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The Tripwires Are Here | Guests: Jeff Brown & Andrii Telizhenko | 3/12/20

2020-03-12 | 🔗

As massive coronavirus tripwires are triggered, this doesn’t look like a seasonal virus. President Trump closed down travel from Europe, the NBA suspended its season, schools are closing across the nation, and the stock market was frozen for the second time in a week. But the WHO insists this is “the first pandemic that can be controlled” with the right precautions. Meanwhile, the case against Joe Biden and Burisma moves forward, and Glenn gets the latest from Andrii Telizhenko, former adviser to Ukraine’s prosecutor general. And the Michigan worker who confronted Joe Biden over gun control calls in to tell the full story. “The Bleeding Edge” editor Jeff Brown joins today’s COVID-19 update to remind us of the good things we are seeing.

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hey, let's get our mind off a scary things and talk about movies. Have you heard while the New Elvis movie, that's a tough! Thanks in their herds- will be right in Australia. Whoops relation talk about that. Let's talk about sports, the NBA? We need a little bit of dissidents escape whole labour. The work we are the answer to all their knowledge. Go back to politics, nope! Let's not go there, How about what are we gonna do this weekend? Is our good show to see there are good play holy cow? We're here? and, as I pointed out on last night, special this is the beginning. I want to give you some facts you really need to understand. Why did the president deliver this address last night and say it's time for us all to get serious and to help each other out? Why I'll show you
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The corona virus that I I'm gonna, probably repeat several times on today- show. It is really important that do you understand that this is the beginning of this understand, when I have been saying to you for a while, we are all going to get this. That is not to let your guard down. That is to tell you why all going to get this. This is a long term event this is. We hope we hope and somebody, you don't say, harbours a step way from despair yeah that one may be true in this particular case, because looks like this is not a seasonal flu it. Like this, is going to continue to go through the summer we d I know for sure yet, but indications are there
it's not seasonal. We also don't have any kind of natural immunity do this. Even after you get it. It's still looks like you can re, in fact, so we could just be living with this for a long period of time thing you're going to change and the time to change them is right. Now I've been tell you for last few days I've been looking for the the trip wires? How How do? How does our society decide when we're gonna closed school because we're all looking in our life? We are all looking for someone else to trigger trip wire. Somebody else says you know what I'm not going into work today and it somebody you trust in their like well. Why not, because I it's dangerous. That might be a personal trip where one of the. Requires that will cause real concern, is when they cancel schools now school, We are starting to cancel,
Why we're not cancelling schools right now, and it is critical that you are. Call that you understand, especially if you're looking at two the school district as a trip wire, The most effective thing- and I was hoping the president would say this last night- everyone is out, generally speaking on spring, break right now: The schools should make the choice. Voluntary choice. You know what another week dad and other weak don't come next week have. Kids, because in a week we will know. I said this when this first happened. We re early January and people started to call and right and people on staff said we gonna cancel the crews. Now this is when it was just in China, and I said, Just let it play out we're going to know the answer. The answer will appear: there's no reason to panic about it, the decision will be made for us now to
weeks ago was a two weeks ago was at last week, wig we cancelled the crews two weeks ago. I think I don't even know it was at last week day it was less wheelchair, so think of that law week, it was just becoming clear, but yet crews line CDC. Nobody said cancel cruises, but was so clear that we were in meetings gone. Ok, we we got. We gotta, cancel this. We just after cancel is irresponsible, not to cancel it. So we couldn't wait any longer for the trip wire, weak and sold on Friday or Thursday and on Sunday the CDC said no cruises right now every one knows, including captain stooping, cruises shouldn't be done. That's three days after four days after the CDC said. Don't do it not to mention the and none of the countries we were going to visit were going to. Let us in any way right thereon
what I mean Israel, is for fourteen day when we were seen it era is completely closed out. That's new and that's new. Those are Ngos are so that since Friday, ok, incredible so things are moving rapidly because we're now hitting that exponential growth, Let me give you some information here that I, but I got from professor of epidemiology and director of the centre for communicable disease dynamics at Harvard his name, doktor lips, which or lipstick he is. This is something that was prepared for me. I asked sub group to do some. They just help me Its trip wires. Help me understand when to pull the trigger on certain things in order to prepare, for so This team of mine went to
The professor of epidemiology, I'm I'm gonna, ask this group if they will allow me to release this. This is this is prepared for me and I'm fine with it, but I dont know if they want their name. Their whatever, so I am asking them. If they will. Let me repair rip just rely this entire report of about many pages, but is really important. So. In this report. He said there is a chance chance between forty and seventy percent of the world's adult population could in fact end up infected with corona virus. Now a week later. He said twenty to sixty percent of adults are going to become infected either event, though,
huge numbers. He went on to say at the moment were all in denial because it doesn't feel real because nothing is happening in our own communities. Right now. Here's what you must do cancelled Black gatherings, potentially, schools, especially if their begin to be clusters, but I want to explain that here just a few minutes. The key sisters are they're here already, already. It's everything that you're worried about is already here, K. Eugene. Don't know it. Yet this is following exactly the way it happened in China but let me give you some assumptions here: assume there are two thousand current cases in the: U S. As of March six, that is eight times the number that has been confirmed through lab tests because of the shortage of tests. Kids in the absence of symptoms in milder cases, are I
these assumptions would mean if we have two thousand cases currently that Happening in these states- and I think it's a very safe bet to say that that is happening- We just don't know about that means that The cases will double every six days. Now that's going go to every two days soon, but let me give you every six days. We have two thousand current cases That means that every six days it's going to double. And if you use that pretty safe assumption that me is that there will be one million cases in the U S by the end of April to million cases in the? U S by the first week of May.
Four million by It may and so on and so on and so on. Now, here's what been trying to express to you and end May be this will clear things up When the president said last night, we had to work together. We have to work together. We have to put things aside and we have to work together. We have to help each other. We have to do the right thing. The. U S has two point: eight hospital beds for every one thousand people hey, we are in a really good shape with hospital beds compared to everybody else. We have the best health care system in the world we have. We have our. Intensive, carry units we of more intensive care beds than anybody else for the Population size,
But we have three hundred and thirty million people. That means we have a total of one million hospital beds at end. Given time. Sixty five percent of those beds are already occupied I know this because I thought my Father in law was was. His days were numbered and he was at Yale Newhaven a very good hospital, but a year New Haven of one that is overwhelmed. You didn't have a bed to go. Too he was in the emergency room. And he was in the emergency room for over a day before they a bed they had, and this is before any of the corona by were this is just a day. Today, they were waiting for people to check out. So he could get a bit in the hospital, the urgency room, had people again before the corona virus You had your number was eleven age that mean
That you were the eleventh person in the hallway. These were really sick. People, then so sixty five percent across the country of those beds are already occupied. Leaves only three hundred and thirty thousand beds available nationwide That's not necessarily intensive care. That's just a bed! using the numbers establish so far in ITALY about ten percent the pen, ten percent of the cases are serious enough to require hospitalization. So if we- apply the assumptions by bob may either. All open hospital beds in the? U S will be filled, the again says nothing about if it's an appropriate hospital bed, because it in quarantine you or It is in intensive care that says nothing about. Respiration units,
into that. There's not enough units in ITALY to end. Eight everybody that needs to be intubated innovated or What was it? There were the Obama used when he was like a breath, Eliza there's not a breath innovator anyway. So now the. The number of severe cases could change either. Direction, but we're not gonna have enough beds the fair. We'll government also has a national stockpile of twelve million and ninety five masks and thirty million surgical masks, which are better than nothing, but that doesn't stop medical workers from Bree thing things in. We have a stockpile twelve million masks. Now, let's do the math on this if Comin nineteen cases appear in many more states and counties all
health care workers are going to need to wear masks if all Health care workers that are currently on the job are issued one mask per day. We, be out of masks in two days. By the way one mask a day per health care worker, not idea, but that's what, to be done in China now we can make more but is, as was discussed in Congress just yesterday, we all kinds of regulations that the mask that we make here can't be used here. We can seldom overseas where we can use them here. All of nonsense has got to stop right now, so now, what do we? What do? We do? First well, let me tell you what the difference is between China and ITALY.
Why things went if you can see this as well in China are going so horribly in ITALY. Either going so horribly in France? Why they're going so horribly in Germany and why? The president? Yesterday did that racist thing and so They were in a stop all planes. That is huge Hugh. Move why Did he say it? What's that difference between what China did and what Europe is doing. We'll go there next First, let me talk to you about moving your lawn in others stuff to do things you can do. I said to my wife: my kids are: my kids are out there on a track this weekend and and so my wife said when you want to do- and I said well the corona virus, so
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ok? We have a lot of things going on today that we want to get too I'm gonna give you some more information here on corona virus will have our corona virus update and our number three Jeff Brown, who is with me last night on the special he is a high tech guy, was in the high tech world for a long long time now. All he does is just go around and and meet with ceos and tech companies to see emerging technologies. He says there some really good news that he seeing on the corona virus front Far vaccines at our etc, etc. But we are eighteen month if we come up with a way of vaccine to day to day some company it's fantastic its eighteen months before you'll be able to get it at Sea CBS Day
so we are in for a long haul on this, but there's some really good things and he's gonna talk a little bit about the economy. If we have time a little bit about the economy, what tax going to do and how we can still connect with one another, and and change the way we're working. I will tell you There is never a good time for a pandemic, but this is one of the better times in the world's history of having a pandemic, because, just ten years ago we would not have had the communications that we have now to stop the spread and also to keep economies going and be able to keep your business open. You know you would have said ten. Fifteen years ago I raise gotta stay home you're not working working we have him coming up. Also, we I have a very special guessed. That is to testify before the Senate, somebody,
we have had on before on our television specializing, it was the first television specially did on Ukraine and Biden. What's wrong, The exciting about this is The Senate is not stopping looking into it and there is new information and he's gonna. Give you an exclusive in about half an hour on what looking into now about was going on in Ukraine. This thing is going to open, wide open This summer will give you that exclusive information coming up also Jerry Wayne is gonna, be on with us. You dont know Jerry wanes name, but he was the guy I who said to Joe Biden, hey your turn. Take away. Our guns. Will you full of that guy. We have him coming up? Do we have the audio we could display this audio earthquake
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I, have simply safe, because cybercrime is part of our life. Things like identity theft or serious is the serious issues you need the best in the business to watch your back. Nobody can monitor all transactions at all businesses, but they are the best in the business join now save up to twenty five percent of your first year by using promo code backhoe, one eight hundred life loggerhead de lifelike outcome used a promo code vaccine twenty percent. Twenty five percent right now replace dvd com use the promo code Glenn per ten bucks off. We have this current a virus thing from the beginning and we watch of Glenn specials right. There is the code Glenn pretend bucks off welcome to the Glenda programme. It is it's Thursday. What a week what a week every day seems like a year. I was telling somebody yesterday the other that last night I was having a meeting, and I said you know
this happened in the very next day. This happen and somebody was sitting in the meanwhile that first thing happened this morning. The other thing happened this afternoon. I, like this is of the same day. These things are changing so fast and they're. So massive that the same day. This is going to accelerate welcome to our good friend, Pat Gray, from gray unleashed- who should not be here, because you get all of us sick, but I'm not sick. Oh sure, so they also they all say. I do feel weird, though this whole thing is making me feel so weird does he do feel it's one, to go back to normal. I mean I think the last straw was Tom Hanks. Like now Oh, come on now. Now it's real harm hang is real all up in here now then Tom Hanks, as I think Tom Hanks, is this generations Rock Hudson and or Jimmy Stuart, none and honour,
I dont mean it that way. He is our Jimmy stored, but I mean rockets and nineteen. Eighty five Nobody was talking on AIDS, dog and remember. He did something with Doris Data Disease Way, he's like rockets and you're, saying yes or in this area for second in nineteen, eighty five, no one was talking about AIDS. The president had even mention the word aids nobody was. Nobody was talking about it. It was this weird scary disease that was really early on. Nobody knew what what it was, but it wasn't mainstream and it was something that you know only homosexuals get. And then it was well. Maybe just anyone can get it from coughing or kissing and it just turning this nightmare. Ninety Eighty five rockets does I dont remember a special or something would Doris day who had been in a million movies with he looks horrible. And there is a wide app and Iraq Hudson I mean,
dont know rockets, and is he was a guy? He was. I don't know that crews. Kind of guy you always looked good, never seemed age was really in shape. Everything else was, we know the guy in the fifties and sixtys and and Seventys of Vienna, just this heart throbbed, but he was gay. But he knew it he's on with Doris day. Then he goes to France for some radical Spare Mental cancer treatments Ronald Reagan was friends with rock for years when he was an actor and so Ronald Reagan calls him in France's rock. Are you ok? I just saw this thing. It's there. You don't look well That's when he said Miss President Taylor truth. I have aids, first time that Ronald Reagan, new or really mode people knew anybody who had aids and he
few days later rockets and comes out, and he says you know. I have aids, I'm dying, Ronald Reagan starts talking about AIDS and it was the this time that people went awhile we may no people that are going to die from this that I think I'm hags may the Rock Hudson of this generation because everybody knows and likes Tom Hanks, and here's Tom Hanks filming with his wife, the New Elvis movie, in Australia and they announced last night he got covered nineteen, hopefully your God, please don't, let's not lose Tom Hanks, but ask him being sick. I think that in and be a last night, I think shot those two thumb area, bigtime yeah they shook me. I know that also Tom Hanks has type too
diabetes. I believe that's bad, so that will be interesting to see how he deals with this yeah. That's not good at all. You have diabetes at I put you in a higher risk category for death, you know. The other thing is, I don't know anybody else felt this way, the Don, Tromp. What he said in his speech last night about Europe was absolutely the right thing to do. Absolutely everything I will just yeah, that's just so racist of stuff, right now, if I saw you only like to european- and that was the nocturnal now now now generators- you know I hate those Germans because they looked so different to anyway, it was the absolutely the right thing to do, but I watched at last. I was one of those things where I thought. Oh my gosh. What I mean eyes. Did anybody else watch his speech and thing here the cow. I said that out loud when he said that the I'd holy cow, I think, to hit a lot of people who are a conservative, because it did we go through this,
thing where the media's so awful to trump and so unfair to him. That's easy to see every single story in this kind of cool. Instant plot against Donald Trump, which Abbe lastly exists through all these story. Life, including covert nineteen, like they I've, been vaguely unfairly. I absolutely but, like people are saying all this is a hoax they're going after because they want the economy to crash. This is not a big deal done. Tromp is not out there trying to sink Donald Trump presidency. Donald Trump is out there on television telling you you bouquet go to Europe. Well, I guess you can use a little bit it unclear, as you have drawer days. You have four days to return and then, after that, you're gonna have to go through screening. You may be held elsewhere, This is a really big deal. None of our allies were alerted. By this it's going on in Europe. France is on
fire right now and France is not taking this seriously at all. We have friends tangibly. You know we have friends who went up to France and I submitted my way where those people they took their family to France. She's india- and I said I knock, in a church? If they're going to church not going to church, don't want that its playing with our kids for fourteen days they were in France, and they what they did was like John, my gosh, we just decided two hundred dollars ripped to France. Here, there's a reason. It's true. I got all the emptying attempting by millions on sale. You know how much you know expensive meat is. I got all this meat on sale. I got it for pennies, for the pound and in other saying that had spoiled meets been sitting out in the sun for the last fourteen days. Money came from a lab, yes, bodies, fantastic, it was so cheap, yet cheaper reason and people
aren't taking it seriously and that's what RADA that's? What does Donald drop did last night was start to take it seriously for the America, people and hopefully started to wake them up, but right after he was done. Boom NBA Tom Hanks here in asking too, because CNN can't say now that he's he's calling this a hoax and he's not taking it seriously, so instead, it changes to now he's a xenophobe So now you seriously taking it seriously now easy to fall, but he's not allowing anybody that these days accurately had not went. No, it's exactly the right thing to do now. Is you have to understand. As we told you yesterday, the reason why we're not cancelling schools- that is the easiest thing to do. That is. That does not seem like the smart thing to do, as we all know, schools or Petrie dishes, and they have done it through colleges. Writer has happened. A lot of universities and schools have been cancelled. Why are they doing into universities pretty much universally now, our its its trending that way, but Dear
seeing schools all over the country cancel forty, four per cent of parents can now stay home, you're right, so we're in this catch. Twenty two, where we know that parents are they. What are they? Do they can't they may not able to work from home? They we have to work. They have their kids come home the tire forty Four percent of households collapse under that. Isn't it true also that very few children or getting this even know they are getting a slight come. There is what is it happened? I guess there's a hepatitis that spreads, really easily, not through the blood and kids babies can get it They have found that every adult on these babies? We'll get habitat and they'll be knocked out. Test, the children and the chill
in all have in all the babies have it, but it doesn't effect there. Their main system. Does it it's not manifesting in any way where its harmful for them. Spanish flu is the opposite of this in nineteen eighteen, spanish, who could short circuited if you had a strong immune system it put, everything into overdrive, and so all the strong immune systems were breaking down, so all the children and under eighteen, they were the real targets. This is the opposite
so they're. Getting it it's just not hurting has not hurting them. Tell you another up did hear of sauce for the second time since these rules have put in and both of them. In this week we have hit the trip wire of the stock market down of seventeen hundred points again, today's including another's the seven percent thing on this Us Esa, ninety five hundred others of ten minute break and were in that window. I of the second time this week at this time of day, so I'm gonna tell you something that I just don't want to. I just don't want to be a freak out guy. I don't want you to panic, but I wrote to my wife today and I said honey I want our money out of the stock market. We ve been going back and forth on this evening. I just I just texted. My wife How did you say you weeks, I said
I want out of the stock market, a word down. Twenty percent were down twenty percent that is now bear territory. That's now means that that's a sign of recession and here is why. This is the more facts that come in we are at least eighteen months away from having a vaccine available available. Ok, now, there's gonna be ways to fight it. It's going to be a bell curve, although the other side of the bell seems to be a little off, weak, think at this point that there's not gonna be a flu season on this is gonna, keep going, we don't know, but we think we don't know, but we think you can get re infected on it and when you do that's even worse, China is real. Opening all of their factories and everything else. People are going back to work. If that remains stable, then once Go ok, we'd! We don't want it
Robert Burns through Europe system. It's not gonna, reignite. Instead, he have, after repeat everything all over again and it would beat at what eighty thousand people in fact yeah, which is not they're telling the truth. Is that big a deal? So here's the peers, a problem? This is going to last us. We know through two seven months minimum. And we're gonna go through other cycles. If we can get through the summer, it's gonna come back worse. Look at the pandemics in the past. It's a year into at a year and a half into it to me That says, you're going to have significant down for a significant period of time. We are going to go through tough, tough, times, because amicably, but maybe I'll, let well as the actual yea jury, I'm talking about economically alone, the whole situation. This is, the change. We
will be different people and I'm talking globally on the other side of this, when this is all past we will be doing things then that will remain with us forever that we, would have never done today is gonna change. The way people work the way we interact the software, the system's absolute, The everything is going to change because of this, and I don't I want you to freak out. You should not freak out if you are young and you have your money in the stock market in your forty leave it in the stock market, leaving in stock because you never predict the top, he can never predict the bottom. Leave it in it will eventually come back, if you're somebody on fifty six I'd like to be able to say when I'm sixty five, you Know- and I just want to go and do something else I could wiped out. You know that continues to go on. You can
Wiped out, if you're in sixteen sixty five your money out of the stock market. Take your loss. Now it's gonna be a rough couple months. I M P, even when people try to bluff, like I say not just like the few flew first mellifluous serious, but remember but you say it is like the flu the flu year, one really sucked everyone's notice. That's your two visits from year to year was worse each year. One or two is what we're talking about today, rightly in your one or two well, we ve been able to get a handle on, and I think the same thing is true with this, but you we have a much better system now to it. I don't think it's gotta be nineteen eighteen, but we thought it is garage eyes in some ways because of the mobility of the of the people of the planet right and the fact and the fact that We are seeing now that sell. Fifes isolation is helpful, but on ass, the people take it seriously. We are gone
to go just the way of Germany just the way of France. Just the way of of ITALY which is not good in case, you have been paying attention because the people in self isolate, and I want to show you later on in the programme exactly what that means. You ve got to take this seriously right now, you should. Show the really quick video of Rudy GO bear from the Utah jazz. How and seriously he was taken it later he's got the virus are in. Thank you. So much are. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. Honey is a great way to save up, but Loto money right now. You want to save money. Anything you do don't stop spending, please. That makes things worse. Yet you might be doing some on my shopping coda. Many months when I have had a hundred, you are so honey is a free online shopping tool that automatically finds the best promo codes and apply them to your card. So you'd,
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Join honey, dot com! Slash back! That's join honey, dot, com, slash back snap, you put it on your on your computer and you're saving money overnight, no downside to this joint honey dot com, slash back back all we ve already hit that first freeze. This is the second market. Freeze today are this week. We are, we stop the markets, it seven percent. We are now looking for the next freeze at thirteen percent and they closed the market at twenty percent drop. Some are saying we could see that full twenty percent drop to day today,
its hold on gang hold on now we have an update and some exclusive information coming your way from Washington on Ukraine. Don't miss it next year.
Today is a very, very important day, there's so much news that we have to get to corona virus. The president's speech last night, the politics involved with all of this. The economy we have just shut down the Wall Street Trading on Wall Street was shut down, gave a ten minute pause. This is the second time this week. Some people are saying we might lose twenty percent today. I don't think that's happening, but we could lose twenty percent today. Things are on fire, but when this happens, that's when, as Rama Manual used to say, never let a good emergency go to waste. That's when things just disappear. Something really important to things really important happened yesterday that you need to know about, and we begin their quick fifteen quick fifteen minute powerful interview and update next
I'd programme, I want you to understand one thing when it comes to the corona virus, this is not a snow event. Cape most. Well, we'll go out, they'll, say I've, gotta go to Cassio and I'm gonna get. You know some water in some cereal and whatever toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper. This is a snow event. It is happening all the country at this, time all over the world and makes this a different kind of snow vent. Besides, it's snowing everywhere this one. We have no idea how long it lasts, and I will give you our corona virus update here in about an hour that you do not want to miss each understood to understand this is to be with us for a law in time this is and be with Us- is not well at the end of April. Maybe
If we really lucky things will clear up this summer, but then we're going back right into it in the fall I Want you to be prepared, please please do this now Parry yourself, with emergency food storage, get is much as you can don't put yourself into dad or anything else, but you know you everybody should have at least two weeks of food gang, your guy to be impacted by corona virus? Please have two weeks of food storage. I purse we think three months is a really good rule of thumb. I have a years worth: that's it stream, but we are looking at a massive event here. This is what us properly have been prepping for just come in a different package: go to prepare,
we Glenn dot com right now in reserve, your two or four weak emergency food kit. Right now, delivery is going to be delayed because they can. Markets. This is a hundredfold overnight, and so there opening up new factories to be able to get it to you as soon as you can, but don't worry. This is going be worse in two to four weeks: much worse, than it is today. Please do this today prepare Glenn Dotcom go there now prepare with Glenn dot com. So we had as a source during our Ukraine specials. We did in the interview with Andrei. Tell us Anko, he the former advisor to the prosecutor. General of Ukraine is all a former advisor to the first deputy prime minister of Ukraine.
He had a lot of inside information and we did an interview with him along form interview. You can find it on the Glen Back Podcast, wherever you fine, podcast or even go to blaze, tv dot com and find that podcast he he is a cranium national who is he Patriot who found himself in the middle of me? No really one of the biggest. I think one of the biggest scandals in american history when it comes to a vice president and president using another country to try to destroy a presidential candidate and we're not talking about Donald Trump doing this we're talking about Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Well, sir and all of this is blown over there are. People that are actually saying you know what we're not going to give up in an RON. Johnson is one of them, the senator from Wisconsin.
He had everything lined up yesterday for a vote to call Andre Tallish Anko as a witness. In fact, he was, on his way from New York. He was on the train yesterday when we talked to him off air, and He said I ve got new documents. I have all the stuff and their finally going to listen and at the last minute, for some reason and look it up stew, but I'll bet you Romney. It fell apart at the last minute, so they didn't subpoena him. We You want to spend fifteen minutes with him ten minutes with him right now. We're gonna, hopefully do a long. You know not interrupted long form interview with him here in the next couple of days, but this is something you need to pay attention to because this? as we have said, for the last year, must be exposed. Welcome. Andrei tillage anchors metallic Tell Genco. How are you, sir? Are you very
Thank you so much for being on with us. I want to just move further rather rapidly today, because, while the other news it is breaking, but can you get Ass, a hint of why? What do you have to share? Is so important you're on your way yesterday to washing and expected to testify right away. There was just one vote that was spected to be very easily in the favour of testimony and it apart at the last minute. Do you know what, what why it fell apart, a note to the third to decide what to do and what not to do my point citizen, but what I know is that there was one hamper our who out of the boat and not enough both greater both rob do you know who it was I want to call it, and then I think you girls can make that. Thank you and people and ethical
most remarkable from art. But if you, let me just let me just say, I have no absolutely no information on this, but my God says Romney com fifth, that's wrong and you it's right and you don't have the Corona Virus yeah, that's what I thought all right. So oh you're. No, you don't go to testify, but you have some really important new information. There is a company call blue star strategies and, we didn't really know this. You were working. You were hired by Blue STAR strategies, which was a company, an American
company that had been hired to improve the image of brief MA and trying to get the all of the investigations to be dropped. Is that true, yet that perhaps there are watching them lobby, for they are the owner of a firm hand from behind on solid things? Are former return of the former deputy chief of staff, both bent and unfounded thinker? The former advisable for the moon was present and they are connected with Hilary and their employees rights our work with fighting and thinking. So they are the firm. That is what you would be Democrats and they are still consulted today. Bereavement and are lobbying for them. Our budget, so they approached you and they wanted to enlist your help. And at the time I assume you didn't think there was anything nefarious about it
I would welcome an embassy, Washington diplomats, your age for the meeting with the prosecutor General Office with the top last year be crane enabling Europe, but don't forget that offers a couple times and then the I'd like to ask if I want to work for them, but the cheer up and abuse of. Why? Because I did not think it was something different and at times yeah watching them I'll have to be promoted, diplomatic protection, and I did my job for you with them, and I didn't want to talk about them before we own spoke. I found your lot shouldn't yet the up and up anyone to, but after the friendly and after they have to say that
I grant you want democracy, United States and other when I start to think I will go with it because the market and walked about what I'm tired of the day and I have emailed communication to enterprises throughout the payment work for them before and after that, I want to share with the Senate, which Robin But for the investigation of mood here is a document takes a new. Tell me: what's: can you give me a hand up and solid basis? Can you give a preview of water. What's in those documents, without replying in Ukraine, one of them Eureka and what they want to find out. From the Ukraine government talked about high arranged meetings for them and the prosecutor's office and how they try to get the prosecutor to get married
dropped. All of that is on the move. Programme already gave Maneater been afforded, an undue closure equipment and that's why we were waiting for you to get a subpoena to file all the documents you get my testimony and get it over with okay, so was this coming from Blue STAR or Was this coming from the Democrats, Obama, administration or Biden what they put crowded from blue start and they were enacted Biden by favoured by Biden, Valley and carry problem title. Do while they work of Amerika, okay, so so desire to make sure that we we're clear on something and we're gonna spend some real time, and I am so sorry today that I mean what you have to say as so important, but on.
Fortunately, we are the world's on fire. I've got an idea without you could tell the truth. I don't think he profound people watching well before man. Now, I think, what's happened to your country and and and our countries just unbelievable you when you went in for that White House, meaning that we ve talked about before You all were brought over all the prosecutors in everything were brought over and it was the two hey. Let's learn how american justice can help clean up your country and it turned into something where you said it was was really just to get dirt on the campaign for the Donald Trump Campaign and what was his name Paul Man effort, and you said when you were pulled off to the side. This group was pulled off to the side. You saw wasn't about anything other than Paul man afford can you.
Can you verify that and tell me about how you believe now shall LUCA notch a loop? car the the whistle blower that shall not be named, and others in that meeting that organised it that we're doing this request of biting yes because they will prevent, or by their not doing they were in the National Security Council advisers to the widespread robot and listen to our German, our and the third person they talked about. Are you reading man afford an prepared the black, allegedly black, but you're going to do so, and this was also put the vice president using his office and the National Security Council to actually target a presidential candidate And you have documents or anything
else. That can prove that, in your testimony that you wanted to share with the Senate of the latter just get invited both profiteers over hedgerow by the Department of Justice, where it says towards noon, took place Hundred ten avenue- and they have made out your Mandela, lived answers or from an actual figures but who are there in the schedule who were there eating with partners and then with the authorities from the prosecutor, was there will therefore be confirming that two weeks later, when he came back, bring the? U S, embassy, told him again for the principal metaphor and alleged black leather. Do you have any idea? The movie
talked around Johnson about this. Deserves reserve any movement to get this back onto the docket docket, so you can actually share your testimony from what I understand, but not a moment or two yet, but I did. I was that with the staff and the more documents men either chair with them not looked with regard to it Albert now promote understand from what I hear he's gonna contained. Ok, We have to be smart to continue it. The legal right manner correct on the altar of modified by the government. Kay so Andrea really really appreciate you talking to us if there, any way that we can help you please let us know. If there's you know we'll reach out to Senator Johnson's office today as well, we ve got to try
get this blockage in hope. We should try to some colon blower on Romney. We get that blocking unfamiliar support. Yes, president, beneath your support and people, support is vital for the predatory right. Ok, so I would love to do spend more time with you. Thank you for spending a few minutes with us today, Andrade tat tell us anxious, Anko a May ukrainian point. Point high ranking official in their justice system. Working for the prosecutors bed by smeared and This is something we must get to the bottom of Romney. Thank you met we'll get. More civic schedule him on Jason for maybe, I don't know soon as we can and in a format where I don't have to worry about time and
and other things. Thank you so much all right we're gonna go back to corona virus here in just a minute. Also we're gonna talk to Jerry Wayne. He is that Michigan Otto worker that confronted Joe Biden about trying to take our guns away one or two to him and in just have a look at Where he's where he sat and and what his Sperience was like an how he's being treated now. Patriot Mobile is a company that, if you are going to spend a dime, we're gonna spend a dime on anything. Please in that time on something that is not working against you all the time. Youth and yourselves services just providing cell service when it be nice. If people would just stay in their lane These cell phone companies are now sting in their own lane. They are actually taking their profits and they are reinvesting which they have a right to do their reinvesting. In things like pro,
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I die com. Slash back ten second stage. All right. Welcome to the welcome to the programme were glad you're here I should understand that we are what we're dealing with with corona virus. The president, I think was out of sorts last night. Apparently had a big ink stain on his shirt from a pen right before he goes on sea span? Had the MIKE's open, it was kind of a Ronald Reagan. We launch in a few minutes, and he said the F word. Can someone help me? I've got a big bang stay now my front on my church and so The ever was front. I those here, and so he was out of sorts
I've never seen him struggle like that before on something. This important, also not hit in old lies for taxes is not really his foretaste. I mean you need it that it is important, it was end and let the genome actions are the most important thing here. Of course. Yes, so- and I know that you are obviously might this is sort of of it does. Like a MIKE pence type of moment, were he's he's like really well equipped for this type of here, which is, why was smart to put him in charge of it but he's, but you know at the president, is equipped to make the final decisions. I do not mean here just not right now. You know me as everyone is against no matter what he does he's in a really tough situation, and he asked a bowler three hundred he's got to do. If he's gonna win, so Here's a president last night addressing the nation saying, look we're gonna make this because we're Americans, but what he was the underlying tone on. This was you must act right now, the
that's why he said you know what oh travel from Europe. If your european and you want to come over and visit visit us some. Their time for thirty days, no travel. One of the reasons. Why did this is because in France they didn't? cancel the Smurf conference, Smurfit them here there is a lot to people just of his smurfs tens of thousands and they all gathered together and are all dressed his smurfs and the government said you know what hey. We all need some laughs right now, yet we go watch the summer sun cartoons. If that's what you do that, I will make you laugh, right now is not the time to do. That one of the funniest things. I've read sense. The global warming conferences were cut cancelled due to snow storms. They occur a virus conference in Washington DC was cancelled because the corona virus things changing rapidly, and we, the last thing we need to do is just a start.
Regaining and I want to really spent some time on that up in about half an hour on our corona virus update. We also have Jeff Brown he's gonna, to us a little bit about the corona virus. Some really good news that is is coming on the the vaccine front he's got some good news on that. We'll talk a little bit about the economy and Jerry Wayne about the guy who is going to be the nominee for President Joe Biden, his confrontation with him. American financing Nl Us one. Eight do through three four W W W that animal, less consumer access, dot org so? Here's the thing that I really want to talk to about right now is the time to get your finances in order yesterday I was talking to my wife. Were Tom, a few things and she said you know: should we re fight, we shall we. We finance the house. We had a really good interest rate that in a week, about refinancing.
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This is the first pandemic that can be controlled the scorching to the w H. Oh, it is officially now a global pandemic. They now they made that announcement. Yesterday we found out from the president that no travel from Europeans to the United States for thirty days, he's talking about massive it to the american people, including a tax holiday or at least deferred small business loans of up to five a billion dollars in and money accessible? The immediate reaction from the Democrats was debts is ridiculous. We need food stamps? I mean it's, it's crazy. What's going on, we really have to pay attention to what Congo, is doing because believe me. They will not waste this opportunity they will not waste this election or this krona virus and emergency, because
of the election coming up the media's in overdrive, try and make the president look bad will tell you the truth when he screws up will tell you when he doesn't will tell you. We want to be fair and objective, because this is way too important. If you remember, during the election of two thousand eight, there was a guy named Joe, the plumber, whose You know: I've worked hard for my business and you know you want to tax me more and give it to other people, and that's when Barack Obama Ray a kind of out at himself as a guy who believed in the marxist tendencies of share the wealth, and that amazing exchange, whereas I had to think there's comes down. Will you made too much money that Didn't stop America from voting for Barack Obama, but it was a wake up call to many people, now, not Joe the plumber. I think there is a jerry, the auto worker.
The guy who was meeting with the Joe Biden in a group of Otto Workers just before the just before they primary and he just ass to the vice president, a question about taking guns and the president unloaded on him. Quite an amazing exchange. We have jerry with us now, as name is Jerry Wayne and he was on with Dave Reuben yesterday called Dave and set a Dave me Jerry's phone number. Thank you very for coming on this programme as well. Jerry appreciated. No. Thank you very much appreciate your man. So let me let me ask you a couple questions. First, Are you because we didn't see any of the interaction prior to and of president came after you like you were a jerk and an enemy, you tell me: was there anything that we didn't see before that video that that put
you in a position to where he thought this guy's just going to attack me no on all the videos. I think they catch her just but everything some videos. You got a fish. True, though, to see exactly what my question was. I was quite right but for articulate with my question, I took time to actually did you to write it m and yet be to actually move forward on that because you were reading it off of your cell phone and did you had an expectation of meeting him or, as I was just in case, you had a moment you wanted to ask this question yeah. I had no idea that was going to be able to ask the question just want to be prepared in case I did have the opportunity. I mean how may change chanted you get to do that right now. You are a long term, auto worker you're, a strong union guy Are you was there? Was this an honest question and I mean it this way their people were asking questions, because they want to make a point and then there's others who may make
the point while doing it but they're asking because they really want to know because Joe Biden might have been a candidate that they might have voted for Are you a guy who has vote for Democrats before would consider a a Democrat or not yet so I will, first of all, are not unknown autoworkers manoeuvre by trade, I'm a universal right, and, yes, you ran very, very strong with the union maybe I I'd really support him. Yeah. I I think I was on the show shore. May I said I didn't for Trump last election, I I I I you. I grew up democrat pressure I don't I don't shoot either side right now, I'm on get remarried than that. I am the true ok, so you ask your question about you say you know he's taking the it take it you're you you're going to be taking our guns. Can you tell us the question that you actually asked him?
He died. I can paraphrasing. I have been a failure. Lisbon, yet, though, is actually to questions than their one. I was curious about. How are you gonna keep us working like? are now right now are workers were doing really? Well all trade dropped their making work ten hours and put in a lot of money into our pensions, and he to come here and say that you can do a better job, so I asked him how he was going to do that. I wanted him. Tell me what is plan was to me even better than what is right now cause it's doing really well at the moment, and then I am, I wanted to see how you gonna obtain our vote. Thirty, nearly quite a large percentages people that one too are older nuns. I also want the Democratic Party to to do represent the union and I don't see how you can see: that right down the middle and get both things done, get think about. So that's not an adversarial question that his get off me Similarly, I would read that as I want
vote for a Democrat, but I am worried that a You don't have a plan, that's gonna, make things better. You can say that, but I want to actually hear your plan. I want to believe you and second, really concerned, because you guys keep talking about taking guns? I want a Democrat to win, but you're gonna take our guns. Is that when he turned on you will all judge to back it up low bear it. Now. I dont care as a Democrat Republican or anything I just. I want somebody and right wing with much are willing. It's not like you dammit, After all, gonna. It wasn't that right now, all right. So in is that, when the tone completely changed in your mind with him, the on question, yet while the boy had first remark led cannot. Maybe I'd get drawn back a little bit. You know I can't one big is on the letter that so
It was a surprise to you that he the that he reacted thy way to you, yes or be an apology. And I did I didn't expect that whatsoever. I kind of expected him to just tell me, like hey we're, not taking questions right now. You know he's gonna go around and go around the bush a little bit right, but I think you showed up their knowing that you know the union there and then the democratic, usually when unions and stuff I sat, and I think you want to go there, just for a quick stunt- young our vote and walk out. I don't think he was prepared for it or in it when his aid said Ok, all right we're gonna move on. He hushed he hush pretty sternly, What was your reaction to that? I didn't really pay pretend to I figured you know they are drawn in all profession. Relationships are going to do whatever they can do. That's not what I was there for. I was there to make a stand. I was there too,
call him out on something, and I want him to be able to respectfully articulate what is action plan is to do it because if you go out and try to make our guns that you're gonna go the right and duty So when he said I am not going to come for your guns, I IONA Own Shot, gun, and then he started talking about the eight hour for teens when he said to you you're a liar- basically you're a liar. You know, you're you're, saying you brought up the viral video that was on CNN. It wasn't dockyard, it was caught. It was a conversation with CNN and he asked the denied that that was even real. Do you think I knew what me go ahead then they call me off guard more than in his initial response. I was, I would expect, handle again. We are gonna, take em and stuff like that. Play, will outer respect about a lot more than him beating around the Bush and trying to back up a little bit
If, then, we can have a conversation about it and move forward in a way, the reason I sat there and he kind of got aggressive with me, but I want to listen and I think that's what America's lacking right now. Is people actually wanting to listen to each other, and I wanted to given that opportunity- and I listened and not only did I hear a ball of America did so me play what he said. That was We know the viral video yeah they're, all doctored, here's what he actually said, and how do you translate this into anything other than yeah? I am coming for your gun, listen by assault weapon that has multiple rounds or by an assault weapon that has, even it may now. You can't point to the fact that in fact had stopped to be Do you want more the monastery? Do we want to do that so too. Two gun owners out there who say well by an administration means they're going to come from my guns, bingo you're right. If you have an assault weapon,
the matter is they should be illegal period K. What's your problem with jerry- and I mean this sincerely you know he's just saying: it's us all webbing. You can keep your gun just not that kind of gun. You know the rest he wants to go after these cortical or sought weapons long guns. Why is that cause they're, so accurate, because I tell you what hand guns kill more people than these, so called a thought. Weapons he really care for the american people. Don't think Nike Begone after them because he's not- and that makes me feel there's our underlying issue there, and I make someone. Nine hundred that much more What is the reaction to move to you now? Have you had fall out at work, the people they were around you? What? What is your life Ben like in the immediate he just
walked away. What did the people around you do and how are you being affected positively or negatively? Now in your life, Well, it's been quite a roller coaster. Yet when I was there, there was quite a few people that were not happy with the question that I, as I definitely running against the grain there, and I think it was images more important. To stand up for America than it was the people around me? I tell you what sense then I have had a flood of support from us peers and unions across the nation. Really, yes, In what way? say on that date. Some people call me a patriot, something you're calling me a hero and at that Don't call me that's great, I'm I'm just a guy Just a guy don't want to say something on his mind to appear of mine who, having be Joe Biden, advance important people know. That Joe Biden has nothing more than appear really good point, What is the what's the gin
I'll, take away. You hope people get from that interaction. There's two things one. Common actually listen to each other, even if it is not position, because you might learn something and to stand up as an American. It is your duty. Thank you so much. I appreciated Jerry Wing. The man who confronted Joe Biden and was called full of excrement path of ice. President, never denied it never hall did he denied his full of it. Never enough and eighty may catch. That's do that and if you'd impressive, I had a very good interviewer up, but I will say he did not seem to be adversarial. It did not seem at all tat. I got bigger reasonable questions are totally. And there's a certain brand of person who, like once a Youtube hit. I don't have it beg you to moment with Joe Biden. That was not what that was no
you watch the full interview with him. Would Dave Reuben need and find it at a blaze the tv dot com views, Blaze, TB, DOT, Slash, Glenn, promo Code, gladiators ape ten percent, but Dave Ruben. If you don't know who he is, you need to know who Dave Reuben as he is. He sits fantastic and curious. He was a guy way on the other side, worked with Genk or sank, or ever his name is worked with that guy. Young Turks and woke up? I was like, while I am standing with the wrong people truly remarkable man, you can check out Dave Reuben his podcast, wherever you find podcast and also in the hall archive and everything else at a blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, aright, That is one of those wonderful people they God put on the earth, seemingly just to make people like me, look bad he's a runner. He runs half marathons, quitter, runs in Texas, you know, which is
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one? Ninety five start their three. We quick start trial of you, wanna drug, free, natural way to drug free natural, get your life back, go to really actor dotcom, that's relief factor, dot com, you're, lessening TAT Glenn back. Really important. Corona virus update coming for you in just a few minutes. We do grow virus updates and our number three every single day. The information today is really really good stuff that you need to know I was just surreal surname surreal for everybody else yet, starting to feel real at all for people. Oh, I think it's totally hitting that point I mean last night you watch the NBA. Phyllis Stadium, with fence in Oklahoma City Signal
and then say. Ladies and gentlemen, not over foreseen circumstances, games, cancel Z, later rural, safe out, you're, all safe, don't worry, you're all safe. There illiterate literally said this over the Ba but everyone goes home. We ve got one of the better. They players, one player test positive. Four corona virus. They cancel the whole season or suspend the whole season until further and further notice. The end, tournaments supposed to play with no players. Italy is closed, sickly there only allowing grocery stores banks in pharmacies. I think no, it's crazy is yesterday I was just talking to somebody in Rome and she was orange she's, like you know what it's really, that's, not so bad we're! All being you know, having common sense, we say gather just on a big numbers and were allowed to go out and stores are open and stop a whirl using common sense. An hour later lace, All of that
and I'm going to show you the difference between the West and China and why this could be worse in the west and is, choices that we have to make in the west you are expect, to be a responsible citizen? fortunately there's a lot of people who are like odds no big deal. This is a very, very big deal were not all gonna die, but this is a very big deal and I'll explain that to you in today's corona virus update, which is coming up next year,.
So? If you are a thinking person that is been worried about the corona virus, but you're not panicking, probably are like most people you're, like I don't know exactly what to do. Should I wait for more information should I do thing today. If so, why tell me? I don't want to panic, but I also don't wanna be behind the curve. How many cases of carogne are right around me? What friends if they start to materialise. What do I do window do it Corona virus is coming to? You is coming at an exponential speed now gradually and then boom it's everywhere, it's a matter of days, maybe a week to fourteen, but when it does your hospital, your health care system is gonna, be overwhelmed, fellow citizens, and maybe you will be treated in a whole way or in a gym. Who's gonna get the oxygen,
Who's gonna die the only way to do this is to social distance and do voluntarily what China did no through authoritarian rule That means stay home. Do things you're supposed to do right now Well, there's not a lot of cases. The corona virus update today we're gonna. Take that on there's not a lot of cases now you're, just not seeing them, will give you the evidence of that in one minute on that programme. No, I told you a little bit about rough greens. Are you F, F, greens, dot com? This is something that I just started. Feeding my dog, who know who is a different dog. I've gotta take some video of him accepted as I always now diamond on
I'll take some video of him recently. He is a different dog. He is upon his feet immediately, he's running around in the yard He has enough. I had one of those little yuppie dogs guidelines. I wouldn't feed that dog rough greens, because I don't want any more of that running around in the guy all the time, but of greens. I know if you have a happy dog, you love the little yuppie dog and that's great, and you want to live forever in ya. Want them to be while not forever. That's it will spooky, but you want him to be really really healthy right. Rough greens has changed the health of my dog, I'm convinced of it, and I took it to the vat ices. I said: hey we're starting to do some things with was rough greens and I'm making his own food and I'm adding this. She looked at my wife and said: could you please send me? bag of that? So you I see: what's it just shoot a picture of the back of the bag, so I know: what's in it
and shoes, are you gotta be careful? A lot of stuff is crap level ass. She called us right back and she's like this of his fantastic, yes feed it to your dog. It's not food its supplement, and so, whatever you're feeding your dog. You just add a scoop of this in the morning and at night and there they change They really do. I don't care about is code, it's all its slide and fluffy in it. So wonderful, that's great and everything. But what I want to see is I want to see healthy changes in him and see it through his activity and his eyes and everything else. I've never seen my dog like this. I wish it would have been feeding him food with this stuff in its. Fourthly, his whole life It's really remarkable! It's rough greens! I want you to try it for fourteen days. You'll start to see I mean as start to see thought. I was seeing differences fourteen days in I'm now at two months into a month and a half into it, and it's huge difference in. Oh, no, you won't you
to thrive. Try rough greens are you F, F, greens, dot com the greens, dotcom Diana to use a promo code or anything on this. I just got a rough greens, dotcom, slash back or call them at eight, three, three Glenn thirty, three, eight three, three Glenn thirty, three rough greens, dot com slept back I don't give you our credit rise update here quickly. We have confirmed cases now, one hundred and twenty seven thousand that's up for a hundred and twenty six thousand yesterday total confirmed deaths. Four thousand six hundred and forty one that's up about three hundred patients said- have recovered sixty eight thousand plus now a hundred and twenty five countries have confirmed cases up from a hundred and twenty yesterday this is
the best news, the hence the cases considered serious, requiring hospitalization is down again today down from twelve percent to allow percent. We now have one thousand three hundred and thirty six confirmed cases here in the United States and thirty eight deaths. That number is about to go through the roof and you will understand in the next thirty minutes exactly why and what too about it. All fifty states have at least now one confirm case, or why presumptive case president. Try to ban travel from Mainland Europe last night for thirty days. You we travel not currently affected, but they seem to be doing pretty well. With this ban will limit human travel cargo only travel will not face any restrictions at this time. The order is effective, as of today March 12th, two thousand and twenty
indicated that he will consider other travel bans from any hot spots as a means to follow the CDC recommendations to prevent bringing more infected people into the? U S in I travelled to the. U S is now restricted for over a third of the world's population, including China, the UK, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and ran, but we all know me the press. We all know he's only doing this to Europe because their different, they look so different in Germany and Sweden and France. The the Congress was told yesterday that covert nineteen is ten times more lethal. Then the flu It comes as a shock to you that you haven't been paying attention, that's right, now, ten times more fatal. Then the flu
containing the influx of infected people coming from other countries is super important and also social, distancing and isolation of the sick bottom line is Congress was told this is gonna, get much worse quickly, the? U S, och market is taking a beating with now into the a bear market. We must be doing ok, we already closed. Once today took another breather on the stock market. It was open for maybe ten minutes before they can you stop coughing. Will I do this? Do it's really freakin from can you just check on the stock market. I don't see it up in front of me how we're doing wiess weave. We took another ten minute breather. I'm shocked that those things work, but this is something that was put into the stock market as a safety valve just in case panic starts
crowd on nineteen hundred points, nine percent, how much eight percent we were down as much as ten percent this morning. It stopped at seven that it shot back up to ten the next time they stop it. If it has to be stopped today will be at thirteen percent losses. They stop it for ten minutes. Hopefully you gain their senses and then it officially clauses for the day if we ever hit twin percent, so they stop at seven percent, then at thirteen percent than they opted for the day at twenty? Hopefully we won't you to that. But I will tell you we are in for a very long haul. This is not something that is gonna be over quickly. President Trump, also taking a beating in his approval rating dealing tracking pool. He stood at one percent net approval,
its approve minus disapprove on February twenty fifth. Yesterday it just came out. He is now eleven point underwater, that's a twelve point swing on the online phone based survey, the president's handling of corona virus cited as the major reason for the shift in voter attitudes. This is a red dick. Alice charge. In my opinion, are there things that we could have done faster, yes, We could have done differently, yes, but don't. I mean he gets blamed for whatever he does yesterday there. I can't believe he is not doing enough. Ok, we're gonna, cancel. All air travel. For anybody wants to come here for the next thirty days from you know: Europe where just exploding. I can't believe he's doing that. Do you know what it's gonna get you can't win job
instead for accuses of tromp of deciding to lead corona virus, get out a hand. This is a senior staff. The digital director of the campaign, tweeted yesterday sure seems like this is getting out of hand and Donald Trump decided to let it be. This way that It comes as Trump asked all Americans to put politics aside, stop the partisanship and unify is one nation and one family the calls for the staff to apologize, gone. Unanswered, nobody's answer and that phone, maybe because may because Yo binds expected answer needs like I kick peering this ringing noise. I dont know what it is the w h o finally calls covert nineteen a pandemic. We ve known this for a while they actually said. Yesterday, speculation, I should say those around suggested that the double a child did not call this a pandemic of a couple
weeks earlier, when we all knew what it was it had fit. The official definition the reason why they didn't say that it was a pandemic is because they were afraid that people go path. She swallowed a pandemic, there's nothing! We can do that. Vision came out yesterday to finally call this a pandemic because their hoping that they can get people from throwing up their arms and sank Z S. Israeli, no big deal, it's a vet a very big deal. New object to testing in the: U S: lack of critical region, chemicals. This is going to be a mounting problem. We need need certain chemicals. We ve been foolish, This really started under Clinton and then just spiraled under control. I ve been talking about it now over three decades. This has been a the topic of of of mind saying we are foolish to if everything to China, they are taking
control of our drugs and, if they ever turn into an enemy, they an troll what we can do with control the medicine on the battlefield for America. Now, The the battlefield is America and its, not bullets the corona virus, and we need our own services and we need critical infrastructure here. But this ban a thirty year spiral out of control. It's gonna, take us awhile, between seventy million and a hundred and fifty million Americans there now saying, are going to be, in fact with this file to make this one percent a reality. The case fatality rate of one percent is the goal. Let me see, that again fighting to make a one percent death rate. A reality is goal: it's not automatic the. Why
in case the one percent case. Mortality rate for covert. Nineteen is not something that is consistent everywhere. One percent or less- is achievable and possible, but it assumes infected people get critical medical care. Every single one of us now has a role to play and we must take personal responsibility. Your role is very simple: don't read the disease don't get the disease don't expose yourself too large, groups and Gonna, give you some information here in just a second that will show you this is easier than you think and in some ways harder than you think only If you don't realize it's already hear it, already here. As we ve seen in China, a ran ITALY case for
Letty rates three point: five percent in China. Eight percent in IRAN's six percent in ITALY are probable. With go with nineteen once the hospital systems become overwhelmed. There is a goal, that each of us should have do everything you can to not get infected wash your hands. Don't touch your face, clean the surfaces that you touch all the time, social, a distance yourself from others. This will. I happen to you have been saying this for a while we're all gonna get this, and the reason why I have been saying it is because I want people to understand eyes is never going to happen to me. It's not gonna come here is not going to really be a problem. It's going to happen to you now How can I say that with such assurance? Well, I will give you that information here in one minute,
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will will pass it on to you posted Glenn backed Glennbeck COM, so you have it, but it's really important that you'd listen to some of the information that is coming out on posting something else and if you missed it earlier today show I gave you this. That's of of how this is going to overwhelm our hospital system It's only a matter of time. That doesn't mean that you panic. That just means you have the information. So you understand what's coming so you and do your your part in making sure that you don't go it or you don't help spread it first We need to talk about corona virus. How many people are going to have it around you? How many people are going to have it in your? area of influence in your community Total number of cases grew exponentially until China contained it, but then it Lee downside pandemic can't be stopped. This point. It was
today. This is mostly due to ITALY, ran and South Korea. There are dozens of countries now, with exponential growth rates. Most of them today are western and the United States has just cross the line into exponential growth levels. Some history in perspective. On January, twenty first, the number of new diagnosed cases, exploding, there were, a hundred new cases in reality in re, policy. There is the shadow stat. If you will what we know and then what actually happening so I actually happening. We said: there's a hundred new cases today, but actual There were fifteen hundred new cases that day growing. Exponentially the authorities didn't know this. All we knew is it. There were suddenly a hundred new cases of this illness two days later, they downward Han at that
and the number of diagnosed daily new cases was only four hundred note. The number only four hundred and I remember saying on the air: if there's only four hundred cases, why would they shot a city of millions down? It made no sense, but here's what they didn't. No, at the time, but suspected there four hundred new cases. That day, there were actually twenty five hundred new cases that day after twenty four hours they closed, another fifteen cities shut down. Really There would like six hundred cases them up. He'll January thirty, twenty third, until we're on closed growing exponentially. The cases we're exploding the official cases were growing exponentially, Twelve more days, it look like this thing was still exploding, but at that time it was it had already exploded.
The numbers that you here every day are actually behind official numbers are are now capturing the growth and then I'm telling you it's still growing when it's not an that's really important, that you say: here's the official number and here the true cases. These the work that China did, cannot done in the west. They Add up a system of of quarantine that we would not tolerate if you went to the hospital in China early on they have a tree homage outside of every hospital you weren't going in to the hospital, and they
the fool you no kind of suits the who were under this tend in your like. I think I have a fever come over here and let me look at that. No, no you're fine, don't be spooked by this suit, our all having is following costume party, so they immediately take your fever, your temperature. If you had a fever, you immediately went into a new category. Then they had like industrial wines of of cat skins, I'm sure what the cat skins were telling them, but they would get it scan of you right away, and this before you, even when the hospital then is had a temperature, and your scan came back. You were put into one of three categories for you don't have a category one. You have something but its mild. You have, you have come no virus, but we think its bureau medium case or you're in real trouble.
You didn't have a choice unless you didn't have it. You didn't have a choice. Once you went to the doktor newest the hospital. If you had a fever, you were done, but the and put you in the hospital. They put you in a stadium more in a jam or someplace else where they built these little mobile hospitals Little was not the right word for him. You did not leave a here in Amerika We don't do this. We do this in Germany we don't do it in France or ITALY or any place else. We expect our people to understand and police. Themselves but This is what this is, why they could contain it and why things are really getting out of hand in the west. They did a flat line. They I mean they really did things that I would not be comfortable about. South Korea, ITALY, ran had a full month to learn, but they didn't know
all this is held as exploded in Washington state we're not going to. It will contain it like we do like they did in war on. We don't want to or eastern countries when you die, do that and people are not understanding what their dealing with you get a colossal epidemic currently the official number in Washington is one hundred and forty, that's not but the real number and a little later on in the programme. I will take you through how you figure out what the real number is with speculation will do that coming up here. Listening, I want to talk to you a little bit about Turn Norton Security nor security is something that I think everybody needs with. Norton you're gonna get a VP n and it will help block hackers from stealing your personal information companies.
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that's it good ablaze, tv dot, com, user, promo code Glenn and get ten bucks off your subscription. Do it now I want to introduce you to one of the most fascinating man. I know Jeff Brown he's a chief technology analyst at Bonner and partners he's the editor of the bleeding edge. He is a guy who really lives, eats and breathes. High tech use an executive of high tech in the industry for twenty five years. Angel investor in some of the bigger tech products. He really here really kind of studies all of it and can really break it down on. What's coming, what's coming next, any fascinating to me because he sees over the horizon and he has a way of discussing no watch. This person watch this person.
He is, he's got all the qualifications that you need to talk about: the economy, tech, how we're gonna change and corona virus. I asked come on today to talk a little bit about a vaccine. He was on our special last night. We just ran out of time. And in their some exciting things that he said are just on the horizon. Welcome the programme Jeff. Let me start with the Gilgad use Ed gaily is doing some. Some work- that's very exciting, are not a vaccine but on, actually being able to treat this if you get it near really sick That's right so gaily add, has A drug called render severe which is already in the pipeline, in fact to his tested against the above all virus.
With some effect and certainly shows very strong potential to be effective against covered nineteen The great thing is because from disappear is a product in clinics trials is that they can pretty much immediately. In testing by the end of this month, and we should have very early data available by the end of April, because twelve, it is not affected at all by any kind of antibiotic can so we don't really have anything. We don't have any natural immunity no antibodies to fight it. So we need something to to help us fight is it regeneration. Is also another one that is close to human trials. In terms of the larger biota, Our pharmaceutical companies, I would say might my second favorite- is- is regeneration doing some
leading work on, what's called antibiotic antibodies and they have a unique approach, which is basically they create genetically altered mice, and use those mice to produce anti bodies that can potentially fight against the anti genes, which are the the viral proteins that come from covered, nineteen, the virus the advantage of that approaches regenerate given its size and scale, believes they could as many as two hundred thousand doses of these Anna antibodies, ready by the end of August, which obviously is not far away Salinas back that it and they were, working on this before that's the key. They were already laid off. Done all the paperwork for something else. What did what was that trying? What were they trying to fight
before they realized all my eyes. This will be great for covered nineteen. Well, they have fun I don't think about the anti body approaches almost being like a technology platform from which they can produce different of anti bodies for different kinds of diseases. This is certainly just one application regeneration really became large from its success with drug called I layer which was actually a drug that you may or as the case that you mentioned yesterday on the shore which was the bleeding I advise, and regenerate, really has the majority of that market share in the other thing they're working on, which is incredibly promising, is basically a A new cure for non, not hockin, sorry Non Hodgkin's
lymphoma. Well, is this the company that is doubly form of cancer? Is this company? That's out of Israel, because there was one it popped up out of Israel. Couple weeks ago they said hey, we were working on something we happy use guerrilla not covered nineteen but corona and close to something. But then we never heard anything about. It is regenerates. That's not the company not go there. There are literally more than eighty clinical trials right now. In mainland China that are either have either started or are being planned and so you know what's happening- is that anyone that has anything that might show any promise whatsoever has lined up to to try out it's actually wonderful. I've never seen industry response from the biotechnology in pharmaceutical sector as rapid and respect- it has to be seen. Is that because there is no greedy capitalists who want to make money or as this is what what
Why is this response so so different. We all share with you my own personal stuff, Nation, and that is that they are so lately looking to buy good will, the policy makers in DC, rather in Washington. You know give the current discussion, overdrive prices and yet all the back and forth negotiations. What a perfect crisis to react quickly and show positive movement to address address the situation. If it's a very smart move on on industry's part, but it certainly self interest so Let me get well and also just keeping themselves alive and everybody else alive. I mean I don't want to assume that to the you know, people don't have good intentions are trying to make drugs the vaccine we go through we say we ve got a vaccine. I think I am a company. A glance governing has just made a vaccine
get from that place to available at your see, vs for seasonal flu shot or some other than that at least eighteen months away, so so let let's put things in kind of almost historical perspective, vaccines Good oftentimes take fifteen or twenty years to get to the stage of FDA Google and the reason is that story they ve used literally live path. The June, so why viruses they give to us in said our body will be strong enough to fight those pathogens course they're they're weakened. So They're very light an unlikely to make a sick about that. It's not a hundred percent, and so approaches that we're taking today. You know we're talk about accelerated timelines of eighteen months from now
so absolutely every ever. Have you ever seen there before now, of course not end in To be honest, I seriously doubt that will happen within the timeframe it would be highly unusual so Jeff this is. This is the one thing that I've been trying to say to people and Meda? I don't think they get. This is, We are all going to get this, whether it's a really bad version of it, but it's going to be around for a long time and a version of it will be around for probably forever like the nineteen eighteen flu is still around. We get that every every winter, a version of that but this is a. This is a very long term thing and we don't know if this has a season to it or not. I've read conflicting reply, this has a season Natal die out in summer. I've heard other people say. No, it's not gonna die out early reports. It's not
what is this going to do to our health care system to our economy? to the election and everything else, what how bad do you see this getting not with not just in numbers, but I mean economic numbers. What I think I have some very good news on that front. Okay, so in the unique thing about these corona viruses that mutated from word or a mammal into something that can actually being transmitted successfully to a human for humans to be able to transmit them to other humans. Is there tend to continue to mutate right and just only speaking. Those further mutations tend to be advantageous to the virus, and so that means it is highly likely that overtime code
nineteen will run its course. It's unlikely manage basis that it would actually evolve into something stronger its highly likely. It will evolve into something much weaker Kay, so that now said that's also kind of like the FDA approval process that could happen to Morrow, unlike that, but its most likely that's gonna take time what What do we look like? I mean just the impact of what the president said last night on you know, travel to Europe, the impact economically. What are you You were what should we be doing now with our Fora one k and everything else, and I know you more qualified than I am what what what what We do in what's gonna look like you know today is one of those. Think of today is one of those got wrenching young.
Back in the market years after a two terrible weeks of volatility, the Eba, the ESA? Ninety five hundred down pick two to where we are now. You know twenty two percent or NASDAQ twenty five percent- I mean this is what this is. What more Bottoms tend to feel like it's that does gross discomfort. In your stomach, says things just aren't right and when I we'll get market valuations. There's there don't make sense anymore right, there's fabulous companies that are way undervalued. I think this we're not here already were very close, probably days away from an extraordinarily good buying opportunity. I think for smart investors who have cash to deploy. These are one of those rare opportunities, because
market does rebound. It won't rebound over two years will see sharp rebounds. For the period of of months, just as we did back in December of the fourth quarter, two thousand and eighteen we had the affair. Induced. You know aggressive interest rate hikes right many recession. Back then but do you I will say this I, like Alzheimer. I think I had more important here. Not long ago. So the summer I am, I am actually very optimistic about the summer. We have very good data during the top. The time of the spanish flu during the time. Of the eighty one and one where we These big peaks for the initial wave, which is what we are seeing right now with covered nineteen
and then those warmer summer months come in and it just really falls off the cases decline very rapidly, so our euro, organizing the numbers that show that that is going to happen, cause I've, read it both ways: you're seeing and yeah pretty cool. Convinced that it's gonna have a season its view This is like this. Well, let's clear, it'll, be in the northern hemisphere. Of course, yeah you know in the southern Hemisphere- words winter right covert. Nineteen will certainly persist. You don't see much change in the tropics with a virus like this, because you don't have those rights wings, but More will bring sunshine people will outdoors. Vitamin d is good for boosting the immune system. Higher lovers of humidity are not conducive for an airborne virus like covered nineteen, we Absolutely see these cases fall very rapidly. So if we think about
May June July August september- and I see that as a bit of a respite for the CDC and are our broad healthcare system to really get act together on these testing cats and build up inventory because that's it where the fear comes from. We don't have enough data to the point that you making earlier there absolutely has been exponential growth in the number of people who have contracted this, and we, and in the number of cases, are at least ten times larger than anything that we ve seen around a hundred times larger correct and that put things into two percent do. You know how tiny literally tiny the mortality rate actually is for covert nineteen across the entire spectrum of those who have in fact it we will. However, then we're gonna see a second wave in its history. Peace itself. For these types of airborne viruses, this second wave, which will probably start around early October about, will be about
half the size of the peak of what we saw in the first wave, so I won't be as bad. I thought I thought nineteen eighteen second wave, was actually worse. I'm glad to hear that Jeff Workin. I will follow you. They want to follow you and and read some more from you in pig arbitrary easiest place to go is to my my free daily technology. Called the bleeding edge you can, just for the bleeding edged Jeff Brown sign up for free, and I was You have been covering over nineteen since late December. This has been an intense area focus and study in Spain top of this pretty much on a daily basis, we will talk to you again Jeff. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Jeff Brown at the bleeding edge follow him. He is really really way ahead of. I think everybody else in many ways all right, gold, our sponsor this half hour, the
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The stimulus ideas couple of interviews coming your way to morrow more on the corona virus and updates throughout the day check this out. Is tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, you're listening and back
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