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The Super Bowl Almost Felt Normal | 2/8/21

2021-02-08 | 🔗

Super Bowl LV felt like the first normal thing we’ve done since the pandemic, despite all the social justice messaging. Jeep’s commercial sounded great but had a major issue. The Supreme Court will review the necessity of the Fourth Amendment, along with multiple 2020 election lawsuits. A column in the L.A. Times called “What can you do about the Trumpites next door?” complains after a neighbor shoveled the author’s driveway. A 95-year-old German woman was charged as complicit in the Holocaust, and Glenn dives into how that happened. Does the U.S. have its first political prisoner since FDR? The Supreme Court ruled that California can’t ban all of indoor worship. The Hyppo Awards are coming, and Glenn goes over the endless list of nominees.

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How America its Monday. It's a super Monday recovering from the Superbowl, the first kind of normal thing. I think we ve done in a year. We begin at sixty seconds programme toe It is the kind of guy who had spent all day every day out on the golf course if he could, however, There came a time that, not long ago, David was unable to play any longer because of the pain in his left hand in his right knee having give up Gulf was tough for a guy like David, but being in much pain. All the time was actually the real problem David. Desperate for anything to take away the pain. That's when he heard talking about relief factor and like many people like me, I was sceptical but a decided try so did David within two days. David said he could hold onto his golf club again. That's amazing, pretty soon you
back out their play like always and feeling just fine David got his life back. I got my life back. Try really factor not a drug developed by doctors and seventy percent of the people, who try really factor go on to buy more true You'll know within the first three weeks, if it'll help you relieffactor dot com, eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four eight hundred five hundred and eighty three, eighty four, its relieffactor dot com Are you a super bowl? Last night I to play both sides. Yesterday, design was for Tampa lived in tamper, love temper. And and then I really wanted to see Brady win because me too, It shows that the guy is the greatest the greatest quarterback of all time. He is correct me if I'm wrong he's the
babe Ruth of Football easily. I mean that probably beyond baby bits of it he's amazing. He is amazing, and you know it We pisses me off he d and look any different than the first time I ever saw. I'm really not much I mean no shut up pretty amazing. What so what's the deal God, to deal seriously. What's the deal, I mean you gave everything to him and were alike. Have you looked at us have you seen us try to run? What's the deal he gets a single model, I mean, of course he tells us like that. Lays like that. Of course he does near there's another think God, where are super models There are wives, of course, that's what we're talking about right right, Did you see less? Did you see last night the the quick throw away? First of all the we'll talk about it. Adds maybe later. If we have time,
Did you feel, like you you. You were in the minority race in this country. Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah for the whole year, build up by irreversible Sunday I mean. Thirty nine, our lead up delegation rightward, starts. I think, on Thursday night just goes all the way through, so they all kinds of equality, social justice? If I yet I felt like I was like the only why it felt like a token white people. Yes it really too. Yes, they were not talking to me the whole day. We're not talking to me that's for sure that was quite see. I didn't feel that way during the game at and watch the pre game stuff, but I didn't feel that way, but I did you know I mean, and it said it's a good thing that there is always so diverse, but let's not lightly, Not forget.
That you know there's what sixty percent of this country is white muslin lad. Is it shockingly systematic, forgetting prison? You know, where the Hispanics, where the Asian right was amazed, its it was amazing, credible yeah and they may. Some kind of comment: Lake hate people. Come here just for an escape from their in over the grind anymore? They come here for so we'll justice. Now that we, They put it exactly that way, but it was that what he meant by Michael. What who You just name the person you ve yeah, you ruined our escape now, because I not coming here for your social justice stuff. I promise you, I'm not you imagine how many at it did you hear the uproar that Brady was not wearing a mask. Yes, shut up, shut up You know it's an athlete, he needs
Digital during the game now- and I know I wouldn't be wearing a mass another- no the highest level, so its hope had to play both sides yesterday, because my neighbour- and I I don't- I don't even know em, I didn't I mean I literally went to dinner with some friends in my neighborhood and they said Patrick mom was gonna be here tonight and I had to fly out of town- and I was like oh and the guy looked at me and he said Patrick. My home, was gonna, be here tonight and homes, No there's no ass on it. I looked there isn't, as there is drachma homes. I thought it was a to see. That's what I mean. Patrick HOMES. Aid I later in the dinner may have called him Mahomet Ma Homey, at which I just you know I pass off now as a he sees my how he's my he's my homey, which probably is really uncomfortable for everybody, including me,
So he's he's coming back to the neighbourhood and- and I so Mahomet lives in the neighborhood yeah. He lives like not really five doors down while and if its heard building a new house, I think he said that about that night doing on warm up, I don't know his life is pregnant. I think they're coming back, you must, without the home in your neighborhood, must be we too small Forum and Kennedy the whole matter. We just trying to five hundred million dollar contract, so I and I felt bad for again. I know nothing about sport, so please, Just allow me to China who they were talking about right. I had no idea. I had no idea there, like guy, who just signed the five hundred million, can derive a million dollar contract and I said on what they're, like all Glenn. Please leave just leave right now, so it's probably a good thing. I remember somebody tell the story of how
dinner with He was a fan of the wife of how shoot. Now I can't remember as Santana. What's his name led guitar, I see that the greatest Carlos and heartless antenna He was having dinner with Carlo Santana and his wife. Any was a fan of his wife and he was talking about you know all the things she was doing. Everything else and he looks at Carlos Antenna said, and what do you do? and head he's a guitar player, and he said oh well, you know Maybe that'll work out for you like it did, and indeed years before they had dinner, so the I feel bad for Muslims, but right yeah, but homes bonds, because I mean what is it with Kansas City? They just kept getting by. In the head with the with the ball, I mean he was throwing it right and they,
I don't know you, don't want face mass court of your time here which, through their arms indolent home address, can like yeah guys. I don't know you to use arms right. It's not soccer, and I know that there is a lot of drop balls from perfect is perfect. Throws too from him he's just he's incredible. He Did you see the thrall where he's horizontal to the ground, because he's falling Jerry, throwaway, perfect twenty yards pass. That was also dropped I think we really irritated by the little. Tat, I would have been released spoke I mean I don't know what happened to the rest of the team. The ITA, whether plenary nasty test out Andy, read what was why were they that means just Holding they get. They gave the game In many ways, yeah yeah, it's too bad, although was caught and like you, I would like to see Brady when I was to his seven hours ago. I got a cool
I'll tell my homey. Maybe this good for you. Maybe I'll keep trying you try and maybe you know I'd amount to something. So why do you know you might even get into the big leagues when I was in college for whatever levy living. Let ask you this: did you notice the of the hat two were. Says the here in this box is a year We have invited all of the families of the officers said we're in that valiant valiant fight against the writers on January Sixth, oh yeah, and and even wave in the family of one of the officers that was killed, and I thought well it's really meet. Where is the boxes. Where are the is there contain all
of the other families that lost their lie, lost their re, their family member over the summer. Forty some way where, where were they, I mean, I know you had room so where Jupiter really made me angry, because I like all. That's really none. I wait a minute. You knew them by the way. Police officer that lost his life for suppose it at the hands of the mob apparently did because he didn't die from blunt force. Trauma right, see that ordinary candia? He do. You didn't sign fire extinguisher or anything else, blunt force, fake news again Can they don't even know what killed? Here? That's amazing, amazing, it might have been the super spreader event that kill him
so our spread errors and super spreader of anti motivated by just got covert quickly. Really really he asked in daily via buddy is very version of everybody is very upset about? Last night, my wife said, and I mean I don't know I was guessing. I was guessing and my wife came and she's like. While look at that, I mean it's grade, ride everybody getting together again this the first normal thing we ve done, and I said those are cardboard got out and then she said what I said: I'm pretty sure those are cardboard cut out. Thirty thousand of a gift card card Card Board, cutouts Stew, is there were even hear from him tomorrow, but still Is there he goes every year at incredible that he gets in. I naturally and a year like this, I did I was going to do now. He did it get pictures of somebody gave me. the leaves. The feeling of it. I thought was to me in. Is the first normal thing we ve done. Yet
I feel that way. You're nice, it was nice, it was nice. There is a lot of in your face on the social justice stuff, but I didn't during the game. It wasn't is bad. I watch during the game, so I didn't notice that I didn't notice that I just noticed that all of the ads and I am sensitive to this now because my daughter just got any and she's she wants to act. What have I done wrong? Lord? Please? What have I done wrong? anyway. So she just got an agent and the age and said to her straight up: sweetheart, we'll take it on board your white. Yeah, and there is very a few calls for any white, actresses- is in anything, but will take you on why yeah, I mean it was me she was just like no there's nothing. Now:
I got nothing for you. Don't expect your phone to ring. As an incredible yeah yeah- and I said well, she really wants the the expertise of you. Now I ll send em, you know going for additions and everything else and you- and I I might have said a little rejection would be good cause. Maybe it would discourage her from. All of this insanity, but she she so revolt. What went when I get a call, it doesn't say you know lookin for anyone, but white people I'll. Let you know, while that's incredible. Was watching it last night and feeling that and then there was this the great jeep commercial. Do we have the jeep commercial really good? a jeep commercial? Until I realized plan-
rings. Example in Kansas. Standing on the exact center of the lower forty eight it never closes all are more than welcome to come meet here in the middle. It's no secret. The middle has been a hard place to get to lately between red and blue, between serving and citizen, between our freedom and our fear wait a minute now fear has never been the best of who we are and as for freedom, it's not the property of just the fortunate few. It belongs to us all, whoever you are, wherever you is, what nexus
and we need that connection. We just have to remember the very soil we stand on. Is common ground, so we can get, we can make it to the top through the desert and we will cross. Our life has always found its way through the darkness and there's home on the road. To now. Is that not great? Do you not agree with every word that were spoken? I mean it was only much its wits bit stirring in your like? Ok, that's great, that's great! Yes, where America common ground, not stolen land.
If, if, if evident, if you didn't see that add or you you didn't read, recognise who that came from, I will I'll share that I give you one minute to go away if you don't want it racked, but then, if, if you ve already seen it, Oh, I have a few things to vent on we'll do that here and justice. Egg alma stakes Valentine's day is right around the corner. Can didn't worn? Yet now you could go out to that twenty five percent capacity, restaurant, where you are required to wear a mask until your seated, because the the virus only exist at I level? Only I don't know if you know this, that's why you can go to a bar Keziah stand up, you know tables and of your at what will stand up tables. Well then, when you sit down you're completely safe, suitably LISA goes, you shoot right over your head, a b, a blast or you could share a romantic restaurant style dinner at home with the juciest most tender and delicious stakes known to man. I'm talking about
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station. I d outright right yeah, so yeah yeah, so the road ahead I mean we just we just need to be in the middle. Well, ok, that would an interesting place to be they are not necessarily the right place. Body would be. I understand the sentiment that we need to be in the middle. We need to come together, because the ground were standing on is common ground of exactly right. Unless you been telling us it's been stolen ground, for the for the last twelve years band and now teaching it to our children. Oh in and it was nice to have the church there, except you know you now have people say
that it is that its christian extremists- that are causing all the problems and so that the Euro, that that was that was the day there was a coup. I'd like to go to that church in the middle of the country. I dont know if it's open, big of all the covert restrictions, but it would be really nice and you know the thing that really kind of really bothered me. I mean, besides the use of the cowboy boots in the farms and everything else that you despise on the left Exit Bruce Springsteen did it the guy who was called the impulse was was saying all kinds of outrageous things about Donald Trump. For the last, for years. Very, very device. It would be you so you can understand it on the left. It would be as if I that commercial,
Eta, you would, you would understand now how the rest of the country feels when Bruce Springsteen. Does that commercial? You see what I mean might have great intentions, but I dont know who the messenger is might have been better just with a voice over what in a kick ass commercial without celebrity endorsement Maybe that's just me domino. No, that's not just you know it doesn't get much more extreme. Then Bruce Springsteen for him to say come to the middle and we we all want to get along together what are the last people on this planet did should be preach in that because it doesn't work coming from him, Did you see the Red it commercial five seconds? Five? Six?
Reddit commercial, yeah, I'm a second to none of us thought you might have missed. It was light at five seconds long here it is cash I was just right in the middle says. Is it said that while this actually worked, if you're reading this mean are, it means, are bet paid off big game spots, expensive, so we couldn't by a full one, but we were inspired and decided to spend our entire marketing budget on five seconds of airtime. One thing we learned from our communities last week is that underdogs can accomplish just about anything when they come together around The common idea, who knows maybe you'll be the reason. Financial textbooks at a chapter on tendencies, maybe your. Why help are Superbowl teach the world about the majesty of owls? Maybe I'll even pause. This five second add powerful things happen when people rally around something they really care about and
a place for that it's called red it, while our VLAD this is the blunder programme. Well. It is a day ending, and why- and that means yet another victory for cyber criminals. They just they only work on days when they end in a. Why, just men unveiled bonobos. Clothing is, are you say it bonobos online clothing, retailer has just had inform its customers of a data, breach that expose the personal information of up to seven million customers, but only seven million people, have you bought anything for models. The data which is a leaked, a hacker forum has information that cybercriminals used in fishing attacks and identity theft. It happen to everybody. Just happened your boss here he's going through it
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with amendment or searches warrantless searches, yes,. I was just going to say for them. Fourth amendment is the right against wordless searches of a person's home. It is one that I mean it's number four, it's one of the things that really set us apart forever. We then set apart in in in many places of you'd. Have you seen the movie? Are the serious criminal? No. It's it's really good show I gets from great Britain at least the first, when I watch was from great Britain and then an influx. Yet x and then there's aversion from France. Germany in Spain and so in their different stories. And different actors in different countries. Obviously, and I was watching the one I think from Spain and unlike what you can't o crap, you can do that in Spain,
same in Germany were there. They do things the police do things you're like they could disorderly dismay, searches. Now, it's crazy. What's it amazing protection? It really is so now, Supreme Court is looking into see. If that really is something we should worry about before a police officer or any other governor official can enter your home. They have to show a judge that they have probable cause that they will discover specific evidence of a crime. This was Because the king- and this is what the Stasi Day this with the KGB dear, this is what all of the Marxists do just go into a house? And they say we know their hiding something I mean look at em. We know their hiding something and then tear your house apart and they'll. Do it sometimes just to harass four times because they really think that they have something on you, but it doesn't matter in the end and
can come into your house at any time. There are some exceptions to this right. I wasn't aware of this, but it makes sense. The exceptions are police officer looks through a window seat Person about a stab another person, Can the officer go in and stop the attack does. Have a warrant, yes because there's probably cause right, I would say, streams. Reasonable car extra scream serves as an end. It is. It falls under emergency aid the extreme circumstances. So if somebody, if the officer looked through the same window and see somebody collapsing from a heart attack, they can go on and how they can go in and help but neither of these the gourd have ruled violate the fourth amendment. However, there.
Is something else called the community caretaking exception. Originally, it comes from a case in which police took a gun out of the trunk of impounded vehicle without obtaining a warrant, the supreme court held that there was a community care taking exception to this. Worth amendments warrant required because police perform community caretaking functions, told before a divorced from the detection investigation, acquisition of evidence relating to the violation of a criminal statute. Stop it that's ridiculous! That's insane. I think you'd you're very gazing, waiting. The fourth amendment there I know their case was this is an abandoned car while and you can't just leave a gun in the car. Ok, all right. Now, in the first two exceptions, you can understand at this last exception is now
limited to in immediate emergency. Guy. That's just not just performing a common good. Ok, here's the new case Does this apply to a person's home. Remember they found a gun, sure shouldn't. The court has announced that they're gonna hear arguments next month on a case that present this issue in the case, Mr Kenny, Can you, whatever Arguing with his wife and mellow dramatically put in unloaded gun on the kitchen table and said just shoot me now and get it We're with he didn't read me her with the gun it was unloaded. He put it in the center of the table, Just shoot me now. His wife.
In this argument called a non emergency number for the police who arrived the police. Disagreed, whether the possible was acting normal or agitated, but they convince him to take an ambulance to the local hospital for an evaluation police. Go with him, While he was on his way to the hospital. The MRS told police that her husband kept to hand guns in the home, the police, He decided to search the home for the guns without obtaining a warrant now the misses, it consent to have the police search their home. But it was legally navigated because the police lied to her and said o your husband said it was ok for us to certain sees all of the guns that one and true, so located the two guns Seize them
and he sued for the violation of his fourth amendment right to privacy and his second amendment right to keep hand guns in the home for self protection. The first circuit court of appeals, which is the federal court just under the Supreme Court, sided with the police. The court wrote at its core Community caretaking doctrine is designed to give police elbow room to take up Aubrey IT action when unforeseen circumstances present some transient hazard that requires immediate attention, remember the elbow room clause. Let's just right, it's right with a good body go out is then in understanding. The core purpose of the doctrine leads to the conclusion that it should not be limited to just motor vehicle context ready to individual and community safety are not confined to the highways, while your cousin, you couple that with these civil asset forfeiture,
duration, is going on. That kind of similar no one ever seems to talk about the nobody talks about and it's what I think is one of the most critical problems we face right now. Freedom lies Twenty nine billion dollars in assets have been stolen from people of less fourteen year in case you don't know what that is. This comes from a Reagan law. The Rico ACT was I think it was when they were trying to get mobsters and they couldn't get. They couldn't get obstacles and because they and all this wealth and everything else, all the Rico ACT. You could go. We and you could take their assets and hope and then, when they draw a good out later, yeah you'd work it out later or you'd sell them. If they went to jail forever. And it was a cut through the constitution- was a reasonable lish caught, I dont like The constitution is a bigger share, much bigger issue now yeah yeah back, then it was I we ve got. You know the Gambino Crime family, everything else.
Always trouble always comes when you go yeah, but no right, no buts That's because down the road These are the things that happen so now. Civil asset forfeiture if you're just driving in a place and they happen to see cash. The you open up, LA box, and you have you know thousand dollars an hour, a thousand dollars of cash. You just have cash. You know like it from a bank do ticket they take it. They can and they can legally take it, keep it and keep it and you're not you're, not charged with anything you're not charged with any kind of crime. You just lost your ten thousand dollars or in some cases much more than that there was a guy in Utah pulled over by the Utah Highway patrol who lost five hundred thousand dollars That, although it is all the way to the Supreme Court, the springboard eventually told him you gotta, give it back. And, as of like a
your go, I've heard that I am followed up on this, but he still hadn't gotten it back, probably because they spent it yeah. Probably these at the bees are the towns, and this is gonna, get much worse as we go into an economic recession or depression, the towns are using this to survive They can't write enough tickets or they don't have enough income tax carried in it fights the drug lords is they claim in Texas will that right, that's money that its valuable to fight against the drug cartels. Well? I'm sorry, that's not your money. You that's no excuse you can have that that's it's not you wars that belong to an american citizen and theirs- crime with with carrying cash on your person. There's no crime, you can do it if you want, but you have it. A reasonable person wooden right, a reasonable rice and wouldn't have five hundred thousand dollars in cash. That's that's true, and that's what they say is true. I mean people work if you are travelling with cash now
you're traveller really with anything and it is suspicious, but so what the well few. If you had the cash and you took it from the from the bank, you keep. You have to keep them dank I'll, keep the restatement here. So you know that it came out of their, but even That does doesn't say doesn't save you even if you have the receipt of where this cash came from, it still nothing, save you and they'll, do this Airports they'll do this on high ways: they'll confiscate people in there. I was in Texas that are jammed Alla time. Like that all the time- and it's it's not good and is happening all over the country, when people say what rights of inviolate well, that that would be one warrantless searches that would not get other one. Let you know This one is lying to the police. So they were lying to the police and the courts
said yeah, but they can. They can do that because extenuating circumstances I mean they were looking for the car they were lying. They lied about it, It's the same thing. The fire a court. The B. I lied to the fire court. To give to spend all of Donal trumps teams, civil rights all over them. Yet had no privacy, they were listening, it was wire, it was warrantless all of it. The start of the whole problem to erect and it was bad on a lie and if the, if they could do it to him. The president of the United States What do you think they're gonna do to you as I saw this case, I thought boy. This is something the left has got to be funding the left his to be pouring money into this court case. Who is when arguing that case, because think of
can be done to your rights. If you lose the fourth amendment its completely gone you're, not a cop of a crime they didn't have to HU, a court, and you find police officers in your house, and you can hey where's your warrant. You just have to take it boy. That is not. America, now? Let me tell you what my patriot supply, never a bad idea to be prepared for the worst case scenario. View could be no move out of the country and start a subsistence farm actually I know, people who have done that, which is I mean then you can give over back of wild dogs and shot guns to were if anything goes wrong. That's a lot of work. That way too much work for me
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com. This is the Glenville Programme Supreme Court Friday listed another high profile law suit for consideration for its MID February conference. It is several high profile. Election law suits the cases glue challenges to the twenty twenty election from Trump aligned lawyers as well as republican representative might Kelly's Pennsylvania law suit? Nearly every law suit that there are set to here as an issue with the expanded use of mail in ballots by so many states the decision came after the court declined to fast track all the election related it litigation. In early January, the its push them off, but lawyer, said none at all. These are these challenges are important and could have long term implications for election fairness. The trump
lawyer, John Eastman, told the washing and examined, or even with Trump out of office. It was important to settle these issues raised by expanding malian voting. Our Lee no issue remains important and in need of the court's review is not overturn the election, This will hopefully set the record straight of a baton, the Tunisian, says only the legislature can chew those rules only the legislature we want to change it. That's fine, and the the governor it is going to go. I mean they already are. What was it hr? One has been introduced in the Congress was to federal lies all the elections you know, so we can guarantee that their safe and fair. That is the worst idea ever all elections should be local. Let's see here,
Oh in another story of really good news, I really like this one there's legislation now to you now going through the Nevada House to establish new this areas that will allow companies to form separate local governance. Now now I have to tell you I don't, have a problem with companies, I mean company towns. I don't have a problem with companies deciding you know. We want to do our own town and we're going to innovate and we're gonna. Do that's what wall is he dead? War was going to do with EPCOT, don't have a problem, as As as long as you don't violate the constitution you know as long as you're as long as everything remains constitutional there, you have nothing to say but whose moving into a high tech tat. Whose moving into the Google pay. We have eyes everywhere, so
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proof positive! You can not do parity anymore because there is. There is no there's nothing considered insane anymore. There's no, there there's no path that takes you too far down dark rope. There is an object, peace in this weekend's LOS Angeles Times and are bad entitled. What can you do about the trumpets next door? Halfway through? I thought this had to be. Apparently I thought ok, they're gonna make a boy near the end. No, We too serious, Abed and I'll, give it to you what what what kind! you do about the trumpets next door
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and I am quoting now oh hack, now the trumpets next door to our pandemic get away who seemed as devoted to the ex president as you can get without being q fans just ploughed our driveway without being asked, and they did it a job. How am I gonna rid z? S demands for unity in the face of this act of aggressive niceness. Now, you're thinking knock it, it's a joke right, of course, on some level I realize I owe them thanks and man really looks like the guy back dragged the driveway like a pro I mean, but Much thanks, I'm still quoting These neighbours are staunch partisans of blue lives. How, dear oh, my god Police officers Ya'Ll model, so they do what they do. They believe they support them ass. They do they do they do
there aren't a lot of anything other than white lives in the neighbourhood. Are you white guys semi new moved in so if you, moved in your not white? Well, they didn't seem to have some sort of a process to keep people like you out now. Did they If you are white, that's your problem! Why Didn't you by that and give that to a minority, or why did you not by that? and go find some place? There was more diverse this also kind of weird back in the city? People don't sweep other people's walkways for anything Hezbollah, the Shi Ite Islamic Political Party in limit on also gives away things for free internal, getting the others,
like Hezbollah, so we we ve, we ve gone from. They ploughed my driveway too. I think their members of Hezbollah favours Hezbollah, does for people in the cities. Probably don't involves snow plows but like third mafias. So now, from bites or Hezbollah. And the mafia Hezbollah tends to its own the Shi Ite, sick, elderly and hungry. They offer section and hospitality and win loyalty that way they all so demand devotion to their brutal us versus them. Anti Sunni Cause Some of us are family that favours, say the right story. Infidels. I think when the I was putting on the snow plotted to plough your driveway. I think that's. What are you thinking where family appear or in the mountains and get away with them, Lee member to plough this driveway and next I expect you
kneel down to a giant golden statue of Donald Trump. As we slit the throat of babies. The same is true to Louis Farrakhan Oak. So now political Hezbollah me. Thea and Louis Farrakhan Louis, Ferrok Shahn, who currently homesick nation of Islam, while the southern Poverty LAW centre classifies him as a dangerous anti semite. By the way this Their poverty law centre is a pile of crap an agenda organization run by the left. They define him as a dance, dangerous, anti semite much of his phloxes he's just a little screwy and unfailingly generous to them. O k, when some again, if you just joined us, I'm reading from a serious up ad in the LOS Angeles Times,
when someone helps you when you're down or snowed in its almost impossible to regret. We regard them as a player on the world. In fact, You are more likely to be overwhelmed with gratitude and convinced of the persons inherent goodness. You might end up like the upper middle class family. I stayed with in France as a teenager. They did- to tend citywide celebration for the hundredth birthday of Charles De Gaulle, the war hero who orchestrated the liberation of his country from not in Germany and nineteen, forty four did have several portraits of a Nazi Calabro collaborator on their wall. When I screwed up. And found the courage to ask? How was it during? The occupation for you, the late of the house replied. We were happy. As the Nazis were very polite,. I was in tears. I bet Abed
I mean here, you're staying at a yet another white families, house and they turn out to be nazi collaborators, but I'm trying to figure out exactly what that story has to do with it, I who just ploughed your driveway as if it wasn't offensive enough that you That you call him in a public space, the guy I mean if you read the allay times, you don't think he's gonna, know I'm probably the guy who was plowing the driveway. This is your thank you. You call me mob member, a member of it as the law or a nazi collaborator. Well from ploughing, thereby allowing the neighbors driveway adroit without being asked. So when I
subject iraqi from my pandemic neighbours acknowledging the legitimate kindness with a wave or a plate of cookies. Am I also ceiling us in as fellow travellers who are very polite. To each other, but not so. Much to them. Loving your neighbour is evidently much easier when your neighborhood is Philippine full of people. Just like you, you think. Maybe that's why you get along with everybody where you live in LOS Angeles. Maybe That's why you can't find a conservative at all in New York City, because you I'll just congregate, and you all think that you're right and there is no room for anybody else's opinion, and so you just brutalized them. You know me. In that scenario we're the them. My neighbors supported a man who showed near murderous contempt for the majority of Americans. My neighbours supported a man
who showed near murderous contempt for the Majority of Americans. Ok- What are you doing you you're, you're, taking half of the country because I supported Trump and you're saying there, Hezbollah terrorists? mafia members or not, See collaborators. Well, she I can. Stan cause. I wouldn't want to bring a piece apply to one of those guys. Don't you understand that. Exactly what you're doing you almost a murderous contempt for her the country they kept him in business with our support the ploughing on January six after the insurrection, Senator Ben SAS issued an awe shucks plea for all Americans to love their neighbours. The united. Data said? Isn't there
fields and Macao toys, this blood feuds forever, and he added you can't hate, someone who shovels you're driveway at the time, I seized why. I really great advice from somebody. Last week said it would go, go into family therapy, for I don't know us and reasons most of them were- is, coincidentally, have the name of my children attached to it, but so I go to the Airbus and he said: listen, Here's what I want you to do. I want you to. I want you to ask ok. So what how did you get there? and I said, ok and then they'll say this and then they'll say this and then they'll say this and then I just want to punish him in the face and he said, or the punching in the a thing. I said I'm kidding and he said he I know I'm writing it.
About to assume the government will have access to these. He said I want you to whenever you find yourself getting really upset, stop he's a because! That's U S up them! That's you. And you're upset, because of thing, you believe or something that you think and the challenge to you, and this is the way we all feel we feel as though our country going away. And no one's doing anything about it and our rights are about to be lost and so yeah I get a little tents, but they're, not feeling that, and you are you are not going to be able to even listen to them once you start feeling that way, he's like you have to get control of what's inside of you and
separate that when you're in these conversations. That's really good advice, really good advice, so he says at the time of the capital, I see. That's a new man you, and it was in me too, because I felt these but we're taking away our country now. What's weird is I felt that way during. The riots all summer long, so I'm consistent you're, not You should ask why you seed, then didn't see the a few Let's go. He said. I see the capital had just been desecrated, but, maybe my neighbour heard Sassin was determined to make a bid for reconciliation. Maybe your neighbor didn't like that Maybe you have you thought of that. Your neighbor didn't like that. Because of your neighbor was a trump supporter.
I know a lot of trump supporters. In fact, I know a majority of Thompson. Trumped supporters were like that. Cool. Stop that I know I was really angry. I see the. And why was I really angry? If I have to examine that because I knew doped like you would classify, everybody on the right as somebody who back that anti guess. Who's It again so here's my response to my ploughed driveway for now politely, but now profusely? knowledge his kindness with a wave and thanks a minimal start on building back trust, not notice that and next door has to build up this guy's trust eaten the The trump supporter, as all work to do you just
to tolerate them. The ever think that maybe the tree Goes both ways. The lack of trust is going both ways you ever. Can see. This is what kills me and an eye guilty of this myself. Adopted a new phrase in my life and I ve got a few of them question boldness. The very existence of God forth there be a gaudy, must surely rather honest questioning over blindfolded fear, the other There are many things. I believe that I shall never say, but I shall never say the things I do not believe. And the third one? I just forgot, don't forget higher the vet that until she's just forgot this one, its oil it's this the only thing I am certain of. Is that I'm not certain of anything? That's it
if we could just adopt that the world will be a much different place because air one is certain of the truth. Everyone. Marge Retailer Green was certain that q was real. Well, no, Now did she really change your mind or not? I don't know C is certain Our point of view is the right way to go. We have to stop being. Certain of things because honestly tell me, you don't trust anything right, I don't so could you possibly be certain of Instead of just tolerating I'm not ready, I quote
the article I'm not ready to knock on the door with a cover dish. Yet maybe you should the EU should maybe you should go to them and say you know what my turn. My turn and it's not just bringing you a cover dish. Could you come over for dinner cause I just I just wanna get to know how are you Were supported, don't try to be right, don't try to win. Just try to understand and I will patch you. But you will find a lot of common ground, and it's gotta be hard because I know, would be almost impossible for me, I might have to up from a dinner with you, the author of this article, I would probably I would probably just just say: I've got bad diarrhoea. I gotta get up from dinner
about every five minutes. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude. Just go out and breathe. But I'd be willing to do it. And I'd be willing to listen and try to win or not make a little two things year by their new. But how many people are willing to do that very few very few and that's stops us from actually seeing the things that we do agree on Oh wait, a minute. You know we're. Tell me the other day you you were really upset about this. Did you read this story about this. If you talking to somebody who is willing to go down that journey with you. I can guarantee you. They didn't know that story. I get out cause I've done with many friends. They don't Read that we read, Much of their stuff they read? None of ours.
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we're bringing the russian collusion well, as I think so, but he's not everybody to know he's got more as if not the stuff they presented at the trial. He's got bigger stuff that they didn't presented. The trial apparently word that saved it. For now yet is weird. Is an estimate of the trial- and you know, what's also weird, is: is it act? Lee and official proceeding. If, when you go into court, the large says I won't sit behind the bench for this. This is this is a mockery, and then the police just say you you're a respected citizen. You sit behind. Events, do do you think that's legal and binding? Is that really? Because that's exactly exactly what Hitler did, but it's also exactly what the Democrats are doing. The supreme or just this,
Sean Roberts said. I'm not sitting bind the destitute can't do it's not constitutional islands, You said this: joke and a mockery. Eva, don't worry about it when they get to your mom trial. We're gonna laugh the sins. Ok, there's a reason we gotta experts when we need something down, especially if that something is really important like buying or selling a home. It's one of the most important and difficult decisions you'll ever make that's. Why the state agents, I trust, is there to guide every step of the way these are the real estate agents who have taken upon themselves to be the best in the field and to do business. Your way. My way with a handshake with of meaning there are high performing types and
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I just told you about an article in the belly times this weekend. It was actually an hour bad piece. Can I do about the trumpets next door. And I'm gonna, I'm Gonna tell you another story, and even though the person in the allay times like it their neighbor, who was a tromp supporter, a supporter of blue lives matter, somebody who do something nice for them ploughed their driveway. All the main member of Hezbollah or likened them to Hezbollah, the Martin, Nazi or not see supporters and collaborators. Even though nobody got in trouble for that. I want to tell you another story, and I
ask you. This question is your listening to this. I want you to ask this question: how did she get there. Last week, a ninety five year old woman had charges, Filed against her german prosecutors, filed the charges against her ninety five Years old, she was Implicit. With the murder of ten thousand people a nineteen year old, ninety five year old woman, and where would they then, while the ten thousand people were in her own country of Poland and the ten thousand people were in a concentration camp. Now, she was there at the concentration camp. And she was a typist and a secretary.
Now. The reason why they, they tried her in a juvenile court. And she was tried in a juvenile court, because when she was sheep meat. When this was happening. She was eighteen. She was a juvenile. She was from us. Small town by Hamburg. And she was there typing and aiding the the commandant of the camp. Ok, what are you certain of here. Because I'm I'm certain nazis or bad, I am certain that The concentration camp idea bad idea, I'm certain that killing
choose a bad idea. I am certain that those are beyond a bad idea. They are absent, Lee an affront to God and it doesn't matter that there were Jews, because gypsies to homosexuals, religious scholars, capitalists, priests, Falada people, Why do all those people have in common? They were an enemy to the thousand year Reich. Now. Here's a girl at eighteen. She goes to work for one of those concentration camps. In nineteen forty. What did it say Nineteen thirty nine. So she was eleven. I think right when no, she was nine when Hitler came to power so right, came to power in thirty thirty
the third really yeah, ok, thirty, three! So she's, a she's, a teenager she's in her formative years. You know one of the things that really formed me was growing up in being a high school student during the Reagan administration that changed me. And things like family ties, Michael J Fox, that's supported my views that I saw here's a girl, she's eighteen years old, He goes to work the concentration camp. Now you would think it is an eighteen year old girl do that. Their use I climbed be. She had to have known I'm not certain of it, I am pretty sure she had who have known she I do have known what they were doing, how do you get an eighteen year old girl to be complicit
in the murderer of ten thousand people just outside of our office. How do you do it. Is she evil its? It's actually not very hard. It's been studied now, since world were world war two and it's it's really quite easy. All you have to do is pick a victim pick, a target make sure they're a target. Make sure you isolate them. And then scorn them and turn the end, higher country around on that group of people, and it's easy to do. You have to be willing to lie have to be willing to tell half truths. And you have to be willing to accept, generalizations all of these people. Think.
Now, on the other side, you have Be young idealistic you have to really believe in something you have to believe that. Your new world that you're trying to build is is worth Any means necessary, you have to believe that It is so wonderful, but what's come, He is so great. It's gonna Digital it'll changed the world and you have to be told so that group of people over there that group of people there that reason why we're not gonna be able to do it and we ve tried every. I mean you ve seen it we ve tried. We tried to reason with them. Try to talk to them. I mean, I don't want you listen into them and don't talk to them. We ve shut off all their communication, so they can't get any of that disease out among you, weren't Yemen infected yet don't talk to them
because you can get infected and if your infected well then you're part of them What are we gonna do? Well, we ve tried everything we ve tried. Everything We got to round them up. And then, when we round a mob, there's just too many of them. You ve gotta, get rid of these people and their non really people freely, not they live on crazy, it's really a sickness or I don't know, is it did genetic. I don't know, but I dont want it spread. I don't want my kids with these people. And if we let them get out, they'll spread this disease then our dreams and our hopes are over there. How you get an eighteen year, old girl to citizen typist,. You just keep telling her that the Jews and the gypsies and the homosexuals and the capitalists and the priests. We are all so bad.
That everything you believe in it to be destroyed by those people, what I just said. Has been said by both sides. If we don't stop the left and Glenn It's time we do somethin. How are we gonna stop the left. Well, I don't know what your recommendation is, but I don't we, To go down the same path, at leads us exactly to this. I don't know what your suggestion is, but it's either get control and then silence those people one way or another. Or it started civil war, not for either of those.
So the right has said this, but they ve set it in reaction to the left openly. People laden, The people in the high position saying we need a re education process For these people out, what are we gonna? Do a loss Angeles times ah bed piece in may Geneva said: what are we gonna do with all these Jews. I mean it wouldn't be a problem. We wouldn't have this jewish problem if I weren't so many Jews, you wouldn't have these problems. We can get everything solved if it wasn't for all these people on the right there still believes in their gun, toting nonsense there too, drawing their children. I think they're mentally unstable, but let's some compassion, let's try try to re educate them, but we can't third disease spread. We can shut them down on social media and then
just look at what they're saying who they're saying it too. We can can we can manipulate their news feeds to try. To change them. If, in the end that doesn't work, I don't know what we're gonna do. Maybe this ninety five year old woman Boucher. Ben, maybe she was maybe she grew up and she was like Ike Jews and she still saying I hate Jews. Or maybe this ninety four ninety five year old woman was just Had gone down the same path that american are going down right now made this ninety five year, old woman should see- some compassion. Maybe I don't know I don't know her. I don't know the case, but maybe. Maybe, if.
If, once it was all over, perhaps. She realized holy cow? What had I been a part of. I was in a hysterical mob and look what we did. We should, We should think and watch this story. Because it's it's it's not the Germans. The did this its people that did this and people did have done. And since the beginning of mankind, round them up there. The problem back, man would we watching. The Superbowl yesterday mean cheese. How did he go from the super bowl. Ever since the start of the whole corona virus pandemic, more
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in an interview with Dave, you, banks and you might have heard about the the fighting in the revolution in Burma or say I can't. I can't remember what they call. What me me Amar, Call me a more its Burma. This was a hostile takeover by the military. They they had a woman who was elected President and she was getting too big internationally. She was of a very much like a Nelson Mandela. She made stake of negotiating with the army and the army is known for genocide and she, ok, ok and she allowed them to go into play. In writing. I think it is in Burma and just stop slaughtering Muslims. Well same time the hour. It's been slaughtering Christians.
Dave. You banks is this guy who has just remarkable the free Burma Rangers theyve they ve gone in. We ve worked with them with mercury. One They ve gone into Syria, the gun into a rack theyve. They save people and he was in the middle of the jungle. And an hiding from the the army. Who will show them all the time? He was just talking about thee huh, grids and hundreds of thousands of people that are displaced and They all survive because of donations and they somehow or another. They are smuggled across the border and food and water and everything these people who have lost everything? It's it's. It's provided or them- and these guys are amazing. These are Christians who are dry. To be killed because of their belief.
There never get a stop until the army until Burma becomes Berman again that they'll never stop and I would just urge you to go to Free Burma Rangers DOT, org Free Burma, Rangers DOT, Org and read about what they do. And and get involved. If you want to donation just go to free. Burma Rangers Dotcom, and when I watch the skies incredible he's release his whole family goes with him. I mean there's is amazing, video of him saving these these people in Syria, where he should be dead. Absolutely dead. But he believes he such a strong christian. He believes that it is time. Is here gotta, let him know the family, is out in the jungle with him. His kids, I mean it's an amazing family check it out,
free. Burma rangers it's something you can do, Maybe will let leave the eyes of God, look on us with a little softer heart and- and maybe even though we deserve everything we have coming, maybe they'll, be some grace and mercy back and just
we'll do do we have our first political prisoner sense. Lefty are I mean I would, I would say, the concentration camps of the japanese Deaf D, ARS greatest move that nobody seems to want to recognize anymore, for some strange reason that, finally, the last time we had political prisoners before that, I think we'd have to probably go back to the Wilson administration, but now there is no need to go into those. Does the old books there back? We will tell you not only about impeachment and what to expect this week, but also our first political prisoner in almost a hundred years in sixty seconds Glenn Programme,
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Well, Neuro about it, but do you have to George Washington laughed? He was still. He could still make money. He could replace it but you'd have to go back to them. Guys where they had put all of their money in two things- and you know for a while, they didn't go well he's the first president to leave office in quite some time that has haft his neck net. Earth and there's no way he's gonna make it back. Think of that the sacrifice that that guy made half of his net worth gone and how you get back there. Country in the world that he could go to, that would accept him and for what? For what. Potty mouth from the tweets. What what? What exactly did he do that was so horrible, but the man shouldn't be in blight company ever well The little orange
ok. You know orange bad bad. I forgot I forgot about that so according to Forbes. He had four point five billion dollars and when he got into office in January he left with two point: five billion. I mean while it's not gonna, be living in a trailer park with two point: five billion, but his family, I even think, is destroyed. We have a son on Junior, we have gone from Junior on Wednesday night. The tv show you don't want to miss that, but He is now going through impeachment and. You know in John Roberts- says Ok, this Supreme Court Justice is, opposed to sit there. I'm supposed to sit there and adjudicate this thing. And so the constitution calls for, but this doesn't this: is not constitutional. What you're doing is not constitutional. You can only
stop someone from running from a for a position again. If you have victim him. You can impeach then it's gotta go to the Senate and you have to convict. Then, you have to remove after you ve, convict and removed from office, Then you can ban by there is no removal process. So this is just trying to ban somebody and the key Institution does not allowed for that, so I'm I'm going to be there now think. This Can you imagine what the left would say if the Supreme Court said now. We're not gonna sit for that. And then we said well,. Everybody likes Bob overhear, Barbier credible. You can sit, there
do you think that would be tolerate? Would that be tolerated for you? Would you tolerate? Would your family tolerate? If the judge? didn't show up because he said this is this is a mock trial. This is not even trial. Nowhere in the law that is you can try this guy for this. So I'm sorry you could show up in the courtroom, but I ain't hidden for it. Oh ok so then they bring you to the court room and it's just Fred bowling alley friend in your like Fred, what you're doing here, I'm gonna be the judge for this Would you accept that ruling Fred not the judge. Its Fred from the bowling alley. This is what they're doing fact let me play you clip of Alan Dershowitz, who said he would defend The president. Listen only
you take the fifth amendment and you refused to answer in the groundwater truthful answer my tend to incriminate you. Can you draw a negative inference? what if he hasn't been subpoenaed, and he doesn't believe that the Senate has jurisdiction over former president he's right about that, and he believes they have no jurisdiction over a constitutionally protected speech and he's right about that he's right now testify? You can't join a kind of a negative influence. Look. This is political theatre and the reason I'm not a lawyer. In this case I am neither an actor nor a politician and They're just show boating. They The letter in order to get the president to say no, which they knew he would do and then to be able to say, say he wouldn't it Suffice it we must be hiding something did the right thing by not testified, you ought to defend himself solely on constitutional grounds. Senate has no jurisdiction James Madison, James Madison and Federalist. Thirty seven
only a sitting, president can be impeach, not one who was already left office and the text so the constitution supports that conclusion that is remarkable. When Alan Dershowitz says he would support him, but it Show trial? It's not even real. You want to talk bought a banana republic gang. We are here it did. You hear Alan Dershowitz, hoo, hoo, doesn't love. The president wasn't Putting the president did Vote for the president, the first time or this, it. Can time he's a Democrat. And he comes out me says this is a show trial. This is not. This is not some hearing. This is not there not sense censuring him, which I would understand: ok, you want to send for him you why you wanna say a bad.
And slap on the wrist, ok, but you can't take a legal process and Fred from the bowling alley, Charge of it there is no authority and by. By, if the president shows up. I mean I e, I would be really tempted if I were him, I would attempted to make sure that I put on the greatest defence ever and testify and rip them apart by in the end, the thing to do is not show we are not dignify with anything think he should even then you should have sent attorneys. I really don't what a friend is also a member of the moose sludge.
Well, you didn't tell me how the media and the Alps large well, he used to be with the Oaks Lodge, and then he moved them any more now now Elk Man, yeah sure once and Elk Man always and Elk man. He is a member of rotary, the rotary club, though I think oh really so, did you Tuesday meanings Danny's about every other week? Holy cow is fantastic. I didn't know that yeah see you Earl, don't be hasty and just say Fred from the morning. I shouldn't be sitting there. Some other mitigating circumstances here, so I think it's on the up and up. I really do ask you this. Let me ask you this: let's at what old car come on. It's Patrick lay he, oh ok, so so. Let me, let me ask you this path: if I said hey, I have Jesus sitting. There would be ok, then, would it be okay? Well, that will be hard. It wouldn't work hard.
I would like these, not the one that specified in the constitution he's the one specified in the constitution and I think Jesus would say. I'm Little busy for games. Yeah This is a show trial. I wanna be, if I think of any one that you believe would be good. Think of me, you know Donald Trump Junior. You know, if he's in charge, nothing's going to happen You'll be for that now still not prescribed by the patent? No, no it's it's it's. How does no one see the banana republic is How officially here. And we haven't even started with show trials that are happening in Washington Dc America's. Political prisoner, and I dont know how long maybe
Tokyo arose, maybe talk euros first, nickel prisoner because they won't accept the action results that some, their charged with, but because as the judge said, will you at least accept the election results and he said no. He's sitting in jail. Did I hear this? The founders of cowboys for Trump to listen to the story, I'll give it to you in sixty seconds. I now is the time to sit by and watch your hard earned money. You know the cash, you haven't a bank implode hand, its nets, good snapped the time Actually do that it's not the time to watch all of your hard earned money. If this is your, this is retirement. Please please please do some homework. Look
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about it and and they'll make sure that, when it's available than you can get it more likely it's available today that eight six EC scold line eight six gold line or gold line dot com their standing by to take your call right now, ten second station stationary, all right, so Coy Griffin, The founder of cowboys for Trump pad you support this guy. Don't you you evil term. Do I died dont think. Should be in prison. Yeah yeah,
Well, I've read his website to be read as website. I'm not ok, he fear. Even me, am I gonna change your mind, letting go of guy. Don't tell me he's like a trump bite and he believes in securing our border, no protecting our second amendment and protecting the lives of the unborn as the most vital and key aspects in american greatness. What a goofy radical yeah! I know. I know he also rights horseback. Ok, often times carrying an american flag. So can see. You can see now wise. Well, a you know sure He's been denied bail now He has been charged with one minor count of trespassing as part of the Justice Department. Sweeping unheard of never been done before style, investigation into the events of January six Griffin, our new commissioner in New Mexico
ever went into the capital, but it investigators, scoured whose social media account, and that he was well within the restricted area. O k, was outside on the lawn they have proof of that they have proof of. He was on the capital. Lay eyes down the capital on to lay scoured his social media accounts boy. So now you have to know. I see this as a sign that people don't tell you he didn't assault a police officer, no, he didn't break any windows. Ok, he about dot. Did he steal some laptops Zat? What he did know made might Ipad, but no, but he is a Trump supporter. I'll be ok and we all know what those trumped Emmi can you imagine? A trump supporter came over and an shovelled, your walk with snuffed out again and again,
so the the judge said that, you know you mean you, you have to, if you know, except Joe Biden as the legitimately elected president right, we'll know. No, he said well that will also cause you then to die. The authority of the judicial officers appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. What are you talking about? You will not accept my authority, then, which means you're gonna run Well, if somebody was saying that to me My own might run. I might run for the border. No, I was just going to talk about really anyway, so the judge said this is an offence that at the bottom, was an attempt to stop democracy from moving forward. Remember he was in the kapital- he was not part of the mob. He heat he was. He was
out on the grass This was an attempt to stop democracy for moving forward, because people were unhappy you up the results of the election. I dont think that, Then it will follow my conditions if he believes I'm part of the machine of that democratic process. That's why he's being held without bail, held without for a myth, demeanor observation sorry, one minor account of trespassing one your account of it is a federal misdemeanour, don't take it easy, misdemeanor, ok, yeah he's in in jail without bail. Tell me that's not a political prisoner, that's a very definition of a political prisoner. Will you support. Will you support this president? Do you believe that he's duly elected, no ok. Well then you're gonna have to stand jail. I mean share. I can't have a different political view. Then you again
have a different view unwittingly led away. Did you hear the Supreme Court is taking those cases up on the election? The the Supreme Court is taking up several election, the cases that we have been filed by the drum people been filed by NATO attorney. And everything else about you know this was this. This was all bogus because of the the voting laws that have been changed now, sir. But to change the outcome, but the Supreme Court. It is hearing three the cases hearing them. No no other gonna decide, but their hearing them of others. Evidence? No, as we said, nothing had been thrown out, cases had been thrown out for a myriad of reasons, but the cases that actually had something they were never even heard because, there wasn't enough time to prepare them. So they feel that it's important to hear it, so it never happens again and the court
to decide what now wait a minute, just a second, It's crazy for me to say that something was going on. Did you see that they took off tin, pool the band him from Twitter because He read tweeted The time magazine article, I told you about on Friday, he free twitter and argue an article. That said, there was a conspiracy to keep this election? Fair? Now, the v deafened Sure of fair, I think, is in question between me and the writer of that article, but he was a cancer it says in it. It was a conspiracy. So wait a minute. So now you take in pull down for reporting on. Story that time magazine, because he
and think that it was a friendly conspiracy. I dont think spirits sees when it comes to the government in elections should exist. I don't think so. You want to do something be open about it. It's our election, and you're only hurting everyone's credibility by keeping its great, if you think it so great, say something about it well, apparently not Meanwhile, meanwhile, a Griffin It's in jail and I they cause we're all safe. Now we ve got him yeah. I was scared. Little Washington DC was very afraid for a while they're, like that. How wafer tromp is out there I I mean I used to be comfortable, walking the streets of washing, not nessie, no, not with a horse horse.
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and so they lifted the restrictions, which, I think is pretty amazing myself. Their source. Also another story that I find interesting. If you read, if you read the whole story, The headline is Supreme Court lives, California, worship, bands per prompted by growth, a virus, and you like hey. Finally, finally, so, let's over no no red on perhaps the most surprising aspect of the Friday night ruling. The new Justice Amy Coney Barrett, whose conservative catholic views drew suspicion from many liberals in advance of her confirmation last year, declined to grant the churches the most sweeping relief favoured by her. Conservative colleagues. Have we a stable country, Baron or so I hope you have- we lost her already gosh Justice is Neil Gorse, its and Clarence Thomas would have granted all of the churches request, lifting the singing and chanting bands and bar
Californians from enforcing a twenty five percent capacity limit. That applies to many indoor facilities. Okay, so that's what, that's what color? That's what the churches wanted. Only two of the justices said. Yes to that, they went for a middle ground, which says- you have to treat the churches just like you would treat anybody else. So when you say this is a business, and you can do this with a business. Then that applies to the churches and only that well that I mean businesses there. Really included in the bill of rights are now I mean that might be sent. Is that to be I'm not sure I know its, not there. Ok, what's a little descend, a disturbing from He is a lane.
Kragans descent under the courts junction. The state must instead treat worship. Shall services, like secular activities, oppose a much lesser danger, the Mandy defies our case law exceeds. Judicial role and risks. Worsening the pandemic in the worst the health crisis in a century. This form into armchair epidemiology cannot and well. Hang on. Just a second really. What she saying here is The applicants bore the burden of establishing their entitlement to relief from the singing ban. In my view, they didn't carry out that burden, at least not on this record. Even the full congregation singing hymns is too risky. California does not explain when in a single mass candour
lead worship behind a mask Anna Plexiglas Shield. That's gorse! Ich writing this well basic cases and in her, how do you say your name Kagan? Hagen Kagan in her ruling and the descent said that It is not the role for this for the for the stress Supreme Court. To get involved in state issues. That's why she didn't want to realise a sheet. It was dangerous, She also thought that it should be the local governments that made the decisions on these things. Really cause I agree with you on that one that says fantastic now. This will happen. To be a constitutional amendment. Question right, which would you guys are all states must follow? Yes, so you ve got an answer that one right, but why
Why aren't you staying out of everything else? Unbelief unbelievable unbelief, Also it still twenty five percent capacity at California churches and they still can't saying we sing and for time item six month, probably have to wear the mask, though you do have to wear the mask, which is hard yeah. Forty five three minutes is about my limit well out of my skin by then well by the way I want you to know, they ran has had some Minos. Some of the vaccines have gone through, And the eye The ayatollah told his social media Oh, go near any of those who have had the covert vaccine and this of this a big deal because If you remember, I think, was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. When he came to the: U N T explained that
there are no homosexuals in in ran right right right, EL. The ayatollah. Now is saying that, though who have had the covert, I'm quoting don't go, here, those who have had the covert vaccine the become a homosexual ah well all of em, everybody didn't democracy, but he didn't say just don't go near anybody who had the covert vaccine become homosexuals. So that's roosting interest to. How is this a plot by the gate? a organizations right who make us all yeah, we'll sexual? What is What is our say about? This are ya. They use these. The guy who followed up from Q
Is next in line with what is our say about this or ass, he said are said the horse had what they're using this scene. Chemical, that's turn in the friggin frogs gay. I knew it. I say I knew it yeah. I knew a they put that right and in their doing it to us as well as the Roddy come sorry, I'm drawn a line. Gotta do it now, if there is anything wrong with that gay frogs, wouldn't I'm forty eight or people whatever gay clerics right, whoever I've got myself an opposite sex person. Add that I'm sure in my life with results, you're not gonna, get the cove adventure ain't right man, I was a close call. We could really was in together by the end of the week. Thank you. I told a wire.
That would leave it to the eye rainy. You know what we need to start negotiating with these guys re seriously. Let's get a treaty go measures of cash on Roma issue, because these guys they know I Didn'T- we wouldn't have known about alcove. It makes you go gay. No, we would not, if not for them Good thing Joe Biden is in is in large. Now what are your thoughts on the vaccine? Do you want it now I've nodded were already have you had to have had the vivid. Came down. Had the bed. I had that you're, a survivor, I'm a survivor. I want a ribbon What color would my ribbon be cause green? I think that's something to do with being drunk Saint Patrick Stay but there is no problem with that with go
it just as down here the maybe a milky white because of the stuff you cough up. Maybe that's what I want. I want a milky white ribbon. I didn't realize, as oft up milky way as a survivor as a survivor yeah sown where I have that go in. So don't please don't even talk may about covered as you have been there brother, nor have not you have not carry that were not carried a you were not there. You were not there. We were over the years. This was this. Was my generations, Vietnam, world war, two combined bind unwind. What seem time can you imagine fighting world war? Two and at the same time same time like to lay one country over the other you're in Germany and Vietnam, at the same time as he was an old gun and new gun, while helicopters were freak in the Germans out by that,
The Ghana were was that's, gonna war was, and I bet you survived, who now I dont ass. Yet I want to talk about anymore. Cosette. Wake up, would night sweats from it. Where we have the we have the hippo awards. The better this week. Now these are the first ever hippo awards go, get a shot of the very lovely sexually was expensive. Us But it is a it's a hippo trophy and by the way hippo is spelled with a. Why not an eye? because easily a first ever twenty two he won, awards to to. Give recognition to the biggest hypocrites, in our society, over the last year, and and where do we even begin? Where do we even begin the nominees, the its endless and The academy has had a very difficult time. Voting and Quite honestly, I have seen solar results and there's not enough minorities on there.
Also we might have to just now. Rivers remained goes. The academy is looking really racist right. You couldn't find one. Crime. One hypocrite that was, they lack Kay anyway, so the hip awards happened this week and I've got a couple of new people to add to this. Apparently Nancy Pelosi. You know this should be fine, five thousand dollars because she has broken her own rule and walked around the metal detectors to get into the house hope my gosh, with such a big deal to her while she was, but it's not her nine years in order rising lives urges. May I please, because I've watched Enough Colombo, nodded detective, but I am a doctor and I'm a doctor that his watch Colombo and other like murder, she wrote when I was younger, so I know
with the killer, just then You put a metal defector up; no, no, no, no, that's what a killer once you think they want you to think I'm not there. And carrying a gun, because I said, I'm gonna put the metal detector him. I'm gonna get way with this, but she was caught. Walking around the metal detector now safety. I feel now I'm just saying Call- is coming from within the House Oh she's she's got that one which I think is beautiful. I, like Murphy came out this weekend and he said there is no comparison between comments made by Maxine Waters and other Democrats, and the comments made by Donald Trump and I have
say he's right. We can safely say that that is exactly right. He is exactly right there and how do you mean that Stew Arena Pat, I think the comments made by Maxine waters are much much worse. Only Kenya holy Cow, wait a minute. What MIA yeah! who so we have a couple of people. We have a casual Cortez, we have Omar, a lot o Margolotte Omar that are that there have been promoting a conspiracy about you, know how they were tours given around Nancy Policy of floated the theory that Putin played a role in the capital riot. Let's see congressmen Cheryl some claim some other. Some of her republican congressional colleagues had led people through the United States capital last
Tuesday on what appeared to be a reconnaissance mission. So we got a lot of them there that you know they're all saying hey. You can't believe you, you can't believe Q, but, Maybe are is calling them Jimmy Lee Curtis with the: U S, P S, Taylor, Swift and the conspiracy. Remember there all against conspiracies royal there, looking at all of these views People that would be for greatest hypocritical action taken on the cause of of conspiracy, and boy this list just goes on and on and on the hypocrites and for for them to say? Ah you'll, let me tell you something: there is no way these things. These don't compare at all. As Pat said or exactly right. Let me just take chuck humor
a year ago, Chuck humor stood on the steps of the Supreme Court in front of an angry mob and said: this court this action they don't rule in the way he wanted. They don't rule. While there is gonna be held to be paid. They don't have any idea what's coming their way. Now you might say that that was a threat, but the Supreme Court would be more balanced right John Roberts, very rare exception. Came how to issue a public statement that day and said rob direct like that, puts out security at the Supreme Court in danger. It has be condemned and it must stop now chuck. Humor is is Lee
The band here really hypocrite. Or Banana republic, show trial. So our essentially you started the whole corona virus pandemic, You know we ve been inside and- and now you know, maybe haven't noticed, I notice of the with the Superbowl last night. Ah Manasseh. First normal thing. I think we ve done except for the cardboard cut out in the seeds, which was creepy weird but that's the first normal thing we ve done in almost a year Don't you miss? Being outside. Brian lives in Alabama over the past few years has been suffering from so much pain, so frequent pain was he would barely be able to move. It was barely but to get around the house little on walk out and lives. Daily normal life,
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Right now or do the three week quick start for one thousand. Nine hundred and ninety five go to relieffactor dot, com, relieffactor dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four or eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty for relieffactor dot com This is the Glinda Programme New York, Times tech reporter Taylor Lorens on Saturday evening, accused Marta andreasen the billionaire tat entrepreneurs, investor, the guy who started Bitcoin of Sea the our word During using the social media network clubhouse, and thus whole article just go an idea. You could say Sarah Book out now, because I can keep it. What is the r word that we're not supposed to use the radio We might read state, I'm I'm, I'm not sure what the are were heard is there's too many words that we now uses just
first letter and I'm never sure what what what is it, what it is we're talking about nuclear programme
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