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The Whistleblower Affair Could DESTROY Biden in 2020 Election | Guest: Luis Elizondo | 9/23/19

2019-09-23 | 🔗
The whistleblower story about Trump, Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s son is pure GOSSIP. Here’s what we DO know about Joe Biden and Ukraine: Four very shady coincidences happened during his vice presidency that could only mean corruption. Google claims “quantum supremacy” as new computers yield crazy results, and perfect deep fakes will be here by the 2020 election. And Silicon Valley is developing brain-computer interfaces while pushing to replace the Constitution with algorithms and social credit scores. Luis Elizondo, director of Global Security at To The Stars Academy, joins the program with insider information about confirmed UFO sightings. And a woman tells Beto “hell no,” he’s not taking her guns and leaving her family defenseless.

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By Pat our good. Now you are all my gosh greatly oh yeah needs. I can't even I could wait till Monday to lose all weekend thing in wow Windows Monday accomplishes I have. We have actually a lot to talk about a lot of things I have been waiting due to talk about. One of them is the whistle blower love the whistle blower Smee to yeah we're gonna get to that in just a second fur. You know the of the robot causes a year. Pre approved for credit loans, be careful because it could scammers trying to sealed, steal your homes title now: here's the problem Holmes. Title in mortgage record is now on wine, yours and when a data breach occurs. It's me you know like Lee that millions of home titles and mortgages are exposed to thieves? There's one company that will protect you from this, it's hot, title lock, dot com home.
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we'll pick this up, and there is no way that they will they'll be to restrain themselves on this and there's nothing here, and finally will be discredited because remember they want Elizabeth, worn fine we'll be discredited and so will the media it's almost so good that it's a set up. Fortunately it's not it's just the arrogance of the press and the Democrats. We tell you the real story of what's going on with Biden and Trump and Ukraine, In sixty seconds is as their gland programme So what happens when the big one strikes I mean if hearing California. I guess it sucks to be? U I events.
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You order one today and receive guaranteed to day delivery with free shipping, give yourself peace of mind and save a hundred is now at prepare. We Glenn Dotcom, that's prepare with and dot com I want. I talk to talk a little bit about Joe Biden and last week there was a whistle blower now as important word. What is a whistle blower pad that somebody who blows the whistle on something they just found out some secret that this in this case. The Trump administration had right at a whistle. Blower is on the inside here and has special information right right. They have access. A whistle. Blower
is someone who has access to information. That Nobody else has and because they have the access bring it out and say: look: here's the documents, the tobacco companies Knew the whole time, that's a whistle blower, what the press has been reporting on is not a whistle blower. It's like a little old church, lady that is involved in gossip. That's what they had. The whistle blower came out and said: do you know that the president spoke to the ukrainian Foreign Minister and threatened him said there were he would retaliate if they didn't go and investigate Joe Biden? Well, that's pretty amazing and whistle blowers. We would be somebody, then that had inside information, was standing in the room saw
transcript. Somehow or another had special information that no one else had and he went right from the oval office right to the press and said you have to understand. I have this information. I've got to blow the whistle, but that again is not what happened. What did happen Pat well? Instead, the somebody was apparently haven't a beer with someone else at the office. It was somebody else who work
with them in the office and they were at the bar or maybe they were in bed, and there is little pillow talk and the person who gave the whistle blower the information said hey. You know what I am. I guess the Trump just called the Ukrainians and and threaten up over the Biden thing wow. I went straight to Congress with that. So this is second hand, information that this whistle blower has any took it to Congress, and eight was a rumour it a rumour and it wasn't even done at work. So it's not like one colleagues it to another. We don't even know if their colleagues at all it might have been some lover. It might have been just a friend at a bar and is something that that was gossip about somewhere outside of work. So we
have. We have now completed the circle of of social justice. You don't need any facts, you don't need anything, but a rumour now who's What is this well? This is the fault of really the media, because you oh, what a political party is going to do if they can show a rumour veil upper. They just they're just trying to win and win at all costs. They don't care, so is it? The democratic parties fault well kind of thy mean, but that would be expecting them to actually care about the truth, and I don't think either party When it comes to the party, I dont think they care about the truth. They just want to win, and so that's where a press needs to come in and the press.
Comes in and they say, wait, a minute wait a minute away, but you have a whistle blower. It says this yeah. What's the name can't give you that? Where do they work can give you that Well, how did it come about, can't tell you what did they do? They have evidence can tell you that. Do they do that? Did they hear it? and tell you that as pre solid, let's run with it I mean. Maybe they don't make any sense at all. That's not the way you run a business, that's not the way you run the press. No one is pat and of all of the things that we have exposed from tides foundation, a corn Van Jones Plan, parenthood, Google, anything that we have run have we even ever even been cool loath to that low standard. Oh no, never is weak. We can't we can hand you can't.
Would be just de legitimize or taken office are completely yet. One of the two I mean that's Alex Challenge would have any credibility is truly the way Alex Jones runs his place. Why Vienna? We have heard that there is a pizza thing and they got children trapped in the basement is the same thing and instead of people coming in with guns. Instead, your politicians going with impeachment papers. Now this is so. This is so good for Donald Trump that it is almost as if the pillow talk was happy, being between him and millennia. You know if you just went to the press millennia and told them that you didn't even hear it. You just heard that there is a possibility,
that I was talking to the foreign Minister of Ukraine and I threatened them darling, it's brilliant, so she goes into you. Could you couldn't make the case is that this was a set up by Donald Trump and the White House. It's that good for him, now. You can only make the case if you do exist, We will CNN and CBS and ABC and NBC did, and that is good. Or on with no facts. I could make the case to them, would they print it? I have what he would he have on that Glenn. Oh, no, no sources whistleblower. Ah, Euro whistle, blower yeah, I think I'd buy, mean I'm pat nigh we're having breakfast the other day and we were too. In about it, and we have heard that Donald Trump actually old millennia, in bed to act like a whistle blower.
Why won't you run with it press they probably would yet they probably would at this point this is raised. If it was anti Trump, I think they would run with it. They don't care, they don't care. They don't care. Remember that brain stilted story where he had the guy on and make speculated for about ten minutes that that that Donald Trump wasn't just colluding with right. Then he was an actual russian agent. Yes, by ever that yeah he was even if he was a lifelong spy for the Union and Russia As you know, he was very close with Russia in his younger years, unbelievable what what they don't hit. Arms blood's men for four CNN Brian stouter is, is Becky that the president is an actual
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by one pillow and get the next one free enter the promo code back call eight hundred nine six, six, thirty one, seventeen yogurt the great radio specials promo code back, my pillow dotcom, we break for ten seconds station, I d a hurry. So why is this? Why is this happening? Why is this happening? Well, let me just give you a saving and find here. Let me just give you a quote from of from La Joe Biden. About Iowa, Mr Biden, do you have to win Iowa? Do we think we have to win Iowa? No,
do we want to win Iowa? Yes, yes, we do, we think we're gonna win. We know it's gonna, be a dogfight. And the same thing is true: in New Hampshire, we don't have to win new Hampshire, but we'd like to replied some point. The front runner has got to actually be out front as the first two races he's, not our front. The binding and pain is starting to fall apart, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but Elizabeth Warren looks like she may be the presidential nominee for the Democrats. I can't believe: can you believe that no, I thought you was done with book on I thought you know a little bow and she'd be done, apparently not apparently not She is now leading the polls in Iowa is in. I think collapses.
Very beginning of just full fledged collapse and he's desperate you have the audio of him yesterday. Turning on fox, we have we have. There stood a heritage, listen up better by president. How many times have you ever spoken to your son about its overseas business dealings? I've never spoke my son about oversees museums and here's. What I know I know Trump deserves to be investigated. He is violated every basic norm of a present. You should be asking him the question: why on the phone with a foreign later intimidated during the recent he's, not he's on the volume of our good boy hit, it is planning to do they together, ordinary awry and intimidate. He didn't Now that was a rumour not coming from a whistle blower. That was a rumour. They
a foreign minister of the Ukraine said he never said that that that didn't happen. It didn't happen. This is the birth or story yeah, that's what this is in a mind. May then ok, there lies there outright held the lies and the birth or story star. With Hillary Clinton people, let's ended Donald Trump thing I mean He ran with it after but it started. With Hillary Clinton. Now so he says we need an investigation on Trump. Well, you ve, you ve already had one now. Here's Lindsey Gram, saying you know an investigation would be good. Listen Joe Biden said everybody's look at this and found nothing. Who is everybody nobody's looked at the Ukraine the vines nobody's looked at the really Ukraine played in the twenty sixteen election. Do you think
The media in America would really look at it and report on it. If there were something bad for the by Are they unduly interfered in the twenty sixth election? So here's what I'm calling calling for I'm calling for somebody in the Justice Department to look at all things: Ukraine, we ve, looked at all things for Russia and tromp. His family, everything about his family. Every transaction between the tramp campaign in Russia. Now time to see whether or not the case, hands, released information regarding manner port, who was trumped campaign manner. What relationships at any did that the buyer, world have to the Ukraine, what role again, Did the Ukraine play in the twenty sixteen election? So noble Just look at this, but somebody should so I'm hoping the Department of Justice will look at the binding brain connection lie we loaded the trot. Russia could show you here's MIKE,
I'm pale on what Americans deserve to know if there was election interference that took place by the vice president? I think the american people deserve to know week. We know there was interference in the two thousand sixteen election and if it's the case that there was something going on with the prisoners family, the Gaza conflict, interesting vice President Biden behaved in a way that was inconsistent with the way leaders are to operate. I think Erica people deserve to know that all right now last one here is representative Devin Nunez on biting the left knows that Biden son as a problem for him. This is why, when Hillary Clinton was running, these stories first originated first originated back when Hillary Clinton was trying to make sure that bite Get the race eyes out that these have been resurrected. I dont know who came up with a scheme, maybe they're. Really this whistle blower aunt is not a partisan we want, and we want to hear from that whistleblower, but
it sure looks like in the scheme is backfired in this that I, like I said. I think this is probably the into by just end of his campaign. I really do. I don't think I'm not that he is he still formidable. He still has a block of support, but if you look at his lead is basically down to zero. So let me start again: let me finish again with where we started. Listen to him on the campaign trail when Fox asks him. The question: have you ever how many times have you talked to your son about his business dealings? Listen, Mr Vice president. How many times have you ever spoken to your son about its overseas business dealings? I've never spoken, my son.
Overseas movie. Star he's never because his son says the exact opposite so now, which one is it now? If you don't know about his business dealings, we did, I think we did to shows on his business dealing and the first business dealings revolve around the Ukraine, but the Ukraine is nothing. Compared to China. But since we are talking about the Ukraine, we should probably we should probably go in and look at the Ukraine Joe Biden Is- was best POW with John Carry. This is in two thousand and nine and it happened just in time as Joe Biden were
sworn in, as vice president, their sons decide to get together. Job I mean, are Joe Biden, Son Hunter Biden and John Kerry stepson Christopher Heinz now here is a father and son team that decide that the Father, should pal. Around the sun's, should pal around so now John Kerry and Joe Biden are pals now remembered this happen. Just as he's being sworn in, as vice President John, carries going to be made secretary of State and the two sons get together and they decide we gonna go into business together. They bribe they bring in a third partner, the roommate at the air from Yale Devon Archer Devon is a guy who co chaired John carries Campaign Finance Committee when you run for president two thousand. For so the the trio decide
do something. None of them have any experience in whatsoever. The three of them decide we're gonna start an international private equity, firm, called Rosemond capital. And we're gonna have several different branches, including one it's called Rosemont sent cut partners with an office in Georgetown, which happens to be her high town, St John carries mansion, and then No one is right by Jove Vines vice presidential home. Now it's important to know here at the Eu S. Foreign corrupt practices ACT does not prevent foreign companies from higher or making special geek deals with children of? U S, government officials. That law should be changed. I, however, these business deals man. They seem off
his shady, and they happen to coincide coincide with visits to the Ukraine from Joe Biden and John Kerry. It's weird will give it to you next year, lessening Glenn Back Our aid are the Sef hours relief factor, millions of Americans and had the quality of their lives direct Lee and dramatically changed by pain. There are so many people, just in our audience that just have a hard time getting up every day because of pain of the people who try really factor. Seventy percent keep on ordering it month after month because it works and you get your life back. I know how they feel. I've had terrible pain for quite some time. I started taking relief factor. I feel the best I have felt in probably at,
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It's a banana republic. Did you hear what Nancy Pelosi said? Nancy Pelosi said she wants. Is she wants you to be able to indict being president. Yes, what it can you that's one banana party: let us do all men of that's all. You would have to do in order to shut down a. U S present his gifts start some kind of proceedings against him. We are just headed towards a banana republic and it doesn't seem that anybody cares doesn't seem like anybody cares. Also, Oh I don't know if you saw the news, there's two disturbing text or three disturbing text, or is that came out one? We are six months away from deep fakes, see, I think was about three years ago I started saying twenty twenty you will see need vague and they will be pushed to the fourth because of the election. We are six weeks away from undetectable deep fakes being everywhere. The next story is.
Google's quantum superiority. I dont know if you saw this, but it looks as though in an unverified it was put up by NASA and then taken down NASA and Google had been working together. O the government working together with Google, Google has been working with NASA on Quantum computing quantum compute. They in this in this report that came out and then was taken down by NASA immediately so we'd. We don't know if it's been verified yet, but it was released to early. They say the quantum computing capability now they solved.
Problem that would have taken fifty million hours for an average computer to do fifty trillion hours. They solved it. In thirty seconds, with the new, I think it's a fifty four cubit computer. Fifty three its cubits cubits? Yes, yes, and then its separate experiment, something that takes ten thousand years to perform its quantum circuit one million times that would take a supercomputer, the world's best supercomputer right. Now that we know of ten thousand years to do it, took the Google computers three minutes and twenty seconds some credit.
Yeah, it's incredible and a final and we'll get to these are the top. The are the final disturbing story is how the constitution is a thing of the past, going to be replaced by algorithms per effect. Perfect. We have that coming up in the second first, I wanna go back to the other, storing we're gonna be covering this tonight on blaze, tv, and I urge you, please subscribed. Blaze, tv, if you're not already a member, please do it. We are currently working on Ilan, Omar, we're gonna, go back and work on the Joe Biden thing. We're gonna, show you the the chalk boards and show you exactly what is happening, and it is your subscription that helps pay for those things, and we could really use your support and by subscribing you're getting now Dave. Reuben Mark live in Stephen Cry:
utter you're. Getting this show you're getting access to so many different voices. This is the largest platform now of of conservative voices the blaze tv go to blaze, tv dot, com. Please sign up and support our voices as we support freedom of speech place Amy dot com, Slash, Glenn user Promo code, lineal, save ten percent, ok, Tonight. I'm gonna go over all of this and I want to tie in all together with the whistle blower, but I want to give you the outline here of of what this really is. This whistle blower on Trump in Ukraine. They say. Is he wanted dirt on Joe Biden? Well, I think it's on reasonable to for the United States press and to say did as their dirty deal things going on with Joe Biden? and his son in Ukraine and, if so,
we would like to know the information. Now I don't like it being used. For political reasons, but the questions should be asked now Joe Biden Is he threatened them? He threatened them. Well, there's no evidence of that the foreign ministers that's not what happened so we're your evidence on that. This is Thus, trying to turn this around to make it look like Donald Trump did something to kick dust over what Joe Biden now Joe Biden said on the record: he's never too to his son about any business dealings. None I want to ask yourself if that's sounds reasonable. As soon as as soon as the vice Then it was sworn into office in two thousand nine June on Carry step sun and Hunter Biden, Joe Biden son, this
they're gonna go into business together and they're gonna do a private equity firm. Now, none of them had any private equity firm kind of experience at all. So you're gonna, we're gonna do this are there's nothing necessarily illegal about the business deals. I'm gonna tell you about, even though even if the wheels of these deals were greased by June, Carry and Joe Biden in grain and China but it is such a blurry ethical line. I don't even know how you make heads or tails of this. What Hunter Biden did may actually technically be legal. But it is not something the vice president should ever allow on his watch, all right I'll get to Rosemont Rosemont Seneca Company, but the first stop on the binds. The corruption tour is Ukraine to care. First, you need to know about former Ukraine
in Government Minister Mccullough, jolt Zalewski and an oligarchy. Named I whore, Coloma Ski, I guess he's the head of Maurice MA now this is the gas and oil comes it's the largest private natural gas company in the Ukraine. So this calomel ski takes over Burress Mud Zella, ski created, whereas may two thousand and six- and he cried. It is through a complicated web of offshore maneuvering. It's very calm. In Ukraine and business practices, but it end it. It ends up being run by this. This oligarch, I'm just gonna, call him I or I whore I heard the oligarch he now runs this off shore business,
and it's the largest gas company in Ukraine are right This guy has a very shady violent reputation, his thumb Reza may is extensive. He, is also on a government visa ban list, so he can't even come in to the United States. He can't legally visit the United States. That's how bad this guy is when Russia invaded Crimea in two thousand fourteen President Obama may Joe Biden the point man for the Ukraine, so Joy mine was on the phone with the ukrainian leaders two or three times a month. He made five trips to the Ukraine between twenty fourteen and twenty seventeen Our foreign policy magazine said no one in the. U S. Government has wielded more influence over Ukraine than President Vice President Joe Biden in twenty fourteen.
Roughly a month after their russian invasion? Devon archer, He remember him, he's the partner with carry in Biden boys. Archer visited Joe Biden at the White House. Remember this is the partner so we don't know what the meeting was about. They probably were Justino, so you, changing tales about up crazy, thereby boys are in, but five days later, five days after the you know, exchange of the cookie recipes in the White House Oh binding, landed in tv for high level meeting in with the ukrainian government officials. He brought with him specific plans for a programme to assist the Ukrainian national gas industry as well as details,
a billion dollars in? U S, insistence in loan, so I'm bringing with me a whole bought load, a money where you can help your natural gas industry is in that full and berries MA happens to be your largest natural natural gas company. Isn't that crazy? Now part of the energy for a portion of the programme red. U S, technical experts will help Ukraine. Develop a private public private investment initiative, a public private investment initiative to increase conventional gas production from existing fields to boost domestic energy supply POW Joe coincide really just the day after Biden arrives in Ukraine. We this big amount, you can deal to help with investment in natural gas Devon Archer, the partner. You know
Biden and carry he's name to the Board of Maurice Smart. What's Goin on as such. It is its Le Havre what's going to happen next, I mean who knows maybe Olano MAR will marry. Your brother said crazy coincidence. There he's he's in the company with the oligarch, that's not the vermin to be, you know here in the United States, then three weeks later Hunter by also joins the board rise. These are unusual coincidence. Well it what's really crazy is.
Is the connection between Joe Biden coming in in saying, hey we're gonna help you retool your natural national, a your natural gas industry through public private parts, no ships and the largest natural gas company price ITALY held is the one is son is now on the board of no, but it's only because both of them their experience in the natural gas industry. All its extensive, like goes bag no, they didn't have any now they did. They didn't have not even minutes rowdy on medical worth. They didn't, they didn't have any, but there investment house that they had. No, they also didn't, have any experience, and in you know, investment just click, learners, they're, just very quick learned, ass, yeah yeah, so they they joined
the bereaved my board right before the british government announced that it was freezing the London Bank accounts belong to bury smile. So So we had such a corrupt company that London right after a Hunter Biden, is on they freeze the banking, now, nine months later, the british gum- and finally gave up in an froze the accounts when they couldn't get ukrainian prosecutors to cooperate and give them any information Now, after Hunter Biden joined the breeze of aboard the company's owner, remembered the oligarchs yet He was suddenly taken off the. U S ban list he could come into the United States. He way above and When the that the ban was in the only thing, the disappeared, the one point, eight billion dollar alone. The? U S promise to the Ukraine more
that was put into a into Ukraine's largest bank funny with its own. By the corrupt oligarch that also own and Rand Berries, my soul of the one point eight billion dollars that we said we're gonna, percent over and help you until the oligarchs bank and that disappeared too, A lot of coincidence is all right, but I need to use. Looked at this is said there s, there's nothing, there's nothing going on we're. Gonna have the whole story. Tonight it gets worse from there. We have the whole Laurie tonight, five o clock. Please join us in the blaze tv Blaze, tv dotcom, slash back all right. Eric and financing the FED. Considering where the economy might be headed in what to do about. It makes a good time for you, think about your own financial future. Have you
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nine zero, six, twenty four forty or american financing dot net american finance, incorporation, animal us one eight do through three, four W W w dot animal, less consumer access, dot, org near lessening tent Glenn back how is house where I know how it is. I guess we accept stopping frustrated by this and we just have to. We have to educate ourselves and forget about what the main stream does. We just have to know what we know and there is. There is no way when you look at the dirty d things. I mean just look at the first three coincidence. Pat tell me tell me he meets his son right after he becomes vice president. His
and the Secretary of State Son decide to go into business together. They're gonna there go start an investor firm, which they don't have any experience in and then the week before Joe Biden goes to the Ukraine he meets with not his son, but his sons, business partner, Nokia, ok at the vice presidential mansion, then the next week Joe Biden is in Ukraine with one point: eight billion dollars to Hell their natural gas industry coincidence land. So is yes, the the guy he just met with him sons partners on sport is also a key of time: yeah yeah, while Andy He is also a named on the board of directors of the company the one point, eight billion dollars, a what a man a week later, his son is also pointed to that same board. What a coincidence,
for right there that are absolutely too crazy to believe anything else, but corruption? It would appear mongering that is date is sad. It's unbelievable that somebody and the people in the report they continue to cite the authors of that report say that's not what we are saying. The world is not ending in eleven years. These are nervous. The authors of that report say that agonizing ended. The fearmongering is, it says, visible it sad here they ve these parents are justice,
growing their children's lie. Look at him. They don't think they have any future right. It's can you imagine whirling up thinking. You have twelve years before the around his alluring. That's crazy. We would say that we have. But he was teaching their kids. Jesus is coming in twelve years g. This is coming in twelve euro is gonna worlds get in and in twelve years you would say: that's child abuse right, that's what this is it is. It is absolute child abuse they their robbing these children sober of their future. It's crazy! As there are things to worry about future, this is not one of them. I mean just the clue until computing that they came up with it was solve. Any global warming rises. Soon
The future of entertainment and enlightenment happening with the global warming. Has The area is absolutely inhumane. It is high abuse. There are three, not to worry about, but if you. Even believe that this is true. There is aid, story. They came out this weekend that can solve the problem. It can solve it. I'll tell you that story, hand the ramifications in sixty seconds- is the programme if you think you can't afford the golden silver may, I suggest you give gold line a call right now at eight six. Six gold line-
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but now call them. Please, eight six, six goldmine read their important risk. Information to see a firing, buying, gold or silver is right for you. I had a ton of letters from so called experts over the weekends. Over the weekend on what I talked about the economy, I have to have to share some of these letters with, because the on both sides, both saying Glenn. You are absolutely right and here's how I know, because I am an expert in this and that I get another letters as Glenn. You are complete boob, because I am an expert in this I'm just telling you it doesn't makes and to me what the FED is doing with money right now, the they are they're coming up with a way to definitely not bail out. The banks are not bailing out the banks there just just loaning, this money they're just buying some of their assets, wherever that was tarp. The troubled asset programme- remember there
just buying some assets from the banks, that's all there doing and in the next. What is it well days they will have given the banks were point eight trillion dollars. They announced that on Friday, we're going to keep doing it until October tends to the tune of one point. Eight trillion dollars Oh I'll think there's nothing to worry about called line. Now the number is eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold, miner Goldline dot com world's about to change. I'm telling you world is about to change. Let me give you a couple of. Let me give you a couple of briefs on a couple of stories that I found very interesting that I think
you should have one. Do you remember? We started talking about deep fakes. I dont know how long ago, five six years ago, at least- and we we told you at the time you're, there's gonna come a day where you're not going to be to believe your eyes or your ears. You will not know what's real and what's not twenty twenty is that year. I've been saying this for a while. Now science is backing it up from seeing B C monopoly. It had images and videos that appear perfectly real will be accessible. Every day, people in a year and a half sorry to half a year to a year now that's accessible to the average person. It's still very easy to day till you can tell whether naked eye most of the deep fakes, but instead
months. You will not be able to tell the difference. This means just in time for the campaign, China, Russia, anybody that way to disrupt is going to be to release a video of Donald Trump on the phone with Ukraine over these grainy and foreign minister, saying I'm telling you right now we're gonna open up our silo doors and we're gonna bombast, not out of, Ukraine, unless you help me for Some some documents about Joe Biden any will look absolutely completely real and somebody else will be able to come up with the video of Joe Biden in a secret lair somewhere underground in George Town with John.
Are we going yes and then what we do? We get China, to give us all of the money, and then we take over the world MA and it will look absolutely real. And we will not be able to tell the difference. We be able to see a video of the mullahs in a ran, smuggled video came out from a whistle blower. And it will be the mullahs saying yes, we too forget Saudi Arabia. We too down their oil industry and then we move to Israel. And you will not be able to tell the difference by the end of twenty. Twenty by the time. The next president is sworn in. You
will not know what's real and what is not There will be so much fake news, fake video, fake audio but you will not know who to trust I warn you of this because you who must take your own life in. Do your own hands. You must not discredit yourself in any way, shape or form. When I, when I was at the bottom about two thousand five, I had been trying to I had been trying to stay sober and I was sober, but I was no. I was dry, but I was not sober and I could bear
they hold on to my sobriety, and I had lost absolutely everything, even my best friend Pat Band and me not true at all. I did move you did Miller, give me, but you begged me in nineteen. Ninety five, though ninety nine thousand five oh yeah, I meant Naomi I've. Yet ninety ninety five- and I I remember being down on the ground- I had lost everything
I remembered the only thing I wanted back was my credibility and because nobody believed me, because I had done a good job of hiding who I was and my alcoholism and everything else, and I just wanted my credibility back, and I remember saying I will not. If you do I'll do anything, just please Lord help me help me get to appoint to where I can look someone in the eye and say this is a truly what I believe and and then believe me. Let me be true, please
I'll, do anything and I've worked really hard on being that way, and I, with everybody who counts in my life, I have credibility. I hope I have credibility with you, but there so much stuff out there. Now, who knows your credibility matters with the people in your circle of influence, my circle of infinite you're, not gonna, believe me or anybody else, look at how much damage has been done to people of all walks of life, no matter who they are. They either have credibility and they shouldn't or they don't have credibility, and perhaps they should.
You don't know who, to trust, only worry about your circle of influence. Don't do anything to discredit yourself, because that is going to be the only gold standard. I believe in a year from now, but a year and a half now story or to Google, has claimed now quantum supremacy. They have marked a major milestone in a paper that was posted to. Ass, a dot gov earlier Last week, and then it was taken down the financial aims was the first to report. The news make a claim made in the new scientific paper from NASA Dot, Gov the most serious indication that the promise of Quantum Computers
merging, but unproven type, a machine is actually becoming a reality. Again we don't know this paper was taken down and the word is that it was taken down because it was premature to publish an hadn't gone through all of the voting process. So we don't know if this is true or not, but the paper at NASA Dot Gov claimed, while our processor takes about two hundred. Second the sample one instance of the Quantum Circuit one million times a state of the art supercomputer would require approximately ten thousand years to perform the equivalent task. So what it would take, a supercomputer that today's best supercomputers ten thousand years it took the quantum computer from Google two hundred seconds.
Researchers in the paper estimate that performing the same experiment on a Google cloud server would take fifty trick. Lillian ours too long to even be feasible, but on the new aunt em per processor. It only took thirty seconds. Again fifty trillion hours to thirty seconds since the singularity we ve been talking about for many years. The eyes were kind, gates of disapproval. If this is real, we are. But if this is real, the algorithms everything will change, everything will change. Blockchain is over because quantum computing will be able to block it will be able to hack. That now, please
ty this with a couple of other things, there is a new list out from compare attack. It's a technology, research firm and it shows which cities around the world are the moon. Serve ailed places in the world number one Chongqing China number two Sharon's in China number three. Gang high China number four tied gin, China, none five g non. China's please excuse the pronunciation of all of these cities. Number six London, England number seven a figure pronunciation of those. We unaware whew Han China number eight gang who China number nine
Beijing, China, number ten Atlanta, Georgia, that's a most most surveillance city, In America in America, a Lantern Georgia, while They have fifteen cameras per one thousand people number. Thirteen is should come number. Twenty eight is Washington. Number thirty. Eight is San Francisco number. Forty two is sandy ago a number, forty six is Boston, Mass, The Yorks, not even on a lady aurex, not on the list, that is incredible.
Two more stories to more stories and you will see the complete picture in sixty seconds. You know the great thing about quantum computing computing is it's gonna be able to come up with all kinds of new medicines. If quantum computing actually is here, we will be able to test drugs and come up with new drugs
or cancer cancer. If quantum computing actually becomes a reality, you will see the end of cancer within that, probably two years of it being of it being unveiled. I think we're ten years away from the end of all kinds of problems. Pain, hopefully, will be one of them. Pain is pain, is something that when it stops, you are filled with gratitude, and you are so grateful that you can
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all right, one more storing them tight altogether brain computer interfaces BC. I. Once used exclusively for clinical researcher, the research now under development, several start ups and a major tech company and rudimentary urgent are already popping up in online stores. Here's why this matters to you. It unlocks the information inside of your head and could give gut companies and governments access. The privacy risks alone, it is the absolute end of privacy forget about any of the social media data. This is actually free.
Outside of your head, a machine that can read your mind in some. Cases, even the implants there, People like Ilan Moscow working on their relatively limited. The data they can extract from your brain and we don't know how accurate they can interpret, but the Tec is moving at light. Speed. They can now recognise basic emotional states Uns, ok, words and IMF Gin movements, they might A true neural data. While reaches its researchers, have found similarities in the way different peoples brains, process, information. They can make a rough guess today about what somebody is thinking or about to do.
Based on brain activity, Z, secondly, to future crime. Stopping that's exactly what it is here that the awesome, if you could stop people from committing a crime there about to commit, maybe gray, so they already have out on the market. These basic headsets that are being sold as relaxation tools or entertainment gadgets. Do not buy one, do not put an on your head there, using the devices to fine tune, What is going on in their fine tuning? they're using you as a guinea pig, their use currently to fine tune. Advertising pitches. Facebook is involved in this Elon Musk is involved with this and the Neuro technology. They believe you'll be able to type I'll your thoughts you'll merge with
Hey I, how exciting is that really will emerge? within a machine, people are not wonderful. People think this is one of the most frustrating things, and I just talked to Robert Epstein about this he's the researcher below the Harvard MIT guidance, doing everything on Google, and he said the biggest frustration is. I can't get people to take the serious now they don't they don't know. I'm talk to anybody who takes seriously. Now you too, why do you what's the difference with you? I have a brain act out. I don't know, I think you know we will we ve been watchin out for things like this for a long time.
If you haven't been watch out for things like this for a long time, you just think I've heard this all before and then ask it to come of it and we ve I've been watching all since the early nineteen nineties and been following this stuff and thought it was cool but fiction until What really the last fifteen years and in the last fifteen years it's been pretty dicey, as Robert Epstein said to me, Glenn two thousand and twenty is going to be terrifying, terrifying. Now I want to give you I want to give you one one more thing: there is a new paper out and is what's really important about this. Is it's a white paper trying to get
figure out a way to get from the constitution to a society of analytics and algorithms. So this is post constitutional instead of a constitution, we have hardly makes you have. Basically, how will we get Americans to accept this? as social credit system over the constitution and don't but already in play. I will give you the white paper on it that people that are really engaged in? This are real.
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in addition to providing twenty four seven roadside assistance and rental car. While yours is in the shop. Car shield also makes the process of fixing any of those things. If that's a covered repair, its super easy. I want you to call eight hundred TK. Six thousand dimension, the promo code back and you ll save ten percent its its car shield, dotcom promo code back one eight hundred Our six thousand or car shield dot com So let me tell you why people in Silicon Valley believe in a borderless world they believe in a borderless world, because they believe there will be no nation states in the end that we will.
Died dent. If I, as Americans or Chinese, we will all just be humans, sharing everything and really forced to share, and we will be on our best behaviour, because daddy or big brother will be watching over US at all times. This sounds like science fiction, but I promise you. It is not, and I urge you I can give you. If your interested just write to me, I will give you books You can read from the experts. I am a flawed individual with a ay, Ay decent brain, to be able to understand the entry level stuff
and tell you how it all works, but I can I have done study on this since the nineteen Ninetys and the time is here, the time is now the next ten years. You will not recognise any thing in ten years as there is a white paper out now from Penn State to professor there. If you want to understand why everybody in Silicon Valley is for socialism, here's, why are ever believe in nation states, then I believe him borders. Why would they be for a big, oppressive country,
because they need the data nihilism. Professor Larry Backer, a Penn State University, has issued a paper, two thousand eighteen- that resistance to social credit systems in the west, could be dissolved when the masses are socialized as a collective. First of all pat, can you explain what a social credit system is? As we know in China yeah it's it's when, if you're acting as certain waited the state wants you to act, you get you get points towards being allowed to do certain things. If you don't act, a certain way things are taken from you privilege right, go away. They dont have to like mass transit right transit at all. Moving around all of those things. They say pride fully that they don't ever have to take anybody off the street or put them in prison if there's
she'll credit score is so low. They will not be. They won't be willing to leave their house so they'll have no desire to leave their house because it so hostile outside of their home. Now he says the great culture management. Machinery of western society needs to develop a narrative in which some such activity as a social credit system is naturalised within the western culture he's a prominent law, Professor Larry Backer, Penn State, and in this paper he talks about ways in which the soul The credit system could be implemented in the west. He writes that. A shift in the law with this system will quote, changed the focus of public law, from cons the tuition and rule of law to analytics and algorithms the paper
You can find it yourself is titled next June patient law data, driven governance and accountability, based regulatory systems in the west and social credit regimes in China, He says right now: the move to a social credit here in Amerika is fractured, but he says I can help you there's what you have to do. You have to use the guy cultural management machinery to normalize. The idea of sharing private data and social credit he says, quoting it is past- ball to socialize the masses, or even asked democracy as a collective to impress to embrace this pattern of data disclosure beyond
the immediately self serving closed loop system. So, in other words, he saying how can we get people to beat you two willingly give up every bit of privacy that they have and give us the way they even think. Would it be possible for us date to develop systems for the enforcement of laws, criminal and regulatory that depend on intelligence. I inducing the mad as the masses to serve as positive contributors of data necessary for enforcement or regulation? So, in other words, change our entire system to what you think you will become. What you're thinking is important because And we can use criminal and regulatory laws against you or against the bad guys who are thinking bad thoughts. He says, though,
answer in western liberal democracies. May depend on the ability of the Great cultural management machinery of the western society, its television movies and other related media to develop a narrative in which Such activity is naturalised within western culture as big tack and artificial intelligence crew further into our lives. A grid of high tech surveillance has entangled us already. The systems, Google, home apple watch Amazon, Alexa offer convenience in the form of targeted, adds personalized content and other features. This system is meant to determine whether or not you'll be allowed to function in modern society. At the end game, for instance, the Trump administration we ve told you this- is considering using surveillance grids to monitor the pot
relation for signs of mental illness, triggering authorities to confiscate firearms from dangerous individuals in twenty thirteen old thinker. Whose asked the question will insurance companies use smart apple appliances to modern to monitor unhealthy habits? We ve talked about this for years. Yes, the answer is yes, of course, Wall Street, Earl stated. They already know whether you have been taking your meds, getting your teeth, cleaned or going to regular medical check. Ups, now some employers or their insurance companies are tracking what staffers eat where they shot and how much weight they're, putting on and taking action to keep them in line artifice you'll intelligence programmed by power we're hungry individuals is taking over our society. It is all Betty censoring political opinions, it will
making medical, educational and financial decisions humans are to be sidelined. The social credit credit system will be watching you closely for any deviant behaviour and if you're, not careful, you will become an outcast like in China, and access to food, transportation and medical care will be denied. That's amazing, access to food! Sorry, we can have food, you can't be by food you're, just not behaving you can't have any food. Oh let's just a death sentence is not that bad there during their doing that to the Muslims in China right now, the weakest they're doing that to the weakest
right now in China and and people like Google one to help them Facebook wants to help them and the reason why they want it is because they want access to all of that data. They are So data driven right now, because data on every human being on earth, helps them Create artificial intelligence, artificial Jenny, or super intelligent, still also be helping to run the show too. So, ah, because it'll be there, algorithms that are being used surround gotta be running the show correct with the: U S, government or whatever government it is world and their already doing. That would China right now, as you mentioned there, yet ready do asked yes, and so now, in the United States. We been warning you that the concept
to is on the ropes I've ever believed in things like blade runner, where it was the corporation that was coming for ya. Neither until now It's happened it you can see that science and beyond anything that we ve ever seen in our lifetime, and we have a b gaining. Understanding of this you can I'll see how the book of revelation when it talks about the mark of the beast. How that happens? and I remember as a kid how women in you there's no place to go no place to run no place to hide you. You are you're, told what you can eat. What you can eat how you live. Uk spend money. You can't go anywhere house at possible. We now see it yeah. We now see it and they're getting much closer to tell us what we can. A candidate to the Democrats are being
bold about that right now, and unless that their, unless there is some place where they need to learn in ten thousand five hundred stake barbecue- and I iraqi, why did its financing? That is hardly find all the egotism is about the way we get out, so that is so crazy, the hypocrites hypocrites that are involved in global warming. We want to talk about global warming coming up in a second in, and I just want you know: Microsoft
They were part of this. They were at a panel at where they were talking about quantum computing and the head of Microsoft's. Quantum computing arm was there and it was Google that announced it along with NASA that they have you, no quantum superiority, or what did they say it was Quantum was its legitimacy, supremacy and Google is working on. The Microsoft is working so well, and this vice president of of Google Quantum was talking about how great it is. They will say well like what can they solve? We can solve things like the climate crisis, we'll know with quantum computing.
We will know exactly how to fight carbon, how to be able to take it out of the atmosphere and make sure that we are recycling or I will be able to figure all of these things out wise everybody. So panicked right. Why if he's eventually forward, bear if we already developed item computing Why would you even too a single step on this before you can run it through computer? They can do five, but sorry, fifth, eight trillion hours, fifty trillion hours of work in thirty seconds, Maybe we should just hold off. There is hope, but not if you listen to the kids and we're gonna
get into that coming up in just a few minutes, to talk about simply safe,
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security camera when you order it simply safe back dot com programme, Welcome to the programme. I just I let you know when people say that Joe Biden is out of touch with today. I mean he's as woke as you can get. Here is Joe Biden on prisoners that I dental fi as women listen further way imprisoned in prison. The determination should be that you're sexual that identity is defined by what you say it is not, in fact the prison says it is. An issue should be entitled. Also,
Would you be wine, UNICEF, questions relating to either? I guess for all that I gotta pee. Guy, you should be able to go to her no Dolby g. Why Annie? I will go wrong. What could possibly Garonne other gets a brilliant idea, yeah. Well I mean there is that case of the guy who said that Eve was identifying as a woman, so he was transferred to the female prison where he raped. A bunch of women die they don't even consider that possibility. Now they don't know, it's already happened right, that's not even a consideration, for they have just kick women to the Oh my gosh women care less about women's rights anymore. Oh my gosh women are in sports tall figure.
Overs, ARI tough. Over I meet him every record ever made by women gone gone and any female athletes who says it is excoriated now she's there I think men there are gonna become there's gonna come a giant reset. There has today has to be a giant reset. I mean both unless the algorithms all contrive rethink now, but if Man is lead left to to reset and go back to the natural settings. The recent is gonna die, tremendous and all of these so called women records are all going to be expunged? They have to be made after me.
Listening to the land that has ever been real pain cure. I there's nobody. I would wish it on more than Pat nicely airline say. Paid to say, but it has worked for me and relief factor, it doesn't work for everybody worked for about seventy percent of the people and I would urge you Pat tried it, and you know it didn't work for him, but he tried it. I urge you if you have pain, I never thought it would work for me. It did.
I changed. My life really factor rather call them now just go to relief factor, dot com, try their trick quick start A few years ago we had Luis Elizondo on he has a career intelligence officer. His experience includes working with the. U S army defined, defence, National Keller, intelligence executive. He was director of NASH, intelligence. He was former special agent in charge and he was supervising highly sensitive espionage and terrorism investigations around the world as an intelligence case officer, he ran Glinda. Source operations throughout Latin America and the Middle EAST. This guy
as some credibility, and we had him on a couple of years ago to talk about a video that came out from the d o d and it wasn't verified that it was actual video. He told us that the time yeah that's just the beginning of evidence, it was just. Last week verified after two years. It was finally verified that, yes, that did was released by the D o d. And it showed some sort of alien encounter. I should say that showed some unidentified object encounter. We don't know if it was alien or earth. It was our owns. I wanted to have him back after the three thousand people showed up area fifty one because
he is so fascinating on what he knows, and he says the evidence for Ufos is overwhelming. We join him in one minute is therefore, in that programme so, there's a tunnel ways in which identifies thieves can target your information. We ve talked about for a long time. Here is kind of a chilling addendum to that turns out cyber criminals like to target children's information as much if not even more than they do adults information, especially they're, so security numbers- and I remember when I first where this I was like: why would that be? Will because they have a clean slate and they ve got up. Fifteen years before somebody starts using that social security number so by the time Your kid goes to apply for a job. Their credit is absolutely destroyed, and identity thief can use that information to open new accounts run up large debts before anybody else.
Catches on tonnes away, cyber criminals can take. What is yours and every day they get a little better at it, That's why you need lifelong now. Nobody can prevent identity theft or monitor all transactions and all businesses, but lifelike see the things that you might miss on your own act. Now when, for a limited time you get thirty percent off your first year of used the promo code back. So call eight hundred lifelong or visit life dotcom use the promo code? Beckoned save thirty percent! The offer! expires October. Six, so don't wait join now at lifelong dot com Louise Elizondo welcome to the programme director of global security, to the stars academy. Thank you for having Miss Rebecca. You view bad. You're, one or fascinating guess it we ve had on, I think, you're on
A two years ago, when we were talking about the video that was verified last week, our first while your thoughts on that video in and what do you think that there? What do you think that could be sent me? Is it most likely something we They are doing, but the the defence department just doesn't talk to itself. Mr make that's a fantastic, fantastic question. Since we spoke. Actually, we decided to dedicate some of our time and attention to it to a dark. You series are actually looks at some of those questioned whether or not this could be a. These supersecret. U S technology, or perhaps even some sort of foreign adversarial technique that has somehow managed to if you will lead frog ahead of the? U S and end up in a boat again strategic surprise in reality, We really dont know what they are. These things have been seen for quite some time. What do you think about the first video you you just asked me about, I think,
If you look at the video you know, you're looking at you'll see some perform its characteristics that are well beyond the the our current understand. Very dynamic. For, for instance, we did, we don't see any propels propulsion unit in it, it save is, if I'm not mistaken, it was a flat her face. We it can, dart and stop and go at speeds, and we can't tell what's even propelling itself right. Why? Right in essence, you have these five observable, so to speak, that any thing that we have that flies in the sky, whether to an aircraft or even a like a balloon, or something like that. They all have to abide by this in physics and when you see something that had can perform. It weighs high g force, acceleration hypersonic velocity sustained stop on a diamond hover thing to have the ability to potentially travelling in low earth orbit it out
this fear and potential, even underwater. Those are some of the things that you have the kind of scratch your head. At that point, you ok is, it is some sort of new technology were singer? This really a completely different paradigm, So it was there a good. Can you even tell? Is there a heat signature from it I mean? Is it do we have any kind? as you been looking into these things, while we do, we have some some very bright, physicists and scientists that have have parted with us over the years and they have come up with some really startling hypothesis, and these are hypothesis when you, when you look at em collectively one of the things that until recently, probably the last three years only this made the latest development. We were looking at these. These beast observable. If you will, under the lands of different types of exotic technologies, that could explain each and every one and some of the physicist thou have
to the conclusion that really what we're seeing all the capabilities may and I left the size- may be a manifestation of a single type of technology when it? What does that mean? Well that means that if you have a certain type of potentially proposed driver unit at you will have the ability to do all these things that worth seeing these Roy Peace in a way that you don't need five different type of technologies to politics by the five different, if you will the observable that these things are display, its all really one but technology potentially, if you understand how to banned or even flights the fabric of space time just a little bit, then all sorts of things that we would only address will become possible design include these lists are cigar shaped. You have all that people are saying
all over the world. Now it's been spotted in the United States has been spotted in Europe and Asia. Have you ever seen these obviously have seen these things these cigar shaped? You haven't ufos, yeah, yeah, of course we prefer and government to refer to them. As you ain t you I'd tell you mean that that there really rather interchangeable those those- I guess, those that terminology, but yeah I mean there's Commonalities outer see seen around the world whether they are described vehicles or they are larger cigar or take tat, shape vehicles or in some cases, Very, very large triangular shaped shit vehicles. We simply don't know and from a national security perspective, these things really are potentially an adversarial acknowledging that aid has been around for a long time, be they ve managed to hoodwink us on our ability to collect signature data, and this is something that we need to get on top of the duty that we get the only country that really would have the ability to
do something like this would be ass. Wouldn't it I mean China and Russia are not not up to speed where we even we are well you know that I wouldn't I wouldn't underestimate the Chinese or the or the Russians that I think they are very, very capable they ve been able to in an occasion in the past, in some cases surprises. One would say. Well it did you some sort of supersecret technology, then more than likely to the? U S, but let's break down that argument for just a brief moment. We do not test supersede Aircraft in and around large carrier battle groups are underway, whether to combat theatre, even even back here at home. We just don't do that without proper coordination, because, obviously you have you, have issues of air safety, of issues of a technology potentially leaked and is all sorts of of organization in the Department of Defense, particular the joint staff, their whole job, as do deacon
flick, those type of efforts and activities. That's why you have areas like area fifty one where you can fly these things in secret and you're not going to get a whole lot of people looking at it likewise you, you would assume they wouldn't be tested over large population areas like Phoenix. A site. That is certainly not the way we do business. That is not the right of our national security apparatus. Test supersecret, stealthy technology. Now that Phoenix situation where thousands and thousands of not tens of thousands of people saw all those it's in the sky. Back in ninety eight or whenever that was with a triangle shape- and some said it was miles across what what have you found out about that is our been in any new information over the last twenty years has come out about that situation that, yes, I know that not that has necessarily come out that has been studied in research. Yes, in this kind of goes back to the two more region,
here is that what we are looking at here may potentially be a combination of of really one type of exotic technology being used again, for I really can't with a whole lot of detail without first, while not qualified another, I'm not a physicist or a scientist, but too, I think it's still a little premature right now to come out with any type of of real theory audit. Yet we hoping to in annex maybe eight months, maybe have that do you believe that, or do you believe that is, it is homegrown technology, earthbound technology, Mister Bell though the respect, I usually don't like to give my opinion on things like this one thing. I've learned, ESA Intel officer, you can be absolutely sure of something it still be absent. Wrong. Ok, I suppose in collecting data, let the facts speak for themselves and let the american people make up their own minds whether it might be totally totally reasonable and and much more wise, not not great radio, but
but very wise. Let me let me ask you: let me ask you this way: if these were from another planet or species or whatever it is. It's its other worldly does not say something really calming about Lee being. Why, actually have been around for a long time and they haven't really. Where does like they're, coming here to you, no terror for mass, they ve been here for a while. Well that better great great point, too, I mean I think, defending how you look at this philosophically uneven sociologically as a society. Some people will look at this say this is this is comforting to know that we're not alone- and others may look at this, and actually it could be a little bit disturbing in and a hard pill to swallow for some. It really depends. I think, on on on your
views of the world enough from a national security perspective? The one question that was asked me why it's? Why does dod consider this a threat? Well our job, and do you need to consider everything as a threat potential until we're sure it's not but tell me you're the one one. If you will, the one allegory of told people say imagined at night, you go to lock your doors at the front door. You lock your windows in, u turn on your alarm system. And one morning you wake up to get a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning and downstairs and living room. There's money blueprints: now the doors are still locked. Windows are locked in the alarm is on, but somehow you had these money blueprints near living room. Now it's been hurt, nothing's been taking up its had a place, but you had these prints that worth there the night before so, the question is: is that a threat? Well, I don't know if it's a threat, but it has the potential to be a threat if it wanted to be sure, that's why I think from a national security perspective we do look at it
from that optic doesn't necessarily needed as a threat. Now, absolutely not, but we need more data. We need more information before we can make any type of of assessment. Whether or not these things are a threat or not. You said to me two years ago that the the evidence with the d o d of you of ours is overwhelming. What does that mean? What does it mean to you? It needs during my time with IE eight programme that there was enough data there that not not only. We were to collect but other organizations in ages. You were able to collect that allowed us to recognise the reality that these things are reeled out, what they are where there from United as firmly that want to speculate, but are they real physical objects Yes, they are. They are there to wonder why this sudden openness with the d o d as it just because, the internet. Why why? Why are we hearing something that
has been denied for ever and that's crazy talk, you're crazy. If you even think you saw one wise now coming out that yeah that wiser deal deed two years and then finally come out and say yeah, that's that really did happen. They've never done that in the past. Well, in all, fairness in in in defense of the department has a large bureaucracy, and DOD is fantastic once it has a defined threat in addressing those those threats. But here is something that we have no idea works. What it is worth from, or anything like that. None of the interlocutors and that's that's that's hard for organization lagged deal D to do and say yeah. These things are real, are not real. If we will even have enough data and information are getting to the right people and in
senior deity leadership, but I will also say that I think it is a tremendous testament to the courage of the Navy to come out with his statement violently things are real one of the reasons why I think, maybe they're changing your tune, a little bit that I've got. I don't like to speculate too much, but it may very well be the fact that so many pilots that were coming into contact with you think and by the way, let's not forget, every single person out there has some sort of smartphone with very, very simple digital collection capabilities. Camera digital cameras, and even I are so we may be reaching a critical mass where, where there's enough individuals out there that it's gonna be really really hard to do, denied that information Louisa. Just because of your you know, you ran a clandestine source operations in the Middle EAST. Does special agent in charge for national intelligence? You know that
national, Counter intelligence, executive, blah, blah blah. You have the expertise and if you have something that you can say I'd like to hold you over. Can you who comment on what you think is happening or should be happening with ran in Saudi Arabia. While you know, I probably no longer qualified to answer a question like that, but I do have friends that that are engaged in it. There's one yeah I'll offer to the american people that right now, the atrocious community community in the Department of Defense have some other very brightest mind. The greatest talent Looking at this issue and others too, by the way, the duty never sleeps it has a global. Twenty four seven mission, three hundred sixty five days a year end, the incredible men and women that are part of that effort. You know it's amazing and have to have the time did open. I think they dont even sleep.
And they are they- are managing these issues for sore. Our leaders can make well informed decisions. I think salary be a wrong is a very, very perplexing and challenging issue, but it's not nearly two been around for a while and it's all. Evolving issue is something that every day goes by theirs. There's, a new peace to the equation that has to be figured out kind of like a math problem that continues to to compound upon itself. We get more and more increasingly more difficult to dissolve thanks. We have very smart people in our intelligence community in our Department of defense. At better look at these prompter strategizing and try to anticipate what tomorrow may bring I appreciate your frankness on that Louis. Thank you so much Louis Elizondo to the Stars Academy, dot com, the national security director there. Thank you so much our eyes, millions of people.
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natural, weighty, easier, paying get your life back, go to relieve factor, dotcom, that's relief factor dotcom. We pause for ten seconds station. I d ride Word statement that its new twenty years- it is still too soon to comment on that. But we'll have the answer. In eight months of courts, that kind of words what're you talking about what I want. I asked him about the Phoenix situation. Well, what is going on there with a gigantic trying? Well, I think I would be saying Is- is that they ve been investigating yes, Lisbon, but its premature to get to
I met on the twenty years ago. I well maybe we'll just never know. I mean there were so many witnesses to that event that it's just its unknown deniable at something happened there. There was something in the sky over Phoenix and ninety nine the ape- and it was gigantic Now- was that only picked up by film video button was it picked up on radar, Did they see radar? sure, but there's all kinds of film on yeah there's all kinds of I mean people were, you know, shooting it in all kinds of different ways and and the estimated and are no ten thousand people, probably called the police. Sir, or called some form of authority figure and reported it, and the governor himself sought
talked about it. At the time I mean it's judges, it happened, Donnie Ray. I have barely real. Remember that now bare legged. What my mind has been wiped without her so We all remember that, because men in black showed up, he went happens here, I think the Democrats would like that to happen from what they did this week in they were talking about. You know factory farming. They ve talked about how we have to stop beating hamburgers. I love the Cortez comment. We should we wouldn't be eating a hamburger for breakfast lunch and dinner, like let's keep it real, I Don't you ever hear of regular. I don't know anybody who die, don't know a single person and I dont think rattled Mcdonald, each one for breakfast level dinner seventeen of the nineteen candidates
that are remaining on the democratic platform they went to. Iowa and they participated in the pull county stake fry. I love that ten I thousand five hundred stakes for attending a thousand Regan Burgers and and they Many of them went and just were flippin stakes now wait a minute. Wouldn't this be like a climate faster fee wooden. This be a crime against the climate. Don't worry! I don't worry about it! Hypocrisy, not to worry about my wouldn't now now, with the devil, that's will we'll go to hypocrisy in just a couple of minutes and then programme boy. I also have some bad news for better or Rourke Eve. Apparently You didn't talk to enough people in the United States that want to throw out their guns, the cup things yadda. No. First of all, according to the Justice Department, a study from the
Superman gun ownership? Is the single greatest deterrent to criminals who are selecting a vague if a victim? Let me say it again, gone. Ownership is the greatest iter, to criminals who are selecting a victim ha now your cream, Wouldn't you pick the guy who, just turn to say, are fifteen over to the please, I know I would the more interesting every year: These are used eighty times more to protect the life than to take one. Eighty to one the hear them talking about that. The USA believes everyone should be able to protect and defend themselves there, giving away almost twenty thousand dollars to prove it text back to number eight seven two to two right now and grab your free entry hurry. The offer ends it's Friday text, the word back be easy gate. The number eight seventy two to back to them
eight seventy two to and get Glenn Mark, Levine Stephen crowded, So did you see the woman that approached bed and sad hell? No you're not taken my gun. Writing HU, a hostile crowd of better supporters and took the microphone and just stood her ground pretty impressive, he hears the here's, the audio, listen, it's quiet! it's good. She was really getting you sweat, overspred it. We don't have it, we don't have it cause, I say, were working really there we're working we gotta we gotta go now we have the same rights for taking my question, how many myths and and my drove down here from Rifle Colorado to speak with you today. I was one of the gun, owning Americans. That heard your speech and heard what you had to say regarding health,
we're gonna, take your are fifteen's in her books be respectful. This morning was well. I am here to say how now you're, not, but now with that, I would like to know how you intend to legislate evil, because it is not the gun, it is the heart of the man that does that we all have stories gives me. Let's look? Look lower to punish. Please please, you is that we have these stories. We all have the experiences I was living in a world during Columbine. I had just recently moved when the Aurora shootings happened. Yet I have very close ties here. Yet all of those people were their defenceless. They had no
to defend themselves against a crazed shooter. So I want to know how you intend to legislate the hearts of men and leave american citizens, like my felt might like myself, american mothers I have for children and five point zero. One hundred pounds cannot really defend myself with this. It's ok! Let's look please allow me to finish my our fifteen today. I have my lot you should have your back anyway. I want to know how you're going to legislate that, because a criminal by defence breaks the law, so all you're going to do is research. Law. Abiding citizens like myself, where we all know that use or have a criminal history, and I understand that burglars- do not like do not like arm defence took guesser burglars, do not like arm defence. Yet that is,
that we have that shall not be infringed in Amerika. I was really a brush caution and I'm sure presumption in this couldn't get the microphone on a different channels. It keeps cutting out. This is presumption that we are just a guess, apparently evil because you asked how we gonna legislate this, and the forty thousand done this in America must be something wrong with us or gets back to this idea that I began my name is aware. What gives it is this just is this just our fate asinine sleigh assistant, I mean await this- is just our fate because we're somehow evil here you know here's the thing. Our founders were very very
here. Men given power, given money, given the chance to be corrupt, will be corrupt. They will no once in a while. There won't be somebody. I mean I I in my faith, you are asked to be the bishop and you can aid could be me won't be, but it could be me next week and your ass to be the bishop and I have met so many bishops and I've known them before they were bishops? And I I thought about this. The other day when I was when I left my bishop and in he was tyranny, over the love that he had for some members of the congregation and he was just so empathetic.
And I left there and I came home and I said to my wife: I have never met a man who has been called a bishop and laughed. This man, every single one I have ever met, has become a better man and perhaps sets because there is no power in that position. You don't have any power in that position. In fact, it's all set up the opposite way. You are the greatest servant in that position and you're doing it for free, are doing for free and getting paid. You know accolade, you did nothing and nobody wants that job. Nobody wants that job and they're. Always they always leave better men. Now tell me in a position a worldly position, where somebody leaves a better person. Can you tell me that you ve ever Being any one go to Washington and leave a better person,
then they were there lucky if they get out with all of their dignity and honour and integrity intact, right there lucky, if they just hold it, but be a better man died I can't think of an instant. I can't I can't maybe eight probably having Abraham Lincoln. Maybe it's a maybe you didn't. You didn't even get to hidden You didn't get cherry offended him afterwards correct buddy, it's it's, really rare. We are not evil. We are born all of us with goodness and decency, but we
We also have that natural man inside of us they were fighting and some people don't even fight it. They want it. They feel good about it. Look at what he says it somehow or another. We we are just a where just having to your mere making every one evil. No, you are making every one evil and everyone who has an air fifty is as usual and they got a turnout in ready to get rid of the evil in right. We're saying that evil does exist and the government can't be everywhere that we are the first responses responders and we have a right to defend ourselves,
when that one evil person shows up in our life, because there are those people that will go bad and we don't collectively get better, we individually get better this. This battle thing is incredible: did you hear what he said this weekend? I wanna take your guns, he said, but I I believe I believe in the constitution and I believe in the second amendment, but we don't need these guns for hunting. You, then you don't understand the second amendment and I think the second amendment is about hunting. You dont even We stand it and you can't say. Ah I believe in this amen. Second amendment, but I had to take your guns. You can't it's impossible, can't I'm sorry that ceiling. A little over two critical ya. Think
a little alone allowed. Even a lot hypocrite. Ok, you know, I have a little game. You wanna play brain dead or better o k, o K hits. I support the second amendment butts, but we should ban all guns because we don't need a fur for hunting. Why take this many easy one better? Now I think it just twelve brain dead and better its brain dead better. I think actually flip burgers after giving a global warming anti meet speech, ominously brain dead, on the one hand, the loving, but not sure, if better There was an air he if he was it just better by I die. Not cherry was so its brain dead smoking, while trying to pass the anti raping bill. Brain dead, brain dead, yes, listening to Eminem with Chipper Gore, pretty sure
I didn't do as he s got to be oriented, but this one pushing for universal health care, while at the Mayo clinic as a patient brain dead, brain dead, but I couldn't be better- could be better attending Davos while railing against the one person and me, I don't think he's bended, Davos wearing a hit job while supporting women's rights and gay marriage. I don't think he's working. Job as a brain dead there being pro union and open borders could be better. Oh yes, better, claiming to be hispanic, while one hundred percent irish law see Ya Robert France, that no battle or gas I mean that's exactly that's bad Elliot these guys man end. But wait until you see
the news on Joe Biden, the Joe Biden story that is going around about the whistle blower is absolute nonsense and it is the way the press and Joe Biden are going to try to turn his corruption around. So it will be so sick of hearing about the Ukraine that when that those charges come out, you won't care anymore. That's exactly what's happening here, and it is so transparent its grotesque more on that tonight, at five o clock all me on the blaze tv, if you're a small business owner. Hopefully one of the things that you know is that the view in please or happy you gotta, happy CUP, the company and happy customers in your own small business You gotta have everybody on board: everybody's gotta be pulling their weight and
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Thinking that the rest of the world does not have we do, but the rest of the world doesn't understand that and that's one of the things that has always make made us completely different, he's talking now in front of Saudi Arabia. Here in front of China talking about religious liberty being threatened and banned around the world. China is one of the worst they ve just upped, all of their their tracking and their containing of the wiggers in in China. It's really bad. What they're doing to the Muslims and Christians in China? I doubt he's gonna, say anything on that, not be surprised to hear. Now he did say that he got heap quote obliterated the Johnson Amendment, the Johnson Amendment was
something that was put in by by John since then others is not. This is when he was, I believe in the Senate. Was it not and it was too not allow any five final, one c three to be able to speak politically. Basically, no churches could say anything from the pulpit. I dont know how people they wanted to keep their tax exempt status, I dont know how that happens in these black churches with the Democrats are always they're doing that and longing did Jeremiah right operate but the John Lennon Amendment the whole time right right
This was put in a nineteen, fifty four and an Trump says that they have obliterated it. I didn't know that I'm I gotta talk to a couple of friends today: make sure that that is accurate because you two posts as it isn't, but deeply the Washington both they say, beginning for Pinocchio on that, and I do believe the washing powder, not necessarily, but they say he claims he it with a with presidential order and it with an executive order, and they say no, he did not for Pinocchio. He has repeatedly tried to get the Johnson Amendment and on June, thirteen thousand appropriations Committee approved an extra extraneous policy rider to do just that, and I have a copy of the writer knows- is not from the wash imposed.
So called Johnson Amendment proposed by then minority leader Lyndon Johnson and nineteen. Fifty four adopted without controversy by a republican majority in Congress, signed in law by Eisenhower, Republican and strengthened by Reagan, candidates, Trump and pants working with paragraphs and Jerry, Folwell, Junior and other vocal evangelist made repeal of the Johnson Amendment frequent campaign rallying cry. For the base- and I think that's because it was only enforced. One way right, correct the left had every right to preach whatever they wanted to from the pulpit, but the right did not it just gave it just gave government me in anybody's hand whoever chooses to use it another weapon to wield against political. This is the problem we were talking earlier today about how we are becoming a banana republic and Nancy Pelosi saying that she wants to be able,
to indict sitting president will. That is exactly what happens in banana republics. You can indict them known. Indictment doesn't mean your guilty, and that means that the- as an end, would have to go to court and answer to an indictment. You want to indict indict after they don't have any more political power right. You know make the case you can impeach them that would cripple oppresses, would cripple a presidency, and if you do I think that both sides would be indicting on the other side. All the time. It's why a banana republic. Does you indict first? The next step is you just start to arrest all of your political opponents. You just come up charges and your arrest them that's a bond. A republic, it's the reason why we didn't put
Nixon in jail, I think Nixon should have gone to jail. But the argument is you don't start that you impeach them and you get in you just make the case. The american people and you have tried in the Senate for all to see and hear, and you get him out of their because And you start throwing political people in jail, During their tenure year, you ve just you ve, just you ve just outlined the end of the republic and that's what the Democrats, I think are shooting for.
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