I'm pretty disastrous We're gonna have to do to learn very carefully from this to be that way. In future, we ought to have been able to handle. Is we lay with it voluntary restrictions that saved open. But who are most at risk from getting close to the virus, but didn't interfere young people going about their business and earning their living, and that I think
he's one of the murder in my book called how innovation works. I write about vaccines. I write about dry I write about all these innovations and I think the other lesson we have to learn. But we didn't do enough innovation in vaccine development and other things before this and they came along as we knew it was possible. For that, whenever you like this in the same things is going to happen, is going to happen again, we're just gonna lose interest in at once. We get past it in and then no one's going to follow. Our guideline how innovation works is stew. Is I mean match he would? ships a small idle, You really changed his life and I've read your book. Calibration works. It's really really really good and everybody freed it. We approve,
it should be on with anomalous? Thank you so much Matt Ridley, the rational optimist, irrational optimists, dot com and the name of his book is how innovation works and why it flourishes in freedom. Talk a little bit about rector grills. This is the best fathers day gift you can is follows day this weekend or knows next weekend, you today for your chance to win the same girl. But I use from rectangle with Rex. Fathers day contest wrecked tech, are easy, T easy Grills D. Calm slashed back. You can go into the stores, and you can you know you can see all of the different girls and I urge you to do them, You are going to look at all of the different girls and then look at erect tack. Tec is whenever it is this weekend, by the way, just so people this? We do as we just this Sunday news coming Sunday
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Second stationary: did you see the the story in the Wall Street Journal Stew about The praise for Andrew Cuomo in who praised what they said and how wrong they were now. But if you praise Andrew Cuomo, we know you were wrong and now can't separate the two. I look at Andrew Cuomo. I just see Chris yeah well. That's, why we launched Andrew Cuomo was awful dot com. Just Make sure that if you need to demonstrate how much you know I drew Cuomo is awful. She knew that we are too they get Chris Cuomo is worse tee, shirts, ass, well ass. He could like what you could be wearing. Andrew Como is awful t shirt and then the person next, you could be rearing Chris Cuomo is worse, but we did
has been printing issues we have been able to get those made up yet. Have you thought about? even frayed, o is ashamed of him. A third I like it. It's just. I only afraid I was embarrassed by by Chris in the Wall Street Journal Investigation uncovered major government missteps in New York with Andrew Cuomo, improve. Her patient transfers, some patients were too sick, too, have been transferred between hospitals, squabbling between Cuomo and the Plaza administrations. Contributed to this uncoordinated effort in efficient isolation, protocols, inadequate staff planning the ex message from the state and the city government over reliance on federal government sources for Korea. Key equipment procure and planning gaps. And you know that leaves out the nursing home slaughter centres and then
Cuomo head built up and then then, look in and they tried to compare it to what the media was saying to him and they many of US leadership failures of Cuomo we're not the focus the media's discussion. Rather, Amy Roebuck from ABC News concentrated on the important things, such as the governors reaction to beast being sexual lies by lonely wine moms. Why oh wow failure every place. We know there with. We knew this was a failure when we sought and they were built up- and I just don't think it's gonna Bidwell for the Democrats coming this following really don't more diminish the Glen Back Programme, and it really is- and it really is real estate agents. I trust outcome selling your home is challenging
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this is the Glenn Beck Programme from the standing rock ranch were so glad that you have a into day last night, I did a special and the most dangerous called in America, and it is this this marxist called that is now part of this cancel culture. In it doesn't matter what you say you you know you're a racist, whether you like it or not, and all of these companies that are playing right into this the firing people apologizing for things that you know they may not have ever done? And I think people are starting to catch on that it could happen to them. There's a story of a of a principle. In Vermont. That is the most remarkable story. She said. I firmly believe that
in black lives that black lives matter. But I don't know- with a coercive measures taken to get this point across some which are falsified in an attempt to prove a point. While I was to get behind be a? I dont think that the people should be to feel that they have to choose black race over human race. While in the urgency to feel compelled to advocate for black lives. What about Our fellow law enforcement officials about all the others who advocate. We advocate foreign demand equity for all, just because walk around just because I don't walk around with a b l am signed, doesn't mean that I'm not a racist or that I am a racist. Well, she's been suspended. What did she say wrong? Now, as bad as it is imagine being fired for doing literally nothing.
And then having the people who claimed you were doing something wrong: Rick I have to say you know what now I had it wrong. They get was a racist thing your employer, would hire you back. This is what's happening to California, man who was fired from his job because someone he was on the road. Someone took a picture of his hand outside of is outside of his truck, and he was asking his knuckles that's what he said. They said he was forming the o k sign, which is alive white power. Are you me. Do you not have anything else to do with your life? So his name is a manual cavity was fired from his position at San, Diego gas and electric because the twitter user posted this, which has now been deleted? that he was a San, Diego gas and Electric employee Annie
making the White Power symbol near a black lives rally? Well, mexican American. He said I was cracking my knuckles he's been charge, tried now and convicted on social media and he lost his job when other person said I got it wrong scent. Go gas and electric didn't care. He's with us now. In his first interview, his name is: Emmanuel Cavity, excellent American. Welcome to the programme, a manual our you out, the employer employee. So when our producers reached out to you, you said you just want year. You just want your job back and then we reached out to You know Santiago Gas, an electric
they said our employees are held to a high standard expected to live up to our values every day, whether an interactions with fellow employees of the public. We conducted a good faith and thorough investigation that include gathering relevant information and multiple interviews and took action in line with those values, while we're not able to reveal the fertile circumstances surrounding our investigation. Mister, Forty separation from the company we stand by our decision will not become any the further so basic. What they're saying is they know you're a racist, but they can't anybody? Why you're a racist, maybe our dear you're, saying admit. I made a mistake, sir, any use. Do you still want to work with those people? Do I
the best solution? I could be our green half year to keep up with the data was hired by them one. My proudest today and to lose it in this version is a slight aging. And I want to work and you say that you have special skills that your job, that you did, what you train for his work specialized and solar. Not a lot of these jobs around correct. What what is it? You do on your locating. So how to? How do you do that? You have to crawl through the sewers, or are you just as the scope of sums orderly eight times more today? you can always underground right
after years of our lie their phone online? What whatever open we re official tool back in the shore the rat were painted on the ground and in I want this, she was that now you have three daughters and a grandson that lives with you, and you were fired without any severance correct those used. It yeah how you pain for things I a couple weeks or for local savings, but it's gonna be tough here from another perspective, call the climate we live in. It. Well, not only that Emmanuel, but your former company has issued a statement that said that they know you are a racist. They just can't tell anybody why I dont know how you're going to find a job with a with your former company, saying that I mean
yeah, who have a calamity ever been a member of the clan, are you do you know things that the person doesn't ok. I honestly I would look at that statement in say, bye, bald forever yeah Luckily, when you look at my face and you see the next CAN American, if my remit, Christina come up here, her mind that I might be a clam member. So you started a petition on change, dot, org good too to try to convince your company to hire you back instead of a fund raising, but it appears petition right. This is. You're saying, how all help me raise enough voices to say hire me back. The red now find me a cow:
with my name at the girl. For me, fight for legal fees in case I'm I'm, I'm not gonna. Take the standing moving to sit down taken. There is complete. There's a cabinet meeting with somebody else. Some would go as far as I can make its noises I can to car right this wrong. So are you going for possibly wrongful termination, lawsuit or so the guy that sick, the mob on you for civil damages, or do you even know who it was the sick, the mob on you we carried out a name since I do the cow it's bad name even gave a statement to the local here at the end, we basically recanted everybody the charge
doing any their wallets yeah, all he did syrup and all he did. He said you said you were making the white supremacist, symbol, the ok sign and how far away where you win when that picture was taken. Do you even know from the black lives matter rally out? note over mile? so you are sending a message to protesters that we're a mile away but their alleging. No make you word for it. He he framed a picture would use captions. Story of the various version of the for whatever reason, even leave here: already getting care, or just because he was TAT week a week with
Rachel uprising in Vienna, who still want deal with it He believed him with me. I don't know, but he's very when it was still alive, the weighty put it on Twitter was full lies in Lebanon, not I'm doing with repercussions but I do a manual cavity who is fired for allegedly giving a white supremacist signal signal as he was driving pass a rally a manual As I look at this, what I among a mile a mile past the reality, my up as the rally When I look at when I look at this, I see a situation where a lot of people are really stupid. Unsocial media and a lot of people alleged things that are false on social media in a lot of people, do really stupid things on social media and why the person who alleged this is seemingly clearly in the wrong here. It's a toll different standard to be held by an employer.
They seem to me to be the one who is really at fault here and have taken. I mean these leave smeared your name. They ve smeared your reputation. They ve taken your job? They really are the ones who are caught in a way confirming this ridiculous allegation against you to me. They seem to be. The ones who are most at fault here is: is that how you see it is well known, why do I feel like? What do you guys gave you like a real life tom? He put me and a company- and I talk position one. They have to make a decision, whether company I got two images we know we are nowhere. Patients Racism and have been Dino make a big, bold statement I ended up being a sacrificial land for that. But had this guy date in his own lame added guy, not wait, here the way to take a picture
more money than making a white supremacist gesture in the picture. You take very and if you do, you do Tat all along tagging, my my taking in the city. Murders will happen this. The actual as one who the reason why our job to do, adult way of handling and at another they would have the same restrained but I would say, with company I wouldn't a real out here and a possibility to make this right. Where they can rehire you and end end and make this into a situation where social media out of control. They made him wrong decision and can corrected. They still have a window here. It seems like you're, giving them a manual and they should definitely take it and yet more her then Kai. I personally would be living off of the profits of a litigation soon. That would never go to court because they would settle for big dollars, because unless They have something on you that they really can't say that
just said. We fired you yeah! Well, that might not be right. We did our investigation and homework and this guy man is he a racist and think you're gonna have a hard time finding a job after that. Yeah yeah. I can say that my Interaction with Gmail is against the public image and that's why I'm fired. Well. I wish you the best of luck, Emmanuel, I'm sorry! This happened to you or anybody I appreciated- and I like Stew, said you're being much more, guess Christ like then I would be, but the best of luck and you gotta change, dot, org or two What's the other one, no funding that are raising money here, go fuck me his name is Emmanuel Cavity, Emmanuel Cavity. Thank you. Much manual appreciated, God bless
How does anybody else think that that's just bowing down to this company? I mean most compass, your bowing down everybody. You teach these companies a lesson in order to stop the throw anybody under the boss, yeah anybody out of the box is uninteresting projects. It seems. Ok really does want the job back, and I certainly would not want to come back to a company that treated me that way, but I think he's can at this insane look. I you know this purse. Made a false accusation. I can understand why companies get pressured into these situations, especially in the current environment, so he's given them another chance. I mean this is a gift from the sky. He does not have to provide this gift to this kind of any they should take on about taken. One to act. A common tactics cybercriminals used to perpetrate their scams is sowing fear They can convince you without giving me you know, without giving you any information really to give to give them something the personal information. You gonna have everything in your life skid sideways all of a sudden and once they
got you on that hook. Things like your identity and reputation could be toast. In a heartbeat I mean you could go to work for San Diego power in and gas but you could also have somebody do it to you. You know when you you're, not war king, for them me how you haven't done a good job, for them doesn't have to be this way, if you're, the type of person who plans well for the future and make sure that your protected, very last thing, you're gonna, come to when dealing with cyber criminals is fear because you can have lifelong. They did wide range of identity threats, usually the ones that you you. They can't can't prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions that all businesses, but today- the best in the business save up to twenty five percent off your first year by using promo code back its work, Eight hundred life, lock one eight hundred lifelike or head over to life locked out common use. A promo code back saved one
by percent off. That's lifelong Dotcom Olympic Programme, Nancy Green was fifty six years old when she was so selected as a spokesperson for a new ready, mixed self, rising, pancake flower, it made its day do an one thousand, eight hundred and ninety three at the fair and exposition in Chicago, and she was so popular. She was so kind and so gracious and funny and warm great storyteller that exhibition booth drew so many people that special security personnel were assigned to keep the crowds moving because that she was signed a lifetime contract and she became
a very wealthy superstar in the advertising world and became the first, living trade mark in Amerika. Here's? What s interesting about Nancy Green? is? She was born a slave in Montgomery County in eighteen, thirty, four. She died a wealthy woman because she is the woman we know, as at Joe, my mom time to restore truth, trying to restore perspective, faith and hope Us July. Second, life from the standing rock ranch will remind you what it feels like to really be an american and come home. A new chapter of Amerika begins July. Second, on all of our social media platforms and plays tv, dotcom glanced back programme
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