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The Woke Crowd Is Losing | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & John Ziegler | 11/12/21

2021-11-12 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu discuss how they felt on January 6, how they feel about the investigation, and Mark Meadows refusing to testify. Pat Gray joins to discuss the social media throttling of free speech and the World Economic Forum announcing the Great Narrative. Bill O’Reilly joins for his weekly news recap, discussing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, past presidents and executive privilege, and BLM threatening New York with violence. John Ziegler, senior columnist for Mediaite, joins to discuss what he learned about the modern media after investigating the Penn State scandal for 10 years. Glenn discusses how people are waking up to the woke ideology.

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We're not entertainment to climb back America welcome. Do the Glen Back Programme, although marked backlog in travel today, I'll tell you right now he's been called to testify further congressional hearing on plot. Did you now? When did you know it you terrorist on January six, and he said I don't think I'm coming this is this is a ridiculous kangaroo court. So now they say if he doesn't show up, he is going to be held in contempt of Congress. We begin their o. Also John Kerry says yeah. I know the wheat, your slaves thing. We got climate change to deal with you. I believe some of the stories that are coming out today.
also one of my personal favorite is how Youtube Twitter and facebook- or algorithm squash people who say positive things about Kyle Rittenhouse PAL. If you are saying he's innocent your being suppressed. While I thought we were just looking for the truth here, I I thought I thought when they were just looking for things, they were just looking. You know to stop hatred bigotry now, if you disagree with what they think on a case, you're suppressed welcome to America. Twenty twenty one can't wait till the new year coming up its rider, Sarka
mark meadows. I'm sorry! Thank you very much. Stu. I dont know what I was declares. A friend of mine, a completely front, just say names, don't say names and say they're gonna week in contempt of Congress, and I think it is wrong with fiery. Italy is wrong with me: Cindy, wrote in recently about her remarkable experience with relief after she said, I'm a sceptic bob by nature, so I wasn't expecting relief, formerly factor I suffer from severe back issues have over a hundred surgeries on my body, and I suffer from M S, so pay he's been with me, my entire life. I can't take it you pain, meds, so I ordered really factor figured I'd. Give it a try. I felt Movement, in about ten days by the time I second shipment came, I would say my pain level was ever during a three and to me That is absolutely wonderful, especially you ve lived the last forty years at an eight. Oh, my
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by meadows would be viewed as wilful non compliance continue to go or just don't. to continue to stand. I I have to tell you how dare you, Oh really, I'm in contempt. I all all of Congress in contempt of the american people to different kind of good though we usually one Congress, ask you to come, even though its annoying usually have to go out. Ok, our eye and that's what mark is gonna have to deal with here. Yeah they're gonna come after a man they're going to push all the buttons they can push. I think a food university, I call it a few That's what I think I don't know why anyway does it does he have a system that can he what happens, Eventually they just common and drag him in what happened I dont know I I I know we reached out to mark earlier today and he's talking to his attorneys to find it.
Figure out figure out what he can say in what he can't. We ve invited him on the show this morning and I don't think that it's gonna work. well for Congress in the end, the go ahead, I mean they're, big separation of powers, issues here obviously play and he probably has a lotta wiggle room for those things to play out. Put him in congressional jail go ahead. I mean honestly, if that's what you want, no know it's not what he was really wants to stand up for what I will write hell you enough is enough there going hold you in contempt, Peter Frickin Schiff Armenia Peter Adam shift. Sorry had we shift, I don't you get everything I say about names today. I don't know it was. It was a rough night lesson. But Adam Schiff you're you. Why he's. Gonna hold me in contempt,
want me to answer to you not a chance, not a brick in China, What I mean you can say that all you want when restart, saying we're in a put you in jail legally, be opinions, change that you have power, whether even though but the Problem without em ship is that he was elected to Congress, but Congress has the power, so some point there's going to be a fight twin Congress and and the executive branch gonna plasma courts. Yes, yes, and that is gonna, be one hand eventually I mean you know it's not like Gonna go do hard time in prison and I'm not saying that every everybody is different. Everybody is different. I will want to go to prison? Yes, because I, didn't show up, but I have to tell you if, if I did show up I would probably end up in prison anyway, because I'm not I'm not playing their game and I would seriously
Not yet you know it's easy to talk big right. All I want to. I want to make sure that you understand I'm not talking for Mark and I am- and I am also saying This is the way I feel, and I will hope that I would have the car which to go to prison be following this closer than I am so that this may be a dumb question, but like what's what's his argument for not testifying, like I mean I assume he doesn't believe it anything wrong now. I dont think Mark meadows had anything to do with the January sixteen tax yet does it did? Did he release a statement at all? I believe I believe the statement. Our belief is intended. I e you are you are bogus this is a witch hunt. I'm not going right does not participate, because this whole thing is hosting arrayed. We, it does seem to be just a large political action by the Democrats again. There are answers to Albania that happened around January six that, I think, could be it sing to no less there's a lot of stuff around that we discuss those issues
but this does not seem to us to be here at all out of city or effort. There are a lot of things that we need to talk about, that about the plight of Africa. Aeroplanes in our inner cities, and There's lots of things that we should discuss that are serious, that a lot people who actually March didn't loot actually work. I d say when they were on the streets peacefully pro, testing with black lives matter. There's a lot but I am not going to a black lives matter. Run. Kangaroo court, you know mean it as theirs, they're, not seriously. Looking for answers. Nobody is seriously looking for answers on January six. I think I think all of us Looked at January, sixth, and we had to feelings. Now this might piss you off, but, This is the way I felt I saw that I went what
How are you doing? I immediately saw that and thought this is. This is kill any adds of of being free. If this goes further than it already is. This is a really bad thing. I have nothing to do with it. I don't want ever to be associated with people like that. That was my first feeling, my son, feeling was come on, tromp come on come on, come on, stand up, stand up, stand up get on television right now and say this is not America, we don't do that if he would have done that, I think a lot, although this would have been over all of this would have it over, but he didn't throw you. He did he didn't later, but a day is less effective and it wasn't as quick pray that's the way, that's the way I felt so I want I want a full investigation, because I am no longer convinced that the
B. I wasn't involved in that ETA. That's and that's what I think. There's both if it right there's all sorts of questions, look the guy's a person who cares about history. I want to know what happened in the lead up to the point I want to know. If there was FBI involvement, If there were no, It is really a whole report on this. That said, the overwhelming majority of people who were there had no pre planning. No, it is the exact opposite of what we have been told exactly once a month and examine these amounts. I do want that information to Cairo. That from here didn't I'm the guy with the Buffalo head. You know how with horns, and is what that guy. I think that I should go to jail, but they just gave him. like five and a half years in prison. Excuse me what We do they say he was inciting. I think the guy is unstable. Quite honestly, have we checked his mental health. I think he might be unstable.
He was carrying a severe hued things. Really. Those are carrying a spear and a buffalo head think he might be really five and a half years. Why? Because he was the iconic person there. We don't. People in prison for long prison terms because they were the image of something I have to go back? This is in one of your books, but the average amount of time spent in prison for a child molesters like two and a half years, oh by the way, oh five and a half a little excessive for the guy. With the horns have you heard Matt is now the new thing for pedophile? It's not the file. You can't say pedophile anymore, it's Matt, its mature traction yeah, but they did not really come. Oh yeah, oh yes, it is now. It is checked my tweet from last night cause I've found it last night checked my to knock out her feet.
and I mean it's like do we have a do you hear it? Is this a clip, listen to question? This is precisely at her virus has a person or map in the title and throughout the book for multiple reason for sale, because I think it's important to use terminology for groups that members of that group want others to use for them advocacy greatly, but every lab have the catered for use of the term. That map they ve advocated for it, primarily because its less stigmatizing than other terms like about a mile alot of people when they hear the term pedophile they automatically assume that it means a sex offender and that isn't true, Andrew to a lot of misconceptions about attractions toward minors right definitely heard the idea we brought up, though, that the use of the term mire attracted person said but it's ok to minors attractive using obtain earlier skirts and one is attractive to doesn't it
hey anything about the morality of that attracts no no just because you are attracted to minorities, I mean to minors just because you are attracted to an eight year old. That is say anything about you. Yes, it does It says that you are sick, you're, sick, ok, there's something that didn't fit I too there's something! That's not Mateau in you there's some problem. If you are attracted to lead girls or little boys very something deeply wrong with you period. They ever we're. Gonna use. Third, the name of the group that they were right. Man you wanna, make sure were using whatever thing they prefer. I wrap thinking, I'm thinking, Stew, that I won't even ask for Google Map.
I want a change. I want a different word for actual maps. I'm gonna be that far away from the word map, as Garcia gives you initially set, it was Matt and that would suffer. Matthews would suck us all so the will matter that is for Karen's right now yeah, but let me give This is from the Washington Post, but the Washington, but why should impose state conservative Alan? As you know, a big big corps records show? The vast majority of the roughly six hundred and fifty people federally charge in the riot were not part of far right groups or premeditated.
Conspiracy. I'm sorry to hear that in I'm sorry, this a Washington Watch and is now in its like. It's like the National Review, have vast majority the roughly six hundred fifty people federally charge in the riot vast majority of the six hundred and fifty people charged we're not we're not not we're not tart of far right groups or premeditated hotter cease to attack the capital. Rather, that is many. Were an array of everyday Americans looted community leaders small.
Business owners, teacher teachers and yoga instructors knew those damn teachers and yoga syndrome. You get the yet Olga people and the teacher people together, all my god. Oh my gosh, I'm surprised they weren't making crack labs in the hallway. Yes, now there are we to be fair lots of yoga instructor based insurrections throughout history. There littered with them. I mean almost every single and I tried insurrection begins with the ogre hydride odor hot yoga ate some, usually not half, but that's too it's just like. I can't take it anymore. It's too this yoga, they overthrow governments. What happens one more his work badge. What why one more his work badge on another instructor. Now they had just sectors will be regularly another a jacket with, the phone number of his work on the back? so these are people who came
for an insurrection or a pre male, wait a minute wait a minute of the government in employment, and are you saying that when an teeth opens up their umbrellas, it starts their faces or what they look. Like yeah yeah, I always thought it was gonna, be about rain man than they would have the phone number of where they can, where they could he called a higher on their back and you can mark Anti fall, you want, but they were way out ahead of the covert thing long before it even arrived. There are wearing masks selling. I really am thank goodness for them. We haven't even started yet we haven't even started it's going to be a very interesting and- think very Frank day because do took me to Rocky for last night. Yes, we directors car tat. If you thought it was good in the eighties. You should see that movie. Forty years later it was fantastic. Oh god, I'm in a more of an honest move and mood.
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in station. I D, slopes. Can you get me that? Do we have the audio here of Joe Biden? Here's Joe Biden Yesterday in I've adopted the attitude of the great the row at the time preacher the Negro leagues went on to become pitcher prose measuring baseball accuracy, nameless sacho, page ass, the great negro. Ok, thank you. Grandpa What he's what Nope says about this is ultimately Biden, fractured and Adobe appears be aimed at conveying to blinkin that he was only as old as he felt while he did
he did indeed uttered the words I've adopted, quoting the attitude of the great negro. end quote and said in that order, the kind heck surrounding that sentence. Fragment does not so the claim or implication that abide called or referred to set your page as the great negro excuse me. What what kind of russian gymnast do you have to be too missed your mind up into how many not to get that to be reality and by the way, by the way, I said, thank you grandpa, because one of the excuses is look he's just old he's from a do. You know what I do think that Donald Trump is that many years younger than then Biden yeah
not how many years great he's a grandpa to the girls like, and he would never say that he would never say that. Feel like Joe Biden, a lot older than Donald Trump, pretty thought desire for years. Older he's! Not it just feels that way when you watch them speak when you see their energy eminent, it does seem like Donald Trump is much more on the ball than Joe Biden. Us and you might not like tromp. You may not like what he says when he's on the ball, but he does seem like he's on the ball. Joe Biden does not. Now I don't. It appears abiding was going to describe satchel page as the great pitcher in the Negro leagues, words came out as I've obstructed. The ethics of thick Katy would get through it amazing how amazing same thing, you don't say I have to thank you for rocky for last night, because that
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true origins of the virus. There and disturbing revelations about the vaccine and why it's being pushed so hard- and it time. Perhaps we asked dangerous forbidden questions surrounding covered nineteen and the pandemic, big tech and the government, are doing everything they can to stifle the truth, because if we, if we did so To ask these questions. We would no longer tolerate the draconian measures put into effect. This is the reason to watch next Wednesday night to our live commercial, free, special. Done by me the probably the most dangerous chalkboard. I have ever done, one of the guest- reveals is the federal government's troublesome connection with big farmer,
a huge conflict of interests, but also a disturbing breach of trust between the american people and the government elected by them most Turning of all is the trail of emails, showing. Cover up executed by a corona virus. Cabal and it is a cabal They were more interested in protecting their legacy, their money than saving lives. This is, next Wednesday November. Seventeenth, eight p m lays tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn. I urge you to this. This are putting it on Youtube and doubt it will make it further. First, fifteen minutes, but maybe it is It is a very important special watch it with a friend you be a subscriber at blaze TV and make sure that you see it and have it, but we urge you to watch it a watch it with a bunch of people. So you can discuss it afterwards. Following
Special Steve Days- will give his on reaction and you're too dangerous for big tech. Questions live only next Wednesday, on blaze, tv from Tv and radio is pat Gray from Pat Gray, Unleash Typepad Thailand excited about your special assault, fun You know I've Ives. in the u to rules, and they are bout. Five pages very fine print five pages of what can be said, what can be said? We have to edit everything for you to most every day. Oh yeah almost every SL, I mean it is There is no such thing as unfiltered speech. Did you see what Twitter was doing yesterday for Kyle Rittenhouse? Now they were supply. sing, any one who said he's clearly innocent they were. Pressing that I mean
There is no such thing as freedom of speech any more in America. There's just not you say Babby is the point. Ex square social Media is the public square as tough, because its still their website. So that's why, They are able to do these things legally, but you know you're, not the humblest square. We'd know either than we are. to be the public square. I guess we are moving towards the meadow verse yet look at me. There's arguments to be made a lot of people make em about that. It should be. as the public square legally right now, it's not, though, that's why they can do all. I just want you to know. I do if something you want to talk about packers, I'd love, to get your reaction on something, but do you have something to bring up now? You can ok. So Are you familiar with the murderers yeah? Ok, so everybody thinks all that's that's facebook. Why are they met a verse? That's ridiculous, blah blah blah nano. We are so far ahead on the matter, verse and you
even know it. I wanted you that on Wednesday The World Economic forum held the great narrative, and they ve been promoting this and what I'm gonna read to you is on their website now remain the World Economic Forum just partnered with them, Odin Administration bring these things back there, bring these things into America. We are now partnered with many different companies profit pup, public private partnership. and the World Economic forum this. Build back better, so great narrative- was the conference. that is happening this week. To design the future. Now I want you just listen. This is how they opened it design the future the story for the future in
or to shape the future, you have to imagine the future design the future and then execute over them. two days. They will decide how we decide how we execute the great narrative but the great narrative is what tomorrow going to look like globally world is gone through a very difficult time People are now looking for transformation, but the way- Europe needs: a new blueprint, a new narrative. Why? Because One per cent own more wealth than seven billion. Almost half population lives in under six dollars a day, because, the last. Sixty years, where the warmest on record. We can't Ford to waste more time on denial of climate change, because our deal it all world wheel, be as important as our physical world by two
the twenty five. There will be five times more devices than people on this planet, because both inspire hope and action. Government first and foremost, are in the business. Installing hope, sir instituted among men too. Oh protect These rights, I'm sorry. I thought it was some install hope Imagine what role the government should play to install this new narrative. A whole government approach is not enough. all of humanity approach is needed. Color! deeply. We are the author of this new chapter. The few You're belongs to those who can imagine it and implemented. How can we design the government to beef? future citizen ready to lead the world into sustainable and a better future? What will be? the great narrative when we
look at the world today, difficulties shape the future three obstacles. First, after the pandemic people. have become much more self centered. Really that's a big What role is what is the role of government looking our current position in human history. We The second of the first minute of the first day, of the first year. Human evolution to the wheel to today with technology in fifty years it we totally different. The pace we ve grown has been massive, but we are putting our life on to one platform. The few sure will be based on the platform we design now. does anybody think so far. This is a little spooky the job
is to bring people and humility together, and military How is this great government going to make us find humility, technology Will you say policy? The job is to bring people and humility together technology and to bring us into ring better for our humanity, obviously translated. How do you see the global future collaboration, hopefully an option mystic terms, we The world isn't inclusive or sustainable enough, but we cannot forget the. The progress made in fifty years. We know tensions like USA and China, but we have always have common interests. They want stronger. Cooperation between the? U S and China, including environmental issues, d leave it alone to governments business, and science need to play a part combined
The common interest, make short term compromises for long term change. We are in a new transformation of human kind. If you to change humanity we must change the world. Let us use our energy to create a great narrative for humankind in the next two days. Take our own fate into our own hands and whose, from Volvo World economic forum and the great reset is that not Fricking terrifying, incredible, limit they do seem lurk there. Much further along then they are being a while facebooks change their babe. It's hell hot nods allotted further along this is so far along and we are not invited to the table. Humanity is not invited to the table. Just
overlords are invited to the table and they will decide for us. This is scariest thing I've ever seen, because it's not just America this is the world they are playing word with it, yet they are playing for the world and their use in the same verbiage they're all doing the oh yeah Bilbil. I got a better idea that which all of us the great reset and by the way I just want to just want to say this we're looking for. Let's see, we know the tensions like USA and China, but we, have common interests? We want stronger, Reparation USA and China, including environmental issues? Don't leave it alone to the government's combined? The common interest make short term compromises for long term change. Now. Let me play what John Kerry said yesterday about China and the weders. How, in your in their several months, have meetings behind the scenes with China? Did you bring up some of those very contentious issues,
such as youth, the use of forced labour mention John for rebuilding solar panels. How did you address it in how did you kind overcome that reaching what we're honest, we're honest about the differences and we certainly know they are and we ve articulated them in, but that's my lane here, that's my job is to be the climate guy you also had Nancy Blowsy, say we have to get climate change done and we can't get bogged down with the weaker slaves, John Kerry is currently fighting legislation to see the two Ban anything made by slaves in China. This is cooperation. This the kind of short term compromises that will, show us in the future. a whole range of people have been wiped out back in
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green dot, com, slash back rough greens, dot, com, Slash, Becker colleague, three, three Glenn, thirty, three, a three three Glenn thirty three column today so TAT Gray, has a cookie company and come in, but there still just go ahead. Cross the camera line she's what anyway. So he has a cookie company, and he is, and this is not because we're fat this is why we are the taste. Esters right. Yes, I mean you, try and you don't know what to recommend. You know I didn't know where we are right now right away, so so what What do we have? We were you ve got a special thing coming out on black Friday special Box of stuff, I'm not even I don't know if I'm even supposed to say their cookies, but we do have a.
So that might be a clue? They are cookies. You know they are using it, I'm pretty sure we're not selling socks on what is it. We are supposed to try, try it any and all of em anything that looks good, go ahead and try almost good, don't say. The name of the cookie is supposed to be secret. To produce not all not always are approved yet now there. There are the ones that we're gonna. Oh, my gosh agenda is that in chrome? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, we are really really good, but my god that is like pie, ya out. It's delicious It is an honest that my grandmother, everyone right now. My grandmother completely unrelated to the cookies, my grandmother used to make invite lemon Moraine, Pie it's completely unrelated to what we are talking about of unbelievable yeah. So good now, listen! My wife! Is there something you're goin on their she's. Is this the cake magic? Yes? Oh my god.
my dad. You she's a witch yards. I mean she's really guy. I don't know where she comes up with these flavors, but these are all the special ones, because we ve got the fall lying out right now? Albert to bees. These are better than having a pie after dinner yeah. You know, I mean yeah, fewer calories and eating the whole pie too so barely shares global gases are so good, though,. The design and there's that one all I like that want to really good so This is coming out on you, gotta sexy dot com. My gosh, I sign up for it. Oh my gosh, it's good how long take her. Why is why? Is it I mean honestly? I grew up in a bakery for five generations. Never tasted cookies anything like this year.
I know how to really right, but how do I don't? I don't know she goes to the kitchen and just comes Try this tried this. I think this is really good yeah! that's my no favorite! This is this is this is what you get if you're going to Thanksgiving or going. Oh, yes, what I guess these noted somebody's house or are you crazy, Miss dinner and you bring these as like the I was with the introduction I would eat these, by an ice cream. After Latin, scream lots of high. I would just because we worm them up in the microwave for like fifteen seconds, if you do that there and that really going like rushed out of the oven there. There are incredible than incredible. I mean it these are all incredible. There's one in here that I won't is, I got, you would think is a controversial flavour. That's that's the way I would summarize in here with a breakfast cookie, bosom the it's about this controversial flavour is really good. Yeah, though eulogy
Yes, a controversial one gets you programme, which is there some sweet unsavory that, as everyone in their does, is very savory lillooet. You ve described it you will only be like that to an area. think of it as a cookie. Now you wouldn't, but we that's not, Syria's catch. You d com, if you like This could be a brave as best I can. Kay aside outcome, TAT, come deserve for our accessed. Hey, I'm gonna be thin ten thousand pounds when we have more than ever now ass Dick Van aspects that I don't know she does a taxi I've come to climb back programme.
I know what the biggest story to me is in the United States. This week it is written House primal in all of the ramifications that that has but it's Friday we get. Fellow Riley's take the biggest story of the week. We begin their and sixty seconds because it's right aid programme- There is an old saying we used to hear from the old timers, Mitch, better sharp poke in eye with a sharp stick. Yeah yeah really speaking vat you know it is pretty much applies to everything in life, except being poked in the eye, with a sharp stick em in anyway I'm not sure if it really applies to selling houses because there are times that you rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick, then
have another meeting with a real estate agent. We're like we're. Gonna, have another open house, we're gonna, be up some balloons and put some signs in the neighborhood. Excuse me everybody in the neighborhood has already trade through the house acting as do they are buyers because everybody in the neighborhood to see the inside of everybody else's house up anyway, who would like a real estate agent that can actually help you buy and sell the right home for the right price it. state agents. I trust dot com, real estate agents, I trust dot com. Mr Miller Riley from billow dont come tell me, sir. The biggest story of the weak? Well, a popular story is right now situated in as far as what's important to the United States, it's the bad between Biden, tromp
The January six documents in the national archive We twenty one Handle Bahr AL. I think we should handle the one. You think is the biggest story. You know it depends on how you're looking at your country saw, the written out stories over he's not guilty. And it is another example of how the media convicts people without any knowledge of what happened Nobody random untied, including me, I m sure you did they up yet, of all these fine left. people in directing the show He knew all the relevant still doing it honestly and twitter. Today, is suppressing people, who are saying he's innocent. I didn't no doubt that world that the world of Twitter and Facebook and all that
that is a very corrupting force in America yeah, seeing that most people get their news from Twitter Facebook can and so one day replace reality with on reality then your life is gonna Korean. If you do that in your personal lives, gonna Corinne ended and color So now on a national basis. We have that coming to because, as you said, many many people laid on youth. Standard news agencies any more, and there too might not to goes almost All of them are corrupt, so metals or so a switch to the other story. Meadow says now: he is not going to cooperate with the January six committee, because they are battling over the executive privilege. I know it's a kangaroo court, They're saying if he doesn't testify to day he'll be held in contempt of Congress and I think he's pretty fine with that
I hold them in contempt, but What do you think's? What do you think is happening there and what is really all about will back as you, as you know me a long time. I am essentially a reporter all right. I mean I'm a blabber mouth and an hour's when all that, but my crew, It is based on rapport tie. So when I saw this it this is about buying. Versus drop This is a model, a model Biden basically says: if Europe I'm a browser, if you dont have executive privilege need I have it and I'm gonna write an ordered, it says you don't have it. the wind, every nook and cranny. I can find out exactly what you said to all of your advisers. While you were in a White house, nobody understands and then drug has now I do have.
I get a privilege and you can't do that and I'm gonna file a lawsuit which is he's done, and then late last night, the federal court stayed the bide knack, ok driver, Ok, so I did. I predict that why did O Reilly predict that I was because I actually did some reporting back did you know. that, on the second day he was president Rock Obama signed an executive order. one three, four, eight, nine, and that Secular border says that presidents who leave the White House I knew you'd have executive privilege and all of them documents contained in the national archives are sealed are secure. Did you know that I did not
that ok supply, thought and went on leaving office. I knew it I thought body reported on it now. body law no, he cares about what the reality of the situation is so low I would only way way way way way way way before you on ice. that was me- you know like that, all the time that you know, the papers were sealed. I guess the Sandy burger thing should have told me the difference. Why should they be open to everyone President of the United States has the right to private council, just like you and your lawyer, or your docked k so right to have private conversations, because many of those conversations are well what we consider the it's. Why don't we do there and any? Never I'm too far away, but the point of the matter is that here we have, two president's by interruption by
news? Trying to destroy drop, there's no doubt. In my mind, it's personal he feels read his I'd unhinged is doing so badly that truck is gaining momentum so by it and trying to destroy him, and why to go in and look at every private conversation that tromp had in four years and try to find something. That he can feed the New York Times? Ok, what these stories all about. But the real outrage of the story is why my little news agency Bill O Reilly, dotcom right away, ray small agency could fine, this information and no one else can there's no one else cares back now, I'm putting you in that category. Are you saying that the red, the real the airport news agencies we buy It's a hundred million dollars. They don't
researchers can go in and Laura said another knocked areas, so so in their not looking for that angle on the story, so bill, so he put in an executive order. That said, it's all private right now it is the most important of this executive order. Again, if people want to look it up is one Four, eight nine! Is that President Obama clearly stated that past president's exactly privilege. So then, why did you say you knew the court was going to rule in those years? I know about this order. and then so the federal court and override Obama's eggs get a water can't do that. That has to be done on a con The traditional basis was Barack Obama. Raw
in this was vision, unconstitutional executive board. Why didn't Biden cause you can rescind executive orders? Why didn't Biden just risks in that order? and who knows what he did it still on books and the boy People don't know about it because they nobody looks nobody cared. I gotta do this year. I do that I will remain in Mexico executive order under tromp. Ok, I do not rule out a judge. What are you kidding? You have to go through a process. You just can't I went out and therefore the remain in Mexico policy exists it there. that's, the law not being followed, but yes, you're right, I being followed, but my we wait is that we're all in great jeopardy. All of us because we are now living in a country that
hair about the truth and the facts and not get back the written house. so all of these people, on the view and morning, just and usual suspects are people who have just no credibility. They don't know what happened to this kid and I that to my audience from the jump? The only thing, I know about Kyle written House at the time when you He ventured into Wisconsin within a legal rifle and he could be big that on the illegal rifle? Ok, the only thing I know is that his parents had not of allowed him to do that that I know that burning. You know, saw I I'm not gonna back your wade about the life of a film human beings are not going to convict camp all right and an eye, and I let me refer me rephrase what I just said, because I want a convict the apparent
he's a seventeen year old kid. It may not have been bad parenting. It was just a bad choice on his part. He seven. Why should the parents would not have allowed him to go? but I don't know he's circumspect. Yes, I don't either ok, so these women in your house, Ngos, hey mom and dad I'm right. Go into a riots, evaluation and canosa. I say now: here's the dad go. I don't think so right exactly rang exactly right. So now do you think the press is going to actually support a voice. I mean, assuming that the verdict comes back as not, guilty will the press, except that yeah a bill that they have to accept, did because it looked like clowns now. No, no, they really don't. I mean they're already saying this.
It is out of control. This Joe wait a minute wait a minute near that. That's a low level where down. of journalism you're not here enough in a wash imposed you're, not here, and that from these other people, because all I care about their own career, I'm hearing it from CNN well, at a low level, reinforce a low level run in a hurry, when we come back to take a quick break when we come back because the- other thing that is going on and tied to January. Six is this memo that came out from the Department of Homeland Security this week that says now this is the the most fragile terror situation for domestic terrorism in racism they ve ever seen and they're. Just they keep just putting logs on this fire
So there's something that happened in Manhattan that nobody seems to want to recognize. With the new mayor of New York. Eric atoms will turn to Bill O Reilly about that. In sixty seconds, John wrote in recently about his experience with relief factories. I've used really factor for about six, not months now I have to, Glenn. I was really sceptical at first and I put off trying it till my brother loaned me a few days worth of his sins had found it effective. I am pleasantly surprised. I benefit every day, as really factor reduce my constant back pain. What come from years of injuries and getting older. I don't know helps everyone, but it sure, helps me John thank you for trying. I was sceptical of it myself. It is cheap, changed my life. It is it I'm able to paint again I'm able to write again with a pan, which I could not hold a pen for more than like forty seconds, without massive pain, relief,
it's not a drug develop by doctors and about seventy percent of the people. Try going to order more started now for nineteen. Ninety five go to relieve factor. Dotcom eight hundred five hundred. Eighty three, eighty four relief factor: dotcom aid five hundred eighty three, eighty four ten second station idea so the New York City Mayor Elect Eric Adams, who I think I'm I mean don't make me like this guy, but I am starting to like this guy. He is reaffirming its pledge to bring back the New York City, police department, plain clothes unit and, and he is gonna, be tough on crime. Well, black lives matter met with him and then promised. If you do these things, riots fires and bloodshed. We
come to your city, so a clear threat of violence, absolutely and if that happens, the first version arrested is HAWK Newsome, who said that the the New York City Black lives matter chapter. So now you can see around the country how of control. The Asians largest city is being held hostage by violent radicals who we'll do what they say they will do. They will do it. And now The new mayor of New York City Ass to do is now over react to it. You know let me do mom of a reactor, because I have a big a phone in New York City on W B C. Radio ah handily overreaction? What here to do is basically methodically
reorganise in New York City Police Department, so that a the police officers will work for him and be there. The people of New York will be protected because they're not now so, if you come to New York City, you get on a subway, you could be harmed. and the person who are true is probably not gonna get prosecuted, gotta. Stop it's gotta! Stop right! Now, and shows Q and shows anybody who, as a modicum of common sense. The radical left really wants, and one word sums it up: Anarchy CAS, yet they don't care who gets. he'll learn who gets hurt. Look at that counts in Houston. Ok, where Wrap was on stage nine people dead. Now, ok, you telling me that that
concert promoter and those people didn't know that would have been possible with proud that came in there and on disciplined crowd, many of them in parts located, they didn't know, but this could have happened. They didn't care And now they'll be sued in all of them will be sued in the next five years. Their lives will be any and that a court and all of that, but what people do understand is you in school or talk and at the beginning or about losing friends, and all of that you know different points, so you, and if you have a large a friend, is different, Equally, the new I haven't lost any friends that are different politically from me, but once I see a portion bracing in promoting distraught. policies that I'm gone
yeah. I don't take any of my friends that have Reno know. I mean real friends that I've known are embracing the destructive policies, but I have friends that have disowned me because they say I you know embrace destructive policies and I'd buy knock retaliate or anything else. It brought me, but I never did. dropped on them is friends whatever not just its, not just about that. They do so like you back I can talk to you about friends. I don't think you have any, but I'd be levied changed the subjects here. Are you following the James O Keefe Project Vera, toss I know you said the f B. I want to figure out who too a diary? What some member of the Biden family. I know what it is items daughter and it's. Ok,
the damning stuff, but they didn't, they say they didn't take it and it was released a year ago, not by them but it was released a year ago and now they come in and the FBI and even Jonathan Turley has said what constitute what what what law they going after as a federal crime. Here it's a diary, and now it appears as though the Justice Department is Exe, acting data from the phones of James O Keefe and sending it right directly to the New York Times. and he's in a lawsuit against the New York Times more good, I mean look not bad for ok, I think It is trying to uncover corruption. He is an ideal. Log are right, so you you ve, got
to understand. That comes from it from the point of view, but he has uncovered some very worthy things: the body parts about it, where did fetuses was a tremendous story that no one would have done in the corrupt media and all he needs to get these pro bono, big law firms like much more in these people today, send him any new shoe everybody who violate to civil rights Cassio. Eventually, when many of those suit and cripple these people, and that's it you, do it Do you think that the system is working, because I have to tell I think this is the runaway wait to hear me out all right and hear me out for us. I hear me offered. Second, the the election just through the bombs out, the written House trial has exposed the media and the left and the prosecutors. All those
bob, I just ran, do he's guilty. things are changing to where people are opening their eyes and gone. Wait a minute. That's not right! things are improving, but the system does not work and the reason the system doesn't work is because we're so corrupt, read my column. I suppose you're right now bill O Reilly, dot com and the cow clearly lays out the rise in collusion feel any and talk on the other end of the break about this. Yes, because that corruption is feel o o and nobody is paying attention to it. Yes, we'll do that coming up in just a second more with bill, O Reilly from Bill, O Reilly, dot com. Don't forget he's going on tour with Donald Trump, several cities you can find out all about it at billow, Riley, dot com
back in just a second. America is the greatest experiment in ultimately ultimate freedom in the history of the world. No other nation throughout all All of mankind has had the key. And of liberty we enjoy even today and that He is come with a price tag as week. We are honouring men and women who are willing to put themselves on the line to pay that price, if necessary, I would like to ask you to do your children, how precious this thing called Liberty is, if you have children are grandchildren in you- haven't gotten Tuttle twins books for your children or grandchildren. Yet now is the time to do so
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bill orally back from bill, O Reilly, dot, com bill, it's big it up from the last break. You were saying before You gotta give me a couple of minutes at the end of this may cause. I need your advice. Ok sure look parliament. I rode on bill rallied autonomous tunnel corruption. And now we know that the Clinton campaign concocted in financed the August Ryan, collusion story: this is from thing I just like this this year. This is so amazing that nobody pays attention. Nobody cares, and in a part of it is the conservatives that are just so tired of the Clinton's that so I go another Clinton scandal. This one is the big one, this one's the big one
This is it and we're getting scant order. The day, scant news covered because people or exhausted about it, their stand, but my job is to tell the folks happening and we are living in a corrupt. Contrary. I love my country. I'd say, it's the most noble nation ever but right now. It's wrong. Right now, it's a lights on the verge of being a banana republic. If we're not already there, You have thou beyond reasonable doubt a line from the Clinton campaign, even to the democratic, party itself, too, the mainstream media. Now, for the first time, in american history. The poor media has operated with a political party and every aspect of Troy
trying to get the Democrats elected with this. Is all about, So once you look at how powerful Disney cash. the rise of blame Google, Twitter Right Silicon Valley, and they, came together to destroy Donald Trump, any one anyway, but it that's a miracle and that on the phone- and I- and I will tell you this- you know you look now and say, oh you, Google and Facebook, and all these guys colluded to get rid of the Hunter Biden story to get them boats out, This is a much more nefarious use of the press. This is, I am engaged for year is engaging in a lie. They knew was a lie, and this. No, I, I disagree with you along a last statement. We didn't it was a lie.
Washington and New York Times and in Washington Post, because they didn't look bidding care. They did invested Well, maybe this is true the fbi- and this is used the F B. I knew in twenty seven video, so did the Washington Post the I should impose- is a separate discussion arrived in me. The we I knew in that call me and call me correct, which is corrupt, a corrupt fbi. Director look, I wrote about killing the mob aright J Edgar whoever was corrupt. Usually up man, we lay it out for you? This is an unprecedented. What is unprecedented? when all is power arrayed against one man, the region, public a nominee for president who every single day for more than two years had to deal with false charges and
It is never happened and the fact that it did happen here the bridge he sat of everybody because been law, repenting know whose repented not the city, listen he'll. Letters are going back home, they're, not going back. Why one kilometre is one more so the New York Times, which is the most powerful newspaper agency, are it in Country runs one rapporteur, Maggie Aber met once more than one hundred anti trump stories based on anonymous? Georgia's receives a Bulent prize for doing it, okay and they're all false. Did he give the prize back? does a Pulitzer Committee demanded back. Does Anybody say anything about it. No, there have been other times in our history. In the warring, twenty is probably the best example where we that
so much massive corruption society, wisdom aged to an extent that it took decades to repair? I don't think the corporate media in America can ever be repay. You know no idiot if, honestly, if, if you were a viewer, the king of the universe, you come in here and say: okay, we agree on the principles that we know that the founding principles and the bill of rights, grey how do we reset you'd after reset. Every agency and everyone in Washington you'd have to reset all of the. Media but honestly bill you'd have to reset a lot of America as well american don't seem to care much at that, because last week we saw repudiation of the progressive laughed, so I think there
they're starting to care ass, Thanksgiving dinner is gonna, be a luncheon. may you walk in there and you're gonna. Look at your bill for that dinner. And one man is responsible for you paying fifty percent for this year. The last year, one man, I think also the airports are going to be a disaster Did a good, faster boy and everybody's gonna know it, and you have you have little Sammy once I go to put under the tree and little Sammy mine. I get a little lego and you'll be in peers on Christmas morning. Our lives, let me ask you: we didn't talk about the infrastructure bill. Passing. Do you, thanks, a bill back better bill is gonna pass. They haven't, learn anything from what happened in Virginia and New Jersey. My passion, you know a tool of one three one: four. Instead at three point five trillion, but again
and they were put out what's in a bill, better? What what you know do you. I do after my tax dollars, you gonna build more wind turbines and here's another thing that Bill O Reilly die com uncovered back you be so proud of me back, you should be telling everybody, I think you're, probably right now, if I don't mean that all, but you are more Riley's, raise the greatest journalists of all time and you need to know it. You know makes all the green start back. You know makes a solar panels turbines the electric car genomics it China yeah, so I do about better money, that's gone right over the Beijing, that's where you goin does anybody know that now nobody knows it began we use. Do we, the USA, make this the panel's we many more jobs make some
well you're tired, dirty. I'm gonna make everything cheaper and land. We want our hands clean here. The environmentalist like it's too dirty we needed, but it's too dirty is so much the american people won't know about the corruption till bill back better. What bill back? Where? What are you gonna build back? What we, already got one point: two for infrastructure: they're gonna build roads, the bridges back up, maybe now. Why? What is this environmental damage this? You know what that is that's free homes for people, the day. Democratic party wants to give free housing to that's what environmental justice is high. I urge everyone to see the the latest nominee for the Treasury. She is the soviet woman that is going to be is best been nominated to be the comp trawler of our currency and
The press is using tations when they say the GEO peace as she's an extremist. She is an extreme, is she just said she wants to bankrupt, or the oil and gas and coal industry. I'd say: that's an extremist. article. Ninety seconds go! do any history trample rally, history Torquay, we begin December eleven that the filet arena in Sunrise Florida next day the Orlando Florida, the anyway centre. The next week we go to Houston Toyota Centre and then two dollars the an airline centre. Now on putting together a loose acquaintance back. About the history of the Trump administration. What do you think Ok! What are some of the topics that interest you about the history of it
I'd like to know the the push back from the state Department on the is really embassy and how how ass. If ever that came it was opposed me? I want to know what the best embers, no other president has ever done that so the push back had to be enormous. What what we want it was I who was the major push back from them That's a good one, anything else a year. I want to know. When did he realize that- he didn't have the juice to stop the big state? from just destroying everything works, little general. So what are you doing next Friday, when I get on Gimme specifics,
Is this tour is going to be very micro, What? What are you looking for? What are you looking at got plenty of stuff, I mean I want to know how that backs got up and running and seven months. How did you do? I have one for you. I have one for you. I give it to you next week. I have one on the Vax real really important, really a ban, and nobody knows this question yet thou degree: now you're gonna come to any of the vat fraud, and even now I mean a Friday other, yes, the one in Florida, the first, what I'm going to case you're gonna go to the law to deal with the upper way. Yes, Rina and Sunrise Florida has I gotta get you cleared. I gotta get secret service clearance on you all day, long Robbie. Yet at gonna take like two years right. yeah it is unbelievable. Yeah, so we'll get you cleared the gamin backstage there but again this a greatest Christmas Hanukkah gift of all time that rob orally history tours sold. Almost thirty thousand tickets still nice.
It's available, but you gotta move now, but a bill around, ah come only Gilbert. Any the box office is ticket masters Ganem, and I appreciate I appreciate you, let me let me promoting Thank you very much. Bill appreciated like let me tell you about our a sponsor its american financing, as the economy continues to recover a marrow, Hence our taking on more and more credit card debt. Have you heard of you heard these experts in washing and keep saying you know Europeans have more wealth than they have ever had I mean the american people really I mean they have bigger savings and they got all these all this money from covered and had nothing to do with it. Merits that analysis. They said that everything is awesome. Everything is good. He hardly grime. Yak Lausanne, yeah, yeah yeah Americans are swimming in debt right now. We ve wrapped up. We ve wrapped up said. Nineteen billion dollars just in the third quarter of this year in debt, seven Ten billion.
in the third quarter, be happened. Be one of the people adding to Europe balance. May I remind you, it's gonna get a harder and harder to get alone rate. are going up please future financial house in order- and I know if you're under water, you feel like there's no place to go. Please just call american financing and see They can help you if you have to ratify your mortgaged. Get a lower interest rates. Could save you hundreds if you? If you fold in all of your high interest credit card, deadened, pay that off it could save you a thousand dollars a month aid huh. Nine zero. Six! Twenty four forty american financing dot net. Go there. Now, american Financing Annabel US one: two: three: four: W W W Dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org. This is the I'm back this is the Glen Back programme hello and welcome I'm glad you're. Here we have Johns.
you're coming up in just a few minutes. He is the guy who it's the ten year anniversary of the pen state scandal and you know he did a lot of reporting on. I think he's right on the pen, Penn State scandal, but he's he's not marking the anniversary by going in regurgitating it here. Marking the anniversary, because he's learned a lot in ten years and he put together a list of things that you You need to know about, the media that he has learned over ten years and it is all really good advice on how to view the media and how the media actually works because he's lived the grind himself and he's coming up in just a just a second, yet really good list you can apply to every new Savary, noosed or every time there is a big breaking thing. You can see how the media react to it, how we get down these roads that are often incorrect. For instance, how to
turn it around. Let me let me let me show This with you in violating one of the last lesson in his in his peace, that he learn and I'm gonna violate right now? Ok, by violating everything! The media is telling me not to do telling me on the pandemic. Don't question you can to ask the question: is there anybody really actually behind the pandemic? Is there anybody profiting from the pandemic. What are they? the origins of the virus? the disturbing revelations about the vaccine why is everybody pushing it so hard in not allowing anyone to talk about any kind of side effects? No matter how small they are It is time to ask these questions. The government and big tech- and I think big pharmaceutical. Don't want you to know! The truth is this:
Wednesday night is a very important special and it may air only once It is a two hour no partial commercial free broadcast that we are putting on you too, but I wouldn't count on it being there. after the first fifteen minutes, because we are violating pretty much everything they tell us not to do, but everything they used to teach journalists to do ass. The questions for the last eighteen months. There is a big team that has been asking these questions and finding the documents you know went through the fog she emails, but they were rejected, anybody think to go through the people who were see seed and bc seed. And for your them. This You did there's a lot of stuff was blacked out on Fouche emails, not black
doubt on the same email from somebody, you will see seed we are going to expose some things that are gonna, make a lot of people uncomfortable, but your world will start to make a little more sense, and that is our job. No spirits sees fax hard facts on Cove id crime and cover up Wednesday night Blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use a promo code, felt she lied and save twenty five percent
program America and welcome the Friday. We have a lot to share with you this last hour of the week. We wanted to bring John Ziegler in a very good friend of ours who, who has learned a lot in the last ten years and watching the media a lot. We can learn about how Cove id has been rolled out. He learned his lesson over the last ten years because he was the guy who said wait a minute. The narrative about the Penn state scandal is all wrong. I believe he has proved it to be wrong, but nobody in the media have wanted to hear it, and so he has made a list of the things that you need to know about the media, and it is something that you should honestly keep on a refrigerator. So when you see things you're like up, ok that's happening there. How should I react to it? John Ziegler in sixty second glance programme
it's easier to prevent your identity from being stolen in the first place than it is to deal clash with. the problems, especially if you haven't caught it. In time I mean, if you fight not right away before us Damage is done, you might be able to do something about it. Life luck is the there the best people to alert you to watch as much as anybody can only go watch everything, but did they such as much as they can, and if something happens, they try to alert you right away. And then they have a team of specialists that work with you to fix the problem. To me that is real help. Just you know my bank on hey, there's a problem looks like somebody, sir, using the credit cards are you know, ok,. They actually somebody was somebody had taken our identity and done some stuff in ok. How do I fix this? How do we fix this easy lifelike the people there to help you on that lifelong by Norton.
joy now and save up to twenty five percent off your first year with promo code back or one eight hundred lifelike, one, eight hundred lifelike or lifelong dotcom use the promo code back for twenty five percent off life, lock dot com. John Ziegler is on the phone. He is a senior colonists dead mediate. He is a controversial guy, both left and right, because he calls him as he sees them. I think he's one of the braver guys, I think, he's also a little suicidal in his approach, but it, but he is also one of the only people. I know that when he says this is what I believe I know that's exactly what he believes and that is very rare and worth a lot today, hello, John, how are you I'll go, and you know I think the main reason I come on you're show is just a you you're different interests to make
now what was really good. Thank my wife would agree with that, but everything you do, and especially the suicidal in your. I do like that, how we think of you so John, you wrote a great on our article. After ten years of investigating the Penn state scandal, here's The case taught me about modern media I can't believe medium or media mediate actually lead to print this. They did so at the store I know I know they have to eat we're not going to relegate the Sandusky thing. You say I behaved in a podcast with hours and hours and hours with the benefit of hindsight hindsight but you will you to use that to show us, for instance, let's, let's compare it now in an show us Covin right now that you give it on exactly why? I think
story is relevant, although I will say in what are we on the tenth anniversary depends days candle and for those who don't remember, this is the days and hours geese, Exabyte scandal that resulted in the firing, the great Joe Paternal and three penetrated ministry of going to jail and send us gives going to almost certainly die in prison. I mean that story in and of itself was a huge story and the fact that we every written history and told you what really did happen in our epoch. Cod gift with the benefit of hindsight, is, I think, inherently relevant in an irrational world, would be realistic, aided by the news media, but being realistic. I think John. I want you to know, you know people. people like you who speak the truth that is unpopular, they are always recognised much later mutually when they're dead. I think you're. I think your podcast and all of your reporting on this, I think it will turn story around eventually, I would
I do believe that it probably will be after I'm dead and preparing my nine year old daughter to two tantrum pendulous Aythur AIDS are met by black eyebrows Glenn. I appreciate that more than you know. Let me the last thing on my part. Guess I mean people I have no interest in the story, find it to be the most amazing I guess never encountered. I mean it's, it's gripping its entertaining a female golos. Do television, sports gathering, in LOS Angeles, you now the proper professor media at Cherokees University, namely the babe. It's an amazing ride and we have proven this case beyond any comprehension and any shadow of a doubt and you'll learn so much about humanity in the news media and I believe you will learn how we got into this covered mess, because a lot of what I wrote in his media, I beg column, relates direct we discovered end and the main parts that are what happens. Everyone gets locked in emotionally and professionally into a narrative in no time where we don't.
The true facts and where everyone is in a panic, a moral panic in this case involving child sex abuse. We all lose our minds and then the experts see opportunity to birth to, or their agenda and one story has written and it can happen in only a couple days and that's what happened in Penn State a couple ten years ago we were told a month single story, about sharing of giving rape the boy and, as our colleague telling job paternal, what he basically doing, not they depends they covering up for those farmers. Who is the coach? That story is absurd. Now times absurd stories happen, but they come with it but it may this one did not and dragged we ever listened to by guess. You know we probably would actually did happen, and it's not that, but one everyone's in various did those we're going back, and I get One of the more amazing elements of both this story and with regard to
hope it is it when the fact come in now and their unequivocal there. tabling welcoming. No one the care anymore? I don't want no one out. No one will admit they were that was a married guy, I'm well trained in admitting one when even one. I don't really think I am right, so I truly do not understand when did stop it meeting. But when more information comes in, we can go. Oh wait a minute. When do we rushed to judgment, especially when this keeps happening? It's as if Duke Lacrosse, never happened, Is it down those never happen? It is just a small at never happened the Covington never happened, wishing it with current now it's time and time again and the media and never learned our lesson mostly because there never held accountable gland Well, I think they actually kind of our. I mean the the Blair he's
You know our streaming service in Vienna with Youtube we beat the CNN ratings. Many nights, many nights crazy how low their ratings are going. However, you're right, they just think. it's because we're all stupid so they dont there. Never there never called into question. on what they actually did in what they reported, and you can see that again with the with the White House now and they the Russia Hoax, We know where that came from, and we know the media participated in it, but no one ever gets higher. I ought to know in point eight m. Yes, as institutions, they are suffering in the ratings. I think that a large part That is because of lack of trust me there's. This narrative the debt and everyone's tell turning off television news, Interpersonal Astrogas, there's no election will that's part of it, but I think what happened with carbon destroy what was ever laughed up there
credibility in a large portion of the population pointing to be really. Let me give you a really good example. That again is from the pan estate case, but I You guys are going to enjoy this because it shows this relates in Romania in some we're ways to combat the doktor found she of this case was a woman by the name of Sarah Ganum. I now believe you're going to put on it narrative and tell me how absurd this is. So we want ten years ago that the woman who broke this case with a twenty four year old stay graduate by the neighbour Sarah Ganum twenty four years I don't want you guys, but when I was twenty four I did know crap about crap about getting. I was a television sports. Gastric NBC affiliate in Ohio was Virginia in retrospect. Believe even let me on the air twenty four. I agree. I arrived the same way by its own budget. one in four years old and immediately the media's. We expert on doktor about what happened in this story. Sarah, so she leaves everybody in this panic down this path? That turns out to be completely
sure now its power narrative from their she will. Poland's your prize, because the media loves this narrative of semi, attractive stay graduate female brings down the entire bend stay put Bob Programme- oh my god, they're salivating over this. She never write a book about the case, which is impossible as a Pulitzer prize winner. It's impossible, but there's a reason. Why didn't write a book? Because you can now because you just a bad writer, but because her narrative would you're in big trouble about what really actually happen, but she she gets a great gig CNN. So she goes to a tiny little paper in central by the way two CNN, where she does nothing, I think the only man she gets don't bore. You are having snowball thrown at her in a snowstorm she's covering an jiggling onset would work which you won't covering around this abuse case children. She she gets. I believe, let go by CNN Jones, suddenly retire at the age of thirty. Six we never hear from again she's against a certain professor in
it now on the tenth anniversary, she goes back to a pint cast about the fate of UK. she's, claiming in her body ass if she has a new set of victims who died of an overdose and twenty eighteen because of their trauma of the sun. Dusky abuse to disperse never claimed I say that the accuser, when they were alive, we were not an accuser, they were not a settlement accuser. I have all the sediment documents. Their family was a huge enough. You supporter. Diet in over twenty aging by wakened up even prison. I doubt there was any abuse. Go not at that time and then, after after these guys debts in twenty mg a year later, the numerous articles about whose overdose, because the family is trying to you'll, get media coverage for his cause later still no mention of Jerry, said Patsy by the parents. Then all of a sudden report, a statue limitations comes in, they get the most unskilled This war in this case and they saw pen stay for a lot of money with
cereal worker, the big guy ever claiming to be assigned off the accuser, and then the media reports on certain items part gas, that this is a trend that victim you can be. It I thought it was without ever exclaiming guess you're gonna, who show but Doktor Valkyrie there's gave. I am the rapporteur to Sir Ganum important matter was senators and no one's paying attention to be paid to this woman should be judged woman's credible. we should be completely destroyed, and this is someone the news media put on a pedestal as a heroine she's a rod and it's happening We in this media environment, but and we're not going to talk about the Sandusky think you're, the only person. I know that can wind yourself up, We would like John Age on how you don't I'm doing punchayet you're like I'm.
I'm doing pretty good, I'm I'm I'm doing pretty good, but let me tell you about the Sandusky think and then then, by the end, you're like foaming at the mouth in hair. All I said was what's going on what do you think that an amazing story it is? It is. What we need is eighty wait, wait, long and up the truth will come out. Just many people stop paying attention, while the EU, exactly right, where we started, which is this is what's happening right now to the New York Times reporter that right everything about the Russia hoax. It's all false now proven leave, falls she's returning the the Pulitzer Prize, New York Times is not firing her they move on and in that is the problem with the media. Let me let me take a quick break and then I'm going to come back cuz. I want to go through some of these things that you wrote about in in a panic. question everything. Once a narrative is set look out,
and the modern media is really like the movie business. I want to start on on that one when we come which, on Ziegler, think he needs a drink of water. And maybe at least an advocate tunnel twitter time to take the education of children into our own hands this week, in honouring those who stepped to the plate and served our country the risk of their own lives now follow through and help preserve what their fighting for. Good news is by guy after our our children in the school school system, the lead has awoken a sleeping giant of independence, Democrats and Republicans. Ordinary Americans that don't hate their country We have a long way to go to ensure that the next generation grows up to appreciate the freedom of the american experiment and that's where the tunnel twin books come in
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John I've got only a few minutes left and I want to talk about something else. So let's go through these good quickly. If we can, because I think these are really important to keep up your refrigerator as you see story come by cause it? You are exactly right: illiterate, up here, the modern media is really like the movie business, not fiction movies used to say based on a true story, but today you say It's different basically the dramatic licences so drip incredible. That is basically stop. That could have theoretically happen, probably didn't boy, it makes a great story and eat. I think we see this all the time. Yes, we actually saw with the pen states scandal. Let me give you an exam well that you are going to slightly disagree on, but not much on the run, the story, I agree with you. The media blew it on the russian story. I think there were all of truth there, but they decided. You know, that's not good enough. We need it.
Justice. We need to make this into a movie where we gonna got a candidate president, which was always a ridiculous concept to begin with an end, The notion of russian collusion with regard to today, the twenty sixteen election, and so We now know that that movie was false evident. Why that what did what they did out for two reasons, one it fit their political agenda, but you because, let's face it, real life is actually pretty boring and because the business model, the news media, is broken. They need use real stories in two movie fiction in order to keep an audience. That is the essence of what has happened here in the olden days back and when you- and I were you home with a newspaper- was a licence to print money. A radio station was a licence to print money. Peter only bore by previous stations wasn't cable news, and so they did me the do this for their right. To make me, regardless now, they're they're, desperately scrapping
every little ratings point they can get, and that's why they're choosing story, I bet that were were used to be considered. Non fiction are now being pretended to be better big. Temperate end with a real when they're not quickly of the third rail topics, the defences inherently disadvantaged, this one, I think, is really true- really powerful. Yeah when you are dealing with a very controversial topic, whether its race, whether it is sexual assault, whether it is, where's aiming to do with republicanism. When will I believe that what the news media failed to understand- or maybe you don't care, is it have a massive impact on how a story is going to turn out in how they covered and it goes way beyond just polluter the jury pool it goes into the dynamics of putting out of the fence, and part of that is people who are prone to jumping ensuing. Wait a minute. We're rushing to conclusion here, we're rushing. The judgment are free to do because they don't want to be seen as proud child abuse,
or play racism or or pro killing innocent people or whatever. It is, and by the time the fact come in its too late, because everyone has moved on and oftentimes visual, The system is already decided we're getting everything in the bath outwards order. We used to Wait till try trial, even here in LOS Angeles, we waited till after the trial, aborigine king riots. Now do the riots first and the trial later and it doesn't work involves. Emotional investment causes one side reporting. This is really hard, because this is why they don't correct themselves, because they're emotionally invested yet not just about not admitting you're wrong, that's a big part of it, but they so desperately little left, because liberals control the narrative. Almost all the time in these situations, once they get emotionally invested, you can't let go the world the world example. This masks that lay security blanket of masks and end the aunt I tromp virtue signal.
Of Mass? They have fallen in love with mass. So the idea being told that they warm ass for no reason for a year and am it's impossible for them. We ve, been comprehend that it is far easier to dupe someone, especially illiberal the news media, then to convince them that they have been duped, and this impacts all sorts of story. You You have many more and will tweet the story out after ten years of investigating the Penn state scandal. Here's what the case a taught me. About the modern media by John Ziegler one of the one of them that are in here. That, I think is so great is the modern media would have backed the sale which trials Absolutely true,
percent of all. They were getting good ratings and- and they know they didn't like the witches remember, they were absolutely would have the actually went back to the sound which trials in England and thank you so much for caring about this story, and I dare do people people at least take a listen to our progress with the benefit of hindsight is that you will not regret it. It's an incredible ride. It teaches you everything you need to know about modern humanity, modern media and why things are so broken. Where did he go my guess just anywhere I tunes spar guys are everywhere with better fit of hindsight. Is the podcast an one, host is John Ziegler, John, as always thank you so much, and I know you I know, you're quite opinionated on overhead and what is going on and covered. You are really going to like my special next week. and I would I I if you will keep it- yourself I'll, send you the the
most finalize locked in script. I saw the title and I actually emailed stew, because I've been did she get that eventually that has almost the exact same type? To really my vote always was panic politics propaganda, and when I saw it, yours like Yet I find really did my ass well. Next week is a two hour: commercial, free special that I think you're going to you're gonna he because I think, there's a lot of stuff in there that even you are going to find new and horrifying and will want to report on it. John Ziegler, we'll talk to thank you so much John Ziegler, zig the Sigmund man. Freud is twitter. Handle Sigmund Freud programme right, maybe the old days February, with jumping off a cliff. What you know it: ok, guess what every
but he is jumping off a cliff and- and everybody is just just like a pack just running over this cliff. Stop, stop take a deep breath. Do not get into the crowd. He had some bad bad place be right now is a crowd, is going the wrong direction and don't listen to me, but you ve got a separate your self from people who are saying you haven't, I give you some really good stuff. Here I got really good stuff. It's also connected to poison. Don't big mould all is a big part of our problem. Right now they are for, nothing really bad things, abortion and plan parenthood is one of em from Verizon. I want you to go
patriot, mobile dot com, slash back and stand away from the crowd. Nine seven to Patriot or patriot, bubble, dotcom, slash back switch from big mobile. It free activation with the offer code back Patriot, mobile dot com, slash back you'll, probably save you probably cut your phone bill in half by switching to Patriot, mobile dot com flashback had ever to blaze, dot com, Slash, Glenn provocateurs, couch. He lives it. Twenty five bucks on your subscription to bleeds tv, I am, I am really optimistic for our future, and I am optimistic because I see more and more people standing up. I had a rate interview yesterday for the podcast, and I honestly I didn't know what I was when I was
stepping stepping into. It is a woman that was on Fox and do we happen to have the brains delta interview with her she was. She was on she's, a journalist and Brian or had her on an he was like. I don't know, the drunk pills bury dope or maybe he's just MR potato head, but is starting to turn a little into vodka. He looked at her like dear and the headlights and had absolutely no idea what she was even talking about, and basically she comes to tell Brian Stelter that there's a problem with the media, and it is it's real arrogance. Listen here. It is to have it ok, I will let me, let me introduce you to her to her name is bought.
Ungar, Sargon and, when I was in new interviewing her again? All I knew is she was telling the truth on about the media on mainstream media. I thought this woman has no chance this woman has no chance. Who is she did not whose conservative or liberal well, I find out that she is a liberal, and she has woken up play cut. Eight please from the podcast today I want you to think that woken up is the reason that a lot of liberals are waking up. You know that just be the. Insulting nature of it, be the way that it fails to accurately capture the richness of opinion in the black community. The way that its you know that, like you, said that the contempt that the that this war How view shows for their fellow Americans who they know are no longer racist? I think that people are just fed up with it.
And to re racial eyes american society, I'm we're ready for unity. I mean work that were ready for unity. by that I mean I mean, look at Virginia. Look at Virginia. They were all the media was on television, while the lieutenant governor, the first black woman, is accepting and and walking into the role there. All saying this was a racist thing. It was all racist dog, whistle Senor like how can these people be racist when they just elected her and hispanic at another. I it's not that was so amazing. The split screen of lieutenant governor winsome seers, a Jew. he can emigrant chant, leading the crowd and chance. You ass, say you say on one side of the screen, the other joy reed calling her a what you know this: a victory for wagons, supremacy, write it
the two America's and I mean honestly, it's just that that image of winsome Sears it was really. I think, a lot liberals. That is what they want to believe America is, and that is what they believe America is, and that is what America is, and the joy red side is sick percent of the people are on that in that group it it's. You know we talk about it. That's all the Democrats, it's really not it's a tiny, tiny minority, that's true on its own, you no success in this economy that rewards these elite education's. I dont know why and that you know punishes people who are working class again. I don't know why, and I mean I wrote a book about life, so I should say that, but I have a I have a few powers, and senators that I talked to a lot and they're, not you they're, not necessarily the ones that people would think that I'm talking to, and
I have tried to convince them guys. Now is the time to do what in eighteen. Fifty, six that is stand up and go. You know I figured out that neither side actually cares about these problems, that you're not serious about solving anything you your play playing a giant game here I'm not playing it, and neither are my fellow Democrats republicans! This guy is a Democrat. This guy's, a republican Back guys a Democrat. that persons and independent and work done playing this game, it's a really interesting conversation where she really if excoriated herself, because she didn't wake up until took she two thousand and eighteen and I give
A lot of credit, she has lost friends and everything else, but she sees things clearly and we we talked about You know how how does that happen? How do you wake people up and she's got some? I think some really good advice and and one of one of the things we talk about is how We have to come together, we're not going to agree on everything and we had a star. Thinking that we should we have to agree. on principles, principles, bill of rights just start with that and we can find our way too each other. We didn't agree on policies, but we agreed on principles, and I have a lot of respect for and she seemed to have respect for me as well If we can agree on principles, then we can do things like Can we asked some critical questions here? If you
can't ask critical questions. We are in. We're in the city in Ukraine called Chernobyl and the system is about to go in to meltdown And they say vent it. And the people in the control room go, but why would we? I dont think that Van tit, and they event it and look what happened it went into meltdown That's where we are. We The place where you can't question anything and they're saying you can't question it because it's an emergency Nobody is going to make a wise decision in emergency. This is why I'm telling you please prepare your family prepare for impact
hair for shortages get out Dead as much as you possibly can curb you're spending as much as you can, because you I want to be in a situation where you're in a panic, That's where we were at the beginning of the pandemic. Fifth, in days two flat MC curve. All a pretty much thought that that was a pretty good idea. Let's just take two weeks stake a two week pause and see what is going on let's get a handle on this a little bit more, but in those two weeks. Some things happened that Nobody has known about that nobody now can question that were very, very important, and if we want to stop making the same mistakes, we have to go back and examine those things that happened and it too some courage. It takes
courage to say who's. Profiting off of these vaccines. and how is that? Working exactly. And is there any motivation, maybe not maybe not. I mean I will show you the evidence that yes, but you, when you are asking the question you have to ask an honest question was this the weapon, Engineered by the Chinese, thing we ve done in research shows absolutely not not it's not was this intentional nope was. Was this a surprise found? She and others now wasn't a surprise. It wasn't a surprise what did they do right after who did it? four inform. Who did they talk to? What did they talk about
did they inform the President know and we have not only we had foyer requests. We have also reached out to many of the players. you're going to learn a lot of stuff on Wednesday. But we live in a country where this is the very popular narrative in the world and the powers that be or already today, squashing anyone who says written houses innocent the owl. Rhythms are already squashing, though people who are saying look at the truth here: here's the this guy's innocent they're, not king for truth, there not trying to stop hatred, they're not try to do anything they you're trying to win. If you try to win,
eventually you will become so extreme income. In your things up crime. against humanity will happen. If you don't, stop. I've got to prove I know I'm right. These Jews are bad and Who will just go down the road and you will kill anyone who stands in your way? In the end, you become more and more extreme because you're in it d, her and deeper and deeper. it's why people have a hard time saying You know what I was wrong: cause they're in so deep: they they ve invested so much into what they say. They believe it's a part of them, and this is the trick of politics. It is it has become part of sports and Everything in your life everything is now connected to politics.
that's for a reason. There is no safe zone you had, make political decisions on everything you do and everything you say it. Hardens you into whatever side you're on. I am asking you to join us on Wednesday is programme. Next winds please program. I have been working on this chalkboard now for over a week. And this has been eighteen months in research and about two months in production. is commercial free? It will be live, but I M going to show you. The answers to the questions that we ve all had that just don't make sense. Once you understand what really happened in real time then it makes sense.
and you have to ask yourself? Is this cover up a crime? Did anybody commit a crime here. I will leave you with this. There are people, lots, very important people that they weren't, trying to save your life. they were trying to save themselves their career and our positions there, Tat came first over the life of you, your mom dad grandmother and it still It is more important until the answer these questions. And then demand that people are held responsible for what they did that's Wednesday night plays Tv Black Friday, is coming up? If you have been in training all year for Black Friday, don't worry about it, don't worry about it, you don't have to,
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Tom Glenn Back programme ok, let's do this issue some entertainment here for just a second you're looking for something watch on tv. If you haven't started watching Yellowstone, yet you must. It is one of the best shows on television violent. But so good so good The there's another show do not watch the american version of this, because it's all politics, and quite honestly, not as funny, I think, ghosts from the BBC. There's a new show, maybe on CBS or something the ghost and it takes place in Amerika S, just wheels I love the cave man, I'm just saying that ghosts and you to watch that with the entire family, and there is not a problem rare last night I guess it was one night. Only hockey for the directors
addition, directors cut was playing and I were, we do because I know what a fan he is of rocky. Yes, it was a little bit like watching a band. You love and heard theirs. City a million times and then they're playing it live it. It's like a little different and your eminence school, but it's also not the thing I'm used to I was a little bit of that watching it, but it was. It was a disturbing cause. I from time to time went okay, so at a man who's that the army noticed their work. Glenn asking very basic rocky questions like in May, the theatre or I'm just saying I didn't make it all the way to four. I think I've any. I think Mister T was the word where it was the place where I like, that is tee and road and I'm go in that way. Will we know that Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and a lot of the audience cared about ending the cold war? Apparently, you didn't because, as you saw, the internet film, the cold war ended that speech. What an amazing difference I mean shocking king to want to watch like pure patron
It isn't yeah saying we're better than the Soviet Union full stop and seeing somebody who is the underdog whose an american win? interesting to see they added in this wouldn't be somebody you detect, but they added a lot of the sort of political intrigue. More into it anymore. All was there in the movie, but it was, moreover, more dialogue. Based on that, I wonder if that's a statement on its investor salons politics, because it oh he's kind of famously sort of conservative, and you wonder if maybe more that in maybe it's also, I enjoyed it because it was a time tunnel is like
it shows you the difference between today and stunning. Forty years. It is truly some stunning. There was only one night, though there were all in when you watch out streaming services now, I'm not sure which one it's on, but there was worth. Why should at home? It is worth watching rotting before
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