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The Truth About The "American Taliban" | 5/24/19

2019-05-24 | 🔗
Hour 1: British Prime Minister Theresa May announces her impending resignation …What is the allure of a parliamentary system that can result in an election at any time of the year? … The New York Times is going to bat for “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh …The pre-9/11 political climate led some people to look the other way on the Taliban, but it was no secret that they were an oppressive terror regime …Jason Buttrill, who was part of the leading thrust of the American invasion of Afghanistan, joins the program to shed some light on who Lindh really is …Why have conservatives and liberals completely switched positions on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks? …Perhaps the best thing for the pro-life movement would be President Trump giving the Left a taste of its own medicine. Hour 2: If you take a video clip of Nancy Pelosi and slow it down, it sounds like she’s drunk. But what if you play said clip at normal speed? …The Democrat field is essentially one big protected group, because if you disagree with them, you’re being racist …The rise and fall of Beto O’Rourke – How did his popularity wane so quickly? …There is no wiggle room on the Second Amendment, but that isn’t stopping Beto from proposing a ban on semi-automatic weapons sales …Bill de Blasio has entered the race for President – New Yorkers will tell you how much they hate his guts …Stu reveals that almost half of the Democrat field is currently getting zero percent of the vote. Hour 3: St. Thomas University of Minnesota is being kicked out of their Division III athletic conference for – wait for it – being too good …Competition isn’t about everyone getting a trophy, it’s about lifting everyone up through both winning and losing …Harvey Weinstein has settled a number of the cases in which he has been accused of sexual misconduct …Aladdin with Will Smith? Movie theaters with beds? Banks that are also cafes? … ‘Chernobyl’, the HBO mini-series, paints a grim and accurate picture of socialist society against the backdrop of the nuclear cataclysm in 1986 …Nuclear energy is not dangerous, nuclear energy being operated in a socialist state is.

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We don't know why, but one of those weird things why or how it happened. We will never know the glens back on Tuesday, so right after the three day memorial day weekend, he'll be back in his rightful place. Lot to talk about today The slowdown, Nancy Pelosi, video who did who did it? I want a full Muller style investigation fact keep Miller on staff. I want to an investigation into the slow down video. We could just keep him on retainer. I don't know one thousand five hundred and twenty years, given like twenty or thirty investigations at a time, no more than that. That would be excessive. So we will talk about that. Also so people kind of defending the release of John Walker Lindh the New York Times is kind of going to bat for John Walker Lindh, which is, I guess, if you're going to come up with a source, going to go to bat for the mm Taliban. You might select the new,
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How to go? How does that not break us? Brexit was also responsible for Cameron. Leaving wasn't yes yeah when the vote, when they would happen, they lost them, said: ok, I'm resigning and then Teresa is screwed it up so much so she has to go now and I don't even know. I don't know that she had a win. I don't know if there was any way to win this because she has to get something passed. So as much as it to me. It seems like look. The people voted on it. You have a system where people can vote on these things. Yeah they voted for Brexit. Do it how you know it's a lot more complicated than that and and eat. There's not really a simple, simple solution. There we talk to Daniel Hannan about this who's. Really, the only person do you go to one of comes to Brexit is the only person is understands it. I think yeah, and he was really the guy who he was the guy who basically push for this. A lot of other people have had press on this over the years. Daniel Hannan was the guy who really talked about this. I mean the first time he was on with this.
With two thousand and ten or two thousand and eleven he talked about how it was his priority. He worked in the use in the European Union NEWS in the government and he to dissolve it. If you want to get out get Britain out of it actually succeeded, and then here we are years and years later, they're still fighting about it yeah, but it's one of those things I just don't understand like that seems like every time something that's a priority. 2A Prime Minister doesn't go their way there like alright, I'm out, and I mean I tried- I tried for like a year and you guys don't want to do the thing. I want you to do so see you these cool, governments are really confusing 'cause. I guess, if you don't have enough members- your party voted into parliament. You can't go, and you realize that and then you strikes some deal with some other party they take over then, like the fourteen parties all get together and that's other thing, I don't understand the parties in the Tory Annuity. The Tories were in the revolutionary war. I don't know what
our today she's the leader of the Tory Party, now right right and so in the end that her resignation is effective June. Seventh, but she's not really leaving until maybe they I'm sorry. I was listening July and I just can't understand yeah. I can't either and are you going to vote on somebody or you just put him in there? I think they vote right there, but they have another election which These perplexing anytime, that must be, it- must cost them a fortune. These are just like it. I level there was like that we get this story. Like Theresa may decided she was going to call for a new election you're like wait. What's like the way, they don't schedule these things in advance. So we're like you know what two weeks were doing it like. It seems like what happens is whenever the Prime Minister thinks they've consolidated power or doing well in the polls that just call for another election to try to get more power, which is bizarre way of running fairly left us stupid country in the first place where the minorities still.
The parliamentary democracy has spread around the world and a lot of times. We talk about that, essentially being how democracy is spread like a lot of countries. Have this type system is less like our our type of system, which is proving to be vastly superior, honest about it. Let's, let's do yeah it's just center. We I mean again, there are a lot of problems here, I'm not going to sit here and say that there's no problems in this country, but the idea that Can you imagine if, like Donald Trump had a today and then he would just call for a new election and get like eighty senators and then he's like you, don't want to pass the wall and he and get enough of enough abilities like I'm stepping down. Wait. Wait we elected you for we like we sign due to a four year contract. Yes, you know, and it was like it would be as if it's like everyone in great Britain and all the
Other countries are like Lavion Bell like they get. They get offered these deals and just like now, I'm not showing up this year. We no we signed you, I'm going to sit out the parliament this year, I'm sitting it out. You can really It really is weird very strange to me, so I don't know what the Tories are all about. The labor party seems to be like liberals. Yes, yes and the Tories are very close to specialists and then there's a conservative's conservative party that I don't think they're like Americans, conservative none of them are and then there's a brexit party. Now then, the Brexit Party has has vastly increase their numbers over the last couple of years, and they just did a poll where, if the Action would have been held when they did the poll. Apparently the Brexit Party was maybe in the league yeah. I think yeah it had is important in the labor and Tories, combined that maybe who takes over in July. Maybe maybe I can you imagine the frustration though, but you go through this whole thing where they put it. Put this up to a big vote. You've got,
you know a situation where you your entire nation steps up and does something that was thought to be unthinkable by the entire world yeah. Pulling out of the European Union. We didn't like this experiment were out and I thought it was a great idea. I I'm I'm fully behind. You know the Daniel had on the release that a lot of the elites didn't think it was there that were not fully behind that's. What Theresa may try to do is you know, pull out what we're going to leave, but we're not really going to leave well it into. I mean it may get me now, just story by everybody here, because she has no allies left really anymore, but I mean the the bottom line. Is she had to get something passed? So she can't just say well you're brexit your Daniel Hannan, you design it because then none of people are going to vote for it so like she has to actually come up with something that everyone votes on which is impossible so the the the closer we get to this sort of deadline. They have this hard pull out thing, which I think is you know
we this walking up honestly at this point, and I don't think it's gonna be nearly as disastrous as everyone else is saying, but I mean about this when we had Obamacare going on in this country and Obamacare. Is there going back and forth about it trying to figure out what we know whether this thing is going to pass Barack Obama's, got sixty senators. He can pass anything he wants. You know with just filippos filibuster proof majority. Here he could pass anything he wants. So the Senate passes this bill and I negotiating it. A special election happens in of all places. Massachusetts in the middle of this and Scott Brown is a rip. We somehow wins in Massachusetts. Almost tire to stop Obamacare and then in the house, just the and is the whole negotiation and takes basically takes a work of the rules and pass
the thing that was already passed that they never planned on actually making into a bomb occurred. They just passed the old thing because as they couldn't vote on it again, because Scott Brown would have made it so they could not have passed it in room what how we felt over half the country felt it was the whole nitty plus you were gonna pole vault over this we're gonna get done, you'll see what's in it afterwards. Don't worry about it. Yeah that whole thing the that pissed off the end our country it started the tea party was largely. Right in me with that we're talking one of the largest wave elections in the last century. I mean It was a massive change in our country because of that, that's nothing heard to what happened with Brexit the people. Actually. All came out and voted for and like yeah we're not going to do it So thanks for your input, but not all yeah, and now it's been you know, dragging on for so long- and it's not like that was a non binding referendum. Deal is a big deal. You want to get out,
Brexit will get out of brexit and then nope. We don't want to the we don't want with, and the government called for it thinking it would be defeated and we could finally be done with this whole, leaving the EU thing because we'll just destroy right, stay will win and leave will lose and then you know our remain will win and leave a lose and it's one of those things are now they're like well yeah. We didn't really like what you guys said, though we know we know. We ask your opinion. It's like when you go to you, want it right. You go to your your, your wife and, and she says what you want when you want to where you were going to dinner and she sits on care. Then you're, like art, Taco Bell. No, not talk about well. Why didn't you say something bad we're now in the drive thru line, that's basically what they do yeah and that is a that's a weird way to run a country so confusing. It might just be time to send american troops and them adopt our system just It is weird that this time there
in more of a rush to adopt the american system I know like a lot of people will go towards democracy towards capitalism, but because I think America is the big at boy in the block in their vilified over vilified over everything, there's very few countries. It like you, know what we were kind. Watching. This whole America thing developed last couple one hundred years: it's pretty pretty nice. Let's do that. It's got some issues but, like I think we should get in that boat, really Supreme Court justices saying you know an african nation is better than ours, so I mean we're not Nobody wants to be us- and I guess because my guess is because it does not allow for enough government control if you're starting a new country- and you got the power to design it well going to put yourself into a position of power. That's why the founders were so freaking great. So ordinary yeah. They were just like. You know what we have the opportunity to do whatever you want. We can all be kings. We get all rule this place forever. Instead, let's give the power to the people it's something that almost no one to this day really tries to do.
Good, where, when Washington was asked to be a king, he said never bring that up again ever that's what we left in the we're trying to avoid, and I don't want to hear that kind of talk because it might spread yeah so that takes up pretty a in person. I doubt sat down and and in the new you know, these countries were as they design their systems. They don't necessarily get in a minute but make so kings anymore. They just well to take control of healthcare banking. In enerji 'cause. We know better. When was we know better? So, let's let you know, seventy five percent of the economy will just run and then we'll put heavy regulations on everything else and will tell you exactly what you can and can't do, but you guys get to vote for next person to tell you what you can and cannot do, that's the democracy of today. Bizarre it is and again these are. You do have that moment as much as we complain about it and remembering when you watch the Whole situation going on in Britain, which is one of the best countries like that they're, like a good example of how things are run, you see
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Curity Camera when you order that's one hundred dollars value, get you free hd, security, camera. Now by going to back dot com and ordering today that: Simplysafebeck back dot com, and Jeff back on Tuesday morning triple eight seven, two seven BC k so yesterday the american Taliban John Walker Lindh was released early, using after seventeen of his twenty years sentence. They just let him go. I guess because of good behavior and people are including us, were a little perplexed by that, but the New York, I'm so apparently has a little bill different spin on it, yeah of which you would expect, of course, and the times has an Ipad talking about the
lease of John Waterwalker Linden, they're, basically making their to his defense attorneys. Here, they say hard to imagine now, after everything, that's happened in the brutal decade since, but there was a time when we were fairly cozy with the Taliban. Of course we know this famously There's pictures of you know, Donald Rumsfeld, and these were trotted out constantly during the administration for in the 1990s when an earnest bookish California, teenager named John Walker, Lindh first felt himself drawn to the study of Islam. In nineteen. Ninety seven right, they are, as you love the the friendly telling the United States lent its support to plans by an American led group of businesses to develop an oil pipeline that would run through Afghanistan. This would require negotiations with the Taliban, the world's most oppressive muslim regime, government officials, who would miss, give news about human rights abuses in Afghanistan largely kept their reservations to themselves not before in the Reagan era, the term muja Jadine had a heroic ring to it. These were Pearson. Noble afghan warriors are president assured us fighting with
limited resources to liberate their country from soviet oppression. Now, of course, you get the tone of this which is lindas. It's just it's just a teenager. No big deal and it was really these republicans that we were friend with the reason why we were friendly with these oppressive regimes, the officials it's of course changed after September 11th, and this is one thing, didn't know or didn't remember, at least about this case. All these events of September 11th were all but unimaginable. In mid. Two thousand, when Linda Age, nineteen decided to travel to middle the Middle EAST to study the Koran, so they making the case and not explicitly say but insinuating, at least that Lynn joined the Taliban before nine eleven by a good year, or so so, at this point, why certainly Osama Bin Laden was known. Of terrorism he it was
like the main headline in the United States that the Taliban were I mean it was it was. It was a bad group of people and someone who's. A teenager could easily think that it's not necessarily the worst thing in the world Of course, you have September happens, and we should talk about. Maybe I don't know if Jason's in today, I think he is 'cause. He was doing. He was doing your show right, yes, yeah great, unleashed Jason, who is actually there when there when John Walker Lindh was at would be captured him. He, While he was there like when he was waterboarded, he was there like. He was he's a former military guy and was? Was he the one waterboarding? It's fry asked him how he could have, and I thought I said you know I was like. If, if it's true he won't tell me, but it says no, but he said he was it like. I don't know if he was in the room, but he was like right there he saw the guy he he added. He is. We got talked about. Would you like to work with the guy who waterboarded totally John Walker Lindh? I think that
I'd like to work with somebody, water border Jeffy. Yes, that would that would really respond, would not be fun. Now we all work with people who waterboarded stupor gear. Thank you well ensure board insurance airport. Yes, that's right, it wasn't water. I was waterboarded with a chocolate shake which is far to chuck for that treatment is just want to go back on Youtube and find today the consequences of the decision. Of course, John Walker Lindh are a matter of public record at two months after the twin towers fall in six weeks at the United States, dropped it first bomb on Afghanistan. A few one hundred Talib soldiers held this prison. Of war in and fortress a stage. An uprising over next eight days all, but eighty six of those prisoners would die as well as a great number of their jailers and a man. Man named John Spam, Michael spell Johnny was his actual name who is serving a CIA advisories, the first person who died in that war and of course they found that one of the people was an American John Walker Lindh. Now this is the
take on the whole prison riot thing, which is one big issues with Wendy how's, this guy getting out of prison. He was responsible for the death of a of a CIA agent, the first death in in the Afghanistan war. They say there is no evidence that this young American had taken an active part in the violence. In fact, it was later determined that he had been hiding in the basement for the bulk of the conflict, which I don't know kind see. I've never heard that makes me laugh a little bit that Al and in sheltered Ossama Bin Laden, after all, and therefore every better of his regime, no matter how inconsequential was a terrorist at well as well, they Art and say that, basically, Lynn was a teenager. Didn't even know the Taliban was bad when he joined no role in this at all. It's twenty years. Unfairly is their case like shouldn't, even have that, so he gets twenty years Plea agreement and then he's released and people are going to give him a hard time on it and he should be out of prison. Is the case of the New York Times now
It's interesting because I think I think this is a positive before our country in our system. And it's the type of thing that I as much as I don't when it goes wrong like this. It's something I'm proud of when it comes to the United States, which is the guy, served his term he Sir This time he got twenty years now this he did get seventeen years because of good behavior, but that was part of his sentence ng from the beginning. If he had good behavior, he would be out they're saying it doesn't matter. If he's reformed or not there's nothing, he can do trump. Yesterday came out and said: look I went, I asked. Is there any? we can do about this and they said no there's nothing. Do about so I do kinda like the fact that you do president doesn't necessarily have that kind of power. And you can do that to any of your enemies as president right, Say oh well, I think, is a real risk and then keep him in prison forever yeah. That would not be a good development. So the fact that we're letting him out while
in this case is really bad because it does seem like he does not work for reform. Yeah I mean even the media is not trying to make the case that he's reformed. Yeah, I mean dad is dead yeah. It's about it, but if you look at his statements in past few years there pretty g od friendly yeah yeah, I'm going to get back to being radical as soon as I get out of this and what do you think, I wonder what his first thing was. I feel, like you know: where does he go? First, it's like Wendy's or something like there's something he wants to do really badly. I don't know if it's Wendy's for John Walker Lindh might be for us What's the first thing he does and then this guy get a job like was he for the rest, your child, probably the our times? Actually? you're listening to Glenn Beck new Blinds. I knew I could save a ton of money if I put them in myself, but I was
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inoculate yourself for the daily dose of Glen at Glennbeck, dot, com or wherever podcasts are found. and do less Jeff you on this Friday. We've been talking about fork for going by the way we but we've been talking about the american Taliban Johnnie Walker Lindh his release yesterday and whether or not he should have been released and there's not. We can do about it now because he has been released, yeah but Jason Patrol or but they just said it like Glendale right here in in that chair so adjacent. You were actually there right yeah. Yeah I was I was in countries at the time as part, I was in the initial invasion for snacks. That was in that right. I guess, when September tenth He pulled into Australia and we're doing next. Australia, Marines and
just gonna hang hanging out at like a sports bar just by watching to after the exercise we saw that come down. We thought it was an australian movie. We had no idea what was going on. Oh wow, literally, like thirty minutes later, the shore patrol came around gathered. Everybody uh put us out on the boats. We were in Afghanistan just a couple of months later. It was absolutely insane but yeah we we, I had gotten the Intel reports that there was an american Taliban while we're in Afghanistan, and I read everything and we were just like our jobs at the floor- we're like what in the heck and most, which is one of the shot at and pretty much we found out about the uprising. We of the CIA officer that was killed at the time was one of the first Americans to to go down and so that hit us all really hard and siren, pouring over that 'cause. We, like, oh, my gosh, like you know this is for real like most of us, I think it join the military because we want to pay off our school loans. You know like that, but now this got real and I just remember being live reading about everything that was involved and that this guy he
LEN knew everything that was going on that the people he went. He traveled all over the Middle EAST. I don't, I think, a lot of people don't know this, but when he left California, he went out so in for the radicals of the radicals. He wanted father that just trying to find himself Absol really ridiculous. I will say, according to New York Times today, they they say that you know. Look. The Taliban wasn't even known to be bad. He joined them when, before nine hundred and eleven. So you know like I had no idea that they were a bad group, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh look, throw paper of record who wrote this John Ray of the New York Times he went. He went. He first went to Yemen got hooked up with Al Qaeda there to the went Afghanistan hooked up and hung out without Kate in Afghanistan also hung out with Taliban. Al kid in the Taliban were like they were shoulder to shoulder. They were the exact same thing they say that he didn't know what he was doing is just ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous, and by two thousand there's a saying that he
and in two thousand and nobody knew and the Ben were essentially our allies because of Afghanistan. You know they fought side by side with us against the Soviet against the Soviets, but by two thousand people knew above summer bills at school by then. In the time you had a lot of these big attacks had already occured, just not nine hundred and eleven yet, but him to not have any knowledge of the attack in the insurrection that happened. You, don't you don't buy that because they're saying absolutely in case, you missed the story earlier the New York Times as saying John Walker. Lindh was after prison where the uprising occurred. However, he he hit in the basement cowering what they said they said yeah, they said later determine that he had been hiding in the basement for the bulk of the conflict. Now that no everything that I read at the time is that it was a plot amongst the top, the and the other people that were in in prison there. They had
If memory serves, they had gotten their hands on some hand, grenades. I believe at that was their big plot. Was they were going to hide these hand, grenades they all knew about it, including land. He knew that they this was the plan that the plan was the high in the house, man, I hope I'm not giving out classified information breaking down and see when blends out. This is when the real news breaks. Incenses. Ohio goes, you are absolutely not getting outclassed by Jason. Keep going keep going more and more, but so the plot was around some hand: grenades at the Al Qaeda terrorist had lend knew about it and when the plan happened, he was an accessory to it. He accessory to it. He didn't say he didn't raise his hand and say: hey they've got these hankering. It's guys be careful were about to attack no, because he a radical ideologue that he an ideologue I, after after they took him in after he was accessory to the CIA officers murder. They took him to my patrol base
so when it was it was. It was a pretty cool scene, actually, the if they landed at in the middle of the night. At a patrol base there were CIA. There was to seal teams to force recon teams. They were fully dressed up. You know a black, you know, masks and everything brought him and I remember thinking if I'm in his position, I would be scared. You are, he looked battered he his he was not. He did not did not have a good hair, going on. Thirty was was shot in the leg. I believe, and we took straight to a Conex box. You know like, like a shipping container yeah put it in there and we get it got him ready for questioning, and I thinking. I would be scared out of my mind if I was him, he did not look scared out of his mind. He was an ideologue, he looked proud that's look that he gave us all modest in the eyes and he was proud. He was not remorseful, then he's not remorseful. Now yeah yeah. This is
I've made a major statements for somebody. Who's getting out of prison. He's talked about how he's going to get back to G Od an extreme. Soon as he gets out yeah, so and the restrictions that the court put on him are just so stupid. Did you see this? The restrictions yeah, you can't speak, can't speak anything, but English I guess I can't speak Arabic and he can't communicate go online and you could talk to everyone's, but not not in Arabic. Ok, so what? If he's If he's not dangerous, and why are you regulating how he can what language he can speak? Yeah you're going to assign a personal psychiatrist for him. You can, you can there's a suicide vest, but it has to be made in America hasn't made. This is, I think I I have the same point all the time, it comes to like Megan's law were like they were
earning the child molesters. It's like. If you need to tell me this guy's, a child, molester you're, probably still be in prison. Yeah like I I I I appreciate the effort here but like if you think I need to know that this guy was touching little kids. Maybe you should kind of keep him behind bars. How did the the original charge that he was given and convicted for. That's, I guess that's the. Of this entire problem yeah like? Why was it right like why they seem like they went after treason to I? I think it says in here at least that they that they did go after treason initially, but and they a they, had threatened him with three life sentences which they were going after and then they they gave us plenty of twenty years yeah. They couldn't find two witnesses or something it would. You have to do with reason. I believe I believe there has to be two witnesses in anything. It seems like I, vaguely remember them. Saying yeah. We don't have two witnesses which I don't understand because every like, I said everything I was reading at the time was very specific and we knew all the places that he had been to all the groups that he was associated with you
do the reason why he was doing it at that. I might I might like it was known while Kate up cattle was they already, basically declared that, not basically they had already declared war on the United States? Yes, Osama Bin Laden was like had declared war as we were in Saudi Arabia, the embassy bombings. By that I mean we had a lot of stuff on USS Cole has gone on, but then it was no secret. Now it wasn't. We call them the American tell them, but it was also running with okay. You have the people that had just attacked us How can you not charge him, but why do you need two witnesses? The better wonder if some of this isn't, because we apparently waterboarded him right. It wasn't a big deal that there was some mistreatment of him. Did you do the one that waterboarded him? I was not, see I was hoping because you're filling in for Packer unleash this week, you're so tired that you might just blurted out, you could admit it and he had been actually water board. Yes, of training or whatever? Yes, pretty much everyone that kind of unpleasant a little bit from what
Houston a little bit it well, it's some. It's a feel like you're, drowning absolute has like a drowning, yet you fit weird, so enhanced enhanced interrogation techniques. Have. I talked about this for like interrogation techniques. Torture, I've seen what happens in torture in country. This is not picture. This is sort of what we said. Psychologists have looked at this and they say anybody do it to me today right to be today, but I don't wanna go on a treadmill today in honor of the torture right there's a lot. It's close close is a big it at certain certain elevation. You know what what you get a certain degrees. You know, you're you're on level, ten or twelve minutes becomes torture. Yes, I mean like there's a large group of things that are unpleasant, but not torture and we just like to group everything into the torture realm, because we want
I'm in the american press wants to vilify the US military all the time. So you sent your you. You essentially put a towel over their face right and hence pour water on him yeah. Usually they yeah and pour it over and then that's the entire t of it. Yes, it supposed to its place off of fears. So, like like I atrice, have looked at this and said: there's certain few things that everybody in the world, if you're, a human being a normal human being not psychotic, is scared of, and some people scale the same stuff, so there's a progression straight twenty. We got this guy
it's go immediately to waterboarding one morning as one of the final steps using the barking dogs is one of them right, like blind filled with barking dog right and and again it that's it that's. What on? What about an ex for your minutes member? The naked pyramids made the title of that into one of things and they bring a measure of all right. You bring him in at night right, you put a minute, you put them in a shipping container, you I mean those are steps right, right, okay, so you're exactly right. So one of the first one to some people get scared. Just by someone actually starts up with nothing all just just offering something and someone get right, and if that doesn't work, then they, then they, you know the north. You know give the appearance. They're, like you, know the good cop, bad cop and scream at them sure some people can't handle someone screaming at them like a drill instructor and they fold instantly then it goes forward scared of the dark. Some people are scared of the dark. Some people are scared. Out animals. Some people are
sort of real, loud music. You may be seen movies where they like turn up and sleep deprivation, as part of that is all goes all into that, and then eventually, usually people just end up giving you whatever they want and those first few steps. Eventually it leads to playing Berry Manolo forum and that's the ultimate everyone breaks classified. You can't say that I know you guys are about me into this, so waterboarding it does, and you have, the situation will come back to that in a second. According to the FBI, the average loss in a burglary is about two thousand dollars. That's pretty hard to recover from And so only one in five homes have home security was simply safe. There's no contracts, no hidden fees, no fine print, no wires its design.
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Eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven peck been talking about the release of John Walker Lindh, the american Taliban. Don't confuse the American Taliban for Don the American who is a spokesperson for Al Qaeda. You might remember this frightening warning: pull every last one of your soldiers, spies security advisers, trainers, days or so on. Algeria decorating with some land from ever want to send to them. So far, so much as one single american soldier or spy remain on it. This morning, soil be such a head to be considered sufficient justification for us to continue our defensive g. God against your nation and people wow. Ok! So so it's not! That's! Not! That's! Not John Walker that guys gone, we lost him and we lost him and so
you broke that a little too quickly, yeah, there's a there's a bomb coming, oh! No, where we're good on the American is in the vicinity and hope he's protected. No, the bomb went off. It killed him God willing we gotta surgery There's! No there's not enough left to operate on. So that's sad, yeah! Well, I mean found out today that uh John Walker Lindh nor all american teenager. Yes, just looking, he was trying to find himself just a fright. Nearly drove joined, a group that were our allies right. How about it? One time, and and in the end we It was wrongfully accused of a prison right when he just towered in with the wrong crowd. Yeah, that's sad Sali do among us who, among us, hasn't we're sitting here with Jeffy right now. Yes, it's easy to do it's easy to do the world crowd so we've learned that from the media today, and we've also learned that
is now time in case you were setting your calendars to this fact. It is now time for everyone to switch sides again on Julian Assaje, so, if you were wondering wait what we in the poll, so when our side I'm on now, she could yeah whatever you're on now is probably one of the other side, because it started off the liberals, Love Julia Signage and conservatives hated Julia, massage and then in two thousand and sixteen when the Hillary stuff was going on, conservative started, loving Julian Assange and liberals hated Julian astonish? Well now the Trump administration is charged a and now they hate, Julie, massage, but now liberals are saying: wait a minute you're attacking there are journalists protections we love, actually Amazon, and so whatever side you were on make sure make a note for later on today, you're supposed to flip flop and argued exact, opposite side all right and again, it's good to plan your next vacation from whatever position you're on now on the side. For about six.
And where are we on Russia? Are they good or bad? You? I don't know the answer to that to check. We need website to just tell us what decides supposed to be on the left. To go back and forth on both sides but there's never a point in which take knowledge. Previously they felt the exact, always hello. Never it's just they just go on as if those times didn't occur in people general speaking in their audience are just like. Ok, well, there you go. I guess I guess that's the right way now. Remember the Komi deal when we were supposed to like call me, and then we hated company another big one. I mean it came out, even though I mean people didn't even know it was the change date. Yet
I'm gonna tell what's his face. Is stupid television show he didn't know he didn't alert the audience that was change day. It's amazing meant to call his name in the others like yeah. No, no, no, we hated today. No, no, we changed. It was amazing. It really is incredible. I I don't remember this. I remember hey: let's go by ancient history, now John Kerry running for President, basically loses the election. Arguably because of one commercial. Display incessantly where he says I did vote for the eighty six million seven billion dollars before I voted against it. Remember that whole thing yes, like I don't think anyone cares about those flip flops anymore, like the flip flop, is dead. It's just like, What is the thing we're supposed to believe today in argued passionately as possible? and you see this in the media. You see it and you know all in politics There is no longer a position that's held by the party like there on a consistent position and right now like right now,
this point yesterday, I would love to see this happen right now. Sure it seems, like Republicans, are pro life and Democrats are pro choice. I want Donald Trump to come out and be like you know what I'm pro choice. You'd see the me making every argument about babies, maybe like these poor, innocent, chill, yeah that that gets us a win. Have almost, can you believe, Trump's disregard for human life? It would be amazing and that global warming is another one. Do you believe this I mean Donald Trump thinks our order: the warming, the planet, this insane you're listening to the land. One of the great things about the american system is, of course, the innovation that it's provided and health.
There is a big part of this. I mean creating new innovative drugs to fight diseases, new innovative treatments. I mean that it's. Why The american system is better than all these other social systems and and it's the real and only reason any of these other social systems can handle. It is because they take all the stuff that we made and they they ma'am, put it in there. So it's nice when you have a country, that's innovating, like this. It's easier to have a socialist healthcare system. However, we don't want to go down that road and that freedom works is working hard to make sure that does not happen here in the United States. Do you know it? We've already had too far of a push toward socialism. Here we do not need to go any further There's a big thing about price fixing. When it comes to medications which is going to stifle innovation, is you know, look we know that one of the great things about this is, is innovations were free to work for me, dot com freedom works for me, dot com check,
out for me: dot com, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program featuring today today, doom back on back on Tuesday after Memorial Day and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy e c K. Yesterday was a big day: Nancy. Let's bashing, President Trump President Trump responding, of course, because that's what he does he has to. He asked if the must and then, of course, your controversy over the posting of Nancy Pelosi, videos where somebody I don't know who, but Rudy Giuliani, tweet out and
what's wrong with Nancy Pelosi. They slow down the video. So it sounds like she's drunk. It is a fun trick to do an anybody. It is anytime you slow down just a little bit the audio, it's it's it's. It is hilarious. Here's the first one slow down and then it quickly goes into the actual. We want to give this president the opportunity to do something historic for our country, but ok so says you had a nipper. This is a little nip is Marley and then here's the actual video. We want to give this president the opportunity to do something historic for our country. Okay, so clearly somebody's try clear, look bad. I don't know who it was big because somebody in the Trump Administration or the Trump team- tweeted out now, they're old, they're, blaming President Trump for it. I don't think he's sitting at
edit bay right now, slowing up her body video clips. I think he probably has a little too much on his plate in doing that. He would, and he would tell you I I don't need to do that right. Do I mean that he they get be it because it was a Giuliani that shared it showing at and they get you know, and he thought that was real and he thought that there was something wrong, whether we realized that they took it down. Yes, we've played many now see below sea clips that weren't edited or altered in any way, and she does this. She slurs and she sounds like you know. Something is wrong with yes, we've talked about that in the past, so it's kind of logical to think that that was there was a real audio or video, yeah. I was that it wasn't this time yeah. So I don't think it's a again. These things turn and international incidents all the time. Yes, they do and not not because the real, because they see it as a and it opportunity to bash
resident in the administration and and say how evil Republicans are one of course like to weave your tell me you go online. You just tell me: Democrats are sharing fake stuff, all the time course they are. Of course they are. But you know this is or do you do open yourself up to it if you're, especially for Rudy, Giuliani and then attorney you probably should be a little careful online with what you're doing I mean you're depressed you're, representing the president of the United States and personal matters. You probably don't wanna be feet, sharing fake video, you probably about it before you hit. Send you probably want to look at one more time. Yeah, that's all take a break. You know what I mean. This is the world we live in now. This is this: is it this? This would be an interesting commentary in two thousand eight right, like it's two thousand and nineteen, but you're doing this all the time. Politicians are doing it all the time we've just entered that world where people aren't careful anymore. I remember when Glenn was doing the tv show we started out with. I can review the Serbs c n N days or Fox days, and he who's in the middle of writing,
something on the chalkboard and eat like the chalkboard is like a difficult thing is as it seemed like it would be difficult to do, but you're right, he guns in the middle of doing a tv show he has to look. All the elements that are coming up like what video is next in what order are these things going on he's doing a monologue and he's writing on the board? And I can't What word it was what he misspelled. The word on the and there was a reason- I can't remember what it was at this point, but it was something like it was either misspelled in the script or like he did like a ron. Burgundy just wrote it the way he saw it. I can't remember what the situation was. It was not a word. He didn't know how to spell, but he just screwed it up on the air and that, haunted him for, like years like I I missed out, I mean you know it was like Dan Quayle misspelling potato back in the day it was like a big deal. Everyone was like all I can you believe this guy can't spell words. That's why he's still a little sensitive was very, very hesitant to spell writing things every time he does a chopper. He make sure someone checks it to make sure you know, and
when you get yeah, I know and that's something that should be apologists like you stupid. You can't blame him right, and so, but now I mean it doesn't feel like people make mistakes that are much worse than anything that other from the old days and no one cares yeah it's constant you're constantly berated like there was a time thought. Maybe celebrities had some level of intelligence. Then you see them tweet, ok well, we know there idiots like we thought we were wondering if there yeah there idiots that is acting when they act like when they're playing the role of a doctor there not really a doctor you kinda. He kind of gets the sense of that pretty quickly. When you see them spell you. Yes, you do AAA seventy seven Beck more coming up in sixty seconds. This is the Glenn Beck program that can quietly build up and the high interest rates tide to some of your credit cards or personal loans, and really take away from your savings, but don't fear because,
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from the left directed at President Trump Nancy Pelosi wants an intervention for him which I mean, I guess that's ok, to say about the President, where the speaker of the house now, if that had happened during the Obama years as with every single store- yes, all hell would have broken loose by now. These here at the house, would have been vilified if they would have said an intervention is necessary with Obama and make him sound. Like you know, he's he's crazy or he's insane or just complete out of control. You would be a racist, the they these to throw that out at us when we, when we criticize him for n thing in our criticism was never anything approaching what the Democrats do to trump. Now unbelievable the hatred. That's really the main use, I think, of identity politics. At this point, a lot of people,
you talk about it in terms of like well, they will try give money to minority groups of the minority groups, votes or they'll, try to give it's to a certain minority group or they'll talk nicely about them to try to get their votes and that's ofc, part of it, but other side of it is, I think, more. The really used of today, which is, if you have someone who's in a protected group there- you always have the defense of saying no matter what the accusation is. It's based on race or it's based on right, like whatever the group of people to judge right the President United States, and he as a crappy tax policy, when you say he has crappy tax policy, they'll say you don't get it don't like case, so they don't actually have and the policy. But just say you are a hater of gays. Are your heater of women? Are your head of the of of those African Americans, whatever the group is, and so they becomes the catch for every single defense, every single thing that someone does, that is in this protected class.
It's like the main reason why you don't want Joe Biden to be the nominee, because, basically, the only one in the field that has a chance to win. That isn't in some protected group right, get pretty much can go through the entire list, You have, obviously you know Bernie Sanders, you Kamala Harris, Clova, Shar she's, a woman quote Booker and Elizabeth Warren, of course, is native American, so she's in a protected group as well one one thousand and twenty fourth protected. So I think that there is a it works on both. This is why the left love to embrace it. They don't have to make arg about their points. They just say you're a racist and it's a catch all for every single argument, to judge had something interesting to say about the president, which I don't know this is true
but he said it as if it's a proven fact do you think he said it should serve in Vietnam. Well, I have a pretty dim view of his decision to use his privilege status too much fake a disability in order to avoid serving in Vietnam. You believe he faked a disability. Do you believe he hasn't doesn't yeah yeah yeah at least not that one he that's making, which is ok, he jumps is actually really interesting. 'cause. I don't. I don't mean to trivialize disability, but I think that's exactly what he did wow, but I mean there's Is there any? Has anybody stated the fact that he didn't have bone spurs win when he claimed to have bone spurs back in what was it the late 60s or early 70s when it was time for Vietnam Service but I think that's why he wasn't drafted. But I
and not I'm not aware that he faked that I think that's. I think I would say that generally thought to have been the case, but I don't think that there is evidence of it right like he. He there is something else. I can't remember what that there is another thing right around there where he was he did. He pass some physical or something like that around the time window. Then he then he went for another one. I got bone spurs after like it was something like that. Like you, I can't remember: what do you remember what it was just all I try. I try to use that to their again story, because that was with his father right was still around making some choices for a son Donald that time too yeah. There is no, but I mean again we go to that. First of all, it's ancient history, yeah right Second of all, there was a lot of that that went on in that era. You know the draft to me is a terrible, terrible thing, should not be paid. It's it's ridiculous should ever come, should ever come back and I hope it doesn't. No. There were plenty of people on the left and for and I
so I mean at that point. Donald Trump is probably a democrat right. I mean he's probably at that point in his life. Not even are public in, but a lot of people, that, and especially a lot of people with with that were privileged. Did that there was, that did occur. It wasn't a good thing, but it her story? There is that we should not be taking people unwilling to join military and throw them in the middle of our battles. That's not a good idea, it's not something! I mean that going talk about last resort area, that's where the draft should live. I mean you know, maybe if you're in May if the Nazis are currently bombing. Kansas may that's something you may need, and I will say at that point: you're not gonna need to draft anyone. This can be plenty of people willing to fight their but yeah. I mean that part of the situation with war right, like that's part of the and you're going to send the military war. This is why you actually make sure you make a good case of it and you make sure you convince the american people that it's the right thing to do, because if you don't-
and you have situations like this, where you know people are volunteering enough and you feel like you need to institute a draft. The draft should not be something that happens though, but I would that would think. That's one of those things if you're in the military Do you really want to be fighting next to someone who is like a rather not be here? I don't believe in this, because that does not seem like the type of person known what next to know, a lot of people who were drafted, fought, fought valiantly and many went and I'd. You know during after the in their service should be honored, I mean I they really should, but I mean I don't think it's a good generalized policy for military. You want to be really into it. You know, people who are going get have chosen to do it exactly triple eight seven: two. Can be easy K back in about sixty. So this one back program, I love getting.
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Back. That's blinds dot com to save fifty percent, sitewide plus save an extra twenty dollars with promo code back Jennifer Lin Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy K. Things are: are kinda heating up on the debt Democrats side, apparently in Iowa, there's a dead heat now between Biden and Bernie Sanders as far as the town hall calls that all these cable channels are doing. Here's how badly battle Rourke is doing right now, first of all he's doing so badly. I think we mention briefly yesterday, no other candidates are doing Any opposition research on him anymore, all stopped it. It went from dozens
Twenty. There are no research projects right now. L roller can like as inexplicable as the rise of Beto O'Rourke is to me. This same can be said about the fall about the collapse. No real reason he didn't do anything Klay wrong. He didn't have a bajor scandal. He didn't have a giant gaffe people were like yeah, we really like you and lately are toying with him to get him into the race and as soon as he got in the race like yeah, we actually hate your guts. You know what I think it was. I think it was that little getting in my car car by myself and I'm driving around the country, stopping in at weird places an I'm going to yeah, I'm gonna find, but that was before he got in. Yes, I got in an interlaced and immediately was that what do twelve and fifteen percent yeah I mean he was. He was second third place when you got into the race and just every
another poll comes out. Where is one point lower and there's only so many days that you can pull that one off I mean eventually you get to zero and I'm not sure it's about his policies. 'cause, he doesn't have any right. Well, he has one he wants to bring about gun control. Here's what he said the other day about eliminating guns, that weapons of or designed for use on the battlefield are no longer sold into our communities, so they don't end up in our schools or synagogues in our churches. We can save even more two more steps that I want to take red flag laws and now, do it town by town or state by state but nationally. So the reason why I hate those to harm themselves harm somebody else can be stopped before they do that and then the let's make sure that we invest in the counseling and mental health therapy necessary for people to get the care. Do you support mandatory federal licensing for guns,
and owners, rather in the United States, similar to what you hear from Cory Booker. I think that is something that we need. Look at and I'm grateful to Senator Booker for taking a bold approach to a very urgent problem that we have right now: but I would start with with those four steps that I just outlined their consensus there, there's agreement we're going to be able to make progress, but yes, I think this is something that should be debated. We should have for hearing on that and if it makes sense to the american public, then let's move forward will do some polls and if it turns out people like if there ocular, then I'll be for them, if they're not popular, all being instead, yeah, that's a heat. That is, I guess, if you were gonna, say the one big problem right now is that he keeps saying things like that. Does you know like if, if the american people like it will record, is not what the Democrats want to hear right now, not at all they want to hear like. I want socialism whether people wanted or not like that's what they want to hear to get it you're going to get it with me, yeah
exactly they want someone who's going to you know the way they see Trump right. They see I'm doing whatever he wants to do, which is course not true, but that's what they that's their vision of him and they want that action on their side. You know better one of the big you could say about him is he does not have an extensive policy plans? No, it doesn't, and that's one of the reasons why he's fallen. I mean you if you see, if there's one candidate who I would say, is in the middle of a bar me Piden and obviously he's in a category of his own right now I mean his to lose, but if there's another one of these lower candidates is having a bit of a moment. I would say it's probably Elizabeth Warren right now, and the reason is because she has all you for everything she got a policy for everything and people like talking about that. They care that now in reality, of course, they don't. None of these people actually read any of the policies, but brand of being the person who comes up with a new policy for every issue is very attract. If to a Democrat, who thinks the federal government do everything for you, I mean,
talks about that? I don't want to go state to state. I don't go to town by town for these rules. I wanted to be federal. Well, of course you do. It say that the tire definition of your philosophy. It's the exact opposition of what the country was built on federalism, which is where we did go state to state and see what works in other states would pick that stuff up. You want to uh federally, and you know what when it comes to the second amendment. You have no wiggle room and you have no wiggle router band semi automatic weapons. What which includes handguns for now he did say yeah. I think you can actually say that today. In that clip, do you the band semi automatic weapons he said weapons we gotta get these weapons weapons or on the street, which is even dumber thing to say, because everything is a weapon of war. I mean I go, but go watch it every time? I watch the arab spring there throwing rocks in glass. Bottles. Loser are weapons of war. When you need a weapon in war, you use anything as a weapon of war. It's a meaningless description, like all well, it means weapons that were designed for war every weapon
be used in more a handgun. Every single war that has ever been fought since the invention of a handgun has utilized handguns yeah in every single one of them. Of course they have if you're sit sitting there like I, you know what I might be. Scary ar, doesn't have any bullets left, but I'm not going to fire this 'cause, it's not technically a weapon of war like that's not so It occurs with the soldier. Is that right so it is a meaningless thing. I mean semi automatic weapons bands again, that's basically every gun people use like it sounds, like a scary word to a lot of people- and I know in this audience most people are going to be familiar with the difference between an automatic weapon and a semi automatic weapon. As a hunting, modern sporting rifle and all these things I could it coming growing up in Connecticut, largely like. I don't think I would have you know I wasn't in this business. I would have any interest or knowledge about what a semi automatic weapon was. I would just think back, and scary. That's what people in Connecticut think, which is why they were able to pass. You know
a massive bill restricting gun rights in Connecticut. You know, I think, there's a certainly not everybody in Connecticut, of course, but I know I mean we're not income from a gun household. My dad was in the military, but we I didn't come from household that did, but when you think about it, I wouldn't guns in the house. It was not part of our culture at all, and so you know people just don't with these terms means so you throw out banning semiautomatic weapons. People think good we're going to get rid of those those school. Shooting guns now this is basically every gun operationally that people have for self defense right I mean you have shotguns you which would fall out of that definition. Most cases um revolvers, you revolver, I mean to people, I'm do people really user. I guess they do. I mean some, but I mean most Ford is going to have a semi arctic with all over other than in a gun, store people using them at the range they like using that to shoot, but that they're, not I mean they're, not the prototypical american self, defense firearms and
It's going to be a semi automatic, handgun or maybe a shotgun, but still it's like they're talking about I think, they're, going way beyond anything. Australia did or anything in Britain the British did. I think this is this. Is it's it's gun control the level we haven't seen in a long time, take the land back. What if you could add up to with one thousand dollars back to your monthly budget, I'm sure your first thought is yeah. Alright, sure that would be great. But if you're a homeowner it not a fantasy? Think of it? This way, if you're paying down a home loan and your rate is higher than today's Ray you're over paying your mortgage. Take your money back with help from american financing high it's Glenn
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That's to a Jeffy for Glenn who returns right after they. So next Tuesday morning, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck are twenty four candidates running for Prez in the United States if you missed buildable zero getting in late last week. No, I didn't that was a huge big story for you guys big story over bill. The blood. Alright, we've been tingling. I was in university when this happens. When you have laws, you announced man about to the excitement. He hated him and I'm not talking about just service. I'm talking about a liberal, really can't stand the city into the ground. It's funny like the I was talking to one one guy who is pretty left and he was saying it's it. You know he was basically admitting like looked Blasius, basically socialist, but but didn't new Yorkers. Actually like the socialism, they just don't like him. They don't like him. They think he he's doing a terrible job he's you know a
it's not because he's too many big government policies are being passed. They just think he sucks yeah. They don't like never in office. They always run stories about him. Never showing up at the office he's always taking naps, he's at the gym and then just hey there. This is so consistent with diplomacy is in who they see him, as it is a guy who cares more about you know. Now he wants to become a big. You know national figure in his care about running the city, which is you know, has major problems. You know he can't seem to get anything done and like the announces his it's it's it's really. It's basically universal. The next day, I think, was the New York Post headline? Was everybody hates bill that was, admittedly, the of the local paper, so he's twenty four in this race? and I think he'll remain there, yeah well yeah, that's probably true, so I want to give you to get your guesses on this, because this is it's an amazing race and I could give you all twenty four names, but it would take the rest of the show, basically, so, let's
put it this way. There's a pull out with that goes through the democratic primary comes from Monmouth University, one of the most highly respected pollsters out there and they asked people who are you going for and he gave him all twenty four names. So All in the list is one of the lot of holes will just pull the top names. They gave him all twenty four. So how many would you say are at zero percent out of the twenty four, how many candidates are at zero percent, I'm gonna say twelve yeah, I was gonna, say tent when you guys are ready for their eleven candidates eleven or at zero percent quickly. Eric Swalwell Seth Moulton Wayne Messam. Nobody even knows who Wayne Messam is the mayor of Miramar FL. Thank you very much. Yes, yes, yeah MIKE Gravelle,
remember him. He ran in two thousand and eight, I think, and had it was famous for a very awkward commercial where he stood in front of a pond and stared at the camera. For like a minute and one slash two, that was like really the only thing he was known for peace back in the race he's eighty seven, eighty seven years old, Bullock, Ryan is look at the gun, Montana yep. Sorry, it's awful is he he's trying to run as a moderate? it's going to work, I don't think so. Nor do I think, he's modern TIM, Ryan, Jay Insley, John Hickenlooper Kirsten The brand is the one that really stands out: zero percent. I mean that she was supposed to be a lot of top tier two candidates, a second tier candidate yeah and at zero percent. If there's one person, I would point to who this is really I mean better. You can definitely make a point. It's been a disaster, but at least he had a high point. Gila brain has been basically one percent or zero percent, since she got in and she's a senator from New York like There's a case here. You'd think she made big way.
Is with her calling for what's his face, Al Frankin to resign and that's why not hurting her? Because you know Democrats don't want to meet to rules applied to that. That reply to Republicans very specific, that's for sure. So then you have John Delaney who's, been running since mid two thousand seventeen, and who is he thank you, brothers, man. He was a younger man from Maryland. He's no one. Not even that now is that, even that he he. I think he I think he beginning of the year like he didn't run for re election. I think so. Two thousand and nineteen he's no longer in race, but he's been running since two thousand and seven because everybody was clamoring for him to run for president yeah retail sensor running for that John we're going to run for president. They were a and then a and then Michael Bennett, who is one of the most recent guys who got into a senator from Colorado. Also zero percent. So now you've got him hello, one of the twenty four at pro percent. But you didn't mention Marianne Williamson. Does she have one percent there
no way. Well, let's go to the next group here and TIM Ryan, TIM Ryan Rogers on the limited locate so how many candidates again eleven or down at zero? How many are at one percent- oh she's, twenty, total candidates eleven at zero? How many are at one pro safe, five yeah, but I'll start with by that sounds about right, very close, sixty six candidates at one percent. Are you ready for him? Yes, Andrew Yang, oh yeah, Mary Ann Williams, said the Yanggang. Only one percent of the population is right now waiting he's waiting to make his move, and it is not. One percent of the population- is one percent of democratic primary voters, so one percent for Andrew yes, one percent for Marianne Williamson. If you don't know who she is she's
a new age guru that basically she's as a lot of associations with Oprah she's gone Oprah show a lot yeah she's a card, the Kardashian family. So she has like a celebrity situation. If she's going to win the election right, like the only path for her, is like Oprah and to cut Kim Kardashian, both indoor singer and like the campaigning for night and they're not get about a two percent yeah, maybe Tulsi gabbard is at one percent, as you wish. I feel like I see her doing quite a few interviews the last week or so I feel like they're, trying to really push her. Tell us he's trying to make a move. I don't know that it's working so she's a really weird. Can because I'm she's a very strange set of viewpoints. Yes, she does she's very, like photogenic. She looks good on camera she and when you when, when you see your interviews, she sounds like the most boring think tank farm turn policy, wonk, you've ever heard, like she's, very serious monotone,
and she also has a very strange history for Democrats and that her dad was a big time like anti gay rights campaigner like decades ago, and she was you know from appeared at events with him and I don't know you know know she said she just changed her views issues for military, but she's got that old forest is really strong on that and she's. There is a lot of fan. Clubs out there. These days you go to Facebook, you find the fan, clubs you can go and join the groups. There's not a lot of members of the Bashir Al Assad Fan Club, it's basically just tulsi Gabbert. I think, and David Duke those two and by the in the past, David Duke, actually endorsed Tulsi Gabbard David do when she's, of course rejecting the doors as most do, but that is a species of we. Build De Blasio, also at one percent who Lian Castro at one percent.
Been a disaster to your talk about. Another guy was made no impact yeah because he was supposed to be the next rising star in the Democrat Party. You can always done judge five years before bridge right exactly okay, except he was mayor of a much larger city in San Antonio and and The secretary had sick Cory Booker at one That's a disaster yeah! I mean Accord Booker absolutely so what he absolutely one. So you really really mean skill support more than Cory Booker. Nobody deserves it or whatever said it's too much, it really is. If you miss it, we did in we've been these candidate profiles, the social spotlight on the Glenn Beck a tv show. If you go back and watch the Cory Booker one I mean some of the dealings with him in Newark are fascinating I mean he would he like started his own tech company, while he mayor
and like he got it funded by all these big? You know big names and multimillionaires who test I narrowed. It was just like a it was. It was like a tech company that we've already been doing so yeah. It was David money. It was like. I think he wanted to be like a progressive search engine. Google still gave him money. They gave him a fortune because anal and then of course, lots of people have benefited from his treatment in Newark also gave him money shockingly, as these things turn out worth going back in and check that one out. So that's the six, a Booker strode Blasio GAB Williamson in Yang at one percent. Ok next, one between two five percent, how many k two five! So far, we've you have seventeen candidates at one percent or less beddoes between two and five yeah right Beto is between two and five is at four percent Kamel. Between two and five hundred How come wow? Okay, there's two other candidates
between two hundred and five hundred. Can you name them? I wow. I don't know that I can boot Jack he's gotta, be love Father that no he's right now. We know that I was gonna, say two and I should probably say two hundred and six hundred. I actually wrote it down wrong, so well, so Sixteen thousand nine hundred and five screw the whole thing I did. I did some other changes. Everything there's gonna get is between two hundred and six hundred, my bad sorry about that. So I can't come up with two more, I don't think is This clubbish are in group clover. Yes, three percent for Clova Shar, so three percent Clova Shar, four percent One candidate is at six percent is just a bad person. Can you guess who said six percent Elizabeth Warren. Did we get Jeffy? Now? Is not Elizabeth Warren? It's not Elizabeth. Now and Kamala Harris is going to be higher and you say comma here so I'll give it to you hear people to judge.
Six percent more credit than that yeah. I would have thought of him. I said before you change the numbers, that's why I got it. I feel like the shine, is come off a little bit on may repeat at this point right, though, I don't know I mean, I think he, I think, he's actually a pretty good candidate. Again, I think he's I think so too, I think, would be a terrible president. All these disclaimers, like I don't. I disagree with virtually everything he says, but but he's pretty well says it well, a smart guys. Rhodes scholars got the military history really good on that, and he also has a. I think, a an elevated protective tech did group status like a pseudo there's something it like out at this point. We've already had female presidents run with a female vice presidents run in almost win it, like the first gay president, It means more to the average Democrat sort of voter. Then you know Cory Booker, another black president,
This is how they make decisions decisions. Gay president on the ticket, is going to mean something to a lot of our. So I feel like he's a very big price. Eventual candidate possibility and he's also, I think, still has potentially another running him here. Okay, so now we're up to not to make sure. Before I tell you, there is one candidate at ten percent. I'm gonna Kamala Harris Good Gas yeah, because it is not as Elizabeth Warren in this particular situation, she's at ten percent comma is more. Next up is Kamala she's at eleven percent in third place and as you did, Bernie Sanders at fifteen and in first says he always is right now Joe Biden, thirty, three percent- it's not even close, not even close, it really is a race of one. Will biting screw. This up is really the question hits Joe who's. One who white
the three dwarfs yeah? That's what it is. It really is Joe White in the twenty three dwarfs. Now we just sitting I like that Joey caucasian. He we see this right, Howard Dean, had a huge lead at this point in the campaign. No, I actually wouldn't even be. This point would be another, so did Hillary Giuliani into Lesnik, yes, yeah, Hillary! Let big it's easy to see Joe Biden losing this sure, although if he runs a good campaign and doesn't if he becomes gaff proof somehow and he runs a good campaign, he would be able to walk to victory the quest, is, of course will that happen? I think the answer that is now I mean but it is going to have a bunch of bad moments in this campaign he's incapable of who do. You think, wins it then the nomination I mean, I still think it is the favorite by any means. I for sure. The interesting question is to going to the rest of the field and say who
pull out of there. That can make a serious run. Existing builds run, and so I would say I have been saying for a while. I think Kamilla Harris might be that person. I think she's a bit. She gives the socialist side of the argument a much better face than a Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and just I think, she's dangerous I think if you're gonna to go down it lets a Biden in to falter another I mean I think the judge would have some sort of run. Potentially I think club, which are also would she has a pretty decent case for candidacy. I mean she's, one Eagan Minnesota, which is basically a purple state at this point and an important state. It's a from region where Donald Trump kind of stole their blue wall as they look at it and you can also give that those moderate vibes I mean we had MIKE Lee in here. We asked about every That was in the Senate that he worked. We said who's the closest to the constitution. If you they won and he without hesitation said Cloture Doll, while the I mean like so I you know, I mean something coming from MIKE Lee yeah. Definitely so
You know if fighting were to fall away like abiding Clova Shar sort of ticket could be very likely. I think eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. This is the Glenn Beck program, I love getting mail from listeners who respond to our advertisements and I've been telling you about blinds dot com for a long time- and I got this letter in from Tommy. He lives in Clermont, FL and he said, Glenn are blinds were perfect. We see a ton of money. I feel like they're higher quality than the box store product our windows. Brand new, with blinds dot com order. I have set other window blinds that really need replacing, and I will definitely be using blinds dot com. Thank you,
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by his run several times and he's never been this call? You know this close to that I am an agency's run. A he's got a because it's Joe Biden right if that's I mean this, is you want to run on his own, which is why he made a point of asking Obama not to endorse. Am. Keep her craziness. We don't! We don't want. That was a great moment when he was asked hey. Why isn't a Barack Obama endorsing? Well, I asked him not to really yeah just died, wanted it to be fair to the other. Twenty three that's done, and you should try to win such a lame in what him too, and he didn't really want, and then he started today did he didn't want indoors and then he stopped himself amazing, so bad? I think there I think, like if you really think about this from the average person. In the in America. They probably know who two of these candidates are, which are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders
I'd probably say: do you think the average person who's who does who Kamel Harris's right now I mean probably not right well as as these debates start, they will start to now, and I think that would so. I think it's largely that they oh who he is, and It's largely name recognition, though that will change once these debates start were only a few weeks away from I mean Mister Bean is exactly a month from now a month a month from senile and it's February, third is Iowa. So that is that is going to have you know all these months. Whole. Second half of this year is going to be filled with debates and all sorts of stuff commercials and everything before I won the election year now think of that now, Thirty two making a year and a half out wow that really early. I did not seem to learn any of the lessons that I would have what I would have wanted Republicans to learn from last time, which is like you don't need six hundred forty seven debates, yeah like you, don't need of every other day and every other network and that's all the same questions. They're gonna
through all of this, and it's going to be a non stop dish of candy for us because there's going to be so much material, you're listening to Glenn Beck, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glenn Beck program want to do. It is Pat Stu, Jeffy Brooklyn, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck Get involved in the program. Would love to hear from you uh. We got an amazing story about a
university. That's been kicked out of their sports conference. It's amazing the reason. Well now it might, and then again, maybe not it's better. In fact, you might as well just jump into it. The University of Saint Thomas, there, a division, three school uh, they're being kicked out of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference be ' 'cause. Their teams are too dominant or sorry you're too good for us and we're sick. But so we can't beat you we want you out there like. Well, we would like to stay in the conference help if you stay in the conference. The conference is going to dissolve. I mean how dominant had bill
uh! No, because I don't follow the Minnesota interview. No, I don't athletic covers. I don't follow it as closely as I should back in the day I used to get. I used to watch every game, but now, it's more like no games, that's a slight change in approach. Yeah I'd say that seems like a more than a slight really yeah it does it ESPN said some Saint Thomas is one six Miac football titles since two thousand and ten ok. So it's one. Six out of eight or maybe even nine now and they reach the title game in twenty twelve and two thousand and fifteen, but they also say the schools overall athletic program has been on a winning streak. Saint Thomas finished tenth nationally in the Learfield Directores CUP. That's where they take all the sports, an add up how you did in each sport and then the school that did the best.
All of those sports wins the most points, you're acting as if we don't know what the Lier Directores CUP is. That, aside, my drill, your intelligence, the audience, there's millions of people going, we know. Pat, we know what the Learfield Directors CUP is odd is Leah. Why don't you explain the Heisman trophy to us now. Is Saint Thomas President Julie Sullivan. She said the league's decision is extremely disappointing, but at the school is committed to finding a new athletic conference. Although our athletic conference will change, one thing will not our commitment to continue to academic and athletic excellence. According to this, there were one of the founding members of this of this conference. That's crazy! Founding member,
since one thousand nine hundred and twenty are going to come out in twenty. I mean they've been in this conference for that long and they're kicking them out, 'cause they're too good. They want forty seven percent of all the MAAC Championships, both team and individual sport, not even half from two thousand and three does eighteen. So it's still it's. Instead, a successful program is successful program, but it's not. It would be like the be like the big ten kicking Ohio State out of the big ten. I'm sorry, we can't compete with. You won't see you're taking out Alabama. I hope you're. Ok with that, of course, we I would support Alabama you've done really all out of college football, so maybe we should reevaluate our stand 'cause. It is annoying when that team constantly right to get rid of this school everyone. Thank you. I mean it is annoying when a team constantly wins right. I mean the golden state is again in the finals this year and people are tired. Tired of it. They don't watch new England Patriots, yes, the of it. I couldn't be more sick of the New England Patriots. Thankfully the Philadelphia Eagles
They are to make sure they didn't win. Multiple super bowls in a row as we all know, everyone thanks thanks God for the Eagles, but do they they do but it is one of those things that is annoying and I'm sure, as a college, where you're losing all the time to the same colleges. I could see it being irritating, but that's really should just motivate you to be a better program. You, yes, and are you will drop out right like if you're, really that frustrating that you drop out and join a crappy you're going to wind Waker? It goes back now. According to the story, goes back to one particular game. Now we talk all the time we team shouldn't hold back. You know how angry or we are with coaches, who reach fifty points and they're winning fifteen enough and then pull back. I'm also running up this group. One thousand and seventeen Saint Thomas played Saint Olaf College and when you bring those two seems you can throw the record books right out the window and you have to because Saint Thomas beat them ninety seven to nothing. Football, I
that's a defeat yeah, you know you would say we need to go back to the drawing of her. That was the catalyst that should have been the catalyst receipt all up to maybe leave leave, or do you get there? There are football team to be little bit better. Maybe you recruit better, maybe martyr, maybe you know you try harder, then right well, we would like to try harder only with Saint Thomas out. Is it really the whole point of of sports? It's you know. It's supposed to be something where it's pure competition pure merit right now, of course we all know that that's not always the case anymore, but I mean as the idea of it it's one of the it's the old, the last bastion of any merit based activity in in the world and we're even those in this, and that and that's why I think you know a lot of times. Conservatives complain about the same sort of thing, my the trophy, the free trophy culture. Everybody gets an award and all of that- and it's not because we,
care all that much about you know who gets trophies it's about caring about the the the authenticity of competition, you have to have competition, that's merit did pure or there's no reason to do it, and you know a lot of these sports leagues when I'm down to the way the salary cap operates and a people, switching teams to go with our friends and all this crazy that goes on in these leagues these days. It's it winds up. You know it's just putting that a little bit of pollution into that world, and you don't want it there we're just enabling whiners, yeah and losers really, because, if If you keep losing in this conference to this school, you should that should be motivation for you to work all that all that much harder in order to get better. So, can come back and beat these guys next year or close the doors of your program
if you're going to lose ninety seven to nothing to everybody in your conference, maybe it's time to just close the doors and not do anything more. It's like back in nineteen. I think it was one thousand nine hundred and twenty or twenty two somewhere in there. When Georgia Tech beat Berlin College. Two hundred to do nothing and Cumberland college decided. Ok, you know what we're not going to play football anymore provision decision on their part. It was a great decision. If you don't want to be humiliated, you either strive to do better or you quit date, good old fashioned way. Yeah. You know what at two twenty two to nothing, it's hard to blame it on that would be. You know, vision. If you lose seventeen seven, you should probably try harder. You lose twenty two thousand one hundred and twenty two to nothing, you're, probably not a very good program that will say pet. A little disappointed that you didn't remember. It was one thousand nine hundred and sixteen is sixteen. Was it two hundred and twenty two nothing exactly? Yes, I think this is a game where I think it was this game where they, the team, office. One of the is by the score was so high that team was losing was angry about it, so they were just
trying the stop trying at one point. I think it's this game, it could be, it could be there's, a game that was the same similar type of blow out and they just stopped trying. They were to try to prove a point like we go ahead score. Another free can touch down and they were just take the ball. Not even try see that might be the wrong attitude as well. That may be so, but yeah yeah, but we, this is just get out of the league at that point. Well, this attitude, has become so prevalent that it's even entered the NFL, where you got people making five ten fifteen million dollars a year on defense to stop an offense, and then they still expect offense not to try hard are take a knee when it was twenty. Seven and nothing pay that wasn't nice that you threw a pass. They kicked a field goal with a minute left in a two thousand four hundred and ten game come on like wait, a minute, that's like they should be doing that. I'm sorry! Isn't your team payroll like four hundred million dollars, Stipe him, stop him It's crazy! It's crazy! As such a weird I mean it gets full that into sportsmanship, and I own, I think it's the exact
opposite of sportsmanship. If you are taking- and I understand this when it comes to when it comes to you young kids, a lot of times. This is where the stuff begins. But it's like what is more insulting to a professional athlete, either kicking field goal or it literally giving up and saying I'm Jim was so much better than you. If I try will be embarrassing for you, that seems to worse much worse. Yes, yes triple eight hundred and seventy seven Beck more in sixty six this? Is the Glenn Beck program guys? You know that New Untuk insure you benign can save twenty five percent on everything in stores and online, with Untuk its annual memorial day sale going on now, every on It sure has that just right length and comes in tons of food combinations, so tall shorts, swim in bigger guys of all ages can look great, just visit untuckit dot,
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she was barely reached a settlement with some of the women. He apparently abused. Is that is allegedly allegedly ledger. Apparently, I'm sorry, I love allegedly abused these eighty webcat, it is back to the nothing's, been proven against him? It's true. So far as I know, he denies so guys at all. He denies any wrongdoing of the of the cases. Those cases will still go to trial in criminal cases. You still go to places are still going and one of them was a rape alleged rape, What is problematic for him, because there is audio of him. Kind of saying he did it. So that's a bit of a problem. Now, of course, they'll say well what I meant was and come up with some other excuse. Explanation it did too much seem like he was going along with the fact that he did grab her several times at the very least, but the wine thing is this is really the company
company, is settling with these women. There is eighty people who had allegedly at ledge to that he had done things to them and Just basically becomes a pool of money that they can get claims from an it was paid from put insurance, so none of this money comes from Harvey Weinstein, of course, he's obv. We paid already with the entire the entire company- I you know what was it about? Four days after all, this happened I got fired and within a couple of months the company was dissolved, gone yeah, so this is just kind of a fallout from that which is a pretty big deal. I mean it's weird, because people look at and say well he's not getting the punishment he should get for these things, and I can understand that though it's not really your choice. It's the wool. His choice, right, like we like to the woman's we say like this is about me to an empowering women, but don't let them choose to take a bunch of money, make that don't let them choose what they want to do. If they want to take a bunch of money, they should be able to take a bunch of money. Right, like I mean
a crime, is a crime and is also a process for that. But this is this is not. It is not that situation. No, it is the, but we've also seen in this me too movement that they want bunch of money and then, and they would still be able to tell him later- and I- and that is one thing that is- has not been discussed as much when it comes to the whole Metoo movement, which is look humans. Are awful? Ok, that's really awful creature to look at me when you say that I did look at you didn't it was almost instinctive they're really so people and they do awful things to each other, and this goes both ways I mean you know we were just talking about football, Tyreek Hill. Is the star wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, sort of at this moment he still is he's been in currently suspended from the team because of the clips of audio where he seems to be being abusive
to his wife and talking about potentially being abusive to their ex his girlfriend on office, corporate wife, but and also their child, and It looks really bad and then they release a compe Bing tape where she's basically admitting he did nothing wrong. So I mean yeah, but he liked. We don't know where this one turns out. I don't know the the ins and outs of it well enough, but the bottom line is women are also humans. In women are also awful at times and sore guys, like everybody does you know terrible things are examples of it all over the place and at times legal system of the United States and even the victims benefit from a system. They can go and say: look I don't want to go through the court system. I don't eat read through the mud. I don't want to go in front of everybody and tell everyone my deepest darkest. Most the worst moment of my life. I don't want to explain it and we had these settlements for those reasons and now
like well, they shouldn't be able to have those settlements. They shouldn't able to choose that direction. Well, they should be able to choose it. You know- and I I think that part of it if that goes away, you don't want to having every woman who has a legitimate claim. You had to be dragged through the courts by re the wealthy people and is going to be a terrible outcome at the end So I mean that's a whole another part of this, but I think the steam situation is going to play out an ugly fat made it this settlement. I mean this is like other reporting. Forty four million dollars is the pile. That's what is being reported. That's pretty good! It's a lot of money, that's a lot of money, but it's still only part of what's going to happen to Harvey wants dinner, oh yeah, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. Can one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. According to the FBI, the average LOS in a burglary is about two thousand dollars: that's pretty hard to Rico:
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speaking of Harvey Weinstein. New movies are released this weekend. In pulling a latin. Any interest in allows know. Will Smith thing yeah, good God that useful Genie raise the Jimmy? I don't think I've even seen. All I have all my website looks bad ass is one I feel really like a disaster. It looks to me it's just like the end of the Will Smith Career wow. I'm sad! That's not true. I mean like I don't design for children, but it's like him as a coffee, blue Genie. What is the Robin Williams right then? And there yeah I was glancing at top order, and will you and your new, not a comedian
I mean, will try that is, could probably pull. It will probably do fine I'll, probably make a lot of money and he'll be fine, but it's hard. It's going to be hard to take him seriously in the next role like I just I don't know it got six thousand and sixty percent on rotten tomatoes. I think that's the critics and then, according to Google users, ninety two percent liked it the it's pretty high, looks to me to be horrible, but I have no interest in this. This genre. Yeah, that's not a stew type! I mean it's. Not it's not an adult type of movie right. It's a bit was we were kids night yeah yeah live action. For me. You know I had a Pokemon detective peek at you. That's what it look at me till now. My son is very spacious. Is it nice seven? Did you think? Yes very x, he did he what they're a big pokemon phase. Man is it's all the preview of this movie at another movie we were at. It is very excited to see it. I am not as high up for SAM so glad I don't have small children after taped it. I am so glad, then there's
this model. This is pat but where the died in theater becomes a big thing, because I do go to a movie at that. A dying is like food to shovel food, dumb about passer by me, yeah you know and not to mention I mean you know. This is not going to be necessarily your for Teddy here, Pat, but of course the full bar of being available makes a latin pretty good. I gotta be see there's a certain about a drinks in which will Smith's performance is excellent, and I gotta tell you couple of those movies, you put your feet up with those movies. Oh yes, I thought I'd fallen asleep before especially the movie with the kids 'cause. If you You know some of them are good watch yeah. I am yeah, kids. What wandered off into hostile part two he's in another part of the theater, I might sound asleep in a chair. Did you see the new theater they're open up opening up, and I I think, Switzerland and it's basically a bedroom he lay on a bed, it looks like but anyway and they've got they come in and they change it. Every single, showing apparently
I mean it literally replete reclines into a bed like that I'll and I don't know how you stay awake with that. Now you just fall. Kind of comfort is just as it gets to a comfortable. It will at some point they're doing all sorts of these were things. Have you heard the new? This is off topic, but haven't seen commercials for the slightly and I I I think it's actually a thing which is that Capital one cafe. Yes, why would you want to be added to cafe right? I don't understand you go into a bank and bank right, 'cause they're like we're reinventing banking right and what it means is. I guess you go and you get a coffee while you're opening an account like it seems to be the legitimate fish. I will say I'm intrigued enough to walk into one of them. If I could find one 'cause, I wanted what they're trying to do every single time. I think I want that in my bank and then looking for that they don't seem to ever say there serving anything. It looks like a cafe and they say the word cafe, but then they just
about signing up online for bank accounts and I'm like a bank into a coffee shop. Oh I've already go, don't why don't I go to a coffee shop is not going to be able to bank there. I don't know if you can bank at the bank like this is like 'cause. It's now a coffee shop and if you're going to combine two things, I'm not, I don't think banking. Fair. The way I go like there's a place near where I live in. It's like one of these like strip malls and I don't know if it's a Robert Kraft establishment but there's a massage place in the Strip ball and next to it is a donut shop but on the sign for the complex. It just says: massage donuts and I'm like donuts in massage, is a solid cup bartering complicated like I don't want you getting a massage and people just feeding you donuts. At the same time, that's the sort of combination. You want KFC Taco Bell
right, like they're all there in the same thing you go in there, you can order whatever fried chicken thing you wanted to get a bunch of tacos if that's a solid combination. Yes, I feel like banking cafe is not the direction we need to be going if you could go the other way on the bank cafe where it starts as a cafe, but we also do banking, like Starbucks sucks, just open up a bank, we're just we're re, imagining a coffee shop and we're going to give you banking banking experience here as well. Interesting to see that worked out, I know that a movie but have have you started watching. Yet. No, yet am so good. Episode is really good. I know there's three episodes released on HBO now I think I'm too in and they both are really good. Really, but I see where Imdb ranked it as it's. The top rated show him nine point five, and it also have you know it's like the top US launch, sky Atlantic now. Over one point, seven million viewers wow take back all
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Eighty eight thousand six hundred and seventy test sign up at blazetv dot com using promo code back to enjoy free speech while it lasts. This is the Glenn Beck program Triple H. Seventy seven BC cast bad student Jeffy for Glenn AAA, seven, two seven back and we've been talking about this- you guys mentioned the Chernobyl movie it is, it is yeah is a documentary. It is a male. It is a live action. It's like a series, so the mini series on HBO, okay, a limited is so it's like. Maybe so I think it's six or seven episodes total. I think only three of them are out so far and just go through the entire Chernobyl thing from like it starts the day. The meltdown happens. And this is an event I'm absolutely fascinated with.
It is legitimately yeah, it's legitimately on my bucket list of need to get there now. The problem trouble is, it might be the last thing on your bucket list, guys you go there and then you don't come back. It's actually scheduled to humans and, like it been there not moving people back into the area for multiple reasons. Nobody animals of move back to you just saw that on all right. My nature shows yes, and it is faster I bowl how the animal kingdom has just moved right back in and there's a bond didn't life there. Now There's plenty to eat the the you know the greenery has grown again and it's not like the Simpson's with Mister Burns, who every fish has three eyes, no number just fine. You know the for that later on. This have said that the bottom line is they actually put. We should not have issued a mandatory evacuation of the area, even when it happened.
The thought was at the time. I don't think we understood it. We didn't know we thought it was gonna, kill a lot of people and and and do what I think, the Chernobyl. The series does really well is highlight: do you we'll hear row ache activities of the people who were there working at the plant in the surrounding areas? I mean they basically rushed into a burning building like you've, never seen before, and just to protect the p around them. It was a government that was the complete disaster. You'd expect so getting it really. I mean You know this is a it's. Not a people try to make this into see. This is what can happen with nuclear our now see this is what can happen with awful government. This is what you have communism. He any basically running a giant react without a containment facility that would never have today, even in places like Russia, I mean no one would do. No one would operate a nuclear power plant, anything like Chernobyl and the other times that we've had issues with and scares with nuclear energy. They have
nothing but a giant testament to the success of the way they protect people in three mile island, the worst Posure to radiation at three mile island was a full chest of x. Rays is full set of chest. Chest x rays, that's, why thousands of people died. No no one died. You know, I'm here three mile three mile island, yes, zero peek inside nuclear disaster in the history of this nation, if that's actually true, but I so zero people that- and you know Jeffrey- and I have been a joke about this week- to do some pads to all the time with Fukushima, but again z update on Fukushima. Io desktop disappeared, the one yes, yes, we did so we're starting to see some Fukushima animals in the ocean. We have to speak with not even a thing. What is the Fukushima and people get confused? between the actual nuclear meltdown.
The title wave, the title, which killed lots of people, lots of people, the tsunami killed a lot of p at ten thousand or more. It was a terrible terrible incident, and yet they tried him. They try to vilify clear power at the in time. They warned us about climate change when it was nuclear power would be like the easiest solution to climate change known to man. It's an unlimited amount of emission free electricity and they're like are you can't do that? That's the easiest way to spot the actual environmentalist and a person who's a but was using it for political gain. If we'll will tell you, you know what yes nuclear power, please bring it on, there are real environmentalist, they actually care about global warming, there's a whole group people who are on the far left, who really care about global warming, but are advocating for nuclear power and at least you could take them seriously. Here is okay. We have this amazing technology that has killed its entire existence. Fifty nine people all of the Metra noble. Basically I mean people have fallen at plants and stuff, but I'm talking about actual meltdowns and
what you, what about the China Syndrome, when that that was a movie, specifically saw that document. You sat in the hallway here is another one that you know. That was what was the one that was filmed here. There's an uh nuclear disaster movie that was filmed here in the studio still Dallas, still feels so quick with trail, St Meryl Streep. Do you love me, but she was great in that movie. She is terrible and all movies, but the Chernobyl thing is excellent. If you You think you know was interesting. It's worth watching if you just like good television, it's worth watching, but let me give you a third reason: if what happened to be considering voting for, let's say a Bernie Sanders? If you know someone who happens to be Type of person who might pull a lever for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or anyone else who thinks ai see democratic socialism is the way to go it's uh
must watch for them, because you see exactly the way these governments operate sure do it was it's amazing. How much you see? It's like, oh my god, yeah, because and when you prioritize the collective over individuals you get this. In set, and let me give you a great example of it. This is from Episode one of Chernobyl, and it is to set the scene here, the meltdown is happened. They realize something serious is going on, but there's a disagreement as to why you should do it and how bad it is and how bad it is. A lot of people there are like look. It's not. Nothing serious, we've already contained everything is going to be fine and there's just the inkling of other people who are like hey like It seems to be a lot worse than you're saying. I think we should evacuate our families. We should get people out of here and there like now that cause a panic and there, in the middle of this back and forth who's going to win the people saying it's not a big deal or or the people who are worried about their families and
as this is all happening. There's there's an old old time socialist guys been around awhile. You know he's kind of in the backroom just watching all this happen and as the Arguing sort of builds up heat app, this cane on the floor, and everyone just dropped silent to listen to what this old cool guy is about to say and live. Listen to this speech and play it to anyone who wants to vote for Bernie Sanders, because this is how, with always ends up sometimes we've. Sometimes we fall prey to fear face and soviet socialism. The state tells us the situation here is not dangerous, have faith commas. The state tells us at once
To prevent a panic, listen! Well, that's true! When the people say the police, they will be afraid. But it is my experience, the one the people last question is the turn off in their own best interest. They should simply be told to keep their minds on their labor and leave matters of the state to the state we see loft, one and cut the phone lines, in the spread of misinformation. That is how we keep the people from undermining the fruits of their own labor. Yes, comments.
We will all be rewarded for what we do here tonight. This is our moment. Two five I didn't realize the somebody from Great Britain was in charge of soviet. If there's there's there's a number of pretty british, it's really is they were had the head of the Communist Party. People from England died in realism, yeah it's it's amazing, okay, two parts of that where you call me it's a beautiful day when he says when people ask questions that are not in their best interest yeah. I think that is a that is the way social discover made up your mind on your labia, and they say you know when they when they want to do things that will undermine their own labor. That is how
communists and socialists think about these things, because once you commit to this once you commit to we are the experts. We will run things. We will tell you how how it best to live, what you need to do, how you can control the economy once you get there and it starts failing all, could do, is double down in control. So when, when when the state wants something done and people are panicking seal off the city, don't cut all the phone lines, don't let anyone know let don't let these people under mind their labor. If I would ever let anyone know stew that that suggests so harsh we just wanted to curb misinformation turbines information. That's the way, there's always a justification and when you get to this point, when you're, when you are dedicated to socialism. Like I mean how many of the twenty four candidates are certainly none of them talk of that deeply in an overt fashion, but I mean
aren't ideologue, like Bernie Sanders when you went to the Soviet Union on your honeymoon, you are so dedicated to this that this project, acting socialism from people perceiving it to fail. If you was able to implement this, which, if he gets to be president, will do a lot of it and he will over, I think, he'll get rid of the filibuster. I think he'll do whatever he has to do to get these policies in and if he does, he will do anything to protect it. Anything because it's all a but the collective good. We must protect socialism, because if this fails, they'll go back to that individualism, individualism stuff will go back to old american system, we can't let that happen and that's what the Soviet he was doing there. It was. Yes, it was about a disregard for human life, which is the way don't people normally talk, but in reality, more than that it was an unending debt occasion to that idea of socialism. It doesn't matter
few people die here. Who cares the bottom line is we will be awarded for our eternal dedication, two soviet socialism and the scary thing is what contributed to that: a disregard for human life. They didn't care, it meant nothing to. They were Heather Ann. Is that not pervasive? In the Democrat Party, there are essentially a death cult. Now they don't, they don't seem to care human life either they completely disregard it. That's why it's not a big deal that they can do an abortion in right up to and including forty weeks or after forty weeks who know whatever after it doesn't matter to them, don't even call it a heartbeat, it's a some sort of flickering the one. The reason now flickering pulse on an ultrasound I saw someone post is something that was like. I said like pregnant. He does not make my body public property.
What kind of weird way is this to look at? All the world, but we what we're saying is the other person is not your pro party. Just like my son right now, I can just go: kill because he's not property is an individual has his own set of rights. Uh- and I love this idea that, like the left, is somehow tries to make the argument that what they really want here is the government not to be involved in things who the hell are you people? I know we were all there for Obama CARE. Health care to has nothing to do with with the public sector, but you know it's not public rock right. Why is everyone of my decisions when it comes to health care, much regulated by thousands of things that I can and cannot do? Why am, I paying for everyone else. Is health care if it's not their property, if their health is not my property 'cause it, Sir it seems, like you, are willing to bring the government into every other health
their interaction except the one that you falsely call health health care, abortion, it's the one if they keep calling healthcare when it's not, and yet they want involved, the only thing they want. The libertarian principle carried out in is abortion is amazing, so you're saying that's a good thing. Yes, this is the Glenn Beck program.
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with promo code back, that's blinds dot com to save fifty percent, sitewide plus save an extra twenty dollars with promo code back and Jefra Bland triple eight seven. Two seven BC k is kind of interesting, hello and fortune. As far as I'm concerned, CBS won the late night. Late show war for the first, the whole season really for the times of nineteen. Ninety four. Ninety five with Stefan Cole Bear. I can't believe he was in first I can't either, because I can't I don't like him he's not that fun. I don't like you know it's a one trick pony. I just try. Sir breaks all day. You know interesting, there's kind of competing evidence going on with that, because you know he when he first started Cole Bear he was getting destroyed by Fallon and you Kenny was not doing lots of political stuff and then the Trump thing happened. He started doing it
cool stuff, and that has been his rise to award night. It seems to have worked for me a b c sort of work: CNN totally, not right. Like yeah, you know and again in anything about your e S, p n as well yeah ESPN, which about this the other day they, the president at ESPN, put a stop to the political talk on esp and with good. Thank you. Well, we've been saying when you turned it Aes pen, you don't want to hear about your left wing politics who wants that? No one, and so he its foot down, clamp down on it and said no more, no more! What was that with the number that you, the two people who are doing the sports center thing? What where the woman who was just basically called email, this Janelle Hill and she she went to, I think, she's at the Atlantic now, which that you could place for you- can't Kevin Williamson working there, God for yeah right well known like a great writer it with that's conservative. You can't have him there, but your mail hill, complete line right, which again you should be able to have that I mean it would come out
okay, that you know have a job expressing your opinion, but but sports center is a terrible place. Ford. I mean it was just agonizing was just nonstop social Justice parade like I get that that's part of Conversation in everything in life, right, like God forbid, you have a conversation that doesn't involve Yes, I know just like. I know it passed in again. It's the same thing we were talking about earlier. It is an excuse for everything and then what I love is. We need to have a con station about race conversation. That's always been doing yeah for the last thirty years. What's the difference between Brooks kept cut the golfer and Tiger Woods, the golfer at the same point of their public prominence Brooks kept one four of the last eight majors. Nobody knows what his name is right right. Four of the last eight majors Tiger woods wasn't, absolute phenomenon. They're both dole is any as a board but when it comes to an interview, you know but Tiger Woods had that extra thing that people liked does that I mean you could put
listen to every single one of these issues if you want to its silliness. Just just look at the judge, people by the content of their freaking character, bizarre request at a time you're, listening to Glenn Beck.
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