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The Third Great Awakening – Brought by Kanye? | Guests: Gov. Matt Bevin & Jason Wright | 11/4/19

2019-11-04 | 🔗
Glenn believes Kanye West’s new album “Jesus Is King” is the beginning of a third Great Awakening. But “sadly,” Beto O’Rourke has dropped out of the 2020 race, leaving behind a field so disliked that Hillary Clinton is actually polling in the top tiers. Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin joins the program after the New York Times called him the most despised governor in America for being pro-life and advocating for Medicaid reform. And Jason Wright, author of “Christmas Jars,” details the book’s new film, presented by Fathom Events TONIGHT only. Glenn was "exposed" by Salon for causing climate change! But capitalism is the real truth-silencing evil. And it’s official: Math is racist!

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Oh wait a minute just healed wow, wow. Ok, you know what it might be. You know what I might be willing to be Connie Connie healing the world: oh wow yeah we could be. I want to say something to you sincerely the dev been watching what's happening with this Sunday services, not closely nothing. Maybe not as closely as I should be sure you know, are you have you have you listened to his new, his new his new album Jesus Yes, I've been trying. You get to it right, it's just been so many albums in front of it really like what could possibly be in front of that gosh. The chipmunks latest hit really well that's that's how that sound. I forgot about that one yeah! It's also so I listened to it and now This may come as a shock to many in the audience, but I'm
exactly I'm not Klay down with rap, stop it. Yes, yes, I'm not stopping. Not! I don't even like Christmas wrapping, I don't do it so So I decided to listen to the to the album and I have to tell you- surprisingly terrific, I still don't, still, I rise it yeah. That's still not that shocking yeah still don't like it so like it, but I want to play something for you. I just want to play. I just want you to listen to this now. Do not if you're, not put a fan of rap, which I'm not try really hard, not to just go wow. I hate that just listen to the words here for a second go ahead.
This Jesus, Jesus, heal the bruises Jesus. Please choose Jesus, please help Jesus, please heal Jesus! Please give Jesus, please avail. It was strange. Jesus make this well, Jesus help us live. Jesus. Give us well, Jesus is our state. Jesus is the rock Jesus. Give us grace. Jesus keep us safe, okay, wow now I think, Pat and I are going to go in a different direction here. So go ahead that well. I was just going to say that I need to fork in the road I need to spend some time with that. You know like dark side of the moon, with pink Floyd will used to listen to that. It's really trying to get into the deep subtle nuances. Of that album.
And I think it's the same here right. I don't think, there's anything subtle here. I don't think there's any satellite. No! No. I think this culturally is like a sledgehammer it. Dare I say it? I think the awakening is here. I think the third great awakening is here. The third grade awakening great also because I'm brakes were kind of, like maybe the third grade level, but no you're saying great wow, wow right! No! No! No, I don't know. I I asked you not to you know, judge Yes, I'm just I'm king you this. Is Kim Kardashian's husband right. That's true, who is saying Jesus help us Jesus
keyless Jesus change, our conversation clean our words like chlorine. Jesus help us This could be a big deal. I think I say I think it's real I love you too. I think it's absolutely real and let me give you, let me give you this. This is building. Over one thousand. Did their lives to Christ on Kanye, West's Sunday service in Baton Rouge. Now listen to this tonight. I got to x it's Connie W Sunday Service, Bethany Church in Brett, Baton Rouge, if you ever doubt the legitimacy or spiritual impact of this Sunday service project. Simply look to this incredible shot. Taken blob, during the altar call. Yes, I said
altar call tonight ship was lifted in the name of Christ was exalted. The word of God was preached and the multitude They prayed together. The gospel was clearly proclaimed Annan oppurtunity to respond was given in a crowd of six thousand people from all walks of life ages and races. Eyewitness over one thousand people respond to the spell by raising their hands to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. What you want and think what you want, but trust me I tell you the Spirit of the living. God was indeed present. We dance we wept. Good in all of God's redemptive work, and I can honestly say tonight that I witnessed a new wave of revival first hand. I they're behold, I do a new thing Corinthians, but I chose the foolish the foolish things of the world to shame. The wise God chose the
things of the world to shame the strong. I think this is the beginning. There is a there. There is and I'm seeing it everywhere. I was in SALT Lake City this weekend and I is out for their fundraiser uh four, our operation, underground, railroad, they've just saved their three thousand slave and it is picking up exponential I think they saved a one thousand one hundred slaves this year, uh and there was a feeling in that room that was was. Unlike anything, I have felt in awhile or working on something that I hope to be able to announce in the next four weeks or so before, Christmas. I really want to announce it where we're going to do this thing this summer, but it is
restoring the covenant and we are looking to put it at a place that has deep and profound meaning in the country and We just have to lock it in here in the next couple of weeks, but. We are a covenant nation until we turn back to him and say: okay, sorry, sorry. Help heal us hand I'll, put us back on the right track, but this the beginning, you remember, Pat, because both of us hated the 60s. Would you agree with that? Yeah? and hated the 60s music for the most part because it was all hippie crap. However, There was a moment that the Beatles, I think, really kind of hit. First, where was about love and and re, love and then it turned to Jesus.
And there was this Jesus moment in the nineteen 1970s late, 1960s. Nineteen, sixty nine was the breaking point. Happen at Altamont and he left and this progressive evil that was sweeping the the world, not just America, keeping the world they hit. Altamont and that was just a night of death and struction and LO and behold in San Cisco and it just fell apart from there full repelled from it and ' was this Jesus movement that started and you'll remember some of the songs from the from the 1970s, because geez this became a thing again, but it wasn't. A church Jesus. It was just Jesus and it.
Healed us for a little while and kind of put us back on the track of recovery. I think it's happening now and I think Connie is leading the way and, if that isn't but you know people were saying you know about Donald Trump, You know he was going to be used by the Lord. I think you know the Lord uses everything good and bad. There is no waste with him. However, I think what you're seeing with Connie where he was kind of a broken man I mean he was snapped in half, An now he's walked away from. He says he's not going to perform any of his old music. Ever again, oh wow I hadn't heard him say that oh yeah, I just said it. I think this weekend or or last week he said, I'm I'm done, I'm not
perform any my old music ever again, that's really something that is remarkable. That's remarkable here's, a guy who is walking away from all of the stuff- 'cause. If you listen to any of his old music, it's filthy, just filthy, look at the good. This guy is doing now. We've been waiting for it, And maybe this isn't it. But it sure looks like the beginning of the third great awakening. I think you're, seeing it everywhere, I really do. I think people are starting to wake up. I think there they're sick of it they're just sick of it Encounter heroes every day there, the growth, store on our drive to work there, even at the Post office without a doubt
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come back? You have no idea. This is almost like a bucket list moment. My hero, you need a bigger boat idea, thanks, so much of an impact, it on our family in Ohio, so massive massive, I'm just calling and I'm a we had. Connie comes to Dayton, Ohio after Oregon and Oregon districts, shootings in August and I've never been in and, let's not to come yeah. I've never bought any of that album. It was out. Hello, one of the most amazing using things that we had ever witnessed? It was unbelievable this spirit in the crowd, the energy throughout no profanities. Children everywhere, but it was at a moment of unit more so than the Dave Chappelle concert that was held that evening.
And um anyway it was. It was astonishing to me I I never would have ever anticipated yet that never respond. It is amazing because it's bringing groups of people together that society is saying double together you shouldn't stand together. You know it's bring all races together. All incomes together and- and it's it's god- Really. Truly God, though, is at the center of it, which is phenomenal just phenomenal. Glad you experience to Jennifer in. Thank you so much for for calling thank you thank you know, bye, bye and bye, bye and then, at the same time we lose bento yeah right, I mean a confusing time. What do
he really is that I don't think of it you when you see God stand up and then and then bed, oh you're, like wait where there is, no God baby drops out. I mean I couldn't be happier about Beto. About bed, oh yeah yeah. It could be happy. Well, I mean I would have been happier if he would, if the Democrats were like he's the guy. That would have actually made me happy. Yes, because that, guy would be easy. Really. Super super easy to beat. I don't think ever seen such an empty suit go so far. That he has he doesn't have anything he believes in. He doesn't leave it anything yeah and he just got as extreme as he possibly could. I think to get
Some kind of momentum back and it didn't give him any momentum back, because Americans are okay with you saying. Yes, I'm going to take your hair fifteen from you. That's not ok, I think, even with a lot of Democrats, that's not okay, believe in the second amendment, so you're not going to know you're not going to take our game Is it that or is it they just know that he was just pandering, it didn't believe anything could be a little both yeah 'cause. I just there's I mean he started his campaign with the most unbelievable statement. I've ever heard. Tell me who you want me to be because I'll be who you need me to be yeah that and yeah. I was born to do this kind of thing by the turned a lot of people off I was born to do this and I was born to do this will He just said that she feels that she is or to be sure, is a form to be president yeah they're both front kind of frightening. Is that both kind of writing
what do you think it will work out a second time with Hillary I mean yeah, it third, and this will be the third time. What do you mean if she jumps? no, no, I mean actually running yeah I mean she's the candidate yeah yeah her against Trump. A second time works. Less than it did the first time her against Trump she gets crushed. I think I mean I The rich would be amazing to hear the demo That's all of a sudden turn back towards her You've trashed her interest are now going to turn back doored sir and saying well, there is just a poll Done over the weekend, why didn't she almost died with him right now, a will you look at one I saw had biting at eight at eighteen she was at eighteen. If she were to get a race. Right now, that's amazing concerts,
during she kind of wore out her welcome. Last time now you're going to welcome her back, and I think it's because the field is so bad. These are crappy candidates. Where else do they have to turn? Did you see? What's his name, the Woody Allen's stop son MIA farrows running Pharaoh and Pharaoh. Did you see what he said? He was on Joe Rogan, maybe and He said yeah. I think it's time we go and really listen to Juanita Nita Broderick, because She had all wow. She is that's a credible accusation of rape and I We want to it's time to look in now it. The time to look into her, because those people who you know I like Hillary. We don't like Hillary anymore, so they want to make sure that she's, not drug running in because he was talking about going after
him and all those that excused him. So in other words, going after him and Hillary to make sure that they don't run. But I thought that was fascinating- that we're we're actually seeing a world where they are having to pay for their sins. Pretty amazing. That doesn't usually happen with Democrats. No, it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't, but I think that king is coming around also have you noticed that this is the what we revealed on the Chalk Board is now starting to take root around and people are starting to talk about it and they're starting to investigate different parts of it, nice, That is also going to turn around on that? I think the Democrats are actually going to have to pay, for it hope so yeah yeah we have more on that coming up in just a second, by the way, If you missed a lot, Last week special you'll be able to watch it
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ten dollars off It is it's remarkable what is happening. I don't I'd be the first but perhaps perhaps we are this. Is the beginning of the third grade awakening. It is Finally, here the seeds have been planted for a long time and p all have been waiting for. The third great awakening, and I think Kanye West is the signal. That is you know you know ghostbusters they had the gatekeeper in the keymaster
not sure. If he's the gatekeeper of the keymaster, but Connie is one of the two and you know the end. Will come and will be a great signal in the sky and I think that's his Sunday services. I think that what's happening, It's happened before now remember in Time magazine in nineteen, sixty six ran the cover. Is God dead? and they had all kinds of evidence that God was dead, but one thousand nine hundred and seventy one. In fact it was when was it June? 21st, one thousand nine hundred and seventy one they ran. The cover, the Jesus Revolution. Now listen to this. Well, that's a big change huge five years. They'll! Listen to this g, This is this. Is time magazine
Jesus is alive and well and living in the radical spiritual fervor of a growing, number of young Americans who have proclaimed an extraordinary religious revolution in his name. There message the full is true. Miracles, happen: God that really did love the world? He gave his only begotten son in nineteen sixty six Beatle John Lennon casually remarks that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, but now the b rules are shattered. George, person is singing my sweet Lord the new young followers of Jesus listen to Harrison, but they turn only to the words of their master for where or three are gathered together in my name. There am I in the midst of them this. Is Time magazine five years after they said, God is dead wow and that's
kind of sparked by obviously, as I mentioned, George Harrison, my sweet Lord, which was the first number song of any solo beetle, then there was spirit in the sky by Norman Greenbaum. Put your hand in the hand, member that, by OSHA doobie brothers? Did? Jesus is just alright with me around that time seven thousand one hundred and seventy two Ish Jesus christ- for star for Murray Head, which was a huge play on Broadway for a long time, and then that also spawned Helen Reddy's. I don't know how to love him. Oh my sure that's on that. Yeah day by day by Godspell I mean there was. There was a bunch of really big hits that we're all about Jesus and it all in a two year yeah and that turn the out from the darkness of all the assassinations and thing else and
that the last straw did stop right well until Reagan in eighty, when they tried to kill him again. But but I mean we had one after another in the sixty oh yeah oh yeah, and there was real evil in the 1960s. Not this. You know all evil went away, it didn't, but America, you know started cleaning out its own house and and started looking at okay. What are we really and and no, we won't put up with Richard Nixon. You know will will clean up all of the garbage, because better than this and then that in the floundered we hired a preacher. Remember that that's that's Jimmy order. We hired a preacher, a pastor to be our president. The Democrats did that didn't work out really well, but then you got Ronald Reagan.
And the moral majority listen to this, Christian coffee houses have opened in many cities, signaling their faith even in their names. The way word in Greenwich Village. The catacombs in Seattle I am in Spokane a strip It has been converted to a christian nightclub in San Antonio Commune christian houses are multiplying like loaves and fishes for youngsters hung. For homes, many reaching out to the troubled with a round the clock, telephone on hotlines, Bible? now abound whether the cherished fur Covered covered King James Version or the scruffy back pocketed paperbacks. They are in. Ripley well thumbed and often memorized. It's like a glacier
says Jesus Rock singer, Larry Norman, it's growing there's no stopping it. I think we're at the beginning of this again you know this whole thing has followed, except for assassinations this. Whole thing, has followed the 1960s patterns socialism raised its ugly head, like did the 60s, violence, violence, violence on this road tests, yep the really has ugliness of the communes in the in the Paris riots. The ugliness all around the globe of communism. The per fication of communism. I mean it's still happening, we're not at the end yet but ice. I think that there is there's there's some
happening. There's something happening tie up so eight. I hope so he left. I've talked to so many people and it used to be just the zealots that would say. Well, you know only God be able to save us and people be like no. I mean no, I mean we can turn this around. I'm hearing this for everybody? May God is good God to save us from this one, because we're just yeah? I. I absolutely believe it absolutely believe it. Will that are Beto and he's gone he's gone now and I don't know what to do good thing We have the Omar. Can we play the audio of Elon Omar? She wants to fight against western imperialism. Here she is, I am beyond honored and excited for it against western imperialism.
Let's The Bernie rally you see of the of the crowd, yeah western imperialism, easy here, Now, let's fight against that, that's you. You know that you can tell you you're cheering against so come. Take this away! Yeah! I don't want my house anymore. Now, here's Comala also this weekend. Here's Comala Harris talking about what I'd describe an what I believe to be the elephant in the room about my campaign. What is that electability? What do you mean ability, you know, essentially, is America ready for a woman and a woman of color to be president of the United States. America was ready for a black man to be President United States in this conversation happened for him.
There is a lack of ability or a difficult. A difficulty in imagining that someone who we have never seen can do a job that has been done. You know forty five times by someone it's not that person. No, please! So it's not about her! It's not about her like ability or electability. It's about the fact that she's black she's, a woman, the most not sick of that I'm just sick of this stuff, because it's America is yeah Really, if that's true, how come everybody says, Oprah or Michelle Obama would would be a cakewalk. They win that's true komala. How come the People that everybody in your party is screaming for are both black women. Michelle Obama has a seventy three percent approval rating last tank. Should the country wasn't seventy three percent black?
so somebody else is supporting Michelle Obama. I I'm just I'm. Just It's tiresome all right so tiresome, because I really hi really truly don't Leave that of America now, just don't believe it, I'll believe that America, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, maybe one thousand nine hundred and eighty. Women. Maybe maybe with Geraldine Ferraro. Maybe I don't think so. Give Mondale when the band Mondale. She could have one I don't think it was a voting. I didn't hear anybody go, oh my gosh, I'm voting for leveling for she's on the ticket. I don't remember anyone saying that when Gerald ferraro- and I didn't I didn't hear it. Anyone say that about Hillary Clinton. Now she's, not black
She is a woman. I mean she might have decided else. You know something else I don't know, but I didn't hear anybody say that it will add, can't vote for her because she's a woman, I wouldn't vote, for Condoleezza Rice in the day, yeah with better policies. Yeah Condoleezza Rice yeah. I would vote for you know, but she's a white one, but I've been idle for Nikki Haley Idle for Nikki Haley in a heart beat. So it's it's not about your gender, which, by the way doesn't have anything to do with sex is well known, doesn't have anything to do with what genitalia you have it's all your state of mind. Well, women! Well, if you identify as a woman, yes You are a woman, but if you would then give have babies and so can men. What are you saying? Yes, we just we just
We heard that do we have. We did do we have do we do we have Dennis Prager on race Listen to this from Dennis Prager. All right. I all Donald Drill time with Donald Trump is not right wing or our concert, Donald Trump. As Donald Trump, okay, the left, when I'm in the left wing I'll. Tell you what tell you what it means. It means that the left wing is infinitely than one person. I don't have to one left wing person who tells a lie. The left wing says I'll. Give you a gigantic lies that the which states is a racist country. This This is a lie. This isn't gargantuan lie. This is the least racist multicultural, multiethnic country in the history of the world that these people believe it is proved to me, but about how. If What would you be? What this is an unbelievably non racist country? Have people been Asia, Asia? You people
so where Japanese did not allow one vietnamese boat person into Japan, because they're, not japanese, where we allowed them into a miracle- is that that that is a giant know better than the Japanese were better than everyone. Delmar give me are less racist than any country with many races. Ok, it is, it is alive, could still have some rice everything but, of course, this rate there are anti Semites in America. It is a giant lie that America is Anti semitic. I taught jewish history Brooklyn College You know what I wrote: two books on Judaism: this is the stay in touch, so many country, Jews, have ever lived in to say, This is Anti semitic, isn't life to it is racist, is a lie. Okay, Sir left wing law, which, yes exactly right, he's exactly right in the uh indoctrination of the crowd is just well, don't know, no play that again. I believe that was the audience wrangler list.
How loud one let's set of hands is listen played again. Please. First of all, Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not right wing or concerns. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Ok, the left wing. The left wing I'll, tell you what it means I'll tell you what it means. It means that the left wing is infinitely larger than one person. She's one left wing person who tells a lie. The left wing says I'll, give you gigantic that. The United States is a racist country. This This is a life. This isn't a gargantuan also, this is the lead that was one person v very close to the microphones that sounded to me, like the audience wrangler trying to get people yes and nobody really followed. I don't think
was even the crowd. I even think Bill Mars crowd went yeah. That's that's not true difficult, because his statement was his statement was that it was the biggest live that were racist, so the clapping started that it was. I that were racist, yeah we're not, and then it stopped so play it again, play it again right before that. The United States is This is it this afternoon and she will start and play it again from the same place. He says that this is the United States is a racist country. Yes, the United States is, it's just country. This is alive, but I think that statement was it's a lie that the United States is a racist after they started after they started clapping, I think city or what did he say it both times
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are some amazing things coming up yet today the Nancy Pelosi is worried. Nancy Pelosi is worried that the on the left that are running for the presidency are on the wrong track and she saying it out loud Also Hillary and Joe Biden dead heat in a match up. Now, let's see what happens when they go head to head with Donald Trump, would it be a replay of last election. Has anything changed. Also Matt Bevin, governor of Kentucky coming up. Next you're listening to Glenn Beck.
I'm anxious to talk to Governor Matt, Bevan who's coming up with us and the second reading stories from the New York Times and the Washington the Washington Post Matt, the is the antichrist? Did you know that he became the Jackal? just found that we have seen the post today yeah yeah, so he became the jackal because You know he's. He he he wants to curb Medicaid expansion yeah in the state and he overhauled the state pension plans for the government workers. I guess his eyes glow red now really have you seen him lately. I have I haven't seen him very well he's going to be easy to be here with all of his evilness and his hordes of hell now coming up in just a
again. I don't know hordes of Heller come in with all of them a couple. I don't know if they're going to be on the phone with them, but they are surrounding the hordes of hell or surrounding him. So telling him what to say problem worse, yeah, well that and is eyeing his master. Obviously you know and the Well hell I don't know what the ranking is there, but the governor, Matt Bevin, is going to be with us here in in just a second. You don't want. You don't wanna miss that coming up in just sex standby. Fifteen seconds
entertainment and enlightenment while addressing a group of democratic activist last week, Kentucky's attorney general and nominee for Governor Andy this year, lady, his republican opponent, Governor Matt Bevin, for his record for his record to argue why voters should how's the end come in the audience. Who is a lawyer that wore an oversized impeach button, while So these guys against Donald Trump speaking to a group of activists and the Democrat running against the guy who's like hey. We should we should with the expansion of Medicaid they,
they sat there all those activists and they said yeah. We should stop that guy, who would have seen that coming wow The New York Times didn't need did the Washington Post and wow. I take their word for it. We have Matt Bevin on with us next, I think, he's afraid I think, he's very afraid to face the music because we are low for bear with what the New York Times and Washington Post said. We believe them wholeheartedly American financing, thanks for the lower mortgage rates buying a home, is by the way. Did you hear that uh economy in Kentucky is doing really really well. I did hear that yeah. You did hear that yeah, but he wants to cut Medicaid expansion. For the president. Why doesn't he love socialism it doesn't understand. That's equality for all people, words a hell, oh man, alright anyway,
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work and financing Corporation and M Ls. One hundred and eighty two thousand three hundred and thirty four www dot, nmlsconsumeraccess dot org the man who the New York Times has deemed the most despised governor in the country. Matt it's with us with his hordes of Hell, hello Matt. How are you do you know where that kind of a teaser I feel like? I should be greeting you from deep abyss here, really Do your eyes, glow red. Yet have you taken the mask off? No, I mean day and night, twenty four seven. Eight foot, green fire, small children- are or just when I breathe on sale at Sears MID that yeah. Now I forgot to mention- I have this manifesto. It's this crazy document that I espouse at every turn is called. The USS constitution is how it was mine,
what a kook radical, a radical, so you've got this constitution thing that you do trying to follow dusted it off? I've tried to apply it in the 21st century and it makes people hair stand up on it, yeah so um seriously. They say that you're you're, really despised. Although you are at least neck and neck with the other guy, so is the other guy justice despised, as you are well, here's what's going to here's? What's gonna happen, it's a good question. You know this that more than two thousand
years ago, Aristotle said: if you want to avoid controversy, you want to avoid criticism, you say nothing, you do nothing and you be nothing, and if there was anything that has been the embodiment of american politics in recent years, at the say, nothing do nothing be nothing crowd. I refuse to be a party to that, and this is you guys know that you've known me for years now. This is the first political job I've ever had I'm not somebody who has kiss trains and backsides in order to get here. I've come here by saying we're going to make hard decisions, adult decision or not going to kick cans down the road we're going to rip band aids off in these are the kind of things that make
it is the people even more obvious, and so if this makes the unpopular so be it. But here's what I know the strongest economy we have ever had in the history of Kentucky is right. Now it's not just simply saying better matching page with the national trend like lowest ever unemployed. We have had in the last four years the greatest writes in her capital income that we have ever seen in history and in fact, in the last four years we have a high. Yes, our high your increase in per capita income than any state that borders us, including states like Indiana and Tennessee, and Ohio that have been doing well. It's so could talk, you were making hard decisions, people are bent, but that's okay, the people who are going to vote, I'm going to prove the fact that there's far more than happier which
back to your question, yeah we're going to beat the pants off of the guy. Who supposedly is running against the most unpopular guy in America, all American will that be for him. You do you have the people to People are trying to say that trying to make this a national election by tying yourself to Donald Trump, because Trump is popular Kentucky. I take it. Yes, yeah I mean it pop you in much of America, I mean I'll, tell you especially in the heart of America, but I remind people and you all know this- you know this better than most. I I was elected, four years ago when President Trump was not president trump. You know when. Vice president,
She was still then the governor of another state. The reality is that everyone said the same things about me that they hate the fact that I'm pro life, they hate the fact that I'm pro constitution that I'm strongly supportive of this check, an amendment that I think red flag laws are slippery slope and I'll have no part of them. They hate the In fact that I respect this country in our flag and our military and our law enforcement, they hate the fact that my judeo christian faith informs my I and then I'm willing to say as much from a publicly elected seat, The reason they hate me have things to do that they transcend the state or even The national level issues at play. Things have a terminal impact in it bothers people to that end. They hated me since, before the president came around now, they say I want to ride his coattails, I'm honored to stand with this guy. I really am I'm grateful that he's our president, but I won by nine percent when, Every poll for years ago said I was going to lose by five percent or more
and we're winning, because we stand for truth and at the end of the day the truth sets people free at you know that. The reason why the health care isn't done on a state level is because it doesn't work because states can't print money and because, you can't print money. Your doing something that I think all governor's governors should be doing right now and that is going back and telling the truth to people. Or the money all runs out and say. Look you were like. Do then? Or maybe it was just all you know, ponies and unicorns that everybody was living on wishes and hopes, but you can't These pensions, because the state can't print money, and so before it goes completely bankrupt. We have to cut back you've acts we tried to do this actually have done it I'll, be honest when we are doing things my first year together, we cut our state.
Budget by nine percent. Nine percent I mean it's rare that anybody comes in the government ever let alone right out of the gate in does that the next year, the next two years late do a biennial budget. We did the same thing, not nine percent, but we cut another about six. One slash two percent we've caught most of the fat out there still some, but here's what I'm telling you. In addition to that, we cut income taxes, personal and corporate income taxes by seventeen percent, in guess Wat. In light of all those things, last year, Kentucky had the highest level of revenue we have ever had. We had a two hundred and some million dollar sir plus most revenue we've ever had. It can be done by being good fiscal, prudent conservatives. These are the types of things that make a difference. It's something we need more of in government and I'm willing to
to take point. You mentioned the health care, I'm trying to lead the charge for Medicaid reform. We have not seen entitlement reform in America since the MID one thousand, nine hundred and ninety and we are leading the charge to say that able bodied working aged men and women with no dependents should do something in exchange for free call chair, because the men and women who bust their tails every day's to give them free healthcare off and don't even have healthcare themselves they're, certainly not at the same quality it's one being challenged by my attorney general and being challenged by a Dc Circuit Court judge named, I don't even bras, burger, Boasberg or some and so one guy is DC is holding this up, but I have had over fourteen states now the democratic and republican alike, who have come to our state and spent days with us saying hey when this gets approved, we're going to need to do the same thing because you're right, we can't print money, then we
I can't pretend that these things come at no cost mad. I know you gotta election to win tomorrow, but what are you doing in say two thousand and twenty four? No gracious lips. I look forward to back in the private sector. At some point, I loved the private sector I I love America. You guys know that a former military guy. I love and respect this nation grateful to the men and women who even now lay their lives out there. You look at this mission to get Al Baghdadi, look at the people that are scattered around the world. They do this for us, because this land of the free and home of the brave was purchased at an extra price, and I love it. I I served with guys who are dead, who gave everything gave their lives whose kids have grown up without a father, and it breaks my heart. We don't even bother to vote, but I love it that were so.
Last in this country. But the danger we have is that our blessings are potentially our biggest curse because we have it so good. We really have it show good that we could afford to not care in saint that it doesn't matter we can afford to be apathetic. We can afford to not vote and are doing that in air quotes, which you can't see over the radio, but but this this thing you know apathetic is are great threat and if we don't vote, if we don't recognize that oven by and for the people means we better get our butts out there in vote tomorrow in Kentucky and Mississippi. In Louisiana. But every in America, when you have an opportunity to go to the ballot box, so we don't vote will get the government. We deserved it. It's not going to be pretty so tell me how the the the lurch or the the spring two radical socialism is being taken bye good Democrats in can
okay, because there's a lot of there's a lot of good Kratz in Kentucky and I and I lived in Kentucky. I can't imagine that state going towards socialism, no it's people are offended and I'll tell you it's not just in Kentucky, but I'll speak for Kentucky. Inns were offended by the idea of it no question about it. It's one of these things where it's so radical. If it's important, let me back up just real quickly and I'll. Come back to your questions. I have appointed people, for both Republican and Democrats had talked positions in my administration, because I don't look at the party. I look at the character of people. I want people of good character, people that are competent and people that are committed to serving in people of that sort. They fit into both parties.
But historically that has been the case. The National Democrat Party is leaving people like that behind and they're offended at the idea of socialism, there defended the godlessness there defended at this idea that everything is free, but they're still nonetheless expected to pay for it. While someone else gets it for free in, while we're still heavily registered Democrat in while there are still far more ds than ours in our state. They are voting more and more on the republican ticket because they recognize that the values they huh deer are no longer espoused by the party that they've been apart. Governor Matt Bevan The election is tomorrow, you're on record, saying you'll, be, I think, six to ten points ahead. I simply will appears that the polls show that were even or slightly ahead or slightly behind, where somewhere, plus or minus two percent, maybe even
but I'm telling you I think, they're wrong, just like they were wrong for years ago. I think, will win by six to ten I'd like to win by ten Well, I'd like to elect an entire slate of Republicans for the first time in history. In Kentucky best of luck to you, governor keep up the good work, keep fighting for the constitution, yes, sir, will do it and thank you both for continuing hold the torch and not allowing it to go out on our watch. You guys are tremendous. The governor Matt Bevan from Kentucky tomorrow big deal tomorrow. Elections mean our state of Virginia is up for grabs. Every state job is up for grabs every season there legislator, legislature, really every seat Can you imagine how you have no idea what Wednesday is going to look like everybody is up.
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More journalists on this story about what happened in Ukraine and I think the the Democrats are have a big surprise coming in form. The question is Will we stop too soon? and what I mean by that is. The Democrats have be exposed for what they were doing in Ukraine, and What they've set up in the state Department? and I'm going to show that to you next week, but what they set up in the department, with the State Department and national intelligence. You know people thing, when you hear the words deep state, you think of six Jones and you think of a star chamber. It's not that Well, it might be that too. Yes, generally speaking though it is it is as simple as this. One of the guys who testified last week testified that he didn't he
would not answer to the president. If the president was going to change, Our relationship with Ukraine well now wait a minute, you work for the State Department, the State Department's boss is the president so When you say the president was violating foreign policy. He can't violate foreign policy he's the guy, who sets for and policy, but the deep state people who are there who are like? I don't care who the president is we're, just, keep doing what we do because we know best That's not our system of government that, totalitarian system of government it, matter what the election say- and I thought, we're done with all of that. Elections have consequences so when you see what they set up its
so far beyond what you think it is so far beyond it and and the usual characters are involved, and it's not just about Ukraine. It's about. Or state as well. I'm going to show you how what they're Being overseas is being done in our own country and we are being dismantled from the inside out, and I have a feeling the investigations will be launched in these states should be all fifty of them, but in the states against what we're going to expose next Wednesday. You don't want to miss it, all right. If you missed earlier on today, show we
about Kanye, West and the third great awakening. I think it is happening now They need to call a witness to A Florida murder lease in Florida are investigating a murder, Sylvia Crespo. She was thirty, two she was killed by a spear to the chest a home in Florida, north of Miami in July. Now her husband is portray is portraying this as a mysterious accident. I I'm not I'm not sure how an accident opens where your wife is impaled on a spear, but those see spear, impaling accidents, and they all happen to all have and all of us Well, here's the problem.
They haven't been able to solve this, but it it it occurred in the main bedroom. And apparently Amazon an echo. What recording, in may- have recorded something relevant during the the argument. That to happen right before the accident telling somebody call on the Amazon ECHO in the way that we're supposed to send it off, or did it just record everything we're around, but not really not really sure. But now we now they're going after police are saying we need to the audio recording from Amazon to prove. Move this murder and going to be for that course. They are The spear accidents don't usually happen right, but
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mister Jason Wright, New York Times, Wall Street Journal USA. Today, bestselling author, some of my favorite books, One of them is the Wednesday letters. What was the other one Jason that you wrote that I love so much what Charles and I had a recall every on in the world. I love that one recovering Charles thank you and also he wrote Christmas jars which wrote that I don't know how many years ago became an instant bestseller. It was two thousand and five yeah wow seems like a million years ago. Doesn't it it? it's just great story about the this jars and we used to all have jars where we would put our change into those jars and tell the story here: Jason. Well, we used to put our change in those jars now and would use it for us for money or movie night or uh. You know the trip to Disney. If I got big enough and now now because of this little book and because of
support Glenn. You know you mentioned. It became an instant best, well, it's sort of, but really because you had me on the air- and you read the first chapter I'll, never forget tuning and you're halfway through the first chapter of the book in it. Just you thank you. I just I. I didn't want to This call today without saying you're the reason that we're here you're the reason we're having this discussion tonight think you're. The reason that that we have a movie. So thank you, but this is about not just a jar on the counter that you put your spare change in it's about thinking about the needs of other people. What, beautiful holiday really means. Christmas is not a eight before our event. It is how we live, it's how we remember the Savior of the world every day and then holidays find someone in your circle of influence, work, church, your community, your neighbor, to give that jar of money away, and it's not just the money or they will change their life as I've heard from thousands of people since five, but it is the message,
They were not alone, so you have Christmas jar the movie. It's a fathom event. If I'm not mistaken, isn't it your correct yeah, yet that Adam event tonight tonight tonight. Only as you know, 'cause I know you've had some uh. Some events have found in the past. It's a one night only experience there so good at dating is not is not just a movie. It's really an experience for the We need to come together into experiences with friends and family and loved ones, and there's some bonus content at the end of the movie. Stick around this about twenty minutes really really fun stuff, and I promise you in fact gosh. I've said this before and a couple of local interviews, but that's, maybe blasphemy for me to say that the movie is maybe better than the book. It is so it's beautiful plan, when, if you, if you don't cry stop. Please. That's price of kleenex commercials.
You seek medical attention, I'm serious it is. It is so cute and I I just I can't say enough about mused the studio that made this saying- they're phenomenal- you are you tv came in as a partner to help get us over the finish line after five thousand one hundred. I did that maps during the break five thousand one hundred and forty four days since I took my first meeting on the movie that gets us to right and thank you and to so many of your listeners by the way, so many of these dark stories that have come into Christmas, our stock com. So many of those stories reference. I heard you on back, when I saw you on the blaze- and I just I'm grateful to your audience for helping not just make their thing it hit, but making and movement. So we, if we try to do a family thing on Monday, so I think, are going to go out to a fathom and find the Fathom theater tonight, and
Christmas jars as a family. So I'll, let you know tomorrow, Where is tell me what how The Christmas jars has changed, because I don't have a change jar anymore 'cause. I don't I don't usually have changed because I don't carry money. I carry my MIKE my debit card yeah. I know that's a that's. A great point actually hear that quite a bit from people, one option is to well, when you do particularly during the holidays, when you hit the when you hit the store the laundromat, wherever you are making some smaller dollar purchases, where you might pull a five dollars bill out to capture that change. I had a lady come up, a few weeks ago and and kind of say, the same thing chooses a Paypal. But actually almost exclusively all year long and then she goes to the atm when she takes one hundred dollars in cash. She goes to the banks, get coins, she put it in a jar like I apologize as if she were doing it wrong, and I said sister, there is no right way.
On way to give the jar hey, there's just kind your way. You know, however, the back and back when you told some of your stories about giving jars particularly when you had little ones at all and its beauty. Pull it your way. As, however, your family feels like is the best way to do it. Yeah we love it. We absolutely love it. We take the Christmas jars special when the kids were younger, and you know he filled with coins and dollars and everything else and You just you know I can run and it is it's so fantastic. You know you find this family. You know is struggling and you just leave the Christmas jar up on their porch. You don't you, don't necessarily go I something for them. 'cause you don't know that you know what they really need might be. Just a turkey, it might be something to eat, might be something special that you don't know of
so we really like to do the knock and run with the Christmas jar. It's a great great family tradition and you can watch the Adam event movie tonight, and tonight only would you just go to Christmas. Cars dot com and find out where the Fathom theater would be around you yep Christmas, comma. Give you to get information fathom events, dot com, we just punch in your zip code, it'll play the closest eight hundred and thirty some odd. So hopefully it's close or call it's enough for most of you. If it's sold out make some noise at the box office and say: hey. Is there any way to get? in court tomorrow night or something and and then stay tuned, because I suspect that- might be other opportunities to see a cluster for Christmas and other ways by suspect you again to to everyone listening who is his turn this into something that has been one of the greatest,
things of my life just to see the stars turn into a grassroots movement that can't be stopped Jason. It writes the name of the book. Is Christmas jars and the movie. The same name happening tonight only at a fat, theater near you just go to fathomevents com or go to Chris. Jars. Dot com and they'll, give you all the ticket information Jason. Besta luck! Thank you so much. Thank you. My friend, have you heard what they're called the Jackpotting attacks this criminals, use malware or even hardware to get an atm to dispense cash apparently in regions, including the US and Latin America, this is this this is on the rise, according to a recent investigation, a Cyber Games gang stole forty five million dollars. One gang
from Atms around the world. Large scale atm cash out hacking had most in overseas criminal enterprise, but now the US is a popular target as well its import understand how cyber crime is affecting our lives, identity, threats a serious issue summit, just got a notification. Just this weekend, we were out in Utah at a charity and it's a dollar charge at a SAM's club, and then she gets one hundred dollars charge at SAM's club, and somebody has get our information and it's a good thing that we have Lifelock will. Let you know if something is going on: Lifelock they'd, actor and alert that you have something going on that they have questions about, and if something does go wrong, they work to help. You fix
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welcome to the Glenn Beck program, so glad you're, here gray, filling in for a mister stupor here this week, yeah did. Did you see governor collect Governor Cuomo? From New York brought up an incredible point, weekend on NBC. I guess it hasn't rained in New York. Much know like head Heavy rains anyway! Well, does now because of climate change, but it didn't use to no. I live there. Yeah. I did read our live now, not before climate. You probably live there after climate change kicked in no, they were insisting that we still had before. Well, here's what here's what he had to say. It was pretty compelling to me right: ok, yeah, a baby at a family being rescued. While you were assessing the damage. Can you give us an update on the flooding situation and what you saw?
You know, Ali anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change is just illusion. All at this point, thank you. We have seen in the state of New York what everyone is saying. We see these weather patterns that we never had before. We didn't have our occasions we didn't have to per storms. We have tornadoes. This is morning that did come up just overnight dropped about five inches of rain. Oh my gosh, as I thought I mean I remember it, never came hurricanes in Connecticut now and tornadoes well. Ninety can advocate there was
The one okay there was one: there was one yes before eighteen hundred there was one. So I guess you would say before. Eighteen hundreds, probably pre climate change when you well. What do you would even on climate change, didn't happen until you know in the nineteen forties for easy, fifty sixties in there somewhere, so the between twelve seventy eight and fourteen thirty eight there was a major there were several major hurricanes to hit the New York New Jersey area, really what just, but just that well and then the one in the sixteen thirty five that do. You know we had measuring stations. Well then we did we really. We did all the native Americans, don't I guess they kept very close tabs on it. Wow that's a barrel. They were you know they didn't. Let anything go to waste, they cared about the environment. Exactly then, it happened again in one thousand, eight hundred and sixteen sixty seven hundred and sixteen nine thousand three hundred and seventeen eighty five hundred and seventeen eight thousand eight hundred and eighteen, oh four, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen twice one thousand eight hundred and sixteen one thousand eight hundred and forty one one thousand eight hundred and forty five one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven one thousand eight hundred and thirty four one four thousand six hundred and forty nine, and so
and for hundreds of years of hurricanes in New York. For actual step? Those are actually use actual years actual years are definitely before climate. Climate change would be. My guess would be that well yeah, seeing that it's c two yeah yeah, this stupidity, of the comment is mine boggling, no you're delusional am I. You well at night, I have the night, it was about you. You see it with your own eyes these these floods, that we've never had never add five inches of rain before in New York. Never never happened. Ever happened. Well, a couple of times, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four nineteen, eight thousand five hundred and eighty five again, eight thousand seven hundred and eighty eight eight thousand nine hundred and ninety one. Of course, about climate change is kicking in yeah, so getting a pattern. Never it never happened before that. Never never happened before that. So hundreds of times, and you know if you're talking about so it's
Like he might be talking about New York, which was bogus, but if talking. Naturally, we did never cancel largest. Disaster in the history of this country was in one thousand nine hundred in Galveston, Texas, where maybe ten thousand people yeah, but that's our goal of climate change. It already started in Gallup added in oh yeah 'cause. They knew oil was going to come out of the gulf. The knowledge us certain knowledge of oil is enough trigger her. Yes, just the knowledge wow. We have to forget all that we know. Wow yeah, that's powerful and poignant It really is otherwise. This is going to continue to happen. No, I said I will not be around to stop it. No! That's right, you won't be around no, he dropped out if you missed it over the weekend Friday He dropped right on. I don't think, there's a person in our audience that missed that, so here. I think everybody got the alert the same time if you
the crowd. If you hurt everybody go look at this all this all surgeons, rippled through the crowd. Can you believe he didn't outlast Wayne Messam, who last last quarter raised five dollars. It is Wayne Messam still in this still instill in battle Rourke, not out yeah, so Do you think they're going to do with them? What what is his? Besides? No, I Let me just put that in the shaker at the sure, when Williams, please, what do you think he's going to be doing with his life? I well. They've already asked him to run for Senate against Cornyn in said? No multiple, so I don't think he's gonna do that he claims he's done with elected politics. So that's what he claims. Really maybe you'll just enjoy his billions of dollars from his wife and hang out at home and rest awhile. He deserves it yeah. Well, he is donated Soma,
of his time I'll man, the guy is practically mother Teresa with his donation of service, to his right. You know he doesn't have to give money, no that's how he serves that's his gift to, God She's actually said: yeah well, yeah yeah. Well, you know it's true when it's obviously I mean no. This is this is how I serve I run for president to be able to get power sound it sounds so humble, and it's so good yeah I and so altruistic. Yes, he's just a great member. The words right out of his mouth he's a great man witch. Now you're saying that, like it's, not really, no, Not sounds, and so it did not. Oh I'm! So sorry, I did not I'm so sorry. When we come back we're going to talk about authenticity
Indiana candidates because every apparently is looking for. Somebody author really cool in the demo, and now look at and now that Beto's gone the authentically cool guy is, is gone, so and he was so authentic, he really was in his coolness, nobody more authentic than yeah. We also about your contribution to the climate change problem. May we talk about that which I I think we're talking about the the salon. Article pretty powerful, yeah salon came out with a hit piece on me yesterday and what your defense against that you have. No, you have none, you don't have any defense against it. Wait until the people are reminded, the heinous crimes against the environment. You've committed here's, the here's the headline will
truth, politics be capitalism's, undoing, doing the yes, yes, wait. Yes, thanks to Glen, wait until you hear the post politics that salon has exposed. We have coming up next you're listening to Glenn Beck. You know I actually like the fact that she's consistent they they uh order. Some world Peace Award and she said awards, aren't going to solve these problems and she turned it down. It's good
and then she gets on a boat and she supposed to go. I don't wear wear some big summit, and then they changed it at the last minute and she's like solid or they changed the bones, the sub, the sum it all of a sudden. They moved it back to Europe and she was already going to like. I don't know S. America. And she was she had been on the boat for like four weeks and she's like oh okay. I can't fly there 'cause, I don't believe and you know at least she's consistent. At least she tries to yeah, I mean she's. Really I don't have a problem with people who are living it. She still wrong, but at least she's living it. Yes, it's hard to stomach this sixteen year old telling us, you know all our climate sins, what's going to happen to us in Well, that's coming from a guy who obviously had a problem with the little baby Jesus trying to save all of us too
really now what would you have said when he was in the Temple teaching the elders even listen to this kid, please is Jesus, looked into how How dare you now. I know it's only Monday, but I think this is going to be my favorite story of the week. It comes from salon. Dot com will post truth, politics be capitalism's undoing gotta love this as much as I do in sixty seconds is the Glenn Beck program.
Alright conventional wisdom. You should either buy or sell your house in spring or the summer it's warmer easier care, the outside stuff. The kids are out of school. That's when people are moving blah, blah blah blah blah blah. There's more to buy a home than just that, but that isn't even true. It's time to buy and sell a home are not well. People say they are surprisingly. What is the best time to buy a home. You know Take a guess, and now I would have conventionally thought the summer: the yes right but Best time to buy a home prices are lowest in January. Yes time, never gets never the best. Time to sell a home November. Because there are fewer homes on the market? nobody ever? Nobody ever talks about those things, never because of the
Have you got up and that used to be true, but now we're such a mobile society that it doesn't matter Summer, isn't the same. If you someone who can help you create the most value for your home and has a long track record of success. It's time to get moving with, real estate agents. I trust dot com, that's real estate agents. I trust, com salon, dot com boy. They got us who they No economic system has lasted forever. That's true and I imagine that someday when historians are studying the rise and fall of capitalism. It was just released yesterday from salon com that they might look back at Glenn Beck's, two thousand and ten earth day, meltdown as a seminal moment,
exemplar of how far capitalism created the post truth society, now seems destined to doom its ability to function wow. This is my fault two thousand and ten Though it was only eight years. Though it was only eight years ago. We have largely forgotten how far eight firebrand Glenn Beck, essentially Lee the brand of spite politics that anime much of the right today, on his radio show back gleefully. Shared with his listeners is planned to turn on his noon. Many lights as possible in his home during the earth hour wow. I remember that very show yeah and two in tension only pollute as much as possible on Earth Day quote I'm going to burn
garbage in my backyard with styrofoam, they cut you dead to rights I told the caller on his April 22nd two thousand and ten radio program. Have you cut down earth tree yet and put it in your living room. It's great. I like decorate mine with heat lamps, but that's a different story. He bragged, you know in our earth day. Decided to turn on every light in the studio, because we have some cockroaches to expose tonight in the bright light. Now it's an end quote now: salon can news. Consider for a moment the kind of political position one must take in order to find joy and purpose. In willfully burning something as caustic is styrofoam in one's backyard is really
point. Such an act has no functional perch purpose. Besides spite yet back, Seems to believe it's it's individual choice. His in visual freedom. He believe or is told to believe right by your blurs your masters flying yeah. Burning styrofoam is somehow as american as Apple pie. I know you believe deeply yeah, I mean I see kind of what guides you this store started in two thousand ten, but I now heat my home with nothing but burnt styrofoam back in twenty ten, and a lot of people were with me on this one. I just burn all the styrofoam peanuts I could find and
people, shipping, peanuts, yeah. I hate those damn things right. Am I right to get out if all over the floor, never getting back to your hand, they're awful, I actually rolled little children around in the styrofoam, peanuts it stuck to them and then I shook them over the fire. Sometimes I slipped and I dropped a few of the kids, but that's okay. We got rid of a lot of those styrofoam peanuts who knew they were making more anyway back. Of course, doesn't own the atmosphere, we all have to breathe the same. One is that true now, ok, hence. Hands the chemicals released in the burning of these toxic synthetic plastics spread across the planet in short order. We all inhale their car. Pigeons by now, wow never even at it looked into that care is what the problem was, but I didn't care to look. Hey you're right. I didn't.
Future historians look back at this moment. Surely they will marvel at what kind of can used. Ideological belief system could compel someone to do something so selfish and, frankly, stupid. Surely they will surely surely will surely they will look back at this and think surely how could somebody be so stupid, yet capitalism big at this culture this notion that were alone and have the individual right to do whatever we want with our time or money are lighters. E, and and especially, if it hurts others tap it. Play some to function Requi Here's us to collectively deny the sheer idea of the collective good is Margaret Thatcher once said, there is no such thing as society they're only individual men and women, and there are families well, as back in Thatcher Elic
Lee, illustrate in very different ways. The ideological core of late capitalism is the supremacy of the belief in one's own individual beliefs and actions regardless how they make others suffer or are morally or actually wrong? I love this lecture from salon. The celebration of individualism in all its forms, including behavior, dress and actions, is intrinsic in this epic of capitalism exemplified in Social ME if you take this culture of hyper individualism to its extreme, on my come to believe that you have the right to do or believe whatever you want, even those beliefs are immediately provably on untrue. How dare you so? Thank you,
so what so? What so? What this author is saying, is you shouldn't, be able to believe things that are untrue, apparently wow What should you do to people who are things that are Not true, I think you should lock him up. Do you do you think that's what they want. Well, there has been mission creep with catalyst cultures idea of what freedom means: freedom to believe. In ones own individual universe, freedom to pick and choose facts and to disregard those that are disagreeable. Oh, my god. So ironic, isn't it We are now seeing this result of mission creep in the emergence of a post. Truth society we've been in We should buy a marketing apparatus to embody our own individual whims to buy
we want to see what we want do what we want. The all of this it's just our right. Thus we would believe whatever we want isn't much of further of a stretch, believe in Astral, astrology believe in a flat earth believe that Vaccines are a toxic plot, believe that Every leader, every leader trump says is right, is right and that all conspiracies are true simultaneously. This is this is one of the most amazing pieces of lack of self awareness. I have ever seen My slightly shocking proposition, then, is this: what if capitalism ultimately has created its own undoing by normalizing the post truth society. What if many on the center and right believe that postmodern professors of vague term that I disagree with how they wheeled it have some-
perpetrated this lazy relationship with the truth, lazy relationship with the truth by promoting some sort of multi polar view of truth. Others blame the sort of drug induced counterculture ideologies embody in writers like Carlos, can stand up, who who Literature depicted a reality that was hazy and self determined These movements have sprung up from the same font of late capitalism, its ten to tie individual with one's belief system. You can draw a line, I think, from Milton mens depressingly shadow view of human nature to our post truth. Just thinking the same thing, is right on the tip of my goal. Is it really was going to? I was going to say that same sentence was it? Is it perhaps styrofoam that is burning here in the studio to keep us warm, possibly that is making
I think those crazy thoughts very possible you know, it's really sad, because I now that been exposed, I building houses out of styrofoam only to bring them down wow yeah. Have you really yeah I went to Georgia and I planted a whole a whole field. Styrofoam peanut plants. So you got like a styrofoam peanut farm yeah. I do go out there and I have died. I take people from The border who have been living in the shadows and I keep them in the shadows- and I oppress them to pick the styrofoam peanuts in the farm to take them, then and burn them and the illegal immigrants. And, yes, I said it illegal immigrants. You are truly evil wow, really in
every way we're living in a postmodern world and a and truth world yeah, which is what I mine, What am I going to do? You know you've been caught. The rights you might as well come out with it all now, but you want me to come out with all yes. Yes, the lines are purge yourself e on the farm. All your iniquities right! Ok, ok, alright, I'm going to say it! It. Highly explosive styrofoam drones and you know how explosive you drop. You drop styrofoam if it's from a high altitude. You know what a high altitude does to siren and I took that drone and I was ramming them into the rain this summer wow yeah yeah wow. I needed to do something big I had already taken. You know. Styrofoam things that they packed. You know livers and hearts and kidneys in I'd already burned all those. So there
nothing then to package the organs in the course that you didn't care for studied. Here I hear the guy needed to keep up with polluting the air, so I burned all of those yeah and then your ram to the residual into the into the all those the fires fires. Now. California was my idea, but I didn't do that. It was my idea now. There's a key the cat out there is like I hate the environment too. Yeah They wanted to burn their styrofoam, and I don't you know whatever you know. I I tell myself that that You know, imitation is the highest form of flattery. So, plus I mean you can't do everything yeah you did the body the important ones. I tried something new. I tried something new. This weekend I moved the global climate studies summit. The summit I move
if that from one continent to another justice, crew, Greta the little kid? How are you yeah well, but welded salons on to me and they have such a good point that you know if you shoot You got a silence, he got a you know, People like me are silencing those who disagree with me. You know, and I'm allowed to believe in just crazy things, but they of course, are not lazy in their search for truth that is truly bond believable that actually made it on to salon dot com? How I know, but he said no, he served are used to because they all are apparently a parent that
amazing. That's amazing! Okay! Last week we heard that a VPN had been breached. Hackers compromise the very thing that Wi Fi users were relying on to keep them in private yeah, I kind of have to hand it to the cybercriminals they're, not good, at what they do of course, they're at it, twenty four slash, seven and we're not there is. V P n at that you can choose that comes from a trusted leader in consumer cyber security, and it is Norton VPN. It uses bank grade encryption to help block hackers. For stealing the information you might send and receive over Wi Fi. This is very important for me because and buying all my styrofoam now on the black market, you want to be traced. I should have said that out loud well at least we're not on the radio. It's part of the multiple layers, all crap? I am the radio and salon listens.
In ten years from now they're going to go and report this that's right. It include Norton, secure, VPN device security, a password manager and so much more so don't risk compromising your online privacy with the wrong VPN get a VP. And that's all part of an all in one protection that you need for the connected world. It's Norton! three hundred and sixty now we can prevent all cyber crime, but Norton three hundred and sixty, is a powerful ally for your Cyber safety so sign up today save up to fifty percent off Norton sixty Ed Norton, dot com, slash back, that's fifty percent off Norton Three hundred and sixty at Norton, dot com, slash back, we break for ten seconds. Will Warner. Media executives have caused some consternation among CNN employees with their dad
in a higher actor Morgan Freeman to narrate presentation to its investors,. Warner Media is CNN's. Parent company employees from both organizations attended a presentation to Warner meter investors on Tuesday of last week and the presentation open with a video narrated by Morgan Freeman Companies decision to hire Freeman for the gig comes after several CNN. Reporters wrote a twenty eight an article about eight women who allege the eighty two year old actor and harass them or in beach din, inappropriate conduct. It's disgusting said one CNN employee. Some of us were scratching our heads in shock wondering how something like this could ever happen right. Somebody who's been accused actually still being hired by people of
Although new millions of people they could have hired. Why him? You know what they could have had Freddy? The guy that bags groceries, he could have done it and something else about CNN that you should think about. Investing out of all the millions of People- It can read and speak then, aren't Morgan, Freeman, Morgan Freeman. I mean how could something like uh no CNN employees agreed to speak on the record hum bravery of those poor souls. Bravery I did not create an unsafe work environment. I did not assault women. I did not offer employment or advancement in exchange for sex. Any suggestion that I did so is completely false, said: Freeman and Joe the bag. Said, would you like paper, plastic wow,
you gotta love it, though, when liberals eat their own. There is another example of the world they've created coming back to bite, 'em right and you know what Morgan Freeman said he didn't do it there. Hasn't been adjudicated as guilty of anything there's not been any due process. So it's just accusation. Should you destroy somebody just on accusations? The left says yes CNN says yes time. Warner is okay with it I actually mean it when it comes. To them. They don't mean it feel the IP law used to, though I say get the torches. Let's get the witches, I mean if you're going to stop everybody who's been accused from having any. Further job in this in this country, it'll be maybe it's just us just start just US police.
Nebraska are searching for a man who allegedly tried to open an account last week. What was the problem well. He went into the Lincoln branch. Just rolled in around nine hundred and thirty in the morning, and he. He put his deposit on the legend said I'd like to I'd like to of deposit this in a new account and the the said this is not real, and he said yes, as I'm telling you it is, and I want open an account. She said it's date a real. How do you know it's not real? It's real! I have it be because we don't the US, doesn't make a million dollar bill and She said I'll go, get a manager, he turned around and walked
with his millions. Real million dollar bill is real million dollar bill they're trying to identify the man, because the government would like to perform what they call a welfare check. Ann determine whether or not he had been a victim of a crime wink we're here to help and the government and we're here to help. If you and given a million dollar bill, come to this conference on Superbowl Sunday and will help you. Three square meals a day. Have a nice little bunk area right, you're gonna be room and board for a long time, we're going to help you all right the national forest. The wizard rock
it missing. Somebody stole a one ton, very famous rock in the desert. An update coming up, is the Glenn Beck program, e trade. You know you would say that this thing the microphone is now sit in this big old butt down into a chair that requires that requires some real american ingenuity to be able to do that. Comfort, ubly everyday That's why I found my comfort with the x chair and their patented Amick variable lumbar support, yeah sure I'm around you. You know, probably not
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does die in darkness check it out on blaze, tv or Youtube. Anytime Welcome to the program news items here one time, ton landmark from it's got national forest known as the Third rock pop or landmark quoted described, as quote a beautiful black older, with white granite running through it. Has been missing now the
U Forest Service said that they believe someone using possibly heavy equipment. Remove the boulder okay, it's two thousand pounds it is, it probably is possible. Heavy equipment was use possible possible very light, like a maybe like a little wheelbarrow equipment. Genet. When we lose such a treasure. As the wizard Rock says, the district injure for Brad Child Ranger District, our hope it will be returned to us and these recent occuring at re occuring events will become an educational opportunity, wizard gears often admired by the public for its beauty, taking in rolls from a national forest, is illegal without a valid permit, but wizard rock is hardly the first gigantic rock to be taken from
roll and in two thousand and nine and eighty pound heart shape rock was taken. From Granite Mountain Wilderness and then It was returned more recently, two boulders weighing seven hundred and fifty to two thousand pounds were removed. As well at separate incidences. Now I have heard this morning, news on the wizard rock that it has miss material mysteriously reappeared at the National Forest. I I'm not sure if heavy equipment was used or the possibility of the wizard rock just making itself disappear and reappear as it is a wizard rock one more story before we get to our communist update Utah, woman charged with falsely reporting, her husband murdered her.
Utah woman facing two criminal charges after she claimed her husband had shot and killed her a woman Rebecca Nielsen, Bluffdale Utah, charged with one count of criminal mischief and- urgency reporting of abuse, one slash three degree felony now somebody else who knows Nielsen and her husband received a text on June 25th from Nielsen's husbands phone saying he had shot his wife. He didn't know what to do. The woman said, are you serious? She received more texts from the man's phone confirming yes, it's not a joke, she's not breathing and she is dead. Help me well, the other woman decided to call nine hundred and eleven and report the killing, multiple,
agents respond to the couple's residence. Several announcements were made asking for the man to exit the residents. Eventually kind of a sleepy Nielsen came out of the house. Uh actually wasn't the house. It was the motor home parked on the property. Wife eventually came out of the House Court documents state, the man seemed confused and sleepy man to the told him that he had been talking to his friend on the phone when his wife started yelling at him. Apparently she took his phone away and then broke his laptop computer screen the argument. The man went to sleep in the RV during the with police. The woman headed sending the text messages to the other woman from her husband's phone. She claimed he was cheating on her and she wanted to know, if the woman would be an accomplice in covering up her murder.
Is a good plan that really I'm guessing. They are not the sharpest knives in the in the bowl comrades, it's time for a communist update and boy comrades. We have made some real progress here. Seattle, Like schools are now trying to get rid of the frustration in math a lot of kids or are very frustrated with math and the teachers now say. That's because capitalism Used math as an oppressive tool, it is math? Has a litany, of serious crimes. Imperialism, humanization and press oppression of marginalized persons and the Drake has proposed.
New curriculum. That would folk it's on the power and oppression of math, the history of resistance and liberation of math now the curriculum isn't mandatory, but it provides sources for teachers who would like to introduce the ethnic studies. Into the classroom vis. A vis math apparently there's no district wide or mandated math ethnic studies curriculum. However, The units have. Created by representatives of local community organizations, so there's Experimentation going on here, Robert The president of the National Council of teachers of Mathematics is Seattle is really on the forefront of this. What they're doing it follows the line of work that we I hope we can
forward, as we think, about the history of math and who can to that also deepening the students connection with Kennedy, an agency that math provides the young people who are going to learn real math uh, you know Those will be the ones that are really successful. The public school, it's that are going to be in these schools are going to get dumber and dumber and you know as bridges, to fall down? I guess maybe will start picking up math again up What does it mean to decode mathematical beauty or identify the element of mathematics that has been erased from learning in school, well, The guidance says it will rehumanize mathematics how you can reach
humid. I did stop few minutes, it's their numbers. I don't hear verbatim from the proposal. Students will be identified, the inherent in equities of the standardized testing system used oppressed and marginalized. People in communities of color they'll also be able to explain how math has been used to exploit natural resources. Explain how math dictates economic oppression, they very concerned about this they're going to they're going to ridge. Any of the standardized testing because of the inequity, the pretty involved in this, and they will prove those facts: not mathematically or probably historically, but they will those facts to a bunch of kids who don't know any better and then never will maybe with
entity politics. Maybe that's what they'll replace math that'll that'll help yeah. No, no yeah, then, yes, no that'll be that'll, be fine, Also, hello, another another one another update comrades. This is a the effort to suppress speech and science that's working really well right. Now, especially in great Britain, a birth coach has been ostracized by her professional organization, birth, birth, coach, somebody who is coaching you during burning birth, yeah, exactly a transgender activist branded her offensive after she. I made a facebook post in which she said get this Only women can have babies. Yeah. I that's what she said. No, that's not true. She said Lindsay Mccarthy Calvert forty five forced to
stand down as spokesperson for doula UK and it since released all together in she not know. You know it's time to come clean on. Where do is right now I've been saying Stewart's in Disneyland, but he's been popping babies out of his pee for a week and it's time to expose. I do expose it yeah. These babies are those pp beautifully Boyd. Thank you thanks very nice. Alright. Well, sorry, Stewie ended tell the truth. So it's right at home, I gosh gosh cruise yet have you ever had another having? No? No, I have a ten pound baby out of his bp is wow painful, way to save wear and tear in his car pool rides. His bicycle six days a week is Aaron's filled days post, grocery store, laundromat library, all of it
loves to ride his bike. He keeps them healthy. Keep him active. You know he didn't the pain that came along with it when it started. It was just knee pain. Just a little at First shooting down his legs, and then it was nearly constant. Pretty soon Paul was looking heavy use, his car all the time. Instead of one day a week, then, when he heard about relief factor within a few thanks Paul was back to his old self and you can find him riding around town today doing those errands when taken properly relief factor attacks the inflammation that causes much of our pain. And it works for seventy percent of the people who take. It only costs, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five to start with a three week Quickstart now, if you want to free natural way to ease your pain and get your life back like Paul did just try really factor relief factor com, that's dot com.
Listening to Glenn Beck. The president is telling Fox NEWS to get better pollsters, because the whole that just came out does not look good for the president, according to Fox NEWS so the CNN poll in the MSNBC, Poland, I think, the NBC poll also owned, look good Microsoft. MSN yeah also bad, but it's most surprising with Fox 'cause they show
forty nine percent of the people they polled want him removed from office, not just impeached but convicted in the Senate? Okay, so it's hard to believe you know just to vote him out there I mean. I know you can't use the impeachment process as a political tool, which is what they're right just thought about you, you're you're gonna be able to vote about in in twelve months. You're foolish. I think, because who are you going to have come in, some other things that the president's not happy about an seem really hard for me to believe approval rating in the Fox poll, forty two percent, an fifty seven percent disapprove, so he's fifteen percentage points underwater there uh. Then it shows by the beating him five thousand one hundred and thirty nine by twelve points, Warren beating him four thousand six hundred and forty one. Sanders wins a head to head match up forty nine forty one And even worse, he lose to Hillary. Supposedly forty forty one she's, not even in the race, I don't believe it. I don't either
What they're doing I don't know who they're pulling if it's just if they're, not looking for likely voters, maybe they're, just looking or or maybe anybody registry people are saying that at this point to mislead No or I don't know, or to send a message of frustration, but it's not real here's the problem. When you, when you look, does it saying you know? I want Trump removed. Okay, that's that's one thing that your political for us Haitian, perhaps coming out. You know, even be a trump supporter and be like? I would like to send a message to the President: stop it stop the stupid tweets and everything else just get to get to business. It. But this when you're, looking at Hillary Clinton, B, bring him beating him no way, you're looking at Bernie Sanders being my can't believe, don't believe it or Elizabeth Warren or
for that matter. Biden. I don't think there's a strong enough candidate in the Democrat Party to beat to beat the President. I don't think so. Either Nancy Pelosi now to put this poll together with this Nancy Palosi? is worried about the twenty twenty candidates that they're on the right track. What works I'm quoting here? What works in San Francisco does not necessarily work working Michigan. What works Michigan works in San Francisco talking about, hers, rights and sharing prosperity remain burn November. She said we must win the electoral college now She said she wasn't talking about anybody specifically, but she is talking about. You know all of the leftist, the Socialists, you got to be talking about Sanders and Warren that's amazing for her to say that admission that
the party is in you way left is in trouble, so How do you put those two things together? e sanders beating Trump I don't do that yeah, I don't either and by eight points, wouldn't even be close. Supposedly now, there's you know when you I I native. It seems like you're just burying your head in the sand when you deny the polls 'cause. If the polls were the Curse of this. I'd probably believe it, but I don't know it just. There is a feeling that he doesn't lose to any of these buffoons. Well, we're not the only ones that habit Nancy Poulos: he has. It is right. Yeah. You know I mean the left,
knows this, not the left. The Democrats know this as well, so either we're all living in old fogey days and the world truly has changed much more than we thought it has uh to where you will. You will cut off your nose to spite your face: you'll cut off Donald Trump's, you don't like him, but you're going to end up with a socialist yeah, I mean, I hope, we're not to that point because I don't know there's any recovering from a socialist as president. No there's not Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. I don't think there is a can you imagine if they hold on to the house, gain the Senate, an get the presidency, then I think we're just we're pretty to yeah. If you don't have. If we even if we only have the Senate, I think they'll try to cut that off at its knees. I mean they'll they'll. Take that and say it's a do. Nothing Senate the economy will naturally tank
and they'll say we got to get rid of this. Do nothing Senate, that's blocking everything we are trying to do to help the people and you'll have so listen that you'll never get out of by the way have you seen the new Jack Ryan, hi not. Okay. Did you like a like an interest? season, though I watched watch the first one okay, so it was in Venezuela right This new one new one yeah new one is so I saw last night I was like all the new Jack Ryan. I got to put that on my watch list Jason, came in and said they have made Venezuela the victim of far right polity, and it is the socialists that are coming in to try to free the people might gosh. If that's true my gosh, if that's true, I won't, I won't be watching it. Yeah. Stop watching that. That is that's absolute. Visionist, insanity, insanity,
is the Glenn Beck program.
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