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The Twisted World We Live In? | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeremy Dys | 6/4/19

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Hour 1 Your Carbon footprints by the numbers ...Pat Gray and where ever Free podcast are sold. Temptations of decades past ...Those weird and wacky British. The Queen was delightful to President Trump ...Liberal cities have become unlivable  Hour 2 Banned for comedy. Steven Crowder is for forced to apologize ...On the verge of Socialism. Who are the puppet masters behind Bernie Sanders. It's worse in New Jersey then it is in Venezuela. Blaze TV and MercuryOne.org  Hour 3 The Biggest disaster since World War II. Venezuela continues plummet. Where Bitcoin should be the currency of choice ...Judge reverses jury's decision regarding Christmas display in Ohio. Deputy General Counsel at First Liberty Jeremy Dys joins to explain this 'rare' judgment

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This is the Glenn Beck program man. I wish there are times that you think I wish I had somebody else's problems. You know I wish, because you listen to their problems and you're like this would be easy to do. There is a there is a a travel reviewer who is struggling mightily with his carbon footprint, because he reviews travel. Wait until you hear this man's problems. Yours will see met minuscule in compared in compared to his deep deep troubles. That's coming up in one minute, let's say: hi America: this is the Glenn Beck program. Yeah, hello. America, welcome
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You've seen the world helps ruin it shouldn't we stay home. The glaciers are melting. Coral reefs are dying, my Any beaches, slowly going under quick, says the voice in your head go see them before they disappear. You are evil, another voice, for you resetting its destruction, lot of people who like to travel. These are morally bewildering times. Something that seemed like pure escape and adventure has become a double edged, harmful of selfish consumption. Going someplace, far away We now know the biggest single action a private citizen can take to worsen climate change,
One seat on a flight from New York to LOS Angeles effectively adds months worth of human generated carbon emissions to the atmosphere, and yet we fly we fly a more and more still. We wonder how my is that one vacation really hurting anyone or anything, but it now that there are ways to quantify your impact on the planet at least roughly need. Sixteen to climatologists published a paper in the prestigious journal of science, showing a direct relationship between carbon emissions and the melting of the Arctic ICE C square feet of Arctic Summer Sea ice cover that one passenger share of emission melts on a two thousand five hundred mile flight.
Additional metric ton of carbon dioxide or its equivalent. Your share of the emissions on a cross country flight, one way from New York to LOS Angeles, shrinks the summer Sea ice cover by three square meters. In fact, in February my family, my family of three, flew from New York to Miami for what seemed like We could pretty modest winter vacation, but the online carbon calculator tells me that our seats generated the equivalent of two point: four metric tons of carbon dioxide. Throw in another quarter ton for the six hundred miles of driving. We squeezed in and a bit of the snorkeling trip in a heated pool at the funky trailer park. Airbnb and the bill comes up to be about ninety square feet of arctic ice.
About the size of a pickup truck. Well, what I did this calculation? I pictured myself standing on a pickup truck size. She devices it broke apart and plunged me into frigid waters and there. The last thing I saw the polar bear glaring hungrily at me you know the average american causes his or her greenhouse gas emissions to create serious suffering and or deaths of two future people. In other words, going for that Sunday Drive has the expected effect of ruining someone's afternoon apply that joy ride by a three person, Florida vacation and you ruin somebody's month, something
ponder, while soaking up the uv drenched raise on some distant tropical beach, oh, This poor man, I just don't know what he's, but he supposed to do sad, you catch the end of that story as well. I just was just going to say I'd like be able to tell you that, knowing what I've learned reporting in this piece, I've sworn off long distance travel, actually this summer, we're going to Greece with a stopover in Paris, carbon footprint of the plane tickets. Ten point six metric tons enough to melt a small apartment, size piece of the arctic increase in airline passengers worldwide, since two thousand and thirteen we've you committed to go months ago, but I see act we'd, make the same choice today, we're going because last
there we cancel the vacation to come home and watch our dog dog. That was quick did capper to the whole thing is poor guy who's, torturing himself over whether he's going go, travel somewhere and kill the planet, and then it's Vicky Kansas because he has to watch his dog died like this. Guy has well, he did say before they go they're going to buy enough offsets to capture the annual methane emissions from a dozen cows, so that will also, I I think, they're putting that's. Those are cow farts in a jar right that is get covered in a jar he dot com. You too yeah take a a Mason jar and you kind of screw it into the back end of a cow and when they fart you just pull it out quickly and put the cap on pretty much it. So I'm selling those at the standing rock ranch. You can get the standing rock ranch,
how Mason jars available soon at glennbeck dot com, where we will capture all of that methane gas for you for a loop, low, low price of fifty dollars, a jar yeah, but a lot of carbon, you won't have a problem, you know going. You know, differences, on our cruise. I wonder what three thousand people flying from America going to that in the article that these, if you think your cruise is better than the plane, you got another thing: no, but we're taking a plane to Europe and then then we're cruising undo a crew and then we're taking a plane back right and we're doing that with three thousand people who we have calculate our carbon footprint. They do calculated fork big cruise ships in there and they say I think I wanna say it's three or four times as much and the crew ship companies. Like guys, the difference between a plane in a ship like that's just a transportation device. This is an entire like amusement park and you know basically city floating around, so
you can't really say they're equal, which I think is a fair point. So it's it's three to four times the amount sad. So we can. We cut calculate that if you would like to help increase our carbon footprint, we would love for you to go on our cruise we're going to ITALY, but then fire, those engines up and we're kind of sail to Greece. There's another like sailing. Every every great every great story of ancient world had just sailing into Greece, but going to do it under. I don't even know diesel power under heavy oil, and we oil, dirty oil power and we're just going growing and then, as if that's not a enough carbon footprint, we're going and to Jerusalem will be meeting Bill O'Reilly and we're going to be doing a show there. But we got we got to get off the cruise ship get in it's buses, all three thousand of us and we're going
add to a big outdoor theater. So I mean of be outdoors though so you're hot air will go to Lee into the atmosphere. Yeah well bills, car foot, just him talking, is enormous. They had a, they have a description there about how these cruise ships decided to put scrubbers on the ends of their scrubbing bubbles to get scrubbing bubbles. Yes, please, if you see the scrubbing bubbles, cartoons right, they got those right exactly yeah and they make everything better with the exhaust and then now they found out that those are also creating problems. Stunningly and environmentalists are banning those all around the world which is a shocking develop. I didn't see it coming because they ask these things and then they always later turned on them and tell you you can't use them anymore. Yeah, please remember, like everybody, quick bill, giant, windmills, you've got to build them, we can put them in the sea, no killing all the birds and, of course,
wrecking the kennedys view of the sound, which is it more important, more important part yeah the same thing with plastic bags. Remember, plastic bags are supposed to be the solution right. It was because paper bags are killing all the trees. So somebody I know, went to shake shack last night, someone you know yeah well. What definitely not me? Definitely not me not you, but, but somebody I know, went to shake shack last night and noticed that on the straws it says: uh, compostable, uh huh and this person who's just evil thought to himself. How, How do you not? I mean why? Wouldn't you just take plastic straws and just write that on the label of the straw cover anyway then say: oh really, yeah we'll put the ground in a gave it
grates in a hundred years. So can whatever you do you know what? If it doesn't come check me out on you like, because I will fix that problem about a center right away, yeah, I'm right away. That is ending. Of course, if we have the ability to have compostable plastic. Then why do I ever get a paper straw which is birth directly from Satan? Why do I get? paper straws the Devils, just creation, because it's just just to help you back to the cave, yeah, it's like you're frustrated with the paper straw, yeah yeah, but did helps you back to the cave, where you won't have any electricity at all. You won't have any modern, conveniences, no medicine, no phones, no connections, nothing! I went. I went out to buy press with my kids this weekend. You know what I ate: the breakfast off of wooden wooden silver ware wooden.
Do they throw it away? I mean I just I certainly what I did with it. I don't know what they do with it. Well, it's made it like. You know you ever go to like a gelato shop and they have the wooden spoon which are like horrible. No one would want to eat off a wooden spoon, it's terrible, they're, very they're. Really I mean the wooden stuff, the you have. You know big wooden spoons in your in your house. It's not like that filled with bacteria, and also it's not like that right. It's like that like would that like whole John to your lips and tongue, as you write it out like like the worst yeah, you have your hands, they had a knife fork and a spoon and there all wood is the only choice. How many trees did they kill and impossible to eat with them. They don't do the things forks are supposed to do they just don't they don't work. Okay, they're they're terra, terrible invention that it's people like this guy, this travel, this travel guy who's going to go to that place and write about and say the
Underfell rustic nature of the wooden silver ware and they're going to say it's good thing, and then these people are going to continue to do it, but then they will adopt the wooden silver ware until they then go. Do you know how many forests it takes to make this wooden silver ware and then they will ban. It is like this stop. You guys realize you're just going it's you're like a hamster, keep going around in a wheel, you're, not actually moving forward. You realize that Mr Hamster and I mean idea. I don't think they do look, how much progress, we're making quick run, run, run, run, run, run, run r as well to this half hour is relieve factor if you're in constant pain. You are deaf at not alone, there's a lot of people, millions of Americans that are in pain like this, and they have changed quality of life for the better. Now, because they've tried relief factor at relieffactor dot com, like I did about eighteen months ago, it's all
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ten seconds four station id, so I saw a story that was really fascinating: who's like a a hundred or a thousand words in the Washington Post today about Camilla Parker Bowles. You know the. The woman that Prince Charles was I'm trying to be really good here and be nice. The woman that Prince Charles was seeing behind Prince Diane is back because she was such a skank Camilla. She said the press, a message yesterday, oh, she was standing there in their living room or the drawing room was the calling
or whatever the room. That was with a fireplace in the couches and things, and they took some pictures of from the President view you, as as Trump turned back. She turned to the press and wing I She was like, oh I'm so naughty and the Washington Post said what aid wink mean. What was she telling us with that wink as though something is going down they were so Randy yesterday in England it was crazy. So I will only thought I would do today is a just to speak to the Washington Post Door, reckless and and and tell them he is who who hold water. I think the duchess of your
wherever she's from here's, what I think she was saying: hey, has moved we're going to be rotten all day and I'm linking it you, because what I'm going to do is I'm going to telegraph, something rather nasty because I just think Donald Trump is just he neanderthal, and so I'm going to wink at you and to signal to you that, my god, I think, he's an Andrew full, and I know that you are so nasty yourself that you will understand this nasty Winky, because I'm nasty and naughty oh spank me, Charles spank me, I'm just saying I think what she may have been saying,
and she knows that the press loves anybody being nasty to. When I get in the word nah? You are using that word, my good that Donald Trump called that wonderful making Markel. We were having blood putting the other day and we were just loose well, we were laughing, we don't rule out at least that's how improper we would. We would totaling a little like this move when we devised this plan for me to wink. I wake up three day, just on the give my seat trying to get my arms around what activities and actions these people that I care nothing about will do today I mean I am so so intricately interested in
this group of people that we fought a war to escape and what they're doing today, I I wonder I'm so in I said hi, I'm so glad to hear that Mr Hum, I'm so glad to hear that, because oh, we are so far above you uh. We know that people are are vermin, really more, the more of the virus of the planet, and we know that because we we are so plugged into what's going on, you know I was. I was telling a friend of mine who, who someone that works for them in the household. It was tall think about some called a a grocer the store,
and they were. They were saying something about paper or plastic, and I said I don't want paper or plastic. I would like meat over vegetables triples, something that would be the find on my plate paper or plastic. Oh, what these people eat now, days, but anyway we have to stop them from eating because of destroying the planet. But of course there are other eating plastic it's way more knowledge than I think they actually have. When it comes to global warming. It is, they really do all right, so we'll be making fun of the royal family a little bit more. A little later, also pack rate will be joining us here in just a second. So it's a we
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probably serious, yes, yeah, yeah, so yeah, I don't was being normal. Do you? Colin Salon owner nor his or anything. No, I I didn't even see Camille is north of, shall we, I didn't even see you going to in the Washington bows and what did she mean? What was the purpose of a week? Do we know we? The purpose was nope, you watch it. It's so stupid. She just turned around from the pool of reporters and just winked at I was I'm surprised. That Charles was there. I'm surprised that Harry was there because those, Well, you know they hate Trump. I mean there is left wing. Is you can get yeah there? They they are. I mean what's his name, what do who's married to the queen? What's his name, who's married to the queen, yeah, Philip, Philip Dukes, will? What is he is he's a
if I don't know whatever so, with a guy who's, the guy who's, not king, Philip, he he I mean he has said on record that people are a virus. That he wishes that he could come back? Is it yeah? It's filled I know. I know I remember this environment. We had this in one of the books, the indian communion believe right quote about to be. Humans are virus and he wanted to. You wanted to come back and and the s or something like that, something on find it. It's a it's a czar. I mean they are just there so breezy they are they're. That's on the global warming thing, the whole family and so they're. Not trump fans, You know that they're not fast? I loved it. I absolutely do love Queen Elizabeth. I think she's great
you because you watched the crown yes yeah, I think that's I have affinity for now yeah, because I because yeah the crown. You see what sacrifices this woman has made in her life and under unbelievable sacrifice, and you hate her family. Even more you I mean Philip, is young, not a great que, no yeah, you just end up hating them all, except for her, and I really I really really like, You, like her and I like her because she's, never she's, never entered politics ever right, the the the temptation to do must have at times been extraordinary what an english exam Warner if and she's never done it, and I love that she it was delightful to Donald Trump. Yesterday, yeah,
it was yeah. She went out of her way. I think, would have no idea how she and I don't know how she feels. Maybe she likes him and the rest of the family doesn't. Maybe she ate some, but you don't have any idea, and I love that about her she's always taken her role. Pretty seriously you don't yeah. And it shows and she's in on it. If the crown This is accurate she is a pretty amazing person, because she's been through a lot. What one hundred and six four years old she dot he's read that family is that families on the run of the mill, which is a common for that family. You know she's like some out another lawsuit. Please let me out much and how long do they put up with a monarchy that it just the money and doesn't really do anything how how long
so? Where do they do that they just keep it white just at a traditional purely uh, I mean that and tourism. I think they do do a lot for tourism. Possibly weird I mean that transition seems like it would have been difficult to convince the king, and queen of you, know what you just going to still be king and queen you're, just not going to do anything anymore, you're going to be just a tourist trap, so I don't think they said that there's not like getting new wagons, which is, would go to see the queen in keg as capital letters, or is it how old is worried that happened over 'cause? I will be, I understand I said this earlier. I do not care bye people at all. Anyway, I did that are either. How did it happen now? You feel like it should be. It had to be What a century or two I don't know, are slowly euphoria, our wasn't Queen Victoria kind of powerful she was. He still had some yeah. I think they did yeah, I think so
uh, but I'm not positive. I guess in that transition was made. Was I don't understand their parliamentary system either? Thank you. It's not! The metric system, it there's no way to tell what's going on over there- please don't understand, waited till they always are having elections. It's like always always always. Let's do that in there going to do that again in Israel, Israel, one two months ago and because he couldn't form a government there having another one. Why don't you just leave the ballots in the boxes and then just every two months count them again. Sometime is irritating. I think, obviously the king and queen thing might be better just go, Actually she really are going to might be just go back to it that just ask the person they'll just tell you, you know you can eat cake or whatever, and then it's over I don't think that none of that's true, but still true, but at least it's uh. Stand double system yeah, you do these poor people are out there. They have, they probably work more hours going to vote than they do at their actual jobs. And how much does that cost them every?
What do you expect from a group of people who think cookies or biscuits come on yeah? It's very well, fair observation. Point, fair, biscuit might be the definitive. Thank you all have some cookies. We showed him the way we we showed you how to do this. It's not that hard. Okay, yeah and it's been worked pretty well for two hundred and forty three years, and you see that you see are shining example up on the hill. So it's a China this. Yes, it's so shiny. I used to be still a little lot better than everywhere else know again, you see this over and at least we've got a four year. Definitive term for our president were not well we're not going we're in the middle of impeachment proceedings, but still it's we're. Not nothing happens. My lap right he's not going to be removed from office. That would be amazing. What did mean that means that there are.
This is to make that shorter. Obviously, but still I mean it doesn't happen right, almost always a peaceful transition work out, for you know he never stepped down, because people disagree with him on things up. They voted in Wyoming on that bill, and now you got to step down that a good and I feel like it's one of those things where America has led the world out of tyranny. Basically, and in most cases for relief yeah. But I mean it's not it's not everywhere, but I mean what is done a good job, it basically the leading the world out of tyranny, and then everyone gets past that level where they get rid of the worst stuff. And then they look at us they're like we're going all the way, they're running a like half right there. Let's do Britain's, let's yeah, let's do the right thing, because that's probably better what what do you guys remember: Revolutionary WAR, British Empire, like all that stuff, like whenever we've kind of one that one we won the Russia thing. We want all these just copy, what we're doing it like? We are: it's not committing copyright. It. We want you we want you to take it on. We beg people practically yeah,
maybe try to force people. We will do this system, we don't want to. I don't want to know you. Will we don't like it's probably stand it, you cannot understand it. Nobody, let's see things when they make a mistake right. That's so weird, like I really weird you get elected for a term, hey that term you writer best during that term, you don't put together. The government elected government will select it and you know what would you have a coalition? How about this? When the vote comes, you vote how you believe, yeah, but how about that also, like some bills, works, you might vote one way, some bills, you might both the other yeah. That's not happening at the moment at the I'm. Having very off yeah, however, have to go to some sort of a coalition government at some point. If, if anybody stops this nonsense of its own two parties and then change one
parties, please everybody who likes the two party system. Can you just into one party and then we'll have another party that believes in freedom about our because right now, we've done two party system and they pretty much believe the same thing. One is just like this: one will kill you in ten minutes and this it'll take about five years. Okay. Well, I guess I want to take the five year. One I would just like to see everybody who's, for you know the death of the republic. You guys go all in the Democrats. Go ahead go into! Never, let's have something is like hey. We want to live, Who do you think, there's some fundamental principles here that maybe we should go? I think we just go back to, This idea, where we're going the new elections thing, is sting and we disk instead schedule for like every sixty minutes. So just sixty minutes of thing- goes off on your phone. You vote for a new president and you want keep constantly rotating these people in and out, because it seems
That's about as rise socialist for awhile, yeah and he'll have to step down. Imagine the damage Bernice right. We could do with sixty of G. Thirty could blow this whole thing up in sixty seconds in you see the show we did last time a burning. They did not thanks a lot thanks. And they did not seem really awkward, wizard, wizard symbols or something I just wanted to know. If you just have known about it or no yeah, you should have known about it. I should have told you: it was part two of the Bernie Sanders Expozay on who's on his team yeah. Oh that yeah whole my gosh pat, but we sure would have seen that yet what what's on the menu watches, please tv, while you said Robert Point is subscriber yeah, sure, okay, good, so I'll check it out, you're, not paying for your subscription. If Oh my gosh, I'm a subscription. There's no support here whatsoever for me are you pay for your subscription? Will?
Oh, I paid I probably paid more than anyone else for their damn subscription, probably so anyway, but last night we covered who the radicals are. You would not? leave who these people are well. The way think we know now who the leader or the founding members of Occupy Wall Street is because you know she's, just as he has on on his his pain, roster all these people who have zero experience. But some of them have experience in you know, coalitions and and bringing bringing pull together to riot. In the streets, but there's this one woman who is she just a Fordham University sociology, professor, that's all she is and she can't speak for Occupy Wall Street she's done a couple of interviews and it's completely Lee.
List, but she explained exactly how all of it worked in the sand, hand, signals and everything else. It was all It's like it was something like I'm her design, and then she went around two thousand and ten went over for a big conference on the american awakening at the versity of Karan. And she spoke as a spokesperson for get Wall Street and talked about bad America is in and how, according to the Occupy Wall Street thing was, I mean now that's who's consulting with Bernie Sanders. They are the most radical of the radicals, your problem with a yes,
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find this package. It's almost dot com type in the word back in the search bar and get it it the sale ends on the 17th. Do it now? Well, the program. We're so glad that you have tuned in today saw this US do, but US police are investigating the death of a transgendered woman, the was the had already been declared dead, and now they founder again and declared her dead a second time I'm not I'm not really they're, not really sure how this one is how this one is work. The effort I is involved now and Dallas police are Lee stumped on how,
but perhaps she just didn't, identify his dead. The first time, I'm not sure she's like I'm, not dead, yet possible, I'm not sure the possible are in our America are really nice right. Now, there's a story of the New York Times. America. Cities are unlivable, blame wealthy liberals know what in the times this is written. What are you talking about? This is a help. Listen to this sentence about your city. Just look at Cisco, Nancy Pelosi City, one out of every eleven thousand six hundred residents is a billionaire and the annual household income necessary to buy a median price home now tops three hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Yet the streets streets. There are plague of garbage and needles and feces and every morning brings a fresh horror story from a black mirror hell that does not that's not to reserve your yeah. It goes on to talk about how homeless veterans are surviving on an economy of trash from billionaires. Mansions
play. Homeowners are crowdfunding a little effort, arguing that a proposed homeless shelter is an environmental hazard field to getting closer and closer to what people return in Venezuela closer and closer. You want to talk about the inequality. Look inequality in cities like San Francisco. This is run by liberals, you want to talk about creating inequality, that's why they do best, then there's a revolution and then there's real inequality. The ruling class only and grocery stores for people like you know you
the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment that and welcome to the program. Stephen Crowder is in a lot of trouble. The you to police are very upset. Nbc universal, very, very upset with Mr Crowder he's been very naughty, and what did he do comedy? Yes, there I said it, he did comedy. I know he should know, but he did and now he's going now he's been forced to apologise, and I can't wait for you to hear he's very, very sincere ology that comes in sixty seconds. This is the.
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Steven Crowder, who is on the blaze tv and I have been a fan of Stevens, for I don't know how long we gave him. Then we give him one of his first real big brakes still on It was a g b t v at the time. Wasn't it was yeah? He was that I don't remember. I don't know I mean I know he was doing no, not at a theater in New York in New York City yeah. That's right! He did like a. He was there for that. First event, we did and remember what happened right before said, if there is a big moment, it was a big moment you may not have. I think you knew the FBI I'll to shut that showdown, because we had death threats and they believe If somebody in the audience had a gun and was going to kill me and then they caught me, that's just not ending up at, and so they came and there, and I said, I'm not sure on the show down and they're, like Mr Back don't know who this is very well. Could I said
they very well may not be in the audience to write and they said no, I said you're gonna be able to tell who's in my audience and who is not. It was there for you, no ill I say you look for the man bun first right right. That way, you know see the man bond. You know, take him down so anyway I'll never forget Steven. We were having to delay the the show big as they were. I was getting a bulletproof. Fast on and being briefed by the FBI right before we went on, and so called Steven in and said, hey Stephen, you may have to stall for a few minutes. Can you what now- and he way he looked at me- the bulletproof vest and it what what and I said nothing most likely. What do you mean most likely? They said? Don't worry they're not here, to kill you to go out and kill him go out and slay them. He did, and I think that was that was the first
I at least I think that we had him do something for us at the beginning and now he's on blaze, tv and he is he's taken. He is take the internet by storm. It's because he's politically incorrect, but he's not a hater. If there's anything about Steven, if you know him, he does hate anybody, or if does he hates them for good reasons, not for race reasons? Are he you know? People sometimes can make you hate them, but she has been in this argument now with this. This VOX reporter who identifies himself, as was gay wonk yep, okay, the gay one, and so he is been doing. You know these. These Anti Steven, Crowder Things and Steven has responded with anti gay wonk things
and he has been mercilessly a after him in a comedic form to debunk what he saying well the gay wonk who is actually not just with VOX it's n Universal Road to Youtube and said you have to ban him. Look at this hate now I've done that I've had Steven is done that we've had several co workers reach out to you tube, say: hey, you know we're getting death threats here. They don't care. We've never received a personal email. He receives a personal email from Youtube. Saying. Thank you so much for alerting we're going to investigate, and this has no place here- blah blah blah blah blah blah blah right, so the advice, his baton to apologize and in in Steven Crowder's.
Well, the reason why we like Steven Crowder, he did apologize. Here's a bit of it. Along with everyone here louder with Crowder, I'm not above recognizing my mistakes and attempting to rectify them. So I'd like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to all parties involved. Firstly, Heartfelt apologies to practicing socialists offended the check or socialism is for Figs T shirt. I know that we should a bad ideas with good ideas and respectfully debate the merits, virtues and shortcomings of socialism, as opposed to me, marking it with a hysterical t, shirt available at louder with Crowder shop COM and my dear friend and esteemed colleague, Ben Shapiro. I sincerely apologize for implying you're a greedy shekel hoarder words matter. Well, I swear I'm angry in a good way. I see now how it might have been misconstrued. I'd like to formally apologize to Vice President Joe Biden for state he is quote the kind of guy who would have his bachelor party hosted at a chuck e cheese into my half asian lawyer Richman. I would like
apologize for the insinuation that is billable hours exceed those actually worked, as well as accusing him of covering hopper and dry rub in preparation for mongolian fusion, barbecue, half asian. I'm sorry. He we he went on and on and and there's much that we we can't actually care, but you can see louder with Crowder on Blaze, Tv Blaze, V, dot, com, slash gland and use a promo code gland and save ten percent. By the way, if you this last night, show fact we're going to have to do a recap of it. If you missed last night show on, divide. You've got to go back and see it and share it with your friends. This is really really, amazing, when I said on Fox that you were going a time where the socialist, the anarchists, the communists and the Islamist will work together to
destroy Israel. This stabilize Europe and the western world. I real, I said at the time they're not going to be working together like calling each other up, and you know working in the same office just a different cubicle. They are going to see that their purposes match and they will coordinate without talking to each other. They follow each other's lead. Well, I had apologize myself last night because I was wrong. They are ng together and they're all working together in the same office, in fact they're all working for on campaign, and I showed you the people that are running Bernie Sanders campaign. Strangely, none of them are swedish. One of them really like swedish socialism, which isn't socialism that's a capital system that has
big social network. I think you're mistaken, because Bernie Sanders campaign released a video yesterday described them know what they want is not collected his nation. You know I've been holding of the means of production, you know what I'm a we're, gonna take a break and then we'll come back and we'll just kinda share with you. Some of the people on the Bernie Sanders campaign, the campaign manager, the person that is the grassroots outreach. The people did writing the speeches and the messaging, and it's strange that that would be the messaging coming from these people, because we showed you last night on television. That's nothing! Nothing like what they believe. We will do that coming up. Take one minute break all right. Sponsor this half hour is Norton security. Norton security would like to remind you that facebook and everybody else is following you around and it's it's
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welcome to the program. So this is the video that Bernie Sanders released yesterday was is from a spokesperson of his explaining that look when he says socialism. What he means is just everything you want. He means everything perfect in the world. He means sugar spice everything nice unicorns, flying it's beautiful here is the from the Sanders campaign,
What democratic socialism means to bring is having a government which represents all people, not just the very wealthy democratic socialism is making sure that all of our people have health care. The right education at the right, housing at the right and child care has the right. What Bernie for for any democratic socialism does not mean that government should own the means of production. It means that the middle class, the working families and the working people who produce American well deserved a fair share of it. These clients have happened before in nineteen sixty five, when President Johnson have Medicare and Medicaid conservatives like term attacks. These programs socialist threat to our american way of we can look at the example of countries like Denmark, Finland and Sweden were working. People came together to make sure everyone benefited from the well being generated and all people are guaranteed healthcare, a good education and the ability to take care of their family. Six. Both Costa Rica and Colombia, guaranteed health care to their citizens, with almost no co pays or deductibles healthcare system have been ranked higher than the last Donald Trump partners with war criminals, rips babies from their mothers and puts children aged a stalled Trump Alliance topic is so, do PT,
it's crazy, so what he says, what kind of socialism he's looking for is the right to health care, housing, education, childcare? So basically, everything that you have this only in a leftist guaranteed food, but you have a to housing, which means the government has to provide everyone with shelter in a house. This is the great society. This is why Johnson was one to usher in just couldn't go there because we weren't ready for it. We prime we knew at the time what socialism and communism was. We knew we, we actually attention to things like Venezuela,. When I said that radical socialist communist in his llamas would would you know, be working to get for their goals, I didn't know
in that they would be coordinating their movements in some secret underground Cabral, but it's not ball. It's called the Bernie Sanders campaign staff and last week, let me have to start with Bernie Sanders. Anybody who vacations in the former Soviet Union while it's the Soviet Union and comes back, can says what a great thing it is knowing what we knew about the Soviet Union at the time, knowing that they were in and even empire that he'd kill millions of people. Anybody who went over and excused Fidel Castro and called him a great leader and call that system great, is a communist you're. A communist. So that's who Bernie Sanders is now. I want you to know. Communism to Democrat
Socialist does not necessarily mean what we think it means what we think it means. Is you logs in all kinds of know, piles of dead bodies and that's actually what it means, but communism itself is the end game of socialism. Socialism is this thing where the government starts to take everything and then they start to meet it out, and then communism, somehow or another just start to happen. Communism is when we all are like you know what we don't even need: the government. It's us that owns all this stuff and we don't need that government because we're all in this together. That's why the Soviet Union was the Socialist Republic or rip look of socialist states. It was socialism. Socialism
someday in utopia leads to communism. Communism hasn't ever happened, except just the part, the government, and this is why they always say it's done wrong. Well, socialism was done wrong because not communism, communism, it is a good thing, that's utopia, so they just did it wrong. Fortunately, everyone who tries it goes wrong. So the yesterday we start with Bernie Sanders. That's what he that's what he does. This is what he believes it and- and Sweden is a that is not a socialist country. It has a big big welfare state, but it is a capitalist country and in poll after poll after poll lately they are ahead of the United States of America on the Freedom index on what
takes to start a business, it's easier to start a small business in Sweden than it is here alright. So we we started with Bernie Sanders. Then we went into a fight. He should cure is a guy who is, but he was with the Harvard Islamic society. He was co chair at a fundraiser for the Holy Land Foundation, which was responsible for funding Hamas. He is in the center for american progress. He, the guy that lead, think progress which had all kinds of Anti Semitism on it. He oversaw it. He was part of it that time he was involved with all those people were eventually fired by cap, because well we can't have anti Semitism here.
He then left and became the it boy for four Nancy Pelosi. He he became the guy for Nancy Pelosi and then later Harry Reid as well. Now, if you remember, Nancy Pelosi didn't pass the vote condemning anti Semitism, and why didn't she do that because do include all hate which include which included Islamophobia. Okay, remember just take on Israel. You also have to talk about Islamophobia and what it I'm a phobia. How? How did that really grow into something Islam phobia comes from a book called FEAR Inc where all Bernie Sanders campaign manager, the guy who was with the Muslim Student Association and and the Islamic hang on just a second. What was it I want to make sure I get this
right shoot the I don't know what it was. A unicorn society, no is a Harvard Islamic Association, which is also muslim Brotherhood. Who is the guy who was consulting hello, see in Harry Reid on who was acceptable and who is not as a as a muslim representative. So when, when Nancy Pelosi had the pro Muslim Brotherhood Anti Israel, a mom give a prayer in Congress. Where do you? I think that came from how about how about the people were? Remember all of the care people that were walking in the the office of Rasheeda to, and it was right for they were, they were going to condemn Anti Semitism and
these people went into a to leaves office and then suddenly, We have to talk about Islamophobia. Where do you think that happened? Where do you think? Where do you? Thank you? Omar's office got off celebrating the failure of Congress to condemn Anti Semitism from this guy, but he just the start. There's the foreign policy adviser of Matt DAS, Matt, DAS she's, one of the writers that was fired from cap for his anti semite this. The writing sky is a giant ant a semite he's the guy in charge of foreign policy for Bernie Sanders, but wait, there's so much more, including trips to IRAN. Coming up, financing Corporation and M one eight, two, three three: four: three: W and M L S, consumer access, dot, Org,
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boring domesticated gay man since Rock Hudson played doctor with Gomer Pyle. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that Steven Crowder and his apology tour that you can now find Youtube. While you I mean, I hope you to accept his apologies. We're talking well Bernie Sanders, and this expose that we did last night on the blaze tv that I urge you to watch and share with your democratic friends. It is the most radical group of people that are running the Bernie Sanders campaign that you could poss. Imagine, there's no ifs, ands or buts about it. We told you about out of fear as he is the campaign director, he is an anti Semite, a muslim brotherhood. She'll he's, campaign director and who is he hired well for foreign affairs for Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist who is an absolute anti? If you
I think our relationship at the Middle EAST was confusing under Barack Obama. In imagine what this guy can do when you learn about him speech, writer is Sarada and and he's a guy who who believes in democratic socialistic a you shouldn't of wealth, redistribution of land and property, very Venice Waylon, really almost how gonna view he believes that the United its government should tell history exactly what to do, not bail them out just take control of them, which is either. I mean this store fascist, I'm not sure David, but you might want to check that out. That's the speech writer his speech. His history is so checkered. All of them are
you have the national organizing president? Now the person who is running his committee for National, organizing she's resting. She first showed up on people's radar in two thousand and two when she was arrested at a protest of the World Bank and IMF She then became part of the of the group justice democracy. She was working for Bernie and then she went to work for justice, democracy, justice, the Ocracy is, is the people that found and ran that contest that that found the Cortez and then gave are all the words and all the things and taught her how to be a congressman and that's That's why we have her. Is justice? Democrats, that's they're, they're, the ones who wrote the new green deal. She she,
left the Bernie Sanders campaign joined. The the justice Kratz and, at the same time, decided to go overseas and he taught the american way of street protesting to the left in Spain, and also she went to help the Jeremy Corbyn campaign uh, who is a while socialist, and what a surprise anti semite the political director is a socialist from Venezuela. Now you would think starvation in Venezuela Way Lever family might change your mind. No, no. She still thinks Venezuela thumbs up she's. Running the worker working with the working Families party Working Families Party grew out of the break up of ACORN a corny still alive. It's just another series of names.
But she is in with s and acorn and and Working Families Party They are the reason why New York becomes so radical when you want to light up all of the New York buildings to celebrate abortions. It's it's. These people run by her she's again and their political director, and then he also has a very strange senior policy analyst. He senior politics. None of these people have experience at all running a campaign, but you would think that somebody who, just on their resume, really only has Fordham University sociologist. Well, first of all sociologist, so you know, there's trouble. University in New York. You know, there's trouble
so who is she. Well, it's weird because she who's the one that said that occupy Wall Street is just leaderless and leaderless doesn't need a leader. I mean they've worked out these And signals- and she went in this- is I in two thousand and eight- she went to the press and she was talking all about occupy Wall Street and how it works. And she had real details. It's almost as if she was the architect. I mean it's almost like she somehow or another new all the things about occupy Wall Street. She it made a big deal of saying it's a leaderless movement now, she's, really the woman behind these leaderless movements. For instance, add we have no core nation with them, and I mean how we we're going to call up their leaders. We don't know who their leaders
it's a leaderless movement really wow because seems kind of coordinated, but it's not huh. No, she is it's not. There is no leader there's no leader of Occupy Wall Street, except in two thousand and ten. She traveled to a to speak at the University of Tehran. About this leadership, movement called Occupy Wall Street, and I want to just say here: she, when asked at the university in around why she was there. She said quote, felt my role. There was to maintain my positions as representing the movement. I didn't think you had anything to do with it now representing them and she went over and she talked about how America is is just a place of evil and it's it's time is come I mean, I think,
aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States. But what do I know? That's? Who is his inner circle? A Bernie Sanders. And we go into much more detail than I just gave you, but you have to watch last night's episode. Don't miss last light. Last night's episode, Bernie Sanders in his campaign, any Democrat that thanks all they don't mean you know they don't mean this. For instance, Bernie Sanders thing about Sweden tell me they want Sweden. Do they do they because everything that they hold up in as an example, is Cuba and Venezuela? A lot back to the political director said it's
worse in New Jersey. This is a recent quote. It is worse in New Jersey, then, is currently in Venezuela. Is she nuts. Check it out now blaze, tv dot com, that's blaze, tv dot com is the only place you're going to find it blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn. If you use the promo code, gland you're going to save ten percent off your yearly subscription and we we need you as a subscriber join us, ladies tv dot com- slash, let I know about you but Stu. I know you're very worried about your carbon footprint, hugely It's it's actually all I think about everyday. Every decision I make is based on my carbon foot like last night when I opened up my dinner, and it was already can plastic and I opened it up and I could have tried to seal back up, but instead I just put in another plastic bag, because I
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My apologies to the motor city, Madman, TED Nugent, for my statement that his skin resembled. It smells like that of bison. Jerky was originally intended as a compliment and like to clarify, but I now understand why he might have taken offense. I like to apologize for esteemed President Donald Trump for my ill Times Trump Series of videos, one of which I as president by that Megyn Kelly, was a understand that I was far out of line and will leave said methods of attack to our present and future. I'm sorry, milk, Megan and present also apologies to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from she couldn't stand her own two feet that she coughed up along on more than one occasion for stating that she covered up her husband's alleged rapes and for circulating both mean spirited, an unconfirmed rumors that she was both. Who was a lover and practicing which there's more to his apologies, and you can find that was Steven Crowder now
on the blaze and on Youtube? We have something really exciting happening here at the studios again this summer we are going to do another pop up museum. This one is twelve score and three years ago it was four score and seven years ago that Abraham Lincoln, when he said you know for or in seven years ago, our our for first came and they they the this nation, and it was an idea. But now we haven't fulfilled that we've we're fighting this great battle, free everybody and to actually leave the words all men are created equal. It was. It was a really important, obviously speech that he gave at Gettysburg the Gettysburg address, putting the emancipation proclamation we'll he here in our studios, but
you're looking at his unfulfilled promise of unity and an end to slavery, and this this museum is going to answer the question. What is slavery wow? How does it happen is, is racism and slavery. An american problem happened. How do you free yourself from these things? What does it take and we're not we're, not Lee just highlighting the american slavery issue. We are using that as a vehicle to show you that slavery happened all around the world and it it's is a human condition and it is still going on in greater numbers, and we start with the slave trade. There there's this we're having up a slave ship, the interior of a slave ship, that you will walk through built by set designers. You will feel how small that was: we've seen, we've
drawings of slave ships, but until you've walked in one and seeing how people were laying side by side like sardines, you really don't have any of understanding. Well, that is offset with now the back of tractor trailers, where slaves were transported in the back of tractor trailers of the lynching tree, but we also have a steel cage is going to have one of the original jumpsuits used by ISIS for a Christian that was later found beheaded. We of the ISIS jumpsuit where's going to show you how slavery is happening still all over the world and what it takes to break it. What it was of forces are against it and what it looks like east on the american experience and
how that's happening all around the world and really going to be an amazing experience for your family, full full of treasure, things that you've never even knew were even in existence plus thing like the Emancipation proclamation signed by Abraham Lincoln, the real one is going to be here at the re studios. Now it is twelve score and three years ago, because that's how long it's been now we're checking. Are we even worse? Are we better than we were and where are we headed? That's the name of the museum twelve score in three years ago, and if you buy tickets today you're going to be
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the old way and it doesn't work. It never works the biggest disaster since world war, two remarkable there are some people saying. Even today, Venezuela is still better than America. Wow. The twisted world we live in in one minute. Recent Gallup survey shows Americans worry more about burglary than almost any other crime, more than mugging more than terrorism or car theft, murder, If you're worried about murder, you might you might want to reevaluate your life for your friends, I'm just saying if the thing there's no reason to worry about burglary, you can all also guarantee that you're not going to get burglarized if you have an alarm system and you have it on eight percent of the burglaries that happen happen according
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It's the largest single economic collapse outside of war in ITALY. Forty five years think it now think of this. Zimbabwe we've always held up the Zimbabwe. You know billion dollar. Have a trillion dollar bill in the other room right all that up as a sample of what could happen and everybody everybody knows it, and everyone knows Zimbabwe was a disaster to the of, like you, couldn't believe a western or developed country could ever really what happens. Is you can see that in the Africa and you're, like ok, that dictator and correct? Ok right now, Venezuela, one of the richest countries in the world, and it's happening there, and it's actually is it's just not being utilized? I mean it. Has yes, oil reserves in the world? Let's see, I love this. This is economics professor at Harvard it's really hard to the human tragedy, the scale outside of civil war. This will be a
stone of disastrous policies for decades to come by the vote socialist. At the same time, that description is being talked about, a social that again his second last. The salaries last line is phenomenal. This will be touchstone of disastrous policies for decades to come. The listen to this part, I mean that's incredible yeah. I know what did he say after that? That was the second part of the quote. The first part was: it was really hard to think of human tragedy on this scale outside of civil war crazy. And similar levels of economic devastation, economist at the IMF. Twenty two countries that were ripped apart by war like Libya earlier this decade or Lebanon in nineteen But Venezuela, at one point, Latin America's wealthiest countries we mentioned has not been by armed conflict. Instead, economic economists say the poor governance, corruption and misguided policies of what talk about the misguided policies. They don't really the. If you're looking for the word socialism, I don't think you're going to find it in here, but it
it's the New York Times story, but I am glad there at least covering it mean misguided policies, yeah, and they do say to their credit. A scary policies of President Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor Hugo GO one of the things the social I try to do to get out of this is to say what was really Madura. Who came in and screwed up? That's not true. They did that with Lennon. It was it was it. It was fine with land in it was solid. They are released to route it up. There, fuel runaway inflation, shudder businesses and brought to the country to its knees in recent months, Trump Administration, as impose stiff sanctions as well to try to curb corporate further as the country's each economy plummeted. Armed gang took, control of entire towns, public services collapsed and the purchasing power of most Venezuelans has been reduced to a couple kilograms of flour per month, dungeon living through that I mean, because I'm let's say about, has the world's largest proven oil reserves, but its oil output, once Latin America's largest, has fall
faster in the past year than Iraq after the american invasion in two thousand and three Venezuela has lost a tenth this population in the past two years, as people fled, trekking across mountains, setting off Latin America biggest ever refugee crisis. If I remember right in two thousand and three do more in some of the oil wells on fire yeah is that the money I mean well as they were leaving? I try to remember which yeah and that was it seems so long ago. Now it was, but they were setting oil wells on fire to make sure no one access them after this collapse, just from policies just government taking it over there that's what they did, but he was like. No, no, you know democratic socialism's, GRAIL or we have to do- is just take over some of these industries like healthcare, oh and to because he was took over healthcare, which there's none and
and also the oil industry. Yeah there's coming up on the healthcare industry, this working out pretty well, Venezuela's at hyper inflation expected to reach ten million percent this year, just the ten million percent, though not eleven million percent. That would be. That would be too high uh the IMF, by the way, it's on track to become the longest period of runaway prices. Since the Democratic Republic of Congo in the nineteen nineties, K hang on just saying: do you know why they can't stabilize their money? The I stabilizer money because they can't stabilize the system, because never know what the government is going to do? Next, you don't know disaster they're, going to inflate on their own nation, so go over there and say: look we're basing our money on oil we're going to base our money on oil, it's as good as gold, and we we have it, but in the ground here you don't even know you have gold in the bank. We know we have oil so
base it on our oil, but we're going to run our oil industry to get that oil in a non corrupt fashion and in the style of the western world. So it's dependable, then you actually stabilize your economy. You can't do that. Socialist in and a to Torio government that is, is rife with graft in and and and corruption and, honestly white. Why? They just don't officially, go to like bit coin right now. I do not understand just do it. Maybe that's! The local economy is essentially run on. Anyone who actually has money is put their money into things like crypto currencies. Just I mean we think of those really unstable, but I mean in comparison to what they have. It's super stable and you can of course send it anywhere in the world and protected from governments and all these things. So they how to do a national government
currency, which kind of defeats the purpose of a crypto currency, yeah and the governor. I mean the government right now. Maduro just wants to control everything he wants to make sure he knows who's, eating and who's, sleeping and and everything else, national cryptocurrency, a don't believe you won't inflate those numbers and b point is it's almost an anti government state. It's it's! It's an anti control stance right! We don't want anyone controlling it supposed to be separate from not only governments, but every any third party, yep by year's end, Venezuela's gross domestic product will have shrunk by sixty two percent of the beginning of the recession. In twenty thirteen by Khan, The median economic decline of the former soviet republics was about thirty percent. During the peak of the crisis in the mid 90s seven more than twice as bad as the collapse of the Soviet Union.
One Carlos Velez, arrives at its neighboring good observation. You can. That might be. What do you think of this? That might be because the Former Soviet Union head a long history of black market in black exchange and corruption and everything else so people they know how to keep things going. Even though there wasn't a government, these people are used to generally speaking, freedom civility ability, and so they have they have no way. If the government is they just no way to do anything they they they haven't, live for generations under that kind of corruption. Now. This next part is just going to make you hungry cuz. I bet your stomach going to start run blinks. This is going to sound so good to you. So if you know, if you're If you're listening in your pods and you're walking through grocery store, you may want to walk out for a second 'cause. You know you never want to go grocery shopping, hungry,
Juan Carlos Velez arrives at his tiny canteen in the corner of the market by five a dot m. It begins making a broth out of beef bones frying corn, pastries in the darkness. He says Stahl has been without power since March, is sales are down. Eighty percent since last year in each day, is a struggle against soldiers who force him to after nearly worthless low denomination bills, whatever he he makes is. He has to immediately invest in more bones and flower, because prices go up daily. If you take a rest, you lose by the time you take get to the bank. You've already lost some of it. Real incomes in Venezuela have fallen to levels last seen in the country in nineteen. Seventy nine imagine going back to the earnings, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine right now, according to International Finance Institute, leaving need to survive by collecting firewood gathering fruit and fetching water and Streams
Gonzales. Fifty three taking care of his children and he takes care of his children and his neighbors in his shanty town. He his job at a hotel when looters ransacked in March, ripping out even window frames in cable wiring, his new that was pretty sweet. He now Lex wild plums to sell for a few cents in the city's parks. It's pretty cool. Electricity and running water are available for only a few hours a day. The boat right, regular service to the mainland broke down last month. He's always not one. These islands, an oil barge mud by the state oil company, occasionally tugs a rusty, ferry carrying eager supplies of subsidized food. The hospital has no medication and no patience. The last person to be hospitalized died in agony a day later without treatment for her kidney disease. Doctors said this is a vision of what the future is offered. You got about twenty four advocating for
its policies to be brought to the United States and they cheered them on when they were implemented in Venezuela. Now we with the results are, and yet here we are as a country walking towards these policies, now running away from them. Acting as if these things are going to work differently for us and they were for everybody else everywhere in the world. Every time they've been tried, and it's just it's It's incredible that this moment it's like a shining light in your eyes, don't walk forward, and everyone just keeps wide eyed walking right towards that bright light, blinding themselves. It's really amazing. It is almost it's almost. Brainwashing washing hypnotizing. You know how do you get away with such a dark vision. Just being swept away. It's it's amazing. It is you
collusion there. It is Venezuela, Martin Luther King, that story that came out about Martin Luther king. Do you know that not a single mainstream news organization covered that really There was no coverage on CNN, ABC Nbc, CBS B. Really, that's amazing! That's a that's? What Laurie Ingram said last night time and has a locksmith yeah and she was talking to Dinesh D'Souza, and I'm I'm like that that that that that's? Yes, that's craziness. How is that? Because they are colluding there colluding? they're, not calling each other they're all like minded. We can't we and do that to Martin Luther king. The whole thing falls apart. If we do this to Martin Luther King, which is amazing, I mean think of the accusations. They've run with ideas for let's just take the me two era right. Think of
is they've run with with wood, the person saying it not an f tape of it, not an FBI, transcript of it and we need the FBI to investigate. We've got to have F B. I, if it did it best to get this one right and this, and they said they said the Martin Luther king was present and laughing at a rape and they did investigate Cavanaugh and said there was nothing there. I mean they'll, be they'll, see still press through with that one. This one they won't. I mean the track Michael Avenatti, on tv every day for three months, but this guy, who wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning Biography of Martin Luther King, gets no. Coverage, it all over his new claim about what is in an FBI memo. That's incredible. I mean again these You sit there all the time. You say all well, there's a bias. I mean it is it's a point that made a million times, but only because there's been a billion opportunities to make I mean we, we probably talk about that, maybe a tenth of it, maybe one percent of it. It's just overwhelming. I want to talk a little
about gold line the so the copybook headings come to mine promised us all kinds of money and we add all kinds of money, but nothing. Our money could buy that is describing Venezuela. He they have plenty of money, nothing there. Money can buy because it's worthless. This is what happens with socialism and she is what will happen here in America. You can't do these things, it doesn't mathematically work. His history tells us the truth. So let's engage in some history, one thousand eight hundred and eighty one. There was a five dollars: Liberty, United States, gold coin. It was called the half eagle, It was heavily used in the eighteen. Now, You can own for one thousand, eight hundred and eighty one half eagles in about
uncirculated condition. These are in really good condition. Have been circulated, but they're they're really pretty good. These are the kind of gold coins that I buy, because these cold coins are collector coins and these we're not confiscated by the United States government in the 1930s. Now I can't tell you if you know what the government is going to do. I hope that never happens again. I don't well, I don't know, but I do know that our best shot of holding on to something of value is with an old gold coin, and now you can get the eighteen. Eighty one p, five dollars: gold liberty there be beautiful coins represent the thirteen colonies with lady Liberty in the thirteen stars around the american Eagle with a shield in the olive branch. It's all and it says in eighteen, eighty one in God we trust so you can take the
these are well. This is twenty billion dollars from the Reserve Bank in Zimbabwe, or you could take these for gold coins that are worth their weight in gold. I'm going to go with that called old line. Now, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or- online dot com. We break for ten seconds station id so we have Dennis Prager's video from Prager University, and I want to play a little bit of it. It is about something that's going on that should concern every American and I I'm afraid to conservatives are on this bandwagon
and that is regulation of the the big four apple Google, Facebook and Youtube everybody screaming for regulation. Listen to this from Prager you today, it's one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, all over again big brothers back with an important twist. Former liberators now want to be our masters. Apple, Google Youtube Facebook, and the giants of social media are demanding conformity to their values. It's their way or the highway conformer die. This image is perfectly captured not by an ad but by this real life scene after row of men and women stare up at TIM Cook, Apple's ceo as he makes a temptation. Ironically, before a civil rights group,
we only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division and violence. You have oh place on our platforms cooked this is audience you have now a home here. Hate division according to the answer is obvious: according Apple, Google Youtube, Facebook and twitter we coming to find you can find the rest of this big brother on Prager University. I just we. He cannot go down. The road of regulation. Regulation never works out, and when these giant corporations come together, they are going to be the ones writing the laws for regulation which will shut out any competitor, make it impossible for any editor to be able to come up and and dethrone them. You don't aren't these companies regulated,
they will write the rules. Now. Here's the problem, the United its government, is going to want them regulated and going to want them in bed because then control them or do they they I'll be able to get away because their private companies, you can get away with limiting speech and if they have no competition, the to to is worthless because there are a company and they can do whatever they want. If they ban speech well, who do you run to the government, of course, not they're in bed with the government? They wrote the regulation very dangerous, don't go down this road, please you're! Listening, that was in the seven hours x, chair, x, cherries, just a fantastic, fantastic chair. You know
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it's your purchase for as little as thirty dollars. A month it's x, chair back dot com use the promo code x, wheels and you'll also receive free set of new x wheels for the bottom of your chair. It's x, chair back dot com, there's a disturbing story about a couple in Idaho, a family that had their h to court over being discriminated against because of their their faith and the jury, awarded them compensation and everything else, the judge came back and overturned everything. And I I don't know the last time that a judge came in and overturned the jury on. A verdict. Jeremy Dice on with us. He is the deputy general counsel for first Liberty, and he is fighting this case for this family. First all- Tell me about what happened to the family,
yeah well, Jeremy and Christy Morris had this celebration every year. They the one of these people that really like to decorate and celebrate Christmas right. I think Clark Griswold in your pretty was to Jeremy Morris right, so he decorated his house. When I say is out, I mean like every inch of the exterior has a light on it somewhere at least every foot or so I, this became sort of a being a and what people would stop by. They would invite the mind of the drive way they would share the gospel with them. They were given the cup of hot chocolate and they would invite. Make, a donation for for children that were the reader homeless or or were, or they actually ended up, raising a lot of money for this well the houses and then, when they did, they alerted their h away that they had read their covenants instead looks like we can just keep on doing this. Want you to know we're going to go ahead and do that, but the h away didn't like that
it is said to saying no you're not allowed to have any lights on the walls they they rolled back and the clover many quote from it is from the the the the president of H away. She says: I'm somewhat has been bringing this up the fact that some of our residents are non Christians or of another faith, and I don't even think problems that could bring up, and so they went on for years of litigation over this issue and you're exactly right. The jury found in his favor and german Christie's favor and said this. This is clear: religious discrimination under the fair housing act, but then, a few months later, the judge was convinced to overturn and throw out that entire that entire jury decision, and so we're appealing the case of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, because no one should be punished for trying to a little Christmas cheer and raise money for abused or neglected children at Christmas time so Jeremy. How often does a does a judge? Do this.
It's fairly rare, it's probably rare, and the reason for that is that when the judge gives the fax over to The jury will number one. Don't forget our our judicial system. Our system of justice is based upon trial. A jury is a. We respect the decisions of juries because that's what our system depends upon, but when the judge gives that over to the Trier of fact, in this case, being the jury unless there's like clearly erroneous or or some significant problem that has arisen here, that they just could arise to arrive to a reasonable decision on things, the judge should leave that Trier of FACTS decision completely alone and not remove it. Now. No is that in a motion before this hearing or before the trial with the to take place, the judge looked at the the the arguments of both sides. This is locked. This can clearly go to a jury.
He says that just that letter itself from the h away is enough for a reasonable jury to make a decision in favor of Mr Mrs Morris, but then several months later, when he removed it from the jury. He said something completely different from that that position. Investors just is simply inconsistent for one thing, but I think it's very dangerous to our system of law. What do you think happened, I wish I knew I I really do. I don't know exactly, but we're going to bring this case entirely to the sprint, to the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals and ask them to look at this because with the but the jury recognized that there was a clear religious I still we buy this h away against their family. There was no good reason for judge overrule them and that's the fact that he recognized in the motion leading up to the trial. Uh. The ninth circuit Court of Appeals, the most overturned in in the country- we're not expecting
the night Circuit Court of Appeals to actually do any thing right here are we that there's always hope? Wait? Ok, number one! Don't forget that! Thankfully President Trump has been doing a lot of good work and a lot of that work on judges has taken place in the ninth circuit. So you never know what panel of judges you're going to receive up there. The night circuit, but at the very at least I I think, regardless of what you may think about the ninth circuit and much of that could be true, but at the very least, I think, there's still a respect for the free system in our country, your even in the ninth circuit, because it's so important and and when the judge himself recognizes the reasonable jury, could find a reasonable decision to support Mister MRS Morris, if any overturns it just means there's at least an obvious consistency there that I think even the night circuit can pay attention to and recognize that there was. What does hostility that play here and the jury should have been left alone to make that decision to me tell
the equality act. You know much about this. I know a little bit about it. Can you tell me it seems it's very concerning on surface well, I think the biggest problem that I see with Equality ACT right now is that there has been an active effort to ensure that there would be no combination for religious belief, behavior or organizations within it. In other words, everyone would have to comply with it all. Regarding of your religious convictions or your scruples, as you may have whatever that. Maybe there's no way to exempt yourself from its requirements, and so this is a way to kind of get back at decision of the Supreme Court made a year or two ago in the masterpiece, cakeshop decision where there is really clear hostility by the government me to compare Jack Phillips to Nazis were going to say in that decision, but that they're trying now it seems to two hundred and twenty four sandovich to abide by an ideologue ideology that there there,
you believe, simply don't support it the left and progressives find so difficult to imagine. To conceive of is that people would actually have a moral disagreement and here's the frightening thing and that that would be ok right. I mean our system of government is set up. Our system of free speech and religious liberty is set up on a premise to say we're going to agree with one another and that's okay, we're going to provide the space for you and I to have differences of opinion and to express the hose loudly and, if necessary, strongly with one another, but still call each other neighbors. This equality act seems to go completely. That idea that idea and I hope it dies in the is like it's projected to do. Are you concerned that you are on the other side of Taylor Swift on this particular argument? Look at all. I wanna be the wrecking ball to this. This particular act itself it and, if I'm against Taylor Swift, I guess, aside from the yet what fifteen, to eighteen, demographic of
okay, Germany, one Lessing, I I talked to a federal judge recently and he's one of the good guys and- and I said so, making some real impact in the lower courts, and he said yes, he said, but we really we're in trouble. He said I get stuff across my bench all the time where the judge had no rhyme reason. Certainly nothing constitutional, you not even law. He said it's just this. Is It feels good. This is what feels right and he said that's starting to take a foothold in our judicial system. Do you be with him? Well, let me couple years back the big debate about outcomes based education in this country kind of teaching to the test and trying to develop certain outcomes, not only just educate we but socially through that that program. I think we're seeing the same
basic thing arising now within the judicial system and back I her just recently, someone give an interview that it favor of packing the Supreme Court United States that we're not getting the right outcomes from the Supreme Court. Well, maybe you're getting the right outcomes that you just simply disagree with, but there's a one of the constitution, and so it you know we used to be a nation of laws not of men, as it was famously said years ago. When is that James, I don't know, but what I'm thankful for is despite the many vacancies that we have had in currently have in the in the judicial system throughout the country, some Mcconnell and others, and the president has to be commended that they are working through to get the right people there there's a lot to be countering to hear even the last administration's appointment and in confirmations there, but I think, there's a there's, a process that is developing that is going in the correct direction. So I'm
I'm looking at all of these things and seeing how the courts are are there's some good movement in and some bad movement I was talking. I caliche n asked him about what we. What we know happened on Obamacare and John Roberts, and I think, there's a case impeachment on John Roberts, because John Roberts is making that into a political body. It's not, but it's not a body that horse trades is it well. There is every Thursday all the talk about that. We we don't know what happened behind those closed doors and I suppose at some level speaking call locally. We may think that there is there's discussions in trying to convince each other a look. We know that from the history of the Supreme Court that people are writing dissents to how to move things in a direction that later on become part of the majority of even that's different than a horse trading. Isn't it well,
don't let others speculate about what should happen to the chief in the end of the rest of the Supreme Court up there? What what I know is that we've got enough cases out of before the Supreme Court of below it to make good impacts on the law, right now we're waiting for a case to come down from the Supreme Court to protect a hundred year hundred year old veterans Memorial. I should even be at the core, but that should be no brainer, that just because a memorial happen share the same shape of the gravestones of Europe for the men who died in one one across shape veterans. Memorial. That's perfectly acceptable to be on public property, and yet we've got to go through the entire Judith system to get a final declaration to say it's: okay for gold, star mothers, active veterans Memorial in honor, their sons in the shape of a cross. Those cases, I'm more concerned about that we have activist Lloyd, is that are trying to reshape how we at that the constitution, and especially the establishment clause, to the point where we're getting
absolutely silly over these things. Where were you can't pass out a candy cane in fifth grade at Christmas time, because someone might think of that peppermint and sugar, in the shape of a shepherds, crook, would violate the establishment clause if we're that's good, her own shadow we really have, the religious liberty and the freedom of religion that the founding fathers wanted us to have in this country that that's a frightening spot to be at right. Now during I see is from first Liberty, you can follow first liberty at first Liberty, dot org, you can get involved and help them fight the they don't. I don't think you guys charge, your your clients, do you that's right now it if we get the privilege, so representing individual. This country that have suffered or wrong. We don't think they should have to pay an attorney, so we're glad to be able to defend them, for free did a great work there, and also you should know that Jeremy Dice is the nation's preeminent expert on Ernest goes to camp.
We learned the other day, a news and why it matters. So if you ever have a seat, if there's a loss- and you want to reference from ernest- goes to camp in, it should definitely go Germany's way. Absolutely don't forget. Ernest days coming up at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee here, just a few short weeks, so there's still time for you to get out there and check it out, really sad, really sad, Jeremy Jeremy days. Thank you so much from first liberty dot toward the really brought that up in an argument. In a real case. Ernest goes to camp. He made his eyes extended analogy about how to prove this point, the amazing, the the enemies I don't know that there's a multiplier is movies that are really good, and then you go three list five, these, like the others bugs fourteen other. I mean this one, this one this one, this one that those are terrible, but the the the core, three or four, are really excellent movies and he's like a legit. This win the case. I think it
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factor, dot, com, drug free, natural way to ease pain. It's your life back, relieffactor, dot com, that's relieffactor, dot, com, right uh. We want to talk to you a little bit about something that is coming out tomorrow and that is stews analysis of all of the poles and everything that is happening with the democratic contenders, it! It's pretty amazing! It looks like Joe Biden done even have show up in anything. This is the best plan for Joe because you have situation with Joe Biden. The best plan for him is run away and hide from the polls, because he's far ahead, he's just running away and hiding, and that allows him to do step two, which is just run away and hide in real life. Just hide and not let anyone remember who he is or what he says or who he gropes Man he's a he's, a solid candidate and remember that's really kind of what Hillary Clinton's main strategy was at. First, it was and he
she got legitimate push back and wonder having to be a lot more active in the campaign that she wanted to be. She I do that a little bit in the in the general as well. I mean people are always saying they should go to all the states part of her. We me she was at the were, they were actually scheduling, rallies in and you know, get out the vote. Efforts in places like California in inner cities, just so did win the popular vote by more. They wanted to blow out and a, and they also wanted to make sure that they didn't win the electoral vote and lose the popular vote. So they have whatever controversies. Associate with that. Every time I had is that now a lot a lot of stupid people involved in that in in in in the way, people that work and thought of themselves, as so smart they may just terrible decision. We aren't. We then we know, is that Bernie Sanders doesn't have a single professional for campaigning on his campaign staff.
I looked at that and one of the researchers said you know, look, that's crazy and I said Donald Trump. I mean it was Trump strategy and he wasn't an expert I you might be past the time for for real experts as you got to play it. This way, it's possible though, but I think what you at now and and learn from Trump is that when he has the ability to do it in two thousand twenty he's doing it he's got a very professional campaign out there going for twenty twenty, he has decided to go back now, look who's going to be stable signals, he's gay, make his own decisions and he's going to direct them. However, he wants to and that's the way it should be. If he's the President United States running a campaign, but he's got a lot of money invested in data, a lot of money invested in Facebook ads and he's doing he's a big campaign effort this time, we should make good, theoretically, make it a little bit easier for him to get over some of those humps. So there's
exciting things to talk to you about on politics and on the democratic candidate. Some surprising not surprising, to you not surprising me, but to the to the left quite pricing things that are happening. Their poll numbers that airs tomorrow here on the Glenn Beck radio Program, you're listening back.
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