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The World Is Now Inside Out & Upside Down | Guest: David Pietrusza | 6/7/21

2021-06-07 | 🔗

A psychiatrist giving a lecture at Yale spoke about her fantasy of killing white people and argued that they’re psychotic and “demented.” Glenn and Pat discuss how dangerous this mindset is. Glenn goes through a Bible prophecy that exactly mirrors today’s society. Author and historian David Pietrusza calls in to discuss the anniversary of D-Day and what it really was like on that horrific day as society rewrites and forgets history. Glenn and Pat discuss Dr. Fauci’s arrogant defense of his released emails. A left-wing ad used Capitol Police officers discussing the Capitol riot to attack the GOP. The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh tried to raise money for AOC’s grandmother, but she wasn’t grateful.

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I think everybody who is in the sound of my voice needs to memorize this and say to yourself and say it to your family. Every day, silence in the face of evil is evil itself not to stand is to stand, not to speak, is to speak and God will not form a whole, thus blameless. We know what the difference is between right and wrong. We know behind its becoming more and more clear, what's evil, what's good so now, are you going to remain silent when you hear evil, or will you let your voice be heard, we'll use stand? I'm just show you how out of control critical race theory has become and give anyone thinks that this is where it ends. Your sadly mistaken,
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and so she has been speaking out against. The insanity that the now has embraced. TAT. I know you you saw this this weekend as well. So I love your comments. I'm gonna play. I'm gonna play some cuts here from this lecture. This is from a a site, high interest in psychoanalyst out of New York City she's speaking at the Yale school of medicine now? Why is this a problem? Well, if you leave, you have time today, just look up the tea for programme I think it's time for the tea forty two's package, you look it up It is the beginning of the extermination camps in Germany. You see,
torrent, started by guys in black uniforms. They were the exact opposite. All of that all of the whole I see it all started with people in white uniforms and Scrubbs. They were the dock authors and the nurses and already the AMA has said they're putting critical race theory in two the medical profession, the guy used to be the chief editor of the Journal of AMA been fired, he's been there for years. Sorry hasn't been far here: retired after he. spoke out and said. We can't put this into the medical field, you can't inject politics and you can't inject c r t. He then suddenly decided to retire on his own. This is the This is now being exposed. Thank goodness Berry Weiss, and this is only the beginning of this. If we don't all stand up. here, she is,
giving a lecture on the Psych psychopathic problem of the white mind, I'm in a play. These in reverse, please engineering on television. Let's play what is it five? Please We need to remember that wrong. What we are talking about demanded the actual no and everything why people, okay so talking to white people, see her whole idea here is that white people are litter
the out of their minds and so likes you, r t there's no redemption. You can. Save them because they are so far gone. They are racism is part of who they are that. Why talk to them, though, I I want you to understand if you think someone is too far gone that you can't even talk to them they are the biggest threat to your life? What up means are left for you, you co exist. Can you coexist with someone who wants you dead? Can you co exist with somebody who wants you to be their slave? Can you co exist and have a neighbour that Psychotic and I didn't even know it and is working against you and your race.
Twenty four seven. If I can't talk to them, if there is no saving them that are either to put them in a camp or chain them up or kill them cut, for for too long we are applying them. they have done here The day of the week, demanding the boy
it, when your ring let me restate again exactly what she said verbatim We are now in a psychological predicament, because white people feel that we are bullying them when we bring a brace they feel that we should be thanking them for all that we have done all that they have done for us. I don't feel that waste path to you anyone that feels that way. You know I've never seen it. I've never heard it. No, I have You know who you know probably does feel that way. The p! in the White House. Who are saying that black people can't get an accountant they get a lawyer, so those people pay, but we do think that they should be thanked for
all that they are doing because they're saying that black people can't do it on their own? That's not a conservative, that's not a constitutional list. That's the Americans, that I know they said they are cheat. She went on. She said they are confused, meaning white people, and so are we we keep forget that directly talking about race is a waste of our breath we are asking a demented, violent predator, who thing that they are a saint or a superhero to accept this. bond stability now Let me flip this around. I know there are a lot of people that think. How are we going to deal with these marxist because they'll never change their mind? How when a deal with Antiphon well Antiphon
if they won't change their mind if they won't come and see the light of what their violence really is and what their advocating for There is there's only really one thing you can do and that is put them in prison. because they're breaking the law, but if there meant it and a violent predator whose think they are a saint or a superhero and won't accept responsibility, they have to go to jail or worse that but she's, saying about all white people said it ain't gonna happen because they five holes in their brain, its banging your head against a brick wall, just sort of like not a good idea. Next cut, please rage. The beach were rich.
I am worried Why are we talking for longer than even beating about the Bush and other important position about that. what the light you know all I keep thinking. Is you believe so shall it be so whatever it is that you believe he believes that she is surrounded by by lunatics at all. Whites are lunatics and they're everywhere. Of course, that's exactly what you'll find, because she won't have a reasonable conversation with anyone cut to please
around five minutes. My wife, and I remember there what doc I wonder. No Louis and I my way gearing the body. and walked away What's that. Ok, sellers to think she saying here the first she said In real life, she's got rid of all of her white friends sky, rid of all of her white friends. So now you completely isolated you're, not your isolating yourself, you're, not allowing yourself.
Experience anything different. You know you know who did this the Nazis did this these isolated themselves from Jews? Do you know the number one reason why people saved Jews in Germany what they said verbatim? Yes, Shoes are bad, but I know this one and this one isn't bad. they had so isolated themselves that they I felt that all Jews were bad xx, the one they knew. So if we're taking people and you're saying I'm getting rid of all of my white friends, can you may and if you said, I'm getting rid of all my black friends. First, while you'd be a clan member, the woman is saying get rid of all of my white friends she's part of the White Clan jeez part of this this the plan, that is against white people? There is no different
between the the idea: loved ideology, there's no difference between what they are advocating. So she saying I'm getting rid of my wife friends, but then she as I fantasized now she's psychoanalysts. So when you're fantasizing about something theirs it deeper meaning behind this. There is something psychologically wrong with you. If we had somebody in school was writing a paper about how fantasized on killing all of the kids in his school. We would have him ban from school and he would be in an institution Am I wrong on that path of any doubt? No doubt at all. No doubt If I said on the year, I have a fantasy of killing X, Y or Z and it was part of my rhetoric, because these people are so dangerous. Whoever these people are the.
people are so dangerous there in saying they have to be stopped, there's no dealing with them. I have this fantasy. I would lose my job rightfully so. She said she has a fantasy where she unloads a revolver in- the head of Aimee White person that God in her way, then burying them wiping offer hands with a bounce inner step, because she had done the the people of the world, a favor. again, this is a lecture from the Yale School of medicine, hi old psychology department. one more clip and then I'm gonna break, what's gonna happen. Well,
You'Re- really bad little, baby or age. Where would we be angry because they have real aim? and we re only he told me and not me They have done my anger. year after year and teach me I don't get it.
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Ten seconds stationary, ok, so there's a couple of things that we have to do One of them is not be enraged, and I know it's really hard. You know you have. Nobody is talking about the the meeting on Black Wall Street that happened last week, where one of the speakers that fact several of the speakers echoed these, but we fight on every front to retrieve redress to achieve redress and reparations, and the atrocities committed that also a massacre descendants. We must intensify the fight to read. A representative for reparations for forty million blacks still affected by racism, inequality, wealth disparity, police route, quality and the like
It is time for us to kill every thing white in sight. We are pushing death to white supremacy, death to capital death to imperialism, death to fascism, pushing for an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth ahead. Forehead no life for a life, ok noticed about that that happened last week, its white supremacy that is the biggest threat to America. You know that to be true. First you, have to do, is be enraged by it, because anger, Gimme Oda, Pat WWW, on anger, hoof Sire anger, anger leads to fear. Now earlier. I still leads to fear. Fear leads to now suffering or settling the dial veer. Fear leads to anger, yeah, so their fear, fear leads.
Anger, agar leads to hate hate leads to suffering. A flurry. Yes, yes, healthcare now, so yes so. We cannot be angry, but we have take a stand and I'm gonna begin delay this out for you in that sixty minutes on how to take a stand and what we must do so and by more in just a second. this programme So why wish I had car shield for by foreigners, because I've got
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This is something that very Weiss has exposed and she is. She is very, very if she's on the left shield The New York Times to start their own thing, so no, would tell her what to do and she got a recording free. The Yale School of Medicines, child study centre. And it was a New York Bay Psychiatry list and it an ongoing programme when in which clinicians and others in the field, lecture students and faculty very. Why said, when she first heard that she thought it was a prank and then she started looking this woman up and she believes every single word of it now York Times has done another story on her and now they have exposed this. They asked for conduct context. Then she said. well. I I was too completely out of context. I'm sorry,
I don't know how you can be taken out of context when you say I have a fantasy of shooting people, white people, burying them and walking away with a about in my step, because I've done humanity, a favor, dont know how to take you out of context when you say there is no Redeeming of white people talking race to white people is useless. Addressing racism assumes that white people can see and process what we're talking about. They can't that's why they sound so demented white people have a mask on, and white people think that their actual face white people. Were bullying them. When we bring up race, they feel we should be thanking them, for all they have done for us they are concerned used in sore. We, the cost of tat, king to white people at all, but cost of your own life as they suck you dry. There aren't
good apples out their white people, make my blood boil. I don't know how to put it in what kind ex those work, except if you said for all of them, it would be in credibly racist and dangerous to say and then put those what's in, but that's not what she did. We have the tape thanks to are you Weiss now I want to play again cut one. I want you to listen to this again because it go To our answer? Listen what happens when you and your bed linen break our age? where would we be angry because they will ever
angry around ray. But He told me: and not me, They have done and then my anger Breyer and teach me I don't get it. That is why there are Ok,.
this is a. This is a real problem. She said that people tell her white people tell her that her anger is the prom, but they haven't seen real anger. Yet that's a three Add- and I dont know what that threat means. I think guy. Do seeing that in her tat, she has fantasies of shooting all white people in the head. She's also saying that a a person told her she's, either psychic or psychotic. Will it makes perfect sense? If you believe that you know what all white people think you know. What's in the hearts of all white people in the minds of all white people, you are either psychotic or your psychic and I don't leaving psychics?
At least for sure, I don't think she's psychic. Then she said she tried to teach me. This goes to her saying you can't teach white people because She's had somebody in her life. That said, I'm really concerned about your anger. I went to Auschwitz. I've told you a million times, but there are a few things that I want you to remember and say them like Montrose to yourself. They write them down, keep them posted in front of you. We must be able to remember and quote a few things vitals. It would be really really good, but these two arm, immigrate illegally. Three, these three things- I repeat, almost all the time that are really important: one:
There are many things that I believe that I should never say, but I shall never say the things that I believe that I do not believe. So might be things that you believe that are going on, that you don't need to say right now, but Don't you ever get into a situation where you are writing a paper in school or you are, you are being To do something at work do not ever ever say the things that you do not believe don't. you will become part of the problem. There is a reason they want you to write these things down, there's a reason they want you to study them and say them out loud and being groups, while you say them, it is printing that on your soul, you cannot cannot do. That and not be changed? The second thing: is from Dietrich Bond offer Dietrich Bonham
said. silence in the face of evil is evil itself not stand is to stand, not to speak, is to speak and God will not hold us. Guiltless. we must stand. We mean Take a stand we must speak out, because this is evil? and anyone within this I don't care who you voted for you, Oh, this is evil, and of a sign that this is known to be evil, is there this woman's getting pushed back even from the left. Now not getting she's not Band until twenty twenty four, because you know she could be a day. due to our society but she's it Lee getting some pushed back, which means even the crazies no
at least shouldn't have set it out loud that the scary thing there are many people that will believe this, but will drop the radical pose for the radical ends. The last thing you need to remember- and it really pulls off of this- she said This woman told her that her rage is a problem. Yes, rage is a problem. Name the thing that you have ever done when you were in a rage that your proud of like two I'd like to hear from you. If you have something that you have done in a rage that you are proud of, call me that only time. I can't think of anything that might have been done in a rage that I can't believe you be proud, but maybe was for the good.
and listen to this carefully, was when rage is used as a weapon. When you in war. becoming raged. It's a good thing because all of your other senses stir all of your other road blocks, all of the all of the neurological brew. Judges that stop you from killing someone when you're in a rage, you will kill. so I guess maybe it could be said that rage is a good thing in war, Maybe maybe but. if you're really good at war. I am Speaking as a novice here, my apologies to any one who, actually fought in a war but I would imagine the cooler you can maintain your head better soldier you are rage,
be good to get people to do it when they didn't want to do it. I think of fury the movie fury where the you got. I hate those Germans hate is good when you are trying to kill people. So when she says my rage isn't a problem. My aunt there, isn't a problem and Follows it with because you haven't seen real anger. Yet what does that mean way when you want to kill somebody. And you're in a rage, you walk in your wife is with another man? I mean your wife, you walk in Pat. Am I wrong? You're walking with your wife and she's with another woman That would lessen my rage be Miller time
But if you why, if you in two the room and your wife is with another man. Who can be enraged and you won't get first degree murder? You could get second evergreen murder because you flew into a rage. she said they wanted to apologize for our rage many times have you had to apologize when you flew off the handle even It was justified in your own mind, this woman is from a ram and I find it interesting because if she came over here to be free, she should know better. does a ran or the islamic countries include in their jobs. judicial system in their sentencing in particular that we do not. the person who gets too sentence. The guilty, is the victim
so if you had a violent rape, this never happened in IRAN, but just say that the You were right to violently by Three men and somehow an islamic country they would find the men guilty you. who decide the punishment. We don't do that because you to close to it. You can't buy. justice and mercy. So she's she's saying don't report just for the rage. We have to act on our rage, Here's! The last thing I want you to remember. The world is completely upside down its upside down and inside out. Remember when we used to say that that's what they're trying to do turn it all upside down and inside out it is now inside out and upside down people.
Wearing their clothes backwards and inside out and they save no. This is the way it's always been this the right way to do it. Now. It's not, and all of us most of us remember what up current or a grand parent or a trusted teacher, or somebody really impacted your life We know what they taught us. We know the difference between right and wrong. We now Oh that our rage is wrong. we know, we should apologise for our anger. We know that we should go back and have polite conversations, because that's the only way that anything can get done. we know also from our parents and grandparents, especially probably our grandparents, if you don't stand up and say something you're part of the problem. If you, if you do, stand up and peacefully, let your voice be heard and
this is wrong. If you don't stand up for the law, guy, when their being bullied, and I don't care what side thereon? I don't care what color they are. I don't care where there from, if you Don't stand up for the little guy? Who is bullied. Your part of the problem. This last thing I want you to remember and I've set it a million times, and I used to really feel power for saying it over and over again, but it has to be said. When I was in auschwitz- and I that one of the server one of the people who saved Jews. She told me. You misunderstand: the right: didn't suddenly become righteous, they I refuse to go over the cliff with the rest of society. that's where we are don't go over the cliff and second,
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hello, America. I was in a small town this weekend in Idaho Rate Little town called MILAN and ice. I said, and I talk to so many people are just go. I went to a car show with my son and it's good to see that small town, America, Middle America is alive and well, and I think wide awake when I talk to you about some things that I learned this weekend and some things that I have been pondering that I think are important for our survival in sixty seconds programme.
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five million blind shore sold blind start comics ordering customer window treatments online, easy free shipping, one hundred percent guaranteed perfect fit its blinds dot com, Is it blinds? Dotcom, save thirty five percent off everything site why not rules and restrictions may apply its blinds dot com so welcome to the glimmering programme, its Monday, I'm glad you're. Here I was up at our ranch, which is high up and mountains in a town of about five hundred people on one side- and I don't know be a thousand people on the other side and We pick this for a reason you know, people
we're looking for where can I live, work and live? We pick this. area for a reason, because because our farmers there p All that still with the soil, they still rely on God, farmers rely on one another and they take care of their own. this town is wide awake. I mean they're talking about. making a smoker to be able to smoke meet. You know, just just to be able to have it and use it now, but if things go bad you'd be able to preserve meat, they just started in the lad. They just started this last weekend, a farmer's market which they were like. I don't know how many people are gonna come this weekend. I dont know you know how this is going to over. It went well this weekend. But the reason why they're doing it is because they know that we need to start growing and thinking locally. They know
you know the trucks could start with a stop coming or the trains Stop coming from the cities and we all need to eat. I would urge you if you are in a town to do what they don't start a farmer's market. If you don't have one start at ten, being a farmer's market start. growing your own food, if you're looking to move, find a voice a small town, particularly of farmers and if you can find farmers who are also religious, the Amish would be A place to live if it wasn't so close to the EAST coast, finding people who have very use that are entrenched, generationally, entrenched, and that they are there, not read about their stuff. There not worried about anything, can find these communities. They are there
and it is important that we We are living around like minded people, because it's going it harder and harder in. I remember I would do a catholic school when I was young and I remember king about you know the end of days in Vienna G, he's coming back and as a kid that's terribly frightening terribly frightening. and I remember in second Timothy Irene member or to Timothy's fuel, when in second Timothy he described what things are gonna be like and I really had a hard time I had to project and say: oh, I could see that happening. We ve ever thought before I should listen carefully and tell me you don't
to project out anymore, but under And this that in the last days will come of difficulty for people we'll be lovers of self absolutely true, either the best of us I mean I have a hard time, and I know kids are always. You know me me me, but I am concerned is at times with my own kids, that they necessarily focus on others as much as they should. and neither do I love years of self. There lovers of money there proud their arrogant, their abusive their disobedient to their parents there and grateful there holy there heartless on a peaceable, listen to that one, their slanderous with
Self control their brutal, not loving good, treacherous reckless, swollen with conceit lovers of pleasure, other than lovers of God. Having the appearance of godliness, think of that one bring the appearance of godliness but denying its power may just say Joe Biden, Saying how he is the guy to stand up for the right and the good here The righteous one: do you remember all of the things that he said during the campaign that I'm like? Oh my gosh, who would say this that, he's the light.
But also he's the guy who stood up and said there are no miracles coming avoid such people. It says, for among them are those who creep into households and Capture, weak women, now listen to this week, women that all outrageous weak women burdened with sins and led astray by various passions. Always learning and never able to arrive at the knowledge of truth, these men will oppose the true, men corrupted in mind, disqualified, Ray Reading the faith. Then there's this line, they won't get very far for their folly. We'll be plain for all to see.
Now I think it is plain for all to see, but how many people have, lost themselves. in some of these descriptions of the people who are gonna, be using the difficulty so in in thinking about this. That mean that's describing best striving. What you know coming, which I think is here all of those descriptions. I get do an hour monologue on just those descriptions, and I can show you how all of us our living, some of those horrible things and some of us and some regional rulers are living all of them right now,. So if that's what you're not supposed to do that Put your avoiding what Should we be concentrating on because I will
hell you just like George Washington in the badge of merit. We it will not be able to conquer this evil unless we are on God side, if don't have divine providence we will not be able to survive the things that are arrayed in front of us. Are no greater no less than what our founders had a raid against them. It's a little more difficult because of technology, but they spies living in their home. We have spies living in our home. We have the government living in our home. Listening to Amazon, you know, Lech or whoever. So what do we do well
People will be lovers of themselves, so then that would mean we need to. Love our neighbour, even if we don't like them. You know I, joined my church, and I urge you to find something in your life that will will help. Do this, but I and my church, because guy who I had the amazing MR plastic man. I still room for Name Lenny, a Didn't think he was real, because the first time is to eat said something to me. He said I just love you so much and I was like I'll back off dude. You know gimme ten minutes and you hate my guts Still, I was more of a dry drunk at this point, but he
he had the perfect family, the perfect children. They all play the piano. They were all smiles, they were an ice No one can be like that. No one can be that happy. No one. And one sunday he was teaching class and. I was being stubborn cause. I want wanna go to church every Sunday. I didn't want to join a church, joined anything My entire life and want to join a church. And TAT will recall around this time when I was heavily, thinking and until I choose my ways- my slogan was pat. How did we you still say my slogan? Why he people right and I didn't want to be that way- and it was coming from me- and I knew it. And Lenny teaching a class.
and he said brother. And how do we get to this place where its Zion, where it's, where it, Sir, where it's blue how do we get there? What are we to do to build it? lotta people at answers, but none of them really stuck and then he said with tears in his eyes. There's only one way: if I love you and you love me, we mean know each other. We may not like each other. We may have just met but we found a way to look into each other's eyes and see the same spirit. The same spark that is in the other, And we recognise it and therefore we love others. And I realize this guy was not plastic at all. He was the most genuine man I had ever met. That was the, day. I decided that
Wanted to be like that, and I didn't care what it took be like that, but I wanted to be that way. If the people are going to be lovers of themselves,. Then we have to find that way to love one another even those we don't like. remember: even in the civil war, One reason why Lincoln. Wasn't universally loved. Will there is a lot of reasons which is weird: none of them involve the war or the beard. I guess they were. I guess they were better. people than we were back. Then I dont know, as we know, have a president. Let that looked like that now, but he preached love and healing that's his second inaugural address. It's all about healing and what if we lose. This is because gods ordained,
if we lose this war because we ve shed much blood of the slave. Will there we lose this war, but let's love each other like Do the right, let's heal the wounds that that that could never be said today,. If you're gonna be lovers of money, if that's what the people were supposed to avoid than we can't love money, we must not love things. We must love people. If the word Old is loving things over people. we must love people over things, gotta be boastful and proud. we need to be humble and quiet. Basically, need, be opposite of me, you need, to be humble. You need If they're gonna be abusive, we need to be
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yet for free, New York Strip, burgers and fifty nine percent off today. Almost stakes dotcom keyword back ten second, They should I be so here are examples all around us of how you how you fight against evil, and you must not become evil itself. You know we didn't. We didn't out all the Nazis, although we did take us towards that with the japanese internment, two camps, We didn't out evil them. We just beat them.
and we didn't out, I e the evil them. Even though, if you're in high school, college in your listening right now. I know that your ap class, your AP history class, picks up work war too, at the dropping of the atomic bomb and supposed to learn that that made the world question The moral authority of this nation, none of that is true. of that is true. We draw millions of leaflets on Japan, begging them to stop telling them telling them Nagasaki and Hiroshima were on the list of cities to be bombed if you're in those cities bring food and water and get out immediately because we, A bomb that is the most terrible thing you can imagine, and if you don't get the emperor to surrender we were drop it. Please leave those cities, so all this bulk.
of questioning us is a lie. It's a lie. But how do we fight well, if you look second Timothy three Bobby lovers of themselves lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive. you're not going to get anywhere with anyone in today's world, if you are abusing them, if you are saying well, you didn't or your side you're, not gonna, get any their immediately going to shut down and that is why your being trained to live that way, you're being trained right now by the media and social media. To immediately respond with some, oh yeah,. We're being trained to win. We will lose if we try to win.
We will win if we stand up and do the right thing, because it's right and to be complementary or mother, everything our mothers taught us. Most of it is rife. I say two x, I grew up with an alcoholic mother, so saw that wasn't really so good, but We We know what they taught was right. Viewed, have something nice to say, say nothing at all. This is such a pediatrician of me in everything. I do risk your parents disobedient to there. Parents is what people are going to be like in those days, respect your parents, I was again in my lad and I met wonderful. Lady she's, ninety five years old, she was sharp as as any knife I had ever seen and
her parent or her children. This you know who are my age. Just lie her to death, she called them and said I am making a jailbreak I'm getting out of this home and you gotta come pick me up does up if I have I'll, be on the side of the road, and I'm walking out of here him She is home and parents, have much to teach and much to offer honour them more in a minute. This is programme I what about Patriot Mobile. When it comes to mobile phone carriers, you have a tough options now. So what's the difference? While there is only one christian conservative carrier in the country, remember its has to avoid these people, but people were lying lovers of money, etc, etc. Verizon, for instance, give
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check out my Chopin Gray unleashed live every day. Seventy nine eastern, eight sixty eight central or eighty time in anywhere you get your biogas. This is the Glenda programme. Tomorrow, I'm gonna be telling you all about hyperinflation and the parallels between Germany and what is happening at our FED today. What was happening in the german Central Bank and what's happening in our fence, central Bank today and why that ended in hyperinflation will talk to you about that. you can do about it. Also we're gonna go deep to the war on lab story. There is Christian Andersen Delete. It is entire twitter blue Check Twitter account after he had deleted about five thousand emails.
five thousand twitter responses, deleted those. And then when people started question he just deleted the whole thing, and there is something to be learned from this and Talk to you about that on tomorrow, programme today, I, and I think please forgive me as I don't ever want to feel like I am trying to convert any body to anything. just for those who for those who know what's going on know how bad it is- and you know that really the only thing that will save us now is us being on God side, not him. Mars ass being on God side and we have to live. George Washington said you have to be a virtuous people. We have to be people of merit, that's what the Purple Heart award was in
his day. You were caught doing something good right and righteous. That would bring odds eyes and look upon us and go hey. While there are some good people here Kay second, Timothy Free. It talks out in those days, people will be, and I just want to give it a list lovers of themselves, check lovers of money, check, boastful, proud, Jack, Jack, abusive check, disobedience to their parents check on grateful check unholy check without love, check, unforgiving, check, slanderous check without of control and brutal and lovers of good check. Jacek check, treacherous rash conceded Jack Jack check. Love of pleasure. Over lovers of God, check, in the form of godliness, but denying its power she check
and the answer is, have nothing to do with those people that's what's up, Timothy says so I I've been going through. What is the opposite of that? What we need to do. One of these is ungrateful. This is the biggest problem in our country it is something that I learned from farmers. There is no one to blame when you're on a farm effect. My own crop We are in a drought right now and I'm growing alfalfa. So I can feed the cattle during the winter. So we, We have been we're on water rationing. It's really tight, the crops are not look. the best and we're doing everything we can, but it won't rain and won't rain and it won't rain. Well, we cut the crop that we did. Have we caught it on Friday, guest what came out of nowhere rain,
ass? What wrecks of crop once you cut it and you have it lying on the ground rain? who do I go to blame. Do I blame the guy who made the decision? No is he had the same knowledge I had? Who do I got when the government white people, black people, who do I blame no one. We it everything right, we did everything we could. Sometimes life isn't fair and I am grey full that I live in a community where we all know that, and sometimes when we have a bad year, they'll have a good year and they'll help bus and when we have a good year- and they have a bad here, we'll help them grateful that I'm alive I'm grateful that I can live in this country. I am grateful that I can still do many of the things that I want to do. This is the biggest problem with our society. Now is we're not grateful? Nobody
grateful for anything. You expected. The next one is unholy, There's lots of ways I mean be wholly. You know, read the Bible, I would say, live the Bible not read it reading will help but living it would be better. but unholy can also just mean that there is nothing sacred. Is there nothing sacred any more, His life not sacred at the beginning and the end, is it not sacred. our families not sacred. Is there anything that is sacred any more. dont be unholy: the people of those days will be without love, so love live within you and that is going to get harder and harder. Every single day bond Offer was remembered, Dietrich Bond, for he was remembered by the
seclusion or who had been executing people all day. Long He remembered he executed bond offer because bond offer when the guy Put the noose around his neck, Barnhardt four thanked him for his kindness. They are Madonna. that's letting love live within. You. The world will be unforgiving. Tell me about that. There is forgiveness for white people. There is no forgiveness. You are right. Sponsible for what ancestors did how, because there no forgiveness which me we must forgive and It's gonna be hard. If you ve ever had to forgive somebody, There are continuing to injure you proof that is really hard, but that's our risk. Instability.
their slanderous, so don't slander, others. That means don't say something pass something on prince, something that you don't know. Oh is true people will be without self control, so practise self control. People will be brutal, be courteous now, lovers of good. Do we he'll justice, Of kindness walk humbly stew, and up when somebody who somebody is being unjustly crucified, even if they're on the other side, people will be treacherous. So be honest, Everything you do. They will be rash. Don't live afraid, deliver afraid, don't rash decisions dont be scooped up in the moment, They will be conceded.
I guess that means we have to be meek and humble Bobby lovers of pleasure, Rather than lovers of God having the form of godliness but denying its power, I meet so me, Christians today who say: what's gonna save us? What are we gonna do to save us? Godzilla? he's gonna save us, and that's true. I mean we're gonna have to do whatever it is. We are faced with an end up having to do. I don't know what that is. We have to do that we're supposed to do, but we After first fix ourselves and turned back to, God the last one is shown any one who doesn't live like this, because it says have nothing to do with such people. Well,. I dont know how to do that. I think that goes into b of a, albeit in the old, not of the world.
just because you're around these people, Does it mean you have to be with them? You can be in in around them, but you don't have to be of them. you don't have to be one of them, certainly wouldn't embrace them, and You need to do everything you can to be around them. That would mean critical ray, theory teachers. Do not let your children be around. Do not your children, be around the things that are happening, that you know inside are evil and Have to stand even if it is in your home, you, to stand. You. Ten years ago I know some of even my friends made fun of me, glanced up being so dramatic I know what is coming. That's why I took my kids to Auschwitz. You need to know now we,
have to decide as a family if this would ever come again? What will we do? you must make those decisions as a family right now what Is the line for you that you and your family will not cross, because if you don't know it now, you cross. It. you have to know if they're gone to do a critical race theory thing in my office and I have to participate and I design something that I don't believe in or say something that I don't believe in will I do it to get by. I urge you the answer should be, no don't do it don't do it. this is going to cause pain in so many lives, so many lives. I know that. I know why
going along. I know that the poverty law centre has made Davy Barton number four on the list of most dangerous: what is it white, supremacist or terrorist? And I'm number five. How is that even possible. I know what is coming for me because I won't. I will not toe the line, and I will continue to speak out as long as I possibly can. But That means there will be a time if thing just continue down this road? Had voices like mine will be harder to find if You can find them all. That means you have to be that voice. You have to be strong enough to lead. I have always said that this audience is with me for a reason I have. I have always said, and I believe it with everything in me.
this is the kindest most generous audience I have ever encountered. I meet you from. Post to coast and you are the same where ever you are. You would give your shirt off your back for somebody who needs it. You will stand. Then I have also said- and I firmly believe it because I dont believe it came from me. Your listening for a reason. In this audience could be plea The extra five per cent. that is needed to change things. for the better. I'm sorry to say once you know things to be true, that's when judgment can come upon your head eternally once you know that what we're too about here is true.
if you avoid it, you're on the wrong side- and you will go deeper and deeper her on the wrong side. You know, that's why some people, just they won't change their mind. They know that it's true, they know now. What they have said is wrong. But if you're not charitable to them, if you dont give them away to get out gracefully, they stay there, and then own self hatred of being wrong. We'll talk, into a hatred of you, because you said you were right. They need you to be wrong. We have great and glorious times. The leave we will see the hand of God. We will see miracles expect them
and live in such a way where you can call them down back in a minute. So you, with a vaccine card posted on your social media, clearly see your name and birthday and some other personal information and since I'm a cyber criminal, obviously when I try to use it to steal your identity, that you know what I'm saying. just wondering, if maybe you make the job easier, gonna get your bank account number is look, I'm otherwise. I have to go in the dark webbing get that it's important to understand how cyber crime and identity theft will affect your life every day are information is put at risk on the internet every day, your mental? Yes, our Europe here, your health records and Europe Banking records, your transactions they're all out their lifelong will. Help too
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I feel that we must improve the culture and working conditions for military. government is working hard to achieve long. Do cultural change in the canadian armed forces through measures is to eliminate unacceptable conduct. Toxic culture, discrimination, violence and harassment system fifteen. We ve taken important steps to do this, including producing clear policies around hateful conduct as as well as the establishment of the sexual misconduct response centre. Also taking concrete steps to address sexual misconduct and gender based violence in the military. We're we're gonna, be investing in this in the new budget. Twenty twenty one and together will build a defence team that reflects the best of Canada, and ensures a safe and inclusive, inclusive working environment. For all. You know then you didn't mention was D day D day didn't mention D day.
Pat, give people a little glimpse on how different things were on D day compared to let's say the Iraq WAR, Europe about the same number of men who died in the entirety of the Iraq war died, the first day of the deed invasion please. pretty serious battle, and people are looking for justice. and fairness. Yeah life isn't fair. Why did they all die? because we were fighting against real evil evil. That said, there is a superior race, evil that said that man should not be free. The same sort of evil were fighting now. All we are required to do is just stand up and speak out. Own neighborhoods decline back programme, whether
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all the news. It did the point today: Normandy, plant, nineteen, forty four in surprise, aggressive move american and british troops landed yesterday on the beaches of Normandy, Germany's Trans Ocean NEWS service reports, but Germans simply vacationing the sleepy hamlets abyss. Coastal region were awakened by the ship's planes, guns and bombs of this sneak attack. A coup brave german tourists quickly ran to the bankers and began returning fire to protect their french brothers and sisters. Germany has already been subject to a horrifying three hundred and sixty three air raids by the allied air forces in an attempt to terrorize citizens. British farmers have already dropped over forty five thousand tonnes of bombs, while american aircraft dropped twenty three thousand tonnes. Nearly one point: seven million people have been forced from their homes, creating what the United Nations has called the greatest refugee problem in history. Many fleeing Germans only stop briefly to say their goodbyes to their friends, but they had made at the various camps throughout Germany and Poland. The attack on Normandy Coast was an oppressive show of military. Might the allied forces have mass the largest armada in human history, building a harbor where none previously existed and sneaking into it unnoticed on college campuses, various socialist student organizations have held visuals protests and riots to condemn this illegal occupation. They noted the deaths in Germany have numbered in the millions while Americans have had relatively few casualties, perhaps only a hundred thousand two hundred thousand, if a number of occasions in the german camps are included, that german death count increases by another. Six million is obvious from the numbers of his militant operation is nothing more than an attempt to murder, innocent Germans and wipe out their culture. The league of nations have labour. This action is illegal. Under international law. Protests are occurring in all major cities today with demonstrators shouting that they will support. The indigenous people of Germany gets the occupying allied forces and they will not stop until this disproportionate action is halted and the imperialist invading military is defended. American heroes such as Charles Winberg and Henry Ford, have come up strongly against this illegal and heart breaking invasion that has resulted in the deaths of innocent germans. Of course, some known deplorable, like Communist Charlie Chaplin and be movie actor Ronald Reagan, have stood by America and foolishly proclaim that this invasion is needed for the self defence and to quote save western civilization end quote as if western civilization were somehow superior to others, such as the area in civilization.
American global relations, including Coca COLA, M Gm Ford, motor Company, General Motors and IBM have all declare that they are in operating mode with solidarity with their oppressed german brethren. They will be donating money to the german lives matter group and step up their hiring of dramatic Americans. The squad consisting of Mildred Access, Sally Killers and William Lord ha ha Joyce happen sitting for interviews with the press and doing radio and television shows to get the word out about their cause. To make Americans aware that their politicians are being dishonest and immoral, and also advising the allied soldiers that their wives are cheating on them back home from the comfort of his simple bunker, amid the constant balmy german leader, Adolf Hitler stated that Germany simply wants to reclaim land that was forcefully and illegally taken from it. In nineteen eighteen, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland, these stolen lands are returned, there would be peace. He said the League of Nations condemned the allies for their unequal response and call for an end to the cycle of violence, league officials hope, but a cease fire can be obtained before Germany has been over one and the allies institute their own government, as these officials have discovered a secret Marshall plan. That surely will impose martial law on Germany and result in the end of the german Reich, which was intended to last a thousand years, and that's the news written by Bob right man. Are you go back in time? That's not what happened, but that's the way would be told. I think today by today's media, we
our good friend, David, Patricia with us, he is, he's an author of some of the best history books out there he's a new book out that David? I want to have your called too long ago. Maybe we'll do a Friday special with you we wanted to talk to him about the anniversary of D day David Pedrosa is with us now I David hello. So where do we even begin with D day? Seeing that are our schools are not learning about our children are learning anything about. It gives the highlights of what people really need to understand and how brave daring and deadly this thing was it? have gone terribly terribly wrong and There are two reasons for thinking that it was the biggest amphibious invasion in world history. A hundred and
de thousand soldiers, three hundred and thirty thousand on the beach twenty thousand. Airborne, come again behind german lines and there had been a act is run in nineteen. Forty, two at canadian troops at the french port of D up where they sent in six weeks in troops and there were four thousand casualties. The good news about it is they learned everything. What not to do have more naval bombardments have more air power. Striking. Have a more flexible plan, don't go into a port go into beaches, and so they learn from that. But even then, in April of nineteen forty, they have a training exercise with twenty three thousand allied american troops in the South of England. Seven hundred and forty nine troops die in a training exercise when some german e boats attack, so things can go wrong. Things did go wrong. Tanks floundered off the tie,
Put the? U S S soldiers, maybe a mile away, though Utah Beach, so they landed in the wrong spot. That's when Theodore Rosa Junior a general of fifty six year old lands on the beach looks around says, hey right here, where in the wrong place, and then he says the wars, it's from ear. How about the Canadians designed not heard that- and I know that the Canadians, were being held by the Germans and they were massacred by the S s during this weren't. They, that's that's true. They land and Juno Beach witches in which a snug between the british beaches of sword and gold There are a number of them captured and it starts with one massacre of about twenty Canadians and its S. S regiment their shot right in the bag it ahead. There is no question about that. This is a massacre of civilians of prison.
is about two hundred and forty in total are shot right away by these characters. They contain In arrest the car common day and of that, and they bring him back to kill the first person ever tribe. War crimes in Canada is sentenced to death, but you, they say: oh you can have the death penalty. We just have life without parole, disguise out, and it is ten years after being sentenced to death. Oh my gosh, oh my god. So when they I mean, I know that Eisenhower had a letter that he had sent there it because they really expected that this could be just a disaster. I mean they lost more more people on, one day, then we ve lost in the fifteen years in Iraq and its was Abe, it literally a bloodbath and could have been much worse and he had in his pocket, I believe, or he had sent out
a letter to be read in case it was a disaster. Taking all the blame on himself yeah He knew that if it went badly if it was a disaster he'd be out of there anyway. so he knew he represents. A man may up I'd, say about his school about his character. I mean Who does that? Is that unusual, now it is a one would make a lot of excuses, but there were no excuses with them. There is a great interview. An hour and a half with Walter Cronkite, which he did twenty years afterward, you can watch it on Youtube and you can see his command of details of who was the here there over that he'll. Why unit? There were how people were were involved, and what the implications everything was this: they had the
guy in charge there, and also he was a diplomat. Some very prickly person These involve not just Patten but Bernard Montgomery was particularly at loggerheads with eyes an hour, and he made the whole thing work. It's it's we fall guess, the heroism and the blood and the gods, but it's really as much a triumph of planning immense power coming down to soil samples and what the gradient of the beach will be an and all these technical details, as it is about the bullets flying and, of course, intelligent play a big ideas in the Germans that are going away. and somewhere else up the french coast at Calais, and so the Germans dope ring enough troops in even once the fighting start. They think we have twice many troops stationed in and then we actually have that
I been invasion of Norway or at the Party Calais and that Normandy, even when it pops, is going to be just a faint, a fake out in in to get us to get them distracted before we hit with the big one and it ain't. This is the big one, so the more with David producer here in just a second standby. First, let me tell you about gold line that the price of everything is going up on tomorrow's program. I'm gonna be comparing what the central bank of Germany did that car hyperinflation and what the Central Bank of America is currently doing. it is a little terrifying, but this time it's different anyway, the price of every is going up and I mean everything: groceries meet, lumber, durable goods houses, everything theirs, So let me no indication that is gonna top stop any time soon, x and and JANET yell, and even said that it is coming this weekend, but she said it would be good. It would be good,
For us. Ah, oh ok, thank you. Right now renown investment group, the I think it's incremental agee, indicating the gold could hit forty eight hundred dollars announced by the end of the decade. May as much as nine thousand pronounced by the end of twenty thirty. They say it. not a question of if but when we will see the all time highs and future increases in the velocity of money in circulation, points to higher levels of inflation. Look Here's the thing you need to know the dollar, is not going to be here forever, it is going to collapse and it is, inflation is a hidden tax and the inflation of the dollar means the deflation. A value of that dollar. So put yourself put herself in a position of having something tangible in your hands,
for when that final collapse comes near its gold line there, offering a free half ounce platinum coin, with qualifying orders of the extra fine gold liberty coins. These are the ones that I buy they're waiting to hear from you ask him why, by the coins that I do eight six, six goldmine, eight six ex gold line or gold lying dotcom tension and station, I D, David, Patricia historian and author of two long ago, we're talking about D Day and what it was What it was really like David was in there all the bloody Omaha for Roma Beach was that the worst place because of fat would have failed. The whole thing would have fallen apart right, right,
Utah beach is not particularly well defended by the Germans, but the allow the tanks which, supposed to support our man on the on the beach of just sink into the ocean, and it is very much heavily defended and if they start to withdraw from Omaha Beach then do they withdrew. and not to the ships but to the other beaches and because logistics are so important that could created chaos. other beaches and just sunk the whole thing it's a success. We win ok None of the main objectives of D day for Didi are met. They want to your foreign, your towns, just in back of the beaches, and they want to link up all the beaches and they don't so as much as we throw our best at that. remains at it, and they make a lot of mistakes in terms of intelligence and moving troops in and out and not having your power, it's it's a tough line.
run thing. Therefore, while, as Rommel said and its Rommel, who coins the phrase, this is the longest day and if we, and if they are too beat the allies. They have to do it that day, Rommel was turned against Hitler. At that point, wasn't he at that point almost plotting against Hitler? Didn't we not necessarily to win, but but new, Hitler was doing to the country and was against him. Do you have that right? he eventually becomes part of the conspiracy to blow up Hitler, our or to overthrow him, and what happens is that Hitler catches onto this eat dinner. you ve been a favourite of Hitler, he had been part of his guard going back years before that, so we had
his confidence. That's why it were places him in charge of this of this great at lanting wall to beef. This up. But then, when he's caught by Hitler as part of this plot he's, given the option either you are put on trial or you commit suicide. We hush the whole thing up and your family gets the walk away. They don't go into any camps, they get the pension and that you get the gold watch you but kill yourself, and because it would hurt morale greatly if this guy at that point in time, is found not to be. with the Nazi programme in terms of secrecy on our side, we of their training exercise at slapped in sands. What where seven hundred and forty eight of our soldiers are killed? That is kept a? U S: military secret He'll nineteen. Eighty four women how swaying went. what what was this n n
when we lost seven hundred and forty nine. U S, personnel, Training exercise Training exercise in April of forty four, that is kept secret from the American public until night teen, eighty four, not forty, four for in the end is released only British housewife starts talking about it making noise Finally, the? U S, government has to own up to it again. Why keep it secret proportions? you keep everything secret from the jury, You don't want them to know anything we're doing, although Lee they knew something was going on because they sank the boats these guys were on, but also not today. image are morale. So they say
how many becoming transgender, how many transgender people were on the beach that date back? We don't know and no care where women out there weren't there was that guy kilts there was that I give up which was a lady actually do that, because the bottle, the Germans yeah I have a scottish friend who is like bees, like war. He said one of us, we'll go out of it in a job that will play the bagpipes like That's nuts man he's like what we do and what we do. David withdrew, thank you so much I'd love to have you again about your book too long ago it is his expedition into a small town childhood after World WAR two and
how they survived world war to what they came out of and what they to hear an American. What it all meant not to long ago David Patricia You for being on the programme backing in just a minute. This is programme so yesterday we had before it and we put em on a erecting and I will tell you there is none more terrifying, then putting ribs on to a girl, especially right now, if their beef ribs pork, ok, bad beef ribs. I I mean I really wanted to lock them up in the freezer and put him in a safe with gold or stuff. I mean They were so expensive. I wanted to make sure that we are right to put em on the rectangle Delicious delicious if you're going to,
count doors. The best possible thing you could do for yourself is get erect tech made from stirred, style, a solid stainless steel. It is in the grip, the world? In the you know, people who go from the town in the contest and they grill they smoke this is the rolls Royce of smokers and it was built by the people who do they built it for themselves. They like. We should just build this because everybody keeps asking us for it. You'll never find another one like it check it out for yourself, go on rectangle dot com and eighty compare our. I see tee q, dotcom, rectangle Dotcom, don't forget to use the protocol Glenn Jelly and in four ten dollars off your subscription at blaze, tv dot com-
This is the guy Back programme. I wanna talk to you a little bit about some of the things that happen this weekend. We're gonna go into great detail on Kobe it in the war on viruses. All of that means also more tomorrow on hyperinflation hand, let all of that means and the parallel from history, its pretty pretty dark and terrifying. But it's something you need to know, and we ll tell you what to do about. It on tomorrow's broadcast on today's podcast. If you missed any of today's radio programme, please go to go back to calm the blaze, the blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glen or wherever you eat your podcast and Listen to today's podcast today was really important. We talked about the Yale science. Our that's are the Yale School of medicine and how they had a.
Psychoanalyst in psychiatry is there to lecture What she said about white people should kill you to the bone. and I went through all of it and explained it She says it's only gonna get worse and I believe her and you should too she talks about how she fantasizes about shooting white people in the head, because she be doing humanity, a favour that was at the Yale School of Medicine. I explained that in the first hour of the podcast second, our the podcast- we go someplace different, how we are supposed to live. If we expect, if we are told that the word old is going to be a lover of money and embracing bad in rejecting good. I went through That list, if that's what we We are supposed to expect its already here, but then what
you do about it, that's an hour two of the podcast. Let me go through some of the things quickly that we haven't gotten a chance to talk about. Forty is absolutely out of control. He is science itself. Now here's cut sick. faulty actually worried about this news of reshaping of attacks on you will I am concerned about that more because it's really very much an attack on science. I think Rachel I mean it is when it is, I'm a public figure. I'm gonna take the arrows in the slings, but they just their fabricated, and then that's just what it is, but will we will just have to do our jobs Rachel? My job was to make a vaccine and use my The tool in this talented scientists that we have there and that we fund in the various universities together
Maxine that was highly safe and highly effective, and we succeeded in this That's what I do. All the other stuff is just the terrorist up, listen to what he just said. My job was to find a vaccine and Fund, the universities and My you know my governmental Sir hence room where we are we we are going to find a vaccine, do it quickly, and you know what that's what we did no fancy! That's not what you did that was approved. its industry, private industry. With this, not the EU, Kirsty system, it wasn't. It was you it wasn't, the cdc you had nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with it and law kid howled, revisionist history is being written in real time and look at the Go on this guy really Rachel. Eighty two,
got me is an attack on science itself, in goodness, in old virtue and light. When I'm at tat. You're too have you are actually attacking righteousness itself, Rachel! That's what channel that's amazing. Now, on the other hand, on the other hand, Donald Trump spoke this weekend. here's what he said about Cove id it found years, perhaps never been more wrong. Then, when he denied the virus and where it came from the time Miss gum for American the world to demand reparations and accountability from the Communist Party of China, we should all the Blair within one unified voice that China must pay. They must stay. You know, I don't know what it is with Donald Trump, but you he is at times he'll say things you re like what? What do you say
but have you noticed that the only difference between a conspiracy theory and prophecy or the truth is time I wreathing may be deemed a conspiracy theory has been proven in Korea it has been proven to be the truth. Just with time and they still deny it. It's incredible. I also love how the leftists are all over this speech, because he supposedly slurred words and he was slow in lethargic. Looking and now, that's proof that he's got early onset dimension, he's ease he's. Oh my gosh. They ignore everything that Joe Biden does absolutely everything he does and says, and then one little slip up from from Donald Trump and he's dementia ridden here's Biden
Talking about the greatest crisis of our time, just three years after I stood rear, stand it to me so it was heroes. Doktor king and Robert Kennedy were gun down Vietnam, war, divided the nation and divided families we're in Midst of a great movement for civil rights. Women's rights and environmental rights we faced it inflection and we did our best to seize that moment, because things are changing rapidly and now. you face another inflection point as we put. This endemic behind us rebuild our economy. root out systemic racism and tackle climate change. we are addressing a great crises of our time with a grin sense of purpose than ever before. Because of your oh, my gosh, your generation. I've never been more optimistic about the future than I am today.
You represent one most gifted in town and well educated generations in american history, Alma see more change. Tell years, then you saw, we saw in the last fifty years, you're gonna see more change than you, ve seen in the last one hundred and fifty years in the next ten years. It is first of all its clear here is just barely hanging on. Did you read the the internal mammals had been leaked out where their san we can't Keep him on script, you know he's talking about, you know have in that little girl have ice cream. He's gotta stay on when he says I bet I see the more or I'll get in trouble. I believe he is actually getting into trouble when he comes back to the White House, though tab because you know they're telling him stay on script. Mr President, please don't deviate at all, don't deviate!
and he keeps deviating. Does he doesn't know any better? He can't help himself. so he says that racism and climate are the biggest and I would say racism. Maybe the greatest threat. this time, let me- and let me prove my point- this from a toll saw last week. Listen to this law to give the go ahead like being with the wife of the Hague Programme over Europe can get right threaten get well. I will tell you Well, you're, not an african Africa were born in Africa will or only the friend Norville one big guy. We must understand, never
what they gave birth to. My mama told me what they are buried. We mutton burial a moment ago about sharing It seems an efficient to me this does not mean they might be busy Justice, Latona, twelve or fifteen people if they they ve killed long ago, but notice tat. That was Mohammed said that This is the is what's going on in the streets that the media will ignore you. have the speaker at Yale It said I fantasize about killing, walking up to people and white people
emptying my revolver in their head and then and bury him with my own hands wiping brushing the dust off of my hands, and walking away with a balance in my step, because I did humanity a favor, This is coming you Cannot at this, but you cannot dismiss people who say they want to kill you now. If there are white supremacist that are saying they want to kill black people, I would not take that likely either it has to stop So does black people? saying they want to kill white people or you Oh people, wanting to kill red people, people that threatening the lives of other people, are not the friend of the republic, but. This is there. This is their ground troop, you know
amazing to me that Joe Biden is? is doing in saying all of the things that he is doing. It shows that he is really he is completely. Connected from reality. Did you hear Bobby Kennedy. and Martin Luther King, he was proud. to stand next, do and proud to be a, Part of that. but he is now part of a group of people that say Martin Luther king. Was wrong, that he, Let us down a happy trail of death and Robert Kennedy, he couldn't have been right He was white. He was part of the problem. How is Joe by Justifying that in his head ants, he's. Not it's. It's filled with pudding. and little little pills that he is a yes to be taking every afternoon at four before he goes night night.
Let's do, let's do one more thing. Can we play the insurrection? Add I think it's. I'm proud of the officers I worked with on January. Sixth, they fought mainly heart worse, like really come. True tat marks right here, innovations I experience the most brutal savage hand to hand combat my tire life I received chemical brings to my face. They still have not yield to this day. I just remember people still swing and they were pushing and shoving. They were spraying with bare maize and temper sprang they're all shouting at us calling as traitors. It's been shouted for cool, see, elected officials and other individuals. We lost the events that day downplay what happened as an American and as our move entering its
add to see us attack by our fellow citizens. Oh my gosh, the GNP why? Where occurs the This is obviously from leftist funding. You'll notice, what they're trying to do they're trying to make January sixth something in their own words akin to nine eleven? its aunt Jane we're Agar and everybody will know what it is or bigger. In what is What is easy, two why it's easy to dismiss these people is well, you didn't do that: when they tried to kill when one guy a Bernie supporter, tried to kill all The Republicans baseball field in Virginia. You didn't say anything about that. That was an attack. He didn't you didn't, show Steve's police hoof, for his life nearly died was on the edge of for what twenty four thirty six hours.
and all of the bullets and if it if the police hadn't have been there if security hadn't been there. We they usually aren't. You would have killed about thirty percent of all of the Republicans and they said nothing about it. They said nothing about it, so don't give me the January six thing and don't buy into it. We are, agreed just like we did with George Floyd. What happened, what they did with the violet? People did in the capital was wrong was wrong. We all agree on that we did. What George Floyd job like we did on nine eleven. Just like we do Don't almost everything xx to the media and the politicians on the left. Try to convince us that were divided, we're not and we're, still standing
you ve got in her husband live in California. She wrote about their experience with relief factories. Above my husband and I are in our seventies, and we are so grateful to hear you have talked about the writ about relief factor. We have tried almost everything, but none of them have given us the freedom being without pain like relief factor. Thank you. So much given thank you and your husband for writing in and listening and and trying it it doesn't work. Everybody. As you know, seventy percent of the people it does work for thirty percent of they're going, have and something else, but that's why they really factor has v. The trial pack needs a three week valpak, it's one thousand nine hundred and ninety five- you try for three weeks. If it's not working for you by the end of three weeks is probably not going to work for you, so don't order anymore, but seventy percent of the people go on to order more month after month got a relief
peridot dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four relief factor not come immediate. Seventy seven b c, Kay so mad Walsh over the weekend decided to help bail see, but is it Norma grandmother. Who is boiler her Grandma Yarkand Remo Is she she apparently has been living in squalor, because the Trump Administration never helped out after the after the hurricane, and so our family needs help? Now she can buy five thousand dollar outfits, but apparently can help grandma with the house so walls Old, decided that take was going to help the family and he one means that take it down. We won't accept that money. We and then give it to your grandma, but you
and that's when a yo see called go fund means take it down. We won't accept that money. Wait, wait so you'll have the government take that money from Matt complete and total me and then to your grandma, but you won't allow actual charity to happen. You're a complete, in total fraud. You believe government is God that's the only answer for shame on you. Shame on you! Elsie programme
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