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The Woke National Archives | Guests: Tammy Bruce & Dr. Scott Atlas | 9/9/21

2021-09-09 | 🔗

The Biden administration insists inflation rates are normal … when you ignore where they aren’t. The National Archives has put trigger warnings on America’s founding documents. An Australian official mentioned the “new world order.” A woman in a gorilla mask threw eggs at California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder. The Biden administration is disturbed by the lack of women and nonbinaries in the Taliban’s government. Columnist Tammy Bruce joins to argue that the State Department is allowing a “hostage situation” in Afghanistan to continue. Glenn clears up the lies about Texas’ new election reform law. Dr. Scott Atlas discusses how leftists have ruined “the science” and gives his opinion on ivermectin.

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entertainment, goin back. hello. My arrival from by my Card Board microphone with challenge on loan from Steve, welcome to the Glen Back Programme, a great show for you today, most likely done by Ben Shapiro, I dont know what we're doing this show is well and We have oh, my gosh. We have something that will make your head explode, but I'm going to show you the way around exploding heads wait until you see what the government is done. While we were watching Afghanistan in sixty seconds one programme, ok, so
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If you exclude beef, pork and poultry. price increases at the supermarket or more in line with historic norms. Oh, oh ok, so some large categories. That night I mean, if you stop at the gas station and you slowed, the price of gas everything it is pretty much in line with the way it is historically, but I'm stopping at it casts. You ever see. The big gulps are, like almost examples, are aimed rise. Yeah now, there's a couple of things: I mean it's interesting, how he apparently is giving the overall food price increases a pass by, of course, excluding certain foods, but I thought you know what why complain? Let's play this game if you
salute all of the progressive hellhole cities. crime really isn't that bad smart, Few exclude all of the piles of crap and needles, Sir Francisco is beautiful. Russian ass governor Amy. Exclude all of the Americans and allies we left behind, and the thirteen Americans that died. Oh and the fat that China is now saying, they're gonna put their warships in: U S territory waters, Afghanistan, by withdraw? It will it was actually a complete success. You exclude all of the blood and brains all over the backseat J F K just had a quiet drive through the city of Dallas. If we exclude The cancer Walt Disney was as healthy as a horse. If we exclude all the legal border crossings, the border,
Really never Ben is as safe and secure as it is right now, while I think they ve almost said that one few exclude all their heads in the refrigerator, Jeffrey Dahmer kept a Harry Sanitary kitchen have on this one. You exclude all of the good things in american history, a man We could really use a bad place. Very definitely that oh yeah, if you, glued the fact that many scientists don't agree. The science is settled. The is that one do this is the This is exactly how they win because they just excluded and normally there not as clear as the IRA character. I've got to go by I tell em our numbers and stuff that guy just said well
prices are normal. I mean, if you slowed food. You know, I know I'm talking about food, but I'm just excluding some foods making the prices look bad, but we reject all the mates Usually they don't say that they just say the science is settled: they don't tell you well as long as you exclude all of the other people that don't agree, It's a subtle! Your as long as you exclude all the good things in the American History Department here, which we ve done, we got rid of all of it. I think all agree. America really socks. I'll, tell you that an you buy it! Americans continue to buy it now in his talk yesterday. He also calls out the four big meet processors like we did in them. Mafia show, but what's different, is he
excludes the oddity that prices are going up, while cattle prices aren't further first time in history so He's making the me processors look bad blaming it on the meat processing which automatic clean. Most people would just got the farmer, the wretch or their cutting wretch. Now they're not know they're, not if you cut out the fact that cattle prices are flat while meat prices are up you'll, be able to lie about meat to accomplish your goal, is something that Tammy Bruce taught me years go in a book called chain the language- and you control the argument. I'd like to change that here
change the language, and you can control the people. For instance, lemme give you this warning. Your head is about to explode. The national archives and Records administration, Determined recently that amount guess founding documents, including declaration of independence and the constitution. Now maybe harmful or difficult for some users to view. Since reflect outdated, biased, offensive and possibly violent views and opinions. The declaration of independence and the constitution? America, if you don't come out in droves.
Drive these progressive in the same people out of Congress. If you don't vote them out, we, done because once you label this a very offensive out dated document. Why are we still using it. The statement on potentially harmful content now it is their job, regretfully, I'm sure preserve and make available these historic records, but some may reflect racist, sexist able as massage MRS misogynist, what is Miss Sergeant nor massaging what what is that is at against who's that
and no war. It massaging no war. I don't I am. I s pose YE. Why an oh, I r, the dislike contempt for or ingrained prejudice against black women? Never what never heard the terms, and xenophobic opinions and attitudes. They may be discriminatory towards, or exclusive diverse, views on sexuality, gender, religion and more include graphic content. historic events such as violent death, medical procedures, crime war, terrorist acts, natural disasters and more damage bias and exclusion in institutional collecting and digitization processes. They pledge to work in conjunction with diverse communities, in order to balance the preservation of american history with sensitivity on, These materials are presented and perceived by users, now
want you to know. They came out a few months ago with a report that. I think everyone will agree with that. The national archives, the rotunda itself, that's place where the declaration of independence and the bill of Rights and the constitution are housed, that the road tat The itself is in eggs. Ample I'm quoting of structural racism because it lol. wealthy white men in the nation of nations founding while marginalizing people of color women and other communities You know I wasn't us that did that it was you the progressives that did that Woodrow Wilson, that and because Woodrow Wilson did it and he in fact all of our universities, you Benny racing Black minor ready women
anyone else you you the Progressive Movement heavy raced it Let me tell you in a few minutes what exactly you can do. Let me give you one other thing: The CDC now some people don't think this is a big deal. Stew doesn't think it's a big deal. I do The CDC has changed. The definition of vaccine on their website now, maybe if this was an isolated incident and they weren't cons Lee doing things like this. They change. the definition of vaccine on the CDC website it was on August, twenty. Sixth, it was a product that stimuli it's a person's immune system to produce immunity to assist, The disease, as of yesterday. The new definition of vaccine on the CDC website is a preparation,
that is used to stimulate the bodies immune system response against diseases were By that definition, vitamin c d are also vaccines for this. You may not think it's a big deal control, the language and control. The argument, or control the people, and no mistake, that's what's happening and you can always tell when people are When, when you hit a hot button, because Google Facebook. They are so fast to make sure not. As is evident, Where is zero? As Ireland, for instance, today, trending more at the bottom of the trend. We check it every day before we go on the air. What stranding!
the phrase new world order was trending. All that's weird, wiser than new, world order, trending stew Would you describe the new world order? I mean just off the top of your head. What does that mean to most people? Well as it is, Valverde there's a big conspiracy. Theory Glenn, quoting conspiracy? I remember George, each W Bush yet utterly warlord very along here. Any was globalist. Many talked about the world, no new world order. Is also used by religious people to say and other world say it's a vote, it's a hostile takeover. It's a controlling of the people. So new world order was trending and when we clicked on it, we got this little message. Unfair did claims about the new world order. Conspiracy theory are shared after
strain governmental official use the expression during a press conference on Thursday. Will, let's hear what she said, motorcycles will back in place, especially with reopening and people signed, act upon himself khazar exposure side still. Will they be put back in place to be lost? did once way, I'll reopening Cosette none of them and we will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the new world order, we're gonna we're going to be examining what com intact, tracing looks like in the new world order, sounded so nice with her acts, and, dare I say it we did it did now. The fact checkers go I wanted to point out fact checkers regularly. Debunked claims connected to the conspiracy theory of the new world order The phrase is commonly used to describe time. of change.
Cultural shift, you That's why I described the nineteen sixties. You know it the new world order? it's the way. I swear. I talk about you know when J Leno left, and what's his face became the host of the tonight show. I thought that's the new world order, is that it's a shift of cultural norms in autumn sister cultural, shall remember people using that term guy, we didn't do a lot of people dead. Lotta people did because that's commonly used to describe times of change or a cultural assets, ever use that way there might be like or f in the dictionary a is evil b is but it's a global concern. Is he to control all the people of earth? Now
Maybe you weigh down it's a cultural shift. back in a minute. Tell you how to fight this first, let me talk about relief factor. A few years ago, in so much pain all the time, I literally didn't know what I was going to do, I'm a guy who to write letters long form I collect pens cause. I love to write occasionally. I have to sign my name to something usually: checks for this guy, pointing stew begging but can paint my hand were so in so much pain and people would writing saved, watch and I'd have my hands wrapped all the time and it was awful now I started debt relief factor as a last resort as something to get my wife to stop nagging me about dry every day
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and and pledged to to each that there's a new chapter in America we're doing enough and four mercury, one, the ten year anniversary to mercury, one every thing that I we ve done has been set up to this moment and I didn't oh that until a few weeks ago I told Stew privately fifteen years ago I got a very strong, prompting build the framework of hope. Now. Why is at frightening to me too, usually one year hopeful. That means the world is about to crumble riot and when I heard build the framework of hope? I didn't know what that meant, but I also was like oh wow: I'm going to need framework we're going to need framing cuz, I'm good in bad times.
Gonna need framework to hold onto too. I'm telling you right now. I'm not said this for on the air. There is being a time in your life unless you're a nice you because you didn't get the vaccine, they should give you a bad. There's gonna come a time in your life, where you will not be able to have the scriptures you will not have access to the Bible. So what are we gonna do about it? Well, I and working on something for a while now and it's really ten years in the making. But now it's all very very clear and I'm gonna be introducing it at the ten year anniversary. Mercury one? Usually we have a gala pays for all. Do you keep the lights on and everything else, but I would like you to be there we're gonna ring amazing documents that you have never seen before.
We're gonna be showing you some of the things from our museum and our vault you'll be able to get up close them and see them. You're gonna be able to meet figures of history and I'm now outline what I think we need to do and this is more important than ever. The nine eleven project or nine twelve project. All of that stuff. All of that was, I think, now a precursor to this. to get me to understand where we needed to go and to learn some lessons and and prepare you for what work coming towards. If you would to be there in person or all of the proceeds go to mercury. One. Take it seriously is twenty. Five dollars am one next chapter: dot com, it's happening October, ninth doors open at six, p m. The event starts at seven
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So how do you fight, although this you fight all of this with the truth and you don't have to shout the truth. Mark the king did not shout the truth or not? Luther king. Just let the truth stand for itself, so I want to show you something that Larry are experienced. Yesterday, a woman in a garage a mask. who does not have a throwing arm? I mean I have throwing our partner Barack Obama as a better following our that's now that's route is that I'm sorry didn't mean to be rude. Her anyway she's I was an egg and Larry elder Larry Elder is walking like one of those views. You remember the pictures from the nineteen fifties and sixtys where these black stew, we're being escorted in to class firms in universities and
Schools that had been disagree desegregated and there were king in and they know their in trouble. They know they're gonna, be beaten up called names, everything else, but they are deterred. And you can see it in their eyes, their determined, and yet they do No, what's ahead of them, if you Look at the picture of Larry elder from this walk. That is exactly the way it looked and he had black people and white people protecting him. and this woman comes up and she throws an egg at his head, MRS and she's vile. But it's what happens after that. Let me play the audio and you can watch. We added a legal honest about that. Determined face okay, so she throws the egg now she's its arguing about one of the White Security guys.
she frozen punch at him. Lack security guy gets in between the two? He starts to walk away, and then this looks like. Skin had a nazi on the the democrat side. He us to start, getting up into this guy's face to intimidate him any says: don't If, with me boy now that doesn't sound exactly like what was going on in the nineteen fifties and Sixtys. I don't. Why does he let that stand next to peaceful people and there's nobody wants to be on the side of that skin had nazi guy. That is clearly a Democrat. Order or the woman throwing the egg poor or the woman throwing the egg. Nobody wants to be on that side. I would have to pay now that, I think, are you tell me
But, let's just say a black demo rat was running in Texas and a white person who supported the Publican through an egg at them and call them boy. Would that be a bigger new story than this. One is with Larry also definitely covered, and maybe, like maybe everywhere maybe congressional hearings launched over the incident. I will also say it's your big moment. You ve taken all this I am prepared an egg, your honor bicycle, your Harris Pink. All you have to do is just be somewhat accurate with an egg and you'll. Have your big youtube, video, and instead you fail. You fail pathetically now, runs a sad moment for her. You let the truth speak for itself. Let me give you another story: Lebanon Ministration our disarm I was at forty four of Floridians was that forty and in Florida and Floridians Biden administration.
concerned by lack of female and non binary terrorists in bonds. Interim government the word terrorist, but you get it are concerned about the lack of female and non binary people in the Taliban government. No, no. a boy named ministration? And you need to start saying this to your friends when they say will you know there's? No, but not by now, listen I just talked to seriously. I think you might have until disordered. Ok until disorder going on here, you're worried about non binaries that are not represented by the Taliban. That's your concern and we need to work on your accuracy. Both things need to happen. How of this one you now ranch effect. Let me give you the ale, see that this is amazing. Elsie said yesterday,
She was talking about men, straining people. Can we play this clip please. This is about making sure that someone like me. As a woman or any menstruating person in this country cannot make decisions Their own body and people like governor, abbot and Mitch Mcconnell want to have more role of over a woman's body than that woman or that person has over themselves. Ok, that made me Almost men straight when I saw that I think I was leading from some place downstairs, but that's not what she means. Menstruating people. First of all, only women men straight only what women men, strayed bastardy ass. I am, and I guess I just gonna have to live with that I'm just rehearsing this for you say when you have men straining people you're such a Haider
sang women. Curly meant. Yes, I am. I I hate lies. I don't hate people, I hate lies and I hate them, fact lies have on really good people become unreasonable, and then they hate people that are standing just to tell you the truth scientifically followed the science men cannot menstruating period. Who did I say that I didn't mean that oh, I did do that, set you off. What period did seated ends? with period and now have completed now. You're confused, that's an incredible thing to have to say: yeah! That's it terrible thing to have to say- and I think that is here we are? There will be banned on social media for tweeting that right, probably I tweeted
tonight we have what you want to be, but now I where it is a badge of honor right now I really want to be banned. I want to be I want to be on China's. You know naughty list. I really do want to be officially banned by the country of China. Can anyone in this audience make that happen. I know you're someone in this. I haven't friend I have a friend that has been sanctioned by China and, unlike ah come on Zan. Clearly you get that, although we oughta which what I've been reading Josh Robins book- oh yeah, oh my gosh, you realize how deep the tentacles are in american society when it comes to chinese government operations, aid is terrifying. Gap worry we're gonna president, whose taken money from himself now get. So how do you fight this? Here's one? state of Arizona plans to completely divest one hundred and forty three million dollars from the.
Mobile ice Cream company Ben Jerry's as of September because its Israel boycott thank you State of Arizona, as in the a little late as Arizona chief, banking and investment officer. I stand with Israel and I will not allow taxpayer dollars to go towards Anti semitic, discriminatory efforts against Israel. This is how you get things are moving in the right direction. You stand up for the truth. Israel is not an apartheid state and, if you ve ever been there, you know that if you'd ever ought to Palestinians without a camera around them in their homes. The I do not agree with the the palestinian terrorist leadership.
thank you, Arizona for standing up above this one who as the balls in Google to say. Ok, all right, calm down, Google is now holding their antiracist training for it. Employees that clear direct links exist between listening to Ben Shapiro,. And committing mass murder. the training also, but a places Or Donald Trump on a list of ideas and people that lead to genocide along with a Political beliefs in phrases such as all lives matter, Shapiro trump and the rest, all contribute to the normalization of racism, see what they ve done here is they have flipped racism around? They have made anti racism. The key
and the key to anti racism is, you must engage in racism, it the only way to fix the racist problem, so they affect The entire definition around how could I All lives matter led to genocide. If you actually believe all lives matter. A cat. it can't, unless you are a seated races to mean only white? people matter or if your deep seated racist that believes only black lives matter or all lives matter except some matter more than others, which I too believe. Do you believe that all lives matter well? Taliban lives? No, they matter they matter I'd like seems, After all, boys at wrong. Is that wrong
This is why I apologize period is a really important part of fur of that story yeah I mean all lives, certainly, do matter When you do here in the middle of killing you. The other matter is my friend yourself. Yet they don't matter as much another graphic from Google titled. The white supremacy pyramid advances the idea that conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is the foundation of why supremacy, while that makes no sense, he legitimately was the most targeted. journalist by what supremacists farm line, number one most targeted, because you're going shocked to hear this gun white supremacist, not huge fans of Jews they're, not, You know even if their way way way way way. Don't mention ovens. Jewish arrived in international surprised by that, every time, shocking development butter. So how do you? How do you do? How do you stop? This first
you recognise the truth and know that only the truth will set. You free caveat. It we'll make you miserable at first, but it will set you and our country free, you politely nicely quietly state the truth do not participate in any of these lies, don't sit there quietly. get up. Where are you going, MR back any place where lies are not being taught is truth thee These are lies and I know I have a lot of friends around me here that feelings Actually, the same way, I hope they have the courage to get out now. As it is only going to get harder in the future and you walk out. Let him call you all kinds of
I would rather be called names. I would rather lose my job honestly. I mean I. I think we demonstrate that every day we put our lives. Our fortunes are jobs on the line. As we believe in the truth. Do you Do you believe in the power of truth, do you believe in the power of God. Do you believe in the power of right, and wrong. Do you believe good, guys, win in the end? Now the that phrases in the end. Lee they're not arresting. Anybody want no they're, not, but I guess Don t you. They are on the wrong side of history, so we might be dead. Before this is all settled up, but I guarantee you
If you stand with the truth, you will be vindicated. You are on the right side of history and you believe in and after life If you stand peacefully like the gospel teaches and love those who hate you, those that curse. You you will receive your crown. You will have the only indication that matters It begins with the truth and the smallest the smallest sand of truth must be met, to be your foundation back in a minute I one of the things you can do to help keep your family
gather and make sure that you are not being pumping things into your family's head. That are untrue, is what your wife, King on TV, what you're watching in the movie? Theatres- and I mean I have a really our time of this, because I like movies, I like TAT, vision, but there's so much in there. We will watch in Britain. And I like it- I mean there's I've got issues on all kinds of things on it, but in then there We're about four episodes in like all is really are, we gonna now have the the the gay agenda. As we have the black agenda, we have the gay agenda we have the woman agenda, I get it, but it's not really. Fences, but there are things now that they showing I don't want want. I don't want to see. I our sea between male male male male female theme, was it. My children should be watching it. Ok! Well, I can do something about it. Vit angel
The angel lets you filter out the things that you don't want to see over twenty five hundred movies. Twelve thousand tv shows new ones all the time. If you have tv, Amazon, Prime Netflix, you knew Vince Angel filter the stuff out that you don't want just the stuff, you want, it's only a buck to try it for free. Month. You use the promo code back one when you go to vivid angel back Dotcom, that's vivid angel back Dotcom Protocol back one I have an update and I want to clarify, some things that blinkin said yesterday at the state Department about these Ngos theyve. You know they ve really got
you know they were they. They really have some things that they are trying to do, but they're just doing it all wrong, and I just can't help which can help them. We have an update. The Nazareth fund coming up in just a second and my personal views on what is being done in Afghanistan. Also Tammy Bruce joins us. I love this woman I mentioned earlier the earlier today. Control languish control, the argument that was one of her first books years ago. And she was right talk to her about what's going on and the Taliban, sole concern where soap concern. There's no binary. People in the leadership of the Taliban coming up to climb
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hello, America. We have Tammy Bruce covered up in just a second to talk to us a little bit about Afghanistan, and I have a very frustrating update from the Nazareth Fund in sixty seconds programme, well summary, is starting to give way to fall in some places. That means the leaves will soon start turning brown on the trees. In Texas, eggs brown already or just looking forward to be able to walk outside without bursting into flames. as for me, my mother, really change for me and do do what I've been doing all year. Long and that's cooking our food on the rectangle, because it has smart technology. You do not want to go outside in August in Texas, you just don't want to. I mean like it's, not good, it's really not air quality, whatever
you will spontaneously burst into flames if it wasn't for the humidity that keeps putting you out anyway. Wrecked tech doesn't require you to be out there looking over everything it has smart grid technology technologies can started from the inside warm it up from the inside of your condition home or Europe. Heated homemade sparingly starts to going to fall. There's just now better grill than this. It will tell you exactly when everything is cooked to perfection its rectangle find them. Had already see tee Q wrecked tech with a cue, are easy to Q, dotcom rectangle, dotcom stew came in this morning and he was like okay, so the planes they're moving ya gotta bring alert. My news, feed from mainstream publication, said the Taliban as agreed. These planes are moving their free ago. That's great news and Rice Glenn didn't
email me or anything, but, as is its great news, here's this story. Taliban authorities have agreed to let two hundred american civilians and third country nationals who remain in Afghanistan after the end of the. U S evacuation operation to depart on charter flights from Kabul? Tallow press to follow departures from U S special representative blah blah Blah said the. departures are expected to day the official could not say whether these Americans and third company country nationals were among the people strand for days at Mozart E Sharif yeah we know are not known or not. They ve got another hundred, it's weird, because we have over a hundred so all Americans and then more Americans are all going to be safe once their flights get out and our flights get. It's gonna be great Unfortunately, our fly
are not going to get out. It looks like they have not been able to get those flights out darn it and blinking said the Taliban forces are just not permitting the take off of any of those charter flights. You know that that the Nazareth Fonder others have put together and gosh. We thought had leverage over them, but I guess we don't blinking said there is no hostage like situation. No, no technically not in the way you always think of a hostage situation here, said many of these flights have been organised by Ngos and their individuals, whoever deeply, our desire to help people but there is also a risk of people looking to extort money from desperate and vulnerable people, which, of course, we want to prevent
additionally, some of the groups claiming to have all of the documentation and arrangements lockdown. Unfortunately, don't often for a good reason: ok, yeah imitation religious or that they they say they have all the documentation and they don't often for good reason. yeah. You know why, because the state too, and told us about a new document that they said it was now required, and it was required. like by August twenty, eight or August thirty, something like debate. They put it in the law. Ass minute as couple was collapsing and we said well where we get that document for all these people, you get it at the embassy. will there isn't an embassy here anymore. Pup quote: including the laughter well you're just gonna, have to figure that out. Oh my gosh yeah Yeah so often with good reason: yes, it's them, while they don't the destinations lockdown. They say they do, but unfortunately, that don't why? Because every come
free that we have tried to fly them to where we have had permission. The state department, either calls them in advance and said, don't take these people. Or they just won't, give us permission to land there. Tammy Bruce's here she wrote a great article, the other day for the washing in times about this, very situation- tell me: how are you I'm fine. It's it's still with what you described. What all of us have gone through its it's like it's a night. air and the nightmares? Yes, it's it's terrorists, it's our enemy, taking Afghanistan back, we kind of handed it to them, but what you have just described here the administration hopes people will be confused, clearly have a lower guard for the american people, but the I've I've analogy. Is this to be like when they are set up and abuser who's been stocking? A woman saying if I can
have you? No one will have you and then they a reason to kill the woman. This is if we rescue you. No one will rescue you. This is jealousy is envy. It is especially, I would, I believe, because you're doing it and because, your supporters have been helping do merrily thing to only intend to do with, because I have dismissed that people have said that, and I've dismiss that. Do you really believe that? Yet yes, here it it's too, I so I believe it and it Taken me a while to get here, I for the longest time felt that Joe Biden, really had no idea what was going on and we just a couple: I've been moved away from that is well. He clearly is not in charge, but boy is he willing? here's a willing collaborator in this. I there's no other way to explain the nature of the american government refused to assist
getting Americans and our allies out of that country by any if necessary, and here's the other link that makes me believe that that debt based, they simply don't want it, If it be done because they are not the ones who did it, let you did, they are still taking credit for that overland evaluation of the four Americans, the mom industry, kids- that was done by again A civilian dynamic form military, and there are still taking credit for that so this is an administration that is willing. and and and excited just drop this because of how they think will reflect on them and who they think we'll get credit. This is discussed, it clearly is a hostage situation that remarkably- and I can't believe I'm saying this seems to be facilitated by our own government
the individuals who got out of trouble where our weight, but Fox NEWS is reporting, were had like tickets. a Qatar airline that these are not peace being piled into plain who not known. These are people who had tickets and its audit of Amazon like a that's an airliner from Qatar and that's how they ve got now, and we have to also remember we're the Americans and the news is reporting these numbers of american and our allies who are left as though its it. We can believe them, as you said, if, if within was it you have and the numbers that where'd you ve gotten out of Kabul, already exceeded number of Americans that we were told who were there? This all a shell again it is shocking and what they think ultimately in the end will be. Is that Americans will forget because they think we're all a bunch of roots him. We don't have bread, if we don't understand things and that it will
get em, maybe they're, hoping that the euro the virus will get worse? I mean this is a kind of gang that would do that. This is the same, taken I'm sure you were my did your audience that was in charge during been gauzy hideous, Susan Rice, it is actually blinking. It's the same mentality of abandoning people. Of lying to the american people. Of what difference does it make now that Mentality- and I think it is because if you are you ve got a profile- the We see that the Democrats, don't like you and you are providing an example of how this could have been done. How it can be done and they simply don't want it to happen because of politics There is no other reason for this, not just the weird new paperwork you mentioned. That is you can't access but the but the email that was leaked by one. the individual shoes and ball of India.
Having right there. Black and white. You try to go, do even another country. We will not accept you d, o D based You try to go to another country. We will tell those countries to not accept you and it's because suddenly Glenn they'd their worry about vetting. When we act, tens of thousands in this country who have not been vetted, who were piled on the airplanes we left O. Ironically, we left behind all those who we said were the most important, the America, and our s ivy holders, the majority of whom we now know also were abandoned their, so we brought everyone over whom we don't know who they are with their child brides with there, multiple wide show little girls complaining about being raped and being hand into and sold to these men. Over here to say nothing of him,
measles case now confirmed at Mccoy Fort Mccoy and reports that these refugees tab free rein and wandering around the bases, with no restrictions and using goobers to me the base and to go into communities. This is this disaster of course continues to unfold and its form, an administration that I think, is both hostile to certain people in this country and certain kinds of Americans. Euro call conservative, as well as incompetent It is a combination of malevolence and idiocy, and this is our state as we are three. away from September eleven sound, like I sounded last week when I got the when I got the phone call, the briefing when I was told, because we worked all day Tuesday. Last last week, not this last Tuesday the Tuesday before to get these?
or planes off with the State Department, wheat. We were fine without them and we were getting these planes off. We had Americans, we had lots of people on this plain that will go on named now, because there in hiding- and I dont- want people to to target them, but we at last to people on this plane. They would not release them. We had four senators at least who congressmen and it ll east one Democrat that all involved trying to get the state Department just to let these planes fly. They they tell us in the end after I go to bed after hours of this, I go to bed, looks like because everybody's on top of the state Department that they're gonna get it to move when I get up, the next morning, they I find out that they have told, I told the Taliban that these people are here. Here's the manifest the end
everybody turn in your paper work and your passports, and I said I got. I said if all of these people, because we know who they are. If all of these people do not return. The blood everyone who is lost is on the hands of the State Department and this administration, and I I was so angry. Tell me I said I I don't even know what my citizenship means. I am would literally what is my tax dollar paying for, and I don't mean it like that are wasting my tax money. I mean I don't know what they're doing behind back. I have no idea if this is what they do to my face. What is this country doing behind my back. This is not even about ambivalence like they're, not try hard enough for their author destroyed at Arthur JET they're, just freaking out there too, there Taking action and the actions are impeded our ability to get Americans out
impeding our ability to get the S. Ivy people are clearly probably the most affected people, are on those planes that you ve helped Sure I show you that there are you. How can I chose I'll? Tell you something. There are people that are now vetted by us that our on some of these planes that key, to us, through people in the state Department. That say you gotta put these people on. Will don't know who those people are. Don't worry. We do well we don't. This is a whore both situation where This shows you about leadership that this is not the normal government. This is not what American, but it isn't what a democratic and want it is. This dynamic, its remarkable that they have chosen, this pattern of things to happen, as you are leading to September eleven, including me get MO show you hearing with commune, Mohammed waving at reporters and winking? It is.
shocking dynamic. That someone is are the problem we I know who is making these decisions, and that takes way. Our ability, then to remove them constitutional is because they ve been. We address Wilson S, dream life, Woodrow, Wilson Dream: you have an administrative state you don't have anybody to blame we can. You hang on for a SEC. I want to continue our conversation. Can you hang under sixty seconds? First, let me tell you about relief factor, Patricia lives in Michigan she's. Seventy two she's gotten used to the regular but brutal pain in her knees in her hips. She told herself seventy two, this is what happens so indeed heard about really factor on my show she was sceptical. But to that I have to lose tupid Russia's astonishment. It turns out seven two is young enough to be out of pain. She said without.
So after I just a few weeks of taking relief factor, she was back to normal these days. She has no trouble getting out of bed. She doesn't have pain when the weather changes. She's happy Patricia, got her life back. Will you do try it for three weeks. Seventy percent of the people who try it for three weeks as directed find there also looking for go onto order more. Please, just try it if its not working in three weeks protocol work for you try the quick started nineteen, ninety nine three weeks, relief, factored come relief, factor, dot com or call them at eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four eight hundred five hunter, Eighty three, eighty four: it's really factor dotcom ten seconds. station. I do so Tammy. Here's another frustration that I would like to have you commoner
because you have experience you used to be the LOS Angeles chapter, president of the National Organization of women and in a heroic move, you real They were full of bull crap when they were supporting Bill Clinton and you left and God bless yo. You give a lot of people hope he gave me hope and really gave me a an understanding of what courage really means, but time here, you're welcome, you deserve it. I put out a challenge to glad five years ago. Still I actually met with the leadership of a lad in New York, and, I said, look I'm looking for any publicity, I'm not looking for any winds here, I'm looking to save the people that are being thrown off the rooftops in in IRAN and Libya, can do it? Lets we agree on anything and that's what makes this so strong. We
green on the right to live. They wanted nothing to do with it, I have asked them and the National Organization of women, If you are getting tips where people are, we will save them, we'll put just Let find them I know that people are being killed slaughtered, axed to death, women and homosexuals Where are these people well yet there there sniffing Joe Biden Shoes right now I mean this. Is we ve seen this constantly I've written about this now for twenty five years? Is that this is entire framework of these social justice groups that are meant to say the gaze of the women are. The people of color are fronts that they exist took too.
That cooperate issued would grown in Cairo talking about sexual harassment in the media, about catching and killing. So what they do, is they then only issue, and then they protect the establishment that circle we we see the meltdown with that times. That group as an example of how they work supposedly videos was to for sexual harassment, saving the victims, helping women who are victimized by men like Andrew Cuomo, and what is it they're doing? There aiding and abetting and advising Andrew Cuomo, so their leadership had to resign. The people involved were Jim you only caring about the issue and they saw what was happening, but that's just one example. we have the issue, you now arguing that getting. This is most orwellian thing that getting a vaccine is, is the open Basically, the vaccine mandates are actually very, very important and end of promote your
Personal, individual freedom and civil right. It's it's a remarkable exposure of the fact that its there it these are France. Just like the Democrats, they say we're here, we're gonna, be its unity. Is what Biden ran on it here too? bring our allies together with us again and save the country at everything's. Immigrate. Look at the outset. I haven't heard their working in tandem with a written Taliban. I have them by about ninety seconds. I wanted just talk to you about Larry Elder yesterday. He was He will. He looked like some of those school kids from the nineteen fifties and Sixtys that were being escorted, determine but no, I dont know what future holds How will the people waking up at all Tammy at all those? I hope so because it's what we just discussed there, supposedly liberals doing this kind of the black face of white supremacy, and this woman
white woman wearing an ape mask as she's drawing eggs at him. It was seen but that is where my first book, the new thought police at the racism and homophobia live on the left. You reaching out is one of those major things that allowed me to identifies a conservative that you care the issues that this is about. Getting things done, because we agree on most things, interestingly enough, but I hope- and we ve got to highlight and illustrate this- that this is what the left is, and this is the fraud that all of us been abused by not just conservative but classical liberal american patriots. All of us, it's all in front of us now and we ve got to say enough is enough for the liberals out there that that the organisations that are supposed to be taking care of you there fraud- this is a gap, flies Sayer using used to protect the system. We see, that is every single level and you are
thing, people's eyes on it and you are doing the real work Glenn and that's why I appreciated being able to come on today and say. Thank you. when to let you know that we all recognise that. Thank you very much to me. I'd love to heavy on maybe Monday because of the election. Happening with Gavin and get some more on that so we'll talk. two again. So thank you very much. Tammy Bruce pursues the Glen Programme alright, I'm going to give you a hypothetical situation where I don't think about. Imagine for a moment, Dr Anthony Fauci. You know the most esteemed is team doctor in in in every way, it's hard to say that was a straight face, but the most, the doktor in America. Imagine that he's your real estate, agent and you're about try to sell your house now. I would be a real estate agent, you don't trust which is the exact opposite of what my company does somebody that Listen to you doesn't talk
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day ten Americans left behind in Afghanistan by this administration. Welcome to the programme anymore, Glenn back, I'm glad you're here I somehow or another have three charity events to do this evening. The three just the three I've got. I've got to that there were kind enough to coordinate, to me my schedule, so one was across the street from the other one. So I a pop back and forth. Between the two. We really are Orson Welles our area and then the then last night Lugosi part called and said he great speaker all lined up yadda yadda for big fundraiser. He was doing and- and he said, they had cancelled at the last minute. I'm sorry about that Louis is. I would not mind
all in all, it is a little busy. I fancy football drafting sailor. Couldn't I could make you said they could they say you were the secondary ass though I was the second choices and I said, look I blew I'm having one the charity. Events I'm having it. these people- and I don't remember what charity was for- probably chuck Norris charity. They they bid to have dinner with Tony, and I- and I really mean you can have the stake and not I don't have to show up Tanya who go. but anyway, I said well Louis, You'll get a plane and I in bringing to the cod winners with me will have dinner at your place on our speak hunt combining three of them all in one tonight. It should be, should be fun, but It's the next chapter of M, one that I want to talk to you about. We have a huge event,
the power of one. It is happening here at the Toyota Music Factory, which is a large venue here and get started twenty five dollars all pro It's gotta, mercury, one! We are going to be not only giving you an update on everything that is going on, but I'm gonna be laying out a new vision that I hope that we can get a lot of people to get behind where we know we, we ve talked the black robe regiment. If you ve been listening to us for a long time, black Le Robe Regimen, we ve, talked to what about Martin Luther King and his pledge and and it's it's time now to put that together with something else that I will outline for you and realized the power of one. The reason why, as Tammy Bruce thinks I'm not convinced of this, but I try to leave
I thought that I try to believe the best of the State Department, because I believe there even what they're doing right now. I guess I just don't believe that I'm that important, that they would be doing this because I am behind it. I just don't think that's true, I think that's either. What is true, is they don't want you to feel, like you, can do anything about things that you have go through. The government and people are not gonna just come out here and do things and save people. I do believe that we are concerned, organizations we worked with, are not directly too late I bearing now. For me, no organisation are all being there all beer all having these were all having the same issues, but that they want to make sure that you are put in your place. Join us it's. October, ninth, and fine, all of the information and the tickets at em, one, that's the nuts. One
One next chapter dot com m, one next chapter dot com: we talk about their work, mercury, one alot over me in Amerika, we hurricane that happens in their they're doing these things, and you know they ve done a lot of great work over the years, but I dont have theirs ever been a second, but this I shall be there and I don't others ever been a time where it was so clear How important the work of mercury one is and go back to with one of the initial. The initial ways we talked about this. It reminded me of this from back in the day where we stood, always say if we want the government to do. Ass, we have to do more and that was one of the founding ideas of Marie want and look at this right like we are now I didn't think you'd ever come to this. Were you haven't? You have to take put me to fly american citizens out of Afghanistan because they just let me Entire situation collapse on top of these people
Even in those situations, we need people regular american people there audience has done so much of this work. We think about this like we are. We You know this audience has changed the world They ve this audience, helped people with food. We p, p ease with everything in Detroit when their government abandoned them? Nobody, nobody ever did that story. Nobody ever did thing about this or that's fine. That's not why you did it you did it because it was the right thing. Just Remember you don't. To be heroic you just have to remember what your mom and dad taught. You was right. You just have to remember what society has always said is right and wrong, and that's why this Afghanistan thing is so easy because
people know in arrogantly. There is something in America and, in the end, the average american heart that leaving people behind is the, host on american thing, you can do. We all feel it it's it's like you're, a trader it Sir your dishonourable it just it's just it its unsettling to leave me but behind that have been helping you and that it's easy to its easy to then say: let's go get em. We just have to Try to remember you know I had a spiritual counselor tell me once guy really looked to, and have talked too for many many years on spiritual matters and trying to give perspective on what I do, and. and he has. He has told me, don't do more than what,
the Lord is asked you to do. Stop taking all of this on your shoulders. Do your part, do your part and part of what he said, and I am just starting to understand this now, almost five years after he said it. Your job is to help people remember what it feels like at home. And I didn't really understand that. But I do now my job is to remind you and now your job is to remind others what you were taught with right and wrong and the safety that comes from knowing difference between right and wrong and doing the right thing it's so much easier to do. The right thing really is and it brings you joy and it brings you hope when you do
The right thing. Join me on October. Ninth because- is this is this: is this? This is for the people in this audience that want to lead I've. I've said the past. This audience is going to be responsible for saving the country, and I Strangely still believe that I have felt that that come for me. That is what every time I've talked to you over the last twenty years about something important summit. just rings inside of me. That says this audience is the key and I dont oh, how that's gonna come about, but I believe that and If you feel like you are being called to do something good and put positive in and not be the negative, but actually take stand need to be with us, virtually or in person. On October, ninth for
M ones next chapter I'm going, introducing something new me dummy cover one more thing quickly. Here. Yesterday Gregg Abbot, the governor of Texas, signed the Texas election Reform bill into law. Now Is the one that the media has been lying to you about all summer. So let me give you some of the sum of the truth it's it's Strangely, Jim Crow Wade has nothing it doesn't even resemble Jim Crow, but this is the grow law that cause fifty one Texas State representatives. All Democrats to leave. axis and go on their publicity tour in Washington DC, because Texas, just hates women. You know We hate minorities so. The only thing you ve likely heard about this bill is Republicans in Texas are trying to keep people from voting right now,
Times said this makes Texas Quote one of the most difficult states in the country in which to vote. That is a lie. Is a lie there. arguing that republics or try to make it harder and vote harder to vote and it would, it would make sense. Maybe if Rob weakens, were struggling to elect Donald Trump over the last two tax. I mean it's not really a struggle here in Texas. It's not like we're going on overturn all the elections republican. generally win here, here's what they are not telling you about this Texas Bill and you need to know the truth, protects the stage of hate people. Kate tell your friends this Oh bars election officials from sending unsolicited e mail in ballot applications to voters. If you one in Texas. You just have to ask for one they're not keep, new from voting they're, just saying
dont, send them out everywhere. It so prohibits, drive through voting and twenty four hour voting, but it does create uniform voting hours statewide, including expanding weekday early voting by an hour it all, so authorize, pull watchers to observe more aspects of the election process, including requiring large counties to video surveillance systems, wherever ballots, are handled and processed, don't you want more election geography it requires. ass, referencing with Dm V records to ensure a person citizenship status before voting she. Why? the Americans to vote in the american election which, by the way is the lie everywhere, die no we're just saying learning. Ashore womanish area must make sure we get a right. It strengthens protection of voter privacy. Another concept you'd think Democrats would all be for your vote
that is a secret ballot. Nobody can get nobody, and find out how you voted get this It also allows voters to correct mistakes on their absentee ballots, like forgetting of signature,. So how many signature, how many non signature votes were there and you can do, things, are you just had a gas while this one's good? That ones not that's, not in voting more difficult. In fact, it's making sure your vote is heard instead tossed out and poorer. The most overlooked. Provision of this new restrictive, Republicans, obviously hate people. Voting law is that A voter is in line when the poles, officially close here, she is still allowed to vote. Every in your hearing about this voting law is a lie:
until we start standing up peacefully, kindly educated, educated and say no, that's not true. No, that's not through? No that is not true until we start being the slopes of the right answer. Exposing the lives of the laughed we're, not gonna, get anywhere, don't tolerate any lies, no matter how small they are too turn into your life, You'd be amazed at how much exercise I get everyday. No, I'm serious, I'm serious anybody Bree. Frankly, everybody I meet has been any amount of time around me. There are floored by her. exercise I get I mean they talk about it, among those amongst themselves. A lot I over here thinks like does he even walk to the poor? king lot, or does he have people role is chair,
and no, I walk. I walk it's crazy One of the things you get me through a very healthy day. Thank you very much is built bar. That's a protein bar sure, but they taste like a candy bar. Yes, more, please built bars in addition to being made with real chocolate and delicious there low, calorie, low carb, high protein and high fibre built dot com. Have one love one fact: love many its built dot com use a promo code back fifteen. You get fifteen percent off your next order, its built dot com, promo code back fifteen to the programme This is the Glen Back Programme, just
got some news and I would appreciate it if you would say a prayer for what is going on right now, right now with the Nazareth Fund just take a moment please. and say a prayer for safety and wide openings or I welcome welcome back to the programme. It is Thursday. I can't believe we are approaching the twentieth anniversary of nine. Eleven on Saturday kind of important one, but I think only really him to the people of Amerika dont, think our government be know they. It's weird to have our government view America the way really kind of like terrorist nation. Look at America with disdain me has now I mean
You know, I don't know if you heard early in the showing Gonna go over it again, but the national archives have just put a warning label on the deck relation of independence and the constitution saying these are out dated historic documents that may invoke feel things of of racism, violence such etc. I mean, if that, allow. to stand. The next thing is to get rid of those outdated documents. I mean How do you run yourself as a nation if your your founding mission statement. and you're you're governing documents, or all out dated and racist offence? If you can't even read them without warning people- and you know you
obviously, your point about the terrorist nations is one that I think is inflammatory to some, however, I'm not gonna put a warning label on it. What I will say is that you think of that just think of it through the lens of viewing us, oppressors, that is absolute absolutely the what how so many and our government Aceh, Us and we know It's obviously how terrorist nation see us, but that's how they see us as it is a bad place. That is occasion. That is, you know, maybe we can turn it around. Is something totally transformed into something good. Eventually, that is The way they look at this country, and I don't think, that's toward the american people about it. When we come back, I want to talk to you about how they are managing the decline of our nation and what that means. Coming up standby
hello, America and welcome to the Glen Back programme worth so glad that you have turned into day. I want to talk to you about the new Taliban government because there are also general there. Also, gender in the State Department pointed this out yesterday and I thought my gosh thank you so much. Thank you. Sectarian, Lincoln, for really talking about the things the Americans want to talk about. All this is gender terrorists that are now in is not ideal and when I say terrorists, I hate that has probably what you're gonna hang your add on. I know all you crazy wild West cowboys, but yeah ok, they're terrorist get over it. They ve been largely marginalize, but they're they're, all sis gender, and we get one of people that say that there
furry animal character. Can we get one of those? I dont know what the name is. I know there is an item, The name is, but can't we get yeah. Ok, the Department of Interior is a terrorist, but he also thinks he's Bambi right. That's inclusive: we begin there and the lies from blinking in sixty seconds programme. My patriot supply. What is gonna happen? Oh my gosh, those good I'm sorry I just took bite of stews varying pats wife's cookies. She is a cookie which I mean it. I mean it I shall use as a compliment Ray Macsharry, oh yeah, how there is it's, it's witchcraft free,
that is happening here with the cheek ass. She just makes the Basque. I grew up five generations of bakers, five I've had good cookies, that's witchcraft! Reed outcome, which they are so good, but it won T care side outcome. This is the pumpkin, the pumpkin spicy belief just incredible to have a whole new cautionary hanging like a seasonal, you're, able it's the I'm in absolutely the best can any thing I've ever had secured. I dont like pumpkins Yeah, I mean I I like it. I like it because it reminds me of this time. We at this time of year caused a hundred fifty degrees and in Texas, but like when you need to get into the fall. Get sooner Thanksgiving I like to have the holiday stuff right is the best thing I've ever had on this incredible incredible. I'll do it. I don't either has nothing to do he's. Gonna start paying, as for this ray. I mean more and more than cookies,
cookies are vital to say it's gonna happen at the allotted cookies, but even still paying cookies anyway, patriots apply it. Is incredible. How we can take things for granted all the stuff day to day I mean Have you gone through anything at all where you have not received what you ordered, or you went out in your like what you mean you're all out. I was at a I was at a store last night, it was a pottery barn. And we are just getting stuff for the house, because we're two weeks away from Heaven this house finished, but it was weird pottery, barn and the Ladys yeah, I don't know when we're gonna get that, and I like what you mean you don't when you're gonna get that we're not getting on a new staff, because it's you know that Supply chain is down and it's like every thing,
everything, the supply Jane is down and its global supply chain. It's not the national supply Jane. Your truck still on the road. Imagine It happens when that breaks down o n it well it will. So what do you do? Please please so he said to me once you'll know you'll know when it's time to do things, just look at the seasons and watch the trees metaphorically. Look at the seasons. Look at the trees, but is it is it spring time or we going into winter. Please have a for weak emergency food supply, ready for your family and right now. My patriot supply we'll get you twenty, Five percent discount on every four weeks apply that you buy. You should have one for each of your family members
and then probably for a couple of friends, because you know that I know where I'm going. No, because I bought ammunition when it was cheap paper we Glenn dot com, prepare, would Glenn Dotcom, save twenty five percent on your for weak food supply. Right now, prepare would Glenn dot com. I want to start with this from the Secretary of State blinkin. This is this is bleak in trying to tell everybody that you know gashed darn it we're trying to do everything we can. But we don't have listened to this. This is as of now, six the Taliban. are not permitting the charter flights to depart. No, they claim that summit passengers do not have the required documentation. They claim while there are limits to what we can do without personal, the ground without an airport, get some priorities over their load of it.
still there are limits that we can do, because we don't have people on the ground we don't have an airport. now why Why this is an interesting thing? Why don't they have an airport and why don't they have people on the ground In journalism in an interesting either of those that yeah yeah, I wasn't like an execution stated policy by the guy. You work for growing bungled completely. Why and told us you have plenty of leverage on that come on. Don't worry, you got all kinds of things you can do. We don't need the troops on the ground that we will need the airport does in a what, if I did think about this, they don't allow these people to leave. We will not we wars, freak out against their access to global market S. Lot! That's what how the total as people who have been living in caves man, what
one. It is something from pottery barn right for airlines. That vase is delicious. I have to have that in my cave. Ok, so go ahead, play anymore, that he has to say no more. So very is saying that to date the Taliban says that somebody people don't have the right documentation. Now what we're here's? What we're? Here's, what we're we had for it, and we still have em away was so weird- is been seeing all week, this satellite photo of the airport, and didn't realize us, I don't listen to it. I just can't have it on. I don't actually listened to these clowns on tv. when I realized, is that's a picture of our airlines, but that's our planes on account of their satellite picture. So we heard I was like wait, those our planes,
You can see them from space. Therefore, planes that are sitting on the tarmac. They had people in them at one time those people had documents? Those people had passports. Those people had all the paperwork? You could need van state department, said no, no, no! Some of these people don't have the paperwork we now require. As of last week since since the Kabul Airport has been closed. We need new paper work. Ok, where do we go that paper work at the embassy. but there isn't an embassy any more laughter from them You're, just gonna have to figure that out no I can't figure that out. Are you playing a game? Is this game to you,. The answer is yes: what the state
Apartment is done today is their flying. People off that have already purchased tickets, that were scheduled to be on a flight and they're saying you know these flights with these american citizens. There all get off the ground I mean our flight. They mean flights. They were already scheduled to take off. Kabul. The state of our didn't do anything this, determine hasn't done, Jack when we called this morning, we were told we're still work really hard on it. Oh aria, Aria area- that was Lincoln's office can really hard Brill super hard yeah. I don't think you are. I don't think you are. Now they're saying they dont have as much pressure as they thought they did no no kidding. No,
kidding. You don't have a you, don't have any pressure! Wow, that's weird ha. And they're. Making people believe that these flights got off the ground there, not. because they didn't have the right state, department, paperwork and then the state carbon said: hey everybody off the plane and turn your paper work in your passports into the airport, to the Taliban while we hand them the manifest. So yeah now they really don't have the papers. Now they really don't have those little blue books, because a paper work was taken by the Taliban, because that's what you arranged. Oh my gosh and then for them to come out and say you know what I have to tell you.
Taliban as in unveiled their new, their new government, and let me tell you, I know now there's a place holder government. Just now we have the state department, know this place. Holder girl, because the Talibans gonna relinquish. All our power very soon to the new governance. Is an interim government. Does the Taliban notice that they're gonna be relinquishing this power, always what we have lots of leverage on them? I'm sure ok, no one! No one! No group is ever made a hostile takeover of a country and says yeah we're just taking it over for a couple of weeks until things settle down, and then, we're all gonna, let everybody else decide and come in here and Adele set up shop here in a few minutes. That's not my gosh these people are women Lee incompetent criminally incompetent. But that's something absurd part, the
Sir Part, is that the? U S and the EU is now expressing concern that this new? EL upon government is to cease gendered to sis gender, no yeah, not inclusive, not representative enough. Ok, they don't say that Europe, like there's no Christians now there's there's no by people You know I I I know is that you're trying your best, I know and you're all terrorists, but is the Department of Treasury run by somebody who's, gender, queer or gender fluid. is really seriously. We have to know that Europe. Your Department of Interior, yes wanted terrorist five million dollar bounty on You know on his head put there by the United States government asked We released him from get MO yeah, but does he
Z view himself is to spirit to spare person really says that he might the Department of Interior, but how is he with interior decorator? We dont out, we don't know and that's well. They ve come up with helpful diversity and inclusion action plan for the Taliban and that will unlock billions of dollars and frozen funds and international aid, and all they have to do, is make a few tweaks and I've I've helped him out on their site? I call this. I will. I call this street. teach EC actions for the Taliban as a nation. Acronym is as a tea in wait a minute, that's a complete. I did not see that I'm we're going to change the name. We can't have Satan as the plan. First tell him
Maybe you don't call yourself. Taliban anymore, try and said, gentlemen with a pre existing affinity for religious based tactical arm it's much less triggering Taliban. It I mean figure this. Gentlemen, with a pre existing affinity for religious base, tactical harm that rules right off the tongue, and does you know what mean and the CDC would like this. It goes right, along with what the CDC is doing. Second, either need to create a ministry of diversity and inclusion. Now. This will help them form a much healthier government and we recommend a ratio of three trends and or per of color bureaucrats for every formerly incarcerated terrorist in your government and the sooner you do this, the the suit
You can become a successful regime like the regime. It's totally accepted all around the world of San Francisco it'll- be great it'll- be great people, we pooping on your streets in no time and then you can get stuff from pottery barred, you're lookin for exactly where exactly one third fight climate change and pledged to get to net zero emissions by twenty twenty four. You it's not going to be very hard, but that's it. As a second devoid right right. This is the solution to climate change. Just live like they do in Afghanistan right right and it needs to be done yesterday. You can come out as the biggest greenest people ever forth in She ate your own nationwide pandemic, locked down this ones You want a lot people in their houses. Fine just say it's for the pandemic. You want track your people, wherever they go, you know, do you should call the Prime Minister of Australia
a minute you're are already working with China. You got that when covered fifth, provide reproductive care for your women and and if this is most in this is the most important. I am fundamentally important. Types of medical care you can do. and the sense since it really is the number one concern of yours, the care for women. I would suggest a chain of nationwide reproductive care clinics and I went them mainly in the christian neighbourhoods and convince that you were there to help them, and these or Christians, can't get adequate, family planning and then you heal their children. And so then you can weed out all the undesirables cassettes worked in America last, but not
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Let me just tell you I'm glad the by is on this. We are owing to worm. We going to be the biggest solar panel country ever of all time Half of our electricity is gonna, be done by solar panels by a twenty fifty, This is according to the binding ministration right now we're at four percent of our countries. Electricity coming from the sun, but we're gonna be a ten percent here. Just quickly you're an incredible Accomplish I end up we're so we're going to be at eight percent and then we're going to double it to sixteen percent by two thousand and thirty and then light one fifty we're gonna be at forty or fifty percent, which is fantastic, fantastic. now. Let me just let me just. Let me just riddle you this Batman, ok, just just first. Second, ok, just just tell me think this one through we had all these cars
And lots of a modern notices, lots of cars, lotta people, we ok, they take lots of energy gay, form of gasoline, but gasoline is bad. Bad we are already having in places like California, rolling Brown out and blackouts right. We're already having problems with our electricity to her vine enough, for the the growing America, but now wanna take all of our cars by twenty thirty and there won't be a gas. In engine to be had by twenty thirty and that's the thing the new year, wants to make them completely illegal to buy at all, but in by twenty thirty five g m is building. early last, v- eight combustion engine cars right now
they are in the last. This is the last smallest everybody's too, pretty much everybody that GM is done by what twenty twenty five seven and so they're all gonna be electric. Let me skew GOSH we're gonna get forty or fifty percent of our energy by twenty fifty from the solar panels and that's or the consumption now Are we gonna get all that we're getting all that power at night when the sun's gone night night and no power is being brought to the table. Air every car has to be charged to solve a problem like that without fossil fuels, what you would deed Glenn is This is just have destroyed other as yes aid but like if you had something that was like basis an unending source, electricity that was complete
Lee Clean and provided no emissions unicorn. That university has an extremely uniformity performing. Fifty record over a long period of time are already proven technology that has been improved dramatically since the last China old ideas. I know that nuclear energy fits all of that, but we can't even think about that ones. Do that's bad! That's not invited to offer I'll tell you that I mean that that's worse than bad, that's batter better than a bad sorcerer it's really worse rather than the baddies, batter nectarous any good. Let us drop some solar panels and does not turn out the lights at night beg you much easier. Somebody had to say Justin's programme alone, charge your car during the daytime Lou my pillow, you wanna goes off the minute, your head, it's the pillow sleep.
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just know what was right and they tell the american people. What was right and we would have this big. Ministries of state. In all of these two parts and they departments would run things because there, the experts and they know Best- as we're seeing now in all of that Mr Berman of Education is is our schooling, better or worse, since the Department of Education housing. parliament of state doing right now,. Hey, California, has a department of Interior right. Am I right? These experts our discrediting themselves at a record level, be Everyone on tv now is an expert, and they all tell you list: to us or die, but if you,
don't listen to us about. Thus, science you'll die yield. of global warming or global cooling or global mediocrity? You will yield die because of the pandemic, and if you don't die well, then you're gonna, kill somebody all these exe. Its or discrediting themselves and what happens to a society when it doesn't trust its experts at all. What happens to a society where they reject science, not because of science, but because of the way scientists were used. By that we would ask you one of these experts who has been rolled over with a steamroller His name is doktor. Scott ATLAS he's written a sum just been of featured in apiece sighing killed itself over covert nineteen. When I talked him
a bit about that now, hello, Scott, how I m grey thing for everyone. So you were a former member of the White House grow virus taskforce. We found out that Anthony Faulty this week, because the intercept released nine hundred pages if they were trying to actually discredit around Paul with found out cheap food, did do a lot of stuff on there. You know gain function? Research what did he know? When did he know it Did you have any idea? Scott? While you were there that out? She was, I mean, could be cut, of responsible for some of this stuff and had more information than we were. to believe well, I came at the request of the president and the White House and in the beginning of August, so that was sort of eight months ago. There are seven, eight months later we don't
I never heard any of that stuff, the Scots frankly The origin of the virus, or or any of these issues so that those emails and the issues that you're talking about predated led by six months, I was invited to the president and also part of the passwords, but only from from August on so united good, but about the comment on the emails and everything. I think that this is what what another example of how the lack of trust in science and the lack of trust in public health leaders is now a big problem in the United States what we agreed from these emails and I'm just reading them. I know I no special knowledge of it is that, as we saw them leaders, twelve of emails, there was an effort to squash the concept that it might come out of a lab instead of it was not all that it did. It was naturally
current, even though that letter to why entered woods written and it seems like with a group effort to get that letter from science has written to intimidate further the scum reaffirm what actually happened now they had information shows. It leads raises a question of who was funding this research So I think there's a lot of questions here that need to be answered and, I hope, also living in a world where fact matter, but I have my doubts. He I have my doubts to but We are. There are two America's now I don't know which one wins, and I dont know how this game is even played when you don't trust things like this, I remember thing is crazy, is absolute crazy as crazy as the Hydroxyl Corrick win that's been around for ever and they can help prevent. just exactly like this new vaccine, you take it and it can help
then you from getting it, doesn't guarantee or not, but it can help prevent it can also lessen the lesson, the the symptoms, yet. For some reason, these are still off bounds. here is the issue might might take on these drugs. You mention the following: We know that these drugs are safe. Drugs when taken is directed they ve been around for decades. Thirty, five, forty in a years Billions of those who have been given safely on both I ever met didn't and drastic work? When the question come The real data is that there has been analyses of all these sort of clinical observational trials. Sandwich were good coverage. Weren't in there is, can What thing conclusion dog, so the failure here is eighteen months after the pandemic
we still have an age did his not conducted the appropriate large scale clinical trial. I may say widely available drug that by its biochemical, its mechanism of its impact in a lab setting indicates it it might work, and so this is working. Consciousness. Here there is a suppression and they lack of function by the end, I aim to do its job. This is a heinous really failure that they have not yet eighty months later conducted the appropriate clinical trial and leave out loud. You. using these drugs when they already at the approved unsafe, they had its own heard, for the drugs at the approved at the prescribing doctor. You done at the use, your judgment as to warrant its use by the way. This is unprecedented, that that it's been banned for youth, that farmers have been banning doctors prescribing ET at felt the same you're here- is really income
The ball would living again where there is no. I want to get to one point which article says which basically there is no such thing is signed if you don't, allow the evidence to come forward and to do the scientific process of things like clinically control trials, etc. You have to see information science does not function by half a quote prevailing opinion for a while. I have a view. The view is the day. The only way we will ever have truth is the end. We await the data to come forward to do the scientific method and without that I'm afraid, You know it's finished. I don't know where to go from there. So there are more people like you, I mean. I know I talked to a lot of doctors. regular doctors and they
I disagree here and there on different things. You know the vaccine, they may say it's perfectly safe, it's fine, others will say, while I'm not so sure, but they All generally local people generally agree This isn't right. What's happening with science, are these beings apple being silenced or they are afraid or they saying it in the shadows or do most scientists now say up best way. We gotta do it. It's absolutely! there has been a very attractive smear I'm intimidation campaign, you know, as you mentioned, are alluded to. I was subjected to that by people certain professors at Stanford Universe. City, which is really a disgrace to stain on the university, and I could this vitry all of their rebukes indicate the weakness of their argument in their insecurity about the data
They don't know the data. They refuse to acknowledge that data or they thought understand how to analyze data, but be that as it may, there is never a case university faculty should suppress views university. The United States are supposed to be the sentence or the free exchange of ideas. They are an egregious failure right, not particularly where I am and still ongoing, open other people pressure. In fact, I've heard hundreds of doctors, scientists from all over the country call me saying: keep going sky, this has going on for over a year, but we cannot come forward were afraid. for our families and for our jobs, and even people at Stanford University are saying that so as they try to keep intimidating and suppressing views, that they don't like? These professors are really creating massive damage and harm to the public good, not just by their incorrect views and their failure to correct their views, blood,
by also intimidating the search for the truth that we so desperately. how do they not see that they have become dark ages. Church list- ignorance, is a very powerful treat. I guess you know these wonderful, authors of today. Frankly, this is what is happening here, the suffocation of the some of these things are actually shown very clearly. Some of these issues intact. Everything I said was does not only who back a year and a half ago. But it is the true today, every single thing scientifically true, and yet they still refuse to believe that the earth is wound in turn. The problem in the United States- and, if I may go on, is that the media is complicit in this year. You field blaming you personally matter your field, is it the score
and instead of finding truth, because we as people in a free society, depend on the media or have in the past to seek out the truth and speak objectively, and that is lost? Theirs is complicit very per First relationship between the media, the so called prevailing view of academia and social media and this this is real. Censorship is frightening, but going on in the United States and based on fear campaigns, You know I like to think the truth will prevail. We cannot give up, but we're in they now we're Americans really have lost trust, enter appropriately lost trust in so called experts. They shouldn't believe what they hear on tv. They shouldn't believe what the government officials are spouting, that the responsibility now is very individualised. The people that are this country, have to take it upon themselves and it's very difficult, married if you're out who did
starting to look at the data and by the way they are responsible for what happened children, individual parents, you control of your children in your family. You get to decide You don't wait in my view: people, that's your time, when will the CDC should say, that's one will back the proud to say this: one will government aid is the answer he ever you have to decide when it your responsibility to do what's right, there. Thank you very much, Dutch Scott ATLAS. Thank you for everything that you're doing. Thank you for the stand that you ve taken, be it right or wrong. Honestly, Scott, you have a right to say it and a right not to be smeared and a right to speak. What you believe is true and it, disgraceful and Sir, society ending when our scientists can't have that freedom. Thank you. So much
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nine zero, six, twenty four forty american financing dot net american Financing Annabel one one. Two: three: four: W W W Dot animal s, consumer access, DOT, Org programme, hello. America wasn't of the Glenn program, I'm so excited I'm on the edge of my seat seat. Just as it looks like we're at the downside of the latest covert variant. It does look like that away. Their hospitals nation seem to have passed Pekin another downturn in many of the early states, especially be Florida and southern states, and now now Joe Biden steps to the microphone to give his his latest plan covered vaccines and what he's going to do is, and we have to watch the wording carefully today. He's gonna make it mandatory for all federal workers and those who contract with the
the federal government to have The vaccine, and the reason I say we have to be careful how we word. This is if the Labour unions d- degree now. Maybe they ve already made bend to the White House in a negotiated. All of the terms if the labour unions don't agree, inane happening and we now know that the scientists- get vice coming from the from Washington, the White House, the CDC was influenced by the teachers. Union have we males? I too shall we all voted for the teachers union. I don't member voted outlying. Doing that because I m pretty sure I don't do they do a good and so I would not have voted for now, I would have voted for them either, but somehow or another there controlling policy, that's incredible: intercrural controlling science and right were and I've seen, a few people now called us out a few but very few that they are too
we at odds with the science on these vaccines when it comes to these boosters Sonia that that there is no evidence at all, there's no data. That shows that we should be in giving booster shots too to the if you're Amino compromised, if you're old, perhaps but there's no Everett, of this and this interests, are all saying, they're saying like a we don't know what data there going off of their trying to pressure the FDA. We ve had people resign Tom Protest, how they are doing this walking against science. They are pushing a guy just what scientists are saying about the effectiveness of vaccines, they're, saying the administration. Is there not working when they are now, of course, That sounds crazy because we ve been talking about these vaccine mandates, but on the other hand, they put in new restrictions on people if they're working? So it's to their advantage to say there not working. Keep saying they're not working it really is its if it's a fantastic little little thing
got going on right now, and it's really is really it's agonizing and I am always in a couple of mainstream people actually point out that they are. actually at odds with these science right now they are not listening to it. Well, I can't wait to see the speech today and bring you all the news on it tomorrow with below rightly on Friday? Is the Glen Back Programme
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